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jmlibs(sfnet) JMLibs JMLibs es un conjunto bibliotecas pensadas para... DOWNLOAD
openinloop(sfnet) openinloop Project for the Netherlands providing FOSS info... DOWNLOAD
urlan(sfnet) The Urlan Project Interpreters exploring the use of domain specif... DOWNLOAD
keychaindd(sfnet) KeyChainDD KeyChainDD is a highly secure password manager ... DOWNLOAD
showmaster(sfnet) showmaster It's a simple application to keep track of your... DOWNLOAD
beachstormreali(sfnet) Beach Storm: Realisim DOWNLOAD
locking(sfnet) locking Phần mềm Random nhỏ gọn, phù hợp với máy của bạn. DOWNLOAD
raspberrypispy(sfnet) Raspberry Pi Kundschafter (a.k.a Spy) Raspberry Pi Kundschafter (a.k.a. Spy) is a sim... DOWNLOAD
easyfeededitor(sfnet) Easy Feed Editor Use Easy Feed Editor to create your own feed. E... DOWNLOAD
iopriority(sfnet) IO Priority Utility that allows users to set the priority o... DOWNLOAD
siddhi(sfnet) Siddhi A high-performance open source CEP engine. Thi... DOWNLOAD
phpblogger(freshmeat) phpBlogger phpBlogger is a microblogging system. It featur... DOWNLOAD
cream-bash-ide(sfnet) Cream Bash IDE Customized version of the Cream tekst editor in... DOWNLOAD
jlibrary(sfnet) JLibrary jLibrary is a DMS (Document Management System),... DOWNLOAD
inventorytrack(sfnet) Inventory Tracker (I.T.) A inventory management tool written in PHP. Int... DOWNLOAD
mails(sfnet) mails DOWNLOAD
pxeconfig(freshmeat) pxeconfig pexconfig allows you to use a PXE-enabled netwo... DOWNLOAD
sfrekvenca(sfnet) Spletna Frekvenca Program, ki vam omogoča poslušanje radijskih po... DOWNLOAD
cmu-ebmt(sfnet) CMU Example-Based Machine Translation Core program and associated utilities for build... DOWNLOAD
jfile(freshmeat) JFile JFile builds on JActor and Jid, adding file per... DOWNLOAD
unicentaopos(sfnet) uniCenta POS Keep up-to-date - Visit uniCenta oPOS Community... DOWNLOAD
pgadi(sfnet) PGADI The ultimate goal of this project is to create ... DOWNLOAD
outguard(sfnet) Outguard Outguard is a multi-player starship combat simu... DOWNLOAD
quenlig(freshmeat) Quenlig Quenlig is a standalone system allowing the cre... DOWNLOAD
setfon(sfnet) SetFon Speech Analyzer - Web Praat SetFon focus is an interface web based for Praa... DOWNLOAD
freetankschung(sfnet) freetanks_chung freetanks chung is a 3D openGL flight / tank si... DOWNLOAD
printformpdf(freshmeat) printformPdf printformPdf is a wrapper for the TCPDF class t... DOWNLOAD
vcstoicsfilecon(sfnet) VCS to ICS Calendar Converter The VCS to ICS Calendar Converter allows you to... DOWNLOAD
deforaos-mailer(freshmeat) DeforaOS Mailer DeforaOS Mailer is a mail client for the Defora... DOWNLOAD
guichung(sfnet) gui_chung gui chung , an compact freeware to program easy... DOWNLOAD
tama84(sfnet) tama84 Développement d'un jeu qui simule la vie d'un T... DOWNLOAD
pandorasbox-dokubox-10(freshmeat) pandorasbox-dokubox pandorasbox-dokubox is an easy to install softw... DOWNLOAD
p2ada(sfnet) Pascal-to-Ada P2Ada is a Pascal to Ada translator. Recognizes... DOWNLOAD
pandorasbox-monitoring-111(freshmeat) pandorasbox-monitoring pandorasbox-monitoring is a VMware image intend... DOWNLOAD
office201332bit(sfnet) office201332bit No description DOWNLOAD
opengcd(sfnet) OpenGCD OpenGCD is a portable implementation of the Gr... DOWNLOAD
zanata(sfnet) Zanata Zanata is a web-based system for translators to... DOWNLOAD
netframework35s(sfnet) Net Framework 3.5 script for Windows 8 Batch file that installs Net Framework 3.5 on W... DOWNLOAD
glmnb(sfnet) GLMNB This is the beta-version of a shape-based peak ... DOWNLOAD
snote2i317(sfnet) SNote2I317 DOWNLOAD
resistpy(sfnet) ResistPy ResistPy is a Python program designed to work w... DOWNLOAD
arduinolibrarie(sfnet) Arduino Libraries DOWNLOAD
wxeditor(sfnet) wxEditor wxEditor is an open-source cross-platform code ... DOWNLOAD
tutos(sfnet) TUTOS TUTOS is _T_he _U_ltimate _T_eam _O_rganization... DOWNLOAD
pyeditce(sfnet) PyeditCE PyeditCE is a IDE and Form Designer for the Pyt... DOWNLOAD
vocaluxe(sfnet) Vocaluxe Vocaluxe is an open source singing game inspire... DOWNLOAD
guitar-scale-expert(freshmeat) Guitar Scale Expert Guitar Scale Expert is a dictionary of 53 diffe... DOWNLOAD
gameinstallers(sfnet) Linux Game Installers Linux Game Installer project are making Game In... DOWNLOAD
comicutility(sfnet) Comic Utility Belt Extract pages from comic files * Extract cover ... DOWNLOAD
mywebframe(sfnet) myWebFrame PHP web-application framework including MVC, GU... DOWNLOAD
