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frcsimulator(sfnet) Frc Robot Simulator A simulator that allows programs written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
openchords(sfnet) OpenChords OpenChords is a guitar chord management tool. I... DOWNLOAD
refdb(sfnet) RefDB RefDB is a reference database and bibliography ... DOWNLOAD
krarduino(sfnet) knight rider arduino DOWNLOAD
textsearch(sfnet) fs Search files for a text string. Like grep but ... DOWNLOAD
portabledsl(sfnet) portabledsl format Damn Small Linux run fr... DOWNLOAD
inkscape-pages(sfnet) inkscape-pages Inkscape has now pages support. You can create ... DOWNLOAD
supman(sfnet) supman Certificate in Supervisory Management DOWNLOAD
atisim(sfnet) atisim A network simulator for IEEE 802.11 WLANs suppo... DOWNLOAD
csnmpcron(sfnet) cSnmpCron A multi-threaded SNMP poller based on Net-SNMP ... DOWNLOAD
ancepi(sfnet) ANC_EPI System This is ANC_EPI System. Development for extract... DOWNLOAD
gerbil(sfnet) Gerbil The Gerbil project moved to http://www.gerbilvi... DOWNLOAD
wcnt(sfnet) wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet wcnt - wav composer not toilet is a not-real-ti... DOWNLOAD
markasexec(sfnet) MarkAsExec DOWNLOAD
flatpress(sfnet) FlatPress FlatPress is a new blog engine. Written from sc... DOWNLOAD
universalsearch(sfnet) universalsearch Search all of the most popular sites on the int... DOWNLOAD
popbox(sfnet) PopBox PopBox is an image magnification javascript sol... DOWNLOAD
doctorbroggi(sfnet) doctorbroggi DOWNLOAD
radicalengine(sfnet) RADical Engine An open source MMORPG engine that will eventual... DOWNLOAD
pysrp(freshmeat) pysrp pysrp is a Python module that provides an imple... DOWNLOAD
texttinker(sfnet) TextTinker Just a Mac OSX Text Editor. DOWNLOAD
zpkg(sfnet) zpkg zpkg - small package manager DOWNLOAD
devpad-sharp(sfnet) DevPad# Simple Code/Note Pad + Obfuscator DOWNLOAD
multiplicationg(sfnet) multiplicationg This is a multiplication game for kids grades 5... DOWNLOAD
stlwork(sfnet) STLWork STL. labs to E.M. Lynski DOWNLOAD
libdbase(sfnet) libdbase libdbase is a free C library for (USB) ORTEC di... DOWNLOAD
tigochat(sfnet) tigoChat simply client-server chat written in c DOWNLOAD
tibialaucher(sfnet) Tibia Laucher Projekt ten pokazuje moje możliwości. Każdy kto... DOWNLOAD
learnehr(sfnet) Learnehr The Learnehr program implements the Semi-Superv... DOWNLOAD
linux3gdialer(sfnet) Linux 3G Dialer A Easy 3G dialer. A dial system with support f... DOWNLOAD
albummaker(sfnet) AlbumMaker Photogallery AlbumMaker is a very small and handy webbased P... DOWNLOAD
wdml(sfnet) Wiimote Data Management Library The Wiimote Data Management Library is a librar... DOWNLOAD
parrotwin32(sfnet) parrot-win32 The repository of the binaries for Windows of P... DOWNLOAD
svndeepcopy(sfnet) svn-deepcopy The subversion copy command "svn cp" ... DOWNLOAD
minimardi(sfnet) minimardi miniMardi - Messy chess program. This is a &quo... DOWNLOAD
huanxiang(sfnet) huanxiang This is a free program I want everyone to know. DOWNLOAD
manatee(sfnet) Manatee Manatee is a web-based gene evaluation and geno... DOWNLOAD
cyfacebook(sfnet) CyFacebook CyFacebook is a Cytoscape plugin which allows y... DOWNLOAD
photomaze(sfnet) PhotoMaze PhotoMaze is a fun way of viewing your photos. ... DOWNLOAD
dsfdsafdf(sfnet) fight open source, IDC licence DOWNLOAD
curaviapplet(sfnet) Curavi Applet Curavi Applet es una miniaplicación que utiliza... DOWNLOAD
shipmentcodfp(sfnet) Shipment (Call of duty 4 map) on OFPDR Call of duty 4 map ( Shipment ) For Operation F... DOWNLOAD
graph2dexe(sfnet) Graph2D Graph2D is a program, which can render graphs w... DOWNLOAD
quicklock(sfnet) quicklock Extremely simple app which locks your Windows c... DOWNLOAD
ktable(sfnet) KTable KTable is a custom SWT table widget that provid... DOWNLOAD
extinction(sfnet) Extinction A simple text based game where you uncover trut... DOWNLOAD
turismo(sfnet) turismo Sistema para pessoas que organizam viagens rodo... DOWNLOAD
web20groups(sfnet) web2.0 community/group web site A web 2.0 community web site, which can be depl... DOWNLOAD
kisiselsite(sfnet) kisiselsite Deneme amaçlı site çalışması... DOWNLOAD
flac-track(sfnet) flac-track Library and command line utility to store binar... DOWNLOAD
piccalculator(sfnet) piccalculator Useful software for some calculation on micro c... DOWNLOAD
