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newsgrab-ui(sfnet) newgrab-ui newsgrab-ui is a Usenet "complete set"... DOWNLOAD
phintrep(sfnet) PHP intra reports PHP Intra Reports: Intranet calendar based repo... DOWNLOAD
lupercalia(sfnet) The Lupercalia Engine The Lupercalia Engine is an isometric game engi... DOWNLOAD
openpower(sfnet) OpenPower Open Power will be a CPU cooling software for W... DOWNLOAD
gdcom(sfnet) gdCOM gdCOM is built from the latest source distribut... DOWNLOAD
dragonlibrary(sfnet) Dragon Library The Dragon Library provides an encompassing lib... DOWNLOAD
idata(sfnet) iData Toolkit iData is a toolkit for incorporating intelligen... DOWNLOAD
dynamicmud(sfnet) dynamicMUD A modular MUD server that allows for reloading ... DOWNLOAD
lujp(sfnet) LUJP London Underground Journey Planner LUJP: London Underground Journey Planner in Mic... DOWNLOAD
squider(sfnet) is a Squid access.log file splitter ... DOWNLOAD
phpxmltools(sfnet) php xml db tools php xml db tools is a collection of php scripts... DOWNLOAD
hwaba(sfnet) Waba Library H Waba Platform components collection - a set of ... DOWNLOAD
cvsprotocol(sfnet) CVSProtocol With CVSProtocol you can access every cvs hoste... DOWNLOAD
mpfms(sfnet) My personal In-outcome management sys this is my personal financial management softwa... DOWNLOAD
lazysync(sfnet) LazySync LazySync is a pure-Java file-synchronization pr... DOWNLOAD
sqladmin(sfnet) sqladmin tool with XML support sqladmin is a lightweight java/swing tool for s... DOWNLOAD
yourboard(sfnet) yourBoard - your PHP Bulletin Board yourBoard ist yet another bulletin board projec... DOWNLOAD
phpinv(sfnet) phpInv This script is a highly configurable but small ... DOWNLOAD
qstartl(sfnet) qStartl Luftsport Startlistenverwaltung Dies ist ein Programm das (Segel-) Flugvereinen... DOWNLOAD
notesystem(sfnet) Musical Notation System Musical Notation System Using a GUI with a buil... DOWNLOAD
metagamesector(sfnet) Metagame-Sector Metagame-Sector is a Python framework for quick... DOWNLOAD
bengalinux(sfnet) Bengali on Linux Quite some work has been going on all around th... DOWNLOAD
leukreator(sfnet) leukreator Kreator is the Area Builder for Italian Mud &qu... DOWNLOAD
checklist-pro(sfnet) CheckList Pro Basic language coded checklist application suit... DOWNLOAD
rpgms(sfnet) Star Wars Conquest Browser-based, interactive, multiplayer RPG for... DOWNLOAD
mc-mint(sfnet) MINT - Multicast Packet Generator MINT allows a network engineer to easly set up ... DOWNLOAD
thirdhalf(sfnet) open source projects This is the home base for all open-source devel... DOWNLOAD
f1help(sfnet) F1Help F1Help is the application to generate windows h... DOWNLOAD
jolietrenamer(sfnet) Joliet-Subdir-Renamer This small perl utility renames all files and a... DOWNLOAD
natspectrum(sfnet) NAT Spectrum Analyzer & Guitar Tuner NATSpectrum is a skinnable Spectrum Analyzer, G... DOWNLOAD
gcur(sfnet) gcur gcur is a GTK+ money currency converter. It's f... DOWNLOAD
datebooktoolbox(sfnet) Datebook Toolbox The Datebook Toolbox is a growing collection of... DOWNLOAD
htmlawt(sfnet) Java HTML GUI library using AWT API A close implementation of the Java's AWT public... DOWNLOAD
mutsu(sfnet) Mutsu Applescript Studio Repository Mutso is a repository for Applescript Studio ap... DOWNLOAD
tor(freshmeat) Tor Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows... DOWNLOAD
inline-java(sfnet) Inline::Java Inline::Java lets you write Perl classes in Jav... DOWNLOAD
monitorcentral(sfnet) Monitor Central Monitor Central is comprised of 2 applications;... DOWNLOAD
netedit(sfnet) Verilog Netlist Viewer / Editor The purpose of this tool is creation of tcl/tk ... DOWNLOAD
salestracker(sfnet) Sales, Track It! PHP/MySQL based Sales Management system for man... DOWNLOAD
libjabberc(sfnet) libjabberc libjabberc is a c++ jabber client library, aime... DOWNLOAD
bigplay(sfnet) Big Play Computer Football A computerized version of "Big Play Footba... DOWNLOAD
gorille(sfnet) Gorille Gorille is a small Java package designed to let... DOWNLOAD
clog(sfnet) clog A simple, intuitive web log written in bash for... DOWNLOAD
jbcheckstyle(sfnet) jbCheckStyle Sorry that I switched to eclipse for years and ... DOWNLOAD
kjsplit(sfnet) KJsplit KJsplit is a file joiner and splitter. It can s... DOWNLOAD
knetscan(sfnet) KNetScan KnetScan is a full featured front end for the f... DOWNLOAD
os-timetrack(sfnet) OpenSkills TimeTrack The OpenSkills TimeTrack system will enable Ope... DOWNLOAD
lclib(sfnet) linux cryptography library I needed a library of functions that enabled me... DOWNLOAD
secure-email(sfnet) Secure Electronic Mail System The Secure Electronic Mail System will be a sys... DOWNLOAD
mnet(sfnet) Mnet Mnet is a distributed ... DOWNLOAD
