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winlocate(sfnet) Win32 Locate and Updatedb Scripts Like the Linux "locate" and "upd... DOWNLOAD
blobwars(freshmeat) Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid Blob Wars: Metal Blob Solid is a 2D mission-bas... DOWNLOAD
ehs(sfnet) EHS Embedded HTTP Server (EHS) is a C++ class libra... DOWNLOAD
caume-data-security-engine(freshmeat) Caume Data Security Engine Caume Data Security Engine is a REST API platfo... DOWNLOAD
vault-3(freshmeat) Vault Vault is a Perl script to store away files, inc... DOWNLOAD
worminator-rw(sfnet) Worminator: Revenge of the Worm just a simple game about a worm getting revenge... DOWNLOAD
wackyraces(sfnet) WackyRaces The objective of this project is to provide an ... DOWNLOAD
runawk(freshmeat) runawk runawk is a small wrapper for the AWK interpret... DOWNLOAD
fbagent(sfnet) Facebook News Agent Mit dem Facebook News Agent bekommen Sie automa... DOWNLOAD
excelsir(sfnet) Excelsi-R A simple program to allow Excel spreadsheets to... DOWNLOAD
breakout1(sfnet) Breakout It's an object oriented graphical game where in... DOWNLOAD
electdashboard(sfnet) Republican Candidate Election Dashboard Republican Candidate Election Dashboard 2012 ... DOWNLOAD
geomajas-utility-widgets(freshmeat) Geomajas utility widgets The Geomajas utility widgets plug-in includes a... DOWNLOAD
singletomulti-c(sfnet) Single to multi-channel C converter A tool to transform single channel C code into ... DOWNLOAD
dnndict(sfnet) DNN Dictionary A DotNetNuke module for translating texts using... DOWNLOAD
easyscriptbuild(sfnet) EasyScriptBuilder EasyScriptBuilder, or ESB for short, was intend... DOWNLOAD
javadocgen(sfnet) JavadocGenerator Java tool for generating documentation based on... DOWNLOAD
chatipc(sfnet) IPC As we know ,sockets are like small pipelines th... DOWNLOAD
mediccairo(sfnet) Cairo Medicine Class note Nota dalam kelas DOWNLOAD
unixtips(sfnet) Unix Tips Here I share some helpful unix tips , scripts a... DOWNLOAD
rliteopensource(sfnet) Rlite a. R-Lite is a 3rd generation, simple to use we... DOWNLOAD
eqsolve(sfnet) EqSolve DOWNLOAD
ac13javalibrary(sfnet) AC13 Java Library Simple Open source Java library to control the ... DOWNLOAD
easyweb4j(sfnet) EasyWeb4J EasyWeb4J is an end-to-end stack for Java web a... DOWNLOAD
pygalle(sfnet) Pygalle A Joomla! CSM component to be used as corporati... DOWNLOAD
sysconfcollect(sfnet) System Configuration Collector System Configuration Collector collects and cla... DOWNLOAD
jcompiler(sfnet) JCompiler Open source mini Python compiler written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
chipkitnetwork(sfnet) ChipKit Network This is a new object-oriented networking stack ... DOWNLOAD
gmod-solaris(sfnet) Ganglia modules for Solaris IO statistics and per-core CPU metrics derived ... DOWNLOAD
estimationlib(sfnet) Software Estimation Library Estimate effort, time and cost to develop a sof... DOWNLOAD
clansphere(sfnet) ClanSphere This project has grown in the past years and be... DOWNLOAD
ta1(sfnet) Transparent Architecture Transparent Architecture is a library for distr... DOWNLOAD
astguiclient4(sfnet) vicidial vicidial/astguiclient_2.4rc1 DOWNLOAD
jellybrorom(sfnet) Jellybro?_ROM DOWNLOAD
unixem(freshmeat) UNIXem UNIXem is a small and simple library that provi... DOWNLOAD
mp3act(sfnet) mp3act web mp3 ajax jukebox mp3act Digital Music Server is a PHP and MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
fredschess(sfnet) FredsChess Crossplatform Chess with strategies, features d... DOWNLOAD
vvx(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
yandexnet(sfnet) Yandex.NET Framework that will help you to integrate any o... DOWNLOAD
northpointapart(sfnet) NorthPoint Apartments DOWNLOAD
telephone(sfnet) Telephone Directory 2008 Telephone Directory 2008 is web based applicati... DOWNLOAD
bowsense(sfnet) Bowsense Firmware, Receiver software and Hardware design... DOWNLOAD
zaz(sfnet) Zaz Zaz ain't Z*** is a puzzle game where the playe... DOWNLOAD
prefproperties(sfnet) Prefixed Properties Prefixed Properties is a java property class wi... DOWNLOAD
lat(freshmeat) LDAP Administration Tool LDAP Administration Tool (lat) allows you to br... DOWNLOAD
virtuemart(freshmeat) VirtueMart VirtueMart is an e-commerce solution to be used... DOWNLOAD
velosurf(freshmeat) Velosurf Velosurf is a database mapping layer library fo... DOWNLOAD
