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mpdics(sfnet) MpDiCS boundle the personal Data Managment of differen... DOWNLOAD
iocpsock(sfnet) Winsock2 IOCP channel driver for Tcl A custom channel driver for Tcl using overlappe... DOWNLOAD
typeit(sfnet) Typeit! Malayalam Editor Typeit! supports five Malayalam Keyboards. They... DOWNLOAD
freephpgallery(sfnet) freePHPgallery freePHPgallery is an easy-to-use free PHP pictu... DOWNLOAD
warrantytrack(sfnet) Warranty Tracking System (warrantytrack) This is a web browser-based tracking tool. It h... DOWNLOAD
drobo-utils(sfnet) drobo-utils A library, GUI and sample cli script for managi... DOWNLOAD
uartterminal(sfnet) UART Terminal DOWNLOAD
websurfbrowser(sfnet) WebSurf Browser A new version of WebSurf is currently under dev... DOWNLOAD
freecol(sfnet) FreeCol FreeCol is an open version of Colonization. It ... DOWNLOAD
befuddler(sfnet) Befuddler Befuddler is a user-friendly tool to alter a fi... DOWNLOAD
sysgensim(sfnet) SysGenSIM SysGenSIM is a bioinformatics toolbox to create... DOWNLOAD
hipacc(sfnet) HIPAcc HIPAcc development has moved to github: https:/... DOWNLOAD
droidzwheel(sfnet) droidz Wheel Turn your android device to a portable and high... DOWNLOAD
libgencurvefit(sfnet) libgencurvefit Threadsafe C library for genetic optimisation (... DOWNLOAD
mobilelab(sfnet) MOBILE Lab The MOBILE project aims to develop a mobile/por... DOWNLOAD
aiw(sfnet) Eureka! Clinical Analytics Eureka! Clinical Analytics is a tool for creati... DOWNLOAD
jsdr(sfnet) jSDR Especially made for cheap DIY direct conversion... DOWNLOAD
cardsfit(sfnet) CardsFit Working on (not ready!!)-Universal game with (... DOWNLOAD
motofit(sfnet) Motofit Motofit co-refines Neutron and X-ray reflectome... DOWNLOAD
activelockansic(sfnet) ActiveLock ANSI C/C++ VB6 Interface ActiveLock is a great piece of software, but di... DOWNLOAD
paranoia2(sfnet) Paranoia Esta é uma aventura solo originalmente encontra... DOWNLOAD
chanboarddump(sfnet) 4Chan Board Dump Chan board dump is a simple python program that... DOWNLOAD
daisukilinux(sfnet) Daisuki linux DOWNLOAD
boltweb(sfnet) BOLT Web Browser BOLT VERSION 1.0 COMING OUT SOON!!!! ======== B... DOWNLOAD
piwigo(sfnet) Piwigo Piwigo is a photo gallery software for the web.... DOWNLOAD
greenjojo(sfnet) greenjojo No description DOWNLOAD
xaman(sfnet) XAMAN Estrutura de desenvolvimento (framework) basead... DOWNLOAD
tvpvrd(sfnet) tvpvrd tvpvrd - (TV Personal Video Recorder Daemon). A... DOWNLOAD
weatherwidgetwu(sfnet) Weather Widget (WunderGround) 1.1 It pulls just the basic data of Image, Status (... DOWNLOAD
webrcs(sfnet) WEBRCS A simple perl (or python) CGI that exports the ... DOWNLOAD
urquanmastershd(sfnet) Ur-Quan Masters HD Ur-Quan Masters HD Mod. An HD remake of Star C... DOWNLOAD
convexpms(sfnet) Convex PMS Convex PMS aims to become a fully-featured, ope... DOWNLOAD
snfacecrop(sfnet) SNFaceCrop, face detection and cropping SNFaceCrop is a Windows-based application to de... DOWNLOAD
sarmanager(sfnet) SMT: SAR Management Toolkit Experimental application for assisting in the m... DOWNLOAD
cmeshfoil(sfnet) CMeshFoil CMeshFoil is a free utility witch generate bidi... DOWNLOAD
gmato(sfnet) Genome Microsatellite Analyzing Tool The increasing sequence availability of more a... DOWNLOAD
snakeadventure(sfnet) Pygame Snake Adventure This is my first time posting a project, so any... DOWNLOAD
overrun2(sfnet) Overrun Você é um hacker do futuro procurando ganhar di... DOWNLOAD
amikommateridow(sfnet) Amikom-Materi-Downloader DOWNLOAD
jfxtail(sfnet) jfxtail The program shows the last 20 lines of a text f... DOWNLOAD
blowpipesms(sfnet) BlowPipeSMS Send SMS text messages instantly to groups or i... DOWNLOAD
coder-keymaps(sfnet) Coder Keymaps Coder Keymaps is a set of hybrid keyboard maps ... DOWNLOAD
rustic(sfnet) Rustic Rustic is a very minimalistic and incomplete ho... DOWNLOAD
findrepe(freshmeat) FindRepe FindRepe finds (and optionally deletes) duplica... DOWNLOAD
essenexceladdin(sfnet) Essential Excel Add-In Essential Excel Add-In is a Microsoft Excel Add... DOWNLOAD
libhdlfltp(sfnet) FPGA coprocessor floating point math lib libhdlfltp is a VHDL library of floating point ... DOWNLOAD
afick(freshmeat) Another File Integrity Checker afick is another file integrity checker, design... DOWNLOAD
libquickmail(freshmeat) libquickmail libquickmail is a library intended to give C/C+... DOWNLOAD
