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mdapiplus(sfnet) MDAPI_Plus MDAPIPlus MDAPI+ Plus MDAPI_Plus is a DirectShow filter, which can de... DOWNLOAD
plathea(sfnet) PLaTHEA PLaTHEA is a stereo vision based indoor localiz... DOWNLOAD
mypaint(sfnet) MyPaint این نرم افزار پروژه درس گرافیک رشته مهندسی کامپ... DOWNLOAD
bentoucraft(sfnet) bentoucraft DOWNLOAD
webbiblio(sfnet) WebBiblio:Subject Gateway System WebBiblio is an easy tool to create online subj... DOWNLOAD
phosho(freshmeat) PhoSho PhoSho is a revamp of the now-defunct PixelPost... DOWNLOAD
infusionmonitor(sfnet) InfusionMonitor InfusionMonitor is a suite to sample, store and... DOWNLOAD
mono-mig(sfnet) monoMIG Ever wanted to use a Wii Remote, pheraps a Mult... DOWNLOAD
objectfreezer-r(sfnet) Object Freezer - Relational Object Freezer is a really simple persistence s... DOWNLOAD
blacknightchess(sfnet) BlacKNight Chess Chess game. It supports disconnected network pl... DOWNLOAD
grace(freshmeat) Grace Grace is a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for X Windo... DOWNLOAD
ccextractor(freshmeat) ccextractor ccextractor is a tool that analyzes video files... DOWNLOAD
ferret(freshmeat) Ferret Ferret is a copy-detection tool, locating dupli... DOWNLOAD
klaper(sfnet) klaper KLAPER is a modeling framework (language, metho... DOWNLOAD
window-shifter(freshmeat) Window Switch Window Switch is a tool that allows you to move... DOWNLOAD
libronixtools(sfnet) Libronix Tools Libronix tools is a collection of conversion fi... DOWNLOAD
coloureyes(sfnet) Coloureyes Coloureyes uses the camera of your android base... DOWNLOAD
prctl(sfnet) Process operations Tool to query and modify process behavior. Supp... DOWNLOAD
mailer(sfnet) Mailer Mailer is a program for managing email aliases ... DOWNLOAD
credextest(sfnet) A Test A Test DOWNLOAD
amigogtp(sfnet) AmiGoGtp AmiGoGtp is a version of the AmiGo Go program w... DOWNLOAD
oceanskeeper(sfnet) Ocean's Keeper A simple 2D shoot em up DOWNLOAD
grabcartoons(sfnet) GrabCartoons ### This project has moved to DOWNLOAD
flex-sched(sfnet) Flexible process scheduling framework This project adds a flexible process scheduling... DOWNLOAD
glean(sfnet) glean: OpenGL quality assessment tools glean is a set of tools to test and compare per... DOWNLOAD
htmlpp(sfnet) Isil's htmlpp htmlpp is an HTML preprocessor based on a syste... DOWNLOAD
ebmlcs(sfnet) EBM Library Consult Service (LCS) LCS is an evidence-based medicine library consu... DOWNLOAD
combatbots(sfnet) combat bots This is an Open Source game based on drumo's de... DOWNLOAD
mt-trustaccount(sfnet) Trust Account Trust Account data entry form for Encompass360... DOWNLOAD
testcalc(sfnet) Diagnostic Test Calculator Testcalc is a CGI-based calculator for diagnost... DOWNLOAD
runslides(freshmeat) RunSlides RunSlides combines an HTTP server and JavaScrip... DOWNLOAD
pasopdebocht(sfnet) PasOpDeBocht PasOpDeBocht is a remake of the very addictive ... DOWNLOAD
snare(sfnet) SNARE - Auditing and EventLog Management SNARE (System iNtrusion Analysis and Reporting ... DOWNLOAD
ftnoirpt(sfnet) FaceTrackNoIR PointTracker Plugin This tracker plugin introduces precise freetrac... DOWNLOAD
captainsengine(sfnet) Captains Game Engine This project aims to create a fast game engine ... DOWNLOAD
bizarre(sfnet) Bizarre Bizarre is a free and open-source programming l... DOWNLOAD
xeleniumsecurit(sfnet) Xelenium, Security Testing with Selenium Hello Everyone, Warm Greetings!!! Xelenium ha... DOWNLOAD
greet(sfnet) GREET DOWNLOAD
mt-milestonemgt(sfnet) Milestone Management Milestone Management data entry form for Encomp... DOWNLOAD
revealinoutline(sfnet) Reveal in Outliner No description DOWNLOAD
wfeh(sfnet) wfeh wfeh is a simple command line image viewer deve... DOWNLOAD
magnus(sfnet) Magnus Magnus is a special purpose mathematical packag... DOWNLOAD
idlex(sfnet) IdleX - IDLE Extensions for Python A collection of extensions for Python's IDLE, t... DOWNLOAD
safenumerics(sfnet) safe numerics Arithmetic operations in C++ are NOT guaranteed... DOWNLOAD
qtcpspy(sfnet) qtcpspy Qtcpspy can spy the application layer of the TC... DOWNLOAD
phplz(sfnet) PHP Localization Tools Small set of tools for localizing php sources. ... DOWNLOAD
gh0st(sfnet) gh0st Remote control DOWNLOAD
javamusicbox(sfnet) Music Box A cross-platform audio player developed entirel... DOWNLOAD
ruworking(sfnet) RUworking Soon DOWNLOAD
