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cde-investigatr(sfnet) CodeInvestigator CodeInvestigator is a tracing tool for Python p... DOWNLOAD
zephyrsoft(sfnet) ZephyrSoft Toolbox A bunch of tools for various purposes - lyrics ... DOWNLOAD
aoia(sfnet) Anarchy Online Item Assistant Anarchy Online Item Assistant (AOIA) is an appl... DOWNLOAD
ddogleg(sfnet) DDogleg Numerics DDogleg Numerics is a high performance Java lib... DOWNLOAD
rlabs001(sfnet) AndList1 Sample project to learn using Sourceforge. DOWNLOAD
valiterms(sfnet) ValiTerms ValiTerms is a tool that helps the validation o... DOWNLOAD
khtml2png(sfnet) khtml2png khtml2png is a command line program to create P... DOWNLOAD
socketservers(sfnet) Socket Servers .NET Socket Servers is high performance .NET socket ... DOWNLOAD
blockbuster(sfnet) Blockbuster High-resolution image/movie player using OpenGL... DOWNLOAD
jmri(sfnet) JMRI Model Railroad Interface Java interfaces and sample implementations for ... DOWNLOAD
coffice2txt(sfnet) Corrupt Office File Salvager This program will extract the text from some co... DOWNLOAD
orbit-mt(sfnet) ORBit-mt ORBit-mt is an extended ORBit, which allows to ... DOWNLOAD
quickwordrecovr(sfnet) Savvy DOCX Recovery XML was designed from the beginning to be intol... DOWNLOAD
libbwbwgame(sfnet) libbwgame DOWNLOAD
sc-tool(sfnet) Shaper Control Tool Administration tool for Linux-based ISP traffic... DOWNLOAD
thedarkagesgame(sfnet) The Dark Ages The Dark Ages is a survival horror created by l... DOWNLOAD
nvram-wakeup(sfnet) NVRAM WakeUp This is a small program that reads and writes t... DOWNLOAD
loopdj(sfnet) LoopDJ An interactive DJ interface for iphone that all... DOWNLOAD
jqtray(sfnet) JQTray Qt based Java System Tray Icon for Linux System... DOWNLOAD
youtubevideodat(sfnet) Youtube-Video-Daten Datein zu Youtube-Videos DOWNLOAD
turnmessage(sfnet) Turn.Message.NET Turn.Message is .NET parser / generator of the ... DOWNLOAD
tagcloudmaker(sfnet) Tag Cloud Maker The Tag Cloud Maker application allows the spec... DOWNLOAD
opendba(sfnet) OpenDBA Assistants (ODA) OpenDBA Assistants (ODA) is an architected appl... DOWNLOAD
open-va(sfnet) Open-VA. The Open Validation Authority Open-VA is a project for delivering using a GPL... DOWNLOAD
los-tpcalc(sfnet) TransProCalc TransProCalc: cross-platform tool for managing ... DOWNLOAD
play52(sfnet) Play52 Play52 is a card game designed for iPhone and t... DOWNLOAD
srm2(sfnet) SRM2 Sound Recognizer Mobile 2 The SRM Framework 2 was developed for the J2ME ... DOWNLOAD
littlebear(sfnet) littlebear DOWNLOAD
flame-dc(sfnet) Flameable download center Flameable download center is file download cent... DOWNLOAD
well-logview(sfnet) LogView++ Updated News: LogView++ 2014 is now available f... DOWNLOAD
lipside(sfnet) Linear Program Solver Linear Program Solver (LiPS) is an optimization... DOWNLOAD
blender-cursor(sfnet) Enhanced 3D cursor for Blender Cursor history and bookmarks; drag/snap cursor DOWNLOAD
glbsp(sfnet) glBSP glBSP is a DOOM nodes builder specially designe... DOWNLOAD
nateoffice(sfnet) NateOffice A PHP-based flexible software package for conta... DOWNLOAD
sharenav(sfnet) ShareNav ShareNav is a free software navigation & (v... DOWNLOAD
klstetra(sfnet) K.L.'s Tetra `Tetra' is a board game, the 3D extended versio... DOWNLOAD
wedgemethod(sfnet) wedge method This project aims to provide open source softwa... DOWNLOAD
klstanx(sfnet) K.L.'s Tanx This is a 3D puzzle game with fantastic design.... DOWNLOAD
aligner(sfnet) LF Aligner LF Aligner helps translators create translation... DOWNLOAD
mcmctoolbox(sfnet) mcmctoolbox Matlab toolbox for Markov Chain Monte Carlo. I... DOWNLOAD
audioplex(sfnet) lplex An LPCM multiplex/demultiplex utility for DVD-V... DOWNLOAD
smartlinkselect(sfnet) Smart Link Selection TDLS DOWNLOAD
logdistiller(sfnet) logdistiller LogDistiller is a logfile merge and sort tool. ... DOWNLOAD
utui(sfnet) UltraText UI Library This library is an MFC-like UI framework for de... DOWNLOAD
wxkcdpass(sfnet) xkcdpass Generate secure and easy-to-remember passwords.... DOWNLOAD
klstrigo(sfnet) K.L.'s Trigo I-Go is a oriental strategic board game for two... DOWNLOAD
taskmail(sfnet) task&mail tasks and emails management in a thunderbird ex... DOWNLOAD
utilfuncs(sfnet) Arithmetic Simulation Routines Aim is to develop a library of utility function... DOWNLOAD
jhotdraw(sfnet) JHotDraw JHotDraw is a two-dimensional graphics framewor... DOWNLOAD
sabnzbdplus(sfnet) SABnzbdPlus SABnzbd is a cross-platform binary newsreader. ... DOWNLOAD