brainsstorms(sfnet) brains storms brains storms is a php script that help fixing ... DOWNLOAD
selfdeletepost(sfnet) self delete post DOWNLOAD
miniphpcms(sfnet) MiniPHPCMS Jest to lekki CMS napisany w PHP. Zawiera on fo... DOWNLOAD
protablet(sfnet) protablet This library for the Processing programming lan... DOWNLOAD
dpprobe(sfnet) Probe In probe, your task is to launch probes at the ... DOWNLOAD
td3frh(sfnet) Tecnicas digitales III - UTN-FRH Imagen de vmware para la Catedra de Tecnicas Di... DOWNLOAD
randompl(sfnet) RandomPL DOWNLOAD
imagelogistix(sfnet) Network Camera Tool The Network Camera Tool is a collection of vari... DOWNLOAD
simfoni(sfnet) Sistem Informasi Penginapan (SIMFONI) DOWNLOAD
youtubed(sfnet) YouTubeD En esta versión se puede configurar desde el ar... DOWNLOAD
sccilabcbir(sfnet) SCICBIR ( Scilab CBIR ) This is the first version of kannan Balakrishn... DOWNLOAD
learnphp(sfnet) watermark PHP is a comprehensive resource of categorized ... DOWNLOAD
digitalregister(sfnet) Digital Register A simple digital register to help with checking... DOWNLOAD
jsdock(sfnet) jsDock Menu ObjectDock in your webPage, Create a menu ... DOWNLOAD
jsslideshow(sfnet) Pure JavaScript Slideshow This is a slideshow plugin written in pure Java... DOWNLOAD
tumblr-backup(freshmeat) TumblrBackup TumblrBackup is a backup application for the pu... DOWNLOAD
constralg(sfnet) Constructor Algorithms DOWNLOAD
autobusy(sfnet) TransportAutobusowy We really don't want to do this project, but we... DOWNLOAD
coletaeconsulta(sfnet) Coleta e Consulta Preços DOWNLOAD
scidata(sfnet) SciData Data Management for Matlab, MathCAD, and SciLab... DOWNLOAD
moreores(sfnet) MoreOres by DreamModz Programmed with eclipse, with help of: Marcel (... DOWNLOAD
yiqiu(sfnet) share music We love music, so we share them. Let the wolrd ... DOWNLOAD
ms3dincp(sfnet) Milkshape3D model in Component Pascal DOWNLOAD
rocasaapp(sfnet) Roc Asa App DOWNLOAD
froxen(sfnet) FroXen DOWNLOAD
liblunchbox(freshmeat) libLunchbox libLunchbox facilitates the development and de... DOWNLOAD
supertirititran(sfnet) Super-Tirititran Super-Tirititran es un video-juego en 2D Open S... DOWNLOAD
pandfcharting(sfnet) Point and Figure Charting This program will take a .csv file (Originaly f... DOWNLOAD
easydbus(sfnet) EasyDbus Library Another DBUS Binding library written in C. DOWNLOAD
singleinstance(sfnet) Single Instance This is a .net Managed DLL used to help make a ... DOWNLOAD
dsdr(sfnet) FlexSemanticP2P Flexible Semantic Peer-to-Peer Simulator (FlexS... DOWNLOAD
dsskonference(sfnet) DSS Konference The aim of this project is to create a textpatt... DOWNLOAD
cartoonthis(sfnet) CartoonThis! DOWNLOAD
vrcrypt(sfnet) vrcrypt this is about vr_crypt project. DOWNLOAD
ehometuition(sfnet) eHometuition DOWNLOAD
cap2hccap(sfnet) cap2hccap cnvert pcap file to hashcat ones. it may conten... DOWNLOAD
celticknot(sfnet) Knot Knot allows visualisation of 3D Celtic Knots. T... DOWNLOAD
socdvm(sfnet) Soundcard Digital Voltmeter With this software and a simple external hardwa... DOWNLOAD
joomlapnglite(sfnet) Joomla PNG Lite Looking for some extra Joomla speed? Already do... DOWNLOAD
managepc(sfnet) ManagePC ManagePC is a tool for remotely administering &... DOWNLOAD
libstopping(sfnet) Stopping Power Library Stopping power library based on PSTAR/ASTAR and... DOWNLOAD
opencdrrate(sfnet) OpenCDRRate OpenCDRRate is a scalable, Linux/Windows-compat... DOWNLOAD
screendesigner(sfnet) C64 screen designer Create your text screen design for loading it l... DOWNLOAD
sydep(freshmeat) sydep sydep is a tool for simple deployment over rsyn... DOWNLOAD
querywatch(sfnet) QueryWatch This is my Masters Dissertation project that I ... DOWNLOAD
graycc(sfnet) Gray Color Chooser Gray Color Chooser was developed as an easy-to-... DOWNLOAD
custosanimae-d3(sfnet) Custos Animae DSA3 character editor for the pen&paper roleplay... DOWNLOAD
leo99(sfnet) leo We, as an organization, have highly potential a... DOWNLOAD
sunjinlei(sfnet) sunjinlei DOWNLOAD
klest-crossword(sfnet) Klest-crossword Open Source program to create crossword puzzles... DOWNLOAD
magnolia(freshmeat) Magnolia Magnolia is a CMS which delivers smartphone sim... DOWNLOAD
placemint(sfnet) PlaceMint A window placement origination tool. Arrange wi... DOWNLOAD
unitime(sfnet) University Timetabling UniTime is a comprehensive educational scheduli... DOWNLOAD

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