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popthru(sfnet) PopThru Popthru provides discrete email monitoring. Use... DOWNLOAD
morphup(sfnet) morphup To use applications users have very often to go... DOWNLOAD
shadowk(sfnet) Shadowk Kernel shadowk kernel aim to be a clean portable objec... DOWNLOAD
ttfedit(sfnet) TTFEdit TrueType fonts editor. Allows for editing vecto... DOWNLOAD
mswitch(sfnet) mswitch a console based program for controlling audio/v... DOWNLOAD
viewstl(sfnet) The Open Source STL viewer Viewstl is an open source way to view Stereo Li... DOWNLOAD
xlife(sfnet) xlife Half-Life Proxy and Masterserver DOWNLOAD
tbdevnet(sfnet) TBDEV,NET is a project to further enhance, upda... DOWNLOAD
galbum(sfnet) gAlbum gAlbum is a digital photo album for GNOME. It ... DOWNLOAD
jsil(sfnet) JSIL: Jon's Symbian Imaging Library JSIL is a library for image processing using th... DOWNLOAD
permission-base(sfnet) Permission Base Permission Base 是一套适用于一般中小型 B/S 企业... DOWNLOAD
nh-designer(sfnet) Nhibernate designer A tools to generate Nhibernate mapping files. DOWNLOAD
jeasycrypt(sfnet) JEasyCrypt JEasyCrypt library is developing to do your liv... DOWNLOAD
vimouse(sfnet) vimouse This is a mouse emulator using keyboard with vi... DOWNLOAD
exdir(sfnet) exDir php extended directory class It's just a Directory class with some typical d... DOWNLOAD
gtkextramm(sfnet) gtkextramm gtkextramm provides C++ wrappers for GtkExtra, ... DOWNLOAD
mmreencrypt(sfnet) MMReencrypt MMReencrypt is an add-on for Mailman. It allows... DOWNLOAD
wcgrab(sfnet) Web Cam Grabber A perl script to download and archive webcam im... DOWNLOAD
icqv7-t(sfnet) ICQv7-transport for Jabber ICQv7-t projects aims to develop a Jabber-trans... DOWNLOAD
hbaapi(sfnet) HBA API The Host Bus Adapter API (Applications Programm... DOWNLOAD
xcommsn(sfnet) XcomMSN Messenger client This project is no longer in development. DOWNLOAD
wias(sfnet) wias WIAS is the name we gave the protocol that Luce... DOWNLOAD
zink(sfnet) ZinK (ZOPE in KOREAN) ZinK는 오픈 소스 어플리케이션 서버인 ZOPE을 한... DOWNLOAD
copyrightleft(sfnet) CopyRightLeft Add a copyright bar on or under a picture. Batc... DOWNLOAD
torshell(sfnet) TorShell Torrent Utilities Just a simple shell script incorporating Xdialo... DOWNLOAD
cjfeist(sfnet) KittyControl A project to easily allow a user to configure t... DOWNLOAD
minipauker(sfnet) minipauker MiniPauker is like a generic flas... DOWNLOAD
spmtools(sfnet) SPM tools Toolboxes for SPM ( DOWNLOAD
nrdfreactor(sfnet) NRDFReactor NRDFReactor, a RDFReactor in .net/c# mapping RD... DOWNLOAD
tttm(sfnet) Table Tennis Tournament Manager Tennis de Table Tournament Manager is a free GP... DOWNLOAD
kmatix(sfnet) KMatix KMatix es un programa para poner al día tu dist... DOWNLOAD
sgcl(sfnet) SGCL - Garbage Collector Precise, concurrent Garbage Collection library ... DOWNLOAD
per-user-milter(sfnet) Per User Milter A milter (sendmail plugin with the ability to f... DOWNLOAD
evoting(sfnet) Spanner Spanner provides a system for remote voting and... DOWNLOAD
spindexer(sfnet) spindexer Spindexer is a Search Engine/Crawler tool simil... DOWNLOAD
brawl(sfnet) Brawl Ninjas duel to the death in this one on one pla... DOWNLOAD
gtk-pkgsrc(sfnet) GTK PkgSrc GTK PkgSrc is a GUI for the original pkgsrc of ... DOWNLOAD
metrophix(sfnet) Metrophix A full-featured content management system for e... DOWNLOAD
jsformdesigner(sfnet) jsFormDesigner Inline Javascript solution for designing HTML-f... DOWNLOAD
ryuon(sfnet) RYUON RYUON : many-particle simulation suite DOWNLOAD
sqltostr(sfnet) SQL2Str Translate sql code to other programming languag... DOWNLOAD
cellulate(sfnet) Cellulate 3D cellular automata modelling software for lar... DOWNLOAD
cutenet(sfnet) CuteNet Qt Network Manager - a network manager app usin... DOWNLOAD
hnindev(sfnet) hnindev Utilities for desktop DOWNLOAD
sscdrfe(sfnet) sscdrfe sscdrfe is small simple frontend for cdrecord, ... DOWNLOAD
bongoyo(sfnet) Bongoyo General purpose, cross-platform, high-latency, ... DOWNLOAD
magick(sfnet) Magick IRC Services A daemon made to interface with Internet Relay ... DOWNLOAD
px-backend(sfnet) Primax backend Projekt This Project tries to provide a sane backend fo... DOWNLOAD
hzip(sfnet) hzip HZIP - HTML optimization tool. hZip compresses ... DOWNLOAD
p264decoder(sfnet) P264Decoder P264Decoder is a free h.264 decoder. It support... DOWNLOAD
isiajax(sfnet) isiAJAX isiAJAX is a library written in Javascript to d... DOWNLOAD
