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mixemu(sfnet) MIX Machine Emulation The program emulates a MIX machine (introduced ... DOWNLOAD
wordfreak(sfnet) WordFreak WordFreak is a java-based linguistic annotation... DOWNLOAD
ccomx(sfnet) CCOM - a lib for serial port interface CCOM - a lib for serial port interface DOWNLOAD
djwrap(sfnet) DJWrap DJWrap is two things: 1. An open format for com... DOWNLOAD
banner(sfnet) BANNER Named Entity Recognition System BANNER is a named entity recognition system int... DOWNLOAD
phpdb2(sfnet) php db2 driver Rewritten PHP extension for IBM's DB2 database.... DOWNLOAD
eqmaps(sfnet) EQ Map Viewer <p> A new cartography mapping tool was in... DOWNLOAD
gmgen(sfnet) GMGen GMGen is a java role-playing aid for D&D Ga... DOWNLOAD
cnircd(sfnet) CNIRCd A bahamut-based IRC daemon, providing bahamut s... DOWNLOAD
lris-jeem(sfnet) LRIS Library Record Information System. LRIS System is Developing for specific library ... DOWNLOAD
cvsacl(sfnet) CVS Access Control List Extension CVSACL is a patch for CVS. It adds two new subc... DOWNLOAD
cvsfinder(sfnet) cvsFinder cvsFinder is an attempt to integreate CVS into ... DOWNLOAD
apclab(sfnet) Linux Kernel Module for CompuLAB USB Linux Kernel Modul for the CompuLAB usb from Ak... DOWNLOAD
scoresolver(sfnet) Projet Score FD/I C est un projet visant a faire un moteur de res... DOWNLOAD
jingdao(sfnet) Jing DAO Framework Jing, a Java based DAO (Data Access Object) fra... DOWNLOAD
zeus-jscl(sfnet) Zeus Java Swing Components Library Zeus a Java Swing Components Library. Provides ... DOWNLOAD
haste(sfnet) Automated System Test Environment Haste, which stands for High-level Automated Sy... DOWNLOAD
jellyfish(sfnet) JellyFish JellyFish is a toolkit for persisting Java obje... DOWNLOAD
dsvideolib(sfnet) DSVideoLib A DirectShow wrapper supporting concurrent acce... DOWNLOAD
vpndialer(sfnet) VPNDialer VPNDialer can be used to build IPSec-Tunnels us... DOWNLOAD
ideajad(sfnet) JAD decompiler plugin for IntelliJ IDEA IdeaJad is a free plugin that allows you to dec... DOWNLOAD
goofytg(sfnet) GoofyTG This is a php script that draws the unit(s) you... DOWNLOAD
a-conman(sfnet) a ConMan - Automated Content Management a-ConMan is a flexible database solution built ... DOWNLOAD
tafeltree(sfnet) TafelTree view javascript TafelTree is a treeview in javascript. The stru... DOWNLOAD
geomaint(sfnet) GeoMaint Informationprovider (Sensor) for Geolocation an... DOWNLOAD
enlib(sfnet) ENlib: Collection of C++ utility classes ENlib is a collection of utility classes writte... DOWNLOAD
easysambaserver(sfnet) Easy Samba Server suite Easy Samba Server is a suite of scripts top aut... DOWNLOAD
rocklms(sfnet) The Rock Learning Management System The rocklms is a SCORM compliant, LGPL licenced... DOWNLOAD
middleware(sfnet) Transcendent Integrator Provide a flexible, scalable and extensible EAI... DOWNLOAD
pybrian(sfnet) Brian Brian is an unfinished jump-and-run platform ga... DOWNLOAD
pnesp(sfnet) pnESP - Easy Survey Package for PostNuke pnESP is a port of phpESP Easy Survey Package (... DOWNLOAD
iben(sfnet) Interactive BDD Environment IBEN is the interactive BDD environment. It all... DOWNLOAD
