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calcsovietica(sfnet) calcSovietica DOWNLOAD
wad-umat(sfnet) User Model Authoring Tool User Model Authoring Tool DOWNLOAD
genprog(sfnet) genprog Genprog is software for generating new program ... DOWNLOAD
disfraza(sfnet) Disfraza Enmascarate your URL. Enmascara tu URL. DOWNLOAD
ipcalculationan(sfnet) ip calculation and alias file creation An html and javascript utility to assist in IPV... DOWNLOAD
megaaudioengine(sfnet) megaaudioengine MegaAudioEngine is an audio engine for .NET pro... DOWNLOAD
figertyeditor(sfnet) Figerty Editor Figerty Editor is a basic HTML editor with a vi... DOWNLOAD
pahkl(sfnet) pahkl Portable pack for AutoHotkey_L scripts. Include... DOWNLOAD
stressmax(sfnet) stressmax StressMax is a program meant to stress the CPU ... DOWNLOAD
runassystem(sfnet) runassystem For all 64 bit Windows systems, RunAsSystem pro... DOWNLOAD
custcare(sfnet) CustCare My hobby project for DOWNLOAD
grupa6rpi(sfnet) grupa6rpi Repozytorium grupy 6. Realizacja Projektu Infor... DOWNLOAD
dotnetmulticore(sfnet) dotnetmulticore MultiThreaded is a library for .NET developers ... DOWNLOAD
niuzhangzhi(sfnet) niuzhangzhi free and web ,thanks DOWNLOAD
tdi(sfnet) TuxDroidInterface TuxDroidInterface DOWNLOAD
artesoffline(sfnet) ARTES offline Récupération des données exportées depuis la ba... DOWNLOAD
atmfinder(sfnet) ATMFinder ATMFinder - Tìm địa điểm đặt máy và xem tình tr... DOWNLOAD
oldschoolrpg(sfnet) oldschoolrpg PHP character generation classes for Old School... DOWNLOAD
jom-comgallery3(sfnet) Joomla - Gallery3 Component Gallery3 Component for Joomla DOWNLOAD
calawaycm(sfnet) Calaway Custom Paintings Download to see signage on Calaway. DOWNLOAD
ti-m(sfnet) ti-m CP/M ported the TI-8x series of calculator. DOWNLOAD
espahk(sfnet) Spanish Keyboard Hotkeys DOWNLOAD
diosmusic(sfnet) Dios A media player written in C# with WPF to play M... DOWNLOAD
iptv-analyzer(freshmeat) IPTV-Analyzer The IPTV-Analyzer is a continuous/real-time too... DOWNLOAD
uniqoda(sfnet) uniqoda Input any Unicode character by name with just a... DOWNLOAD
j2cms(sfnet) j2cms J2CMS已经转移到了 J2CM... DOWNLOAD
yu-electronics(sfnet) yu-electronics YuGiOhJCJ electronics is a set of free document... DOWNLOAD
metaphonebr(sfnet) MetaphoneBR Implementação de filtro Metaphone Português Bra... DOWNLOAD
rules2mrtg(sfnet) rules2mrtg rules2mrtg is a tool that creates MRTG data tra... DOWNLOAD
interfacesdixit(sfnet) Interfaces Dixitais O obxectivo fundamental desde proxecto era conv... DOWNLOAD
gdgeek(sfnet) geek geek(Game Engine Extensible Kit), is an easy ex... DOWNLOAD
ebat1(sfnet) eBay Ad Template (Laptop) Ad Template for a laptop, designed for use on e... DOWNLOAD
evespeak(sfnet) eve speak Eve Speak is a text to speech program that read... DOWNLOAD
vbdiskk(sfnet) vbdisk store/manage the disk definitions in a tool tha... DOWNLOAD
ujfigueroa(sfnet) ujfigueroa DOWNLOAD
imgsorter(sfnet) imgsorter Single-keystroke image sorting. Intended to be ... DOWNLOAD
vbcad(sfnet) VBCad DOWNLOAD
jsci(sfnet) JSci - A science API for Java JSci is a set of open source Java packages. The... DOWNLOAD
httpclientplgin(sfnet) HTTP Client Plugin HTTP Client Plugin is an Eclipse 3.3+ plugin th... DOWNLOAD
sharedgame(sfnet) sharedgame This is a shared game written in java.... DOWNLOAD
libbinc(sfnet) libbinc The Binary Network Coding Library DOWNLOAD
nixory(freshmeat) Nixory Nixory is an anti-spyware tool aimed at removin... DOWNLOAD
sagtikek(sfnet) sagtikek Sağ Tıklama Menüsüne "Hedef Bul" Ve &... DOWNLOAD
radio-on9(sfnet) radio-on9 Untuk Dengar Radio dan Bermain Facebook. Projek... DOWNLOAD
cormoran(freshmeat) Cormoran Cormoran is a fast and lightweight persistence ... DOWNLOAD
anoforphp(freshmeat) AnoForPHP AnoForPHP is an experimental patch to PHP/ZendE... DOWNLOAD
page-number-saver(freshmeat) Page Number Saver Page Number Saver (PNS) is an application desig... DOWNLOAD
jenaqbuilder(sfnet) JenaQBuilder This is a query builder for the Jena TDB, it bu... DOWNLOAD
faprocman(sfnet) FA Process Manufacturing extension Extension for FrontAccounting. Provides Process... DOWNLOAD
