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sironexmouse(sfnet) SirOne xMouse Our project was born from the idea of creatin... DOWNLOAD
infofernando(sfnet) Australia DOWNLOAD
safer(sfnet) SAFER SAFER stands for Simple Agent For Email Routing... DOWNLOAD
thandxflib(sfnet) ThanCad Fortran Dxf Library ThanDxflib is a library, written in Fortran 77,... DOWNLOAD
fftwpp(sfnet) fftw++ FFTW++ is a C++ header class for the FFTW Fast ... DOWNLOAD
linicad(sfnet) Linux TinyCad Linux TinyCad, or LiniCad, is a tiny CAD used f... DOWNLOAD
qexremint(sfnet) QexRemint QexRemint (remote interactions) extends the Qt ... DOWNLOAD
ashbrickbreaker(sfnet) Simple Brick Breaker This is a simple Brick Breaker game developed i... DOWNLOAD
school-planner(sfnet) school planner Working on Windows Linux and Mac. requires a c... DOWNLOAD
trialtuner-sr4(sfnet) Trialtuner Sr4 [Italiano] Addon per il driver del DVB-S2 del s... DOWNLOAD
gpt2tightpdf(sfnet) Gnuplot2TightPDF Gnuplot is a widely known script based free plo... DOWNLOAD
yuan1986(sfnet) yuan1986 DOWNLOAD
aigaion(sfnet) Web based bibliography management system Aigaion is a php/mysql based multi-user system ... DOWNLOAD
claroline-cert(sfnet) Claroline Certificate Print Mod This has been tested with Caroline version 1.11... DOWNLOAD
imoan(sfnet) Moan DOWNLOAD
open-sendmail(sfnet) open-sendmail Add-ons/modifications of sendmail m4 configurat... DOWNLOAD
pl-das(sfnet) PL-DAS This project is for analyzing operational data ... DOWNLOAD
dnaasecode(sfnet) DNAase_private_code DNAase private code. just for storage DOWNLOAD
cribbageracket(sfnet) cribbage-racket Cribbage card game written in Racket. Works on ... DOWNLOAD
mylogistics(sfnet) mylogistics logistics DOWNLOAD
jacos(sfnet) JacOS Ein Linuxbetriebssystem auf OpenSuse Basis. Jac... DOWNLOAD
estoesenaprueba(sfnet) Prueba Lo mismo que arriba solo que en un cuadro de te... DOWNLOAD
fxmoviemanager(sfnet) FXMovieManager FxMovieManager is a filemanager written to help... DOWNLOAD
crosscarchung(sfnet) cross_car_chung cross car chung is a 3D safari cross car / flig... DOWNLOAD
geoetabh(sfnet) Géolocalisation Etabh grâce aux open data du ministère de la santé un... DOWNLOAD
azr-realmer(sfnet) AZR-Realmer Realmlist Manager for World of Warcraft, change... DOWNLOAD
getleftdown(sfnet) Getleft Getleft is a Web site grabber, it downloads com... DOWNLOAD
recursiontoiter(sfnet) Recursive to Iterative in Java converting java recursive methods to iterative ... DOWNLOAD
scraperedit(sfnet) ScraperEdit for XBMC This program is an editor for creating XBMC Scr... DOWNLOAD
codeimage(sfnet) code image the application let you to put a code for pictu... DOWNLOAD
flightchung(sfnet) flight_chung flight chung is a compact flight simulator with... DOWNLOAD
avpgcon(sfnet) AV PostGIS Connection Extension An ArcView 3.x extension for upload/download to... DOWNLOAD
dreamhostide(sfnet) DreamHost IDE DreamHost IDE is php and ruby integrated develo... DOWNLOAD
cronwrap(sfnet) cronwrap Be frustrated no longer with sloppy cronjobs th... DOWNLOAD
imgnewtabff(sfnet) Image in a New Tab Firefox Extension When you right-click an image in the content ar... DOWNLOAD
recommeengine(sfnet) PHP Recommendation Engine * It is written by using PHP5 and MySQL. * This... DOWNLOAD
drunkenmonkey(sfnet) drunkenmonkey This is a project that was initially started as... DOWNLOAD
larshaya(sfnet) larshaya DOWNLOAD
open-cobol(sfnet) GNU Cobol (formerly OpenCOBOL) GNU Cobol (formerly OpenCOBOL) is a free COBOL ... DOWNLOAD
magellan-client(sfnet) Magellan The Magellan Client is basically a GUI for the ... DOWNLOAD
sane-pygtk(sfnet) sane-pygtk sane-pygtk is a minimalistic SANE (Scanner Acce... DOWNLOAD
simple-odspy(sfnet) simple-odspy Simple pure python spreadsheet class with ods e... DOWNLOAD
pgnreader(sfnet) PGNreader PGN reader is a Open Source Chess game interfac... DOWNLOAD
imagestore(sfnet) ImageStore ImageStore is a a tool written in c# used for e... DOWNLOAD
pmapper(sfnet) p.mapper A PHP and JavaScript Web mapping framework and ... DOWNLOAD
hspell-gui(sfnet) hspell-gui Hspell-gui is a graphical front end to hspell ,... DOWNLOAD
fiddletabs(sfnet) fiddle tabs A tool for converting music files in ABC or Mus... DOWNLOAD
zengarden(sfnet) Zen Garden The Zen Garden application is a simulation of a... DOWNLOAD
condicioneshs(sfnet) H&S Gestión de las condiciones de higiene y segurid... DOWNLOAD
