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uscheduler(sfnet) University Course Schedule Builder Build an optimal schedule of classes for univer... DOWNLOAD
sec-ns-update(sfnet) Primary to Secondary named.conf backup This is a small Perl script that will use sshv2... DOWNLOAD
xao-php(sfnet) XML Application Objects for PHP XML Application Objects (XAO) is a class librar... DOWNLOAD
webaccountant(sfnet) GnuLedger - Open Source Web Ledger GnuLedger - an open source financial solution. ... DOWNLOAD
plexusircd(sfnet) ircd-plexus The goal of the plexus patchset is to give hybr... DOWNLOAD
cle266mp-plugin(sfnet) CLE266 MPEG-2 decoder plugin for mplayer MPlayer plugin for the VIA CLE266 hardware MPEG... DOWNLOAD
multilibpkg(sfnet) multilibpkg Multilibpkg is an automated tool for managing t... DOWNLOAD
movielib(sfnet) Movie Library Movie Library - The best program to organize yo... DOWNLOAD
mcdump(sfnet) McDump McDump is a tool for dumping McKoi databases to... DOWNLOAD
nsla(sfnet) nSLA : Network SLA Monitor a network SLA (Service Level Agreement)... DOWNLOAD
gdbice(sfnet) GDB ICE for ARM7TDMI Hardware + Software to interface GDB with one A... DOWNLOAD
webdex(sfnet) WebDex A Simple contact management system, aka browser... DOWNLOAD
wfc(sfnet) Wallaba Foundation Classes WFC (wallaba foundation classes) is a set of lo... DOWNLOAD
syncltsp(sfnet) Sync LTSP sync-ltsp is a ltsp cluster management utility.... DOWNLOAD
gatspy(sfnet) Gatspy A Genetic Algorithm Training System in Python. ... DOWNLOAD
linux-atm(sfnet) ATM on Linux Drivers and tools to support ATM networking und... DOWNLOAD
asd(sfnet) Advanced Sound Daemon "Esound on steroids"; Esound-replacem... DOWNLOAD
thedeadwalk(sfnet) The Dead Walk The Dead Walk is a web-based, multi-player, sur... DOWNLOAD
popl(sfnet) New Process Oriented Programming Languag Aim: developing a system theory based modular p... DOWNLOAD
securedo(sfnet) Secure Distributed Objects Secure Distributed Objects provides a mechanism... DOWNLOAD
ddebit(sfnet) Direct debit Direct debit HB DOWNLOAD
pyical(sfnet) PyiCal Python Library for parsing and generating iCale... DOWNLOAD
aocp(sfnet) Anarchy Online Chat Project The AO Chat Projects goal is to create an effic... DOWNLOAD
jsvector(sfnet) JavaScript Collections JavaScript Vector and Matrix objects acts as a ... DOWNLOAD
currenttime(sfnet) CurrentTime This is a program to actually log a user off of... DOWNLOAD
simp(sfnet) SiMP SiMP is a mail parser for Linux. DOWNLOAD
llbra-login(sfnet) llbra LOGIN llbra LOGIN is a login that has many functions ... DOWNLOAD
goem(sfnet) goem Small but efficient bookmark converter. Goem co... DOWNLOAD
yabi(sfnet) yaBi yaBi is a KDE interface for beagle. It can be u... DOWNLOAD
gaim-blogger(sfnet) gaim-blogger Blogger xml-rpc protocol plugin for Gaim. DOWNLOAD
gamex3d(sfnet) GameX An opensource 3d game engine using OpenGL. Fast... DOWNLOAD
typefast(sfnet) TypeFast A application that is a Tpying Tutor made in de... DOWNLOAD
gnuinstall(sfnet) gnuinstall This project strives to be an easy to use softw... DOWNLOAD
libtny(sfnet) libtny++ A c++ framework inspired by the objective-c Fou... DOWNLOAD
novashare(sfnet) NovaShare NovaShare is an engine that allows you to creat... DOWNLOAD
navegador(sfnet) Navegador MSiE Navegador MSiE is a New MDI Browser, based in t... DOWNLOAD
suricate(sfnet) suricate Suricate brings the meerkat open wire service i... DOWNLOAD
sem(sfnet) sem sem is a command line interface for working wit... DOWNLOAD
peedy(sfnet) PeedyPal PeedyPal is a Visual Basic-based interactive pe... DOWNLOAD
gvideodb(sfnet) GVideoDB A gnome video database utility. Using xml inste... DOWNLOAD
gage(sfnet) Graphical Adventure Game Engine Graphical Adventure Game Engine(GAGE) is a simp... DOWNLOAD
glinuxsms(sfnet) glinuxsms glinuxsms is a GNOME2 GUI/front-end for linuxsm... DOWNLOAD
plio(sfnet) Italian PLIO project This is the OpenOffice.Org Italian Project (PLIO) DOWNLOAD
nszombies(sfnet) NS: Zombies Project file for NS: Zombies, a new survival ga... DOWNLOAD
amalgom(sfnet) Virtuoso Virtuoso is a JMX based modular Java Applicatio... DOWNLOAD
film-db(sfnet) Film Database Create our private Movie Database; Add movies b... DOWNLOAD
scout(sfnet) Scout for WebLogic Scout for WebLogic is a real-time performance m... DOWNLOAD
confound(sfnet) Confound This is a Configuration Finder which will displ... DOWNLOAD
ydk(sfnet) YDCore The YDK is a general-purpose VB6/DirectX8 frame... DOWNLOAD
mp3paker(sfnet) Mp3 Paker Paks mp3s into a single file enabling easy albu... DOWNLOAD
ipolinux(sfnet) Understanding IP over Linux IPoLinux is a pedagogic way to show how the Lin... DOWNLOAD
