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cyport(sfnet) cyport Linux core driver with API-interface for the Cy... DOWNLOAD
neoradar(sfnet) Radar Software This package is a collection of libraries, data... DOWNLOAD
dorothea(sfnet) Dorothea Dorothea builds web sites from a collection of ... DOWNLOAD
forty-two(sfnet) forty-two forty-two is a clone of the 1943 game written i... DOWNLOAD
swatt(sfnet) SWATT SWATT (Secure Wargame AdminisTration Tool) Is a... DOWNLOAD
anote2(sfnet) @Note2 Biomedical Text Mining (BioTM) is providing val... DOWNLOAD
jfbchat(freshmeat) JFBChat JFBChat is a simple application that lets you c... DOWNLOAD
highfish(sfnet) highfish scripts highfish scripts provides u with php and asp-sc... DOWNLOAD
songdb(sfnet) Open SONG db Basing on the MoodLogic(c) idea, Open SONG db w... DOWNLOAD
clouseau(sfnet) Clouseau for SQL Server Clouseau for SQL Server is designed to aid syst... DOWNLOAD
bagg(sfnet) BAGG GUI Library BAGG is a flexible GAME GUI library for the ALL... DOWNLOAD
jxhtmledit(sfnet) JXHTMLedit JXHTMLedit is a WYSIWYG XHTML content authoring... DOWNLOAD
phpsmile(sfnet) phpSmile phpSmile is a small library written in PHP 4 wh... DOWNLOAD
squidmin(sfnet) Squidmin-Administration tool for Squid This is a program in script shell to manage use... DOWNLOAD
zoneminder(sfnet) ZoneMinder ZoneMinder is video and cctv surveillance and s... DOWNLOAD
curl-ext(sfnet) Curl External Libraries Curl External Libraries -- a Curl Open Source p... DOWNLOAD
xkeymouse(sfnet) xkeymouse xkeymouse enables synthezing mouse events from ... DOWNLOAD
phptml(sfnet) PHPTML - a class to aid in creating HTML A PHP class for simplifying HTML page creation.... DOWNLOAD
spanishdub(sfnet) SpanishDub SpanishDub, traducción al español de VirtualDub... DOWNLOAD
g-neric(sfnet) PhP Generic library & framework for comm g-neric permits fast community management. it c... DOWNLOAD
wspace(sfnet) W Space CGI games: WSpace will become a multiplayer spa... DOWNLOAD
autoproxy4j(sfnet) autoproxy4j Currently Java does not support the execution o... DOWNLOAD
tabula-musica(sfnet) tabula-musica Tabula-Musica is a full modular, GStreamer powe... DOWNLOAD
linuxrh7(sfnet) GRM GRM is an Modular Homepage System. Automatical ... DOWNLOAD
jnlp(sfnet) netx A high-quality JNLP client that can also be use... DOWNLOAD
tunevault(sfnet) The Tunevault The Tunevault catalogs, analyzes, and displays ... DOWNLOAD
argosframework(sfnet) Argos Framework This is a framework to help to a developer to g... DOWNLOAD
rtrat(sfnet) RAT RAT is a library for the construction of real t... DOWNLOAD
s3fc(sfnet) Stone Three Foundation Classes Stone Three Foundation Classes (S3FC) is a soft... DOWNLOAD
mldw(sfnet) MLDonkey Watch MLDonkey Watch is a Windows/Linux GUI for MLDon... DOWNLOAD
des-gsinha(sfnet) DES Encryption/Decryption Algorithm A simple working implementation of 64-bit DES e... DOWNLOAD
viperide(sfnet) Viper IDE Viper IDE is a client-server based multi-develo... DOWNLOAD
met2php(sfnet) Met2PHP Reads Overnet/eDonkey/eMule Met files to genera... DOWNLOAD
bnkb(sfnet) Myles Braithwaite These are some of the open source programs I am... DOWNLOAD
