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qtcosmos(sfnet) QtCosmos QtCosmos based on pycosmos and pysmssend, is a... DOWNLOAD
verve(sfnet) VerveCMS VerveCMS is a lightweight, modular Content Mana... DOWNLOAD
stackunderflow(sfnet) StackUnderflow Queries StackOverflow, ServerFault, SuperUser a... DOWNLOAD
zoorbar21(sfnet) Zoorbar 2.1 Zoorbar 2.1 is the updated version of a softwar... DOWNLOAD
my-gui(sfnet) MyGUI - fast, simple and flexible GUI MyGUI is a library for creating Graphical User ... DOWNLOAD
dhis(sfnet) District Health Information System The District Health Information System (DHIS) p... DOWNLOAD
ferris(sfnet) Ferris Ferris contains a number of utilities, facades,... DOWNLOAD
glsof-filemonitor(freshmeat) Filemonitor FileMonitor monitors the activity of open and c... DOWNLOAD
gtatool(freshmeat) gtatool Gtatool provides a set of commands that manipul... DOWNLOAD
quechua(sfnet) Quechua Quechua is a simple but effective kiosk browser... DOWNLOAD
tdo(sfnet) TDO - Typed Data Object TDO - Typed Data Object is a .NET source code g... DOWNLOAD
xaos(sfnet) XaoS Real-time interactive fractal zoomer. Home Pag... DOWNLOAD
lsdt(sfnet) Lejos Eclipse Plugin An Eclipse Plugin for Development of leJos bas... DOWNLOAD
autorunmanager(sfnet) Autorun Manager Autorun Manager, è un semplice programma svilup... DOWNLOAD
xmultiverse(sfnet) xmultiverse The project 'MultiVerse' will be an open, decen... DOWNLOAD
tiny-edit(sfnet) tiny-edit An open source minimal text editor written in j... DOWNLOAD
icesystem(sfnet) Ice System ICE (Instant Communicator for Everyone) is a ch... DOWNLOAD
n-bpm(sfnet) nbpm Microsoft .NET Port of jBPM. An open source wor... DOWNLOAD
projectxenon(sfnet) Project Xenon A, easy browser-based desktop environment with ... DOWNLOAD
gamlib-ai(freshmeat) gamlib-ai gamlib-ai provides an easy to use API for grid-... DOWNLOAD
celeritas(sfnet) celeritas Celeritas is a web development framework built ... DOWNLOAD
graphics32(sfnet) Graphics32 Graphics32 is a graphics library for Delphi and... DOWNLOAD
javagroups(sfnet) JGroups Reliable group communication based on IP multic... DOWNLOAD
syslog-server(sfnet) Syslog Server A simple yet powerful Syslog protocol Server &a... DOWNLOAD
libpsync(sfnet) libpsync The libpsync library provides lightweight porta... DOWNLOAD
genx(sfnet) GenX GenX is a scientific program to refine x-ray re... DOWNLOAD
jshrink(sfnet) jshrink jShrinker is written in Java and can de/compres... DOWNLOAD
psimedu(sfnet) An Education Microprocessor Simulator, based of... DOWNLOAD
jiumoluo(sfnet) Jiumoluo Jiumoluo is a complete working environment for ... DOWNLOAD
se549unixusage(sfnet) SE549 UnixUsage Project This is a DePaul University SE549 Model Driven ... DOWNLOAD
oojmerge(sfnet) OOJMerge An open office (ODF) mail merge library. It is ... DOWNLOAD
tomahawk-mail(sfnet) Tomahawk Mail Tomahawk Mail is a complete web mail solution, ... DOWNLOAD
signallocbb(sfnet) Signal-Location Utility for BlackBerry Signal-Location Utility has moved to http://f5b... DOWNLOAD
nextpe(sfnet) nextpe XPE (neXtgen Povray Editor) is a modern editor ... DOWNLOAD
avrlcddrivers(sfnet) AVR LCD Drivers Collection of various LCD controllers Graphical... DOWNLOAD
xodagallery(sfnet) XodaGallery XodaGallery is a imagegallery for the web. Use ... DOWNLOAD
alex-word-filte(sfnet) alex-word-filter 基于多叉树的敏感词、关键词过滤的工具包,用于jav... DOWNLOAD
root-tools(sfnet) rootutils Scripts and tools to manage your Server. DOWNLOAD
discal(sfnet) disCal Just a little "ddate"-like AutoIT scr... DOWNLOAD
q-sorter(sfnet) Q-Sorter Filters all email Not to just Delete or Bounce ... DOWNLOAD
exe(sfnet) eXe eXe, the eLearning XHTML editor, is a freely av... DOWNLOAD
regexeditor(sfnet) pyreditor Regular expressions editor for Python. It is in... DOWNLOAD
pwdepot(sfnet) Swiss password depot program "Swiss password depot program" for ad... DOWNLOAD
p2pbackupsmile(sfnet) Backup P2P - Secured peer-to-peer backup Backup P2P is a peer to peer application doing ... DOWNLOAD
shaftserver(sfnet) Shaft Server HTML5 and Javascript made easy. Deploy your ap... DOWNLOAD
majidpersian(sfnet) Majid Persian Graphical Project DOWNLOAD
thomasyim02(sfnet) Test DOWNLOAD
jacksm(sfnet) Jack Session Manager JackSM (Jack Session Manager) is a gui to launc... DOWNLOAD
easyautofilecat(sfnet) Easy Auto File Categorization System β Easy Auto File Categorization System Beta Versi... DOWNLOAD
jstranslit(sfnet) jstranslit jstranslit is an application written to transli... DOWNLOAD
