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cfe(sfnet) Custom Form Elements Custom Form Elements unites all efforts in the ... DOWNLOAD
groucho(sfnet) GrouCho helps your group decide Software for group decisions based on smart dem... DOWNLOAD
jtheque(sfnet) JTheque JTheque is a project with different sub-project... DOWNLOAD
juffed(sfnet) JuffEd JuffEd is a free, cross-platform text editor fo... DOWNLOAD
cradlecore(sfnet) Cradlecore for PHP this project was moved to github and support wi... DOWNLOAD
webdevstudio(sfnet) WebDevStudio WebDevStudio is an Online Integrated Developmen... DOWNLOAD
usbdv(sfnet) USB DV Es un programa que se encarga de la limpieza de... DOWNLOAD
wxvtk(sfnet) wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor This class enables VTK to render to and interac... DOWNLOAD
t-htbmanager(sfnet) T-HTB manager T-HTB FREE web interface, built in PHP, simple ... DOWNLOAD
sourceforge(sfnet) Official Support and Documentation for SourceFo... DOWNLOAD
shipvalidator(sfnet) SHIP Validator We wish to explore the use of Java annotations ... DOWNLOAD
seeproject(sfnet) seeproject See project is a new generator of aplications s... DOWNLOAD
linuxdsi(sfnet) Linux Deep Sky Imager This project is intended to develop a suite of ... DOWNLOAD
universalmc(sfnet) Universal Media Manager Cross platform media manager using XBMC scraper... DOWNLOAD
yarelinux(sfnet) xEVA It´s a port to Linux of YARE server, an Ragnaro... DOWNLOAD
propax(sfnet) propax Propax (Propax Revolution Over Pixapr And Xplsi... DOWNLOAD
errdef(sfnet) errdef Tool written in C to generate a list of codes w... DOWNLOAD
clustertools(sfnet) ClusterTools ClusterTools includes a set of tools for admini... DOWNLOAD
trfparser(sfnet) Tandem repeat finder parser trfparser is a perl program, of use in bioinfor... DOWNLOAD
omarhardmission(sfnet) Om@r Hard Mission The Game Consists of a couple of missions. each... DOWNLOAD
pygtkmvc(sfnet) Pygtkmvc This is an implementation of the Model-View-Con... DOWNLOAD
tsds(sfnet) tsds The Time Series Data Server (TSDS) is a Java Se... DOWNLOAD
xdsrig(sfnet) XdsRig An Open-Source IHE XDS test environment. It is ... DOWNLOAD
jisax(sfnet) jisax An Javascript API done to simplify use of Javas... DOWNLOAD
synce(sfnet) SynCE The purpose of the SynCE project is to provide ... DOWNLOAD
piratesninjas(sfnet) Pirates vs Ninjas RPG A turn-based RPG focused on the classic 16th ce... DOWNLOAD
keyboardbeeper(sfnet) System Beeper Make the internal speaker sound! .wav playback ... DOWNLOAD
yafumato(sfnet) Yafumato Web Messenger A web-based instant messenger client allowing y... DOWNLOAD
phpscheduleit(sfnet) Booked (formerly phpScheduleIt) A web-based resource scheduling system that all... DOWNLOAD
ruby-gnome(sfnet) Ruby-GNOME Language Bindings This project is a set of Ruby language bindings... DOWNLOAD
balloons-ng(sfnet) BALLOONS - prick 'n' puzzle BALLOONS is a tile based platform puzzle game. ... DOWNLOAD
fishtool(sfnet) Fish tool Fish tool's a aquaria calculator.It's write use... DOWNLOAD
ssbumpgenerator(sfnet) SSbump Generator A GUI interface to a tool for generating SSBump... DOWNLOAD
phasp(freshmeat) PHASP PHASP is a small framework / templating engine ... DOWNLOAD
raidobserver(sfnet) RaidObserver Application to observe and monitor MD-RAIDs DOWNLOAD
wavr(sfnet) wavr - Google Wave Wordpress Plugin Use this plugin to embed Google Wave inside a w... DOWNLOAD
graphane(sfnet) Graphane A Python library to create score files for CSou... DOWNLOAD
shappy(sfnet) sharpee Sharpee(old name : shappy) is short for Save yo... DOWNLOAD
phpformmail(sfnet) PHPFormMail A web based form to e-mail gateway. Made as a ... DOWNLOAD
docbook2odf(sfnet) DocBook to OpenDocument XSLT DocBook XSLT stylesheets & utils to OpenDoc... DOWNLOAD
jexpel(sfnet) jexpel Jexpel is a library of compiling and execution ... DOWNLOAD
chromium(sfnet) The Chromium Project Chromium is a flexible framework for scalable r... DOWNLOAD
hostinfodb(sfnet) hostinfodb Set of flexible tools for Unix sysadmins that a... DOWNLOAD
cheapest-pathde(sfnet) Cheapest-path decider This is a tool(MATLAB code) to find out the lea... DOWNLOAD
webwtwindowingt(sfnet) Web WT, Windowing Toolkit for HTML Web WT entirely pluggable and customizable open... DOWNLOAD
webmtmenutoolki(sfnet) Web MT, Menu Toolkit for HTML Lightweight, pluggable, speedy, and turn-key me... DOWNLOAD
mondemand(sfnet) MonDemand MonDemand is a high performance monitoring and ... DOWNLOAD
pwntooth(sfnet) pwntooth pwntooth is designed to automate Bluetooth Pen-... DOWNLOAD
xop(sfnet) ExtensibleObjectForPHP This project is a PHP project. The project's pu... DOWNLOAD
