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xblavastat(sfnet) XBasic LAVASTAT A small stand-alone program for a customs offic... DOWNLOAD
exclaim-20(sfnet) Exclaim-2.0 The Exclaim 2.0 viewer is intended to allow non... DOWNLOAD
baraccount(sfnet) BarAccount Application for mobile devices (Cel phones, PDA... DOWNLOAD
urlgallery(sfnet) konqueror urlgallery a kparts plugin for stepping through urls with ... DOWNLOAD
killthepopups(sfnet) Kill the popups This is simple reflexion game, written in Visua... DOWNLOAD
mosquito(sfnet) Mosquito Mosquito is an input system that, sitting on to... DOWNLOAD
meos(sfnet) The 2OS Proyect 2/OS is a freeware and open source under GNU GP... DOWNLOAD
muses(sfnet) muses - C++ server framework muses (Multi Server System) is a C++ framework ... DOWNLOAD
smh(sfnet) Simple Mathematics Helper SMH is a fast, simple console application for s... DOWNLOAD
gcman(sfnet) Generic Campaign Manager This project is a generic real life game enhanc... DOWNLOAD
mudaid(sfnet) MUDAid Graphical MUD Client MUDAid is a graphical MUD client for Linux. It... DOWNLOAD
niceall(sfnet) niceall - renice multiple processes. Renices multiple processes by name or user. DOWNLOAD
delcom(sfnet) delcom Linux kernel modules and user-land programs for... DOWNLOAD
hepsource(sfnet) hepsource Development of quality C++ and Python objects f... DOWNLOAD
phpml(sfnet) PHP Mad Libs PHPml is designed to cure boredom on the intern... DOWNLOAD
ffe(sfnet) Flat File Editor Flat File Editor is useful for viewing large fi... DOWNLOAD
kickstart(sfnet) KickStart Kickstart integrates leading Java Web-Developme... DOWNLOAD
plainware(sfnet) Plainware Plainware is an opensource web project concerne... DOWNLOAD
robonix(sfnet) RoboniX This project intend to developpe a network free... DOWNLOAD
cmfcollectorng(sfnet) CMFCollectorNG CMFCollectorNG is a Zope based bugtracking system DOWNLOAD
xoopstotal(sfnet) xoopsbr DOWNLOAD
pywwwboard(sfnet) pyWWWBoard Python implementation of Matt's Script Archive'... DOWNLOAD
obie1(sfnet) OB1 MySQL HTML Result phpClass return MySQL result in HTML code. DOWNLOAD
bviewer(sfnet) bView Image Viewer BView is an GTK+ based image viewer. It can dis... DOWNLOAD
tasktrack(sfnet) Task Track Control the resources’ efforts is a common task... DOWNLOAD
jbrlayout(sfnet) brLayout A layout mananger based on Struts-Tiles DOWNLOAD
ljklient(sfnet) ljKlient — a KDE LiveJournal client ljKlient is a KDE/Qt-based LiveJournal client, ... DOWNLOAD
afpfs-ng(sfnet) afpfs-ng afpfs-ng is an Apple Filing Protocol client tha... DOWNLOAD
cm7(sfnet) CM7 CM7 Download from Vibrant Bible App DOWNLOAD
pododict(sfnet) Podo Podo is multiplatform dictionary library and sh... DOWNLOAD
smbgate(sfnet) Samba Authenticated Gateway SMBGate provides a gateway / firewall with auth... DOWNLOAD
wise-tools(sfnet) WISE Data Warehousing Tools We develop tools for usage by data warehouse de... DOWNLOAD
vlamewave(sfnet) VlameWave A console based , menu driven application geare... DOWNLOAD
tbaproductions(sfnet) TBA Game and Software Project TBA Productions has established its home base h... DOWNLOAD
cith(sfnet) cIT cIT - the advanced win32 c programming ide DOWNLOAD
tucan(sfnet) TUCAN The Unified Communications Architecture Network DOWNLOAD
gridmud(sfnet) The Grid The Grid is a network console game where player... DOWNLOAD
shotfactory(sfnet) BrowserShots ShotFactory If you can't find any of the BrowserShots ShotF... DOWNLOAD
wmdi(sfnet) Weblog MetaData Initiative A project to define and popularize methods for ... DOWNLOAD
textpadtagman(sfnet) Tag Manager Add-on for TextPad An add-on for managing tags in the TextPad edit... DOWNLOAD
subworkshop(sfnet) Subtitle Workshop Subtitle Workshop is a free application for cre... DOWNLOAD
silenttimetrack(sfnet) Silent Time Tracker Time tracker web application. Multi user, share... DOWNLOAD
saman(sfnet) saman saman (straw in turkish) is a new php gui for m... DOWNLOAD
checkrdf(sfnet) checkrdf Check RDFs for news and show them. DOWNLOAD
midge(sfnet) The midge bug tracker Midge is a system for tracking bugs found durin... DOWNLOAD
prestoweb(sfnet) Presto Web Presto Web provides a complete content manageme... DOWNLOAD
netscommander(sfnet) XBasic NetSend-Commander The Graphical Front-End for the Windows DOS Com... DOWNLOAD
irco(sfnet) The irco Project The irco Project is an enhanced IRC daemon base... DOWNLOAD
j3de(sfnet) Java 3D Desktop Environment J3DE is an attempt to create a 3D Desktop Envir... DOWNLOAD
phpbikelog(sfnet) phpBikeLog phpBikeLog is an open-source, free-software pro... DOWNLOAD
