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igmoiseplus(sfnet) igmoiseplus Interface Gráfica para editar a especificação o... DOWNLOAD
guidrive(sfnet) GUIDrive A java library and application that creates mou... DOWNLOAD
o-security(sfnet) Our Security (o-security) Osec is a lightweight integrity checking system DOWNLOAD
pgpitr(sfnet) pgpitr pgpitr is a shell to automatize PostgreSQL's on... DOWNLOAD
trainvocs(sfnet) trainvocs A platform-independent vocabulary trainer with ... DOWNLOAD
vsrc(sfnet) vsrc Vsrc is Python module/program that finds the so... DOWNLOAD
makepack(sfnet) makepack A generic Makefile which downloads source, unpa... DOWNLOAD
ora(sfnet) ORA - Open Redundant Architecture ORA - Open Redundant Architecture is a referenc... DOWNLOAD
xufs(sfnet) xUrl Filtering Server XUFS provide URL filtering server (Service for ... DOWNLOAD
dnperl(sfnet) Demosten's Perl distribution for Windows This is a Perl distribution for Windows. It com... DOWNLOAD
u-customizer(sfnet) Customizer Cusotomizer is advanced LiveCD customization to... DOWNLOAD
jam-alarm(sfnet) Jam Alarm V.1.0 Alarm Clock with cute design DOWNLOAD
refapp(sfnet) RefApp A php/mysql web based application which allows ... DOWNLOAD
maven-vmware(sfnet) Maven 2 Plugin for VMWare This is a maven plugin that allows to start, st... DOWNLOAD
jsmatep(sfnet) jSmaTeP jSmaTeP - JAVA Smart Text Processor Library for... DOWNLOAD
enflexysgames(sfnet) enflexysgames Multiplayer bluetooth games playable on mobile ... DOWNLOAD
dotnetgoogletra(sfnet) DotNetGoogleTranslator This is a .NET implementation for API access to... DOWNLOAD
betrs(sfnet) BETR-Research BETR-Research (BETRS) is a modelling framework ... DOWNLOAD
mmi(sfnet) MMI Ontologies Ontologies managed and created by the Marine Me... DOWNLOAD
getitfast(sfnet) getitfast This is a open source version of a famous Brazi... DOWNLOAD
wilma(sfnet) WilmaScope 3D Graph Visualizatio A Java software for 3D visualization of graphs/... DOWNLOAD
mcdownload(sfnet) MCDownload DOWNLOAD
ctorrent-win32(sfnet) ctorrent-win32 This project is a modification of the lastest v... DOWNLOAD
ntccrt(sfnet) a generic NTCC interpreter capable of RT Ntccrt is an interpreter for the Non-determinis... DOWNLOAD
dtoanxls(sfnet) Du toan XLS Estimate software running on Microsoft Excel. P... DOWNLOAD
c12(sfnet) C12 A PHP/MySql Bogging system aimed at ease of use... DOWNLOAD
fvik(sfnet) FVIK Future Vietnamese Input Keyboard for Vista 64bit DOWNLOAD
poincare(sfnet) poincare Photographic Tiling of the Poincare Disk DOWNLOAD
jvclifford(sfnet) JVClifford JVClifford is composed of Java/Java3D packages ... DOWNLOAD
gnome-panel-noa(sfnet) gnome-panel-noarrow Panel source corrected so that there is no arro... DOWNLOAD
pocketacademy(sfnet) Pocket Academy This is a project to develop Elearning software... DOWNLOAD
gnupgk(sfnet) GnuPGk A GnuPG Frontend GUI made in C#. It is compatib... DOWNLOAD
ynetlist(sfnet) Ynetlist Ynetlist is yet another netlister for gEDA/gsch... DOWNLOAD
latexdraw(sfnet) LaTeXDraw LaTeXDraw is a graphical drawing editor for LaT... DOWNLOAD
dcg(sfnet) DCG (Dynamic Code Generator) DCG is a dynamic code generator that can write ... DOWNLOAD
cudacagen(sfnet) cuda cagen CUDA-based rule 30 cellular automaton generator... DOWNLOAD
inhelpdesk(sfnet) inHelpDesk inHelpDesk is your customer friendly trouble ti... DOWNLOAD
ousb(sfnet) Open-USB-IO board Working with microprocessors is one of the most... DOWNLOAD
brute(sfnet) brute supernova spectrum synthesis For the direct and detailed analysis of superno... DOWNLOAD
rassistant(sfnet) Research Assistant Research Assistant is a free multi-platform ope... DOWNLOAD
dungeonbattle(sfnet) dungeon battle you have to fight many monsters on your way to ... DOWNLOAD
edependency(sfnet) eDependency eDependency is a Eclipse project which analyses... DOWNLOAD
brute2(sfnet) brute Brute is a brute force hash cracker, it allows ... DOWNLOAD
ggsd(sfnet) Generic Genetic Studies Database The Generic Genetic Studies Database (GGSD) is ... DOWNLOAD
leafanalyser(sfnet) LeafAnalyser LeafAnalyser has been developed as a fast throu... DOWNLOAD
nakedphp(sfnet) nakedphp Naked Objects pattern for php world. A framewor... DOWNLOAD
twit2shut(sfnet) twit2shut shut down your PC with twitter DOWNLOAD
xix(sfnet) XIX XIX:Theme Creation Suite, for LG VU phones DOWNLOAD
pgdict(sfnet) Simple Perl Google Dictionary client It's simple web client for Google dictionary, i... DOWNLOAD
zoppinlist(sfnet) ZoppinList ZoppinList is an easy to use but feature rich S... DOWNLOAD
avrdudegui(sfnet) AVRdude GUI a GUI Interface for the popular avrdude program... DOWNLOAD
