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tattack(sfnet) Tetris A.T.A.C. A Tetris Attack Clone. *Not* classic tetris. On... DOWNLOAD
esql(sfnet) esql A text based database interface implemented in ... DOWNLOAD
webqa(sfnet) WebQA WebQA tries to be a user-friendly relational we... DOWNLOAD
slashthemes(sfnet) SlashThemes Slashthemes is a skin and themes repository for... DOWNLOAD
openmash(sfnet) Open Mash Mash is a comprehensive toolkit for multimedia ... DOWNLOAD
mlcryptolib2(sfnet) MLCryptolib CryptoLib is a crypto library for PalmOS based... DOWNLOAD
jprojecttimer(sfnet) JProjectTimer JProjectTimer helps you to plan a project timel... DOWNLOAD
fastform(sfnet) Yagel FastForm The FastForm is a component that helps a user t... DOWNLOAD
umix(sfnet) Umix - Program for adjusting soundcard v Umix is an program for adjusting soundcard volu... DOWNLOAD
shed(sfnet) Shed (Simple Hex Editor) Shed is a hex editor written for unix/linux usi... DOWNLOAD
amsuite(sfnet) Asterisk Manager Suite (AMS) AMS is a suite of software intended to make day... DOWNLOAD
jopeneyes(sfnet) Jawa Open Eyes by Haris Hasanudin Jawa Open Eyes is a project to build network mo... DOWNLOAD
statdist(sfnet) Prob. Dist. Module This is a python module that I wrote for statis... DOWNLOAD
jsgfeditor(sfnet) JSGF Editor The JSGF Editor supports development of grammar... DOWNLOAD
acfreeproxy(sfnet) ac Free Proxy Server for Win32 Free Proxy Server for Win32 - supports HTTP, HT... DOWNLOAD
j-ftp(sfnet) Java Network Browser JFtp is a graphical network browser. It support... DOWNLOAD
mse(sfnet) Model Scene Editor A 3D Scene Editor for POVray DOWNLOAD
kaustubhhere(sfnet) Kaustubh's FOSS Corner Kaustubh Srikanth's Scripts & other Open-So... DOWNLOAD
pytocalc(sfnet) PytoCalc PytoCalc is a useful calculator written in the ... DOWNLOAD
toruchat(sfnet) ToruChat Basic chat client/server written in Java. Futur... DOWNLOAD
pdf_gantt(freshmeat) pdf_gantt pdf_gantt is a TCPDF wrapper class for renderin... DOWNLOAD
he2(sfnet) Hebrew Editor The Hebrew Editor package is intended mostly fo... DOWNLOAD
gpstrans(sfnet) gpstrans GPStrans is a program which allows track, route... DOWNLOAD
libxmlement(sfnet) libXMLement The libXMLement project is designed to provide ... DOWNLOAD
devtodo(sfnet) Developer Todo devtodo is a program to assist developers (or a... DOWNLOAD
fameperl(sfnet) FamePerl Perl module for accessing FAME(R) database data. DOWNLOAD
khrono(sfnet) Khrono Khrono is a digital watch, timer and countdown ... DOWNLOAD
gvq(sfnet) German Verb Quarry Provides several gadgets to assist in learning ... DOWNLOAD
tgk(sfnet) TGK Le Jeu Jeu d'enquęte policičre en HTML et Javascript. ... DOWNLOAD
kagee(sfnet) Kagee: Trojan/AntiTrojan improvement We are trying to improve Trojan- as well as Ant... DOWNLOAD
maki(sfnet) maki XML and Python-based webserving framework, feat... DOWNLOAD
errconv(sfnet) Error Class Generator This is an Error Class Generator. It takes a te... DOWNLOAD
hjksuite(sfnet) Hijackin Suite hjksuite is a collection of programs for hijack... DOWNLOAD
ezusb2131(sfnet) EZ-USB AN2131 Board Downloader This driver downloads USB boards built with the... DOWNLOAD
fileboard(sfnet) File Exchange File Exchange is a simple client-server file tr... DOWNLOAD
openss7(sfnet) Open SS7 An open implementation of the SS7 core protocol... DOWNLOAD
netload-applet(sfnet) NetLoad Applet The GNOME NetLoad Applet displays the network s... DOWNLOAD
pyxsqmll(sfnet) Python SQL 2000 HTTP-XML Database This project provides a means to access Microso... DOWNLOAD
phpmip(sfnet) PHP Module Implementation Project ---obsolete--- due to lack of time it is no lon... DOWNLOAD
gtkmysql(sfnet) GTKMySQL GTKMySQL is a MySQL client which proposes a sim... DOWNLOAD
lyric(sfnet) Lyric C++ library A cross platform C++ library with templated &qu... DOWNLOAD
phpsmtpd(sfnet) PHP SMTP Server An SMTPd server written in PHP, with user and s... DOWNLOAD
mlspool(sfnet) The Micro Local Spooler A small spooler (an "lpr" substitute)... DOWNLOAD
rcf(sfnet) rcf rcf is an ipchains-based firewall with support ... DOWNLOAD
javahtmlproxy(sfnet) Java HtmlProxy Acts as a Java Servlet that accepts browsers' h... DOWNLOAD
wt-toolkit(sfnet) WT Toolkit WT eases AJAX-style web development by providin... DOWNLOAD
xarm(sfnet) The Xarm Library Xarm is a C++ Wrapper library around the Motif/... DOWNLOAD
sss-xml(sfnet) SSS XML Servers SSS/XML implements the SSSRMAP protocol develop... DOWNLOAD
legacytcl(sfnet) Legacy Tcl Tcl in the legacy applications world: includes ... DOWNLOAD
downloadjk(sfnet) downloadjk DOWNLOAD
