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torchlighttradf(sfnet) Transmod | Torchlight en français Transmod est un projet collaboratif de traducti... DOWNLOAD
shiftf3(sfnet) Shift F3 Case Changer This System Tray AutoHotKey script enables the ... DOWNLOAD
pysimony(sfnet) Pysimony UPDATE: After some bug fixes, I've ditched Pysi... DOWNLOAD
kyra(sfnet) Kyra Sprite Engine Kyra is a simple, fully featured, industrial st... DOWNLOAD
otrcutmp4(sfnet) OTR cut MP4 otrcutmp4 is a utility for the onlinetvrecorder... DOWNLOAD
zbarw(sfnet) ZBar for Windows Original zbar project http://zbar.sourceforge.n... DOWNLOAD
citrusperl(sfnet) Citrus Perl Binary perl distribution with pre-built modules... DOWNLOAD
gradetracker(sfnet) GradeTracker DOWNLOAD
openjdkportable(sfnet) OpenJDK Portable Win32 Build of OpenJDK. Packaged as a Portable ... DOWNLOAD
openpearl(sfnet) OpenPEARL PEARL is a high level procedural programming la... DOWNLOAD
serialkingdom(sfnet) Serial Kingdom Software for work with COM port (Serial port) o... DOWNLOAD
bumblebeeman(sfnet) Bumblebee Instrument Management System Equipment/instrumentation booking and usage acc... DOWNLOAD
corpusredundanc(sfnet) Corpus redundancy manager Redundancy due to cut-paste operations in text ... DOWNLOAD
giblegrid(sfnet) GibleGrid GibleGrid is an easy system for use of responsi... DOWNLOAD
cellml-opencell(sfnet) CellML-OpenCell OpenCell is a user interface for working with C... DOWNLOAD
jsunit(sfnet) JsUnit JsUnit is a unit testing framework for client-s... DOWNLOAD
antisensepolya(sfnet) AntiSensePolyAFinder To find more details about the correlation leve... DOWNLOAD
mt-compliance(sfnet) Compliance Center Compliance Center data entry form for Encompass... DOWNLOAD
binauralbeatgen(sfnet) Binaural Beat Generator View tutorial videos on Vimeo: Installation: h... DOWNLOAD
officeddt(sfnet) Dependency Discovery Tool The Dependency Discovery Tool searches through ... DOWNLOAD
soapsv(sfnet) SOAPsv This is an approach that complements previous m... DOWNLOAD
digeniusdisk(sfnet) DigenusDisk DigeniusDisk (Command-Line) & DigeniusDiskX... DOWNLOAD
mayax(sfnet) Mayax Mayax is a 32-bit hobby operation system with w... DOWNLOAD
pigeonmusicserv(sfnet) Pigeon Music Server Lightweight java music server for Tivo clients DOWNLOAD
judoshiai(sfnet) JudoShiai JudoShiai is a set of programs that help to org... DOWNLOAD
net-o-grama(sfnet) Net-o-Grama Net-o-Grama is a networked anagram game, which ... DOWNLOAD
thred32(sfnet) Thred32 Thred32, an open-source Delphi project translat... DOWNLOAD
gw2soundtracked(sfnet) GW2 Soundtrack Editor Provides a Graphical User Interface to the soun... DOWNLOAD
biscuit(sfnet) Biscuit A Biscuit a basic desert that has grown into a ... DOWNLOAD
aspenk2(sfnet) ASPENK2 DOWNLOAD
barcalculator(sfnet) Bar Calculator This application is done for mobile phones, to ... DOWNLOAD
offsystem(sfnet) OFF System The OFF System for content storage and retrieva... DOWNLOAD
expeval(sfnet) Expression Evaluator This is a general purpose expression evaluator ... DOWNLOAD
orguse(sfnet) orguse Программа для учета оргтехники на предприятии. ... DOWNLOAD
py2pyc(sfnet) py2pyc With py2pyc you can compile Python source files... DOWNLOAD
atstool(sfnet) ATS DOWNLOAD
kjmf(sfnet) kjmf DOWNLOAD
mangatoebooktoo(sfnet) MangaToEbookTools DOWNLOAD
csst(sfnet) CSST Cascading and Sharing Survival Trees (CSST) is ... DOWNLOAD
gmes(sfnet) GMES GMES is a free finite-difference time-domain (F... DOWNLOAD
asimba(sfnet) Asimba Asimba is an application for managing access, s... DOWNLOAD
unzip-ada(sfnet) Zip-Ada Zip-Ada is a library for .zip archives. Full so... DOWNLOAD
boxjuntuan(sfnet) SEEDBOX DOWNLOAD
textmine(sfnet) TextMine TextMine is for the Perl hacker who is grapplin... DOWNLOAD
syntheticsim(sfnet) Synthetic Scenario Simulation Simple framework for building scenario based si... DOWNLOAD
mustru(sfnet) Mustru: A QA Search Engine Mustru is a desktop Q&A search engine based... DOWNLOAD
pimpyourpicture(sfnet) Pimp Your Picture Software is written for Android OS 2.2 or highe... DOWNLOAD
