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perlgo(sfnet) PerlGo PerlGo: the classic board game of Go, featuring... DOWNLOAD
aimprintscreen(sfnet) AIMPrintScreen AIMPrintScreen is a simplistic screencasting ut... DOWNLOAD
worldwide-ircu(sfnet) Worldwide IRCu Software This IRCu software is based of UnderNet ircd an... DOWNLOAD
peerware(sfnet) peerware PeerWare is a data-sharing middleware based on ... DOWNLOAD
jannealer(sfnet) Java Simulated Annealing Package Simulated annealing package written in Java usi... DOWNLOAD
progress2xls(sfnet) PROGRESS2XLS Progress Report PROGRESS2XLS is a program for Progress Characte... DOWNLOAD
jfreeprofcenter(sfnet) JFreeProfilingCenter JFreeProfilingCenter is a Java framework suppor... DOWNLOAD
ehd(sfnet) Eat Hot Death! -- The Card Game Eat Hot Death! is a Crazy Eights (UNO) add-on/v... DOWNLOAD
eml50combine(sfnet) EML50Combine EML50Combine merges two or more XML schema file... DOWNLOAD
sisconc(sfnet) SisConc It is a system that allow a person to solve man... DOWNLOAD
webonswing(sfnet) WebOnSwing Component based web application framework that ... DOWNLOAD
measj(sfnet) measj MEASJ, the Multiply Extensible Architecture Sim... DOWNLOAD
jenni-jni(sfnet) Java ENhanced Native Interface The Java ENhanced Native Interface (jenni) proj... DOWNLOAD
bhttpmail(sfnet) Blue HttpMail Blue HttpMail is a library that connects to HTT... DOWNLOAD
zayso(sfnet) ZAYSO ZAYSO is a web based tool for managing youth so... DOWNLOAD
jayex(sfnet) Jaybird Jaybird is java-language based, source & xm... DOWNLOAD
webmin-ppp(sfnet) Webmin PPP Dialup Control Webmin module to allow dialup connections to be... DOWNLOAD
hlbook(sfnet) HLBook HLBook is a PHP/Perl application for booking ti... DOWNLOAD
icx(sfnet) icx 3D diagramatic interaction tool icx is a tool for 3D Diagrammatic Interaction (... DOWNLOAD
nqmacs(sfnet) nqmacs nqmacs is a set of precompiled w32-binaries bas... DOWNLOAD
cvschronoview(sfnet) CVS Chronoview CVS Chronoview is a client-side tool that prese... DOWNLOAD
linetimer(sfnet) LineTimer The Perl based web application LineTimer is an ... DOWNLOAD
hml(sfnet) Home Media Librarian A pure Java client(GUI) application that utiliz... DOWNLOAD
varis-pro(sfnet) Varis Pro Varis Pro is a video rental system, designed to... DOWNLOAD
adbgone(sfnet) AdBGone AdBGone is a small, and useful piece of softwar... DOWNLOAD
webreactor(sfnet) WebReactor WebReactor is an async(using twisted) HTTP/FTP/... DOWNLOAD
voruta(sfnet) simple data access framework for JAVA Voruta reduces JDBC code in application, it mak... DOWNLOAD
freev(sfnet) freev massively-multiplayer space trading and combat ... DOWNLOAD
natservices(sfnet) NatServices The developed programs allows users that are un... DOWNLOAD
adobeflexgauge(sfnet) Adobe Flex Gauge Control Look no further for the web's best Open Source ... DOWNLOAD
jerico(sfnet) jerico Web based Java remote compiler for applications... DOWNLOAD
phpcms-plugins(sfnet) phpCMS-plugins Plugins for use with the Content-Management-Sys... DOWNLOAD
tscap32(sfnet) tscap32 Delphi Video Capture Component tscap32 is a Delphi component used to capture v... DOWNLOAD
jtodo(sfnet) ListfulThinking ListfulThinking is a stand alone self prioritiz... DOWNLOAD
dcosx(sfnet) DCOSX dcosx is a Direct Connect client based on dclib... DOWNLOAD
luacheia(sfnet) LuaCheia LuaCheia is a full-blown, enhanced version of t... DOWNLOAD
hipponet(sfnet) Hippo.NET Hippo is a combination of Draco.NET and MS Buil... DOWNLOAD
crownim2(sfnet) CIM3 Provide a secure and centrally managed Business... DOWNLOAD
javatui(sfnet) Text User Interface Crossplatform library is intended for creating ... DOWNLOAD
purplesharp(sfnet) PurpleSharp Purple# is one of the first full blown game eng... DOWNLOAD
cafeterra(sfnet) Cafeterra : an Open Source EAI project WEB interface for the design, process and monit... DOWNLOAD
casperlabs(sfnet) casper CASPER aims at providing an environment for bui... DOWNLOAD
dsol(sfnet) DSOL DSOL is a full featured multi-formalism, distri... DOWNLOAD
damonkey(sfnet) DaMonkey DaMonkey is a database access layer code genera... DOWNLOAD
somreport(sfnet) somreport SomReport is an XML to Image/PDF library writte... DOWNLOAD
mihalychat(sfnet) Mihaly's Chat System I am developing a complete Chat system solution... DOWNLOAD
p-2(sfnet) Portable Personality P2 is a middleware solution for smart user prof... DOWNLOAD
ncodegen(sfnet) NCodeGen Code generation framework that can be used with... DOWNLOAD
vrindamp(sfnet) Vrindamp - Vrinda Media Player Vrindamp is based on Macromedia Flash and MDM Z... DOWNLOAD
fontpack(sfnet) FontPack Utility for packing and rendering fonts to text... DOWNLOAD
escheduler(sfnet) The Scheduler The Scheduler is a small app that uses the inte... DOWNLOAD
