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cloudpower2(sfnet) CloudPower CloudPower is a Java application that offers fu... DOWNLOAD
img4dc(sfnet) IMG4DC – Dreamcast Selfboot Toolkit IMG4DC is a tools package containing two utilit... DOWNLOAD
mindyframework(sfnet) Mindy Framework Requirement - PHP 5.3.0+ [English] Mindy is a ... DOWNLOAD
admintoolskwupp(sfnet) Projekt Sparkasse Wuppertal 1. Das Admin Tool Mediaplaner für die Sparkasse... DOWNLOAD
multiboost(sfnet) MultiBoost MultiBoost is a C++ implementation of the multi... DOWNLOAD
cubetv(sfnet) CubeTV Portuguese (Brazil): Esse projeto é um softwa... DOWNLOAD
droidchessboard(sfnet) SimpleChessBoard for Android A simple chess board (no ia) application for An... DOWNLOAD
belkerda(sfnet) Belkerda Belkerda is a simple Python AI program that tak... DOWNLOAD
claroscuro(sfnet) ClaroscuRo lvl maximo 500 job 200 rates 4k /3k /3% mvp ... DOWNLOAD
pointbot2012(sfnet) PointBot2012 Coupe de france de robotique 2012. Second robot... DOWNLOAD
zte-mf-100(sfnet) ZTE MF 100 iam on Ubuntu DOWNLOAD
rylvod(sfnet) RYLVOD R.Y.L 2 Verse Of Death is the sequel to the all... DOWNLOAD
liqidandroiddev(sfnet) liqid-android-dev The Opensource of the Android Project of Team L... DOWNLOAD
yourplace(sfnet) YourPlace Yourplace is a php file system, where you can u... DOWNLOAD
dnsserver(sfnet) DNS Server based on LDAP This DNS Server pulls zones directly from LDAP ... DOWNLOAD
npptraylauncher(sfnet) Notepad++ Tray Launcher A simple Tool for Notepad++, which expand it wi... DOWNLOAD
sermonsontheweb(sfnet) Sermons on the Web Publishes sermons in MP3 format on a church's o... DOWNLOAD
reor(sfnet) Reor Reor is a free calculator (licensed under GNU G... DOWNLOAD
motan(sfnet) MOTAN - the fast C++ servlet container Servlet Container modeled after the Java Servl... DOWNLOAD
lambda-engine(sfnet) Lambda Engine The Lambda-Engine is a cross platform game engi... DOWNLOAD
fingerid(sfnet) FingerID [NOTICE!] FingerID since version 1.4 will be ho... DOWNLOAD
quamachi2(sfnet) Quamachi2 Quamachi2 is a python2-compatible fork of Quama... DOWNLOAD
birsevgilibul(sfnet) birsevgilibul Ücretsiz Üyeliği Bulunan Kameralı Dilerseniz,Gö... DOWNLOAD
warfare2vehicul(sfnet) warfare2.vehicules DOWNLOAD
caogen(sfnet) yancao DOWNLOAD
remasterdeb(sfnet) none Debian のライブを再度マスタリング cd (コンソー... DOWNLOAD
quickantivirus(sfnet) Luigi Usai Process exTerminator Process exTerminator in vbs to terminate bad pr... DOWNLOAD
psql(sfnet) Psql - PostgreSQL Frontend for Windows Basic PostgreSQL client applications for Window... DOWNLOAD
gammacore(sfnet) NetzTeil NetzTeil CMS is a very flexible and modular CMS... DOWNLOAD
arraydebugview(sfnet) ArrayDebugView-Add-In The ArrayDebugView-Add-In extends Visual Studio... DOWNLOAD
datasoul(sfnet) Datasoul Java application to manage and display song lyr... DOWNLOAD
relaxx(sfnet) RelaXX-player AJAX-based web-frontend for the Music Player Da... DOWNLOAD
elftoolchain(freshmeat) ELF Tool Chain ELF Tool Chain is a set of program development ... DOWNLOAD
onposix(sfnet) OnPosix OnPosix is a minimal C++ library that allows to... DOWNLOAD
thewinecellar(sfnet) The wine cellar The wine cellar is software to manage your wine... DOWNLOAD
siestaupdate(sfnet) siesta 2 DOWNLOAD
ekd(sfnet) EnKoDeur-Mixeur EnKoDeur-Mixeur (EKD) is an open source softwar... DOWNLOAD
xenoweb(sfnet) xeno web Xenotek's Simple Web Browser, xenoweb, is desig... DOWNLOAD
pwqueen(sfnet) PWQUEEN 1 DOWNLOAD
imagepermutator(sfnet) Image Permutator This program was designed to taken an image fil... DOWNLOAD
daebsd(sfnet) DA-EBSD The program allows you to analyze the misorient... DOWNLOAD
afcompressor(sfnet) AnyFileCompressor The AnyFileCompressor is a file compressor that... DOWNLOAD
dachenglishsoft(sfnet) DachsEnglishSoft DachsEnglishSoft es un software para niños de k... DOWNLOAD
matlabstarter(sfnet) MATLABStarter A startup function for MATLAB that dynamically ... DOWNLOAD
brightmoo(sfnet) BrightMOO Part authoring tool, part electronic environmen... DOWNLOAD
liferayschool(sfnet) Liferay School Portlets A set of liferay portlets to support schools. E... DOWNLOAD
artica-squid(sfnet) Squid Appliance/Web filtering Artica For Squid is a system that provide a sex... DOWNLOAD
selected(sfnet) selected DOWNLOAD
clipboard(sfnet) BestelClipboardHistoryManager It's just another simple tool to manage a histo... DOWNLOAD
