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chungedit(sfnet) chung_edit chung edit is a small text editor with recall o... DOWNLOAD
fceultra(sfnet) FCEUX An open source NES Emulator for Windows and Uni... DOWNLOAD
projms(sfnet) proJMS proJMS is a library for Processing that allows ... DOWNLOAD
vicguapc1(sfnet) Optimización del PC Haz que el ordenador vaya más rápido, que el Wi... DOWNLOAD
antoi91-imail(sfnet) iMail DOWNLOAD
bullsandcows(sfnet) Bulls and Cows - a silly small game Bulls and Cows is a paper and pencil version of... DOWNLOAD
pingy(sfnet) Pingy Internet line monitor for mobile internet/wirel... DOWNLOAD
gaim-assistant(sfnet) Gaim Assistant Gaim Assistant is a plugin to Gaim that will al... DOWNLOAD
bcam(sfnet) BCam BCam is a simple shearing tool based on OSCam (... DOWNLOAD
alieninvadersfr(sfnet) AlienInvadersFromOuterSpace There are many Space Invaders clones but this i... DOWNLOAD
webtar(sfnet) WebTar Une alternative à safari. DOWNLOAD
bloquear(sfnet) bloquear pc bloquea la pc del escritorio para que nadi... DOWNLOAD
sis-aca-vest(sfnet) Sistema Academico - Vestibular No description DOWNLOAD
el-tads(sfnet) eliakin-lenon DOWNLOAD
projetounino(sfnet) ProjetoUninova DOWNLOAD
projun(sfnet) projUn No description DOWNLOAD
thermistordatas(sfnet) Arduino Thermistor Data Collector A program that allows the user to easily collec... DOWNLOAD
connectiontest(sfnet) Network Connection Test “Network Connection Test“ has two applications,... DOWNLOAD
api-extractor(sfnet) Java API extractor Extract public skeleton and javadoc comments fr... DOWNLOAD
web-search(sfnet) Customize/Web embed search engine Rym rebooks is a software and lib provide searc... DOWNLOAD
ogre-ccs(sfnet) Ogre Camera Control System An Ogre camera control system plugin. Easily ex... DOWNLOAD
dragonfly-navigator(freshmeat) Dragonfly Navigator Dragonfly Navigator is a dual pane file manager... DOWNLOAD
hotcakes(sfnet) YFi Hotspot Manager ======================== Extra! Extra! Read al... DOWNLOAD
irpraktikum(sfnet) IRPraktikum 説明はありません。 DOWNLOAD
pidginloader(sfnet) Pidgin Portable Loader for Win32 PLEASE NOTE: We moved to! https:/... DOWNLOAD
c0cms(sfnet) C0CMS Community Widget * Basic scenario : copy and paste the following... DOWNLOAD
minecraft2ds(sfnet) Minecraft2DS DOWNLOAD
naidui(sfnet) NAIDUI This is a Test DOWNLOAD
steg-officexml(sfnet) Steganography for OfficeXML file The tool is a MFC application,and the tool used... DOWNLOAD
ecgcompres(sfnet) ECG_COMPRES DOWNLOAD
heimdal-win(sfnet) Heimdal for Windows Heimdal for Windows includes most of the featur... DOWNLOAD
splvlskipper(sfnet) Supaplex Level Skipper You can use the Supaplex Level Skipper to skip ... DOWNLOAD
musicmaster(sfnet) Music Master Command line tool handling steps to clean, cali... DOWNLOAD
tappy(sfnet) Tidal Analysis Program in PYthon Tidal Analysis Program in PYthon (TAPPY) uses t... DOWNLOAD
echochung(sfnet) echo_chung echo chung is a universal echo effect that take... DOWNLOAD
blue7themeforub(sfnet) Ambiance w 7 Theme for Ubuntu 12.10 A normal Gtk 3 Theme. Based on the ubuntu 12.10... DOWNLOAD
ruoy(sfnet) Ruoy Ruoyblog DOWNLOAD
usbdevicesuppor(sfnet) USB device support for Linux boot & KGDB Most of Embedded Linux devices have USB client ... DOWNLOAD
colorfinder(sfnet) Color Picker This Programm allows you to find Colors you nee... DOWNLOAD
fkt(sfnet) FKT This project provides an implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
brabra2012(sfnet) bra Bra es un programa que calcula la talla de suje... DOWNLOAD
buddyim(sfnet) buddyim Buddyim es un sistema de mensajería instantánea... DOWNLOAD
kerncob(sfnet) KernCob KernCob is a project geared towards creating a ... DOWNLOAD
swathviewer(sfnet) swathviewer Swathviewer is a system for providing global im... DOWNLOAD
udt(sfnet) udt UDT: UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol DOWNLOAD
pygme(sfnet) Pygme - MPlayer Frontend Pygme is an mplayer frontend written in Python/... DOWNLOAD
remotedomainpcr(sfnet) Remote Domain PC Rename DOWNLOAD
keme(sfnet) KEME-Contabilidad Programa de contabilidad multiplataforma. Gener... DOWNLOAD
lighttrace(sfnet) LightTrace (lightweight raytracer) LightTrace is a simple but versatile object-ori... DOWNLOAD
nppjsonviewer(sfnet) JSONViewer Notepad++ plugin A JSON viewer plugin for notepad++. Displays th... DOWNLOAD
