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r128gain(sfnet) r128gain R128GAIN is a FFmpeg and SoX based EBU R128 com... DOWNLOAD
grouppac(sfnet) GroupPac Implementation of Fault Tolerant CORBA specific... DOWNLOAD
ksiemens(sfnet) KSiemens KSiemens is a small KDE2 application aiming to ... DOWNLOAD
blitzer(sfnet) Blitzer Blitzer is a simple tool for driving the SX-Bli... DOWNLOAD
servid(sfnet) servid Serial video display "virtual peripheral&q... DOWNLOAD
dircreator(sfnet) Directory Creator The purpouse of the Directory Creator project i... DOWNLOAD
webmiel(sfnet) WebMiel WebMiel is a file documentation and content man... DOWNLOAD
j-twat(sfnet) J-TWAT Java-tradewars Attack Terminal - A helper for t... DOWNLOAD
agc-emu(sfnet) Apollo Guidance Computer This is an emulator for the Apollo Guidance Com... DOWNLOAD
cte(sfnet) Coder's Text Editor This is an open project that is open to additio... DOWNLOAD
loll(sfnet) Loads of Linux Links The purpose of the Loads of Linux Links project... DOWNLOAD
plonk(sfnet) Plonk GNU Firewalling tools. Formerly known on Freshm... DOWNLOAD
fskc(sfnet) Finite State Kernel Creator The FSKC is a CASE tool that allows developers ... DOWNLOAD
linux-hfsplus(sfnet) Linux HFS+ Support Full support for HFS Plus filesystems in a kern... DOWNLOAD
leohtml(sfnet) LeoHTML LeoHTML as a HTML precompiler. It is designed f... DOWNLOAD
alpine(sfnet) Alpine Network The Alpine Network is a peer based application ... DOWNLOAD
lwars(sfnet) LentilWars Multiplayer arcade shoot-them-up game featuring... DOWNLOAD
draft-simul(sfnet) Open Src Draft Simulator The goal of this project is to develop a simula... DOWNLOAD
mediacast(sfnet) Media streamer An audio and video streamer with the capability... DOWNLOAD
semantical(sfnet) semantical Open Source Semantic Web Search Engine Software... DOWNLOAD
guiantminer(sfnet) GUI Ant-Miner GUI Ant-Miner is a tool for extracting classifi... DOWNLOAD
phpgraphs(sfnet) PHPGraphs PHPGraphs is a set of graphing classes for php.... DOWNLOAD
emancipation(sfnet) Emancipation A desktop environment for Windows 32-bit. DOWNLOAD
cooksmart(sfnet) CookSmart Cooksmart is a diet tracker tool designed for t... DOWNLOAD
hexdot(sfnet) Hexdot ERM The Hexdot ERM (Evaluation and Response Managem... DOWNLOAD
icukrell(sfnet) IcuKrell IcuKrell is a gKrellm plugin which display gnom... DOWNLOAD
pasonda(sfnet) Password Online Database A platform-idependent, web-based, secure applic... DOWNLOAD
ch-asm(sfnet) C style Hyper ASM Chasm is a language using assembler meat with C... DOWNLOAD
openrush(sfnet) OpenRUSH Project The aim is to provide support for Philips' Rush... DOWNLOAD
nbmousewheel(sfnet) NetBeans Mousewheel Module Module plugable into NetBeans IDE that enables ... DOWNLOAD
pokerblindtimer(sfnet) Poker Blinds Timer A Poker Blinds Level Timer application. This ap... DOWNLOAD
latk(sfnet) Log Analysis Tool Kit - LATK This is a collection of command line and web ba... DOWNLOAD
jarclassfinder(sfnet) Jar Class Finder Whether a class file or jar file existing in yo... DOWNLOAD
gig-cable-label(freshmeat) Gig Cable Label Gig Cable Label generates label images with num... DOWNLOAD
linux-mon(sfnet) Linux Monitor Linux Monitor is system monitoring software for... DOWNLOAD
surfd(sfnet) Surfboard HTTPd Surfboard is a small, simple httpd designed to ... DOWNLOAD
junittestmaker(sfnet) JUnit Test Generator Creates JUnit test cases for JAVA classes which... DOWNLOAD
pythonsiphon(sfnet) Ciphon A module for python that adds cpan-like functio... DOWNLOAD
probepicker(sfnet) ProbePicker Featurama, superceding ProbePicker, is a bioinf... DOWNLOAD
jcdlabeler(sfnet) JCdLabeler a DOWNLOAD
ueberp(sfnet) UeberProject Management System Project document and management tracking system... DOWNLOAD
dominionmud(sfnet) Dominion MUD A fantasy based multi-user role-playing game. ... DOWNLOAD
squeal(sfnet) SQueaL A platform independant database tool. SQueaL a... DOWNLOAD
libsocket(sfnet) LibSocketcpp a small, lightweight, easy-to-use, and incredib... DOWNLOAD
jfilemanager(sfnet) jFM jFM is a simple file manager, based on Java 2 a... DOWNLOAD
kthesaurus-data(sfnet) Database Glossaries for KThesaurus Development of Synonym Databases in specialised... DOWNLOAD
phpcrs(sfnet) car repair shop (phpcrs) Die PC-Anwendung unterstützt entscheidende Gesc... DOWNLOAD
gfxpoly(freshmeat) gfxpoly gfxpoly is a library for doing geometric polygo... DOWNLOAD
darkstar-gl(sfnet) Dark Star GL A (soon to be) complete wrapper engine for the ... DOWNLOAD
