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tubenickdownloa(sfnet) tubeNick - Download videos from youtube This tool is for educational purposes only. Y... DOWNLOAD
html5asp(sfnet) HTML5 ASP.Net Controls Html5Asp Controls enable you to use ASP.Net to ... DOWNLOAD
naspro(sfnet) NASPRO NASPRO, acronym for "NASPRO Architecture f... DOWNLOAD
openlsm(sfnet) openlsm openlsm - Web based open source, Linux Server M... DOWNLOAD
toxic-x(sfnet) TOXIC x Production DOWNLOAD
jdraftpdf(sfnet) JDraftPDF JDraftPDF is a tablet based PDF annotator and e... DOWNLOAD
radioactivo(sfnet) Radio-Activo Radio-Activo is a software for radio stations p... DOWNLOAD
qbism(sfnet) QBism Game Engine qbism Super8 is an open source 3D game engine w... DOWNLOAD
firstprogram-st(sfnet) FirstProgram-Story My first program in C++. Its a choose your adve... DOWNLOAD
worktime-hbios(sfnet) WorkTime This program is written in c++ using Qt. WorkTi... DOWNLOAD
dkimproxy(sfnet) DKIMproxy DKIMproxy is an SMTP-proxy that implements the ... DOWNLOAD
mdop(sfnet) Multidimensional optimization problems NEW OPTIMIZATION TECHNOLOGY & PLANNING EXPE... DOWNLOAD
netplayerfree(sfnet) NetPlayer Free Muitas emissoras disponibilizam a transmissão a... DOWNLOAD
gerbex(sfnet) GerbEx Software for generating G-code for PCB milling ... DOWNLOAD
ojt(sfnet) Open Judo Tournament Open Judo Tournament permet la gestion d'un tou... DOWNLOAD
mail-it(sfnet) Mail-It A HTML newsletter composer for Linux. It is a s... DOWNLOAD
pytbull(sfnet) pytbull pytbull is an Intrusion Detection/Prevention Sy... DOWNLOAD
wowjquerydialog(sfnet) wow jquery dialog wow jquery dialog is a lightweight jQuery dialo... DOWNLOAD
finis(sfnet) FinIS FinIS allows users to close gaps in the genome ... DOWNLOAD
transgames(sfnet) Lovely DOWNLOAD
ivirtualdisk(sfnet) iVirtual A batch file that can make a virtual disk in yo... DOWNLOAD
libgostl(sfnet) libgostl small C++ Library providing some classes to ext... DOWNLOAD
blizard(sfnet) Blizard BB Blizard BB is a simple and powerful PHP-MYSQL b... DOWNLOAD
wtbackup(sfnet) WtBackup WtBackup is a webased backup system that allows... DOWNLOAD
freelims(sfnet) FreeLIMS FreeLIMS is a Laboratory Information Management... DOWNLOAD
filetap(sfnet) FileTap FileTap is a File Transfer application for Loca... DOWNLOAD
math072b232(sfnet) Book DOWNLOAD
acbrframework(sfnet) ACBrFramework DOWNLOAD
ubitrail(sfnet) UbiTrail DOWNLOAD
medico(sfnet) Medico Simulation game about medieval doctor. At some ... DOWNLOAD
gpcslots2(sfnet) gpcslots2 An free/opensource casino text-console game wit... DOWNLOAD
parasim(sfnet) ParaSim Diversity assessments and comparisons of large ... DOWNLOAD
elephantchat(sfnet) Elephant Chat A simple lan based chat program that allows you... DOWNLOAD
pike4cotson(sfnet) Pike A wrapper for Cotson simulator, to automate th... DOWNLOAD
xtrmflashplayer(sfnet) Extreme Flash Player Extreme Flash Player is an easy to use "Fl... DOWNLOAD
sharktorrent(freshmeat) torrenut torrenut is a BitTorrent client written in C#. DOWNLOAD
simulab(sfnet) Simulation Laboratory Simulation Laboratory (SimuLab) is a free comba... DOWNLOAD
pwc-config(sfnet) PWC-Config This proves a graphical user interface for conf... DOWNLOAD
population(sfnet) Population Population library is a scientific open source ... DOWNLOAD
javapostit(sfnet) JavaPostIt JavaPostIt is a simple java desktop application... DOWNLOAD
kfinstaller(sfnet) Killing Floor Installer DOWNLOAD
minecrafthost(sfnet) Minecraft Server Hosting Application This application is designed to facilitate the ... DOWNLOAD
agentgui(sfnet) Agent.GUI Agent.GUI is a simulation framework and toolkit... DOWNLOAD
darrelldruif(sfnet) DarrellDruif Productions Programma's toekomst of gewoon gebruik? DOWNLOAD
rcollnotesfiltr(sfnet) recoll-lotusnotes-filter A Recoll filter that supports the inclusion of ... DOWNLOAD
playtorrent(sfnet) PlayTorrent Bit-Torrent client for BlackBerry PlayBook writ... DOWNLOAD
yazcizkod(sfnet) yazciz_kod_olustur Mono programı ile oluşturulmuş algoritma kullan... DOWNLOAD
hvsecurity(sfnet) HVideoSecurity HVideoSecurity is an open source video surveill... DOWNLOAD
syslog-win32(sfnet) Syslog for windows Syslog daemon and client for windows. DOWNLOAD
rbmake(sfnet) rbmake Rbmake is both a library of routines and a set ... DOWNLOAD
