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e606iokit(sfnet) Mac OS X NEC 3G Handset Tools Mac OS X IOKit driver and utilities for the USB... DOWNLOAD
lessonbuilder(sfnet) Global Circle: Lesson Builder The Lesson Builder is the part of the Global Ci... DOWNLOAD
phx(sfnet) PHX Web Platform PHX is a thin, yet powerful platform to develop... DOWNLOAD
shoutbot(sfnet) ShoutBot An IRC (ro)bot written in the PHP language that... DOWNLOAD
omgfileexplorer(sfnet) Omega File Explorer Omega File Explorer is a multiplatform file exp... DOWNLOAD
liblogging(sfnet) liblogging Liblogging is an easy to use open source librar... DOWNLOAD
coldbbs(sfnet) Cold BBS Project is aimed to make a complete and interac... DOWNLOAD
metas(sfnet) Metasearch Metasearch uses an advanced search system to se... DOWNLOAD
htdev(sfnet) Hattrick Developer PHP code for interfacing with HATTRICK *.hrf fi... DOWNLOAD
tlml(sfnet) TLML: TimeLine xML The project develops a standard XML format for ... DOWNLOAD
playergraph(sfnet) PlayerGraph PlayerGraph is a game information tool. It can ... DOWNLOAD
jhexdump(sfnet) JHexDump JHexDump is a 100% Java HexDump program DOWNLOAD
filecenter(sfnet) fileCenter fileCenter is a series of PHP scripts which, on... DOWNLOAD
andchart(sfnet) AndChart This is a free library to use simple charts on ... DOWNLOAD
genadonet(sfnet) Generic ADO.NET General data access engine as an extension of A... DOWNLOAD
jhtml2pdf(sfnet) Jhtml2pdf DOWNLOAD
anddefense(sfnet) Android Defense An Android Tower Defense porting game developme... DOWNLOAD
vcon(sfnet) VCon VCon will be a Linux-like console for Windows a... DOWNLOAD
tclcryptography(sfnet) crypto.mod Crypto.mod is a simple LOADABLE cryptographic m... DOWNLOAD
dsmyth(sfnet) DirectShow filters for MythTV DirectShow filters that enables playback of Myt... DOWNLOAD
endo(sfnet) Endo Endo is a simple, powerful 3D modeling program.... DOWNLOAD
mp3imagetagextr(sfnet) Media Center Utilities This project site was originally started to hos... DOWNLOAD
kalodidaskalos(sfnet) Kalodidaskalos Kalodidaskalos (ancientgreek: teacher of virtue... DOWNLOAD
firewall-fbsd(sfnet) FreeBSD firewall module for webmin A Webmin module for maintaining the FreeBSD Fir... DOWNLOAD
codeconnect(sfnet) CodeConnect CodeConnect is a means of providing access to u... DOWNLOAD
write2left(sfnet) Write2Left Write2Left is a personal publishing system desi... DOWNLOAD
dfandango(sfnet) The Diamorphine Fandango A turn based, multiplayer drug trading game, ai... DOWNLOAD
copybooktoxml(sfnet) Cobol Copybook to XML Cobol copybook conversion to XML. Including sup... DOWNLOAD
tournamengine(sfnet) TournamentEngine TournamentEngine is a tool written in PHP which... DOWNLOAD
spaxy(sfnet) Qt-Spaxy POP3 Filter Spaxy is a POP3 proxy for email classification.... DOWNLOAD
clsimpletimer(sfnet) SimpleTimer SimpleTimer allows you to quickly create remind... DOWNLOAD
robsort(sfnet) Robsort Sorting Algorithm Robsort in a GNU public license sorting algorit... DOWNLOAD
builder(sfnet) The Builder plug-in The builder plug-in project consists of an Ecli... DOWNLOAD
finalsolution(sfnet) FinalSolution FinalSolution -- A distributed multiprotocol mu... DOWNLOAD
jpafinal(sfnet) JPA_Final DOWNLOAD
archcontainer(sfnet) ArchContainer J2EE Container (latest spec) . The key differe... DOWNLOAD
phreebooksclien(sfnet) Phreebooks-client Standalone client for Phreebooks (a web based A... DOWNLOAD
reubo(sfnet) reubo Reusable Business & Technical Services : T... DOWNLOAD
doctorjopentool(sfnet) DoctorJ OpenTool for JBuilder This DoctorJ OpenTool allows developers to run ... DOWNLOAD
strike-ha(sfnet) Strike HA Strike HA is inspired from the Linux HA Heartbe... DOWNLOAD
uoxng(sfnet) UOX:NG UO Emulator UOX:NG is an Ultima Online server emulator writ... DOWNLOAD
dbind(sfnet) dynamic DNS table management for ipv4/v6 dbind creates and updates automatically DNS tab... DOWNLOAD
grapefruit(sfnet) Grapefruit sequencer Free, easy to use midi sequencer for MS Windows... DOWNLOAD
tmplugin(sfnet) Tomcat Manager Plugin Eclipse plugin to manage a Tomcat web-server. I... DOWNLOAD
jnetmusicplay(sfnet) java-net Music Play Java Net Music Player DOWNLOAD
cdatlib(sfnet) CDAT CDAT is a Tangram-based database schema and obj... DOWNLOAD
xflow(sfnet) XFlow XFLOW is a pure Open Source J2EE platform for b... DOWNLOAD
lucy-search(sfnet) lucy search engine Lucy is a text search engine developed to rapid... DOWNLOAD
expradox(sfnet) Web Account Manager A Web Account Manager egy intelligens account k... DOWNLOAD
phpfor56k(sfnet) phpFor56k phpFor56k is a collection of PHP code designed ... DOWNLOAD
extenshun(sfnet) Extenshun Extenshun is a client that uses XML to interact... DOWNLOAD
