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batterybench(sfnet) batterybenchmark Simple batterybenchmark by showing youtube vide... DOWNLOAD
conky(sfnet) Conky Conky is an advanced, highly configurable syste... DOWNLOAD
babel(sfnet) Babel Enterprise Babel is a enterprise grade secure monitoring p... DOWNLOAD
gooquiz(sfnet) GooQuiz GooQuiz is a small web based tool to use as a n... DOWNLOAD
renaissannce(sfnet) Subtitler(Renaissance Subtitle Download) Renaissance is very simple Windows/ MAC OS X ap... DOWNLOAD
sleepy(sfnet) Sleepy 'Sleepy' is a non-invasive profiler for the Win... DOWNLOAD
libmlp-cpp(sfnet) Mobile Location Protocol Library The open-source C++ implementation of the Open ... DOWNLOAD
salamcast-podcast-generator(freshmeat) SalamCastGen SalamCastGen is an RSS 2.0 podcast generator wi... DOWNLOAD
savestats(sfnet) SaveStats Game Match tracking system. Web-based software ... DOWNLOAD
linux-labs(sfnet) Linux-Labs Linux-Labs è la distribuzione Linux, made in it... DOWNLOAD
strutsinmind(sfnet) SIM SIM stands for Struts In Mind, the goal is to t... DOWNLOAD
smartsnapphun(sfnet) SmartSnap-Phun SS-P is an extension for Phun. It was inspired ... DOWNLOAD
m4atomp3convert(sfnet) M4A to MP3 converter A fairly simple bash script that runs through e... DOWNLOAD
traymail(sfnet) traymail traymail is an application with which you can c... DOWNLOAD
xymonesxi(sfnet) Xymon Monitor for Vmware ESXi Queries an ESXi for all essential data and popu... DOWNLOAD
xdforum(sfnet) XDForum XDForum is a WordPress plugin that adds a forum... DOWNLOAD
zloyserv(sfnet) Zloy_Serv This Project is Fork off Spurious EMU , World o... DOWNLOAD
silverlinux(sfnet) Slinux Slinux is a Microsoft Silverlight implementatio... DOWNLOAD
spatialchat(sfnet) SpatialChat 3D audio environment for SecondLife-like viewer... DOWNLOAD
sql-viewer(sfnet) SQL-Viewer The SQL-Viewer is a Visual Studio 2008 Add-In f... DOWNLOAD
uibjavaapi(sfnet) Unofficial Interactive Brokers Java API Goal, to provide an alternative at the official... DOWNLOAD
powerhasher(sfnet) Power Hasher Power Hasher is a program that allow you to get... DOWNLOAD
tmw-ufb(sfnet) tmw-ufb TMW-UFB is a MMORPG based on The Mana World. Th... DOWNLOAD
leostat0r(sfnet) leostat0r Ein Skript, dass es ermöglicht, Pinnwandstatist... DOWNLOAD
bzk(sfnet) BZK toolset BZK is a set of tools to help creating games fo... DOWNLOAD
aldebaran(sfnet) aldebaran POS package Trade equipment server and client (POS) package... DOWNLOAD
qwebdebugger(sfnet) QWebDebugger Web debugger & proxy debugger DOWNLOAD
ondeath(sfnet) ontology of death To formally define death DOWNLOAD
umi-sitehandler(sfnet) UMI SiteHandler This Joomla! 2.5 module is an accumulation of d... DOWNLOAD
nips-fsm(sfnet) NIPS-FSM This project proposes a system that applies fre... DOWNLOAD
dataquest(sfnet) DataQuest DataQuest is a micro-BI. In this software you c... DOWNLOAD
gccsockt(sfnet) gccsockt linux server and client for pthread DOWNLOAD
osportable(sfnet) osportable DOWNLOAD
modern(sfnet) Modern Merchant Modern Merchant is a smart and simple e-commerc... DOWNLOAD
wiigee(sfnet) wiigee wiigee is a gesture recognition library for acc... DOWNLOAD
delphigdiplus(sfnet) Easy to use Delphi GDI+ 1.1 Library This library enables GDI+ functionality for Del... DOWNLOAD
freeside(freshmeat) Freeside Freeside is an open-source billing and trouble ... DOWNLOAD
thymeleaf(sfnet) thymeleaf Thymeleaf is a java web template engine designe... DOWNLOAD
klcdbright(sfnet) KLCDBright A KDE application to adjust LCD brightness.This... DOWNLOAD
wmgxmon(sfnet) WMgXMon WMgXMon is a generic monitor applet for WindowM... DOWNLOAD
webdump(sfnet) Webdump - mirroring websites Webdump is a web-based tool that downloads webs... DOWNLOAD
theory-of-sets(sfnet) theory of sets Java library offering theory of sets/set theory... DOWNLOAD
radial(sfnet) Radial++ Radial++ is a C++ template library for scattere... DOWNLOAD
snoozeapp(sfnet) snooze Snooze is a lightweight sleep timer application... DOWNLOAD
wowbot(sfnet) WoWBot A perl IRC-BOT that connects to the World of Wa... DOWNLOAD
xwriter(sfnet) XWriter XWriter is a product of XGenwareS and is a extr... DOWNLOAD
freefetion(sfnet) freefetion Free Fetion is an sms sender through fetion pro... DOWNLOAD
fortify(sfnet) Maven plugin for Fortify software To run fortify scan using fortify software, we ... DOWNLOAD
tclbytecodeasse(sfnet) Tcl Bytecode Assembler This patch adds a command to Tcl, assemble, whi... DOWNLOAD
nagiosgrapher(sfnet) NagiosGrapher It collects the output of NagiosPlugins and gen... DOWNLOAD
