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dbmt(sfnet) DataBase Migration Tool DabaBase Migration Tool (dbmt) is a tool and Ja... DOWNLOAD
utility-tool(sfnet) utility tool Do you meet such situation,convert between utf8... DOWNLOAD
webdip(sfnet) WebDiP WebDip is a platform for the tracking of inform... DOWNLOAD
statj(sfnet) statJ statJ written in Java contains methods for perf... DOWNLOAD
sambaserver(sfnet) SambaLDAP Domain Controller Web system that control users, groups, permissi... DOWNLOAD
sqlcached(sfnet) SQL Cache Daemon Sqlcached is a memory cache daemon, inspired by... DOWNLOAD
web-dictionary(sfnet) Web Dictionary You can create your online dcitionary on web.It... DOWNLOAD
igeek(sfnet) iGeek You, a computer geek, work your way through col... DOWNLOAD
iprelay(sfnet) IP Relay IP Relay is an open source tool that allows use... DOWNLOAD
convertandpaste(sfnet) Convert and Paste Convert and Paste is a Firefox add-on to allow ... DOWNLOAD
javaclass(sfnet) Byte Code Engineering Library The Byte Code Engineering Library (formerly kno... DOWNLOAD
synchrorep(sfnet) Synchrorep Synchrorep is a one click directory synchroniza... DOWNLOAD
r-kajiyama(sfnet) OpenOLAP for MySQL An open source OLAP tool for MySQL. OpenOLAP fo... DOWNLOAD
jarboy(sfnet) JarBoy JarBoy is a archive/packaging tool, which helps... DOWNLOAD
kamiwaai(sfnet) KamiWaAi KamiWaAi is an interactive Java skecthing softw... DOWNLOAD
oo4gl(sfnet) Progress OO classes for the 4gl A collection of useful and time-saving classes ... DOWNLOAD
winamptvguide(sfnet) Winamp TV Guide Small PHP script to get Winamp tv listnings. Us... DOWNLOAD
xmlmath(sfnet) XML-based expression evaluator XMLMath evaluates mathematical, logical or text... DOWNLOAD
jdbmonitor(sfnet) JDBMonitor With JDBMonitor,you can add the function of dat... DOWNLOAD
bondsofsteel(sfnet) Bonds of Steel This is a DLC add-on for Bethesda's Fallout: Ne... DOWNLOAD
autotrace(sfnet) AutoTrace Welcome to AutoTrace - a program for converting... DOWNLOAD
ajaxometer(sfnet) AJAXOmeter A quick download and upload speed test utility ... DOWNLOAD
xfriends(sfnet) Xfriends Xfriends is a buddy list program for X11 / Qt. ... DOWNLOAD
serveez(sfnet) Serveez Serveez is a server framework. It provides rout... DOWNLOAD
copper-cu(sfnet) Copper Copper is a C extension to make parallel progra... DOWNLOAD
blob-blog(sfnet) BLOB - The blog A simple, ready to use blogging tool written in... DOWNLOAD
torrentbits(sfnet) TorrentBits The Torrentbits project aims to continue the de... DOWNLOAD
winminesolver(sfnet) WinMineSolver Solves all WinMine problems with the implemente... DOWNLOAD
tornetron(sfnet) ::torneTron:: torneTron es un sistema de gestion de torneos b... DOWNLOAD
iplappinstall(sfnet) iPod Application Installer The iPod Application Installer II can install b... DOWNLOAD
webblogs(sfnet) Adaptors for Web/BBS/Blog This is a project for various adaptor for Web/B... DOWNLOAD
consoledownload(sfnet) console-downloader Command line download manager which uses existi... DOWNLOAD
topblock(sfnet) topBlock win32 screensaver Windows port of the xscreensaver hack topBlock.... DOWNLOAD
mantra-chromium(sfnet) Mantra on Chromium MoC is a chromium based portable browser with c... DOWNLOAD
mobys(sfnet) Utils A group of utilities that i currently use or am... DOWNLOAD
php-gnuplot(sfnet) PHP-GNUPlot This is a simple PHP Interface to GNUPlot.The m... DOWNLOAD
jasel(sfnet) JASEL Java middleware/engine to make the creation of ... DOWNLOAD
coocle(sfnet) coocle - command line google client coocle is a command line utility for searching ... DOWNLOAD
enough(sfnet) Enough Lame Computing Enough lame computing! The project for re-desig... DOWNLOAD
cleanj(sfnet) CleanJ CleanJ is ABC-to-Java translator. It enables co... DOWNLOAD
x-ray-mule(sfnet) eMule X-Ray eMule X-Ray connects good features and easy han... DOWNLOAD
dbdesigntools(sfnet) DB Design Tools Library and application that implements some al... DOWNLOAD
rss4ant(sfnet) rss4ant Adds RSS capabilities to ant targets. This way... DOWNLOAD
the-rat-cms(sfnet) The Rat CMS The Rat CMS is a powerful Content Management Sy... DOWNLOAD
yourass(sfnet) YourAss OS Your Ass Os is an Operation system kernel. Whol... DOWNLOAD
chair(sfnet) chair Chair is a structured PHP library. DOWNLOAD
gcmakefile(sfnet) Generic Makefile for C/C++ Programs An easily-customizable makefile template for C/... DOWNLOAD
ksirc(sfnet) Ξirc (Ksirc) Ξirc : another irc client with mirc file server... DOWNLOAD
mojavi(sfnet) Mojavi Mojavi is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) framew... DOWNLOAD
