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xiaobaicai321(sfnet) 我的测试 sdasdsadsadasdad DOWNLOAD
crosstruco(sfnet) Cross Truco Um programa de Truco paulista ou paranaense, mu... DOWNLOAD
jasypt(sfnet) jasypt: java simplified encryption Jasypt (Java Simplified Encryption) is a java l... DOWNLOAD
configmanager(sfnet) Configuration Manager Configuration managment utility enables a Java ... DOWNLOAD
opengroupon(sfnet) openGroupon Fully clone,LAMP & WAMP,PHP+MYS... DOWNLOAD
montagemdemveis(sfnet) Montagem de Móveis Sou um profissional que atua na área de montage... DOWNLOAD
gatoolbox(sfnet) Open Genetic Algorithm Toolbox This is a toolbox to run a GA on any problem yo... DOWNLOAD
armanpy(sfnet) armanpy ArmaNpy is a set of SWIG interface files which ... DOWNLOAD
infofirsttech(sfnet) InfoFirstTech DOWNLOAD
gaussgun(sfnet) Gauss Gun DOWNLOAD
phys-simu(sfnet) Basic Physics Simulations Some basic physics simulations using C/C++ DOWNLOAD
apythongraphlib(sfnet) Another Python Graph Library This project develops a simple, fast and easy t... DOWNLOAD
geurocalc(sfnet) geurocalc geurocalc is a euro converter written in python... DOWNLOAD
avarice(sfnet) AVaRICE AVaRICE is a program for interfacing the Atmel ... DOWNLOAD
redmq(sfnet) RedMQ RedMQ is a Redis-based messaging system that is... DOWNLOAD
ambulatorio(sfnet) Ambulatorio "Ambulatorio" is a server-based outpa... DOWNLOAD
rpgtoolbox(sfnet) RPG ToolBox The objective of this project is the creation o... DOWNLOAD
tesmarteds(sfnet) TESMART_EDS DOWNLOAD
modulohorarios(sfnet) Modulo Generación de Horarios Modulo para la generación de horarios del siste... DOWNLOAD
isylock(sfnet) IsyLock - Simple folder locker The goal of this project is to create a simple ... DOWNLOAD
alphaandomega(sfnet) Alpha and Omega DOWNLOAD
pyedlin(sfnet) pyEdlin A Python implementation of the 'edlin' line edi... DOWNLOAD
opew(sfnet) OPEW OPEW is a powerful, complete, independent and e... DOWNLOAD
ztm(sfnet) ZTM Topic Maps ZTM aims to enable distributed development and ... DOWNLOAD
nxsaudio(sfnet) Nexus sound project A suite of professional real-time audio editing... DOWNLOAD
ippcodecs(sfnet) IPP Codecs Intel Integrated Performace Primitives audio/vi... DOWNLOAD
pynast(sfnet) PyNAST The PyNAST project has moved to GitHub. You can... DOWNLOAD
nagibot(sfnet) NagiBot Perl extension for Nagios. It logs on to an XMP... DOWNLOAD
javapsionlink(sfnet) Java Psion Link Java Psion Link (JPL), is intended to be a cros... DOWNLOAD
adacontrol(sfnet) AdaControl A tool that detects the use of many constructs ... DOWNLOAD
avrml(sfnet) AVR macro library A macro library for the AVR microcontroller (ww... DOWNLOAD
jvxee(sfnet) JVx EE Create professional backend software with JVx a... DOWNLOAD
jtimeseries(sfnet) jtimeseries The JTimeSeries has moved to github Please go ... DOWNLOAD
bulletproofi(sfnet) BulletProof I DOWNLOAD
atracksystem(sfnet) ATrack Attendance & Participation System DOWNLOAD
abap-qsort(sfnet) Quick sort on ABAP No description DOWNLOAD
pythontoolkit(sfnet) PythonToolkit (PTK) PythonToolkit (PTK) is an interactive environme... DOWNLOAD
meanwhile(sfnet) Meanwhile The Meanwhile project is an open implementation... DOWNLOAD
xsim(sfnet) X Simple Input Method use xsim u can input chinese with pinyin, wubi ... DOWNLOAD
dxbx(sfnet) dxbx Dxbx, an Xbox1 High Level Emulator written in D... DOWNLOAD
aykems-rrng(sfnet) Aykem's Random Random Number Generator Some loop based random number generators in dif... DOWNLOAD
miniengine(sfnet) miniEngine CineMoco miniEngine CineMoco is an open source software ... DOWNLOAD
sagepaymanaged(sfnet) SagePay Extension For my company I recently wrote a module that i... DOWNLOAD
generauto(sfnet) generauto This tool allow to - create templates, called '... DOWNLOAD
saxon(sfnet) Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor Sourceforge is the home for open-source version... DOWNLOAD
freeartsearch(sfnet) Free Art Search DOWNLOAD
phpop3clean(sfnet) phPOP3clean PHP-based spam & virus/worm filtering for P... DOWNLOAD
luaj(sfnet) Luaj Lightweight, fast, Java-centric Lua interpreter... DOWNLOAD
opayments-test(sfnet) cloud4apps cloud4apps is a set of FREE cloud services and ... DOWNLOAD
scrum-board(sfnet) ScrumBoard A software version of a SCRUM task board. INST... DOWNLOAD
gadtool(sfnet) GAD_Tool Dieses Tool ist speziell für das Studienfach &q... DOWNLOAD
