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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
triporganiser(sfnet) triporganiser Test project for college assignment. DOWNLOAD
eddyhomestuck(sfnet) Homestuck DOWNLOAD
feclib(sfnet) Forward Error Correction Library This library allows you to reliably broadcast d... DOWNLOAD
stratml(sfnet) stratml Stylesheet, Form, Report, and Management tool l... DOWNLOAD
twoplayerchess(sfnet) Two Player Chess A simple two player chess game written in Java.... DOWNLOAD
mostafawebsite(sfnet) mostafawebsite test web site to see sourceforge abilities! DOWNLOAD
yourls-firefox(sfnet) YOURLS Firefox extension Extension to shorten URLs from Firefox with you... DOWNLOAD
imodthecod(sfnet) imodthecod a save editor that gives you the ability to mod... DOWNLOAD
unosrestaurant(sfnet) unosrestaurant unos,unos,unos,unos. DOWNLOAD
to-plan-team(sfnet) 2-plan Team 2-plan Team is an open-source project managemen... DOWNLOAD
jtype(sfnet) JType Type conversion with an incredibly simple inter... DOWNLOAD
centrybook(sfnet) Spiritbook DOWNLOAD
fatima(sfnet) Newwarennfy 軽量Javaコンテンツ管理システムのWebサービスを使... DOWNLOAD
dirlister1(sfnet) dirlister1 A small application for listing the contents(fi... DOWNLOAD
js-experimental(sfnet) js-experimental test project DOWNLOAD
pnportal(sfnet) pn_portal DOWNLOAD
htmlserveronren(sfnet) htmlserveronren This project aims to use multithreading in the ... DOWNLOAD
kqrcode(sfnet) KQRCode This project aims to develop a simple KDE appli... DOWNLOAD
gamelinux(sfnet) GameLinux GameLinux is an Ubuntu-derived OS dedicated to ... DOWNLOAD
prescriptrack(sfnet) Prescription Tracker Prescription Tracker is a console app written i... DOWNLOAD
grafika01(sfnet) grafika01 DOWNLOAD
yescoder(freshmeat) yesCoder yesCoder is a program to hide data in ASCII tex... DOWNLOAD
n8003(sfnet) n8003 I will get some profiles DOWNLOAD
fusecloop(sfnet) cloop for FUSE Cloop compressed images (like in Knoppix) FUSE ... DOWNLOAD
utubemusicdown(sfnet) utubemusicdown YouTube Music Downloader will let you download/... DOWNLOAD
verasystem(sfnet) VERA Virtual Ecological Risk Analysis System This v... DOWNLOAD
is22011(sfnet) is22011 horama que tengamos un repositorio!!!!! DOWNLOAD
suosui(sfnet) suosui open project with others! DOWNLOAD
openwebwork(sfnet) WeBWorK Online Homework Delivery System WeBWorK is an web-based method for delivering i... DOWNLOAD
linuxcarbon(sfnet) linuxcarbon A stable and lightweight, yet powerful lxde bas... DOWNLOAD
supergamerx5(sfnet) supergamerx5 SuperGamerX5 - All In One (AIO) DOWNLOAD
trantcpproxy(sfnet) trantcpproxy This is a tcp transparent proxy program on linu... DOWNLOAD
sqldbquest(sfnet) sqldbquest SQL dbQuest - Delphi project DOWNLOAD
smbremastered(sfnet) SMB: Remastered DOWNLOAD
mythphp(sfnet) MythPHP - Müşteri Takip Sistemi MythPHP v1.0 scripti PHP ile kodlanan bir müşte... DOWNLOAD
xml-cppdom(sfnet) XML CppDom A C++ based XML loader and writer with an inter... DOWNLOAD
xace(sfnet) xace The XACE project, based on Oracle XMLDB and Ora... DOWNLOAD
blackjackj(sfnet) Blackjack This is a Blackjack Game based on Java (AWT) th... DOWNLOAD
villpiac(sfnet) villpiac Villamosenergia-piac szimuláció DOWNLOAD
sys7-restaurant(sfnet) sys7-restaurant Sys7 Restaurant Management Software is designed... DOWNLOAD
minced(sfnet) MinCED Mining CRISPRs in Environmental Datasets DOWNLOAD
ccna(sfnet) ccna this ccna project is under testing.... DOWNLOAD
tictactoe22(sfnet) tictactoe22 An open source Tic Tac Toe game writted in C#. ... DOWNLOAD
vcontacts(sfnet) vcontacts Android contacts manager DOWNLOAD
onaiggac(sfnet) onaiggac DOWNLOAD
flavituv2(sfnet) Flavitu Linux Proyecto de divulgación de Linux Open-Source or... DOWNLOAD
discuznt(sfnet) Discuz!Nt Discuz! NT is Comsenz (Beijing) Technology Co.,... DOWNLOAD
jffmpeg(sfnet) JMF wrapper for ffmpeg This is a Java wrapper for Ffmpeg. The JMF (Jav... DOWNLOAD
meego(freshmeat) MeeGo MeeGo is a Linux-based mobile and embedded oper... DOWNLOAD
config4(freshmeat) Config4* Config4*, pronounced "config for star"... DOWNLOAD
