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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
lnmail(sfnet) LNMail LNMail is a graphical user interface to access ... DOWNLOAD
vcuda(sfnet) Vocale This is the source code of Vocale. Vocale is a ... DOWNLOAD
kannelappliance(sfnet) Net Style Kannel Appliance Net Style Kannel Appliance is a Linux distribut... DOWNLOAD
alternateranks(sfnet) Alternate ranks This plugin is developed for the e107 CMS. The... DOWNLOAD
studentrecord(sfnet) Dredge School Administration System Dredge School Administration System is a school... DOWNLOAD
labbookingtool(sfnet) Lab Booking DOWNLOAD
mysample1(sfnet) SampleProject DOWNLOAD
teotea(sfnet) Teo & Tea Teo & Tea has been created to permit a larg... DOWNLOAD
nbcnightlynews(sfnet) NBCNightlyNewsDownloader 类似iTunes的podcast功能,不过改为通过迅雷下载NB... DOWNLOAD
openglsmallcity(sfnet) OpenGL_Small_City DOWNLOAD
juntadados(freshmeat) juntaDados juntaDados is a GNU/Linux distribution that has... DOWNLOAD
geann(sfnet) GeAnn GeAnn is a crowdsourcing-powered Web game for c... DOWNLOAD
teleportals(sfnet) Teleportals DOWNLOAD
samsn(sfnet) samsn The source code for SAMSN can be found in githu... DOWNLOAD
blpbridge(sfnet) blpbridge The introduced bridge implementation extends th... DOWNLOAD
benspicgallery(sfnet) Ben's Picture Gallery This is no longer maintained here. The latest ... DOWNLOAD
syncwall(sfnet) SyncWall SyncWall is quite a basic wallpaper changer wit... DOWNLOAD
ultraconverter(sfnet) Ultra Converter Ultra Converter, made purely in Python(as of v.... DOWNLOAD
tldimmercontrol(sfnet) tl-dimmer-control Windows command line utility to manage a "... DOWNLOAD
gqgmc(sfnet) GQGMC GQGMC is a user level driver for interfacing a ... DOWNLOAD
hex2012(sfnet) 梦想龙舟(十六进制) 梦想龙舟,梦想龙舟联盟,梦想航母,梦想龙舟超级懒人版 DOWNLOAD
chessat(sfnet) ChessAT This simple chess engine employs a minimax algo... DOWNLOAD
canvasbutton(sfnet) canvasButton So what is canvasbutton? Canvasbutton is a jqu... DOWNLOAD
windowspod(sfnet) WindowsPod WindowsPod 1.0 is a virtual ipod created for wi... DOWNLOAD
actorfpsmodford(sfnet) Actor FPS (Mod for Double-Shot) PT-BR : Esse modo substitui os nomes dos bots d... DOWNLOAD
helloscott(sfnet) helloscott This is very, very handy software indeed. DOWNLOAD
racktables(sfnet) RackTables Racktables is a nifty and robust solution for d... DOWNLOAD
xvumeter(sfnet) XVU Meter DOWNLOAD
blahblahtrollin(sfnet) blah blah trolling DOWNLOAD
samhain(freshmeat) samhain samhain is a daemon that can check file integri... DOWNLOAD
ipcalculator(sfnet) Internet Protocol Address Calculator The Internet Protocol Address Calculator is an ... DOWNLOAD
stylusnotes(sfnet) StylusNotes DOWNLOAD
ballcomponent(sfnet) Football Component This project is a project about football applic... DOWNLOAD
fsmunit(sfnet) FsmUnit DOWNLOAD
canbasbutton(sfnet) canbasButton DOWNLOAD
vidiotmaps-mac(sfnet) VidiotMaps Mac Maps Macintosh version of the VidiotMaps Map Pack DOWNLOAD
aia(sfnet) AIA Android-IOIO-Astronomical mount comunication pr... DOWNLOAD
lonelyplanet(sfnet) Lonely Planet A game where, in order to return back to Earth,... DOWNLOAD
multiscale(sfnet) MICROMECHANICS The collection MICROMECHANICS (micromechanics.z... DOWNLOAD
snetz(sfnet) snetz Snetz is a small and simple live network ban... DOWNLOAD
jdap(sfnet) jdap DOWNLOAD
litecube(sfnet) LiteCube - Roundcube skin LiteCube is a lite and clean Roundcube skin tha... DOWNLOAD
memorypatch(sfnet) Memory Patch My motivation for starting this project was to ... DOWNLOAD
file-em(sfnet) File-em File-'em (pronounced like phylum) is an open so... DOWNLOAD
vosm2dexplorer(sfnet) VOSM2DExplorer An Eclipse SWT Java GUI based application to de... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-jnudge(freshmeat) Wolf Software jNudge jNudge alerts visitors to your Web site to spec... DOWNLOAD
gridbattle(sfnet) GridBattle DOWNLOAD
linkdownload(sfnet) LinkDownload DOWNLOAD
