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textolivre(sfnet) Texto Livre documentation support projec Texto Livre is a public project of colaboration... DOWNLOAD
robotchase(sfnet) RobotChase RobotChase is a game in which the player moves ... DOWNLOAD
superarq(sfnet) SUPERARQ Um banco de dados tipo agenda de endereços dese... DOWNLOAD
chemistrytools(sfnet) Chemistry Tools Chemistry Tools is a free program that helps wi... DOWNLOAD
workflowproject(sfnet) WorkFlow Project This project is an effort to create a KDE Plasm... DOWNLOAD
shuffle(sfnet) shuffle DOWNLOAD
mtechprj(sfnet) Mtech DOWNLOAD
eyefocuser(sfnet) Eye Focuser For those working on the computer for extended ... DOWNLOAD
expatris2france(sfnet) expatriés2france une plateforme WEB à contenu vidéo et multiméd... DOWNLOAD
zomgmon(sfnet) zomgmon DOWNLOAD
ptksftp(sfnet) Perl/Tk Sftp Client Secure ftp (sftp) client in Perl using graphic ... DOWNLOAD
alovegroup(sfnet) alovegroup DOWNLOAD
linhadotexto(sfnet) Linha do Texto Semiotic Classifier Game Linha do Texto is a web based game for classifi... DOWNLOAD
wjyblog(sfnet) wjyblog 伟爵爷博客 DOWNLOAD
tony-linux(sfnet) Tony Linux Tony Linux is a small, lightweight distribution... DOWNLOAD
adminpagefinder(sfnet) Admin Page Finder Escrito em PyQt4, é uma ferramenta capaz de ach... DOWNLOAD
pcrypt(sfnet) pcrypt Strong 2 way encryption class for PHP (Uses the... DOWNLOAD
ase(sfnet) Allegro Sprite Editor This project is hosted in Google Code: http://c... DOWNLOAD
hosto(sfnet) hosto DOWNLOAD
headercreator(sfnet) HeaderCreator Convert Image (*.gif, *.jpg, .jpeg, *.png) to u... DOWNLOAD
sheepdogsys(sfnet) Sheep Dog Simple command line tool that monitors files an... DOWNLOAD
shootlikep(sfnet) ShootLikeP DOWNLOAD
blutle(sfnet) blutle Being powered with cell phone battery, this boa... DOWNLOAD
blogfordummies(sfnet) Blog For Dummies A simple yet powerful blog script that doesn't ... DOWNLOAD
maasser(sfnet) Maasser Maasser is managment software for maasser ksafi... DOWNLOAD
simplewall(sfnet) simplewall - Protect from network security threats - Set p... DOWNLOAD
q429208548(sfnet) q429208548 DOWNLOAD
statscollect(sfnet) StatsCollect StatsCollect is a little framework gathering st... DOWNLOAD
rfunc(sfnet) rFunc UDF Library User Defined Library for InterBase / Firebird /... DOWNLOAD
tjmj(sfnet) TJMJ 网页实现的简化了的天津地区规则的麻将单机游戏。 ... DOWNLOAD
almushafalmuesa(sfnet) Almushaf AlMuesar للبحث في القرآن الكريم بعدة خيارات وطباعة تقاري... DOWNLOAD
flamingcms(sfnet) flamingcms DOWNLOAD
csmp3(sfnet) Cripto-steganography in MP3 DOWNLOAD
terratool(sfnet) Terra Militaris Tool Folgende Funktionen sind geplant: Automatische... DOWNLOAD
jsip2(sfnet) JSIP2 3M Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP) is an in... DOWNLOAD
mysqltrigger(sfnet) MYSQLtrigger 1.0 MYSQLtrigger is a web developer's tool to manag... DOWNLOAD
plsqlframestart(sfnet) PL/SQL Starter Framework !!! NOTE !!! The latest file upload ( DOWNLOAD
blrac(sfnet) BLR-AC In the program you can select between different... DOWNLOAD
jpadhba(sfnet) JPad-hba Java Based replacement for notepad DOWNLOAD
presswhat(sfnet) Presswhat DOWNLOAD
vocabaid(sfnet) Vocab Aide with Pictures DOWNLOAD
conv2orcazmat(sfnet) convert2orcazmatrix Since I use GUI tools which only save the molec... DOWNLOAD
logilogi(sfnet) LogiLogi - Software Libre for the Web LogiLogi is a system to share and discuss ideas... DOWNLOAD
sflphone(freshmeat) SFLphone SFLphone is an SIP/IAX2 compatible softphone. T... DOWNLOAD
lte-benchmark(sfnet) LTE Uplink Receiver PHY Benchmark The LTE Uplink Receiver PHY benchmark is a real... DOWNLOAD
lainz007(sfnet) lainz007 DOWNLOAD
wipedriveent(sfnet) WipeDrive Enterprise™ DOWNLOAD
bbmax(sfnet) bbmax This is a small utility to popup (promote) ads ... DOWNLOAD
bitnamisubversion(freshmeat) BitNami Subversion Stack BitNami Subversion Stack is an easy-to-install,... DOWNLOAD
bitnamidrupal(freshmeat) BitNami Drupal Stack BitNami Drupal stack is an easy-to-install dist... DOWNLOAD
dupeguru-music-edition(freshmeat) dupeGuru Music Edition dupeGuru Music Edition is a tool to find duplic... DOWNLOAD
neurofeeder(freshmeat) neurofeeder The most tedious thing to do when using a neura... DOWNLOAD
