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datamig4zos(sfnet) Data Migration Tool for z/OS This software provides a fast way to migrate ta... DOWNLOAD
freesnibs(sfnet) freenibs DialUp/VPN users AAA module (rlm_nibs) for Free... DOWNLOAD
orangetools(sfnet) Projekt Orange Foundation A php/mysql/javascript ajax toolkit focused on ... DOWNLOAD
tinywm(sfnet) GridWM The program helps your organize application win... DOWNLOAD
jenkinsclient(sfnet) jenkins_api_client This project is a simple API client for interac... DOWNLOAD
xinyzx(sfnet) xinyzx DOWNLOAD
stargateproject(sfnet) Stargate - Project Prometheus DOWNLOAD
meo(sfnet) Meo A symbolic language used for creating linked de... DOWNLOAD
netshe(sfnet) netshe NETSHe is software and SDK for embedded devices... DOWNLOAD
ebox(sfnet) Estimated Boxes Provices the ECollide class which determines in... DOWNLOAD
lightfire3d(sfnet) LightFire# Game Engine LightFire# is a fast and small Engine to create... DOWNLOAD
ondesk(sfnet) On-Desk Sistema Help-Desk OpenSource desenvolvido em PH... DOWNLOAD
jnuxband(sfnet) JnuxBand JnuxBand, a portable Angband for x86. JnuxBand... DOWNLOAD
eperiodique(sfnet) ePeriodique A simple periodic table of elements viewer usin... DOWNLOAD
meteotools(sfnet) Meteotools Meteotools ist ein Werkzeug zur beschaffung der... DOWNLOAD
giganto(sfnet) giganto game DOWNLOAD
phps(sfnet) PHPS PHPS is a framework for completely seperating H... DOWNLOAD
peers(sfnet) Java SIP softphone Peers is a very simple softphone. It's a SIP Us... DOWNLOAD
fluxbb(sfnet) fluxbb korean language pack of fluxbb 1.4.5 DOWNLOAD
jquidragcollide(sfnet) JQuery UI Draggable Collision Combines with jquery-ui-draggable 1.9.2+ and jq... DOWNLOAD
ardusim(sfnet) ArduSim ArduSim provides API level simulation of an Ard... DOWNLOAD
pcdown(sfnet) PC Down Many times we just want to leave our computer u... DOWNLOAD
pythonvc(sfnet) pytkintercalculater DOWNLOAD
startchung(sfnet) start_chung start chung is a small launcher i have written ... DOWNLOAD
playerpro(sfnet) PlayerPro music editor and SoundTracker PlayerPro is a music composer and sound editor ... DOWNLOAD
cahoots(sfnet) Cahoots! Cahoots! is a community-building platform writt... DOWNLOAD
phptemplate(sfnet) PHP-Template PHP Template Simple Content Script DOWNLOAD
monsterworldrpg(sfnet) Monster World RPG Hello, This Sourceforge page is no longer used... DOWNLOAD
weapongenerator(sfnet) AURUM© Random Weapon Generator This Program generates random weapons, you simp... DOWNLOAD
kiwongames(sfnet) Stuff DOWNLOAD
snsync(sfnet) snsync With snsync, you can synchronize data on any tw... DOWNLOAD
treebuilder(sfnet) TreeBuilder TreeBuilder is a 3D tree model procedural gener... DOWNLOAD
tk-yupana(sfnet) Tk-Yupana The Yupana was a ancient calculating device of ... DOWNLOAD
fbcolor(sfnet) fbcolor Cambia el color de facebook DOWNLOAD
ohcrypt(sfnet) OhCrypt Encryption Tool OhCrypt lets you easily encrypt and decrypt fil... DOWNLOAD
gk3tools(sfnet) GK3 Tools The GK3 Tools project is a collection of tools ... DOWNLOAD
blackberry71blu(sfnet) BlackBerry 7.1 BlueTooth SPP Similar functions: PuTTY Tested Hardware: Blac... DOWNLOAD
slagphoto(sfnet) slag Major update! New Admin/Configuration code! Fix... DOWNLOAD
testx5566(sfnet) testx5566 Test only DOWNLOAD
trafficsqueezer(sfnet) TrafficSqueezer Linux WAN Optimization TrafficSqueezer is an Open-Source WAN Accelerat... DOWNLOAD
icomp(sfnet) Image Compare The goal of this project is to compare two imag... DOWNLOAD
nemysisfreebsdp(sfnet) nemysis FreeBSD Ports Downloads for nemysis FreeBSD Ports DOWNLOAD
fsqlf(sfnet) Free SQL Formatter FSQLF - Free SQL Formatter is open source SQL c... DOWNLOAD
gamesscript(sfnet) Top Games Script Create your own flash games website in 10 minut... DOWNLOAD
bsodmkr(sfnet) BSOD Mkr New downloads of this software has been moved h... DOWNLOAD
betagfx(sfnet) BetaGFX PT_BR: O GFX é um conjunto de classes e ferrame... DOWNLOAD
linuxstopmotion(sfnet) Linux Stopmotion Stopmotion is a Free Software application for c... DOWNLOAD
cdeengine(sfnet) cde4php - Cross Database Engine for PHP CDE is a PHP class which implements the general... DOWNLOAD
redsolocup(sfnet) redsolocup take a try... DOWNLOAD
sorterexpress(sfnet) Rissa DOWNLOAD
