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neoview(sfnet) Delete me DOWNLOAD
ccartist(sfnet) ccArtist ccArtist is like Wordpress for people who don't... DOWNLOAD
qt4ada(sfnet) Qt4Ada Qt4Ada is a thick Ada2005 binding for the Qt4 l... DOWNLOAD
bfin-test-proj(sfnet) Blackfin Test Project This project contains test software and tutoria... DOWNLOAD
rsudo(sfnet) rsudo rsudo is a remote administration tool that allo... DOWNLOAD
grdc(sfnet) Grdc - GTK+/Gnome Remote Desktop Client Grdc is now named Remmina. Please visit Remmina... DOWNLOAD
dbus-cxx(sfnet) dbus-cxx dbus-cxx is a C++ wrapper for dbus. It exposes ... DOWNLOAD
mapface(sfnet) MapFace Give your addresses a face. MapFace is a set of... DOWNLOAD
eve1(sfnet) Eve Eve is a AI project written in python that take... DOWNLOAD
x-trem-cms(sfnet) x-trem-cms Site pré-fait pour serveur privé flyff DOWNLOAD
wjpnetru(sfnet) wjpnetru Free Content Articles Directory and Search Engi... DOWNLOAD
fetchlog(sfnet) fetchlog - fetch new logfile messages The fetchlog utility displays the last new mess... DOWNLOAD
pyusb(sfnet) PyUSB PyUSB provides USB access on the Python language. DOWNLOAD
bftpd(sfnet) bftpd bftpd is an FTP server for Unix systems, which ... DOWNLOAD
dragmath(sfnet) DragMath DragMath is a drag and drop equation editor in ... DOWNLOAD
smultron(sfnet) Smultron Smultron is a text editor written in Cocoa for ... DOWNLOAD
jettshomegame(sfnet) jettshomegame This is a tetris game created in C# that uses t... DOWNLOAD
gdmap(sfnet) Graphical Disk Map Tool to inspect the used space of folders. File... DOWNLOAD
lingon(sfnet) Lingon Edit and create launchd configuration files in ... DOWNLOAD
portablescanner(sfnet) portable scanner Portable Free Antivirus comes with an easy inst... DOWNLOAD
pygoogle(sfnet) PyGoogle A Python wrapper for the Google web API. Allows... DOWNLOAD
skratchpad(sfnet) SkratchPad SkratchPad is an enhanced and pre-configured ve... DOWNLOAD
gps-datalogger(sfnet) gpsDataLogger Designed to collect fisheries data linked to GP... DOWNLOAD
zoneeditdynamic(sfnet) ZoneEdit Dynamic IP Updater Service Windows service to monitor changes in your IP a... DOWNLOAD
clubdata(sfnet) clubdata A Club member administration tool written in PH... DOWNLOAD
cubemon(sfnet) CubeMon CubeMon is an application to display public gam... DOWNLOAD
p-hero(sfnet) Pw0nage Hero A very simple clone of Guitar Hero written in B... DOWNLOAD
webtechtools(sfnet) Web Tech Tools This is where web developers can get tools that... DOWNLOAD
upforcoffee(sfnet) UpForCoffee Up for coffee is a Java client/server applicati... DOWNLOAD
dimpy(sfnet) DimPy A Python package that provides classes and tool... DOWNLOAD
darktable(sfnet) Virtual Lighttable and Darkroom Darktable is a virtual lighttable and darkroom ... DOWNLOAD
liberatio(sfnet) Liberatio Systems Management Liberatio is open source systems management bui... DOWNLOAD
uli-plugins(sfnet) uli-plugins Ulis LV2 Inserts. A series of LV2 plugins. Ther... DOWNLOAD
lupusgraus(sfnet) Lupus Garus Lupus Garus is a simulator for the Werewolves r... DOWNLOAD
downvid(sfnet) downvid Downloads DailyMotion, Youtube etc. from a list. DOWNLOAD
david-ddm(sfnet) Delicate Document Manager DDM(Delicate Document Manager) is a tool for se... DOWNLOAD
phoenixkit(sfnet) The Phoenix Kit The phoenix kit is a collection of tools & ... DOWNLOAD
amxmodx181(sfnet) AmxModX 1.8.1 AmxModX versiunea 1.8.1 DOWNLOAD
jtargettracking(sfnet) JTargetTracking An open source Java based library for target tr... DOWNLOAD
vaio-control-ce(sfnet) vaio-control-center This is a GUI for controlling special features ... DOWNLOAD
qt-ftpsearcher(sfnet) Qt-FtpSearcher Ftp searcher based on Qt4 libraries. There are ... DOWNLOAD
bs2bfrontend(sfnet) BS2B Frontend Frontend for the Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural... DOWNLOAD
p7spy(sfnet) p7spy JDBC tracing/benchmarking utility DOWNLOAD
easyloanmanager(sfnet) Easy Loan Manager Easy Loan Manager is the system to manage your ... DOWNLOAD
mediacontrolmce(sfnet) mediacontrolmce Media Control is a Windows Media Center plugin ... DOWNLOAD
alfa-bmf(sfnet) ALFA Base Module Foundation This project contains global software and conte... DOWNLOAD
aibur(sfnet) aiBur MyFramework aiBur é um framework PHP para desenvolvimento d... DOWNLOAD
pygames(sfnet) PySolitaire PySolitaire is a fork of PySol Solitaire that r... DOWNLOAD
qemupuppy(sfnet) QEMU-Puppy QEMU-Puppy is an OS and a set of applications o... DOWNLOAD
ari-yahoo(sfnet) Ari's Yahoo Client Ari's Yahoo Client is a compact, easy-to-use, t... DOWNLOAD
