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radstdcodegen(sfnet) RAD Studio Code Generator RAD Studio Code Generator represents a set of c... DOWNLOAD
jbizmo(sfnet) JBizMo JBizMo supports building of Eclipse RCP, Eclips... DOWNLOAD
triplef(sfnet) TripleF: a Java Distributed File System TripleF is a middleware for a Distributed File ... DOWNLOAD
i-plug(sfnet) i-plug i-plug is an open hardware and open source proj... DOWNLOAD
signaturechecke(sfnet) Signature Checker Signature Checker is a Windows program whereby ... DOWNLOAD
batterie(sfnet) batterie DOWNLOAD
gleri(sfnet) GLERI An OpenGL service, a socket protocol for commun... DOWNLOAD
redpanda(sfnet) panda panda is a browser base on mozilla gecko engine . DOWNLOAD
chadwick(sfnet) Chadwick A baseball scorebook and statkeeping applicatio... DOWNLOAD
cyassl(freshmeat) CyaSSL The CyaSSL embedded SSL library is a lightweigh... DOWNLOAD
sdd(sfnet) SharpDotDocument SharpDotDocument is a script language format fo... DOWNLOAD
genmixdummy(sfnet) GenMixDummy Mix Dummy Generator and AAM Dummy Generator are... DOWNLOAD
aamdirect(sfnet) AAMDirect A.A.M Direct (formerly NNTP A.A.M Client) is a ... DOWNLOAD
twentyonebot(sfnet) Twentyone Bot Play now at DOWNLOAD
maintqar(sfnet) maintqar maintqar is a little application to help car us... DOWNLOAD
oblivionworks(sfnet) Oblivion Works Wrye Bash has moved to Github! https://github.c... DOWNLOAD
dbflowc(sfnet) dbFlowc dbFlowc is a tool for gathering, storing and an... DOWNLOAD
open-audit(sfnet) Open Audit Open Audit. A Computer Hardware and Software Au... DOWNLOAD
eoscart(sfnet) EOS Online Merchant EOS is an open source e-commerce solution based... DOWNLOAD
cmmscript(sfnet) cmm script A small C-like language interpreter, with less ... DOWNLOAD
gambas(sfnet) Gambas A Graphical Developement Environment based on a... DOWNLOAD
rcwa-2d(sfnet) rcwa-2d Matlab/Octave implementation of the 2D Rigorous... DOWNLOAD
ocilib(freshmeat) OCILIB OCILIB is a cross-platform Oracle Driver that d... DOWNLOAD
sim2c(sfnet) sim2c This project follows classical technique for co... DOWNLOAD
soldatairforce(sfnet) SoldatAirForce Летаем на самолёте, стреляем из пелемёта, запус... DOWNLOAD
feplanner(sfnet) Fallen Earth Character Planner The Fallen Earth Character Planner is a utility... DOWNLOAD
snake3d(sfnet) Snake 3D Snake 3D is a fun new version of Snake, except ... DOWNLOAD
asteroids3d(sfnet) Asteroids 3D Asteroids 3D is a 3D flight-sim-style remake of... DOWNLOAD
rcwa-1d(sfnet) rcwa-1d Matlab/Octave implementation of the Rigorous Co... DOWNLOAD
colossus(sfnet) Colossus Colossus is a Java clone of the boardgame Titan... DOWNLOAD
mulanpa(sfnet) MuLanPa MuLanPa is a source-analyser with a configurabl... DOWNLOAD
taskcoach(freshmeat) Task Coach Task Coach is a simple todo manager to manage p... DOWNLOAD
managesieve(sfnet) Thunderbird Sieve Addon A Mozilla Thunderbird Add-on for managing remot... DOWNLOAD
fixpusher(sfnet) FIX Pusher FIX Pusher is a tool for developers and adminis... DOWNLOAD
pacmanlike(sfnet) Pacman_Qt Classic pac-man on qt with pure c++. Gui based ... DOWNLOAD
disthc(sfnet) disthc Distribute your Hashcat jobs among multiple phy... DOWNLOAD
fadistance15(sfnet) formation.distance.15 fgf DOWNLOAD
mysqlfs(sfnet) FUSE filesystem using MySQL as a storage MySQLfs is Linux userspace filesystem which sto... DOWNLOAD
organicsjava(sfnet) Organics A 2D cross-platform java RPG/Adventure game. De... DOWNLOAD
auralprobe(sfnet) Aural Probe Aural Probe is a sample librarian tool for comp... DOWNLOAD
ajile(sfnet) ajile ajile: Advanced JavaScript Importing & Load... DOWNLOAD
powertuxoslinux(sfnet) powertuxos powertuxos gnu/linux una distribución basada en... DOWNLOAD
onelinecode(sfnet) OnelineCode Code pieces for iOS. The goal of this project i... DOWNLOAD
hflearn(sfnet) hflearn DOWNLOAD
opennhrp(freshmeat) OpenNHRP OpenNHRP implements the NBMA Next Hop Resolutio... DOWNLOAD
wca(sfnet) WCA 1/ WCA interprets a file containing the definit... DOWNLOAD
opentcs(freshmeat) openTCS openTCS is a platform-independent transportatio... DOWNLOAD
scidavis(sfnet) SciDAVis SciDAVis is a user-friendly data analysis and v... DOWNLOAD
tcycomponents(sfnet) Cindy components Delphi 7 to Delphi XE6 Packages with 71 components for all delphi vers... DOWNLOAD
ngrt4n(freshmeat) RealOpInsight RealOpInsight is an advanced business service m... DOWNLOAD
