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wsmxapi(sfnet) wsmxapi wsmx api connector DOWNLOAD
daddyslittlegui(sfnet) Daddy's Little GUI A fully 3 dimensional graphical user interface ... DOWNLOAD
zeidonjoe(sfnet) Zeidon Java Object Engine The Zeidon JOE is now maintained at github. Se... DOWNLOAD
cclearly(sfnet) cClearly cClearly is a Java-based Desktop application, w... DOWNLOAD
mkv2mobile(sfnet) mkv2mobile This bash-script checks a directory for Matrosk... DOWNLOAD
qdl(sfnet) qdl Biblioteka graficzna dająca bezpośredni dostęp ... DOWNLOAD
phpuploade(sfnet) phpuploade A simple file uploader DOWNLOAD
xalphapro(sfnet) xalphapro This program, currently in beta stages, will en... DOWNLOAD
taoweb(sfnet) taoweb a open project of web front,we can get somethi... DOWNLOAD
synblock(sfnet) SynBlock DDoS (SynFlood) Mitigation Tool DOWNLOAD
tinybldlin(sfnet) Tiny Pic Bootloader for Linux Tinybldlin is a GNU/Linux port written in pytho... DOWNLOAD
avdist(sfnet) avdist Domestic Audio/Video distribution system firmwa... DOWNLOAD
asterfax(sfnet) AsterFax - Asterisk Email to Fax Gateway AsterFax provides an Email to Fax gateway for A... DOWNLOAD
gemax(sfnet) gemax sitio sourceforge, para el CMS gemax DOWNLOAD
mako-hex-editor(sfnet) mako-hex-editor Mako is an binary editor and can be used to edi... DOWNLOAD
mcda(sfnet) mcda Classes for manipulating data used in various m... DOWNLOAD
levmartcl(sfnet) levmartcl Tcl binding to levmar library implementing Leve... DOWNLOAD
drunkenmohawk(sfnet) drunken mohawk a -very- simpe http server DOWNLOAD
vino(sfnet) vino Vino is an OS which promises to be a mature, fr... DOWNLOAD
nfcwin7(sfnet) nfcwin7 This Project gives instructions on how to setup... DOWNLOAD
cnamphpmysql(sfnet) cnam_php_mysql DOWNLOAD
leophp(sfnet) leophp DOWNLOAD
aintelligence(sfnet) Intelligence DOWNLOAD
standardsitemap(sfnet) Standard-Sitemap Project The Standard-Sitemap Navigator is a Firefox ext... DOWNLOAD
i2c-lcd(sfnet) I2C-LCD Python Lib to Control a I2C-LCD Display with PC... DOWNLOAD
kulturtanke(sfnet) Kulturtanke Kultur ist für alle da! Dies ist das Projekt de... DOWNLOAD
wuestenhuhn(sfnet) Wüstenhuhn Wüstenhuhn is a little clone of Moorhuhn writte... DOWNLOAD
domotseguridad(sfnet) Mellora Seguridade e Confort Este proxecto facilita a MELLORA DA SEGURIDADE,... DOWNLOAD
moglanguage(sfnet) Mog Programming Language Mog Programming Language My Dream Programming L... DOWNLOAD
xelatexfixrgb(sfnet) XeLaTeX-FixRGB Fixes unwanted RGB as CMYK display in XeLaTeX p... DOWNLOAD
ghostlyhtml5(sfnet) Ghostly HTML5 Network Monitor Powerful HTML5 network monitoring tool.... Gho... DOWNLOAD
autoexplorer(sfnet) AutoeXplorer We are an open-source, free to use, automated w... DOWNLOAD
dbup(sfnet) DBUp DB-Up is a visual tool that compares database s... DOWNLOAD
geneexpress(sfnet) Gene Expression Programming This is C++ application code that implements Ge... DOWNLOAD
teestart(sfnet) teestart TeeStart is a starter for Teeworlds that search... DOWNLOAD
ctmc(sfnet) Cut Micro This small program can help you to calculate op... DOWNLOAD
m159(sfnet) m159 zhaofude guangxibobai DOWNLOAD
sqlite-dotnet2(sfnet) ADO.NET 2.0 Provider for SQLite ADO.NET 2.0/3.5 Provider for SQLite. Supports F... DOWNLOAD
wwriter(sfnet) wwriter Wwriter is a simple open-source text editor dev... DOWNLOAD
wallbrown2(sfnet) wallbrown2 paper rock scissors with a twist DOWNLOAD
eiffelre2(sfnet) Eiffel RE2 Eiffel RE2 is an Eiffel library that wraps Goog... DOWNLOAD
mqueryformysql(sfnet) mqueryformysql MQuery for MySQL is a user-friendly Qt applicat... DOWNLOAD
fromjs(sfnet) fromjs start everything from javascript... DOWNLOAD
inscricaoexames(sfnet) inscricaoexames A Joomla extension (component) to allow student... DOWNLOAD
chipseqasc(sfnet) Chipseq - SAM-BAM scripts Initial Chip-Seq data analysis scripts 1) align... DOWNLOAD
booletin(sfnet) Booletin Booletin es un buscador de Boletines oficiales ... DOWNLOAD
vm-smepis(sfnet) vm-smepis VMware image with preinstalled Linux SimplyMepis. DOWNLOAD
vw-tinyme(sfnet) vw-tinyme VMware image with preinstalled Linux TinyMe. DOWNLOAD
generadorcuil(sfnet) Generador De Cuil/Cuit - Educativo Es un software con el cual se puede calcular el... DOWNLOAD
gtk-screenshot(sfnet) gtk-screenshot A simple gtk+ tool to take screen capture in in... DOWNLOAD
