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swash(sfnet) SWASH SWASH is a general-purpose numerical tool for s... DOWNLOAD
mysolat(sfnet) My Malaysia Solat Time (PC/Mac) A standardize solat time application for Malays... DOWNLOAD
nuxeo-ep(sfnet) Nuxeo Platform The Nuxeo Platform is a highly customizable and... DOWNLOAD
normalizedcompr(sfnet) Normalized Compression Distance You need to add 7-zip to this package in order ... DOWNLOAD
gobsprogram(sfnet) Gob's Program How to use Gob's Program: Press y and press En... DOWNLOAD
luciphor(sfnet) luciphor Luciphor is a program that performs phospho-si... DOWNLOAD
wotmudmapper(sfnet) WoTMUD mapper DOWNLOAD
vcftools(sfnet) vcftools A set of tools written in Perl and C++ for work... DOWNLOAD
conflictfinder(sfnet) ConflictFinder Python Script that searches for conflicts on XM... DOWNLOAD
cottage(freshmeat) Cottage Cottage is a simple graphics and sound engine i... DOWNLOAD
easea(sfnet) EASEA EASEA (EAsy Specification of Evolutionary Algor... DOWNLOAD
apdp(sfnet) apdp DOWNLOAD
myigo(sfnet) MyIGo IGo aims to help customer to find shops and get... DOWNLOAD
mycardgame(sfnet) MyCardGame Card Game is a neuropsychological test of "... DOWNLOAD
phpbbmexico(sfnet) phpbb-mexico Mexican phpbb support site, dedicated to helpin... DOWNLOAD
duallaunchporta(sfnet) Dual Launcher Portable DOWNLOAD
tennisgameboard(sfnet) Tennis Game Board DOWNLOAD
xpokemononline(sfnet) XPokemon Online DOWNLOAD
dotnetftplib(sfnet) DotNetFtpLibrary Ftp client library (framework) for .Net written... DOWNLOAD
maxon(sfnet) MaxOn Accounting Software MaxOn designed for small and medium company, ha... DOWNLOAD
buildcraftaps(sfnet) Buildcraft: Advanced Power Systems APS is a sub-mod for SpaceToad's Buildcraft. It... DOWNLOAD
project1alp(sfnet) Project1Alp DOWNLOAD
freeaudiofilepl(sfnet) Free audio file player (AIFF, WAV, AU) Free audio file player (AIFF, WAV, AU) Java jar... DOWNLOAD
sanonz(sfnet) sanonz SANONZ DOWNLOAD
transdecoder(sfnet) TranscriptDecoder DOWNLOAD
corridabot(sfnet) CorridaBot DOWNLOAD
springsample1(sfnet) Spring Sample Project 1 Sample spring application using spring declarat... DOWNLOAD
splicingtypes(sfnet) SplicingTypesAnno This package annotates four major splicing type... DOWNLOAD
vs2d(sfnet) VS2D -Using: +Qt API, Qt library, QtMobility -Main... DOWNLOAD
techie09(sfnet) T9Creations I develop small projects, mostly games to keep ... DOWNLOAD
fastupload(sfnet) fastupload The component is based on RFC1867, written for ... DOWNLOAD
plot-psxps(sfnet) PLOT PS/XPS PLOT_PSXPS provides a set of graphic functions ... DOWNLOAD
libconfigduo(freshmeat) libconfigduo libconfig is a compact, portable library for re... DOWNLOAD
minituner(sfnet) Minituner Listen to hundreds of radio stations in your co... DOWNLOAD
imgdissolver(sfnet) IMGDissolver A simple to use, cross platform slideshow/divx/... DOWNLOAD
spondulas(sfnet) Spondulas Spondulas is browser emulator and parser design... DOWNLOAD
acrasteriskcdrr(sfnet) ACR - Asterisk CDR Reporter Information on Asterisk cdr like ASR, ACD, Bill... DOWNLOAD
fantomweb(sfnet) fantomweb DOWNLOAD
httppp(freshmeat) httppp httppp is a network passive probe to monitor HT... DOWNLOAD
netlogin(sfnet) NetLogin - HTML Network Portal Network Portal Script, similar to those seen at... DOWNLOAD
carinformationr(sfnet) Car Information Retrieve Belgium DOWNLOAD
mrcoody(sfnet) MrCMS DOWNLOAD
pfmgr(sfnet) Personal Finance Manager Multi-user Personal Finance Manager web applica... DOWNLOAD
sipve(sfnet) SIPve Sistema Integrado de Protección Venezolano con ... DOWNLOAD
spectrumviewer(sfnet) Xi Spectrum Viewer To overcome current limitations in published MS... DOWNLOAD
sconsconf(sfnet) GNU Build Packages for SCons A package of scripts that allow you to use the ... DOWNLOAD
tsce(sfnet) tsce A character creator/generator/editor/builder fo... DOWNLOAD
transpanel(sfnet) TransPanel a transparent panel for java. CHECK OUT AND SU... DOWNLOAD
tic(sfnet) Tic Algorithmic, Genetic and Neural Network impleme... DOWNLOAD
dg-server(sfnet) DG-Server DG-Server is Groupware and CRM system aimed at ... DOWNLOAD
