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libaio(sfnet) Audio Input-Output Library A digital audio Platform Abstraction Layer for ... DOWNLOAD
tresmonitor(sfnet) tresMonitor tresMonitor provides a fully configurable servi... DOWNLOAD
ewebfoto(sfnet) ewebfoto Publish your digital camera pictures on the Web... DOWNLOAD
wot(sfnet) WOT Set of scripts using MySQL, PHP and PHP-GTK to ... DOWNLOAD
geoclassphp(sfnet) GeoClass for PHP GeoClass for PHP provides classes to handle geo... DOWNLOAD
mysql--(sfnet) mysql-- A simple C++ API for accessing mysql databases.... DOWNLOAD
pccamfinepix(sfnet) FujiFilm FinePix pccam mode LKM FujiFilm FinePix pccam mode linux - A C-languag... DOWNLOAD
bodington(sfnet) Bodington (tm) Bodington is a free VLE. Users can upload conte... DOWNLOAD
inarra(sfnet) Inarra Inarra is an attempt to create a open source MO... DOWNLOAD
ironseed(sfnet) Ironseed Ironseed is a crossplatform binary version-comp... DOWNLOAD
mystuffs(sfnet) mystuffs This is a multipurpose information system. It a... DOWNLOAD
total-torrent(sfnet) Total Torrent Total Torrent will be a complete implementation... DOWNLOAD
andax(sfnet) Skidbladnir toolbox with information and programs for Compu... DOWNLOAD
novocode-tk(sfnet) Novocode Toolkit The Novocode Toolkit is a collection of reusabl... DOWNLOAD
dmoz-whitelist(sfnet) DMOZ whitelist generator The DMOZ white/blacklist generator is a Perl sc... DOWNLOAD
netbsd-ppbus(sfnet) NetBSD ppbus This project is aimed to porting ppbus (the par... DOWNLOAD
yortracer(sfnet) yt yt DOWNLOAD
mtproxy(sfnet) jProxy jProxy is a minimalistic HTTP/HTTPS proxy entir... DOWNLOAD
perftest(sfnet) PerfTest Perftest is an library designed to work with JU... DOWNLOAD
deknipkaemer(sfnet) De Knipkaemer Kapsalon & Nagelstudio DOWNLOAD
ebsstats(sfnet) KtaWa KtaWa is a Java editor written in Visual Basic.... DOWNLOAD
cm4superpackv2(sfnet) CM4 Super Pack v2 Graphical Enhancement Pack for Championship Man... DOWNLOAD
zabaan(sfnet) Zabaan a multimedia database of human languages, writt... DOWNLOAD
bbrc(sfnet) BattleBricks Remote Control Multi-User Remote Control application for Lego ... DOWNLOAD
vfsmgr(sfnet) Clifford\\\'s Virtual Filesystem Man VFSMGR, Clifford\\\\\\\'s Virtual Filesystem Ma... DOWNLOAD
bdffont(sfnet) BDFfont BDFfont is a library to handle BDF font (Bitmap... DOWNLOAD
confimm(sfnet) ConfiMM ConfiMM is a WebServer Administration Suite. Wi... DOWNLOAD
ospi(sfnet) Open Source Portfolio Open Source Portfolio is a web based Java Appli... DOWNLOAD
workzen(sfnet) Workzen Commons Workzen Commons is a collection of frameworks a... DOWNLOAD
hylafaxmanager(sfnet) Hylafax Manager HylafaxManager - Windows/Linux client for Hylaf... DOWNLOAD
documentserver(sfnet) mods - modular document server A xml-based document-server (via XML-rpc) and r... DOWNLOAD
steelarrow(sfnet) SteelArrow Web Application Server SteelArrow is an easy to use Web Application Se... DOWNLOAD
usb-midi-fw(sfnet) USB MIDI Firmware Loaders Firmware loaders for M-Audio/Midiman USB MIDI a... DOWNLOAD
cbl(sfnet) PortableCBL The Portable Cray Bioinformatics Library is a C... DOWNLOAD
jsmenuzero(sfnet) JSMenu Zero A menu system in javascript compatible with any... DOWNLOAD
netnice(sfnet) netnice Netnice is a multi-platform network control pri... DOWNLOAD
mercury-mud(sfnet) Mercury MUD Driver The Mercury MUD driver is a C++ network server ... DOWNLOAD
icord(sfnet) iCord Screen Capture iCord will produce standard, editable, AVI file... DOWNLOAD
jackeq(sfnet) jackeq JackEQ provides an easy way for JACK aware apps... DOWNLOAD
pang(sfnet) PANG-Protocol for Arcade Network Gaming PANG - Protocol for Arcade Network Gaming Provi... DOWNLOAD
fancix(sfnet) Apache 2 FancyIndex Extensions fancix is an extensible Apache 2 framework for ... DOWNLOAD
dkeditor(sfnet) Datenknecht XML Slave \\\"Datenknecht XML Slave\\\" is an d... DOWNLOAD
krefty(sfnet) Krefty Quick References Pages Krefty is an application for KDE that takes a s... DOWNLOAD
rescuecore(sfnet) Rescuecore Rescuecore is a java framework for developing R... DOWNLOAD
realitystrike(sfnet) RealityStrike 3D and Game Engine Portable game engine intended for game developm... DOWNLOAD
nasgui(sfnet) NAS GUI NAS GUI was created to see if a fully functiona... DOWNLOAD
proxyfilter(sfnet) ProxyFilter ProxyFilter is an applicative-level HTTP firewa... DOWNLOAD
webmag(sfnet) phpWebMag phpWebMag is an easy to use Open Source CMS ori... DOWNLOAD
biaowuyou(sfnet) 孕妇食谱 孕妇怀孕以后,可谓是“一人吃,两人补”。整个孕期... DOWNLOAD
