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minaton(sfnet) Minaton This is my first music software synthesizer pro... DOWNLOAD
bnc(sfnet) BNC cash Ceci est un projet destiné aux professionels qu... DOWNLOAD
gvar(sfnet) GVAR The GVAR Toolbox was originally launched in Dec... DOWNLOAD
theostar(sfnet) theotest php test just for php test,template test DOWNLOAD
extremeextjsbld(sfnet) Extreme Ext JS Theme Builder Ext JS Builder with Extreme enhancements. The S... DOWNLOAD
spacepy(sfnet) SpacePy Space Science library for Python - contains sup... DOWNLOAD
openyahtzee(sfnet) Open Yahtzee This is a full-featured cross-platform version ... DOWNLOAD
lzmautils(sfnet) LZMA Utils gzip- and zlib-like interfaces for LZMA compres... DOWNLOAD
texttrix(sfnet) Text Trix The Text Trix editor is an open-source, cross-p... DOWNLOAD
tinybug(sfnet) tinyBug Its a small bugtracker with FAQ function. DOWNLOAD
hsk(sfnet) HSK Since the summer of 2010, the FSAE team High Sp... DOWNLOAD
integralis(sfnet) Integralis DOWNLOAD
tempconv2(sfnet) Temperature Converter A java temperature converter built with Netbean... DOWNLOAD
devile(sfnet) Devile DOWNLOAD
libsysactivity(sfnet) libsysactivity A lightweight library that retrieves statistics... DOWNLOAD
laobaropue(sfnet) laobaropue this is a new website DOWNLOAD
sudoku4eclipse(sfnet) Sudoku for Eclipse A Sudoku game. S4E generates endless new grids... DOWNLOAD
ubuntumm(sfnet) ubuntu-mm Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team, LoCo mean Local Commu... DOWNLOAD
x2svg(sfnet) Render input formats as SVG trees x2svg is software to graphically lay out files ... DOWNLOAD
jenetics(sfnet) Jenetics: Java Genetic Algorithm Library An object oriented library of an Genetic Algori... DOWNLOAD
offscreengecko(sfnet) Offscreen Gecko OffscreenGecko is a library for rendering HTML ... DOWNLOAD
trunkpup(sfnet) TrunkPup DOWNLOAD
phpicalendar(sfnet) PHP iCalendar PHP iCalendar is a php-based iCal file parser. ... DOWNLOAD
nzb(sfnet) nzb nzb is a binary news grabber. It natively downl... DOWNLOAD
portofino(freshmeat) Portofino Portofino is a system that makes it possible to... DOWNLOAD
hostup(sfnet) HostUp With HostUp you can control the state of a remo... DOWNLOAD
barvinok(freshmeat) barvinok barvinok is a library for counting the number o... DOWNLOAD
jarbundler(sfnet) JarBundler JarBundler is a feature-rich Apache ANT task th... DOWNLOAD
cck(sfnet) code-creation-kit The code-creation-kit can be used as code gener... DOWNLOAD
coresc(sfnet) coresc Shows CPU's cores activity, RAM usage with prog... DOWNLOAD
furutafuzzy(sfnet) FurutaFuzzy DSPICfuruta implement a Fuzzy logic controller ... DOWNLOAD
cy0quantificati(sfnet) Cy0 Quantification The algorithm was writen in MATLAB. It uses raw... DOWNLOAD
linuxpadano(sfnet) Linux Padano A specifically designed Linux for small and med... DOWNLOAD
programasvarios(sfnet) programasvarios Programas varios que desarrollo y puedo tenerlo... DOWNLOAD
pparapoints(sfnet) Generate Points for Parabolic Reflector The program is a user friendly GUI which can be... DOWNLOAD
auh1(sfnet) AUH1 AUH1 - The new Hash Algorithm Alex Ulmer Hash 1 DOWNLOAD
wcompliancechk(sfnet) Windows Compliance Checker This tool demonstrate how to check the windows ... DOWNLOAD
swig(sfnet) SWIG SWIG is a software development tool that connec... DOWNLOAD
toesonline(sfnet) Toes Online Toes Online is a person registration and manage... DOWNLOAD
sweethome3d(sfnet) Sweet Home 3D Sweet Home 3D is an interior design application... DOWNLOAD
oo-automation(sfnet) OO-Automation Automation library for OpenOffice/LibreOffice f... DOWNLOAD
webhelper(sfnet) Webdevelopment Helper Helps easily remove spaces from HTML/CSS and ad... DOWNLOAD
smtp4php(sfnet) SMTP4PHP SMTP4PHP is a collection of PHP classes, dedica... DOWNLOAD
mmtestproject(sfnet) MMTestProject Founded in 1898, and affiliated with what is no... DOWNLOAD
cinnamon-remix(sfnet) Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix The Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix is Ubuntu 12.04.1 wit... DOWNLOAD
torchlit(sfnet) Torchlit This tool helps players use the mouse scroll an... DOWNLOAD
quado(sfnet) Quado This font was designed to protect the informati... DOWNLOAD
getver(sfnet) GETVER GETVER is a simple tool to display DOS version ... DOWNLOAD
pebblesandurns(sfnet) Pebbles and Urns Pebbles and Urns (P&U), a proximity-based i... DOWNLOAD
danceauditionwe(sfnet) DanceAuditionWebsite This is a simple form website that was used for... DOWNLOAD
