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gurpstrek(sfnet) GurbsStarTrek This project will control the playing of Gurbs ... DOWNLOAD
sail7(sfnet) sail7 Sail7 is an analysis tool based on the linear p... DOWNLOAD
glux(sfnet) GLUX GLUX stands for OpenGL Useful eXtensions. It pr... DOWNLOAD
sslverification(sfnet) sslverification Python based tool to verify SSL certificates. DOWNLOAD
flickrfs(sfnet) Flickr Filesystem Create a virtual userspace filesystem which all... DOWNLOAD
libre(sfnet) RE: a regexp library for OCaml RE is a fast regular expression library for OCa... DOWNLOAD
chisquaredcal(sfnet) Chi Square Calculator This Chi Squared Calculator allows the user to ... DOWNLOAD
jdeva(sfnet) JDeva a framework for processing different input sour... DOWNLOAD
snmptraptools(sfnet) snmptraptools Snmptraptools is a set of SNMP handling tool fo... DOWNLOAD
quanto(sfnet) quanto A web based service helping students to find tu... DOWNLOAD
bibliacelular(sfnet) Bíblia sagrada para celular Uma bíblia para celular desenvolvida com J2ME. ... DOWNLOAD
mantis2go(sfnet) Mantis2Go Mantis2Go is an out of the box installation of ... DOWNLOAD
excelis(sfnet) Excelis Imageboard Software Excelis is a script written in PHP, made for cr... DOWNLOAD
turpentine(freshmeat) Turpentine Turpentine is a Magento extension to improve Ma... DOWNLOAD
usc-it(sfnet) USC IT documents USC IT documents DOWNLOAD
skyproc(sfnet) Skyproc DOWNLOAD
f-fileman(sfnet) ffileman f-fileman is a web based file and directory man... DOWNLOAD
asterionjsf(sfnet) Asterion for JSF Sep 15, 2012: Version 2.0 released! Asterion f... DOWNLOAD
fastdirtree(sfnet) FastDirTree crossplatform filemanager, with frendly gui int... DOWNLOAD
triagetools(sfnet) TriageTools TriageTools is a collection of tools for partit... DOWNLOAD
fudan-sakai(sfnet) 复旦Sakai共享版 复旦大学信息办维护,强化了中文支持的Sakai版本。 DOWNLOAD
exman(sfnet) ExMan ExMan is a small, lightweight personal accounti... DOWNLOAD
bhmfileformat(sfnet) BHM File Format A generic hierarchical file format. BHM can be ... DOWNLOAD
findregx(sfnet) FindRegX A simple utility to find text from files using ... DOWNLOAD
hotels-game(sfnet) Hotels Board Game DOWNLOAD
recovermypartit(sfnet) recovermypartition Recover data from a partition or dd image from ... DOWNLOAD
spearfish(sfnet) Spearfish The "Spearfish" is a general purpose ... DOWNLOAD
lofreq(sfnet) LoFreq LoFreq is a fast and sensitive variant-caller f... DOWNLOAD
crysisconsole(sfnet) CrysisConsole CrysisConsole is RCON tool designed for Crysis2... DOWNLOAD
mixim(sfnet) MiXiM MiXiM is a simulator for wireless and mobile ne... DOWNLOAD
linx(sfnet) LINX LINX is a distributed communication protocol st... DOWNLOAD
apbsmem(sfnet) APBSmem APBSmem is a Java-based graphical user interfac... DOWNLOAD
englishgnuteca(sfnet) english schema gnuteca derived Gnuteca derived schema translated into English,... DOWNLOAD
microzip(sfnet) MicroZip MicroZip is a powerful file compression and enc... DOWNLOAD
detct(sfnet) DETCT A perl pipeline for identifying differentially ... DOWNLOAD
reportdesinerex(sfnet) Report Designer Extension A set of extensions to "Business Intellige... DOWNLOAD
maximumsidebar(sfnet) Maximum Sidebar Windows İçin Çok Fonksiyonlu Yan Araç Çubuğu(Si... DOWNLOAD
lesssystemdlinu(sfnet) Less Systemd GNU/Linux 独立したGNU/Linuxで辞す取りビューションです。パ... DOWNLOAD
lazaro(sfnet) Lazaro Lázaro es un sistema de gestión comercial peque... DOWNLOAD
seage(sfnet) SEAGE Search Agents - a framework for collaboration o... DOWNLOAD
gswatcher(sfnet) Game Server Watcher Game Server Watcher is a simple program that al... DOWNLOAD
firebirdddexpro(sfnet) Firebird DDEX Provider for Visual Studio The DDEX data provider for Firebird provides ac... DOWNLOAD
uck(sfnet) Ubuntu Customization Kit Ubuntu Customization Kit is a tool that helps y... DOWNLOAD
tapwrite(sfnet) TapWrite Popular text file editor for the eBookMan. This... DOWNLOAD
pyx(sfnet) PyX PyX is a Python package for the creation of EPS... DOWNLOAD
ampersand(sfnet) Ampersand If you want correct, concrete, and consistent f... DOWNLOAD
shawn(sfnet) Shawn Shawn is a discrete event simulator for large w... DOWNLOAD
uwtoolbox(sfnet) Mentor Graphics Userware Toolbox The Mentor Graphics Userware Toolbox is a colle... DOWNLOAD
resx(sfnet) Resx Editor Resx Editor is a small translation-oriented fil... DOWNLOAD
