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primebench(sfnet) PrimeBench PrimeBench is a processor and RAM benchmark, wh... DOWNLOAD
anakonda(sfnet) Anakonda Nasz system Anakonda to potężny ERP na licencji... DOWNLOAD
chessjs(sfnet) JavaScript Chess Play in your Firefox browser, no installation n... DOWNLOAD
file-find-object(freshmeat) File-Find-Object File-Find-Object provides Perl programmers with... DOWNLOAD
pedometerlog(sfnet) Pedometer Log To provide Linux support for the Crivit Z31192 ... DOWNLOAD
format-junkie(sfnet) Format Junkie A Graphical User Interface user-friendly applic... DOWNLOAD
sketchdev(sfnet) Sketchdev OPEN SOURCE--- Sketch is a PHP 5 CMS system bu... DOWNLOAD
dirtboxingminec(sfnet) Dirt Boxing minecraft map DOWNLOAD
simpleaspnetgue(sfnet) Simple ASP.Net guestbook Just guestbook with ability to remove unwanted ... DOWNLOAD
guo(sfnet) Owl A funny alarm clock DOWNLOAD
emcdutilityprog(sfnet) EMCD Utility Program The EMCD Utility Program is designed to process... DOWNLOAD
afinadroid(sfnet) afinadroid El producto a obtener será una aplicación infor... DOWNLOAD
megalui(sfnet) Megalui Megalui supports Immediate-mode OpenGL drawing ... DOWNLOAD
mopsandroid(sfnet) mops-android MOPS Code, weitere Infromationen auf der Projek... DOWNLOAD
liveusb-graphic(sfnet) liveusb-graphics If you are a graphics designer looking for pack... DOWNLOAD
yqyx0353(sfnet) yqyx0353 DOWNLOAD
gothicplusplus(sfnet) Gothic++ Uwaga! Program jest w wersji Alpha, lecz posiad... DOWNLOAD
libexif(freshmeat) libexif Most digital cameras produce EXIF files, which ... DOWNLOAD
wautosize(sfnet) WAutoSize JQuery plugin for dynamically generating autosi... DOWNLOAD
rsepfprsifs(sfnet) RSE It's a program for playing runescape in full sc... DOWNLOAD
mailmarket(sfnet) MailMarket MailMarket is first intended as a desktop appli... DOWNLOAD
syoncloud(sfnet) Syoncloud Syoncloud Logs enables you to process log files... DOWNLOAD
bricero(sfnet) BriceRO Starts from 0, but will be Infinite Sooner or L... DOWNLOAD
imerge(sfnet) i-merge i-Merge, or Intelligent Merge is an automatic m... DOWNLOAD
wiimotetracking(sfnet) Wiimote_IR_Tracking DOWNLOAD
nlsampler(sfnet) NLSampler NLSampler is a software for random sampling of ... DOWNLOAD
nextcommander(sfnet) NeXT Commander A program to control every aspect of the Mindst... DOWNLOAD
jildt(sfnet) jildt DOWNLOAD
putiji(sfnet) 高职IT教育项目 高职高专,计算机网络专业,网络操作系统,计算机... DOWNLOAD
card-math(sfnet) Card Math I came up with this new card game idea in 2000 ... DOWNLOAD
bmysoftbackup(sfnet) backup DOWNLOAD
loop-aes(sfnet) loop-AES Fast and transparent file system and swap encry... DOWNLOAD
ca1culat0r(sfnet) Java calculator This is my first desktop programming project. T... DOWNLOAD
deepdigest(sfnet) DeepDigest DeepDigest is a file integrity checker. It calc... DOWNLOAD
tyvdh(sfnet) video-download-helper 土豆网和优酷网都是相当优秀的网站,其上有众多资... DOWNLOAD
icart(sfnet) icart DOWNLOAD
csharp-calc(sfnet) C_Sharp_Calculator Currently, this is the first version of an RPN ... DOWNLOAD
ambulancesim(sfnet) Ambulance Simulator I have stopped this project and decided to rele... DOWNLOAD
kozlosoft2012me(sfnet) kozlosoft 2012 memory tester 1.0 build it in Visual Studio (x64 if necessary) a... DOWNLOAD
broodkernel(sfnet) broodKernel broodKernel is a kernel that is always based on... DOWNLOAD
i9100dxlpbi9100(sfnet) I9100DXLPB_I9100OLBLPA_XXV DOWNLOAD
templaterengine(sfnet) Templater Engine To create a new dynamic website: - Open sites.p... DOWNLOAD
zima-cad-parts(sfnet) ZIMA-CAD-Parts ZIMA-CAD-Parts is a tool, develop by ZIMA-Engin... DOWNLOAD
leonardo(sfnet) Leonardo Leonardo is a Web Server developed in pure Joli... DOWNLOAD
flitsen(sfnet) Flitsen Dutch below. Program displays words that childr... DOWNLOAD
eft(sfnet) Easy File Transfer Easy File Storage is an application written in ... DOWNLOAD
brooom021(sfnet) Brooom! Brooom! is an open-source racing game made in C... DOWNLOAD
elecgroup(sfnet) elecgroup elecgroup DOWNLOAD
