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vips(freshmeat) VIPS VIPS is an image processing system. It is good ... DOWNLOAD
ossvol(sfnet) ossvol ossvol is a simple script to manage oss volume ... DOWNLOAD
edgar(sfnet) Edgar -- grammar based editor The main goal of this project is to create a pr... DOWNLOAD
daf-ftpd(sfnet) Dumb As Fudge FTP Daemon DOWNLOAD
gthumb(sfnet) gThumb image viewer and browser Image viewer and browser for the GNOME environment DOWNLOAD
umlsculptor(sfnet) UML Sculptor UML class diagrams editor DOWNLOAD
mk-configure(freshmeat) mk-configure mk-configure is a lightweight replacement for G... DOWNLOAD
erocket(sfnet) Eesti Rocket Multiplayer Eesti Rocket Multiplayer is a multiplayer 2-D s... DOWNLOAD
sock4log(sfnet) Sock4Log Sock4Log is a simple java xml serwer. Sock4Log ... DOWNLOAD
yconfigfile(sfnet) YConfigFile(Yet another Config File) A helper to manage configuration files of a pro... DOWNLOAD
dlg(sfnet) DLG Project DOWNLOAD
jchat(sfnet) JChat - Java 2 client/server chat module JChat is a kind of IRC-like chat service entire... DOWNLOAD
dvpython(sfnet) Dvorkin's Python Utilities A Python library bringing together utilities I'... DOWNLOAD
dload(sfnet) dload DLoad is a little Perl CGI that lets your users... DOWNLOAD
janet(sfnet) janet DOWNLOAD
agi(sfnet) Adventure Game Interpreter AGI was a game engine used on old games made by... DOWNLOAD
ossrp(sfnet) Open Source Speech Recognition Project Developpement of speech recognition software an... DOWNLOAD
jbrowscap(sfnet) JBrowscap This is a small java library that provides info... DOWNLOAD
voipnow(sfnet) 4PSA VoipNow PHP Demo Client 4PSA VoipNow PHP Demo Client is an Open Source ... DOWNLOAD
librsb(sfnet) librsb librsb is a library for sparse matrix computati... DOWNLOAD
lecter(sfnet) lecter Probe the insides of your Brainfuck code DOWNLOAD
guitartex(sfnet) GuitarTeX GuitarTeX is based on the idea of Chord. It tak... DOWNLOAD
files3d(sfnet) 3D Console 3D-Console is a system that maintains and rende... DOWNLOAD
bkptowin(sfnet) bkptowin A shell script that backup linux files and send... DOWNLOAD
microbrowser(sfnet) MicroParser - Java XML parser The goal of the project was to develop an exper... DOWNLOAD
austhex(sfnet) AUSTnet Development Development team for open-source software used ... DOWNLOAD
ciphercore(sfnet) CipherCore For Java Client/Server Apps The functional objective is to provide a simple... DOWNLOAD
jakecpplib(sfnet) Jakelib - Java-like C++ Library Jakelib2 is a crossplatform C++ class library w... DOWNLOAD
cimrman(sfnet) Project Cimrman Project Cimrman (named after the Teacher of Cze... DOWNLOAD
resonantfreq(sfnet) Resonant Frequency Resonant Frequency will be a Puyo Puyo like gam... DOWNLOAD
restep(sfnet) restep A 386 replacement shell, a remix based on sever... DOWNLOAD
qcheck(sfnet) qcheck qcheck is a quick hack in C to display how many... DOWNLOAD
cmdoption(freshmeat) CmdOption CmdOption is a simple annotation-driven command... DOWNLOAD
xsd2als(sfnet) xsd2als Model XML Schema documents in first-order logic... DOWNLOAD
gzinc(sfnet) gzinc gzinc is a python / gtk+ front-end for the zinc... DOWNLOAD
phphtmlparser(sfnet) RegExp Html Parser Uses PCRE to get title, description, keywords, ... DOWNLOAD
gsnes9x(sfnet) GNOME Snes9x GSnes9x is a GNOME front-end for the Snes9X SN... DOWNLOAD
loggrep(sfnet) loggrep Loggrep greps kernel logfiles on ipchains and i... DOWNLOAD
sevenchat(sfnet) SevenChat SevenChat intends to be a solid, fast chatserve... DOWNLOAD
lcarsx(sfnet) LCARS ActiveX Control Package This project is dead. Official successor of LCA... DOWNLOAD
clicq(sfnet) clicq clicq is a Command Line ICQ client for UN*X. It... DOWNLOAD
mockme(sfnet) MockME Testing library that enables proper unit testin... DOWNLOAD
pytele(sfnet) PyTele: Python Extension for Telephony PyTele implements a Python extension for the Li... DOWNLOAD
rip(sfnet) rip Command-line based ripper of audio CD tracks to... DOWNLOAD
xmlrpc-epi(sfnet) xmlrpc-epi A general purpose implementation of the xmlrpc ... DOWNLOAD
pps(sfnet) Passive Privacy System The Passive Privacy System (PPS) aims to create... DOWNLOAD
mille-colibris(sfnet) mille-colibris A distribution of free software for Windows and... DOWNLOAD
gtess(sfnet) Gnome Tesserae A simple puzzle game for Gnome based on the cla... DOWNLOAD
s3oae(sfnet) S3 Outlook Attachment Extractor Add-in for outlook 2007 to export mail attachme... DOWNLOAD
lorenai(sfnet) Lorenai Lorenai is online turn based strategy wargame w... DOWNLOAD