fuglue(sfnet) fuglue project management HTTP WEBDAV fuglue (fugu Glue) is a modern Project Manageme... DOWNLOAD
portalmixphp(sfnet) Content Management System PortalmixPHP<br><br> portalmixPHP i... DOWNLOAD
pdbview(sfnet) pdbview Pdbview is a viewer aplication for Protein Data... DOWNLOAD
caribou-p2p(sfnet) Caribou peer to peer. Caribou is a peer to peer software design for g... DOWNLOAD
vismur(sfnet) VisMuR The VisMuR (VISual MUsic Retrieval system allow... DOWNLOAD
wombatos(sfnet) Wombat Open Source WOMBAT open source is a simple web-based projec... DOWNLOAD
cvsgi(sfnet) GUI Front End for CVS CVSGI (Concurrent Versions System Graphical Int... DOWNLOAD
cxxtl(sfnet) C++ Trivial Logger C++ Trivial Logger is lightweight logger writte... DOWNLOAD
datastructsim(sfnet) DataStructureSimulator This is a simulator of Datastructures (lists, t... DOWNLOAD
amazonproject(sfnet) Amazon - Collaborative Document System Amazon is a groundbraking peer-to-peer based co... DOWNLOAD
ataricc65lib(sfnet) Atari Contiki This project maintains and organizes the Atari ... DOWNLOAD
zenix(sfnet) ZeniX Uploader ZeniX Uploader, as you can tell, is a file uplo... DOWNLOAD
mrms(sfnet) Meta Resource Management System The objective of the project "MRMS" i... DOWNLOAD
catviz(sfnet) Catviz PHP OOP Content Manager Catviz is a *different* PHP/MySQL based content... DOWNLOAD
uplinkdotnet(sfnet) The Uplink.NET Project A server/client project for Windows, designed f... DOWNLOAD
kmapnetdrive(sfnet) Kmapnetdrive Kmapnetdrive is a GUI front end for commands sm... DOWNLOAD
antipodal(sfnet) Antipodal A tabbed editor that uses the TSynEdit delphi c... DOWNLOAD
pyroeditor(sfnet) PyroEditor of PyroTech PyroEditor lets you make levels for Quake-like ... DOWNLOAD
matchschedule(sfnet) Match Schedule for game (bf1942) clans. The match schedule has been created to make it ... DOWNLOAD
jaction(sfnet) JactionGroup The core of the JAction framework is a flexible... DOWNLOAD
expppd(sfnet) The expanded version pppd for FreeBSD Extended pppd version (Callback, radius, traffi... DOWNLOAD
mopla(sfnet) Mopla Mopla is a mobile phone programming language. I... DOWNLOAD
pynt(sfnet) Pynt Pynt is a next generation java build tool. It ... DOWNLOAD
hotex(sfnet) HoTeX - Home Theater Explorer Home Theater Explorer is a movies management an... DOWNLOAD
nnet(sfnet) nnet nnet is a C++ library for artificial neural net... DOWNLOAD
jaymonitor(sfnet) JayMonitor JayMonitor monitores several Servers on specifi... DOWNLOAD
ninvaders(sfnet) nInvaders nInvaders is a Space Invaders clone based on nc... DOWNLOAD
oasserver(sfnet) Open Application Server This is a high performance, multithreaded C++ a... DOWNLOAD
kpum(sfnet) kpum Kpum is a KDE program that manages users of the... DOWNLOAD
jdatapump(sfnet) JDataPump Pump data from any JDBC enabled database to ano... DOWNLOAD
brainsquash(sfnet) BrainSquash: VBA to Linux Communication Two way communication from any Excel, PowerPoin... DOWNLOAD
linuxcompressed(sfnet) Linux Compressed Cache Compressed caching is a new level in the virtua... DOWNLOAD
observatory(sfnet) Talon - Observatory Control Software Talon is a a fully automated open-source soluti... DOWNLOAD
gemz(sfnet) Gemz Gemz is an SDL implementation of the popular pu... DOWNLOAD
dbsqlbackup(sfnet) dbSQLBackup Timeout errors when backing up and restoring la... DOWNLOAD
helpmeict(sfnet) helpmeict A tailored web-based ICT helpdesk system, with ... DOWNLOAD
medfo(sfnet) medfo A C++, GTK+ based GUI application for displayin... DOWNLOAD
jrelaxtimer(sfnet) JRelaxTimer JRelaxTimer is a Java Applet that act as a time... DOWNLOAD
wnf(sfnet) WebNavigationFramework (WNF) The "WebNavigationFramework" (WNF) is... DOWNLOAD
spaw(sfnet) SPAW Editor - web based WYSIWYG editor Full-featured, fully customizable, multilingual... DOWNLOAD
d2h(sfnet) d2h d2h generates a table of contents basing on the... DOWNLOAD
datool(sfnet) Discourse Analysis This tool allows people to do discourse analysi... DOWNLOAD
ourhelpdesk(sfnet) OurHelpDesk HELPDESK I am creating simple helpdesk applicat... DOWNLOAD
smile(sfnet) smile An open source implementation of the JavaServer... DOWNLOAD
wmwireless(sfnet) wmWireless A WindowMaker dockapp which displays wireless n... DOWNLOAD
nlbasic(sfnet) NLBasic NLBasic - The Natural Language BASIC. DOWNLOAD
protrak(sfnet) Java Based Software Project Management Java based software/information systems - proj... DOWNLOAD
gcalienr(sfnet) Gnu-com: Alien Research A project to dissect the game about the alien m... DOWNLOAD
medev(sfnet) MindEngine Development MindEngine is an API-independent and cross-plat... DOWNLOAD

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