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vnstatsystray(sfnet) VnstatSystrayIcon DOWNLOAD
helloworldvb(sfnet) Hello World Visual Basic Application A simple hello world application created in Vis... DOWNLOAD
irrgerap(sfnet) Irrlicht Gui/Event Architecture This is a small project to demonstrate the use ... DOWNLOAD
jsi(sfnet) Java Spatial Index (RTree) Library The Java RTree project aims to maintain an Java... DOWNLOAD
physmo(sfnet) PhysMo - Video Motion Analysis PhysMo is a tool for frame-by-frame video analy... DOWNLOAD
alpong(sfnet) AlPong AlPong is a simple Pong clone with basic featur... DOWNLOAD
openssl1d(sfnet) openssl1d DOWNLOAD
inpage(sfnet) inpage Analysis Innodb Physical Page Internal Detail S... DOWNLOAD
bj0857(sfnet) bj0857 中国考试资讯网 DOWNLOAD
side-by-side-stereo-image-to-m(freshmeat) sbs_proc sbs_proc (Side by Side Processor) is a simple c... DOWNLOAD
linuxtimon(freshmeat) LinuxTimon LinuxTimon is a USB/SD/MMC/PXE miniature Linux ... DOWNLOAD
ztztz(sfnet) zzzz example to learn...... DOWNLOAD
pylibravatar(freshmeat) pyLibravatar pyLibravatar provides an easy way to make use o... DOWNLOAD
gridmdr(sfnet) Grid Computing MDR The objective of this project is to make availa... DOWNLOAD
bgt(sfnet) BGTranslate Тукс са събрани повечето програми които имат пр... DOWNLOAD
qt-fa(sfnet) qt-fa DOWNLOAD
omarsos(sfnet) Omar's OS You can download free version's of my operating... DOWNLOAD
ftpmicro(sfnet) FTPmicro Embedded web server open source with picmicro DOWNLOAD
proyectocursosl(sfnet) Proyecto Curso SL No description DOWNLOAD
bookimage(sfnet) Book Image Viewer Book Image Viewer is an application that views ... DOWNLOAD
utpackages(sfnet) UT Packages Libraries to read resources from Unreal Engine ... DOWNLOAD
opendedup-virtual-nas-storage-(freshmeat) OpenDedup Virtual NAS Storage Appliance The OpenDedup Virtual NAS Appliance is designed... DOWNLOAD
lhasa(freshmeat) Lhasa Lhasa is a Free Software replacement for the Un... DOWNLOAD
libitl(sfnet) Islamic Tools and Libraries (ITL) The Islamic Tools and Libraries (ITL) is a proj... DOWNLOAD
cuteblog(sfnet) CuteBlog This is a Blog System based on Zend Framwork. Y... DOWNLOAD
fcassistant(sfnet) Flying Colors Assistant This is an auxilary tool for the naval tabletop... DOWNLOAD
openvs(sfnet) OpenVS Includes a framework and various methods of mot... DOWNLOAD
tuyouxxmlsimple(sfnet) TuYouXXMLSimple Very simple PHP Class to manage XML code with ... DOWNLOAD
mintywow(sfnet) MintyWoW SourceForge page for MintyWoW DOWNLOAD
smilesurvey(sfnet) Smile Survey DOWNLOAD
openinfo3w(sfnet) OpenInfo3W ERP CRM GPAO PGI OpenInfo3W ERP GPAO CRM PGI : http://www.openin... DOWNLOAD
upvelmaster(sfnet) Upvel Master Программа для настройки роутеров. TRENDNET UPVEL DOWNLOAD
whcounter(sfnet) WHCounter DOWNLOAD
damx(sfnet) classified ad Perl script A Simple, fast and very configurable classified... DOWNLOAD
jmfastest(sfnet) Proyecto “JMFastest” DOWNLOAD
caricature(sfnet) Caricature Team_Gal24 DOWNLOAD
vnewtoolsv2(sfnet) vnewtoolsv2 DOWNLOAD
activitymanager(sfnet) Activity Manager Activity Manager is a project management tool. ... DOWNLOAD
kle8309(sfnet) Serial COM Port Visual Studio C++ Demonstration of using visual c++ windows forms... DOWNLOAD
yaourt-gui(sfnet) yaourt-gui Yaourt-GUI is designed for new users who want t... DOWNLOAD
akqa(sfnet) AKQA DOWNLOAD
tribeterminal(sfnet) tribe_terminal This is simple terminal strategy. But y do not ... DOWNLOAD
javabreakgame(sfnet) javabreak game It's a classic breakout game in Java who's fun.... DOWNLOAD
bitnami-tomcat-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Tomcat Stack BitNami Tomcat Stack Native Installer is an eas... DOWNLOAD
paj-framework(sfnet) PAJ Framework Simple framework for developing cross platform ... DOWNLOAD
bubbles2009(sfnet) BubbleGenerator 2009 School project @ the University College in Berg... DOWNLOAD
fposs(sfnet) FPOSS Free POS software. In English and Dutch DOWNLOAD
horariosiutjaaa(sfnet) Horarios DOWNLOAD
mbds2-0(sfnet) MBDS2.0 Le MBDS2.0 est une plateforme open source de ge... DOWNLOAD
bjanalyst(sfnet) Blackjack Analyst Blackjack Analyst is a program allowing evaluat... DOWNLOAD
openlldp(sfnet) OpenLLDP OpenLLDP is an Open Source implementation of th... DOWNLOAD
muks2dcalculti(sfnet) Mukund's Ultimate Calculator (2D) Use for simple calculations and calculations wi... DOWNLOAD
