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plumi(freshmeat) Plumi Plumi is a video sharing content management sys... DOWNLOAD
sabnzbd-php-api(sfnet) Sabnzbd PHP API An API programmed in PHP for Sabnzbd. The API i... DOWNLOAD
pdfsplice(sfnet) PDF Splice Small utility to make transformations on PDF fi... DOWNLOAD
ezmoonshell(sfnet) EZ-Flash Moonshell This is a Moonshell exclusively for EZ-Flash Ca... DOWNLOAD
accessroad(sfnet) Access Road The Access Road software is a universal simulat... DOWNLOAD
metalinks(sfnet) Metalinks Metalinks is a project to facilitate data distr... DOWNLOAD
l33t(sfnet) l33t Qfusion is a game engine which is available for... DOWNLOAD
jbean4mathml(sfnet) JavaBean for view and edit MathML It is JavaBean for view and editing mathematica... DOWNLOAD
lilith(sfnet) lilith Lilith is a logging and access event viewer for... DOWNLOAD
billingforelect(sfnet) billing for electric customers برنامه ای جهت محاسبه و چاپ قبوض برق مصرفی مشترک... DOWNLOAD
dataseclusionin(sfnet) Data Seclusion in Audio Files To embed a file to an audio file and then de-em... DOWNLOAD
rage09(sfnet) Rage OGRE/PhysX-based game engine. DOWNLOAD
thenewproject(sfnet) The new project! Hey look its new and its cool yo!!!!!!! DOWNLOAD
apacheconfig(sfnet) Apache Configuration Tools Tools to configure and manage Apache servers in... DOWNLOAD
ooolilypond(sfnet) OOoLilyPond OOoLilyPond is an marco. It help... DOWNLOAD
apachecommander(sfnet) Apache Commander Apache Commander is a small Php application for... DOWNLOAD
alda(sfnet) alda Learn how to programm in c++ This project inclu... DOWNLOAD
modantimalware(sfnet) mod_antimalware_lite An Apache module that can be used to automatica... DOWNLOAD
gerty(sfnet) Gerty A C++ RAII ( Resource Allocation Is Initializat... DOWNLOAD
scale2xgui(sfnet) Scale2xGUI Scale2xGUI is an open source graphical user int... DOWNLOAD
wampserverpatch(sfnet) WampServer Patch This is a patch for WampServer application (Win... DOWNLOAD
simppic(sfnet) SimpPic Simple Picture viewer, made with C++ and Gtkmm DOWNLOAD
supersp(sfnet) Sistem Penjadwalan Rapat Student project sistem penjadwalan rapat menggu... DOWNLOAD
phpcast(sfnet) PHPCast PHPCast is a little script that streams mp3 fil... DOWNLOAD
yogurt(sfnet) Yogurt Yogurt is a free PHP/MySQL social network portal DOWNLOAD
staticvnc(freshmeat) staticvnc Staticvnc is a VNC server showing nothing but a... DOWNLOAD
ows(freshmeat) OWS OWS scans for WiFi accesspoints and stores the ... DOWNLOAD
wv2ogg(sfnet) wv2ogg wv2ogg is a bash command line script that encod... DOWNLOAD
deltaplayer(sfnet) Δ music player Music player with two panes: folders tree+curre... DOWNLOAD
autobuslogic(sfnet) Automated Business Logic ABL is a transaction logic engine: it allows yo... DOWNLOAD
peppy(freshmeat) peppy peppy ((ap)Proximated (X)Emacs Powered by Pytho... DOWNLOAD
happybirthday(sfnet) Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Applet DOWNLOAD
domain-persist(sfnet) domain-persist Persistence library inspired on some of Eric Ev... DOWNLOAD
beilpuz(sfnet) Beilpuz Beilpuz is a minimalistic template rendering en... DOWNLOAD
mt4tools(sfnet) mt4tools MT4 EA MQL Bridge, MetaTrader Forex Tools allow... DOWNLOAD
greenysgame(sfnet) Greenys Engine Work in progress.. Java game Client server DOWNLOAD
jtvgroupvideo(sfnet) jtvgroupvideo This project written in PHP provides a means fo... DOWNLOAD
freestarshipsim(sfnet) Free Starship Simulator This is an attempt to make a Starship Simulator... DOWNLOAD
adminusersphppa(sfnet) Admin & users PHP Panel Con este panel puedes hacer la administracion d... DOWNLOAD
krcstat(freshmeat) KrcStat Krcstat is a graphic replacement for the Gentoo... DOWNLOAD
immv(freshmeat) immv immv (Interactive Multi MoVe) is a small tool t... DOWNLOAD
field3d(freshmeat) Field3D Field3D is a library for storing voxel data. It... DOWNLOAD
sfre(freshmeat) sfre sfre (system flight recorder editor) is a scrip... DOWNLOAD
emv(freshmeat) emv emv is a tool for mass-renaming files with a te... DOWNLOAD
get_iplayer(freshmeat) get_iplayer get_iplayer allows a user to stream or make rec... DOWNLOAD
rplaunch(sfnet) rplaunch rpLaunch is usefull manager for nnCron (www.nnc... DOWNLOAD
scidvspc(sfnet) Scid vs. PC "Shane's Chess Information Database" ... DOWNLOAD
m2h(sfnet) mantohtml mantohtml is a shell script that converts the o... DOWNLOAD
morsealphabet(sfnet) morsealphabet The morse alphabet program. Convert letters, wo... DOWNLOAD
avalontcg(sfnet) Avalon TCG - Avalon - Trading Card Game DOWNLOAD
