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catablog(sfnet) cataBlog cataBlog is a multi-user blogging system that a... DOWNLOAD
qspamdog(sfnet) QSpamDog spam filter QSpamDog is a PHP-based email filter which is i... DOWNLOAD
jaws-project(sfnet) Jaws Jaws is a Framework and Content Management Syst... DOWNLOAD
mkchess(sfnet) Chess program Java chess programm. Main goal is to develop an... DOWNLOAD
lstnr(sfnet) listener - sound to midi listener for macosX/Cocoa this program provide... DOWNLOAD
iboledb(sfnet) IbOleDb: OLE DB Provider for InterBase OLE DB provider for InterBase SQL Server. DOWNLOAD
pearlowis(sfnet) Pearlowis Allow customers to reconfigure the things they ... DOWNLOAD
docsynch(sfnet) DocSynch DocSynch is a collaborative editing system on t... DOWNLOAD
sharplogo(sfnet) SharpLogo A C# implementation of LOGO which allows to rep... DOWNLOAD
calinka(sfnet) Calinka tasks C++ build tasks for Ant, providing full control... DOWNLOAD
a-4(sfnet) A4 - Perforce Codeline Automation Automation for managing Perforce codelines, bas... DOWNLOAD
beautyeyelnf(sfnet) BeautyEye BeautyEye is a Java Swing cross-platform look a... DOWNLOAD
igdi(sfnet) Intigrated Game Design Interface A project organizer for the blender community. ... DOWNLOAD
datum(sfnet) datum datum is an Information Management software tha... DOWNLOAD
phasqcal(sfnet) PHaSQcal PHaSQcal - a full-featured, web-based, multi-us... DOWNLOAD
igis(sfnet) Immersive GIS (Igis) Project The Immersive GIS project (Igis) provides a set... DOWNLOAD
phpchurchcal(sfnet) PHP Church Calendar This is a PHP script that is intended to create... DOWNLOAD
deletebadfiles(sfnet) DeleteBadFiles A command line utility written in Visual Basic ... DOWNLOAD
ctctwspylib(sfnet) CTCT Webservice Python Client Library Python Client Library was developed by Constant... DOWNLOAD
pngstego(sfnet) pngstego pngstego is a small program that hides and succ... DOWNLOAD
htmllyrics(sfnet) HTMLLyricsCreator Do you have many mp3 albums ? Do you usually re... DOWNLOAD
triot(sfnet) tRio - java-based s/w for Rio Receiver "Java-based" replacement software for... DOWNLOAD
ti83dk(sfnet) TI83dk TI83dk is a set of tools and a library to allow... DOWNLOAD
binify(sfnet) Binify Binify creates binary files from a text descrip... DOWNLOAD
m-phorum(sfnet) a small forum written in php m-phorum, a new small phorum, using PHP with 1 ... DOWNLOAD
radedit(sfnet) RadEdit - ATI Radeon BIOS Editor A tool for modifying ATI Radeon BIOS images: ch... DOWNLOAD
fwreport(sfnet) FWReport: Firewall Reporter for IPTables FWReport is a log parser and reporting tool for... DOWNLOAD
webmail(sfnet) ImageEmbedded Email Editor WebMail is a web-based email editor capable of ... DOWNLOAD
rero(sfnet) Release Early, Release Often RERO is a development tool for automatically re... DOWNLOAD
ruby-cdialog(sfnet) ruby-cdialog Ruby-cdialog is an interface library providing ... DOWNLOAD
buildnumber(sfnet) BuildNumber BuildNumber is a utility to add auto-incrementi... DOWNLOAD
issue-tracker(sfnet) Issue Tracker Issue-Tracker is a customer/technical suppport ... DOWNLOAD
phpuserframewor(sfnet) PHPuserFramework If you are looking for a small, simple PHP scri... DOWNLOAD
pgreet(sfnet) Penguin Greetings Penguin Greetings (pgreet) is a Perl web-based ... DOWNLOAD
tuijianshangpin(sfnet) tuijianshangpin DOWNLOAD
okernel(sfnet) Object Kernel and RunTime Library This is a tiny educational library : smalltalk ... DOWNLOAD
cpplibga(sfnet) CPP free library of genetic algorithms C++ genetic algorithms library (solving of the ... DOWNLOAD
shfs(sfnet) Secure SHell File System Shfs is a simple and easy to use Linux kernel m... DOWNLOAD
kiolands(sfnet) GTAWO Grand theft auto world online is a modification... DOWNLOAD
e2resizeblk(sfnet) e2resizeblk This tool allows you to change the block size i... DOWNLOAD
pyjotto(sfnet) PyJotto PyJotto, the python version of Jotto, the five ... DOWNLOAD
vbsmallamp(sfnet) smallAMP open source media player for win32 (vb6 / DOWNLOAD
zence(sfnet) Zence A program to generate random text, with configu... DOWNLOAD
firework(sfnet) Firework Firework was a content management system / web ... DOWNLOAD
wxguide(sfnet) wxGuide wxGuide is a collection of guidelines for build... DOWNLOAD
valf(sfnet) Versatile Apache Logging Facility VALF is a replacement for Apache's rotatelogs. ... DOWNLOAD
dekalb(sfnet) Project QuickD This project will provide the basic framework f... DOWNLOAD
gomba(sfnet) Gomba Build RESTful web services! Gomba is a collect... DOWNLOAD
youruserportal(sfnet) WebAPP WebAPP - Automated Perl Portal, is a portal or ... DOWNLOAD
xgamma-gtk(sfnet) xgammaGTK To provide display control over red, green, bl... DOWNLOAD
