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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
pymetasploit(freshmeat) pymetasploit PyMetasploit is a full-fledged msfrpc client li... DOWNLOAD
slidecrunch(sfnet) SlideCrunch SlideCrunch is a "Swiss Army knife" f... DOWNLOAD
thermometer(sfnet) WebThermometer DOWNLOAD
ashp(sfnet) ASP Slashdot Headline Parser ASP Slashdot Headline Parser is a simple Active... DOWNLOAD
baq(freshmeat) baq baq is an artificial intelligence bouncing ball... DOWNLOAD
pdfcreate(sfnet) PDFCreate This is a small Utility to convert Images to PD... DOWNLOAD
paetolilypond(sfnet) Plaine & Easie Code to Lilypond DOWNLOAD
paradiseos(sfnet) Paradise OS The Mission is to utilize the efforts of Canoni... DOWNLOAD
quant-study-lib(sfnet) quant-study-lib DOWNLOAD
photini(freshmeat) Photini Photini is a GUI program to create and edit met... DOWNLOAD
vallheru(freshmeat) Vallheru Vallheru is a turn-based, fantasy MMORPG writte... DOWNLOAD
documentds(sfnet) DocUMentDS DocUMentDS is a cross platform desktop document... DOWNLOAD
solverstudio(sfnet) SolverStudio SolverStudio is an add-in for Excel 2007 and 20... DOWNLOAD
sonambulo(sfnet) Sonambulo 3D This is my first game project. It's a shooter g... DOWNLOAD
twitbot(sfnet) TwitBot Originally Designed for #OccupyPortland This a... DOWNLOAD
magz(sfnet) magz DOWNLOAD
phpsbml(sfnet) Simple PHP SBML This class library aims to be simple way to rea... DOWNLOAD
wexapps(sfnet) Wexapps Wexapps es una organización que se enfoca en ha... DOWNLOAD
techstersgolive(sfnet) techstersgolive hi this is test fdsfasdf dfa DOWNLOAD
tabletworkbook(sfnet) Tablet Workbook A digital school book for dyslexic children. Th... DOWNLOAD
soundclouddl(sfnet) soundcloud-dl This is a simple downloader for soundcloud DOWNLOAD
bluetoothcar(sfnet) Bluetooth Car Car model carries MCU(STM32L152) unit and J2ME ... DOWNLOAD
secautotrust(sfnet) Security Automation Trust Reference Impl This project is a Java-based reference implemen... DOWNLOAD
moneystats(sfnet) MoneyStats MoneyStats is PHP + MySQL application that help... DOWNLOAD
wlx(sfnet) webplayer list xml Implementation (Windows Media Player) format su... DOWNLOAD
xiaozhiyinyue(sfnet) xiaozhiyinyue DOWNLOAD
bgs(sfnet) brick game simulator bgs (brick game simulator) is an attempt to imp... DOWNLOAD
thebigproject(sfnet) The Big Project A complex mashup of FLOSS project and Linux Distro DOWNLOAD
ubyplus(sfnet) Ubuntu Plus DOWNLOAD
proyectosvn(sfnet) Tarea - Subir proyecto a forja SVN El alumno deberá crear, en cualquier forja, un ... DOWNLOAD
daemons-rpg(sfnet) Daemons An RPG that is designed to be everything that P... DOWNLOAD
rfs10(sfnet) rfs1.0 Router Firewall fork of BrazilFW DOWNLOAD
fakefacebook(sfnet) Fake Facebook virus DOWNLOAD
tymeacdse(freshmeat) TymeacDSE TymeacDSE is a Java Fork-Join application serve... DOWNLOAD
bwtclient(sfnet) Программа Афоризмы Показывает афоризмы во всплывающем окне, а такж... DOWNLOAD
abot(sfnet) Abot This is another Age of Conan chat bot written i... DOWNLOAD
spatio(sfnet) Spatio Player Free stream player DOWNLOAD
idw(sfnet) Index Du Web Plateforme de telechargement de Index Du Web po... DOWNLOAD
mcs51stk(sfnet) mcs51stk both hardware & software. DOWNLOAD
androidx86(sfnet) Android x86 DOWNLOAD
kowari(sfnet) Kowari Kowari is a Java based, non-SQL database for th... DOWNLOAD
phpguardian(sfnet) Bonzai Protect your PHP source code This project ar... DOWNLOAD
hbs(sfnet) Home Banking System 4 Home Banking System is a tool that helps you tr... DOWNLOAD
qtvremote(sfnet) QuickTV Remote This utility was developed to control an HDHome... DOWNLOAD
tuttyfruit(sfnet) TuttyFruit Emulator by LaVolpe TuttyFruit ist ein Leistungstarker Habbo Emulat... DOWNLOAD
iaclips(sfnet) Inteligencia Artificial - CLIPS Información para aprender a usar CLIPS como mot... DOWNLOAD
faberscriptorum(sfnet) FaberScriptorum FaberScriptorum is a template based code genera... DOWNLOAD
