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grand8(sfnet) Grand8 - Roller-coaster Simulator grand8 is a rollercoaster simulator which offer... DOWNLOAD
sharp-igd(sfnet) SharpIGD This is a C# deamon that implements the UPnP In... DOWNLOAD
dhcpv6-linux(sfnet) DHCPv6 implementation on Linux This is the first ever open source implementati... DOWNLOAD
sivutie(sfnet) Sivutie www-sivustoille Finnish language Content Management. CMS docume... DOWNLOAD
dcform(sfnet) DCForm DCForm is OO module written with PHP, which can... DOWNLOAD
kworld(sfnet) Universal DB-Engine for Perl A universal DB-engine for Perl. Instead of writ... DOWNLOAD
jiz(sfnet) jiz jiz--an open source, multi-platform java swing ... DOWNLOAD
guanxicrm(sfnet) guanxiCRM Business Solution A comprehensive CRM designed for Asian firms. I... DOWNLOAD
satsumaxml(sfnet) Satsuma XML Satsuma XML is simple but very flexible XML bin... DOWNLOAD
alived(sfnet) alived A simple daemon and client for sending keepaliv... DOWNLOAD
rcontool(sfnet) MOH:AA Rcon Tool MOH:AA Rcon Tool allows server admins to keep t... DOWNLOAD
zdata(sfnet) The Z Database Program ZData is a terminal-based records databse progr... DOWNLOAD
logstream(sfnet) Log Stream A C++ Library that provides easy logging to sys... DOWNLOAD
musicjindex(sfnet) MusicJIndex MusicJIndex is a new little EASY Java tool to m... DOWNLOAD
fasttype(sfnet) Fasttype Fasttype is a userspace program that delivers a... DOWNLOAD
as3dmd(sfnet) AltSci3D Manga Director AltSci3D Manga Director is a open source editor... DOWNLOAD
lierosp(sfnet) Liero Sequel Project A sequel to the popular DOS game Liero. All the... DOWNLOAD
guifi(freshmeat) Gestor Güífi Gestor Güífi is a GTK-based front-end for wirel... DOWNLOAD
webmg(sfnet) Web Media Gallery Web Media Gallery is a dynamic Web interface to... DOWNLOAD
ccterm(sfnet) CCTerm - Cam's Colour Terminal Colour ECMA-48/ANSI compatible telnet terminal ... DOWNLOAD
nsis2se(sfnet) NISIS2 Script Editor Multilanguage NISIS2 Script Editor with syntax ... DOWNLOAD
aqualess(sfnet) AquaLess AquaLess is a text pager for Mac OS X, intended... DOWNLOAD
wmpower(sfnet) wmpower wmpower is a Window Maker dock application for ... DOWNLOAD
scam(sfnet) Standard Content Archive Management SCAM is a development environment for building ... DOWNLOAD
phonebooks(sfnet) Phonebooks importer This project was created for importing phoneboo... DOWNLOAD
atemu(sfnet) Atemu sensor node simulator/debugger Atemu and Xatdb provide a simulator and debugge... DOWNLOAD
shelldotnet(sfnet) Shell .NET This project has been closed down, due to sever... DOWNLOAD
kurd(sfnet) Kurd KDE Universal Remote Desktop has the goal of be... DOWNLOAD
kk(freshmeat) KK KK is a very simple PHP script that displays an... DOWNLOAD
e-sonoclaste(sfnet) e-sonoclaste Audio markers manager written in python/tkinter... DOWNLOAD
jpaw(sfnet) JPhotoAlbumWizard JPhotoAlbumWizard is a step-through program tha... DOWNLOAD
ripsaw(sfnet) Ripsaw Ripsaw is a desktop application that allows you... DOWNLOAD
lyconfig(sfnet) lyConfig figgy is a customizable, flexible, easily used ... DOWNLOAD
