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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
f2u(sfnet) f2u f2u home DOWNLOAD
rforrocks(sfnet) rforrocks DOWNLOAD
quadplayoffer1(sfnet) EPIC Skydiver FREE DOWNLOAD
remoto(sfnet) Remoto Remoto es una aplicación Java ME usada para eje... DOWNLOAD
digua(sfnet) Patu Digua Patu Digua is a web obfuscator for HTML, CSS an... DOWNLOAD
astateful(sfnet) astateful astateful is a unique approach to Web developme... DOWNLOAD
ttrpdftojpg(sfnet) TTR PDF To JPG TTR PDF To JPG is an application that can Conve... DOWNLOAD
aggen(sfnet) Anrieff's Gallery Generator Anrieff's Gallery Generator - Creates a .HTML g... DOWNLOAD
huarongtrail(sfnet) Huarong Trail A Ruby 1.8 Program that solves the Huarong Trai... DOWNLOAD
monodevprjs(sfnet) monoDevPrjs Not much more to say. This is just a test bed f... DOWNLOAD
consultoras(sfnet) consultoras Programa consultoras, específico para o distri... DOWNLOAD
phpvisitorsbook(sfnet) PHP Visitor's Book Das PHP Visitor's Book ist ein PHP & MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
xclt(sfnet) xclt DOWNLOAD
scrtkpr(sfnet) Secret Keeper Secret Keeper allows you to store the user name... DOWNLOAD
gnubuilds(sfnet) gnubuilds Project for automation of standalone builds of ... DOWNLOAD
jiconmaker(sfnet) JIconMaker a java based Icon maker CHECK OUT AND SUPPORT ... DOWNLOAD
extras-re2c(sfnet) extras-re2c That project aims at publishing the source tar-... DOWNLOAD
siriustuner(sfnet) Sirius Satellite Tuner Widget Listen to Sirius Satellite Radio with this prog... DOWNLOAD
libunicomm(sfnet) Unified Communication Protocol Library Unicomm is a multiplatform C++ framework that a... DOWNLOAD
conkypersonaliz(sfnet) Conky personalizado Estou inciando o projeto de criação de um Conky... DOWNLOAD
xadpam(sfnet) eXtended Allow Deny list for PAM XAD is a Linux-PAM module used for authenticati... DOWNLOAD
ableopusmultido(sfnet) Able Opus Multi Downloader Downloads content found amongst the src and hre... DOWNLOAD
watermarkgen(sfnet) Wasserzeichen Generator Bilder im Web zu schützen ist nicht immer ganz ... DOWNLOAD
itextdotnet(sfnet) ConcatPDF / iText.NET ConcatPDF is the tool to concatenate PDF files.... DOWNLOAD
yahoopops(sfnet) YPOPs! - POP3/SMTP Access to Yahoo YPOPs! is an application which emulates a POP3/... DOWNLOAD
ezscrum(sfnet) ezScrum Scrum emphasizes on face-to-face communications... DOWNLOAD
jbjf(sfnet) Java Batch Job Framework Java Batch Job Framework. The JBJF uses an XML ... DOWNLOAD
theadvntofcvmnd(sfnet) The Adventures Of Caveman Dan Demo Caveman Dan is out to find all the Rubies in th... DOWNLOAD
diffreport(sfnet) DiffReport Often I have seen some Huge Maintenance Project... DOWNLOAD
fxlogger(sfnet) FxLogger DOWNLOAD
advlanchat(sfnet) Advanced Lan Communicator iCHAT is a real time text/voice/data based dat... DOWNLOAD
starcal(sfnet) StarCalendar A perfect calendar with Gregorian, Jalali and H... DOWNLOAD
worldforge(sfnet) WorldForge Worldforge provides clients, servers, tools and... DOWNLOAD
cadabiacloud(sfnet) Cadabia DOWNLOAD
abiquo(sfnet) abiquo abiquo platform allows to create intelligent di... DOWNLOAD
metaresolver(sfnet) MetaResolver for Persistent Identifiers This is a meta-resolver, developed for European... DOWNLOAD
tinidyndns(sfnet) TiniDynDns DynDNS client for the TINI platform. Also usabl... DOWNLOAD
pycarge(sfnet) PyCarge PyCarge is a cross-platform opensource console ... DOWNLOAD
poweremule(sfnet) PowerPC Emulator PowerPC Emulator for x86_64 system. I intend to... DOWNLOAD
useq(sfnet) USeq Applications for analyzing next generation sequ... DOWNLOAD
harmoniapps(sfnet) Harmoni Search Engine Application Harmoni is search engine application written wi... DOWNLOAD
simpledj(sfnet) simpleDJ simpleDJ wird temporär nicht zum Download angeb... DOWNLOAD
mantraos(sfnet) OWASP Mantra-OS A Ubuntu based Linux OS built for application, ... DOWNLOAD
lasertech(sfnet) laser tech DOWNLOAD
sprezzos(sfnet) SprezzOS SprezzOS Linux seeks to provide the premier exp... DOWNLOAD
qcircuit(sfnet) QCircuit QCircuit is an aid for understanding, designing... DOWNLOAD
stylecopcli(sfnet) StyleCop CLI Command-line interface to StyleCop source code ... DOWNLOAD
pycanoe(sfnet) pycanoe Planning and designing a canoe should be easy w... DOWNLOAD
activitypredict(sfnet) Activity Prediction Software A software called Activity Predictor is develop... DOWNLOAD
