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ncftp-authd(sfnet) Ncftpd Auth Daemon Ncftpd allows authentication through an outside... DOWNLOAD
wbw(sfnet) Web Based Whiteboard DOWNLOAD
swift-parser(sfnet) SWIFT Parser library, now is WIFE at sf MOVED TO DOWNLOAD
servodriver(sfnet) RC-servo driver linux kernel driver (module) for 8 rc-servos di... DOWNLOAD
longhall(sfnet) Viking::Longhall This project will provide a distributed platfor... DOWNLOAD
filmlog(sfnet) filmlog Filmlog is a website for all film lovers. It le... DOWNLOAD
tradestation(sfnet) FX Trade Station FX Trade Station DOWNLOAD
mista-engine(sfnet) Mista Forum Engine forum engine DOWNLOAD
dfa-learner(sfnet) Shifting Automata Learner The project implements Dana Angluin's learning ... DOWNLOAD
exbrowsermobile(sfnet) eXBrowser - Mobile Browsing on your PC! Mobile version of eXBrowser. - Browsing like if... DOWNLOAD
blueboxalife(sfnet) BlueBox A-Life BlueBox is an artificial life (alife) open sour... DOWNLOAD
survey(sfnet) Linux System Survey Survey generates a tremendous amount of informa... DOWNLOAD
yz-windows(sfnet) YZ Windowing System A fairly lightweight graphics/windowing library... DOWNLOAD
chaosrts(sfnet) Chaotic Domain This is another RTS (real time strategy) with a... DOWNLOAD
cuviewer(sfnet) CU-Viewer CU-Viewer is a visualization tool for 3D object... DOWNLOAD
ontosphere3d(sfnet) OntoSphere 3D Ontology visualization plugin for Protege in an... DOWNLOAD
noodleshare(sfnet) NoodleShare NoodleShare is an easy to use home web site bui... DOWNLOAD
js-filebrowser(sfnet) js-filebrowser A File Browser written in Javascript and PHP. A... DOWNLOAD
kifu-generator(sfnet) Kifu Generator A PHP script who generate a kifu from SGF files... DOWNLOAD
web-calculus(sfnet) web-calculus The web-calculus is a web services design metho... DOWNLOAD
ebioinformatics(sfnet) microRNA finder A bioinformatics software to prediction microRNA. DOWNLOAD
redituga(sfnet) RediTuga - Redimensionamento de Imagens O RediTuga é um software freeware que nos possi... DOWNLOAD
ita(sfnet) iTunes Agent iTunes Agent enables many non-iPod MP3 players ... DOWNLOAD
ibrowse-x(sfnet) iBrowse X iBrowse X is an Open Source Web Browser, which ... DOWNLOAD
zxgate(sfnet) zxgate A Sinclair ZX81 clone project. Using programab... DOWNLOAD
visionpro(sfnet) Visionary Professional Visionary Professional is a project that aims t... DOWNLOAD
jabberapplet(sfnet) Jabber Applet JabberApplet is a Chat Applet using the Jabber ... DOWNLOAD
ctk-dns-chroot(sfnet) ctk-dns-chroot set up bind as chroot unprivileged user DOWNLOAD
checknorris(sfnet) checknorris !CheckNorris簡易ファイルの検証(SFVチェック)ツ... DOWNLOAD
nunemo(sfnet) Nemo - Resilient Overlay Multicast Nemo is a performance-based overlay multicast p... DOWNLOAD
openfans(sfnet) openfans Implements a web2.0 application,include tags ma... DOWNLOAD
ldapweb(sfnet) John\'s LDAP Web interface LDAPweb is a web interface to any LDAP complian... DOWNLOAD
schemagic(sfnet) Schemagic Schemagic is a command-line based tool written ... DOWNLOAD
sfnet-operations(sfnet) Service Operations Group Service Operations Group (SOG) ... DOWNLOAD
phpwcms-xt(sfnet) phpwcms-xt based on phpwcms a web content management syste... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-sdcc(sfnet) eclipseSDCC Plugin integrates the open source Small Device ... DOWNLOAD
mpdcon(sfnet) MPDCon GNUstep client for MusicPD DOWNLOAD
sftaudit(sfnet) sftAudit Report Generator Generate an HTML software audit report, scan fo... DOWNLOAD
session-captcha(sfnet) Human Input Validation This script is designed to help validate human ... DOWNLOAD
teaseme(sfnet) Teaseme Java Virtual Machine A Linux kernel module JVM, derived from kissme ... DOWNLOAD
upsize-bcp(sfnet) Upsize BCP The Upsize BCP project aims to provide a set of... DOWNLOAD
muddog-100(freshmeat) muddog muddog is a simple utility that monitors and ma... DOWNLOAD
perl-cfd(sfnet) cfengine daemon Perl-cfd is an superior implementation of the c... DOWNLOAD
mathmagic(sfnet) Math Magic Its goal is to provide a unified interface (GUI... DOWNLOAD
fb-fenix(sfnet) FB/FenIX-Core The goal of the project is to create java imple... DOWNLOAD
idtrans(sfnet) Internet Document Transfer IDTrans is developing b2b technologies. The pri... DOWNLOAD
photosearch(sfnet) searchIM A small web application to save and search the ... DOWNLOAD
siden(sfnet) SIDEN SIDEN is a distributed network discovery tool u... DOWNLOAD
adump(sfnet) Adump Backup Suite Seeks to be a complete backup suite for computers. DOWNLOAD
tics(sfnet) TinyMU* Core Server A small, extremely efficient, core server for T... DOWNLOAD