onyxframework(sfnet) Onyx Framework The Onyx Framework is a C++ Application Framewo... DOWNLOAD
web-vqd(sfnet) Web-based Visual Query Designer Web-based Visual Query Designer is a tool for g... DOWNLOAD
sndobj(sfnet) The Sound Object Library The Sound Object Library is an object-oriented ... DOWNLOAD
twobody3d(sfnet) twobody3d Twobody3d is a solver for the two body problem ... DOWNLOAD
checkntwin(sfnet) check_nt_win Nagios plugin to connect to NSClient. This is t... DOWNLOAD
supernova-ws(sfnet) SuperNova.WS - xNova on steroids Project "SuperNova.WS" is a sci-fi Ma... DOWNLOAD
extinfoediter(sfnet) ExtInfoEditer This program can make or edit relationship bitw... DOWNLOAD
allstar42(sfnet) All-Star 4.2 DOWNLOAD
agsdgfasdads(sfnet) MultiInstaller Setup.Ini Generator This is a simple tool to read and write setup.i... DOWNLOAD
symeval(sfnet) SymEval SymEval is a tool used to perform translation e... DOWNLOAD
vym(sfnet) vym - view your mind VYM (View Your Mind) is a tool to generate and... DOWNLOAD
fancypants(sfnet) Pants that are Fancy! This is the description. Update 2012-06-06 Not... DOWNLOAD
fuse-emulator(sfnet) Fuse - the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse): an emul... DOWNLOAD
appcelerator(sfnet) OldAppC THIS PROJECT IS DEAD. For the real appcelerator... DOWNLOAD
tntbackup(sfnet) TNT Backup The NetTech backup is a daily/weekly backup scr... DOWNLOAD
tntmonitoring(sfnet) TNT Monitoring The NetTech Monitoring is a script and installe... DOWNLOAD
mqttforns3(sfnet) MQTT for NS-3 NS-3 libraries for simulating environments with... DOWNLOAD
gdupfinder(sfnet) GDuplicateFinder Unlike other duplicate finders such as Easy Dup... DOWNLOAD
wirelessmonitor(sfnet) WirelessMonitor WirelessMonitor is designed to be a simple prog... DOWNLOAD
t3m(sfnet) T3M Windows app DOWNLOAD
javaledger(sfnet) Java Ledger This will be an accounting application operated... DOWNLOAD
tntnagiosplugin(sfnet) tnt_nagios_plugins Various Nagios plugins. Plugins are designed to... DOWNLOAD
php-cmdb(sfnet) PHP-CMDB PHP-CMDB is a webbased Configuration Management... DOWNLOAD
cove3dgame(sfnet) Cove Cove is a 3D platform adventure game. The goal ... DOWNLOAD
txtl(sfnet) TX-TL modeling toolbox This project contains tools for using the TX-TL... DOWNLOAD
fent(sfnet) Factory Equipment Network Testing Real-time production information is needed to o... DOWNLOAD
phpsge-sl(sfnet) PHP Strategy Game Engine Server List Server List for PHP Strategy Game Engine. DOWNLOAD
astlogger(sfnet) Avaya Asterisk Logger The Avaya Asterisk Logger is a server module th... DOWNLOAD
freeplayer1(sfnet) Free Player (béta) Free Player is an very fast video player, it su... DOWNLOAD
incomum(sfnet) inComum Squid helper to be used with storeurl_rewrite_p... DOWNLOAD
drawroom(sfnet) Drawroom This is a HTML5 and JS multi-user drawing appli... DOWNLOAD
gsblanco(sfnet) Blanco Blanco is basically an uninstaller that was bor... DOWNLOAD
candra(sfnet) Cancer Driver Annotation CanDrA is a Perl package that assesses the driv... DOWNLOAD
pydeducedtd(sfnet) PyDeduceDTD A Python program to deduce the DTD from a set o... DOWNLOAD
renameit(sfnet) Rename-It! Define some filters to apply to a list of files... DOWNLOAD
christmassnow(sfnet) ChristmasSnow Open source Qt-based entertainment application ... DOWNLOAD
dpg4x(sfnet) DPG for X (dpg4x) DPG for X (dpg4x) is a program that was designe... DOWNLOAD
gaiaehr(sfnet) GaiaEHR GaiaEHR(Electronic Health Records) is a Open so... DOWNLOAD
biblatex-biber(sfnet) biber A BibTeX replacement for users of biblatex, wit... DOWNLOAD
darkkingdom(sfnet) Dark Kingdom DOWNLOAD
fpsccommunity(sfnet) The FPSCreator Community Mod Originally started as a reincarnation mod for H... DOWNLOAD
pngnqs9(sfnet) pngnq-s9 pngnq-s9 is a modified version of pngnq, the ne... DOWNLOAD
mta2ww(sfnet) mta2ww mta2ww aims to translate Maple T.A. questions s... DOWNLOAD
moonlux(sfnet) Moonlux Ubuntu based custom GNU/Linux distribution DOWNLOAD
alst(sfnet) Alternative Logic Sets CAD DOWNLOAD
aedra(sfnet) Project Aedra A recreation of the "The Elder Scrolls III... DOWNLOAD
biblatex(sfnet) biblatex Biblatex is a LaTeX package which provides full... DOWNLOAD
descend(sfnet) Descend Descend is an open source program for drawing 3... DOWNLOAD
mozcache(sfnet) MozCache MozCache is a program for viewing, searching in... DOWNLOAD
portablesigner(sfnet) PortableSigner PortableSigner is a tool for digital signing (w... DOWNLOAD

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