ptpos(sfnet) ptpos Sistema de ponto de venda para Portugal DOWNLOAD
menestrel(sfnet) menestrel Menestrel-Graphics system designed conveniently... DOWNLOAD
yyn(sfnet) yyn php,mysql program DOWNLOAD
pomt(sfnet) Pomodoro Timer Adv This is a new version of pomodoro timer for win... DOWNLOAD
theconstructor(sfnet) The Constructor DOWNLOAD
astercon(sfnet) Astercon Opensource Business Telephony Astercon is an open-source software switching s... DOWNLOAD
syno-bt-modules(sfnet) Synology NAS Bluetooth Modules DOWNLOAD
diag-appli(sfnet) DiagApplications DiagApplications is an application and librarie... DOWNLOAD
iyinyue(sfnet) iyinyue myfirst website to study DOWNLOAD
simplejgames(sfnet) SimpleJ Games in here will be all codes of my games made in s... DOWNLOAD
phoenixcluster(sfnet) Phoenix Cluster Project Phoenix Cluster Project is an open cluster arch... DOWNLOAD
social-monitor(sfnet) social-monitor Know what your kids do on Facebook. Check his/h... DOWNLOAD
blue-php(sfnet) Blue-PHP Blue-PHP - Content Management System - blue-php... DOWNLOAD
openroom(sfnet) OpenRoom OpenRoom provides a simple online interface for... DOWNLOAD
mywebmediafiles(sfnet) My Web Media Files My Web Media Files is a script to hosted audio,... DOWNLOAD
fb2rn(sfnet) FB2 books raname Mass Rename fb2 books DOWNLOAD
anjolog(sfnet) Anjolog A simple log analysis and botnet detection tool DOWNLOAD
riopaila-car(sfnet) riopaila-car herramienta-Riopaila-CAR DOWNLOAD
tectonicuseasy(sfnet) tectonicuseasy Creates a easy to use graphic user interface an... DOWNLOAD
daler-rowney(sfnet) Daler-rowney Software Equipment database and maintenance DOWNLOAD
binewtdesigner(sfnet) Binewt designer Software package for the design of Newtonian bi... DOWNLOAD
dmscreen(sfnet) Dungeon Monkey Screen Software libre para utilizar junto con Dungeons... DOWNLOAD
openaegis(sfnet) openaegis Adult Entertainment General Identification Syst... DOWNLOAD
avcs(sfnet) Autonomous Vehicle Control System This project intends to develop a system to con... DOWNLOAD
pixelationgames(sfnet) pixelationgames Games created by Pixelation using the Scratch p... DOWNLOAD
getboo(sfnet) GetBoo Web 2.0 bookmarking system, both social (with t... DOWNLOAD
talos(sfnet) Talos Talos is an environment-agnostic authorization ... DOWNLOAD
bodediagramplot(sfnet) Bode diagram plotter It's a program that plots Bode diagrams with an... DOWNLOAD
phpbbsaske(sfnet) phpbbsaske MODs, and Style the phpBBSaske for phpBB3 DOWNLOAD
communitypi(sfnet) CommunityPi CommunityPi is an awesome open source social ne... DOWNLOAD
mapleblog(sfnet) mapleblog mapleBlog is a simple MVC Struts 1.1-based Web ... DOWNLOAD
cheixusb(sfnet) Cheix Longlife USB Cheix is a Linux image executing (not booting) ... DOWNLOAD
albumgraber(sfnet) AlbumGraber AlbumGraber can be used in conjunction with any... DOWNLOAD
encapsulate(freshmeat) encapsulate encapsulate provides its client process the sam... DOWNLOAD
blists(freshmeat) blists blists is a Web interface to mailing list archi... DOWNLOAD
win32sysinfo(sfnet) win32sysinfo Win32::SystemInfo is a Perl module that can get... DOWNLOAD
jamse(sfnet) JAM SE The Music Player Remote Control DOWNLOAD
traduccionesjoo(sfnet) traduccionesjoo Aquí puedes encontrar las últimas traducciones ... DOWNLOAD
zeebra(sfnet) zeebra DOWNLOAD
schooldatasys(sfnet) SchoolDataSystem This projects target is to develop consistence ... DOWNLOAD
rtl819x(sfnet) RTL819X Alternative firmware and software with open sou... DOWNLOAD
libnofx(sfnet) libnofx A common library for real services. DOWNLOAD
phpslidetweet(sfnet) phpslidetweet PHP SlideTweet allows users to upload PDF prese... DOWNLOAD
isaac-cfd(sfnet) ISAAC ISAAC (Integrated Solution Algorithm for Arbitr... DOWNLOAD
tsfile(sfnet) tsfile A torrent tracker website, modules and etc like... DOWNLOAD
mjconsolev20(sfnet) mjconsolev20 This is the Mjconsole v 2.0 the easy Command pr... DOWNLOAD
iptables-p2p(sfnet) iptables-p2p Iptables match module capable of matching vario... DOWNLOAD
easyphpwipejpg(freshmeat) EasyPhpWipeJPG EasyPhpWipeJPG is a script to remove all EXIF, ... DOWNLOAD
asipide(freshmeat) AsipIDE AsipIDE is a graphical design front-end able to... DOWNLOAD
autodl-irssi(freshmeat) autodl-irssi autodl-irssi is an advanced and easy to use tor... DOWNLOAD

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