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firwal(sfnet) Firwal: A small iptables script Firwal is a small firewall shell script (using ... DOWNLOAD
jportlet(sfnet) jportlet jPortlet is a Portlet Container build in java.&... DOWNLOAD
inhunmi(sfnet) Inhunmi Inhunmi is a Point of Sale software, initially ... DOWNLOAD
mameox(sfnet) MAMEoX (MAME on XBOX) MAMEoX is a port of the popular MAME (Multi Arc... DOWNLOAD
calder(sfnet) calder calder is a multi-platform sculpting software t... DOWNLOAD
csstidy(sfnet) CSSTidy CSSTidy is a program that optimises, formats an... DOWNLOAD
mwm(sfnet) MyWebhostManager MyWebhostManager will help a webhosting manager... DOWNLOAD
xbthingy(sfnet) XBThingy! XBThingy is designed to allow users better cont... DOWNLOAD
mathgenius(sfnet) MathGenius MathGenius is a graphical tool intended to simp... DOWNLOAD
jbloglib(sfnet) Java Blogging Libraries Java libraries for dealing with the various blo... DOWNLOAD
hcubeproject(sfnet) The Hypercube Project The Hypercube Project is a 3D RPG engine, writt... DOWNLOAD
metamorphoses(sfnet) METAmorphoses: DB to RDF transformation METAmorphoses is a system for flexible and easy... DOWNLOAD
pcshell(sfnet) PC-Shell PC-Shell is a basic shell for Windows 9x\98se\N... DOWNLOAD
gnosisbb(sfnet) iBulletin iBulletin is a new brand of message boards, it ... DOWNLOAD
kops(sfnet) Kops Kops is a two-dimensional gravitational shoot'y... DOWNLOAD
gdownloader(sfnet) GDownloader GDownloader is a download manager, that will al... DOWNLOAD
devcms(sfnet) DevCMS DevCMS is a flexible system for maintaining a M... DOWNLOAD
joinme(sfnet) Join Me Join Me! is an IRC server written from scratch ... DOWNLOAD
ezwebalbum(sfnet) EZWebAlbum EZWebAlbum is a web-based photo album based on ... DOWNLOAD
pprint(sfnet) pprint pprint - cross referencing postscript pretty-pr... DOWNLOAD
crazy(sfnet) crazy Small library called gamELibrary, a game called... DOWNLOAD
mgdk(sfnet) MGDK - MIDlet Game Development Kit A set of classes and tools aimed at making it e... DOWNLOAD
moria(sfnet) Moria Moria is a central http-based authentication se... DOWNLOAD
publicdnsadmin(sfnet) Public DNS Administrator Public DNS Admin is a branch of the powerdnsadm... DOWNLOAD
mercante(sfnet) El Mercante This is just a 3D game for Linux where you are ... DOWNLOAD
rubysvm(sfnet) Ruby SVM (Support Vector Machines) Ruby SVM is a Ruby binding to the very popular ... DOWNLOAD
be4gle(sfnet) Be4gle Be4gle is a web services layer for MySQL that e... DOWNLOAD
centerline(sfnet) CenterLine CenterLine is an track editor for N2K3 and is w... DOWNLOAD
jxplorateur(sfnet) J-Xplorateur J-Xplorateur is a file manager, progammed in Ja... DOWNLOAD
soulerp(sfnet) Soul Soul assembles J2EE ERP systems with a few clic... DOWNLOAD
statpaper(sfnet) StatPaper StatPaper is a notebook-style front end a la Ma... DOWNLOAD
omgifol(sfnet) Omgifol Python WAD Library A Python library for manipulation of WAD files. DOWNLOAD
lancelot(sfnet) Lancelot - PVR/Home Automation Lancelot is a PVR/Home Automation project. A f... DOWNLOAD
python-dbo(sfnet) Python Database Objects (dbo) dbo is a database object relational mapper (ORM... DOWNLOAD
nps2(sfnet) New Portal System New Portal System is an "instant" web... DOWNLOAD
krazhkoder(sfnet) Portable GUI Ogg/Speex file encoder Portable GUI Ogg/Speex/FLAC audio encoder/playe... DOWNLOAD
fawcet(sfnet) FAWCET A fast, high-performance content engine with ma... DOWNLOAD
xml2doc(sfnet) xml2doc xml2doc is a tool that allows you to convert an... DOWNLOAD
phpdbedittk(sfnet) PHP DB Edit Toolkit PHP DB Edit Toolkit is a set of PHP classes mak... DOWNLOAD
zide(sfnet) Zide Zope Product to help building browser apps that... DOWNLOAD
imate(sfnet) iMate - Intelligent desktop Mate iMate is a win32 / Linux desktop mate programme... DOWNLOAD
wiseamigo(sfnet) Wise Amigo - an Instant Messaging Bot Wise Amigo - Instant Messaging (IM) Bot (Client) DOWNLOAD
oggtear(sfnet) oggtear A modified version of TEAR ( to ena... DOWNLOAD
wwwpasswd5(sfnet) wwwpasswd CGI program written in C to change user passwor... DOWNLOAD
mediamover(sfnet) Media Mover Media Mover is a piece of software which attemp... DOWNLOAD
audiotransform(sfnet) Audio Transform Transform audio files between any format quickl... DOWNLOAD
industri(sfnet) Industri Industri, started life as a Quake based single ... DOWNLOAD
nagiosweb(sfnet) Nagios Web Config A PHP/MySQL based front-end for Nagios 2.x setu... DOWNLOAD
auctionmage(sfnet) Auction Mage Auction Mage is a sniper software to manage and... DOWNLOAD
aismallutils(sfnet) Artificial Intelligence Utils The set of small utillites (library) implementi... DOWNLOAD
sqlbuilder(sfnet) SQLBuilder SQLBuilder is a java based swing application th... DOWNLOAD