multiapp(sfnet) MutltiApp This small application will allow you to drag a... DOWNLOAD
txml(sfnet) tiny XML parser Light-weight Java XML parser with limited XPath... DOWNLOAD
jmsimp(sfnet) JMSImp JMSImp is an open source implementation to the ... DOWNLOAD
dynbookmarks(sfnet) Dynamic Bookmarks Dynamic Bookmarks is a PHP page that interfaces... DOWNLOAD
gnuccess(sfnet) GNUccess - GUI DB applications framework GNUccess aims to provide the Open Source Commun... DOWNLOAD
loap(sfnet) LOAP - Linux Open Access Point This project tries to explain the construction ... DOWNLOAD
jtalisman(sfnet) Talisman Talisman is an offline area builder written in ... DOWNLOAD
tcludp(sfnet) Tcl UDP extension The Tcl UDP extension provides a simple library... DOWNLOAD
l-redirector(sfnet) Language Redirector It detects the users prefered language and redi... DOWNLOAD
wizindent(sfnet) Wizard Indent and Analysis Library Cross platform library to analyse PHP codes and... DOWNLOAD
ppplog(sfnet) PPP Connection Costs Logger ppplog keeps track of your ppp online session c... DOWNLOAD
eco-memory(freshmeat) Eco-Memory Eco-Memory is the classic memory game where the... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-picdt(sfnet) Eclipse PicDT The eclipse-picdt plug-in provides an open-sou... DOWNLOAD
pk-mud(sfnet) PK MUD This will be a mud based on the Wheel of Time b... DOWNLOAD
php-xml(sfnet) php-xml ActiveLink PHP XML Package provides means to pa... DOWNLOAD
cchess(sfnet) Chinese-Chess It is just a Chinese-Chess Game,using SDL Libra... DOWNLOAD
josephine(sfnet) Josephine Josephine is the accumulation of several enterp... DOWNLOAD
dbnm(sfnet) Database for Network Management DBNM is a highly modular and extensible framewo... DOWNLOAD
antprof(sfnet) AntProf AntProf is Ant tasks for profiling Java program... DOWNLOAD
phpldapct(sfnet) LDAP contact manager This software is dual purpose, serving as a con... DOWNLOAD
gherkin(sfnet) Gherkin network scan manager Gherkin is a web-enabled, multi-threaded, centr... DOWNLOAD
chessxtra(sfnet) chessxtra ChessXtra is a script xtra for Macromedia Direc... DOWNLOAD
kavclient(sfnet) KAVClient KAVClient is a C language interface to Kaspers... DOWNLOAD
qpe-zh-tools(sfnet) Chinese Tools for Qtopia Collection of some tools for using Chinese lang... DOWNLOAD
ccoc(sfnet) CCOC Shadowrun universe - a cyberdeck calculator, wh... DOWNLOAD
lj-net(sfnet) LJ.NET LJ.NET is a client for the LiveJournal website,... DOWNLOAD
dnsoctopus(sfnet) Octopus (Domain Name Mapper) Thie software Project is a Doamin Name Server, ... DOWNLOAD
trafmet(sfnet) Traffic Meter TrafficMeter can be used to measure the traffic... DOWNLOAD
myrmidontracer(sfnet) Myrmidon tracer Myrmidon tracer is a 2 in one projetcs as it wi... DOWNLOAD
phpdocmaker(sfnet) phpDocMaker This project provides a documentation generator... DOWNLOAD
englishc(sfnet) English C English C is a meta-language. The project has c... DOWNLOAD
java3ds(sfnet) 3ds to java3d converter The 3ds to java converter is a 3ds loader for j... DOWNLOAD
ouoss(sfnet) Bobcat Open Source Software Bobcat Open Source Software is an umbrella proj... DOWNLOAD
codez(sfnet) codez codez finds information on zip codes and area c... DOWNLOAD
