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dumbbellpal(sfnet) Dumbbell Pal A program that shows over 50 dumbbell exercises... DOWNLOAD
aranea(sfnet) The Aranea project A simple webserver supports CGI, programming la... DOWNLOAD
synapsim(sfnet) Synapsim This project aims to create a block oriented vi... DOWNLOAD
httpcd(sfnet) http chat daemon httpcd is a small webserver written in C for PO... DOWNLOAD
opal57(sfnet) Opal An open abstraction layer for realtime graphics... DOWNLOAD
shogun(sfnet) Shogun Shogun is currently a web browser written entir... DOWNLOAD
thesitter(sfnet) The Sitter the sitter is a network monitoring suite writte... DOWNLOAD
fastforms(sfnet) FastForms PHP4 library to create database frontends DOWNLOAD
pycrc(freshmeat) pycrc pycrc is an easy to use CRC calculator and sour... DOWNLOAD
binarycloud(sfnet) binarycloud binarycloud is an application framework for php... DOWNLOAD
pycheckbook(sfnet) Python Checkbook Manager The Python Checkbook Manager (aka PyCheckbook) ... DOWNLOAD
openduke(sfnet) OpenDuke OpenDuke is an attempt to create a cross-platfo... DOWNLOAD
chirp(sfnet) Chirp Chirp is a companion program to Cricket - a net... DOWNLOAD
sprout(sfnet) The Sprout Project Sprout is a Java library of classes meant to be... DOWNLOAD
ach(sfnet) Agonism Challenges DOWNLOAD
kiltdown(sfnet) Kiltdown Kiltdown is an Email Client for UNIX. It is UI... DOWNLOAD
genex(sfnet) GeneX Gene Expression Database GeneX is an gene expression database system wit... DOWNLOAD
gnetstat(sfnet) Gnetstat DOWNLOAD
magicmin(freshmeat) MagicMin MagicMin is a class that merges and minifies Ja... DOWNLOAD
osexpress(sfnet) Open Source EXPRESS Parser Developer tools for EXPRESS (ISO 10303-11), an ... DOWNLOAD
silexos(sfnet) Le projet SilexOS DOWNLOAD
netraider(sfnet) NetRaider NetRaider is a small and fast webbrowser based ... DOWNLOAD
qwpython(sfnet) QWPython QWPython is a Python-powered QuakeWorld dedicat... DOWNLOAD
vrl(sfnet) Virtual Real Life Distributed 3D virtual world featuring dynamic ... DOWNLOAD
pypgsql(sfnet) Python Interface to PostgreSQL A Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to a Po... DOWNLOAD
web-based-adult-content-server(freshmeat) Web-Based Adult Content Server WACS is a tool for building adult Web sites. It... DOWNLOAD
wireshark(freshmeat) Wireshark Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer, or &q... DOWNLOAD
mmonster(sfnet) Movie Monster Create and control a Monster. You are a movie d... DOWNLOAD
inept-mon(sfnet) Inept Host Monitor This project will allow realtime monitoring of ... DOWNLOAD
jodd(freshmeat) Jodd Jodd is a Java utility library and set of frame... DOWNLOAD
deltamud(sfnet) DeltaMUD DeltaMUD is a multi-user dungeon (MUD) gaming s... DOWNLOAD
ninetynine(sfnet) 99% 99% is a collection of Java Native Interface (J... DOWNLOAD
wigwam(sfnet) Wigwam Crossplatform framework for developing projects... DOWNLOAD
pservlet(sfnet) Pservlet DOWNLOAD
paguaceta(sfnet) Paguaceta Project to try and make IF games accesible to e... DOWNLOAD
mpg234(sfnet) mpg234: mpg123 scripts Small script to control mpg123. DOWNLOAD
mte(sfnet) Music Theory Environment Provide a computer environment which will facil... DOWNLOAD
projectapollo(sfnet) Project Apollo Project Apollo seeks to provide a Java based we... DOWNLOAD
corn-cps(freshmeat) Corn CPS Corn CPS (Classpath Scanner) is a small Java mo... DOWNLOAD
pytalk(sfnet) Pytalk is a natural language understanding program wri... DOWNLOAD
faces2pvm(sfnet) Faces2pvm Faces2pvm results from the necessity for a tool... DOWNLOAD
tyrant(sfnet) Tyrant - Java Roguelike Tyrant is a graphical roguelike fantasy adventu... DOWNLOAD
infokiosk(sfnet) Information Kiosk Develop a customizable browser with protection ... DOWNLOAD
corn-converter(freshmeat) Corn Converter Corn Converter is a module designed to offer co... DOWNLOAD
gumshoe(sfnet) Gumshoe Search every file sharing service at once. DOWNLOAD
packetjuggler(sfnet) PacketJuggler DOWNLOAD
exponent-cms(freshmeat) Exponent CMS Exponent CMS is a content management system for... DOWNLOAD
cs-content(sfnet) CS-Content [Dynamic Content System] Generic framework designed to leverage the powe... DOWNLOAD
xoopsers(sfnet) xoopsers to provide you with the XOOPS modu... DOWNLOAD
agorumcore(sfnet) agorum core agorum core is the Document Management System (... DOWNLOAD
ssp(sfnet) Scripted Server Pages It is a set of Java classes allowing web server... DOWNLOAD
pud(sfnet) Programming Utilities Dist. Programming Utilities written for quicker devel... DOWNLOAD