sheepwool(sfnet) SheepWool A cross-platform, multi-lingual, Perl web-based... DOWNLOAD
tuxbot(freshmeat) TuxBot TuxBot is an IRC bot written in Lua. It was cre... DOWNLOAD
jpegtoavi(sfnet) JPEG to MJPEG-AVI converter In the tradition of the Unix computing philosop... DOWNLOAD
odessa(sfnet) ODESSA ODESSA - The Open Digital Evidence Search and S... DOWNLOAD
yatk(sfnet) YATK - Yet Another Tool Kit YATK - Yet Another Tool Kit or "iá! TK - a... DOWNLOAD
audis(sfnet) Audis Audis is a solution to implement sonification (... DOWNLOAD
allfonts(sfnet) 字体大全 中文フォント DOWNLOAD
sqlt(sfnet) SQLTools for Oracle SQLTools is a light weight and robust frontend ... DOWNLOAD
myipconfig(sfnet) MyIpConfig MyIpConfig is a simple utility for PocketPC, wh... DOWNLOAD
msweb(sfnet) MSWeb client for Outlook Web Access MSWeb is a client for Microsoft's Outlook Web A... DOWNLOAD
lazycode(sfnet) lazyCode: modular weblog system Written in Perl, using XML and totaly themeable... DOWNLOAD
udpp2p(sfnet) Anonymous UDP Peer-2-peer This project aims to build a working model of a... DOWNLOAD
mwsf(sfnet) MWS - ModularWebSystem MWS is a framework of PHP scripts aimed to allo... DOWNLOAD
ggadu(sfnet) GNU Gadu GNU Gadu is an instant messanger application, d... DOWNLOAD
autohostclient(sfnet) Stars! AutoHost Client The AutoHost Client is a program to automate th... DOWNLOAD
cassandre(sfnet) Cassandre Cassandre is an extensible chess engine written... DOWNLOAD
phpmyexpo(sfnet) phpMyExpo phpMyExpo is a script which allow you to build ... DOWNLOAD
yacca(sfnet) Yet Another C Chatting Algorithm Yacca is an advanced chat bot (other plugins ar... DOWNLOAD
hinetportalcms(sfnet) HINet Portal & CMS Portal written in PHP & MySQL. The thing t... DOWNLOAD
stat(sfnet) STAT IDS STAT is a framework for building modular, state... DOWNLOAD
openshiiva(sfnet) OpenShiiva OpenShiiva is a simple yet powerful vob to mp4 ... DOWNLOAD
umlgraph(freshmeat) UMLGraph UMLGraph facilitates the declarative specificat... DOWNLOAD
webnavigator(sfnet) webnavigator The project Navigator aims at supporting automa... DOWNLOAD
softx86(sfnet) Software x86 CPU emulator library Softx86 is a library that provides software emu... DOWNLOAD
ddddren2011(sfnet) cgx this is my life of lower in this time DOWNLOAD
cvit(sfnet) CViT CViT - Chromosome Viewing Tool. A collection of... DOWNLOAD
phpope(sfnet) PHPope - Online Publishing Engine PHPope is a webbased content management applica... DOWNLOAD
sunnysite(sfnet) SunnySite Community Web Site This is a web site for helping people to work t... DOWNLOAD
jx3118(sfnet) dov DOWNLOAD
cm3s(sfnet) MP3 STATION LIRC-aware, plain text, Unix toolset for managi... DOWNLOAD
libais(sfnet) Alien Internet Services Library Alien Internet Services utility library (LibAIS... DOWNLOAD
curses-sharp(sfnet) Curses Sharp A full featured, object-oriented, multi-platfor... DOWNLOAD
picwiz(sfnet) Picwiz Picwiz is a simple picture resizing wizard that... DOWNLOAD
ivcon(sfnet) IVCON IVCON can read and write a small variety of 3D ... DOWNLOAD
urluminator(sfnet) urluminator Urluminator uses urlsnarf to capture URLs that ... DOWNLOAD