pytvgrab(sfnet) python xmltv tv_grab xmltv library and tv_grabbers written in python DOWNLOAD
racu(sfnet) RACU First-person shooter action/puzzle game written... DOWNLOAD
coppa(sfnet) Coppa Blocka Coppa Blocka is a phpbb addon. It will block us... DOWNLOAD
expr-engine(sfnet) C Expression Engine The C Expression Engine provides a robust colle... DOWNLOAD
tdbsql(sfnet) tdbengine SQL Server tdbSQL is a complete implementation of an EASY ... DOWNLOAD
kgx(sfnet) KGraphExplore An Eclipse plug-in and KDE application to visua... DOWNLOAD
japha(sfnet) The Japha Programming Interface Japha is an effort to implement the major funct... DOWNLOAD
pl-horus(sfnet) Pianeta Linux Horus Programma di contabilità che gestisce clienti, ... DOWNLOAD
jrc(sfnet) An IRC Bouncer, with a twist JRC is an IRC bouncer. Unlike BNC, however, it ... DOWNLOAD
pbiff(sfnet) GNU perl-biff pbiff scans files like the EMail Montior progra... DOWNLOAD
seqap(sfnet) Sequence Alignment Program Bioinformatics program for analysing two (curre... DOWNLOAD
comptebancaire(sfnet) Personal Banking Account Personal finances manager for Linux and Windows... DOWNLOAD
htmalbum(sfnet) HTML Album Este proyecto se encuentra inactivo y avandonado. DOWNLOAD
javahmo(sfnet) JavaHMO TiVo HMO Server JavaHMO is a media server for the Home Media Op... DOWNLOAD
htmlsax(sfnet) PEAR::XML_HTMLSax XML_HTMLSax is a native PHP SAX based parser fo... DOWNLOAD
encphp(sfnet) EncPHP - PHP Encapsulator EncPHP allows you to embed a PHP script inside ... DOWNLOAD
jisdnmon(sfnet) Java ISDN Monitor This app is a clone of kisdnmon (kisdnmon.sourc... DOWNLOAD
jspwidget(sfnet) JSPWidget JSPWidget is a JSP Framework that provides even... DOWNLOAD
tmrs(sfnet) Tiger Mapping and Routing Server Tiger Mapping and Routing Server is being writt... DOWNLOAD
actiondirectory(sfnet) ActionDirectory ActionDirectory is an cms for web based \"... DOWNLOAD
osbot(sfnet) The Open Source Bot Project The Open Source Bot Project, or OSB, is an IRC ... DOWNLOAD
docmgmtsys(sfnet) Document Management System DMS (Document Management System) will organize ... DOWNLOAD
phatterns(sfnet) Phatterns Phatterns is a web design-pattern framework and... DOWNLOAD
easygridbag(sfnet) EasyGridBag Ever annoyed with java GridBagLayout complexity... DOWNLOAD
pesos(sfnet) PESOS PESOS, PHP Easy Signt On System. A rudimentary ... DOWNLOAD
fhttp(sfnet) FHTTP FHTTP es un kit de pentesting completamente enf... DOWNLOAD
contentm(sfnet) Open Content M Open Content M is a framework of Content Manage... DOWNLOAD
gaim-rss-reader(sfnet) gaim-rss-reader RSS reader plugin for the Gaim multi-protocol c... DOWNLOAD
xmod2(sfnet) xMod 2.x xMod version 2.0 for Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Academ... DOWNLOAD
cyberbrau(sfnet) CyberBrau Cyberbrau is a brewer's tool. It stores ingred... DOWNLOAD
streamline(sfnet) Streamline PHP Media Server Streamline is a streaming media server written ... DOWNLOAD
cppfunctor(sfnet) C++ Functor Library cppfunctor is a project that provides a set of ... DOWNLOAD
web-start(sfnet) Web-Start Web-Start is a open source. It's a completed we... DOWNLOAD
baku(sfnet) Project Baku The Baku project is a simple puzzle game inspir... DOWNLOAD
phptablos(sfnet) phpTablos Easily create HTML Tables through a PHP Class DOWNLOAD
tamagotchi(sfnet) Tamagotchi Emulator Its a project were i will creat tamagotchi simu... DOWNLOAD
srtos-uc(sfnet) sRTOS for micro-controller GNU C Compiler, Stand-alone, Embedded Real-Time... DOWNLOAD
datools(sfnet) DirectAdmin Tools DATools is a collection of scripts, tools and c... DOWNLOAD
eagle5gui(sfnet) Eagle5GUI Full abstraction of system, graphics, events, t... DOWNLOAD
playlistmanager(sfnet) UIless Playlist Manager The UIless Playlist Manager intends to be a gen... DOWNLOAD
freebox(sfnet) Freebox Freebox is cross-platform media player designed... DOWNLOAD
nimesweeper(sfnet) Nimesweeper A clone of the popular MS Windows classic, Mine... DOWNLOAD
editline(freshmeat) Editline Editline is an autotool- and libtoolized port o... DOWNLOAD
pykydo(sfnet) pyKyDo pykydo will provide a python module to produce ... DOWNLOAD
glabaclus(sfnet) GTK Image Cluster Analysis A non-parametric filter for image restoration u... DOWNLOAD
heatseeker(sfnet) heatseeker HeatSeeker is a graphical (GUI) analysis engine... DOWNLOAD
sclient(sfnet) sClient SClient is an small and fast mud client to be u... DOWNLOAD
qnomad(sfnet) Nomad Jukebox Player Creative Nomad Jukebox Player. This program int... DOWNLOAD
netcurse(sfnet) Netcurse Netcurse is a curses based network (speed) mon... DOWNLOAD

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