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mappingtesting(sfnet) Semantic Mapping Testing Testing tool for Semantic Bridges. Supports the... DOWNLOAD
jdette(sfnet) JDette JDette is a Java software to manage debts with ... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-image-captions(freshmeat) Wolf Software Image Captions Wolf Software Image Captions is a very simple j... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-slide-out-contai(freshmeat) Wolf Software Slide Out Container Wolf Software Slide Out Container is a simple j... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-twitter-syndicat(freshmeat) Wolf Software Twitter Syndication Wolf Software Twitter Syndication is a simple ... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-page-statistics-(freshmeat) Wolf Software Page Statistics Class Wolf Software Page Statistics Class is a small ... DOWNLOAD
netsar(sfnet) netsar netsar intercepts and records the system calls... DOWNLOAD
mythgrid(sfnet) MythGrid The purpose of this project is to create a loca... DOWNLOAD
atlas-64(sfnet) Atlas 64 This project brings together many sub-projects ... DOWNLOAD
qmdc(freshmeat) qmdc qmdc is a client for musicd written using PyQt4... DOWNLOAD
ddproject(sfnet) Dylan's D20 Character Generator A working project to create a useful set of too... DOWNLOAD
eggdrop(sfnet) Eggdrop Eggdrop is the most advanced IRC robot availabl... DOWNLOAD
osgridmanager(sfnet) OSGridManager Ximdex OSGridManager is a grafical Grid-Managem... DOWNLOAD
evcounterv1(sfnet) evcounter DOWNLOAD
yotacms(sfnet) yotacms The internal CMS form the belgian national rail... DOWNLOAD
sembpelext(sfnet) Semantic BPEL Engine Extension Semantic extension for OS BPEL engines. Provide... DOWNLOAD
shelfelf(sfnet) shelfelf The shelfelf is a web frontend to send commands... DOWNLOAD
dgc(sfnet) DGC - Digital Gate Compiler DGC is a tool for the creation of digital netli... DOWNLOAD
striforge(sfnet) StriForge DOWNLOAD
dctrlvtiger52(sfnet) DairyControl for vTigerCRM 5.2.0 final This module allows you to manage a gathering mi... DOWNLOAD
sensation3ddw(sfnet) Sensation3DDW DOWNLOAD
php-codeigniter-class-library-(freshmeat) CodeIgniter for PayPal Payments Pro CodeIgniter for PayPal Payments Pro includes ev... DOWNLOAD
filemaker-custom-functions-for(freshmeat) FileMaker Custom Functions for PayPal APIs FileMaker Custom Functions for PayPal APIs prov... DOWNLOAD
vboxsvc(sfnet) vboxsvc - VirtualBox SMF service wrapper SMF service wrapper for Sun/Oracle VirtualBox u... DOWNLOAD
jurpe(sfnet) Jurpe JURPE (Java Universal Role Playing Engine) is a... DOWNLOAD
superobfuscator(sfnet) SuperObfuscator DOWNLOAD
windowshunter(sfnet) Please remove it Please remove it DOWNLOAD
yeditor(sfnet) YEditor Easy to use,Friendly UI DOWNLOAD
yahooimporter(sfnet) Yahoo!Importer C# data importer for Yahoo!Finance DOWNLOAD
peg-solitaire(sfnet) Peg Solitaire Peg solitaire is a board game for one player in... DOWNLOAD
maptooll(sfnet) MapTool_L A map tool with network support, allowing users... DOWNLOAD
xmiller(sfnet) xmiller DOWNLOAD
keyd-hytro(sfnet) keyd_hytro i would like to collect my photos DOWNLOAD
gamepans(sfnet) GamePans It use SDL in Linux and HGE in Windows for g... DOWNLOAD
eventsreminder(sfnet) Events reminder DOWNLOAD
satelli(sfnet) Satellitemx DOWNLOAD
the-ti-basic-compiler(freshmeat) The TI-BASIC Compiler The TI-BASIC Compiler allows you to write TI-BA... DOWNLOAD
moxestemplate(freshmeat) MoxesTemplate MoxesTemplate is a lightweight PHP template cla... DOWNLOAD
pingbatch(sfnet) PING! This is a batch program that automates the PING... DOWNLOAD
libusbjava(sfnet) Java libusb/libusb-win32 wrapper libusbJava is a Java wrapper for the libusb and... DOWNLOAD
openmoko-panel(sfnet) OpenMoko Panel This Plugin adds some powerstates of the OpenMo... DOWNLOAD
dbarrman(sfnet) DBarrMan In Dolibarr database tables, re-create a suppli... DOWNLOAD
firebird(freshmeat) Firebird Relational Database Firebird is a relational database offering many... DOWNLOAD
cis550proj(sfnet) cis550proj DOWNLOAD
microjuke(sfnet) MicroJuke Very minimal and lightweight music player for U... DOWNLOAD
positionjs(sfnet) position.js DOWNLOAD
pygarmin(sfnet) PyGarmin PyGarmin is a set of Python classes which allow... DOWNLOAD
yuyu316(sfnet) yuyu316 will be improve with me DOWNLOAD
camtasiastudio8(sfnet) Camtasia Studio 8 Full Version Version DOWNLOAD
bgssj(sfnet) Bulk Gene Search System for Java The BGSSJ allows for easy and interactive query... DOWNLOAD
