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eliteogl(sfnet) Eliteogl A cpp/OpenGL implementation of classic game Elite DOWNLOAD
grire(sfnet) Golden Retriever-Image Retrieval Engine The GRire library is a light-weight but complet... DOWNLOAD
rcplugins(sfnet) move seen messages roundcube plugin Round Cube plugin to move automatically messag... DOWNLOAD
homecollection(sfnet) HomeCollection Program for creation of various collections: bo... DOWNLOAD
jokteyagan(sfnet) Jokte Yagán Servidor Web para GNU/Linux con Jokte CMS prein... DOWNLOAD
intellisense(sfnet) IntelliSense DOWNLOAD
rear(sfnet) Relax-and-Recover ** This project has moved to a new location: ht... DOWNLOAD
cascadescan(sfnet) cascade_scan Signal transduction plays an essential role in ... DOWNLOAD
bitstronger(sfnet) BitStronger The "BitStronger" is a Chinese chess ... DOWNLOAD
birghpcc(sfnet) birgHPCC birgHPCC is a major improvement over birgHPC. W... DOWNLOAD
cpulimit(freshmeat) cpulimit cpulimit is a simple program that attempts to l... DOWNLOAD
rmligs(freshmeat) rmligs rmligs is a Perl script to remove incorrectly-u... DOWNLOAD
sc2replayresume(sfnet) SC2 replay resume thing This is a project originally created by TheSupe... DOWNLOAD
fractalnow(sfnet) FractalNow FractalNow provides users with tools to generat... DOWNLOAD
ubuntugrsec(sfnet) Grsecurity Images This project hosts stable debian-based packages... DOWNLOAD
breakingout(sfnet) Breaking Out Game is implemented in java with sound effect a... DOWNLOAD
wsdlpull(sfnet) C++ Web services wsdlpull is an efficient and powerful command l... DOWNLOAD
snmp-agent-sim(sfnet) SnmpAgentSimulator - Free tool to simulate thousands of SNMP node... DOWNLOAD
upcloud(sfnet) Upcloud 阿里云存储 简单上传系统 DOWNLOAD
umpledot(sfnet) umpledot Some code collected from my old UML/Dot project... DOWNLOAD
trueorfalse(sfnet) True or False This program is in the experimental stage of de... DOWNLOAD
jquickcontact(sfnet) JQuickContact JQuickContact is component for joomla CMS, disp... DOWNLOAD
huaxirenblog(sfnet) blog Hi,I'm Jiaxin DOWNLOAD
waytosms(sfnet) Way to Sms "Way to Sms" is a desktop application... DOWNLOAD
tea-chest(sfnet) Tea Chest Tea Chest is a Java archiving solution. It allo... DOWNLOAD
waf666(sfnet) waf test DOWNLOAD
superprojet(sfnet) superprojet DOWNLOAD
cthreading(sfnet) parallel++ parallel++ is a library designed to provide a s... DOWNLOAD
scrum-it(sfnet) Scrum-it ** Not supported anymore ** Scrum-it supports a... DOWNLOAD
limplayer(sfnet) LIMP DOWNLOAD
ios-nexus-perl(sfnet) CiscoRouter-perl Reliable and reusable perl mod... DOWNLOAD
pacmantenedor(sfnet) PacMan DOWNLOAD
chronojava(sfnet) Chrono java DOWNLOAD
zodz-mantra(sfnet) Mantra Test DOWNLOAD
of201ugrus(sfnet) OpenFOAM-2.0.1-UG-RUS In Latex. DOWNLOAD
dbnorm(sfnet) DBNorm This software helps to suggest a normailzed for... DOWNLOAD
rista28(sfnet) Rista28 Rista Web browser 2.8 updated and rectified DOWNLOAD
jscript-http(sfnet) JScript + HTTP DOWNLOAD
icplquant(sfnet) ICPLQuant and ICPL_ESIQuant A new software suite, ICPLQuant, has been devel... DOWNLOAD
uberimaging(sfnet) UberImaging UberImaging centrally controls the disk imaging... DOWNLOAD
coursemgmt(sfnet) CourseManagementSystem DOWNLOAD
wpfoldpage(sfnet) WordPress Fold Page Respository for the WordPress Fold Page Menus p... DOWNLOAD
sg-manager(sfnet) Savegame Manager Savegame Manager is an independent and complete... DOWNLOAD
darksidetools(sfnet) DARKSIDE.TOOLS DOWNLOAD
cowserverstuff(sfnet) cowserverstuff DOWNLOAD
androidrobotics(sfnet) AndroidRobotControl I made this android application for a "Gos... DOWNLOAD
brsfm(sfnet) BRS FM BRS Radio FM Community, On Air, Pop Manado, Swe... DOWNLOAD
babelweb(freshmeat) BabelWeb Babelweb is a Web-based monitoring tool for the... DOWNLOAD
tvmumu(sfnet) tvmumu rweyyyywey DOWNLOAD
radixplayer(sfnet) Radix Player Easily convert any number to any valid radix us... DOWNLOAD
fastrec(sfnet) FastRec alpha stage screen recroder DOWNLOAD
rengelcms(sfnet) RengelCMS Simple website template which is easy to connec... DOWNLOAD
autotraining(sfnet) AutoTraining This download is currently not working, link to... DOWNLOAD
