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certexpalerter(sfnet) Certificate Expiration Alerter The Certificate Expiration Alerter helps IT dep... DOWNLOAD
daft(sfnet) Database Fishing Tool DaFT is a frontend to any database that can be ... DOWNLOAD
osmdl(sfnet) OSMDL OSMDL est un simple script permettant de téléch... DOWNLOAD
tranxbean(sfnet) TranXBean TranXBean provides the easiest way to help you ... DOWNLOAD
jonguymovies(sfnet) Animations DOWNLOAD
bondinfo(sfnet) BondInfo BondInfo is used for analysis of interatomic di... DOWNLOAD
pvqt(sfnet) Panini perspective tool Panini is a visual tool for creating perspectiv... DOWNLOAD
diana-dasm(sfnet) Diana Disassembler DiDasm is a small and fast disassembler, useful... DOWNLOAD
anacondas(sfnet) ANACONDAS Implementation of HYCOM physical ocean model wi... DOWNLOAD
usleep(sfnet) Wrapper for usleep This is just an usleep wrapper for sh scripts t... DOWNLOAD
p910nd(sfnet) p910nd p910nd is a small printer daemon intended for d... DOWNLOAD
wlviewer(sfnet) Lumber Analysis This is a web application, using thing applicat... DOWNLOAD
santisincroniza(sfnet) sincroniza Crea un sistema de actualización de carpetas au... DOWNLOAD
gn2d(sfnet) gn2d To recognize the cancer genes DOWNLOAD
eclipse-cs(sfnet) Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in The Eclipse Checkstyle plug-in integrates the C... DOWNLOAD
iitbpdc(sfnet) iPDC - Free Phasor Data Concentrator iPDC is a free Phasor Data Concentrator that co... DOWNLOAD
jlmx(sfnet) Java LAN Messenger a java based LAN messenger CHECK OUT AND SUPPO... DOWNLOAD
huazhuangpin(sfnet) huazhuangpin 化妆品论坛交流化妆品论坛交流化妆品论坛交流化妆... DOWNLOAD
pgintcl(sfnet) Pure-Tcl Interface to PostgreSQL pgintcl is a Tcl interface to the PostgreSQL da... DOWNLOAD
cmslavvolol(sfnet) cmslavvolol No description DOWNLOAD
ppe5(sfnet) ppe3 sdfgsfgsfg DOWNLOAD
envmailgmaihot(sfnet) enviar email pelo gmail / hotmail programa para envio de email peo gmail ou hotma... DOWNLOAD
carrodecompras(sfnet) Carro de Compras DOWNLOAD
oberonplm(sfnet) Oberon PLM Oberon PLM is a Web based PLM/PDM, built on Obe... DOWNLOAD
gw-calc(sfnet) gw-calc gWcalc is a graphics front-end for Kyle Wheeler... DOWNLOAD
cbrpager(sfnet) cbrPager A no-nonsense, simple to use, small viewer for ... DOWNLOAD
xraysim(sfnet) XRaySim Open-source CT/ Radiography simulation package.... DOWNLOAD
feri(sfnet) MIDP/Android Game Fish Eating Fish Fish Eating Fish Game for mobiles supporting j2... DOWNLOAD
arabica(sfnet) Arabica XML and HTML Toolkit for C++ Arabica is an XML and HTML processing toolkit w... DOWNLOAD
pfc2ide(sfnet) pfc2ide pfc2ide is a GUI front end for the Pascal-FC co... DOWNLOAD
cinnarch(sfnet) Cinnarch An elegant desktop as Cinnamon running over an ... DOWNLOAD
mifosoncloud(sfnet) Mifos On Cloud This project implements a SaaS cloud offering M... DOWNLOAD
mifos22oncloud(sfnet) Mifos 2.2 On Cloud This project implements a SaaS cloud offering M... DOWNLOAD
bluesimplicity(sfnet) BlueSimplicity DOWNLOAD
keitiklimages(sfnet) KeitiklImages KeitiklImages is a software that let you conver... DOWNLOAD
aratuskell(sfnet) Äratuskell DOWNLOAD
bellatrixlinux(sfnet) Bellatrixlinux Linux version Are based on the Kubuntu 12.4 DOWNLOAD
mikrotikfacil(sfnet) Mikrotik Facil DOWNLOAD
reexpdownloader(sfnet) Regexp Automatic Downloader This is a simple program, that allows you to do... DOWNLOAD
cplframework(sfnet) CPL Framework CPL Framework provides a simple interface for p... DOWNLOAD
krecipes(sfnet) Krecipes - The KDE Cookbook A highly configurable recipe manager, designed ... DOWNLOAD
dnsjnio(sfnet) dnsjnio dnsjnio is an extension for dnsjava. dnsjava re... DOWNLOAD
jaaba(sfnet) JAABA The Janelia Automatic Animal Behavior Annotator... DOWNLOAD
scopcsap(sfnet) SCOPCSAP DOWNLOAD
cdopenclose(sfnet) CDOpenClose This tool allows you to open and close any cd-r... DOWNLOAD
mangle4reader(sfnet) mangle4reader mangle4reader is a mod of the great software ma... DOWNLOAD
mt4dukabridge(sfnet) MT4 JForex Clients Bridge MT4 JForex Clients Bridge - is simple plug-in f... DOWNLOAD
recoder(sfnet) RECODER RECODER is a Java framework for Java program an... DOWNLOAD
andrejd(sfnet) Andrejd Just Ubuntu but in our style :) Name was coined... DOWNLOAD
