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gwave-analyzer(sfnet) GWave analyzer Gwave Analyzer is a little program for Linux wh... DOWNLOAD
huaweiclient(sfnet) 华为802.1x客户端HuaWei 802.1xClient 不能通过华为 802.1x网络上网?这个项目就是为你而... DOWNLOAD
openafs-contrib(sfnet) openafs-contrib This is a "repository of last resort"... DOWNLOAD
linmix(sfnet) Linux Mixer A small program to adjust the volume of a sound... DOWNLOAD
springlayout(sfnet) Spring Layout Spring Layout is a Spring MVC extension and Tag... DOWNLOAD
bonampak(sfnet) Word Mining Using Parallel Processing This project aims to create a method able to de... DOWNLOAD
ktelnetd(sfnet) Kernel Telnetd When debug kernel driver, sometimes the kernel ... DOWNLOAD
netmaniamail(sfnet) netmania webmail netmaniamail is webmail. in deatil, web based e... DOWNLOAD
openentry(sfnet) OpenEntry OpenEntry is a web journal program. It enables... DOWNLOAD
voji(sfnet) VoJI - Volker's Java Improvements Would you like to have some facilities for data... DOWNLOAD
starwar(sfnet) Star War Star War is a 2D space shooting game (like xsol... DOWNLOAD
thewaytopower(sfnet) The Way to Power A plugin-orientated strategy game where new cam... DOWNLOAD
dbrb(sfnet) DbResourceBundle The java.util.ResourceBundle and its subclasses... DOWNLOAD
pi-(sfnet) Pi Pi is a encrypted, distributed file sharing, IM... DOWNLOAD
mediadump(sfnet) Media Dump Media Dump is a web application that allows you... DOWNLOAD
kwritepp(sfnet) kwrite++ As kwrite is the basis for kdevelop, I would li... DOWNLOAD
pekka(sfnet) pekka Full featured, modular IRC bot built from scrat... DOWNLOAD
jmusic(sfnet) jMusic - Composition in Java As a library of classes for generating and mani... DOWNLOAD
photodb(sfnet) PhotoDB PhotoDB is a multiuser php4/apache/openssl/mysq... DOWNLOAD
messengera2z(sfnet) Universal MessengerA2Z MessengerA2Z is an advanced Windows based insta... DOWNLOAD
palm-ldap(sfnet) Palm-Ldap Integration Goal: Make links between Palm devices and Ldap.... DOWNLOAD
dm-rainfall(sfnet) Rainfall Data Modelling Portal This project aims to provide a unified interfac... DOWNLOAD
tqjsplit(sfnet) TQJsplit TQJsplit is a Python application with a Web-Bas... DOWNLOAD
tsid(sfnet) Time Sid Manager Who is your best Sid Author? And Tune? TSID wan... DOWNLOAD
napmusic(sfnet) Napmusic NapMuSiC is a console based Napster client. I... DOWNLOAD
task(sfnet) TASK Task Automation and Schedule Knowledge : TASK ... DOWNLOAD
kernelrpm(sfnet) Kernel RPM The Kernel RPM project provides binary RPM pack... DOWNLOAD
gnury(sfnet) GnuGallery GnuGallery was renamed Piawg, and I'm using Sav... DOWNLOAD
pgheader(sfnet) mod_pgheader mod_pgheader is an Apache 2.2 module that snips... DOWNLOAD
xml-msg(sfnet) XML-MSG --This project is dead, someone else did it bet... DOWNLOAD
halfstats(sfnet) halfStats halfStats is a Perl program which parses Half-L... DOWNLOAD
sgefb(sfnet) SGE-FB System Administration Companies.It controls sal... DOWNLOAD
reminder(sfnet) Elephant Memory System tray-based event reminder, with configur... DOWNLOAD
digital(sfnet) Digital IRC Services Digital IRC Services are geared toward helping ... DOWNLOAD
kbigtwo(sfnet) kbigtwo kbigtwo plays the card game of 'cho dai di'. It... DOWNLOAD
corn-httpclient(freshmeat) Corn Httpclient Corn Httpclient is an HTTP client designed make... DOWNLOAD
ds3(sfnet) dialup service 3 Ds3 is tool for sharing one dial-up connection... DOWNLOAD
dns-block(sfnet) DNS Blocker Dave's Naughty Stuff Blocker. This is an open ... DOWNLOAD
crash(sfnet) Crash(Crash is Really A SHell) DOWNLOAD
projectnexus(sfnet) Project Nexus Project Nexus is virtual community software wri... DOWNLOAD
uzillity(sfnet) Mozilla Usability Utility Downloads mozilla nightly build for you every d... DOWNLOAD
hktreeview(sfnet) Tree View (with HTML-Kit Support) A Win32 application (can be run as an HTML-Kit ... DOWNLOAD
mzgtk(sfnet) mzgtk a set of scheme bindings for the gtk+ library DOWNLOAD
myorgbook(sfnet) MyOrgBook For up to date information goto ... DOWNLOAD
openvp(sfnet) openVP The best way to describe openVP is as a "s... DOWNLOAD
sirc(sfnet) sIRC sIRC is a Secure IRC Communications Program, us... DOWNLOAD
linux-hotplug(sfnet) Linux Hotplug Project Hotplugging is a facility that supports dynamic... DOWNLOAD
jtop(sfnet) J/Top A desktop application for monitoring 'top' outp... DOWNLOAD
lla(sfnet) Ldap Log Analyser lla is an LDAP Logfile Analyser , it generates ... DOWNLOAD
ltsp(sfnet) Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) Linux is an excellent environment for deploying... DOWNLOAD
