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bbfmmgpu(sfnet) bbFMM on GPU The goal of this project is to develop a high-p... DOWNLOAD
hacktop(sfnet) Hacktop An operating system based on OpenSuSE, and dire... DOWNLOAD
anguish(sfnet) Anguish-The fear born of anxiety First fully game from Happy Frankenstein. John ... DOWNLOAD
aokpeclipse(sfnet) AOKP Eclipse DOWNLOAD
keepasssd(sfnet) KeePass for Smart Devices This project hosts the Windows Mobile ports of ... DOWNLOAD
diffstats(sfnet) DiffStats DiffStats analyzes diff files. It counts lines ... DOWNLOAD
hl7labconnect(sfnet) HL7LabConnect HL7LabConnect allows to create channels for rec... DOWNLOAD
synswarm(sfnet) synswarm DOWNLOAD
mugu-rpg(sfnet) Mugustatia RPG An RPG set in the world of Mugustatia. Native ... DOWNLOAD
aspjqueryctrls(sfnet) ASP.NET + JQuery Server Controls This library contains a fair few (some12 or so)... DOWNLOAD
minezombies(sfnet) Minecraft Map:Mine Zombies DOWNLOAD
hydrogen(sfnet) Hydrogen Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Li... DOWNLOAD
aftonbladet(sfnet) Aftonbladet RSS-läsare v1.0 Aftonbladet RSS-läsare v1.0 DOWNLOAD
realignmentjd(sfnet) Realignment for JD-Eclipse Realignment fragment for JD-Eclipse host plug-i... DOWNLOAD
cryptthekeeper(sfnet) CryptKeeper Basic text file encryption & decryption. Ca... DOWNLOAD
myra(sfnet) myra Myra is a cross-platform Ant Colony Optimisatio... DOWNLOAD
dot-net-shooter(sfnet) Shooter Das ist einer meiner ersten versuche an .NET un... DOWNLOAD
tistotest(sfnet) tistotest DOWNLOAD
hermes(sfnet) Hermes Natural Language Processing Hermes is a repository of software, documentati... DOWNLOAD
speedycomposer(sfnet) Speedy Composer Speedy Composer is a composition software that ... DOWNLOAD
pic18devboard(sfnet) PIC18 Dev Board A 28 Pin PIC Development Board for the PIC18 se... DOWNLOAD
badwords(sfnet) BadWords BadWords is a simple Wordfilter Plugin for Bukk... DOWNLOAD
icsromvk(sfnet) ICS Rom --VK--™ DOWNLOAD
exceldataset(sfnet) ExcelDataSet In Excel have you ever wanted to have database ... DOWNLOAD
cadastrodepesso(sfnet) Cadastro de Pessoas Java WEB DOWNLOAD
oinstall(sfnet) oInstall OInstall is written in Python, and uses XML as ... DOWNLOAD
isell8(sfnet) iSell ifaith is a JEE architecture we written for dev... DOWNLOAD
javabasedforexp(sfnet) Java based forex platform A trading for platform written mainly to trade ... DOWNLOAD
maxxx-cal1(sfnet) Calculator (basic) DOWNLOAD
jumaru(sfnet) Jumaru Multiplatform sidescroller jump and run game en... DOWNLOAD
construtsor(sfnet) construtsor construtsor it's a visual struts development to... DOWNLOAD
cmmusic(sfnet) CMMusic a front looks like xmms of mplayer which base o... DOWNLOAD
datamatrixnet(sfnet) A C#/.net-library for encoding and decoding Dat... DOWNLOAD
newsstar(sfnet) newsstar A multithreaded NNTP transport designed to tran... DOWNLOAD
psp-devel(sfnet) psp-devel Package allowing to develop for the sony psp ga... DOWNLOAD
iterate(sfnet) iterate Iterate is an implementation of the Bravais-lat... DOWNLOAD
gags-2012(sfnet) Gestor Administrativo de Grupos Scouts DOWNLOAD
strace(sfnet) strace strace is a system call tracer, i.e. a debuggi... DOWNLOAD
minixindep(sfnet) MinixIndependent DOWNLOAD
cfpybmkconv(sfnet) cfpybmkconv Bookmarks converter. Has command line interface... DOWNLOAD
wdialog(sfnet) WDialog framework for web applications WDialog is a system to make dialog-centric web ... DOWNLOAD
testprojectpl(sfnet) Test Project PL Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisi... DOWNLOAD
ddclient(sfnet) ddclient Ddclient is a Perl client used to update dynami... DOWNLOAD
markup-referent(sfnet) Markup referents This library emulates OmniMark's built-in refer... DOWNLOAD
idea2os(sfnet) IDEA 2 OS IDEA O 2 OS e hum aplicativo CRIADO NA Linguage... DOWNLOAD
tkrow(sfnet) TkRow TkRow is a simple row counter to help with your... DOWNLOAD
htmltagger(sfnet) HtmlTagger MP3 ID3 tagger which takes its info from a HTML... DOWNLOAD
unix2windows(sfnet) unix2windows This is about replacing the new line characters... DOWNLOAD
m2engine(sfnet) 3KM2 DOWNLOAD
