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paceandplace(sfnet) Pace & Place Pace & Place is an application for managing... DOWNLOAD
wrapeasymonkey(sfnet) whoistester WrapEasyMOnkey It's a jython library used for android ui autom... DOWNLOAD
altrans(sfnet) Altrans Altrans is a method for the relative quantifica... DOWNLOAD
itop(sfnet) itop - ITSM & CMDB OpenSource IT Operations Portal: a complete open source, I... DOWNLOAD
pwxlib(sfnet) PrydeWorX Library The PrydeWorX library is a JBoH (Just a Bunch o... DOWNLOAD
jackcess(sfnet) Jackcess A pure Java library for reading from and writin... DOWNLOAD
lightplatinum(sfnet) Pokemon Light Platinum DOWNLOAD
auto-matrix(sfnet) AutoMATRIX AutoMATRIX is a tool to predict key transcripti... DOWNLOAD
microbook(sfnet) MicroBook This is a simple page which lets one post text,... DOWNLOAD
scriptlattes(sfnet) scriptLattes scriptLattes is an open-source system to create... DOWNLOAD
eqalign(sfnet) EQAlign EQAlign born as a software that assists to alig... DOWNLOAD
idecryptit(sfnet) iDecryptIt When you update your iDevice, iTunes downloads ... DOWNLOAD
survival-zombie(sfnet) Survival - 2D Zombie Hunting Game Survival is an 2D hunting game developed using ... DOWNLOAD
vskgitpm(sfnet) vskgitpm my all java and javascript html code lib DOWNLOAD
sqlexec(sfnet) SQLExec DOWNLOAD
delphivn(sfnet) Delphi Viet Sample writer by Delphi Viet DOWNLOAD
rexxrunner(sfnet) Rexx Runner RexxRunner provides a cross-platform GUI enviro... DOWNLOAD
php-contact-form-script(freshmeat) PHP Contact Form Script PHP Contact Form Script adds a form to your sit... DOWNLOAD
medfoes(sfnet) MED-FOES MED-FOES is an implementation of a stochastic A... DOWNLOAD
surreal64ce(sfnet) Surreal64 CE Surreal64 Community Edition is the continuation... DOWNLOAD
newgraph(sfnet) PGraph PGraph is a free and cross-platform tool for pa... DOWNLOAD
toro(sfnet) TORO kernel TORO is a kernel written as a RTL library for F... DOWNLOAD
cmsaspnet(sfnet) .NET CMS Microsoft® Enterprise class .net CMS multilingu... DOWNLOAD
corruptexcelrec(sfnet) S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Excel Microsoft recommends several methods for recove... DOWNLOAD
gloriaproject(sfnet) GLORIA Project GLORIA stands for "GLObal Robotic-telescop... DOWNLOAD
mcsoft(sfnet) Mission Control / Expose Clone W7 There is a rewritten & licensed version of... DOWNLOAD
simplexlsx(sfnet) SimpleXlsxWriter This library represents XLSX files writer. The ... DOWNLOAD
easyterminal(sfnet) EasyTerminal An easy to use CMD console for Windows. DOWNLOAD
oszdl(sfnet) Osz.dL DOWNLOAD
metaphoneptbr(sfnet) Metaphone for Brazilian Portuguese This is an implementation of brazilian portugue... DOWNLOAD
scouttracker(sfnet) Scout Tracker Scout Tracker is free desktop application for a... DOWNLOAD
sofastatistics(sfnet) SOFA Statistics SOFA is a statistics, analysis, and reporting p... DOWNLOAD
aigle(sfnet) AIGLe A.I.G.Le is a French PHPMySQL code to simplify ... DOWNLOAD
weka(sfnet) Weka---Machine Learning Software in Java Weka is a collection of machine learning algori... DOWNLOAD
x264ncoder(sfnet) x264ncoder This small and easy to use program is a GUI for... DOWNLOAD
softgridhelper(sfnet) The App-V Helper Here lives few applications which can ease the ... DOWNLOAD
ctrlrv4(sfnet) Ctrlr Midi hardware editor DOWNLOAD
virtualstapler(sfnet) virtualStapler designed to emulate a stapler placed on the 'n'... DOWNLOAD
contextmenushel(sfnet) Context Menu (Shell Extension) ContextMenu is a free configurable shell extens... DOWNLOAD
rescisorios(sfnet) Calculos Rescisórios 1.2 Cálculos Rescisórios 1.2 - . Cadastra Empregado... DOWNLOAD
notefly(sfnet) NoteFly A lightweight but advance note taking applicati... DOWNLOAD
it-center(sfnet) it-center A linux Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) Linux ... DOWNLOAD
socminec(sfnet) SoCMinec DOWNLOAD
lfweeklycharts(sfnet) Weekly Charts DOWNLOAD
brss(sfnet) BRss Offline RSS client BRss is Python offline Rss client. It is compos... DOWNLOAD
rephase(sfnet) rePhase rePhase is a tool for generating FIR filters th... DOWNLOAD
coval105(sfnet) coval Coval is designed to minimize the incidence of ... DOWNLOAD
zws(sfnet) zws wellcome my site tkingyou DOWNLOAD
skylineobd(sfnet) Skyline-OBD Skyline-OBD is an OBD-II preformance and diagno... DOWNLOAD
