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wabajump(sfnet) WabaJump WabaJump is an API to allow existing Waba progr... DOWNLOAD
woddity(sfnet) Web Oddity A simplified web server. The code generates a ... DOWNLOAD
free4all(sfnet) Free for All! Free for All!'s aim is to create a small-scale ... DOWNLOAD
pythonix(sfnet) Python/iX A port of the Python language to HP's MPE/iX op... DOWNLOAD
erp-br(sfnet) PHPKernel This project will create a db-independent/modul... DOWNLOAD
kfinance(sfnet) KFinance KFinance is a private financial world Manager w... DOWNLOAD
zhinput(sfnet) Zh Input Method for WoW A chinese Input Method Addon for World of Warcr... DOWNLOAD
bombit(sfnet) bombit bombit is a dynablaster/bomberman style game wr... DOWNLOAD
disk(sfnet) T.A.N.K. Tis Another Newtella Klient (TANK) is a gnutell... DOWNLOAD
phpkeep(sfnet) YCi - YouCreat it PHPKeep changed her name to YCi (YouCreat it). ... DOWNLOAD
scriptittcl(sfnet) Tk ScriptIt! An editor for wish scripts. Includes an interp... DOWNLOAD
apangen(sfnet) APANgen APANgen is a script to help add APAN-enabled se... DOWNLOAD
xrms(sfnet) XRMS CRM The most advanced open source customer relation... DOWNLOAD
palmdieroller(sfnet) DieRoller for PalmOS DieRoller is a PalmOS application for gamers, w... DOWNLOAD
boxedirc(sfnet) BoxedIrc BoxedIrc is a mIRC-like IRC client for microsof... DOWNLOAD
btt(sfnet) Bluetail Ticket Tracker The Bluetail Ticket Tracker (BTT) is a system f... DOWNLOAD
mmap(sfnet) Savant Web Server Continuation Continuation of the Savant Web Server project. ... DOWNLOAD
lkspot(sfnet) LkSpot The LkSpot is the coolest ARTISTIC DEMO in the ... DOWNLOAD
mpt(sfnet) Mendeleev periodic table (MPT) Mendeleev periodic table (PalmOS,WinCE) display... DOWNLOAD
imake(sfnet) iMake Website Designer A complete website management tool, for use fro... DOWNLOAD
lmp(sfnet) L Math Processor LMP is a command line "calculator" co... DOWNLOAD
mysqlhtmlclient(sfnet) mySQL/HTML-Client DOWNLOAD
phpopenformgen(sfnet) phpOpenFormGenerator Generates Forms like ooh forms from phplib, but... DOWNLOAD
tkvnc(sfnet) tkvnc tkvnc is a Perl/Tk script to create a floating ... DOWNLOAD
perl-esmtpd(sfnet) Perl Antispam ESMTPD smtp Antispam, antivirus, authenticating SMTP daemon... DOWNLOAD
apolloplayer(sfnet) Apollo Apollo is a music player GUI front-end for Linu... DOWNLOAD
solarsim(sfnet) Solar Vehicle Simulation Solar Vehicle simulation library. This library ... DOWNLOAD
wcmf(sfnet) wCMF wCMF is a lightweight MDA approach to applicati... DOWNLOAD
ywguestbook(sfnet) YW-GuestBook YW Guestbook is a guestbook with tons of featur... DOWNLOAD
str-class(sfnet) Str Class Str is a C++ class that is designed to make str... DOWNLOAD
phantomsdl(sfnet) PhantomSDL PhantomSDL, is a game-development framework wri... DOWNLOAD
dacross(sfnet) DaCross A cross shown in the centre of the screen, cust... DOWNLOAD
renewtools(sfnet) renewtools this is a tool for update and manage all that y... DOWNLOAD
whisper2(sfnet) Whisper2 Whisper is C++ application framework for the Ma... DOWNLOAD
bbackup(sfnet) bbackup DOWNLOAD
mmusic(sfnet) mmusic mmusic is a powerful perl frontend for PostgreS... DOWNLOAD
moxquizz(sfnet) MoxQuizz MoxQuizz is a multilingual IRC quiz/trivia bot ... DOWNLOAD
nits(sfnet) NITS Web based bug tracking system. DOWNLOAD
datatest(sfnet) DataTest DataTest is a test library for Java ORM (Object... DOWNLOAD
xbone(sfnet) XBone A system for dynamic internet overlay deploymen... DOWNLOAD
yaktrack(sfnet) yakTrack YakTrack is a lightweight issue-tracking system... DOWNLOAD
sannotations(sfnet) Spring Annotations Enable the use of J2EE 5 annotations to configu... DOWNLOAD
epolyglot(sfnet) ePolyglot ePolyglot is a set of libraries, classes, and t... DOWNLOAD
parameterparser(sfnet) Parameter Parser Parameter Parser is a set of C++ classes meant ... DOWNLOAD
ondamsa501hs(sfnet) Driver Onda MSA501HS para linux Driver para modem Onda MSA501HS Facilita a util... DOWNLOAD
fesc(sfnet) Freenet, Entropy, Samizdat Controller Freenet, Entropy, and Samizdat Controller is a ... DOWNLOAD
omegamod(sfnet) eMule OMEGA OMEGA is a mod of the popular eMule p2p client. DOWNLOAD
geocode(sfnet) Geocode.Service The code and data to implement Geocoding web se... DOWNLOAD
clovppp(sfnet) ConsoLOVe-PPPd This is for people who loves Console and wants ... DOWNLOAD
config(sfnet) Config++ Lib Config++ is a library for reading config file d... DOWNLOAD
