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pythonagi(sfnet) pythonagi AGI library to access asterisk, based implement... DOWNLOAD
nibobeelib(sfnet) NIBObee Library C and C++ library for the NIBObee robot. The li... DOWNLOAD
php-kalender(sfnet) PHP Ajax Kalender im Outlook Design PHP Ajax Kalender im Outlook Look and Feel. Arb... DOWNLOAD
qpylit(sfnet) QPyLit A Frontend for using clit ( http://www.convertl... DOWNLOAD
jjs(sfnet) JJS-Monitor Jboss JMX Shell - Monitor is an application whi... DOWNLOAD
wonderbackup(sfnet) Wonder Backup Wonder Backup is a project aiming to create a p... DOWNLOAD
tagginerp(sfnet) TagginProductERP this is our internal project DOWNLOAD
dcwaterdesign(sfnet) DC Water Design Extension The DC Water Design Extension integrates the EP... DOWNLOAD
osscripts(sfnet) CAPS Scenario Builder The CAPS Scenario Builder will allow governmen... DOWNLOAD
splitter-backup(sfnet) Splitter Backup System The Splitter Backup System is designed to prepa... DOWNLOAD
clasj(sfnet) Clasj Clasj models the universe of an unspecified spo... DOWNLOAD
didjvu(freshmeat) didjvu didjvu uses the Gamera framework to separate fo... DOWNLOAD
chunkd(freshmeat) chunkd chunkd is a simple storage service based on the... DOWNLOAD
perl-cryptida(freshmeat) Perl Crypt::IDA Crypt::IDA is a Perl module that implements Rab... DOWNLOAD
notalon(freshmeat) Notalon Notalon is a simplified note-taking application... DOWNLOAD
libforensics(freshmeat) LibForensics LibForensics is a framework for developing digi... DOWNLOAD
lionwiki(freshmeat) LionWiki LionWiki is a minimalist file-based (doesn't ne... DOWNLOAD
chartmakerjava(freshmeat) ChartMakerJava ChartMakerJava is a fluent API for working with... DOWNLOAD
nixstaller(freshmeat) Nixstaller With 'nixstaller' you can easily make installer... DOWNLOAD
blockbreakx(sfnet) Block Break X Its pretty aww right DOWNLOAD
tower-of-hanoi(sfnet) Tower Of Hanoi No description DOWNLOAD
susa(sfnet) Susa A C++ library of linear algebra, signal process... DOWNLOAD
naplax(sfnet) Nagios Plugins and Extensions Naplax is a set of addons and plugins to the Na... DOWNLOAD
prajna(sfnet) Prajna The Prajna project is a collection of tools and... DOWNLOAD
usuite(sfnet) usuite µSuite is a simple and lightweight, yet powerfu... DOWNLOAD
mckoiddb(freshmeat) MckoiDDB MckoiDDB is a distributed database system for a... DOWNLOAD
pifaq(sfnet) piFAQ This is a simple script that will help you to c... DOWNLOAD
crazytype(sfnet) crazytype The BEST typing game is waiting for you! It is ... DOWNLOAD
ronworld(sfnet) ronworld Rownrodl 7.6 OpenTibia proyect DOWNLOAD
gic-portables(sfnet) GiC-Portables This is Our Official Project Website Thanks to ... DOWNLOAD
dotamap(sfnet) XNADotaMap This project is to represent the dota map using... DOWNLOAD
comparisong(sfnet) compariSong compariSong is an audio tool to support query ... DOWNLOAD
monitoringcelld(sfnet) monitoringcelld MONITOR FOR PROTECTING DOWNLOAD
nzbcatcher(sfnet) nzbcatcher One search tool that gets nzb files and open t... DOWNLOAD
monksource(sfnet) monksource This is a multi-player mod for a popular game -... DOWNLOAD
squid-smp-sched(sfnet) squid-smp-sched Squid-smp-scheduler is a squid proxy server sch... DOWNLOAD
j2sc(sfnet) j2sc Simple Jack2 Configuration GUI. This applicatio... DOWNLOAD
smartmp3renamer(sfnet) smartmp3renamer Smart MP3 Renamer is a cross-platform applicati... DOWNLOAD
ccplayr(sfnet) CCPlayr CCPlayr (aka CCPlayer) is an IMS Common Cartrid... DOWNLOAD
hipo(sfnet) Hipo - Hypothetical Computer Hipo is a hypothetical computer to facilitate t... DOWNLOAD
pyncurses(sfnet) PyNcurses A new ncurses binding for python, generated wit... DOWNLOAD
bugfree(sfnet) BugFree BugFree is a PHP/MySQL web based and easy to us... DOWNLOAD
seldon(sfnet) seldon Seldon is a C++ library for linear algebra. It ... DOWNLOAD
delta-backup(sfnet) delta-backup Delta-backup is a simple and efficient tool for... DOWNLOAD
dice-roller(sfnet) Dice Roller Dice Roller is an all purpose RPG dice roller. ... DOWNLOAD
window-master(sfnet) Window Master Window Master is a window manager for Windows. ... DOWNLOAD
t50(sfnet) T50 the fatest network packet injector DOWNLOAD
roselctk(sfnet) i like to test new page DOWNLOAD
rxvsam(sfnet) RXVSAM This RXVSAM is NOT found on the CBT. This inter... DOWNLOAD
qhhcparser(sfnet) QHHCParser It's a tool to parser CHM file's hhc and hhk in... DOWNLOAD
cuppaweb(sfnet) CMS, CuppaWEB v2 CuppaWEB is an open source enterprise content m... DOWNLOAD