dtmf-cs(sfnet) C# DTMF detector / generator classes DOWNLOAD
dotspersite(sfnet) dotspersite A modular webapplication framework using PHP5 b... DOWNLOAD
tslib(sfnet) time series library A lightweight time series library. Useful for ... DOWNLOAD
jabberservlets(sfnet) JabberServlets Combine Jabber, Java, Java Servlets, JavaScript... DOWNLOAD
pythonpages(sfnet) Python ServerPages Python ServerPages aims to provide easy and int... DOWNLOAD
winston(sfnet) WinSTon WinSTon is an Atari ST emulator running under W... DOWNLOAD
kuml(sfnet) kUML kUML is about to be the best UML modeling tool ... DOWNLOAD
smshplugins(sfnet) SMSH Plugins for Shake The SMSH plugins is a set of nodes and function... DOWNLOAD
p-cdplayer(sfnet) p-cdplayer A simple console application for CD playing. It... DOWNLOAD
tpe(sfnet) Template Parser Engine Template Parser Engine is a Project for develop... DOWNLOAD
ts-dc(sfnet) Domain Controller for SuSE The TS Domain Controller is to be a meta-distri... DOWNLOAD
eap-srp-256(sfnet) EAP-SRP-256 EAP-SRP-256 is password-based authentication me... DOWNLOAD
djcronnor(sfnet) DJ Cronnor A stupid-proof DJ-tool with 2 players, keyboard... DOWNLOAD
dparts(sfnet) D-Parts Web Application Framework D-Parts es un framework para Aplicaciones Web, ... DOWNLOAD
networkspy(sfnet) Network Spy Network Spy is the remote monitoring tool. It s... DOWNLOAD
dispcalgui(sfnet) dispcalGUI A graphical user interface for the Argyll CMS d... DOWNLOAD
amud(sfnet) Anduar Mud 国連cliente泥multiplataformaエン髪色アルファY a... DOWNLOAD
youmail(sfnet) YoUmail YoUmail是一个&... DOWNLOAD
dab(sfnet) Debian's archive browser The Debian's Archive Browser will ease the brow... DOWNLOAD
jlivejournal(sfnet) jLiveJournal Pure Java Client for LiveJournal (www.livejourn... DOWNLOAD
dbwrap(sfnet) dbwrap dbwrap provides wrappers for php database calls... DOWNLOAD
cmskernel(sfnet) CMS Kernel Basic libraries of Content Management System DOWNLOAD
mlp-simulator(sfnet) MLP Simulator MLP-Simulator is first of its kind Multi Layer ... DOWNLOAD
phpshouter(sfnet) Easy to use shoutbox. Another shoutbox for developers and users to in... DOWNLOAD
libreudp(sfnet) ReUDP A simple cross-platform resending (reliable) UD... DOWNLOAD
usbvooriedereen(sfnet) UsbVoorIedereen Educational board with USB 2.0. Including Gerbe... DOWNLOAD
hmapper(sfnet) HMapper Eclipse plugin that generates mapping files for... DOWNLOAD
dtmf(sfnet) C++ DTMF detector and generator classes DTMF detector and generator. Was used standard ... DOWNLOAD
cpp-kniffel(sfnet) C++ Kniffel Project Are you fed up with gory first-person shooters ... DOWNLOAD
bitchburn(sfnet) bitchBurn III This is just a simple bash2 script for burning ... DOWNLOAD
yiihaw(sfnet) YIIHAW YIIHAW is a static cross-language aspect weaver... DOWNLOAD
kmago(sfnet) KMago - MAnager of Get Operations - KMago is a KDE ba... DOWNLOAD
popthru(sfnet) PopThru Popthru provides discrete email monitoring. Use... DOWNLOAD
morphup(sfnet) morphup To use applications users have very often to go... DOWNLOAD
shadowk(sfnet) Shadowk Kernel shadowk kernel aim to be a clean portable objec... DOWNLOAD
ttfedit(sfnet) TTFEdit TrueType fonts editor. Allows for editing vecto... DOWNLOAD
mswitch(sfnet) mswitch a console based program for controlling audio/v... DOWNLOAD
viewstl(sfnet) The Open Source STL viewer Viewstl is an open source way to view Stereo Li... DOWNLOAD
xlife(sfnet) xlife Half-Life Proxy and Masterserver DOWNLOAD
tbdevnet(sfnet) TBDEV,NET is a project to further enhance, upda... DOWNLOAD
galbum(sfnet) gAlbum gAlbum is a digital photo album for GNOME. It ... DOWNLOAD
jsil(sfnet) JSIL: Jon's Symbian Imaging Library JSIL is a library for image processing using th... DOWNLOAD
permission-base(sfnet) Permission Base Permission Base 是一套适用于一般中小型 B/S 企业... DOWNLOAD
nh-designer(sfnet) Nhibernate designer A tools to generate Nhibernate mapping files. DOWNLOAD
jeasycrypt(sfnet) JEasyCrypt JEasyCrypt library is developing to do your liv... DOWNLOAD
vimouse(sfnet) vimouse This is a mouse emulator using keyboard with vi... DOWNLOAD
exdir(sfnet) exDir php extended directory class It's just a Directory class with some typical d... DOWNLOAD
gtkextramm(sfnet) gtkextramm gtkextramm provides C++ wrappers for GtkExtra, ... DOWNLOAD
mmreencrypt(sfnet) MMReencrypt MMReencrypt is an add-on for Mailman. It allows... DOWNLOAD
wcgrab(sfnet) Web Cam Grabber A perl script to download and archive webcam im... DOWNLOAD
icqv7-t(sfnet) ICQv7-transport for Jabber ICQv7-t projects aims to develop a Jabber-trans... DOWNLOAD

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