closeaction(sfnet) Close Action Version informatique du jeu close action DOWNLOAD
electronicombud(sfnet) Electronic Ombudsman System for anonymous whistleblowing. DOWNLOAD
yoworld2(sfnet) yoworld DOWNLOAD
digitalcirmaker(sfnet) Digital Circuit Maker I am a student of BUET. it's my term project . ... DOWNLOAD
thegunshop(sfnet) thegunshop the gun shop is an app that will entertain you... DOWNLOAD
sasf(sfnet) SocialAuthSecurityFilter protect your java web application with an openi... DOWNLOAD
hallymostest(sfnet) hallymostest testtesttesttesttesttesttesttesttest DOWNLOAD
moodleexplorer(sfnet) Moodle Explorer Moodle Explorer is a tool to help Moodle superu... DOWNLOAD
intervctm(sfnet) Interv_Ctm Gestion d'interventions pour les services techn... DOWNLOAD
krobot(sfnet) [Kro]bot To design a complete, wheeled robot, capable of... DOWNLOAD
iosdialogbox(sfnet) jQuery iOS Dialog Box Plugin iOS Dialog Box is my new JQuery Plugin that all... DOWNLOAD
smancosoftmp(sfnet) smancosoftmp Software ini dibuat oleh seorang anak Indonesia... DOWNLOAD
histogramgenera(sfnet) histogramgenera Simple console application for generating histo... DOWNLOAD
tfegervjea(sfnet) tfegervjea TFE 2010-2011 de Jean Gervasi (gervjea) pour l'... DOWNLOAD
geizerao(sfnet) GeizerAO GeizerAO es un juego MMOROG basado en la verció... DOWNLOAD
pyspaceconsumer(sfnet) pyspaceconsumer A Modified Space Invaders DOWNLOAD
sinsel(sfnet) sinsel The software package SINSEL («SImulator New of ... DOWNLOAD
discriminatives(sfnet) discriminatives implementation of "GAIA: graph classifica... DOWNLOAD
spbunker(sfnet) Silver Peak Bunker Want to make playing a BoS paladin feel a bit m... DOWNLOAD
sagsimversion1(sfnet) SAGsim version 1.0 DOWNLOAD
genedne(sfnet) genedne To identify cancer-related genes DOWNLOAD
processdsn(freshmeat) processdsn Processdsn consumes RFC 3464 delivery status no... DOWNLOAD
2-plan-desktop(freshmeat) 2-plan Desktop 2-plan Desktop's free core system features Gant... DOWNLOAD
pychecker(sfnet) PyChecker PyChecker is a static analysis tool for finding... DOWNLOAD
tentacles-orm(freshmeat) Tentacles-orm Tentacles is an object-relational mapping (ORM)... DOWNLOAD
iseeviewer(sfnet) ISee Viewer for media data with only dependency bein... DOWNLOAD
bluedarkside(sfnet) BlueDarkside DOWNLOAD
mod_processdsn(freshmeat) mod_processdsn mod_processdsn for Apache httpd exposes deliver... DOWNLOAD
diann(sfnet) DIENN Dynamic Neuro-Interaction for Evolving a Self-C... DOWNLOAD
jsdk3(sfnet) JSDK3 JavaScript development kit, JavaScript framewor... DOWNLOAD
cdb4(sfnet) Champs de bataille IV Combats tactique de l'antiquité à la fin du moy... DOWNLOAD
pome(sfnet) pome Poisson mixed-effects model to quantify exon-le... DOWNLOAD
itcb(sfnet) IT Common Base Assembling the main technologies surrounding JE... DOWNLOAD
gc(freshmeat) Boehm-Demers-Weiser Conservative Garbage Collector The Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative garbage co... DOWNLOAD
dict-gazetteer(sfnet) dict-gazetteer place names, population and location informatio... DOWNLOAD
sanrecorder(sfnet) sanrecorder Console application which records audio/video s... DOWNLOAD
geojexos(sfnet) Geo Jex™ OS Geo Jex™ is a new innovative operating system f... DOWNLOAD
djonesportable(sfnet) djonesportable depp.jones' test releases of p... DOWNLOAD
destructionao(sfnet) Destruction-Ao Proyecto Destruction-Ao DOWNLOAD
mstestreportgen(sfnet) MS Test Report Generator Given the XML-based results from a test run usi... DOWNLOAD
bagh-bandi(sfnet) Bagh Bandi - Surround the Tiger Bagh bandi is a two-player abstract strategy bo... DOWNLOAD
windowstool(sfnet) windowstool Es ist eine Read-Me Datei dabei. Sie klärt alle... DOWNLOAD
dictionarymixer(sfnet) dictionarymixer This is a script which mix up dictionary used t... DOWNLOAD
linwizard(sfnet) Linwizard The Linwizard project aims to port the Linux Ke... DOWNLOAD
jsonmcda(sfnet) jsonmcda Json data Decoder and Encoder, works with non-s... DOWNLOAD
pantherase(sfnet) pantherase Pardus için geliştirilmekte olan web tarayıcısı. DOWNLOAD
xosoperatingsys(sfnet) xosoperatingsys A new and free os. This linux based os has not ... DOWNLOAD
exim4u(freshmeat) Exim4U Exim4U is a Web-based user interface and integr... DOWNLOAD
some-xcode(sfnet) some-xcode some xcode this is a test DOWNLOAD

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