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atomicparsley-shield-fork(freshmeat) AtomicParsley Shield Fork AtomicParsley Shield Fork is a fork of Atomic P... DOWNLOAD
serverusage(freshmeat) ServerUsage The ServerUsage system collects and processes s... DOWNLOAD
sosrestless(sfnet) SosRestless DOWNLOAD
fractest(sfnet) Fractest Full-featured fractal generator for the web, pr... DOWNLOAD
netsgraph(freshmeat) NetsGraph NetsGraph is a simple PHP class to generate sta... DOWNLOAD
speech-synthesis-for-asterisk-(freshmeat) Speech synthesis for Asterisk using MS Translator Speech synthesis for Asterisk using MS Translat... DOWNLOAD
text-translation-for-asterisk-(freshmeat) Text translation for Asterisk using MS Translator Text translation for Asterisk using MS Translat... DOWNLOAD
veldfire(freshmeat) Veldfire Veldfire is an email frontend to the Riverdrums... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-jconsent(freshmeat) Wolf Software jConsent Wolf Software jConsent is a jQuery plugin whic... DOWNLOAD
linux-huawei-unlocker(freshmeat) Linux Huawei Unlocker Linux Huawei Unlocker is a tool that attempts t... DOWNLOAD
inhibitomev1(sfnet) inhibitomev1 Viral gene products that modulate the cellular ... DOWNLOAD
twillex(sfnet) Twillex Twillex provides a tweening "engine" ... DOWNLOAD
apacheoo-deb(sfnet) Unofficial Apache OO Debian repository This project intend to provide an unofficial De... DOWNLOAD
infoburp(sfnet) infoburp infoburp presents a view to the user of a set o... DOWNLOAD
linuxposixfat(sfnet) Linux posix FAT This patch introduces POSIX attributes to FAT f... DOWNLOAD
tienda-online(sfnet) final DOWNLOAD
mintboard(freshmeat) Mintboard Mintboard is PHP forum software focused on usab... DOWNLOAD
otroslogviewer(freshmeat) OtrosLogViewer OtrosLogViewer (OLV) is software for analyzing ... DOWNLOAD
sinfo(freshmeat) sinfo sinfo is a monitoring tool that uses a broadcas... DOWNLOAD
erlami(freshmeat) erlami erlami is an AGI (asterisk manager interface) c... DOWNLOAD
rsvndump(freshmeat) rsvndump rsvndump is a command line tool that is able to... DOWNLOAD
printersetup(freshmeat) PrinterSetup PrinterSetup is a flexible printer setup system... DOWNLOAD
flamecmsproject(sfnet) Flame Cms Project FLAME-CMS es un software libre CMS que presta ... DOWNLOAD
glestlands(sfnet) glest_lands Want to create or play MegaGlest with campaigns... DOWNLOAD
cinux(sfnet) Cinux, the Greek Linux Cinux is a Linux based Operating System with Xf... DOWNLOAD
atmsoftware(sfnet) ATM DOWNLOAD
xymon(sfnet) Xymon systems and network monitor Xymon is a system for monitoring of hosts and n... DOWNLOAD
tranhhung(sfnet) Tranh Hung Webgame DOWNLOAD
ddgsearchjoomla(sfnet) DuckDuckGo Search for Joomla This Joomla module will display the official Du... DOWNLOAD
jjfirstwebproje(sfnet) jjfirstwebproject use for study coding space DOWNLOAD
vsmoexp(sfnet) VSMOExp Ontologies, which are made up by standardized a... DOWNLOAD
java-agi1412(sfnet) Learning java agi1412 DOWNLOAD
utf8stringbuf(sfnet) Utf8StringBuf Utf8StringBuf is a small wrapper around the sta... DOWNLOAD
nlarn(sfnet) NLarn A rewrite of Noah Morgan's classic roguelike ga... DOWNLOAD
erne(sfnet) erne We present ERNE (Extended Randomized Numerical ... DOWNLOAD
locanda(sfnet) Locanda Locanda is an innovative booking management sys... DOWNLOAD
mpqsanstatus(sfnet) MP QSAN STATUS Bash shell script using snmpwalk to pull out st... DOWNLOAD
kile(sfnet) Kile KDE LaTeX Editor Kile is a LaTeX source editor, TeX shell that s... DOWNLOAD
osgeo-live(sfnet) OSGeo Live OSGeo-Live is a self-contained bootable DVD, US... DOWNLOAD
rockbochspbx(sfnet) Rockbochs PBX This project serves to provide respins of some ... DOWNLOAD
rehelpstudio(sfnet) ReHelp Studio DOWNLOAD
wxipc(sfnet) wxIPC A set of user friendly interface classes, exten... DOWNLOAD
gcallerid(sfnet) GNOME Caller ID GNOME Caller ID is an application to read/displ... DOWNLOAD
java-mail(sfnet) Java Mail Client This Gmail client has been written in java. It ... DOWNLOAD
s1cr3t(sfnet) s1cr3t DOWNLOAD
pybioimage(sfnet) pyBioImage The pyBioImage is a python a python based biolo... DOWNLOAD
projectionbyk(sfnet) Projection Projection is an open source portfolio project ... DOWNLOAD
qixiakeke(sfnet) qixiake it is great DOWNLOAD