snapsource(sfnet) SnapSource Programmers' tool written in Perl for taking p... DOWNLOAD
mp3tiger(sfnet) MP3 Tiger Программа для работы с mp3-файлами. Возможности... DOWNLOAD
ftpfs(sfnet) FTP File System FTPfs is a Linux kernel module. You can mount F... DOWNLOAD
htmlperl(sfnet) HSP/HTPerl HSP/HTPerl allows you to mix Perl code and HTML... DOWNLOAD
fine(sfnet) Fine Fine is a derivitive of the SmallEiffel compile... DOWNLOAD
thunk(sfnet) Thunk Thunk is a unified password checker/cracker/gen... DOWNLOAD
syndstore(sfnet) SyndStore SyndStore is a web based RSS Feed Aggregator us... DOWNLOAD
hotelcalifornia(sfnet) HotelCalifornia HotelCalifornia is a framework for converting X... DOWNLOAD
perlshare(freshmeat) PerlShare PerlShare is a DropBox drop-in to create your o... DOWNLOAD
inetquota(sfnet) inetquota INETQUOTA is a software which limit internet ac... DOWNLOAD
smlnj(sfnet) Standard ML of New Jersey Native code compiler for Standard ML 97 and ass... DOWNLOAD
zplet(sfnet) ZPlet: A Z-Machine for Java ZPlet is an interpreter for programs using the ... DOWNLOAD
jage(sfnet) Just Another Game Engine JAGE is a OS-Independent project. Its highly mo... DOWNLOAD
opencare(sfnet) FIREFLY HELPDESK FRAMEWORK Firefly is a multi-user professional help desk ... DOWNLOAD
nuhe-client(sfnet) Nuhe Client Nuhe Client is a project related to the Nuhe Ac... DOWNLOAD
genie2(sfnet) Prophet This project intends to build a 2D isometric ti... DOWNLOAD
tim9(sfnet) The Invisible Mailer (TiM) TiM is an email client written in PHP with a My... DOWNLOAD
povclipse(sfnet) PovClipse PovClipse is an eclipse editor plugin for Povra... DOWNLOAD
authlib(sfnet) AuthLib Authlib is a powerful Object Oriented Cookie+My... DOWNLOAD
districtdna(sfnet) District DNA District DNA a program written in delphi that m... DOWNLOAD
jimageview(sfnet) JImageView JImageView allows viewing of GIF, JPEG, PNG, TI... DOWNLOAD
hphcounter(sfnet) Home Page Hit Counter A hit counter for counting the number of visits... DOWNLOAD
garscreen(sfnet) GarScreen GarScreen - a simple PalmOS animation sample. ... DOWNLOAD
hounddog(sfnet) Hound Dog A KDE instrument tuner. Displays the pitch and... DOWNLOAD
jvalid(sfnet) Java Validation Library The Java Validation Library provides a set of c... DOWNLOAD
unct(sfnet) Universal Configuration Tool The Universal Configuration Tool (UnCT) aims to... DOWNLOAD
computermanager(sfnet) Computer Manager Computer Manager is the first OS that takes adv... DOWNLOAD
puddle(sfnet) puddle puddle, perl unified database developer leverag... DOWNLOAD
rascal(sfnet) Rascal Rascal, the Advanced Scientific CALculator, is ... DOWNLOAD
mump(sfnet) MUMP - Multi User Mp3 Player A browser based mp3 jukebox player for a networ... DOWNLOAD
xmlcooktop(sfnet) deleted DOWNLOAD
mj-tools(sfnet) MiniJam Tools A set of tools to transfer songs to and from th... DOWNLOAD
kswan(sfnet) Kswan My first project a kids math trivia that genera... DOWNLOAD
azad(sfnet) AZAD You can calculate your age by using this "... DOWNLOAD
wargamer(sfnet) Wargamer Open source development of the game Wargamer:Na... DOWNLOAD
ucstring(sfnet) unicode support for eiffel DOWNLOAD
virtigex-hub(sfnet) Virtigex Message Hub A Java-based secure communications hub for text... DOWNLOAD
parsec(sfnet) SshView SshView is an ssh terminal for the Eclipse IDE.... DOWNLOAD
ipxplugins(sfnet) The IPX Gimp Plugins The IPX Gimp Plugins package contains many plug... DOWNLOAD
imach(sfnet) iMach/2, BDE iMach/2 is a Windows like enviornment. It runs ... DOWNLOAD
domigene(sfnet) Domigene Genetic Algorithm Domigene is a genetic algorithm API attempting ... DOWNLOAD
joint(sfnet) Joint Middleware Server Joint is a competent middleware server that sup... DOWNLOAD
finespectrum(sfnet) Fine Spectrum Analyzer Plugin for XMMS This plugin provides a nice spectrum analyzer f... DOWNLOAD
newsblock(sfnet) NewsBlock Modular PHP based news system/portal. DOWNLOAD
localsql(sfnet) LocalSQL A local SQL database engine. DOWNLOAD
freddy(sfnet) Freddy FRanc's Editor. This is mainly a programmer edi... DOWNLOAD
phyz(sfnet) Physics Solving Toolkit Phyz is an educational program which shows vari... DOWNLOAD
verge(sfnet) VergePlayer A digital audio player for use in an automotive... DOWNLOAD
darkportal(sfnet) Dark Hart Portal A modular PHP based web portal system. While a ... DOWNLOAD
opensourcemlm(sfnet) OMLM ::OMLM:: is a modular multi-level (MLM) network... DOWNLOAD
checkdhcpd(sfnet) ISC DHCPD Admin Util. A simple script that generate reports for ISC D... DOWNLOAD

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