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javamu(sfnet) JavaMU An implementation of a MUD using Java and SQL. ... DOWNLOAD
xcms(sfnet) Xitnalta Content Management System xcms was intended to be a powerful (Web) Conten... DOWNLOAD
freeclx(sfnet) FreeCLX FreeCLX is the Open Source project for Borland'... DOWNLOAD
coco(sfnet) Copter Commander A unique blend of arcade action and real time s... DOWNLOAD
rhbnet(sfnet) RHB_Net RHB_Net is a small tool that allows you to brow... DOWNLOAD
sled(sfnet) SLice EDitor Sled stands for SLice EDitor. It aims to be the... DOWNLOAD
salama(sfnet) Salama wiki Wikisystem, which main targets are speed, secur... DOWNLOAD
freeterm(sfnet) Free Terminal FreeTerm is a virtual console based on Konsole.... DOWNLOAD
ttywstats(sfnet) TeTsuYa Web Statistics TTY Web Statistics is a PHP3 script that will g... DOWNLOAD
pg302(sfnet) PG302-linux This is Linux software for PG302 hex file progr... DOWNLOAD
settime-java(sfnet) SetTime SetTime-java, tool to get time from a server ma... DOWNLOAD
dvdranger(sfnet) DVD-Ranger UI DVD-Ranger UI is a free and open source softwar... DOWNLOAD
openecosys(sfnet) OpenECoSys Open source embedded distributed systems based ... DOWNLOAD
rtg(sfnet) RTG RTG is a high-performance SNMP statistics monit... DOWNLOAD
zonk(sfnet) Zonk's Top Ten script Top Ten script will allow you to make an online... DOWNLOAD
umf(sfnet) Universal Messaging Framework DOWNLOAD
dxpopup(sfnet) dxPopup Project dxPopup is a JavaScript program written... DOWNLOAD
dyna-clone(sfnet) d2_clone A Dynablaster / Bomberman Clone that uses "... DOWNLOAD
cdlinux(sfnet) CDLinux Chinese Debian GNU/Linux running on Live! CD DOWNLOAD
htm(sfnet) Hot Tourney Manager HTM is a management tool wich help leagues/tour... DOWNLOAD
isp1362-hcd(sfnet) NXP ISP1362 Host Controller Driver NXP ISP1362 PCI based Host Controller Driver de... DOWNLOAD
njudge(sfnet) Automated email Diplomacy (tm) judge Placeholder for njudge project DOWNLOAD
fwblocker(sfnet) fwblocker fwblocker is a script used to parse syslog file... DOWNLOAD
travianforecast(sfnet) Travian Forecaster This is a Windows (.NET) tool to forecast your ... DOWNLOAD
simdistribution(sfnet) Distribution of OMNeT++ simulations GUI for distribution of OMNeT++ simulations on ... DOWNLOAD
rccalendar(sfnet) RC Calendar Plugin RC Calender Plugin is a Roundcube Webmail plugi... DOWNLOAD
atrax(sfnet) Atrax microkernel OS Microkernel OS, based on own microkernel, able ... DOWNLOAD
ptdateselect(sfnet) jQuery.ptDateSelect jQuery.ptDateSelect is a jQuery plugin for inpu... DOWNLOAD
vmtoolsenhanced(sfnet) VMWare Tools Enhanced VMWare Tools for Linux based operating systems ... DOWNLOAD
vu8(freshmeat) vu8 vu8 is a project that allows one to give JavaSc... DOWNLOAD
oneclickjava(sfnet) oneClickJava oneClickJava is an easy way to set up Java Deve... DOWNLOAD
empire(sfnet) Empire Empire is a multi-player game of global explora... DOWNLOAD
xfred(sfnet) WHISPER WHISPER is a modular software that handles eith... DOWNLOAD
jabberfox(sfnet) JabberFoX Jabber ( client for Mac OS X. DOWNLOAD
infinity(sfnet) Infinity Project A 100% platform independent 2D/3D hybrid engine... DOWNLOAD
ichabod(sfnet) Ichabod Java Mail Server Ichabod is an SMTP/POP3 server, with mailing li... DOWNLOAD
atrad(sfnet) ATRAD Asistente de traducción de artículos de la Wiki... DOWNLOAD
xmlpp(sfnet) xmlpp xmlpp is an non-validating XML Parser. It is wr... DOWNLOAD
grids(sfnet) GRIDS GRIDS (The Generic Runtime Infrastructure for D... DOWNLOAD
jpreferences(sfnet) Java Preferences Library This extends the (jdk1.4) java.util.prefs packa... DOWNLOAD
tiatunnel(sfnet) Total IRC Access Total IRC Access is a multitunnel that allows c... DOWNLOAD
dateselector(sfnet) Date Selector for Java Swing apps Date Selector is a Palm-Pilot like Date Selecti... DOWNLOAD
irfly98(sfnet) IR Fly98 driver Linux kernel driver for the LifeView FlyVide98 ... DOWNLOAD
freedms(sfnet) FreeDMS Free Document Management System is a Web Applic... DOWNLOAD
jcell(sfnet) Java Cellular Automata System An extensible cellular automata system written ... DOWNLOAD
mailfetcher(sfnet) MailFetcher MailFetcher is program that retrieves mail thou... DOWNLOAD
mold(sfnet) Magic of the Living Dungeon Project: design a new roguelike game incorporat... DOWNLOAD
divxdb(sfnet) DivX Database The DivX Database provides an easy way to sort ... DOWNLOAD
virtuality(sfnet) The Virtuality Renderer This project aims to write a modular, extensibl... DOWNLOAD
nisldap(sfnet) NISLDAP NISLDAP is attempt to bridge the gap between NI... DOWNLOAD
go2pov(sfnet) Go 2 Pov Converter This little tool reads various GO-formats (star... DOWNLOAD
