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omsi-rd-r2l-cvr(sfnet) OMSI Road R2L Converters This is a project homepage for 2 converters inc... DOWNLOAD
ramsamyog(sfnet) NetGenesis DOWNLOAD
myrafproject(sfnet) MYRaf Project The MYRaf is a practicable astronomical image r... DOWNLOAD
mail_fetch(freshmeat) mail_fetch mail_fetch is a system that retrieves and filte... DOWNLOAD
rescol(sfnet) Rescol Rescol is an electronic design tool able to ass... DOWNLOAD
tmx2text(sfnet) tmx2text Tmx2text provides a simple interface to extract... DOWNLOAD
filebot-tv-renamer(freshmeat) FileBot FileBot is a tool for renaming movies, TV shows... DOWNLOAD
dnb-conv-tools(sfnet) Conversion Tools For Libraries A variety of tools to convert different metada... DOWNLOAD
zorba(freshmeat) Zorba Zorba is a general-purpose XQuery processor imp... DOWNLOAD
jsong(sfnet) JSong This is a little project I've been working on f... DOWNLOAD
jsonc(freshmeat) json.c json.c is a small JSON library in C supporting ... DOWNLOAD
rimejap(sfnet) rimejap DOWNLOAD
dailydevotional(sfnet) Daily Devotional This is our first project uploaded in a web hos... DOWNLOAD
tuxmot(sfnet) TuxMoT TuxMoT is an application to interact with HSDPA... DOWNLOAD
cronet(sfnet) Cronet Cronet is a webbrowser DOWNLOAD
searchenginepro(sfnet) Search Engine Pro This was created to help you search for what yo... DOWNLOAD
akilla(sfnet) autokiller Application used for automatic killing molestfu... DOWNLOAD
autoregister(sfnet) AutoRegister Registration for clients without user Browser i... DOWNLOAD
pyrtflib(sfnet) PyRtfLib PyRtfLib is a python library that provides a pa... DOWNLOAD
simple-mtpfs(freshmeat) SIMPLE-MTPFS SIMPLE-MTPFS (Simple Media Transfer Protocol Fi... DOWNLOAD
portvideo(sfnet) PortVideo A cross-platform camera framework that provides... DOWNLOAD
treecle(freshmeat) Treecle Treecle creates and maintains user-defined cust... DOWNLOAD
aistockbot(sfnet) AIStockBot AIStockBot aims to become the greatest Technica... DOWNLOAD
hdashuttle(sfnet) SFS Die ist ein Projekt der Hochschule Darmstadt DOWNLOAD
akane(sfnet) Akane UPDATE: Development has tentatively restarted. ... DOWNLOAD
rubystack(freshmeat) BitNami RubyStack BitNami RubyStack provides a fast, easy way to ... DOWNLOAD
jinah(sfnet) JINAH - Java Is Not A Hammer JINAH gathers minimalistic libraries that helps... DOWNLOAD
consoletube(freshmeat) ConsoleTube ConsoleTube is a YouTube client for console lov... DOWNLOAD
lightweightmp4a(sfnet) Lightweight-MP4A DOWNLOAD
p4wn(sfnet) p4wn javascript chess A concise javascript chess engine, first writte... DOWNLOAD
char2pt-t-t(sfnet) Character-Based 2-Player Tic-Tac-Toe Play Tic-Tac-Toe with another person using a ch... DOWNLOAD
psychologylife(sfnet) Youtube Downloads DOWNLOAD
sub2srtpython(sfnet) sub2srt-python sub2srt convert subtitles in *.sub (MicroDVD) ... DOWNLOAD
yabe(freshmeat) YABE YABE (Yet Another Binary Encoding) is a small s... DOWNLOAD
headstak(freshmeat) headstak headstak is a stack-based task list. Before you... DOWNLOAD
dftatom(sfnet) dftatom Code repository: DOWNLOAD
aeonwave-openal(freshmeat) AeonWave-OpenAL AeonWave-OpenAL is a thin OpenAL emulation laye... DOWNLOAD
gestortaller(sfnet) gestorTaller Herramienta utilizada para el control de un tal... DOWNLOAD
ipsa(sfnet) IPSA - Inventor Physics Simulation API Create phyiscal simulations easily through IPSA... DOWNLOAD
eiatattitn(sfnet) Everything is a text Everything is a Text, and the Text is the Numbe... DOWNLOAD
klen-library(sfnet) Klen-library Open Source program for creating electronic boo... DOWNLOAD
phantomplayer(sfnet) ThomatoShark DOWNLOAD
webpageverify(sfnet) Web Page Verify Web Page Verify is a Java utility that checks f... DOWNLOAD
dishwasher(sfnet) DishWasher the c code is for dish washer machine.The MCU i... DOWNLOAD
jadwaltv(sfnet) JadwalTv Informasi: Terdapat 2 file yaitu JadwalTvOnlin... DOWNLOAD
jquerycipherv8(sfnet) Jquery Cipher Plugin DOWNLOAD
iplock-firewall-tool(freshmeat) iplock iplock is a simple tool for adding or removing ... DOWNLOAD
libqtserialization(freshmeat) libQtSerialization The libQtSerialization library is a Qt extensio... DOWNLOAD
htmlarea(freshmeat) htmlArea htmlArea is a free WYSIWYG editor replacement f... DOWNLOAD
