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owl2query(sfnet) owl2query OWL2Query is a an OWL2 query and meta-query eng... DOWNLOAD
oocframework(sfnet) OO C Framework Framework written in C language using OO concep... DOWNLOAD
moneydust(sfnet) moneydust Projekt zum verwalten von Privatinsolvenzen und... DOWNLOAD
js-calendar(sfnet) jsMultiCalendar JS script jsMultiCalendar is a free javascript used to em... DOWNLOAD
lglcdnet(sfnet) LgLCD.Net A small wrapper around the Logitch LCD SDK. Al... DOWNLOAD
gifframe(sfnet) GifFrame GifFrame is a simple java program that, given a... DOWNLOAD
lifetype(sfnet) LifeType Blogging platform built with PHP, designed with... DOWNLOAD
onlinesongbook(sfnet) Online Songbook The Online Songbook is a web interface to a dat... DOWNLOAD
diropus4(sfnet) Directory Opus Directory Opus 4, the legendary filemanager for... DOWNLOAD
libgta(freshmeat) libgta Libgta implements the Generic Tagged Arrays (GT... DOWNLOAD
toss(sfnet) Toss Toss is a program which allows to explore the u... DOWNLOAD
openbrainy(sfnet) OpenBrainy Electronic system for the popular brain games l... DOWNLOAD
usbip(sfnet) The USB/IP Project The USB/IP Project aims to develop a general US... DOWNLOAD
tspeak(sfnet) Teamspeak Peak View who is in TeamSpeak without even logging i... DOWNLOAD
cmme(sfnet) CMME CMME, Content Management Made Easy is an open s... DOWNLOAD
chicken(sfnet) Chicken Chicken is a VNC client for Mac OS X. A VNC cli... DOWNLOAD
djbeans(sfnet) djbeans DJBeans is an application configuration tool to... DOWNLOAD
irtoolkit(sfnet) IRToolkit IRToolkit is an attempt to build and develop a ... DOWNLOAD
magictree(sfnet) MagicTree Display Html tree of database table content wit... DOWNLOAD
wmstester(sfnet) WMSTester Tool for testing Web Map Services. It allows to... DOWNLOAD
pymol(sfnet) PyMOL Molecular Graphics System PyMOL is a Python-enhanced molecular graphics t... DOWNLOAD
tolven(sfnet) Tolven Health Record The Tolven platform and ePHR and eCHR applicati... DOWNLOAD
scrapur(sfnet) scrapur scrapur guesses imgur image URLs and prints the... DOWNLOAD
biosidea(sfnet) biosidea DOWNLOAD
treeliker(sfnet) TreeLiker TreeLiker is a collection of fast algorithms fo... DOWNLOAD
eyes(sfnet) EYeS EYeS is a general purpose C++ library. It is fo... DOWNLOAD
pygtkforms(sfnet) Python GTK Forms gtkforms is a python module used for creating g... DOWNLOAD
zypexce(sfnet) Catapult: XML Editor Catapult is a web based xml content editor for ... DOWNLOAD
sublime-reddit(freshmeat) Sublime Reddit Sublime Reddit lets you browse Reddit in a SFW ... DOWNLOAD
dnsjava(sfnet) dnsjava An implementation of the DNS protocol in Java. ... DOWNLOAD
eclipsefp(sfnet) Haskell support for Eclipse We extend the Eclipse IDE with tools for develo... DOWNLOAD
ngircd(freshmeat) ngIRCd ngIRCd is a portable IRC daemon written from sc... DOWNLOAD
allocatemicroph(sfnet) allocate_microphones Allocate microphones to actors in a live perfor... DOWNLOAD
miquiniela(sfnet) MiQuiniela Programa para desarrollar combinaciones en la q... DOWNLOAD
tanker188(sfnet) tanker188 is free community DOWNLOAD
projecthuevos(sfnet) Kinperion Project Kinperion es un MMORPG basado en el Motor Eclip... DOWNLOAD
conjoon(sfnet) conjoon conjoon is a webmail client with personal infor... DOWNLOAD
bestdealinthewo(sfnet) best deal in the world Product Review and Special Offer DOWNLOAD
comments-script-with-paginatio(freshmeat) Comments script with pagination Comments script with pagination adds comments ... DOWNLOAD
fructoid(sfnet) Fructoïd The Fructoïd is an opensource free naïve g... DOWNLOAD
snabbtorrent(sfnet) Snabb Torrent Detta programmet låter dig snabbt söka efter fi... DOWNLOAD
jobbsurfare(sfnet) Snabbjobb Surfare Detta programmet låter dig snabbt och enkelt sö... DOWNLOAD
heatwizard(sfnet) Heat Wizard Heat Wizard converts thermocouple voltages to t... DOWNLOAD
qr-code-generate-php-class(freshmeat) QR Code Generator PHP Class QR Code Generator allows you to easily generate... DOWNLOAD
ocr-a-font(sfnet) OCR-A font A free OCR-A font, conformant to ANSI X3.17-197... DOWNLOAD
alfanetwork(sfnet) AlfaNetwork AlfaNetwork製品のドライバ、ファームウェアなど。 DOWNLOAD
geostarslib(sfnet) geoStarsLib - geodetic library geoStarsLib has functions for dealing with many... DOWNLOAD
cuefuse(sfnet) Mp3CueFuse Mp3CueFuse adds an OSXFuse file system to your ... DOWNLOAD
holyservices(sfnet) HolyServices A planning calendar for scheduling holy service... DOWNLOAD