intrepidbio(sfnet) Intrepid Bioinformatics Intrepid Bioinformatics' Integrative Genomics V... DOWNLOAD
misrnt(sfnet) MISR NT DOWNLOAD
gdcopy(sfnet) gdCopy Copy file from ONE computer to ANOTHER in your ... DOWNLOAD
guau-baby-log(freshmeat) Guau! Baby Log Guau! Baby Log is a Web application that helps ... DOWNLOAD
watchman(freshmeat) Watchman Watchman is a monitoring, alerting, and triage ... DOWNLOAD
deforaos-surfer(freshmeat) DeforaOS Surfer DeforaOS Surfer is a portable Web browser, supp... DOWNLOAD
tivima(freshmeat) Tivima Tivima (Tiny Virtual Manager) is a simple Web a... DOWNLOAD
s6-linux-utils(freshmeat) s6-linux-utils s6-linux-utils is a set of minimalistic Linux-s... DOWNLOAD
gzochi(freshmeat) gzochi gzochi is a framework for developing massively ... DOWNLOAD
swfgamer(sfnet) swfgamer SWF Gamer is an application that runs SWF, FLV ... DOWNLOAD
gretelcookie(sfnet) Gretel Cookie Deleter Gretel Cookie Deleters are applescript apps tha... DOWNLOAD
sc2cup(sfnet) sc2cup Entwicklung einer Webpage für ein Cupsystem DOWNLOAD
unalcol-evolve(sfnet) unalcol-evolve A java implementation of several evolutionary a... DOWNLOAD
slarggbattle(sfnet) slarggbattle A simple .exe I made alone in C# of a battle sc... DOWNLOAD
threadedwork(sfnet) threadedwork A simple Java project that let's you do several... DOWNLOAD
mingyar(sfnet) mingyar Fontes Fontes Fontes Fontes . DOWNLOAD
classquery(sfnet) classquery classQuery help you filter your list of entitie... DOWNLOAD
supremeauto2dl(sfnet) supremeauto2dl Download this Product Now DOWNLOAD
triporganiser(sfnet) triporganiser Test project for college assignment. DOWNLOAD
eddyhomestuck(sfnet) Homestuck DOWNLOAD
feclib(sfnet) Forward Error Correction Library This library allows you to reliably broadcast d... DOWNLOAD
stratml(sfnet) stratml Stylesheet, Form, Report, and Management tool l... DOWNLOAD
twoplayerchess(sfnet) Two Player Chess A simple two player chess game written in Java.... DOWNLOAD
mostafawebsite(sfnet) mostafawebsite test web site to see sourceforge abilities! DOWNLOAD
yourls-firefox(sfnet) YOURLS Firefox extension Extension to shorten URLs from Firefox with you... DOWNLOAD
imodthecod(sfnet) imodthecod a save editor that gives you the ability to mod... DOWNLOAD
unosrestaurant(sfnet) unosrestaurant unos,unos,unos,unos. DOWNLOAD
to-plan-team(sfnet) 2-plan Team 2-plan Team is an open-source project managemen... DOWNLOAD
jtype(sfnet) JType Type conversion with an incredibly simple inter... DOWNLOAD
centrybook(sfnet) Spiritbook DOWNLOAD
fatima(sfnet) Newwarennfy 軽量Javaコンテンツ管理システムのWebサービスを使... DOWNLOAD
dirlister1(sfnet) dirlister1 A small application for listing the contents(fi... DOWNLOAD
js-experimental(sfnet) js-experimental test project DOWNLOAD
pnportal(sfnet) pn_portal DOWNLOAD
htmlserveronren(sfnet) htmlserveronren This project aims to use multithreading in the ... DOWNLOAD
kqrcode(sfnet) KQRCode This project aims to develop a simple KDE appli... DOWNLOAD
gamelinux(sfnet) GameLinux GameLinux is an Ubuntu-derived OS dedicated to ... DOWNLOAD
prescriptrack(sfnet) Prescription Tracker Prescription Tracker is a console app written i... DOWNLOAD
grafika01(sfnet) grafika01 DOWNLOAD
yescoder(freshmeat) yesCoder yesCoder is a program to hide data in ASCII tex... DOWNLOAD
n8003(sfnet) n8003 I will get some profiles DOWNLOAD
fusecloop(sfnet) cloop for FUSE Cloop compressed images (like in Knoppix) FUSE ... DOWNLOAD
utubemusicdown(sfnet) utubemusicdown YouTube Music Downloader will let you download/... DOWNLOAD
verasystem(sfnet) VERA Virtual Ecological Risk Analysis System This v... DOWNLOAD
is22011(sfnet) is22011 horama que tengamos un repositorio!!!!! DOWNLOAD
suosui(sfnet) suosui open project with others! DOWNLOAD
openwebwork(sfnet) WeBWorK Online Homework Delivery System WeBWorK is an web-based method for delivering i... DOWNLOAD
linuxcarbon(sfnet) linuxcarbon A stable and lightweight, yet powerful lxde bas... DOWNLOAD
supergamerx5(sfnet) supergamerx5 SuperGamerX5 - All In One (AIO) DOWNLOAD
trantcpproxy(sfnet) trantcpproxy This is a tcp transparent proxy program on linu... DOWNLOAD
sqldbquest(sfnet) sqldbquest SQL dbQuest - Delphi project DOWNLOAD

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