xsas(sfnet) Xoops Stand Alone Server A complete and painless install of Apache, PHP,... DOWNLOAD
jptoolkit(sfnet) JAnalyzer Toolkit The JAnalyzer Toolkit implements a visualisatio... DOWNLOAD
bibgrep(sfnet) bibgrep Bibgrep indexes and searches BibTex files for e... DOWNLOAD
lacy(sfnet) lacy The project "lacy" is thought to be a... DOWNLOAD
openfpsgl(sfnet) OpenFPS OpenFPS is a first-person shooter written compl... DOWNLOAD
codecopier(sfnet) codecopier This project has been deactivated. Relevant cod... DOWNLOAD
sqlgateway(sfnet) Universal SQL Gateway The Universal SQL Gateway tunnels SQL requests ... DOWNLOAD
phonascus(sfnet) QuickNamer-The auto tager for Mp3s QuickNamer is a program that automatically retr... DOWNLOAD
webtree(sfnet) webTree Java classes and jsp tag library that construct... DOWNLOAD
zdoomgl(sfnet) ZDoomGL An OpenGL port of ZDoom 2.0! DOWNLOAD
luxilla(sfnet) Luxilla (XUL Browser/Runtime) Luxilla is a runtime/browser that turns XUL (XM... DOWNLOAD
displayusers(sfnet) Automatic User Directory Listing A script to allow users to automatically includ... DOWNLOAD
imgman(sfnet) Image Manager Image Manager is a utility application designed... DOWNLOAD
chewingosx(sfnet) ChewingOSX An OS X port of the popular intelligent chinese... DOWNLOAD
squidproxy(sfnet) Squid Configurator The Squid Configurator allows you to easily adm... DOWNLOAD
jaxb-builder(sfnet) jaxb-builder JAXBBuilder is an eclipse plugin for generating... DOWNLOAD
curl-cdk(sfnet) Curl Data Kit Curl Data Kit - a Curl Open Source project The ... DOWNLOAD
cw-ums(sfnet) Jum Jum is a User Management System library, writte... DOWNLOAD
build-mosaic(sfnet) build-mosaic build-mosaic merges (applying blending) geocode... DOWNLOAD
jobyx(sfnet) JobyX JobyX is an ICS (Internet Chess Server) robot f... DOWNLOAD
common-config(sfnet) Common Configuration Service The Configuration package is a thin, JDK indepe... DOWNLOAD
linsms(sfnet) LinSMS by KNO Programa que permite enviar SMS a traves de dis... DOWNLOAD
spiderunit(sfnet) SpiderUnit An extension to httpunit ( DOWNLOAD
kovers(sfnet) Kovers - CD covers printing on Linux Kovers helps you printing CD covers on Linux. DOWNLOAD
symmetrichaos(sfnet) Icons Program to generate the Fractals presented in t... DOWNLOAD
erfurtwiki(sfnet) erfurtwiki a small Wiki engine (or library) in PHP, uses M... DOWNLOAD
jsforum(sfnet) JsForum A J2EE Jsp and Servlet based Forum which is eas... DOWNLOAD
gradebase(sfnet) GradeBase GradeBase is an academic record management syst... DOWNLOAD
hamspot(sfnet) Hamspot HamSpot Project will produce patches for popula... DOWNLOAD
sqlpersist(sfnet) sqlpersist sqlpersist is a platform to develop (database b... DOWNLOAD
chiliaspcomp(sfnet) ChiliSoft ASP components Chili!Soft ASP components A collection of ASP c... DOWNLOAD
sushiwiki(sfnet) SushiWiki SushiWiki is a WikiWikiWeb like Web application... DOWNLOAD
tical(sfnet) Tical - another falling-blocks game Tical is yet another falling-blocks game with f... DOWNLOAD
jscalendar(sfnet) The Coolest DHTML Calendar The coolest DHTML calendar widget. IE/Win >... DOWNLOAD

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