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base64encoder(sfnet) Base64encoder Simple way to encode files and images in base64... DOWNLOAD
futty(sfnet) FuTTY FuTTY is a fork of PuTTY and PuTTYTray. DOWNLOAD
learnphp-upload(sfnet) PHP Upload PHP File upload and download in PHP DOWNLOAD
serverframework(sfnet) Unix daemon 'C' template Template for creating Unix daemons in 'C'. Pro... DOWNLOAD
pairing(sfnet) BP (Bilinear Pairing) A library encapsulating bilinear pairing comput... DOWNLOAD
kingufast1(sfnet) KingUFast …ges, which is faster than opening it in a diff... DOWNLOAD
hashme(sfnet) Hash Me Very easy and simple to use. The Hash Me is a f... DOWNLOAD
tpcommander(sfnet) TPC - Trusted Platform Commander The Trusted Platform Commander (TPC) is an open... DOWNLOAD
minimailbomber(sfnet) minimailbomber DOWNLOAD
ppuniform(sfnet) pp_uniform Nothing serious. Sample code to be tested and l... DOWNLOAD
endiskex(sfnet) EnDiskEx EnDiskEx is a command-line tool that bulk extra... DOWNLOAD
notifly(sfnet) NotiFLY DOWNLOAD
addictedhswhite(sfnet) StyleAddictedHSWhite Tema dedicado al clan addictedhs, cuenta con un... DOWNLOAD
qflow(sfnet) QFlow QFlow is a dataflow framework written in Qt whi... DOWNLOAD
smoothjazz(sfnet) Tiger's SmoothJazz Editor Tiger, from Tyger Stripe Software, has donated ... DOWNLOAD
scrubs(sfnet) Scrubs DOWNLOAD
cpplr(sfnet) cpplr DOWNLOAD
i2ccalculator(sfnet) i2C Calculator for PIC Micro-Controller DOWNLOAD
sqlcake(sfnet) sqlcake Automatic dump database & interactive sql s... DOWNLOAD
magento12(sfnet) magento DOWNLOAD
hoekery(sfnet) hoekery shop The Hoekery Shop A very simple Hoekery Shop DOWNLOAD
phpflmvc(sfnet) php-[not-single-threaded]-mvc-falsch PHP ActionSCript Falcsh DOWNLOAD
dataku(sfnet) DataKu DOWNLOAD
lover-mc(sfnet) LOVER DOWNLOAD
oxblackrhino(sfnet) ox_black_rhino DOWNLOAD
tmdbdotnet(sfnet) The Movie Database .NET Class Library The Movie Database .Net Library is a class libr... DOWNLOAD
syscli(sfnet) sysCli This tool makes it possible for you embedded de... DOWNLOAD
yuneed(sfnet) yuneed I love the game DOWNLOAD
nagios-statd(sfnet) nagios-statd patch The nagios-statd daemon allows a Nagios server ... DOWNLOAD
xiaosadyun(sfnet) 12345 DOWNLOAD
nrdbpro(sfnet) Natural Resources Database - GIS NRDB Pro is a GIS tool enabling environmental a... DOWNLOAD
nukethegummy(sfnet) Nuke The Gummy Have you ever wanted to microwave a gummy bear?... DOWNLOAD
modfs(sfnet) Modfs A dd-wrt inspired set of extensions for adsl2+ ... DOWNLOAD
bakandimgcd(freshmeat) BakAndImgCD BakAndImgCD is a small Linux-based operating sy... DOWNLOAD
hmmlab(sfnet) HMMLab HMMLab is a Hidden Markov Model editor oriented... DOWNLOAD
projrisco(sfnet) proj_risco DOWNLOAD
jsgorithm(sfnet) jsGorithm: simple algorithm animation jsGorithm is a Javascript algorithm execution v... DOWNLOAD
uniscan(sfnet) Uniscan Uniscan is a simple Remote File Include, Local ... DOWNLOAD
wendan(sfnet) poem This project DOES incorporate, access, call upo... DOWNLOAD
mythnight(sfnet) MythNight MythNight is a cross-platform ISO MPEG-4 Encode... DOWNLOAD
videoutils(sfnet) Matlab VideoUtils Matlab Toolbox to process video files, which co... DOWNLOAD
francelabs(sfnet) FranceLabsConstellio VirtualBox You can right start playing with the search and... DOWNLOAD
nstemplate(sfnet) NS Template another kind of php template the DEMO site below DOWNLOAD
rmiwebsocket(sfnet) RMI over WebSockets This project provides a library for remote meth... DOWNLOAD
wandahot(sfnet) WandaHOT DOWNLOAD
hanoiinbasic(sfnet) Hanoi in Basic This program is written in BWBasic, the version... DOWNLOAD
csdeathzone(sfnet) Counter Strike 1.6 - Death Zone DOWNLOAD
eismann(sfnet) Wo ist der der Eismann Android App Small Application to Show the current posion of... DOWNLOAD
freepager(sfnet) Free Pager DOWNLOAD
optimal-mrbayes(sfnet) Optimal MrBayes DOWNLOAD
yudtecos(sfnet) YUDtec os Site for YUDtec Operating Systems. DOWNLOAD
yasptoolkit(sfnet) YASP: Educational processor's IDE YASP (Yet Another Simple Processor) is a 8-bit ... DOWNLOAD
