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imageshower(sfnet) ImageShower for MAC OSX Image Viewer for MAC OSX DOWNLOAD
scrabblesharp(sfnet) Scrabble.NET The popular board game scrabble, written in .NE... DOWNLOAD
extranator(sfnet) Extranator Extranator is a PHP application used to create ... DOWNLOAD
olsr-mercury(sfnet) Mercury Service Discovery Plugin for OLSRD (by www.olsr... DOWNLOAD
youpi-control(sfnet) Youpi control System de programmation simple pour un robot Yo... DOWNLOAD
gssftp(sfnet) GoToServers Simple SFTP A simple SFTP java applet client build on Ganym... DOWNLOAD
pymifluz(sfnet) pyMifluz Python bindings for mifluz (C++ library to buil... DOWNLOAD
bscriptinstall(sfnet) Batch Script Install System Create your own installers in a easy to use .ne... DOWNLOAD
wme-engine(sfnet) Wintermute Engine Graphical adventure game runtime and developmen... DOWNLOAD
c-sudoku-solv(sfnet) A C Language Sudoku Solver Another SUDOKU solver written in C language. A ... DOWNLOAD
flexplayer(sfnet) Flex2 Music Player - FlexPlayer A flex2 based music player,use mxml,actionscrip... DOWNLOAD
tigerstats(sfnet) tigerstats Система учета трафика. DOWNLOAD
openh323proxy(sfnet) Opengatekeeper H323 Proxy This is an extension to the project OpenGatekee... DOWNLOAD
apanto(sfnet) Apanto Apanto is a book forum. Students may ask questi... DOWNLOAD
jicra(sfnet) Jicra Jicra is a very simple IRC client Java applet t... DOWNLOAD
sdcl(sfnet) Structured Digital Command Language A fully structured (if/then/else, looping, cond... DOWNLOAD
elmp-tng(sfnet) ELMP - The Next Generation .. watch this space ... DOWNLOAD
frontburner(sfnet) frontburner frontburner is a to-do list manager based aroun... DOWNLOAD
rswitch(sfnet) RsWitch A small Win32 applet to switch Roger Wilco chan... DOWNLOAD
jplus(sfnet) JPlus Very lightweight Java wrapper for sqlplus. Prov... DOWNLOAD
janszoon(sfnet) Janszoon A simple GPS client for the Palm DOWNLOAD
mtac(sfnet) MTAC - More than a calculator MTAC is a powerful, yet small and easy-to-use s... DOWNLOAD
dbldr(sfnet) Embedded bootloader/OS for HFRK The bootloader and Linux/WinCE for HENGFENGRUIK... DOWNLOAD
glose(sfnet) glose Program to practise foreign words in many langu... DOWNLOAD
opentcs(sfnet) openTCS openTCS is a platform-independent transportatio... DOWNLOAD
map500conv(sfnet) GPS data converter convert data formats of the Alan Map 500 and Ho... DOWNLOAD
ifsdaem(sfnet) IFS-Daemon This is a deprecated program to create iterated... DOWNLOAD
openurl(sfnet) Netscape OpenUrl alternativ OpenUrl is a small utility to use with Netscape... DOWNLOAD
ucip(sfnet) uC/IP - TCP/IP for microcontrollers uC/IP is a smallish TCP/IP protocol stack devel... DOWNLOAD
doblet(sfnet) Doblet Distributed Objects Doblets are a framework for dynamics downloadab... DOWNLOAD
yuexia(sfnet) Yuexia Yuexia helps spectroscopists match reference da... DOWNLOAD
skindoc(sfnet) SkinDoc2 This project is a continuation of the existing ... DOWNLOAD
logiconv3(sfnet) LogiconV3 - Content Management System LogiconV3 is a flexible but simple Content Mana... DOWNLOAD
tdl-wm5(sfnet) ToDoList-WM5 A windows mobile 5 application capable of readi... DOWNLOAD
av-mirror(sfnet) AV Mirror "av-mirror" is a small shellscript th... DOWNLOAD
abx(sfnet) abx This is simply a kernel written in C and assemb... DOWNLOAD
embrev(sfnet) Embrev this simple project DOWNLOAD
ssnooper(sfnet) ssnooper: a serial line debugger Ssnooper is a program to created to aid in the ... DOWNLOAD
field-model(sfnet) Field Model Field Model (FM) is a C++ library with classes ... DOWNLOAD
compieremonitor(sfnet) Compiere Monitor This project extends the Open-Source ERP-System... DOWNLOAD
ddrmaniak(sfnet) DDRManiak DDRManiak is a clone of the famous Dance Dance ... DOWNLOAD
cellgis(sfnet) CellGIS Java Wireless Planning Tool CellGIS is a wireless planning tool that uses J... DOWNLOAD
ip-binding(sfnet) ip-binding This utility binds IP addresses of your local n... DOWNLOAD
cryptmachine(sfnet) Crypt Machine It is a fine tool to encrypt your data.It uses ... DOWNLOAD
winrobsym(sfnet) WinRobSym Windowed walking robot simulation system (based... DOWNLOAD
phpwims(sfnet) PHP Wine Inventory Management System phpWIMS is a complete and precise wine inventor... DOWNLOAD
ebiness(sfnet) EbiNess A system to retrieve and display in 3D the stru... DOWNLOAD
sgiex(sfnet) Sistema de Gestion de I.E.S. SGIEX es una aplicación web creada para ayudar ... DOWNLOAD
worldforge-uo(sfnet) WorldForge for UO WorldForge is a tool for worldbuilders. With WF... DOWNLOAD
