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e107writerskit(sfnet) E107 Writers' Kit "E107 Writers' Kit" is a software wri... DOWNLOAD
dockremotecli(sfnet) Dock Remote Client Control your iPhone or iPod Touch music playbac... DOWNLOAD
siamstimetablev(sfnet) SIAMS TIMETABLE Aplikasi berbasis web yang digunakan untuk memu... DOWNLOAD
wordsmotivate(sfnet) wordsmotivate DOWNLOAD
notepadjava(sfnet) NotepadJava DOWNLOAD
winrabcdasm(sfnet) WinRABCDAsm RABCDAsm ( DOWNLOAD
backbonegrouper(sfnet) Backbone Grouper This is an interface, designed to allow a user ... DOWNLOAD
qtcontribs(sfnet) QtContribs - Harbour Qt Projects This is the repository to host all those Harbou... DOWNLOAD
skychart(sfnet) Sky Chart / Cartes du Ciel SkyChart is a software to draw chart of the nig... DOWNLOAD
textmb(sfnet) Ultimate PHP Board (UPB) Ultimate PHP Board is completely text based mak... DOWNLOAD
splitcsv(sfnet) Free Huge CSV Splitter you can use this tool to split huge csv file by... DOWNLOAD
sshlog(sfnet) sshlog sshlog is a command-line log-tool, meant for Li... DOWNLOAD
protectmeantiv(sfnet) Protect Me! Antivirus DOWNLOAD
hibernate(sfnet) Hibernate Hibernate is an Object/Relational Mapper tool. ... DOWNLOAD
lycadican(sfnet) Lycadican Lycadican is a free RPG based in the land of Kh... DOWNLOAD
cylindrix(sfnet) Cylindrix Cylindrix is a fast paced 3d space shooting gam... DOWNLOAD
sispmd(sfnet) Sispm d-bus server and applet Python scripts that layer over sispmctl and pro... DOWNLOAD
off-dup-finder(sfnet) n way Duplicate File / Directory Finder Project moved here: DOWNLOAD
pneusim(sfnet) PneuSim This project is a simulator which allows the mo... DOWNLOAD
lixa(sfnet) lixa LIXA (LIbre XA) is an open source and free Tran... DOWNLOAD
netsds(sfnet) NetSDS NetSDS is a service delivery framework for mobi... DOWNLOAD
cracx(sfnet) Cracx Cracx is a tool which uses an installed archive... DOWNLOAD
nfactor(sfnet) nfactor Set of hints and refactor features for Java lan... DOWNLOAD
fsh(sfnet) fsh What do you call a fish with no eyes? fsh! Fs... DOWNLOAD
handyq(sfnet) handyq This is a humble aplication made by a non-progr... DOWNLOAD
lifetime(sfnet) Lifetime Lifetime helps you to simply control your labou... DOWNLOAD
regmas(sfnet) RegMAS - Regional Multi Agent Simulator RegMAS (Regional Multi Agent Simulator) is a sp... DOWNLOAD
uls(sfnet) ULS ULS is a class library for creating lexical ana... DOWNLOAD
quicksandplugin(sfnet) quicksandplugin A plugin created to allow wordpress posts to be... DOWNLOAD
svndigest(sfnet) svndigest Svndigest is a tool for calculating statistics ... DOWNLOAD
mygodmode(sfnet) MyGodMode Utility for accessing all Windows' system manag... DOWNLOAD
libyat(sfnet) yat The yat library is a scientific library with fo... DOWNLOAD
setimgpln(sfnet) set image plane Sets Imageplane for your Autodesk Maya scene fi... DOWNLOAD
mmublossom(sfnet) BLOSSOM Funded by Higher Education Academy Practical ex... DOWNLOAD
heldentagebuch(sfnet) Helden Tagebuch Das Helden Tagebuch ist ein Plugin für die beka... DOWNLOAD
chmprocessor(sfnet) chmProcessor: Word/HTML to CHM converter A tool to generate compiled help files (CHM) an... DOWNLOAD
pwanalyze(sfnet) PWanalyze Performs pulse waveform analysis. Please visit ... DOWNLOAD
commentcodegen(sfnet) CommentCodeGen Eclipse Plugin to generate code. Comments withi... DOWNLOAD
g-editor(sfnet) g-editor g-editor is a simple and lightweight text edito... DOWNLOAD
ueditor(sfnet) UEditor UEditor is a platform independent Rich Text Edi... DOWNLOAD
phpdhcpadmin(sfnet) phpDHCPAdmin phpDHCPAdmin Manage the ISC DHCPD Service. Grou... DOWNLOAD
saweb(sfnet) Simplest Android Web Suite SAWS: Simplest Android Web Suite SAWS is an ope... DOWNLOAD
codeblocks(sfnet) Code::Blocks Code::Blocks is a free, open-source, cross-plat... DOWNLOAD
webcam-cap(sfnet) Webcam Capture Criei esse programa fuçando centenas de códig... DOWNLOAD
surrogator(sfnet) Surrogator Simple open source Libravatar compatible avatar... DOWNLOAD
bidex(sfnet) Le BIDEx The Project name is BIDEx (In french it's : Bas... DOWNLOAD
sem2d(sfnet) SEM2DPACK A spectral element method for 2D wave propagati... DOWNLOAD
ifoto2(sfnet) iFoto2 New version of iFoto gallery.Simple installatio... DOWNLOAD
aspcontroller(sfnet) aspcontroller A simple asp controller generator featuring lib... DOWNLOAD
sukhmani-sahib(sfnet) Sukhmani Sahib Sukhmani Sahib Paath for Android with English t... DOWNLOAD
