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portmagic(sfnet) portmagic Port Magic is Internet servers listen on well k... DOWNLOAD
firebase-net(sfnet) Firebird.NET (a .net data provider) *** This project is now abandoned. *** *** Plea... DOWNLOAD
schoolhelper(sfnet) schoolhelper The school helper is a simple VB application to... DOWNLOAD
princeofdark(sfnet) Prince of Drakness My first game writen in Python and Pygame DOWNLOAD
rmv(sfnet) RMV Auskunft Eine J2ME App für aktuelle Fahrplanauskünfte de... DOWNLOAD
nowrooz-1391(sfnet) نوروز با پس زمینه ماهی این قالب اولین قالبی است کع رسماً توسط من به اش... DOWNLOAD
ecsleeed(sfnet) JAIN SLEE 1.1 Descriptor Editor Eclipse plugin providing form editing and valid... DOWNLOAD
agiterm(sfnet) AgiTerm AgiTerm is a test application for use with the ... DOWNLOAD
spacenav(sfnet) spacenav The spacenav project provides a free compatible... DOWNLOAD
shawex(sfnet) shawex Projects for showing new products, experience. DOWNLOAD
forloopcounter(sfnet) ForLoopCounter A simple program that helps the understanding o... DOWNLOAD
alphacorp(sfnet) AlphaCorp Alpha Corporation Limited DOWNLOAD
iframepostform(sfnet) Iframe Post Form This jQuery plugin creates a hidden iframe and ... DOWNLOAD
income(sfnet) InCoME 集成成本建模与估算工具(InCoME)实现了一种基于最... DOWNLOAD
nfewiki(sfnet) NFE_Wiki DOWNLOAD
ancaras(sfnet) AnCaraS AnCaraS is a tool to analyze and characterize w... DOWNLOAD
feff(freshmeat) Feff Feff is a GUI for the command line video conver... DOWNLOAD
grand(freshmeat) Grand Grand is a set of tools to create a visual repr... DOWNLOAD
libravatar(freshmeat) Libravatar Libravatar is software that allows domain owner... DOWNLOAD
iqworks(sfnet) IQWorks IQWorks is a project to provide Medical Physici... DOWNLOAD
edt4zewin(sfnet) EDT4ZeWin Portage du projet EDT en Java EE DOWNLOAD
jhgjhgjhgjhgjhg(sfnet) jhgjhgjhgjhgjhg jhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgjhgj DOWNLOAD
sync-usb(sfnet) sync-usb Proyecto realizado por Kevin Rafael Sarmiento M... DOWNLOAD
wireus(sfnet) wireus WIREUS is a basic social networking platform wh... DOWNLOAD
rgcpatcher(sfnet) rgcpatcher Experimental Patcher System for RGC DOWNLOAD
pychess(sfnet) pychess PyChess is a swift chess client originally deve... DOWNLOAD
wavetorrent(sfnet) WaveTorrent DOWNLOAD
computer-maps(sfnet) Making Maps With Computers To investigate, describe and develop methods an... DOWNLOAD
frostos(sfnet) The Frost Project A simple Command prompt and GUI operating syste... DOWNLOAD
kurts(sfnet) kurts My own little project. DOWNLOAD
l2jisis(sfnet) l2jisis DataBase of L2jIsis. DOWNLOAD
xmlserial(sfnet) XMLSer XMLSer(ializer) is a library to encode Java obj... DOWNLOAD
originphp(sfnet) Origin PHP Framework Origin PHP Framework, a simple and fast PHP fra... DOWNLOAD
firewallpunch(sfnet) Firewall Punch Demo A proof-of-concept Java client and server to il... DOWNLOAD
pslive(sfnet) pslive Photoshop Live OS. Build with SUSE Studio. DOWNLOAD
sympy(sfnet) sympy SymPy is an open source Python library for symb... DOWNLOAD
psmspss(sfnet) PS Matching in SPSS Propensity score matching in SPSS Provides SPSS... DOWNLOAD
tarsier(sfnet) tarsier "tarsier" is an operating system base... DOWNLOAD
ida-syslog(sfnet) ida-syslog A Web-Frontend for Syslog Data. Requires Syslog... DOWNLOAD
sgsthemes(sfnet) sgsthemes This is the site for my themes for the SGS DOWNLOAD
persqftcart(sfnet) persqftcart A shopping cart to enable product sale per squa... DOWNLOAD
tothecloud(sfnet) what should go to the cloud The pragmatic of this is a software tool aims a... DOWNLOAD
asteria(sfnet) Asteria The command-line based shop management tool usi... DOWNLOAD
cs174mazeproj(sfnet) CS 174A Maze is aMAZing DOWNLOAD
fuzzdata(sfnet) FuzzData Now it support the data type: string ,int ,long... DOWNLOAD
randorator(sfnet) Randorator Randorator is an advanced graphical generator o... DOWNLOAD
freeseat(sfnet) FreeSeat A web application for managing ticket booking a... DOWNLOAD
ketlersimulator(sfnet) Ketler Simulator Motorola 6800 Simulator Software simulator for... DOWNLOAD
seroteam(sfnet) seroteam Progetto di sviluppo RPG by SEROTEAM DOWNLOAD
ssac(sfnet) Super Simple Admin Center 説明なし DOWNLOAD
imgvtopgm(sfnet) imgvtopgm Image Conversion utility to convert, compress, ... DOWNLOAD
