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mhorarioplus(sfnet) Make_Horário_Plus The program Make School routine Plus does have ... DOWNLOAD
pojo-sp(sfnet) JSPA - Java POJO Stored Procedures API JSPA is an extension of Java JPA. The JSPA crea... DOWNLOAD
jonas(freshmeat) JOnAS JOnAS is a pure Java implementation of the J2EE... DOWNLOAD
synscope(freshmeat) SynScope SynScope is an offline visualization and alignm... DOWNLOAD
test-josegp(sfnet) test EL objetivo es ver como funciona la web porque ... DOWNLOAD
lumoxx(sfnet) Lumoxx An amarok like media player. DOWNLOAD
wdb(freshmeat) WDB WDB is a weather data storage system for storag... DOWNLOAD
loopee(freshmeat) loopee loopee is a simple interpreter for loop program... DOWNLOAD
bran-backup-server(freshmeat) Bran backup server Bran is a backup server solution based on Bacul... DOWNLOAD
font-manager(freshmeat) Font Manager Font Manager is a font management application f... DOWNLOAD
tagfs(freshmeat) tagfs tagfs is a virtual user space file system to ha... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-diagram-tools(freshmeat) Eclipse Diagram Tools Eclipse Diagram Tools supplies Eclipse plug-ins... DOWNLOAD
netdot(freshmeat) NetDoT NetDoT is a tool for network documentation. Rel... DOWNLOAD
drm(freshmeat) Dream DRM Receiver Dream is a software implementation of a Digital... DOWNLOAD
ramen-hdr(freshmeat) Ramen HDR Ramen is a node-based image and video composito... DOWNLOAD
smartmysqladmin(freshmeat) smartMySQLAdmin smartMySQLAdmin is an AJAX-based MySQL manageme... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-bulk-import(freshmeat) Eclipse Bulk Import Eclipse Bulk Import was a plugin created to han... DOWNLOAD
likeorhate-php-library(freshmeat) LikeOrHate PHP Library LikeOrHate PHP Library makes it more convenient... DOWNLOAD
xsd-gen(freshmeat) xsd-gen xsd-gen is a command-line tool to generate an X... DOWNLOAD
wikisked(sfnet) Sked Sked is a personal organizer, calendar, schedul... DOWNLOAD
faustvx(sfnet) FaustVX DOWNLOAD
linuxcommand(sfnet) LinuxCommand is a site for Linux education ... DOWNLOAD
txconnect(sfnet) TxConnect: Loose Transaction Connector TxConnect is implemented using JCA, can be depl... DOWNLOAD
tumorhats(sfnet) tumorhats HATS (Haplotype Amplification in Tumor Sequence... DOWNLOAD
lfpfilecreator(sfnet) LFP File Creator This is an Access database application that aut... DOWNLOAD
linuxdynasty(sfnet) LD NetManage LD NetManage is going to be a set of tools to m... DOWNLOAD
gpsnmeavisualiz(sfnet) csGPS and NMEA Visualizer Visualize your NMEA log files with NMEA Visuali... DOWNLOAD
rgedit(sfnet) RGedit Gedit (Gnome editor, plug-in all... DOWNLOAD
blomo(sfnet) BLoMo BLoMo generates hibernate models, DTO layer and... DOWNLOAD
demodoro(sfnet) demodoro Yet Another Tasks Manager? DOWNLOAD
glowvisualize(sfnet) GlowVisualize This project contains various visualization and... DOWNLOAD
mrjava(freshmeat) Mr.Java Mr.Java is a Java IDE that is one step above a ... DOWNLOAD
colladamodo(sfnet) colladamodo modo COLLADA is a plug-in that allows modo 401 ... DOWNLOAD
webrender(sfnet) WebRender WebRender is a simple, stylish and fast web bro... DOWNLOAD
secretofjava(sfnet) Secret of Java A java game that was developed for a class proj... DOWNLOAD
xsserver(sfnet) Xolotl Secured Server XSServer is a system, which is intented to be a... DOWNLOAD
xgordian(sfnet) xGordian xGordian aims to be similar to the older Gordia... DOWNLOAD
vunsy(sfnet) Vunsy (CMS) Vunsy is a PHP program considered in founding t... DOWNLOAD
words(sfnet) words Software for improving your english vocabulary.... DOWNLOAD
loopee(sfnet) loopee A simple interpreter for loop programs. Might b... DOWNLOAD
dquote(sfnet) Dquote Dquote is a simple to use, simple to edit scrip... DOWNLOAD
webtracking(sfnet) webtracking A high performance/high availability web tracki... DOWNLOAD
hessianerl(sfnet) Erlang Hessian 1.0.2 Library Hessian 1.0.2 implements in Erlang, for simplif... DOWNLOAD
pwowidget(sfnet) PWO Widget PWO community widget DOWNLOAD
wompbot(sfnet) WompBot WompBot is an IRC bot based on pirc java bot fr... DOWNLOAD
eyecalsync(sfnet) eyeCalSync in C-sharp A win32 program outside of eyeOS, that runs a c... DOWNLOAD
arblast(sfnet) Automated Reverse BLAST A ready-to-use Python application program run i... DOWNLOAD
greekchareditor(sfnet) GreekCharactersHTMLEditor This tool was designed to convert latin charact... DOWNLOAD
securitycenter(sfnet) securitycenter This toolkit has complete security Package sta... DOWNLOAD