procura(sfnet) Procur@ Plataforma abieRta de sOporte a la prevenCión y... DOWNLOAD
numcalctextbox(sfnet) NumericCalcTextBox The NumericTextBox is a multi-purpose TextBox C... DOWNLOAD
bio-patmatch(sfnet) PatternMatch DOWNLOAD
autojavaupdater(sfnet) Auto Java Updater Java has one MAJOR flaw in windows, you can't k... DOWNLOAD
tvtekaplugin(sfnet) tvtekaplugin This plugin make possible watching paid IPTV se... DOWNLOAD
radiolab(sfnet) radiolab - tools for personalized radio radiolab builds scheduling tools and other add-... DOWNLOAD
phplot(sfnet) PHPlot PHPlot is a PHP graphics class for creating cha... DOWNLOAD
xoda(sfnet) XODA - the KISSed Document manager. XODA is a KISSed (Keep Simple and Stupid) Syste... DOWNLOAD
dgreylist(sfnet) DAL GreyList A fast, client-server design for greylisting se... DOWNLOAD
biosphere3d(sfnet) Biosphere3D Biosphere3D targets interactive landscape rende... DOWNLOAD
listscripts(sfnet) list scripts Shell scripts for generating text or html lists... DOWNLOAD
galaxyview(sfnet) GalaxyView GalaxyView is a turn viewer for Galaxy, a multi... DOWNLOAD
dadossemiotica(sfnet) dadosSemiotica This program is a web application to collect an... DOWNLOAD
laparola(sfnet) laparola La Bibbia italiana e risorse per leggerla e stu... DOWNLOAD
openf15edf(sfnet) Open Hardware F-15 Open Hardware EDF jet based around the F-15. Al... DOWNLOAD
irbistools(sfnet) Irbis tools DOWNLOAD
adflow(sfnet) AdFlow The framework can simulate (using different sim... DOWNLOAD
cedarlogic(sfnet) CEDAR Logic Simulator CEDAR LS is an interactive digital logic simula... DOWNLOAD
cssbox(sfnet) CSSBox CSSBox is an (X)HTML/CSS rendering engine writt... DOWNLOAD
forth92(sfnet) Forth92 An ANS-compliant Forth for the TI-92 graphing c... DOWNLOAD
abacuslib(sfnet) AbacusLib A simple .NET library for geometry based proced... DOWNLOAD
pasietpro(sfnet) Shooter Pasin ja Proon shooter DOWNLOAD
phpanagram(sfnet) PHP Anagram Gen DOWNLOAD
thtree(sfnet) thTree DOWNLOAD
barseg38(sfnet) Barseg DOWNLOAD
jisaopo(sfnet) 1 DOWNLOAD
pumilio(sfnet) Pumilio Pumilio is a web-based sound analysis and archi... DOWNLOAD
ormlite(sfnet) ORMLite Object Relational Mapping Lite (ORMLite) provid... DOWNLOAD
glict(sfnet) GLICT - GL Interface Creation Toolkit GLICT aims to creation of simple-to-implement s... DOWNLOAD
jtextextractor(sfnet) JTextExtractor This program allows you to extract a regular ex... DOWNLOAD
emailfiles(sfnet) EmailFiles EmailFiles is a simple tool built using the Jav... DOWNLOAD
jshown(sfnet) JShown little java program that shuts down your comput... DOWNLOAD
zwamp(sfnet) Z-WAMP Server Pack A lightweight zero-install Web server package t... DOWNLOAD
papi(sfnet) Papi Papi (Proprietary Application Package Installer... DOWNLOAD
mdbackup(sfnet) mdbackup mdbackup is written in perl and basically goes ... DOWNLOAD
hadoop-manager(sfnet) Flamingo Project Flamingo is a open-source Big Data Platform tha... DOWNLOAD
ultrathinclient(sfnet) UltraThinClient !!! Please note, that this project is still unt... DOWNLOAD
mmeplugincorr(sfnet) MME Plugin Corrector Hello dear MMD users ! :) Tired of this annoyi... DOWNLOAD
starcraftiibenc(sfnet) StarCraft II Benchmarker Use this program to easily create and manage st... DOWNLOAD
open-nfc(sfnet) Open NFC Open NFC is an open source stack implementing t... DOWNLOAD
abup(sfnet) AutoBackupUtility Auto Backup Utility for anything what is valuable. DOWNLOAD
dabasy(sfnet) DAL Backup System Simple file backup and changes tracking system,... DOWNLOAD
mp3jb(sfnet) MP3 JukeBox A small program to manage (and play through mpg... DOWNLOAD
openupload(sfnet) Open Upload Open Upload is an open source extensible PHP ap... DOWNLOAD
fwutilities(sfnet) File Watcher Utilities File system/directory monitoring utilities with... DOWNLOAD
h24framework(sfnet) h24 Framework This framework was coded in less than 24 hours ... DOWNLOAD
qrgenerator(sfnet) QR Code Generator QR Code Generator By Byt3s DOWNLOAD
mastersthesis(sfnet) Masters Thesis DOWNLOAD
salesmanagecalc(sfnet) Sales manage calculator DOWNLOAD
bsdrp(sfnet) BSD Router Project BSD Router Project (BSDRP) is a open source rou... DOWNLOAD
spdo(sfnet) SPDO SPDO is two PDOs. One PHP Database Object and o... DOWNLOAD

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