amx-lib-bss(sfnet) AMX BSS API This library contains the code to interface wit... DOWNLOAD
aoktss(sfnet) AOKTS Scripts Programs for AOK Trigger Studio by Digit. These... DOWNLOAD
liangying(sfnet) 梁英小站 DOWNLOAD
hasanay(sfnet) HasanAY DOWNLOAD
decorka(sfnet) portafolio DOWNLOAD
hanec2(sfnet) han-ec2 DOWNLOAD
is1112pw(sfnet) Password Wallet Progetto didattico "Password Wallet" ... DOWNLOAD
klavaro(sfnet) Klavaro Touch Typing Tutor A touch typing tutor very flexible, supporting ... DOWNLOAD
atomicrodents(sfnet) AtomicRodents DOWNLOAD
pycrys(sfnet) pyCRYS This program allows to design a x-ray spectrome... DOWNLOAD
chess-by-vikash(sfnet) Chess DOWNLOAD
songyuan(sfnet) songyuan 松源 DOWNLOAD
jeudeoie(sfnet) Jeu de oie DOWNLOAD
kingdom-saver(sfnet) Ks-Saver DOWNLOAD
wrbedzinski1(sfnet) wrbedzinski1 DOWNLOAD
pulpmill(sfnet) Pulpmill Pulpmill is a log maintenance utility written i... DOWNLOAD
ptns(sfnet) Perl TetriNET Server TetriNET server written in Perl. DOWNLOAD
cova(sfnet) COVA It’s a variant annotation and comparison tool f... DOWNLOAD
synapseos(sfnet) SynapseOS A geek-unlocked build of openSUSE. +Clean and ... DOWNLOAD
simpleforexcalc(sfnet) Simple Forex Calculator Put in initial bid. Then put in fixed percentag... DOWNLOAD
fastipscan(sfnet) Fast Ip Scanner Fast Ip Scanner is a simple software utility th... DOWNLOAD
music-now(sfnet) Music DOWNLOAD
bootinfoscript(sfnet) Boot Info Script Boot Info Script is a bash script which searche... DOWNLOAD
ofr-at(sfnet) OFR Analysis Tool The OFR method is a type of steered molecular d... DOWNLOAD
steamnotfound(sfnet) Steam Not Found Repair App This program fixes games that give the error &q... DOWNLOAD
guildnewsfeed(sfnet) Wow Guild News Feed Wow Guild News Feed is Source Code to utilize v... DOWNLOAD
kcalmeter(sfnet) kcalmeter kCalmeter is a Windows based program written in... DOWNLOAD
skanque(sfnet) Skanque Drinking Game A simple drinking game for small to medium hous... DOWNLOAD
autocopyr(sfnet) AutoCopyr ATTENTION!!!! AutoCopyr DOESN'T copy files on n... DOWNLOAD
trashwizard(sfnet) Trash Wizard A Windows utility program for maintaining your ... DOWNLOAD
semantics(sfnet) Calculate Semantic Similarity This program is made to find the semantic simil... DOWNLOAD
dpatools(sfnet) DPATools The DPA Toolset allows defining subsets of an X... DOWNLOAD
radioview(sfnet) RadioView door SpatiumWare Met RadioView kan je nederlandse radio stations... DOWNLOAD
recipexpress(sfnet) Recipe Xpress Recipe manager for Linux written in Realbasic. ... DOWNLOAD
nzproth(sfnet) NZ PRO TH แจกโปรแกรมช่วยเล่น DOWNLOAD
yilu(sfnet) yilu DOWNLOAD
easyaac(sfnet) EasyAac EasyAac is an easy to use shell script which co... DOWNLOAD
lukeweb(sfnet) Luke Web A web made up myself for mac DOWNLOAD
noptrlib(sfnet) NoPtr C++ Library This library helps you avoid the use of raw poi... DOWNLOAD
eveminer(sfnet) Eve Miner Simple calculator and timers for EVE miners DOWNLOAD
pywrftime(sfnet) Python WRF Counter Simple python function that uses WRF log files ... DOWNLOAD
spotifynetcontr(sfnet) Spotify .NET Control This is a simple Spotify Control written in VB.... DOWNLOAD
pubsubxmpp(sfnet) PubSub XMPP Client The aim of this project is to develop client so... DOWNLOAD
yenice(sfnet) YenIce DOWNLOAD
clip5(sfnet) clip5 text clipboard manager It's a Java application which can be used as a ... DOWNLOAD
yapd(sfnet) yapd Imagine you want to start a new project in PHP ... DOWNLOAD
lukedevelopment(sfnet) Luke Development DOWNLOAD
spartanhrms(sfnet) HRMS DOWNLOAD
theelderscrolls(sfnet) the elder scrolls IV android the elder scrolls: IV oblivion for android phone. DOWNLOAD
tedittexteditor(sfnet) TEdit TEdit is a simple Text Editor who saves and ope... DOWNLOAD
yame(sfnet) Yet Another Microcontroller Emulator A microcontroller emulation framework that curr... DOWNLOAD
statsd-go(freshmeat) statsd-go statsd-go is a reimplementation of statsd in Go... DOWNLOAD
quickcheck(sfnet) Quick Check Quick Check is a small MD5 comparison program, ... DOWNLOAD

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