wabadma(sfnet) wabadma wabadma is a set of classes for use with the Wa... DOWNLOAD
wabburami(sfnet) Wabburami Wabburami is a waba version of the classic Hamm... DOWNLOAD
twg(sfnet) The Wise Guys The developping part of the TheWiseGuys group. ... DOWNLOAD
supsitesoftware(sfnet) Support SIte Software This collection of PHP scripts will make a Soft... DOWNLOAD
icqocx32(sfnet) ICQ ActiveX Control ICQ ActiveX Control allows you to communicate w... DOWNLOAD
mak(sfnet) MindMap and Knowledgemanager mindmap, knowledgemanager, grapheditor, databas... DOWNLOAD
inanna(sfnet) Inanna Inanna is an object oriented artificial neural ... DOWNLOAD
tbox(sfnet) Telemetry Box A software distribution based on Debian/Linux t... DOWNLOAD
jaba(sfnet) Jaba Development of J2EE Project in an Open Source E... DOWNLOAD
gtms(sfnet) gtms GTMS, or ground truth measurement system, is a ... DOWNLOAD
mvcm(sfnet) mvComicsMaker mvComicsMaker (mvCM) is a free, QT-based graphi... DOWNLOAD
ncat(sfnet) Network Config Audit Tool The goal of this project is to produce practica... DOWNLOAD
bluff(sfnet) Bluff Bluff is a multiplayer dice game, based on skil... DOWNLOAD
apache-htaccess(sfnet) Apache::Htaccess Apache::Htaccess is a perl module for dealing w... DOWNLOAD
outliner(sfnet) Java Outline Editor (JOE) This is an outliner editor and MDI implemented ... DOWNLOAD
xxxterm(freshmeat) xombrero xombrero is a minimalist's Web browser. It stri... DOWNLOAD
dive(sfnet) dive DOWNLOAD
rafphpbb(sfnet) phpBB convertors Convert your present message board to phpBB. Co... DOWNLOAD
ktune(sfnet) ktune KDE guitar tuning application DOWNLOAD
doxwiki(sfnet) doxWiki A simple-to-use Wiki for a Web site, personal d... DOWNLOAD
rocketmvc(sfnet) rocketMVC A Simple PHP MVC framework DOWNLOAD
kde20devel(sfnet) KDE 2.0 Development KDE 2.0 Development is an open content book tha... DOWNLOAD
lcdata(sfnet) lcdata Lightweight Customer- Dating and Ticket-Applica... DOWNLOAD
gnuscout(sfnet) GNU Scout Proyecto para informatizar la gestión de un gru... DOWNLOAD
servmon(sfnet) Server Monitoring DOWNLOAD
typo3winstaller(sfnet) TYPO3Winstaller Fast and easy TYPO3-Setup for Windows (WAMP). J... DOWNLOAD
cgicache(sfnet) CGI::Cache Perl extension to help cache output of time- in... DOWNLOAD
mp3netbox(sfnet) Mp3 JudeBox Server Mp3 JudeBox Server Interface DOWNLOAD
plwarlock(sfnet) Playlist Warlock (PLWarlock) Playlist Warlock is a text-based front-end for ... DOWNLOAD
mctplayer(sfnet) MCT Player The MCT Player is an advanced media player whic... DOWNLOAD
califa(sfnet) Califa PHP Profiler Very simple profiler for PHP 3.0.16 scripts. DOWNLOAD
mms(sfnet) MMS - Museum Management System The purpose of this project is to develop a web... DOWNLOAD
chkwww(sfnet) chkwww chkwww is a console application you can use to ... DOWNLOAD
portal2ml(sfnet) Portal 2 Map Launcher With this simple tool, you can launch your Port... DOWNLOAD
hardinfo(sfnet) Harwaredinfo Hardwareinfo is a application to show informati... DOWNLOAD
exeresource(sfnet) Simple EXE Resource This is an insultingly simple project. It's jus... DOWNLOAD
shotwell(freshmeat) Shotwell Shotwell is a photo organizer designed for the ... DOWNLOAD
seeddms(freshmeat) SeedDMS SeedDMS is a powerful, easy to use document man... DOWNLOAD
darkfire(sfnet) Darkfire Security Project A stable and fast Linux/Unix toolset to aid in ... DOWNLOAD
limp(sfnet) Internet Messaging Programs LIMP and WIMP are part of the Internet Messagin... DOWNLOAD
cgiirc(sfnet) CGI:IRC A Perl/CGI program to use IRC from a web browse... DOWNLOAD
raptora(sfnet) Raptora Raptora is a tool to generate statistics of the... DOWNLOAD
xvim(sfnet) Vietnamese Input Method for X Xvim is a Vietnamese Input Method server (XIM) ... DOWNLOAD
ejava(sfnet) Epeios JAVA frontend Implementation, in JAVA, from the frontend part... DOWNLOAD
mvm(sfnet) mvManager mvm is Xlib only plugin manager for Linux, prov... DOWNLOAD
java-jml(sfnet) Java MSN Messenger library JML is a java Msn Messenger library that suppor... DOWNLOAD
rbml(sfnet) rbml RBML is similar to XML or ASP. It is a server-... DOWNLOAD
dirssync(sfnet) Directories Synchronizer The goal is to synchronize 2 directories. This... DOWNLOAD
crashpoint(sfnet) CrashPoint - The experiment failed "CrashPoint - The experiment failed" ... DOWNLOAD
offsite(sfnet) OffSite OffSite is a fast, free, secure and easy-to-use... DOWNLOAD

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