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testx5566(sfnet) testx5566 Test only DOWNLOAD
trafficsqueezer(sfnet) TrafficSqueezer Linux WAN Optimization TrafficSqueezer is an Open-Source WAN Accelerat... DOWNLOAD
icomp(sfnet) Image Compare The goal of this project is to compare two imag... DOWNLOAD
nemysisfreebsdp(sfnet) nemysis FreeBSD Ports Downloads for nemysis FreeBSD Ports DOWNLOAD
fsqlf(sfnet) Free SQL Formatter FSQLF - Free SQL Formatter is open source SQL c... DOWNLOAD
gamesscript(sfnet) Top Games Script Create your own flash games website in 10 minut... DOWNLOAD
bsodmkr(sfnet) BSOD Mkr New downloads of this software has been moved h... DOWNLOAD
betagfx(sfnet) BetaGFX PT_BR: O GFX é um conjunto de classes e ferrame... DOWNLOAD
linuxstopmotion(sfnet) Linux Stopmotion Stopmotion is a Free Software application for c... DOWNLOAD
cdeengine(sfnet) cde4php - Cross Database Engine for PHP CDE is a PHP class which implements the general... DOWNLOAD
redsolocup(sfnet) redsolocup take a try... DOWNLOAD
sorterexpress(sfnet) Rissa DOWNLOAD
libquaternion(sfnet) libquaternion Math library to work with quaternions. Have SSE... DOWNLOAD
ozekivoipserv(sfnet) OZEKI VoIP Service Checker The Ozeki VoIP Service Checker is a tool you ca... DOWNLOAD
batterymods(sfnet) Battery Mods DOWNLOAD
cssed(sfnet) cssed cssed is an scriptable and modular GTK2 CSS edi... DOWNLOAD
docxsteganograp(sfnet) docx Steganography this tool is steganography tool ,which make us ... DOWNLOAD
mtscheckaccount(sfnet) MtsCheckAccount Current account balance check on 3G modems ZTE ... DOWNLOAD
tankschung(sfnet) tanks_chung tanks chung is a free 3D openGL tank game with ... DOWNLOAD
lispsnippets(sfnet) Lisp snippets I will add description later. In the meantime, ... DOWNLOAD
kqjpmzvbonlgsau(sfnet) Text File Binder It is the same result as "cat file1 file2 ... DOWNLOAD
tzical(sfnet) tziCal - tz database conversion utility tziCal is a conversion utility for converting t... DOWNLOAD
nyancat-ra(sfnet) Nyan Cat New downloads of this software has been moved h... DOWNLOAD
chatphp(sfnet) TDCHAT Chat in PHP distribuita con licenza GPL Funzio... DOWNLOAD
matrixmultiplic(sfnet) Matrix Multiplication A simple program I created to make my life easi... DOWNLOAD
pctmatrix(sfnet) pctmatrix The proton simulator creates the A-matrix and b... DOWNLOAD
jsmppclient(sfnet) Java SMPP Client This project is a simple Java SMPP Client. It's... DOWNLOAD
ip-mac-manager(sfnet) ip mac manager Written in Win32API. Provides a simple interfac... DOWNLOAD
osgtoy(sfnet) Toys for the OpenSceneGraph A grabbag of various experimental/maybe-useful ... DOWNLOAD
m3tk(sfnet) M3Tk M3Tk generate M3Us playlists from MP3s files. T... DOWNLOAD
tkdgen(sfnet) TkDgen A Tcl/Tk GUI front-end to Genesis Emulator DGen. DOWNLOAD
aegisariadevelo(sfnet) AEGIS ARIA Developer tool AEGIS ARIA Palette - plugin provides palette wi... DOWNLOAD
tkintertreectrl(sfnet) TkinterTreectrl The TkTreectrl module wraps the treectrl tk ext... DOWNLOAD
wimorse(sfnet) Widigdosoft® Morse® Widigdosoft® Morse® Is Made In Indonesia , By W... DOWNLOAD
qmatrices(sfnet) Q Python scripts used in the paper "Recoveri... DOWNLOAD
skummplatter10(sfnet) skummplatter1.0 DOWNLOAD
nullro(sfnet) NullRO Project The NullRO Project is a MMORPG game, currently ... DOWNLOAD
extend-a-story(sfnet) Extend-A-Story Extend-A-Story is an interactive story where yo... DOWNLOAD
lanyn(sfnet) GNU L@NyN El proyecto GNU L@NyN - GNU/Linux Argentino, Ne... DOWNLOAD
flexgen(sfnet) FlexGen FlexGen is a flexible random map generation lib... DOWNLOAD
blowpipeemail(sfnet) BlowPipeEmail BlowPipeEmail is a professional high-performanc... DOWNLOAD
supertopcine(sfnet) Super Top Cine Super Top Cine é um software que organiza de fo... DOWNLOAD
boucwenbabernoo(sfnet) Bouc-Wen-Baber-Noori model of hysteresis This toolbox computes the parameters of the Bou... DOWNLOAD
logjoin(sfnet) logjoin logjoin is a tool for joining two log files (or... DOWNLOAD
mirplex(sfnet) miRPlex DOWNLOAD
roc-xmlrpc(sfnet) XMLRPC for C# Lightweight XMLRPC implementation for C#. Work... DOWNLOAD
litesql(sfnet) LiteSQL C++ Object Persistence Framework LiteSQL is a C++ library that integrates C++ ob... DOWNLOAD
pilotlog(sfnet) Pilot Log Pilot Log is a Linux pilot logbook for recordin... DOWNLOAD
bmezui(sfnet) EZUI EZUI is just a simple UI routine I set up for m... DOWNLOAD
easyrooster(sfnet) EasyRooster It a windows app written in C# & Visual Stu... DOWNLOAD
