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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
situar(sfnet) Situar DOWNLOAD
rylandsboardppt(sfnet) Ryland's Board of Director's Meeting DOWNLOAD
mrdeaf(sfnet) MRDEAF Framework for development of simple evolutionar... DOWNLOAD
jofa(sfnet) Jofa DOWNLOAD
hwrecogntool(sfnet) Neuroph OCR - Handwriting Recognition Neuroph OCR - Handwriting Recognition is develo... DOWNLOAD
generatedata(sfnet) GenerateData GenerateData is a general purpose data generati... DOWNLOAD
memoverse(freshmeat) MemoVerse MemoVerse is a tool that helps you memorize Bib... DOWNLOAD
blackberry-rta(freshmeat) BlackBerry RTA BlackBerry RTA is software for performing real ... DOWNLOAD
equalslashed(sfnet) EqualServed EqualServed is a services package for UnrealIRC... DOWNLOAD
xgridagent-java(sfnet) Xgrid Agent for Java This is an agent for Apple's Xgrid clustering p... DOWNLOAD
sudokuallino(sfnet) sudokuallino sudoku open source is a fork of andoku develope... DOWNLOAD
gemsim(sfnet) gemsim GemSIM is a software package for generating rea... DOWNLOAD
hnmanager(sfnet) Hosted Network Manager Manages a Hosted Network. DOWNLOAD
simplebill(sfnet) SimpleBill Create a simple bill and export to PDF DOWNLOAD
libcl(sfnet) libCL libCL is an open-source library for high perfor... DOWNLOAD
lximedia(sfnet) LXiMedia A DLNA compatible, fully transcoding, media ser... DOWNLOAD
kinect-mex(sfnet) Kinect for MATLAB This is a collection of MEX(Matlab EXecutable) ... DOWNLOAD
imageline(sfnet) imageline new image line soft ware DOWNLOAD
turingmachi(sfnet) turingmachi Turing Machine simulation realized in Smalltalk... DOWNLOAD
naturaldate(sfnet) NaturalDate for .NET The NaturalDate Library is a natural language d... DOWNLOAD
mcdamagecalc(sfnet) Minecraft Damage Calculator Calculates ALL damage in Minecraft. This includ... DOWNLOAD
ghostmod(sfnet) ghost++mod privat DOWNLOAD
kelanysupermark(sfnet) Kelany Super Market Kelany Super Market using MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
crazypaintbrush(sfnet) Crazy Paint Brush Crazy Paint Brush Graphics API Java DOWNLOAD
jkelanyalarm(sfnet) JKelany Alarm Notes JKelany Alarm Notes by Java SQLite db DOWNLOAD
javainstaller(sfnet) JKelany Java Installer JKelany Java Installer Using java io API DOWNLOAD
swingjkelany(sfnet) Swing JKelany Swing JKelany Custom Swing Ready Components DOWNLOAD
studregister(sfnet) Student Registeration Student Registeration Project by Using JDBC an... DOWNLOAD
mobgen(sfnet) mobgen DOWNLOAD
brewer(sfnet) Brewer!-Multi Platform IDE Brewer! is an IDE which is aimed at becoming a ... DOWNLOAD
navpartner(sfnet) navpartner hosting for ilovenav solutions DOWNLOAD
upnpdm(sfnet) UPnP Device Management UPnP Device Management defines standard managem... DOWNLOAD
ebreadboard(sfnet) e-breadboard E-breadboard is a software platform for instant... DOWNLOAD
pseudocroc(sfnet) pseudocroc Traductor Gratuito de Codigo Abierto de Codigo ... DOWNLOAD
rmake(sfnet) aRmake This simple *NIX tool enables to edit your file... DOWNLOAD
beckdevel(sfnet) beckdevel DOWNLOAD
wallbait(sfnet) wallbait WallBait - GhostAttila Metin 2 Projekt WallBait... DOWNLOAD
ntwrksassign2(sfnet) Networks Assignment-2 proxy DOWNLOAD
peerswap(sfnet) peerswap peerswap, bit-torrent browser streaming plug-in DOWNLOAD
dataexcel(sfnet) DataExcel DOWNLOAD
bewareserv(sfnet) beware IRC services P10 protocol IRC services, simple, scalable, fo... DOWNLOAD
netdominator(sfnet) netdominator "NetDominator" is a system of remote ... DOWNLOAD
imgsearch(sfnet) Selective Image Search Selective Image Search is initially offered as ... DOWNLOAD
albartdroidwall(sfnet) Album Art Android Wallpaper This is a live wallpaper that displays the albu... DOWNLOAD
proxyserver(sfnet) proxyserver Prxy Server through which you can control your ... DOWNLOAD
mpzprp(sfnet) mpz_prp This code is an implementation of several prp (... DOWNLOAD
dx5menu(sfnet) Dx5Menu Dx5 menu est un petit programme crée par Maxime... DOWNLOAD
ffxilockedchest(sfnet) FFXI Locked Chest Tool This is a simple Java GUI tool that lets you mi... DOWNLOAD
