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pdbtag(sfnet) pdbtag PDBtag is a webtool devoted to display the stru... DOWNLOAD
apenasteste(sfnet) apenas_teste DOWNLOAD
gpsgsmtrack(sfnet) GPS/GSM Tracker Tracker utilizes the GPS satellites to determin... DOWNLOAD
gsmsecuritysyst(sfnet) GSM Security system The GSM Security System supports two SIM commun... DOWNLOAD
vending(sfnet) vending Todavia no sabemos que vamos a hacer pero vamos... DOWNLOAD
batchconvertpdf(sfnet) BatchConvert PDF2Text This application enables you to batch extract t... DOWNLOAD
darwinmodems(sfnet) ZyXEL Modem Drivers for OS X/Darwin This project should bring as much as possible Z... DOWNLOAD
l2j(sfnet) L2J Alternative Lineage 2 Game Server written in Ja... DOWNLOAD
netsharer(sfnet) Net Sharer Net Sharer,which is a GUI tool to help users to... DOWNLOAD
netatalk(sfnet) netatalk Netatalk is a freely-available Open Source AFP ... DOWNLOAD
openss7gw(sfnet) OpenSGW OpenSGW is an Open Source SS7 Signaling Gateway... DOWNLOAD
piramidemaldita(sfnet) piramidemaldita Jogo de aventura e ação que mistura enigmas, fe... DOWNLOAD
rahmat-basuki(sfnet) rahmat-basuki ingin semakin mengetahui kegunaan internet seca... DOWNLOAD
libsquirrel(sfnet) libsquirrel Libsquirrel is a library that provides some API... DOWNLOAD
erictestfrmwk(sfnet) EricTestFramework DOWNLOAD
fbchatz(sfnet) FBchatz A App to chat with your Facebook friends within... DOWNLOAD
oldigi(sfnet) oldigi This application is trying to improve the quali... DOWNLOAD
linkman(sfnet) linkman It's good to understand how your computer works... DOWNLOAD
indoormapping(sfnet) indoormapping You can easily upload a Jpeg or any other pictu... DOWNLOAD
solariszfs(sfnet) solariszfs This project will enable near-real-time graphic... DOWNLOAD
sipiasoftware(sfnet) SIPIA Software Software de la red SIPIA DOWNLOAD
w2pyimage(sfnet) w2pyimage this is a image managing application suited mos... DOWNLOAD
lmpagalbininkas(sfnet) lmpagalbininkas Programa sukurta linkomanijos konkursui DOWNLOAD
reproductorg20(sfnet) reproductorg20 el instalable del reproductor DOWNLOAD
torircd(sfnet) Distributed TOR IrcD A C#.Net IRCd that uses the TOR network in a di... DOWNLOAD
hsrprog2(sfnet) HSR Prog2 Halt ds zeuchs vu prog 2 DOWNLOAD
isomorph(sfnet) Isomorph Coming soon....................................... DOWNLOAD
themesinvbnet(sfnet) Themes by RNclub DOWNLOAD
rpipe(sfnet) rpipe RenderPipe is an open dispatcher that lets you ... DOWNLOAD
book-serve(sfnet) BookServe Hotel Booking Engine DOWNLOAD
tofujoy(sfnet) tofujoy asd asdasfffdasdwwwwwwwwdsasa DOWNLOAD
pypowerman(sfnet) PyPowerMan PyPowerMan shall be a replacement for KPowersav... DOWNLOAD
easylife-linux(sfnet) easyLife easyLife is a user friendly program that instal... DOWNLOAD
vwcms(sfnet) vwcms ViroWebCMS is an free CMS anyone may download a... DOWNLOAD
squid-ecap-av(sfnet) squid-ecap-av Antivirus eCAP adapter for Squid 3.1 and above. DOWNLOAD
myworktime(sfnet) myworktime You can manage your tasks and their times. DOWNLOAD
priserv(sfnet) priserv PriServ is a privacy service for DHT-based P2P ... DOWNLOAD
discoverysystem(sfnet) NLP software, uses for MT A unique natural-language processing software, ... DOWNLOAD
remind(freshmeat) Remind Remind is a full-featured calendar/reminder pro... DOWNLOAD
sgmguard(sfnet) sgmguard sgmguard is a super watchdog service. It monito... DOWNLOAD
dinningplanner(sfnet) Dinning Planner The purpose of this project is to create an in... DOWNLOAD
petweb(sfnet) petweb this is a web site fot those pet lovers. DOWNLOAD
gmodesp(sfnet) Gmod Por Esp Team! DOWNLOAD
proxyfinder(sfnet) ProxyFinder This program finds proxys from 4 differend prox... DOWNLOAD
furioustv(sfnet) furious_tv PVR furious_tv is a set of tools to take XMLTV TV l... DOWNLOAD
edmund(sfnet) edmund Based on boost. Thread:mutex-condition queue an... DOWNLOAD
fktorrent(sfnet) fktorrent fktorrent is short for "fake torrent"... DOWNLOAD
faragoattila(sfnet) faragoattila Személyes jellegű oldal, ahol mindent megtaláls... DOWNLOAD
laboratoryassig(sfnet) laboratoryassig Desarrollo dirigido por test Proyecto desarrol... DOWNLOAD
pyinventory(sfnet) pyinventory shop pro is an inventory and billing software d... DOWNLOAD
dacunde(sfnet) dacunde DOWNLOAD