xkblayout(sfnet) xkblayout Prints current X Windows keyboard layout DOWNLOAD
gspout(sfnet) GSP Out - Winapi Output Debugger This is a c++ child window that can be included... DOWNLOAD
lmth(sfnet) LMTH The lightweight markup templating helper suppor... DOWNLOAD
nostromodriver(sfnet) Linux Nostromo Speedpad Driver Provides access to Belkin Nostromo n50/n52 spee... DOWNLOAD
eyetweet(sfnet) eyeTweet A tweet deck for eyeOS , that's aimed to work w... DOWNLOAD
arghwxhaskell(sfnet) Argh! interpreter in wxHaskell An interpreter for the Argh! esoteric programmi... DOWNLOAD
prenominalnzb(sfnet) PrenominalNZB prenominalNZB is perl script that fetches NZB f... DOWNLOAD
rocksphplibrary(sfnet) Rocks PHP Library This library helps simplify common PHP programm... DOWNLOAD
calclipse(sfnet) Calclipse A math application written in Java. Its feature... DOWNLOAD
bootretarder(sfnet) BootRetarder BootRetarder allows to retard the start of some... DOWNLOAD
printman(sfnet) PrinterManager A free java printer management tool for larger ... DOWNLOAD
enginesofwar(sfnet) enginesofwar Engines of War brings you nonstop RTT action fr... DOWNLOAD
linuxomnia(sfnet) Linux on Samsung Omnia Welcome ! This project is simple : I create som... DOWNLOAD
glues(sfnet) GLUES Global Land Use and technological Evolution Sim... DOWNLOAD
kwickserver(sfnet) Kwickserver Firewall Kwickserver is a do-it-yourself Firewall applia... DOWNLOAD
pescan(sfnet) PeScan Pescan is a ligh-weight network scanner and exp... DOWNLOAD
psvoodoo(sfnet) psVoodoo Glide Wrapper, primarily DirectX9 based, intend... DOWNLOAD
cmsdam(sfnet) cmsdam cmsdAm is a quick, scalable, secure, simple con... DOWNLOAD
goodmerge(sfnet) GoodMerge GoodMerge is the ultimate space-saving companio... DOWNLOAD
aukios(sfnet) Auki OS Il progetto iniziato nel settembre del 2011 mir... DOWNLOAD
koil(sfnet) Koil This software allow the synthesis and analysis ... DOWNLOAD
nulidexsql(sfnet) Nulidex SQL An easy-to-use object-oriented C++ wrapper for ... DOWNLOAD
unidb(sfnet) unidb UniDB is a database abstraction layer for PHP d... DOWNLOAD
gwdrawfonttool(sfnet) GlyphWiki Drawfont Tool Written in Python, using GTK+ and Cairo, this p... DOWNLOAD
groundsquirrel(sfnet) groundsquirrel Ground Squirrel is lightweight Integrated Devel... DOWNLOAD
fwkolinga(sfnet) fwkolinga FwkOlinga is a PHP/Javascript/Css/SQL Framework... DOWNLOAD
rpggameengine(sfnet) RPG Game Engine RPG Game Engine is written in JAVA and can be u... DOWNLOAD
anyremote(sfnet) anyremote Remote control software for applications using ... DOWNLOAD
emesene(sfnet) emesene emesene is a platform independent instant messa... DOWNLOAD
boardcad(sfnet) BoardCAD BoardCAD is an easy to use CAD/CAM-program that... DOWNLOAD
elfviz(sfnet) elfviz elfviz is command line tool which parse and vis... DOWNLOAD
wumwum(sfnet) wumwum wumwum is a window manager manager. it can turn... DOWNLOAD
jhighlightter(sfnet) JHighlighter JHighlighter is a collection of components incl... DOWNLOAD
mdamapviewer(sfnet) MDAMapViewer This Project is an MapViewer for mobile devices... DOWNLOAD
akin(sfnet) akutz's ipfw and natd controller This project provides a method to launchd proce... DOWNLOAD
rodos(sfnet) rodos RODOS is a real-time embedded operating system,... DOWNLOAD
delphiemail(sfnet) Delphi Email Client This is an open source Email client for Borland... DOWNLOAD
ganoexcel(sfnet) ganoexcel DOWNLOAD
webtailx(sfnet) Webtail-X. A web-based Unix Tail command Webtail-X it's a web-based console that emulate... DOWNLOAD
wger-workout-manager(freshmeat) wger Workout Manager wger Workout Manager is a Web application that ... DOWNLOAD
gantt-ui(sfnet) Gantt_Interactive_UI Web based Gantt Interactive UI - JavaScript DOWNLOAD
openssl(sfnet) OpenSSL This project offers OpenSSL for Windows (static... DOWNLOAD
projlogger(sfnet) Project Logger A PHP based project collaboration solution cent... DOWNLOAD
ucrt(sfnet) ucrt ucrt(micro C Runtime engine)is simple platform ... DOWNLOAD
gmanonpropose(sfnet) GManonPropose This is intending to be a Grant Proposal Writer... DOWNLOAD
cstracker(sfnet) cstracker This should be a wonderful web based applicatio... DOWNLOAD
csart(sfnet) csart - Clever-Search-And-Replace-Text csart - Clever-Search-And-Replace-Text Search, ... DOWNLOAD
low(sfnet) Labyrinth of Worlds LoW is a rewrite of the first-person role-playi... DOWNLOAD
safmq(sfnet) SAFMQ: Store and Forward Message Queue SAFMQ: Store and Forward Message Queue, message... DOWNLOAD

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