dasein-utils(sfnet) Dasein Utilities Dasein Utilities is a set of Java utilities for... DOWNLOAD
pet2tgz(sfnet) Puppy Linux .pet to .tar.gz Converter Converts Puppy Linux .pet files to .tar.gz arch... DOWNLOAD
simupop(sfnet) simuPOP A general-purpose individual-based forward-time... DOWNLOAD
khmerunicode201(sfnet) KhmerUnicode2.0.1 DOWNLOAD
wikimatrixvis(sfnet) Wiki Category Matrix Visualization DOWNLOAD
multijava(sfnet) MultiJava MultiJava adds open classes and multiple dispat... DOWNLOAD
multi-search(sfnet) MultiSearch MultiSearch is a simple and fast search engine ... DOWNLOAD
dasein-persist(sfnet) Dasein Persistence This project has moved to Github: https://githu... DOWNLOAD
csamppred(sfnet) CS-AMPPred This program reads a fasta file specified by -i... DOWNLOAD
rbvp(sfnet) Random Bible Verse Picker Pick a random verse from the Bible that match t... DOWNLOAD
bayesass(sfnet) BayesAss Inference of recent migration rates between pop... DOWNLOAD
jtag2w(sfnet) 2wiglet A JTAG tool for the TriMedia-based routers from... DOWNLOAD
guichungdll(sfnet) gui_chung_dll gui chung dll is a dll version of gui_chung to ... DOWNLOAD
php-arapi(sfnet) Remedy ARAPI PHP extension Extension to PHP for integration to Remedy Acti... DOWNLOAD
advtor(sfnet) Advanced Onion Router Advanced Onion Router is a portable client for ... DOWNLOAD
nextbusapi(sfnet) NextBus Public Feed Adapter for Java Restful Web Service adapter for the NextBus pre... DOWNLOAD
genoviz(sfnet) GenoViz GenoViz provides software applications and re-u... DOWNLOAD
brickblaster(sfnet) Brick Blaster DOWNLOAD
xtn5250(sfnet) xtn5250 A nearly full options telnet 5250 terminal emul... DOWNLOAD
kerner-utils-io(sfnet) Kerner Utilities - I/O Commonly used utility classes (IO related). DOWNLOAD
pcapanalyst(sfnet) pcapAnalyst is a shell script that relies on... DOWNLOAD
nagacfg(sfnet) nagacfg nagacfg is a frontend for evrouter to map the R... DOWNLOAD
minghao(sfnet) 计科一班官网 班级信息发布,交流,方便管理。 DOWNLOAD
oaftoolkit(sfnet) OA Framework Toolkit A set of Java classes to enhance and speed deve... DOWNLOAD
home-schedule(sfnet) Schedule Schedule manage the schedule parameters of your... DOWNLOAD
dexvis(sfnet) Dex Data Explorer, or Dex is a tool for exploring d... DOWNLOAD
ifw2(sfnet) ifw2 A Java WEB application framework featuring: Flo... DOWNLOAD
taggersharp(sfnet) Tagger# Command-line tool for reading and writing metad... DOWNLOAD
wireshare(sfnet) WireShare Formerly entitled LimeWire Pirate Edition(LPE),... DOWNLOAD
tomand(sfnet) tomand SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Openoffice db, DBC, ... DOWNLOAD
jmculinarymod(sfnet) JMCuisineMod DOWNLOAD
jclilib(sfnet) JCLILIB JCLILIB (Java Command Line Interface LIBrary) i... DOWNLOAD
base60clock(sfnet) Base-60 Clock The goal of this project is to create a simple ... DOWNLOAD
creaerrorfalsos(sfnet) Creador de errores falsos DOWNLOAD
videomanolo(sfnet) Video manolo DOWNLOAD
meiliangwu(sfnet) meiliangwu meiliangwu's home page DOWNLOAD
kobject(sfnet) KObject java MVC2 Client and Server framework for Java EE wi... DOWNLOAD
kermod(sfnet) KerMod - Moderated Online Meetings KerMod offers time and space independent partic... DOWNLOAD
revobackup(freshmeat) RevoBackup RevoBackup is an rsync-based backup script, sim... DOWNLOAD
rconfig(freshmeat) rConfig rConfig is a network device configuration manag... DOWNLOAD
ij-plugins(sfnet) ImageJ Plugins The 'ImageJ Plugins' project is a source of cus... DOWNLOAD
goodbyamerica(sfnet) A Target for the 'Ghost' An open source free game - mix of RPG, quest an... DOWNLOAD
jedit(sfnet) jEdit jEdit is a programmer's text editor written in ... DOWNLOAD
uber-snake(sfnet) uber-snake You all probably played an usual "snake&qu... DOWNLOAD
wmxjslmpvltrzwp(sfnet) Password Generator Java Library Password Generator Java Library. DOWNLOAD
linuxrouterhelp(sfnet) Safesquid Linux Router Helper This script helps People Managing Safesquid to... DOWNLOAD
wormies(sfnet) Wormies This is a full cocos2d iphone game I created a ... DOWNLOAD
blackhathosting(sfnet) Black Hat Hosting Public Scripts This project aims to allow the most automated r... DOWNLOAD
wpcompatibility(sfnet) WordPress Compatibility Checking Script WordPress Compatibility Checking Script for You... DOWNLOAD
vorlagenpaket(sfnet) Vorlagen Paket Vorlagen für LibreOffice, Appache Office und Co. DOWNLOAD

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