testingtortoise(sfnet) TestingTortoiseCVS TestingTortoiseCVS TestingTortoiseCVS TestingTo... DOWNLOAD
pwsipgame(sfnet) pwsip_game Game that we are creating for general fun. DOWNLOAD
bbvcommon(sfnet) bbv.Common This project has moved to DOWNLOAD
khronosmemory(sfnet) KMem KMEm is a simple application that releases the ... DOWNLOAD
aardvertiser(sfnet) Aardvertiser A Joomla 1.5 component for advertising items in... DOWNLOAD
magicstick(sfnet) MagicStick This magic stick can make software alive! DOWNLOAD
voca(sfnet) Voca Voca is a vocabulary trainer for Windows. It he... DOWNLOAD
tracon(sfnet) tracon A software identifying and recording the activi... DOWNLOAD
acapulco(sfnet) acapulco Java OSGI-based framework for building modular ... DOWNLOAD
ebon(sfnet) The Extended BON Toolsuite Extended BON is a superset of BON, a clear and ... DOWNLOAD
jmp3cat(sfnet) Java MP3 Cataloger JMP3Cat is a MP3 Cataloger that reads MP3 CD’s ... DOWNLOAD
nomb-cs(sfnet) nomb Content Streamer (nCS) nomb Content Streamer is a program that is goin... DOWNLOAD
desr(sfnet) DeSR DeSR is a multilingual statistical dependency p... DOWNLOAD
dmgmount(sfnet) DMG Automounter for Linux DMG Automounter is a nautilus script that enabl... DOWNLOAD
trackmate(sfnet) Trackmate Trackmate is an open initiative to create a DIY... DOWNLOAD
redsquirrelcam(sfnet) Red Squirrel Cam Red Squirrel Cam is a cross platform IP video s... DOWNLOAD
semdrops(sfnet) SemDrops The aim of this project is to provide a set of ... DOWNLOAD
webtivist(sfnet) webtivist PHP online activism software for online petitio... DOWNLOAD
orm-for-php(sfnet) PHP Object Relational Mapping PHP Object Relational Mapping is a simple frame... DOWNLOAD
benchmarker(sfnet) BenchMarker This is a simple, modular PHP class designed to... DOWNLOAD
dexux(sfnet) Dexux - DexDrive software for Linux Dexux allows a DexDrive, a Playstation memory c... DOWNLOAD
phpnuke(sfnet) PHP-Nuke Web Portal System PHP-Nuke is a simple, yet fully featured Conten... DOWNLOAD
buildroot(freshmeat) buildroot Buildroot is a set of Makefiles and patches tha... DOWNLOAD
xpotronix(sfnet) xpotronix A framework for building web apps based on a de... DOWNLOAD
ybwopenpilot(sfnet) YBW OpenPilot Growing out of an initiative on the YBW forums ... DOWNLOAD
thinflashdebug(sfnet) ThinFlashDebug ThinFlashDebug (TFD) is a simple and lightweigh... DOWNLOAD
skilldin(sfnet) SkilldIn This is a test project at sourceforge DOWNLOAD
bro(sfnet) Big Rigs Online Multiplayer Big Rigs DOWNLOAD
kebek(sfnet) Kebek Elaborer un paramétrage du système d'opération ... DOWNLOAD
fish-monitoring(sfnet) Fish Visual Cluster Monitoring Fish is a visual cluster monitoring program tha... DOWNLOAD
cdw(sfnet) cdw cdw is a ncurses based front end for command-li... DOWNLOAD
dnslogger(sfnet) DNSLogger Software for log all DNS requests in LAN. Creat... DOWNLOAD
romwiz(sfnet) RomWiz RomWiz is a ROM-set manager for every MAME fan.... DOWNLOAD
mebitag(sfnet) MebiTag Allows you the flexibility of applying your own... DOWNLOAD
mcppwbcopy(sfnet) MCP PWB/COPY PWB/COPY is a utility for Unisys MCP systems th... DOWNLOAD
swam(sfnet) Simple Web Account Manager SWAM (Simple Web Account Manager) is yet anothe... DOWNLOAD
gcollider(sfnet) GCollider Simulation and visualisation of two colliding g... DOWNLOAD
cdglade(sfnet) cdglade Simple, but still usable GTK GUI for console cd... DOWNLOAD
geeklog(sfnet) Geeklog - The secure CMS. Please note that we have moved to www.geeklog.n... DOWNLOAD
pymssql(sfnet) Simple MS SQL Python extension module This module provides access to MS SQL Servers f... DOWNLOAD
yamsproject(sfnet) yamsproject Yet Another set of MEncoder Scripts; a source p... DOWNLOAD
tvencodeproject(sfnet) tvencodeproject TV_ENCODE! is a textual front end for MEncoder ... DOWNLOAD
toevisualizer(sfnet) Take Ownership, Excel! - Visual tool to help learn to take ownership a... DOWNLOAD
warriors-ants(sfnet) warriors-ants DOWNLOAD
greekstock233(sfnet) greek_stock_2.3.3_i9001 DOWNLOAD
webdesigncompan(sfnet) Web Design company india Orion eSolutions is a growing web designing and... DOWNLOAD
robgp(sfnet) Robust Genetic Programming System RobGP is a genetic programming system written f... DOWNLOAD
boardgameclock(sfnet) BoardGameClock A clock for keeping the playing times for playe... DOWNLOAD
dataclagen(sfnet) Data Class Generator Data Class Generator is a tool that generates t... DOWNLOAD
imagerenaming(sfnet) Image Renaming Image Renaming is a small and simple program th... DOWNLOAD
ultimaterps(sfnet) Ultimate RPS The Ultimate RPS game is a multiplayer online v... DOWNLOAD

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