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owdaan(sfnet) OWON Data Analyser Win32 программа для просмотра и анализа сигнало... DOWNLOAD
xmlsd(freshmeat) xmlsd xmlsd is a library that wraps expat in order to... DOWNLOAD
shrink(freshmeat) shrink The shrink library provides a single API for se... DOWNLOAD
clens(freshmeat) clens clens is a convenience library that aids in por... DOWNLOAD
exude(freshmeat) exude exude is a simple to use memory debugger. It en... DOWNLOAD
moria-language(sfnet) MORIA Computer Language MORIA Is an interpreted language written entire... DOWNLOAD
bittwist(sfnet) Bit-Twist (Packet Generator) Bit-Twist is a simple yet powerful libpcap-base... DOWNLOAD
aarit(sfnet) Aarit Aarit is a MUD playable via web browser and mad... DOWNLOAD
partymanager(sfnet) Party Manager Program do zarządzania imprezami :) DOWNLOAD
k-pos(sfnet) KPoS DOWNLOAD
piratebay(sfnet) Pirate Bay Pirate Bay collaboration DOWNLOAD
keispade(freshmeat) KeiSpade KeiSpade is a wiki and content management syste... DOWNLOAD
cconfigviewer(sfnet) CConfigViewer With this tool you can view TCP/IP configuratio... DOWNLOAD
simplenoter(sfnet) simplenoter DOWNLOAD
aulasdonathan(sfnet) Vídeo Aulas do Nathan DOWNLOAD
javasnakebattle(sfnet) Java Snake Battle A variant of the classic game Snake, but with t... DOWNLOAD
connard(sfnet) Connard DOWNLOAD
hfmetro02(sfnet) HF Metro 02 Hashimschool Stages Metro 02 Passing through ha... DOWNLOAD
backtrace(freshmeat) backtrace backtrace is a drop-in replacement for libexeci... DOWNLOAD
ada-for-slackware(freshmeat) Ada for Slackware Ada for Slackware is a collection of Slackware ... DOWNLOAD
4vientos-web-file-manager(freshmeat) 4vientos web file manager 4vientos is a Web-based file management applica... DOWNLOAD
ssptl(freshmeat) ssptl ssptl (Super Simple Python Templating Language)... DOWNLOAD
ufcpp(sfnet) UFCPP Make Cmd Fullscreen with a Hotkey: Alt+Enter (C... DOWNLOAD
sdndefense(sfnet) SDN Defense Software Defined Network Defense DOWNLOAD
cscope(sfnet) cscope Cscope is a text screen based source browser DOWNLOAD
dimrecorder(sfnet) DimensionRecorder A SolidWorks addIn to record dimension values a... DOWNLOAD
objeck-programming-language(freshmeat) Objeck Programming Language The Objeck computer language is an object-orien... DOWNLOAD
sensor-readout(freshmeat) Sensor Readout Sensor Readout visualizes sensor readout on And... DOWNLOAD
simplyhtml(sfnet) SimplyHTML SimplyHTML is an application and a java compone... DOWNLOAD
vandaphp(sfnet) Vanda PHP Vanda PHP is a bare-bones MVC PHP framework. It... DOWNLOAD
downloadslgv(sfnet) Téléchargements Lignes Grande Vitesse Sur cette page, vous trouverez les téléchargeme... DOWNLOAD
maimeee(sfnet) maimee DOWNLOAD
jsduck(sfnet) JSDuck API documentation generator for Sencha JavaScri... DOWNLOAD
pyfilemaker(freshmeat) PyFileMaker PyFileMaker is a set of Python modules that mak... DOWNLOAD
barry(freshmeat) Barry Barry is an Open Source application that provid... DOWNLOAD
ezim(sfnet) EZ Intranet Messenger EZ Intranet Messenger is designed to work withi... DOWNLOAD
webdav-cgi(freshmeat) WebDAV CGI WebDAV CGI implements the WebDAV server protoco... DOWNLOAD
pokemonapp(sfnet) Pokemon Application DOWNLOAD
convertidor(sfnet) Sistemas Numéricos DOWNLOAD
memovix(sfnet) Memovix This is small application that provides feature... DOWNLOAD
jarclasssearch(sfnet) JarClassSearch Provides searching in Jar files for packages, c... DOWNLOAD
passcheck(sfnet) PassCheck DOWNLOAD
sorteiosweb(sfnet) sorteiosWeb DOWNLOAD
utf8fix(sfnet) UTF8-fix If You should see "Schüler können mähen&qu... DOWNLOAD
unlocker(sfnet) Unlocker use to crack the process "StudentMain.exe&... DOWNLOAD
cryptodev-linux(freshmeat) cryptodev-linux Cryptodev-linux is a Linux kernel module implem... DOWNLOAD
compare-files(sfnet) CompareFiles This command-line tool will help people who wan... DOWNLOAD
the-knight-war(sfnet) The Knight War DOWNLOAD
visualbatch(sfnet) Visual Batch Batch Files have been useful since DOS but have... DOWNLOAD
rcmoviesumrizer(sfnet) RightClickMovieSummarizer Final Version of the RightClickMovieSummarizer ... DOWNLOAD