jparticle(sfnet) JParticle a java particle motion simulator program CHECK... DOWNLOAD
neon-0-28-3(sfnet) neon DOWNLOAD
sendudp(sfnet) Linux UDP Port Test - sendudp Send UDP may be used to test UDP ports, in orde... DOWNLOAD
rageoft(sfnet) Rage Of Trollickaya DOWNLOAD
cedownloader(sfnet) CEDownloader Downloading windows embedded CE binary image (*... DOWNLOAD
gate(sfnet) GATE GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering... DOWNLOAD
datamatrixscann(sfnet) DatamatrixScann.NET DataMatrixScann is fast and robust webcam datam... DOWNLOAD
kthames(sfnet) Little Shop Of Painted Things painted signs and things DOWNLOAD
androidsoap(sfnet) android soap Simple Android library providing basic class to... DOWNLOAD
mossawirlanmsg(sfnet) Mossawir Lan Messenger 3 Mossawir Lan Messegner 3.0 is peer-to-peer mess... DOWNLOAD
htgpstracker(sfnet) GPSTracker DOWNLOAD
wsdlparserformo(sfnet) WSDL Parser for Mobile WSDLParser is a C# .NET 4.0 parser that retriev... DOWNLOAD
yrswwh(sfnet) YRS WorldWideHealth DOWNLOAD
jiwt(sfnet) JIRA Workflow Toolbox This is a plugin for Atlassian JIRA to add some... DOWNLOAD
geo-dash(sfnet) Geometry Dashboard I apologize for this, but an accident occurred ... DOWNLOAD
aslm(sfnet) aslm aslm is an object orientated toolbox written in... DOWNLOAD
golemsocialbox(sfnet) Golem Social Box Golem Socialbox is a Joomla module that display... DOWNLOAD
polyalchemist(sfnet) PolyAlchemist PolyAlchemist is a game based on OpenAlchemist. DOWNLOAD
forcecopy(sfnet) Force Copy Beta v Copy corrupted files from scratch CD, DVD, Flas... DOWNLOAD
gsharebuttons(sfnet) Golem Sharebuttons This Joomla plugin display buttons that allows ... DOWNLOAD
bioinfotools(sfnet) bioinformatic Tools DOWNLOAD
tifftodicom(sfnet) TiffToDicom This is not a final version but a work in progr... DOWNLOAD
figertytheme(sfnet) Figerty Theme Figerty Theme is a new WordPress theme. Simple ... DOWNLOAD
jiaxiaoo(sfnet) jiaxiao DOWNLOAD
galacticbattle3(sfnet) Galactic Battle 3D A game where you shoot at aliens to try to get ... DOWNLOAD
nnmmod(sfnet) Ruby Dev Team 新しい自然素材 Minecraft モッズを解放し、ソース... DOWNLOAD
mumtapic(sfnet) mumtapic DOWNLOAD
aerodyn(sfnet) Aerodyn DOWNLOAD
tbxutil(sfnet) Term Base eXchange (TBX) Utilities This is a collection of tools to be used in wor... DOWNLOAD
swsrenamer(sfnet) Renamer Do you want to exclude "ugly" charact... DOWNLOAD
mathsmagic(sfnet) Maths Magic Maths Magic is a simple game to improve additio... DOWNLOAD
dymmm(sfnet) DyMMM The Dynamic Multispecies Metabolic Modeling (Dy... DOWNLOAD
related(sfnet) RELATED - REmotes LAboraTories extenED RELATED framework proposes a structured methodo... DOWNLOAD
pinguino(sfnet) Pinguino DOWNLOAD
liguix(sfnet) Light GUI XSLT Processor GUI for XSLT real time processing. Just run it... DOWNLOAD
saon(sfnet) Saon An m17n library which provides the Saon Bengali... DOWNLOAD
firstpcsuport(sfnet) first pc suport pc suport for new pc users DOWNLOAD
kwikibilling(sfnet) Kwiki Software Kwiki Billing is an open source office project ... DOWNLOAD
recordeditor(freshmeat) Record Editor Record Editor is a data file editor for CSV (Co... DOWNLOAD
avfs(freshmeat) AVFS AVFS (A Virtual File System) is an easy-to-inst... DOWNLOAD
rstt-software(sfnet) Regional Seismic Travel Time Software RSTT is a software package that improves the ac... DOWNLOAD
evaluationwsn(sfnet) Performance Evaluation Security WSN Performance evaluation of encryption and authen... DOWNLOAD
rista24(sfnet) Rista24 Rista Web Browser 2.4 is basically a VB6 web br... DOWNLOAD
iv-scr-en-ru(sfnet) Irregular Verbs EN-RU Screensaver Irregular Verbs EN-RU is an addon screen saver ... DOWNLOAD
autoloader(sfnet) PHP Autoloader The project moved to github: DOWNLOAD
medusa-2(freshmeat) Medusa Medusa is a music player which features a simpl... DOWNLOAD
wdliveinfo(sfnet) WD Live Info Editor WD Live Info Editor is a smart program that can... DOWNLOAD
imgpaper(sfnet) ImgPaper This is a windows application, that changes you... DOWNLOAD
cockman(sfnet) cockman gb ewfreg e4tferg efrew DOWNLOAD
suportequalita(sfnet) Suporte Remoto Qualità DOWNLOAD
artifact-of-mazes(freshmeat) Artifact of Mazes In Artifact of Mazes, your ship is lost in a th... DOWNLOAD
pydict(freshmeat) pyDict pyDict is an English-Chinese Chinese-English di... DOWNLOAD

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