nmrename(sfnet) nmrename nmrename is a commandline massrenaming tool. It... DOWNLOAD
mirmon(freshmeat) mirmon Many project are mirrored worldwide. Mirmon hel... DOWNLOAD
gogglesmm(freshmeat) Goggles Music Manager Goggles Music Manager is a music collection man... DOWNLOAD
vkstatus(sfnet) VKStatus VKStatus is an open source Qt-based application... DOWNLOAD
mayhem-os(sfnet) Mayhem OS MayhemOS is a computer operating system based o... DOWNLOAD
pkgconfiglite(sfnet) pkg-config-lite pkg-config-lite is based on pkg-config, but is ... DOWNLOAD
omamori-himari(sfnet) OH DOWNLOAD
stitch-templating(freshmeat) Stitch Stitch lets you keep your templates and pages n... DOWNLOAD
esslibraries(sfnet) Essiembre Java Libraries Set of Java libraries, mostly targeted to the J... DOWNLOAD
sipmanager(sfnet) SipManager SipManager is a full-feature IP-Centrex PBX web... DOWNLOAD
jepp(sfnet) Java Embedded Python Jepp (Java Embedded Python) embeds CPython in J... DOWNLOAD
siteexplorer4go(sfnet) SiteExplorer4Google SiteExplorer4Google is an -offline- Sitemap.xml... DOWNLOAD
a2gameserver(sfnet) Apple Game Server 3.1 This java (version 6 or higher) program allows ... DOWNLOAD
phing(freshmeat) Phing PHing Is Not GNU make; it's a project build sys... DOWNLOAD
doombuilder(sfnet) Doom Builder Comprehensive map editor for Doom, Heretic and ... DOWNLOAD
nucleitracker4d(sfnet) NucleiTracker4D A Matlab based project for tracking cell nuclei... DOWNLOAD
kbengine(sfnet) kbengine hello DOWNLOAD
techytax(sfnet) TechyTax TechyTax is a web-based tax tool for small comp... DOWNLOAD
ditaa(sfnet) ditaa A small utility that converts ascii-art diagram... DOWNLOAD
linuxwmt(sfnet) Linux-WMT There is still a small amount of Wiki info here... DOWNLOAD
simpleinput(sfnet) SimpleInput The goal of SimpleInput library is provide to .... DOWNLOAD
meta-creator(sfnet) Meta-Package-Creator Meta Package Creator is a simple Python/GTK GUI... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-rbe(sfnet) Eclipse ResourceBundle Editor Eclipse plugin for editing Java resource bundle... DOWNLOAD
massconfig(sfnet) MassConfig Mass Config A small but powerfull excel applica... DOWNLOAD
pbvkbd(sfnet) Virtual Keyboard for BlackBerry PlayBook Virtual Keyboard for BlackBerry PlayBook. Russi... DOWNLOAD
pdfchain(sfnet) PDF Chain PDF Chain is a graphical user interface for the... DOWNLOAD
gnucash(sfnet) GnuCash GnuCash is a personal and small-business financ... DOWNLOAD
xdvr(sfnet) XDVR: X Digital Video Recorder Have you ever wanted to record your favorite TV... DOWNLOAD
phpsysinfo(sfnet) phpSysInfo phpSysInfo is a customizable PHP Script that pa... DOWNLOAD
hldstart(sfnet) Open Game Panel A PHP webapp (formerly known as hldstart2) used... DOWNLOAD
wmbinclock(sfnet) wmbinclock windowmaker applet wmBinClock is a windowmaker applet that display... DOWNLOAD
whiskersim(sfnet) whiskersim whisker: MCSCG-based nanowire device simulation... DOWNLOAD
srcpd(sfnet) srcpd: modular SRCP server The srcpd is a gateway between any kind of mode... DOWNLOAD
rfidwizard(sfnet) RFIDwizard RFIDwizard is a simple bash script that makes l... DOWNLOAD
warrockdreams(sfnet) WarRockDreams WarRock Dreams, Private WarRock EU Server DOWNLOAD
gmailreader(sfnet) Gmail Reader This program reads and send mail. Its very easy... DOWNLOAD
hellbent(sfnet) Hellbent Hellbent is a FREE 3rd person shooter that take... DOWNLOAD
sightexaminer(sfnet) SightExaminer This program Test Your Visual Acuity. DOWNLOAD
transtrl(sfnet) Transtrl for i18n Transtrl is a need-to-Translate String Locator.... DOWNLOAD
errorreportingt(sfnet) Error Reporting Tool DOWNLOAD
twmode(sfnet) twittering-mode A major mode for Twitter on Emacs DOWNLOAD
mythtvcontrolle(sfnet) Mythtv controller This is a Frontend to mythtv to use on your tou... DOWNLOAD
jguiraffe(sfnet) JGUIraffe JGuiraffe is an acronym, which stands for Java ... DOWNLOAD
readxml(sfnet) ReadXml I write a read xml java program DOWNLOAD
googalert(sfnet) googalert googalert is a simple script Bash to create eve... DOWNLOAD
irrchung(sfnet) irr_chung irr chung is a compact 3D hack / slash / shooti... DOWNLOAD
gdocsoffline(sfnet) Google Docs Offline Google Docs Offline is an open source Qt-based ... DOWNLOAD
ncande(sfnet) NCandE NCandE grants the popular Notepad++ text editor... DOWNLOAD
ktreedoc(sfnet) KtreeDOC KtreeDOC è una piattaforma open source per la g... DOWNLOAD
iharder(sfnet) A collection of open source and public domain s... DOWNLOAD

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