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yut(sfnet) yut server Yut game server for experimenting game playing ... DOWNLOAD
tads3german(sfnet) TADS3 German Library German Translation of the TADS3 standard library DOWNLOAD
jspim(sfnet) Jspim A java based Assembler and Emulator for the MIP... DOWNLOAD
eventtosyslog(sfnet) Event to Syslog Windows event logs to Syslog server. Working as... DOWNLOAD
valueobjects(sfnet) SOAP ValueObjects for ADF ValueObjects Framework accelerates Service-Orie... DOWNLOAD
winampac3(sfnet) WinampAC3 Winamp decoder plugin to play AC3 files. DOWNLOAD
excellentquest(sfnet) Excellent Quest A text-only RPG written in Python. A GUI will b... DOWNLOAD
jailed(sfnet) jailed Implements a nonprivileged jailroot. Allows env... DOWNLOAD
jtemplate(sfnet) JTemplate JTemplate generates java sourcecode for cli, aw... DOWNLOAD
xsambaexplorer(sfnet) PHPExtendedSambaExplorer This is an extention of PHPSambaExplorer. It in... DOWNLOAD
php-residence(freshmeat) HotelDruid Hoteldruid is designed to manage weekly or dail... DOWNLOAD
ifrates(sfnet) ifrates Ifrates shows current and peak network throughp... DOWNLOAD
kxplay(sfnet) KxPlay KxPlay is a multimedia video player which based... DOWNLOAD
arabic-cms(sfnet) CMS Arabic localization Arabization of Contenant management systems lik... DOWNLOAD
xmlbase(sfnet) XMLbase XMLbase is a new specification/engine for writi... DOWNLOAD
sfrs(sfnet) Simple File Replication Script A Tcl script synchronizes files (one way) for b... DOWNLOAD
visualrdf(sfnet) RDF Model Browser RDF model browser is a software platform for in... DOWNLOAD
lesstif(sfnet) LessTif LessTif is a free (LGPL) clone of Motif (also k... DOWNLOAD
avl(sfnet) avl AVL trees implementation DOWNLOAD
gtkping(sfnet) GTKPing A Simple GUI to Console Program PING This was m... DOWNLOAD
cnode(sfnet) ClusterN ClusterN is a GNU/Linux cluster (server and nod... DOWNLOAD
nfsight(sfnet) Nfsight Nfsight is a Netflow processing and visualizati... DOWNLOAD
snaax(sfnet) Classic Snake Game Implementation of the classic Snake Arcade Game... DOWNLOAD
twin-e(sfnet) TwinEngine A opensource reimplementation of the LBA (Littl... DOWNLOAD
onforme(sfnet) OnFORME OnFORME (Online Feedback Organization, Requesti... DOWNLOAD
theredoc(sfnet) There Documents This set of scripts is meant to build static we... DOWNLOAD
ruby-nis(sfnet) Ruby/NIS This module provides the interface to NIS(YP) API. DOWNLOAD
tomtonto(sfnet) TomcatTonto TomcatTonto is an Administrative Tool for the T... DOWNLOAD
remote2key(sfnet) Remote 2 Key Convert IR signals from a remote control into k... DOWNLOAD
sdcc(sfnet) Small Device C Compiler suite SDCC is a free open source, retargettable, opti... DOWNLOAD
jome(sfnet) Java OpenMath Editor JOME (Java OpenMath Editor) is a Java software ... DOWNLOAD
iglooweb(sfnet) DoubleSpeak DoubleSpeak, formerly known as the Igloo Weblog... DOWNLOAD
toy(sfnet) TOY TOY is a constraint functional logic system, de... DOWNLOAD
picoxml(sfnet) picoXML The goal with picoXML is to develop a simple XM... DOWNLOAD
datatoolsdotnet(sfnet) DataTools Dot Net DataTools is a Data Access Layer written in C# ... DOWNLOAD
jtans(sfnet) jTans jTans is a java version of Tangram, a (not so) ... DOWNLOAD
nsis-nice(sfnet) NSIS Installation Creator/Editor (NICE) N.I.C.E. is an editor for NSIS scripts. It help... DOWNLOAD
gospelparallels(sfnet) Gospel Parallels Gospel Parallels is a Python based display of ... DOWNLOAD
tree-factory(sfnet) Tree Factory Tree Factory is a set of PHP classes for manipu... DOWNLOAD
dosgui(sfnet) DOSGUI A basic C/C++ Graphical User Interface (GUI) li... DOWNLOAD
greed(sfnet) Greed <B>Greed</B> is a program developed... DOWNLOAD
gtk2fontsel(sfnet) gtk2fontsel A font selection program for X11 using the GTK2... DOWNLOAD
gpg(sfnet) perl5-gpg GPG is a Perl5 interface to gnupg (see http://w... DOWNLOAD
napfinder(sfnet) napfinder napfinder is a short program to scan an hostlis... DOWNLOAD
comendar(sfnet) Comendar Community Event Calendar System PHP/MySQL web application to generate a communi... DOWNLOAD
sfw(sfnet) The Studio Framework The Studio FrameWork is a set of C++ classes th... DOWNLOAD
e-kom(sfnet) e-kom e-kom will be a LGPLed e-commerce solution, bas... DOWNLOAD
gtkxine(sfnet) GtkXine GtkXine widget for Gtk+ 2.x allows application ... DOWNLOAD
gpint(sfnet) General Purpose Interpreter gpint is a General Purpose Interpreter for a Pa... DOWNLOAD
illuvien(sfnet) Illuvien An RPG in which gaining levels can be done by s... DOWNLOAD