fractalview(sfnet) Fractal View Fractal View is a fractal viewing application u... DOWNLOAD
planewalk(sfnet) Planewalkers of Bereador Written in Visual Basic, this Roleplaying game,... DOWNLOAD
mousikos(sfnet) Portable Audio Player File Manager mousikos is a GUI based portable audio/music pl... DOWNLOAD
sopwith3(sfnet) Sopwith 3 Sopwith 3 is a semi-official sequel to/remake o... DOWNLOAD
kavi2svcd(sfnet) Kavi2svcd kavi2svcd is a GUI for generating VCD/SVCD/DVD-... DOWNLOAD
vt100net(sfnet) ANSI/VT100 for .Net ANSI/VT100 Terminal Control Escape Sequences De... DOWNLOAD
detektor(sfnet) detektor Autodetection of web proxy settings, mail accou... DOWNLOAD
fileprotect(sfnet) FTP via HTTP file location protection Protect your bandwith and increase traffic to y... DOWNLOAD
vtpl(sfnet) vTpl - Templating System vTpl is an on the fly templating system for dyn... DOWNLOAD
openhr(sfnet) Open HR Repository Open HR aims to become an open repository for v... DOWNLOAD
greeksmswriter(sfnet) GreekSMSWriter GreekSMSWriter is a simple WinMobile 5.0 SMS ma... DOWNLOAD
csjson(sfnet) JSON for .NET Simple library for parsing and generating text ... DOWNLOAD
waitseewow(sfnet) WaitAndSee Wait and See Wow is a project to develop API wr... DOWNLOAD
datcommander(sfnet) DAT Commander Application to help find/manage emulator ROMs. DOWNLOAD
infomod(sfnet) infomod Software for clustering networks as described i... DOWNLOAD
linuxinstaller(sfnet) Linux Installer Linux Installer project is a tools for programm... DOWNLOAD
open1451(sfnet) An Open Implementation of IEEE 1451 The Open1451 Project provides a repository for ... DOWNLOAD
xmlite(sfnet) Python XMLite The Python xmlite module is an extremely light ... DOWNLOAD
xvidqp(sfnet) XviD Quantizer Parser Parses an encoded Xvid AVI to obtain the quanti... DOWNLOAD
gpstoolbox(sfnet) gpstoolbox The gpstoolbox project provides a portable Garm... DOWNLOAD
miner3d(sfnet) Miner 3D Miner 3D is a clone of famous game Minesweeper,... DOWNLOAD
dbvfs(sfnet) DBvFS - Virtual Filesystem in a Database DBvFS defines a virtual file system which can b... DOWNLOAD
meecrofreemelod(sfnet) MeecroFreeMelodic MeecroFreeMelodic es un minireproductor de arch... DOWNLOAD
plage(sfnet) Plage Source Code Copying Detector Detects similarities in source code due to plag... DOWNLOAD
webtrain(sfnet) Web-based ebook trainer and tester Provide an open format for publishing training ... DOWNLOAD
moncarte(sfnet) moncarte You can view maps of the US using moncarte on y... DOWNLOAD
obserpcrm(sfnet) Open Business Solution ERP+CRM+E-Commerc Open Business Solution is a complete business s... DOWNLOAD
persistence(sfnet) XML object storage This is a small library for persistent storage ... DOWNLOAD
monoglo(sfnet) MonoGLo, a C# / Mono binding for OpenGL MonoGLo is a Mono C# binding for Open GL (the f... DOWNLOAD
merlinwork(sfnet) MerlinWork <strong>MerlinWork has been discontinued ... DOWNLOAD
efrobs(sfnet) Eli's utilities This project is a compilation of small utilitie... DOWNLOAD
pnforum(sfnet) pnForum This project has been moved to http://noc.postn... DOWNLOAD
cehrnet(sfnet) CEHR Net CEHR Net (pronounced &#8220;care net&#8... DOWNLOAD
phpdude(sfnet) phpDude Un CMS completante basado en PHP-Nuke, Se han t... DOWNLOAD
pbdance(sfnet) pbDance pbDance is a linux based hybrid tcl/tk & C ... DOWNLOAD
ovlfs(sfnet) Overlay Filesystem Psuedo filesystem allowing read/write access to... DOWNLOAD
ubooks(sfnet) USEIT Books USEIT Books is a small program that tracks sale... DOWNLOAD
findusedvis(sfnet) Find Used & Unused VIs (LabVIEW6) Finds used & unused VIs in a LabVIEW project. DOWNLOAD
ueas(sfnet) UEAS UEAS is a mail access service that will allow u... DOWNLOAD
kidmath(sfnet) Math tests for 5-8 aged children KidMath is math test generator for 5-8 aged chi... DOWNLOAD
lybra(sfnet) Lybra PHP Framework Lybra will be a PHP based framework entirelly p... DOWNLOAD
odpd(sfnet) Oracle Direct Path Daemon The Oracle Direct Path Daemon (odpd) is an util... DOWNLOAD
ravparse(sfnet) RAV Antivirus Log Analysis Kit Rav Antivirus Log Analysis Kit is a collection ... DOWNLOAD
puddled(sfnet) osc Support System A fully integrated support and customer assista... DOWNLOAD
httpbridge(sfnet) HttpBridge HttpBridge is a web http proxy, also called CGI... DOWNLOAD
eztranscoder(sfnet) EZ Transcoder EZ Transcoder is a wrapper for three pass encod... DOWNLOAD
jnidirect(sfnet) JNIDirect JNDirect is a library that supports JDirect-com... DOWNLOAD
jxtaim(sfnet) JXTA Instant Messenger JXTA Instant Messenger (J.I.M) is a project tha... DOWNLOAD
xmlpcbrender(sfnet) XML PCB Renderer The XML PCB Renderer is an application which ta... DOWNLOAD
dateclass(sfnet) Date Class Date Class using C++ DOWNLOAD

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