aspnetandsilver(sfnet) ASP.NET and Silverlight deployement DOWNLOAD
puffy(sfnet) Puff Proxy Puff Proxy is a tiny http proxy written in Java... DOWNLOAD
javacu(sfnet) Java Class Utility With this utility you can change value of const... DOWNLOAD
nomin(sfnet) Nomin Mapping Engine Nomin is a mapping engine for the Java platform... DOWNLOAD
shipsclock(sfnet) Ship's Clock Ships Clock will ring a bell on every half-hour... DOWNLOAD
dfircd(sfnet) DarkFire IRC Daemon DarkFire IRCd is a modern, efficient, and relia... DOWNLOAD
xmlmessagebeans(sfnet) XmlMessageBeans To create java beans based on a sample xml docu... DOWNLOAD
oneye(sfnet) OneCloud This new project is powered by the community ar... DOWNLOAD
playsms(sfnet) playSMS playSMS is a free and open source SMS software.... DOWNLOAD
kaarpux(sfnet) KaarPux KaarPux is a Linux distribution, where everythi... DOWNLOAD
pttux(sfnet) PatenTuX, recognition of car licenses This software is designed to localize, recogniz... DOWNLOAD
cointo(sfnet) CommandInterpteterTool CIT CommandInterpreterTool is an advanced comma... DOWNLOAD
yamwi(sfnet) Yamwi Run Maxima programs via the web in batch mode. ... DOWNLOAD
dbtablemapper(sfnet) Db Table Mapper DbTableMapper is a simple software that allows ... DOWNLOAD
utube-biz(sfnet) utube online for you live in contry DOWNLOAD
yclock(sfnet) yclock yclock is a clock written in C++ language using... DOWNLOAD
ycalendar(sfnet) ycalendar ycalendar is a calendar written in C++ language... DOWNLOAD
ybatterymonitor(sfnet) ybatterymonitor ybatterymonitor is a battery monitor written in... DOWNLOAD
pcyz(sfnet) pcyz DOWNLOAD
howtosurvivethe(sfnet) howtosurvivethe6thgradeessy DOWNLOAD
rtouch(sfnet) RTouch This is a Windows-based program that adds "... DOWNLOAD
pungo-spell(sfnet) Pungo Spell PHP / DHTML Spell Checker. Requires Pspell, PH... DOWNLOAD
punkspy(sfnet) PunkSpy PunkSpy is a Javascript tool for viewing PunkBu... DOWNLOAD
portugolviana(sfnet) Portugol Viana PortugolViana é uma ferramenta open-source para... DOWNLOAD
gazeparser(sfnet) GazeParser The aim of the GazeParser is to provide a free ... DOWNLOAD
pugwash(sfnet) Plugin Filtering Modules Pluggable modules to detect spam and/or virus i... DOWNLOAD
backuppcreport(sfnet) BackupPC_report The BackupPC_report(1) is a Perl script that pr... DOWNLOAD
nppsaveasadmin(sfnet) nppSaveAsAdmin This plugin allows you to save any file as admi... DOWNLOAD
monetario(sfnet) Monetário Alternativa a BigDecimal e Double para represen... DOWNLOAD
traviancloneen(sfnet) Travian Clone EN Travian Clone is an open source project DOWNLOAD
dsb-spell(sfnet) Lower Sorbian spelling Dictionaries for Lower Sorbian language in Huns... DOWNLOAD
jopux(sfnet) JOPUX JOPUX is a Linux-distribution and family of fre... DOWNLOAD
pjeavservice(sfnet) PJ-eAVservice ระบบบริการ การยืม-คืนสื่อโสตทัศนูปกรณ์ เพิ่มอำน... DOWNLOAD
sharpkinoko(sfnet) Sharp Kinoko Contains a small framework that measures the ex... DOWNLOAD
intelligentmode(sfnet) intelligent model for search engine DOWNLOAD
datacleaner(sfnet) DataCleaner DataCleaner is a data quality analysis applicat... DOWNLOAD
findreplacetext(sfnet) SubReplace Replace was specially built as a small tool tha... DOWNLOAD
jschilicat(sfnet) JsChilicat Project has been moved to github: http://jschil... DOWNLOAD
labsystem(sfnet) labsystem For installation see: DOWNLOAD
jsframework(sfnet) jsFramework A JavaScript framework to create complex applic... DOWNLOAD
mylyn-mantis(sfnet) Mylyn - Mantis Connector The Mylyn connector for MantisBT allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
crhxpress(sfnet) CRHXpress CRHXpress est un générateur rapide de Comptes R... DOWNLOAD
solarcalendar(sfnet) Solar Calendar Solar Calendar is a package for Persian Develop... DOWNLOAD
omma(sfnet) Outlook Mail Merge Attachment Outlook Mail Merge Attachment is a script which... DOWNLOAD
kmbox(sfnet) KMBOX - Kernel Methods Toolbox KMBOX is a collection of MATLAB programs that i... DOWNLOAD
torbrowser(sfnet) Browser for Tor with Onion Router Tor now plugs into the Browser. Dooble Web Brow... DOWNLOAD
yest(sfnet) yest This is a command line date/time manipulation a... DOWNLOAD
xdelta3-gui(sfnet) Xdelta3 GUI Note:this GUI was specifically created for fans... DOWNLOAD
modproxyhtml(sfnet) Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml is the most advanced ... DOWNLOAD
ngochop(sfnet) project DOWNLOAD

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