misfitcubed(sfnet) Misfit Cubed Misfit Modeller 3D is our favorite open source,... DOWNLOAD
fltracker(sfnet) FLTracker A tracker-style MIDI sequencer for linux. DOWNLOAD
loki-render(sfnet) Loki Render Loki Render allows you to create your own rende... DOWNLOAD
allocpsa(sfnet) allocPSA allocPSA, the premier online Professional Servi... DOWNLOAD
namelessengine(sfnet) Nameless Engine Nameless Engine is an open source game framewor... DOWNLOAD
dungeon2011(sfnet) Dungeon SQL Server Dungeon2011 is a generic, no-DDL, all-purpose d... DOWNLOAD
stoneage2(sfnet) StoneAge 2 ---Einführung in StoneAge 2--- StoneAge 2 ist e... DOWNLOAD
broodrom(sfnet) broodROM RC5 Released! (22-04-2012) Custom ROM for Samsu... DOWNLOAD
beadm(sfnet) beadm Illumos/Solaris-like utility for FreeBSD to man... DOWNLOAD
bree(sfnet) Bree DOWNLOAD
pdcodelab(sfnet) pd-codelab pd-codelab is a collection of abstractions, pat... DOWNLOAD
eternal-mvc(sfnet) EternalMVC EternalMVC is a lightweight MVC framework writt... DOWNLOAD
usunpokertools(sfnet) usunpokertools tournament and cash poker tools: integration wi... DOWNLOAD
euclidslattice(sfnet) Euclid's Lattice Distributes points in n dimensional space, with... DOWNLOAD
mmc-project(sfnet) My Movies Collection Cataloguer movies and TV series. Allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
botux-vcu(sfnet) BOTUX DOWNLOAD
prezoom(sfnet) Prezoom The plugin assists in creating: * structured pr... DOWNLOAD
perfectpitch(sfnet) Perfect Pitch Tester This program is for musicians to help develop p... DOWNLOAD
reveng(sfnet) CRC RevEng CRC RevEng is a portable, arbitrary-precision C... DOWNLOAD
tsgp(sfnet) Planning at King's Various planners, as released by planning resea... DOWNLOAD
long-range-zip(freshmeat) Long Range ZIP LRZIP is a compression program and library that... DOWNLOAD
transqript(sfnet) transqript transqript can be used to transcribe audio file... DOWNLOAD
swfstopmotion(sfnet) SWF Stop Motion Movie Assembler Utility software that assembles some provided p... DOWNLOAD
csservminecraft(sfnet) client/serveur gestion serveur minecraft client/serveur pour la gestion de serveur minec... DOWNLOAD
kaduportable(sfnet) Kadu portable DOWNLOAD
grapemachine(sfnet) Grape Machine A small, Java based toolkit for finding delay t... DOWNLOAD
pfcrfid(sfnet) PFCRFID DOWNLOAD
pass12(freshmeat) pass12 pass12 is a program that generates 12-character... DOWNLOAD
dataroller(sfnet) DataRoller Fill your database with test data, move in and ... DOWNLOAD
arrr(sfnet) Al's Really Rad Resume Reader Al's Really Rad Resume Reader (ARRR) helps you ... DOWNLOAD
ssdata(sfnet) Gooper1's Data Pack G1DP is a fully-featured starter pack for Skysc... DOWNLOAD
keepalived(freshmeat) Keepalived for Linux Keepalived for LVS aims to add a strong and rob... DOWNLOAD
coffeemud(sfnet) CoffeeMud CoffeeMud is a text-based fantasy Virtual Reali... DOWNLOAD
oaiharvestmangr(sfnet) OAI-PMH Harvester Manager OAI-PMH Harvester Manager is a Web Application ... DOWNLOAD
brnativo(sfnet) Teclado Brasileiro Nativo Projeto da criação e manutenção do layout brasi... DOWNLOAD
self-commerce(sfnet) Self-Commerce Self-Commerce is a powerfull Opensource e-Comme... DOWNLOAD
mffmgtkwrapper(sfnet) MFFM GTK classes This project has been replaced by : https://s... DOWNLOAD
eivis(sfnet) ElVIS A desktop interface to inquiry negative records... DOWNLOAD
pccp(sfnet) Planilha - Cálculo Cartão de Ponto Planilha de cálculo de horas extras e atrasos d... DOWNLOAD
labviewapple2(sfnet) LabVIEW Apple II Emulator An Apple II emulator written in LabVIEW DOWNLOAD
vbal(sfnet) VBAl VisualBoyAdvance fork with new timing, video an... DOWNLOAD
musikfete(sfnet) Musik fete DOWNLOAD
mfdownloads(sfnet) MF DOWNLOADS DOWNLOAD
jcodewordpuzzle(sfnet) jCodeword-Puzzle Codeword Puzzle, a crossword-like puzzle with a... DOWNLOAD
freebsd(freshmeat) FreeBSD Briefly, FreeBSD is a UNIX operating system bas... DOWNLOAD
mpmp(freshmeat) Minimum Profit Minimum Profit (mp) is a programmer's text edit... DOWNLOAD
eztest(sfnet) ezTest A unit test framework for standalone C++, Pytho... DOWNLOAD

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