php-pastebin(sfnet) Php-pastebin pastebin is here to help you collaborate on deb... DOWNLOAD
openpkmn(sfnet) openpkmn PBR lets you battle in the style of Nintendo's ... DOWNLOAD
steampac(sfnet) steampac Steampac is a maze game inspired by the popular... DOWNLOAD
jaakkola(sfnet) jaakkola DOWNLOAD
nasgallery(sfnet) NAS Gallery DOWNLOAD
gpgshell4usb(sfnet) GPGshell Portable GPGshell Portable (http://www.portablefreeware.... DOWNLOAD
screenxe(sfnet) ScreenxE ScreenxE is an application that will let you ta... DOWNLOAD
fastdb(sfnet) FastDB Embedded ORDBMS Object-Relational Main-Memory Embedded Database... DOWNLOAD
flyearthchung(sfnet) fly_earth_chung fly earth chung is a free 3D flight / car / sho... DOWNLOAD
flightglchung(sfnet) flightGL_chung flightGL chung is a compact realistic openGL fl... DOWNLOAD
boxc(sfnet) Box Box is a language specifically designed to make... DOWNLOAD
kdhand(sfnet) KDHandEmbroidery DOWNLOAD
getdata(sfnet) GetData The GetData library provides an API to interfac... DOWNLOAD
pypiv(sfnet) PyPIV PyPIV is (a clone of URAPIV) a Python-based too... DOWNLOAD
tfam(sfnet) Turbulent flow analysis with Matlab This project will include Matlab toolbox for th... DOWNLOAD
rnacompass(sfnet) RNA CoMPASS RNA CoMPASS, a web-based GUI distributed comput... DOWNLOAD
sphiderplus(sfnet) Sphider Plus Sphider-plus is a search engine based on the or... DOWNLOAD
teem(sfnet) Teem Teem is a set of ANSI C libraries for manipulat... DOWNLOAD
webtpw(sfnet) NEW DOWNLOAD
macfan(sfnet) Mac/SMC Fan Control for Windows (+ Temp) Allows control of fans in Apple computers in Wi... DOWNLOAD
qdr(sfnet) Quick Disaster Recovery Quickly recover problems that was created by vi... DOWNLOAD
poweradmin(sfnet) Poweradmin Poweradmin is a web-based DNS administration to... DOWNLOAD
redqueenchess(sfnet) Redqueen Chess Engine Redqueen is an UCI (Universal Chess Interface) ... DOWNLOAD
xstdlib(sfnet) eXtended C Standard Library The xstdlib (eXtended Standard Library) is a li... DOWNLOAD
dnp34j(sfnet) DNP34J A Java Master DNP3 protocol implementation. DOWNLOAD
glusterfs-roll(sfnet) glusterfs-roll Glusterfs is a high performance filesystem from... DOWNLOAD
campkludge(sfnet) campkludge These are the tools I've written that I would l... DOWNLOAD
t-gtk(sfnet) T-Gtk GUI for [x]Harbour Library GUI for compilers Harbour and xHarbour ... DOWNLOAD
filetransferman(sfnet) FileTransferManager Ideal for collecting files from various source ... DOWNLOAD
jmlibs(sfnet) JMLibs JMLibs es un conjunto bibliotecas pensadas para... DOWNLOAD
openinloop(sfnet) openinloop Project for the Netherlands providing FOSS info... DOWNLOAD
urlan(sfnet) The Urlan Project Interpreters exploring the use of domain specif... DOWNLOAD
keychaindd(sfnet) KeyChainDD KeyChainDD is a highly secure password manager ... DOWNLOAD
showmaster(sfnet) showmaster It's a simple application to keep track of your... DOWNLOAD
beachstormreali(sfnet) Beach Storm: Realisim DOWNLOAD
locking(sfnet) locking Phần mềm Random nhỏ gọn, phù hợp với máy của bạn. DOWNLOAD
raspberrypispy(sfnet) Raspberry Pi Kundschafter (a.k.a Spy) Raspberry Pi Kundschafter (a.k.a. Spy) is a sim... DOWNLOAD
easyfeededitor(sfnet) Easy Feed Editor Use Easy Feed Editor to create your own feed. E... DOWNLOAD
iopriority(sfnet) IO Priority Utility that allows users to set the priority o... DOWNLOAD
siddhi(sfnet) Siddhi A high-performance open source CEP engine. Thi... DOWNLOAD
phpblogger(freshmeat) phpBlogger phpBlogger is a microblogging system. It featur... DOWNLOAD
cream-bash-ide(sfnet) Cream Bash IDE Customized version of the Cream tekst editor in... DOWNLOAD
jlibrary(sfnet) JLibrary jLibrary is a DMS (Document Management System),... DOWNLOAD
inventorytrack(sfnet) Inventory Tracker (I.T.) A inventory management tool written in PHP. Int... DOWNLOAD
mails(sfnet) mails DOWNLOAD
pxeconfig(freshmeat) pxeconfig pexconfig allows you to use a PXE-enabled netwo... DOWNLOAD
sfrekvenca(sfnet) Spletna Frekvenca Program, ki vam omogoča poslušanje radijskih po... DOWNLOAD
cmu-ebmt(sfnet) CMU Example-Based Machine Translation Core program and associated utilities for build... DOWNLOAD
jfile(freshmeat) JFile JFile builds on JActor and Jid, adding file per... DOWNLOAD
unicentaopos(sfnet) uniCenta POS Keep up-to-date - Visit uniCenta oPOS Community... DOWNLOAD

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