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narpy(sfnet) Narcissistic Numbers in Python Narcissistic number library for Python DOWNLOAD
otp-j2me(sfnet) S/Key Generator for J2ME architecture S/Key - OTP Generator for J2ME architecture. An... DOWNLOAD
netforgeapi(sfnet) NetForge API The NetForge API is an API designed by the web ... DOWNLOAD
freefields(sfnet) Free Fields for Magellan FreeFields is an Ampoliros module for the Magel... DOWNLOAD
reignofforce(sfnet) Reign of force Risk clone; be played by email with different m... DOWNLOAD
ifstat(sfnet) ifstat Show network usage by speed and traffic in real... DOWNLOAD
blizcode(sfnet) backend code/CMS for "blizcode" is the backend and content... DOWNLOAD
tdsreversepool(sfnet) TDS Reverse Pool Goal of this project is to develop a Reverse-Po... DOWNLOAD
linuxrtwrapper(sfnet) LinuxRTWrapper Linux object oriented wrapper written in C++. P... DOWNLOAD
freewiki(sfnet) FreeWiki FreeWiki is a Java/JSP implementation WikiWikiW... DOWNLOAD
jmysqladm(sfnet) Jmysqladm Jmysqladm is Web-based Data editor and administ... DOWNLOAD
guestleech(sfnet) GuestLeech It is common for people to have a guestbooks fo... DOWNLOAD
lin-seti(sfnet) lin-seti - A cache manager for Seti@Home lin-seti is a command-line program allowing to ... DOWNLOAD
posixtest(sfnet) Open POSIX Test Suite The Open POSIX Test Suite is a test suite for P... DOWNLOAD
perlbin(sfnet) PerlBin Do you have a perl script you'd like to distrib... DOWNLOAD
examlog(sfnet) ExamLog: The Linux Syslog Analyzer ExamLog is a Log analyzer, developed for syslog... DOWNLOAD
gnome-jabber(sfnet) gnome-jabber An Instant Message Client for Gnome using the J... DOWNLOAD
pwb(sfnet) Poema Website Builder PWB to zaawansowany system przystosowany do zar... DOWNLOAD
pnm2gallery(sfnet) pnm2gallery pnm2gallery is a bash-script that converts your... DOWNLOAD
bashpp(sfnet) bash++ 'bash++' is a version of the GNU Bourne Again s... DOWNLOAD
wiredmail(sfnet) PHP WiredMail WiredMail is a PHP webmail client, wich support... DOWNLOAD
saquen(sfnet) Saquen Saquen is a library which is intended to provid... DOWNLOAD
nuvu(sfnet) NuVu Lightweight Window System NuVu is a lightweight windowing system for GNUs... DOWNLOAD
kydlab(sfnet) KydLab Simple sensor-lab build out of a cheap keyboard... DOWNLOAD
kmixer(sfnet) kmixer kmixer is a kernel level audio mixer for Linux,... DOWNLOAD
xml-security-c(sfnet) XML DSIG and Encryption (C++) A C++ library implementing the XML DSIG and XML... DOWNLOAD
ming-sharp(sfnet) Ming-Sharp Ming-Sharp is a wrapper which wraps Ming object... DOWNLOAD
rakurai(sfnet) Rakurai This project will revolutionize client to serve... DOWNLOAD
rpgtime(sfnet) rpgtime RPG Time is a portal for the RPG Maker communit... DOWNLOAD
otfgallery(sfnet) OTF Gallery Yet another photogallery. It's a minimalistic, ... DOWNLOAD
acpi-docklet(sfnet) ACPI Docklet ACPI Docklet is a gtk docklet that displays the... DOWNLOAD
mysqldotnet(sfnet) .Net Data Provider for MySQL MySQLDotNet is a 100% .Net compliant Data Provi... DOWNLOAD
instant(sfnet) Inst.ant Inst.ant - Installer Tasks for Ant DOWNLOAD
loreandlutes(sfnet) Lore And Lutes Lore And Lutes (L&L) is an open source Ulti... DOWNLOAD
