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page(sfnet) PAGE PAGE is a drag-and-drop GUI generator for Pytho... DOWNLOAD
feedling(sfnet) feedling Feedling has been migrated over to github - see... DOWNLOAD
demdbf(sfnet) Fast DBF Python Library The world's fastest library to read and write D... DOWNLOAD
zell(sfnet) zell A text-based game - single player RPG (similar ... DOWNLOAD
endrevboon(sfnet) EndRev Boon A multi-purpose utility with both off- and on-l... DOWNLOAD
slml(sfnet) sLML This is a semantic markup language for creating... DOWNLOAD
sgmanager(sfnet) SquidGuard Manager A web based management tool for the SquidGuard ... DOWNLOAD
tvmet(sfnet) Tiny Vector and Matrix Library This Tiny Vector and Matrix template library us... DOWNLOAD
gnu-mode(sfnet) GNU-Mode Free games for i-mode mobile phones, games curr... DOWNLOAD
php4dvd(sfnet) php4dvd - movie database php4dvd is a small yet powerful, php/mysql powe... DOWNLOAD
ogresocks(sfnet) OgreSocks OgreSocks is an OO wrapper around WinSock (the ... DOWNLOAD
garoxy(sfnet) Garoxy A proxyserver that doesn't cache but just passe... DOWNLOAD
hs-e910(sfnet) HISENSE-E910 DOWNLOAD
wallflower(sfnet) Wallflower Wallflower is a wallpaper changer. Users will b... DOWNLOAD
fubbie(sfnet) Fubbie We intend for Fubbie to provide free secure pee... DOWNLOAD
littech(sfnet) LitTech LitTech is a 2D game engine framework which is ... DOWNLOAD
unitelist(sfnet) unitelist This is a documentation project that lists all ... DOWNLOAD
openugs(sfnet) openUGS UAV ground station open source software DOWNLOAD
fs2openlauncher(sfnet) fs2_open#Launcher A multiplatform launcher for fs2_open written i... DOWNLOAD
finalbarrage(sfnet) FinalBarrage RSPS 100+ Online 24/7 DOWNLOAD
sunflowersysadm(sfnet) Sunflower Sysadmin Toolkit Live CD Sunflower Sysadmin Toolkit Live CD(SST) is a Li... DOWNLOAD
openheartbeat(sfnet) Open Heartbeat Open Heartbeat is a lightweight data distributi... DOWNLOAD
blazeboard(sfnet) blazeboard A php based forum script with many advanced fea... DOWNLOAD
sharpgallery(sfnet) SharpGallery ShapGallery is a program to easy build web gall... DOWNLOAD
trend(freshmeat) trend trend is a general-purpose, efficient trend gra... DOWNLOAD
agilewiki(freshmeat) AgileWiki AgileWiki is a composable platform for advanced... DOWNLOAD
jmtechhtmledit(sfnet) jmtechhtmledit This HTML editor is a just a simple program, bu... DOWNLOAD
bluemindo(freshmeat) Bluemindo Bluemindo is a very simple audio player. Unlike... DOWNLOAD
resize-image-nautilus-script(freshmeat) Resize Image Nautilus Script Resize Image Nautilus Script is a Bash script e... DOWNLOAD
texe(freshmeat) Texe Texe is a portable executable import and export... DOWNLOAD
pooledtableview(sfnet) SAP Pooled Table Viewer No description DOWNLOAD
czz811(sfnet) topsec DOWNLOAD
soukeygetdata(sfnet) SoukeyMiner SoukeyMiner is a set of individuals and small a... DOWNLOAD
leechget(sfnet) leechget Leechget is a online download manager written i... DOWNLOAD
histogramequal(sfnet) histogramequal .Net application for image histogram equalizati... DOWNLOAD
umlml(sfnet) umlml Produces UML Sequence Diagrams quickly using a ... DOWNLOAD
brandonsrobot(sfnet) Brandon's Robot This is the robot I'm making for the CSC202 pro... DOWNLOAD
gozerbot(freshmeat) GOZERBOT GOZERBOT is a channel bot that aids conversatio... DOWNLOAD
sweetspot(sfnet) Layer-3 Access Controller User-land IP packet switching daemon. Can do IP... DOWNLOAD
aspect4facelets(sfnet) Aspect4Facelets Aspect4Facelets extends the facelets framework ... DOWNLOAD
chipseqtools(sfnet) chipseqtools An integrated bioinformatics toolkit for analys... DOWNLOAD
gridpersister(sfnet) Grid Persister As Second Life objects gain capability to handl... DOWNLOAD
tremgcc(sfnet) tremgcc Tremgcc is a standalone compiler suite especial... DOWNLOAD
pygbot(sfnet) pyGBot An IRC bot written in Python, primarily designe... DOWNLOAD
datatransferfw(sfnet) datatransferfw O framework Data Transfer permite realizar as o... DOWNLOAD
t-do(sfnet) t'do A simple todo program that (one day) will have ... DOWNLOAD
dentisthelper(sfnet) Dentist Helper in c# 2008 helps organizing dentist's patients' medical re... DOWNLOAD
dragon-pg(freshmeat) Dragon parser generator Dragon produces a consequent, object-oriented, ... DOWNLOAD
usb-search(sfnet) usb-search Indexing your USB's files in full text mode. St... DOWNLOAD
anonrep(sfnet) Anonymous Compliance Reporting Anonymous Compliance Reporting aims to be a sol... DOWNLOAD
