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pgpndevcom(sfnet) PGPN irc network development bucket This is an all-encompassing 'bucket' to hold al... DOWNLOAD
yaph(sfnet) YAPH - Yet Another Proxy Hunter YAPH - Yet Another Proxy Hunter - intended for ... DOWNLOAD
newsscraper(sfnet) News Scraper Collection of web site scrapers that format web... DOWNLOAD
pinko(sfnet) Pinko (A Tetris Clone) A simple, pure Tetris clone. No flashy graphic... DOWNLOAD
swingpix(sfnet) SwingPix Photo Organizer An elegant and intuitive image editor/organizer... DOWNLOAD
filesearch(sfnet) FileSearch A simple search engine for LANs. Indexes files ... DOWNLOAD
novap2p(sfnet) Nova Nova is an open source Gnutella client built wi... DOWNLOAD
depo(sfnet) Delphi Persistent Object Delphi Persistent Object (DePO) is a Object Per... DOWNLOAD
coweb(sfnet) COWeb (Common Objects for Web) Common Objects for Web Libraries in php to mana... DOWNLOAD
lucrative(sfnet) Lucrative Blinded digital cash mint, walletware, tools, a... DOWNLOAD
progear(sfnet) ProGear Linux Suite Scripts and applications for the ProGear web-ta... DOWNLOAD
viper-toolkit(sfnet) ViPER The Video Processing Evaluation Resource: A too... DOWNLOAD
jsaper(sfnet) Saper The project is implementation of the Mine (Mine... DOWNLOAD
raymond(sfnet) raymond Raymond is a platform-independent distributed h... DOWNLOAD
pnsft-aur(sfnet) ponsfoot AUR packages Here contains all internal resources for AUR pa... DOWNLOAD
vcb(sfnet) Buildap Component Based Development tool Buildap is a Visual Component Based Development... DOWNLOAD
tcvp(sfnet) TCVP TCVP is a modular player and encoder/transcoder... DOWNLOAD
magicserver(sfnet) Magic Application Server Magic Application Server is an enterprise-level... DOWNLOAD
lifeplan-design(sfnet) LIfe Plan Design For all those who endevour to apply the best le... DOWNLOAD
daocmonitor(sfnet) DAoC Monitor A windows trayicon-program to monitor the Dark ... DOWNLOAD
magelan(sfnet) Magelan - Java 2D Graphics Editor This project provides a library of easy to use ... DOWNLOAD
htmlssm(sfnet) HTMLSSM HTMLSSM is a multi-language single-api tool for... DOWNLOAD
mqsupporttools(sfnet) Websphere MQSeries Support Tools Websphere MQSeries Support Tools is a unique in... DOWNLOAD
icemanager(sfnet) icemanager A playlist manager for ices/icecast. Supports i... DOWNLOAD
agkit(sfnet) AGKit A collection of frameworks for use by Cocoa app... DOWNLOAD
tsemgr(sfnet) tsemgr tsemgr is a GTK+ application to manage the Sony... DOWNLOAD
omicron3d(sfnet) Omicron Game Engine Yet another free, portable 3D Game Engine. DOWNLOAD
dashboard(sfnet) Dashboard remote build monitor plugin Dashboard is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA and Ecl... DOWNLOAD
javazpt(sfnet) Zope Page Templates for Java A pure Java implementation of Zope Page Templat... DOWNLOAD
jemblog(sfnet) JemBlog This Sourceforge project was initially set up t... DOWNLOAD
occn(sfnet) On-Chip Communication Network The OCCN project enhances SystemC2.0+ modeling ... DOWNLOAD
daocsvgmaps(sfnet) DAoC SVG Maps Highly interactive maps that also record name N... DOWNLOAD
storefront(sfnet) StoreFront WebWork A direct port of the Struts StoreFront web app ... DOWNLOAD
openbechede(sfnet) openbechede openbechede is a fast and simple way to install... DOWNLOAD
evolutif(sfnet) Evolutif Audio Engine Cross-platform audio engine that implements fe... DOWNLOAD
gkaraoke(sfnet) gkaraoke GKaraoke is a Midi/Kar player that shows the ly... DOWNLOAD
noxz(sfnet) streamRipper streamRipper- XMMS will automatically save the ... DOWNLOAD
eclipselauncher(sfnet) EclipseLauncher A cross-platform Java based SWT/SWING workspace... DOWNLOAD
php-site(sfnet) PHP-SITE PHP-SITE is a one of a kind CMS. Currently it ... DOWNLOAD
plima(sfnet) pLiMa pLiMa is a php mailing list application that al... DOWNLOAD
rubymodemsearch(sfnet) Ruby Text-Based Router Search Ruby text-based router search designed to query... DOWNLOAD
html2text(sfnet) HTML to Text converter. Input a URL, reads the web page HTML code and r... DOWNLOAD
simcad(sfnet) Computer Aided Ambulance Service A system for helping an already existing ambula... DOWNLOAD
shat(sfnet) SHAT "Source Hardware Address Translation"... DOWNLOAD
calimero-cms(sfnet) Calimero.CMS Calimero.CMS is a PHP and PEAR based CMS system... DOWNLOAD
identdwin(sfnet) identd Implementation of RFC 931/1413 as a service for... DOWNLOAD
teletext4www(sfnet) teletext4www Teletext4www is a system that allows you to bro... DOWNLOAD
xc-script(sfnet) X Controlling Script The X Controlling Script (xcs) is a script for ... DOWNLOAD
auratus(sfnet) Auratus A java based neural network framework. The Aur... DOWNLOAD
atheon(sfnet) Atheon Atheon is a Windows based server/client program... DOWNLOAD