penrose(sfnet) penrose Penrose is a java-based virtual directory serve... DOWNLOAD
smartconfig(sfnet) SmartConfig SmartConfig is a Java library for easy access t... DOWNLOAD
w3afremote(sfnet) W3AFRemote XMLRPC Server allows the control of a W3AF Inst... DOWNLOAD
soapsnp(sfnet) SOAPsnp SOAPsnp is a member of the SOAP (Short Oligonuc... DOWNLOAD
chocoholic(sfnet) Chocoholic Chomp is a game invented by D Gale in 1974. It... DOWNLOAD
xiaoxiao520(sfnet) xiaoxiao DOWNLOAD
vsep(sfnet) vsep VSEP is able to parse expressions like: (foo ... DOWNLOAD
encodex(sfnet) EncodeX MPEG-4 MKV MP4 x264 ffmpeg Encoder GUI DOWNLOAD
panalyser(sfnet) Panalyser Panalyser, a tool for measuring resource usage ... DOWNLOAD
all4one(sfnet) All For One All For One is a Furcadia server compatible pro... DOWNLOAD
riso(sfnet) RISO: distributed belief networks RISO: distributed, heterogeneous Bayesian belie... DOWNLOAD
conefor(sfnet) Conefor Sensinode Conefor Sensinode quantifies the importance of ... DOWNLOAD
brewblogger(sfnet) BrewBlogger 2.3 BrewBlogger is a easy to set up, easy to use, w... DOWNLOAD
testhost(sfnet) 2D Graphic Viewer Graphic Designer both from WinForm to WPF . DOWNLOAD
akkar(freshmeat) AKKAR AKKAR is a centralized LARP management suite th... DOWNLOAD
ssdm(sfnet) SSDM SSDM (formerly SqlceViewer) is a database manag... DOWNLOAD
snuggletex(sfnet) SnuggleTeX SnuggleTeX is a 100% Java library for convertin... DOWNLOAD
schedsimula(sfnet) Scheduler Simulator SCHEDuler SIMULAtor (originally sched_sim) is a... DOWNLOAD
nervana(sfnet) Nervana Legacy Files The new development is hosted on Sourceforge wi... DOWNLOAD
xbphp(sfnet) php DOWNLOAD
falconiet(sfnet) falconiet DOWNLOAD
textlabeling(sfnet) Text Labeling Text Labeling is a open source module which lab... DOWNLOAD
icyfusion(sfnet) icy fusion ROM for lg spectrum DOWNLOAD
itk-snap(sfnet) ITK-SNAP Medical Image Segmentation Tool ITK-SNAP is a tool for segmenting anatomical st... DOWNLOAD
etoy(sfnet) the iON eToy The iON eToy is an interactive toy framework - ... DOWNLOAD
pyllar(sfnet) Pyllar Plotting Library Pyllar is a 3D plotting library for the Python ... DOWNLOAD
dizicloudbackup(sfnet) Dizi Cloud Backup Appliance The Dizi Cloud Backup Appliance is a solution t... DOWNLOAD
libhx(freshmeat) libHX libHX is a C library (with some C++ bindings av... DOWNLOAD
nobleape(sfnet) Noble Ape Simulation Simulates a biologically diverse tropical islan... DOWNLOAD
kobldes(sfnet) Kobldes POV-Ray system of macros for supporting residen... DOWNLOAD
pb-jelly(sfnet) PBSuite This currently hosts two projects created and m... DOWNLOAD
xclip(sfnet) xclip xclip is a command line interface to the X11 cl... DOWNLOAD
coronissdk(sfnet) Coronis SDK The goal is to create a leading “Set of softwar... DOWNLOAD
planbowl(sfnet) Plan Bowl Plan Bowl is a memory-management tool. You can ... DOWNLOAD
pingkgakololo(sfnet) PING Integrated Patient SMS Support This project is the base SMS management softwar... DOWNLOAD
fluxbox(freshmeat) Fluxbox Fluxbox is a lightweight and highly configurabl... DOWNLOAD
fireworkx(freshmeat) Fireworkx Fireworkx is a pyrotechnic fireworks blast simu... DOWNLOAD
devillinux(freshmeat) Devil-Linux Devil-Linux is a special secure Linux distribut... DOWNLOAD
gnuteleprompter(sfnet) GNU Teleprompter Teleprompter is a simple tool for editing and m... DOWNLOAD
british-bingo(freshmeat) British bingo British bingo runs in your browser and uses 3 b... DOWNLOAD
rjd(sfnet) Railworks Joystick Driver Allows one to control trains using joysticks (s... DOWNLOAD
genedc(sfnet) Genetic data converter Genetic data converter, for and hapm... DOWNLOAD
xmarkup(sfnet) xMarkup Text Transformation Utility xMarkup is a text transformation utility for ba... DOWNLOAD
untitled-rpg(sfnet) Fame The game is inspired mainly by ADOM and Castle ... DOWNLOAD
waypointhr(sfnet) WaypointHR WaypointHR is an HR database for managing emplo... DOWNLOAD
pyigs(sfnet) PYIGS - Python interface Google! Suggest PYIGS is a Python package that provides an inte... DOWNLOAD
gte-notetaker(sfnet) GTE Note Taker This small application aims to to help the user... DOWNLOAD
login_keepalived(freshmeat) login_keepalived login_keepalived is a daemon that keeps remote ... DOWNLOAD
ttgnclient(sfnet) TTGN Client DOWNLOAD
cursorchanger(sfnet) High DPI Cursor Changer When DPI is set to 200%, Windows 8's standard c... DOWNLOAD

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