aircompressor(sfnet) aircompressorreviews DOWNLOAD
cppxmlobj(sfnet) C++ XML Objects Framework for persisting heirarchies of C++ obj... DOWNLOAD
pycdk(sfnet) pyCDK pyCDK - A python wrapper around the Curses Deve... DOWNLOAD
telialoginslipp(sfnet) Telia LoginSlipper A program for automating login for Telia ADSL a... DOWNLOAD
debellor(sfnet) Debellor Open data mining platform. Provides common arch... DOWNLOAD
expressor(sfnet) IFP eXPressor IFP eXPressor is development environment distri... DOWNLOAD
empfd(sfnet) EMP Form Designer A visual form designer, programmed as a JavaBea... DOWNLOAD
cpuclan(sfnet) XBB The XBB (xtrem Bulletin Board) is a Board wich ... DOWNLOAD
vbwebcrawler(sfnet) The VB Web Crawler A VB Web crawler that is currently under constr... DOWNLOAD
vfmg(sfnet) vfmg VFolders Menu Generator. Generates window manag... DOWNLOAD
byrequest(sfnet) byRequest TiVo HMO Server byRequest provides requested audio and image st... DOWNLOAD
c-y-a(sfnet) c-y-a project manager Project management framework: includes modules ... DOWNLOAD
game-controller(sfnet) Game Server Controller A LAN game server management utility with the a... DOWNLOAD
skybuildersasp(sfnet) skyBuilders timeLines ASP version skyBuilders timeLines is a collection of over 3... DOWNLOAD
linux-daq-usb(sfnet) Linux-DAQ-USB The Linux-DAQ-USB project develops and maintain... DOWNLOAD
winjuggler(sfnet) winjuggler Port of the juggle screensaver from linux to wi... DOWNLOAD
pokedextcg(sfnet) PokedexTCG PokedexTCG is an application designed to allow ... DOWNLOAD
threadmgr(sfnet) Thread Manager Task manager replacement. This project tries to... DOWNLOAD
asa72xx(sfnet) Adaptec iSCSI Linux Driver This project builds tested Adaptec iSCSI driver... DOWNLOAD
genxe(sfnet) GenXE GenXE: Generate Xss Exploit(tool). Give us a si... DOWNLOAD
sphps(sfnet) simplePHP Scripts simplePHP Scripts allows you to use common php ... DOWNLOAD
cd-database(sfnet) CD-Database CD-Database is a programme which stores all you... DOWNLOAD
betster(sfnet) PHP Betoffice - Betster Betster is a Software to create a online bet-of... DOWNLOAD
dekicons(sfnet) dekicons Nice icons for ubuntu DOWNLOAD
sux(sfnet) sux sux - a wrapper for the standard \'su\' command DOWNLOAD
netsim(sfnet) netsim Netsim is a mobile ad hoc network simulator tar... DOWNLOAD
gtkgraph(sfnet) GtkGraph: The scientific graphing widget A scientific graphing widget for GTK+ V2. Capab... DOWNLOAD
slibo(sfnet) Slibo Slibo is a chess interface and a chess engine f... DOWNLOAD
neobio(sfnet) NeoBio NeoBio is a Java class library of Computational... DOWNLOAD
shex(sfnet) The Shex Project The Shex project aims to provide new UNIX tools... DOWNLOAD
cgi-tables(sfnet) CGI tables A perl CGI based iptables frontend and administ... DOWNLOAD
imagespace(sfnet) ImageSpace A Genetic Image Generator DOWNLOAD
ivjlogger(sfnet) IVJ Logger <b>JAVA LOGGING API that targets:<br&g... DOWNLOAD
cddbcomp(sfnet) cddbcomp A Borland Delphi/C++ Builder/Kylix component fo... DOWNLOAD
dwmsgboard(sfnet) dweller\'s messageboard A messageboard using PHP&MySQL. Features: -... DOWNLOAD
uportal(sfnet) uPortal uPortal is a free, collaborative development pr... DOWNLOAD
mpong(sfnet) multipong Fantastic basic multiplayer/local console game.... DOWNLOAD
v-q(sfnet) Virtual Qmail Virtual Qmail - virtual domains management syst... DOWNLOAD
x0xb0x(sfnet) x0xb0x x0xb0x is an open source 'acid' bassline synthe... DOWNLOAD
itextpdf(sfnet) Early Access iText Early Access iText, a PDF generation library in... DOWNLOAD
coursework(sfnet) CourseWork This project is maintaining and developing a po... DOWNLOAD
service-cache(sfnet) J2EE Service Cache ServiceCache is a repository of common JMX comp... DOWNLOAD
jetboxone(sfnet) Jetbox Jetbox CMS is seriously tested on usability &am... DOWNLOAD
opener-oai(sfnet) Opener-OAI Opener-OAI extracts Dublin Core and LOM records... DOWNLOAD
xcrabble(sfnet) xcrabble Scrabble game in Gtk. DOWNLOAD
leopard(sfnet) LAMP eGovernment Database Project LAMP eGovernment Database Project offers state ... DOWNLOAD
xmlgridlayout(sfnet) XMLGridLayout A Java LayoutManager that uses XML as a mean to... DOWNLOAD
to100(sfnet) To100 This is a game where the goal is to fill in the... DOWNLOAD
ki11egg(sfnet) MRSD (Ki11egg) Chinese Chess (XiangQi) Sofware with strong AI. DOWNLOAD
log4j400(sfnet) log4j400 Log4J Appender for AS/400. Package includes Log... DOWNLOAD
java-weather(sfnet) Java Weather API Java Weather API This API allows developer se... DOWNLOAD

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