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multiword(sfnet) Multiword Expressions The central forum for the MWE community. Share ... DOWNLOAD
ulmgen(sfnet) Ultra-lite modeling generator (ULM.gen) The ULM.gen project is a framework that help bu... DOWNLOAD
drdroste(sfnet) Dr.Oste The Scope is to create a program, which can edi... DOWNLOAD
pmcyg(freshmeat) pmcyg pmcyg is a tool for creating customized collect... DOWNLOAD
dspemu(sfnet) DSPemu - TMS320F243 emulator DSPemu emule a digital signal processor TMS320F... DOWNLOAD
narga(sfnet) Narga Narga Laboratory is the best solution for suppo... DOWNLOAD
mobcalparser(sfnet) mobcalPARSER mobcalPARSER is a PERL ( f... DOWNLOAD
dragonbird(sfnet) Dragonbird Dragonbird is a lightweight web browser powered... DOWNLOAD
androidpatch(sfnet) androidpatch DOWNLOAD
atmega16rgb(sfnet) ATmega16 RGB Spotlight Program controls PWM, with powerful LEDs on out... DOWNLOAD
jsusjsus(sfnet) jsus DOWNLOAD
helpersphp(sfnet) HelpersPhp DOWNLOAD
cpxdev(sfnet) CpX CpX is an XML-based lightweight C++ development... DOWNLOAD
openlawyers(sfnet) OpenLawyer's (Minimalistische) Aktenverwaltung für Rechtsanw... DOWNLOAD
lxrad(sfnet) LXRAD - Linux X11 Rad Tools LXRAD means Linux X11 Rapid Application Develop... DOWNLOAD
beamerthemecin(sfnet) Beamer Theme CIn DOWNLOAD
inmortalrom(sfnet) inmortal rom rom galaxy s3 DOWNLOAD
swithmail(sfnet) SwithMail Send SMTP email silently from command line (CLI... DOWNLOAD
objetbdd(sfnet) OBJETBDD ObjetBDD is a Object Relational mapping (ORM) c... DOWNLOAD
pcidms(sfnet) Personnel IDMS system Personnel system for running a emulation of a I... DOWNLOAD
noemol(sfnet) noemol - NMR experiment simulation Noemol is a graphical program for calculation o... DOWNLOAD
ompl(sfnet) ompl This project's repository, bug tracker, and dow... DOWNLOAD
beezle(sfnet) Beezle This project has moved to github: Maven Parent:... DOWNLOAD
yawps(sfnet) YaWPS YaWPS (Yet another Web Portal System) is a ligh... DOWNLOAD
mdxvu(sfnet) mdxvu - molecular dynamics X11 viewer. Mdxvu is a C code program for Linux, Un*x and W... DOWNLOAD
ez430chronos(sfnet) TI eZ430-Chronos Firmware This project provides a firmware for TI's EZ430... DOWNLOAD
issfe(sfnet) is-sfe Information System "Supercritical Fluid Ex... DOWNLOAD
shutthebox(sfnet) Shut the Box Shut the Box is a simple diversion written in C... DOWNLOAD
narutopixel(sfnet) naruto_pixle DOWNLOAD
percentcalc(sfnet) PercentCalc In my line of work I create promotional deal sh... DOWNLOAD
pyxmlwiki(sfnet) PyXmlWiki This project describes and implements a delimit... DOWNLOAD
ssolverhbios(sfnet) Sudoku Solver This program solves sudoku grids, using human t... DOWNLOAD
mp3filesformatt(sfnet) Mp3 Files Formatter The sowftware allows people to organize ther mp... DOWNLOAD
lsmslikane(sfnet) LSM-slikane DOWNLOAD
picsim(sfnet) PICsim - PIC microcontroller simulator PICsim emulates a microcontroller PIC16F628/16F... DOWNLOAD
iosapptodebian(sfnet) iOS App to DEB Convert your self-signed XCode iOS .app files t... DOWNLOAD
jaseval(sfnet) simple mathematical expression evaluator Suitable for occasional calculations but not fo... DOWNLOAD
waveswissknife(sfnet) Wave Swiss Knife Offer a low-level command-line interface to han... DOWNLOAD
id3sharp(sfnet) ID3Sharp ID3Sharp is a .NET-based class library for ID3 ... DOWNLOAD
hitsearchengine(sfnet) HITSearchEngine HIT campus search engine system which clusters ... DOWNLOAD
planilharevisio(sfnet) Planilha Revisional Planilha revisional para teste DOWNLOAD
jvirtualrosary(sfnet) Java Virtual Rosary A desktop Java application meant to display the... DOWNLOAD
transitlg(sfnet) TransitLG Looking glass with MTR, Traceroute, Ping suppor... DOWNLOAD
skyperious(freshmeat) Skyperious Skyperious is a Skype database viewer and merg... DOWNLOAD
rooktesttask(sfnet) testTask DOWNLOAD
tokenize(sfnet) tokenizer A c-string that represents an arithmetic expres... DOWNLOAD
fw2csv(sfnet) fw2csv Fixed width data files are probably the most an... DOWNLOAD
windowsconsole(sfnet) Alternative Windows Console Download it for free for any use! DOWNLOAD
turkce(sfnet) Linux ve Turkce Destek Bu projede Linux 'de simdiye kadar Turk dilinin... DOWNLOAD