bgpfeeder(freshmeat) bgpfeeder bgpfeeder is a program to feed a BGPv4 speaker ... DOWNLOAD
fuseki(freshmeat) Fuseki Fuseki is a server that provides access to the ... DOWNLOAD
geonames-java-client(freshmeat) GeoNames Java Client GeoNames Java Client is a reference library for... DOWNLOAD
pymol-plugins(sfnet) PyMOL Plugins PyMOL Plugins aims to provide many plugins for ... DOWNLOAD
trombicpd(sfnet) trombicpd Projet pour le trombinoscope de la CPD. DOWNLOAD
jmvcframework(sfnet) JMVC Framework Framework MVC DOWNLOAD
dimensionalunit(sfnet) Dimensional Units Conversion DOWNLOAD
celljr(sfnet) Celljr DOWNLOAD
pamsshagentauth(sfnet) pam_ssh_agent_auth PAM module which permits authentication for arb... DOWNLOAD
kxine(sfnet) Kxine Media Player A video player for mpeg1/2, avi, dvd, vcd. Uses... DOWNLOAD
replaypc(sfnet) ReplayPC A simple text mode utility for extracting mpg f... DOWNLOAD
sissy(sfnet) SISSy SISSy is a platform for problem pattern identif... DOWNLOAD
perfectjpattern(sfnet) PerfectJPattern Collection of reusable componentized Design Pat... DOWNLOAD
geozonedb(sfnet) geozonedb GeoZonDB is an opensource project to load geozo... DOWNLOAD
jqueryuilesscss(sfnet) jqueryuilesscss jQueryUi+LessCss is intended to enable jQuery U... DOWNLOAD
simplenotefran(sfnet) simplenotefran A small, lightweight desktop application for ke... DOWNLOAD
poissondiagramm(sfnet) poissondiagramm An Programm to easily draw an Poisson Distributed. DOWNLOAD
maguskarkreator(sfnet) Magus Karakter Kreator DOWNLOAD
parapascal(sfnet) ParaPascal ParaPascal is a programming language, an integr... DOWNLOAD
non-iterativeex(sfnet) non-iterative exact 3point resection given three point that are not co-linear in the... DOWNLOAD
alazkateam(sfnet) alazkateam DOWNLOAD
rapidmailer(sfnet) Rapid Mailer Rapid Mailer is a Simple EMail Client for Windo... DOWNLOAD
medusagpu(sfnet) medusa_gpu DOWNLOAD
reatent(sfnet) 睿腾心情加密器 这是一个中文加密工具,采用随机码和一次函数两次... DOWNLOAD
glenblog(sfnet) blog This is one 's personal space to show my works DOWNLOAD
billingtons(sfnet) billingtons ROM DOWNLOAD
geigercount(sfnet) GeigerCount A cross-platform Java program to turn a simple ... DOWNLOAD
fantasyrpg(sfnet) FantasyRPG A small rpg i'm working on as my skills progres... DOWNLOAD
terraria-svs(sfnet) Terraria ServerSaver This tool allows to save a list of favorite Ter... DOWNLOAD
lanzhou(sfnet) 兰州论坛 DOWNLOAD
limpiausb(sfnet) LimpiaUSB Cualquier memoria usb o disco duro es regresado... DOWNLOAD
openivr(sfnet) Zanzibar Open IVR Zanzibar is a complete, standards based IVR. It... DOWNLOAD
distmatcomp(sfnet) Distance Matrix Comp on Cell BE and x86 We introduce our implementation that accelerate... DOWNLOAD
gm4rooms(sfnet) gm_4rooms This is a beta of a map that will be used on a ... DOWNLOAD
clra(sfnet) Rowing Club Management Rowing Club Management Software is a J2EE-based... DOWNLOAD
prodoc(sfnet) prodoc ProDoc é um pequeno programa criado para proteg... DOWNLOAD
invariantstext(sfnet) Invariants Text Open-source version of 2008 textbook "Inva... DOWNLOAD
nirvana01(sfnet) nirvana01 clinical study report DOWNLOAD
eaililly(sfnet) eaiLilly MiniLanguage written in Groovy to support Event... DOWNLOAD
eventaiandloot(sfnet) eventAIandLoot This program scans or wowhead -... DOWNLOAD
chakra7(sfnet) Chakra 7 A Tetris-like game with a twist. DOWNLOAD
pfe2(sfnet) pfe2 pacman 3d game developed using shiva 3d game en... DOWNLOAD
fcl(sfnet) fcl DOWNLOAD
avatarsat(sfnet) AvatarSAT AvatarSAT is a SAT solver that uses machine-lea... DOWNLOAD
generalembedded(sfnet) General Embedded General embedded is an Intel open source embedd... DOWNLOAD
prx(sfnet) PRX mySQL Database generation of .torrent files bas... DOWNLOAD
dia-logis(sfnet) Dia.Logis - Logiksimulator This project is a thesis (diploma) from the Uni... DOWNLOAD
infer-bpc(sfnet) infer-bpc This perl script implements the inference of pe... DOWNLOAD
datacasting(sfnet) Earth Science Datacasting Datacasting is a RSS publish-subscribe method f... DOWNLOAD
mclauncher(sfnet) MCLauncher DOWNLOAD

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