ppw(freshmeat) Parallel Performance Wizard Parallel Performance Wizard (PPW) is a performa... DOWNLOAD
treeviewadv(sfnet) TreeViewAdv for .Net Extensible advanced TreeView. 100% management C... DOWNLOAD
easenixlinux(sfnet) Easenix Linux DOWNLOAD
jmodem(sfnet) Jsms DOWNLOAD
overture(freshmeat) Overture Overture is an object-oriented code framework f... DOWNLOAD
moteurrecherche(sfnet) MoteurRecherche DOWNLOAD
totalepg(sfnet) totalEPG Windows media center and XMLTV EPG grabber. DOWNLOAD
tmssilverlight(sfnet) Turing machines in silverlight Turing machine simulator with some preconfigure... DOWNLOAD
phpfusionlt(sfnet) PHP-FUSION Lithuanian Locales DOWNLOAD
solarxml(sfnet) Solar XML DOWNLOAD
txtmario(sfnet) TXTMario This game was built as an educational tool to t... DOWNLOAD
gamestudiox(sfnet) Game Studio X DOWNLOAD
tokeneditor(sfnet) Mw3 GPD Token Editor Just used to prove a point. DOWNLOAD
popuplangtrain(sfnet) LangTrainer Программа для заучивания английских (хотя по бо... DOWNLOAD
gameword(sfnet) GameWord Кроссплатформенная игра, написанная на языке Fr... DOWNLOAD
ebaymine(sfnet) ebay mine I started this project for use in a new busines... DOWNLOAD
commonreality(sfnet) CommonReality Interface CommonReality aims to bring a standard to the c... DOWNLOAD
lt69(sfnet) lt69 DOWNLOAD
bbwingui(sfnet) BBWin GUI The BBWin GUI was developed due to a need to ma... DOWNLOAD
gotofacebook(sfnet) gotoFacebook Vào Facebook tiện lợi DOWNLOAD
shuodaoer(sfnet) shuodaoer DOWNLOAD
loloof64ictk(sfnet) Loloof64_ICTK ICTK 0.2.0 has a very big bug, when you call C... DOWNLOAD
evtuprof(sfnet) Evalua A Tu Profesor Evalúa a tu Profesor se basa en la fusión de lo... DOWNLOAD
csvtofootprint(sfnet) CsvToFootprint For electronics engineers, when using open sour... DOWNLOAD
dvr-card(sfnet) Unique Vision DOWNLOAD
drc(freshmeat) Digital Room Correction DRC generates digital room correction FIR filte... DOWNLOAD
mbw(freshmeat) MBW MBW determines the "copy" memory band... DOWNLOAD
secureupload(sfnet) Secure File Upload This is a secure file upload using Webservice DOWNLOAD
anonwebproject(sfnet) Anonymous Web Project A new way to explore the internet without borde... DOWNLOAD
mantis2redmine(sfnet) Mantis2Redmine DOWNLOAD
kurisuos3(sfnet) Kurisu OS 3 3º sistema operayivo de la compañia Kurisu Elec... DOWNLOAD
socbuttons(sfnet) socbuttons_j2.5 Free and simple plugin for Joomla 2.5. Share So... DOWNLOAD
alkhalil(sfnet) Alkhalil Morpho Sys Alkhalil Morpho Sys is a morphological analyzer... DOWNLOAD
appblacklister(sfnet) ApplicationBlacklister ApplicationBlacklister is a utility that allows... DOWNLOAD
agent1(sfnet) agent1 simple agent program for homework 5.3 DOWNLOAD
wnetconnect(sfnet) WNetConnect Exposes Windows WNetAddConnection2, WNetUseConn... DOWNLOAD
telegis(sfnet) Tele_GIS Build an application for telegis DOWNLOAD
xplorer(freshmeat) Xplorer Xplorer is a file manager with fast and accurat... DOWNLOAD
resdatadeposit(sfnet) ResData Deposit Tool A customisable web form to deposit metadata abo... DOWNLOAD
appbio11lab2(sfnet) Appbio11_Lab2 DOWNLOAD
androidcallinfo(sfnet) Android Call Info DOWNLOAD
chiefbozmdd(sfnet) Chiefboz Mass Data Downloader DOWNLOAD
tst9210(sfnet) tst9210 DOWNLOAD
blackboard(sfnet) BlackBoard Erstellung eines webbasierneden "Schwarzen... DOWNLOAD
behaviorsystem(sfnet) virtualstream DOWNLOAD
bfcapchanger(sfnet) Blaga Forever Cap Changer Заменитель "шапки" для блогов, сделан... DOWNLOAD
youthgrouplog(sfnet) Login This allows youth leaders to keep track of kids... DOWNLOAD
cmpe295a(sfnet) CMPE-295A Master Project for SJSU DOWNLOAD
slimehockey(sfnet) Slime Ice Hockey, 2 player A two-player Slime Ice Hockey game, with the en... DOWNLOAD
rrdcollect(freshmeat) RRDcollect RRDcollect is a daemon that polls certain files... DOWNLOAD
canvicon(freshmeat) Canvicon Canvicon sets the current page's favicon to a ... DOWNLOAD
phone-spell(freshmeat) Phone Spell Phone Spell is a PHP class which can find words... DOWNLOAD

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