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pulsasolusicomg(sfnet) Grosir pulsa online Distributor Pulsa Elektrik Mur... DOWNLOAD
stormsiren(sfnet) StormSiren StormSiren is an Internet application that allo... DOWNLOAD
swingme(sfnet) Swing ME A Java ME (J2ME) implementation of Swing GUI, w... DOWNLOAD
opentrack(sfnet) OpenTrack OpenTrack is Firefox extension which is a combi... DOWNLOAD
firecatpackage(sfnet) Firecat package for Firefox Firecat package project aims to group a list of... DOWNLOAD
jmatio(sfnet) JMatIO - Matlab's MAT-file I/O in JAVA Matlab's MAT-file I/O API in JAVA. Supports Mat... DOWNLOAD
openrods(sfnet) RODS RODS (Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillan... DOWNLOAD
lstomp(sfnet) lstomp lStomp is a programmable vst effect host/contro... DOWNLOAD
darksabre76apps(sfnet) darksabre76's Apps This project encapsulates my PA.c apps. Current... DOWNLOAD
atunes(sfnet) aTunes aTunes is a powerful, full-featured, cross-plat... DOWNLOAD
vulcanproject(sfnet) Vulcan Project This project does not update here anymore. This... DOWNLOAD
emushownet(sfnet) Emushow - Manager Of Roms Emushow is the most powerful Manager For your R... DOWNLOAD
microworld-db-2(sfnet) Micro World Data Bank (MWDB2) System The MWDB2 project is a combination of cartograp... DOWNLOAD
rootlocussuite(sfnet) Root Locus A very basic executable file compiled via MATLA... DOWNLOAD
safecap(sfnet) safecap The overall aim of the SafeCap project is to de... DOWNLOAD
zibaldone(sfnet) zibaldone Description zibaldone is a c++ library for mul... DOWNLOAD
phagewarz(sfnet) phageWarz Fabulous virus game! DOWNLOAD
cc-classes(sfnet) CC Classes And Objects To generate classes and objects which contain o... DOWNLOAD
pakukoctroms(sfnet) pakukoct Roms DOWNLOAD
mplayer-ww(sfnet) MPlayer WW MPlayer modified by william0wang DOWNLOAD
tnbhome(sfnet) tnbhome 全日康治疗,御健治疗仪,华汉系列各类治疗仪器网... DOWNLOAD
digitalclock55(sfnet) Digital Clock Digital Clock is an application that allows for... DOWNLOAD
euphoriasdk(sfnet) euphoriasdk Euphoria is a 2 Game Engine and Development kit... DOWNLOAD
gundercrypt(sfnet) gundercrypt A CLI text ciphering program and library writte... DOWNLOAD
ezdigest(sfnet) EzDigest EzDigest utilizes Java's MessageDigest to calcu... DOWNLOAD
isncassebricke(sfnet) ISN casse bricke DOWNLOAD
androidkopiazap(sfnet) Android Kopia Zapasowa DOWNLOAD
polarfish(sfnet) PolarFish This software is to keep older models of the fi... DOWNLOAD
cekod(sfnet) Kutuphane Yonetim Kütüphane Yönetim ; Kullanıcı dostu arayüzü, ge... DOWNLOAD
bluetoothjsr82d(sfnet) BluetoothJSR82Demo for OS 7.1 BlackBerry The code bases on the following Github sample. ... DOWNLOAD
lastfmlibnet(sfnet) LastFmLib.Net This is a port of's WebAPI plus their A... DOWNLOAD
kubisland(sfnet) KubIsland DOWNLOAD
bugdeliver(sfnet) BugDeliver In this game you must control a bug that has to... DOWNLOAD
pwrp(sfnet) PacketWise Report Portal The Report Portal is a flexible & intuitive... DOWNLOAD
cms230(sfnet) 230 CMS This project has been superseded by Napata CMS.... DOWNLOAD
frevo(sfnet) Frevo FREVO is an open-source framework developed in ... DOWNLOAD
dbtrans(sfnet) dbtrans A very small java library (less than 20 classes... DOWNLOAD
netmate-meter(sfnet) NetMate Meter NetMate Meter is a flexible and extensible tool... DOWNLOAD
mazeman(sfnet) mazeman Mazeman is an original puzzle game, somewhat li... DOWNLOAD
libwebserv(sfnet) libwebserv A small library providing a webserver intended ... DOWNLOAD
glsceneodeveh(sfnet) GLScene ODE Vehicle Built using GLScene and Open Dynamics Engine, t... DOWNLOAD
plotpy(sfnet) The project tries to supply a measureme... DOWNLOAD
peerguardian(sfnet) PeerGuardian PeerGuardian is a privacy oriented firewall app... DOWNLOAD
jjjuli(sfnet) jj_juli By your favorite editor, you can edit wiki page... DOWNLOAD
admire(sfnet) ADMIRE We are in the pro... DOWNLOAD
yeo(sfnet) yeo designed to hide messages in jpg and png images... DOWNLOAD
dexro(sfnet) DEX.Ro este un dicţionar explicativ al limbii r... DOWNLOAD
subscript(sfnet) Subscript Since Subsonic requires special directory struc... DOWNLOAD
simplemidipy(sfnet) read/write data from/to midi device (/dev/midi0... DOWNLOAD
impossibletower(sfnet) Impossible Tower Map There is only one point to this map get to the ... DOWNLOAD
