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midiwriter(sfnet) MidiWriter MidiWriter is a framework for creating and comp... DOWNLOAD
pidgin-macosx(sfnet) Pidgin on MacOSX This is an unofficial native port of Pidgin to ... DOWNLOAD
jmadlibs(sfnet) JMadLibs Allows you to create "Mad Libs" and p... DOWNLOAD
phpgiftreg(freshmeat) PHP Gift Registry PHP Gift Registry is a a Web-enabled database/w... DOWNLOAD
jackosx(sfnet) JackOSX The JackOSX project aims to provide Mac OS X-sp... DOWNLOAD
linpos(sfnet) LinPOS linpos is a Linux Point of Sale (POS) system. U... DOWNLOAD
libaudiostream(sfnet) LibAudioStream The LibAudioStream project is a framework to ma... DOWNLOAD
ictdialer(sfnet) ictdialer ICTDialer is open source Unified Communications... DOWNLOAD
fbc(sfnet) FreeBASIC Compiler Open-source, free, multi-platform BASIC compile... DOWNLOAD
objectlistview(sfnet) ObjectListView ObjectListView is a C# convenience wrapper arou... DOWNLOAD
metabolomes(sfnet) MetaboLights MetaboLights is a database for Metabolomics exp... DOWNLOAD
project-janus(sfnet) janus OWL4RDB is an ORM(Ontology-Relational Mapping) ... DOWNLOAD
statisticinthes(sfnet) Statistic in Thesis this App is basic excel programming. So, may be... DOWNLOAD
s2red(sfnet) S2REd Syntactic-Semantic RuleML Editor DOWNLOAD
aleph1(sfnet) Aleph 1 - fractal generator. Aleph One is a highly sophisticated program for... DOWNLOAD
elks(sfnet) ELKS ELKS is a subset of the Linux kernel that runs ... DOWNLOAD
securitybackup(sfnet) Security Backup DOWNLOAD
dcibridge(sfnet) DCI Bridge DCI Bridge is a web application (sevice) that p... DOWNLOAD
sapaunifesp(sfnet) Sistema de Análise de Perfil dos Alunos O Sistema Para Anélise de Perfil dos Alunos (SA... DOWNLOAD
ultrasound2d-3d(sfnet) 3D Ultrasound From 2D Ultrasound Machine A low cost and novel approach to 3D ultrasound ... DOWNLOAD
class_upload_php(freshmeat) class.upload.php class.upload.php manages file uploads for you. ... DOWNLOAD
jvmbasic(freshmeat) jvmBasic jvmBasic is a compiler and grammar for BASIC wh... DOWNLOAD
estar(sfnet) E* Interpolated Graph Replanner The E* algorithm is a path planner for (mobile)... DOWNLOAD
playgen(sfnet) Generateur de Playlist [FR] Projet du Lycée André Malraux,72700 Allon... DOWNLOAD
image123(sfnet) imageshare DOWNLOAD
webping(sfnet) WebPing Web サイトのパフォーマンスを監視するには、簡単... DOWNLOAD
opentitus(sfnet) OpenTitus OpenTitus is a rewrite of the game engine used ... DOWNLOAD
qtmoko-test(sfnet) qtmoko-test This is a fork of qtmoko v24 phone edition DOWNLOAD
bfr(sfnet) BACnet Firewall Router The BACnet Firewall Router (BTR) is an applicat... DOWNLOAD
simplefb(sfnet) Simple FB DOWNLOAD
lightwaverf(freshmeat) LightwaveRF LightwaveRF is a Ruby gem which interfaces with... DOWNLOAD
scribus(freshmeat) Scribus Scribus is a desktop page layout program with t... DOWNLOAD
fundmanager(sfnet) Fund Manager Fund Manager helps to keep track of stock price... DOWNLOAD
gdigi(freshmeat) gdigi gdigi is a tool aimed to provide X-Edit functio... DOWNLOAD
delphiasiovst(sfnet) Delphi ASIO & VST Packages With these packages for Delphi the user can eas... DOWNLOAD
jtouch(sfnet) JTouch Java HTTP browser, with a Swing GUI or command ... DOWNLOAD
dreport(sfnet) DReport Tool to create a CSV report on directory hierar... DOWNLOAD
gramlab(sfnet) GramLab Le projet Gramlab vise à mettre à disposition d... DOWNLOAD
cytocopter(sfnet) CytoCopteR Homepage: Based on prior know... DOWNLOAD
whmcs-emails-gr(sfnet) whmcs welcome emails grabber WHMCS Emails With Passwords Grabber pull all 'w... DOWNLOAD
excelpython(sfnet) ExcelPython ExcelPython is now hosted on GitHub: https://gi... DOWNLOAD
flowgraph(sfnet) flowgraph 根据流程对象,使用Jgraph生成流程图 DOWNLOAD
famouso(sfnet) FAMOUSO FAMOUSO is an event-based publish/subscribe mid... DOWNLOAD
hsubinterpreter(sfnet) AAM hSub Interpreter AAM hSub Interpreter is a program that uses the... DOWNLOAD
apt4rpm(sfnet) Apt for rpm apt4rpm provides tools to create and maintain a... DOWNLOAD
airbag_fd(freshmeat) airbag_fd airbag_fd provides drop-in crash handlers for P... DOWNLOAD
selfdiagnose(sfnet) SelfDiagnose A Java library to run diagnostic tasks for a We... DOWNLOAD
gwreports(sfnet) gwreports gwreports is a MySQL reporting tool implemented... DOWNLOAD
plonedatamig(sfnet) Plone to Magnolia data migration This script digs out data from Plone Zope DB (d... DOWNLOAD
taobaowangyi(sfnet) taobaowangyi 淘宝网女装购物 DOWNLOAD
xbmctlfr(sfnet) XBMC Télé Fr. DOWNLOAD