quickkey(sfnet) QuickKey A windows tool for binding shortcuts to applica... DOWNLOAD
ngrid(sfnet) NGrid - Grid Computing for .Net NGrid is a transparent C# .Net/mono grid comput... DOWNLOAD
ou-cs442-542(sfnet) OU Distributed Process Management System OUDPMS is an educational tool that visualizes t... DOWNLOAD
snarfzilla(sfnet) Snarfzilla Snarfzilla was a GUI for the official Freenet J... DOWNLOAD
jsegue(sfnet) jSegue jSegue:Tools for making Java bindings for nativ... DOWNLOAD
jwordplay(sfnet) Java Crossword Puzzle Generator Give jcrossword a list of words and clues and g... DOWNLOAD
ocurses(sfnet) Object-curses This is a C++ widget set which uses ncurses, fo... DOWNLOAD
kasha(sfnet) KashaCVW KashaCVW seeks to take the MOO-based CVW projec... DOWNLOAD
light-princess(sfnet) Light Princess, The Interactive cinema game, based on the story &qu... DOWNLOAD
sqlitecc(sfnet) SQLite Control Center SQLite Control Center is a visual tool for work... DOWNLOAD
ogcjava(sfnet) OGC Java library This library is a general purpose library for J... DOWNLOAD
yut(sfnet) yut server Yut game server for experimenting game playing ... DOWNLOAD
tads3german(sfnet) TADS3 German Library German Translation of the TADS3 standard library DOWNLOAD
jspim(sfnet) Jspim A java based Assembler and Emulator for the MIP... DOWNLOAD
eventtosyslog(sfnet) Event to Syslog Windows event logs to Syslog server. Working as... DOWNLOAD
valueobjects(sfnet) SOAP ValueObjects for ADF ValueObjects Framework accelerates Service-Orie... DOWNLOAD
winampac3(sfnet) WinampAC3 Winamp decoder plugin to play AC3 files. DOWNLOAD
excellentquest(sfnet) Excellent Quest A text-only RPG written in Python. A GUI will b... DOWNLOAD
jailed(sfnet) jailed Implements a nonprivileged jailroot. Allows env... DOWNLOAD
jtemplate(sfnet) JTemplate JTemplate generates java sourcecode for cli, aw... DOWNLOAD
xsambaexplorer(sfnet) PHPExtendedSambaExplorer This is an extention of PHPSambaExplorer. It in... DOWNLOAD
php-residence(freshmeat) HotelDruid Hoteldruid is designed to manage weekly or dail... DOWNLOAD
ifrates(sfnet) ifrates Ifrates shows current and peak network throughp... DOWNLOAD
kxplay(sfnet) KxPlay KxPlay is a multimedia video player which based... DOWNLOAD
arabic-cms(sfnet) CMS Arabic localization Arabization of Contenant management systems lik... DOWNLOAD
xmlbase(sfnet) XMLbase XMLbase is a new specification/engine for writi... DOWNLOAD
sfrs(sfnet) Simple File Replication Script A Tcl script synchronizes files (one way) for b... DOWNLOAD
visualrdf(sfnet) RDF Model Browser RDF model browser is a software platform for in... DOWNLOAD
lesstif(sfnet) LessTif LessTif is a free (LGPL) clone of Motif (also k... DOWNLOAD
avl(sfnet) avl AVL trees implementation DOWNLOAD
gtkping(sfnet) GTKPing A Simple GUI to Console Program PING This was m... DOWNLOAD
cnode(sfnet) ClusterN ClusterN is a GNU/Linux cluster (server and nod... DOWNLOAD
nfsight(sfnet) Nfsight Nfsight is a Netflow processing and visualizati... DOWNLOAD
snaax(sfnet) Classic Snake Game Implementation of the classic Snake Arcade Game... DOWNLOAD
twin-e(sfnet) TwinEngine A opensource reimplementation of the LBA (Littl... DOWNLOAD
onforme(sfnet) OnFORME OnFORME (Online Feedback Organization, Requesti... DOWNLOAD
theredoc(sfnet) There Documents This set of scripts is meant to build static we... DOWNLOAD
ruby-nis(sfnet) Ruby/NIS This module provides the interface to NIS(YP) API. DOWNLOAD
tomtonto(sfnet) TomcatTonto TomcatTonto is an Administrative Tool for the T... DOWNLOAD
remote2key(sfnet) Remote 2 Key Convert IR signals from a remote control into k... DOWNLOAD
sdcc(sfnet) Small Device C Compiler suite SDCC is a free open source, retargettable, opti... DOWNLOAD
jome(sfnet) Java OpenMath Editor JOME (Java OpenMath Editor) is a Java software ... DOWNLOAD
iglooweb(sfnet) DoubleSpeak DoubleSpeak, formerly known as the Igloo Weblog... DOWNLOAD
toy(sfnet) TOY TOY is a constraint functional logic system, de... DOWNLOAD
picoxml(sfnet) picoXML The goal with picoXML is to develop a simple XM... DOWNLOAD
datatoolsdotnet(sfnet) DataTools Dot Net DataTools is a Data Access Layer written in C# ... DOWNLOAD
jtans(sfnet) jTans jTans is a java version of Tangram, a (not so) ... DOWNLOAD
nsis-nice(sfnet) NSIS Installation Creator/Editor (NICE) N.I.C.E. is an editor for NSIS scripts. It help... DOWNLOAD
gospelparallels(sfnet) Gospel Parallels Gospel Parallels is a Python based display of ... DOWNLOAD
tree-factory(sfnet) Tree Factory Tree Factory is a set of PHP classes for manipu... DOWNLOAD

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