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iga-rna(sfnet) iga-rna rNA is an aligner for short reads produced by N... DOWNLOAD
blooody750(sfnet) Addons DOWNLOAD
gefestws(sfnet) Gefest Web Home Server Simple Web Server with Graphical User interface... DOWNLOAD
lbreakout(freshmeat) LBreakout LBreakout is a breakout game with nice effects,... DOWNLOAD
treebeard(freshmeat) Treebeard Treebeard is a system of CGI scripts that creat... DOWNLOAD
kobldes(freshmeat) kobldes Kobldes makes it possible for the designer to m... DOWNLOAD
jpowergraph(sfnet) JPowerGraph JPowerGraph is a Java library for creating dire... DOWNLOAD
bool-goat(sfnet) GHA Output and Template (GOaT) GHA Output and Template, or GOaT, is a system f... DOWNLOAD
multiplayertag(sfnet) multiplayertag It's a tag game with multiplayer opportunities.... DOWNLOAD
juniperapartmen(sfnet) juniperapartmen abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz DOWNLOAD
wamweb(sfnet) wamweb Modèle compatible : Wizard, Envoy, Vantage pro ... DOWNLOAD
mtmgtc(sfnet) mtmgtc GTC. Proyecto de TDC DOWNLOAD
bitcoiner(sfnet) Bitcoiner Bitcoin RPC client for android DOWNLOAD
freevirtual(sfnet) Free Virtualisation A small project designed to create an enterpris... DOWNLOAD
tstuff(sfnet) Tone's Stuff Stuff i'm working on (or once was). All this st... DOWNLOAD
sessopoker30051(sfnet) sessopoker30051 Minha primeira sessão de poker no dia 300511. S... DOWNLOAD
javamatrix(sfnet) javamatrix Java Matrix object. Thread safe with deadlock a... DOWNLOAD
vpa(sfnet) VPA VGA Planets Assistant (VPA) is a client program... DOWNLOAD
avalon-online(sfnet) Avalon Online (MMORPG) MMORPG for gameplay with friends who enjoy dark... DOWNLOAD
anki(freshmeat) Anki Anki is an intelligent, spaced-repetition flash... DOWNLOAD
dicomstudio(sfnet) DStudio This is a general purpose software application,... DOWNLOAD
pixlocmeter(sfnet) pixlocmeter Pixlocmeter is pixel to millimeter and backward... DOWNLOAD
rct3downloads(sfnet) rct3downloads Téléchargez des Coaster , des scénarios et des ... DOWNLOAD
sbitprojects(sfnet) sbitprojects For SBIT development projects DOWNLOAD
jeuxphp(sfnet) jeuxphp Développement d'un Jeux en PHP et MySQL DOWNLOAD
projectdmx(sfnet) projectdmx This is the DM process group test project. Com... DOWNLOAD
toddlertap(sfnet) toddlertap A project aimed at toddlers that see you using ... DOWNLOAD
inverterurl(sfnet) inverterurl Este programa inverte uma sequencia de url's do... DOWNLOAD
minopsos(sfnet) minopsos MinopsOS is small operating system for PC compu... DOWNLOAD
dia2propel(sfnet) Dia2Propel A python plugin for Dia to export UML-Diagrams ... DOWNLOAD
jpf(sfnet) JPF (Java Plugin Framework) JPF (Java Plugin Framework) is a general-purpos... DOWNLOAD
phpexcelreader(sfnet) PHP-ExcelReader PHP Library for read Excel files DOWNLOAD
cmsimple-le(sfnet) CMSimple Classic & LXH CMSimple Classic is a content management system... DOWNLOAD
gegui(sfnet) Good Enough GUI Use a web browser as a GUI for an application. DOWNLOAD
nldb(sfnet) Verilog Netlist Database API Netlist database and manipulation API with inte... DOWNLOAD
wikitranslate(sfnet) wikitranslate Translate wikipedia articles using interwiki li... DOWNLOAD
apagadoautomati(sfnet) apagado automatico con gmail proyecto que permite apagar de forma remota una... DOWNLOAD
vitables(freshmeat) ViTables ViTables is a graphical browser for HDF5 and Py... DOWNLOAD
entomologist(freshmeat) entomologist Entomologist is a desktop client for working wi... DOWNLOAD
frant(freshmeat) frant frant is a Garmin Forerunner 310XT ANT protocol... DOWNLOAD
mayan-edms(freshmeat) Mayan EDMS Mayan EDMS is a document manager Web applicatio... DOWNLOAD
django-inventory(freshmeat) Django Inventory Django Inventory is an inventory and asset cont... DOWNLOAD
cinisis(freshmeat) Cinisis Cinisis is a PHP library for reading CDS/ISIS d... DOWNLOAD
pytvshows-plus(freshmeat) pytvshows-plus pytvshows downloads torrents for TV shows from ... DOWNLOAD
ifc-soft(freshmeat) IFC Soft IFC Soft is a Web-based data visualization and ... DOWNLOAD
cambridge-template-engine(freshmeat) Cambridge Template Engine Cambridge is a template engine for generating H... DOWNLOAD
jdbc-helper(freshmeat) Jdbc Helper Inspired by Spring Jdbctemplate and Commons Dbu... DOWNLOAD
linkany2wiki(sfnet) linkany2wiki Linkany2wiki is an non intrusive jquery plugin ... DOWNLOAD
mstabexplorer(sfnet) mstabexplorer Gerenciador de arquivos (tipo Windows Explorer)... DOWNLOAD
mcqe-hc(sfnet) MultipleChoiseQuestionEvaluationHardCopy Multiple Choise Question Evaluation fromHard Co... DOWNLOAD