phosho(sfnet) PhoSho This is an up-to-date version of the now-defunc... DOWNLOAD
aged(sfnet) AgED AgED performs automatic feature extraction from... DOWNLOAD
olografos(sfnet) olografos Python script that efficiently returns Greek wo... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-macker(sfnet) Eclipse Macker The Eclipse Macker Plugins displays warnings an... DOWNLOAD
filebackup(sfnet) FileBackup Provides a very easy to use and automated metho... DOWNLOAD
compicc(sfnet) CompIcc The Compiz ICC colour server, or short compicc,... DOWNLOAD
warmux(sfnet) WarMUX Have the mascots of your favorite free software... DOWNLOAD
demojnlp(sfnet) demo DOWNLOAD
formlayoutmaker(sfnet) FormLayoutMaker FormLayoutBuilder is a WYSIWYG tool that enable... DOWNLOAD
nanapro(sfnet) Nana C++ Library Nana C++ Library takes aim at easy-to-use and p... DOWNLOAD
uwadv(sfnet) Underworld Adventures Underworld Adventures is a project to recreate ... DOWNLOAD
pygetmp3(sfnet) GetMp3 GetMp3 is a opensource and crossplatform applic... DOWNLOAD
winlame(sfnet) winLAME winLAME is an encoder for several audio formats... DOWNLOAD
widmtest(sfnet) WIDM Test Software DEZE VERSIE IS VEROUDERD! Ga naar https://sourc... DOWNLOAD
musicdownload(sfnet) Mp3 Downloader A simple program written in that allow y... DOWNLOAD
mlearngame(sfnet) Mobile Learning Business Game This mobile business game was developed at Mass... DOWNLOAD
jedmodes(sfnet) Jed Modes Repository A collection of S-Lang extension scripts (modes... DOWNLOAD
pcbasedscoreboa(sfnet) PC based Score Board Application This program is used to interface microcontroll... DOWNLOAD
openprofiler(sfnet) Open Profiler Open Profiler is a utility for monitoring amoun... DOWNLOAD
mxwm(sfnet) mxwm mxwm is a simple lightweight wm. Features: - t... DOWNLOAD
creadorerroresf(sfnet) Creador De Errores Falsos Crea errores falsos para Windows. DOWNLOAD
kungfutea(sfnet) kungfu tea This is the predecessor of the MIME-Project.It'... DOWNLOAD
abantecart(sfnet) AbanteCart AbanteCart is a free shopping cart software or ... DOWNLOAD
logrotatewin(sfnet) LogRotateWin This is a Windows implementation of the logrota... DOWNLOAD
koomato(sfnet) Koomato This MS Outlook add-in helps applying the Pomod... DOWNLOAD
gstockr(sfnet) Gestion de stock reparties Gestion de stock repartis sur plusieurs sites s... DOWNLOAD
omegabase(sfnet) Omega Base A Knowledge Base and document management system... DOWNLOAD
quinoa(sfnet) Quinoa Outlook add-in "Quinoa Is Now an Outlook Add-in!" Th... DOWNLOAD
biblatexgost(sfnet) biblatex-gost Biblatex style to format bibliography according... DOWNLOAD
multitexteditor(sfnet) MultiText Editor MultiText Editor is the program for editing pla... DOWNLOAD
mylilshoota(sfnet) My Lil' Shoota A game I did for my website. I do not know when... DOWNLOAD
paktype(sfnet) PakType - Pakistani Typography A collection of Unicode based open source OpenT... DOWNLOAD
bxmhivemr(sfnet) BxmHiveMr DOWNLOAD
cleartoollib(sfnet) Cleartool Library A Java library to build aplications operating o... DOWNLOAD
ajaxmultiplesel(sfnet) Ajax Multiple Select Dropdown List An AJAX script that can be used te create dynam... DOWNLOAD
cm10fusion(sfnet) CM10-Fusion CM10 fusion is designed to give you the greates... DOWNLOAD
spanish1booklet(sfnet) SPANISH 1 BOOKLET The content of this Booklet has these practical... DOWNLOAD
mytest-boost(sfnet) mytest Test de création d'un repository svn sur source... DOWNLOAD
jaxedit(sfnet) JaxEdit - Online LaTeX Editor DOWNLOAD
macsy(sfnet) MACSY Macsy is a framework for developing modular age... DOWNLOAD
appgear(sfnet) App Gear I made these CSS classes for my webapp. It appl... DOWNLOAD
senayanusbstick(sfnet) Senayan library usb stick senayan library is an open source library syste... DOWNLOAD
bokq4bygeoxar(sfnet) BOKQ4_by_GeoXar DOWNLOAD
dotos(sfnet) dotOS Its a private project DOWNLOAD
jclcopies(sfnet) jclcopies Simple tool to backup and synchronize folders. ... DOWNLOAD
ucxx(sfnet) Yehia - C++ plugin framework The Yehia project provides plugin managment for... DOWNLOAD
gcpuploader(sfnet) Garmin Connect Python Uploader This project, gcpuploader, helps you to upload ... DOWNLOAD
learnbyheart(sfnet) Learn By Heart Applications is useful while learning foreign ... DOWNLOAD
wxhexeditor(sfnet) wxHexEditor wxHexEditor is another Hex Editor, build becaus... DOWNLOAD
jamin(sfnet) JAMin JAMin is the JACK Audio Connection Kit (JACK) A... DOWNLOAD

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