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aor(sfnet) AOR AOR (Adventurer of the Realm) is an oldschool r... DOWNLOAD
xmantaray(freshmeat) xmantaray xmantaray is a multi-core 3D framework. It incl... DOWNLOAD
umple(freshmeat) Umple Umple can be used for pure UML modeling. Or it ... DOWNLOAD
phisigns(sfnet) phisigns PhiSiGnS: a tool to identify signature genes in... DOWNLOAD
adfc(sfnet) ADFC Navier-Stokes solver The ADFC code is a computational fluid dynamics... DOWNLOAD
ntru(freshmeat) NTRU The NTRU public-key cryptosystem provides a Jav... DOWNLOAD
goldchest(freshmeat) Goldchest Goldchest is a new game engine inspired by the ... DOWNLOAD
deforaos-cpp(freshmeat) DeforaOS cpp DeforaOS cpp is a C pre-processor and library, ... DOWNLOAD
ruby-libvirt(freshmeat) ruby-libvirt ruby-libvirt provides Ruby bindings for libvirt... DOWNLOAD
friend2friend(sfnet) Friend2Friend F2F is an XSLT scriptable strong-encrypted XML-... DOWNLOAD
java-gearman-service(freshmeat) Java Gearman Service Java Gearman Service is a Java implementation o... DOWNLOAD
duplicate(sfnet) duplicate Utility that checks all files for given directo... DOWNLOAD
g-asks(sfnet) G-Asks G-Asks is a question generation system, develop... DOWNLOAD
gopal(sfnet) Gesture Operated Pointer and Locator A hand gesture interface to control mouse events DOWNLOAD
oscsimulator(sfnet) OS Sim (OS Concepts Simulator) OS Sim (Operating System Concepts Simulator) is... DOWNLOAD
mccustom(sfnet) mccustom MCCustom is a Custom minecraft server for class... DOWNLOAD
webglsurfgen(sfnet) webglsurfgen Generate surfaces defined parametrically or exp... DOWNLOAD
crazyscan(sfnet) CrazyScan Satellite/terrestial/cable scan software. DOWNLOAD
phpliteadmin(freshmeat) phpLiteAdmin phpLiteAdmin is a Web-based database admin tool... DOWNLOAD
ogl-image(sfnet) OpenGL Image (GLI) A C++ image library to load, save and manipulat... DOWNLOAD
snapraid(freshmeat) SnapRAID SnapRAID is a backup program for disk arrays. I... DOWNLOAD
gaming-flair(freshmeat) Joomla! Gaming Flair Module Joomla! Gaming Flair Module is a simple Joomla!... DOWNLOAD
powerfolder-(sfnet) PowerFolder PowerFolder provides, private cloud and hybrid ... DOWNLOAD
srcdsmapslister(sfnet) srcdsmapslister You might want to use this program if you host ... DOWNLOAD
myphotoshop(sfnet) myPhotoshop DOWNLOAD
nircirc(sfnet) nircirc NIRC is a free application targeted on free Int... DOWNLOAD
t2updated(sfnet) t2updated event registration by volonters DOWNLOAD
mcsmpshapebuild(sfnet) mcsmpshapebuild Adds automations into the Minecraft client whic... DOWNLOAD
albatrosfw(sfnet) Albatros FrameWork Albatros is a Web FrameWork to developers. Alba... DOWNLOAD
ingap(sfnet) inGAP We developed a novel mining pipeline, inGAP, wh... DOWNLOAD
filesuka(sfnet) FileSuka Download manager that allows a user to define a... DOWNLOAD
vda4902gen(sfnet) vda4902gen A tool to create labels (as pdf files) that are... DOWNLOAD
kwifimanager(sfnet) KDE WiFi Manager The KDE Wifi Manager is a graphical tool to con... DOWNLOAD
checkpoint-debugger(freshmeat) CheckPoint Debugger CheckPoint Debugger helps troubleshoot a Check ... DOWNLOAD
portalviewlivew(sfnet) PortalView Live Desktop Wallpaper PortalView delivers real-time wallpaper from th... DOWNLOAD
albatros(sfnet) Albatros Win32 and Win64 DLL to compress files in the st... DOWNLOAD
myphotos(sfnet) MyPhotos PHP/MySQL online photo albums A php/mysql based website to organize your phot... DOWNLOAD
xolo(sfnet) Xolo CMS Xolo is a Content Management System (written in... DOWNLOAD
xiaotiancai(sfnet) xiaotiancai 德禾迪依格王湛,窝母鸡高行。 DOWNLOAD
vm-bodhi(sfnet) vm-bodhi Bodhi 0.1.7 x86_64 Linux - VMware image (applia... DOWNLOAD
periodicvibrate(sfnet) periodicvibrate Just a small app written for the Java Micro Edi... DOWNLOAD
sunnyide(sfnet) Sunny IDE DOWNLOAD
pamp(sfnet) PAMP Personal AMP - Apache, MySQL and PHP - stack fo... DOWNLOAD
openremote(sfnet) OpenRemote An Open Community in the Home Automation and Do... DOWNLOAD
philipcnguyen(sfnet) philipcnguyen General C algorithms that are of interest to me... DOWNLOAD
siam-quantum(freshmeat) Siam Quantum Siam Quantum (SQ) is a quantum chemistry progra... DOWNLOAD
ufuncs(sfnet) ufuncs This was originally a personal project with stu... DOWNLOAD
digit07(sfnet) DIGIT07 A website for IT depf of KLNCIT DOWNLOAD
felyx(sfnet) Finite Element LibrarY eXperiment FELYX is an object oriented FE/FEM code written... DOWNLOAD