pipenigne3d(sfnet) PipEnigne3d PipEngine is very simple, 3d fixed-pipeline gra... DOWNLOAD
aipottst(sfnet) [ aiPoTT S.T. ] [ aiPoTT S.T. ] is an mp3 player that uses the ... DOWNLOAD
cloudbeamerdp(sfnet) CloudBeamer Development Project CloudBeamer is a Cloud application which suppor... DOWNLOAD
dhacdist(sfnet) DHAC distribution DHAC distribution DOWNLOAD
waprssi2arff(sfnet) WAP RSSI 2 ARFF This program runs on a laptop with a wireless c... DOWNLOAD
mirnatosirna(sfnet) mirnatosirna This program helps you to identify the most com... DOWNLOAD
themeaggregator(sfnet) Theme Aggregator Linux app for customizing iDevice Themes (iPhon... DOWNLOAD
numizmat(sfnet) Numizmat Aplikacja służy do katalogowania kolekcji bankn... DOWNLOAD
python-xmlrpc-server-w-ssl-aut(freshmeat) Python XMLRPC Server with SSL & Authentication Python XMLRPC Server with SSL & Authenticat... DOWNLOAD
clipsshell(sfnet) CLIPSShell DOWNLOAD
usbsync(freshmeat) GNU usbsync GNU usbsync is console-based utility that assis... DOWNLOAD
ushop(sfnet) uShop uShop is a very light weight Point of Sale (POS... DOWNLOAD
netherearthq(sfnet) Nether Earth Q Build and control robots to fight and conquer t... DOWNLOAD
teamunknown(sfnet) Team Unknown DOWNLOAD
myprojecti(sfnet) myprojecti DOWNLOAD
bcmath-js(sfnet) BCMath Library for JavaScript For arbitrary precision mathematics PHP offers ... DOWNLOAD
itk(freshmeat) ITK The National Library of Medicine Insight Segmen... DOWNLOAD
iproute2(freshmeat) iproute2 This is `iproute', the professional set of tool... DOWNLOAD
gsvideo(sfnet) GSVideo GSVideo is a cross-platform library for the Pro... DOWNLOAD
raider(freshmeat) raider Raider is a tool to automate software RAID con... DOWNLOAD
ezwinports(sfnet) ezwinports This project is a collection of ports to MS-Win... DOWNLOAD
ingenic-boot(sfnet) ingenic-boot ingenic-boot is a linux port of Ingenic usb boo... DOWNLOAD
birthreminder(sfnet) Android Birthday Reminder This android app reminds you about upcoming bir... DOWNLOAD
simregextester(sfnet) Sharp Regex Tester This is a simple utility for testing regular ex... DOWNLOAD
mymandel(sfnet) MyMandel DOWNLOAD
soulmuprivate(sfnet) SoulMu Private Gaming Server SoulMu Game Files DOWNLOAD
sqldatastudio(sfnet) SQL Data Studio SQL explorer. Supported SQL egnines: - SQLite -... DOWNLOAD
ligunagyv(sfnet) 12345 DOWNLOAD
mi1sexmlparser(sfnet) Monkey Island SE Inspector Parser for Monkey Island 1 Special Edition .pak... DOWNLOAD
dreamgo(sfnet) 翔的个人博客 DOWNLOAD
servicemanual(sfnet) Service manual DOWNLOAD
archivo(sfnet) Archivo DOWNLOAD
parikshan(sfnet) Parikshan: Online Exam Management System Parikshan is an online examination management s... DOWNLOAD
texture-atlas-maker(freshmeat) Texture Atlas Maker Texture Atlas Maker is a utility that packs you... DOWNLOAD
minidlna(freshmeat) MiniDLNA MiniDLNA (aka ReadyDLNA) is server software wit... DOWNLOAD
jzlib(freshmeat) JZlib JZlib is a re-implementation of zlib in pure Ja... DOWNLOAD
flexi-cart(freshmeat) flexi cart flexi cart is a shopping cart library for CodeI... DOWNLOAD
sogo-connector(freshmeat) Inverse SOGo Connector for Thunderbird Inverse SOGo Connector for Thunderbird is an ex... DOWNLOAD
jcr5(sfnet) JCR5 JCR5 is a quick utility that easily packs all d... DOWNLOAD
qodem(sfnet) Qodem Terminal Emulator Qodem is a a terminal emulator that resembles t... DOWNLOAD
glucopy(freshmeat) glucopy-glurestore glucopy-glurestore is a set of scripts for copy... DOWNLOAD
zodeken(freshmeat) Zodeken Zodeken generates code to access MySQL with Zen... DOWNLOAD
log-malloc2(freshmeat) log-malloc2 log-malloc2 is a malloc logging preload library... DOWNLOAD
uby(freshmeat) UBY UBY is a large-scale unified lexical-semantic r... DOWNLOAD
noaa-weather(sfnet) NOAA Weather Android DOWNLOAD
wanzi(sfnet) skyzy DOWNLOAD
quadraticpy(sfnet) Quadratic Py DOWNLOAD
premiumproxy(sfnet) PremiumProxy PremiumProxy minecraft plugin DOWNLOAD
spurtracer(freshmeat) SpurTracer SpurTracer is a push-notification based monitor... DOWNLOAD

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