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mkwrd(sfnet) WordSearch Creator My first Attempt at a usable public program - A... DOWNLOAD
bscript(sfnet) BScript - BASIC Interpreter BScript is a fast, lightweight and portable BAS... DOWNLOAD
joe-editor(sfnet) JOE - Joe's own editor Joe is world-famous Wordstar like text editor. DOWNLOAD
algheme(sfnet) algheme Algheme is a computer Algebra system written in... DOWNLOAD
snap(sfnet) SNAP Platform and SNAPPIX SNAP Platform integrates the best open source J... DOWNLOAD
jandy(sfnet) Jandy Web Application Framework Jandy is an internet development framework base... DOWNLOAD
jlf(sfnet) Java Layered Frameworks (JLF) Java Layered Frameworks is a set of Java code t... DOWNLOAD
nhstats(sfnet) NHStatsTracker A collection of Nethack related statistics trac... DOWNLOAD
gemcart(sfnet) TheGemCart The GemCart is a PHP shopping cart built on cor... DOWNLOAD
asqredir(sfnet) asqredir, another squid redirect program asqredir is a small, fast and simple redirect p... DOWNLOAD
oiss(sfnet) Open Interface for Speech Synthesis The Open Interface for Speech Synthesis (OISS) ... DOWNLOAD
corbatester(sfnet) CORBATester, for testing CORBA Servers A command-line based (atleast for now) tool for... DOWNLOAD
mobius(sfnet) The Möbius Sets out to be an innovative new operating syst... DOWNLOAD
libxode(sfnet) libxode -- XML Library libxode is an XML library which wraps expat. i... DOWNLOAD
ncc(sfnet) NES Compiler Collection A project to create a compiler suite for the cr... DOWNLOAD
phastinus(sfnet) Phastinus Phastinus is an online RPG campaign manager. It... DOWNLOAD
comodo(sfnet) Comodo Components Project Delphi & Kylix Components project - Compone... DOWNLOAD
acp(sfnet) Active C Pages POSIX Application Web Server which supports dyn... DOWNLOAD
openice(sfnet) Open Helpdesk Manager Web-based, enterprise helpdesk management syste... DOWNLOAD
phpappl(sfnet) PHP Application Server PHP Application Server simplifies the developme... DOWNLOAD
c-note(sfnet) squid_ldap_auth The project is no longer being maintained here.... DOWNLOAD
lifewire(sfnet) LifeWire An attempt to create a process which is a self-... DOWNLOAD
weeblefm(sfnet) Weeble File Manager Weeble File Manager is a web based file manager... DOWNLOAD
pyuiml(sfnet) Python UIML XML Parser The aim is to develop a framework to translate ... DOWNLOAD
erfanwiki(sfnet) ERFAN WIKI ERFAN WIKI is powerful wiki engine without data... DOWNLOAD
doxymacs(sfnet) doxymacs doxymacs aims to make creating/using Doxygen-cr... DOWNLOAD
geotrace(sfnet) Geographical Traceroute Shows the result of a traceroute on a map. Loca... DOWNLOAD
kpuzzle(sfnet) KPuzzle KPuzzle is a jigsaw puzzle game for KDE 3 (upda... DOWNLOAD
sla(sfnet) sla: string list assignment library Run-time library functions for processing assig... DOWNLOAD
magenta(sfnet) magenta java toolkit for creating software agent systems. DOWNLOAD
hourtrak(sfnet) HourTrak HourTrak is a project written in php and html t... DOWNLOAD
ktorus(sfnet) Torus Torus is a simple and easy game. The object of ... DOWNLOAD
zlang(sfnet) Zlang = Java in XML An XML based Java and a tool for Visual Program... DOWNLOAD
brian-d-foy(sfnet) brian d foy's Perl modules Perl modules created by or maintained by brian ... DOWNLOAD
nims69(sfnet) Nimbus Instant Messaging System (NIMS) The Nimbus Instant Messaging System (NIMS) will... DOWNLOAD
pymmetry(sfnet) Pymmetry - Python Trust Metrics Python Trust Metrics. Implementation of Ford-F... DOWNLOAD
nss-sqldb(sfnet) Generic SQL Database Interface for NSS The nss_sqldb project provides ability to acces... DOWNLOAD
nbroklinux(sfnet) NBROK_Linux mini-distro A mini Linux distribution specially made for us... DOWNLOAD
francobot(sfnet) francobot Collection of utilities to manage #france chann... DOWNLOAD
rdbed(sfnet) Agenda VR3 RDB Editor A database builder/editor/viewer for maintainin... DOWNLOAD
econmod(sfnet) Economic Model A multi-user network orientated economic model ... DOWNLOAD
statsaholic(sfnet) StatsAholic Statsaholic is a set of scripts that generate w... DOWNLOAD
rb-w32mod(sfnet) Win32 mods for Ruby Objects and modules that make use of the Ruby W... DOWNLOAD
youseful(sfnet) Youseful Installation components DOWNLOAD
iso-relax(sfnet) ISO RELAX This project is to define/share/maintain codes ... DOWNLOAD
xroot(sfnet) xRoot the GNU quadratic equation solver DOWNLOAD
pmaker(sfnet) Paragraph MAKER DOWNLOAD
ubuntuserverman(sfnet) ubuntu server manager Ubuntu 14.04 release! Ubuntu Server is a GUI t... DOWNLOAD
jh9n(sfnet) Java Hibernation Package Java Hibernation Package is an experimental imp... DOWNLOAD
