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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
htcs(sfnet) htc wildfife s source code DOWNLOAD
sortingalgos(sfnet) Sorting Algorithms Selection Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, etc Dat... DOWNLOAD
legisbrasil(sfnet) Legislação Brasileira Atualizada App android que permite ter em seu smartphone o... DOWNLOAD
nddomino(sfnet) Dominoes on Acid Superficially, Dominoes on Acid is a solitaire ... DOWNLOAD
ocrodjvu(freshmeat) ocrodjvu ocrodjvu is a wrapper for OCR systems that allo... DOWNLOAD
jmodelica-temp(sfnet) Template Code Set for JModelica This is a template Python code set which makes ... DOWNLOAD
phptsmadmin(sfnet) phpTSMadmin phpTSMadmin will provide an alternative web int... DOWNLOAD
nautilusgeotiff(sfnet) nautilus-geotiff nautilus-geotiff is a extension that allow naut... DOWNLOAD
dvapfm(sfnet) DvapFM Implements an analog FM transceiver using the D... DOWNLOAD
mediadata(sfnet) MediaData A suite of python packages to display/record me... DOWNLOAD
gclick(sfnet) gclick DOWNLOAD
masshtmlmailer(sfnet) Bulk Newsletter Mailer (BNM) Bulk Newsletter Platform(BNM) provides the comp... DOWNLOAD
biomultilanguag(sfnet) biogenenesis_multilanguage I changed the menu to be similar to the windows... DOWNLOAD
windows7neuinst(sfnet) Windows Neuinstall Software Hier bekommt ihr so ziemlich alles was Ihr nach... DOWNLOAD
jftorrent(sfnet) jftorrent Java based Torrent client, tracker and maker al... DOWNLOAD
ragelostwrld(sfnet) RaGe Lost Wrld BETA Xbox (360) Windows : 64x and 34x; Rage Los... DOWNLOAD
predef(sfnet) Pre-defined Compiler Macros Overview of pre-defined compiler macros for sta... DOWNLOAD
efreet(sfnet) Efreet Efreet is a java package that implements DAO (d... DOWNLOAD
w9wm(sfnet) w9wm w9wm is a project which aim is to add some feat... DOWNLOAD
toucheshield(sfnet) Touche Shield This is a shield made for the Touché Arduino pr... DOWNLOAD
j2mod(sfnet) j2mod This is a fork of the jamod Modbus library, tak... DOWNLOAD
dbcopyplugin(sfnet) SQuirreL DB Copy Plugin DB Copy Plugin is a plugin for the SQuirreL SQL... DOWNLOAD
madeleine(sfnet) Madeleine - Ruby Object Prevalence We've moved! DOWNLOAD
ipdc(freshmeat) iPDC iPDC is a Phasor Data Concentrator that collect... DOWNLOAD
winfc(sfnet) Win File Checker This is to search for missing Windows XP SP3 sy... DOWNLOAD
biomasfor(sfnet) biomasfor A GIS GRASS extension to assess the exploitabil... DOWNLOAD
aequalis(sfnet) Aequalis Aequalis is a converter of old measures. This a... DOWNLOAD
denunce(sfnet) denunceinrete Pdf denunce dei cittadini DOWNLOAD
accountfor(sfnet) AccountFor Originally written to play with CoreData, this ... DOWNLOAD
tmtmiuibeta4(sfnet) TMT_MIUI_beta4 DOWNLOAD
clp(sfnet) C++ Console Tool Set Lightweight C++ set of utility classes includin... DOWNLOAD
redis-live(freshmeat) RedisLive RedisLive is a dashboard that allows you to vis... DOWNLOAD
watintestrecord(sfnet) Test Recorder Application to record tests for Celerity, SODA,... DOWNLOAD
xinco(sfnet) xinco - Document Management System, DMS xinco INformation COre is a powerful Web-Servic... DOWNLOAD
imageinfo(sfnet) Imageinfo Imageinfo is a command line tool which recogniz... DOWNLOAD
awake-sql(freshmeat) Awake SQL Awake SQL is a virtual JDBC Driver and a framew... DOWNLOAD
gforge(freshmeat) GForge GForge is a Web-based collaborative development... DOWNLOAD
hpc-portal(sfnet) Cloud WebCenter Platform Cloud WebCenter Platform is the upgrade edition... DOWNLOAD
thunderget(sfnet) Thunderget A Download Manager DOWNLOAD
text-protector(sfnet) Text Protector A simple password protection program for your t... DOWNLOAD
realmlistwow(sfnet) Change Realmlist WOW DOWNLOAD
md3exporter(sfnet) MD3 Exporter for Blender 3d DOWNLOAD
closethedoor-cz(sfnet) CloseTheDoor-cesky Čeština pro CloseTheDoor. CloseTheDoor je další... DOWNLOAD
netxserv(sfnet) netxserv Netxserv est une solution de télécommunications... DOWNLOAD
tiffsplitdemo(sfnet) tiff_split_demo a demo program for extracing page from a multif... DOWNLOAD
openanalyser(sfnet) OpenAnalyser OpenAnalyser is a Java program for scientific d... DOWNLOAD
dash-reports(freshmeat) Dash Reports Dash Reports is a versatile and lightweight rep... DOWNLOAD
abc-path-generator(freshmeat) ABC Path Generator ABC Path Generator is a program and a Perl libr... DOWNLOAD