kuran(sfnet) Kuran - Quran viewing and reciting Kuran is a application for viewing, reciting, s... DOWNLOAD
gpx2avi(sfnet) gpx2avi Gpx2avi is Java-program which overlays GPS-data... DOWNLOAD
s2putty(sfnet) PuTTY for Symbian OS PuTTY SSH client for Symbian OS DOWNLOAD
phpeppershop(sfnet) phpeppershop Features: Webinterface, search engine, SSL, SEO... DOWNLOAD
apt-mirror(sfnet) APT sources mirroring tool A small tool that provides ability to mirror an... DOWNLOAD
openrdate(sfnet) openrdate Good-old date- and time-setting rdate software ... DOWNLOAD
cvstool(sfnet) CSVTool this project will let read and write csv file m... DOWNLOAD
phpsimpledb(sfnet) php simple acces data mysql This script php allows the automatic generation... DOWNLOAD
winpenpack(sfnet) winPenPack: Portable Software Collection winPenPack is a project that aims at collecting... DOWNLOAD
rshahtest2(sfnet) rshahTest2 DOWNLOAD
bdmod(sfnet) BDMod O BDMod e uma central de otimizacao e personali... DOWNLOAD
whirlwind(sfnet) Whirlwind Whirlwind is a fuzzy matching database engine c... DOWNLOAD
rsvndump(sfnet) rsvndump Remote Subversion repository dump DOWNLOAD
kidssimplemaths(sfnet) Kids Simple Maths A simple maths application to help kids learn t... DOWNLOAD
swentry(sfnet) swentry A system that allows people to open doors by us... DOWNLOAD
dragonsnest(sfnet) Dragons Nest Dragons Nest is a new open source RPG that is c... DOWNLOAD
syntainia(sfnet) syntainia The objective of this project is to provide an ... DOWNLOAD
tinytcl(sfnet) TinyTcl, Tcl for embedded applications TinyTcl is a tiny version of Tcl, for small foo... DOWNLOAD
iconmgr(sfnet) IconMgr The IconMgr is a manager of desktop icons, Feat... DOWNLOAD
picrust(sfnet) picrust The PICRUST project has moved to GitHub. You ca... DOWNLOAD
jolt(sfnet) joltold DOWNLOAD
python-gsasl(sfnet) python-gsasl CTypes-based python bindings to the GSASL libra... DOWNLOAD
aqua0301bld1(sfnet) JScript Logic Web pages are not just for clicking. Every web ... DOWNLOAD
canburn(sfnet) canburn Canburn is simple program for testing directory... DOWNLOAD
safejdbc(sfnet) SafeJDBC SafeJDBC is a Java library that simplifies the ... DOWNLOAD
wunder(sfnet) WunderWeather Checker A simple php script that retrieves weather info... DOWNLOAD
velitium(sfnet) Velitium - Embedded Kit for OpenSolaris The Velitium project provides a build environme... DOWNLOAD
freeweb(sfnet) FreeWeb FreeWeb is an easy but powerful client program ... DOWNLOAD
fundementals(sfnet) Fundamentals Code Library Collection of Delphi / FreePascal code units. I... DOWNLOAD
qflv2avi(sfnet) QFlv2Avi - ffmpeg GUI QFlv2Avi is a GUI for ffmpeg to convert flv fil... DOWNLOAD
coopnet(sfnet) coopnet Coopnet is a lobby based Chat with the function... DOWNLOAD
mp3diags(sfnet) MP3 Diags Finds problems in MP3 files and helps the user ... DOWNLOAD
onair10(sfnet) Onair 1.03 An updated version of my first Xoops Module Cul... DOWNLOAD
zdependency(sfnet) zdependency framework for managing dependencies in web fram... DOWNLOAD
janim-project(sfnet) Janim Janim (GNU GPL license) is a project of real t... DOWNLOAD
zgraphml(sfnet) zgraphml small java library for creating graph files in ... DOWNLOAD
xearth-qnx6(sfnet) xearth-qnx6 The well known xearth has been ported to QNX 6 ... DOWNLOAD
orsa(sfnet) ORSA ORSA is an interactive tool for scientific grad... DOWNLOAD
linux-rtprio(sfnet) rtprio for Linux This is a Linux port of the BSD rtprio utility.... DOWNLOAD
openbootts(sfnet) OpenBootTS OpenBootTS is a minimal Debian-based LiveCD whi... DOWNLOAD
jink(sfnet) Jink Jink provides an easy way to launch application... DOWNLOAD
admixmap(sfnet) ADMIXMAP A program to model admixture using marker genot... DOWNLOAD
jrdf(sfnet) Java RDF Binding A project designed to create a standard mapping... DOWNLOAD
joc(sfnet) JOC - Jabber Online Client JOC - Jabber Online Client, written in perl and... DOWNLOAD
zoomy(sfnet) Zoomy | e-Magnification Zoomy started with a simple concept. Make e-mag... DOWNLOAD
lhtuan(sfnet) lhtuan test web DOWNLOAD
devchekio(sfnet) devchekio Devchekio is a GTK+ 2 FTP check in/out code edi... DOWNLOAD
lastfmtagbar(sfnet) TagBar With TagBar you can Love, Ban or add Tracks to ... DOWNLOAD
piapara(sfnet) piapara PIAPARA LiveCD is a Linux LiveCD system with SD... DOWNLOAD
phpraincheck(sfnet) phpRAINCHECK A simple program for managing and printing rain... DOWNLOAD

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