ja2bu(freshmeat) Ja2BU Ja2BU is a question and answer script. It feat... DOWNLOAD
fastsim(sfnet) FastSim - Memoized Processor-Simulator FastSim consists of: - 'Facile' a highly flexib... DOWNLOAD
koha-ar(sfnet) koha arabic -كوها عربي كوها عربي هو مشروع عربي متميز يقوم على ترجمة نظ... DOWNLOAD
applejack(sfnet) AppleJack:Troubleshooting Tool for Macs AppleJack is a user friendly troubleshooting as... DOWNLOAD
joda-primitives(sfnet) Joda - Primitives Joda-Primitives provides a library of classes s... DOWNLOAD
joda(sfnet) Original Joda project This is the sourceforge project page for the or... DOWNLOAD
yapcg(sfnet) YAPCG Yet another Pathfinder Character Generator DOWNLOAD
renaissancefram(sfnet) Renaissance Framework Renaissance is a Framework of RPG ILE programs,... DOWNLOAD
flafi(sfnet) Flat File Checker A simple to use but powerful tool for flat file... DOWNLOAD
pytom(sfnet) PyTom PyTom is a toolbox developed for interpreting c... DOWNLOAD
pycdis(sfnet) PYC Dissasembler PYC Dissasembler disassemble python byte compil... DOWNLOAD
seranggawrcrft(sfnet) Serangga Warcraft This game using any Artificial Intelligence. Us... DOWNLOAD
dvdadecoder(sfnet) DVD-Audio Decoder and Watermark Detector DVD-Audio Decoder input plugin and Watermark De... DOWNLOAD
workproject(sfnet) Work project Workproject is a PHP Mysql tool to manage: pros... DOWNLOAD
lifev(freshmeat) LifeV LifeV is a finite element (FE) library providin... DOWNLOAD
solarquest(sfnet) Solarquest Solarquest: The Space-Age Real Estate Game, pla... DOWNLOAD
wikipedia-miner(sfnet) Wikipedia Miner Toolkit The Wikipedia Miner toolkit provides simplified... DOWNLOAD
host-mobility(sfnet) Magnus testprojekt Syftet med detta projektet är att testa vad man... DOWNLOAD
gladewin32(sfnet) Glade/Gtk+ for Windows Windows port of Glade 3. The latest version inc... DOWNLOAD
lddp(sfnet) LDraw Design Pad LDraw Design Pad is THE author/editor/reviewing... DOWNLOAD
joseki(sfnet) Joseki: The Jena RDF Server Joseki: The Jena RDF Server. Joseki is a serv... DOWNLOAD
stap(sfnet) Scratch Theft Auto Scratch theft auto is a parody/homage to the po... DOWNLOAD
librelab(sfnet) librelab All about librelab DOWNLOAD
passwordmaker(sfnet) PasswordMaker PasswordMaker - One Password To Rule Them All! DOWNLOAD
jexcelapi(sfnet) A Java library for reading/writing Excel JExcelApi is a java library which provides the ... DOWNLOAD
refereemanager(sfnet) Referee Manager Management Web-GUI for assigments of table tenn... DOWNLOAD
trimlines(sfnet) Trim Lines This is simple command line tool to batch proce... DOWNLOAD
monfarm(sfnet) Monitor Serverfarms Monfarm system monitors availability of serverf... DOWNLOAD
logrep(sfnet) Logrep Logrep is a tool for collection and presentatio... DOWNLOAD
paperdb(sfnet) PHP Paper and Proceedings Database A php/mysql application that implements a confe... DOWNLOAD
lumos16(sfnet) lumOS 1.6 A simulated Visual Basic OS DOWNLOAD
sysbioecolimode(sfnet) sysbio_ecoli_modeling Metabolism and signalling are tightly coupled i... DOWNLOAD
modulojoomlalis(sfnet) Modulo Joomla! List User 1.5/2.5 DOWNLOAD
qwt(sfnet) qwt Qwt is a graphics extension to the Qt GUI appli... DOWNLOAD
drvback(sfnet) DriverBackup! Fast and user-friendly free tool for drivers's ... DOWNLOAD
v-nic(sfnet) VNIC (Virtual NIC) This project is aimed at providing (open) softw... DOWNLOAD
sync4j(sfnet) Funambol Funambol is a mobile application server that pr... DOWNLOAD
freepascal(sfnet) Free Pascal Compiler A 32/64/16-bit Pascal compiler for Win32/64/CE,... DOWNLOAD
funcjs(sfnet) FuncJS FuncJS is a library of functions, bringing over... DOWNLOAD
contaiphone(sfnet) Conta_IPhone DOWNLOAD
rkward(freshmeat) RKWard RKWard aims to provide an easily extensible, ea... DOWNLOAD
e-xtract(sfnet) E-xtract Pequeño script, escrito en Python para extraer ... DOWNLOAD
ooop(sfnet) OxygenOffice Professional - Office Suite OxygenOffice Professional(OOOP, O2OP)is an enha... DOWNLOAD
scons(sfnet) SCons - a Software Construction tool SCons is a software construction tool (build to... DOWNLOAD
jumpin(sfnet) Jumpin A game, about a rabbit who sets up for the worl... DOWNLOAD
flodiedi(sfnet) FloDiEdi Qt-based editor for executable flow diagrams. DOWNLOAD
xbmctvinternati(sfnet) XBMC TV International DOWNLOAD
xbmcangelscryre(sfnet) XBMC Angelscry Repository DOWNLOAD
congngheweb(sfnet) Congngheweb DOWNLOAD

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