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creativepccam(sfnet) Creative PC-CAM camera A simple commandline tool for downloading pictu... DOWNLOAD
zantastico(sfnet) Zantastico Zantastico - An Open-Source module/plugin for Z... DOWNLOAD
simulreflec(sfnet) SimulReflec X-rays and polarised neutron reflectivity data ... DOWNLOAD
gccodec(sfnet) Geek Code 3.12 CODEC A geek code generator that generates 3.12 compa... DOWNLOAD
wowstatistics(sfnet) Mtg Library A database application for magic the gathering ... DOWNLOAD
sonasound(sfnet) SonaSound - UNIX Sonogram Sonogram and waveform display programm for Unix... DOWNLOAD
uw2rev(sfnet) Underworld 2 Revival This Project will finally enable you to replay ... DOWNLOAD
postdisplay(sfnet) Port 0x80 utilities This projects contains a couple of utilities, a... DOWNLOAD
simplexmlrpc(sfnet) SimpleXMLRPC for PHP4 XMLRPC client/server for PHP4. This XMLRPC cli... DOWNLOAD
world-sh(sfnet) World-sh This is a little project im makeing to help new... DOWNLOAD
nmstl(sfnet) NMSTL for C++ NMSTL is the Networks, Messaging, Servers, and ... DOWNLOAD
tdn(sfnet) Two Dimensional Noesy Simulation Two Dimensional NOesy simulation (TDN) implemen... DOWNLOAD
rvsn00p(sfnet) RvSn00p rvSnoop is a graphical application that provide... DOWNLOAD
openwire(sfnet) OpenWire LimeWire is a file sharing program running on t... DOWNLOAD
eatrmi(sfnet) External Ant Tools for RMI The EATRMI project is an effort to provide tool... DOWNLOAD
netcat(sfnet) The GNU netcat A rewrite of the well-known networking tool, bu... DOWNLOAD
typeograph(sfnet) «Type-o-graph» The «Type-o-graph» project has been written as ... DOWNLOAD
dead-zone(sfnet) Dead Zone Scripts Dead Zone Scripts will be here to help out the ... DOWNLOAD
lvfinger(sfnet) lvfinger DOWNLOAD
bellsympatico(sfnet) Bell Sympatico Internet Usage Meter A handy internet usage widget for Mac OS X, for... DOWNLOAD
p2pim(sfnet) P2P Instant Messenger A Peer to Peer Instant Messenger written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
macfortune(sfnet) MacFortune A GUI frontend for the unix fortune command, th... DOWNLOAD
jpg2html(sfnet) JPG2HTML jpg2html is a series of C programs that embeds ... DOWNLOAD
multilist(sfnet) MultiList This PHP & MySQL driven script has the abil... DOWNLOAD
phpdevstudio(sfnet) PHP Developer Studio PHP Developer Studio helps developers to build ... DOWNLOAD
netrate(sfnet) netrate text-mode Perl script which provides data rate ... DOWNLOAD
pagewatcher(sfnet) pagewatcher text-mode Perl script which periodically checks... DOWNLOAD
genofefa(sfnet) DB Form Generator DB form generator, for database-content edition... DOWNLOAD
xpframework(sfnet) XPFramework An testing framework for Delphi projects. Inclu... DOWNLOAD
switchrmi(sfnet) SwitchRMI A framework for Java Remote Method Invocation (... DOWNLOAD
photoviewer(sfnet) Photo Browser and Image manipulation This is a image browser, to see them as mini-ph... DOWNLOAD
pwdmind(sfnet) PasswordMinder It's hard remembering good passwords. Most peop... DOWNLOAD
fprobe(sfnet) fprobe fprobe and fprobe-ulog are NetFlow probes. fpro... DOWNLOAD
phpnukefr(sfnet) PHPNUKE FRANCE Version Française du plus célèbre portail Open ... DOWNLOAD
scriptbot(sfnet) ScriptBot ScriptBot is a scriptable IRC bot. Based on Pir... DOWNLOAD
ecomics(sfnet) eComics Accessible reader for comics designed for all (... DOWNLOAD
fetchrmp(sfnet) RMP Retriever The RMP Retriever is a command line utility for... DOWNLOAD
cleannap(sfnet) cleannap cleannap is a C++ based Napster protocol server... DOWNLOAD
vampchargen(sfnet) Vampire Character Generator Character Generator for the Vampire RPG DOWNLOAD
tkphone(sfnet) TkPhone TkPhone is an application that allows to record... DOWNLOAD
ntc(sfnet) Novikov\'s Torus Conjecture library NTC is a C++ library built on top of VTK (www.v... DOWNLOAD
girderplugins(sfnet) Girder Plugins Plugins for Girder ( DOWNLOAD
zaval0006(sfnet) Zaval Proxy Suite The Zaval Proxy Suite is an easy-to-use pure ja... DOWNLOAD
pcacher(sfnet) Picture Cacher Picture Cacher is a PHP project that will downl... DOWNLOAD
wapdict(sfnet) WapDict Wap frontend for dictd server. WapDict is inten... DOWNLOAD
php-service(sfnet) PHPService PHPService is a powerful template engine based ... DOWNLOAD
cgiframework(sfnet) CGI Framework Provide a set of native CLX components and tool... DOWNLOAD
dirtvm(sfnet) The Dirt Virtual Machine The Dirt virtual machine is designed to be easi... DOWNLOAD
ispbill(sfnet) ISPBill ISPBill is an ISP billing and management system... DOWNLOAD
jeepproject(sfnet) Jeep Jeep is a modular, abstract and distributed evo... DOWNLOAD
companydirec(sfnet) PHP Company Directory Uses PHP and mySQL. Generates a company directo... DOWNLOAD
