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estigi(sfnet) Ads Exchange Server Open-source ads and banner server, with banner ... DOWNLOAD
npppythonplugsq(sfnet) Notepad++ Python Plugin Square A Notepad++ plugin to make plugins in Python (u... DOWNLOAD
gtalk-rpg(sfnet) gtalk-rpg Play Table-Top RPG via gTalk or other XMPP base... DOWNLOAD
finmetrics(sfnet) finmetrics FinMetrics - MATLAB based, open source/open arc... DOWNLOAD
identicons(sfnet) identicons A lightweight PHP implementation of Don Park's ... DOWNLOAD
isvd(sfnet) ISVD - Incremental SVD library Incremental singular value decomposition (SVD) ... DOWNLOAD
supercell(sfnet) Supercell Supercell is a PHP framework that allows you to... DOWNLOAD
saute(sfnet) sauté sauté is a recipe organizer/cooking aid. It is ... DOWNLOAD
goomediacenter(sfnet) Goo Media Center Goo Media Center is a Windows based media playe... DOWNLOAD
noc(sfnet) noc This script allow checking for an unlimited amo... DOWNLOAD
novelang(sfnet) novelang Novelang is a document generator based on a Wik... DOWNLOAD
threesome(sfnet) ThreeSome Threesome is a little search and combination ga... DOWNLOAD
ecstasy(sfnet) Ecstasy/Yaal EcstasyYaal is a programming language with low ... DOWNLOAD
cc08parser(sfnet) CC08Parser CC08Parser - Command-line utility for parsing c... DOWNLOAD
ebookpublisher(sfnet) eBook Publisher Transfer Office Word 2000/Office Word 2003 and ... DOWNLOAD
jfinder(sfnet) jFinder jFinder indexates your data files, so you can f... DOWNLOAD
pdfread(sfnet) PDFRead PDFRead is a tool for converting PDF and DJVU d... DOWNLOAD
curlinstall(sfnet) cURL cURL Install script - downloads, configures, an... DOWNLOAD
dsi(sfnet) Design-Side Includes (DSI) Design-Side Includes (DSI) is a command-line ut... DOWNLOAD
instphpmysqlgb(sfnet) Instant PHP/MySQL Guestbook See Project Homepage for a demo. Main features:... DOWNLOAD
revj(sfnet) revj A tool that parses SQL Select statements and ge... DOWNLOAD
maintenance-pan(sfnet) Maintenance Control Panel Maintenance Control Panel for Windows XP, Vista... DOWNLOAD
dms-easy(sfnet) DMSEasy DMSEasy is a web-based Document Management Syst... DOWNLOAD
debreate(freshmeat) Debreate Debreate is a utility to aid in building Debian... DOWNLOAD
monoedit(sfnet) monoEdit Simple, single-file PHP content and file manage... DOWNLOAD
otemba(sfnet) otemba Otemba is a BSD licensed and provides a value a... DOWNLOAD
gerbertogcode(sfnet) gerbertogcode This project is for converting PCB RS274X gerbe... DOWNLOAD
lookup(sfnet) Lookup Lookup is an integrated search interface with e... DOWNLOAD
php-fusion-br(sfnet) PHP-Fusion Brasil Pacote completo do PHP-Fusion traduzido para o ... DOWNLOAD
worktracker(sfnet) WorkTracker WorkTracker is a program that collects time sta... DOWNLOAD
cpfs(sfnet) C++ File Splitter A Simple File Splitting/Joining Application wri... DOWNLOAD
swissmiui(sfnet) swissmiui My Custom Rom MIUI Based ICS DOWNLOAD
avicohh(sfnet) Hebrew Android Development Android開発のヘブライ語コミュニティ DOWNLOAD
imagetools(sfnet) Image Tools A desktop application to capture an image of th... DOWNLOAD
ttmem(sfnet) ToolTip Memorizer Simple software used to help in memorising word... DOWNLOAD
renameme(sfnet) RenameMe Automatic renaming tool for folders and files. DOWNLOAD
action4java(freshmeat) action4Java action4Java is a lightweight, modular, extendib... DOWNLOAD
virtualtiemu(sfnet) Virtual TI Emulator This is an emulator for the TI line of graphing... DOWNLOAD
pingreport(sfnet) Ping Report This automated multiusers ping report is PHP sc... DOWNLOAD
qmapcontrol(sfnet) QMapControl QMapControl is a Qt widget which enables your a... DOWNLOAD
proftpd-admin(sfnet) proftpd-admin ProFTPd Admin is a fully functional web-interfa... DOWNLOAD
arifmetik(sfnet) Arifmetik DOWNLOAD
gebr(sfnet) GêBR GêBR is an environment to seismic processing ba... DOWNLOAD
rainbowforth(sfnet) Rainbow Forth Rainbow Forth is an implementation of the color... DOWNLOAD
alenka(sfnet) ålenkå Alenka is a modern analytical database engine w... DOWNLOAD
practico(sfnet) Práctico Práctico es un proyecto de Software Libre publi... DOWNLOAD
phpadamoto(sfnet) phpAdamoto With phpAdamoto it is possible to administrate ... DOWNLOAD
utoken(sfnet) utoken uToken is an authentication system that allows ... DOWNLOAD
easycrypter(sfnet) EasyCrypter EasyCrypter is JAVA application for data encryp... DOWNLOAD
json-httpd(sfnet) json-httpd json-httpd is a library that provides a web ser... DOWNLOAD
pmias(sfnet) PMIAS Agents based reinforcement learning using Mathe... DOWNLOAD
