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surfnanodots(sfnet) SURF-nanodots This was my first big programming project. I'd ... DOWNLOAD
lsdmap(sfnet) LSDMap LSDMap is a set of Fortran90 codes parallelised... DOWNLOAD
twogo4x(sfnet) 2go4x By downloading 2go4x.jar and using it on your p... DOWNLOAD
trollproject2(sfnet) Troll Project 2 A tricky application. DOWNLOAD
trollproject3(sfnet) Troll Project 3 A tricky application. DOWNLOAD
galculator(sfnet) galculator galculator is a GTK 2 / GTK 3 based scientific ... DOWNLOAD
uwcampusnav(sfnet) UW Campus Navigator The UW Campus Navigator provides new students w... DOWNLOAD
relations-rcp(sfnet) Relations RCP Relations RCP is a personal wiki style applicat... DOWNLOAD
vrrpd(sfnet) VRRP -Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol VRRPd is an implementation of Virtual Router Re... DOWNLOAD
ps-color-picker(sfnet) Paintshop-like Color Picker Color Picker with HSV, RGB and Alpha DOWNLOAD
gnuaccounting(sfnet) GnuAccounting An open-source java accounting application that... DOWNLOAD
minecraftmodman(sfnet) MinecraftModManager When completed it should allow simultaneous lau... DOWNLOAD
whf(sfnet) WHF WHF: Windows Hook Framework is a project create... DOWNLOAD
pss-pv-assesm(sfnet) Producer Value Assessment for PSS DOWNLOAD
trollproject(sfnet) Troll Project 1 A tricky application. DOWNLOAD
activityplanner(sfnet) ActivityPlanner wewfjkopew DOWNLOAD
net-simulator(sfnet) NET-Simulator NET-Simulator was created to help lecturers and... DOWNLOAD
phpphonebook(sfnet) Simple Phonebook DOWNLOAD
lib-data-io(sfnet) lib_data_io lib_data_io is a set of PHP libraries designed ... DOWNLOAD
hte(freshmeat) The HT Editor HT is a file editor/viewer/analyzer for executa... DOWNLOAD
rikulo-gap(freshmeat) Rikulo Gap Rikulo Gap is a bridge implementation of the Ap... DOWNLOAD
belovak(sfnet) Annuaire Annuaire is a list manager freeware (GPL) for W... DOWNLOAD
eclim(freshmeat) eclim eclim is a set of Eclipse and Vim plugins to in... DOWNLOAD
uarnwded213178(sfnet) GDMOINVEXP DOWNLOAD
easypromptc(sfnet) epc epc - Easy Prompt Changer. A simple, maybe unne... DOWNLOAD
forte-the-game(sfnet) Forte Build walls to stop attacking enemies. Gain res... DOWNLOAD
bridgelinux(sfnet) Bridge Linux Bridge Linux is an Arch derivative that include... DOWNLOAD
debi(sfnet) debi GNU/linux debi GNU/linux is a Lightweight debian based di... DOWNLOAD
acpuproject(sfnet) ACPUProject In this project I'll try to reinvent the wheel ... DOWNLOAD
perftence(sfnet) Perftence Performance test engine written in Java and exp... DOWNLOAD
cgformfive(sfnet) cg-formfive Written in PHP and HTML with some moz-kit exten... DOWNLOAD
ps-killer(sfnet) pskiller pskiller - console task manager for windows. DOWNLOAD
histmondiale(sfnet) Histoire Mondiale Atlas historique. Le logiciel permet de se prom... DOWNLOAD
gnutrition(freshmeat) GNUtrition GNUtrition is free nutrition analysis software ... DOWNLOAD
documancer(sfnet) Documancer Documancer is programmer's documentation browse... DOWNLOAD
webmanner(freshmeat) webmanner webmanner is a man page-to-HTML converter. DOWNLOAD
spikedetekt(sfnet) SpiKeDeteKt This is an automatic spike detection program wh... DOWNLOAD
arctic-core(freshmeat) Arctic Core Arctic Core is an implementation of the AUTOSAR... DOWNLOAD
simplix(sfnet) Simplix Linux Simplix Linux is an easy to use operating syste... DOWNLOAD
dapsbranding(sfnet) daps-branding This is the branding repository for daps (http:... DOWNLOAD
xtarget(sfnet) XTarget XTarget is an Groovy Library for automated edit... DOWNLOAD
socialbaseuk(sfnet) SocialBaseUK SocialBase is the new addition to the social cr... DOWNLOAD
mycarousel(freshmeat) myCarousel myCarousel is a jQuery plugin used to create an... DOWNLOAD
lookat(freshmeat) lookat "lookat" (or "bekijk" in Du... DOWNLOAD
sequin(sfnet) Sequin - search-engine query builder N.B. This version of Sequin has been superceded... DOWNLOAD
streamlogger(sfnet) StreamLogger More details on: DOWNLOAD
entropybroker(freshmeat) entropybroker Entropy Broker is an infrastructure for distrib... DOWNLOAD
linuxsnake(sfnet) Snake This application is a simple game for linux. Th... DOWNLOAD
jmagnifierv01(sfnet) JMagnifier a java based screen magnifier CHECK OUT AND SU... DOWNLOAD
hlyim(sfnet) hlyim - Half-Life Instant Messenger hlyim pronouced \'Helium\'. Tries to make the ... DOWNLOAD
filemanip(sfnet) FileManip as described in short summary. intention to bui... DOWNLOAD