cs4433dotsandbo(sfnet) cs4433DotsAndBoxes this is a classical game of dots and boxes impl... DOWNLOAD
ipviewer(sfnet) IP Viewer A program that allows you to view the ip addres... DOWNLOAD
rekonq(freshmeat) Rekonq Rekonq is a Web browser based on WebKit. It fir... DOWNLOAD
yahtzeesharp(sfnet) YahtzeeSharp A Simple Yahtzee like game, similar to the ones... DOWNLOAD
genab(sfnet) SgSoul DOWNLOAD
pistresstest(sfnet) pi stress test Simple bash script test stress for the Raspberr... DOWNLOAD
universitario(sfnet) universitario DOWNLOAD
annbear(sfnet) ANNBear Simple program for artificial neural network us... DOWNLOAD
evolution-rts(sfnet) Evolution RTS Evolution RTS (project name, will change later)... DOWNLOAD
findfoto(sfnet) FindFoto Tools that allow one to search for photos based... DOWNLOAD
modules(sfnet) Environment Modules The environment modules package provides for an... DOWNLOAD
tucson(sfnet) TuCSoN TuCSoN (Tuple Centres Spread over the Network) ... DOWNLOAD
jessicayo(sfnet) jessicayo No description DOWNLOAD
teezeit(sfnet) Teezeit A tea timer for the Windows system tray. DOWNLOAD
androidvideplay(sfnet) android videplay DOWNLOAD
yanhuayileng(sfnet) yanhuayileng This is a great project! DOWNLOAD
hydrobonnet(sfnet) HydroBonNet Analysis of HYDROgen BONding NETworks in protei... DOWNLOAD
mp3tm(sfnet) MP3 Tag Manager This little Perlscript helps you to manage the ... DOWNLOAD
cubiculus(sfnet) cubiculus Project provide data object that could be used ... DOWNLOAD
recipetools(sfnet) Recipe Tools Tools for the recipe collector :-) RecipeFox: A... DOWNLOAD
kumquathandle(sfnet) KumquatHandle KumquatHandle是一款完全免费的绿色软件,集IE缓存... DOWNLOAD
creditsystem2(sfnet) Credits System 2.0 Dokeos and Chamilo plugin that adds the credits... DOWNLOAD
wsvjdbc(sfnet) WsvJDBC driver for plain text data files WiNCh - WsvNC is a simple read-only jdbc driver... DOWNLOAD
xolotl-psi(sfnet) Xolotl Plasma-Surface Interactions DOWNLOAD
mydddungeonsgl(sfnet) myDDDungeonsGL myDDDungeonsGL chung is a free 3D openGL versio... DOWNLOAD
thpp(sfnet) Thermal Processing Panel Program that processes thermal images created b... DOWNLOAD
zrmako(sfnet) ZrMako Mako templates for ZRagner scripts To use ZrMa... DOWNLOAD
onvdl(sfnet) oNVDL oNVDL provides a Java based implementation of t... DOWNLOAD
alarphptemplate(sfnet) alarPHPTemplate This is a porting to PHP of Perl module HTML::T... DOWNLOAD
advancemame(sfnet) AdvanceMAME A MAME and MESS port with an advanced video sup... DOWNLOAD
moneiba(sfnet) Moneiba Framework Moneiba Framework allows to create desktop appl... DOWNLOAD
createurserveur(sfnet) Createur Serveurs Minecraft Avec ce programme développé sous le langage VB.... DOWNLOAD
amilab(sfnet) AMILab amilab is a tool for image processing that incl... DOWNLOAD
kert(sfnet) kert Automatic asynchronous test runner, accessible ... DOWNLOAD
ameuidewberries(sfnet) Ame UI Dewberries Set of libraries, components and utilities for ... DOWNLOAD
svpcc(sfnet) Simulador de visión Corteza Cerebral plataforma software destinada a facilitar la ex... DOWNLOAD
onslaught-vn(sfnet) ONSlaught ONSlaught is an ONScripter clone with Unicode s... DOWNLOAD
jaconfig(freshmeat) JAConfig JAConfig implements an eventually consistent di... DOWNLOAD
ro-oslib(sfnet) OSLib - API for RISC OS computers OSLib is a set of functions and C headers to pr... DOWNLOAD
project-z(sfnet) Project Z A gaming project by Nico and Niel Coetzee. DOWNLOAD
iptbb(sfnet) IPTBB IPTBB was a free message board software. No lon... DOWNLOAD
okmindmap(sfnet) OKmindmap OKmindmap is a web-based mindmap service and do... DOWNLOAD
complexshapes(sfnet) Complex Curved Shapes Generator Programs This computer program is an exact emulation of ... DOWNLOAD
bluejportable(sfnet) BlueJ Portable ( This is the first attempt that I know of to put... DOWNLOAD
martyr(sfnet) Martyr Martyr is a Java framework around the IRC proto... DOWNLOAD
cloudboot(sfnet) cloudboot The cloud boot services support booting to DRBL... DOWNLOAD
lualibhid(sfnet) lualibhid This library permit the access to libhid in LUA... DOWNLOAD
haytham(sfnet) Haytham Gaze Tracker Haytham is an open source video based eye track... DOWNLOAD
trunemaker(sfnet) TRuneMaker Automatically creates runes in Tibia, eating an... DOWNLOAD

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