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tracestring(sfnet) traceString This tool reads your C/C++ source finding the b... DOWNLOAD
media-box(sfnet) media-box A program for playing media files and viewing p... DOWNLOAD
anastacia(sfnet) Anastacia Messenger Anastacia Messenger is a multi protocol instant... DOWNLOAD
esmdi(sfnet) ESMDI ESMDI is a console application which enables yo... DOWNLOAD
eotp(sfnet) 802.11 One Time Pad (eOTp) To develope an encryption/authentication proced... DOWNLOAD
odfchartbuilder(sfnet) OdfChartBuilder The OdfChartBuilder Java™ API can be used to re... DOWNLOAD
xfcalc(sfnet) xfcalc - dual display calculator This dual display calculator is for working wit... DOWNLOAD
freenetmta(sfnet) FreenetMTA FreenetMTA makes it possible to transfer email ... DOWNLOAD
javawddx(sfnet) WDDX Java Library Java library for serializing/deserializing WDDX... DOWNLOAD
mkal(sfnet) Kalender Kalender is a multi-user, network enabled calen... DOWNLOAD
webstock(sfnet) webstock Webstock is a library of menu templates, tree ... DOWNLOAD
xdebug(sfnet) XDEBUG - File and System Debbuger XDebug is an file and system debugger, similar ... DOWNLOAD
rnm(sfnet) ResNet Monitor RNM is a colletion of scripts/programs/tools us... DOWNLOAD
hevea(sfnet) Hevea application servers Hevea is a dotnet (C#) Web/HTTP/Web service &am... DOWNLOAD
drab(sfnet) DR AdressBook Addressbook application for Mobile Phones runni... DOWNLOAD
ircwhois(sfnet) ircwhois If you ever have needed to know whether a perso... DOWNLOAD
countm(sfnet) Module - Apache 2 - Page Counter An Apache 2 only DSO module serving link counti... DOWNLOAD
phpnmap(sfnet) phpNMAP phpNMAP is a webased front end for nmap, the wo... DOWNLOAD
divmod(sfnet) Divmod Quotient Quotient is multi-protocol (SMTP, POP, IMAP, SI... DOWNLOAD
kolabwebclient(sfnet) Kolab Webclient Kolab-webclient\'s aim is to give groupware fun... DOWNLOAD
crystaldoc(sfnet) Translated docs for Crystal Space 3D SDK French and Spanish translations of Crystal Spac... DOWNLOAD
ianix(sfnet) Ianix OS Ianix will be an X/OPEN compliant OS, initially... DOWNLOAD
esla(sfnet) Esla, C++ scripting language Esla is a very simple C++ scripting language th... DOWNLOAD
xmliter(sfnet) xmliter: A High Performance XML Iterator The xmliter package provides an API for process... DOWNLOAD
libbt(sfnet) BitTorrent C Library C-language Impementation of the BitTorrent core... DOWNLOAD
cedam(sfnet) Central Data Manager A data manager capable of storing and organizin... DOWNLOAD
bscribbles(sfnet) B-Scribbles - Graffiti Software for PHP BScribbles strives to improve any PHP webpage. ... DOWNLOAD
sphpblog(sfnet) Simple PHP Blog I started this project because I wanted a dead-... DOWNLOAD
bw-admin(sfnet) BW-Admin DLL Bot Detection & Admin Plug-In DLL for Quake... DOWNLOAD
tribisur(sfnet) Tribisur Tribisur is a CMS. This portail is very light.... DOWNLOAD
dtdparser(sfnet) DTDParser for Java A DTD Parser for Java available under the LGPL ... DOWNLOAD
jsocks(sfnet) Java SOCKS Proxy SOCKS Server and Library for Java. Support for ... DOWNLOAD
scotlandyard(sfnet) ScotlandYard Online version of the 1983 Ravensburger board g... DOWNLOAD
remus(sfnet) REMUS-Reference Monitor for Unix Systems REMUS is a kernel module for Linux, which contr... DOWNLOAD
kburtkugerl(sfnet) kburtkugerl This is a tic-tac-toe clone written for KDE. It... DOWNLOAD
nwntools(sfnet) NWN Tools Java-based tools for Neverwinter Nights module ... DOWNLOAD
jumpi(sfnet) Jumpi - message passing interface Jumpi, a universal message passing interface, i... DOWNLOAD
pgfunctions(sfnet) SQLServer functions for PostgreSQL Implementations of propriatary functions in SQL... DOWNLOAD
winregsh(sfnet) Windows Registry Shell A Windows registry DOS-style command line shell... DOWNLOAD
vrmlviewer(sfnet) VRMLViewer VRML2.0/97 and VRML1 viewer for the UNIX/Linux ... DOWNLOAD
hellocpp(sfnet) HelloCPP DOWNLOAD
starbucksfp(sfnet) Starbuck's FreePlayer Starbuck's FreePlayer is a simple and complete ... DOWNLOAD
ftbot(sfnet) ftBot Bots and related stuff DOWNLOAD
qterm(sfnet) QTerm QTerm is a BBS client in Linux. DOWNLOAD
grio500-applet(sfnet) grio500-applet This is a GNOME applet that allows you to acces... DOWNLOAD
jegl(sfnet) jegl jegl is a set of Eiffel classes wrapping the Si... DOWNLOAD
btshell(sfnet) BtShell btshell - script shell bash - connect - logging... DOWNLOAD
web2icq(sfnet) web2icq A JAVA web application for chatting with websit... DOWNLOAD
eimp(sfnet) Eclipse Instant Messenger Plugin Eclipse Instant Messenger Plugin(eimp) is a Ecl... DOWNLOAD