microproject(sfnet) Microchip based projects This collection of projects represents GPL rele... DOWNLOAD
loser(sfnet) The L.O.S.E.R. Project Sidescroller game and (eventually) library. DOWNLOAD
dciwam-html-ref(sfnet) dciwam-XHTML-Referenz A german-language XHTML-referenz. DOWNLOAD
ipsi(sfnet) The iPSi C++ Library The iPSi C++ Library is a library which allow u... DOWNLOAD
mage4ubi(sfnet) MAGE for Ubiquitous This project aims to develope mobile agents-bas... DOWNLOAD
aeongdk(sfnet) Aeon Game Development Kit Aeon is a totally cross-platform game developme... DOWNLOAD
xbeans(sfnet) Xbeans An Xbean is a Java Bean software component that... DOWNLOAD
three-proxy(sfnet) 3proxy tiny free proxy server Universal freeware proxy server with HTTP, HTTP... DOWNLOAD
girls(sfnet) Graph I and R Libraries The Graph Implementation and Representation Lib... DOWNLOAD
speedtch(sfnet) Alcatel Speedtouch USB Support DOWNLOAD
libcctest(sfnet) Simple C++ Unittest Framework A simple, robust, easy to use C++ unit testing ... DOWNLOAD
jdbcexplorer(sfnet) JDBC Explorer JDBC Explorer is a Java program that provides a... DOWNLOAD
cfglitch(sfnet) cfGlitch cfGlitch is a simple software bug tracking syst... DOWNLOAD
phpbeat(sfnet) PHPBeat PHPBEAT is a small PHP class that lets develope... DOWNLOAD
junitpp(sfnet) JUNITPP JUNIT framework extension. DOWNLOAD
posix4(sfnet) Alex Newman DOWNLOAD
kde-cvsbuild(sfnet) KDE CVSBuild It is a shell script which updates your local K... DOWNLOAD
gsa-simple-xml(sfnet) GSA Simple XML Parser XML DOM style parser class written in PHP. This... DOWNLOAD
callconfirmdiy(sfnet) CallConfirmDIY An outgoing phone call filter which was inspire... DOWNLOAD
exploit-search(sfnet) Exploit Search Toolkit Exploit Search Toolkit using shodan module &... DOWNLOAD
msetimon(sfnet) Msetimon Multi-SETI@home Monitor. This program was writt... DOWNLOAD
baseballsim(sfnet) Monte Carlo Baseball Simulation A Monte Carlo simulation of Major League Baseba... DOWNLOAD
dumbster(sfnet) Dumbster The goal of this project is to develop a very s... DOWNLOAD
objekbase(sfnet) ObjekBase ObjekBase is a real-time hierarchical distribut... DOWNLOAD
jawc(sfnet) JAWC J.A.W.C. (Just Another Web Counter) This is a p... DOWNLOAD
webweather(sfnet) Web Weather Charts DOWNLOAD
hk-classes(sfnet) hk_classes set of C++-libraries which allow the rapid deve... DOWNLOAD
knoda(sfnet) knoda - a database frontend for kde knoda is a database frontend for KDE DOWNLOAD
cdred(sfnet) cdred Cdred is a Linux driver and two programs that e... DOWNLOAD
saolu(sfnet) Seba AOLserver Utilities Utilities pack for AOLserver. Implements connec... DOWNLOAD
mampa(sfnet) Mampa (Mod_Auth_Mysql Php Admin) It's in the title. Manage users, passwords, gro... DOWNLOAD
proxytools(sfnet) proxyTools A set of tools (proxy, analyzer, proxy database... DOWNLOAD
ddb(sfnet) DynamicDB DDB is a Web Database wrtten in Perl using dbm ... DOWNLOAD
cygwin-lite(sfnet) Cygwin-Lite Minimal Cygwin Environment Cygwin-lite is a subset of the Cygwin tools plu... DOWNLOAD
dvr(sfnet) Digital Video Recorder DVR lets you record movies from a v4l interface... DOWNLOAD
netimjava(sfnet) Net IM Net IM is trying to be comparable with the most... DOWNLOAD
beepcore-java(sfnet) Java BEEP Core P2P application protocol framework (RFC3080, RF... DOWNLOAD
jsvalidator(sfnet) Javascrit web form validator Web browser form validator lib in Javascript 1.... DOWNLOAD
zoo(sfnet) zoo video processing toolkit C++ toolkit to decode, demultiplex, and play mu... DOWNLOAD
edix(sfnet) edix Edix is an environmental monitoring data system... DOWNLOAD
guidatv(sfnet) GuidaTV GuidaTV is an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) ap... DOWNLOAD
battering-ram(sfnet) Battering-Ram Script to import maildir mail into gmail with m... DOWNLOAD
nounou(sfnet) Nounou Nounou is a Java library for handling optical i... DOWNLOAD
vsimd(sfnet) Very Simple Interface Monitoring Daemon Vsimd is a daemon which provides ICMP-ECHO-base... DOWNLOAD
phpmysqlbench(sfnet) PHPMysqlBench PHPMysqlBench is an easy to use web based mysql... DOWNLOAD
php4ue(sfnet) PHP Mode for UltraEdit The goal of this project is to provide a "... DOWNLOAD
nexist(sfnet) Nexist Nexist is being developed based on a few hypoth... DOWNLOAD
rake(sfnet) Regression mAKEr DOWNLOAD
dungasync(sfnet) Dunga Sync DungaSync is an effort to create a generic arch... DOWNLOAD
jug(sfnet) Java UML Generator (JUG) Tool for automatic generation of UML Class Diag... DOWNLOAD
zorannt(sfnet) ZR36067 NT Driver (Iomega Buz) A Windows NT/2K driver for ZR36067/57 based car... DOWNLOAD

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