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turborally(sfnet) TurboRally TurboRally is a 2d top-down car game written in... DOWNLOAD
modederorr(sfnet) Moded Erorr Adds error pages to your site so users get an e... DOWNLOAD
helloworldos(sfnet) HelloWorld/OS HelloWorldOS is an assortment of tutorial and e... DOWNLOAD
m-ice(sfnet) Modular Intrusion Countermeasure Env. M-ICE is a modular hostbased intrusion detectio... DOWNLOAD
xined(sfnet) Xin Xin is an xml editor designed to let desktop us... DOWNLOAD
piro(sfnet) Perl IRC Robot (PIRO) Perl bot with dynamically loaded modules. Incr... DOWNLOAD
maintenance(sfnet) Maintenance Maintenance is a software package, which allows... DOWNLOAD
imfish(sfnet) Instant Messenger - Fish Instant Messenger gui made with nice Fishs. Wri... DOWNLOAD
xmlsitemakerpy(sfnet) xmlSiteMakerPy xmlSiteMakerPy is Python based object-oriented ... DOWNLOAD
epistruct(sfnet) EpiStruct EpiStruct is a set of mathematical routines for... DOWNLOAD
polidori(sfnet) Polidori DVD Authoring System Polidori is a DVD Authoring System for Gnome an... DOWNLOAD
blues(sfnet) Blues Framework Blues is a small, concise Java application fram... DOWNLOAD
openappbuilder(sfnet) Open AppBuilder This project is now closed DOWNLOAD
rewritefilter(sfnet) RewriteFilter RewriteFilter is a java servlet filter that try... DOWNLOAD
hmplaya(sfnet) hMplaya An MP3-player with simple-vizuliser, tag editor... DOWNLOAD
pam-cracklib(sfnet) solaris-friendly pam_cracklib PAM module for checking passwords with cracklib... DOWNLOAD
netcorrelate(sfnet) NetCorrelate NetCorrelate is a system for aggregating networ... DOWNLOAD
javamail-crypto(sfnet) JavaMail Cryptography API A standard API for accessing OpenPGP and S/MIME... DOWNLOAD
chtiff(sfnet) Tag Image File Format (TIFF) in Ch ChTIFF is the Ch binding to the Tag Image File ... DOWNLOAD
sserpengine(sfnet) SserpEngine_lite SserpEngine is a collection of functions you ca... DOWNLOAD
dcgen(sfnet) DCGenerator DCGenerator or DCGen is a port of the Sega Gene... DOWNLOAD
jog(sfnet) Java Ocean Grid Java Ocean Grid (JOG) is a Java package which p... DOWNLOAD
commerceforce(sfnet) Commerce Force J2EE webapp to manage commerce activity of mult... DOWNLOAD
jux(sfnet) Java Universal eXchange JUX (Java Universal eXchange) - Universal Real-... DOWNLOAD
webtotxt(sfnet) editor web This is a file editor throught web, using scp t... DOWNLOAD
openpalmenv(sfnet) Open Palm Environment A collection of open tools for the Palm environ... DOWNLOAD
texttoonto(sfnet) TextToOnto The aim of TextToOnto is to support developers ... DOWNLOAD
pathlang(sfnet) PATH PATH is a unique two-dimensional programming la... DOWNLOAD
phpgroupworks(sfnet) PHPGroupWorks PHPGroupWorks is a group production suite writt... DOWNLOAD
jimagetaglib(sfnet) JImageTaglib JImageTaglib is a Java Tag Library for displayi... DOWNLOAD
knomad(sfnet) KNomad KNomad is a KDE application that uses libnjb to... DOWNLOAD
colcodegen(sfnet) .NET Collection Code Generator A generator for strongly typed .NET collections... DOWNLOAD
jarbuild(sfnet) JarBuilder JarBuilder is a useful tool for Java programmer... DOWNLOAD
huffman(sfnet) Huffman Encoder/Decoder Library and command line program for Huffman en... DOWNLOAD
htmlscuff(sfnet) HTMLScuff HTMLScuff is a table extractor (text data only)... DOWNLOAD
kstest(sfnet) KStest - Kolmogorof-Smirnov test KStest: a small and simple tool that performs K... DOWNLOAD
mbus(sfnet) Free MODBUS/TCP to MODBUS/RTU gateway Free MODBUS/TCP to MODBUS/RTU gateway server (m... DOWNLOAD
narrativejs(sfnet) Narrative JavaScript Narrative JavaScript is a small extension to th... DOWNLOAD
deduplication(sfnet) deduplication Data Deduplication in cloud computing DOWNLOAD
decisionmaker(sfnet) Decision Maker Everyone will face a situation that requires a ... DOWNLOAD
xjcomponents(sfnet) xJComponents to make up a serial of Swing-extended Jcomponen... DOWNLOAD
regexxmlreader(sfnet) RegexXMLReader XMLReader implementation that parses an arbitra... DOWNLOAD
nomdeplume(sfnet) Nom de Plume: Work Manager for Writers A web logger designed for writers to insert, ma... DOWNLOAD
wxchecksums(sfnet) wxChecksums wxChecksums is a program which calculates and v... DOWNLOAD
hoverex(sfnet) HoverEX HoverEX is a team based multiplayer hover car g... DOWNLOAD
kdsxml(sfnet) KDS XML KDS XML is a class library for streamed parsing... DOWNLOAD
openprintassist(sfnet) OPA A Java application framework that provides serv... DOWNLOAD
w-a-c(sfnet) WAC WAC (Winamp Advanced quick Control) is controli... DOWNLOAD
smartconnect(sfnet) SmartConnect A Windows Launcher for Sysadmin frequently use ... DOWNLOAD