libgooglerank(freshmeat) libgooglerank libgooglerank is a simple Qt library extension ... DOWNLOAD
parrot-and-chirp(freshmeat) Parrot and Chirp Parrot and Chirp are user-level tools that make... DOWNLOAD
odrec(sfnet) Observational Data Recorder (ODRec) Observational Data Recorder permits to read any... DOWNLOAD
geosearch(sfnet) Geosearch Geosearch is a free/open source program to mon... DOWNLOAD
initialredirect(freshmeat) Initial Redirect Ir is a plugin for the Squid proxy server. It c... DOWNLOAD
diegoinventory(sfnet) DiegoInventoryCE This is a simple PHP/MySQL based asset manageme... DOWNLOAD
aprsgoodies(sfnet) APRSgoodies Collection of HAM radio APRS tools: - METAR to ... DOWNLOAD
egrambot(sfnet) eGramBOT Το eGramBOT είναι ένα php script, το οποίο συνδ... DOWNLOAD
hadoop8b(sfnet) Hadoop Network Topology The project involves detection of hardware fail... DOWNLOAD
im2ascii(sfnet) im2ascii im2ascii is a small python script that converts... DOWNLOAD
countdowntimer(sfnet) Free Countdown Timer and Stopwatch Timer A high resolution Countdown Timer and Stop Watc... DOWNLOAD
farmapecepem(sfnet) farmapecepem DOWNLOAD
itrade(sfnet) iTrade - Trading and Charting System Trading system written in Python including Quot... DOWNLOAD
qrossu(sfnet) qrossu Cross platform library using Qt API, to set you... DOWNLOAD
osxlike(sfnet) osxlike OSX like linux is a remaster of Ubuntu, made to... DOWNLOAD
lastar(sfnet) LASTAR Fast batch audio processor for automatic loudne... DOWNLOAD
autoqa(sfnet) AutoQA AutoQA 梦想世界 DOWNLOAD
picpong(sfnet) PicPong This project provides the PIC16F84 source code ... DOWNLOAD
easysqlmgui(sfnet) Easy SQLM GUI This is a GUI for DDL schema management on Syba... DOWNLOAD
projectleafburn(sfnet) Project Leafburn DOWNLOAD
nchains(sfnet) N-Chains N-Chains is a console-based tcp client and fron... DOWNLOAD
youshengxiazai(sfnet) youshengxiazai you sheng xiao shuo xia zai DOWNLOAD
nemp(sfnet) Nemp "Noch Ein Mp3-Player" - Yet another m... DOWNLOAD
zenossdebian(sfnet) zenoss DOWNLOAD
myimpdocuments(sfnet) my imp documents DOWNLOAD
mypracticalexam(sfnet) My Practical Exam DOWNLOAD
he853control(sfnet) HE853 Control A library, command line application and GUI app... DOWNLOAD
shell-utils(freshmeat) shell-utils shell-utils is a set of shell scripts for Linux... DOWNLOAD
msp4linux(sfnet) msp4linux This package includes a tool chain for MSP430 m... DOWNLOAD
tiagosoftware(sfnet) Convert Fast Programa criado para auxiliar profissionais, da... DOWNLOAD
officexfinder(sfnet) OfficeX Finder This tool is designed to find fragments of docx... DOWNLOAD
averiabrowser(sfnet) Averia Browser This is an open source project that has 1 error... DOWNLOAD
niezbednikwurm(sfnet) Niezbędnik Wurm Online Niezbędnik Wurm Online do program, dzięki które... DOWNLOAD
enroll(sfnet) ENroll Just a fun school project. Its an artificial in... DOWNLOAD
derpnet(sfnet) derpnet in this new project is a portable firefox conf... DOWNLOAD
mothos(sfnet) moth os DOWNLOAD
bmxlib(sfnet) bmx Library and utilities to read and write broadca... DOWNLOAD
spiraleulam(sfnet) spirale_ulam Un jour où il assistait à une « conférence long... DOWNLOAD
tdjan(sfnet) TDJan DOWNLOAD
justafilesolol(sfnet) Just a files No description DOWNLOAD
lycusmu(sfnet) lycusmu Lycus mu s6 ep3 1 low rate server, 1 high rate ... DOWNLOAD
myunxcmd(sfnet) myUnxCmd It is a windows port of unix command. It integr... DOWNLOAD
fast-test(sfnet) fastest Fastest stands for 'Fast Automated Software tes... DOWNLOAD
webforensik(sfnet) Web Forensik NOTE: This project is no longer under active de... DOWNLOAD
btechmuc(sfnet) Battletech Mercenary Unit Creator This uses the rules from Field Manual: Mercenar... DOWNLOAD
ehcache-zen(sfnet) ehcache-zen Drop-in enhancements to ehcache: a SelfPopulati... DOWNLOAD
textemeontology(sfnet) The Unicode and Texteme Ontologies This project hosts: (1) the Unicode Ontology th... DOWNLOAD
topcp(sfnet) topcp meeoow DOWNLOAD
muhv(sfnet) MSN History Viewer Note: This program does only work for Windows u... DOWNLOAD
bristol(sfnet) Bristol Audio Synthesis Bristol is synth emulation package for a divers... DOWNLOAD
poetrygen(sfnet) Poetry Generators A set of programs that can be used to generate ... DOWNLOAD

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