gridderface(sfnet) Gridderface A Java graphical interface for simply notating,... DOWNLOAD
local-server(sfnet) LocalServer LocalServer is a Web Server software for Window... DOWNLOAD
virtustanmud(sfnet) Virtustan MUD MUD server, based on BylinyMUD codebase (Byliny... DOWNLOAD
adbextractor(sfnet) Android Backup Extractor DOWNLOAD
growlight(sfnet) growlight Growlight facilitates management of all storage... DOWNLOAD
mrtzccaptcha(sfnet) MRTZC PHP CAPTCHA With this script, you'll be full control over y... DOWNLOAD
spa-software(sfnet) SPA - SNP based pathway analysis Name: SPA Full name: SNP based pathway analysis... DOWNLOAD
mmonitorc(sfnet) MineMonitorCraft You all know this: Mojang released the new vers... DOWNLOAD
qthextool(sfnet) QTHextool First: This is open-source. If you want to have... DOWNLOAD
simplecal(sfnet) Simple Calculator in ASM Simple calculator in ASM language. this calcul... DOWNLOAD
phpbb-openid(sfnet) OpenID for phpBB OpenID authentication for phpBB3 DOWNLOAD
yborm(sfnet) YB.ORM YB.ORM is a tool for object-relational mapping ... DOWNLOAD
kohalivecd-lite(sfnet) Koha Live CD Lite Koha version- 3.12.7 (Old Stable) Xubuntu versi... DOWNLOAD
snmpadaptor4j(sfnet) snmpAdaptor4j snmpAdaptor4j is an adaptor for Java Management... DOWNLOAD
sironexmouse(sfnet) SirOne xMouse Our project was born from the idea of creatin... DOWNLOAD
infofernando(sfnet) Australia DOWNLOAD
safer(sfnet) SAFER SAFER stands for Simple Agent For Email Routing... DOWNLOAD
thandxflib(sfnet) ThanCad Fortran Dxf Library ThanDxflib is a library, written in Fortran 77,... DOWNLOAD
fftwpp(sfnet) fftw++ FFTW++ is a C++ header class for the FFTW Fast ... DOWNLOAD
linicad(sfnet) Linux TinyCad Linux TinyCad, or LiniCad, is a tiny CAD used f... DOWNLOAD
qexremint(sfnet) QexRemint QexRemint (remote interactions) extends the Qt ... DOWNLOAD
ashbrickbreaker(sfnet) Simple Brick Breaker This is a simple Brick Breaker game developed i... DOWNLOAD
school-planner(sfnet) school planner Working on Windows Linux and Mac. requires a c... DOWNLOAD
trialtuner-sr4(sfnet) Trialtuner Sr4 [Italiano] Addon per il driver del DVB-S2 del s... DOWNLOAD
gpt2tightpdf(sfnet) Gnuplot2TightPDF Gnuplot is a widely known script based free plo... DOWNLOAD
yuan1986(sfnet) yuan1986 DOWNLOAD
aigaion(sfnet) Web based bibliography management system Aigaion is a php/mysql based multi-user system ... DOWNLOAD
claroline-cert(sfnet) Claroline Certificate Print Mod This has been tested with Caroline version 1.11... DOWNLOAD
imoan(sfnet) Moan DOWNLOAD
open-sendmail(sfnet) open-sendmail Add-ons/modifications of sendmail m4 configurat... DOWNLOAD
pl-das(sfnet) PL-DAS This project is for analyzing operational data ... DOWNLOAD
dnaasecode(sfnet) DNAase_private_code DNAase private code. just for storage DOWNLOAD
cribbageracket(sfnet) cribbage-racket Cribbage card game written in Racket. Works on ... DOWNLOAD
mylogistics(sfnet) mylogistics logistics DOWNLOAD
jacos(sfnet) JacOS Ein Linuxbetriebssystem auf OpenSuse Basis. Jac... DOWNLOAD
estoesenaprueba(sfnet) Prueba Lo mismo que arriba solo que en un cuadro de te... DOWNLOAD
fxmoviemanager(sfnet) FXMovieManager FxMovieManager is a filemanager written to help... DOWNLOAD
crosscarchung(sfnet) cross_car_chung cross car chung is a 3D safari cross car / flig... DOWNLOAD
geoetabh(sfnet) Géolocalisation Etabh grâce aux open data du ministère de la santé un... DOWNLOAD
azr-realmer(sfnet) AZR-Realmer Realmlist Manager for World of Warcraft, change... DOWNLOAD
getleftdown(sfnet) Getleft Getleft is a Web site grabber, it downloads com... DOWNLOAD
recursiontoiter(sfnet) Recursive to Iterative in Java converting java recursive methods to iterative ... DOWNLOAD
scraperedit(sfnet) ScraperEdit for XBMC This program is an editor for creating XBMC Scr... DOWNLOAD
codeimage(sfnet) code image the application let you to put a code for pictu... DOWNLOAD
flightchung(sfnet) flight_chung flight chung is a compact flight simulator with... DOWNLOAD
avpgcon(sfnet) AV PostGIS Connection Extension An ArcView 3.x extension for upload/download to... DOWNLOAD
dreamhostide(sfnet) DreamHost IDE DreamHost IDE is php and ruby integrated develo... DOWNLOAD
cronwrap(sfnet) cronwrap Be frustrated no longer with sloppy cronjobs th... DOWNLOAD
imgnewtabff(sfnet) Image in a New Tab Firefox Extension When you right-click an image in the content ar... DOWNLOAD

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