mp3serve(sfnet) MP3Serve MP3Serve is a web-based application, written in... DOWNLOAD
imagemover(sfnet) Image Mover A java program to move images from a directory ... DOWNLOAD
yase(sfnet) Yet Another Screen Editor YASE is a screen editor designed to be portable... DOWNLOAD
expectpy(sfnet) Python module to Expect lib A C extension for Python to Don Libes' Expect l... DOWNLOAD
jedi-isoax(sfnet) JEDI-IsoAxEE WorkShop by Delphi Using Delphi to write a complete Isometric Engi... DOWNLOAD
smartavijoin(sfnet) Smart AVI Joiner Simple, but smart command-line tool for joining... DOWNLOAD
touchupweb(sfnet) TouchUpWeb There are a lot of web sites out there which ar... DOWNLOAD
coloranalyzer(sfnet) Color analyzer ColorAnalyzer is small color-design tool with g... DOWNLOAD
monkeymessenger(sfnet) Monkey Messenger Monkey Messenger is a MSN Messenger client desi... DOWNLOAD
ptris(sfnet) P-Tris A Tetris Clone for PalmOS devices DOWNLOAD
krb5ticketwatch(sfnet) krb5-ticket-watcher krb5-ticket-watcher is a tray applet for watchi... DOWNLOAD
gjallar(sfnet) The Viking Calendar Gjallar - the Viking calendar with sabbath's de... DOWNLOAD
meinezeit(sfnet) MeineZeit This programm transforms unreadably relative ti... DOWNLOAD
yahzeegame(sfnet) yahtzeegame my first attempt at coding, not sure how it'll ... DOWNLOAD
radar(sfnet) Radar Radar provides a web based interface for admini... DOWNLOAD
cooldev(sfnet) Cool Dev++ An integrated development environment simular t... DOWNLOAD
torus-3d(sfnet) TORUS - BREW 3D Engine TORUS - Lightweight 3D Engine for BREW enabled ... DOWNLOAD
spampig(sfnet) SpamPIG SpamPIG is a intelligent graphic prolog Engine,... DOWNLOAD
keiths-putty(sfnet) Keith's Putty Keith's Putty -- A New and improved putty that... DOWNLOAD
ripcurl(sfnet) ripCurl ripCurl is a custom PHP class based on libcurl ... DOWNLOAD
toxitea(sfnet) ToxiTea ToxiTea its a graphic framework that aims to ma... DOWNLOAD
emcaster(sfnet) Emcaster The emcaster email framework has been discontin... DOWNLOAD
etcalc(sfnet) ETcalc This is a calculator program developed by Erkin... DOWNLOAD
sortarabbit(sfnet) SortaRabbit Program to automatically extract and organize f... DOWNLOAD
rosecms(sfnet) RoseOnlineCMS A well coded php script designed for the RoseOn... DOWNLOAD
jslog(sfnet) $L (jslog) javascript logger based on Prototype 1.4 DOWNLOAD
phpdatabase(sfnet) pdb (PHP Database) This a simple Database Management System writte... DOWNLOAD
icq-sharp(sfnet) Icq# Icq# is a .NET implementation of the OSCAR/ICQ ... DOWNLOAD
jfreemon(sfnet) JFreeMon An easy-to-use Java desktop application to cent... DOWNLOAD
souptonuts(sfnet) SoupToNuts: articles and software SoupToNuts is a repository of technical article... DOWNLOAD
omo(sfnet) OddManOut omo (OddManOut) is a small Perl script, which l... DOWNLOAD
sglinuxos(sfnet) SgLinuxOS LiveCD SgLinuxOS is small Linux distribution based on ... DOWNLOAD
tpinterpreter(sfnet) TP_Interpreter TP_Interpreter DOWNLOAD
rapidotest(sfnet) rapidoTest RapidoTest is a C++ testing framework under Lin... DOWNLOAD
http2irc(sfnet) HTTP <-> IRC bridge <p>A bridge between IRC and HTTP. Intende... DOWNLOAD
sglibs(sfnet) Sehr Gut Libs Sehr Gut Libs (sglibs) is a set of utility libr... DOWNLOAD
kavenc(sfnet) kavenc kavenc is a KDE application which allows easy c... DOWNLOAD
radstock(sfnet) Radstock Radstock is a tool to analyse RADIUS traffic on... DOWNLOAD
swm(sfnet) Small Window Manager sWM (the Small Window Manager) provides a very ... DOWNLOAD
wgen(sfnet) Website Generator Let your users write plain HTML-documents. You ... DOWNLOAD
ehealth(sfnet) e-HealthCare - distributed HealthCare This is the source repository for a research pr... DOWNLOAD
armor(sfnet) armor armor is a modular hardening tool which strengt... DOWNLOAD
gatos(sfnet) GATOS You will find here experimental drivers for ATI... DOWNLOAD
ps-i(sfnet) PS-I PS-I is an environment for running agent-based ... DOWNLOAD
etball(sfnet) ETball Bu cok guzel bir oyundur,mouse'la oynanir.Raket... DOWNLOAD
d69-wordlistgen(sfnet) District69 Wordlist Generator The District69 WordlistGenerator is a tool used... DOWNLOAD
php-dropbox(sfnet) DropBox DropBox is a PHP-developed system which allows ... DOWNLOAD
vikamine(sfnet) VIKAMINE VIKAMINE is a flexible environment for visual a... DOWNLOAD
camail(sfnet) CaMail - Free Modular Webmail CaMail is a web based mail system written in Pe... DOWNLOAD
kookie(sfnet) Kookie Manage recipes and shopping lists DOWNLOAD
cama(sfnet) CAMA CAMA (Context-Aware Mobile Agents) is a middlew... DOWNLOAD

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