pymiproxy(freshmeat) pymiproxy pymiproxy is a small, lightweight, man-in-the-m... DOWNLOAD
ion-dtn(freshmeat) ION-DTN The Interplanetary Overlay Network (ION) softwa... DOWNLOAD
oat(sfnet) OpenLink AJAX Toolkit OAT, OpenLink AJAX Tools, is a Javascript frame... DOWNLOAD
sunlightdpd(sfnet) SunlightDPD SunlightDPD provides a home for open source cod... DOWNLOAD
javagraticule3d(sfnet) Java Graticule 3D (OpenAdjustment) JAG3D is a simple tool to estimate geodetic 1d,... DOWNLOAD
gswitchit(sfnet) GSwitchIt XKB toolkit for GNOME XKB toolkit (configurator, indicator) for GNOME DOWNLOAD
odbc-bench(sfnet) odbc-bench Open-source CLI, GTK+ and Carbon utility to gen... DOWNLOAD
dal4j(sfnet) DAL4j Welcome to Data Access Layer for Java (DAL4j) a... DOWNLOAD
gnomesword(sfnet) Xiphos Bible Study Software A cross-platform Bible application for the Linu... DOWNLOAD
brnsftwsvn(sfnet) BREINSOFTWARE SVN $ scp localfile breinsoftwarehost:public_html/ ... DOWNLOAD
thumbak(sfnet) Thumbak Thumbak automates backup for USB drives. It run... DOWNLOAD
docsharepoint(sfnet) DocSharePoint Open Source distributed Peer To Peer(P2P) appli... DOWNLOAD
warrpg(sfnet) WarRPG This is my "homebrew" project, for my... DOWNLOAD
reco4j(sfnet) reco4j-core Reco4j is an open source project aims at develo... DOWNLOAD
erlangeditor(sfnet) Erlang Editor plugin for QtCreator !!!!!!!!!Project was moved to https://sourcefor... DOWNLOAD
ical(sfnet) ical - intelligent collector algorithms This project (ICAL - Intelligent Collector Alg... DOWNLOAD
getpot(sfnet) Command Line Parser GetPot Powerful command line and configuration file pa... DOWNLOAD
webapigen(sfnet) webapigen webApiGen generates a cgiMain function to be ca... DOWNLOAD
bigf0rum(sfnet) Bigforum Bigforum is a free message board in German. Big... DOWNLOAD
gweenscween(sfnet) GweenScween A simple Green Screen app for mac, unfinished, ... DOWNLOAD
girbldrs(sfnet) GIRAFFE Data Reduction GIRAFFE Base Line Data Reduction Software is a ... DOWNLOAD
quex(sfnet) Lexical Analyzer Generator Quex Generator of extremely fast lexical analysers. ... DOWNLOAD
emeraldos(sfnet) EmeraldOS Emerald Os is a multi-functional operating syst... DOWNLOAD
zyrak(sfnet) Zyrak Zyrak is a simple web browser created in Visual... DOWNLOAD
mouserate(sfnet) Mouse Rate Tiny program written in Java, which provides OS... DOWNLOAD
ethanon(sfnet) Ethanon Engine Ethanon is a 2D game engine focused on the rece... DOWNLOAD
scrikklecraft(sfnet) scrikklecraft DOWNLOAD
ckboot(sfnet) ckboot DOWNLOAD
tuxe(sfnet) Tuxedo Tuxedo manages the RNA-sequencing pipeline base... DOWNLOAD
csharpframe(sfnet) CSharpFrame C# Framework. CSF is intended to be used primar... DOWNLOAD
zaurus-shopper(sfnet) Zaurus Shopper Shopper is a program designed to help you maint... DOWNLOAD
svnportable(sfnet) SVNPortable A portable Windows based distribution of SVN to... DOWNLOAD
incometaxcalc(sfnet) Income Tax Calculator with Interest Income Tax Calculator with Interest 234A 234B 2... DOWNLOAD
theminder(sfnet) minder This software presents a flexible and configurabl... DOWNLOAD
cityonmapkinect(sfnet) Cities on Map - Kinect With different gesture you can place French cit... DOWNLOAD
galaxysbean(sfnet) Galaxy sBean rom for sgh-t989 only!!! DOWNLOAD
pxadroid(sfnet) PXA Droid HTC Devices based on xScale CPU for Android DOWNLOAD
siufgteste(sfnet) teste DOWNLOAD
mssqlcompare(sfnet) MSSQL Compare Tool This tool will compare 2 tables one way, during... DOWNLOAD
caddons(sfnet) Caddons A collection of extensions / add-ons to cad pro... DOWNLOAD
listmanager(sfnet) List Manager This program was originally designed for ticket... DOWNLOAD
captainnmea(sfnet) Captain NMEA Project A library for working with GPS units in Delphi.... DOWNLOAD
dotpms(sfnet) dotpms dotpms is a fork of dotproject including all mo... DOWNLOAD
warhammerapps(sfnet) WarhammerApps A collection of Apps designed to aid Warhammer ... DOWNLOAD
hddapm(sfnet) hddapm DOWNLOAD
mandateengine(sfnet) Mandate Engine The project is a fork of Glest Advanced Engine ... DOWNLOAD
depfind(sfnet) Dependency Finder Extracts dependencies and OO metrics from Java ... DOWNLOAD
fftwpp(freshmeat) FFTW++ FFTW++ is a C++ header class for the FFTW Fast ... DOWNLOAD

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