quickreviewer(sfnet) Quick Reviews - Mobile QuickReviewer is a mobile (J2ME) client which a... DOWNLOAD
nexb(sfnet) Autodiscovery for IT Assets No-agent discovery & inventory. Apps,softwa... DOWNLOAD
eiffel-games(sfnet) Eiffel games Reflexion games and utility software written wi... DOWNLOAD
rex-restsqlxmap(sfnet) REX - REST SQL/XML Mapping Service REX allows you to create REST interfaces by dir... DOWNLOAD
content-x(sfnet) The HTML Content Extractor This software is designed to extract formatted ... DOWNLOAD
eloop(sfnet) Linux Enhanced Loopback Driver Enhanced version of the standard Linux loopback... DOWNLOAD
jumpjdev(sfnet) JUMP Extension for Oracle JDeveloper An extension for OracleJDeveloper to build JUMP... DOWNLOAD
phplasmonges(sfnet) PHPlasmonges a little script for using the gettext-feature o... DOWNLOAD
tbgen(sfnet) Thumbnails galleries generator Thumbnails galleries generator. Fast and Easy t... DOWNLOAD
plop(sfnet) Lee's SysAdmin Tools Tools for the Budget SysAdmin<> Pix Log P... DOWNLOAD
simplify(sfnet) Simplify Simplify is aimed to raise images compressibili... DOWNLOAD
leto(sfnet) Leto Leto is a suite of applications that act as enh... DOWNLOAD
microautocode(sfnet) Micro Autocode A compiler for the high-level language Autocode... DOWNLOAD
mmix-mode(sfnet) Emacs MMIX mode MMIX synthax highlighting mode for Emacs; based... DOWNLOAD
processa(sfnet) Sistema Processa E.R.P. Open Source O Sistema Processa Open Source E.R.P é um compl... DOWNLOAD
lycosprompt(sfnet) lycos_prompt Lycos_prompt: bash prompt for gentoo users. DOWNLOAD
mui(sfnet) MM5 User Interface MUI(MM5 User Interface) is a web based user int... DOWNLOAD
pymobile(sfnet) pyMobile pyMobile is a pure-Python package designed to c... DOWNLOAD
wvs(sfnet) web based versioning system A web-based versioning system to enable people ... DOWNLOAD
linuxce(sfnet) Linux Compact Edition 1.0 The creation of a linux bootloader for windows ... DOWNLOAD
shortcut(sfnet) Shell Shortcut Script Creator A little app that will make a shell script to l... DOWNLOAD
sdlviewer(sfnet) SDLViewer SDLViewer: Fullscreen SDL-portable JPEG image v... DOWNLOAD
midisense(sfnet) MIDIsense MIDIsense is a simple, yet extensible sensor in... DOWNLOAD
forcevelocity(sfnet) forcevelocity Integrates the Salesforce API into Ap... DOWNLOAD
noixdecoco(sfnet) NoixDeCoco NoixDeCoco is a free web based tool to exchange... DOWNLOAD
phpspm(sfnet) PHPSports Manager PHP stats engine to manage sporting teams i.e f... DOWNLOAD
parkinggarage(sfnet) Parking Garage A Java program that demostrates the abilities o... DOWNLOAD
planetdarkside(sfnet) Planet Darkside An online turn based strategy game set in a for... DOWNLOAD
narim(sfnet) Narim narim is a GUI file-name encoding converter wri... DOWNLOAD
sbdocs(sfnet) StockBrowser documentation Documentation for the program StockBrowser. DOWNLOAD
yellowtipws(sfnet) YellowTip Web Server YellowTip Web Server is a professional and easi... DOWNLOAD
vncbr(sfnet) VNCBr Improved version of VNC, great free remote-desk... DOWNLOAD
srishty(sfnet) srishty-UnicodeBasedOSKeyboardInterface Srishty - The unicode based open source keyboar... DOWNLOAD
newspicker(sfnet) NewsPicker Too many news-websites are posting too frequent... DOWNLOAD
msuapi(sfnet) Martin Studio Useless API Martin Studio Useless API DOWNLOAD
saynaa(sfnet) Saynaa HTTP Server implemented in Java programming lan... DOWNLOAD
javalee(sfnet) The Javalee DB2Java Project The Javalee DB2Java Project is intended to prov... DOWNLOAD
fullxml-php(sfnet) FullXML, PHP version Fullxml is a full-featured and full-customizabl... DOWNLOAD
freqdesk(sfnet) Frequency Desk If you don't own a frequency-meter and if you a... DOWNLOAD
evolutron(sfnet) Evolutron This is a artificial life project. the goal is ... DOWNLOAD
bf-commander(sfnet) BF Commander BF Commander is a admin tool for Battlefield 19... DOWNLOAD
gecko(sfnet) Gecko Multimedia System Gecko Multimedia System is a complete media sol... DOWNLOAD
cuetools(sfnet) cuetools cuetools is a set of utilities for working with... DOWNLOAD
twedit(sfnet) TWedit TWedit is notepad software made with java and w... DOWNLOAD
cynus(sfnet) Cynus Cynus is a Content Magement System aimed to pro... DOWNLOAD
zha(sfnet) zha To create a Tamil Desktop (running Linux), whic... DOWNLOAD
kswaret(sfnet) Kswaret - Swaret Gui Kswaret is a QT frontend for the command line p... DOWNLOAD
nilson-blogger(sfnet) Nilsons Blogger Nilson's Blogger is a program written in PHP al... DOWNLOAD
wapicq(sfnet) WAP ICQ WAP ICQ on Java Servet/JSP Container DOWNLOAD

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