texturepacker(sfnet) Texture Cram A simple utility for packing a series of images... DOWNLOAD
clickygone(sfnet) clickygone Hide windows from praying eyes or for the comfo... DOWNLOAD
jtelbook(sfnet) jTelBook Address Book Web Application which is writen in... DOWNLOAD
handbellmanager(sfnet) Handbell Manager Handbell Manager enables USB motion controllers... DOWNLOAD
jircbot-daemon(sfnet) JIRCBot - IRC Robot in Java Language JIRCBot is open source and free Object-Oriented... DOWNLOAD
plumobal(sfnet) Pluggable Mobile Backup for Linux Pluggable Mobile Backup for Linux is a collecti... DOWNLOAD
rcx(sfnet) rcx A Proof of Concept tool that exploits race cond... DOWNLOAD
pfmpad(sfnet) PfmPad PfmPad is an image viewer. Well, maybe you tho... DOWNLOAD
persian-discuz(sfnet) Persian discuz فارسی سازی اسکریپت انجمن ساز discuz DOWNLOAD
seri2c(sfnet) seri2c Further development of the seri2c driver which ... DOWNLOAD
whitelilisnaive(sfnet) whitelilisnaive some of whitelilis' naive joies, for fun DOWNLOAD
imaputils(sfnet) imaputils imaputils is a tool for managing/searching mail... DOWNLOAD
htmltable2j(sfnet) Html Table 2 Java This project it's a Java Lib to read some html ... DOWNLOAD
wicket-autodao(sfnet) wicket-autodao wicket integration with autodao http://autodao.... DOWNLOAD
axyl(sfnet) Axyl A PHP library/framework for the development of ... DOWNLOAD
almtools(sfnet) almtools Collection of Open Source and free tools to be ... DOWNLOAD
bigrat(sfnet) BIGrat BIGrat: a genome assembly tool for pyrosequenci... DOWNLOAD
jgmessenger(sfnet) JGMessenger Dies ist der Interne Messenger der Junge Gemein... DOWNLOAD
pstudycode(sfnet) progstudycode DOWNLOAD
p-extblistsort(sfnet) p-extblistsort PLEASE NOTE: We moved to! https:/... DOWNLOAD
vcard(sfnet) vcard This is a simple program that allows you to get... DOWNLOAD
mpshoutbox(sfnet) MP Shoutbox MP Shoutbox (aka Text Shoutbox) is a simple sho... DOWNLOAD
d-power(sfnet) d-power Agent-based simulation of a decentralized power... DOWNLOAD
peekgrad(sfnet) PeekGrad An applications that lets you "peek" ... DOWNLOAD
adbrite-clone(sfnet) adbrite clone adwike is free adbrite clonerun a website like ... DOWNLOAD
file-utilities(freshmeat) file utilities file utilities is a collection of file utilitie... DOWNLOAD
launchdock(sfnet) LaunchDock LaunchDock is a tabbed application and file lau... DOWNLOAD
igesture(sfnet) iGesture - Gesture Recognition Framework iGesture is a Java-based gesture recognition fr... DOWNLOAD
sqlaudit(sfnet) SQL Audit T-SQL Script Generator for SQL Server 2000/2005... DOWNLOAD
netdri(freshmeat) Net::DRI Net::DRI is an object-oriented Perl library wit... DOWNLOAD
brahms(sfnet) BRAHMS BRAHMS is a Modular Execution Framework for dyn... DOWNLOAD
opendhcp(freshmeat) Open DHCP Server Open DHCP Server is full fledged, all purpose D... DOWNLOAD
textsr(sfnet) Simple Text Search & Replace Search and replace text in multiple files easil... DOWNLOAD
bimage(sfnet) Bimage Bimage is combination of javascript and Servlet... DOWNLOAD
dornbase(sfnet) Dornbase A complete web-based contact management softwar... DOWNLOAD
gobanobserver(sfnet) Goban Observer Читает позиции прямо с гобана (с помощью камеры... DOWNLOAD
notasoftware(sfnet) Nota - Fatture, Magazzino, Contabilità “Nota – Il software gestionale” è un software c... DOWNLOAD
sebseasywebsite(sfnet) sebseasywebsite A system that allow you to manage pages and new... DOWNLOAD
myopengltools(sfnet) MyOpenGLTools MyOpenGLTools is a opengl with c++ on create wi... DOWNLOAD
jiso(sfnet) JISO JISO is a cross-platform, open source Isometric... DOWNLOAD
combatlogparser(sfnet) CombatLogParser Simple tool for parsing and reporting on the co... DOWNLOAD
unb-sitracs(sfnet) UnB-Sitracs A traffic simulator aimed at simulating signali... DOWNLOAD
mailfilter(freshmeat) Mailfilter Mailfilter is a flexible utility to get rid of ... DOWNLOAD
cronusadmin(sfnet) cronusadmin CronusAdmin - Para criação geral de servidores ... DOWNLOAD
glsbook(sfnet) glsbook repository DOWNLOAD
moc-lastfm(sfnet) moc-lastfm client for Music On Console player DOWNLOAD
moviefetch(sfnet) moviefetch Small Java application that scans selected fold... DOWNLOAD
wigrit-flashpla(sfnet) wigrit-flashpla This is an new flash video platform based on th... DOWNLOAD
tabellaacciai(sfnet) tabellaacciai A simple application in italian to show iron st... DOWNLOAD
aldrinv(sfnet) Aldrin V DOWNLOAD
eclime(sfnet) eclime eclime is a powerful smarty based e-commerce/sh... DOWNLOAD

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