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labonizer(sfnet) TA Scheduler TA scheduler based on a genetic algorithm to ma... DOWNLOAD
kvolmet(sfnet) kvolmet kvolmet is a linux/kde utility to monitor trans... DOWNLOAD
eqmapview(sfnet) MapViewer This project, written in MS C#.NET, can display... DOWNLOAD
paklib(sfnet) Quake 2 PAK file library paklib provides easy-to-use pak-file access for... DOWNLOAD
eoa(sfnet) Empire of Angels Empire of Angels is an RPG sited in a fantasy-s... DOWNLOAD
overshadow(sfnet) OverShadow OverShadow is an umbrella project for the devel... DOWNLOAD
m-o-c(sfnet) Mystery of Crystals Mystery of Crystals, MoC, is a simple rpg game ... DOWNLOAD
mida-model(sfnet) MIDA This project provides the source code for the M... DOWNLOAD
naanou(sfnet) Naanou Naanou is a 'clean-room' implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
langlearn(sfnet) LangLearn LangLearn is a program that will help with lear... DOWNLOAD
unannoy(sfnet) Unannoy Making making software easy easy. Unannoy aims... DOWNLOAD
platypuscms(sfnet) Platypus Content Management System Platypus CMS is a online/offline content manage... DOWNLOAD
jasperjedit(sfnet) JasperReportsViewer for jEdit A simple jEdit plugin for viewing JasperReports... DOWNLOAD
eclipsejdo(sfnet) EclipseJDO This Eclipse plugin makes easy and fast to deve... DOWNLOAD
lkx(sfnet) Lkx Lkx - Linux mini-router Distribution DOWNLOAD
mp3record(sfnet) mp3record mp3record is a command-line utility for recordi... DOWNLOAD
qtwave(sfnet) qtwave qtwave is a vcd waveform viewer based on the q... DOWNLOAD
python2xlw(sfnet) Python Excel-XLW File-Maker The main purpose of "python2xlw" is t... DOWNLOAD
courierboss(sfnet) CourierBoss PHP/MySQL based application built to provide ea... DOWNLOAD
ihu(sfnet) I Hear U IHU is a VoIP application for Linux (using Qt a... DOWNLOAD
choralmusiclib(sfnet) PHP Choral Music Library PHP Choral Music Library is an application writ... DOWNLOAD
zempt(sfnet) Zempt The multi-platform posting tool for Movable Type. DOWNLOAD
crcon(sfnet) crcon - command line rcon crcon is a command line app written in c that c... DOWNLOAD
gtkwrap(sfnet) GtkWrap The purpose of this project is to treat the gtk... DOWNLOAD
trinary(sfnet) Trinary Operating System The Trinary Operating System is a modern object... DOWNLOAD
qdbm(sfnet) QDBM: Quick DataBase Manager QDBM is a library of routines for managing a da... DOWNLOAD
sldragonproject(sfnet) SwordLord Dragon Project The SwordLord Dragon Projects contain a Rapid A... DOWNLOAD
freemis(sfnet) FreeMIS The FreeMIS project is an Open Source, web base... DOWNLOAD
expcms(sfnet) ExpCMS Currently ExpCMS has been converted to layer22.... DOWNLOAD
qliss3d(sfnet) qliss3d qliss3d renders 3d-Lissajous-figures (figures m... DOWNLOAD
ripley(sfnet) Ripley Programming Language Ripley is a programming language that is somewh... DOWNLOAD
bonezengine(sfnet) Bonez - a 2D skeletal animation system Bonez - a free cross-platform skeletal animatio... DOWNLOAD
mikelduke(sfnet) Mikel Duke Projects This project contains several of programs writt... DOWNLOAD
webmine(sfnet) Webmine Webmine is software tool that uses the Google W... DOWNLOAD
sinstradmud(sfnet) Sinstrad MUD This is the coding section of your all-time fav... DOWNLOAD
airwave(sfnet) Airwave IRC Services Airwave: IRC-Services that are fast, stable, wr... DOWNLOAD
bng(sfnet) BNG This is an application for the Palm Pre (or Pix... DOWNLOAD
mulged(sfnet) MulgEd MulgEd - The Mulg game and level editor DOWNLOAD
glyph(sfnet) Glyph A generic plug-in module interface. DOWNLOAD
spanishvocab(sfnet) Spanish Vocabulary Quizzer A Java application to aid in the memorization o... DOWNLOAD
dbeasy(sfnet) Database Easy Access-like webdatabasemanagement with support ... DOWNLOAD
glbattlepong(sfnet) glBattlePong Remember that Mortal Pongbat for the Macintosh ... DOWNLOAD
spriteedit(sfnet) SpriteEdit SpriteEdit is a sprite editor and animator util... DOWNLOAD
leif(sfnet) Leif Leif is a KDE tool for the SonyEricsson T68/T68... DOWNLOAD
linuxtuples(sfnet) LinuxTuples LinuxTuples is an open-source implementation of... DOWNLOAD
log4j2db(sfnet) Log4J2DB This Project provides a set of EJBs to store Lo... DOWNLOAD
trafcalc(sfnet) traffic calculator Calculates the size of the tcp-payload on a sys... DOWNLOAD
phpki(sfnet) PHPki Digital Certificate Authority PHPki is an Open Source Web application for man... DOWNLOAD
grand8(sfnet) Grand8 - Roller-coaster Simulator grand8 is a rollercoaster simulator which offer... DOWNLOAD
sharp-igd(sfnet) SharpIGD This is a C# deamon that implements the UPnP In... DOWNLOAD