skyrim-set(sfnet) SkyrimEarlyTuner Allows easy customizations for Skyrim like comp... DOWNLOAD
bestcontato(sfnet) Best Contato DOWNLOAD
watudo(sfnet) watudo挖土豆123 挖土豆 DOWNLOAD
macsystemuptime(sfnet) MacSystemUptime DOWNLOAD
dotnettp(sfnet) DotnetTP DOWNLOAD
fusionclientv12(sfnet) Fusion Client v12 Fusion Mmorpg Game Client, version 12 http://ww... DOWNLOAD
chunk-templates(sfnet) Chunk, an HTML Template Engine for Java A powerful Java Template Engine, great for buil... DOWNLOAD
dvsmsg(sfnet) CatTail Viewer: dmesg, debugs, and logs! Graphical monitoring front-end to monitor dmesg... DOWNLOAD
ebayimagextract(sfnet) eBay Full-Size Image Extractor This is a simple C++ program made to extract th... DOWNLOAD
translittool(sfnet) transliterator tool Load up an alphabet file with a five digit unic... DOWNLOAD
madlibforpb(sfnet) MadLib for PureBasic All the functions, structures, constants, that ... DOWNLOAD
delphiusb(sfnet) Delphi USB DOWNLOAD
deildtimer(sfnet) DEILD timer This is a basic DEILD timer for Lucid Dreaming ... DOWNLOAD
kimsqrb(sfnet) kimsQ Rb DOWNLOAD
editxlabel(sfnet) editxlabel Use gmail-like labels, using the X-Label field,... DOWNLOAD
gifsave89(sfnet) gifsave89 DOWNLOAD
abraham(sfnet) Pedigree Maker - a genealogy tool A genealogy tool for describing and generating ... DOWNLOAD
coflo(sfnet) CoFlo CoFlo generates Control-Flow Graphs from C and ... DOWNLOAD
miniprojetjava(sfnet) MiniProjet_java DOWNLOAD
xnap-commons(sfnet) XNap Commons - Java Utility Library The XNap Commons project provides a set of util... DOWNLOAD
rudp(sfnet) Simple Reliable UDP An object-oriented implementation of a reliable... DOWNLOAD
xfstk(sfnet) Intel xFSTK Downloader The Intel xFSTK Downloader allows users to upda... DOWNLOAD
midairfont(sfnet) Midair X11 ISO 8859-1 Font DOWNLOAD
udis86(sfnet) Udis86 Disassembler for x86 and x86-64 Udis86 is an easy-to-use minimalistic disassemb... DOWNLOAD
hq-img(sfnet) hq_img ( smarty image plugin ) Creates cached high quality images for high qua... DOWNLOAD
suko(sfnet) Suko Suko solver - solves Suko puzzles (as printed i... DOWNLOAD
x48(sfnet) x48 (HP48 S/SX/G/GX Emulator) An HP48 S/SX/G/GX Emulator for X. DOWNLOAD
amilton(sfnet) Amilton DOWNLOAD
projectharmless(sfnet) Project Harmless Project: Harmless is simply a weapon pack that ... DOWNLOAD
filerefresh(sfnet) FileRefresh Using Servlets and JSP, MVC Framework and Commo... DOWNLOAD
floatrange(sfnet) floatrange A floatrange class working like Python range bu... DOWNLOAD
xplsql(sfnet) XPL/SQL XPL/SQL: PL/SQL coded in XML. With XPL/SQL you ... DOWNLOAD
pywebtvorange(sfnet) pyWebTvOrange Regardez la Tv Orange sur votre Pc /Mac DOWNLOAD
queervoting(sfnet) queervoting Program to enable simple anonymous ballots to b... DOWNLOAD
gpower2d(sfnet) gPower2D DOWNLOAD
bubblepopper(sfnet) BubblePopper A cross-platform logic game played using webcam DOWNLOAD
openhms-sqlbuilder(freshmeat) SqlBuilder (OpenHMS) SqlBuilder is a library that attempts to take t... DOWNLOAD
magnifier(sfnet) Virtual Magnifying Glass Virtual Magnifying Glass is designed for visual... DOWNLOAD
mappingtesting(sfnet) Semantic Mapping Testing Testing tool for Semantic Bridges. Supports the... DOWNLOAD
jdette(sfnet) JDette JDette is a Java software to manage debts with ... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-image-captions(freshmeat) Wolf Software Image Captions Wolf Software Image Captions is a very simple j... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-slide-out-contai(freshmeat) Wolf Software Slide Out Container Wolf Software Slide Out Container is a simple j... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-twitter-syndicat(freshmeat) Wolf Software Twitter Syndication Wolf Software Twitter Syndication is a simple ... DOWNLOAD
wolf-software-page-statistics-(freshmeat) Wolf Software Page Statistics Class Wolf Software Page Statistics Class is a small ... DOWNLOAD
netsar(sfnet) netsar netsar intercepts and records the system calls... DOWNLOAD
mythgrid(sfnet) MythGrid The purpose of this project is to create a loca... DOWNLOAD
atlas-64(sfnet) Atlas 64 This project brings together many sub-projects ... DOWNLOAD
qmdc(freshmeat) qmdc qmdc is a client for musicd written using PyQt4... DOWNLOAD

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