pearsession(sfnet) PEAR Custom Session Handler for PHP4 pearsession is a PHP script which overrides the... DOWNLOAD
pontocontrol(sfnet) Ponto Control Projeto de controle de ponto para usuários pess... DOWNLOAD
restcgi(sfnet) REST CGI C++ library C++ library for interpreting HTTP requests as R... DOWNLOAD
foxopen(sfnet) FOXopen FOXopen is a 4GL, feature-rich XML framework wh... DOWNLOAD
gbprograms(sfnet) gbPrograms DOWNLOAD
protonim(sfnet) ProtonIM ProtonIM is a small instant messenger. It is st... DOWNLOAD
finish(sfnet) Finish tactical simulation of racing manager DOWNLOAD
residentialprop(sfnet) residentialprop Several applications for use by the management ... DOWNLOAD
sumoam(sfnet) SUMO Access Manager PHP security system that protect your web appli... DOWNLOAD
autotvtagger(sfnet) Auto TV Tagger Have untagged TV shows in iTunes? Auto TV Tagge... DOWNLOAD
photomosaic(sfnet) Photomosaic Make Photomosaic with MFC & opencv. This pr... DOWNLOAD
jmn-lib(sfnet) jmn-lib Libraries written in Object Pascal (Delphi): JM... DOWNLOAD
e2fsprogs(sfnet) Ext2 Filesystems Utilities The Ext2 Filesystem Utilities (e2fsprogs) conta... DOWNLOAD
developerview(sfnet) DeveloperView By aggregating distributed institutional knowle... DOWNLOAD
pdsod(sfnet) PDSOD It is a Proof Designer for set theory, order th... DOWNLOAD
nfs-rdma(sfnet) NFS/RDMA ONC Transport The NFS/RDMA project is a reference implementat... DOWNLOAD
bigdata(sfnet) bigdata bigdata(R) is a scale-out storage and computing... DOWNLOAD
wordypics(sfnet) WordyPics WordyPics is a Web 2.0 inspired application all... DOWNLOAD
flux-style(sfnet) FSC Fluxbox Style Creator Creates fluxbox styles us... DOWNLOAD
yuimyadmin(sfnet) YUIMyAdmin YUIMyAdmin is an web front-end to manage databa... DOWNLOAD
xbps(sfnet) xbps The X Binary Package System (in short XBPS) is ... DOWNLOAD
pequod(sfnet) Pequod Pocitacovy knihovnik DOWNLOAD
rows-based-file(sfnet) Simple Rows Based File Rows Based File is file management software. U... DOWNLOAD
custard(sfnet) Custard User Profile Management Similar to Sabayon, allows management of differ... DOWNLOAD
virtuswarm(sfnet) VirtuSwarm VirtuSwarm is a WIP project consisting of virtu... DOWNLOAD
jdbscriptor(sfnet) JDBScriptor for Eclipse This Eclipse plugin read db information from a ... DOWNLOAD
bico(sfnet) BiCo - Bibliographic Converter BiCo is an extendable converter for bibliograph... DOWNLOAD
jagent(sfnet) Jagent Jagent is a suite for manipulating Creatures 3 ... DOWNLOAD
eclipsejsonedit(sfnet) Eclipse Json Editor Plugin The JSON Editor is a simple plugin for the Ecli... DOWNLOAD
javapeg(sfnet) JavaPEG - The Digital Foto Handler The purpose of this application is to be able t... DOWNLOAD
gao(sfnet) Gao 小波学习系统,小波在图像处理内常用的方法,包括... DOWNLOAD
onesqlmanager(sfnet) OneSQLManager Manage your SQL DBs from your browser, edit, ad... DOWNLOAD
dipstudio(sfnet) Digital Image Processing Studio Goal of this project is Easy tool for digital i... DOWNLOAD
isgd(sfnet) Compressor Utility With a single click, compress any URL to a fast... DOWNLOAD
pythonagi(sfnet) pythonagi AGI library to access asterisk, based implement... DOWNLOAD
nibobeelib(sfnet) NIBObee Library C and C++ library for the NIBObee robot. The li... DOWNLOAD
php-kalender(sfnet) PHP Ajax Kalender im Outlook Design PHP Ajax Kalender im Outlook Look and Feel. Arb... DOWNLOAD
qpylit(sfnet) QPyLit A Frontend for using clit ( http://www.convertl... DOWNLOAD
jjs(sfnet) JJS-Monitor Jboss JMX Shell - Monitor is an application whi... DOWNLOAD
wonderbackup(sfnet) Wonder Backup Wonder Backup is a project aiming to create a p... DOWNLOAD
tagginerp(sfnet) TagginProductERP this is our internal project DOWNLOAD
dcwaterdesign(sfnet) DC Water Design Extension The DC Water Design Extension integrates the EP... DOWNLOAD
osscripts(sfnet) CAPS Scenario Builder The CAPS Scenario Builder will allow governmen... DOWNLOAD
splitter-backup(sfnet) Splitter Backup System The Splitter Backup System is designed to prepa... DOWNLOAD
clasj(sfnet) Clasj Clasj models the universe of an unspecified spo... DOWNLOAD
didjvu(freshmeat) didjvu didjvu uses the Gamera framework to separate fo... DOWNLOAD
chunkd(freshmeat) chunkd chunkd is a simple storage service based on the... DOWNLOAD
perl-cryptida(freshmeat) Perl Crypt::IDA Crypt::IDA is a Perl module that implements Rab... DOWNLOAD
notalon(freshmeat) Notalon Notalon is a simplified note-taking application... DOWNLOAD
libforensics(freshmeat) LibForensics LibForensics is a framework for developing digi... DOWNLOAD

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