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syn(sfnet) syn Text Editor Syn is highly customizable text and programming... DOWNLOAD
jtrading(sfnet) JTrading DOWNLOAD
berdp(sfnet) BeOS RDP Client BeRDP is a project dedicated to bringing the RD... DOWNLOAD
blueflops(sfnet) blueflops A two floppies Linux distribution with a graphi... DOWNLOAD
asmusicplayer(sfnet) A Softwares' Music Player A Softwares' Music Player is an efficient &... DOWNLOAD
pc2servo(sfnet) cuca-robot Proyecto que va a ser el músculo de una cucarac... DOWNLOAD
programmodular(sfnet) program.MODULAR MODULAR is a software developed to perform rapi... DOWNLOAD
goldenpoint(sfnet) Golden Point Golden Point is a simple card game, similar to ... DOWNLOAD
cubemetalheart(sfnet) Cube MetalHeart - Sauerbraten Extended Cube MetalHeart is a multi-player shooter based... DOWNLOAD
aplaws(sfnet) APLAWS APLAWS is an Open Source Content Management Sys... DOWNLOAD
aac4ds(sfnet) AAC plugins for DirectShow aac4dsは、エンコードとデコードAACのための!Direc... DOWNLOAD
otrs(freshmeat) OTRS OTRS is a platform independent Web-based help d... DOWNLOAD
oath-toolkit(freshmeat) OATH Toolkit The OATH Toolkit makes it easy to build one-tim... DOWNLOAD
lino(sfnet) Lino Database Application Framework Lino is a suite of Python packages for IT profe... DOWNLOAD
vallect(sfnet) Vallect Espace d'échange en ligne autour de la lecture ... DOWNLOAD
shooterpvp(sfnet) ShooterPvP A twin-stick player vs. player shooter, using X... DOWNLOAD
mcmusicdatabase(sfnet) Database DOWNLOAD
asa20(sfnet) A.S.A DOWNLOAD
airmech(sfnet) Airmech Random Loadout DOWNLOAD
taller1libre(sfnet) Taller 1 Libre DOWNLOAD
adminstack(sfnet) AdminStack AdminStack framework helps to manage servers an... DOWNLOAD
hrvas(sfnet) HRVAS: HRV Analysis Software This project will be moving to GitHub. If you w... DOWNLOAD
wpbaseclasses(sfnet) WP Base Classes This purpose of this project is to create re-us... DOWNLOAD
idmcracker(sfnet) IDMcracker A very useful tool to active Internet Download ... DOWNLOAD
dreamboard(sfnet) Dreamboard Das "DreamBoard - open social forum" ... DOWNLOAD
flashrd(freshmeat) flashrd flashrd creates OpenBSD images tailored for emb... DOWNLOAD
po-java(sfnet) Pokemon Online Java Current version : 1.0.1 alpha You may edit or u... DOWNLOAD
cosign(sfnet) Cosign: Web Single Sign-On An open source project originally designed to p... DOWNLOAD
coalproject(sfnet) COAL Project The Convex Optimization Algorithms Library (COA... DOWNLOAD
xml-worker(freshmeat) XML Worker XML Worker parses (X)HTML snippets and the asso... DOWNLOAD
repnet(sfnet) RepNET DOWNLOAD
boxstore(sfnet) boxstore DOWNLOAD
defind(sfnet) Defind DOWNLOAD
xpxp(sfnet) xp DOWNLOAD
seow(sfnet) Scorched Earth Online War SEOW is a dynamic multiplayer campaign system f... DOWNLOAD
pingfan(sfnet) pingfan hello DOWNLOAD
pvr350player(sfnet) pvr350player MPEG2 movie player, tailor made for the Hauppau... DOWNLOAD
sqlsheezy(sfnet) Sqlsheezy When im out in the field i run in to alot of pe... DOWNLOAD
skulker(freshmeat) Skulker Skulker is a rules-based tool for log and tempo... DOWNLOAD
supybot(sfnet) Supybot Nested commands, easy configuration, and an inc... DOWNLOAD
tsheet(sfnet) Timesheet Timesheet.php is a PHP application designed to... DOWNLOAD
exepak(sfnet) exepak Linux executable compressor using UCL. The smal... DOWNLOAD
mpgfe(sfnet) mpgfe A mpg123 curses frontend for the console with a... DOWNLOAD
netstat-monitor(freshmeat) netstat-monitor netstat-monitor is a commandline tool for monit... DOWNLOAD
eyeleft(sfnet) eyeLeft Project eyeLeft Project is a fork of eyeOS 2.x, for pri... DOWNLOAD
fli4l(freshmeat) fli4l fli4l is a single-floppy Linux-based ISDN/DSL/e... DOWNLOAD
aword(sfnet) AWord application for : opening any text format and e... DOWNLOAD
liberte(freshmeat) Liberté Linux Liberté Linux is a secure, reliable, lightweigh... DOWNLOAD
microhttpd(sfnet) micro_httpd a micro http server, run it from inside a fol... DOWNLOAD
opensde(sfnet) OpenSDE This component allows clinicians to enter patie... DOWNLOAD
ha-jdbc(sfnet) HA-JDBC A JDBC driver proxy that adds light-weight, tra... DOWNLOAD
python(freshmeat) Python Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-o... DOWNLOAD