biglux(sfnet) BigLux Software to help blind people for the use of Li... DOWNLOAD
bytetorrent(sfnet) ByteTorrent ByteTorrent is a set of Windows C++ Libraries a... DOWNLOAD
annevolve(sfnet) Evolution of Artificial Neural Networks We experiment with Evolution of Artifical Neura... DOWNLOAD
aardvarktool(sfnet) aardvark Browser based continuous integration(schedulabl... DOWNLOAD
mail-checker(sfnet) Mail checker mail checker can check POP3/IMAP4/local mailbox... DOWNLOAD
openmediatoolkt(sfnet) OpenMediaToolkit The Open Media Toolkit is a C++ platform indepe... DOWNLOAD
squideral(sfnet) SquiDeral SquiDeral - manipulating the cache usage of You... DOWNLOAD
up2us(sfnet) up2us up2us extends RedHat's up2date agent (which upd... DOWNLOAD
gackiem28player(sfnet) gac_kiem28 Player the Flash Player for Website play with : - FLV ... DOWNLOAD
kiloproductions(sfnet) Game21 Card Game Game21 is a graphical solitaire type game writt... DOWNLOAD
insomnia23(sfnet) insomnia insomnia is a java platform independent web ser... DOWNLOAD
digitalhardback(sfnet) digitalHardback book reading simulator digitalHardback is a reading surface simulator ... DOWNLOAD
dxgame(sfnet) Space - A DirectX Game Space - A DirectX Game, is a DirectX, C, C++ ba... DOWNLOAD
csvtokenizer(sfnet) CSVTokenizer CSVTokenizer is a kind of Java API similar to S... DOWNLOAD
formys(sfnet) Formys This program allows creating client-server data... DOWNLOAD
unicats-i(sfnet) Unicats-i The success of the Internet has made it possibl... DOWNLOAD
webprovider(sfnet) Kylix WebProvider WebProvider - The Open Source CGI WebBroker rep... DOWNLOAD
bugscam(sfnet) BugScam IDC Package A bunch of IDC scripts for IDA to look for comm... DOWNLOAD
jwa(sfnet) Josse Web Admin JWA is a collection of php snippets that can be... DOWNLOAD
filetranet(sfnet) php Filetranet Filetranet allows dynamic browsing of directori... DOWNLOAD
blockdropper(sfnet) Ultra Mega Blockdropper Alpha Omega! Another block-dropping game, wherein players at... DOWNLOAD
smarttable(sfnet) Smart Table "Smart Table" is a table that can tra... DOWNLOAD
www-sql(sfnet) WWW-SQL WWW-SQL is a CGI used to display information fr... DOWNLOAD
nullgroupware(sfnet) Null Groupware Null Groupware is a self-hosting web based grou... DOWNLOAD
freecp(sfnet) freecp - power up your trueSpace The extremely popular coolpowers series of plug... DOWNLOAD
modsmanager(sfnet) Mods Manager Keep track of every mod installed in a forum (p... DOWNLOAD
grue-cdb(sfnet) Grue Chess Database A cross platform chess database which supports ... DOWNLOAD
skb(sfnet) Spatial Knowledge Base Spatial Knowledge Base is a web based applicati... DOWNLOAD
lanbiz(sfnet) LanBiz LanBiz is a free, Open Source Server Suite, mos... DOWNLOAD
soundweave(sfnet) SoundWeave SoundWeave is a sound generator that produces a... DOWNLOAD
libnix(sfnet) C link library for AmigaOS/m68k Standard C link library for amiga-specific gcc ... DOWNLOAD
j2metest(sfnet) J2ME Benchmark & Test Suite A collection of benchmark and testing applicati... DOWNLOAD
mklientsdk(sfnet) MerlinCorey\'s C++ Klient2 SDK Class based software developer\'s kit for writi... DOWNLOAD
automod(sfnet) Automod A perl-script that change the mode of files in ... DOWNLOAD
gnutellalib(sfnet) GnutellaLIB GnutellaLIB aims to be a C library to develop a... DOWNLOAD
peqeditor(sfnet) PEQ Database Editor A php-based web-editor for the Project EQ (PEQ)... DOWNLOAD
statmonitor(sfnet) Process Stat Monitor System monitoring utility, written in plain C. ... DOWNLOAD
cemisubdissect(sfnet) cemisubdissect Wireshark plugin for dissecting cemi payload of... DOWNLOAD
danaxu(sfnet) DaNaxU -- text adventure DaNaXu is a text adventure written entirely in ... DOWNLOAD
ultimairis(sfnet) Ultima Iris Ultima Iris is a 3D game client for the popular... DOWNLOAD
mglt(sfnet) milix OpenGL toolkit MGL is a GLUT-like toolkit oriented to Game Pro... DOWNLOAD
bookmarklinks(sfnet) BookMarkLinks Loosing order and overview over your bookmark c... DOWNLOAD
knetworkconfig(sfnet) KDE Network Configuration KDE Network Configuration. Allow to change IP a... DOWNLOAD
dynadmin(sfnet) dynAdmin dynAdmin is the first CMS of its kind. It allow... DOWNLOAD
providerfactory(sfnet) ProviderFactory ProviderFactory is an assembly for the .NET fra... DOWNLOAD
scheduleviz(sfnet) ScheduleViz: Course Schedule Plannner A visual, interactive university course schedul... DOWNLOAD
decodify(sfnet) decodify Decodify is a simple program that parses a nume... DOWNLOAD
pinf(sfnet) Program Informations Neatly Formatted Pinf provide an easy and complete method to emb... DOWNLOAD
ibo(sfnet) ibo the authors of ibo found the base ideas of ibo ... DOWNLOAD

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