dotcurve(sfnet) DotCurve DotCurve is an fast and clean theme style for KDE. DOWNLOAD
dipforge(freshmeat) Dipforge Dipforge is an application server which provid... DOWNLOAD
youtubeadskip(sfnet) YouTube Ad Skip This program will automatically click on close ... DOWNLOAD
builwo-game(sfnet) Builwo Builwo - creative game where u can build your w... DOWNLOAD
sumdate(sfnet) sumdate O objetivo do plugin sumdate é somar datas. DOWNLOAD
fltdj(freshmeat) The Daily Journal fltdj, The Daily Journal, is a PIM program that... DOWNLOAD
f3ftime(sfnet) f3fTime The purpose of this project is to provide an ea... DOWNLOAD
flattraffic(freshmeat) FlatTraffic FlatTraffic is a Web interface for analysing ne... DOWNLOAD
project-ares(freshmeat) Project Ares Project Ares is a science fiction-based game ma... DOWNLOAD
jqueryserialize-hash(freshmeat) jquery.serialize-hash jquery.serialize-hash is a small jQuery plugin ... DOWNLOAD
pillow(freshmeat) Pillow Pillow scans directories searching for CommonJS... DOWNLOAD
ozeki-voip-service-checker(freshmeat) OZEKI VoIP Service Checker The Ozeki VoIP Service Checker is a tool you ca... DOWNLOAD
predictor(freshmeat) predictoR predictoR is a forecasting tool for time serie... DOWNLOAD
picorss(freshmeat) PicoRSS PicoRSS is a complete RSS reader and aggregator... DOWNLOAD
ttf2mf(sfnet) True Type to Metafont Converter TTF2MF is a converter of True Type fonts to Met... DOWNLOAD
mcpyclone(sfnet) MC_Pyclone MC enchantment Hack v.1.4.2 DOWNLOAD
thokbook(sfnet) thokbook Thokbook is a personal library system, written ... DOWNLOAD
perlecs(sfnet) Perl ECS Perl ECS is an implementation of the EMDIS Comm... DOWNLOAD
delphimodbus(sfnet) Delphi ModBusTCP library We are developing a set of Delphi components to... DOWNLOAD
antimony(sfnet) Antimony Antimony is a human-readable, human-writable mo... DOWNLOAD
maxparser(sfnet) MaxParser The MaxParser is written in c++ and can parse w... DOWNLOAD
fractalexplore(sfnet) Fractal explorer Designed for distributed computing over the net... DOWNLOAD
gamingexperie(sfnet) Game Making In this project, I will be presenting the games... DOWNLOAD
marid(sfnet) Marid DOWNLOAD
inbuntu(sfnet) Inbuntu DOWNLOAD
deathbysexy(sfnet) Death By Sexy DOWNLOAD
snakepygame(sfnet) snake pygame Snake pygame is a remake of classic snake game,... DOWNLOAD
enblend(sfnet) Enblend Enblend blends away the seams in a panoramic im... DOWNLOAD
gpxreport(sfnet) GPXReport There are many good programs to manage gpx trac... DOWNLOAD
drupal-sqlite(sfnet) Drupal-SQLite Drupal-SQLite is a patched version of Drupal 6.... DOWNLOAD
oinkfs(sfnet) OiNKFS DOWNLOAD
zhangchuanma(sfnet) 小马哥官方博客 DOWNLOAD
kinecttheremin(sfnet) KinectTheremin My Theremin for 2 Persons Using Kinect Invented... DOWNLOAD
dddqsp(sfnet) dddq-sp none DOWNLOAD
bleachbit(sfnet) BleachBit BleachBit frees disk space and maintains privac... DOWNLOAD
erlang-plugin(sfnet) maven-erlang-plugin A Maven plugin for Erlang/OTP applications. Thi... DOWNLOAD
few(sfnet) File Explorer on the Web (FeW) FeW (File Explorer on the Web) is a php script... DOWNLOAD
timina(sfnet) Timina Timina is a Java web-based application for auto... DOWNLOAD
movino(sfnet) Movino Movino is a solution for streaming and broadcas... DOWNLOAD
lv-cct-tool(sfnet) Code Capture Tool This tool allows you create fast code-images of... DOWNLOAD
gbtv(sfnet) 中文视听网 中文视听网 中文电视在线直播 radiotv 在线直播网 ... DOWNLOAD
orchem(sfnet) OrChem This project aims at creating an open source ch... DOWNLOAD
purplesparrow(sfnet) LinNe Purple Sparrow DOWNLOAD
mx-payroll(sfnet) Payroll and HRMS integreted in Compiere Payroll and HRMS System 100% Compatible with Co... DOWNLOAD
picturepuzzles(sfnet) Picture Puzzles A very simple game that lets you divide your pi... DOWNLOAD
archivos(sfnet) Archivos DOWNLOAD
vbnntpgateway(sfnet) VBNntpGateway a gateway from vBulletin forums to the USENET (... DOWNLOAD
oxideshop(freshmeat) OXID eShop Community Edition OXID eShop is an eCommerce system backed by a f... DOWNLOAD
check_mk(freshmeat) Check_MK Check_MK is a complex addon for Nagios/Icinga a... DOWNLOAD
xoda(freshmeat) XODA XODA is a DMS (Document Management System) writ... DOWNLOAD
pylpctools(sfnet) pyLPCTools pyLPCTools is a replacement for the Flash Progr... DOWNLOAD
areca(freshmeat) Areca Backup Areca is a file backup system that supports dat... DOWNLOAD

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