crp(sfnet) CRP - Conference Review Package CRP is a package that automates the process of ... DOWNLOAD
stargun(sfnet) Stargun Stargun is a cross plataform space shooter game... DOWNLOAD
freedo(sfnet) FreeDO 3DO Emulator Project The FreeDO project has MOVED to DOWNLOAD
letstat(sfnet) letstat letstat scans several files, or standard input,... DOWNLOAD
nescanvas(sfnet) nescanvas nescanvas is avatar chat system using Ajax and ... DOWNLOAD
harbinger(sfnet) Harbinger A MSN Messenger client written in C++, using th... DOWNLOAD
improviser(sfnet) Improviser Automatic accompaniment and improvisation gener... DOWNLOAD
myinfotool(sfnet) myInfoTool myInfoTool is a PHP driven, file based database... DOWNLOAD
openviper(sfnet) OpenViper A strongly typed general-purpose programming la... DOWNLOAD
robotcprograms(sfnet) robot C programs DOWNLOAD
diameter(sfnet) Open Diameter Open source Diameter and Diameter related proto... DOWNLOAD
araas(sfnet) Authentication & Authorization System ARAAS is an Authentication and Resource Access ... DOWNLOAD
musicdb(sfnet) Music Database With MusicDB you can organize your audio cds. I... DOWNLOAD
pdblib(sfnet) A library for parsing PalmOS PDB files `pdblib' is a small library written in C for pa... DOWNLOAD
ttcplinux(sfnet) T/TCP (Transaction TCP) for Linux T/TCP for Linux mainly focuses on the integrati... DOWNLOAD
newswriter(sfnet) Newswriter - PHP Newsmanagement System Newswriter is a PHP based newsmanagement system... DOWNLOAD
mekmud(sfnet) MEKMUD MEKMUD is a 100% java-written mud ensuring full... DOWNLOAD
freeclx4sdl(sfnet) freeCLX4SDL Try to build some LGPL CLX components for Open ... DOWNLOAD
sledit(sfnet) SL-Edit SL-Edit is a text editor written in Tcl/Tk with... DOWNLOAD
dotnetcyberkit(sfnet) .NET Internet toolkit .NetCyberKit aims to create a programmers inter... DOWNLOAD
openzz(sfnet) OpenZz OpenZz is a dynamic parser which allows its gra... DOWNLOAD
vmtlinux(sfnet) CASE Tool for Linux A free , easy to use, quality , open source CAS... DOWNLOAD
phptasks(sfnet) phpTasks phpTasks provides a multi-user web-based task m... DOWNLOAD
nbserver(sfnet) Non-blocking servers in Java made easy A framework that takes most of the pain out of ... DOWNLOAD
cppmatrix(sfnet) C++ matrix container class A matrix (and vector) container class library f... DOWNLOAD
wingnut(sfnet) WingNut WingNut is a platform independent template engi... DOWNLOAD
voambolana(sfnet) voambolana Voambolana (pronouce VOO-BOO-LUH-NUH) is an on-... DOWNLOAD
sn-extensions(sfnet) Source-Navigator Extentions Source-Navigator Extensions makes Source-Naviga... DOWNLOAD
dumasframework(sfnet) Dumas PHP/MySQL/XML Framework The Dumas PHP/MySQL/XML Framework is a set of P... DOWNLOAD
datacollection(sfnet) Data-Collection Data-Collection includes 2 utilities (which can... DOWNLOAD
jbossdruid(sfnet) JBossDruid This tool will help you to quickly create a JBo... DOWNLOAD
ost(sfnet) Operator Simulation Tool The Operator Simulation Tool (OST) provides a f... DOWNLOAD
sizecounter(sfnet) Size Counter This is a simple program written in C that gets... DOWNLOAD
lol-contentgen(sfnet) lol contentgenerator It is a java and xml, xsl based generator appli... DOWNLOAD
pcseries(sfnet) Page Creator Series <2 in1 web editor> The Page Creator Series is a project of a big w... DOWNLOAD
rubysmb(sfnet) Ruby/SMB Ruby/SMB is a C shared library that glues toget... DOWNLOAD
eazy4u(sfnet) Eazy4U Eazy4U software is a simple and easy to use web... DOWNLOAD
slacker(sfnet) Slacker Slacker is a host management and dynamic websit... DOWNLOAD
piss(sfnet) ProjectTraq Intranet System Services The ProjectTraq Intranet System Services (P.I.S... DOWNLOAD
benedetto(sfnet) benedetto Benedetto provides a catalog system for librari... DOWNLOAD
owc(sfnet) open wap chat open wap chat ...<br> - is an open source... DOWNLOAD
dghmux-java(sfnet) DGHMux-Java DGHMux-Java is a Java library for multiplexing ... DOWNLOAD
mtl(sfnet) MARC Toolkit for Libraries MARC Toolkit for Libraries is a collection of s... DOWNLOAD
scottsnewos(sfnet) Scott'sNewOS Scott'sNewOS is a totally new operating system ... DOWNLOAD
phpcad(sfnet) PHP Cad and Drawing Program. A CAD/painting program written in PHP. The user... DOWNLOAD
samosir(sfnet) Samosir Samosir is the library used to develop plugin m... DOWNLOAD
ukhuwahdev(sfnet) Ukhuwah Development MyUkhuwah is the project for developing the int... DOWNLOAD
ooodocs(sfnet) OOoDocs OOoDocs is the Free and Open repository and dev... DOWNLOAD
libaes(sfnet) An AES/rijndael encryption library A library implementing the AES (American Encryp... DOWNLOAD
parallelfilecom(sfnet) Parallel File Compressor Parallel File Compressor Compatible With bzip2 DOWNLOAD

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