junkie(sfnet) junkie GTK2 FTP Client Junkie is a GTK2 FTP client with features such ... DOWNLOAD
snez-d(sfnet) Simple Network Enhanced Zulu-time Device The Simple Network Enhanced Zulu-time Device (S... DOWNLOAD
diarreanuke(sfnet) DiarreaNuke DiarreaNuke es una traduccion de PHP-Nuke compl... DOWNLOAD
speak-freely-w(sfnet) Speak Freely for Windows Speak Freely for Windows is a free Internet tel... DOWNLOAD
libgmuvision(sfnet) libGMUVision libGMUVision is a set of C++ bindings for libdc... DOWNLOAD
refocus(sfnet) Refocus Refocus is a plug-in for the Gimp (the GNU Imag... DOWNLOAD
bnjoshi(sfnet) Bhanu Narendra Joshi (BNJ) We create a microfinance health clinic that pro... DOWNLOAD
curlib(sfnet) Curl Lib Curl Lib - Extended components for Curl languag... DOWNLOAD
custodea-repo(sfnet) Custodea-repo Open source java implementation of Open Archiv... DOWNLOAD
martokbot(sfnet) MartokBot Modular IRC bot that comes with some modules fo... DOWNLOAD
nwndynlib(sfnet) NWScript Dynamic Library API A NWScript add-on that provides users with the ... DOWNLOAD
jpgn(sfnet) j-PGN j-PGN is a lightweight multiplatform java PGN r... DOWNLOAD
yogl(sfnet) Java graph library Provides the implementation of an adjacency-lis... DOWNLOAD
pdbc(sfnet) pdbc Palm DataBase compiler/decompiler. The compile... DOWNLOAD
bietozilla(sfnet) BietOZilla open source ebay tool to manage your auctions. ... DOWNLOAD
radimage(sfnet) Rad Image A complete Image editing suite built with java ... DOWNLOAD
emacsmp3player(sfnet) mp3player.el Emacs Mode for playing mp3 (and others music fi... DOWNLOAD
trilonis-mc(sfnet) trilonis-mc For managed healthcare group eligibility, billi... DOWNLOAD
perl-pad(sfnet) perl-pad PerlPad offers Perl code execution as a MacOS X... DOWNLOAD
psntp(sfnet) PSNTP PSNTP is an easy-to-use SNTP (RFC 2030) server/... DOWNLOAD
vstoolbox(sfnet) Matlab Visual Servoing Toolbox This project deals with the implementation of a... DOWNLOAD
qgi(sfnet) Qmail Graphical Installer Qmail Graphical Installer(QGI) is a qt based gr... DOWNLOAD
wxdc(sfnet) wxDC wxDC is a cross-platform DC (Direct Connect) fi... DOWNLOAD
ircil(sfnet) IRCil .Net The project is a GUI implementation of an IRC c... DOWNLOAD
optiocd(sfnet) OptioCD A project for controlling Centurion CD storage ... DOWNLOAD
pydvt(sfnet) PyDVT python data visualisation toolkit PyDVT is a Python toolkit for data displaying d... DOWNLOAD
hddata(sfnet) HD Data Experimental implementation of various data str... DOWNLOAD
black-sun(sfnet) Black Sun, Eclipse plugins. A number of plugins for Eclipse that make life ... DOWNLOAD
darkstar-rewind(sfnet) rewind Rewind is a modular script pack for Darkstar, s... DOWNLOAD
kooling(sfnet) KDE cooling monitor applet Kooling is a kde applet for laptop showing info... DOWNLOAD
oopyrep(sfnet) OOpyRep OOpyREP is a python code generating filter and ... DOWNLOAD
qvte(sfnet) QViTextEdit QViTextEdit is a drop-in replacement for for th... DOWNLOAD
ag32(sfnet) BOS-Alarmgeber-Simulation Das Tool "BOS-Alarmgeber-Simulation" ... DOWNLOAD
friwahl(sfnet) FriWahl The FriWahl system supports the election of stu... DOWNLOAD