qmetar(sfnet) QMetar is a free (GPL) multi-platform weather applet w... DOWNLOAD
sigrok(sfnet) sigrok The sigrok project aims at creating a portable,... DOWNLOAD
simured(sfnet) Simured, multicomputer network simulator Simured is a multicomputer network simulation w... DOWNLOAD
plsqlmailclient(sfnet) Mail Client API for Oracle PL/SQL In the Oracle database there are two PL/SQL API... DOWNLOAD
blowfishvhdl(sfnet) Blowfish VHDL Core BlowfishVHDL - free fully synthesizable Blowfis... DOWNLOAD
eero(freshmeat) Eero Eero is a binary-compatible variant of Objectiv... DOWNLOAD
sketchstruct(sfnet) SketchStruct This is a plugin written for Google Sketchup to... DOWNLOAD
refactordw(sfnet) RefactorDW RefactorDW is a tool based on Java technology t... DOWNLOAD
kitcreator(freshmeat) KitCreator KitCreator is a simple build system for creatin... DOWNLOAD
investigo(sfnet) Investigo Investigo is a toolkit for DirectX9 performance... DOWNLOAD
weightloss6541(sfnet) Weight Loss Formula Simple .exe file to determine weight loss DOWNLOAD
folderondesktop(sfnet) Show folder on desktop Just add any folder you choose to the dektop so... DOWNLOAD
pokemonteam(sfnet) Pokémon Team Randomizer A simple Java based program which randomly gene... DOWNLOAD
riftro(sfnet) RiftRO DOWNLOAD
npivgraph(sfnet) npivgraph for visualizing NPIV on VIO DOWNLOAD
web-snippets(sfnet) Web Snippets DOWNLOAD
simpletag(sfnet) SimpleTAG SimpleTag is an easy massive audio tagger. Au... DOWNLOAD
jtimesched(freshmeat) jTimeSched jTimeSched is a simple and lightweight time tra... DOWNLOAD
jfj(sfnet) jfj - just for joggers "jfj - just for joggers" is a tool fo... DOWNLOAD
simacro(sfnet) siMacro siMacro is simple GUI tool for cell based genom... DOWNLOAD
jamx(sfnet) JAMX - Just Another MAME Xhell JAMX - Just Another MAME Xhell. Definitive MAME... DOWNLOAD
thehistoryofear(sfnet) The history of earth pack complet DOWNLOAD
laraauto(sfnet) Laraauto DOWNLOAD
centreonubuntu(sfnet) centreon_ubuntu Iso images for live and installable ubuntu with... DOWNLOAD
ncx(sfnet) ncx ncx is very similar to ncks from the NetCDF Bin... DOWNLOAD
cdemu-tray(sfnet) Cdemu Tray Cdemu Tray is written in Gtkmm GUI for cdemu da... DOWNLOAD
pop-c(freshmeat) POP-C++ POP-C++ is a comprehensive object-oriented syst... DOWNLOAD
interp(freshmeat) Interp interp is a powerful programming language, a te... DOWNLOAD
vegatrek(sfnet) VegaTrek Open source Star Trek based game (based on Vega... DOWNLOAD
gujin(freshmeat) Gujin Gujin is a PC boot loader that can analyze your... DOWNLOAD
rpcl(sfnet) RPCL RadPHP Component Library is a PHP library model... DOWNLOAD
gmatawasim(sfnet) GMAT AWA Sim This is the first app that you can enhance your... DOWNLOAD
opensoundboard(sfnet) OpenSoundboard OpenSoundboard plays sound files when the user ... DOWNLOAD
geelg(sfnet) geelg my web geelg DOWNLOAD
giflib(sfnet) GIFLIB giflib is a library for reading and writing gif... DOWNLOAD
kwave(sfnet) Kwave Kwave is a sound editor for the KDE environment... DOWNLOAD
ant4x(sfnet) ant4x Hub for some ant projects (ant4hg, ant4git, ant... DOWNLOAD
bgptt(sfnet) BGPTT BGPTT, the Personal Time Tracker for you in work. DOWNLOAD
curl(freshmeat) curl and libcurl curl and libcurl is a tool for transferring fil... DOWNLOAD
cricketlive(sfnet) cricketlivescores A light weight plugin for chrome to get the rea... DOWNLOAD
isisdevelopment(sfnet) isis-development Hi, I would like to address the issue of malwa... DOWNLOAD
imk-peratan(sfnet) hci DOWNLOAD
pyblog(sfnet) pyBlog pyBlog is yet another blogging software written... DOWNLOAD
jjedgar(sfnet) Edgar Since 2012/08/15, Edgar2 project starts. This ... DOWNLOAD
zbrowsernight(sfnet) zBrowser NightSky Zeromus Web Browser (called zBrowser) is a simp... DOWNLOAD
scancodemapper(sfnet) Scan Code Mapper With this program you can change the function o... DOWNLOAD
rpmrestore(sfnet) rpmrestore rpmrestore allow to restore changed files attri... DOWNLOAD
childrenscalcul(sfnet) Childrens Calculator Children's Calculator is a calculator that can ... DOWNLOAD
childrenswordcr(sfnet) Childrens Word Creator DOWNLOAD
andzabbix(sfnet) andzabbix Client for Zabbix monitoring system. Support ma... DOWNLOAD
easyshutdownman(sfnet) Easy Shutdown Manager This application allows you to set the timeout ... DOWNLOAD

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