rtccapi(sfnet) rtccapi RTCC API for Flyport DOWNLOAD
aresfps(sfnet) Ares 3d fps Ares is a FPS (first person shooter) wrote by M... DOWNLOAD
apagadoemail(sfnet) Apagado de Computadora via email Se trata de una aplicacion cliente servidor en ... DOWNLOAD
czesio(sfnet) czesio This is a project 1. DOWNLOAD
luxcal(sfnet) luxcal LuxCal is an innovative web based event calenda... DOWNLOAD
monopolysim(sfnet) monopolysim Simulator written in C++ to determine frequency... DOWNLOAD
sbfspringeditin(sfnet) sbfspringeditin stick battle field (sbf for short) stick battle... DOWNLOAD
libfoa(sfnet) libfoa This is an C library implementing the Fast Obje... DOWNLOAD
eflevel(sfnet) EFL-based Waterpas This is a bubble tubes (waterpas) application w... DOWNLOAD
fdupdirs(freshmeat) fdupdirs fdupdirs is a command line tool to find and del... DOWNLOAD
pyautomate(freshmeat) pyautomate pyautomate is a general-purpose CLI automation ... DOWNLOAD
d-star-lite(freshmeat) D* Lite D* Lite is a C++ implementation of the D* Lite ... DOWNLOAD
androidutils(freshmeat) AndroidUtils AndroidUtils is a small collection of classes a... DOWNLOAD
springutils(freshmeat) SpringUtils SpringUtils is a collection of taggers and meth... DOWNLOAD
entreapp(freshmeat) EntreApp EntreApp is an Android app for interacting with... DOWNLOAD
gatufestapp(freshmeat) GatufestApp GatufestApp is an Android app for getting infor... DOWNLOAD
priscila(freshmeat) Priscila PRISCILA is a simple SDL/OpenGL presentation ap... DOWNLOAD
stashy(freshmeat) Stashy Stashy lets you manage and inventory your serve... DOWNLOAD
pdit(sfnet) PDit PDit is a PHP Auditing and Analyzing Tool, it w... DOWNLOAD
lv2-c-tools(freshmeat) lv2-c++-tools lv2-c++-tools is a software package containing ... DOWNLOAD
jabast(sfnet) JabAst Jabast connects XMPP Clients to a asterisk PBX ... DOWNLOAD
a110ipkg(sfnet) a110ipkg Pre-compiled ipkg feed URL's for A110/A100 DOWNLOAD
joystipainlevel(sfnet) joystipainlevel Joyst.c written in Borland C.2.0 Subject input... DOWNLOAD
incrementalback(sfnet) incrementalback A simple command line tool to create incrementa... DOWNLOAD
batta-diagram(sfnet) Batta-Diagram This is a robustness diagram drawing tool. DOWNLOAD
cmessage-dialog(sfnet) cMessageDialog Khmer Unicode Messagebox, it's support for dot ... DOWNLOAD
rmediasms(sfnet) Rmedia SMS Rmedia SMS is a PHP Script which allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
akbackup(sfnet) AkBackup A backup script written in Ruby, Making increme... DOWNLOAD
sfmaraeplugin(freshmeat) sfMaraePlugin sfMaraePlugin is a threaded forum plugin for sy... DOWNLOAD
deep-mandelbrot(freshmeat) Deep Mandelbrot Deep Mandelbrot is a small command line utility... DOWNLOAD
dthumb(freshmeat) dthumb dthumb is a quite simple image list script. It ... DOWNLOAD
jaochatapi(sfnet) Java AO Chat API Java based API for interfacing with chat server... DOWNLOAD
n3lib(sfnet) n3lib N3 lib it's a ADD-ON for NightFox's Lib. This l... DOWNLOAD
immortality(sfnet) immortality Immortality Kernel for SGS Vibrant, Developed b... DOWNLOAD
igniterassets(sfnet) Codeigniter Autoload Assets This library find css/js files with same name t... DOWNLOAD
chams(sfnet) 2ColorChams DOWNLOAD
jhonnyorjuela(sfnet) jhonny orjuela Esta es mi hoja de vida. DOWNLOAD
jquery-simple-tooltips(freshmeat) Wolf Software jQuery Simple Tooltips jQuery Simple Tooltips is a jQuery plug-in that... DOWNLOAD
ipvsman(sfnet) ipvsman - more than a GUI for ipvs ipvsman is a ncurses GUI for the ipvs linux loa... DOWNLOAD
valuemanager(sfnet) valuemanager A spreadsheet for assisting in Earned Value Man... DOWNLOAD
dupadupadupa(sfnet) RPI e048833bd337bad82cba DOWNLOAD
anve(sfnet) anve Easily extendable graph editor DOWNLOAD
arcuz(sfnet) Arcuz Behind The Dark arcuz the game on pc do you like arpg game like... DOWNLOAD
loteamento(sfnet) ControleLoteamento -------------------- DOWNLOAD
sesamesim(sfnet) The SESAME Software Project The SESAME (Simulation of Embedded System Archi... DOWNLOAD
albumine(sfnet) Albumine Albumine is a music database program. It treats... DOWNLOAD
xover(sfnet) foo_dsp_xover PC based active loudspeaker crossover. This plu... DOWNLOAD
megatrond(sfnet) The Megatron Daemon Born from the embers of KWUR 90.3FM, these are ... DOWNLOAD
noblecrm(sfnet) NobleCRM CRM invoice inventory Desktop based calls,meetings,tasks,accounts,con... DOWNLOAD
minquitadvanced(sfnet) minquitadvanced advanved version of minquit. DOWNLOAD

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