internetranger(sfnet) Internet Ranger Internet Ranger is a small internet browser pro... DOWNLOAD
rafale-sp(sfnet) agent based mobility simulation toolkit The goals of RAFALE-SP is to create agent based... DOWNLOAD
janocchio(sfnet) Janocchio Janocchio is an application or applet for viewi... DOWNLOAD
bkwm(sfnet) bkwm bkwm - tiling window management! Completely key... DOWNLOAD
tplotz(sfnet) tplotz tplotz is a gnuplot wrapper written in perl to ... DOWNLOAD
tounge(sfnet) Tounge A 2D fighting game made with DirectX. You can o... DOWNLOAD
inquisitor(sfnet) Inquisitor Inquisitor is a very fast & save visual Web... DOWNLOAD
shade(sfnet) Shade Shade is a versatile LSB (least significant bit... DOWNLOAD
gtt(sfnet) GUI Testing Tool GTT is a GUI testing tool for for Java swing-ba... DOWNLOAD
d3rose(sfnet) 3D Rendering OpenSource Engine A library and basic executable wrapper for the ... DOWNLOAD
catb-bg(sfnet) The Cathedral and The Bazaar - BG Bulgarian translation of Eric S. Raymond's famo... DOWNLOAD
pdoxtool(sfnet) PDOXTool Database tool to view/print/save to txt table d... DOWNLOAD
pcwd(sfnet) pcwd linux kernel driver The pcwd is a Linux kernel driver for the Berks... DOWNLOAD
pyontomap(sfnet) PyOntoMap Allows approximate mapping between two differen... DOWNLOAD
enomphp(sfnet) Enom PHP Enom PHP is an advanced system for account mana... DOWNLOAD
context-hau(sfnet) ConTEXT H.A.U. CHAU (ConTEXT Highlighters Automatic Updater) i... DOWNLOAD
pawfaliki(sfnet) Pawfaliki Pawfaliki is a wiki written entirely in 1 php f... DOWNLOAD
barz(sfnet) Barz Barz shows you your favorite programs nicely gr... DOWNLOAD
ipodcopy(sfnet) IpodCopy A tool written in Java that help you to extract... DOWNLOAD
slidedirector(sfnet) SlideDirectorStudio Program for creating slideshows of pictures. It... DOWNLOAD
plasmakin(sfnet) PLASMAKIN: a chemical kinetics package PLASMAKIN is a package to handle physical and c... DOWNLOAD
irenns(sfnet) IReNNS IReNNS (Indipendent Recurrent Neural Network fo... DOWNLOAD
driveloader(sfnet) Flash Drive Loader The Flash Drive Loader is a tool for loading fi... DOWNLOAD
sharefast(sfnet) ShareFast ShareFast is a client/server web application fo... DOWNLOAD
olh(sfnet) Open Logo Hack for PalmOS handheld A system extension to display images every time... DOWNLOAD
encryptionhowto(sfnet) Linux Encryption-HOWTO How to set up a Linux system to use encryption ... DOWNLOAD
panasync(sfnet) PanaSync Tools A set of commands that allows version tracking ... DOWNLOAD
papaya(sfnet) Papaya Papaya is a fully featured MUD client with feat... DOWNLOAD
serverfilters(sfnet) Server Side Filters(SquirrelMail Plugin) This plugin provides an interface in SquirrelMa... DOWNLOAD
openwriter(sfnet) OpenWriter Introducing the very early version of OpenWrite... DOWNLOAD
moe(freshmeat) GNU Moe GNU Moe is a powerful, 8-bit clean console text... DOWNLOAD
ruby-vein(sfnet) VEIN - Ruby package for network analysis VEIN is a network analysis package written in R... DOWNLOAD
jcarafix(sfnet) jcarafix Program to interact a mobile with a computer by... DOWNLOAD
jp2a(sfnet) jp2a Converts JPG images to ASCII. You know you want... DOWNLOAD
filefc(sfnet) FileFaker Creator FileFaker Creator allows you to create files in... DOWNLOAD
jxyz(sfnet) jxyz A java pojo mvc frame,implements by java annota... DOWNLOAD
phpmycontact(sfnet) phpMyContact phpMyContact is a web application written in PH... DOWNLOAD
pyspg(freshmeat) PySPG Systematic Parameter Generator PySPG is a collection of Python classes and scr... DOWNLOAD
sgrabber(sfnet) Screen Grabber ScreenGrabber is a program made specialy for ta... DOWNLOAD
nfcchat(sfnet) NFC Chat NFC is a scalable, distributed chat server and ... DOWNLOAD
gomjabbar(sfnet) Gom Jabbar APIs All APIs that help build prof of concepts of fr... DOWNLOAD
kfte(sfnet) KFTE A Qt and KDE port of Marko Macek´ s FTE editor. DOWNLOAD
tplls(sfnet) tplLeagueStats tplLeagueStats software is the perfect answer f... DOWNLOAD
yipsilon(sfnet) Yipsilon ideas It is a research project for implementing my id... DOWNLOAD
vmi-linux(sfnet) VMI Linux VMI-Linux is a virtualization interface for Lin... DOWNLOAD
gtk-qt(sfnet) gtk-Qt gtk-Qt provides helper functions to use Qt toge... DOWNLOAD
amua(sfnet) Amua Amua is a status bar application for Mac OS X t... DOWNLOAD
freemash(sfnet) FreeMash Software for Home-Brewers, including Recipemana... DOWNLOAD
libergie(sfnet) Libergie This is a simple Photo Gallery written in JavaS... DOWNLOAD

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