kvpm(freshmeat) kvpm Kvpm is a GUI front end for Linux LVM and GNU p... DOWNLOAD
ccruncher(freshmeat) CCruncher CCruncher is a project for quantifying portfoli... DOWNLOAD
fldtranslit(sfnet) fldtranslit FLD Translit is a small useful application to t... DOWNLOAD
runescapegcalc(sfnet) runescapegcalc Uma calculadora para o jogo runescape feita em ... DOWNLOAD
dozer(sfnet) Dozer Dozer is a Java Bean to Java Bean mapper. Typic... DOWNLOAD
drs(sfnet) Document Repository System This program hopes to become a viable MS Sharep... DOWNLOAD
ipdrapps(sfnet) ipdrapps This project hosts IPDR related applications DOWNLOAD
disco-upenn(sfnet) Disco Disco (DIStribution of COnformations) is a soft... DOWNLOAD
avjit(sfnet) av.jit.iidc An external to control IIDC camera in Jitter fr... DOWNLOAD
regexlord(sfnet) regexlord RegexLord is the IDE for developing regular exp... DOWNLOAD
engsoft2011(sfnet) engsoft2011 Trabalho de engenharia de software 2011 DOWNLOAD
flarps(sfnet) flarps flarps is an arpeggiator for linux DOWNLOAD
bgraimagelist(sfnet) BGRAImageList Component for Lazarus which add alpha support f... DOWNLOAD
wotprofiler(sfnet) wotprofiler Account manager for World of Tanks DOWNLOAD
sshclient(sfnet) SSHClient A simple SFTP Client written in Java. DOWNLOAD
ogreandmita(sfnet) ogreandmita A 3D game use Ogre for Graphics Engine,MITA for... DOWNLOAD
gameboard2d(freshmeat) GameBoard2D GameBoard2D is a small Java graphic library to ... DOWNLOAD
u3d(freshmeat) U3D U3D is a set of libraries to write, read, exten... DOWNLOAD
wigbi(freshmeat) Wigbi Wigbi is a minimalistic PHP and JavaScript fram... DOWNLOAD
arsmod(sfnet) ARS Mod Будет немного позже. DOWNLOAD
proximus(freshmeat) ProXimus ProXimus is an enterprise scale solution to man... DOWNLOAD
gnome-albanian(sfnet) GNOME-albanian(shqip) The goal of the GNOME-albanian(shqip) Project i... DOWNLOAD
pi-sct(sfnet) Platform Initialization SCT The Platform Initialization Self-Certification ... DOWNLOAD
simpleunit(sfnet) simpleunit A simple numeral converter for Android platform... DOWNLOAD
login-fb(sfnet) login-fb Login with Facebook es un sistema que le permit... DOWNLOAD
seodynamicxmlne(sfnet) seodynamicxmlne A tool for web developers to easily add dynamic... DOWNLOAD
registeredto(sfnet) Registered to Tools Registered to Tools Tiny DOWNLOAD
tofupgrades(sfnet) tofupgrades Upgraded content for Tales of Fantasy. Play Tal... DOWNLOAD
flooze(sfnet) Flooze Flooze is an bank accounts manager software (ba... DOWNLOAD
kiohang(sfnet) 个人站点 主要涉及常用链接以及测试之用 DOWNLOAD
batchcropper(sfnet) batchcropper Crops hundreds of images easily DOWNLOAD
batchdebugger(sfnet) Batch Debugger Un semplice Debugger di files Batch Windows e M... DOWNLOAD
mixedos(sfnet) mixedos Selected scripts and code from dissolution of a... DOWNLOAD
folderlocker(sfnet) folderlocker This project was developed combining the power ... DOWNLOAD
kypsoft(sfnet) kypsoft this is software from KYP DOWNLOAD
openalternative(sfnet) openalternative Virtualbox disk images (VDIs) of linux distribu... DOWNLOAD
webos-python(sfnet) webos-python Unofficial Python and related packages for Palm... DOWNLOAD
pysqlytics(sfnet) pysqlytics This project aims to create a Python SQLite bas... DOWNLOAD
jwordnet(sfnet) JWNL (Java WordNet Library) JWNL is a Java API for accessing the WordNet re... DOWNLOAD
calctickets(sfnet) CalcTickets Calculator for restaurant tickets (o any kind o... DOWNLOAD
phvpn-portable(sfnet) Phoenix Vpn Portable DOWNLOAD
arduino-dimmer(sfnet) Arduino Aquarium LED Dimmer Arduino project for dimming 4 Mean Well ELN-60-... DOWNLOAD
smilingweb(sfnet) SmilingWeb SmilingWeb is a web player for multimedia prese... DOWNLOAD
calculatorjava(sfnet) CALCULATOR JAVA DOWNLOAD
api-allocine(sfnet) API Allociné Helper API Allociné Helper is support for using the AP... DOWNLOAD
logpro(sfnet) logpro Logprocessor is a tool for analyzing log files ... DOWNLOAD
hnhmapoffset(sfnet) hnhmapoffset # A tool for applying offsets to the coords in ... DOWNLOAD
nelapi(sfnet) nelapi An enhanced API for programming in Lua on the T... DOWNLOAD
partlogin(sfnet) PartLogin Login System Partlogin: A login system written in PHP that c... DOWNLOAD
picrosssolver(sfnet) picrosssolver Program for solving Picross puzzles. Created b... DOWNLOAD
web-bot(freshmeat) Web Bot WebBot is a Web development toolset which is de... DOWNLOAD

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