niushuo(sfnet) niushuo DOWNLOAD
myfirstprojecto(sfnet) myfirst Project onSF DOWNLOAD
beesalgorithm(sfnet) Bees Algorithm Implementation Java Implementation of Bees Algorithm. It conta... DOWNLOAD
audited-objects(sfnet) Audited Objects Audited Objects (AO) is a tool for the analysis... DOWNLOAD
tiny-life(freshmeat) Tiny Life Tiny Life (tlife) is a simple Game of Life impl... DOWNLOAD
jobseeker(freshmeat) jobSeeker jobSeeker is a class that searches for jobs on ... DOWNLOAD
ocamlmath(freshmeat) ocamlmath ocamlmath provides modules that may be used as ... DOWNLOAD
din(freshmeat) din is noise din is a software musical instrument and audio ... DOWNLOAD
qtads(freshmeat) QTads QTads is a cross-platform multimedia interprete... DOWNLOAD
cssrcon(sfnet) cssRcon Yet another graphical user interface to the rco... DOWNLOAD
gold(sfnet) Gold Allocation Manager Gold is an accounting system that tracks and ma... DOWNLOAD
yui3scrollercar(sfnet) YUI 3 Scroller Carousel Simple horizontal with menu navigation yui caro... DOWNLOAD
smartision-sc(sfnet) smartision ScreenCopy smartision ScreenCopy is a freeware and opensou... DOWNLOAD
subtools(sfnet) Subtitles MiniTools Command-line tools for movie subtitles in SubRi... DOWNLOAD
vboxdashboard(sfnet) VBoxDashBoard VirtualBox DashBoard - PHP application for mana... DOWNLOAD
freecellplus(sfnet) FreeCell++ FreeCell++ is a replacement for the Windows XP'... DOWNLOAD
amdicter(sfnet) AMDicter This tool is used to create AnyMemo DataBases f... DOWNLOAD
rikulo-uxl(freshmeat) Rikulo UXL Rikulo UXL is a markup language for describing ... DOWNLOAD
yukkuriraising(sfnet) Yukkuri Raising Sim A game about Yukkuri, raising, and the Yunivers... DOWNLOAD
aikucmp(sfnet) aikucmp qfvip1314.comqfvip1314.comqfvip1314.comqfvip131... DOWNLOAD
qdatamatrix(sfnet) QDataMatrix - print 2D barcode labels QDataMatrix is a graphical user interface for e... DOWNLOAD
forumslcuritiba(sfnet) Fórum de Software Livre de Curitiba This project aims to manage a free software for... DOWNLOAD
watinet(sfnet) waTinet - a web portal installer waTinet is a web applications installer, writte... DOWNLOAD
ilcatalogo(sfnet) Il Catalogo Classical CD Music Catalog DOWNLOAD
dtree(freshmeat) dtree dtree is a library that provides an API to acce... DOWNLOAD
omega-shooter(sfnet) Omega (space shooter) 2d space shooter with weapon power-ups and fast... DOWNLOAD
gungnir(sfnet) Gungnir Gungnir is an Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) based f... DOWNLOAD
sugarsyncdotnet(sfnet) SugarSync Dotnet API This is an API for communicating with SugarSync... DOWNLOAD
fgslibraryphp(sfnet) FGSL2ZF Component library to extend Zend Framework. MVC... DOWNLOAD
kcpsm3-assembler(freshmeat) KCPSM3 Assembler KCPSM3 Assembler is an alternative implementati... DOWNLOAD
together4ank(sfnet) TOGETHER TOGETHER is a software solution to enable GML b... DOWNLOAD
practica1ssi(sfnet) Practica1SSI DOWNLOAD
ical2ps(sfnet) ical2ps This perl script generates a calender in month ... DOWNLOAD
ramlibrary(sfnet) RAM Library Tested, portable, standard C++ source code for ... DOWNLOAD
mbsl(freshmeat) MBSL MBSL (MicroBlaze Simple Linux) is a set of Make... DOWNLOAD
bsheet(sfnet) Bean Sheet Bean Sheet is an interpreted Java spreadsheet. ... DOWNLOAD
wcollage(sfnet) Web Collage Web Collage uses user controlled Google image s... DOWNLOAD
ecere(freshmeat) Ecere SDK The Ecere SDK is a cross-platform toolkit for b... DOWNLOAD
pdfcombine(sfnet) pdfcombine allows you to combine two or more pdf files int... DOWNLOAD
qtnicstat(sfnet) qtnicstat A simple network statistics program with traffi... DOWNLOAD
firarena(sfnet) Four In Row Arena A generic framework for Four in A Row or Five I... DOWNLOAD
drinkstoolkit(sfnet) DRINKS Toolkit DRINKS Toolkit is a collection of web-based wid... DOWNLOAD
jcodeprofiler(sfnet) jCodeProfiler jCodeProflier is a profiler easy to use, the cu... DOWNLOAD
cheggitbrowser(sfnet) Cheggit Browser DOWNLOAD
rjeflexcubizer(sfnet) RJE FlexCubizer Alliance Access (developed by SWIFT: www.swift.... DOWNLOAD
moneymanage(sfnet) Money Management This application can be used to keep a personal... DOWNLOAD
dinolauncher(sfnet) Dino's Quick Launch Dino's Quick Launch - is a very simple and comp... DOWNLOAD
superogrokart(sfnet) Super Ogro Kart Race against 6 players in this free fun racing ... DOWNLOAD
astrolabegenera(sfnet) Astrolabe Generator This program will generate a set of PostScript ... DOWNLOAD

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