latestxfcepuppy(sfnet) Latest XFCE 4.10 Puppy Linux This is a derivative of Slacko, Puppy Linux, wi... DOWNLOAD
smulsa2001(sfnet) Smulsa 2001 Smulsa 2001 is a multilanguage two-way translat... DOWNLOAD
config-model(sfnet) Create config data GUI with validation Config::Model enables a project developer to pr... DOWNLOAD
quadprox-mobile(freshmeat) quadprox-mobile quadprox-mobile is a simple Android Client for ... DOWNLOAD
microsaew(sfnet) microsaew Este proyecto se encuentra orientado al desarro... DOWNLOAD
php-unit-test(sfnet) PHP Unit Testing Framework A lightweight framework for performing unit tes... DOWNLOAD
eragon(sfnet) Eragon Juego en modo MS-Dos basado en el libro de Erag... DOWNLOAD
noise2012(sfnet) Noise DOWNLOAD
phptelemeter(freshmeat) phptelemeter phptelemeter is a script that can read the Web ... DOWNLOAD
darksideucle2(sfnet) DARKSIDE.UCLE2 DOWNLOAD
bitnami-magento-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Magento Stack BitNami Magento Stack Native Installer is an ea... DOWNLOAD
colectorescespc(sfnet) escoamento em secção parcial circular Programa de cálculo do escoamento em secção par... DOWNLOAD
pfrm(sfnet) PFRM PFRM è l'applicazione ufficiale di Pokémon Fore... DOWNLOAD
elemines(sfnet) elemines Elemines is a clone of minesweeper using the En... DOWNLOAD
btcpuppy(sfnet) btc-puppy BTC-Puppy is a compact linux distribution (netw... DOWNLOAD
cmpe146lpc2148(sfnet) CmpE146_LPC2148 CmpE Development Package for LPC2148 DOWNLOAD
nixbassplayer(sfnet) nixBassPlayer DOWNLOAD
mpibot(sfnet) mpiBot mpiBot is a IRC bot/bnc interface written in PH... DOWNLOAD
vertis(sfnet) VERTIS Virtual Scanner A virtual scanner that converts 3D models (in W... DOWNLOAD
opoo(sfnet) Opoo Apps for Java A set of Java utilities, including generic DAO ... DOWNLOAD
meise(sfnet) MEISE The MEI Score Editor (MEISE) is an eclipse-base... DOWNLOAD
xda-downloads(sfnet) XDA DOWNLOAD
talkywalky(sfnet) Talky Walky The project of a pseudo Walkie Talkie for Andro... DOWNLOAD
lazypw(sfnet) Lazy Pw DOWNLOAD
startlater(sfnet) StartLater Used to start cmd commands or programs after a ... DOWNLOAD
linear-aps-proj(sfnet) Linear APS protocol DOWNLOAD
benu(sfnet) Benu Operating system increments, "_build for _... DOWNLOAD
engmsh3ab(sfnet) engMsh3ab DOWNLOAD
skeardevs(sfnet) Infantry Maps A collection of Infantry maps for everyone to u... DOWNLOAD
bwave(sfnet) breaking_waves Draws a series of breaking waves of water, in 2... DOWNLOAD
novembre(sfnet) Novembre A tool for visualisation and analysis of STM an... DOWNLOAD
softwarecompany(sfnet) Software Company Website Sometimes people need a HTML template to make a... DOWNLOAD
ovation-prime(sfnet) OVATION Prime OVATION Prime is a seasonal model of the diffus... DOWNLOAD
polyclip(sfnet) polyclip polyclip is a free library for fast clipping of... DOWNLOAD
neuronetexp(sfnet) NeuronetExperimenter The NeuronetExperimenter software can be used t... DOWNLOAD
tinylaf(sfnet) Tiny Look and Feel TinyLaF is a Look and Feel for Java 1.4 and hig... DOWNLOAD
pingus(sfnet) Pingus X-Fi2 Pingus X-Fi2 is an Open Source, Lemmings clone ... DOWNLOAD
iqunix(sfnet) iQunix OS iQunix OS, is a 64 bit Linux operating system b... DOWNLOAD
objsql(sfnet) objSQL objSQL is a PHP5 based database access layer fo... DOWNLOAD
dmtools(sfnet) DM Tools DOWNLOAD
wayland(freshmeat) wayland Wayland is a protocol for a compositor to talk ... DOWNLOAD
tapyourpower(sfnet) Tap Your Power Graphical and audio program to assist with meri... DOWNLOAD
reefknot(sfnet) Reefknot Reefknot is an attempt to create an iCal (RFC 2... DOWNLOAD
pixelcosm(sfnet) PixelCosm PixelCosm is a sandbox game in the vein of the ... DOWNLOAD
cloudstorage12(sfnet) CloudStorage This is a linux Appliance based on Debian that ... DOWNLOAD
kickboxinggong(sfnet) Kickboxing Gong Application make a single gong sound to begin f... DOWNLOAD
pdfmy(sfnet) pdf_my DOWNLOAD
imageedit(sfnet) imageEdit imageEdit is a web based image editor written i... DOWNLOAD
openslxowr(sfnet) open-slx Weekly News This project produces a weekly newsletter about... DOWNLOAD
portgroper(sfnet) Port Groper Port Groper is an open source denial of service... DOWNLOAD
filedown(sfnet) file down DOWNLOAD
gr-bluetooth(sfnet) GR-Bluetooth An implementation of the Bluetooth baseband lay... DOWNLOAD

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