countmaker(sfnet) countmaker Countmaker is a PHP program and provides a web ... DOWNLOAD
mgtk(sfnet) mGTK mGTK is glue code to make GTK+ accessible from ... DOWNLOAD
thera(sfnet) Thera: develop once. You only have to develop everything once. Next ... DOWNLOAD
liblogicalaccess(freshmeat) LibLogicalAccess LibLogicalAccess is an RFID library developed i... DOWNLOAD
ejbgen(sfnet) EJB Source Generator EJBGen 2.0 is an EJB extension module for the S... DOWNLOAD
virgin-linux(sfnet) Virgin Linux Virgin Linux is an effort to develop a speciali... DOWNLOAD
richtext(sfnet) HTML Text Editor for Web Pages An HTML Text Editor written using DHTML, JavaSc... DOWNLOAD
phpweather(sfnet) PHP Weather PHP Weather makes it easy to show the current w... DOWNLOAD
dacca(sfnet) DACCA DACCA == Database-Controlled Cluster Administra... DOWNLOAD
objex(sfnet) The Objex project The purpose of objex project resemles GNU proje... DOWNLOAD
delhia(sfnet) Delhia - Gestion Ponts Roulants Delhia - Gestion des appareils de levage DOWNLOAD
advenspace(sfnet) AdvenSpace A fantsay-ish space-ish game. But mostly Advetn... DOWNLOAD
off-road(sfnet) Off-road Off-road is a simulator of off-road vehicles. ... DOWNLOAD
superclass(sfnet) SuperClass SuperClass is a JavaScript pre-processor/interp... DOWNLOAD
bluefox(sfnet) Blue Fox Webmail All effort are being directed to the Squirrelma... DOWNLOAD
hervblocks(sfnet) herv.Blocks - 2D Boards handling classes the hBlocks project aims the creation of a stan... DOWNLOAD
mvserver(sfnet) mvserver an application-server framework mvserver is a generic application-server framew... DOWNLOAD
chatlet(sfnet) Chatlet IRC Gateway Chatlet is an applet / servlet gateway to IRC. ... DOWNLOAD
defx(sfnet) DeFX plug-in for XMMS DeFX is a multi-effects processor for XMMS whic... DOWNLOAD
aztec(sfnet) Aztec 3D Modeller Aztec is a 3D Modelling and Animation tool that... DOWNLOAD
datacons(sfnet) PHPDayManage >> PROJECT STOPPED << This Project... DOWNLOAD
eejlib(sfnet) Eejlib Support Library The EEJLib support library contains various uti... DOWNLOAD
xlsim(sfnet) ExtroLaunchSim Launch vehicle simulator for use via web interf... DOWNLOAD
librel(sfnet) C++ Runtime Environment Library stale libsigc++ extension project to add automa... DOWNLOAD
open-perl-ide(sfnet) Open Perl IDE Open Perl IDE is a visual, integrated developme... DOWNLOAD
jyz(sfnet) Java YZ Windows A fairly lightweight graphics/windowing library... DOWNLOAD
aprsd(sfnet) aprsd aprsd is a server daemon that provides Internet... DOWNLOAD
bis(sfnet) Boot Integrity Services Boot Integrity Services (BIS) is a CDSA applica... DOWNLOAD
graphvizdbiperl(sfnet) GraphViz::DBI DOWNLOAD
flash-edit(sfnet) Flashpoint-Edit For editing FLASHPOINT mission files / and othe... DOWNLOAD
adsl4linux(sfnet) ADSL4Linux ADSL4Linux is a program to connect your Linux b... DOWNLOAD
benson(sfnet) Benson Distributed Monitoring System Benson is an automated monitoring system design... DOWNLOAD
jrpg(sfnet) jRPG jRPG was an engine for building and running RPG... DOWNLOAD
forgeofeternity(sfnet) Forge of Eternity Forge of Eternity is being reborn as a heightfi... DOWNLOAD
heliominitutor(sfnet) Helio Programming Resources Page A place on the web to find programming resource... DOWNLOAD
photopc(sfnet) Photopc - digital camera control A command-line tool to download picturs and con... DOWNLOAD
finalfour(sfnet) Final Four Tournament Pool This set of PHP scripts allows one to configure... DOWNLOAD
joker(sfnet) Joker-DDoS DOWNLOAD
jprogress(sfnet) JProgress The JProgress project provides tools for connec... DOWNLOAD
rome(sfnet) ROME ROME is a modular, multitasking, embedded opera... DOWNLOAD
php2py(sfnet) PHP to Python Conversion Collection of tools for and information about c... DOWNLOAD
checksdtsensors(sfnet) check_sdt_sensors check_sdt_sensors is a plugin for nagios. It al... DOWNLOAD
uversewiki(freshmeat) UverseWiki UverseWiki is a modular open source PHP framewo... DOWNLOAD
ldapminer(sfnet) LdapMiner This is a tool I wrote to collect information f... DOWNLOAD
trapcollector(sfnet) SNMP Trap Collector SNMP Trap Collector will save all incoming SNMP... DOWNLOAD
bab(sfnet) Bulls And Bears A real-time stock market simulation with a dyna... DOWNLOAD
l4alpha(sfnet) L4/Alpha The L4/Alpha port of the L4 microkernel, curren... DOWNLOAD
faxrunner(sfnet) faxrunner faxrunner allows Linux users to use the FaxRunn... DOWNLOAD
xchladni(sfnet) xchladni xchladni is a program for simulating harmonic r... DOWNLOAD

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