libquaternion(sfnet) libquaternion Math library to work with quaternions. Have SSE... DOWNLOAD
ozekivoipserv(sfnet) OZEKI VoIP Service Checker The Ozeki VoIP Service Checker is a tool you ca... DOWNLOAD
batterymods(sfnet) Battery Mods DOWNLOAD
cssed(sfnet) cssed cssed is an scriptable and modular GTK2 CSS edi... DOWNLOAD
docxsteganograp(sfnet) docx Steganography this tool is steganography tool ,which make us ... DOWNLOAD
cobjects(sfnet) C++ objects No description DOWNLOAD
mtscheckaccount(sfnet) MtsCheckAccount Current account balance check on 3G modems ZTE ... DOWNLOAD
tankschung(sfnet) tanks_chung tanks chung is a free 3D openGL tank game with ... DOWNLOAD
lispsnippets(sfnet) Lisp snippets I will add description later. In the meantime, ... DOWNLOAD
kqjpmzvbonlgsau(sfnet) Text File Binder It is the same result as "cat file1 file2 ... DOWNLOAD
tzical(sfnet) tziCal - tz database conversion utility tziCal is a conversion utility for converting t... DOWNLOAD
nyancat-ra(sfnet) Nyan Cat New downloads of this software has been moved h... DOWNLOAD
chatphp(sfnet) TDCHAT Chat in PHP distribuita con licenza GPL Funzio... DOWNLOAD
matrixmultiplic(sfnet) Matrix Multiplication A simple program I created to make my life easi... DOWNLOAD
pctmatrix(sfnet) pctmatrix The proton simulator creates the A-matrix and b... DOWNLOAD
jsmppclient(sfnet) Java SMPP Client This project is a simple Java SMPP Client. It's... DOWNLOAD
ip-mac-manager(sfnet) ip mac manager Written in Win32API. Provides a simple interfac... DOWNLOAD
osgtoy(sfnet) Toys for the OpenSceneGraph A grabbag of various experimental/maybe-useful ... DOWNLOAD
m3tk(sfnet) M3Tk M3Tk generate M3Us playlists from MP3s files. T... DOWNLOAD
tkdgen(sfnet) TkDgen A Tcl/Tk GUI front-end to Genesis Emulator DGen. DOWNLOAD
aegisariadevelo(sfnet) AEGIS ARIA Developer tool AEGIS ARIA Palette - plugin provides palette wi... DOWNLOAD
tkintertreectrl(sfnet) TkinterTreectrl The TkTreectrl module wraps the treectrl tk ext... DOWNLOAD
ttcode(sfnet) tt No description DOWNLOAD
wimorse(sfnet) Widigdosoft® Morse® Widigdosoft® Morse® Is Made In Indonesia , By W... DOWNLOAD
qmatrices(sfnet) Q Python scripts used in the paper "Recoveri... DOWNLOAD
imperiumflyff(sfnet) ImperiumFlyff No description DOWNLOAD
skummplatter10(sfnet) skummplatter1.0 DOWNLOAD
nullro(sfnet) NullRO Project The NullRO Project is a MMORPG game, currently ... DOWNLOAD
extend-a-story(sfnet) Extend-A-Story Extend-A-Story is an interactive story where yo... DOWNLOAD
lanyn(sfnet) GNU L@NyN El proyecto GNU L@NyN - GNU/Linux Argentino, Ne... DOWNLOAD
flexgen(sfnet) FlexGen FlexGen is a flexible random map generation lib... DOWNLOAD
blowpipeemail(sfnet) BlowPipeEmail BlowPipeEmail is a professional high-performanc... DOWNLOAD
supertopcine(sfnet) Super Top Cine Super Top Cine é um software que organiza de fo... DOWNLOAD
boucwenbabernoo(sfnet) Bouc-Wen-Baber-Noori model of hysteresis This toolbox computes the parameters of the Bou... DOWNLOAD
logjoin(sfnet) logjoin logjoin is a tool for joining two log files (or... DOWNLOAD
mirplex(sfnet) miRPlex DOWNLOAD
roc-xmlrpc(sfnet) XMLRPC for C# Lightweight XMLRPC implementation for C#. Work... DOWNLOAD
litesql(sfnet) LiteSQL C++ Object Persistence Framework LiteSQL is a C++ library that integrates C++ ob... DOWNLOAD
pilotlog(sfnet) Pilot Log Pilot Log is a Linux pilot logbook for recordin... DOWNLOAD
bmezui(sfnet) EZUI EZUI is just a simple UI routine I set up for m... DOWNLOAD
easyrooster(sfnet) EasyRooster It a windows app written in C# & Visual Stu... DOWNLOAD
phosho(sfnet) PhoSho This is an up-to-date version of the now-defunc... DOWNLOAD
aged(sfnet) AgED AgED performs automatic feature extraction from... DOWNLOAD
olografos(sfnet) olografos Python script that efficiently returns Greek wo... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-macker(sfnet) Eclipse Macker The Eclipse Macker Plugins displays warnings an... DOWNLOAD
filebackup(sfnet) FileBackup Provides a very easy to use and automated metho... DOWNLOAD
compicc(sfnet) CompIcc The Compiz ICC colour server, or short compicc,... DOWNLOAD
warmux(sfnet) WarMUX Have the mascots of your favorite free software... DOWNLOAD
demojnlp(sfnet) demo DOWNLOAD

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