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wmibbrowser(sfnet) WMibBrowser It's a web based mib browser which allowed admi... DOWNLOAD
checksummer(sfnet) CheckSummer CheckSummer is a graphical utility to calculate... DOWNLOAD
starblaster(sfnet) Star Blaster Star Blaster is a Top Down Spacer Shooter Game ... DOWNLOAD
noahweather(sfnet) NOAH Weather A full featured Open Sourced suite of PHP funct... DOWNLOAD
vrpsolver(sfnet) VRP Solver VRPSolver is a wizard-like application which so... DOWNLOAD
debaser(sfnet) Debaser Debaser is a powerful password generator which ... DOWNLOAD
gbxm(sfnet) GBXM GBXM is a Nintendo GB/GBC emulator for Windows.... DOWNLOAD
inionsql(sfnet) InionSQL This is a Component for Delphi wich uses the My... DOWNLOAD
mylittlemoney(sfnet) My little money "My little money" is a flexible perso... DOWNLOAD
kard(sfnet) Kard, game for young children Kard is a "memory-like" game for youn... DOWNLOAD
javautilities(sfnet) Java Utilities Java Utilities is a collection of following jav... DOWNLOAD
systemoverview(sfnet) System Overview A dashboard to easily model and view in real-ti... DOWNLOAD
pypnetcdf(sfnet) pypnetcdf PyPNetCDF is a Numeric-based Python package tha... DOWNLOAD
vlink(sfnet) vLink vLink is a single user online bookmark manageme... DOWNLOAD
wxdrivedb(sfnet) wxvolumedb A small program that helps to organize data fro... DOWNLOAD
emacsterm(sfnet) EasyTerm Free Software/Open Source tabbed terminal throu... DOWNLOAD
gmcp(sfnet) Graphical Microcontroller Programming Graphical Microcontroller Programming (GMP) is ... DOWNLOAD
custubuntu(sfnet) Custubuntu Custubuntu is an application for installing the... DOWNLOAD
kr0yer(sfnet) Kr0yer 16s Ribosomal DNA analysis software. It includ... DOWNLOAD
sqlmapwin(sfnet) sqlmap win Windows GUI for sqlmap written in C# DOWNLOAD
shadowed-portal(sfnet) Shadowed Portal One of the only NON-MYSQL CMS Portal released. ... DOWNLOAD
griffon(sfnet) Griffon Cryptanalysis Package An easy to use GUI for cryptanalysis of pre-dig... DOWNLOAD
penguinsound(sfnet) PenguinSound PenguinSound aims to ease the creation of cross... DOWNLOAD
tirfinder(sfnet) TIRfinder TIRfinder: A tool for mining class II transposons DOWNLOAD
shell-explore(sfnet) shell-explore Shell Explorer is a GUI based X-Terminal which ... DOWNLOAD
newbasic(sfnet) NB [abandoned] DOWNLOAD
html2perl(sfnet) Html2perl Html2perl is a simple console based utility for... DOWNLOAD
sessionmanager(sfnet) SessionManager An Apache / mod perl Session manager that will... DOWNLOAD
bxml(sfnet) bxml Minimal XML parser to constructing stuctured WE... DOWNLOAD
xslttask(sfnet) Java Xslt Transform Tool DOWNLOAD
eiffelzone(sfnet) EiffelZONE The Eiffel Zone is a resource center for multim... DOWNLOAD
motiftools(sfnet) Xmt - Motif Tools Xmt is a Motif Tools library. The Xmt Motif To... DOWNLOAD
cogunity(sfnet) COG Webcommunity Project COG is an easy to use and maintain system for c... DOWNLOAD
pf2html(sfnet) pf2html The pf2html project adds functionality to LATEX... DOWNLOAD
imagecomparitor(sfnet) Image Comparitor ImageComparitor is a utility for Mac OS X and W... DOWNLOAD
gunmagic(sfnet) Realms of Turmoil Realms of Turmoil is a project dedicated to mak... DOWNLOAD
firestorm-ids(sfnet) Firestorm IDS Firestorm is an extremely high performance netw... DOWNLOAD
grmp3(sfnet) GrMP3 Gtk-based mp3 player and file runner that is co... DOWNLOAD
whisper(sfnet) Whisper Whisper is for keeping your private communicati... DOWNLOAD
freegps(sfnet) Free gps Simple gps software for linux written in c DOWNLOAD
projbot(sfnet) Project Bot Project bot is a set of games oritent around AI... DOWNLOAD
mlf(sfnet) Mail Log Filter Mail Log Filter filters out log entries of mess... DOWNLOAD
j-framework(sfnet) J-Framework a group of classes for Javascript DOWNLOAD
fastuml(sfnet) Fast UML Fast UML is an open-source UML tool with a simp... DOWNLOAD
conceptextract(sfnet) Wikipedia Concept Extractor Extract a Term Concept Map from Wikipedia. It t... DOWNLOAD
avjukeboxonims(sfnet) AVJukeBox_OnIMS_Network Our goal is to design a system which can automa... DOWNLOAD
ecoder(sfnet) ecoder | web-based code editor ** We moved ** Website: Git... DOWNLOAD
salamcast-podcast-player(freshmeat) SalamCast Podcast Player SalamCast Podcast Player is an easy-to-configur... DOWNLOAD
cara(sfnet) CARMEN RDF API CARA (*CA*RMEN *R*DF *A*PI) provides an API for... DOWNLOAD
