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johnray(sfnet) Computer03 DOWNLOAD
ifsvnadmin(sfnet) iF.SVNAdmin The iF.SVNAdmin application is a web based GUI ... DOWNLOAD
embedthis-bit(freshmeat) Embedthis MakeMe Embedthis MakeMe replaces both autoconf and mak... DOWNLOAD
zyeye(sfnet) zyeye zyeyezyeyezyeyezyeye DOWNLOAD
swarmstuff(sfnet) Swarm stuff DOWNLOAD
personalrp(sfnet) Personal Resource Planning he underlying idea of the project is to adopt E... DOWNLOAD
emulergame(sfnet) Emuler Game Emuler Game DOWNLOAD
recursionlab(sfnet) Recursion Lab Take two reference points and use them to defin... DOWNLOAD
marcella(sfnet) Marcella Projeto de Controlador de Braço Robotico feito ... DOWNLOAD
futurewarcraft(sfnet) Future WarCraft A Minecraft Mod that adds futuristic weapons an... DOWNLOAD
kcradio(sfnet) kcradio DOWNLOAD
tiendaonline(sfnet) Tienda Online Tienda Online is a site that allows easily offe... DOWNLOAD
sgsrfsunpacker(sfnet) Android RFS unpacker A small tool to extract files from RFS image un... DOWNLOAD
nickysamsnotes(sfnet) QuickNotes by NickySams DOWNLOAD
vstereoplotter(sfnet) Virtual Stereoplotter Virtual Stereoplotter is a digital stereo aeria... DOWNLOAD
batchsh(sfnet) This bash script will accept a job file as an i... DOWNLOAD
personalfinan(sfnet) Personal Financier Personal Financier is a tool to track expenses ... DOWNLOAD
iwc-py(sfnet) Inline Word Comments This is a quick and dirty python script for tak... DOWNLOAD
andsdcproject(sfnet) ANDS Data Capture Project A customized GeoNetwork Version 2.7 to enable t... DOWNLOAD
bindlocal(sfnet) bind-local This project creates a simple RPM package that,... DOWNLOAD
psfw(sfnet) PySort for Windows PySort is an application for people that helps ... DOWNLOAD
shark-vlibrary(sfnet) Shark Virtual Library Shark Virtual Library (shark-vlibrary) allows t... DOWNLOAD
hjprocessmanage(sfnet) HackerJLY Process Manager HackerJLY Process Manager DOWNLOAD
totestforge(sfnet) testSourceForge 在这里我填了一些详细的描述文字,你们可以了解这... DOWNLOAD
igfw(sfnet) igfw Strong Nine to play browser! Phone can be comp... DOWNLOAD
mudletmmmapper(sfnet) Mudlet Scripts for Materia Magica Introducing MMGUI! I've modified the sample sc... DOWNLOAD
madhavantest(sfnet) madhavan test DOWNLOAD
eegerpportal(sfnet) EEG/ERP portal DOWNLOAD
boxbilling-cn(sfnet) BoxBilling中文本地化项目 DOWNLOAD
kiwi1(sfnet) Kiwi DOWNLOAD
translatevcf(sfnet) Translate VCF Takes vcf file input and determines functional ... DOWNLOAD
virtualincampus(sfnet) Virtualization in Campus This is our final year project.The education ... DOWNLOAD
jormanyq(sfnet) jormanyq principla DOWNLOAD
brickandpaddle(sfnet) Brick_breaker The target of this game is to break all the bri... DOWNLOAD
hcmone(sfnet) hcmone Basic application to automate the process. Also... DOWNLOAD
psqlmc(sfnet) postgresql management console This is a GUI client for Postgresql. To fully m... DOWNLOAD
bghljy(sfnet) bghljy the sun shines again after rain DOWNLOAD
backupmon(sfnet) Backup Monitor RSYNC Backup front-end with Web Interface, emai... DOWNLOAD
jmd-program(sfnet) JMD - Music Download JMD - Music Download internet üzerinden kolayca... DOWNLOAD
worldvoicerecog(sfnet) World Voice Recognition World Voice Recognition est un programme OpenSo... DOWNLOAD
cookieconfirm(sfnet) CookieConfirm CookieConfirm is een cookie acceptatie plugin v... DOWNLOAD
moodlerestjava(sfnet) MoodleRest Java Library Java library for access to Moodle's web service... DOWNLOAD
fgergerger(sfnet) fgergerger DOWNLOAD
repogenerator(sfnet) RepoGenerator DOWNLOAD
libzdb(freshmeat) libzdb Libzdb is a database library with thread-safe c... DOWNLOAD
wordpadxppatche(sfnet) wordpad-xp-patched I have patched wordpad, the free easy wordproce... DOWNLOAD
termprojecthm(sfnet) 15112 Term Project Haunted Mansion In this game, a player is placed in a graveyard... DOWNLOAD
apach2top(freshmeat) apache2top apache2top is a small program that provides a s... DOWNLOAD
pretty-markup(sfnet) Markup pretty-printer This is an OmniMark markup filter library that ... DOWNLOAD
joelib(sfnet) JOELib/JOELib2 JOELib/JOELib2 is a cheminformatics library whi... DOWNLOAD