admidio(sfnet) Admidio Admidio is a free open source user management s... DOWNLOAD
neutrinosti7162(sfnet) Neutrino Sti7162 DOWNLOAD
smartphonesimul(sfnet) SmartPhone Simulator DOWNLOAD
csvdb(freshmeat) csvDB csvDB is an SQL engine for CSV (comma separated... DOWNLOAD
program-n(sfnet) AIMLpad AIMLpad is an AIML chatbot program with extra f... DOWNLOAD
libiptables(freshmeat) LibIPTables LibIPTables is a simple C API for adding, remov... DOWNLOAD
form-builder-php-class(freshmeat) Form Builder PHP Class PFBC is an object-oriented PHP class for buildi... DOWNLOAD
hexdump(freshmeat) hexdump hexdump produces a CP/M-like format by default,... DOWNLOAD
ample-sdk(freshmeat) Ample SDK Ample SDK is a standards-based cross-browser Ja... DOWNLOAD
kid3(freshmeat) Kid3 Kid3 tagger can edit the ID3v1 tags and all ID3... DOWNLOAD
exuro(sfnet) Exuro Exuro is an Image Viewer inspired by CDisplay, ... DOWNLOAD
smartjavaprops(sfnet) smartjavaprops "smartjavaprops" is a DSL for writing... DOWNLOAD
phphpcmonitorin(sfnet) PhpHPCMonitoring No description DOWNLOAD
neway4u-ultoo(sfnet) Neway4U Ultoo Desktop Client Neway4U Ultoo Desktop Client Created By : New... DOWNLOAD
deepconfig(sfnet) Deep Config DOWNLOAD
screenoff(sfnet) Screen Off Sometimes, we just want to turn off the display... DOWNLOAD
sshclientjava(sfnet) SSHClient Ultra simple software written in java for manag... DOWNLOAD
ultimatesmser(sfnet) Ultimate-SMSer This is Ultimate SMS clients that allow you to ... DOWNLOAD
lig4(sfnet) LIG4 DOWNLOAD
clavierarabe(sfnet) clavier arabe est un outil permettant d’obtenir ... DOWNLOAD
panstopwatch(sfnet) Pandora Stopwatch A simple stopwatch program originally for the P... DOWNLOAD
modlivestreet(sfnet) modLivestreet This module is allow to injoy any Livestreet si... DOWNLOAD
icongallery(sfnet) IconGallery IconGallery is a php/MySQL based iconset manage... DOWNLOAD
opendnssec(freshmeat) OpenDNSSEC OpenDNSSEC is software that manages the securit... DOWNLOAD
freecbr(sfnet) FreeCBR Case Based Reasoning is a technology to make a ... DOWNLOAD
bfm(sfnet) bfm This tool is intended to manage big files out o... DOWNLOAD
lychnisplayer(sfnet) LPlayer a simple music player using directshow on windo... DOWNLOAD
arduinopulsegenerator(freshmeat) ArduinoPulseGenerator ArduinoPulseGenerator is a simple program for g... DOWNLOAD
elementals(sfnet) Elementals Elementals. Elementals are small creatures that... DOWNLOAD
pokerfacegvl(sfnet) PicturesOfMe DOWNLOAD
rpoku(sfnet) Human Speakable Programming Language HSPL is Human Speakable Programming Language, ... DOWNLOAD
trrc(sfnet) Nagy's Reasonable Rate Calculator 「すべて包括的なレート」コンサルティングまたは... DOWNLOAD
gob(freshmeat) GOB GObject Builder (GOB) is a simple preprocessor ... DOWNLOAD
arcregenerator(sfnet) Almost Redundant Code Regenerator This is a program designed for programmers who ... DOWNLOAD
phpwcms(sfnet) phpwcms phpwcms is a web cms optimized for fast and eas... DOWNLOAD
hiswehost(sfnet) HiSweHost Invoice HiSweHost mini invoice script. Add Costumer, Ad... DOWNLOAD
medisis(sfnet) Medisis Application to help the field of psychiatry ana... DOWNLOAD
alphafill(sfnet) AlphaFill Unfortunately, lots of official software with t... DOWNLOAD
scriptuploaded(sfnet) Script Uploaded DOWNLOAD
gamania03(sfnet) gamania03 DOWNLOAD
kinperion(sfnet) Kinperion Kinperion es un MMORPG basado en el Motor Eclip... DOWNLOAD
mrphplogin(sfnet) Mr. PHP Login Basically, This is a basic PHP authentication s... DOWNLOAD
turious(freshmeat) Turious Turious is a cross-platform turn-based strategy... DOWNLOAD
noah(freshmeat) NOAH Document Management System NOAH is a Web-based document management system ... DOWNLOAD
tmonote2(sfnet) Tmo Note 2 DOWNLOAD
shininggold(sfnet) Pokemon: Shining Gold This is online pokemon role playing game which ... DOWNLOAD
libraw-demosaic-pack-gpl2(freshmeat) LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL2 LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL2 is a set of additiona... DOWNLOAD
taskjuggler(freshmeat) TaskJuggler TaskJuggler is a modern and powerful project an... DOWNLOAD
uinect(sfnet) UInect DOWNLOAD
fevh264(sfnet) fev h264 encoder Fev h264 is a baseline h.264 / MPEG 4 AVC encoder. DOWNLOAD
rosethorn-game-library(freshmeat) RoseThorn Game Library RoseThorn is a cross-platform library for 2D an... DOWNLOAD

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