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msgroad(sfnet) Mobile Message Bus Provide a collaborative implementation for SMS ... DOWNLOAD
amsum(sfnet) amsum Amsum is a console utility to generate and... DOWNLOAD
watgui(sfnet) watgui Web Application Testing GUI program developed t... DOWNLOAD
itasms(sfnet) itaSMS itaSMS č un programma per mandare messaggi sms ... DOWNLOAD
pidgin-blinklight(freshmeat) pidgin-blinklight pidgin-blinklight blinks your ThinkPad's ThinkL... DOWNLOAD
hybridsphere(sfnet) HybridSphere (MOO++) Server The HybridSphere team maintains an enhanced MOO... DOWNLOAD
cliserv(sfnet) CliServ Web Community CliServ is a modular web-based community to all... DOWNLOAD
cppopt(sfnet) C++ Option Parsing: libcppopt The libcppopt library provides C++ classes and ... DOWNLOAD
lvi(sfnet) leJOS Visual Interface A visual interface to the command line programs... DOWNLOAD
tylerberrytron(sfnet) TylerBerrytron A program to convert what Tyler Berry says into... DOWNLOAD
xmltranslator(sfnet) XMLTranslator This is a small program that enable you to gene... DOWNLOAD
slocate(sfnet) Secure Locate Secure locate provides a secure way to index an... DOWNLOAD
mybad(sfnet) MyBaD - MySQLish MP3 frontend MyBaD is a rewrite of Mike Oliphant's DigitalDJ... DOWNLOAD
gmrun(sfnet) Gnome Completion-Run Utility A simple program which provides a "run pro... DOWNLOAD
wxewa(sfnet) wxEWA for spectrum evaluation A multi-procedure, multi platform electron spec... DOWNLOAD
vtclcheck(sfnet) visualTclCheck visualTclCheck is a graphical interface (Tk) fo... DOWNLOAD
maic(sfnet) Mostly an Irc Client MaIC is an Irc Client. The goal is to build a s... DOWNLOAD
remstats(sfnet) Remstats A modular and extensible system of Perl scripts... DOWNLOAD
pkgwrite(sfnet) pkgwrite Build native packages from source code and `pkg... DOWNLOAD
midguard(sfnet) Midguard Documentation Project DOWNLOAD
renderx(sfnet) RenderX REndering application DOWNLOAD
eclideployerftp(sfnet) Eclipse DeployerFTP Eclipse DeployerFTP is a fork of Eclipse Deploy... DOWNLOAD
algorytmysotruj(sfnet) Algorytmy Sotrujące Specyfikacja i opis działania różnych algorytmó... DOWNLOAD
nonsense(sfnet) Nonsense Nonsense generates random (and sometimes humoro... DOWNLOAD
transconnect(sfnet) Transparent network over HTTP THIS PROJECT IS UP FOR GRABS. PLEASE CONTACT ME... DOWNLOAD
scl(sfnet) Small Crypto Library The Small Crypto Library is a collection of C++... DOWNLOAD
gplconx(sfnet) GPLconx GPLconx is an educational visualization tool th... DOWNLOAD
dovetail(sfnet) Dovetail Dovetail is a development toolkit for building ... DOWNLOAD
mdvi(sfnet) MDVI A TeX DVI previewer for Unix DOWNLOAD
openqnx(sfnet) Open Source applications for QNX We provide ported open source tools/application... DOWNLOAD
phpwebedit(sfnet) PHPWebEdit The WebEditor application is a Applet Text Edit... DOWNLOAD
phptalo(sfnet) PHP-Talo PHP-Talo is a rewrite from scratch of PHP-Nuke,... DOWNLOAD
netcontrol(sfnet) NetControl The goal of the project is to create a set of d... DOWNLOAD
monitorit(sfnet) MonitorIT! MonitorIT is a general-purpose multi-environmen... DOWNLOAD
cryptix-asn1(sfnet) Cryptix ASN.1 Kit The Cryptix ASN.1 Kit aims at facilitating the ... DOWNLOAD
eidola(sfnet) Eidola Programming Language Eidola is a representation-independent programm... DOWNLOAD
jerukey(sfnet) jerukey unleash keyboard power JeruKey is a complete suite to manage your keyb... DOWNLOAD
fulloptimize(sfnet) full optimize Ottimizzazione Combinatorica discreta DOWNLOAD
researchguide(sfnet) ResearchGuide ResearchGuide allows web-based creation and del... DOWNLOAD
webhtmltester(sfnet) WebHtmlTester HtmlTester is a software to test any active/pas... DOWNLOAD
rsynchelper(sfnet) rsynchelper Helps groups of servers to mirror a website or ... DOWNLOAD
gid3(sfnet) GNOME ID3 Tag Editor This is a GTK-- frontend to id3tool. See the ho... DOWNLOAD
actor(sfnet) Actor Actor is a program you can have a conversation ... DOWNLOAD
paideia(sfnet) Linux Paideia Project DOWNLOAD
medarch(sfnet) Medical Archiver Interface for maintaining a psychiatry section ... DOWNLOAD
pnoten(sfnet) PNoten PNoten is a special purpose calculator. It's pu... DOWNLOAD
icom(sfnet) iCOM Creation of an independent COM component archit... DOWNLOAD
grandfather(sfnet) grandfatherclock toll the time acoustically by playing audio fil... DOWNLOAD
dick(sfnet) Dick Board Games Collection of board games (like tic-tac-toe) fo... DOWNLOAD
hacknet(sfnet) HackNet HackNet is a multiplayer roguelike game, borrow... DOWNLOAD
lhcs(sfnet) Linux Hotplug CPU Support This project is a patch to bring Hot-plug CPU i... DOWNLOAD