mtorigworkp1(sfnet) Origination Worksheet page 1 of 2 Origination Worksheet page 1 data entry form fo... DOWNLOAD
mtorigworkp2(sfnet) Origination Worksheet page 2 of 2 Origination Worksheet page 2 of 2 for Encompass... DOWNLOAD
ramcleaning(sfnet) RAM Cleaning This program differs from all similar in that i... DOWNLOAD
itracker(sfnet) itracker itracker is a true open source issue tracking s... DOWNLOAD
jasa-manual(sfnet) Jasa Manual Project jasa-manual aims to provide a way for d... DOWNLOAD
lincalc(sfnet) Lincalc (Graphical Edition Released, BreezyCalc: http:/... DOWNLOAD
bupc(freshmeat) Berkeley Unified Parallel C Unified Parallel C (UPC) is an extension of the... DOWNLOAD
mupad-combinat(sfnet) MuPAD-Combinat MuPAD-Combinat is an open-source algebraic comb... DOWNLOAD
javaln(sfnet) Classes to make Java logging easier Java natural log includes class to do the follo... DOWNLOAD
myosumby(sfnet) My OS - UMBY Goes Open Sources My OS Universitas Mercu Buana Yogyakarta Goes ... DOWNLOAD
codeexecutioner(sfnet) Code Executioners TBA DOWNLOAD
pixmafrontpanel(sfnet) Pixma Frontpanel Library This library makes it possible to reuse the LCD... DOWNLOAD
capacitoros(sfnet) Capacitor OS DOWNLOAD
lurrun(sfnet) Lurrun DOWNLOAD
mpupnprendererv(sfnet) MP Upnp Renderer V2 This process plugin for Mediaportal is a Upnp R... DOWNLOAD
dday(sfnet) The DDay Project The DDay Project is a collection of open-source... DOWNLOAD
puremessenger(sfnet) PureMessenger PureMessenger is an IM client that aims to supp... DOWNLOAD
murtle(sfnet) Murtle Tortoise SVN Issue Tracker Plugin for Mantis Bu... DOWNLOAD
dia2code(sfnet) dia2code This program generates code from an UML Dia Dia... DOWNLOAD
gasnet(freshmeat) GASNet GASNet (Global-Address Space Networking) is a l... DOWNLOAD
cure(sfnet) CURE CURE provides a web-based environment for distr... DOWNLOAD
rightclicklync(sfnet) RightClickLync Adds a Right Click context menu to your browser... DOWNLOAD
songtagger(sfnet) MP3 Tagger Song Tagger DOWNLOAD
dl6hawkishpremi(sfnet) DL6 HAWKISH PREMIUM FHD DOWNLOAD
fake86(sfnet) Fake86 Fake86 is a portable, open-source 8086/80186 PC... DOWNLOAD
finalimageedito(sfnet) Final Image Editor Project Many sophisticated graphics software applicatio... DOWNLOAD
preforking(sfnet) Pre-forking self-regulated web server Implementation of pre-forking model for a web ... DOWNLOAD
urunlevel(sfnet) Micro runlevel Clean room implementation of runlevel/init.d/SY... DOWNLOAD
futil(sfnet) Linux Utility Scripts A handy set of Linux utility scripts. Mount a r... DOWNLOAD
bpsblackjack(sfnet) Blackjack Blackjack is a card game developed in Visual Ba... DOWNLOAD
pipong(sfnet) PiPong! Simple Pong clone for two players written in Py... DOWNLOAD
ones(sfnet) OMeS ( Overnet Millennium Server ) Linux Linux C/C++ Bash Shell developers we need you!!... DOWNLOAD
pgg-sh(sfnet) Photo Gallery Generator Off-line static html photo gallery generator Ba... DOWNLOAD
redhispana2(sfnet) IrcuRH DOWNLOAD
trackmycolleagu(sfnet) trackmycolleague DOWNLOAD
gps4palm(sfnet) GPS4Palm PalmOS Mapping GPS Application * displays ... DOWNLOAD
cardme(sfnet) Card Me - VCard Java Library An implementation of RFC 2426 - VCard. This gro... DOWNLOAD
ffwmembermanage(sfnet) FFW MemberManager Der Freiwillige Feuerwehrwehren Member Manager ... DOWNLOAD
libstatmech(sfnet) libstatmech A C toolkit for computing the statistical mecha... DOWNLOAD
timeshift(sfnet) Bash script configurable using limited resourc... DOWNLOAD
pgrascom(sfnet) pgrascom DOWNLOAD
niyunprojects(sfnet) Niyun_Projects DOWNLOAD
ultimix(sfnet) ultimix Framework for developing web-based applications... DOWNLOAD
appia04(sfnet) Appia04 Segue a resolução do exercício 4, sintam-se liv... DOWNLOAD
caffasst(sfnet) caffa-sst CAFFA (abbreviation for Computer Aideed Fluid-F... DOWNLOAD
jerichohtml(freshmeat) Jericho HTML Parser Jericho HTML Parser is a Java library allowing ... DOWNLOAD
zed-attack-proxy-zap(freshmeat) OWASP Zed Attack Proxy OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is an easy-to-use ... DOWNLOAD
andromdaplugins(sfnet) AndroMDA Plugins This project is a community platform for plug-i... DOWNLOAD
iwcd(sfnet) Industrial Wastewater Compliance Databas Industrial Wastewater Discharge Compliance Samp... DOWNLOAD
qsynth(sfnet) Qsynth Qsynth is a fluidsynth GUI front-end applicatio... DOWNLOAD
maxbox(sfnet) maXbox maXbox is a free programming tool with an inbui... DOWNLOAD

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