cfcheckform(sfnet) CF_CheckForm <b>CF_CheckForm</b> is a Cold Fusio... DOWNLOAD
nox(sfnet) Nox Develop a set of utility plugins for Eclipse ID... DOWNLOAD
jumpgate(sfnet) Jumpgate Jumpgate is a TCP connection forwarder that pro... DOWNLOAD
maccvspro(sfnet) MacCVS Pro MacCVS Pro is a completely free CVS client for ... DOWNLOAD
molee(sfnet) molee This project is a plan devised to promote the a... DOWNLOAD
rhino(sfnet) Rhino An Othello game with strong AI. DOWNLOAD
subcipher(sfnet) Sub-Cipher Cryptanalysis Tool A console-based tool for Linux that will provid... DOWNLOAD
xrally(sfnet) XRally XRally is a Xlib clone of the classic arcade ga... DOWNLOAD
spork(sfnet) Spork Spork is the working title for Skud's Perl Trai... DOWNLOAD
slashticker(sfnet) SlashTicker DOWNLOAD
vme(sfnet) VME Drivers VME bus drivers for Linux DOWNLOAD
barat(sfnet) Barat Barat is a front-end for Java. It parses source... DOWNLOAD
pilrcedit(sfnet) PilrcEdit PilrcEdit is a GPL'd Java based graphical edito... DOWNLOAD
notesantispam(sfnet) NotesAntiSpam Spam-Filter for Lotus-Notes-Client that uses DS... DOWNLOAD
fifilcd(sfnet) FiFi-LCD Firmware for the FiFi-LCD RDS display, using an... DOWNLOAD
mdextractor(sfnet) 1S MD Extractor MDExtractor extracts meta information from 1Cv7... DOWNLOAD
loginwatcher(sfnet) SSH LoginWatcher LoginWatcher is tailing your messages file and ... DOWNLOAD
unstring(sfnet) Coboldoc Coboldoc is a java web 2.0 style interface for ... DOWNLOAD
omnibookconf(sfnet) Omnibook module configuration script Omnibook module configuration script. Interacti... DOWNLOAD
dtreeframework(sfnet) DTreeFramework for Delphi This is a framework for making a typical applic... DOWNLOAD
cape(sfnet) CAPE CAPE stands for Clips And Perl with Extensions.... DOWNLOAD
xshaitt(sfnet) xshaitt 这是我弄着玩的!!!!!大家都来看看吧!!! DOWNLOAD
jprogect(sfnet) Java client for Palm project manager Pro A Java desktop application for Palm project man... DOWNLOAD
xhalma(sfnet) xhalma xhalma lets you play the game of Halma against ... DOWNLOAD
pax-terra(sfnet) Pax Terra Server to handle the operation of a game based ... DOWNLOAD
tracker-tools(sfnet) Tracker-tools Tracker-tools are a set of scripts I use to adm... DOWNLOAD
jreplico(sfnet) JReplico JReplica is a java distributed database replica... DOWNLOAD
css-one(freshmeat) CSS One CSS One unifies your CSS stylesheets and images... DOWNLOAD
orion3d(sfnet) Orion3D 3D Engine featuring : Particles systems, hierar... DOWNLOAD
ttftp(sfnet) TFTP for TINI TTFTP provides a TFTP client for the Dallas Sem... DOWNLOAD
q-patches(sfnet) q-patches current q-patches: cvsweb-sourceforge (sourcefo... DOWNLOAD
tinymush-mac(sfnet) TinyMUSH/Mac TinyMUSH/Mac is a Mac port of TinyMUSH 2.0.8-p10. DOWNLOAD
myphppagetool(sfnet) myphpPagetool myphpPagetool is a complete package to drive yo... DOWNLOAD
junkfilter(sfnet) junkfilter junkfilter is a spam filtering program built on... DOWNLOAD
gplw3mail(sfnet) GPLW3Mail GPLW3Mail is a webmail application written in P... DOWNLOAD
gributil(sfnet) library for grib utilities Questa e' una libreria con alcune utilita' per ... DOWNLOAD
plweb(sfnet) Perl Web Services Perl Web Services is a set of APIs to the Apach... DOWNLOAD
resolutionii(sfnet) Resolution ][ Resolution ][ is a programmer's API library for... DOWNLOAD
phplanparty(sfnet) phpLanParty phpLanParty is a database enabled web applicati... DOWNLOAD
pokersource(sfnet) pokersource The CVS tree and distribution files moved to ht... DOWNLOAD
biogenesiscolor(sfnet) Biogenesis Color Mod You can download the Color Mod at the Biogenesi... DOWNLOAD
pybuild(sfnet) PyBuild A fast, flexible, correct build system. Meant t... DOWNLOAD
yt-cc333(sfnet) Youtube DOWNLOAD
keylargo(sfnet) Generic TiK Resources This is a place where I can share current proje... DOWNLOAD
heroines(sfnet) Heroine Virtual Turn your Linux box into a complete audio and v... DOWNLOAD
vimap(sfnet) Virtual Domain IMAP server POP2/POP3/IMAP Server with linuxconf virtual do... DOWNLOAD
phpgames(sfnet) php-games Script PHp permettant la gestion automatisé d'o... DOWNLOAD
vscm(sfnet) vscm This is a resurrection of Matthias Blume's VSCM... DOWNLOAD
etmc(sfnet) Epeios timecode manager Timecode-related libraries and software. DOWNLOAD
jcomment(sfnet) JComment - Comment Generator The JComment comment generator will create java... DOWNLOAD
blendutil(sfnet) Blender Utilities A group of Blender ( e... DOWNLOAD

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