osm2postgresql(sfnet) osm2postgresql osm2postgresql is a Linux script loading openst... DOWNLOAD
start-snapshot(sfnet) Start Menu Snapshot A simply utility that records and views the pro... DOWNLOAD
luagl(sfnet) LuaGL LuaGL is a library that provides access to all ... DOWNLOAD
iup(sfnet) IUP IUP is a portable toolkit for building graphica... DOWNLOAD
iprangescanner3(sfnet) IPRangeScanner3 Input files can have IP/Mask lines or link line... DOWNLOAD
android-saripaar(freshmeat) Android Saripaar Android Saripaar is a simple, yet powerful rule... DOWNLOAD
akktex(sfnet) AkkTeX AkkTeX consists of a collection of new LaTeX do... DOWNLOAD
coconut-frmwk(sfnet) Coconut Framework Coconut framework is base infrastructure for Ma... DOWNLOAD
zest(sfnet) Qrest Easy Studio Toolkit Qrest Easy Studio Toolkit -- aimed at music pro... DOWNLOAD
hpdfjs(freshmeat) hpdf.js hpdf.js is a scrip to create PDFs in your brows... DOWNLOAD
imtoolkit(sfnet) IM IM is a toolkit for Digital Imaging. IM is base... DOWNLOAD
ummm(sfnet) Unattended Make My Manifest Unattended Make My Manifest is a scriptable man... DOWNLOAD
cbkn7g(sfnet) Cubebone Kernel for Nexus7 Cubebone kernel for Nexus7 based on google's so... DOWNLOAD
goli(sfnet) Game of Life Immortals Conway's Game of Life with the addition of &quo... DOWNLOAD
chessprojectadv(sfnet) Chess Project DOWNLOAD
rednotebook(sfnet) RedNotebook RedNotebook is a graphical diary and journal he... DOWNLOAD
m2vmp2cut(freshmeat) m2vmp2cut m2vmp2cut is frame accurate (currently PAL) MPE... DOWNLOAD
recordmph(freshmeat) recordmph Recordmph records the music play history for th... DOWNLOAD
astres(freshmeat) Astres ASTRES is a helpdesk application that allows yo... DOWNLOAD
libktomgirl(freshmeat) libktomgirl libktomgirl is a library that reads a subset of... DOWNLOAD
gow(freshmeat) Gow Gow (GNU On Windows) is a lightweight alternati... DOWNLOAD
canvasdraw(sfnet) CD CD (Canvas Draw) is a platform-independent grap... DOWNLOAD
dwai(sfnet) Debian Web AutoInstaller DWAI stands for Debian Web AutoInstaller. It's ... DOWNLOAD
pearqt(sfnet) PEAR::QuickTime PHP classes and functions to ease the integrati... DOWNLOAD
imlab(sfnet) IMLAB ImLab is a free open source graphical applicati... DOWNLOAD
grailrtls(sfnet) GRAIL RTLS GRAIL Real Time Location Service (RTLS) DOWNLOAD
zlinkcalc(sfnet) Z-LinkCalc DOWNLOAD
httpico(sfnet) httpico Yet another lightweight http server. Implements... DOWNLOAD
facserve(sfnet) FacServe FacServe is a networked, Linux based, fax serve... DOWNLOAD
quearcode(sfnet) quearcode DOWNLOAD
pg_repack(freshmeat) pg_repack pg_repack is a PostgreSQL extension which lets ... DOWNLOAD
skype(sfnet) Skype The Skype SourceForge project is the public rep... DOWNLOAD
s-c-m-s(sfnet) Secure Content Management System SCMS is an MVC based secure content management ... DOWNLOAD
mdapiplus(sfnet) MDAPI_Plus MDAPIPlus MDAPI+ Plus MDAPI_Plus is a DirectShow filter, which can de... DOWNLOAD
plathea(sfnet) PLaTHEA PLaTHEA is a stereo vision based indoor localiz... DOWNLOAD
mypaint(sfnet) MyPaint این نرم افزار پروژه درس گرافیک رشته مهندسی کامپ... DOWNLOAD
bentoucraft(sfnet) bentoucraft DOWNLOAD
webbiblio(sfnet) WebBiblio:Subject Gateway System WebBiblio is an easy tool to create online subj... DOWNLOAD
phosho(freshmeat) PhoSho PhoSho is a revamp of the now-defunct PixelPost... DOWNLOAD
infusionmonitor(sfnet) InfusionMonitor InfusionMonitor is a suite to sample, store and... DOWNLOAD
mono-mig(sfnet) monoMIG Ever wanted to use a Wii Remote, pheraps a Mult... DOWNLOAD
objectfreezer-r(sfnet) Object Freezer - Relational Object Freezer is a really simple persistence s... DOWNLOAD
blacknightchess(sfnet) BlacKNight Chess Chess game. It supports disconnected network pl... DOWNLOAD
grace(freshmeat) Grace Grace is a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for X Windo... DOWNLOAD
ccextractor(freshmeat) ccextractor ccextractor is a tool that analyzes video files... DOWNLOAD
ferret(freshmeat) Ferret Ferret is a copy-detection tool, locating dupli... DOWNLOAD
klaper(sfnet) klaper KLAPER is a modeling framework (language, metho... DOWNLOAD
window-shifter(freshmeat) Window Switch Window Switch is a tool that allows you to move... DOWNLOAD

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