ezyevent(sfnet) EasyPhPEventCalendar Class The EasyPhpEventCalendar class allows you to di... DOWNLOAD
shoppingcarther(sfnet) shoppingcarther My new program is about increasing the money in... DOWNLOAD
smoki(sfnet) smoki SenseUI Android ROM for HTC Magic mobile devices DOWNLOAD
pcxtexture(sfnet) pcxtexture Open textures in pcx format, for 3dstudiomax, b... DOWNLOAD
roc-kit(sfnet) ROC.KIT ROC.KIT is an application for health sciences t... DOWNLOAD
el4j(sfnet) EL4J, an Extension Library for the J2EE EL4J, the Extension Library for the J2EE, adds ... DOWNLOAD
bicgstabell2p(sfnet) Double-pass multi-shift BiCGstab(ell) Sample implementation of multi-shift BiCGstab(e... DOWNLOAD
proclean(sfnet) proclean Das Programm ist ein Projekt Cleaner für alle P... DOWNLOAD
yggdore(sfnet) YggDore This project concept is "Good bye login fo... DOWNLOAD
packagesearch(sfnet) Debian Package Search QT based GUI for searching packages and viewing... DOWNLOAD
metatweet(sfnet) metatweet MetaTweet is a highly-extensible client-server ... DOWNLOAD
safiserver(sfnet) SafiServer SafiServer is an engine that powers the applica... DOWNLOAD
safiworkshop(sfnet) SafiWorkshop Process flow designer that creates applications... DOWNLOAD
netmapeditor(sfnet) Tile Map Editor Creates a project to manage your sprite sheets ... DOWNLOAD
py-translate(sfnet) py-translate Moved to Github: DOWNLOAD
tactai(sfnet) TactAI A 3d indoor environment simulator for testing v... DOWNLOAD
ltebbsimuoncell(sfnet) LTE baseband simulator on Cell platform 3GPP LTE baseband simulator on Cell platform DOWNLOAD
bicheck(sfnet) BICheck BICheck allows to identify bank and check if ac... DOWNLOAD
nevasca(sfnet) Nevasca Nevasca is an Open Source Graphical Shell envir... DOWNLOAD
advplharbourcom(sfnet) AdvPL Harbour Compiler Permite a geração de um código que pode ser int... DOWNLOAD
snowbox(freshmeat) Snowbox Snowbox is a small and easy-to-set-up POP3 serv... DOWNLOAD
geany(freshmeat) Geany Geany is a small C editor using GTK2 with basic... DOWNLOAD
gameandwatch(sfnet) Game & Watch Simulator This is a generic engine for simulation of Game... DOWNLOAD
mylene(freshmeat) Mylene Mylene is a command line MPEG audio player. It ... DOWNLOAD
error404(sfnet) HTTP Error 404 An http error 404 page for your website. DOWNLOAD
jqeasyvalidate(sfnet) jQuery EasyValidate DOWNLOAD
allegroplus(sfnet) AllegroPlus A C++ Wrapper for the Allegro Graphics Library.... DOWNLOAD
libquickmail(sfnet) libquickmail C library intended to give C/C++ developers a q... DOWNLOAD
hornetq(sfnet) HornetQ HornetQ - Putting the buzz in messaging DOWNLOAD
storehouse(sfnet) StoreHouse Программа для складского учёта. Финансовая прог... DOWNLOAD
hibdatasupport(sfnet) HibDataSupport A data supporter library for developing hiberna... DOWNLOAD
deriv-int(sfnet) derivador e integrador en java simple Sistema echo en java para pasar un examen espec... DOWNLOAD
batperscr(sfnet) Battery Percentage Screensaver This project (As you can see from the name) is ... DOWNLOAD
overlaps(sfnet) Overlap Detection for Intervals With this tool the user can provide a number of... DOWNLOAD
hp11cemulator(sfnet) HP11C Emulator This project aimed to recreate the original HP1... DOWNLOAD
mobilespacecomm(sfnet) Mobile Space Commanders Java MIDP Space commanders game. DOWNLOAD
acp3(sfnet) ACP3 ACP3 is an highly customizable and easy to use ... DOWNLOAD
ztemplates(sfnet) ztemplates java web framework - annotations - pojo - NO XM... DOWNLOAD
xmp(freshmeat) Extended Module Player The Extended Module Player is a command-line mo... DOWNLOAD
seekafile(sfnet) Seekafile - flexible indexing server (Project is discontinued.) Seekafile Server is ... DOWNLOAD
libxmp(freshmeat) libxmp libxmp is a module player library which support... DOWNLOAD
vexp(sfnet) Virtual interactive experiments (vexp) Virtual interactive experiments (vexp) is a fra... DOWNLOAD
pptx2txt(sfnet) Pptx to Text convertor A simple tool to extract text content from Micr... DOWNLOAD
cron-bal(sfnet) Cron-Bal Balance your jobs between many nodes add or rem... DOWNLOAD
appleorchard(sfnet) Apple Orchard A very simple game that was created using pytho... DOWNLOAD
netbilletterie(sfnet) Net-Billetterie Logiciel de gestion de salle de spectacle ou de... DOWNLOAD
dsgpl(sfnet) Synology Open Source Project Open source projects that are included with Syn... DOWNLOAD
o-device(sfnet) O-DEVICE O-DEVICE is a CLIPS-based production rule OWL r... DOWNLOAD
librfdsp(sfnet) libRfDsp libRfDsp is a collection of c++ tools for digit... DOWNLOAD

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