bflog(sfnet) Battlefield 1942 Logs A command line Battlefield 1942 log generation ... DOWNLOAD
rubypod(sfnet) rubyPod rubyPod is a graphical frontend for managing an... DOWNLOAD
womp(sfnet) WOMP! WOMP! is a micro linux distribution focussed on... DOWNLOAD
cmtoinch(sfnet) cm <-> inches converter This command line program is ideal for quick co... DOWNLOAD
snapdal(sfnet) SnapDAL for .Net SnapDAL for .Net is a combination of a data acc... DOWNLOAD
jaimbot(sfnet) Java AIMBot JAIMBot is a modular architecture for providing... DOWNLOAD
trafficgenie(sfnet) HTTP Traffic Generator This is a HTTP traffic generator for load testi... DOWNLOAD
webpass(sfnet) Simple Password Generator and Retriever Generate and retrieve passwords for different w... DOWNLOAD
mydatabasepilot(sfnet) MyDatabase Pilot MyDatabase Pilot is a browser based GUI for MyS... DOWNLOAD
panda3de(sfnet) Orb 3D A 3D game engine. A good 3D game engine,. A ver... DOWNLOAD
pxasm(sfnet) PXasm PXasm (Pic sceniX ASM) is a assembler for PIC &... DOWNLOAD
arcanebase(sfnet) ArcaneBase Knowledgebase System ArcaneBase is a php based Knowledgebase system ... DOWNLOAD
xcarecrows4mda(sfnet) Xcarecrows 4 MDA Xcarecrows4MDA provides a complete toolset to b... DOWNLOAD
cudavswizard(sfnet) CUDA VS Wizard A VS Project Wizard for CUDA. After you install... DOWNLOAD
fuse2(sfnet) Fuse2 A web-based content management system written i... DOWNLOAD
nemodb(sfnet) NemoDB - database designed in PhP NemoDB is the Php class which provide simple, q... DOWNLOAD
cfx(sfnet) CFX - See For Example CFX is a platform-independent browser-based int... DOWNLOAD
lsvclient(sfnet) LSVClient The purpose of LSVClient is to provide a full-f... DOWNLOAD
g2ircd(sfnet) Distributed Gnutella IRCd A C#.Net IRCd that uses the Gnutella 2 network ... DOWNLOAD
sse(sfnet) QTide QTide is a QT-based Textditor with some nice fe... DOWNLOAD
qpturmoil(sfnet) Quadplane Turmoil Quadplane Turmoil is a remake of the classic ga... DOWNLOAD
expert-coop(sfnet) Expert-Coop++ Expert-Coop++ is a modular object-oriented envi... DOWNLOAD
excel2json(freshmeat) Excel2JSON Excel2JSON exports an Excel workbook into JSON,... DOWNLOAD
krimpy(sfnet) Krimpy - IRC based file sharing utility. Krimpy is an Open Source file sharing client ba... DOWNLOAD
jinstantmessage(sfnet) Java Instant Messenger Java Instant Messenger (or JIM) is an applicati... DOWNLOAD
davbroker(sfnet) DAVBroker DAVBroker is a very simple, extendable WebDAV s... DOWNLOAD
usbdriverenamer(sfnet) USB Drive Renamer for Mac OSX A script designed to rename large quantities of... DOWNLOAD
gsshd(sfnet) GNU SSH Server GSSHD is a ssh server implementation for Linux ... DOWNLOAD
pr0nsh(sfnet) The Porn Shell The porn shell aka the pr0n shell aka the pourn... DOWNLOAD
ftps4tc(sfnet) FTPS for Total Commander FTP-over-SSL/TLS Plugin for Total Commander. (B... DOWNLOAD
quickrecord(sfnet) Quick record applet A Gnome 2 applet which can be docked to your Gn... DOWNLOAD
codeslinger(sfnet) codeSlinger codeSlinger is source code editor / integrated ... DOWNLOAD

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