mainejug(sfnet) Mainejug Website Development This project is run by members of the Maine Jav... DOWNLOAD
abora(sfnet) Abora Abora is a hypertext system supporting fine-gra... DOWNLOAD
sharpdec(sfnet) Simple Sharp Decission Simple Sharp Decission is Decission Support Sys... DOWNLOAD
ez-ipupdate(sfnet) ez-ipupdate A client for automaticly updating your DOWNLOAD
smp4linux(sfnet) SMP_4_Linux SMP 4 LiNuX Balls 2 To Wall high performance du... DOWNLOAD
annoyancefilter(sfnet) Annoyance Filter Had it with junk mail? Annoyance-Filter sifts ... DOWNLOAD
jsqm(sfnet) JSqlQueryManager A simple Java API to get SQL statements from XM... DOWNLOAD
cycles3d(sfnet) Cycles3D Cycles3D is a network-playable 3D game where th... DOWNLOAD
qttimecoding(sfnet) QuickTime Time Coding This project is an interface with QuickTime to ... DOWNLOAD
expressoportabl(sfnet) eXpresso eXpresso allows you to temporarily associate fi... DOWNLOAD
baitnswitch(sfnet) Bait and Switch Honeypot System Bait and Switch combines IDS tech (Snort primar... DOWNLOAD
oopicide(sfnet) OOPIC Compiler IDE With the recent release of the OOPIC Compiler I... DOWNLOAD
whitebeer(sfnet) WhiteBeer WhiteBeer is a new programming paradigm that is... DOWNLOAD
mpegmediator(sfnet) MPEG Mediator MPEG Mediator is program that allows the user t... DOWNLOAD
ibsxnet(sfnet) X.NET for Windows & Others GUI-Systems X.NET: X11- Networkclient for MS-Windows and Ot... DOWNLOAD
vams(sfnet) Vulnerable Analysis & Management System Vulnerable Analysis and Management System is vu... DOWNLOAD
dynamicarrays(sfnet) Delphi Dynamic Arrays and Hashes Framework for manipulating with Dynamic Arrays ... DOWNLOAD
golp(sfnet) Generic Object Library of Properties Golp is an easy-to-use property class library f... DOWNLOAD
getpictures(sfnet) getpictures The Java Applet AWT Picture Browser allows anyo... DOWNLOAD
webiface(sfnet) webiface Interface allows to manage up to 8 PIC-microcon... DOWNLOAD
licence3siteweb(sfnet) siteweb Licence 3 - Site de la Technologie web DOWNLOAD
maed(sfnet) Math And EDucation MAED is a simple but powerfull math program wit... DOWNLOAD
kolorizer(sfnet) kolorizer Kolorizer is a KDE application to make it easy ... DOWNLOAD
thread-gdb(sfnet) Thread-GDB Extend the multi-thread capabilities of the gdb... DOWNLOAD
tagbuffer(sfnet) TagBuffer Java library for building tag-specified structu... DOWNLOAD
galng(sfnet) galng.tcl galng.tcl is a report viewer/tool for galaxy (p... DOWNLOAD
pirat(sfnet) PIRAT - Perl Irc based Remote Admin Tool PIRAT is a Remote Administration Tool for peopl... DOWNLOAD
nstats(sfnet) Network Statistics Daemon The Network Statistics Daemon (NStats) is a GPL... DOWNLOAD
vc-calc(sfnet) vc: An RPN Vector Calculator in Perl An RPN calculator for vectors of arbitrary dime... DOWNLOAD
sass(sfnet) Self Assembling Structure Simulator The self-assembling structure simulator is a pr... DOWNLOAD
threestore(sfnet) 3store 3store is an RDF "triple store", writ... DOWNLOAD
phpprofile(sfnet) phpProfile phpProfile is a profile system kinda like yahoo... DOWNLOAD
jdirbrowser(sfnet) JDirBrowser This project uses a combination of JSP tag, Fac... DOWNLOAD