nonrpm(sfnet) nonRPM - RPM for systems with no rpm ---this project is declared dead. email me if ... DOWNLOAD
viaexp(sfnet) VIA enhanced Xine Player (VeXP) VIA enhanced Xine Player (VeXP), a patch based ... DOWNLOAD
grimbocore(sfnet) The Friendly Names 2 The Friendly Names 2 is an automated tool to pu... DOWNLOAD
jqftp(sfnet) JQ-Data FTP Server FTP Server written in JAVA. The server has an o... DOWNLOAD
kapok(sfnet) Kapok Backbone The Kapok backbone creates a binary file that c... DOWNLOAD
nstcl(sfnet) nstcl nstcl is a Tcl package which reimplements many ... DOWNLOAD
jporta(sfnet) jPorta - J2EE Portal Engine jPorta is a fully functional portal engine buil... DOWNLOAD
inti(sfnet) Integrated Foundation Classes Inti is a set of integrated C++ foundation clas... DOWNLOAD
onscenedialog(sfnet) On Scene Dialog OpenGL based C/C++ dialog, which is drawn on 2D... DOWNLOAD
jpluck(sfnet) JPluck - Plucker document toolkit JPluck is no longer being maintained and has be... DOWNLOAD
xsltml(sfnet) XSLT MathML Library XSLT MathML Library is set of XSLT stylesheets ... DOWNLOAD
hlmonserv(sfnet) hlmonserv What is hlmonserv? hlmonserv is a half-life (an... DOWNLOAD
calculus-cpp(sfnet) Calculus for C++ A functional layer for scientific uses that pro... DOWNLOAD
linuxfactory(sfnet) LINUX Factory The goal of this project is to produce an embed... DOWNLOAD
gnomersvp1(sfnet) GnomeRSVP Rapid Serial Visual Presentation is the process... DOWNLOAD
wizardsduel(sfnet) Wizard's Duel Wizard's Duel is a small engine for a multiplay... DOWNLOAD
dynamag(sfnet) DynaMag DynaMag is a screen magnifier for Unix/Linux. I... DOWNLOAD
nukehall(sfnet) NukeHall NukeHall is a multisite content management php ... DOWNLOAD
php-lib-login(sfnet) php_lib_login php_lib_login is a quick and easy feature-rich ... DOWNLOAD
phpfirst(sfnet) phpFIRST phpFIRST is meant to be a base or framework for... DOWNLOAD
webservjava(sfnet) Java Webserver This is a Linux/UNIX server written in JAVA. Th... DOWNLOAD
homeaccountant(sfnet) Home Accountant Provide web-based solution to home accountant. ... DOWNLOAD
uptimesite(sfnet) UptimeSite UptimeSite is the code behind the Uptimes Proje... DOWNLOAD
xmlhighlighter(sfnet) XML Highlighter A highlighter for XML documents, written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
jwapmail(sfnet) Jwapmail Jwapmail is opensource wap (wml) based email c... DOWNLOAD
libtemplate(sfnet) libtemplate libtemplate is a very powerful template library... DOWNLOAD
noirc(sfnet) Neantertal's Open IRC Client Neantertal's Open IRC is a full-featured client... DOWNLOAD
hsp16(sfnet) HSP16 HSP16 is a Pesona-16 ( mic... DOWNLOAD
skynet-radio(sfnet) skynet Skynet is a software-suite for radio amateurs. ... DOWNLOAD
evsim(sfnet) EventSim EventSim- A C++, UNIX-based (will run under OS ... DOWNLOAD
tesl(sfnet) TESL - Test Execution Scripting Language Executes test scripts written in a simple langu... DOWNLOAD
dipsforjmax(sfnet) DIPS for jMax The DIPS, \"Digital Image Processing with ... DOWNLOAD
gsm-tools(sfnet) GSM tools Tools for communicate with your mobile GSM pho... DOWNLOAD
jamesproject(sfnet) JAMES JAMES is a modular environment which enhance co... DOWNLOAD
soma-dev(sfnet) Shared Online Media Archive (SOMA) SOMA is a collaboration between several NGOs to... DOWNLOAD
ocupost(sfnet) OcuPost (Post Management Engine) The OcuPost (Post Management Engine) project pr... DOWNLOAD
libproxydetect(sfnet) Proxy Settings Detection Library libproxydetect is a library for detecting proxy... DOWNLOAD
mecanica(sfnet) Mecanica Mecanica is simulation software for classical m... DOWNLOAD
ksubeditor(sfnet) KDE DivX subtitles editor That program isgood solution for people who cre... DOWNLOAD
snortcon(sfnet) SnortCon SnortCon is a web-based utility that provides a... DOWNLOAD
pymerase(sfnet) Pymerase Pymerase is a tool intended to generate a pytho... DOWNLOAD
whichcd(sfnet) whichcd rpm package locater A shell script and database containing text fil... DOWNLOAD
jcsgp(sfnet) Java CounterStrike Game Probe The Java CounterStrike Game Probe will implemen... DOWNLOAD
myscrapbook(sfnet) My Scrapbook MyScrapbook is a unique graphical Internet cont... DOWNLOAD
aspsearch(sfnet) ASP Search ASPSearch, is a search engine project writen in... DOWNLOAD
lighthouseblue(sfnet) LighthouseBlue theme engine A theme engine for the GNOME desktop. DOWNLOAD
nonet(sfnet) Noname The Noname network is a new gnutella-based netw... DOWNLOAD
dtimetracker(sfnet) DTimeTracker A simple, easy to use .Net-based utility for tr... DOWNLOAD
iptloganalyser(sfnet) IPTables logs script analyser This very simple perl script parses you iptable... DOWNLOAD

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