nicom(sfnet) niCom niCom is a Collaborating Environment, targeting... DOWNLOAD
xllo-flashtest(sfnet) Flash Test Each player has a designated button which he wi... DOWNLOAD
banta(sfnet) Banta Banta keeps clean your daily work. Banta helps ... DOWNLOAD
qq82292384(sfnet) qq82292384 qq82292384 DOWNLOAD
dmcons-skills(sfnet) DM Console - Skill Challenges A compact and small console tool for easy Skill... DOWNLOAD
hj-mail-sender(sfnet) HackerJLY Mail Sender HackerJLY Mail Sender - Let MailBox As Your Mam... DOWNLOAD
tovido(sfnet) Tovido This is a torrent client that will allow you to... DOWNLOAD
phylosort(sfnet) PhyloSort PhyloSort sorts phylogenetic trees by searching... DOWNLOAD
cviewpackages(sfnet) CView Binary Packages CView is a data visualization tool which can be... DOWNLOAD
n-cms(sfnet) N'CMS Les N-CMS sont des CMS gratuits et Open-Source.... DOWNLOAD
seo-optimizer(sfnet) SEO optimizer Free open source project. Meta Tags generator DOWNLOAD
jbossdemovms(sfnet) JBoss Demo VMs This project provides a number of virtual machi... DOWNLOAD
hj-pe-parser(sfnet) HackerJLY PE Parser HackerJLY PE Parser DOWNLOAD
bbtools(sfnet) bbtools bbtools is a set of simple and small desktop to... DOWNLOAD
johnray(sfnet) Computer03 DOWNLOAD
ifsvnadmin(sfnet) iF.SVNAdmin The iF.SVNAdmin application is a web based GUI ... DOWNLOAD
embedthis-bit(freshmeat) Embedthis MakeMe Embedthis MakeMe replaces both autoconf and mak... DOWNLOAD
zyeye(sfnet) zyeye zyeyezyeyezyeyezyeye DOWNLOAD
swarmstuff(sfnet) Swarm stuff DOWNLOAD
personalrp(sfnet) Personal Resource Planning he underlying idea of the project is to adopt E... DOWNLOAD
emulergame(sfnet) Emuler Game Emuler Game DOWNLOAD
recursionlab(sfnet) Recursion Lab Take two reference points and use them to defin... DOWNLOAD
marcella(sfnet) Marcella Projeto de Controlador de Braço Robotico feito ... DOWNLOAD
futurewarcraft(sfnet) Future WarCraft A Minecraft Mod that adds futuristic weapons an... DOWNLOAD
kcradio(sfnet) kcradio DOWNLOAD
tiendaonline(sfnet) Tienda Online Tienda Online is a site that allows easily offe... DOWNLOAD
sgsrfsunpacker(sfnet) Android RFS unpacker A small tool to extract files from RFS image un... DOWNLOAD
nickysamsnotes(sfnet) QuickNotes by NickySams DOWNLOAD
vstereoplotter(sfnet) Virtual Stereoplotter Virtual Stereoplotter is a digital stereo aeria... DOWNLOAD
batchsh(sfnet) This bash script will accept a job file as an i... DOWNLOAD
personalfinan(sfnet) Personal Financier Personal Financier is a tool to track expenses ... DOWNLOAD
iwc-py(sfnet) Inline Word Comments This is a quick and dirty python script for tak... DOWNLOAD
andsdcproject(sfnet) ANDS Data Capture Project A customized GeoNetwork Version 2.7 to enable t... DOWNLOAD
bindlocal(sfnet) bind-local This project creates a simple RPM package that,... DOWNLOAD
psfw(sfnet) PySort for Windows PySort is an application for people that helps ... DOWNLOAD
shark-vlibrary(sfnet) Shark Virtual Library Shark Virtual Library (shark-vlibrary) allows t... DOWNLOAD
hjprocessmanage(sfnet) HackerJLY Process Manager HackerJLY Process Manager DOWNLOAD
totestforge(sfnet) testSourceForge 在这里我填了一些详细的描述文字,你们可以了解这... DOWNLOAD
igfw(sfnet) igfw Strong Nine to play browser! Phone can be comp... DOWNLOAD
mudletmmmapper(sfnet) Mudlet Scripts for Materia Magica Introducing MMGUI! I've modified the sample sc... DOWNLOAD
madhavantest(sfnet) madhavan test DOWNLOAD
eegerpportal(sfnet) EEG/ERP portal DOWNLOAD
boxbilling-cn(sfnet) BoxBilling中文本地化项目 DOWNLOAD
kiwi1(sfnet) Kiwi DOWNLOAD
translatevcf(sfnet) Translate VCF Takes vcf file input and determines functional ... DOWNLOAD
virtualincampus(sfnet) Virtualization in Campus This is our final year project.The education ... DOWNLOAD
jormanyq(sfnet) jormanyq principla DOWNLOAD
brickandpaddle(sfnet) Brick_breaker The target of this game is to break all the bri... DOWNLOAD
hcmone(sfnet) hcmone Basic application to automate the process. Also... DOWNLOAD
psqlmc(sfnet) postgresql management console This is a GUI client for Postgresql. To fully m... DOWNLOAD
bghljy(sfnet) bghljy the sun shines again after rain DOWNLOAD

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