ircgraph(sfnet) ircGraph /lusers to RRD ircGraph is a Perl script that connects to an I... DOWNLOAD
awesome(sfnet) AwesomeChristians User Pages The Awesome Christians User Page is set of PHP ... DOWNLOAD
linguist(sfnet) Linguist scripting toolkit Linguist is a Java toolkit for building custom ... DOWNLOAD
freeforums(sfnet) FreeForums An XML based Java 2 Enterprise Forum Solution f... DOWNLOAD
newsmanager(sfnet) phpNewsManager phpNewsManager is an ultimate content managemen... DOWNLOAD
incriminata(sfnet) Incriminata Incriminata is a free software product which wi... DOWNLOAD
mpgtx(sfnet) mpgtx mpgtx an MPeG ToolboX DOWNLOAD
protoscope(sfnet) Protoscope Protoscope is a utility that aids Web developer... DOWNLOAD
gimpapp-ppc(sfnet) 2.4 Power Pc 2.4 PowerPC, A self contained applicat... DOWNLOAD
pyxhtml(sfnet) The pyxhtml Python XHTML document class The pyxhtml Python XHTML class can be used to p... DOWNLOAD
orb(sfnet) Orb HTML Preprocessor A simple command-line HTML preprocessor which s... DOWNLOAD
kphonecenter(sfnet) kphonecenter This is an application inspired by Rapidcom Voi... DOWNLOAD
hervsockets(sfnet) hervSockets - TCP/IP handler classes hSockets is a set of handler classes originally... DOWNLOAD
nucleardt(sfnet) Nuclear Data Table Purpose of this project is to create a Palm Pil... DOWNLOAD
sherman(sfnet) Sherman Sherman is a tool designed to aid in the deploy... DOWNLOAD
automsvc(sfnet) automsvc A build-management tool used for manually gener... DOWNLOAD
ipgen(sfnet) IP packets generator IP packets generator, use row socket to generat... DOWNLOAD
phpcollector(sfnet) phpCollector phpCollector is a small collection of scripts t... DOWNLOAD
pito(freshmeat) pito Pito is a set of C++0x header libraries to faci... DOWNLOAD
ominit(sfnet) OpenMud Initiative The aim of this project is to develop an extens... DOWNLOAD
sqljc(sfnet) sqljc sqljc is a java program to connect through JDBC... DOWNLOAD
stamina(sfnet) Stamina A framework for building web applications (ser... DOWNLOAD
inetid(sfnet) Inet Identification inetid is a simple wrapper for services started... DOWNLOAD
gindent(sfnet) gindent Generic INDENT is a programming language pretty... DOWNLOAD
homerun(sfnet) HomeRun Control and automation software for the home en... DOWNLOAD
agenda(sfnet) Agenda This project hosts the CVS for the PIM applicat... DOWNLOAD
lazytoes(sfnet) LazyToes The idea was, make a small java based desktop ... DOWNLOAD
jimmy(sfnet) Jimmy Project It is a collection of functions that make your ... DOWNLOAD
gumt(sfnet) GUMT - the GNU Users Management Tool GUMT is a software package that allows administ... DOWNLOAD
monju(sfnet) Monju Monju is a framework that makes available the i... DOWNLOAD
quickswitch(sfnet) QuickSwitch Profiler QuickSwitch is a utility that lets Linux/Unix l... DOWNLOAD
autonap(sfnet) AutoNap - Automatizable Napster client A console napster/opennap-client written in Per... DOWNLOAD
quack(sfnet) quack Quack is a daemon-mode gnutella server. It all... DOWNLOAD
mantigua(sfnet) Mantigua Mantigua is a turn-based board game featuring r... DOWNLOAD
jfantasyengine(sfnet) Fantasy Game Engine Fantasy Engine is an easily extensible portable... DOWNLOAD
jmdrdf(sfnet) JMdRdf (Java Midori Rdf) JMdRdf is the tool which creates RDF/RSS. 1.You... DOWNLOAD
mysqlaux(sfnet) Auxiliary C++ classes for MySQL MySQLaux provides a few easy-to-use classes to ... DOWNLOAD
snortadapter(sfnet) SNORT Adapter This project is intended to provide a means by ... DOWNLOAD
novawm(sfnet) Nova Window Manager NovaWM is a small and fast window manager for X... DOWNLOAD
xiris(sfnet) The Xiris Project The Xiris Project is an open source project usi... DOWNLOAD
kstars(sfnet) KStars: A K Desktop Planetarium A graphical representation of the night sky for... DOWNLOAD
planhand(sfnet) .plan Handler Utility to facilitate time-sensitive use of .pl... DOWNLOAD
jmidoriservice(sfnet) JMidoriService (Java Midori Service) JMidoriService is the middleware to make Java a... DOWNLOAD
myfamilytree(sfnet) My Family Tree Genealogy libraries for importing/exporting ged... DOWNLOAD
xmlresourcebund(sfnet) XMLResourceBundle XMLResourceBundle is to replace the java.util.R... DOWNLOAD
php-firewall(sfnet) php-firewall PHP Firewall required PHP 5, doesn't use any da... DOWNLOAD
ui2swt(sfnet) UI to SWT Translator A translator that converts Qt Designer UI files... DOWNLOAD
wobaseframework(sfnet) FastJack's WebObjects Base Framework Every WebObjects developer has to develop certa... DOWNLOAD
bigtwo(sfnet) bigtwo 'bigtwo' is an cross-platform object oriented g... DOWNLOAD

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