cutemupen(freshmeat) CuteMupen CuteMupen is a front-end for the Mupen64Plus Ni... DOWNLOAD
photocop(sfnet) Photo Cop Photo cop is a small set of command line utilit... DOWNLOAD
apelon-dts(sfnet) Apelon DTS The Apelon DTS (Distributed Terminology System)... DOWNLOAD
personalfirewal(sfnet) Personal Firewall simple packet filter library using Ip Helper Ap... DOWNLOAD
bilingualsearch(sfnet) Sobotong Bilingual Search Chrome Plugin for Bilingual Search with soboton... DOWNLOAD
banalprobe(sfnet) BanalProbe Automatically scrapes incoming messages from OK... DOWNLOAD
iraniancal(sfnet) Iranian (Shamsi) Calendar Metro UI This is a small application displaying Iranian ... DOWNLOAD
visnow(sfnet) VisNow DOWNLOAD
statsmodels(freshmeat) statsmodels statsmodels is a Python package which provides ... DOWNLOAD
untwisted(sfnet) untwisted A library for asynchronous programming in python. DOWNLOAD
lasagne-unifi(sfnet) LASAGNE LASAGNE is a Java GUI application which allows ... DOWNLOAD
tesismaylett(sfnet) Tesis Maylett Desarrollo de un programa de elementos finitos ... DOWNLOAD
html-transforms(sfnet) HTML transforms The HTML transforms project is a library of str... DOWNLOAD
hiif(sfnet) hiif hiif DOWNLOAD
d-p-t(sfnet) d-p-t DOWNLOAD
omnirave(sfnet) omnirave DOWNLOAD
drukkar(freshmeat) Drukkar Drukkar is a lightweight blog engine and CMS wr... DOWNLOAD
ceie(sfnet) ceie DOWNLOAD
fpga-session(sfnet) FPGA Session Control [FSC] Current trends in Reconfigurable Computing poin... DOWNLOAD
protms(sfnet) protein-ms Tools for mass spectrometry, especially for pro... DOWNLOAD
burp(freshmeat) Burp Burp is a program that backs up and restores da... DOWNLOAD
nmtcsi(sfnet) nmtcsi NMT CSI Installable packages for 100/200/300/40... DOWNLOAD
omsi-rd-r2l-cvr(sfnet) OMSI Road R2L Converters This is a project homepage for 2 converters inc... DOWNLOAD
ramsamyog(sfnet) NetGenesis DOWNLOAD
myrafproject(sfnet) MYRaf Project The MYRaf is a practicable astronomical image r... DOWNLOAD
mail_fetch(freshmeat) mail_fetch mail_fetch is a system that retrieves and filte... DOWNLOAD
rescol(sfnet) Rescol Rescol is an electronic design tool able to ass... DOWNLOAD
tmx2text(sfnet) tmx2text Tmx2text provides a simple interface to extract... DOWNLOAD
filebot-tv-renamer(freshmeat) FileBot FileBot is a tool for renaming movies, TV shows... DOWNLOAD
dnb-conv-tools(sfnet) Conversion Tools For Libraries A variety of tools to convert different metada... DOWNLOAD
zorba(freshmeat) Zorba Zorba is a general-purpose XQuery processor imp... DOWNLOAD
jsong(sfnet) JSong This is a little project I've been working on f... DOWNLOAD
jsonc(freshmeat) json.c json.c is a small JSON library in C supporting ... DOWNLOAD
rimejap(sfnet) rimejap DOWNLOAD
dailydevotional(sfnet) Daily Devotional This is our first project uploaded in a web hos... DOWNLOAD
tuxmot(sfnet) TuxMoT TuxMoT is an application to interact with HSDPA... DOWNLOAD
cronet(sfnet) Cronet Cronet is a webbrowser DOWNLOAD
searchenginepro(sfnet) Search Engine Pro This was created to help you search for what yo... DOWNLOAD
akilla(sfnet) autokiller Application used for automatic killing molestfu... DOWNLOAD
autoregister(sfnet) AutoRegister Registration for clients without user Browser i... DOWNLOAD
pyrtflib(sfnet) PyRtfLib PyRtfLib is a python library that provides a pa... DOWNLOAD
simple-mtpfs(freshmeat) SIMPLE-MTPFS SIMPLE-MTPFS (Simple Media Transfer Protocol Fi... DOWNLOAD
portvideo(sfnet) PortVideo A cross-platform camera framework that provides... DOWNLOAD
treecle(freshmeat) Treecle Treecle creates and maintains user-defined cust... DOWNLOAD
aistockbot(sfnet) AIStockBot AIStockBot aims to become the greatest Technica... DOWNLOAD
hdashuttle(sfnet) SFS Die ist ein Projekt der Hochschule Darmstadt DOWNLOAD
akane(sfnet) Akane UPDATE: Development has tentatively restarted. ... DOWNLOAD
rubystack(freshmeat) BitNami RubyStack BitNami RubyStack provides a fast, easy way to ... DOWNLOAD
jinah(sfnet) JINAH - Java Is Not A Hammer JINAH gathers minimalistic libraries that helps... DOWNLOAD
consoletube(freshmeat) ConsoleTube ConsoleTube is a YouTube client for console lov... DOWNLOAD

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