dhcpv6-linux(sfnet) DHCPv6 implementation on Linux This is the first ever open source implementati... DOWNLOAD
sivutie(sfnet) Sivutie www-sivustoille Finnish language Content Management. CMS docume... DOWNLOAD
dcform(sfnet) DCForm DCForm is OO module written with PHP, which can... DOWNLOAD
kworld(sfnet) Universal DB-Engine for Perl A universal DB-engine for Perl. Instead of writ... DOWNLOAD
jiz(sfnet) jiz jiz--an open source, multi-platform java swing ... DOWNLOAD
guanxicrm(sfnet) guanxiCRM Business Solution A comprehensive CRM designed for Asian firms. I... DOWNLOAD
satsumaxml(sfnet) Satsuma XML Satsuma XML is simple but very flexible XML bin... DOWNLOAD
alived(sfnet) alived A simple daemon and client for sending keepaliv... DOWNLOAD
rcontool(sfnet) MOH:AA Rcon Tool MOH:AA Rcon Tool allows server admins to keep t... DOWNLOAD
zdata(sfnet) The Z Database Program ZData is a terminal-based records databse progr... DOWNLOAD
logstream(sfnet) Log Stream A C++ Library that provides easy logging to sys... DOWNLOAD
musicjindex(sfnet) MusicJIndex MusicJIndex is a new little EASY Java tool to m... DOWNLOAD
fasttype(sfnet) Fasttype Fasttype is a userspace program that delivers a... DOWNLOAD
as3dmd(sfnet) AltSci3D Manga Director AltSci3D Manga Director is a open source editor... DOWNLOAD
lierosp(sfnet) Liero Sequel Project A sequel to the popular DOS game Liero. All the... DOWNLOAD
guifi(freshmeat) Gestor Güífi Gestor Güífi is a GTK-based front-end for wirel... DOWNLOAD
webmg(sfnet) Web Media Gallery Web Media Gallery is a dynamic Web interface to... DOWNLOAD
ccterm(sfnet) CCTerm - Cam's Colour Terminal Colour ECMA-48/ANSI compatible telnet terminal ... DOWNLOAD
nsis2se(sfnet) NISIS2 Script Editor Multilanguage NISIS2 Script Editor with syntax ... DOWNLOAD
aqualess(sfnet) AquaLess AquaLess is a text pager for Mac OS X, intended... DOWNLOAD
wmpower(sfnet) wmpower wmpower is a Window Maker dock application for ... DOWNLOAD
scam(sfnet) Standard Content Archive Management SCAM is a development environment for building ... DOWNLOAD
phonebooks(sfnet) Phonebooks importer This project was created for importing phoneboo... DOWNLOAD
atemu(sfnet) Atemu sensor node simulator/debugger Atemu and Xatdb provide a simulator and debugge... DOWNLOAD
shelldotnet(sfnet) Shell .NET This project has been closed down, due to sever... DOWNLOAD
kurd(sfnet) Kurd KDE Universal Remote Desktop has the goal of be... DOWNLOAD
kk(freshmeat) KK KK is a very simple PHP script that displays an... DOWNLOAD
e-sonoclaste(sfnet) e-sonoclaste Audio markers manager written in python/tkinter... DOWNLOAD
jpaw(sfnet) JPhotoAlbumWizard JPhotoAlbumWizard is a step-through program tha... DOWNLOAD
ripsaw(sfnet) Ripsaw Ripsaw is a desktop application that allows you... DOWNLOAD
lyconfig(sfnet) lyConfig figgy is a customizable, flexible, easily used ... DOWNLOAD
sheepwool(sfnet) SheepWool A cross-platform, multi-lingual, Perl web-based... DOWNLOAD
tuxbot(freshmeat) TuxBot TuxBot is an IRC bot written in Lua. It was cre... DOWNLOAD
jpegtoavi(sfnet) JPEG to MJPEG-AVI converter In the tradition of the Unix computing philosop... DOWNLOAD
odessa(sfnet) ODESSA ODESSA - The Open Digital Evidence Search and S... DOWNLOAD
yatk(sfnet) YATK - Yet Another Tool Kit YATK - Yet Another Tool Kit or "iá! TK - a... DOWNLOAD
audis(sfnet) Audis Audis is a solution to implement sonification (... DOWNLOAD
allfonts(sfnet) 字体大全 中文フォント DOWNLOAD
sqlt(sfnet) SQLTools for Oracle SQLTools is a light weight and robust frontend ... DOWNLOAD
myipconfig(sfnet) MyIpConfig MyIpConfig is a simple utility for PocketPC, wh... DOWNLOAD
msweb(sfnet) MSWeb client for Outlook Web Access MSWeb is a client for Microsoft's Outlook Web A... DOWNLOAD
lazycode(sfnet) lazyCode: modular weblog system Written in Perl, using XML and totaly themeable... DOWNLOAD
udpp2p(sfnet) Anonymous UDP Peer-2-peer This project aims to build a working model of a... DOWNLOAD
mwsf(sfnet) MWS - ModularWebSystem MWS is a framework of PHP scripts aimed to allo... DOWNLOAD
ggadu(sfnet) GNU Gadu GNU Gadu is an instant messanger application, d... DOWNLOAD
autohostclient(sfnet) Stars! AutoHost Client The AutoHost Client is a program to automate th... DOWNLOAD
cassandre(sfnet) Cassandre Cassandre is an extensible chess engine written... DOWNLOAD
phpmyexpo(sfnet) phpMyExpo phpMyExpo is a script which allow you to build ... DOWNLOAD
yacca(sfnet) Yet Another C Chatting Algorithm Yacca is an advanced chat bot (other plugins ar... DOWNLOAD
hinetportalcms(sfnet) HINet Portal & CMS Portal written in PHP & MySQL. The thing t... DOWNLOAD

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