t14tools(sfnet) t14tools Công cụ cho hệ thống và trình đơn bắt đầu DOWNLOAD
blockbreaker(sfnet) Block Breaker Game A block breaker game written in C# using the Mi... DOWNLOAD
myearth-shock(sfnet) myearth-shock myEarth-shock is software to report of Earthqua... DOWNLOAD
sutra(sfnet) sutra SuTra- An Intelligent Suggestive Translator, is... DOWNLOAD
lanave-theme(sfnet) lanave-theme Theme for La Nave Espacial Wordpress Project DOWNLOAD
geojecloud(sfnet) Geo Jex™ Cloud Geo Jex ™ Cloud is the first Geo Jex using clou... DOWNLOAD
tao168(sfnet) totou DOWNLOAD
dissectionread(sfnet) Yeast Dissection Reader A macro for the NIH program ImageJ that allows ... DOWNLOAD
damenproble(sfnet) Project1 das erste Praktikum von GdI_2 DOWNLOAD
texgen(sfnet) TexGen TexGen is a geometric textile modelling softwar... DOWNLOAD
genomeld(sfnet) genomeLD genomeLD is a novel bioinformatic tool to simul... DOWNLOAD
strypecode(sfnet) strypecode Sequence data, distributions, priors and code f... DOWNLOAD
m1kc-xsp-pda(sfnet) m1kc-xsp-pda XSP is an eXtensible socket-based protocol. XSP... DOWNLOAD
turtlemelee(sfnet) Turtle Melee An original abstract strategy game with played ... DOWNLOAD
tesi(sfnet) tesi Tesi finale corso di laurea in Informatica e Te... DOWNLOAD
vbo(sfnet) vbo An ontology of homologies between anatomical st... DOWNLOAD
hexahop(sfnet) Hex-a-hop Hex-a-hop is a puzzle game in which a girl has ... DOWNLOAD
prime93(sfnet) prime93 An Application for Windows Xp/Vista to calculat... DOWNLOAD
folderreplica(sfnet) Folder Replicator Compares folders and files and allows users to ... DOWNLOAD
easyup(sfnet) winfix easy update windows fix DOWNLOAD
kimcastle(sfnet) kimcastle I want to make a website ,sorry my english is... DOWNLOAD
lua-alt-getopt(sfnet) lua-alt-getopt lua_alt_getopt is a module for Lua programming ... DOWNLOAD
e-cms(sfnet) e-cms The aCMS is a content management system designe... DOWNLOAD
googlesitesearc(sfnet) google site search tool Search anything you want within the described s... DOWNLOAD
hf-js-ext(sfnet) hf-js-ext a javascript ext project extends dojo DOWNLOAD
java-pokemon-en(sfnet) java-pokemon-en A Game Engine for Pokemon written in the Java p... DOWNLOAD
deltap(sfnet) DeltaP Source code (scripts and functions) for calcula... DOWNLOAD
qatools(sfnet) Saturn Saturn is a test automation tool for back-offic... DOWNLOAD
losungen(sfnet) Losungen für MAC Dieses Programm zeigt die Losungen der Herrnhut... DOWNLOAD
rcbattle(sfnet) rcbattle R/C car racing / battle game for PC and Xbox th... DOWNLOAD
multipledesktop(sfnet) multipledesktop Application, which allows you to switch between... DOWNLOAD
biomove(sfnet) BIOMOVE Plants Distribution Modelling based on light co... DOWNLOAD
seesharp(sfnet) See Sharp Allows for attached an unattached magnification... DOWNLOAD
rgencl(sfnet) rgencl A python based one to many, server client admin... DOWNLOAD
mmm-jlauncher(sfnet) MMM jLauncher This project is about creating a portable launc... DOWNLOAD
enes100hvrcrft(sfnet) ENES100 Hovercraft Project – Team? This is the Spring 2011 Semester ENES100 class ... DOWNLOAD
xoodb(sfnet) XooDB - Object Oriented (XML) Database It is a cross platform object oriented database... DOWNLOAD
etoileshare(sfnet) e-toileShare Web interface to manage and access you server's... DOWNLOAD
traviantoolkit(sfnet) Advanced Travian Toolkit Advanced Travian Toolkit is a set of Java libra... DOWNLOAD
mdocssecured(sfnet) mdocssecured A very easy to use secured document, Created by... DOWNLOAD
ppvector(sfnet) ppvector ppvector: Parallel Processing Vector This progr... DOWNLOAD
fabioovieira(sfnet) Linux Manager + Monitoring System Script desenvolvidor por Fábio Vieira para admi... DOWNLOAD
anonymunblock(sfnet) AnonymUnblock v1.0 Open blocked websites DOWNLOAD
shtrict(freshmeat) shtrict shtrict is a configurable, automatically loggin... DOWNLOAD
rabbitplayer(sfnet) RabbitPlayer This project aims to build a windows software p... DOWNLOAD
staticfriction(sfnet) Static Friction Static Friction is an open-source real-time str... DOWNLOAD
pixel2svg(freshmeat) pixel2svg pixel2svg converts pixel art to SVG, pixel by p... DOWNLOAD
mchip(sfnet) mchip DOWNLOAD
ncl-validator(sfnet) ncl-validator ncl-validator is a library that's provides vali... DOWNLOAD

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