visualmud(sfnet) VisualMUD.NET It is a program designed to automate and simpli... DOWNLOAD
brumtab(sfnet) BrumTab BrumTab is a scoring and management system for ... DOWNLOAD
qcfs(sfnet) QuakeC This project is intended to re-create a more ef... DOWNLOAD
o-mud(sfnet) OMUD High-Performance Server The OMUD project aims to develop a high-perform... DOWNLOAD
matgen(sfnet) MatGen matrix generator MatGen is a matrix generator. It outputs matric... DOWNLOAD
magicfile(sfnet) file command for java Java implementation of the unix file commando. DOWNLOAD
mmm-mode(sfnet) MMM Mode MMM Mode is an add-on package for emacs that en... DOWNLOAD
cerulean(sfnet) Cerulean Portal System The Cerulean is a highly flexible portal system... DOWNLOAD
gconverter(sfnet) GnomeConverter This is a simple Gnome Mesurement Units Converter. DOWNLOAD
gfilesplit(sfnet) gfilesplit GFileSplit is a very simple GNOME app to split ... DOWNLOAD
glit(sfnet) GL Interaction Tools GLIT (GL Interaction Tools) is a library of 3D ... DOWNLOAD
hptrans(sfnet) HpTrans HpTrans is the ultimate program in transferring... DOWNLOAD
sipwebgate(sfnet) SIPWebGate DOWNLOAD
darwin2k(sfnet) Darwin2K A toolkit for simulation and evolutionary desig... DOWNLOAD
cyclojournal(sfnet) Journal Cyclique Journal Cyclique. Permet de diffuser dans un ly... DOWNLOAD
jing2004(sfnet) Jing Project "Jing" is a Mobile-Enterprise... DOWNLOAD
kwhois(sfnet) kwhois KWhois is now a native whois client for KDE(3).... DOWNLOAD
dvdplugin(sfnet) dvdplugin dvd-plugin for klaus schmidinger's vdr DOWNLOAD
basebuilder(sfnet) Basebuilder BaseBuilder is a database framework, like Micro... DOWNLOAD
metawm(sfnet) Meta Window Manager Aims to create a modular code base for window m... DOWNLOAD
comunitywebsite(sfnet) Students Community Intranet Site intranet permettant de gérer une communaut... DOWNLOAD
vstb(sfnet) VirtualSTB Virtual Set Top Box. That is Windows multimedi... DOWNLOAD
elconf(sfnet) elconf elconf writes electron configuration. DOWNLOAD
ispp(sfnet) ispp Inno Setup Preprocessor is an add-on for Inno S... DOWNLOAD
radtool(sfnet) radtool Radtool is a model-centric web-app framework wh... DOWNLOAD
phpsitebuilder(sfnet) PHP SiteBuilder PHP SiteBuilder adds value to your website You ... DOWNLOAD
karel(sfnet) Karel the Robot An implementation of the language described in ... DOWNLOAD
phclient(sfnet) Ph Client The goal of this project is a Mac OS X client s... DOWNLOAD
ldapforvast(sfnet) LDAP for Visual Age Smalltalk LDAP for Visual Age Smalltalk wraps the LDAP C ... DOWNLOAD
egb(sfnet) easy-gbook Ein Gästebuch zum einbinden in die eigene Seite... DOWNLOAD
palgar(sfnet) PalGar - Palm <-> Garmin GPS Palm&#8482; software to up-/download/edit w... DOWNLOAD
arsplugins(sfnet) A collection of Remedy AR System plugins Useful plugins for Remedy Action Request System DOWNLOAD
dlanaudioserver(sfnet) dLAN Audio Server Audio server for the MicroLink dLAN Audio devic... DOWNLOAD
dbclass(sfnet) DBClass DBClass is a php class that aims to seperate an... DOWNLOAD
excelverify(sfnet) excelverify GUI software to compare two excel 2007 files co... DOWNLOAD
webad2k(sfnet) WebAd2K WebAd2K is a free ASP ad banner rotation system... DOWNLOAD
netrax(sfnet) NeTrax Locates a systems position within a wireless in... DOWNLOAD
ntacl(sfnet) MS Windows ACL-Library for Delphi A library written for Borland Delphi that shoul... DOWNLOAD
find-the-limo(sfnet) FindTheLimo project name : FindTheLimo developing of a to... DOWNLOAD
jamr(sfnet) Java Agent Message Router - JAMR Java Agent Message Router - FIPA compliant midd... DOWNLOAD
wordbyword(sfnet) WordByWord WordByWord is a simple vocabulary trainer that ... DOWNLOAD
tecladopcig(sfnet) Extensão de Teclado para PCIG Extensão de teclado compatível com o Português ... DOWNLOAD
talkagentfw(sfnet) TALK AGENT FRAMEWORK Talk Agent Project is creating a framework that... DOWNLOAD
libsgc(sfnet) libsgc libsgc is a small shared library that helps to ... DOWNLOAD
wmqi-jms(sfnet) WMQI and JMS This project will oversee the development of IB... DOWNLOAD
samproj(sfnet) samproj Samanyolu Project's Common Documentation and Li... DOWNLOAD
tud(sfnet) The urgent decision TUD is a realtime strategy game written under L... DOWNLOAD
mediabrowser2(sfnet) MediaBrowser2 - Organize your Mediafiles Mediabrowser2 is an advanced but slim Dot.Net 2... DOWNLOAD
glal(sfnet) GLAL An OpenGL Arabization Library DOWNLOAD
uml4wxs(sfnet) UML for Schema UML for Schema is a code generator, it takes an... DOWNLOAD

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