pseb(sfnet) PseAAC-Builder Description: PseAAC-Builder is a cross-platform... DOWNLOAD
psvnrepository(sfnet) psvnrepository DOWNLOAD
aaronchishui(sfnet) homepage it is my homepage DOWNLOAD
xd1m3x(sfnet) xd1m3x DOWNLOAD
mcloudsim(sfnet) MCloudSim/NovaCloudSim MCloudSim(formerly called NovaCloudSim) is a si... DOWNLOAD
phpunildapsso(sfnet) PLDAP-PHP Universal LDAP Single-Sign-On PLDAP provides a universal LDAP connector; whic... DOWNLOAD
mdcore(sfnet) mdcore MDcore is an Open-Source library implementing t... DOWNLOAD
openerpbrasilvm(sfnet) OpenERP Brasil VM Máquina virtual com OpenERP Brasil pré-instalad... DOWNLOAD
modemlpa(sfnet) modemLPA Nework devices and applications are increasingl... DOWNLOAD
ltrace(freshmeat) ltrace ltrace is a debugging program which runs a spec... DOWNLOAD
gpltesttest(sfnet) gpl_test_test GPL Test testing is the best ppst DOWNLOAD
mass-rename(sfnet) MassRename This is the standalone version of the MassRenam... DOWNLOAD
freertos(sfnet) FreeRTOS Real Time Kernel (RTOS) Market leading de-facto cross-platform standard... DOWNLOAD
jpxdec(sfnet) jpxdec jpxdec is open-source scanline jpeg2000 decoder... DOWNLOAD
flamerobin(sfnet) FlameRobin FlameRobin is a lightweight and cross-platform ... DOWNLOAD
ldapadmin(sfnet) LDAP Admin Windows LDAP editor, includes support for POSIX... DOWNLOAD
panolib(sfnet) PanoLib PanoLib is a set of Windows DLLs for the Panora... DOWNLOAD
apexdc(sfnet) ApexDC++ ApexDC™ is an innovative Direct Connect client ... DOWNLOAD
oglexplorer(sfnet) OGL Explorer Java GUI that connects to content providers API... DOWNLOAD
slurm-roll(sfnet) slurm-roll Slurm is a replacement for other resource mana... DOWNLOAD
pwdtknet(sfnet) PWDTK.NET This API uses the PBKDF2 specification with HMA... DOWNLOAD
html5remote(sfnet) html5remote This project consists in a binary repack of oth... DOWNLOAD
cornerstone2012(sfnet) CORNERSTONE-2012 DOWNLOAD
distella(sfnet) DiStella Disassembler for Atari 2600 and 7800 ROMs. Comp... DOWNLOAD
enigmaeditor(sfnet) Egle - Enigma Game Level Editor Make sure to visit the Home Page: (http://enigm... DOWNLOAD
iunisannio(sfnet) iUnisannio Il sistema iUnisannio è un’applicazione mobile ... DOWNLOAD
dataholder(sfnet) Data Holder .net Framework Data Holder object/relational mapper. Provides ... DOWNLOAD
exblock(sfnet) ExBlock ExBlock - The site for the WoW account manageme... DOWNLOAD
adc2(sfnet) ADC ADC is a tool that helps security administrator... DOWNLOAD
startmenucleanr(sfnet) StartMenu Cleaner Start Menu Cleaner organizes your links in the ... DOWNLOAD
vcminewicons(sfnet) VCMI_newIcons Ascii scene files of new 3D icons for VCMI. DOWNLOAD
pdfcreator(sfnet) PDFCreator PDFCreator easily creates PDFs from any Windows... DOWNLOAD
artfastqgen(sfnet) ArtificialFastqGenerator ArtificialFastqGenerator takes the reference ge... DOWNLOAD
phorkie(sfnet) phorkie Self-hosted pastebin software written in PHP. P... DOWNLOAD
parkgame(sfnet) ParkGame DOWNLOAD
demoproject1(sfnet) Demoproject1 DOWNLOAD
trx-to-html(sfnet) MSTest TRX to HTML Viewer MSTest TRX to HTML Viewer is open source trx to... DOWNLOAD
ymetalchatclien(sfnet) Y!Metal Chat Client Y!Metal is a third party chat client that combi... DOWNLOAD
defendur(sfnet) Defendur DOWNLOAD
outlookdataexp(sfnet) Outlook Data Export This Microsoft Outlook add-in exports mail, con... DOWNLOAD
file-search(sfnet) FileSearch FileSearch is a multi-threaded documents search... DOWNLOAD
sqlitedbms(sfnet) SQLiteDBMS SQLiteDBMS is a database management server for ... DOWNLOAD
smartapputils(sfnet) Samsung Smart apps utilities This util you can create the widgetlist.xml for... DOWNLOAD
jmathlab(freshmeat) jMathLab jMathLab is a platform for mathematical and num... DOWNLOAD
xtbackup(freshmeat) xtBackup xtBackup is universal, extensible backup script... DOWNLOAD
lftp(freshmeat) lftp lftp is a sophisticated command line based file... DOWNLOAD
phpxmlrpc(sfnet) XML-RPC for PHP A PHP implementation of the XML-RPC web RPC pro... DOWNLOAD
cpp2dia(sfnet) cpp2dia cpp2dia is a Tcl Script that uses "ctags&q... DOWNLOAD
trophix(sfnet) Trophix Program for predicting HIV-1 coreceptor usage u... DOWNLOAD
ncdu(freshmeat) NCurses Disk Usage ncdu (NCurses Disk Usage) is a curses-based ver... DOWNLOAD
dearp(sfnet) DE-ARP This application will identify your local netwo... DOWNLOAD

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