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xscrsv-gaussian(sfnet) xscreensaver-gaussian A module for XScreenSaver that displays various... DOWNLOAD
gimp-win(sfnet) GIMP Image Editor for Windows GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation P... DOWNLOAD
fhnw-cpp(sfnet) fhnw-cpp DOWNLOAD
dlmodeltrain(sfnet) modeltrain DOWNLOAD
miser(sfnet) Miser Miser is a website optimiser, written in PHP th... DOWNLOAD
fresh-ide(freshmeat) Fresh IDE Fresh IDE is a visual assembly language IDE wit... DOWNLOAD
belautoschool(sfnet) Bel Sekolah Otomatis Bel Sekolah Otomatis adl aplikasi yang berfungs... DOWNLOAD
dataoniphone(sfnet) dataoniphone Takes data from a text table and wraps fields w... DOWNLOAD
cliassistant(sfnet) Command Line Assistant Command Line Assistant is a Graphical User Inte... DOWNLOAD
machoview(sfnet) MachOView MachOView is a visual Mach-O file browser. It p... DOWNLOAD
sowseed(sfnet) Sowseed Sowseed is a browser based application using Ap... DOWNLOAD
ha-expenditure(sfnet) Στρατιωτικές Δαπάνες Το πρόγραμμα «Στρατιωτικές Δαπάνες» δημιουργήθη... DOWNLOAD
reactos(freshmeat) ReactOS ReactOS is an advanced operating system providi... DOWNLOAD
osxbrowserhisto(sfnet) OSXBrowserHistory OSX Browser History - a collection of scripts t... DOWNLOAD
projetoopeads(sfnet) Projeto OPE ADS Projeto Universitário para OPE Curso ADS - Fac... DOWNLOAD
balta(sfnet) Baltazarwii Este es mi primer programa subido a Softonic DOWNLOAD
iss2nsi(sfnet) iss2nsi installer An installer for the iis2nsi application and pl... DOWNLOAD
ozone(sfnet) Ozone - Java OODBMS Ozone is a fully featured, object-oriented data... DOWNLOAD
dcfm-blog(sfnet) DCFM - Blog Open-source blog project. Free blog system for ... DOWNLOAD
mediawiki(freshmeat) MediaWiki MediaWiki is a Web-based collaborative editing ... DOWNLOAD
homecoop(sfnet) HomeCoop The Installation guide (install.pdf) included i... DOWNLOAD
easy-encryptor(sfnet) Encryptor Encryptor is an application extended by plugins... DOWNLOAD
nginx(freshmeat) nginx nginx is an HTTP server and mail proxy server. ... DOWNLOAD
blenderunityaxi(sfnet) Blender Unity Axis DOWNLOAD
htcwifibtenable(sfnet) HTC Wifi Bluetooth Enabler Disabler HTC Shift wifi/Bluetooth enabler/disabler will ... DOWNLOAD
ftptozip(sfnet) FTP to Zip FTP to Zip takes browser based FTP backup of Wo... DOWNLOAD
renderwireframe(sfnet) Render Wireframe try: reload(Wireframe) Wireframe.render... DOWNLOAD
c-jasshelper(sfnet) c-jasshelper A proof of concept vJass compiler, vJass is an ... DOWNLOAD
dzbiz(sfnet) DzBiz DOWNLOAD
papmodder(sfnet) PAP Modder PAP Modder is a feature-rich theme manager for ... DOWNLOAD
corlpack(sfnet) corlpack Corlpack consists of a library and tools aiming... DOWNLOAD
gesmagweb(sfnet) Ges.Mag.Web This is a PHP Based software wich can be keep t... DOWNLOAD
openpandorasbox(sfnet) Open Pandora's Box Pandora is an artificial intelligent web based ... DOWNLOAD
monodevelop(freshmeat) MonoDevelop MonoDevelop is a GNOME IDE primarily designed f... DOWNLOAD
cucema(sfnet) cucema An opensource software like a tickets system, d... DOWNLOAD
elementary-os(sfnet) /!\ Not used anymore /!\ Please refer to DOWNLOAD
ivolutioner(sfnet) Ivolution Ivolution is a face timelapse generator. Feed i... DOWNLOAD
monoproject(freshmeat) Mono Project Mono Project is an Open Source implementation o... DOWNLOAD
smb-scripts(sfnet) smb-scripts smb-scripts is a collection of Bash Scripts tha... DOWNLOAD
encee(sfnet) EnCee Adds Applescript, Automator, and command-line (... DOWNLOAD
libo4py(sfnet) LibO4Py It is very simple template to provide simple GU... DOWNLOAD
lexolight(sfnet) Lexolights Lexolights is 3D model viewer focused on photor... DOWNLOAD
purity(sfnet) Purity mini-framework Purity mini-framework is a MVC framework for Ja... DOWNLOAD
mns4j(sfnet) Mock Network Services 4 Java Mock objects for JUnitTests for common network ... DOWNLOAD
crossref-cite(sfnet) CrossRef Citation Plugin WordPress and Moveable Type plugins that allows... DOWNLOAD
hp25c(sfnet) HP25c - BlackBerry Storm RPN Calculator This application emulates an HP25c RPN calculat... DOWNLOAD
filerally(sfnet) FileRally FileRally collects your most recently used and ... DOWNLOAD
clownbike(sfnet) Clownbike Clownbike is a collection of tools and techniqu... DOWNLOAD
antquickstartgu(sfnet) Ant Quick Start Guide for DITA-OT The GA/RTM version of this guide was re-release... DOWNLOAD