newscrawl(sfnet) the CRAWL A lightweight CLI, text-driven RSS-XML newsread... DOWNLOAD
regaxe(sfnet) RegAxe - Regular Expression Tester RegAxe is a tool for testing regular expression... DOWNLOAD
mxselectivespin(sfnet) mxSelectiveSpinner DOWNLOAD
jcounterplugin(sfnet) jCounter jCounter is a simple light-weight extensible jQ... DOWNLOAD
sharpjukebox(sfnet) SharpJukebox A music jukebox written in C#. This project is ... DOWNLOAD
tech2freaky(sfnet) Softwares DOWNLOAD
asco(sfnet) ASCO (A SPICE Circuit Optimizer) The ASCO project aims to bring circuit optimiza... DOWNLOAD
text-enc-dec(sfnet) Base64 Text Encryptor/Decryptor Now you can transfer messages with privacy. Thi... DOWNLOAD
ntlua(sfnet) ntlua NTLua is a console application to create Window... DOWNLOAD
farhangefarsi(sfnet) فرهنگ فارسی همراه این پروژه یک لغتنامه ساده فارسی به فارسی برای... DOWNLOAD
pytdms(sfnet) pyTDMS Python support for reading TDMS files (e.g. fro... DOWNLOAD
vcftoxlsx(sfnet) Free VCF to Excel XLSX This tool is used convert vCard(.vcf) files to ... DOWNLOAD
icpool(sfnet) Connection Pool Manager icpool is simple and easy to use, connection po... DOWNLOAD
soapstreaming(sfnet) SOAPstreaming SOAPstreaming, a flexible hadoop-based framewor... DOWNLOAD
simulatoralive(sfnet) SimulatorAlive This is the home of my current Java projects, i... DOWNLOAD
pbstool(sfnet) PBS: Portable Bookmarks and Shortcuts Cross platform GUI managing bookmarks and short... DOWNLOAD
losung4conky(sfnet) Losung4Conky A small program that shows daily Bible verses i... DOWNLOAD
jpegview(sfnet) JPEGView - Image Viewer and Editor JPEGView is a lean, fast and highly configurabl... DOWNLOAD
neuralsyns(sfnet) NeuralSyns NeuralSyns is a neural simulator for large spik... DOWNLOAD
quasicms(sfnet) QuasiCMS Quasi has moved and changed names to Quinta - ... DOWNLOAD
cathtradpilgrim(sfnet) CathTradPilgrim DOWNLOAD
conet(sfnet) CoNet CoNet is a Cytoscape plugin that detects signif... DOWNLOAD
gnat-math-extn(sfnet) Ada 2005 Math Extensions The Ada 2005 standard defines real and complex ... DOWNLOAD
rubypackager(sfnet) Ruby Packager Generate installable binary distributions of Ru... DOWNLOAD
covec(sfnet) CoVEC The package provides SVM models to be used with... DOWNLOAD
bitlog-exe(sfnet) BitLog DOWNLOAD
numpy(sfnet) Numerical Python Numerical Python adds a fast and sophisticated ... DOWNLOAD
textolivre(sfnet) Texto Livre documentation support projec Texto Livre is a public project of colaboration... DOWNLOAD
robotchase(sfnet) RobotChase RobotChase is a game in which the player moves ... DOWNLOAD
superarq(sfnet) SUPERARQ Um banco de dados tipo agenda de endereços dese... DOWNLOAD
chemistrytools(sfnet) Chemistry Tools Chemistry Tools is a free program that helps wi... DOWNLOAD
workflowproject(sfnet) WorkFlow Project This project is an effort to create a KDE Plasm... DOWNLOAD
shuffle(sfnet) shuffle DOWNLOAD
mtechprj(sfnet) Mtech DOWNLOAD
eyefocuser(sfnet) Eye Focuser For those working on the computer for extended ... DOWNLOAD
expatris2france(sfnet) expatriés2france une plateforme WEB à contenu vidéo et multiméd... DOWNLOAD
zomgmon(sfnet) zomgmon DOWNLOAD
ptksftp(sfnet) Perl/Tk Sftp Client Secure ftp (sftp) client in Perl using graphic ... DOWNLOAD
alovegroup(sfnet) alovegroup DOWNLOAD
linhadotexto(sfnet) Linha do Texto Semiotic Classifier Game Linha do Texto is a web based game for classifi... DOWNLOAD
wjyblog(sfnet) wjyblog 伟爵爷博客 DOWNLOAD
tony-linux(sfnet) Tony Linux Tony Linux is a small, lightweight distribution... DOWNLOAD
adminpagefinder(sfnet) Admin Page Finder Escrito em PyQt4, é uma ferramenta capaz de ach... DOWNLOAD
pcrypt(sfnet) pcrypt Strong 2 way encryption class for PHP (Uses the... DOWNLOAD
ase(sfnet) Allegro Sprite Editor This project is hosted in Google Code: http://c... DOWNLOAD
hosto(sfnet) hosto DOWNLOAD
headercreator(sfnet) HeaderCreator Convert Image (*.gif, *.jpg, .jpeg, *.png) to u... DOWNLOAD
sheepdogsys(sfnet) Sheep Dog Simple command line tool that monitors files an... DOWNLOAD
shootlikep(sfnet) ShootLikeP DOWNLOAD
blutle(sfnet) blutle Being powered with cell phone battery, this boa... DOWNLOAD

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