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fuse2(sfnet) Fuse2 A web-based content management system written i... DOWNLOAD
nemodb(sfnet) NemoDB - database designed in PhP NemoDB is the Php class which provide simple, q... DOWNLOAD
cfx(sfnet) CFX - See For Example CFX is a platform-independent browser-based int... DOWNLOAD
lsvclient(sfnet) LSVClient The purpose of LSVClient is to provide a full-f... DOWNLOAD
g2ircd(sfnet) Distributed Gnutella IRCd A C#.Net IRCd that uses the Gnutella 2 network ... DOWNLOAD
sse(sfnet) QTide QTide is a QT-based Textditor with some nice fe... DOWNLOAD
qpturmoil(sfnet) Quadplane Turmoil Quadplane Turmoil is a remake of the classic ga... DOWNLOAD
expert-coop(sfnet) Expert-Coop++ Expert-Coop++ is a modular object-oriented envi... DOWNLOAD
excel2json(freshmeat) Excel2JSON Excel2JSON exports an Excel workbook into JSON,... DOWNLOAD
krimpy(sfnet) Krimpy - IRC based file sharing utility. Krimpy is an Open Source file sharing client ba... DOWNLOAD
jinstantmessage(sfnet) Java Instant Messenger Java Instant Messenger (or JIM) is an applicati... DOWNLOAD
davbroker(sfnet) DAVBroker DAVBroker is a very simple, extendable WebDAV s... DOWNLOAD
usbdriverenamer(sfnet) USB Drive Renamer for Mac OSX A script designed to rename large quantities of... DOWNLOAD
gsshd(sfnet) GNU SSH Server GSSHD is a ssh server implementation for Linux ... DOWNLOAD
pr0nsh(sfnet) The Porn Shell The porn shell aka the pr0n shell aka the pourn... DOWNLOAD
ftps4tc(sfnet) FTPS for Total Commander FTP-over-SSL/TLS Plugin for Total Commander. (B... DOWNLOAD
quickrecord(sfnet) Quick record applet A Gnome 2 applet which can be docked to your Gn... DOWNLOAD
codeslinger(sfnet) codeSlinger codeSlinger is source code editor / integrated ... DOWNLOAD
paida(sfnet) PAIDA PAIDA is pure Python scientific analysis packag... DOWNLOAD
voltmsg(sfnet) voltmsg voltMessenger is a web-centered IM system. It c... DOWNLOAD
wafdotnet(sfnet) WAF - Wholehouse Automation Framework The WAF project is a set of .NET libraries and ... DOWNLOAD
webphoto(sfnet) PHP Web Photo Album PHP/MySQL photo album. The photos and thumbnail... DOWNLOAD
joy4bve(sfnet) Joy4bve Joy4bve is a joystick to keyboard c++ program f... DOWNLOAD
dpp32(sfnet) Delphi language Preprocessor This tools is a pre-processor for Delphi and Ky... DOWNLOAD
pyegs(sfnet) PyEgs PyEgs is an easy-to-use interface to the EGSnrc... DOWNLOAD
gtk-wimp(sfnet) GTK-Wimp GTK-Wimp ("Windows Impersonator") is ... DOWNLOAD
colortool(sfnet) colortool colortool helps converting colors between diffe... DOWNLOAD
mibrow(sfnet) MIB Browser MIB Browser MIB Browser is a SNMP tool to bro... DOWNLOAD
awusb-linux(sfnet) ActiveWire USB Linux Software ActiveWire USB Linux Software - firmware downlo... DOWNLOAD
mp3tv(sfnet) MP3-TV.NET The Medialibrary is your MP3 Folder. Navigation... DOWNLOAD
javauml(sfnet) JavaUML - The Java UML Modeller JavaUML is a platform-independant UML diagram e... DOWNLOAD
helpserv(sfnet) HelpServ IRC Service HelpServ is a Service for IRCu Servers to Help ... DOWNLOAD
hlan(sfnet) Hrk's LAN Connection daemon and client This daemon allows people with a LAN shared con... DOWNLOAD