wko2csv(sfnet) WKO to CSV data file converter A command line utility to convert wko binary fi... DOWNLOAD
gammamoo(freshmeat) GammaMOO GammaMOO is a fork of the LambdaMOO server with... DOWNLOAD
anaction(sfnet) ANAction Palm Desktop for Windows extension that allows ... DOWNLOAD
anyhash(sfnet) AnyHash A password manager that works without password ... DOWNLOAD
hfdp-cpp(sfnet) Head First Design Patterns in C++ Head First Design Patterns translated to C++. T... DOWNLOAD
blueberrything(sfnet) Blueberry Thing Blueberry Thing is an auxiliary tool used in co... DOWNLOAD
courier-mtaandc(sfnet) Courier-mta and Courier-authlib RPMS Current rpms made from FC for courier-mta and c... DOWNLOAD
pythonwow-rpg(sfnet) Python Wow-RPG A WoW like text based rpg written in python DOWNLOAD
oratoolkit(sfnet) oraToolKit - Swiss Army Knife for Oracle oraToolKit is the Swiss Army Knife for Oracle. ... DOWNLOAD
jwiicm(sfnet) jwiicm - Java Wii Code Manager Tool for managing patch codes for the Nintendo ... DOWNLOAD
form-validation(freshmeat) Form Validation Form Validation validates form inputs according... DOWNLOAD
mysudoku(sfnet) mysudoku User friendly sudoku game. Generate hard , medi... DOWNLOAD
hrreserve(sfnet) hotel room reservation management The booking assistant handles the Front desk o... DOWNLOAD
keepeek-pluggin(sfnet) Keepeek plugin for CMS Pluggins pour connecter le logiciel de photothè... DOWNLOAD
grdfs(sfnet) grdfs RDFS graphical ontology grdfs is a RDF specification. Software complian... DOWNLOAD
virtual-chair(sfnet) VirtualChair VirtualChair (VC) is an online system, which au... DOWNLOAD
synarcher(sfnet) synarcher The system searches synonyms (and related words... DOWNLOAD
gm-db(sfnet) gm-db Our Project offers a German translation for all... DOWNLOAD
googlesecrets(sfnet) Google Secrets DOWNLOAD
dbus-tcl(sfnet) DBus binding for Tcl The DBus-Tcl project provides a Tcl interface t... DOWNLOAD
jcaf(sfnet) Java Context-Awareness Framework Context-awareness is a key concept in ubiquitou... DOWNLOAD
kernelex(sfnet) KernelEx KernelEx is an Open Source compatibility layer ... DOWNLOAD
efront-thai(sfnet) eFront Thai Edition eFront Thai Edition : Refreshing eLearning Thai... DOWNLOAD
apcupsd(sfnet) Apcupsd UPS control software Apcupsd is a program for monitoring UPSes and p... DOWNLOAD
lobby(sfnet) Lobby Online Multiplayer Games Lobby written in java,... DOWNLOAD
jmec64(sfnet) JME C64 A Java-based Commodore 64 emulator for mobile d... DOWNLOAD
derpmod(sfnet) Derp Derp mod is a mod developed by Wigleg's Games, ... DOWNLOAD
acinerella(sfnet) Acinerella Acinerella is a small library that wraps around... DOWNLOAD
radis(sfnet) radis A cool-looking mouse menu that opens upon a glo... DOWNLOAD
pfars(sfnet) PFARS PFARS For Automatic Replication System is mainl... DOWNLOAD
redlobonetdeskt(sfnet) Desktop Widgets Desktop Widgets is a collection of ... DOWNLOAD
evulhunt(sfnet) Evulhunt v1 Source files for my DragonRealms Combat script ... DOWNLOAD
dhttpd(sfnet) Dublet's HTTP Daemon Another fast and secure webserver. Started as a... DOWNLOAD
sctl(sfnet) Solaris-compatible Thread Library (STL) The Solaris-compatible Thread Library (STL) ena... DOWNLOAD
miamexpress(sfnet) MIAMExpress Submission tool for Microarray experiments DOWNLOAD
sysreport(sfnet) sysreport Sysreport is server-client monitoring tool writ... DOWNLOAD
pronetha(sfnet) pronetha Pronetha Desktop provides an easy-to-use graphi... DOWNLOAD
lpsolve(sfnet) lpsolve Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver ... DOWNLOAD
rummage(sfnet) Rummage/Slide (Tentative) This project is a 100% pure Java J2EE framework... DOWNLOAD
mailmapping(sfnet) Mail Mapping Web based internal to external email mapper to ... DOWNLOAD
qlightread(sfnet) QlightRead A little project as final task for Embeded Syst... DOWNLOAD
myframesvacant(sfnet) MyFrame CMS Work with PHP and Mysqli, developing plugins is... DOWNLOAD
eagledaq(sfnet) Eagle Technology Data Acquisition Libraries, documentation, examples & driver... DOWNLOAD
gpsmate(sfnet) GpsMate A visualization tool for GPS data. DOWNLOAD
cism(sfnet) Cism Here is a site menu plugin for you website base... DOWNLOAD
filemailer(sfnet) File Mailer This software intend to help users to send file... DOWNLOAD
firstthings(sfnet) First Things First FirstThingsFirst is a webapplication to create ... DOWNLOAD
dkvbrowser(sfnet) dkvbrowser An application that can be used instead of the ... DOWNLOAD
persofred(sfnet) persofred DOWNLOAD

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