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uberrot(sfnet) UberROT Adium Script This is a Script Plug-In for the Chat applicati... DOWNLOAD
rtl818x(sfnet) Driver for RTL818x based WLAN adapters A new/clean Linux kernel driver/module for IEEE... DOWNLOAD
avitoac3(sfnet) AVI to AC3 AVI TO AC3 takes the audio from avi and avs fil... DOWNLOAD
easysoap(sfnet) EasySoap++ The goal of this project is to produce a light ... DOWNLOAD
toolame(sfnet) toolame TooLAME is an optimized MPEG Audio Layer 2 enco... DOWNLOAD
jirc(sfnet) Java IRC Library This java library implements the IRC protocol. ... DOWNLOAD
errorbot(sfnet) ErrorBot A simple handler in PHP for those 401, 403, 404... DOWNLOAD
cists(sfnet) Structural Theory Suite CISTS seeks to assist Civil Engineers in the an... DOWNLOAD
convert3gp(sfnet) 3gp converter 3gp converter is a GUI(kommander script) that u... DOWNLOAD
multiblock(sfnet) Multiblock plugin for Gaim Gaim Plugin to block several buddies by groups ... DOWNLOAD
xtrnd(sfnet) xtrnd An open source 3D graphics engine which is in d... DOWNLOAD
gnujiko(sfnet) Gnujiko web-based framework Gnujiko is a web-based framework for creating v... DOWNLOAD
yea-assistant(sfnet) Yahoo! Emoticon Assistant This add-on for Yahoo Messenger puts the hidden... DOWNLOAD
phenix(sfnet) The Phenix Project "Phenix" can be seen as an portlet ma... DOWNLOAD
mainframe(sfnet) Mainframe Information Project The Mainframe Information Project provides info... DOWNLOAD
basiliskdb(sfnet) Basilisk Basilisk is an embeddable data engine and virtu... DOWNLOAD
projectsight(sfnet) ProjectSight ProjectSight is a web based log/diary tool that... DOWNLOAD
calypso2mbox(sfnet) Calypso2mbox This Perl script enables users of the Calypso e... DOWNLOAD
dailystrips(sfnet) dailystrips Dailystrips is a Perl script to automatically d... DOWNLOAD
tuxplorer(sfnet) Tuxmen Tuxplorer's DOWNLOAD
logfile-rotate(sfnet) Logfile::Rotate - perl module This is an object-orientated perl module that m... DOWNLOAD
thecord(sfnet) The Cord / Kaabel A 3d-RPG with action elements. DOWNLOAD
toppers-utils(sfnet) Utils for TOPPERS Our goal is to build development utils for TOPP... DOWNLOAD
aaaljztimer(sfnet) Simple timer simple timer, zTimer is compiled for linux and ... DOWNLOAD
pibuilder(sfnet) piBuilder piBuilder is a visual resource editor for Palm ... DOWNLOAD
beanlet(sfnet) Beanlet - JSE Application Container Inspired by EJB3 and Spring, the Beanlet specif... DOWNLOAD
irscrabble(sfnet) International Remote Scrabble Scrabble. Cross-platform, remote play, i18n'ed... DOWNLOAD
d-collide(sfnet) d-collide Real-time collision detection library for physi... DOWNLOAD
candy4appfuse(sfnet) Candy for Appfuse Candy for AppFuse is a set of plugins intended ... DOWNLOAD
pysozluk(sfnet) Pysozluk Pysozluk is a dictionary which can translate wo... DOWNLOAD
dvoc(sfnet) dvoc A configurable, real-time vocoder using ALSA. DOWNLOAD
php-axp(sfnet) Advanced XML Parser (AXP) library Advanced PHP library to pase xml documents to a... DOWNLOAD
agendaenlinea(sfnet) AgendaEnLinea Como su nombre lo dice es una agenda que implem... DOWNLOAD
ldaputils(sfnet) LDAPUtils LDAPUtils is a set of perl scripts to create an... DOWNLOAD
me2600(sfnet) me2600 device driver me2600 device driver is a Linux kernel module s... DOWNLOAD
otgforum(sfnet) JaCoB: Jacob Community Board Basically a threaded message board written in J... DOWNLOAD
nuclinux(sfnet) Nuclinux Nuclinux is a single floppy linux-distribution ... DOWNLOAD
ovtvid-bsd(sfnet) OV511 Webcam driver for BSD A simple-minded image capture program for USB w... DOWNLOAD
persocheck(sfnet) PersoCheck The script checks if an insert number has the t... DOWNLOAD
jwall(sfnet) jwall JWall is not just a java gui for iptables. JWa... DOWNLOAD
lmljpeg(sfnet) LMLJPEG Video Stream Library The LMLJPEG library provides streaming video fu... DOWNLOAD
pas(sfnet) Perl Application Server Pas is a Perl based development environment for... DOWNLOAD
kmindmap(sfnet) K-Mindmap idea collecting tool K-Mindmap lets you create tree graphs; where ea... DOWNLOAD
mysqltool(sfnet) MysqlTool MysqlTool provides a web interface for managing... DOWNLOAD
bm-milter(sfnet) BM-Milter A simple Milter which checks the senders and re... DOWNLOAD
scepsis(sfnet) Scepsis Intranet Chat server Scepsis is a flexible and secure Intranet Chat ... DOWNLOAD
liblwo(sfnet) Lightwave object library This library aims to read lightwave 5.x and 6.x... DOWNLOAD
baresip(freshmeat) baresip baresip is a bare-bones SIP user agent. It supp... DOWNLOAD
dndb(sfnet) DNDB - Dune news database DOWNLOAD
