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chkwww(sfnet) chkwww chkwww is a console application you can use to ... DOWNLOAD
portal2ml(sfnet) Portal 2 Map Launcher With this simple tool, you can launch your Port... DOWNLOAD
hardinfo(sfnet) Harwaredinfo Hardwareinfo is a application to show informati... DOWNLOAD
exeresource(sfnet) Simple EXE Resource This is an insultingly simple project. It's jus... DOWNLOAD
shotwell(freshmeat) Shotwell Shotwell is a photo organizer designed for the ... DOWNLOAD
seeddms(freshmeat) SeedDMS SeedDMS is a powerful, easy to use document man... DOWNLOAD
darkfire(sfnet) Darkfire Security Project A stable and fast Linux/Unix toolset to aid in ... DOWNLOAD
limp(sfnet) Internet Messaging Programs LIMP and WIMP are part of the Internet Messagin... DOWNLOAD
cgiirc(sfnet) CGI:IRC A Perl/CGI program to use IRC from a web browse... DOWNLOAD
raptora(sfnet) Raptora Raptora is a tool to generate statistics of the... DOWNLOAD
xvim(sfnet) Vietnamese Input Method for X Xvim is a Vietnamese Input Method server (XIM) ... DOWNLOAD
ejava(sfnet) Epeios JAVA frontend Implementation, in JAVA, from the frontend part... DOWNLOAD
mvm(sfnet) mvManager mvm is Xlib only plugin manager for Linux, prov... DOWNLOAD
java-jml(sfnet) Java MSN Messenger library JML is a java Msn Messenger library that suppor... DOWNLOAD
rbml(sfnet) rbml RBML is similar to XML or ASP. It is a server-... DOWNLOAD
dirssync(sfnet) Directories Synchronizer The goal is to synchronize 2 directories. This... DOWNLOAD
crashpoint(sfnet) CrashPoint - The experiment failed "CrashPoint - The experiment failed" ... DOWNLOAD
offsite(sfnet) OffSite OffSite is a fast, free, secure and easy-to-use... DOWNLOAD
php-bsb(sfnet) Browser Search Box library This library can be used to add your site to br... DOWNLOAD
brewtarget(sfnet) Brewtarget Brewtarget is free brewing software for Linux, ... DOWNLOAD
dustengine(sfnet) Dust Engine Dust engine is a game engine for 2d shooter gam... DOWNLOAD
easycreator(freshmeat) EasyCreator EasyCreator is an extension creator for Joomla!... DOWNLOAD
yarg(sfnet) d20 Modern Mod Using a variety of public domain models, as wel... DOWNLOAD
atma(sfnet) Atma Web Framework Atma Web Framework is based on TwistedMatrix Ne... DOWNLOAD
libgcrypt(freshmeat) Libgcrypt Libgcrypt is a general-purpose cryptographic li... DOWNLOAD
display(sfnet) display Originally written by Paul Vixie in 1986 and di... DOWNLOAD
webeval(sfnet) Web Teacher Evaluations The Web Teacher Evaluations are comprised of a ... DOWNLOAD
lodestar(sfnet) Lodestar RBS Simulator DOWNLOAD
dbbrowser(sfnet) DB_Browser DB_Browser was a CGI tool for developers workin... DOWNLOAD
phpim(sfnet) PHPIM phpIM will hopefully turn into an entirely PHP/... DOWNLOAD
textschnapsen(sfnet) TextSchnapsen TextSchnapsen is an Austrian card-playing game,... DOWNLOAD
jwma(sfnet) jwma (Java Webmail) jwma version 2 is a complete rewrite of the ori... DOWNLOAD
boluo(sfnet) boluo DOWNLOAD
kernelsource(sfnet) Kernel Source Archive Open source operating system kernel archive DOWNLOAD
phpsat(sfnet) PHP System Administrator Tool PHPSAT is a workflow utility designed specifica... DOWNLOAD
turbofind(sfnet) TurboFind Utilitaire d'archivage de toc de CDs permettant... DOWNLOAD
tango(sfnet) Tango Framework Provide a client side Java framework for the de... DOWNLOAD
yang(sfnet) Yang (Yet Another NewsGrabber) Yang is a news fetcher. It grabs data from news... DOWNLOAD
sodero(sfnet) Sodero Distributed computing simulation system. This i... DOWNLOAD
openpackages(sfnet) Open Packages The new standard for Open Source binaries. DOWNLOAD
lsfn(sfnet) Libre Software French Network DOWNLOAD
maddwarf(sfnet) Mad Dwarf Dungeon Exploration RPG with unlimited world in... DOWNLOAD
picturemetadata(sfnet) Picture Metadata Toolkit The Picture Metadata Toolkit (PMT) provides a c... DOWNLOAD
fuenfer(sfnet) fuenfer Computergegenspieler für 5 gewinnt DOWNLOAD
bpmagic(sfnet) BePhotoMagic BePhotoMagic is a resurrection of the abandoned... DOWNLOAD
total-isp(sfnet) Total ISP A Realtime ISP management and accounting system... DOWNLOAD
babblebooey(sfnet) babblebooey record audio chunks from the audio device and e... DOWNLOAD
absolutex(sfnet) AbsoluteX AbsoluteX is an open source free class library ... DOWNLOAD
ejbdoclet(sfnet) EJBDoclet EJBDoclet is a JavaDoc plugin (Doclet) that gen... DOWNLOAD