hawking(sfnet) eLocutor - The Hawking Communicator Under development for Prof Stephen Hawking and ... DOWNLOAD
webgest(sfnet) Web accountig and managing This project is focused to build enterprise wid... DOWNLOAD
dxr2gui(sfnet) Dxr2gui DOWNLOAD
ordo(sfnet) Novus Ordo Seclorum Novus Ordo Seclorum (Ordo for short) is a patho... DOWNLOAD
mp3dbv2(sfnet) MP3dbv2 - Local MP3 library management This is a MP3 library management tool for organ... DOWNLOAD
prunit(sfnet) PRUnit Unit test framework for PegaRULES Process Comma... DOWNLOAD
snoopy2(sfnet) Generic White Dog vs. the RedBaron Sn**p*/SDL is a two-player game in C++ using th... DOWNLOAD
ndp-sk(sfnet) ndp-sk ndp-sk is a tool designed to manipulate NDP tab... DOWNLOAD
ytbc-com(sfnet) YTBC - Yet the best community PHP and MySQL based community like former Yahoo... DOWNLOAD
yawa(sfnet) Yet Another Web App This project aims to implement components that ... DOWNLOAD
irlex(sfnet) IrLex (Win console telnet & ssh client) IrLex (Win console telnet & ssh client) DOWNLOAD
snf(sfnet) shell-manager snafkin shell manager with plugins. DOWNLOAD
cryptix-sasl(sfnet) Cryptix SASL Library Update: The code from this project has been con... DOWNLOAD
bomplayer(sfnet) BOMplayer BOMplayer is a Macintosh based program that giv... DOWNLOAD
dpt(sfnet) Decision Procedure Toolkit The Decision Procedure Toolkit (DPT) is a syste... DOWNLOAD
vtop(sfnet) vtop visual top. graphical version of top. display... DOWNLOAD
agendadeconcert(sfnet) is a PHP+Mysql web project... DOWNLOAD
jpolycache(sfnet) Java Caching System The JCS is a caching system for distributed jav... DOWNLOAD
rtsp(sfnet) RTSP Proxy Kit The RTSP Proxy Kit contains source code for a r... DOWNLOAD
irpd(sfnet) internet radio protocol daemon irpd is a playlist manager and streamer for an ... DOWNLOAD
zcvsfolder(sfnet) ZCVSFolder ZCVSFolder is a Zope Product for performing ver... DOWNLOAD
jwebadmin(sfnet) web site administration java platform jwebadmin is aimed at providing a multiplatform... DOWNLOAD
gdisave(sfnet) GDI Resource Saver DOWNLOAD
insanebb(sfnet) Insane's weBBoard A PHP/MySQL based forum with some interresting ... DOWNLOAD
mod-securid(sfnet) mod_securid This is an authentication module for Apache tha... DOWNLOAD
voxattendant(sfnet) voxattendant vox-attendant is a telephony voice enabled virt... DOWNLOAD
korbis(sfnet) Korbis - KDE CD to Vorbis utility Korbis is meant to provide an introduction to t... DOWNLOAD
udicus(sfnet) Udicus File Manager A signal-based file translator and manipulator,... DOWNLOAD
domoserveur(sfnet) domoserveur The Domoserveur is a domotic server for a perso... DOWNLOAD
d15badgeemu(sfnet) Defcon 15 badge emulator Emulator for the Defcon 15 badge. See http://d1... DOWNLOAD
dvddb(sfnet) DVD Database A simple DVD database to keep track of your per... DOWNLOAD
phiddippides(sfnet) Phidippides Instant Messenger Project Name :PHIDIPPIDES Description: Cross pl... DOWNLOAD
iris(sfnet) IRIS IRIS is the "ID-PRO Redaktions Interface S... DOWNLOAD
freeturing(sfnet) Free Turing This is a little programm I made, when we talke... DOWNLOAD
daccel(sfnet) SubSpace API An easy-to-use, cross-platform library to write... DOWNLOAD
oraperf(sfnet) Oracle Performance Monitor Oracle Performance Monitor, provides a graphic ... DOWNLOAD
jfetch(sfnet) JFetch JFetch is an application to download your email... DOWNLOAD
libdict(sfnet) libdict libdict is a C library for interacting with RFC... DOWNLOAD
timemate(sfnet) TimeMate Conduit / Linux DOWNLOAD
helicopter(sfnet) Helicopter Helicopter is a addictive classic game created ... DOWNLOAD
cpost(sfnet) cpost cpost is a program which will take a number of ... DOWNLOAD
netdump(sfnet) NetDump NetDump is a project which captures all types o... DOWNLOAD
importvtk(sfnet) importvtk Maya Plugin importvtk is a C++ plugin to import VTK dataset... DOWNLOAD
engrusdict(sfnet) RUS - ENG and ENG - RUS dictionary A port of Freedict's freeware Russian - English... DOWNLOAD
imapweb(sfnet) ImapWeb IMAPWeb is web-based IMAP client. It is written... DOWNLOAD
lin-prog-newbie(sfnet) Linux-Programming-Newbie ***THIS PAGE HERE IS OLD! SEE http://lpn.rnbhq.... DOWNLOAD
netsniff-ng(freshmeat) netsniff-ng netsniff-ng is a high performance Linux network... DOWNLOAD
mimersbrunn(sfnet) Mimers brunn Translator Tools This project aims to create tools for translato... DOWNLOAD
db2latex(sfnet) DocBook to LaTeX XSL stylesheets XSL Transformation stylesheets. These styleshee... DOWNLOAD
limez(sfnet) Limez Limez is a high performance mailing list manage... DOWNLOAD

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