decigen(sfnet) DeciGen® DeciGen® is an ERP with added features for help... DOWNLOAD
deco-project(sfnet) Deco Deco provides tools helping the user to control... DOWNLOAD
adnedelcu(sfnet) RoBattle Browser based game with different genres implem... DOWNLOAD
sss-oscar(sfnet) SSS-OSCAR SSS-OSCAR is an integrated release of the SciDA... DOWNLOAD
platformx(sfnet) XScale personal servers and sensor nets Research teams within Intel are exploring the h... DOWNLOAD
sqlstar(sfnet) SQL Star SQL Star, a SQL client provides a common Graphi... DOWNLOAD
helios(sfnet) Helios [PL] Projekt rozbudowy systemu informatycznego ... DOWNLOAD
path(sfnet) PATH Programming Language PATH is a programming language that is similar ... DOWNLOAD
stonoid(sfnet) Stonoid Stonoid is a Breakout game with nice graphics a... DOWNLOAD
classeditor(sfnet) Java Class File Editor Open a Java class file binary to view or edit s... DOWNLOAD
universalui(sfnet) Universal UI Universal UI is an open development environment... DOWNLOAD
xmlliterate(sfnet) XML Literate Programming System Framework for literate programming using XML wr... DOWNLOAD
mserver-base(sfnet) MServer M.U.D. Codebase MServer is a M.U.D. Codebase built from scratch... DOWNLOAD
ksubtile(sfnet) KSubtile KSubtile is a KDE program(C++) which provides a... DOWNLOAD
oryxmp3(sfnet) Oryx MP3 Player Build your own MP3 player. DOWNLOAD
peaqb(sfnet) Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality This project is a Free Software implementation ... DOWNLOAD
mstor(sfnet) mstor mstor is an extensible framework for JavaMail l... DOWNLOAD
kamajii(sfnet) Kamajii Get updated when your favorite website changes.... DOWNLOAD
nveloweb(sfnet) NVeloWeb NVeloWeb is an asp/ based extension to V... DOWNLOAD
m16e-free-tools(sfnet) m16e-free-tools A set of classes to easy up our daily work: da... DOWNLOAD
stockportfolio(sfnet) StockPortfolio StockPortfolio is designed to help manage your ... DOWNLOAD
mserve(sfnet) mServe A network controlled audio player, capable of p... DOWNLOAD
createcert(sfnet) Graphical X509-Certificate program language: C with GTK+ library as graphical inte... DOWNLOAD
sirkku(sfnet) Sirkku Sirkku is a web-based tool to design and publis... DOWNLOAD
zoomdev(sfnet) ZOOM MDD Tool Suite The ZOOM project is to develop a suite of Model... DOWNLOAD
sqlite-admin(sfnet) phpSQLiteAdmin SQLite Admin is a front end to the SQLite Datab... DOWNLOAD
unircu(sfnet) UnIRCu UnIRCu es un IRCD basado en el soft usado en IR... DOWNLOAD
opendos(sfnet) OpenDos - Dynamic Optimization System OpenDos is a software that optimizes the execut... DOWNLOAD
petra(sfnet) Petra - Luxor Plugin Central Petra is the primary repository for plugins for... DOWNLOAD
ffuzer(sfnet) ffuzer Generic file fuzzer. It has some "advanced... DOWNLOAD
rstk(sfnet) Reed-Solomon Core Compiler RSTK is a C language program that generates Ree... DOWNLOAD
cgi-test(sfnet) CGI::Test CGI::Test - CGI regression test framework. A CP... DOWNLOAD
xmms-bidi(sfnet) XMMS with BiDi support xmms with bidi support: display hebrew (and hop... DOWNLOAD
jsubtitles(sfnet) JSubtitles An editor for Divx subtitles written in java. F... DOWNLOAD
sandler(sfnet) sandler A java tookit for generating and processing Ato... DOWNLOAD
squrf(sfnet) squrf A simple to use library for continuous-field is... DOWNLOAD
cahitarf(sfnet) Cahit Arf A utility to extract data from RDBMSs and conve... DOWNLOAD
buzzard0(sfnet) buzzard Teacher\'s scheduling application, kind of grou... DOWNLOAD
clirr(sfnet) Clirr Clirr is a tool that checks Java libraries for ... DOWNLOAD
phpmyimages(sfnet) phpMyImages phpMyImages is a simple php application to show... DOWNLOAD
webstorage(sfnet) WebStorage WebStorage is a web based application written i... DOWNLOAD
rff(sfnet) Remote File Fixer This software allow you to fix a corrupt downlo... DOWNLOAD
ardonril(sfnet) Ardonril Ardonril will be an MMORPG designed to allow pl... DOWNLOAD
xmlucene(sfnet) XML Lucene XMLucene is a Lucene System .It search XML Data... DOWNLOAD
webtools4larbin(sfnet) Webtools 4 larbin Larbin is a Web crawler intended to fetch a lar... DOWNLOAD
battlecity(sfnet) 3D Battle City 3D Battle City is 3D remake version of classic ... DOWNLOAD
j2megamingbook(sfnet) J2ME Gaming Book J2ME & Gaming Book with focus using MIDP 2.0 DOWNLOAD
gnomenetselect(sfnet) Gnome NetSelect Applet A Gnome applet for launching Netscape/Mozilla. ... DOWNLOAD
discsweep(sfnet) discsweep Discsweep- virtual file browser made with Delph... DOWNLOAD
nefio(sfnet) nefIO nefIO project has been dismissed. It has been r... DOWNLOAD
openbooking(sfnet) OpenBooking OpenBooking is a derirative of the OpenSports p... DOWNLOAD

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