pblib(sfnet) Powerbuilder Library - Generic Use This lib is no longer usable, use "Kodigo&... DOWNLOAD
simontacchi(sfnet) Simontacchi Chess Engine Simontacchi is a Winboard/UCI compatible chess ... DOWNLOAD
mido(sfnet) Mido Mido is a GUI for MultiPlatform Digital Oscillo... DOWNLOAD
netfifo(sfnet) Network FIFO Network FIFO is a software model that provides ... DOWNLOAD
mks(sfnet) Mirak Knowledge System (MKS) MKS CORE SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT * Project and Know... DOWNLOAD
circleuml(sfnet) CircleUML CircleUML is a stand alone Java application tha... DOWNLOAD
dkpromisance(sfnet) darkpromisance Welcome to Promisance, We invite you to take co... DOWNLOAD
xinca(sfnet) xINCA xINCA stands for eXtended INfrastructure for Ca... DOWNLOAD
lupy(sfnet) Lupy Lupy is a full text indexer for Python. It is a... DOWNLOAD
w2kpcap(sfnet) W2K Pcap Patched the source to handle the unicode unpack... DOWNLOAD
pyturnsnlayers(sfnet) FXPyTurns-n-Layers FXPyTurns-n-Layers is a graphical transformer a... DOWNLOAD
geekddb(sfnet) geekDDB geekDDB is a plugin for the Geeklog CMS system.... DOWNLOAD
grender(sfnet) GRender - Render queue manager GRender is a GTK+ frontend for the "Alias ... DOWNLOAD
bnfparser2(sfnet) BNF Parser² A universal syntax verification utility utilizi... DOWNLOAD
ordl(sfnet) Open RPG Description Language ORDL aims to allow Game Masters to create their... DOWNLOAD
securelock(sfnet) SecureLock SecureLock is a php and mysql authenication/log... DOWNLOAD
jhess(sfnet) Jhess correspondence chess system Jhess is a combination email real time chess sy... DOWNLOAD
thine(sfnet) thine thine is an abbreviation for Thine Is Not Emacs... DOWNLOAD
twilredempt(sfnet) Twilight of Redemption We endeavour to create a 3D Roleplaying Adventu... DOWNLOAD
tpfl(sfnet) TPFL: Trivial Portable Framework Library TPFL stands for Trivial Portable Framework Libr... DOWNLOAD
prass(sfnet) Project Assistant The Project Assistant (prass) is a Web tool des... DOWNLOAD
mms-encode(sfnet) MMS encapsulation PHP class The project consist in a PHP script to encode v... DOWNLOAD
nfte(sfnet) New FTE nfte (New/Ncurses FTE) is a fork of the FTE edi... DOWNLOAD
libike(sfnet) libike Libike is a cross-platform C library for managi... DOWNLOAD
bkup-scripts(sfnet) SysLog-NG backup-scripts The purpose of this project is to provide a com... DOWNLOAD
libnabla(sfnet) NABLA DOWNLOAD
javaquantity(sfnet) Java library and framework: quantity This Java library (currently 217 classes) is ab... DOWNLOAD
c-tasks(sfnet) C Tasks C Tasks consists of Ant tasks that invoke C/C++... DOWNLOAD
imsharp(sfnet) IMSharp IMSharp is a simple instant messaging system th... DOWNLOAD
gabrieldaher(sfnet) plants vs zombies plants vs zombies program DOWNLOAD
e-learning(sfnet) Simple e-Learning system Simple extensible e-Learning system written in ... DOWNLOAD
linecounter(sfnet) LineCounter This is Source Code Line Count Tool with user-s... DOWNLOAD
dos-is(sfnet) DOS Install System Provides a DOS-based installation for DOS softw... DOWNLOAD