phpnetemgui2(sfnet) PHPnetemGUI2 This is a fork of the PHPNetemGUI originally de... DOWNLOAD
dtx2gp(sfnet) dtx2gp Converts .dtx files from the drum training soft... DOWNLOAD
gorp(sfnet) Gorp Gorp is an easy-to-use non-linear video editor ... DOWNLOAD
forcesolve(sfnet) ForceSolve This is the first force-matching software publi... DOWNLOAD
hubble(sfnet) Hubble in a Bottle! A high performance visualization tool for stars... DOWNLOAD
openhantek(sfnet) OpenHantek OpenHantek is a free software for Hantek (Voltc... DOWNLOAD
timelinessmod(sfnet) Timeline Silverstripe Module Installation - Unpack the files in a folder ca... DOWNLOAD
geek-calculator(sfnet) Calculator Ever wanted to use a calculator by using the co... DOWNLOAD
gui4escputil(sfnet) gui4escputil GUI wrapper for escputil (command line utility ... DOWNLOAD
swash(sfnet) SWASH SWASH is a general-purpose numerical tool for s... DOWNLOAD
mysolat(sfnet) My Malaysia Solat Time (PC/Mac) A standardize solat time application for Malays... DOWNLOAD
nuxeo-ep(sfnet) Nuxeo Platform The Nuxeo Platform is a highly customizable and... DOWNLOAD
normalizedcompr(sfnet) Normalized Compression Distance You need to add 7-zip to this package in order ... DOWNLOAD
gobsprogram(sfnet) Gob's Program How to use Gob's Program: Press y and press En... DOWNLOAD
luciphor(sfnet) luciphor Luciphor is a program that performs phospho-si... DOWNLOAD
wotmudmapper(sfnet) WoTMUD mapper DOWNLOAD
vcftools(sfnet) vcftools A set of tools written in Perl and C++ for work... DOWNLOAD
conflictfinder(sfnet) ConflictFinder Python Script that searches for conflicts on XM... DOWNLOAD
cottage(freshmeat) Cottage Cottage is a simple graphics and sound engine i... DOWNLOAD
easea(sfnet) EASEA EASEA (EAsy Specification of Evolutionary Algor... DOWNLOAD
apdp(sfnet) apdp DOWNLOAD
myigo(sfnet) MyIGo IGo aims to help customer to find shops and get... DOWNLOAD
mycardgame(sfnet) MyCardGame Card Game is a neuropsychological test of "... DOWNLOAD
phpbbmexico(sfnet) phpbb-mexico Mexican phpbb support site, dedicated to helpin... DOWNLOAD
duallaunchporta(sfnet) Dual Launcher Portable DOWNLOAD
tennisgameboard(sfnet) Tennis Game Board DOWNLOAD
xpokemononline(sfnet) XPokemon Online DOWNLOAD
dotnetftplib(sfnet) DotNetFtpLibrary Ftp client library (framework) for .Net written... DOWNLOAD
maxon(sfnet) MaxOn Accounting Software MaxOn designed for small and medium company, ha... DOWNLOAD
buildcraftaps(sfnet) Buildcraft: Advanced Power Systems APS is a sub-mod for SpaceToad's Buildcraft. It... DOWNLOAD
project1alp(sfnet) Project1Alp DOWNLOAD
freeaudiofilepl(sfnet) Free audio file player (AIFF, WAV, AU) Free audio file player (AIFF, WAV, AU) Java jar... DOWNLOAD
sanonz(sfnet) sanonz SANONZ DOWNLOAD
transdecoder(sfnet) TranscriptDecoder DOWNLOAD
corridabot(sfnet) CorridaBot DOWNLOAD
springsample1(sfnet) Spring Sample Project 1 Sample spring application using spring declarat... DOWNLOAD
splicingtypes(sfnet) SplicingTypesAnno This package annotates four major splicing type... DOWNLOAD
vs2d(sfnet) VS2D -Using: +Qt API, Qt library, QtMobility -Main... DOWNLOAD
techie09(sfnet) T9Creations I develop small projects, mostly games to keep ... DOWNLOAD
fastupload(sfnet) fastupload The component is based on RFC1867, written for ... DOWNLOAD
plot-psxps(sfnet) PLOT PS/XPS PLOT_PSXPS provides a set of graphic functions ... DOWNLOAD
libconfigduo(freshmeat) libconfigduo libconfig is a compact, portable library for re... DOWNLOAD
minituner(sfnet) Minituner Listen to hundreds of radio stations in your co... DOWNLOAD
imgdissolver(sfnet) IMGDissolver A simple to use, cross platform slideshow/divx/... DOWNLOAD
spondulas(sfnet) Spondulas Spondulas is browser emulator and parser design... DOWNLOAD
acrasteriskcdrr(sfnet) ACR - Asterisk CDR Reporter Information on Asterisk cdr like ASR, ACD, Bill... DOWNLOAD
fantomweb(sfnet) fantomweb DOWNLOAD
httppp(freshmeat) httppp httppp is a network passive probe to monitor HT... DOWNLOAD
netlogin(sfnet) NetLogin - HTML Network Portal Network Portal Script, similar to those seen at... DOWNLOAD
carinformationr(sfnet) Car Information Retrieve Belgium DOWNLOAD
mrcoody(sfnet) MrCMS DOWNLOAD

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