jcurricula(sfnet) JCurricula JCurricula is a web-application designed to bui... DOWNLOAD
dbbean(sfnet) Java Database Beans Lightweight Object to RMDB framework. Provides... DOWNLOAD
swas(sfnet) SWAS: Simple Web Application System SWAS is the Simple Web Application System, a we... DOWNLOAD
portdowngrade(sfnet) portdowngrade for FreeBSD Portdowngrade helps to downgrade FreeBSD ports ... DOWNLOAD
execit4(sfnet) execit4 ExecIt4 is a free desktop-tool replacing the Wi... DOWNLOAD
votemapcycle(sfnet) Vote Map Cycle With this php script,our visitor can vote for t... DOWNLOAD
alecsoftqs(sfnet) Alec Soft QS Alec Soft QS is an open source application, it ... DOWNLOAD
feedexpress(sfnet) FeedExpress FeedExpress is web blog reader. FeedExpress bas... DOWNLOAD
embedweb(sfnet) Embedded TCP/IP Stack and Web Server This project's goal is the design of a TCP/IP s... DOWNLOAD
diazy(sfnet) Diazy Roundtrip Engineering Toolset Diazy is an application framework for the gener... DOWNLOAD
phaonet(sfnet) phaonet - Photoalbum on the net Photoalbum on the net (phaonet) is an easy way ... DOWNLOAD
kalyp(sfnet) Kalyp - a roguelike game in Java Kalyp - a fantasy based roguelike game in Java,... DOWNLOAD
firc(sfnet) Futuristic Internet Relay Chat Server A new type of Internet Relay Server, which is a... DOWNLOAD
cgi-shell(sfnet) CGI-Shell CGI-Shell gives you a shell using CGI. So every... DOWNLOAD
pyuml(sfnet) PyUML PyUML is aimed at excutable UML in the Python l... DOWNLOAD
catablog(sfnet) cataBlog cataBlog is a multi-user blogging system that a... DOWNLOAD
qspamdog(sfnet) QSpamDog spam filter QSpamDog is a PHP-based email filter which is i... DOWNLOAD
jaws-project(sfnet) Jaws Jaws is a Framework and Content Management Syst... DOWNLOAD
mkchess(sfnet) Chess program Java chess programm. Main goal is to develop an... DOWNLOAD
lstnr(sfnet) listener - sound to midi listener for macosX/Cocoa this program provide... DOWNLOAD
iboledb(sfnet) IbOleDb: OLE DB Provider for InterBase OLE DB provider for InterBase SQL Server. DOWNLOAD
pearlowis(sfnet) Pearlowis Allow customers to reconfigure the things they ... DOWNLOAD
docsynch(sfnet) DocSynch DocSynch is a collaborative editing system on t... DOWNLOAD
sharplogo(sfnet) SharpLogo A C# implementation of LOGO which allows to rep... DOWNLOAD
calinka(sfnet) Calinka tasks C++ build tasks for Ant, providing full control... DOWNLOAD
a-4(sfnet) A4 - Perforce Codeline Automation Automation for managing Perforce codelines, bas... DOWNLOAD
beautyeyelnf(sfnet) BeautyEye BeautyEye is a Java Swing cross-platform look a... DOWNLOAD
igdi(sfnet) Intigrated Game Design Interface A project organizer for the blender community. ... DOWNLOAD
datum(sfnet) datum datum is an Information Management software tha... DOWNLOAD
phasqcal(sfnet) PHaSQcal PHaSQcal - a full-featured, web-based, multi-us... DOWNLOAD
igis(sfnet) Immersive GIS (Igis) Project The Immersive GIS project (Igis) provides a set... DOWNLOAD
phpchurchcal(sfnet) PHP Church Calendar This is a PHP script that is intended to create... DOWNLOAD

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