informatus(sfnet) Informatus A PHP-based website templating sytem that allow... DOWNLOAD
openfirmware(sfnet) openfirmware For developed a firmware new, and habe more imp... DOWNLOAD
ggame(sfnet) G - Blitzbasic Game G is something like a platform game, where you ... DOWNLOAD
openbottle(sfnet) OpenBottle OpenBottle is a per user anti-spam email system... DOWNLOAD
xii(sfnet) XML Image Indexer XML Image Indexer is a perl tool to create imag... DOWNLOAD
thaidir(sfnet) Thai Free Software Directory Thai Free Software Directory Project provides w... DOWNLOAD
superversion(sfnet) Superversion A platform-independent, GUI-based, distributed ... DOWNLOAD
zeroblog(sfnet) ZeroBlog ZeroBlog, a complete website package which incl... DOWNLOAD
cuximagemanager(sfnet) imageManager imageManager is a PHP-based web-application tha... DOWNLOAD
fnrep(sfnet) File Name Repository A client/server application to create a central... DOWNLOAD
simplescript(sfnet) SimpleScript SimpleScript is a simple programming tool for s... DOWNLOAD
simtoolapplet(sfnet) SimTool SimTool is a Java applet for discrete event sim... DOWNLOAD
cocchargen(sfnet) CoC CharGen A character generator for Call of Cthulhu, writ... DOWNLOAD
eftemule(sfnet) eMule EFT EFT is a eMule mod develop by W... DOWNLOAD
perldatabase(sfnet) Perl Database This database was programmed back in 1999, when... DOWNLOAD
mines(sfnet) mines Mines is a program that will attempt to solve a... DOWNLOAD
ftpdb(sfnet) FTPdb - An FTP Content Management System FTPdb is a PHP-based tool that makes searching ... DOWNLOAD
liblatin1(sfnet) libLatin1 A small and convenient conversion library that ... DOWNLOAD
mfwu(sfnet) MailFilter Web Utilities MailFilter Web Utilities: A PHP based solution... DOWNLOAD
cleanl(sfnet) CleanL A small CMS in the spirit of phpSlash which use... DOWNLOAD
funr(sfnet) FUNR-Framework for Network Research FUNR is an object-oriented framework for networ... DOWNLOAD
venture(sfnet) Venture Venture is a 3-D remake of the classic Atari 26... DOWNLOAD
swtfox(sfnet) SWT/Fox This is a port of SWT (the Java GUI toolkit beh... DOWNLOAD
quixotic(sfnet) Quixotic Quixotic is a Scrabble program for OSX. It prov... DOWNLOAD
xml2db-eai(sfnet) XML2DB A general purpose middleware bridging various t... DOWNLOAD
openbirds(sfnet) OpenBirds OpenBirds is a massive multiplayer war simulati... DOWNLOAD
dgt2684(sfnet) dgt2684 A linux kernel patch, which allow QoS in RFC268... DOWNLOAD
dexcel(sfnet) dExcel A Delphi VCL which provide an easy way to expor... DOWNLOAD
clearbudget(freshmeat) ClearBudget ClearBudget is a fully featured budget and pers... DOWNLOAD
mymysqlplusplus(sfnet) MyMySQL++ MyMySQL++ is another MySQL API for the MySQL Da... DOWNLOAD
chessy(sfnet) ChessY! ChessY!: A Yahoo! chess game history reviewer. ... DOWNLOAD
maporlite(sfnet) maporLite mapOR is a win32 visual tool designed for speed... DOWNLOAD
emuleremotectrl(sfnet) eMuleClient Remotecontrol Server A small tool and a set of PHP scripts to contro... DOWNLOAD
qparser(sfnet) Sendmail print queue parser Qparser is a perl script that reads the output ... DOWNLOAD
eciadslgui(sfnet) EciAdsl Connection Tool The purpose of the project is the creation of g... DOWNLOAD
my-swatch(sfnet) my-swatch my-swatch pretends to be an implementation of ... DOWNLOAD
povmorpheus(sfnet) PovMorpheus PovMorpheus is programm for morphing between tw... DOWNLOAD
whale-sqlfilter(sfnet) Whale, a SQL based logfile filter Whale is a project that does pre-filtering for ... DOWNLOAD
roocards(sfnet) RooCARDS RooCARDS is a set of C++ classes written for th... DOWNLOAD
pancake(sfnet) Pancake Packaging System pancake is a source based packaging system whic... DOWNLOAD
predestinetimes(sfnet) Predestine Times Imagine a game where you can jump into a world ... DOWNLOAD
fileshare2003(sfnet) FileShare 2003 Tired that your homepage exceed the bandwidth l... DOWNLOAD
mypan(sfnet) mypan mypan (MY Performance Add-on for Nagios) is as ... DOWNLOAD
choosefont(sfnet) Choosefont font selector Choosefont is a font manager written to give yo... DOWNLOAD
doumo(sfnet) Doumo Doumo is a Windows application that allows user... DOWNLOAD
percival(sfnet) Percival -- Network Monitoring System Percival -- Network Monitoring and Capacity Pla... DOWNLOAD
hashman(sfnet) Hash Database Manager A program to manage hash databases; gdbm databa... DOWNLOAD
tcsessionlogger(sfnet) Tomcat Session Logger This project intends to provide a tool to gathe... DOWNLOAD
parasol(sfnet) PARASOL PARASOL is a C library for implementing simulat... DOWNLOAD
stupid-ftpd(sfnet) Stupid-FTPd stupid-ftpd is an ftp server, which provides a ... DOWNLOAD

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