maagifter(sfnet) MAA Gifter Marvel Avengers Alliance is a really fun game! ... DOWNLOAD
cuitxclient(sfnet) CuitXClient a authentication client based 802.1x protocol DOWNLOAD
iquran(sfnet) Quran اليوم اقدم لكم سركيت دريني بسيط ، مبرمج و مصمم ... DOWNLOAD
open82(sfnet) open82 open82 is a freely-licenced replacement firmwar... DOWNLOAD
zb-fetcher(sfnet) ZetaBoards topic fetcher Fetches topics with new posts from ZetaBoards f... DOWNLOAD
solis(sfnet) Solis Solis is a 2D action/adventure open source game... DOWNLOAD
nagex(sfnet) Nagex Nagex is a Nagios intranet dashboard project dr... DOWNLOAD
actiongame(sfnet) AssaultCube (has moved to Github) ASSAULTCUBE HAS MOVED TO GITHUB: http://www.git... DOWNLOAD
zapengine(sfnet) Zap Engine Welcome to the home of Zap Engine, a free, GNU ... DOWNLOAD
gtkdataboxmm(sfnet) GtkDataboxMM The gtkdataboxmm C++ binding provides a C++ int... DOWNLOAD
debian-lnmp(sfnet) DebianLNMP DebianLNMP To fast installation LNMP debian sys... DOWNLOAD
bizdiag(sfnet) BizDiag BizDiag V1.9 All new version (based on Mono and... DOWNLOAD
g19rssreader(sfnet) G19 RSS Reader It is true that the Logitech G19 software comes... DOWNLOAD
spriteboy(sfnet) SpriteBoy This software will help you create Wolf3D-like ... DOWNLOAD
trafo(sfnet) trafo trafo is a console-based "E-I" transf... DOWNLOAD
pc-midi-linux(sfnet) Prodikeys PC-MIDI linux driver Linux driver for the Prodikeys PC-MIDI USB keyb... DOWNLOAD
gps2jpeg(sfnet) gps2jpeg This software inserts and remove the tags exif ... DOWNLOAD
speect(sfnet) Speect Speect is a multilingual TTS system. It offers ... DOWNLOAD
javaluator(sfnet) Javaluator Evaluate an arithmetic expression is as simple ... DOWNLOAD
flacapestressor(sfnet) FlacApe Stressors Have you ever had to convert a large amount of ... DOWNLOAD
jaudiotaggerlib(sfnet) jAudioTaggerLib Repackaged what was needed to use jAudioTagger ... DOWNLOAD
aria2-daemon(sfnet) aria2-daemon Daemonizing scripts and configs for Aria2c down... DOWNLOAD
nukelanhouse(sfnet) Nuke Lan House Suporte Nuke Lan House - da Zona Sul de Porto Alegre, R... DOWNLOAD
pixel-art(sfnet) Pixel Art Pixel Art provides a quick and easy way to crea... DOWNLOAD
registerlogin(sfnet) Script users Register Login with PHP A PHP script to Register and Log users in a web... DOWNLOAD
brainstorm-b(sfnet) Brainstorm Browser Using something I've made? DOWNLOAD
epiccrypter(sfnet) Epic Crypter This is an encrypter. It can be used to encrypt... DOWNLOAD
windowsimagegal(sfnet) Windows Image Gallery DOWNLOAD
vtqlserver(sfnet) VTQLserver The VTQLserver package contains a server and cl... DOWNLOAD
bib2html(sfnet) bib2html bib2html convert BibTeX descriptions of publica... DOWNLOAD
nextgenerationr(sfnet) NeXTGenerationRobotz Code Repository DOWNLOAD
oozieworkflowch(sfnet) oozie-workflow-checker Utility for test validity of complex Apache Ooz... DOWNLOAD
piscisos(sfnet) PiscisOS a light tiny operating system based on X86 arch... DOWNLOAD
opentechzone(sfnet) Advocate Case Management The project Advocate Case Management is a softw... DOWNLOAD
serverenderport(sfnet) Server_Ender_Portal DOWNLOAD
oneprodapp(sfnet) ONE App for Windows ONE Productions App is the application that bri... DOWNLOAD
fixroutmax(sfnet) Fix Routmax Fix Routmax is a small good application for sud... DOWNLOAD
pancoregen1(sfnet) PanCoreGen1 PanCoreGen is a Windows-based standalone tool o... DOWNLOAD
train-remake(sfnet) Train DOWNLOAD
libretalk(sfnet) LibreTalk P2P instant messenger, featured centerless, fre... DOWNLOAD
ezrsnapshots(sfnet) ezrsnapshots Overview: An rsnapshot-like tool with far simp... DOWNLOAD
gerref(sfnet) GerRef - Gerenciador de Referências O software EntomoBrasilis - Gerenciador de Refe... DOWNLOAD
gasic(sfnet) GASiC One goal of sequencing based metagenomic analys... DOWNLOAD
pyjrtplib(sfnet) Python JRTPlib A python wrapper for the jrtplib. http://lumumb... DOWNLOAD
advanrithmcalcu(sfnet) Advanced Arithmetic Calculator Can solve, "+,-,/,*,^" operations. Ca... DOWNLOAD
jitcaforwindows(sfnet) JITCAforWindows JITCA (Java iTunes Controller API) for Windows.... DOWNLOAD
hyperces(sfnet) HyperCES HyperCES is a Cookie Encapsulation System (CES)... DOWNLOAD
php-grep(sfnet) php-grep Web based Grep interface. Input form allows use... DOWNLOAD
jeudupendu(sfnet) jeu du pendu DOWNLOAD
aerialdam(sfnet) Aerial Dofus Account Manager C'est un logiciel de gestion facile des comptes... DOWNLOAD

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