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loc4j(sfnet) Loc4J - Java Localization Library Loc4J is a java application localization librar... DOWNLOAD
konvert(sfnet) Konvert GUI to batch convert files (images, audio files... DOWNLOAD
csautoupdater(sfnet) Sharp AutoUpdater Sharp AutoUpdater is a C# component that will a... DOWNLOAD
idk-cms(sfnet) IDK - Internet Development Kit 'IDK' is a PHP MVC framework and CMS/Portal sys... DOWNLOAD
lzo-net(sfnet) LZO.Net LZO.Net is a small .NET-Wrapper around the nati... DOWNLOAD
borgworks(sfnet) This Project is dropped This Project is dropped DOWNLOAD
ezcompile(sfnet) EZcompile EZcompile is a tool that makes compiling the Li... DOWNLOAD
noipvms(sfnet) NO-IP Client for OpenVMS NO-IP Dynamic DNS Client for OpenVMS. DOWNLOAD
x-jws(sfnet) Extreme Java Webserver A open source webserver written in Java for lig... DOWNLOAD
amtools(sfnet) AMTools AMTools is the foundation for a web-based, data... DOWNLOAD
v2j(sfnet) V2J - Visual Jabber Starter Programs This project has re-identified it's purpose to ... DOWNLOAD
plloader(sfnet) PL/Loader An advanced oracle loader allowing arbitrary SQ... DOWNLOAD
findasong(sfnet) FindaSong A basic c++ program for linux that uses the loc... DOWNLOAD
kidthree(sfnet) KDE ID3 Editor A KDE (qt) ID3 v1 and v2 viewer/editor with the... DOWNLOAD
pemail(sfnet) Perl Email pemail allows you to view POP3 email from the c... DOWNLOAD
rsharp(sfnet) Razor Sharp Razor Sharp is a mental improvement program com... DOWNLOAD
pptp-gui(sfnet) PPTP_GUI A graphical interface to the existing PPTP Clie... DOWNLOAD
matrices(sfnet) Python matrices - Matrix handlers This project is a python module containing func... DOWNLOAD
selfim(sfnet) Self Information Manager Selfim is a personal information manager which ... DOWNLOAD
sg3d(sfnet) Stargate3D Stargate(SG for short) is a cross-platform 3D e... DOWNLOAD
webconference(sfnet) Desktop Conferencing P2P Java P2P desktop conferencing service. Great fo... DOWNLOAD
filepadnewton(sfnet) FilePad for Newton FilePad for Newton is a flat-file database for ... DOWNLOAD
wmspaceclock(sfnet) wmspaceclock wmspaceclock (or spaceclock for short) is an an... DOWNLOAD
viewlib(sfnet) View Library The goal of the view library is to provide a me... DOWNLOAD
jsc(sfnet) jsc JSC allows developers to think in C# while targ... DOWNLOAD
langlear(sfnet) Language Learning LangLear is software for learning knowledges as... DOWNLOAD
jjfmapper(sfnet) jjfmapper JJFMapper is a cartography program for PHP. Ser... DOWNLOAD
ispman(sfnet) ispman ISPMan is a system to design massive ISPs using... DOWNLOAD
anonvelope(sfnet) anonvelope anonvelope is a mail-message processing program... DOWNLOAD
sync-uground(sfnet) Synchrotron Underground We are developing a console strategy game simil... DOWNLOAD
jumppoint(sfnet) Jumppoint Jumppoint is a system administration tool. It c... DOWNLOAD
gmodconfig(sfnet) gmodconfig gmodconfig aims to provide a simple way for end... DOWNLOAD
rdos(sfnet) RDOS operating system Fast, multi-threaded OS for PCs and 386+ based ... DOWNLOAD
stockmill(sfnet) StockMill StockMill is a stock protfolio management syste... DOWNLOAD
geekblog(sfnet) GeekBlog A blogging package written in Java, with all th... DOWNLOAD
johnim(sfnet) Johnim Plugable multiprotocol instant messaging client... DOWNLOAD
mpjsupercond(sfnet) Parallel Computing (Superconductor Sim.) Phenomenological Simulation of Electrical Condu... DOWNLOAD
jthumb(sfnet) Java Thumbnailler This is a complete thumbs generetor, based on J... DOWNLOAD
re-aim-7(sfnet) Re-AIM_7 Update and improve the existing Open Source AIM... DOWNLOAD
dblib(sfnet) DBLIB - DataBase and form LIBrary Database and form library in PHP. It is destine... DOWNLOAD
spchat(sfnet) SPChat for PHPNuke SPChat is a web based chat solution, written in... DOWNLOAD
gnue(sfnet) GNU Enterprise We no longer use as our hosting site. Y... DOWNLOAD
tunneling(sfnet) Tunneling Summary : Tunneling is a program tunneling SMTP... DOWNLOAD
libcgipp(sfnet) LibCGI++ LibCGI++ - OO CGI library - alpha version. DOWNLOAD
op-torch(sfnet) TORCH TORCH is a web enabled electronic health record... DOWNLOAD
libexecstream(sfnet) libexecstream C++ library that allows you to run an external ... DOWNLOAD
improla(sfnet) Improla Improla == IMage PROcessing LAb. It is meant fo... DOWNLOAD
jblog(sfnet) jblog A simple WAR file that enables a person to quic... DOWNLOAD
rcfm(sfnet) rcfm RCFM, the remote-controlled filemanager allows ... DOWNLOAD
spacecase(sfnet) spacecase spacecase is a perl hack for converting MS-base... DOWNLOAD
