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cubicuo(sfnet) Campus Ubicuo Campus Ubicuo es un proyecto que se basa en el ... DOWNLOAD
dl-lightning(sfnet) Download Lightning This project will provide a suite of applicatio... DOWNLOAD
nuf-fuzzer(sfnet) nuf-fuzzer nuf-fuzzer is a powerfull browser fuzzer based ... DOWNLOAD
cbupdater(sfnet) CraftBukkit Server Updater This is a Win32 app made to let CraftBukkit's M... DOWNLOAD
vdrip(sfnet) vdrip VDRIP is a Perl script utility to help you to r... DOWNLOAD
htmlobject(sfnet) HTML Document Object The HTML Document Object is a Perl Module that ... DOWNLOAD
appraisalorderf(sfnet) Appraisal Order Form DOWNLOAD
wafl(sfnet) Website Adaptation and Formatting Layer WAFL stands for "Website Adaptation and Fo... DOWNLOAD
frol9999-thems(sfnet) frol9999_thems frol9999 thems gtk for gnome DOWNLOAD
pyrawirc(sfnet) Python Raw IRC Framework A framework for creating IRC bots and clients u... DOWNLOAD
redaxscript(sfnet) Redaxscript Redaxscript is a free, PHP and MySQL driven con... DOWNLOAD
open1to1(sfnet) Open1to1 This is the Open1to1 project. We're working to... DOWNLOAD
gtesttaker(sfnet) GTest GTest is an open source application written in ... DOWNLOAD
iwc(sfnet) Imaginary World creator Imaginary World Creator est un engine pour cree... DOWNLOAD
mirrortree(sfnet) mirrortree Determining the interaction partners among prot... DOWNLOAD
hiccalc(sfnet) HicCalc HicCalc is a scientific utility written in Java... DOWNLOAD
log1cms(sfnet) log1 CMS log1 CMS is no data base content managment syst... DOWNLOAD
cudaitk(sfnet) CUDA ITK This project shows how to integrate NVIDIA CUDA... DOWNLOAD
wiiassist(sfnet) WiiAssist WiiAssist aims to use Wiimotes and the Wiifit b... DOWNLOAD
dolquestmaps(sfnet) Dol Quest Maps Dawn of Light - Quest Designer Maps This work w... DOWNLOAD
ppsapover(sfnet) ppsapover A plugin about ppstream.You can close ppsap eas... DOWNLOAD
q3plug(sfnet) Q3Plug This web browser plugin is a rewrite of the pop... DOWNLOAD
ballotbox(sfnet) ballotbox ballotbox is a java library consist of 36 algor... DOWNLOAD
selinux(sfnet) Security-enhanced Linux これは、NSAのセキュリティが強化された[/projects... DOWNLOAD
giornata(sfnet) Giornata Giornata adds activity-awareness to the default... DOWNLOAD
free-sa(freshmeat) Free-SA Free-SA is tool for statistical analysis of dae... DOWNLOAD
pythoncard(sfnet) PythonCard PythonCard is a GUI construction kit for buildi... DOWNLOAD
testlinkjavaapi(sfnet) TestLink Java API TestLink Java API is an API that interfaces Tes... DOWNLOAD
dddmchess(sfnet) 3dMChess Questo progetto e' una GUI 2D e 3D per GNUChess... DOWNLOAD
translatortools(sfnet) Translator's Tools Translator's Tools is an extensi... DOWNLOAD
kernel2625el5(sfnet) Linux kernel 2.6.25 for CentOS-5 & RHEL5 Linux kernel 2.6.25 built specifically for Cent... DOWNLOAD
jbeacon(sfnet) jBeacon jBeacon is a library for network location of as... DOWNLOAD
obsched(sfnet) obsched This is a set of optimization models and suppor... DOWNLOAD
sppitool(sfnet) sptool This will be a tool to manage your account(s) a... DOWNLOAD
nspm(sfnet) Network Security & Policy Manager Open Source software for web-based management o... DOWNLOAD
ewbtokenfactory(sfnet) EWBTokenFactory for PHP EWBTokenFactory for PHP is a whitespace inclusi... DOWNLOAD
kdropbox(sfnet) KFilebox Unofficial KDE Dropbox client developed in QT. ... DOWNLOAD
yaai(sfnet) Yet Another Avi Info (YAAI) Yet Another Avi Info (YAAI) is one of the most ... DOWNLOAD
aaf(sfnet) Advanced Authoring Format A cross-platform SDK for AAF. AAF is a metadata... DOWNLOAD
giiaf-micro-lib(sfnet) GIIAF Microscopy Library This project incorporates a suite of tools that... DOWNLOAD
clinkcc(sfnet) CyberLink for C++ CyberLink for C++ is a development package for ... DOWNLOAD
ffmulticonv(sfnet) FF Multi Converter FF Multi Converter is a simple graphical applic... DOWNLOAD
time-stop(sfnet) Time Stop Time Stop is a 2D physics-based puzzle game. It... DOWNLOAD
symail(sfnet) symail Symail provides a sendmail replacement that red... DOWNLOAD
miniminer(sfnet) MiniMiner Phylogenetic motifs are multiple sequence align... DOWNLOAD
ant4eclipse(sfnet) ant4eclipse The aim of ant4eclipse is to avoid redundancy b... DOWNLOAD
gsim85(sfnet) GSim85 It is an 8085 simulator. it is having very user... DOWNLOAD
brutalis(sfnet) BRUTALIS BRUTALIS - BRUTeforce ALternative Is Stupid. Br... DOWNLOAD
pjirc(sfnet) PJIRC PJIRC is a full-featured Java-based IRC client DOWNLOAD
avrdg16080drv(sfnet) AVR-Library for DG-16080 GLCD A Library for interfacing a Atmel AVR Microcont... DOWNLOAD