alertonfailure(sfnet) AlertOnFailure System&Network Monitor 1, 10, 100 or 1000 computers? Desktops, Worksta... DOWNLOAD
lufft-l2p-script-collection(freshmeat) Lufft L2P Script Collection The Lufft L2P Script Collection provides useful... DOWNLOAD
clamunpacker(sfnet) Clamscan unpacker This is a packer derived from ClamAV open sourc... DOWNLOAD
genomecomb(sfnet) genomecomb Genomecomb is a package for the analysis of com... DOWNLOAD
floctrl(sfnet) floctrl This is a class project to create software for ... DOWNLOAD
proteintracker(sfnet) ProteinTracker A web based application to track protein relate... DOWNLOAD
ubuntugeeksquad(sfnet) Ubuntu Geek Squad DOWNLOAD
evolution-conti(sfnet) EVOlution RTS - Continued version The original EVOlution RTS seems to be not acti... DOWNLOAD
memapper(sfnet) MEMAPPER DOWNLOAD
kile(freshmeat) Kile Kile is a user-friendly TeX/LaTeX editor for th... DOWNLOAD
dotamapdownload(sfnet) Dota Map Downloader **** This project is no longer under developmen... DOWNLOAD
thephpbrowser(sfnet) phpBrowser phpBrowser is a "browser within a web bro... DOWNLOAD
sbattezzo(sfnet) Sbattezzo little app for sbattezzo function DOWNLOAD
javaucp(sfnet) JavaUCP JavaUCP is a fork of the smsj library (http://s... DOWNLOAD
jexler(sfnet) jexler Jexler is a simple relaxed Java 7 framework for... DOWNLOAD
intenz(sfnet) IntEnz - Integrated Enzyme Database IntEnz is the name for the Integrated relationa... DOWNLOAD
iswyad(sfnet) ISWYAD ISeeWhatYouAreDoing is a useful tool for gettin... DOWNLOAD
kdenlive(freshmeat) Kdenlive Kdenlive is a non-linear video editor for KDE. ... DOWNLOAD
arabiccorpus(sfnet) Arabic Corpus The Arabic Corpus {compiled by Dr. Mourad Abbas... DOWNLOAD
freewriting(sfnet) FreeNotePad FreeNotePad is a multiplateform text editor whi... DOWNLOAD
dpcrtlmm(freshmeat) dpcrtlmm dpcrtlmm is an ANSI C memory management library... DOWNLOAD
decker(sfnet) Decker Decker is a cyberspace hacking RPG where you ha... DOWNLOAD
bisreadmapper(sfnet) bisReadMapper Fast and lightweight package for analysis of bi... DOWNLOAD
mkbook(sfnet) mkbook mkbook turns one or more source files into an m... DOWNLOAD
legionpc(sfnet) LegionPC Remake of Amiga game called Legion originaly de... DOWNLOAD
exiv2(freshmeat) Exiv2 Exiv2 is a C++ library and a command line utili... DOWNLOAD
simat-conky(freshmeat) simat-conky simat-conky displays the air quality (IMECAs) a... DOWNLOAD
jrecord(freshmeat) JRecord JRecord allows you to read legacy, fixed width,... DOWNLOAD
kbox-mvc(sfnet) KBOX KBOX is a MVC model2 frame work. It helps you c... DOWNLOAD
maxiping(sfnet) MaxIPing MaxIPing is an easy to use python based applica... DOWNLOAD
tribuit(sfnet) Tribuit - vocabulary trainer in java A free open source multi lingual word trainer a... DOWNLOAD
quantumengine(sfnet) Quantum Game Engine As of now, an independently developed graphics/... DOWNLOAD
ztsnews(sfnet) easyfltk DOWNLOAD
ssn30(sfnet) Stupid Script Novel 3.0 Stupid Script Novel 3.0 is a Ren'Py port of Stu... DOWNLOAD
drawsthhelper(sfnet) DrawSomethingHelper DOWNLOAD
m10(sfnet) M1.0 Proyecto de lectura de tweets DOWNLOAD
robodestroyer(sfnet) RobocodeDestroyer DOWNLOAD
app-soundbox(sfnet) Soundbox Soundbox is a radio system application for IP.B... DOWNLOAD
lufft-l2p-nagios-plugin(freshmeat) Lufft L2P Nagios Plugin Lufft L2P Nagios Plugin enables Nagios to check... DOWNLOAD
gscustomizer(sfnet) GS-customizer GS-customizer is a simple tool to customize gno... DOWNLOAD
lice-script-for-epic-irc-clien(freshmeat) LiCe for EPIC LiCe is a powerful but easy-to-use script for t... DOWNLOAD
labkey-server(freshmeat) LabKey Server LabKey Server is open source software that help... DOWNLOAD
mpijava(sfnet) mpiJava A Message-Passing Interface (MPI) library, allo... DOWNLOAD
jdistlib(sfnet) JDistlib A Java package that provides routines for vario... DOWNLOAD
cosvn(sfnet) cosvn DOWNLOAD
zpolar(sfnet) zPolar Calculate with complex numbers and convert them... DOWNLOAD
dataexchange(sfnet) The Data Exchange Mechanism In order to generalize the information dataflow... DOWNLOAD
mobiledjango(sfnet) MoGo (Mobile Django) Addons to the Django Framework for mobile clien... DOWNLOAD
pranka(sfnet) PrAnKA (Algorithms course) Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms e-Co... DOWNLOAD
ansigl(sfnet) AnsiGL AnsiGL is a C++ console text "graphics&quo... DOWNLOAD
xiangshuinv(sfnet) xiangshuinv I love xiangshuinv,Xiang shui nv blog DOWNLOAD

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