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zbc-enterprise(sfnet) Zephyr Basecamp & Monkey Business Db Zephyr Basecamp is a functioning enterprise pro... DOWNLOAD
csrdrm(sfnet) C Spot Run Digital Right Management Digital Rights Management example library for C... DOWNLOAD
tclinux(sfnet) Linux Transparent Encryption The Linux Transparent Encryption project aims f... DOWNLOAD
benel(sfnet) Beneath Enemy Lines Beneath Enemy Lines is a "total time subma... DOWNLOAD
phpocketknife(sfnet) PHPocket Knife A PHPocket Knife of PHP code. Debugging functi... DOWNLOAD
platop(sfnet) IDEA Data Environment Approach IDEA is a package for input and output of data ... DOWNLOAD
e2client(sfnet) noding client The official client for Portab... DOWNLOAD
modplugline(sfnet) ModPlugLine A module player based on ModPlug that runs on t... DOWNLOAD
sharediis(sfnet) Shared IIS Server Log/Bandwidth-Analyzer This utility is intended to be used to analyze ... DOWNLOAD
liberator(sfnet) Freenet Liberator Liberator is the unix guru's cli to the Freenet... DOWNLOAD
ece354rtx(sfnet) Motorola ColdFire real-time executive The purpose of this project is to develop a rea... DOWNLOAD
rebecca(sfnet) Rebecca OS An operating system to be designed and implemen... DOWNLOAD
xql(sfnet) xql xql stands for Extended query language. The goa... DOWNLOAD
aqgen(sfnet) AQ Gen This project is for creating a character genera... DOWNLOAD
nodewarriors(sfnet) Node Warriors Node Warriors is a project of the Western Washi... DOWNLOAD
rjab(sfnet) Ruby::Jabber Jabber client libraries for Ruby. DOWNLOAD
loghog(sfnet) LogHog Loghog was designed to take a proactive stance ... DOWNLOAD
xkani(sfnet) xKani xKani - Linux syncronizing plateform for PDAs. ... DOWNLOAD
orinoco(sfnet) The Linux orinoco driver The Linux orinoco driver, included in the kerne... DOWNLOAD
dhcptool(sfnet) dhcptool This tool is basically a support tool for our e... DOWNLOAD
cipaf(sfnet) Cisco IP Accounting Fetcher IP traffic accounting on CISCO routers. DOWNLOAD
php-linkmanager(sfnet) PHP HyperLink Manager This is a small management tool for storing Hyp... DOWNLOAD
malayalamlinux(sfnet) Malayalam GNU/Linux Welcome to Malayalam GNU/Linux Project. The pro... DOWNLOAD
gerber2eps(sfnet) Gerber2eps Gerber2eps - A small program for converting Ger... DOWNLOAD
mysqldbmanager(sfnet) MySQL-Server-Manager A PHP-program to administrate a MySQL-Server. Y... DOWNLOAD
brewsta(sfnet) brewsta - make beer not war Brewsta, design, store and edit beer recipes. C... DOWNLOAD
cmatrixbg(sfnet) CMatrix CMatrix simulates the display from "The Ma... DOWNLOAD
bellwhistle(sfnet) BellWhistle An mp3 jukebox server written with Java, J2EE a... DOWNLOAD
msn4lin(sfnet) Msn4Lin <b>Msn4Lin</b> is a messenger clien... DOWNLOAD
easyhtml-php(sfnet) EasyHTML EasyHTML is an easy-to-use scripting language t... DOWNLOAD
libsrv(sfnet) Easy netconnect library w/ DNS SRV RR This library makes SRV records in DNS simple to... DOWNLOAD
unsharp(sfnet) un# With un# you get rid of duplicates in your medi... DOWNLOAD
lroa(sfnet) The Lost Realm of Anoria Development of a software engine and SDK suppor... DOWNLOAD
commentit(sfnet) Web Annotation System Comment.It is a web based system that allows th... DOWNLOAD
trilldev(sfnet) Trillian Developer's Resource A resource for all developers working with the ... DOWNLOAD
xmlsh(sfnet) xmlsh "xmlsh" is derived from the design an... DOWNLOAD
mobileedit(sfnet) MobileEdit MobileEdit is a text editor for java-enabled mo... DOWNLOAD
gtkplayerembed(sfnet) GtkPlayer Embed mplayer in a gtkWidget. DOWNLOAD
nodbottpoc(sfnet) nodbotTPOC This script enables you to control your eggdrop... DOWNLOAD
pius(sfnet) pius - Pump It Up freeStyle Pius is a an easy to use, configurable, cross-p... DOWNLOAD
dacapo-scripts(sfnet) Dacapo Scripts This project is a collection of python scripts ... DOWNLOAD
snapshot(sfnet) snapshot image analysis tools DOWNLOAD
settime(sfnet) SetTime The SetTime script synchronises the time on a l... DOWNLOAD
lmoz(sfnet) Launch Mozilla Mozilla keeps asking for my profile if it is al... DOWNLOAD
botshispanobdd(sfnet) ircservices-4.3.3+UpWorld-1.1+BDD1.0 IRC services (typicall Andy's services) written... DOWNLOAD
phpnode(sfnet) phpNode A PHP/MySQL web application system using a stru... DOWNLOAD
gui(sfnet) gui Unique net-enabled GUI system based state of th... DOWNLOAD
mailsize(sfnet) Mail Size Check This small program checks the size of the files... DOWNLOAD
phprtcw(sfnet) phpRTCW Remote Admin and Config of Return to Castle Wol... DOWNLOAD
gnutizen(sfnet) Gnutizen A Gnutella servent (server/client). Written to... DOWNLOAD
htmllib(sfnet) htmllib Htmllib allows programmers to build web pages w... DOWNLOAD
