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ioniastudent(sfnet) Ionia Student Online The new Ionia Student Online is a student infor... DOWNLOAD
phpdraft(sfnet) PHP Draft PHP Draft is a web-based Fantasy Sports draftin... DOWNLOAD
agilemanagement(sfnet) Agile Management System Esta ferramenta visa auxiliar os gerentes de pr... DOWNLOAD
jobjsconverter(sfnet) Java Objects Converter Generic Converter from Java Objects to XML and ... DOWNLOAD
hdktn(sfnet) hdk tn DOWNLOAD
commonthiefmsr(sfnet) CommonThief MSR decoded data dumped from a magnetic stripe on t... DOWNLOAD
qacstatus(sfnet) qacstatus Dependencies: acstatus-server https://github.c... DOWNLOAD
strange-factory(sfnet) Strange Factory DOWNLOAD
subnetsmngr(sfnet) subnetsmngr Subnet manager web interface supporting IPv4 an... DOWNLOAD
regulator(sfnet) The Regulator The Regulator is an advanced Regular expression... DOWNLOAD
youtube-blocker(sfnet) YouTube Blocker Use this tool to block YouTube site and protec... DOWNLOAD
libppbase(sfnet) LIBPPBASE LIBPPBASE is a C++ cross-platform class library... DOWNLOAD
morphocity(sfnet) MorphoCity MorphoCity is intended to allow comparison betw... DOWNLOAD
jlibmvc(sfnet) JLib MVC Java library implementing the MVC pattern DOWNLOAD
oics(sfnet) OIS Input Control System DOWNLOAD
pindiodemodel(sfnet) PINdiodeModel Excel spreadsheet to compute the parameters for... DOWNLOAD
lumin(sfnet) Lumin DOWNLOAD
mousefect(sfnet) mousefect JQuery plug-in for mouse efect like disapearing... DOWNLOAD
aroslettera(sfnet) aroslettera This will be a maybe wordpad clone for aros. DOWNLOAD
smartshot(sfnet) SmartShot SmartShot is an application allowing to capture... DOWNLOAD
pyed-project(sfnet) pyed A 2D map editor created in PyGame with map inte... DOWNLOAD
persistdotnet(sfnet) Persist.NET Persist.NET is a persistence framework written ... DOWNLOAD
smbwebclient(freshmeat) smbwebclient.php smbwebclient.php is a simple PHP script that al... DOWNLOAD
trusion(freshmeat) Trusion Trusion is a physical intrusion system that use... DOWNLOAD
metakit(freshmeat) Metakit Metakit is a small, portable database library u... DOWNLOAD
atlantismmorpg(sfnet) Atlantis Engine Atlantis - A free MMORPG engine, mainly designe... DOWNLOAD
deforaos-keyboard(freshmeat) DeforaOS Keyboard DeforaOS Keyboard is a virtual keyboard for Def... DOWNLOAD
webart(sfnet) Webart devModules DOWNLOAD
qiqu(sfnet) QiQu QiQu is a framework to support the MDA and MDSD... DOWNLOAD
diysketch(sfnet) diysketch Lets you illustrate your project in 3d .Hardwar... DOWNLOAD
tenoncalculator(sfnet) Tenoncalculator You all know the Punishment to calculate a teno... DOWNLOAD
darwintest31(sfnet) Darwin_Test 3.1 Darwin Test is a software application to valida... DOWNLOAD
ns2cpd(sfnet) NS2cpd DOWNLOAD
rsachat(sfnet) RSAChat RSA Chat is an encrypted and open source chat p... DOWNLOAD
mkengine(sfnet) MKEngine MKEngine is a game engine used for: Meldkamer S... DOWNLOAD
jappf(sfnet) JApp Simple yet powerful framework for building modu... DOWNLOAD
webemailclient(sfnet) Basic Web Based Email Client No description DOWNLOAD
csv-export(sfnet) Eclipse Search CSV Export Exports Eclipse File Search results to a comma-... DOWNLOAD
projecte32(sfnet) E32docs Project E32 projesi; bilgisayar,bilim, internet dünyası... DOWNLOAD
counters(freshmeat) collects the CLI counters from netw... DOWNLOAD
geexbox(freshmeat) GeeXboX GeeXboX is a standalone media player Linux dist... DOWNLOAD
ablauncher(sfnet) Atomic Bomberman Launcher A comfortable launcher for some fun Atomic Bomb... DOWNLOAD
easydq-kettle(sfnet) EasyDataQuality for Pentaho Kettle EasyDQ plugins for Contact cleansing in Pentaho... DOWNLOAD
stm32l-usb-uart(sfnet) STM32LDISCOVERY AS USB-UART adapter Modification of the board, wiring, and source code DOWNLOAD
ultrecipebook(sfnet) UltRecipeBook DOWNLOAD
xsoft(sfnet) xsoft DOWNLOAD
w8md(sfnet) Windows 8 metro disabler Disable windows 8 metro and enable windows 8 st... DOWNLOAD
qxorm(sfnet) QxOrm QxOrm is a C++ library designed to provide Obje... DOWNLOAD
rabidverminccdc(sfnet) CSUPomona Collegiate Defense Tools Cal Poly Pomona Collegiate Defense Competition ... DOWNLOAD
transportation(sfnet) WP Transportation WP Transportation consists of a User interface ... DOWNLOAD