crime(sfnet) CRIME! CRIME! will be a game where you play a criminal... DOWNLOAD
easyldap(sfnet) easyLDAP LDAP tag libraries provides the easiest way of ... DOWNLOAD
escumm(sfnet) eSCUMM extended Script Creation Utility for Maniac Man... DOWNLOAD
pgmfi(sfnet) PGMFI Project The PGMFI project has as its goal total underst... DOWNLOAD
openevidence(sfnet) Open Evidence With the emergence of legal environments concer... DOWNLOAD
jymsg9(sfnet) jYMSG API - Yahoo IM and Chat for Java A Java package (library/API) to connect and use... DOWNLOAD
xui(sfnet) XUI RIA Framework XUI is a Java and XML RIA platform for building... DOWNLOAD
compilex(sfnet) compilex Compilex is a lalr parser generator like yacc. ... DOWNLOAD
palmoscrlib(sfnet) Palm OS CRLib Palm OS CRLib is a Palm OS framework to develop... DOWNLOAD
scol(sfnet) scol scol technology DOWNLOAD
blopplot(sfnet) BLOP - A LaTeX-Oriented Plotter BLOP - A LaTeX-Oriented plotting software. DOWNLOAD
hunterogl(sfnet) Hunter for OpenGL An OpenGL game in which you must hunt birds, an... DOWNLOAD
personalweb(sfnet) PersonalWeb PersonalWeb allows to access your personal mach... DOWNLOAD
minixpath(sfnet) Mini-xpath processor for J2Me This project is an xpath processor built for th... DOWNLOAD
beamblocks(sfnet) Beam Blocks Beam Blocks is a tile-based, turn-based, determ... DOWNLOAD
gabriele-test(sfnet) test Test project for test purposes only not interes... DOWNLOAD
npngquant(sfnet) npngquant This is a new version of the PNGQuant software ... DOWNLOAD
gadgetamdhmaroc(sfnet) Gadget_AMDH_Marocclock Horloge gadget AMDH Maroc DOWNLOAD
codestack(sfnet) codestack A code snippet manager for Mac OS X. It allows... DOWNLOAD
notes2(sfnet) Notes Notes is a programmer text editor for linux and... DOWNLOAD
shellcast(sfnet) SHELLcast Broadcast your console-applications to your fri... DOWNLOAD
manmang(sfnet) Manual Manager A PhP / JavaScript based system to store, edit ... DOWNLOAD
teacherhelp(sfnet) TeacherHelp Main goal: make a program that helps a teacher ... DOWNLOAD
kftpgrabber(sfnet) KFTPGrabber KFTPGrabber is a KDE FTP client. It supports SS... DOWNLOAD
mtool4islander(sfnet) Agent Mediated Electronic Markets The main purpose of this project is building a ... DOWNLOAD
shalvideo(sfnet) shalVideo shalVideo is a Video Record Programming for KDE... DOWNLOAD
zeldaclone(sfnet) Zelda clone --A 2d adventure game An easy to use and to modify Zelda clone using ... DOWNLOAD
eiffel-dbxml(sfnet) Eiffel interface to Berkley DB XML An Eiffel interface to Sleepycat's (http://www.... DOWNLOAD
arbeat(sfnet) arbeat A console tool to add BPM tags to mp3 files. I... DOWNLOAD
openava(sfnet) openAVA openAVA is a project to realize GNU/GPL based s... DOWNLOAD
mambo-phpshop(sfnet) mambo-phpshop for Mambo Your complete Shopping Cart Solution for the Co... DOWNLOAD
amvtg(freshmeat) amvtg "amvtg" (ATmega NTSC Video Text Gener... DOWNLOAD
cyrus-utils(sfnet) Cyrus IMAPd Utilities Cyrus IMAPd is a popular IMAP server that surfa... DOWNLOAD
ipbskinner(sfnet) IPB Skinner IPB Skinner is a one-of-a-kind GUI application ... DOWNLOAD

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