tclsql(sfnet) SQL 3.0 Tcl Extension Tcl SQL 8.3 extension that supports stubs. This... DOWNLOAD
esign(sfnet) eSign system eSign system is business application to convert... DOWNLOAD
visage-hci(sfnet) Visage Visage is a human computer interface that aims ... DOWNLOAD
xprotector(sfnet) Xprotector Xprotector est un programme (addon) en php pour... DOWNLOAD
mudgefont(sfnet) mudGE Font builder The mudGE Font builder is a tool to create bitm... DOWNLOAD
csbot(sfnet) csbot Csbot is a program which responds to events log... DOWNLOAD
psunami(sfnet) Psunami Bulletin Board Psunami Bulletin Board is an attempt to create ... DOWNLOAD
opendiskindex(sfnet) OpenDiskIndex File Catalog. Scan CD's, archive files (ZIP, ..... DOWNLOAD
dlip(sfnet) DLIP: Desktop List of Installed Programs A central database of all installable programs,... DOWNLOAD
urdbot(sfnet) URDbot Statistical/Informational IRC bot, written in P... DOWNLOAD
jred(sfnet) JRed JRed is a 100% Java implementation of the IrDA ... DOWNLOAD
wisim(sfnet) WiSim - Business Game The application "WiSim" is an interac... DOWNLOAD
wa2lyrics(sfnet) Winamp 2 lyrics plugin Lyrics plugin for winamp2.x DOWNLOAD
vjscms(sfnet) Visual JS CMS This is a small javascript cms witch allow the ... DOWNLOAD
closedsrs(sfnet) Win32 OpenSRS ActiveX Control The ClosedSRS ActiveX control provides a Window... DOWNLOAD
clickmapper(sfnet) ClickMapper - click mapping plugin ClickMapper is web-based application for tracki... DOWNLOAD
sxmlcnv(sfnet) Sxmlcnv Sxmlcnv is XML <-> SXML conversion tool. ... DOWNLOAD
msocksd(sfnet) Minimal SOCKSd A minimal, threaded SOCKSv4 daemon. DOWNLOAD
lightphpcms(sfnet) Light PHP Content Management System A very lightweight drop-in database driven cont... DOWNLOAD
perl-rss(sfnet) Perl Rich Site Summary (RSS) tools Perl tools for Rich Site Summaries (RSS) DOWNLOAD
sungo(sfnet) sungo perl modules written by sungo DOWNLOAD
frameworkatg(sfnet) @TG Framework J2EE Framework DOWNLOAD
jibot(sfnet) JiBot Freenode #joiito bot channel helper - a communi... DOWNLOAD
honeyperl(sfnet) Honeyperl A Honeypot software based in Perl. There are ma... DOWNLOAD
jargp(sfnet) JArgp Command Line Argument Processor jargp is a command line argument processing lib... DOWNLOAD
tomkat(sfnet) TomKat "TomKat" is a console based number ga... DOWNLOAD
secureideas(sfnet) BASE BASE is the Basic Analysis and Security Engine.... DOWNLOAD
markerexport(sfnet) markerExport A plugin which can be used to export Eclipse pr... DOWNLOAD
elj-win32(sfnet) elj-win32: GNU Eiffel elj-win32 is a win32 version of the GNU Eiffel ... DOWNLOAD
dateconv(sfnet) Julian-Gregorian Date converter Converts Julian Dates to Gregorian Dates and Ba... DOWNLOAD
imagewizard(sfnet) image wizard ImageMywizard is written in PHP. It comes in tw... DOWNLOAD
gnome-crash(sfnet) gnome-crash DOWNLOAD
mysticdraw(sfnet) MysticDraw An ANSI drawing tool supporting most formats (A... DOWNLOAD
tomajaplugins(sfnet) tomaja plug-in base Collection of plugins for The GIMP. DOWNLOAD
eolf(sfnet) eOLF Open Source Project An open platform for Online Filing of Intellect... DOWNLOAD
toolbot(sfnet) ToolBot Toolbot is an IRC bot that provides meeting and... DOWNLOAD
pircy(sfnet) Pircy -- sirc GUI frontend Pircy is a small patch to sirc and a collection... DOWNLOAD
zquake(sfnet) ZQuake The QuakeWorld development project. Not very ac... DOWNLOAD
pkgrebuild(sfnet) pkgrebuild PKG REBUILD - Utility for rebuilding installed ... DOWNLOAD
quidscor(sfnet) QuIDScor QuIDScor is a daemon software integrating Intru... DOWNLOAD
rapidq-rtl(sfnet) RapidQ RTL Rewrite The RapidQ RTL (Run-time library) Rewrite is a ... DOWNLOAD
prensalibre(sfnet) PrensaLibre PrensaLibre is a monolithic Perl CGI which auto... DOWNLOAD
osd-net(sfnet) OSD Net This is a small Perl program, that show via X O... DOWNLOAD
klearnnotes(sfnet) KLearnNotes KLearnNotes is a very simple application to tea... DOWNLOAD
mpscan(sfnet) mpscan mpscan parallel network scanner DOWNLOAD
pudeled(sfnet) PudelQuest map editor Map editor for the Quest for the Lost Pudel. DOWNLOAD
ummon(sfnet) Ummon Project is discontinued. DOWNLOAD
falmaidan(sfnet) Falmaidan Falmaidan (which in the Elventongue Sindarin me... DOWNLOAD
odd(sfnet) ODD The Oracle Database Dashboard (ODD) is a PHP bu... DOWNLOAD
devadvantage(sfnet) devAdvantage & devMetrics devAdvantage: an automated code review tool tha... DOWNLOAD
debwebgui(sfnet) DebWeb GUI Web based configuration GUI to "replace&qu... DOWNLOAD

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