computerizedtel(sfnet) Computerized Telescope Arduino al/az mount controller based on lx200 p... DOWNLOAD
quicksummary(freshmeat) QuickSummary QuickSummary is a plugin for Mozilla Thunderbir... DOWNLOAD
tmpserverjar(sfnet) Tmp DOWNLOAD
forumulauno(sfnet) forumula uno DOWNLOAD
panoramicviewof(sfnet) Panoramic View of Bridge Panoramic View of Bridge at Torrey Pines State ... DOWNLOAD
livecdgraphics(sfnet) livecd-graphics People who use 3D anime development tools like ... DOWNLOAD
malabacakdbc(sfnet) Database Management Class DOWNLOAD
dkeyconcepts(sfnet) The Key Concepts DKeyConcepts is a free software that teaches co... DOWNLOAD
album(sfnet) albumlib Music tracks bundled together as albums, using ... DOWNLOAD
actioneg(sfnet) aeg DOWNLOAD
dynup(sfnet) dynup DOWNLOAD
doubleshot10(sfnet) Double-Shot 1.0 Faça download da primeira versão do jogo! http... DOWNLOAD
newmusicmod(sfnet) NewMusicMod DOWNLOAD
mrpt(sfnet) Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) The Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) is ... DOWNLOAD
chonjo(sfnet) Chonjo A platform that monitors incidences of hate spe... DOWNLOAD
ovaldi(freshmeat) OVAL Interpreter The OVAL Interpreter is a freely available refe... DOWNLOAD
lwesn-wordpress(sfnet) lwesn-wordpress-theme This is Lwesn Theme,in the Wordpress use.The in... DOWNLOAD
warnetku(sfnet) warnetku DOWNLOAD
ttip2012(sfnet) Test Tower Integration Project 2012 DOWNLOAD
iratio-dotnet(sfnet) IRatio DotNet DotNet (2.0) porting of Iratio (see http://irat... DOWNLOAD
bjtrainer(sfnet) BlackJack Trainer BlackJack Trainer is an Android app that simula... DOWNLOAD
fumbleattack(sfnet) FumbleAttack It is a game where you just throw enemies at th... DOWNLOAD
oracleexecution(sfnet) Oracle Execution Trace A little tool writen in java to trace the execu... DOWNLOAD
virtualcommons(sfnet) Virtual Commons Experiment Software The Virtual Commons ( is... DOWNLOAD
thundernet(sfnet) ThunderNet DOWNLOAD
hirossnake(sfnet) Hiro's Snake The retro classic returns! Navigate the snake t... DOWNLOAD
digigraph(sfnet) Digital Graph this software is for plotting xy line chart, ba... DOWNLOAD
j3calc(sfnet) J3calc J³calc was initially a little project for my sc... DOWNLOAD
billiards(sfnet) Billiards DOWNLOAD
spectools(sfnet) Spectra processing and analysis tools Automated Quantitative Spectroscopic Analysis C... DOWNLOAD
redditgapcapp(sfnet) Reddit GaPC app preview DOWNLOAD
test-asaelko(sfnet) test DOWNLOAD
googlefont(sfnet) Google-font DOWNLOAD
mounts2sd(sfnet) Mounts2SD Android script that moves data from the data pa... DOWNLOAD
minecraftlaun(sfnet) minecraftlauncher DOWNLOAD
unconflict(sfnet) Unconflict It's difficult to find a good mergetool for git... DOWNLOAD
firerescue(sfnet) FireRescue FireRescue is an educational game which can imp... DOWNLOAD
ncmoney(sfnet) NCMoney NCMoney (No Charge Money) is a JAVA project in... DOWNLOAD
xls2oracle(sfnet) xls2oracle Wizard based utility to import a sheet from a .... DOWNLOAD
skpkinterworm(sfnet) Interworm Probrowser DOWNLOAD
liveparkes(sfnet) LiveParkes This is just a demo (but 100% operational) of P... DOWNLOAD
aerolett2(sfnet) Aerodynamic Letter 2.0 This text editor lets you write text in both Ri... DOWNLOAD
kuiyuyou(sfnet) kuiyuyou DOWNLOAD
l2warnwargracia(sfnet) L2WarnWar Gracia Final DOWNLOAD
gcblender(sfnet) gcblender DOWNLOAD
hydroduino(sfnet) AuTomato The aim of this project it to build a fully aut... DOWNLOAD
kopyk(sfnet) kopyk No description DOWNLOAD
smartpicturplay(sfnet) smart pictur player Smart picture player vous permmetra de visionne... DOWNLOAD
websitestarter(sfnet) Website Starter This software helps you to start are website an... DOWNLOAD
orbforysflight(sfnet) Orb Orb is a Python based YSFlight Server Extension... DOWNLOAD
includechecker(sfnet) IncludeChecker Unused #includes in C++ source lead to unwanted... DOWNLOAD
warofrespect(sfnet) War of Respect War of Respect is an online turn-based MMORPG c... DOWNLOAD

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