gpicsync(sfnet) GPicSync Automatically geocode pictures from your camera... DOWNLOAD
mylogon(sfnet) MyLogon MyLogon provides a simple, intuitive method for... DOWNLOAD
bilanciocase(sfnet) Bilancio immobili / Budget properties File Excel 2011 per tenere sotto controllo entr... DOWNLOAD
mx12005(sfnet) MX12005 This is a 4 7-seg display that can be used to m... DOWNLOAD
ossli(sfnet) ossli OSSLI tool provides a framework for analysing I... DOWNLOAD
todo4droid(sfnet) ToDo4Droid DOWNLOAD
seoulsearch(sfnet) Seoul Search Seoul Search is a user-friendly PHP/MySQL based... DOWNLOAD
explorercss(sfnet) Explorer Explorer Public Beta 1 has been released. T... DOWNLOAD
cloneutils(sfnet) CloneUtils A simple library for cloning java objects. And ... DOWNLOAD
epuce(sfnet) ePuce Ovaj program služi za izračunavalje najisplativ... DOWNLOAD
nan-sys-fwk(sfnet) Nan.System.Framework Nan.System.Framework v.1.0 (Alpha) Framework-l... DOWNLOAD
webmediaplayer(sfnet) Web Media Player Unity Lanka Web Media Player Enables Users to L... DOWNLOAD
textlib(sfnet) MS-DOS text mode library This library provides a way to easily manage th... DOWNLOAD
htmltopdfconver(sfnet) Html to Pdf Converter DOWNLOAD
game207(sfnet) Game207 Game207 is a Connect Four style strategy game. ... DOWNLOAD
envsetup(sfnet) envsetup Simple utilite for setup environment variables. DOWNLOAD
bpack2013(sfnet) bpack2013 12580 Hotel Network is a website specifically f... DOWNLOAD
xcryptfp(sfnet) XCrypt File Protector DOWNLOAD
php-ses(sfnet) PHP SimpleEventsSystem This is a simple class that allows you to creat... DOWNLOAD
googlesitesant(sfnet) GoogleSitesAnt A simple Ant task allowing for the creation and... DOWNLOAD
distro-id(sfnet) distro-id distro-id is a standalone POSIX-shell script us... DOWNLOAD
openbandaid(sfnet) OpenBandAid OpenBandAid is a collection of tools which can ... DOWNLOAD
ihope(sfnet) ihoPE A green php pack for windows portable and easy... DOWNLOAD
chatant(sfnet) ChatAnt client-server full-java chat, provided with aud... DOWNLOAD
bubblesortbash(sfnet) Bubblesort Bash Bubble sort for a list of numbers in bash / lin... DOWNLOAD
tintfu(sfnet) tintfu An editor, written in JAVA, to change every asp... DOWNLOAD
prologic(sfnet) ProLogic Enables Prolog developers to create AI modules ... DOWNLOAD
ahcpd(freshmeat) ahcpd Ahcpd is an implementation of the Ad-Hoc Config... DOWNLOAD
jf-linuxtools(sfnet) JF Linuxtools A collection of C++ code around the Linux syste... DOWNLOAD
oak(sfnet) Oak Java IRC Bot Oak is a flexible IRC bot written in Java. Cor... DOWNLOAD
servmonitor(sfnet) Server monitor Using this program you can automate some everyd... DOWNLOAD
hdch(sfnet) HeaDDaCHe Description: We propose and implement in C++ th... DOWNLOAD
hopalongbutton(sfnet) Hopalong Cassidy Button Full Color round 3" buttons DOWNLOAD
ajaxready(sfnet) AjaxReady AjaxReady is a small JavaScript library that al... DOWNLOAD
filesystemcarve(sfnet) File System Carver File System Carver (fsc) is a tool used to sepa... DOWNLOAD
soulstorm(sfnet) SoulStorm-WoW DOWNLOAD
waybackbrowser(sfnet) WayBackBrowser A browser for WayBack Machine, with this browse... DOWNLOAD
wbcypgb1(sfnet) WhiteBeam Kernel for YP-GB1 White Beam Kernel For YP-GB1 based on samsung's... DOWNLOAD
jencrypt(freshmeat) jEncrypt jEncrypt is a commandline file encryption archi... DOWNLOAD
remv(sfnet) remv A command line tool which moves files and direc... DOWNLOAD
cacheview-cz(sfnet) OperaCacheView_Cesky OperaCacheView is also available in other langu... DOWNLOAD
deepduke(sfnet) DeepDuke Chess Engine A Java Chess Engine supporting XBoard and OCI p... DOWNLOAD
apostila-python(sfnet) apostila-python Apostila de Python destinada a estudantes de pr... DOWNLOAD
fraktpro(sfnet) FraktPro Ein Fraktalgenerator mit unzähligen Einstellmög... DOWNLOAD
al-seeti(sfnet) seeti Seeti is a tiny program that computes how much ... DOWNLOAD
gpstools-droid(sfnet) GPS Tools DOWNLOAD
ascentofman(sfnet) Ascent of Man Fork of ROMAND. DOWNLOAD
clovisgrid(sfnet) ClovisGrid This program runs a simple grid that displays o... DOWNLOAD

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