winrash(sfnet) winrash Windows service that asynchronously processes a... DOWNLOAD
phipchanger(sfnet) PH IP Changer Phenomy IP CHANGER - DOWNLOAD
nikki-yugiohjcj(sfnet) nikki-free-levels-YuGiOhJCJ This is a community levels pack created by YuGi... DOWNLOAD
pithframework(sfnet) Pith PHP Framework The Pith PHP Framework is a web application fra... DOWNLOAD
phmc(sfnet) phmc Phenomy Multi Client DOWNLOAD
pyvakitci2011(sfnet) PyVakitci Diyanet verilerine göre tüm ülke ve şehirler iç... DOWNLOAD
mylistsandroid(sfnet) mylistsandroid An android application to manage multiple lists... DOWNLOAD
xmbradio(sfnet) xmbradio xboxmb radio forums. DOWNLOAD
xpprak8126(sfnet) xpprak8126 mencoba membuat proyek xp pada tanggal 9 mei 2011 DOWNLOAD
psychmartian(sfnet) psychmartian This is a simple bootable CD coupled with all t... DOWNLOAD
wordpressblo(sfnet) wordpressblo Change and republic wordpress plugins DOWNLOAD
aperture(sfnet) Aperture Aperture is a Java framework for extracting and... DOWNLOAD
aeromid(sfnet) Aeromid This is a first person shooter that has got onl... DOWNLOAD
emacs233pet(sfnet) This is GNU/emacs, for the puppy linux distribu... DOWNLOAD
smallquotes(sfnet) smallquotes A Joomla 1.5 module to randomly show a piece of... DOWNLOAD
packetinjection(sfnet) packetinjection injection tcp/ip packet using raw socket in lin... DOWNLOAD
jsrvadmin(sfnet) jsrvadmin Web Application for Ubuntu server administration DOWNLOAD
mapreducesoma(sfnet) MapReduceSOMA Software for optimization of multi modal, multi... DOWNLOAD
mrfufu(sfnet) mr.Fufu DOWNLOAD
codexengine(sfnet) Codex Engine A bash script for enabling various proprietary ... DOWNLOAD
sam2fasta(sfnet) sam2fasta converts a SAM file to fasta file. SAM file is ... DOWNLOAD
neko(sfnet) Neko Project II for Dreamcast Dreamcast port of the Neko Project II PC-9801 e... DOWNLOAD
penguings(sfnet) penguings An AVR 8 bit game system. DOWNLOAD
zootownopen2011(sfnet) zoo town open 2011 DOWNLOAD
sick(sfnet) sick DOWNLOAD
runas(sfnet) RunAsTestUser RunAsTestUser is a Windows app that allows you ... DOWNLOAD
fjsyd(sfnet) fjsyd DOWNLOAD
fufuh(sfnet) myeuroto das ist ein software code DOWNLOAD
packetnet(sfnet) Packet.Net High performance .Net assembly for dissecting a... DOWNLOAD
vlock(freshmeat) vlock vlock is a program to lock one or more sessions... DOWNLOAD
dnp-script(freshmeat) DNP Script DNP Script is a domain portfolio script. DOWNLOAD
lichttools(sfnet) LichtTools LichtTools simulates a bulb, enabling the user ... DOWNLOAD
wikirat(sfnet) wikirat WikiRat is a plugin for the DokuWiki system aim... DOWNLOAD
php-scms(sfnet) php-scms This is a content management system which was w... DOWNLOAD
firsttestonsf(sfnet) firsttestonsf Just for Test the functions. DOWNLOAD
linuxutic(sfnet) linuxutic LUTIC is a customization of GNU / Linux Ubuntu ... DOWNLOAD
inferi(sfnet) Cooplike A graphical roguelike with quick, arcade-like g... DOWNLOAD
simulag1(sfnet) Simula G1 Simula Generación 1. DOWNLOAD
pacmenu(sfnet) pacmenu pacmenu it's a script that helps to manage some... DOWNLOAD
wafms(sfnet) wide area frequency measurement system wide area frequency measurement system DOWNLOAD
xraymod(sfnet) XRAYmod Minecraft.jar with XRAY preinstalled. just goto... DOWNLOAD
xmms-jack(sfnet) XMMS Jack audio plugin XMMS/BMP audio output plugin for the jack audio... DOWNLOAD
crospackages(sfnet) cros-packages DOWNLOAD
bugs20(sfnet) bugs2.0 A bug tracker implement in Rails and tailored f... DOWNLOAD
techforum(sfnet) TechForum Forum application developed in Java, Spring, JPA.. DOWNLOAD
gentoo-genalyze(sfnet) gentoo-genalyze Genalyze is developed as a troubleshooting to... DOWNLOAD
generalform(sfnet) general form general form is a reusable php script that can ... DOWNLOAD
spritehut(sfnet) Sprite Hut A sprite editor with a twist: you can export sp... DOWNLOAD
mlfs(sfnet) My Little File Sorter .Net A file sorter program designed in Visual Basic ... DOWNLOAD
wpim(sfnet) wpim Its Word Press IM Chat Plugin DOWNLOAD
nomorerollback(sfnet) No More Roll Back DOWNLOAD
ctx(sfnet) CTX Component based integration tool DOWNLOAD

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