gameknot-applet(sfnet) gameknot_applet A Gnome applet to check remaining time and game... DOWNLOAD
isistyle(sfnet) isiStyle isiStyle is a simple php application for create... DOWNLOAD
xpairtise(sfnet) xpairtise The Eclipse plug-in XPairtise provides a platfo... DOWNLOAD
phpsitemanager(sfnet) php Site Manager This is a Simple PHP Site Management System. Th... DOWNLOAD
banjo(sfnet) banjo Banjo is non-gui javabean that provides a consu... DOWNLOAD
dia2anim(sfnet) Generate animation from dia diagram dia2anim creates a GIF animation from a schemat... DOWNLOAD
mserv-unix(sfnet) Web-based server administration tool MServ-UNIX is a web-based interface to administ... DOWNLOAD
playmaker(sfnet) PlayMaker A java applet for animating Ultimate plays DOWNLOAD
fastermtrx(sfnet) Faster MTRX Ever felt Cybercombat in Shadowrun taking too m... DOWNLOAD
kmw(sfnet) Linux Kernel Module Wrapper This project aims to provide a quick way for mo... DOWNLOAD
difro(sfnet) Difro Encryption A one key 64-bit encryption program designed fo... DOWNLOAD
exobot(sfnet) ExoBot ExoBot is an open source bot for runescape. I ... DOWNLOAD
oasisproject(sfnet) OASIS OASIS is a web app designed to offer an alterna... DOWNLOAD
west(sfnet) WEb Scripting/Stress Tool A console-based web scripting tool, (eventually... DOWNLOAD
talisman(sfnet) Talisman Talisman is an interpreter for a logical markup... DOWNLOAD
openfem(sfnet) Open Finite Element Analysis Develop finite element stress analysis programs... DOWNLOAD
hostblock(sfnet) hostblock Addon to portsentry that removes ipchains-block... DOWNLOAD
jman(sfnet) jman - Java Mail And News jman is a small GUI-based e-mail and Usenet cli... DOWNLOAD
ptl(sfnet) PTL - Path and Textbased Layoutengine PTL - highly customizable website managing tool... DOWNLOAD
papyrus(sfnet) Papyrus - Gestion de bibliothčque Papyrus est un projet de gestion de petites et ... DOWNLOAD
sproducer(sfnet) sProducer The sProducer is an Suite to built Perl & P... DOWNLOAD
forbiddenmagic(sfnet) Forbidden Magic Forbidden Magic is an online FPS game with RPG ... DOWNLOAD
yasql(sfnet) Yet Another SQL*Plus Replacement YASQL is an open source Oracle command line int... DOWNLOAD
phpcms(sfnet) phpCMS Content Management System phpCMS is a highly flexible flat file, no SQL, ... DOWNLOAD
pstars(sfnet) PHP Stars PHP Stars or PStars is a PHP based content rati... DOWNLOAD
units(sfnet) Units Conversion Library Provides functions to convert quantity strings ... DOWNLOAD
mp3clean(sfnet) mp3clean mp3clean takes mp3files and presents it's idtag... DOWNLOAD
mrtg-pme(sfnet) MRTG-PME MRTG-PME is a set of performance monitoring ext... DOWNLOAD
mozilla-nl(sfnet) Mozilla-NL The aim of this project is to provide a Dutch t... DOWNLOAD
pynac(sfnet) PyNaC PyNaC is a Python package for coordinate-free s... DOWNLOAD
mason-wmp(sfnet) Mason Web Mail Project DOWNLOAD
gewels(sfnet) Gewels Gnome version of Jewels. DOWNLOAD
strutsme(sfnet) Enable your mobile to Struts StrutsME is a extension for struts for programm... DOWNLOAD
avisynthtrackin(sfnet) AvisynthTrackingFilter A Computer vision tracking filter for Avisynth.... DOWNLOAD
topten(sfnet) Phase 10 for computers DOWNLOAD
gdnn(sfnet) gdnn This is proof-of-concept type of project with n... DOWNLOAD
puzzled(sfnet) Puzzled - Logic Problem Solver This java program will ultimately solve grid-ty... DOWNLOAD
pokea(sfnet) pokea Poker Game for 5 Players or Computers (Artifici... DOWNLOAD
gchch(sfnet) Gnome Chinese Checkers Gnome Chinese Checkers is an networked implemen... DOWNLOAD
monitord(sfnet) monitord A lightweight (distributed?) network security m... DOWNLOAD
music-sequencer(sfnet) Music Sequencer Music Sequencer is a pair of applications for c... DOWNLOAD
libaudioio(sfnet) LibAudioIO LibAudioIO is an audio foundation library desig... DOWNLOAD
kmud(sfnet) Kmud Kmud is a free graphical MUD client for Linux ... DOWNLOAD
amateur-scrolls(sfnet) amateur-scrolls A project to implement a Daggerfall-like game f... DOWNLOAD
xmlmapper(sfnet) xmlmapper simple mapping of a given xml document to java ... DOWNLOAD
log-rotator(sfnet) Apache Log Rotator Apache Log Rotator will rotate your Apache log ... DOWNLOAD
bofhms(sfnet) BOFHms System Management (PAM / DB) Toolset for pam based user management. Includin... DOWNLOAD
ucla(sfnet) Unamed CVS Log Analyser UCLA, "Unamed CVS Log Analyser", is a... DOWNLOAD
debudebu(sfnet) Debu-debu debugger/disassemblr DOWNLOAD
ewsnake(sfnet) EW Snake DOWNLOAD
ffss(sfnet) Fleming File Sharing System Fleming File Sharing System is a networked file... DOWNLOAD

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