d-radio(sfnet) dRadio DOWNLOAD
socialtag(sfnet) SocialTag SocialTag allow you to download and store you p... DOWNLOAD
innovgameozanam(sfnet) Innov'game 2012 - Ozanam DOWNLOAD
cotap(sfnet) cotap Compile Time Primes is free header only C++ com... DOWNLOAD
simplefacs(sfnet) facs Keep track of costs by entering your incoming i... DOWNLOAD
djatoka(sfnet) djatoka djatoka is open source Java software that build... DOWNLOAD
bitnami-review-board-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Review Board Stack BitNami Review Board Stack Native Installer is ... DOWNLOAD
sydbox(freshmeat) sydbox sydbox is a ptrace-based sandbox implementation... DOWNLOAD
brwifi(sfnet) Brouilleurwifi c'est un brouilleur soft ds signal wifi inmplém... DOWNLOAD
opendcim(freshmeat) openDCIM openDCIM is a Web-based data center inventory a... DOWNLOAD
phpshopcart(sfnet) phpshopcart PLEASE NOTE: I wrote this code over 10 years ag... DOWNLOAD
phpshell(sfnet) PHP Shell A convenient interface to execute shell-command... DOWNLOAD
abl(sfnet) ABL `ABL' is a basic flexible abstract list library... DOWNLOAD
twscripts(sfnet) TW-Scripts TW-Scripts is a collection of free scripts for ... DOWNLOAD
gitsa(sfnet) GPS Interactive Time Series Analysis Along with calculating basic statistics and qua... DOWNLOAD
ghibegeezeditor(sfnet) Ghibe Geez Editor Ghibe helps you write Amharic documents easily.... DOWNLOAD
nottsbamobile(sfnet) nottsbamobile Content from the Nottinghamshire Badminton Asso... DOWNLOAD
quambla(sfnet) Quambla Quambla is a software that installed within you... DOWNLOAD
opencgnet(sfnet) OpenCg .Net Library OpenCg is an open source, easy to use, managed ... DOWNLOAD
indigoweb(sfnet) IndigoWEB IndigoWEB is part of Project Indigo. Although t... DOWNLOAD
cakeholidays(sfnet) CakeHolidays Its a dummy project DOWNLOAD
pygui-project(sfnet) pgui A GUI library for PyGame that doesn't require a... DOWNLOAD
g4dude(sfnet) G4DUDE DOWNLOAD
fillmad(sfnet) FillMAd Manage the e-mail addresses you need for a mail... DOWNLOAD
swingset(freshmeat) SwingSet SwingSet is an Java toolkit that contains data-... DOWNLOAD
libglass(sfnet) Glass Library Glass is a library for distributed computing. I... DOWNLOAD
geeqie(freshmeat) Geeqie Image Viewer Geeqie is a lightweight image viewer. It was fo... DOWNLOAD
nhp-ims(sfnet) NHP-IMS This project will enable a research lab using N... DOWNLOAD
silodistri(sfnet) Silo Distri DOWNLOAD
moira(sfnet) Moira Moira es un programa para generar combinaciones... DOWNLOAD
testdatagen(sfnet) DATA Gen™ DATA Gen™ Test Data Generator offers facilities... DOWNLOAD
acloginobject(sfnet) ACLoginObject ACLoginObject is a set of javascript files that... DOWNLOAD
remotedomainren(sfnet) Remote Domain Rename DOWNLOAD
comicajax(sfnet) Generador de comics silverlight Sistema web gratis para la generación de comics... DOWNLOAD
maveryx(sfnet) Maveryx Maveryx is an innovative Test Automation Framew... DOWNLOAD
openmcdf(sfnet) OpenMCDF OpenMCDF is a 100% .net / C# component that all... DOWNLOAD
ikonek(sfnet) ikonek ikonek DOWNLOAD
curblaster(sfnet) curblaster DOWNLOAD
xuyoubin(sfnet) 91xsy I like 91xsy DOWNLOAD
kdump(sfnet) Linux Kernel Dump Scripts Scripts to set up the secondary kernel's initrd... DOWNLOAD
jsdocx(sfnet) jsdocx Jsdocx is a java tool for scanning Js code and ... DOWNLOAD
cehtl(sfnet) C++ Event Handling Template Library This library (pron. like "settle"), l... DOWNLOAD
jmakeztxt(sfnet) JMakeZtxt JMakeZtxt converts text files into the format n... DOWNLOAD
abkey(sfnet) ABKey The ABKey plugin for Apple's Address Book allow... DOWNLOAD
lejos-osek(sfnet) nxtOSEK nxtOSEK is an RTOS for LEGO Mindstorms NXT. nxt... DOWNLOAD
g-auto(sfnet) GPU Autocorrelator for VLBI GPU-based autocorrelator to run on VLBI disk ba... DOWNLOAD
bulletball(sfnet) BulletBall A simple 3D game using Irrlicht and Bullet. DOWNLOAD
livechatjoomla(sfnet) Joomla Live Chat Module by mylivechat My LiveChat plugin for Joomla provides an easy ... DOWNLOAD
labcalendar(sfnet) labcalendar Version 1.0.2 of Lab Calendar by Marie Lypka (l... DOWNLOAD
excel-accounts(sfnet) Check the accounts Check the accounts DOWNLOAD

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