librcrypt(freshmeat) LibRCrypt LibRCrypt is an Objective C library for complex... DOWNLOAD
servgame(sfnet) Welcome to hanalisix DOWNLOAD
s3-utils(sfnet) S3-Utils S3-Util is a command line utility that makes it... DOWNLOAD
cpuhog(sfnet) CPUhog - Hog all the CPU Java app. to utilise (waste) as much CPU as it ... DOWNLOAD
navmol(sfnet) Navmol Navmol is a software that allows people that ar... DOWNLOAD
approvaltests(sfnet) Approval Tests A picture's worth a 1000 tests. Unit testing as... DOWNLOAD
elml(sfnet) eLML - eLesson Markup Language eLML (eLesson Markup Language) is an XML framew... DOWNLOAD
scrapanimals(sfnet) ScrapAnimals Feed scrap tools for SmartPhone. Many tools doe... DOWNLOAD
albumshaper(sfnet) Album Shaper Album Shaper strives to be the most friendly, e... DOWNLOAD
devs-suitesim(sfnet) devs-suitesim DEVS-Suite is a Parallel DEVS simulator with su... DOWNLOAD
farsi-commons(sfnet) farsi-commons A Java toolbox with commonly used Farsi Languag... DOWNLOAD
sooi(sfnet) Sybase OC Object Oriented Interface Sybase Open Client Object Oriented Interface (S... DOWNLOAD
xenusv(sfnet) XenUSV XenUSV is a script which enables you to shut do... DOWNLOAD
opensslui(sfnet) OpenSSLUI,OpenSSL UI,OpenSSLGUI This project is intended to create a free Windo... DOWNLOAD
cgamepack(sfnet) Games Pack in C A Game pack written in C/C++ and SDL. The purpo... DOWNLOAD
infoc(sfnet) Infoc Infoc is a Linux system information utility. DOWNLOAD
jtres3d(sfnet) JTres3D - Tetris in a 3D environment JTres3D is a tetris clone build with Java3D. It... DOWNLOAD
hardtokenmgmt(sfnet) hardtokenmgmt HTMF is a Java Hard Token Management Framework ... DOWNLOAD
syfone(sfnet) SYFONE SYFONE es un agente software capaz de realizar ... DOWNLOAD
seraikifonts(sfnet) Seraiki Fonts Version 0.1 of fonts released. Download Fonts t... DOWNLOAD
wpplugins(sfnet) Painnick's WP plugins painnick's wordpress plugin set. DOWNLOAD
simplettsreader(sfnet) Simple TTS Reader Simple TTS Reader is a small clipboard reader. ... DOWNLOAD
deva(sfnet) deva Deva is a free and open source project for veri... DOWNLOAD
podkster(sfnet) PodKster PodKster is a free podcast editing tool that al... DOWNLOAD
sakaiplant(sfnet) Sakai Plant The Inspection software for the Sakai DOWNLOAD
brsamba(sfnet) BRSAMBA Este projeto tem por objetivo traduzir toda a d... DOWNLOAD
walruscms(sfnet) Walrus CMS Easy to use edit-in-place java based content ma... DOWNLOAD
jtorrent(sfnet) JTorrent JTorrent is a Java implementation of the Bit To... DOWNLOAD
proyectoingiso(sfnet) Biblioteca Upao El proyecto implmenetado mediante la oruientaci... DOWNLOAD
pnp4nagios(sfnet) PNP4Nagios PNP is an addon for the Nagios Network Monitori... DOWNLOAD
ingestlist(sfnet) ingestlist IngestList is a java based tool to perform auto... DOWNLOAD
trsl(sfnet) Template Range Sampling Library TRSL is a C++ library that implements several (... DOWNLOAD
apples2apples(sfnet) Apples to Apples Java app The name says it all - a distributed java app f... DOWNLOAD
eyecare(sfnet) eyecare Application appears in system tray and keeps re... DOWNLOAD
ratm(sfnet) Ra Testing Manager "Ra" is a testing utility wich provid... DOWNLOAD
tbmnt(sfnet) Tiros, Bombas e Murros Nas Trombas A simple and moronic side-scrolling beat-em-up DOWNLOAD
guipsyexp(sfnet) Psychophysical Experiment Toolbox PET - is Matlab toolbox for psychophysical expe... DOWNLOAD
gbdas(sfnet) GbDas GbDas is a real-time data acquisition software ... DOWNLOAD
xkw(sfnet) xkw A Gtk2/Perl utility to tag files with keyword a... DOWNLOAD
bugzone(sfnet) Bugzone BugZone an Open-source bug tracking software DOWNLOAD
designhlovey(sfnet) DesignAndDevelopmentWeb Mi proyecto personal , DOWNLOAD
organiz(sfnet) picture organizer Browse JPEG pictures and organize them in a dir... DOWNLOAD
xeii(sfnet) Xilon Engine II Xilon Engine II is a graphics/game engine writt... DOWNLOAD
gapt-multi(sfnet) Gapt-multi Gapt-multi is a GUI tool which: Refreshes your ... DOWNLOAD
desarrollodesis(sfnet) Desarrollo de Sistema de Asistencia El sistema de control de asistencia es desarrol... DOWNLOAD
xorp(sfnet) xorp XORP is the industry's only extensible open sou... DOWNLOAD
wwwatvbcn(sfnet) 亚洲无线电视台,TVB:香港无线电è§... DOWNLOAD
wavdir2sfz(freshmeat) wavdir2sfz wavdir2sfz creates sfz soundfonts from a direc... DOWNLOAD
garfieldgrabber(sfnet) GarfieldGrabber GarfieldGrabber : Garfield's Comic Strip Grabber DOWNLOAD
gameapigame(sfnet) gameapi-game it's for a liberatedpixelcup programming compet... DOWNLOAD

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