popper(sfnet) popper Popper is a Web based mail client that allows y... DOWNLOAD
phobirc(sfnet) PhobIRC PhobIRC is a global project to create a new mod... DOWNLOAD
orbframe(sfnet) ORBframe When writting portable C++ CORBA code one finds... DOWNLOAD
stampl(sfnet) StamPL StamPL is a light perl version of the Stamp pro... DOWNLOAD
libcmuse(sfnet) Cryptic Muse A word-pattern, dictionary and thesaurus search... DOWNLOAD
windowsutil(sfnet) Windows Utilities This application puts many useful windows utili... DOWNLOAD
plinko(sfnet) Plinko - the smart parser Plinko was originally an experiment with Prefix... DOWNLOAD
rename-em2(sfnet) Rename Tool RenameTool can rename MANY files/folders at onc... DOWNLOAD
jfast-fsm-sim(sfnet) jFAST - the Finite Automata Simulator jFAST is a simple finite automata (FA) graphica... DOWNLOAD
videolat(sfnet) videoLat VideoLat helps you measure latency of video pro... DOWNLOAD
jsynch(sfnet) Java Synchronization Foundry Industrial Strength Synchronization Objects for... DOWNLOAD
nomad1(sfnet) NOMAD Manager The goal of this project is to develop an open... DOWNLOAD
harpia(sfnet) Project Harpia Harpia is a topic-centric content management sy... DOWNLOAD
timeacc(sfnet) Timeacc Timeacc is a daemon for login accounting on a s... DOWNLOAD
j2wap(sfnet) j2wap WML Micro-Browser j2wap is a JAVA based WAP Browser, it is in BET... DOWNLOAD
eyangband(sfnet) EyAngband EyAngband is a variant of the Roguelike game An... DOWNLOAD
kursk(sfnet) Operation Citadel Operation Citadel is a WWII, turn based platoon... DOWNLOAD
kewl(sfnet) Knowledge Env for Web-based Learning The Knowledge Environment for Web-based Learnin... DOWNLOAD
cookieauth(sfnet) CookieAuth CookieAuth is a simple PHP class, compatible wi... DOWNLOAD
webring-10(sfnet) PHP webring webring provides an easy-to-configure solution ... DOWNLOAD
dynamic-vc(sfnet) Dynamic VC Dynamic VC is a simple daemon allowing spawning... DOWNLOAD
libicom(sfnet) Libicom A character based C library to control the Icom... DOWNLOAD
lcl(sfnet) LinuxClassLibrary A generic class library ... DOWNLOAD
graphix(sfnet) Blogin Blogin is a script (along with a small c binary... DOWNLOAD
cfmssqladmin(sfnet) CF MS SQL Admin It would be wonderful if this project could one... DOWNLOAD
gnossh(sfnet) Gnossh DOWNLOAD
phphtml(sfnet) PHP::HTML A set of HTML classes to help creating complex ... DOWNLOAD
jpaint(sfnet) jPaint jPaint is a small and simple to configure/progr... DOWNLOAD
osda(sfnet) SAGE-AU OSDA Open Source Developer's Agreement is a freely a... DOWNLOAD
megistos(sfnet) Megistos BBS Megistos is a large, networked BBS system for L... DOWNLOAD
moac(sfnet) Multi Room Home Audio Player moac is a set of php and perl scripts used to p... DOWNLOAD
acdk(sfnet) ACDK ACDK - Artefaktur Component Development Kit - i... DOWNLOAD
ksynergy(sfnet) ksynergy Ksynergy is a simple wrapper for the command li... DOWNLOAD
ucanaccess(sfnet) UCanAccess UCanAccess is a pure Java JDBC Driver implement... DOWNLOAD
dupemgr(sfnet) Dupe Manager Dupemgr is meant to be an aid for collectors to... DOWNLOAD
sonicdata(sfnet) SonicData SonicData is a data collection and analysis pro... DOWNLOAD
kisomandel(sfnet) Kisomandel Kisomandel is a fractal rendering program for L... DOWNLOAD
ez4clientplus(sfnet) EZ4Client+ EZ4Client+ is a free win32 client for EZFlashIV... DOWNLOAD
ftd(sfnet) FunTimeDancer A visualization plugin for XMMS and other audio... DOWNLOAD
filler(sfnet) filler Filler is a graphical game where you occupy col... DOWNLOAD
embot(sfnet) eMbot - Java-based IRC automaton Simple, pure Java-based IRC automaton, with man... DOWNLOAD
photoshelf(sfnet) PhotoShelf Web based digital photo archiving and managemen... DOWNLOAD
ksms(sfnet) KSMS bulk sms manager KSMS is a web-based interface to manager an SMS... DOWNLOAD
fscript(sfnet) FScript FScript is an simple, though powerful scripting... DOWNLOAD
checker(sfnet) Checker, a small email box DOWNLOAD
irker(freshmeat) irker irked is an IRC client that runs as a daemon ac... DOWNLOAD
ifm(sfnet) IFM - Interface Management System IFM (formerly wxIFM) is an Interface Management... DOWNLOAD
ucomm(sfnet) ucomm DOWNLOAD
csr2012(sfnet) 中文语音阅读器 中文语音阅读器, 用中文语音来读出文本中的内容。... DOWNLOAD
pitbulljaegar(sfnet) Jaegar A website about my Awesome Dog Jaegar DOWNLOAD
xoopsslovakia(sfnet) XOOPS Slovensko Slovak translations for XOOPS Code. Všetky po... DOWNLOAD

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