allmighty(sfnet) IRC Perl Bot Allmighty is a perl IRC bot which has been fork... DOWNLOAD
jasperetl(sfnet) Jaspersoft ETL Jaspersoft ETL is a data integration platform p... DOWNLOAD
virtualcd(sfnet) VirtualCd This small program mounts and unmounts cd imag... DOWNLOAD
mobilempdnet(sfnet) is a .Net client for MPD the Musi... DOWNLOAD
vfs-utils(sfnet) vfs-utils Apache Commons VFS utilities such as a bridge t... DOWNLOAD
jarrunner(sfnet) jarrunner Jarrunner is a java library to execute external... DOWNLOAD
aida(sfnet) Autocorrelation Indices for DNA Analysis Computes spatial autocorrelation indices from D... DOWNLOAD
owldb(sfnet) owldb owldb allows for the persistence of OWL-ontolog... DOWNLOAD
phpopt(sfnet) phpopt conducts online practice tests and it is develo... DOWNLOAD
durito(sfnet) DURITO Durito: a free (as in speech) application that ... DOWNLOAD
qtcutit(sfnet) CutIt! Program that can compress, cut and join files q... DOWNLOAD
idle-lisa-emu(sfnet) IDLE - Lisa Emulator IDLE (Incomplete Draft of a Lisa Emulator) : a ... DOWNLOAD
wordforge2(sfnet) WordForge An intelligent platform-independent offline tra... DOWNLOAD
wikiup(freshmeat) wikiup wikiup is a commandline utility which uploads f... DOWNLOAD
defendline(sfnet) defendline Low-cost, easy to replicate GSM-based remote co... DOWNLOAD
webintergrator(sfnet) Web Integrator Web Integrator is a Multiplatform web based Int... DOWNLOAD
ldbllib(sfnet) ldbllib LDBLLIB is a C++ library for working with 10-by... DOWNLOAD
firenow(sfnet) is a Firefox plugin that automatically... DOWNLOAD
herakles(sfnet) HERAKLES HERAKLES is a reasoning broker framework for OW... DOWNLOAD
hamsterdb(freshmeat) hamsterdb Embedded Storage hamsterdb Embedded Storage is an embedded datab... DOWNLOAD
islandmandel(sfnet) Island Mandel A quick and simple puzzle game taking place on ... DOWNLOAD
openspacestatio(sfnet) Open Spacestation Open-source alternative to the popular BYOND ga... DOWNLOAD
console-kn(sfnet) console-kn ConSole is an open and modular application for ... DOWNLOAD
fsmdesigner(sfnet) FSMDesigner FSMDesigner is a C++ based implementation for a... DOWNLOAD
kstreamripper(sfnet) kstreamripper KStreamRipper (formaly KRadioRipper) is a progr... DOWNLOAD
ini4j(sfnet) [ini4j] Simple Java API Windows style .ini file handlin... DOWNLOAD
bookitgoldes(sfnet) Bookitgold Traduccion Español Esta son los archivos necesarios para el compon... DOWNLOAD
peerblock(sfnet) PeerBlock Blocks "known bad" IP-addresses from ... DOWNLOAD
qteukleides(sfnet) QtEukleides QtEukleides is a versatile graphical front-end ... DOWNLOAD
linecounterplus(sfnet) Line Counter Plus GUI based line count program for multipl... DOWNLOAD
complexcity(sfnet) complexcity This research presents a software implementatio... DOWNLOAD
jzeemap(sfnet) J Zeemap A command line java tool that allows creating i... DOWNLOAD
crystalplane(sfnet) Crystal Plane Crystal Plane is a plugin for Crystal Space (ww... DOWNLOAD
loke-testing(sfnet) loke-testing STANLEY CAN U SEE THE PROJECT DOWNLOAD
gpgdecrypter(sfnet) gpgdecrypter gpgdecrypter is a server which acts as SMTP pro... DOWNLOAD
picasadownlder(sfnet) Picasa Tiny Downloader A minimal app to download a whole Picasa Web Al... DOWNLOAD
avrlib(sfnet) avr libraries for microcontroller Library for AVR microcontroller from Atmel (www... DOWNLOAD
ipfilter(sfnet) ipfilter Open source firewall project for Unix systems DOWNLOAD
accumulation(sfnet) Accumulation when you come to a new subject like a new cours... DOWNLOAD
avr-glcd-ks0107(sfnet) gLCD Driver KS0107 128x64 for AVR Driver for graphical LCD display unit (128x64) ... DOWNLOAD
mapsim(sfnet) MapSim MapSim is a simulation engine for System Dynami... DOWNLOAD
mopseclipse(sfnet) MOPS eclipse plug-in An eclipse plug-in for MOPS, a tool for MOdelch... DOWNLOAD
escadar(sfnet) e.SCADA.r e.SCADA.r is a web based historical reporting s... DOWNLOAD
musicclock(sfnet) Music Alarm Clock with Sleep Timer A software alarm clock designed for Windows Vis... DOWNLOAD
hades(sfnet) HaDeS (Hardware Deployment System) HaDeS is a deployment system for large scale in... DOWNLOAD
exceltodbf(sfnet) ExcelToDBF ExcelToDBF is an open source Add-in for Excel 2... DOWNLOAD
tstools(sfnet) Vijner 974 Encryption System Vijner 974 E-Sys (2048 bits and unlimited encry... DOWNLOAD
chess-problem(sfnet) Chess problem solver This is an opensource software at University of... DOWNLOAD
pdcalc(sfnet) pdcalc Simple pushdown calculator written in C++. DOWNLOAD
meetingmore(sfnet) MeMo A multiuser meeting organizer. DOWNLOAD

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