javamud(sfnet) JavaMUD 2.0 Multi User Dungeon game written in 100% Java. D... DOWNLOAD
modbf(sfnet) Apache Brainf*ck Module A brainf*ck module for the Apache Webserver. DOWNLOAD
snpsdcscripts(sfnet) Synopsys Consultant Script Repository An online SSL (128-bit strong encryption) repos... DOWNLOAD
javaconsole(sfnet) JavaConsole Java Console is a Java Command promt tool inten... DOWNLOAD
ozymandias(sfnet) Ozymandias Mailing List Archiver This software is intended to serve as a mailing... DOWNLOAD
openatlas(sfnet) OpenAtlas OpenAtlas is a GPLed World Atlas which aims to ... DOWNLOAD
openai(sfnet) OpenAI OpenAI is dedicated to creating a full suite of... DOWNLOAD
dwengine(sfnet) Dynamic World Engine The Twilight Minds Dynamic World Engine is the ... DOWNLOAD
acpimodtester(sfnet) ACPI Module Tester ACPI Module Tester is a small tool that can per... DOWNLOAD
dockboard(sfnet) Dockboard Dockboard is an outline editor that is created ... DOWNLOAD
rpg2k11(sfnet) rpg 2k11 Prosta gra z gatunku RPG. Prawdopodobnie produk... DOWNLOAD
lpp-themes(sfnet) Linux Progress Patch and its Themes The Linux Progress Patch is a kernel patch whic... DOWNLOAD
rsrc2rcp(sfnet) rsrc2rcp A tool to convert Codewarrior for Palm resource... DOWNLOAD
starcomp(sfnet) Starcomp Starcomp is a tool to help you control LAN/Inte... DOWNLOAD
siteindexer(sfnet) siteIndexer siteIndexer is a PHP/MySQL-driven complex searc... DOWNLOAD
webpm(sfnet) Project Management On Web Give a platform for project team management sof... DOWNLOAD
emiedesbookmark(sfnet) emiedes Bookmark emiedes Bookmark is a website bookmark where on... DOWNLOAD
o3dbot(sfnet) O3DBot A Web-based IRC gateway. Composed of a bot to p... DOWNLOAD
dlutil(sfnet) dl dl is a perl script which offers a quick soluti... DOWNLOAD
jailer(freshmeat) Jailer Jailer is a database subsetting and browsing to... DOWNLOAD
helitorrent(sfnet) Helitorrent Bittorrent Manager Helitorrent is a lightweight, simple and modula... DOWNLOAD
hyperbole(sfnet) Hyperbole: The Everyday Info Manager Hyperbole is an open, efficient, programmable i... DOWNLOAD
sitemanager(sfnet) Roadsend PHP SiteManager SiteManager is an Open Source Web Application T... DOWNLOAD
m2c(sfnet) Modula-2 Compiler Open source Modula-2 compiler DOWNLOAD
pibs(sfnet) Personal Internet Broadcasting Script The Personal Internet Broadcasting Script (PIBS... DOWNLOAD
dvdlist(sfnet) DVD List The DVDList Project is a simple Intranet/Extran... DOWNLOAD
lkjson(sfnet) JSON delphi library This is a delphi library implementing JSON (XML... DOWNLOAD
pardiff(sfnet) Pardiff Pardiff accepts the output of diff on stdin, co... DOWNLOAD
killerwall(sfnet) KillerWall iptables based firewall for Linux DOWNLOAD
krw(sfnet) KR - PHP Web Content Server KR is a web content-server based on Apache-PHP-... DOWNLOAD
filin(sfnet) Filin PLUS Fully-functional small and fast FTN (FIDOnet-Li... DOWNLOAD
dbeauty(freshmeat) DBeauty DBeauty is a relationship-oriented database bro... DOWNLOAD
slis(sfnet) Serveur Linux pour l'Internet Scolaire SLIS is a TCP/IP gateway for schools. It provid... DOWNLOAD
darkcodex(sfnet) DarkCodex Forum System DarkCodex is a forum and discussion system writ... DOWNLOAD
microdash(sfnet) MicroDash An open source version of Microtechs own laptop... DOWNLOAD
websearcher(sfnet) Web Searcher An applet for GNOME to search in the Web. DOWNLOAD
shadowwatcher(sfnet) Shadow Watcher Shadow Watcher is a Peer to Peer log sharing to... DOWNLOAD
sloop(sfnet) Sloop Sloop is a Sather interface to liboop, which pr... DOWNLOAD
xsst(sfnet) X Starship Traders (Xsst) A GTK+ based client for Starship Traders (www.s... DOWNLOAD
libds(sfnet) Generic Data Structures Library (in C) A Generic Data Structures Library. A collection... DOWNLOAD
inifile(sfnet) CIniFile CIniFile is a C++ class to read and write inifi... DOWNLOAD
dol2day(sfnet) Diese Ini soll den logistischen Support für ein... DOWNLOAD
mysqlnavigator(sfnet) MySQL Navigator MySQL Navigator is MySQL DBMS GUI. DOWNLOAD
ebsd(sfnet) eBSD eBSD is a collection of programs modeled after ... DOWNLOAD
same(sfnet) same same is a tool to find duplicate lines in multi... DOWNLOAD
mda-workbench(sfnet) Enterprise MDA Workbench Capgemini's MDA Workbench is a powerful, simple... DOWNLOAD
nfrquickie(sfnet) NFR IDA QuickConfig RAD Tools A number of tools to enhance management/coding ... DOWNLOAD
hqp(sfnet) Huge Quadratic Programming HQP was migrated to git. See DOWNLOAD
tprt(sfnet) Total Process Runtime Looks up the total runtime of any process(es) u... DOWNLOAD

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