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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
cnacl(sfnet) cnacl ceshi DOWNLOAD
camero(sfnet) Camero businees DOWNLOAD
supermegasena(sfnet) SuperMegaSena O SuperMegaSena reúne os resultados obtidos nos... DOWNLOAD
upload4tinymce(sfnet) tinyMCE upload plugin A friendly, easy-to-use file upload plugin for ... DOWNLOAD
hbled(sfnet) HBLedDisplay HB LED Diplay is a tool for PIC programming DOWNLOAD
burncdda(sfnet) burnCDDA burnCDDA is a console frontend to cdrdao, cdrec... DOWNLOAD
wormsw(sfnet) Worms of Wormcraft DOWNLOAD
n2ktech(sfnet) n2ktech DOWNLOAD
get-ckeditor(sfnet) Google Event Tracker - CKEditor Plugin This is a plugin for the CKEditor. It is to as... DOWNLOAD
iolscripter(sfnet) IOL Scripter is a web portal where a user... DOWNLOAD
patchwamp(sfnet) patch wamp DOWNLOAD
favsplanet(sfnet) FAVS FAVS allows teachers display content from their... DOWNLOAD
javafsm(sfnet) Java FiniteStateMachine Implementation of a few Finite Automata in Java... DOWNLOAD
imagecombo(sfnet) ImageCombo The ImageCombo class represents a selectable us... DOWNLOAD
xiaobaiass(sfnet) xiaobaiass DOWNLOAD
unamegui(sfnet) UNAME-GUI A Simple GUI developed for finding the Linux Ke... DOWNLOAD
tblcsharp(sfnet) TBL-C# DOWNLOAD
socketsimple(sfnet) socket_simple DOWNLOAD
fusexfs(sfnet) fuse-xfs Fuse-xfs is a MacFuse (OSXFUSE) driver for XFS ... DOWNLOAD
stlarchfont(sfnet) stlarch_font Font with "icons" for status bars, et... DOWNLOAD
pydpf(sfnet) PyDPF PyDPF - A Digital Picture Frame Application to ... DOWNLOAD
jeudezombies(sfnet) Jeu de Zombies Un jeu de tir à la 3ème personne où le joueur d... DOWNLOAD
vbprogs.berlios(sfnet) VB_programs This are some programs (and snippets) I found d... DOWNLOAD
sysinit(sfnet) sysinit "sysinit" is a system initialization ... DOWNLOAD
xenomaikernel(sfnet) Xenomai Kernel Images This is a sister-project of [1] where I maintai... DOWNLOAD
ommultimeter(sfnet) OM Multimeter OM Open-source multimeter is a hobby project of... DOWNLOAD
svcdisclsr(sfnet) Service Disclosure tool Almost all Windows services run inside svchost.... DOWNLOAD
qt(freshmeat) Qt Qt is a comprehensive, object-oriented developm... DOWNLOAD
glenlau(sfnet) blog-glenlau URL: IP:216.34.... DOWNLOAD
phorkie(freshmeat) phorkie phorkie is a self-hosted pastebin system. Paste... DOWNLOAD
gacexplorer(sfnet) GAC Explorer This application can be used by DotNet Develope... DOWNLOAD
way2smsmessages(sfnet) way2sms message sender This script helps you to send sms via this scri... DOWNLOAD
endoshield(sfnet) EndoShield This is an easily configurable firewall which r... DOWNLOAD
tarifadorcentra(sfnet) Tarifador Centralizado Tarifador centralizado, para uso em qualquer ce... DOWNLOAD
candylin(sfnet) candylin 111111 DOWNLOAD
oge2d(sfnet) oge2d Open Game Engine 2D is a full features and cros... DOWNLOAD
bayesiancortex(sfnet) BayesianCortex A paint program where the canvas is the visual ... DOWNLOAD
ckdialoguehelp(sfnet) CKDialogueHelp Skyrim CK Dialogue Help posted here as requeste... DOWNLOAD
platec(sfnet) PlaTec PlaTec is a 2D terrain generator that uses a si... DOWNLOAD
universalindent(sfnet) UniversalIndentGUI A cross platform GUI for several code formatter... DOWNLOAD
proxyswap(sfnet) ProxySwap ProxySwap is a small Windows application, writt... DOWNLOAD
bitbang(sfnet) BitBang BitBang is an agent-based simulation framework,... DOWNLOAD
robot-park-tang(sfnet) robot-park tangible programming Robot-Park is a Tangible Programming language f... DOWNLOAD
rlboleto(sfnet) RLBoleto O componente RLBoleto é um projeto Open Source ... DOWNLOAD
mbscware-imgres(sfnet) mbscWare Image Resizer It happens quite often that pictures are too bi... DOWNLOAD
hunterconsole(sfnet) Hunter Console Updated Daily, this project is quite small at t... DOWNLOAD
kumoonrevival(sfnet) Kumoon Revival I am in the process of creating am extra set of... DOWNLOAD
sshkeychain(sfnet) SSHKeychain SSHKeychain is a GUI front-end for ssh-agent an... DOWNLOAD
pskeyrun(sfnet) PsKeyrun Eliminador de inicio de programas al arrancar w... DOWNLOAD
