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gladiatusbazaid(sfnet) Gladiatus bazaid Gladiatus ar By : Bazaid ,, Wait for Me Soon 2012 DOWNLOAD
sun-idm-adapter(sfnet) Sun IDM resource adapters Sun (now Oracle) Identity Manager tracks accou... DOWNLOAD
khmertext(sfnet) khmertext Open data for a Khmer language corpus and lexic... DOWNLOAD
pengen(sfnet) pengen A variation of the old bsd game trek updated wi... DOWNLOAD
picaclick(sfnet) picaclick nothing All projects and accounts registered on DOWNLOAD
sudocs(sfnet) sudocs Nice to meet you. Collaboration is a free publ... DOWNLOAD
faceapp(sfnet) Facebook APP A little Facebook APP DOWNLOAD
nethelp(sfnet) NetHelp NetHelp is an end-user remote help system, base... DOWNLOAD
tseresetv5(sfnet) tseresetv5 Conçu par Utildata, TSE_Reset est un utilitaire... DOWNLOAD
allplanet(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
abrep(sfnet) abrep Desenvolvimento de uma ferramenta para Eclipse ... DOWNLOAD
kbd-cheatsheet(freshmeat) kbd-cheatsheet kbd-cheatsheet is a small application that gene... DOWNLOAD
europepki(freshmeat) EuropePKI EuropePKI is a European Project supported by th... DOWNLOAD
bootcd(freshmeat) bootcd bootcd is a script that can help with the devel... DOWNLOAD
xeonxplorer(sfnet) xeonxplorer A simple Open-Source webbrowser developed by Th... DOWNLOAD
pviewer(sfnet) pviewer visualisation of proteins DOWNLOAD
notepadexpress(sfnet) Notepad Express I use Notepad as handy editor everyday. Some ti... DOWNLOAD
localgpssystem(sfnet) localgpssystem Ce projet permet de réaliser un système gps pou... DOWNLOAD
gpslocalsystem(sfnet) GPS local system Ce projet permet de réaliser un système gps pou... DOWNLOAD
developingamult(sfnet) developingamult Developing /enhancing a classic fighting game, ... DOWNLOAD
bubbleserv(sfnet) BubbleNET network utilities BubbleNET network utilities - IRC network utili... DOWNLOAD
eglooframework(sfnet) eGloo Framework (Moved to Github) DOWNLOAD
futurejob(sfnet) futurejob Official Job Portal of Republic of Kosovo DOWNLOAD
blogedit(sfnet) BlogEdit User friendly editor for writing blog articles ... DOWNLOAD
visanalyzer(sfnet) Visual Analyzer Tool A tool to process MiCAM data of Crab STG DOWNLOAD
wpcd(sfnet) wpcd A VitualBox OVA file that contains every WordPr... DOWNLOAD
xnaparticles(sfnet) XNA HLSL Particles Requirements: XNA 3.1, Visual Studio 2008 (for ... DOWNLOAD
testarko(sfnet) testarko testarko testarko testarko DOWNLOAD
trademarket(sfnet) Trade market A little application for simulating financial m... DOWNLOAD
wesitecinemanew(sfnet) wesitecinemanew c'est le nouveau website de moi meme ,il offert... DOWNLOAD
portalaging(sfnet) portalaging Portal Web feito em Jsf (PrimeFaces) + jQuery +... DOWNLOAD
yylogin(sfnet) yylogin The first c++ program, for test only DOWNLOAD
orionexperts(sfnet) orionexperts Experts is a program to manage in a PHP Categor... DOWNLOAD
henrymap(sfnet) henrymap to get a routable road map from a GPS informati... DOWNLOAD
ashraf7amdy(sfnet) ashraf7amdy easySlider1.7 code for blogger tube DOWNLOAD
dymy(sfnet) dymy This software shall enable users to send / rece... DOWNLOAD
asifmushtaq(sfnet) Software DOWNLOAD
studentdatabase(sfnet) studentdatabase This project is intended to develop an open sou... DOWNLOAD
phd(freshmeat) PHD Help Desk PHD Help Desk is software conceived for the reg... DOWNLOAD
houssamandroid(sfnet) houssamandroid Application android (système bancaire) L'object... DOWNLOAD
music4wm(sfnet) Music4Wm DOWNLOAD
scarker(sfnet) scarker A sensor capture resistance and key refreshing ... DOWNLOAD
miniseq(sfnet) miniseq java based sequencer software that 1) provides ... DOWNLOAD
dianajabbour(sfnet) IDS Develop Probes able to detect these attacks on... DOWNLOAD
prelude-probes(sfnet) prelude-probes Develop Probes able to detect these attacks on... DOWNLOAD
servicewarrior(sfnet) ServiceWarrior ServiceWarrior is an open-source project that i... DOWNLOAD
dnngenealogy(sfnet) DNNGenealogy Dot Net Nuke Genealogy Module - Build and show ... DOWNLOAD
ipt_blacklist(freshmeat) ipt_blacklist ipt_blacklist adds an extra layer of network se... DOWNLOAD
zebra_transform(freshmeat) Zebra_TransForm Zebra_TransForm is a tiny (3KB minified) jQuery... DOWNLOAD
tingui(sfnet) tingi O Projeto Tingi consiste no desenvolvimento de ... DOWNLOAD
