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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
whmbrizz(sfnet) WHMBRIZZ WHMBRIZZ iti ofera, GRATUIT, un panou de admini... DOWNLOAD
apachelogparser(sfnet) Apache Log Parser PHP script to parser apache log. You can fetch ... DOWNLOAD
anathema(sfnet) Anathema We have moved. Please visit us at our new webs... DOWNLOAD
mhwlzq(sfnet) mhwlzq mhwlzq is free and fast DOWNLOAD
digitalshearch(sfnet) Digital Shearch DOWNLOAD
qid3(sfnet) QID3: Qt ID3 Library QID3 is a library for Linux (buggy) and Windows... DOWNLOAD
amrwb(freshmeat) amrwb amrwb is a shared library wrapper for the 3GPP ... DOWNLOAD
feihualianpian(sfnet) feihualianpian DOWNLOAD
treq(sfnet) TreQ TreQ aims at mapping reads from next generation... DOWNLOAD
vcgen(sfnet) vcgen This utility is a perl script to generate stand... DOWNLOAD
noobtool(sfnet) Noobtool Keybinds for Crazybobs Cops and Robbers DOWNLOAD
menzy(sfnet) Menzy Build[6] DOWNLOAD
peardb2pdo(sfnet) PDO Emulator for PEAR DB PDO Emulator for PEAR DB - GNU General Public L... DOWNLOAD
menucalculator(sfnet) Menu Calculator this project allow a user to check how much he ... DOWNLOAD
laizhuaihang2(sfnet) laizhuaihang2 laizhuaihang2.comaccess call upon or othenwise DOWNLOAD
prosym(sfnet) ProSym DOWNLOAD
openeyemap(sfnet) EyeMap - Eye Movement Data Analyzer EyeMap is a visualization and analysis tool for... DOWNLOAD
wtinstall(sfnet) wtinstall Watchtower Library Installer for Linux DOWNLOAD
osraids(sfnet) OSRAIDS OSRAIDS an online business operation system, is... DOWNLOAD
odbc-bench(freshmeat) odbc-bench OpenLink ODBC Bench is an ODBC benchmarking too... DOWNLOAD
gtkrawgallery(freshmeat) GTKRawGallery GTKRawGallery is a workflow-oriented photo reto... DOWNLOAD
qautorouter(sfnet) qautorouter The intention is to build a cross platform (Usi... DOWNLOAD
ldriver(sfnet) LDriver Fontes para drivers de comunicação serial utili... DOWNLOAD
diffevolution(sfnet) C++ Differential Evolution Library DOWNLOAD
blueoverlay(sfnet) [MyBB]Blue Overlay With Sidebar DOWNLOAD
telescoper(sfnet) Telescoper DOWNLOAD
avro-editor(freshmeat) Avro Editor Avro Editor is a viewer and editor for Avro bin... DOWNLOAD
jsoptimizer(sfnet) javaScript Files Optimizer JavaScript Optimizer for optimize javascript fi... DOWNLOAD
rogosrog-os(sfnet) .:R.O.G:._O.S DOWNLOAD
qizhi(sfnet) 气质社区 DOWNLOAD
forum24download(sfnet) forum24download DOWNLOAD
hfgallery(sfnet) HF Gallery Hashimschool Photo Gallery 01 Some of the hashi... DOWNLOAD
peg-solitaire(freshmeat) Peg Solitaire Peg Solitaire is a board game played with pegs:... DOWNLOAD
lookcds(sfnet) LookCDS Delphi library “LookCDS” is a small library set of functions, ... DOWNLOAD
fido-file-monitor(freshmeat) Fido File Monitor Fido is a multi-threaded file watcher which sea... DOWNLOAD
icsultimate(sfnet) ICSUltimateEdition DOWNLOAD
idpchecker(sfnet) Mingdao IDPChecker A tool for mingdao high school IDP score check ... DOWNLOAD
intelligenceapp(sfnet) Intellingence DOWNLOAD
xmlreaderapplic(sfnet) XML Reader Application DOWNLOAD
igafem(sfnet) Isogeometric FEM with matlab This matlab code presents an introduction to is... DOWNLOAD
mbar-ipdetector(sfnet) MBar I.P Detector MBar I.P Detector is a program which detects yo... DOWNLOAD
iriss(sfnet) Iriss DOWNLOAD
dvd-patcher(sfnet) DVD Patcher ESS DVD Chip set (MIPS-X) Patcher program. A ge... DOWNLOAD
swftools(freshmeat) SWFTools SWFTools is a collection of code for handling F... DOWNLOAD
guibuilder(freshmeat) GUI Builder GUI Builder is a drag and drop interface for cr... DOWNLOAD
ramdisk-rescue(sfnet) RamdiskRescue Ramdisk Rescue allows Embedded Linux to be inst... DOWNLOAD
mycelium(freshmeat) mycelium mycelium is an information retrieval system. It... DOWNLOAD
dsam(sfnet) dsam The Development System for Auditory Modelling (... DOWNLOAD
synctool(freshmeat) synctool synctool is a cluster administration tool that ... DOWNLOAD
bildster(sfnet) bildster Das Projekt stellt das Programmpaket "bild... DOWNLOAD
bugos(freshmeat) BugOS BugOS is a microkernel operating system. It has... DOWNLOAD