coptershyna(sfnet) Vicacopter: autonomous helicopters Software & designs for several autonomous a... DOWNLOAD
jjbundle(sfnet) Johnnyjinkle Bundle This software bundle contains: a 2d video game,... DOWNLOAD
jinghuayuan(sfnet) Jinghuayuan DOWNLOAD
eswst(sfnet) eswst Eswst is a model-based embedded software testin... DOWNLOAD
rsslounge-droid(sfnet) rssLounge Android rssLounge for Android is a free and open-source... DOWNLOAD
howtogetpregnan(sfnet) How to Get Pregnant Guide and Latest Information on How to Get Preg... DOWNLOAD
ados20(sfnet) A-DOS 2.0 DOWNLOAD
usamaahmed(sfnet) Usama Ahmed This is a project of Ahmed Ateeq Zia DOWNLOAD
netappfiler(sfnet) netappfiler Simple SSH based API to access, configure and m... DOWNLOAD
tacacsezinstall(sfnet) tacacs+pam-install TACACS+ This is the tac_plus tool created by sh... DOWNLOAD
yodzsplitter(sfnet) Yodz Splitter & Joiner Yodz Splitter and Joiner was developed as an ea... DOWNLOAD
irisdss(sfnet) Iris Iris is a web based classification system. The ... DOWNLOAD
kvs(sfnet) kvs kvs is a memory based key-value storage system.... DOWNLOAD
liguangyv(sfnet) 12345 DOWNLOAD
arthosteditor(sfnet) HostEditor Run as admin! .NET 3.5 required. Be careful! Th... DOWNLOAD
sushipy(sfnet) Sushi Py SUSHI Py is a short Python class that allows li... DOWNLOAD
spkextractor(sfnet) Spk Extractor DOWNLOAD
tetris-ptm(sfnet) Tetris As you know the old tetris, here is a pretty co... DOWNLOAD
ionfarrot(sfnet) IonFarRot A code that allows you to predict the ionospher... DOWNLOAD
tophorseca(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
eid2ldap(sfnet) eid2ldap Export data from EID metadirectory to LDAP DOWNLOAD
royaleos(sfnet) Royale OS Royale OS is a business focused OS based off o... DOWNLOAD
teamacid(sfnet) Team Acid SGS4G based ROMs and modifications. Open source... DOWNLOAD
batchpd(sfnet) BatchPD BatchPD is a primer design program developed to... DOWNLOAD
qgtalk(sfnet) qGTalk qGTalk is a Google Talk client developed with Q... DOWNLOAD
sinekartapi(sfnet) Sinekarta Protocollo Informatico Implementazione del protocollo informatico seco... DOWNLOAD
jbrm(sfnet) Bible random verse for mobile phones Bible random verse for mobile phone phones whic... DOWNLOAD
netmtu(sfnet) NetMTU DOWNLOAD
rssimporter(sfnet) Pligg RSS Importer Pligg RSS Importer is the basic commandline too... DOWNLOAD
stralen(sfnet) Stralen DOWNLOAD
balamz2beta(sfnet) Ubuntu Z2 Balam DOWNLOAD
helmholtzsolver(sfnet) Helmholtz Solver DOWNLOAD
jndimanagertc7(sfnet) JNDIManager_Tomcat7 JNDI Tomcat manager provides a utility library ... DOWNLOAD
imm-geomvd(sfnet) geoMVD Framework generador de aplicaciones GIS JEE. A ... DOWNLOAD
trackdaystars(sfnet) TrackDay-Stars Tune your car, from engine to body parts, every... DOWNLOAD
mq-file-mover(freshmeat) MQ File Mover The MQ File Mover application is a software pac... DOWNLOAD
voiste(sfnet) Voiste's Downloads DOWNLOAD
psrpop(sfnet) PSRPOP PSRPOP - a package to simulate radio pulsar pop... DOWNLOAD
zip2timezone(sfnet) zip2timezone An Open-Source database with all US Zip Codes c... DOWNLOAD
envirohash(sfnet) enviroHash enviroHash is a network utility designed to be ... DOWNLOAD
comecall5-3-1(sfnet) comecall5-3-1 comecall5-3-1 DOWNLOAD
lucidor(freshmeat) Lucidor Lucidor is a program for reading and handling e... DOWNLOAD
ebics(sfnet) EBICS Client Le protocole EBICS est l'un des remplaçants les... DOWNLOAD
sourcesquare(sfnet) SourceSquare SourceSquare is a free open source scanning sol... DOWNLOAD
tinyjavaproject(sfnet) Davs Small Java Projects Small Java projects, good for beginners looking... DOWNLOAD
waveletauditory(sfnet) Wavelet Auditory Model A implementation of the mathematical model of t... DOWNLOAD
creativebrowser(sfnet) Creative Browser DOWNLOAD
p-u-l-s-e(sfnet) PULSE Php User Login System Extended Welcome to Puls... DOWNLOAD
bwtt(sfnet) BWTT The BWTT is an artefact of the EU Framework 7 P... DOWNLOAD
netbill(sfnet) NetBill Netbill is a Iranian-made software used in many... DOWNLOAD
ghasedak(sfnet) GHASEDAK OS DOWNLOAD

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