sanvirc(sfnet) sanvirc Sanvirc is a script for KVirc that includes fun... DOWNLOAD
eai(sfnet) Electronic Artificial Intelligence A program that can store information about you,... DOWNLOAD
ngraver(sfnet) NGraver NGraver - a scrappy little code generator. The... DOWNLOAD
trillianplug(sfnet) TrillianPlugins This project is the framework for a group of pe... DOWNLOAD
uim(sfnet) Universal Instant Messenger The goal is to create a java-based instant mess... DOWNLOAD
syscriptor(sfnet) Syscriptor This is a group of people (feel free to join us... DOWNLOAD
wlogin(sfnet) Webbsyte Login Webbsyte login is a program to interface with U... DOWNLOAD
yamfrend(sfnet) YamFrEnd YamFrEnd - Yet Another M.A.M.E. FRont END DOWNLOAD
jdfa(sfnet) Data-Flow Analysis Framework for Java A framework for data-flow based program analysi... DOWNLOAD
spiralmodular(sfnet) spiralsynthmodular SSM is a object orientated modular softsynth / ... DOWNLOAD
hostingapp(sfnet) Hosting App Hosting App is a tool designed to manage web ho... DOWNLOAD
newsclass(sfnet) News Class Work in progress. The News Class allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
pwebserver(sfnet) PWebServer A simple Java multi-threaded Web Server that su... DOWNLOAD
spdylay(freshmeat) spdylay spdylay is an experimental implementation of Go... DOWNLOAD
rpmwiz(sfnet) RPM Wizard RPM Wizard is an installation program for RPM p... DOWNLOAD
kpdf2(sfnet) KPDF2 A major feature update to KPDF the PDF reader f... DOWNLOAD
dapple(sfnet) Dapple Emulator Series Dapple/NDapple are Apple ][ emulators, aiming t... DOWNLOAD
bfdebug(sfnet) BF Debugger The BF Debugger Project is an attempt to allow ... DOWNLOAD
velarfetch(sfnet) VelarFetch ReBorn Eases the browsing, and local updating, of mate... DOWNLOAD
fluideditor(sfnet) Fluid Source Code Editor The fluid editor is a prototype source code edi... DOWNLOAD
ravscript(sfnet) RAV Script RAVScript is designed as a procedural alternati... DOWNLOAD
xml-template(sfnet) XML::Template XML::Template is an X(HT)ML template processing... DOWNLOAD
ogpm(sfnet) OpenG Commander An open packaging system for use in the LabVIEW... DOWNLOAD
xyz-ops(sfnet) XYZ-OPS -- Work with coordinate files. Ever had to use xyz coordinate files during you... DOWNLOAD
xceptioncalc(sfnet) Scientific Calculator - Xception Code ============== Xception Code============ Hell... DOWNLOAD
jeline(sfnet) Java Event Link Establisher Jeline is the acronym of Java Event LINk Establ... DOWNLOAD
pgmaint(sfnet) PostgreSQL Maintenance Utilities PostgreSQL Maintenance Utilities for running ro... DOWNLOAD
allinone(sfnet) Allin1, all in one monitoring dockapplet Allin1 is a dock applet for FluxBox, BlackBox,W... DOWNLOAD
standbayemail(sfnet) StandBayeMail StandBayeMail, a java POP3 proxy with real time... DOWNLOAD
gdiva(sfnet) Tool to upload files to DIVA mp3 player GUI for GNOME2 to upload songs to DIVA mp3 play... DOWNLOAD
gridblocks(sfnet) GridBlocks GridBlocks builds a grid application framework ... DOWNLOAD
reded(sfnet) RedEd This is a primitive HTML editor. Who knows one ... DOWNLOAD
gnogrind(sfnet) gnogrind GNOME front-end for valgrind memory debugger. DOWNLOAD
q3log(sfnet) Q3Log Quake 3 Arena Stats Generator Q3Log is a Q3a stats generator. It is written ... DOWNLOAD
mircdc(sfnet) mIRC Direct Connect mIRC Direct Connect (mDC) is a filesharing addo... DOWNLOAD
ataparty(sfnet) ATaParty: Audiotron GUI A C# Windows application that provides an alter... DOWNLOAD
myab(sfnet) MyAddressBook A web-based e-mail address book, written in PHP... DOWNLOAD
webdatzipstream(sfnet) Web data Zip Stream (de)Compressor Web data Zip Stream (de)Compressor is a java ap... DOWNLOAD
java-grimoire(sfnet) Java Grimoire for Sorcerer Distribution Java Grimoire for the Sorcerer Linux Distribution DOWNLOAD
cks(sfnet) CryptNET Key Server This is an effort to develop an openPGP (RFC244... DOWNLOAD
black-visi(sfnet) BlackVisi Ever wondered, how to create a huge Java/swing ... DOWNLOAD
gns(sfnet) GNS GNS, or Game Name Search, is a cross-platform C... DOWNLOAD
fdcam(sfnet) Cam for FreeDOS Cam is written in C++/asm for FreeDOS. It allo... DOWNLOAD
magtekmmw(sfnet) Magtek Mini-MICR Wedge Driver for Linux The goal of this project is to implement an Ope... DOWNLOAD
ggsniff(sfnet) ggsniff - a Gadu-Gadu sniffer ggsniff is not currently a standalone applicati... DOWNLOAD
openlf(sfnet) OpenLF OpenLF is a set of tools implementing Light Fie... DOWNLOAD
sqlet(freshmeat) SQLet SQLet allows you to directly execute SQL on mul... DOWNLOAD
amphtp(sfnet) HTP for Ampoliros With HTP for Ampoliros, maintenance of a very l... DOWNLOAD
c-abacus(sfnet) Simple Calculator for Console Just look what I've got up to. A freaking calcu... DOWNLOAD

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