czgsmujwgiqpieu(sfnet) Zero Sum Game Solver Java Library Zero Sum Game Solver Java Library is open sourc... DOWNLOAD
sinekarta(sfnet) sinekarta Estensione open source di Alfresco per implemen... DOWNLOAD
joobb(sfnet) Joo!BB - Joomla! Bulletin Board Joo!BB stands for Joomla! Bulletin Board. It is... DOWNLOAD
epp-server(sfnet) EPP Server EPP Server, robust EPP-based Domain Name Regist... DOWNLOAD
fishingcnv(sfnet) FishingCNV FishingCNV, a GUI software developed at McGill ... DOWNLOAD
x-flash-policy(sfnet) Xtreme Flash Policy - looksharp Adobe Flash cross-domain-policy file delivering... DOWNLOAD
libqttmdb(sfnet) libQtTmdb libreria basada en qt, que busca informacion de... DOWNLOAD
babeldockerv1(sfnet) BabelDocker v1.0 DOWNLOAD
indi(sfnet) INDI Astronomical Control Protocol INDI is an instrument neutral distributed inter... DOWNLOAD
blackjackgtk(sfnet) Casino Rules Black Jack A full featured Black Jack game with betting, d... DOWNLOAD
fb-win32(sfnet) Frozen Bubble Windows Port As you probably know if you have come here, Fro... DOWNLOAD
j3dhirescoords(sfnet) HiResCoords Helper A program written in Java to create the High Re... DOWNLOAD
sp-uc-doc-tool(sfnet) Simple Use Case Documentation Tool This is a simple tool with a user interface to ... DOWNLOAD
m556(sfnet) Software General software and open source projects DOWNLOAD
jellynow1(sfnet) JellyNow Rom para Desire hecha por POLO96 Descargar Jell... DOWNLOAD
chanaguigui(sfnet) ChanaGUI DOWNLOAD
hcs-analyzer(sfnet) HCS Analyzer HCS Analyzer is an open source software dedicat... DOWNLOAD
calculadoratrio(sfnet) Calculadora Power Trio DOWNLOAD
tibsaurus(sfnet) Tibsaurus Tibsaurusは、脛骨のポケット知識ベースです。この... DOWNLOAD
modelscalc(sfnet) Model´s Calc Um simples calculadora de cachê para modelos do... DOWNLOAD
mlscript(sfnet) Winamp ML Scripting Interface ml_script provides a scripting interface for Wi... DOWNLOAD
expsys(sfnet) Experiment System General system for creating and running experim... DOWNLOAD
gestinux(sfnet) Gestinux Accounting and billing software, developed usin... DOWNLOAD
michael(sfnet) MICHAEL software platform Software and documentation for the MICHAEL Euro... DOWNLOAD
ffp-phylogeny(sfnet) FFP-Feature Frequency Profile Phylogeny FFP (Feature frequency profile) is an alignment... DOWNLOAD
nullified(sfnet) Easy component writing guide A very easy guide in order to start writing you... DOWNLOAD
objmodelviewer(sfnet) Obj Model Viewer Simple model viewer for obj format. DOWNLOAD
platypusmga(sfnet) PlaTypUS The goal of PlaTypUS is to establish a unified ... DOWNLOAD
vulcanchessmods(sfnet) Vulcan Chess Mods This project is directed to the development of ... DOWNLOAD
pianocktail(sfnet) Pianocktail Analyse Piano records from a midi keyboard, ana... DOWNLOAD
ecu(sfnet) ECU Firmware for home made ECU/PCM (Electronic Fuel... DOWNLOAD
multovl(sfnet) MULTOVL The MULTOVL suite of programs finds multiple ov... DOWNLOAD
capcomx9(sfnet) capcomx9 Aki Ficara Projetos meus DOWNLOAD
indexedfile-eng(sfnet) Indexed File Engine DOWNLOAD
jdrawingpanel(sfnet) JDrawingPanel a drawing panel module in java using swing for ... DOWNLOAD
nydfw(sfnet) Nayuda PHP Web Framework Nayuda Web Framework is a remarkably powerful a... DOWNLOAD
kalkun(sfnet) Kalkun Kalkun is a simple web-based SMS (Short Message... DOWNLOAD
soliddb(sfnet) solidDB for MySQL solidDB for MySQL is an open source relational ... DOWNLOAD
apprenticevideo(sfnet) Apprentice Video This player stands on the giant shoulders of FF... DOWNLOAD
kaldi(sfnet) Kaldi Speech recognition research toolkit DOWNLOAD
rbxlop(sfnet) Lop DOWNLOAD
littlegoblin(sfnet) Little Goblin A browser game framework implemented with Grail... DOWNLOAD
iipimage(sfnet) IIPImage IIPImage is a high performance image server and... DOWNLOAD
pwnsjp(freshmeat) pwnsjp pwnsjp is a console-based frontend to the follo... DOWNLOAD
hfsconverter(sfnet) HFSConverter Converts disks between case sensitive and case ... DOWNLOAD
opencv-java(sfnet) opencv-java DOWNLOAD
lingen(sfnet) lingen - Linear Genetic Program Evolver This utility, lingen, implements evolution of n... DOWNLOAD
editormedusa(sfnet) Editor de textos Medusa Medusa, es un editor de texto realizado en gamb... DOWNLOAD
pythondagger(sfnet) python dagger Dagger evaluates file dependencies in a directe... DOWNLOAD
ccracker(sfnet) CCracker Crack for Curse client v5 DOWNLOAD
palmove(sfnet) palmove A small utility that moves palette ranges on Do... DOWNLOAD

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