mobilecinjava(sfnet) MobileABC MobileC, J2ME Application. Run C on your mobile... DOWNLOAD
sbtvdparser(sfnet) SBTVD_parser A Transport Stream analyser for the Brazilian D... DOWNLOAD
bonjourbrowser(sfnet) Bonjour Browser A native Cocoa app that can browse all register... DOWNLOAD
pwebsat(sfnet) WebSat Perl web application server DOWNLOAD
qlumedit(sfnet) QLumEdit - Eulumdat file editor QLumEdit is an ultimate open-source Eulumdat fi... DOWNLOAD
wujiangzhu(sfnet) wujiangzhu my first web DOWNLOAD
fieldbird(sfnet) Field Bird Field Bird provides free software development t... DOWNLOAD
rmcommon(sfnet) Common Utilities Common Utilities is a module / framework that f... DOWNLOAD
tagbook(sfnet) TagBook TagBook is a tool to save bookmarks and search ... DOWNLOAD
emailexchangesw(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
almasib(sfnet) ALMASIB DOWNLOAD
scorched3d-mods(sfnet) Mods of Scorched3d Scorched3d-Mods is a collection of comunity mad... DOWNLOAD
routerwebtools(sfnet) Router Webtools The router webtools are a set of Perl cgi scrip... DOWNLOAD
duplicadoser(sfnet) DuplicadosEraser2 It is a little and fast Windows program. It com... DOWNLOAD
joseprinttool(sfnet) joseprinttool it will Monitor all printers in a windows syste... DOWNLOAD
monstergenerato(sfnet) Monster Generator Monster Generator creates D&D monsters of C... DOWNLOAD
josetools(sfnet) Jose tools Here I put all the gpl applications that I deve... DOWNLOAD
arabmedia(sfnet) Arab Internet Media Arab Internet Media is a desktop application th... DOWNLOAD
josecalendar(sfnet) josecalendar It is a litle windows program that shows a greg... DOWNLOAD
consoleup(sfnet) ConsoleUp I am sick and tired of open a console on window... DOWNLOAD
cleancode(sfnet) CleanCode Develop clean code with our .NET components (pl... DOWNLOAD
libwdi(sfnet) libwdi libwdi is a library aimed at making the install... DOWNLOAD
dwsolver(sfnet) Dantzig-Wolfe Solver An implementation of Dantzig-Wolfe decompositio... DOWNLOAD
netflash100(sfnet) NetFlash100 NetFlash100 contains a full system image with a... DOWNLOAD
base64encoderde(sfnet) ExtremeC0d3r - base64 encoder/eecoder base64,encoder & decoder best program for a... DOWNLOAD
ruanzhuanwang(sfnet) ruanzhuanwang DOWNLOAD
pgsqlformac(sfnet) PostgreSQL Tools for MacOS X A Collection of GUI tools and installations for... DOWNLOAD
pa-hercules-un(sfnet) Unofficial ParanoidAndroid Hercules DOWNLOAD
mdadm(freshmeat) mdadm mdadm is a tool for creating, maintaining, and ... DOWNLOAD
norlog(sfnet) ~Norlog DOWNLOAD
revolutiondcm(sfnet) RevolutionDCM RevolutionDCM is a mod for the computer game Ci... DOWNLOAD
tinyrat(sfnet) Tiny R.A.T. DOWNLOAD
cfautocomplete(sfnet) CFAutocomplete This aims to offer a jQuery based autocomplete ... DOWNLOAD
speedynote(sfnet) Speedy Note DOWNLOAD
a8cas(sfnet) a8cas A portable library and tools for archiving imag... DOWNLOAD
bugzilla-ru(sfnet) Russian localization for Bugzilla Russian Template for Bugzilla. Bugzilla is a bu... DOWNLOAD
libphpdigest(sfnet) lib-php-digest A library designed to implement HTTP Digest aut... DOWNLOAD
citydash(sfnet) City Bash DOWNLOAD
brickbreaker2(sfnet) Brickbreaker 2 This project is a game I am developing in Pytho... DOWNLOAD
socketer(sfnet) Socketer For the Android version: DOWNLOAD
openhis-mppl(sfnet) OpenHIS - Modul Pendaftaran Pesakit Luar Outpatient Registration Module for OpenHIS Project DOWNLOAD
castme(sfnet) CastME! CastMe! is a web application that is installed ... DOWNLOAD
luainpawn(sfnet) Lua In Pawn Just include, whose try define all syntax from ... DOWNLOAD
rouletteautop(sfnet) Roulette Autoplay Allows you to play in automated way, using pre-... DOWNLOAD
daqpp(sfnet) DAQ++ A C++ framework for a data acquisition (DAQ) sy... DOWNLOAD
cime(sfnet) CiMe - Citas Médicas Administracion de citas medicas configurando fe... DOWNLOAD
orclib(sfnet) OCILIB - C Driver for Oracle OCILIB is an open source and cross platform Ora... DOWNLOAD
nsu(sfnet) nsu nsu provides a set of Bash scripts and associat... DOWNLOAD
kid3(sfnet) Kid3 Tag Editor Kid3 audio tag editor can edit the tags of MP3,... DOWNLOAD
youconvertrexzo(sfnet) You convert!(Rexzona) You Convert! convert video such as .avi .wmv .m... DOWNLOAD
liberte(sfnet) Liberté Linux Liberté Linux is a secure, lightweight, and eas... DOWNLOAD

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