qtnotifydaemon(freshmeat) qtnotifydaemon qtnotifydaemon is a flexible and configurable n... DOWNLOAD
lineagecp(sfnet) Lineage CP DOWNLOAD
polysh(freshmeat) Polysh Polysh is a tool to aggregate several remote sh... DOWNLOAD
fireworx(sfnet) Fireworx Fireworx is a collection of MATLAB functions th... DOWNLOAD
bookinfograbber(sfnet) BookInfoGrabber BookInfoGrabber is designed to quickly grab des... DOWNLOAD
shoveit(sfnet) shoveit It is a strategic game where you must shove box... DOWNLOAD
forkofletodmsv2(sfnet) Fork of Letodms V2.02 This is a fork of the old letodms version 2.02 ... DOWNLOAD
alkimia(sfnet) alkimia Syntegrity System that permits virtual syntegrization base... DOWNLOAD
pingpongx(sfnet) PingPongX PingPong with a twist! Test your patience with ... DOWNLOAD
manwe(sfnet) Manwé Manwé is a fast and reliable file splitter, mer... DOWNLOAD
relikiaservidor(sfnet) relikiaservidor Relikia Servidores é uma nova empresa no mercad... DOWNLOAD
skylinegrouptri(sfnet) SkylineGroupTriviaPurfuit Class project for developing a version of Trivi... DOWNLOAD
trapkat-editor(sfnet) pljones TrapKAT Editor for .Net/MONO A TrapKAT Sysex Data Dump Editor for .Net/MONO.... DOWNLOAD
pokeballs(sfnet) pokeballs A Python based socks5 irc flooder DOWNLOAD
backshift(freshmeat) Backshift Backshift is a deduplicating (variable-sized, c... DOWNLOAD
dnget(sfnet) dnget Simple Windows command line program using .NET ... DOWNLOAD
apollon(sfnet) Apollon Apollon - the greek god of music, mp3s, and vi... DOWNLOAD
kdsql(sfnet) kdsql Kd SQL is a cross platform MySQL Front End Data... DOWNLOAD
wiziq-moodle-2(sfnet) WizIQ Virtual Classroom –moodle2.0 The WizIQ Virtual Classroom integrated with Moo... DOWNLOAD
cursoresdakaren(sfnet) meuqueridodiario Para hospedar cursores DOWNLOAD
bsplatformer(sfnet) BrainstormPlatformer Project This is a platformer game. DOWNLOAD
sms-osgi(sfnet) sms-dosgi The purpose of this project is to build sms cha... DOWNLOAD
ero(sfnet) Enchanted RO Enchanted RO development in patcher DOWNLOAD
simplerpgos(sfnet) simplerpgos Simple Rpg is a free open source game with load... DOWNLOAD
lmb-gdp-bts(sfnet) lmb-gdp-bts "Proof of concept" mit BizTalk Server... DOWNLOAD
spyimages(sfnet) spyimages Spyimages es una Aplicacion programada por Jesu... DOWNLOAD
tgames(sfnet) tGames tGames is a collection of simple board games su... DOWNLOAD
macopenfoam(sfnet) OpenFOAM for Mac OS X Precompiled disk images for OpenFOAM 1.7.x and ... DOWNLOAD
wtm0001beta(sfnet) wtm0001beta WTM is an operation sistem based on ubuntu DOWNLOAD
sunevents(sfnet) SunEvents Delphi Pascal dll with entry points returning s... DOWNLOAD
openmuseau(sfnet) openmuseau The Open Source management tool for museums DOWNLOAD
distrodos(sfnet) Distro Dos DistroDos is a Linux distribution based on Slit... DOWNLOAD
gemsgame(sfnet) Gems Game My Own 2D Game C++/SDL DOWNLOAD
stuntpilot3d(sfnet) stuntpilot3d Cette jeu la sert passer des cercles qui son mi... DOWNLOAD
ftpservcheck(sfnet) FTPserv checker This project, check ftp servers available or no... DOWNLOAD
wizards-magic(sfnet) Wizards Magic Wizards Magic - OpenSource card game, based on ... DOWNLOAD
jqeditor(sfnet) jqeditor jqEditor supports jq files,pdf, word,txt DOWNLOAD
jcalendar(sfnet) jcalendar The JCalendar library is a set of Java classes ... DOWNLOAD
localexchangeuk(sfnet) LocalExchangeUK LocalExchangeUK is a fork of Calvin Priest's or... DOWNLOAD
jcodesearch(sfnet) Java Snippet Search Search Java sources with example code snippets. DOWNLOAD
textrecognize(sfnet) textrecognize To recognize text from image file and save them... DOWNLOAD
wavecore(sfnet) wavecore The Program that I created as a random program,... DOWNLOAD
rp3d(sfnet) rp3d Simple 3D , Shooting Target game DOWNLOAD
qspec2(sfnet) PDE PDE (Protein Differential Expression) is a new ... DOWNLOAD
webclave4(sfnet) webclave4 Este es el proyecto de Ingenieria Web. Docente:... DOWNLOAD
smartsensors(sfnet) smartsensors Smart Sensor is an unified android application ... DOWNLOAD
springdataview(sfnet) springdataview Academic purpose Spring framework project. DOWNLOAD
nfnat66(sfnet) nfnat66 Implementation of NAT66 (Stateless and Stateful... DOWNLOAD
safe-haven(sfnet) SafeHaven Next Generation Backup System, from desktop per... DOWNLOAD
th-lianliankan(sfnet) th-cocos-lianliankan DOWNLOAD

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