throughput(sfnet) throughput The Throughput repository aims to provide a mec... DOWNLOAD
locsmoc(sfnet) locsmoc Locsmoc produces piecewise polynomial models fo... DOWNLOAD
osticketperform(sfnet) osticket_performance DOWNLOAD
app-penjualan(sfnet) Aplikasi Penjualan Aplikasi kasir, stock (by: Leo Imyan) DOWNLOAD
romas403modbyks(sfnet) Rom AS 4.0.3 mod by Ksr007 DOWNLOAD
meilimsncom(sfnet) meilimsncom is a stylish sharing site DOWNLOAD
blackopsofdns(sfnet) BlackOps of DNS A whitepaper on DNS by Deepankar Arora, contain... DOWNLOAD
e-car(sfnet) e-CAR Sistema de Controle, Acompanhamento e Avaliação... DOWNLOAD
mathemapy(sfnet) Mathemapy Mathemapy is a feature-rich calculator made in ... DOWNLOAD
teleballot(sfnet) Teleballot Provide a easy to use interface for tertiary st... DOWNLOAD
boonrules(sfnet) Boon Rules The main problem of the machine learning is to ... DOWNLOAD
kinderwork(sfnet) kinder_work Temporarily not DOWNLOAD
rodin-b-sharp(sfnet) RODIN Open tool platform for the cost effective rigor... DOWNLOAD
sos-track(sfnet) SOS-track The Sensory Orientation Tracking Software (SOS-... DOWNLOAD
vifv(sfnet) Group Group( PHP + MySQL ) DOWNLOAD
go2tool(sfnet) Go2Tool This tool has the potential to eliminate the mu... DOWNLOAD
z-x-m-a-i(sfnet) Zpanelx Module Auto Install Zpanelx Module Auto Install DOWNLOAD
dsdasdsewsdasd(sfnet) d DOWNLOAD
pjsipdllmobex(sfnet) pjsipDllMobileEx DOWNLOAD
dnasong(sfnet) DNAsong this is atool that accepts a long DNA sequence ... DOWNLOAD
gamexdevel(sfnet) GameX devel DOWNLOAD
miku(sfnet) Mikubify Mikubify is a script forked from meowbify and m... DOWNLOAD
duetmerger(sfnet) Ultrastar Duet Merger This tool was created to merge two Ultrastar so... DOWNLOAD
submitproject(sfnet) submitproject DOWNLOAD
eclipse-jcde(sfnet) EclipseJCDE EclipseJCDE is a set of eclipse plugins that wr... DOWNLOAD
bpmn2bpel(sfnet) BPMN2BPEL This tool provides a framework for a transforma... DOWNLOAD
win-qb(sfnet) WinQB WinQB is a new fully Windows compatable that is... DOWNLOAD
moclog(sfnet) moclog Project in progress DOWNLOAD
mousecontroller(sfnet) MouseController MouseController lets you record and save mouse ... DOWNLOAD
mallmaze(sfnet) MallMaze Affiliate System Mallmaze Affiliate System is a system with whic... DOWNLOAD
mysql-audit(sfnet) mysql-audit This is a plugin of MySQL Server, the plugin ba... DOWNLOAD
pautos(sfnet) Pauto Network tools for Windows Enviroment. Backup,Se... DOWNLOAD
ims2flux(sfnet) iMS2Flux iMS2Flux is a command line based high-throughpu... DOWNLOAD
tubeplayer(sfnet) TubePlayer TubePlayer is an app that alows you to play you... DOWNLOAD
sofiaproject(sfnet) Sofia Este proyecto esta fundamentado en la creación ... DOWNLOAD
music2mp3(sfnet) Music to mp3 converter Do you have lots of music files in lossless or ... DOWNLOAD
tactilectrl(sfnet) TactileTableControl Software and utilities to control a tactlie 3D ... DOWNLOAD
hmgscript(sfnet) HMGScript HMGScript is a JavaScript library. The goal of... DOWNLOAD
bin2mot(sfnet) bin2mot_mot2bin - bin2mot converts a binary file to a motorola ... DOWNLOAD
dequiem(sfnet) Dequiem Dequiem is a DDoS tool written in python 2.7 DOWNLOAD
boneos(sfnet) BoneOS BoneOS is *not* a linux distro but a build envi... DOWNLOAD
gappserver(sfnet) gAppserver DOWNLOAD
gaiversion10(sfnet) GAI_Version 1.0 DOWNLOAD
sdcf(sfnet) sdcf SDCF is an extensible and highly configurable s... DOWNLOAD
otpokeball(sfnet) LauncherOTramon DOWNLOAD
datamediator(sfnet) Simple Data Mediator - SMD DOWNLOAD
quranv(sfnet) quranv DOWNLOAD
freedns-afraid(freshmeat) freedns-afraid freedns-afraid is a dynamic DNS client or updat... DOWNLOAD
coderunner(sfnet) Code Runner Code Runner is a powerful framework for automat... DOWNLOAD
asa-caltech(sfnet) Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) is a C-langu... DOWNLOAD
voidoria(freshmeat) Voidoria Voidoria is Fractal Flame rendering and animati... DOWNLOAD
pspted(sfnet) PSPTed PSPTed is a simple text editor for the PSP, whi... DOWNLOAD

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