cl-proj(sfnet) Common Lisp Wrapper for Proj CFFI glue and bindings for the Proj.4 library t... DOWNLOAD
getid3(sfnet) getID3() getID3() is a PHP script that extracts useful i... DOWNLOAD
decrypted(sfnet) Decrypted School related mini game. enough said. DOWNLOAD
infinityv1(sfnet) Infinity_v1 DOWNLOAD
getthegummybear(sfnet) Get The Gummy Bear DOWNLOAD
update4java(sfnet) Update4Java This application can check for available update... DOWNLOAD
vumeterplugin(sfnet) VU meter plugin for Audacious and XMMS VU meter plugin for xmms and audacious. DOWNLOAD
openquasar(sfnet) OpenQuasar Definition of a Java-based standard software ar... DOWNLOAD
crosslinkdb(sfnet) CrossLink-DB Data repository for the high-throughput crossli... DOWNLOAD
jdbwc(sfnet) JDBWC - Type 3 Java JDBC driver JDBWC is a Java JDBC Driver with its own server... DOWNLOAD
blobextractor(sfnet) Blob Extractor a java based blob extractor. extracts blobs fro... DOWNLOAD
efhnbm(sfnet) Explore from here this NetBeans module add a custom action to fil... DOWNLOAD
derbyscoreboard(sfnet) Carolina Roller Derby Scoreboard Scoreboard for WFTDA roller derby leagues. DOWNLOAD
quexml(sfnet) queXML queXML is a simple XML schema for designing que... DOWNLOAD
dlvhex(sfnet) DLVHEX solver for HEX-programs dlvhex is a prototype solver for HEX-programs w... DOWNLOAD
pcuaderno(sfnet) PCuaderno, teacher grade book. Useful application easy to handle for the manag... DOWNLOAD
fall2012sbcd(sfnet) FALL2012SBCD DOWNLOAD
simidicbuilder(sfnet) SimiDic Builder Permite convertir los archivos .tab contenedora... DOWNLOAD
cengizover(sfnet) CONFMAN DOWNLOAD
phpthumb(sfnet) phpThumb() PHP thumbnail generator. Optional resizing, cro... DOWNLOAD
pygavel(sfnet) PyGavel PyGavel is a trainer for learning parliamentary... DOWNLOAD
rigsofrods(sfnet) Rigs of Rods Rigs of Rods is a 3D simulator game where you c... DOWNLOAD
vpnlifeguard(sfnet) VPN Lifeguard To protect yourself when your VPN disconnects. ... DOWNLOAD
freetetrisclone(sfnet) Free Tetris clone for android this is a Free Tetris clone for android system. DOWNLOAD
jwriterjava(sfnet) JWriter - Java Word Processor DOWNLOAD
psiworx(sfnet) PSIworx PSIworx is a collection of MATLAB files to anal... DOWNLOAD
rajsproject1(sfnet) RajsProject1 DOWNLOAD
cronycards(sfnet) Crony Card Game Platform A competitive network and internet base for pla... DOWNLOAD
bookmarkstree(sfnet) Bookmarks Tree Bookmarks Tree for VisualStudio 2010 DOWNLOAD
bobcat(sfnet) Brokken's Own Base Classes And Templates Bobcat is an acronym of `Brokken's Own Base Cla... DOWNLOAD
jcasechanger(sfnet) JCaseChanger Change the capitalisation of text quickly and e... DOWNLOAD
lekhar(sfnet) Lekhar A very simple Java application to write in Deva... DOWNLOAD
pendragontbox(sfnet) Pendragon ToolBox A set of tools designed for the pen and paper R... DOWNLOAD
tsmdataextract(sfnet) TSM Data Extractor TSM Data Extractor allows to easily convert dat... DOWNLOAD
pycmd(sfnet) PyCmd PyCmd is a 'smart' command prompt extension for... DOWNLOAD
fb-feed-grabber(sfnet) Facebook Feed Grabber Display the feed of a public Facebook page or p... DOWNLOAD
kurumix(sfnet) JarInstaller Jar Installer is a java based program for creat... DOWNLOAD
jsbsim(sfnet) JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model JSBSim is an object-oriented (C++), multi-platf... DOWNLOAD
u3-tool(sfnet) u3_tool Tool for controlling the special features of a ... DOWNLOAD
jgamlinpractice(sfnet) JGamlinPractice DOWNLOAD
cp3dchess(sfnet) CP 3D Chess Cross-Platform 3D Chess A 3D chess game made us... DOWNLOAD
winds(sfnet) WinDS New Version Out!!! WinDS is a Reimplementation... DOWNLOAD
pesst(sfnet) PESST PESST - A tool for generating a library of TAUT... DOWNLOAD
vnce(sfnet) VNCe VNCe is a light-weight VNC server for Windows C... DOWNLOAD
assenzedigitali(sfnet) assenze_digitali Non un registro digitale, ma uno strumento che ... DOWNLOAD
beamercommander(sfnet) BeamerCommander BeamerCommander allows you to give commands rem... DOWNLOAD
hashcalculator(sfnet) Hash Calculator Hash Calculator is a small tool to calculate ha... DOWNLOAD
notenpad(sfnet) Notenpad_olg Ein Notenübersichtsprogramm für Studenten. DOWNLOAD
d2o2netlinux(sfnet) D2O2.NET Linux linux distribution - whatever distribution is t... DOWNLOAD

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