nunnifsmgen(sfnet) Nunni FSM Generator NunniFSMGen generates a FSM (Finite State Machi... DOWNLOAD
slrnfr(sfnet) Slrn translation traduction de slrn DOWNLOAD
jedpoint(sfnet) JEdPoint Modular Java Fidonet mail reader, writer, tosse... DOWNLOAD
dcdplayer(sfnet) Dave's CD player dcd is a simple, programmable, intelligent CD p... DOWNLOAD
jabls1(sfnet) Jabls UCM A Use Case Maps editor written in JAva DOWNLOAD
fwshell(sfnet) Free Windows Shell FWS (FreeWindwosShell) is a open source shell (... DOWNLOAD
beanvalidator(sfnet) BeanValidator BeanValidator is a framework for declarative va... DOWNLOAD
arksiderforge(sfnet) darksiderForge Kostenlose Scripts&Programme! DOWNLOAD
fmclient(sfnet) fmclient fmclient is a GTK+ client for freshmeat's XML p... DOWNLOAD
bangla-gedit(sfnet) gedit in Bangla Language Bangla gedit, gedit is a small but useful appli... DOWNLOAD
eisseeker(sfnet) Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Seeker A Scheme (guile) interface to a local version o... DOWNLOAD
edita(sfnet) Edita Edita is a feature-rich multiplatform text edit... DOWNLOAD
cistronwebmin(sfnet) CistronWebminMod Webmin Module for Cistron RADIUS Server. It all... DOWNLOAD
fonthack123(sfnet) FontHack123 Font substitution module ("hack") for... DOWNLOAD
cppreter(sfnet) CPPreter Simple interpreter of C++ language. DOWNLOAD
subapplet(sfnet) SubApplet and TaskApplet A nifty system taskbar extender for the Sharp Z... DOWNLOAD
mycginuke(sfnet) MyCgiNuke MyCgiNuke is a portal or blog written in Perl -... DOWNLOAD
perlchatroom(sfnet) PerlChatroom A chatroom written in PERL. That chatroom can b... DOWNLOAD
imglimp(sfnet) imglimp LIMP is a program to operate on digital images,... DOWNLOAD
robosoft(sfnet) Robotic Software This project aims at developing a robust yet pr... DOWNLOAD
pbcms(sfnet) PBcms PBcms is a simple light weight, file based cont... DOWNLOAD
kfdi(sfnet) KFDI (kernel fs-db interface) & EXS KFDI bridges file systems and databases over th... DOWNLOAD
webmailform(sfnet) Web MailForm The Web MailForm allows you to create highly cu... DOWNLOAD
pcstoolkit(sfnet) PCS Java Toolkit PCS Java Toolkit provides useful stuff for deve... DOWNLOAD
libgloop(sfnet) libGLOOP GLOOP is Liquid Object Oriented Particles. libG... DOWNLOAD
gnuquadscroll(sfnet) GNU Quad Scroll A 2d Side-Scrolling Game Using Terminal or DOS. DOWNLOAD
check(sfnet) check Check: a unit test framework for C DOWNLOAD
sdlsand(sfnet) SDL Sand SDL Sand is a simulation of falling sand and ot... DOWNLOAD
yamele(sfnet) YAMM - Yet Another MATLAB Mini YAMM is a scientific calculator which supports ... DOWNLOAD
starbreach(sfnet) Starbreach - Xpilot meets AOE2 in space Modelled after StarReach, the game features com... DOWNLOAD
todo-manager-cs(sfnet) Simple ToDo Manager for .NET 2.0 A Simple ToDo Manager for .NET 2.0. Allows each... DOWNLOAD
excel2powerpoin(sfnet) Excel to PowerPoint An Excel that creates a powerpoint presentation... DOWNLOAD
slicproject(sfnet) classification system The SLiCproject is the manuscript map for the o... DOWNLOAD
gmpeg(sfnet) gtkmpeg This is a video player for the Gnome desktop cu... DOWNLOAD
pklite(sfnet) pklite SQL Client Lightweight SQL querying tool written in Java. ... DOWNLOAD
todd(sfnet) The Other DynDNS A dynamic DNS server. Currently has a CGI fron... DOWNLOAD
updir(sfnet) UpDir Directory Synchronize Util in Ruby Intelligent command-line utility to synchronize... DOWNLOAD
kdeinstaller(sfnet) KDE Installer (src files) This program is a installer for KDE sourcefiles... DOWNLOAD
winpass(sfnet) WinPass WinPass has been canceled due to obsolecence wi... DOWNLOAD
phpbibman(sfnet) PHPBibMan PHPBibMan is a scientific reference database wr... DOWNLOAD
marathonnet(sfnet) Marathon.NET Marathon runs gui based acceptance tests agains... DOWNLOAD
udpredir(sfnet) UDP packets redirector This program was designed to just redirect UDP ... DOWNLOAD
cfm(sfnet) Curses File Manager A curses based filemanager loosely resembling e... DOWNLOAD
xblavastat(sfnet) XBasic LAVASTAT A small stand-alone program for a customs offic... DOWNLOAD
exclaim-20(sfnet) Exclaim-2.0 The Exclaim 2.0 viewer is intended to allow non... DOWNLOAD
baraccount(sfnet) BarAccount Application for mobile devices (Cel phones, PDA... DOWNLOAD
urlgallery(sfnet) konqueror urlgallery a kparts plugin for stepping through urls with ... DOWNLOAD
killthepopups(sfnet) Kill the popups This is simple reflexion game, written in Visua... DOWNLOAD
mosquito(sfnet) Mosquito Mosquito is an input system that, sitting on to... DOWNLOAD
meos(sfnet) The 2OS Proyect 2/OS is a freeware and open source under GNU GP... DOWNLOAD

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