brutalcms(sfnet) Brutal CMS See in the webpage. Like you to use our CMS DOWNLOAD
balloonwindow(sfnet) BalloonWindow Library for .NET This library is a set of components that enable... DOWNLOAD
flugbuch2(sfnet) Flugbuch2 Flight log book for free flying with nice stati... DOWNLOAD
supermod(sfnet) Supermod This is an online html form generator written i... DOWNLOAD
multiterminal(sfnet) multiterminal A terminal communication program that is able t... DOWNLOAD
jledger(sfnet) Java Business Accounting API This is a Java Business Accounting API that con... DOWNLOAD
foxmediacenter(sfnet) foxmediacenter FoxMediaCenter is a lightweight media center ex... DOWNLOAD
terusproxy(sfnet) terusproxy TerusProxy is a client-server system to generat... DOWNLOAD
tafsiribnkathir(sfnet) Tafsir Ibn Kathir - English Only Edition peace be with you, this program is a compilatio... DOWNLOAD
pgwow(sfnet) Playground WoW Easy method to exchange files beetween PG admins DOWNLOAD
dogfrontend(sfnet) dogfrontend D.O.G. is a frontend for the DOS emulator DOSBo... DOWNLOAD
tclsoap(sfnet) TclSOAP The TclSOAP package provides a mechanism to bin... DOWNLOAD
sipwitch(freshmeat) GNU SIP Witch GNU SIP Witch is a secure peer-to-peer VoIP ser... DOWNLOAD
tohru(sfnet) Trace Online Hand Raising Utility The Trace Online Hand Raising Utility (TOHRU) i... DOWNLOAD
tomassignment2(sfnet) TomAssignment 2 DOWNLOAD
eegholter(sfnet) EEG-Holter EEG-Holter - Designed for analysis of long-term... DOWNLOAD
staybox(sfnet) staybox sbxkb - индикатор клавиатуры - keyboard indicat... DOWNLOAD
squidy-lib(sfnet) squidy-lib The Squidy Interaction Library eases the design... DOWNLOAD
refline(sfnet) Refline Refline is a software for creating and editing ... DOWNLOAD
keysurfboard(sfnet) Keysurfboard If you're surfing the web and don't want to use... DOWNLOAD
brustracja(sfnet) Borys Musielak BRUSTRACJA is an entertainment portal. It's all... DOWNLOAD
ldtp(freshmeat) Linux Desktop Testing Project Linux Desktop Testing Project is aimed at produ... DOWNLOAD
lsadl(freshmeat) lsadl lsadl is an AMD/ATI GPU overclock and monitorin... DOWNLOAD
alexdresslerrr(sfnet) Organization 1.0.2 Organization 1.0.2 Agenda is an application de... DOWNLOAD
sector(sfnet) SECTOR SECTOR: A Distributed Data Storage and Processi... DOWNLOAD
texai(sfnet) texai Inactive RDF lexicon files. DOWNLOAD
ao-ready(sfnet) AoReady AoReady is an Argentum Online Mod. With this to... DOWNLOAD
bestats(sfnet) BE-Stats This script gathers information about your visi... DOWNLOAD
cue-cunit(sfnet) Cue Cue is a Unit Testing Framework for C. This fra... DOWNLOAD
chrometodo(sfnet) Chrome ToDo Offline ToDo list for Chome web browser DOWNLOAD
nostromon50onvi(sfnet) Nostromo N50 on Vista,Seven, XP 32&64 ! Use the Belkin Nostromo N50 Speedpad on VISTA,7... DOWNLOAD
citadelselinux(sfnet) Citadel SELinux Support SELinux modules which extend mandatory access c... DOWNLOAD
wxoralib(sfnet) wxOraLib wxOraLib is a wxWidgets library to connect and ... DOWNLOAD
kittens(sfnet) kittens Kittens is like screen for applications. Kitten... DOWNLOAD
sosteachers(sfnet) SOS Teachers SOS Teachers is a website system for teachers. ... DOWNLOAD
tplanrobot(sfnet) tplanrobot T-Plan Robot (formerly known as VNCRobot) is a ... DOWNLOAD
ubuntupackagedo(sfnet) Ubuntu Package Downloader This project is made because the default packag... DOWNLOAD
snapp(sfnet) SNMP Network Analysis and Presentation SNMP Network Analysis and Presentation Package ... DOWNLOAD
hct(sfnet) The HDL Complexity Tool The HDL Complexity Tool parses large complex ha... DOWNLOAD
jodd(sfnet) jodd Generic purpose Java utilities bundled with lig... DOWNLOAD
cindx9-demomode(sfnet) C# in DX9-DemoModelingApp C# / DX9.0 Demo App/ Source Code 1/20/03 Modeli... DOWNLOAD
know-it(sfnet) KnowIt Knowit detects malicious software running on yo... DOWNLOAD
runsharp(sfnet) RunSharp Generate code on the fly, using high-level syntax. DOWNLOAD
genericfixture(sfnet) Generic Fixture A Generic Fixture for FitNesse where user just ... DOWNLOAD
benchmarkrv(sfnet) benchmark rv Benchmark RV is a simple accounting suite for b... DOWNLOAD
combitagger(sfnet) combitagger The main purpose of CombiTagger is to read files... DOWNLOAD
medicalmobility(sfnet) dxf2erl Convert CAD DXF files to erlang source code DOWNLOAD
cryptoquip(sfnet) Cryptoquip A code breaking game, which can be played with ... DOWNLOAD
boardgames(sfnet) Board Games Online Create boardgames and play online. Is there a b... DOWNLOAD
jpivot(sfnet) JPivot - a JSP based OLAP client JPivot is a JSP custom tag library that renders... DOWNLOAD

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