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firstthings(sfnet) First Things First FirstThingsFirst is a webapplication to create ... DOWNLOAD
dkvbrowser(sfnet) dkvbrowser An application that can be used instead of the ... DOWNLOAD
persofred(sfnet) persofred DOWNLOAD
crappy-add-on(sfnet) OpenCrappy Crappy, an OpenGL project DOWNLOAD
cashiers-checkf(sfnet) Cashiers-Check Framework A very minimalist PHP Framework. DOWNLOAD
kmbrasil(sfnet) K-Meleon Brasil Software baseado na tecnologia Gecko, e no soft... DOWNLOAD
otcl-tclcl(sfnet) OTcl and TclCL OTcl, short for MIT Object Tcl, is an extension... DOWNLOAD
rbt(sfnet) RBT SQL Query and Report Design User-friendly, browser-based sql query and repo... DOWNLOAD
openaris(sfnet) Open ARIS AU-IBAR is the leading organization in the deve... DOWNLOAD
task-monitor(sfnet) Task Monitor In Python Task Monitor In Python, used to refresh and get... DOWNLOAD
pm-doc(sfnet) Procmail documentation This is a Procmail Tips page: a collection of p... DOWNLOAD
pknews(sfnet) PkNews Robust Web Based newsletters managment system. ... DOWNLOAD
cvs-tools(sfnet) CVS tools CVS tools - set of utilities for users, project... DOWNLOAD
js-tools(sfnet) Javascript plug-in modules Javascript tools is a set of Object oriented pl... DOWNLOAD
cscall(sfnet) CSCall++ A C++ library converting average use of syscall... DOWNLOAD
do-db(sfnet) do-db This framework gives you the opportunity to wor... DOWNLOAD
tiny-tools(sfnet) Emacs tiny tools Emacs Tiny Tools is a collection of libraries a... DOWNLOAD
shared-app-vnc(sfnet) SharedAppVnc Application sharing software that allows indivi... DOWNLOAD
jfilecrypt(sfnet) jfilecrypt jFileCrypt encrypts and decrypts files and dire... DOWNLOAD
coldbeer(sfnet) ColdBeer mud client MUD client for use with the Discworld MUD, if i... DOWNLOAD
rcr-aesir(sfnet) RCR Aesir A content management system project using a tex... DOWNLOAD
hrmis(sfnet) e-hris E-HRIS Is an open source human resource informa... DOWNLOAD
nhopkg(sfnet) nhopkg Nhopkg is a lightweight and powerfull package m... DOWNLOAD
lsr(sfnet) Localization of ADempiere ERP for Serbia Adapting ADempiere to the Serbian language and ... DOWNLOAD
mgdexmasgame(sfnet) MGDE Xmas Game Game developerment DOWNLOAD
xingsub(sfnet) XingSub This is a program used to subtitles timing and ... DOWNLOAD
verdecontacto(sfnet) Verde Contacto Agenda telefónica simple y versátil para la adm... DOWNLOAD
perl-dyndns(sfnet) Perl Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Client Project perl-dyndns is project to provide cross platfor... DOWNLOAD
pynk-server(sfnet) PyNK Pynk, or the Python Network (K/C)ontrol (Names... DOWNLOAD
openambulance(sfnet) OpenAmbulance OpenSource crossplatform dental ambulance autom... DOWNLOAD
softwarewptheme(sfnet) Software Wordpress Theme Simple and clean wordpress theme for software w... DOWNLOAD
ph7xsl(sfnet) XSLT PHP Template Engine | PH7Xsl PH7Xsl is a simple but effective and powerful t... DOWNLOAD
wfrecfganalyzer(sfnet) WFRecfgAnalyzer The Workflow Reconfiguration Analyzer component... DOWNLOAD
nmock2intellise(sfnet) NMock2 Intellisense for Resharper This is a plugin for Resharper that adds intell... DOWNLOAD
phymote(sfnet) PhyMote Using the Nintendo Wii Remote built-in accelera... DOWNLOAD
renamephotos(sfnet) Rename Photos A program to rename photos by shooting date. Th... DOWNLOAD
tvshowmanager(sfnet) Tv Show Manager A program in java to manage your tv show episod... DOWNLOAD
revolutionmus(sfnet) Revolution Mus Game Revolution Mus Game es un adaptacion para PC de... DOWNLOAD
qmathparser(sfnet) QMathParser QMathParser is a math expression parser(evaluat... DOWNLOAD
libmtp(sfnet) libmtp libmtp is a LGPL library implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
cburner(sfnet) CBurner CBurner is a CPU/Memory tester/bencher. Also us... DOWNLOAD
insurencemgmt(sfnet) Insurence Management This is a project to manage an insurance orient... DOWNLOAD
eddi(sfnet) The eddi editor Eddi is THE editor for X, it is powerfull, smal... DOWNLOAD
quivi(sfnet) Quivi Quivi is a comic / manga reader but also an gen... DOWNLOAD
mle(sfnet) MLE - Mobile Learning Engine MLE - The Mobile Learning Engine is a learning ... DOWNLOAD
alexkarta(sfnet) Project removed Project removed DOWNLOAD
nrtservice(sfnet) NRTservice NRTservice is the system developed by ESA G-POD... DOWNLOAD
netrix(sfnet) Netrix Tetris Reloaded - the ultimate tetris clone wit... DOWNLOAD
funnyfifteen(sfnet) Funny Fifteen Program that may create for you webpage with pu... DOWNLOAD
conair(sfnet) C++ On Air C++ On Air (or "ConAir") is a light-w... DOWNLOAD