kbear(sfnet) KBear, a graphical ftp client for KDE KBear is a graphical ftp client with ability to... DOWNLOAD
pi3web(sfnet) Pi3Web Pi3Web is a multithreaded, highly configurable ... DOWNLOAD
slrp(sfnet) Sparc Linux Router Project SLRP is a project to create a net-bootable, sta... DOWNLOAD
ff-multi-converter(freshmeat) FF Multi Converter FF Multi Converter is a simple graphical applic... DOWNLOAD
tidyview(sfnet) tidyview Tidyview is a Perl/Tk application to preview th... DOWNLOAD
irrar(sfnet) IrrAR IrrAR is a combination of Irrlicht and Augmente... DOWNLOAD
techbot(sfnet) TechBot A small, modular IRC bot written in C. On start... DOWNLOAD
g3dgmv(sfnet) 3D Graphical Map Viewer The g3DGMV program was designed as a free viewe... DOWNLOAD
noise(sfnet) Noise I need to update this so it's accurate.... oh w... DOWNLOAD
srishti(sfnet) Srishti : Drop-in web templating engine A web templating system for people who want a c... DOWNLOAD
imgbox(sfnet) PAL imagebox An attempt to create an easy to maintain PHP-ba... DOWNLOAD
avd(sfnet) Acquired Virtual Distribution AVD is a continuation of the swim project. The... DOWNLOAD
rsub(sfnet) rSub rSub is a project for realtime multinational su... DOWNLOAD
pyhail(sfnet) PyHail Send multiple Microsoft 'NET SEND' messages to ... DOWNLOAD
xcmail(sfnet) XCmail XCmail is a MIME and multi POP3 server capable ... DOWNLOAD
pimp2k1(sfnet) Pimp 2001 This console game simulates the life of a pimp. DOWNLOAD
dgroups(sfnet) giFT-Zombie giFT-Zombie is a NATIVE client written in C++ t... DOWNLOAD
tdgk(sfnet) The Tiny Document Ginsu Knife A document tree editor, written with Python and... DOWNLOAD
tworld(sfnet) Tworld IRC Services IRC Services my first project DOWNLOAD
uengine(sfnet) uEngine BPM A BPM (Business Process Management) / Workflow ... DOWNLOAD
winbower(sfnet) WinBower Image Processing/Tracking Software for off-line... DOWNLOAD
besttoplist(sfnet) Best Top List This is a script to manage your own top sites l... DOWNLOAD
free-chart-geany(freshmeat) Free Chart Geany Free Chart Geany is a software solution for mar... DOWNLOAD
httptrace(sfnet) httptrace httptrace - TCP/HTTP trace utility (for Java or... DOWNLOAD
upcdatabase(sfnet) UPC Database This project intends to compile and distribute ... DOWNLOAD
sandlib(sfnet) SAND kit Neural Network calculation & learning library DOWNLOAD
sisyphus(sfnet) sisyphus Poor man's SMS. Sisyphus provides Server and De... DOWNLOAD
peksystray(sfnet) Peksystray - Notification tray dockapp Peksystray is a small system tray (also called ... DOWNLOAD
thefishshell(freshmeat) The friendly interactive shell fish, the friendly interactive shell is a shell... DOWNLOAD
openletter(sfnet) OpenLetter An online newsletter distribution server for ad... DOWNLOAD
rte(sfnet) Real Time Enterprises, Inc. An open-source project to active enhanced or ex... DOWNLOAD
chaosengine(sfnet) ChaosEngine The chaosengine is a generic game library, with... DOWNLOAD
cybermaster(sfnet) LEGO::Cybermaster A Perl module to communicate with a Lego Cyberm... DOWNLOAD
formflow(sfnet) FormFlow Use the pen! FormFlow is a software for filling... DOWNLOAD
mbutil(sfnet) MButil Miniboard Utility. Uploader and Monitor program... DOWNLOAD
foo2hbpl(freshmeat) foo2hbpl foo2hbpl is an open source printer driver for p... DOWNLOAD
xmltreedotnet(sfnet) This project offers a new tree viewer component... DOWNLOAD
yumtk(sfnet) yumtk yumtk is a GUI front-end for yum, written in TC... DOWNLOAD
libgsmc(sfnet) GSM Communications library A gsm communications library for use with linux... DOWNLOAD
repstat(sfnet) Repstat Система с возможностью генерации отчетов любой ... DOWNLOAD
ezimail(sfnet) ezimail This is a console IMAP email client. It based u... DOWNLOAD
phpdvd(sfnet) phpDVD Keep track of your DVD collection with this sim... DOWNLOAD
textportal(freshmeat) Textportal Textportal is a simple script which can be used... DOWNLOAD
cyrix(sfnet) Cyrix Chat Daemon - 0.3/p1 Cyrix is a feature rich, text-based chat daemon... DOWNLOAD
asphorum(sfnet) asphorum A high performance ASP forum, with a look based... DOWNLOAD
diff3-ov(sfnet) 3-way-diff-overview Gives an overview (in a graphical-directory-vie... DOWNLOAD
ssrtech(sfnet) SSR Technology SSR technology is a freely available Web applic... DOWNLOAD
blackcow(sfnet) Black Cow This project is a portable C++ implementation o... DOWNLOAD
j3djoystick(sfnet) Java3D Joystick in Linux J3DJoystick is a Joystick driver for Java3D whi... DOWNLOAD
pooka(sfnet) Pooka This is an email client written in Java, using ... DOWNLOAD

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