gunup(sfnet) GunUp GunUp, is a OpenSource project based on a 3DSMa... DOWNLOAD
splunge(sfnet) Splunge Splunge is a ASCII roguelike being written in C... DOWNLOAD
atpad(sfnet) ATPad ATPad is a simple Notepad replacement. Tabbed e... DOWNLOAD
aquila(sfnet) Aquila Aquila 2.0, an open-source cross-platform softw... DOWNLOAD
ancamnia(sfnet) The Tales of Ancamnia (2D RPG) The project is a topdown viewed 2D RPG/Hack'n's... DOWNLOAD
automatedhoodie(sfnet) Automated hoodie. Arduino double-servo code for raising the hood ... DOWNLOAD
mindcms(sfnet) mindCMS A very small, fast, compact and flexible Conten... DOWNLOAD
gameswithpython(sfnet) gameswithpython I am working through tutorials and manuals in a... DOWNLOAD
netbiosscanner(sfnet) Netbios Share Scanner The Netbios Share Samba Scanner scan C classes ... DOWNLOAD
streamcapture(sfnet) streamcapture Java project for capturing online streaming and... DOWNLOAD
filterselect(sfnet) FilterSelect Filter a list from another dynamically. DOWNLOAD
hammond-radio(sfnet) hr NEW DOWNLOAD
dictionarybuild(sfnet) Dictionary Builder C based self manageable and adaptable dictionar... DOWNLOAD
ifdnfc(sfnet) IFD Handler for libnfc Devices This project provides a chip card interface dev... DOWNLOAD
pruebaisg1(sfnet) pruebaisg1 Esto es un proyecto para la asignatura ISG1 de ... DOWNLOAD
pmanager-beta(sfnet) pmanager-beta Source applications - PManager DOWNLOAD
shaggw(sfnet) shaggw shaggw Belongs to personal collection and shari... DOWNLOAD
astergeoref(sfnet) ASTER_browse_image_georeferencer ASTER browse imagery comes without any world fi... DOWNLOAD
randomabc(sfnet) Random Score Creator Create random Music Scores containing a defined... DOWNLOAD
peda(sfnet) peda PEDA is electronic design automation software f... DOWNLOAD
avirename(sfnet) avi_rename Perl script to rename video and subtitles files DOWNLOAD
ordered-tree(sfnet) ordered-tree The ordered_tree class template is an implement... DOWNLOAD
projects-for-a(sfnet) projects-for-a Source applications: PManager, EManager, MyEver... DOWNLOAD
paralleledison(sfnet) paralleledison The EDISON Mean Shift Segmentation (Java Port) ... DOWNLOAD
phoca(sfnet) phoca Phoca helps people to build their sites. We cre... DOWNLOAD
anc(sfnet) Allosteric Network Compiler A rule-based modelling framework for allosteric... DOWNLOAD
tictactoe232(sfnet) tictactoe232 Simple TicTacToe game using C++ and SFML. DOWNLOAD
funexplorer(sfnet) Fun Explorer Ein etwas anderer Browser. DOWNLOAD
bugster(sfnet) Bugster Bugster is a P2P application to share MP3z/OGGz... DOWNLOAD
spinj(sfnet) SQL Power Injector A graphical application created in C# .Net 1.1 ... DOWNLOAD
cgfca(sfnet) cgfca CGFCA is a program that converts Conceptual Gra... DOWNLOAD
ostisgeometry(sfnet) OSTIS Geometry Open reference geometry system based on OSTIS t... DOWNLOAD
operaesmatemati(sfnet) operaesmatemati Jogo simples para crianças treinarem as 4 opera... DOWNLOAD
ucmagora(sfnet) ucmagora UCM-Agora. Proyect ISG1 DOWNLOAD
ostisgraphstheo(sfnet) OSTIS Graphs Theory Open reference system based on OSTIS technology DOWNLOAD
nndbviewer(sfnet) nndbviewer NNDB: Tracking the entire world NNDB Parser + V... DOWNLOAD
trmevonhanoi(sfnet) Türme von Hanoi DOWNLOAD
mapa-da-cultura(freshmeat) Mapa da Cultura Mapa da Cultura is a interactive Web tool devel... DOWNLOAD
wnmap(sfnet) wnmap WNMap is a wireless network map display based o... DOWNLOAD
ndnc(sfnet) ndnc ndnc registration in india DOWNLOAD
jacond(sfnet) Jacond - Jump And CONtact Duration This tool aids the assessment of physical perfo... DOWNLOAD
dibitico(sfnet) Dibitico Dibitico is a CMS for comunicate with us friend... DOWNLOAD
citrusserver(sfnet) CitrusServer Web Server Manager package for nginx DOWNLOAD
test-dberaldi(sfnet) test-dberaldi This is only a test. Nothing serious here. DOWNLOAD
scrabblescorer(sfnet) scrabblescorer A simple XHTML program (opens in most web brows... DOWNLOAD
ipinterface(sfnet) ipinterface A program that show the ip of internet with a b... DOWNLOAD
fstm(sfnet) fstm An implementation of a finite state transition ... DOWNLOAD
mcsyncing(sfnet) mcsyncing MCSyncing to keep MC up to date. DOWNLOAD
java-message-translator(freshmeat) Java Message Translator Java Message Translator is a Web based i18n pro... DOWNLOAD

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