wizzrss(sfnet) Wizz RSS News Reader - C# Wizz RSS News Reader - C# is an open source GPL... DOWNLOAD
trading(sfnet) globalonlinetradingsystem use for the purpose to do trading online throug... DOWNLOAD
duckworth(sfnet) duckworth This is a swing based java project to Calculate... DOWNLOAD
terk-y(sfnet) TeRK-ish Please go to for this pr... DOWNLOAD
pptchanger(sfnet) Powerpoint changer have a big screen in your main foyer of your bu... DOWNLOAD
rkhunter(sfnet) Rootkit Hunter Rootkit Hunter, security monitoring and analyzi... DOWNLOAD
archive-access(sfnet) Web Archive Access Utilities Access and manipulation tools, parsers and writ... DOWNLOAD
greylag(sfnet) greylag Tandem mass spectral peptide identification and... DOWNLOAD
radiorecorder(sfnet) Radio Recorder GUI Radio Recorder GUI is a simple, attractive grap... DOWNLOAD
xfer9860(sfnet) Casio fx-9860G communication utility xfer9860 works with the fx-9860G (AKA Graph85) ... DOWNLOAD
skylogicsystem(sfnet) SkyLogicSystem The core part of next generation of Cloud Appli... DOWNLOAD
apbot(sfnet) apbot An IRC Bot With some essential commands for fun... DOWNLOAD
bongdatv(sfnet) bongdatv TV solution P2P for client tool DOWNLOAD
lippu(sfnet) Lippu - Simple PHP Help Desk (helpdesk) A simple web based help desk with no need for a... DOWNLOAD
legesmotus(sfnet) legesmotus Leges Motus is a networked, team-based, 2D shoo... DOWNLOAD
yellowpressure(sfnet) Yellow Pressure E-Paper Downloader determines URLs for a local ... DOWNLOAD
blubbels(sfnet) Blubbels A small puzzle game written in Qt4 (Jawbreaker ... DOWNLOAD
qspacehulk(sfnet) JSpaceHulk JSpaceHulk is a Java implementation of Games Wo... DOWNLOAD
nod32aa(sfnet) NOD32 Advanced Account NOD32 Advanced Account (VBScript) DOWNLOAD
postgresqlschem(sfnet) PostgreSQL Schema web postgresql db administration DOWNLOAD
tester2(sfnet) tester2 Tester2 is simple test framework for functional... DOWNLOAD
r2r(sfnet) R2R For the process of RDF dataset transformation t... DOWNLOAD
goldenfiles(sfnet) goldenfiles goldenfiles is a project which has a number of ... DOWNLOAD
conceptual(sfnet) conceptual coNCePTuaL is a toolset for rapidly generating ... DOWNLOAD
nvclock(sfnet) Nvidia overclocking utlity NvClock is a utility with which you can tweak y... DOWNLOAD
guntargetmng(sfnet) GunTargetManager Il software permette di memorizzare i bersagli ... DOWNLOAD
rtcwsounds(sfnet) Return to Castle Wolfenstein New Sounds Return to Castle Wolfenstein Vsays and other so... DOWNLOAD
dml2(sfnet) DML2 DML2 is a command line-based object-oriented co... DOWNLOAD
tatradas(sfnet) TatraDAS disassembler Disassembler for Windows(95-XP), currently supp... DOWNLOAD
exzellenz(sfnet) exzellenz SYMPLiK EXZELLENZ is a pure Java program to man... DOWNLOAD
merakogps(sfnet) MerakoGPS MerakoGPS is a set of software for Merako-serie... DOWNLOAD
p4delphi(sfnet) Perforce plugin for CodeGear Delphi Perforce plugin for CodeGear Delphi is an exper... DOWNLOAD
wikitrust(sfnet) WikiTrust This project is also hosted on github at http:/... DOWNLOAD
pgsgetitdone(sfnet) Get It Done A lightweight java app that allows you to creat... DOWNLOAD
quore(sfnet) quore An atmospheric Quake engine running on GNU/Linu... DOWNLOAD
videotomp3(sfnet) VideoToMp3 Video2mp3 is software that allows you to conver... DOWNLOAD
alexjakob(sfnet) AlexJakob Calculator app for the Android DOWNLOAD
gravproduction(sfnet) Graviton production High energy physics computations:Code for Gravi... DOWNLOAD
caag(sfnet) Computer Aided Assessment & Grading Visual Basic/SQLite software to help grade stud... DOWNLOAD
ngrep-145-jser(sfnet) Ngrep-1.45-JSER (alpha) modded version of Ngrep-1.45 that dump complete... DOWNLOAD
dicom-cs(sfnet) DICOM# DICOM# open source project is intented to provi... DOWNLOAD
sonataalbumart(sfnet) Sonata Album Art Fetcher This plugin is for the Sonata mpd client to dow... DOWNLOAD
httpdbg(sfnet) HTTP Debugger httpdbg is an HTTP proxy server which is single... DOWNLOAD
nxtlibc(sfnet) nxtlibc The Lego Mindstorm NXT bluetooth implementation... DOWNLOAD
dsctl(sfnet) Dsctl - Digital scanner control program Dsctl is a CLI program for controlling as many ... DOWNLOAD
infodomestic(sfnet) Infodomestic Objects Infodomestic Objects - This is a set of distrib... DOWNLOAD
cpqarray(sfnet) CPQARRAY A driver for the Compaq Smart-2 PCI Disk Array ... DOWNLOAD
gpodcs(sfnet) GPOD Certificate System GPODCS is a Certification Authority developed i... DOWNLOAD
fingerme(sfnet) FingerMe Remote touch-pad server-client application for ... DOWNLOAD
sprinxcrmqbcnn(sfnet) SprinxCRM QuickBooks Connector Develop/implement successful sales and marketin... DOWNLOAD

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