juoserver(sfnet) JUOServer Java-based Ultima Online server DOWNLOAD
swallowproject(sfnet) Swallow Project Swallow project is a collection of libraries, u... DOWNLOAD
mahagitah(sfnet) Mahagitah The Multimedia Player DOWNLOAD
setrace(sfnet) Services Execution Trace Java library to add automatic trace logging of ... DOWNLOAD
shaneblackman(sfnet) Shane Blackman Short Short Films, Productions, Spoofs, Stand-U... DOWNLOAD
mappstack(freshmeat) BitNami MAPPStack BitNami MAPPStack is an easy-to-install, ready-... DOWNLOAD
elfviewer(sfnet) elf viewer(aka T34) ELF(Executable and Linkable Format) Viewer disp... DOWNLOAD
nonum(sfnet) NoNum NoNum is a small, fast tool to remove numbers f... DOWNLOAD
mcronlinechat(sfnet) MCR Online Chat An chat client created to Test Visual Basic. DOWNLOAD
yuncn(sfnet) yuncn DOWNLOAD
tcp2000(sfnet) T(cp)2000 DOWNLOAD
keycomment(sfnet) Key-Comment P2P key comment, like a P2P Forum DOWNLOAD
paperboy(sfnet) Paperboy RSS Paperboy RSS aims to be the most powerful open-... DOWNLOAD
jdone(sfnet) jdone Record job you done. Integrate with tools to au... DOWNLOAD
xmldb-org(sfnet) XML:DB Initiative for XML Databases XML:DB provides a community for collaborative d... DOWNLOAD
tigrebrowser(sfnet) tigreBrowser tigreBrowser is a web-based browser for ranking... DOWNLOAD
php-x-messages(sfnet) PHP X-Messages The XMessages class for PHP 5.3+ lets you easil... DOWNLOAD
testprojectpt(sfnet) Test Project Portugal DOWNLOAD
stelhtmleditor(sfnet) Stel HTML editor DOWNLOAD
testreview(sfnet) Test_Review_11-15-11 here DOWNLOAD
zlh-pyopengl(sfnet) zlh-pyopengl code for study pyopengl DOWNLOAD
freednplibrary(sfnet) Free Dnp Library A Free Dnp Library coded in Java and available ... DOWNLOAD
sms-mu-online(sfnet) automatic sms payments in MU Online English: This script will help you to integrate... DOWNLOAD
plagiarism(sfnet) Desktop Plagiarism Checker Easy-to-use plagiarism detection software for W... DOWNLOAD
foafpress(freshmeat) Foafpress Foafpress is a Web application and presentation... DOWNLOAD
light-source(freshmeat) Light source Light source is an object which can apply a sha... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-dates-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Dates Class The Wolf Software Dates Class has a large numbe... DOWNLOAD
erdvideo(freshmeat) ERDvideo ERDvideo is an application to display video in ... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-mersenne-twister(freshmeat) Wolf Software Mersenne Twister Class Wolf Software Mersenne Twister Class is a pseud... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-sessions-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Sessions Class Wolf Software Sessions Class replaces the stand... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-tag-cloud-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Tag Cloud Class Wolf Software Tag Cloud Class takes an array of... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-browser-detectio(freshmeat) Wolf Software Browser Detection Class Wolf Software Browser Detection Class is a very... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-weather-class(freshmeat) Wolf Software Weather Class Wolf Software Weather Class is a simple class f... DOWNLOAD
spm-simple-package-manager(freshmeat) SPM (Simple Package Manager) Simple Package Manager (SPM) is intended to op... DOWNLOAD
wtl(sfnet) Windows Template Library (WTL) Windows Template Library (WTL) is a C++ library... DOWNLOAD
filesfitter(sfnet) Files Fitter The File fitter browser is a tool that allows t... DOWNLOAD
muksulticyl(sfnet) Mukund's Calc 3D Fig(Cylinder) Use for complex calculations with cylinders. Ma... DOWNLOAD
khvsvocal(sfnet) KHVS Vocal Synthsizer KHVS(KM Human Vocal Synthsizer) is a FREE softw... DOWNLOAD
wsurl(sfnet) Wetta SURL DOWNLOAD
vietuni(sfnet) VietUni Vietnamese Keyboard DOWNLOAD
osg2max(sfnet) OSG2MAX DOWNLOAD
genius(sfnet) Genius Genius helps you memorize things. Use Genius t... DOWNLOAD
motp4dotnet(sfnet) mOTP4dotNet A Mobile One Time Passwords implementation in V... DOWNLOAD
libvrml(sfnet) libvrml welcome to vrmlstudio. this is library about vrml. DOWNLOAD
voandoalto(sfnet) Projeto_Cultural_Voando_Alto DOWNLOAD
maozai(sfnet) maozaiba this is my site DOWNLOAD
testlinkbr(sfnet) TestLink em Português Projeto dedicado a tradução do TestLink para o ... DOWNLOAD
linkedgallery(sfnet) LinkedGallery DOWNLOAD
coreframework(sfnet) Core Framework DOWNLOAD
hackercore(sfnet) H|C DOWNLOAD

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