ana-droid(sfnet) Ana-Droid Converse com a andróide mais simpática que você... DOWNLOAD
boardsimlib(sfnet) BoardSimLib Win32-Linux-Vxworks portable interface for emb... DOWNLOAD
bareos(freshmeat) bareos Bareos (Backup Archiving REcovery Open Sourced)... DOWNLOAD
stopcheckpoints(sfnet) Stop Checkpoint Secure Remote Services Tool to stop your secure remote services on you... DOWNLOAD
simmyworld(sfnet) SimMyWorld SimMyWorld is originally a ray tracing program ... DOWNLOAD
asterisksuite(sfnet) Asterisk Suite It´s a complete All-in-one suite of Asterisk PB... DOWNLOAD
nclass(sfnet) NClass NClass is a free tool to easily create UML clas... DOWNLOAD
l5rdiceroller(sfnet) L5R Dice Roller This Project Has been added to the L5R-RPU Project DOWNLOAD
c115ol(sfnet) 115ol It is a academic research blog DOWNLOAD
juunasplayer(sfnet) JPlayer JPlayer is an MP3 player made using VB .NET. It... DOWNLOAD
jsface(sfnet) jsface jsFace is another library designed to facilitat... DOWNLOAD
multy-command(sfnet) Multy Command Multy-command is a simple Bash script which pro... DOWNLOAD
procmemdumper(sfnet) ProcessMemoryDumper Process Memory Dumper it's developed for IT Con... DOWNLOAD
phishingurldete(sfnet) Phishing URL Detector: YMessenger Plugin This is a Yahoo Messenger plugin that detects p... DOWNLOAD
circlecollision(sfnet) 2d circle collision engine Predicts and resolves collisions of circles of ... DOWNLOAD
advirplayer(sfnet) Advir Player 1.6 Christian music and messages using radios and t... DOWNLOAD
jspbean(sfnet) JSPBean The Framework JSPBean provide an agile jsp deve... DOWNLOAD
hdparm(sfnet) hdparm hdparm - get/set ATA/SATA drive parameters unde... DOWNLOAD
wifigetpod(sfnet) WifiGetPod WifiGetPod is a Windows Mobile 5+ Pocket PC pod... DOWNLOAD
sedhcp(sfnet) Simple Embedded DHCP A very simple DHCP server for use in embedded s... DOWNLOAD
hlbr(sfnet) HLBR - Hogwash Light BR HLBR is an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) th... DOWNLOAD
mwt(sfnet) mwt The Multi-Worm Tracker is a population-level st... DOWNLOAD
dans-dbf-lib(sfnet) DANS DBF Library Java library to read and write xBase database f... DOWNLOAD
gtmhandbuch(sfnet) GT.M Programmierhandbuch deutsch Deutsche Handbuchübersetzung zur GT.M-Datenbank... DOWNLOAD
projectwinclip(sfnet) Winclip1 O Winclip é um widget que possui como principal... DOWNLOAD
kollectmoviedat(sfnet) kollectmoviedat PHP Movie Database for Movie Collector. DOWNLOAD
evolvedefence(sfnet) Evolution of Antipredator Defences This is source code for an online simulations u... DOWNLOAD
dnet(sfnet) CMS A php/MySQL proof of concept CMS with user-defi... DOWNLOAD
confity(sfnet) Confity With Confity, you can tweak your Unity desktop ... DOWNLOAD
sawat(sfnet) SAW - Special Access to Windows SAW - Special Access to Windows - is a programm... DOWNLOAD
hidewindow(sfnet) Hide Unhide Hide Unhide is GNU application. You can: 1. Hid... DOWNLOAD
ofc2kmm(sfnet) OFC to KMyMoney converter ofc2kmm is a script which converts bank stateme... DOWNLOAD
psxcms(sfnet) amun Amun is a content managment framework written i... DOWNLOAD
drizzle(sfnet) drizzle A collection of tools related to the game Myst.... DOWNLOAD
virtualembryo(sfnet) 4D Map of the Virtual Sea Urchin Embryo A research project aimed at creating a graphica... DOWNLOAD
avrdudeassist(sfnet) AVRDude Assistant Make using AVRDude easier with this simple appl... DOWNLOAD
wineicons(sfnet) wineicons WineIcons is a Win32 program for Wine, that all... DOWNLOAD
kensmonitor(sfnet) Ken's MONitor (kmon) This is a monitor that takes vmstat output and ... DOWNLOAD
netlab(sfnet) NetLAB NetLAB is designed for learning computer networ... DOWNLOAD
zookeeper(sfnet) ZooKeeper ZooKeeper is a high available and reliable coor... DOWNLOAD
piratewall(freshmeat) PirateWall PirateWall is a simple Twitter Client. It disp... DOWNLOAD
adviporting(sfnet) ADVI porting on MAC OS X Porting A-DVI on MAC OS X using FINK DOWNLOAD
testmenuproject(sfnet) TestMenu Project A project to test the new menu structure we are... DOWNLOAD
transims-metro(sfnet) TRANSIMS Metropolis Metropolis is a visualization tool for TRANSIMS... DOWNLOAD
openfigaro(sfnet) OpenFigaro The project OpenFigaro is intended to be a Open... DOWNLOAD
asterisk-sme7(sfnet) Asterisk for SME-Server 7.0 Asterisk rpms for SME-server 7.0rc1 (CentOS 4.2... DOWNLOAD
ppwb(sfnet) Password Protected Web Browser (PPWB) A program I developed to test password protecti... DOWNLOAD
sdlresize(sfnet) SDL_Resize A basic image resizing library for SDL: resize ... DOWNLOAD
courier(sfnet) Courier Mail Server The Courier mail transfer agent (MTA) is an int... DOWNLOAD

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