tdbf(sfnet) tDBF component for Delphi and BCB TDBF is a native dBASE III+, dBase IV and dBase... DOWNLOAD
interpreter-rpz(sfnet) rpz-int Simple iterpreter of Pascal language, which wil... DOWNLOAD
winace(sfnet) WinACE WinACE is a graphical Windows client for the cl... DOWNLOAD
vpnconnector(sfnet) VPNConnector *It stores VPN Details in a SQL Database. *Enab... DOWNLOAD
iutchat(sfnet) iutchat An simple chat protocol & software designed... DOWNLOAD
royalbrowser(sfnet) Royal Browser Royal Browser is a on Gecko (Firefox) based web... DOWNLOAD
regexxer(sfnet) regexxer regexxer is a nifty GUI search/replace tool fea... DOWNLOAD
wubiq(sfnet) wubiq Wubiq. Allows developers to incorporate direct-... DOWNLOAD
yourcms(sfnet) tinyCMS The task is to write an elemantary Content Mana... DOWNLOAD
rgsafe(sfnet) RG-Safe RG-Safe uses the Cryptlib library to keep all y... DOWNLOAD
kionomad(sfnet) Creative Nomad II, IIc, MG KDE ioslave This KDE ioslave lets you access your Creative ... DOWNLOAD
palmqabalah(sfnet) Palm Qabalah PalmQabalah is a J2ME program that displays tab... DOWNLOAD
fonteditfs(sfnet) Fonteditfs Fonteditfs (aka fnteditfs) is a simple, full-sc... DOWNLOAD
mysqlweb(sfnet) mySQLweb - web interface to MySQL mySQLweb is web interface for building SQL quer... DOWNLOAD
fallback(sfnet) Data::Fallback Object oriented Perl falls back through an arra... DOWNLOAD
xtt(sfnet) Xoops Time Tracker The Xoops Time Tracker or XTT is a complete xoo... DOWNLOAD
bjsim(sfnet) Blackjack Simulator bjsim is a blackjack simulator, designed to tes... DOWNLOAD
phpmyhotcopy(sfnet) My HotCopy for php Do a hotcopy of your mysql database via a php s... DOWNLOAD
tkgraph(sfnet) Tkgraph plotting and page layout program Tkgraph is a Tcl/Tk-based plotting package. It... DOWNLOAD
imagebuttonbean(sfnet) ImageButtonBeanManager Struts Extension ImageButtonBeanManager is a Struts Extension Pa... DOWNLOAD
dante-framework(sfnet) Dante Dante is a Java-based Web-Application Framework... DOWNLOAD
shapecms(sfnet) Shapeshifter Blog / Forum / CMS for Cocoon/eXist - fully ski... DOWNLOAD
flex2components(sfnet) Open Source Flex 2.0 Components Open source components written for the Adobe Fl... DOWNLOAD
saot(sfnet) Sistem Akuntansi Open Travel Sistem Akuntansi Open Travel untuk pengelolaan ... DOWNLOAD
archonx(sfnet) ArchonX DirectX 8.1 interface / engine (2D). Can do as ... DOWNLOAD
phpmyexim(sfnet) PHPmyEXIM PHPmyEXIM is an easy to use, web-based tool, th... DOWNLOAD
onlinesig(sfnet) Online Signature Online Signature is used with the filesharing p... DOWNLOAD
mobileiiop(sfnet) Mobile IIOP Engine Wireless and Small Devices implementations norm... DOWNLOAD
ldapd(sfnet) ldapd ldapd is a pure Java embeddable LDAP v3 protoco... DOWNLOAD
openbeehive(sfnet) Beehive Beehive is a lightweight, web-based, general pu... DOWNLOAD
webslave(sfnet) wsProject It is an easy to use Xoops modul for project ma... DOWNLOAD
dhsd(sfnet) DHSD DHSD is a daemon that will periodicly update an... DOWNLOAD
switch(sfnet) Switch Power System Planning Model The Switch power system planning model will eve... DOWNLOAD

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