vtsystem(sfnet) VTek System / Virtual Theatre System VTSystem is a 3D (Action) Adventure engine wher... DOWNLOAD
webdb(sfnet) World Wide Database Interface provides a generic web interface to a database.... DOWNLOAD
troll(sfnet) troll troll (ex patchDownload) is an automatic agent ... DOWNLOAD
visibleresults(sfnet) VisibleResults Fundraising Software for Charities, Foundations... DOWNLOAD
nettoolsw32(sfnet) NetTools A collection of descendants and extensions to t... DOWNLOAD
jscorba(sfnet) JS/CORBA Adapter The JS/CORBA Adapter provides a mechanism for a... DOWNLOAD
shoplist(sfnet) Shopping List Manager Manage all your shopping lists. This includes g... DOWNLOAD
storeadm(sfnet) Store Software Administration Store is a concept for handling third-party pro... DOWNLOAD
jazzlib(sfnet) jazzlib - a pure java A pure-Java compression library suitable as a d... DOWNLOAD
openinteract(sfnet) OpenInteract A pure-Perl web application environment running... DOWNLOAD
openshop(sfnet) OpenShop OpenShop is an e-commerce system utilizing Perl... DOWNLOAD
rcxtools(sfnet) RCXDownload and RCXDirectMode A visual interface for leJOS. RCXDownload autom... DOWNLOAD
biobox(sfnet) Biobox Biobox is an alife program based (loosely) on s... DOWNLOAD
whoson(sfnet) WHOSON protocol implementation WHOSON is a protocol/daemon providing for "... DOWNLOAD
dreamplay(sfnet) Dreamplayer The Linux console player, which supports TwinVQ... DOWNLOAD
hpinkjet(sfnet) HPINKJET (inactive) The Hewlett-Packard Co. Linux Inkjet Driver Pro... DOWNLOAD
mpy3(sfnet) MPy3 Python-powered MP3 management system! Intended... DOWNLOAD
prognet(sfnet) ProgNet ProgNet is both protocol level standard for con... DOWNLOAD
polo(sfnet) Polo: CRM and J2ME framework project A CRM software that allow to exchange activitie... DOWNLOAD
zxspectr(sfnet) ZXSpectr It's a ZX Spectrum emulator written entirely in... DOWNLOAD
sim-swarm-stab(sfnet) Swarm Stability SIMulator (SS-SIM) This project simulates a multi-agent system (sw... DOWNLOAD
jsdragdrop(sfnet) Javascript Drag-Drop and Resize Library A lightweight, well-written and easy to use Jav... DOWNLOAD
sispa(sfnet) Sispa System The aim of this system is to automate most of t... DOWNLOAD
ased(sfnet) ASED ASED is a Tcl/Tk Editor written in pure Tcl/Tk ... DOWNLOAD
cosmacs(sfnet) Loopy Messenger An instant messenger to serve the userbase of m... DOWNLOAD
jcdsee(sfnet) JCDSee JCDSee is a Java clone of popular image viewer ... DOWNLOAD
pdc(sfnet) Palm Datebook Converter Windows Tool for the Palm Desktop (tm) Application DOWNLOAD
ganimus(sfnet) gAnimus gAnimus is a GTK+ based character builder for S... DOWNLOAD
xmlec11n(sfnet) XML editor customization This project provides customization of XML edit... DOWNLOAD
bibelot(sfnet) Bibelot is a Perl script that formats and co... DOWNLOAD
slackpad(sfnet) SlackPAD SlackPAD Linux is a Slackware like distribution... DOWNLOAD
palmbackup(sfnet) Amiga tools for PalmPilot'ers If you own an Amiga and 3Com's Palm Pilot Perso... DOWNLOAD
corn-exception(freshmeat) Corn Exception Corn Exception is a small but handy module whic... DOWNLOAD
don-dragonfly(sfnet) The DragonFly Project The Net counts myriad developer tools. But they... DOWNLOAD
bttotalcontrol(sfnet) BattleTech: Total Control An implementation of FASA's BattleTech board ga... DOWNLOAD
sparkletext(sfnet) SparkleText Simple Java applet that adds an animated sparkl... DOWNLOAD
imelo(sfnet) open i-Melody project This is Player for i-Melody. i-Melody is Japane... DOWNLOAD
coldet-3d-collision-detection-(freshmeat) ColDet 3D Collision Detection Library ColDet 3D Collision Detection Library is a libr... DOWNLOAD
cuaz(sfnet) Club Usuarios Amiga Zaragoza Amiga user group from Zaragoza (Spain). Develop... DOWNLOAD
pjs(sfnet) Polar Jukebox System The PJS is a mp3-jukebox system written in Perl... DOWNLOAD
hashdotbot(sfnet) HashDotBot HashDotBot is a simple channel bot which is use... DOWNLOAD
camel(sfnet) Camel Shopping Cart A fully customizable shopping cart system creat... DOWNLOAD
i503(sfnet) open i-503 project i-mode(iMode) is NTT DoCoMo's mobile internet a... DOWNLOAD
ferm(sfnet) For Easy firewall Rule Making ferm is a tool to maintain and setup complicate... DOWNLOAD
qforeign(sfnet) QForeign Haskell's Foreign Function Interface: a toolkit... DOWNLOAD
corn-gate(freshmeat) Corn Gate Corn Gate is designed to simplify service defin... DOWNLOAD
phpexplorer(sfnet) PHP Explorer PHP Explorer allows you to browse a server comp... DOWNLOAD
xtree(sfnet) Xtree: PHP XML DOM Library Xtree is a Document Object Model XML extension ... DOWNLOAD

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