presbyterysite(sfnet) PresbyterySite PresbyterySite is a suite of Joomla! components... DOWNLOAD
comment-adder(sfnet) Comment-Adder comment-adder is just a header/footer adder to ... DOWNLOAD
vampirechargen(sfnet) VB6 Vampire Character Generator Character generator for Vampire: The Masquerade. DOWNLOAD
thoris-online(sfnet) This is a project based um game tibia. project of a game based in game Tibia, the name... DOWNLOAD
numl(sfnet) nUML - UML library for .NET Library for manipulating UML 2.0 and MOF 2.0 mo... DOWNLOAD
upnp-ftp(sfnet) UPnP FTP Server A FTP server with UPnP supported. This FTP serv... DOWNLOAD
jproactor(sfnet) JProactor The JProactor is a high performance communicati... DOWNLOAD
ariadne(sfnet) Ariadne Project Soft-realtime operating system, based in a micr... DOWNLOAD
webformfactory(sfnet) Web Form Factory WFF is a simple application which binds html fo... DOWNLOAD
ymusk(sfnet) ymusk ymusk is a perl/tk mush client. Written in Perl... DOWNLOAD
ppr(sfnet) PPR Print Spooler PPR is a spooler for PostScript printers. It s... DOWNLOAD
mtt(sfnet) Model Transformation Tools A set of tools for modelling dynamic physical s... DOWNLOAD
harness(sfnet) Harness An object oriented framework that facilitates f... DOWNLOAD
nethackce(sfnet) NetHackCE An attempt to port NetHack to the WindowsCE ope... DOWNLOAD
qcijutils(sfnet) QCI Java Utilities A Java utility library oriented toward server o... DOWNLOAD
srss(sfnet) Server Resources Server Suite This is an administrative tool for configuring/... DOWNLOAD
ivolunteer(sfnet) iVolunteer iVolunteer is a web-based, database-driven appl... DOWNLOAD
kode-monkey(sfnet) Kode Monkey Kode Monkey is a multi-application/multi-databa... DOWNLOAD
kontaktbook(sfnet) Kontakt Simple contact storing and editing/viewing app... DOWNLOAD
prcs(sfnet) PRCS PRCS, the Project Revision Control System, is t... DOWNLOAD
jquery-grayscale(freshmeat) jQuery Grayscale jQuery Grayscale is an extension that may be us... DOWNLOAD
dbg2(sfnet) PHP debugger DBG DBG is a full-featured PHP Debugger and Profile... DOWNLOAD
cthumb(sfnet) Cthumb Picture Index Tool Cthumb allows you to create an HTML picture alb... DOWNLOAD
silkedit(sfnet) SilkEdit for PalmOS handheld A tool to modify the silkscreen buttons and the... DOWNLOAD
tablescript(sfnet) TableScript TableScript is a simple yet powerful scripting ... DOWNLOAD
xinvaders3d(sfnet) XInvaders 3D Have you ever wondered what Space Invaders woul... DOWNLOAD
mgl(sfnet) The MGL Java Library A personal Java library DOWNLOAD
ksalup(sfnet) KSalup KSalup allows Linux users to receive and send p... DOWNLOAD
pubartgallery(sfnet) Public Art Gallery System A Public Art Gallery system, based on the ideas... DOWNLOAD
uwatch(sfnet) Unix UTMP Watcher The UNIX UTmp Watcher is a simple, lightweight ... DOWNLOAD
rotasig(sfnet) RotaSig rotasig is a simple mail signature randomizer: ... DOWNLOAD
irtools(sfnet) Information Retrieval Toolkit High-performance software for information retri... DOWNLOAD
commontest(sfnet) Common Software Test Tools A collection of libraries and applications to a... DOWNLOAD
jgedit(sfnet) Jikespg Grammar Editor A full flavored Eclipse editor for Jikespg and ... DOWNLOAD
labsharp(sfnet) Lab# Lab# is a .Net library written in C# 2.0 to int... DOWNLOAD
amhnewsamhnews(sfnet) PATROLI DOWNLOAD
openreference(sfnet) Open Reference Management It is a servlet/JSP based web application to ma... DOWNLOAD
logahead(sfnet) Logahead A blogging engine with a 'keep it simple' philo... DOWNLOAD
devilrabbit(sfnet) Devil Rabbit Random Projects This was originally for FreeBSD packages, but n... DOWNLOAD
xc4j(sfnet) Extensible Compiler for JVM The goal of the project is to create extensible... DOWNLOAD
logbot(sfnet) LogBot LogBot is used at Free Internet Chess Server (F... DOWNLOAD
replicator(sfnet) Replicator Replicator is a set of scripts to automate the ... DOWNLOAD
intellignet(sfnet) the eXtended Intelligent Network is developing ... DOWNLOAD
qare(sfnet) QARE Secure Peer Services Platform (P2P) An Experimental Platform for Secure Peer Servic... DOWNLOAD
md-wysiwyg(sfnet) markdown wysiwyg Markdown wysiwyg - A web based wysiwyg editor f... DOWNLOAD
fd2plugins(sfnet) FlashDevelop2 Plugins Some plugins dedicated to support FlashDevelop 2 DOWNLOAD
suga(sfnet) Skrupel User Game Administration Skrupel User Game Administration is an add-on t... DOWNLOAD
timeplan(sfnet) Time Plan Time Plan is a task-oriented time manager that ... DOWNLOAD
rkrellm(sfnet) rkrellm A console based ncurses system monitoring appli... DOWNLOAD
ezwikigen(sfnet) E-Z Wiki Generator E-Z Wiki Generator generates wiki to copy and p... DOWNLOAD

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