htmldocwin32(sfnet) htmldoc-win32 minimal 32-bit HTMLDOC binaries for Windows 9x ... DOWNLOAD
iguanabi(sfnet) Iguana - Business Intelligence The Iguana is a BI solution generation data man... DOWNLOAD
basicrecomndr(sfnet) basicrecommender This toy recommender purpose is to help you und... DOWNLOAD
mpyeditor(sfnet) mpyeditor The MpyEditor is an Editor for writing, compili... DOWNLOAD
icclib(freshmeat) ICCLIB ICCLIB implements support for reading and writi... DOWNLOAD
xtar(freshmeat) Xtar Xtar is a standalone archive extractor capable ... DOWNLOAD
easygettask(sfnet) easygettask Ant task to download files. It was initially ma... DOWNLOAD
summonersearch(sfnet) Summoner Search Searching a league of legend player name and re... DOWNLOAD
acepfa(sfnet) AcePFA A personal money manager designed to be easy to... DOWNLOAD
universebench(sfnet) Universe Benchmark A Java Swings based benchmarking utility to mea... DOWNLOAD
monitorjmx(sfnet) MonitorJMX MonitorJMX is a very small web application capa... DOWNLOAD
mailisit(sfnet) Mailisit webmail with no database source program code ta... DOWNLOAD
pyzor(sfnet) Pyzor The project has moved and it is now hosted on g... DOWNLOAD
easysocketlib(sfnet) EasySocket If you are looking for TCP/IP based application... DOWNLOAD
filemanipulator(sfnet) FM DOWNLOAD
gpupoweroff(sfnet) 2012os9b To create a system where the GPU is not kept co... DOWNLOAD
wujiheiyi(sfnet) wuji DOWNLOAD
jpgwarlock(sfnet) JPG Warlock Program that allows you to hide any file inside... DOWNLOAD
stegno(sfnet) Stegno THESE PROGRAMS JUST PROVIDES BASIC Stenography ... DOWNLOAD
freeapi(sfnet) FreeAPI DOWNLOAD
readsvl10(sfnet) REA DSVL 1.0 REA DSVL 1.0 DOWNLOAD
moql(sfnet) MOQL DOWNLOAD
fail2ban4win(sfnet) Fail2Ban4Win ATTENTION VERSION :proof of concept Outils qui... DOWNLOAD
accounting-mod(sfnet) AAS - Alliance Accounting System Alliance Accounting System (AAS) is a simple an... DOWNLOAD
tagcontroller(sfnet) TagController TagController is a free utility that allows the... DOWNLOAD
magnetron(sfnet) MagneTron Magnetron is a fast paced arcade game that will... DOWNLOAD
mvbosagendasimp(sfnet) Projetos diversos. Para melhor entender os arquivos aqui encontrad... DOWNLOAD
d2f(sfnet) Fast Decimals to Fractions This is the downloadable JAVA version of Fast D... DOWNLOAD
libqtcassandra(sfnet) libQtCassandra C++ wrapper library for the Apache Cassandra di... DOWNLOAD
smoothlife(sfnet) SmoothLife Conway's Game of Life is generalized to a conti... DOWNLOAD
radar-miner(sfnet) RADAR Software for mining frequent associations in mu... DOWNLOAD
odbcserverjdbc(sfnet) OdbcServer+JdbcClient With OdbcServer+JdbcClient you can access your ... DOWNLOAD
pascalgrapher(sfnet) PascalGrapher DOWNLOAD
hope-android(sfnet) HOPE HOPE (Helping Our People Easily) is a mobile-ba... DOWNLOAD
usb-lock(sfnet) USB LOCK It allows user to block and unblock Universal S... DOWNLOAD
mrcfelon(sfnet) MRC DOWNLOAD
media-crawler(sfnet) Media Crawler DOWNLOAD
ops(sfnet) Open Project Services (OPS) Open Project Services (OPS) is a project collab... DOWNLOAD
blightscape(sfnet) BlightScape DOWNLOAD
z7z8th(sfnet) z7z8th z7z8th's first sf project. DOWNLOAD
bindroid(sfnet) BinDroid Custom Roms BinDroid provides custom roms for many HTC devi... DOWNLOAD
comc(sfnet) Competitive Minecraft This mod is all about making, as the name says,... DOWNLOAD
tfast(sfnet) TFAST Transcription Factor Analysis using SELEX with ... DOWNLOAD
ameerok(sfnet) ameerok The simple remote control requires to run the a... DOWNLOAD
mybasicprograms(sfnet) My Basic Programs(C/C++) That's are Some easy programs written in C or C... DOWNLOAD
hyperic-sigar(freshmeat) Hyperic SIGAR SIGAR (System Information Gatherer and Reporter... DOWNLOAD
neuraltictactoe(sfnet) Neural Tic Tac Toe Basic tic tac toe game which uses neural networ... DOWNLOAD
hanhua(sfnet) hanhua 对比较常用的软件进行汉化,免费提供各种汉化软件... DOWNLOAD
texmaths(sfnet) TexMaths TexMaths is an addon designed to provide LaTeX ... DOWNLOAD

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