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loke-testing(sfnet) loke-testing STANLEY CAN U SEE THE PROJECT DOWNLOAD
gpgdecrypter(sfnet) gpgdecrypter gpgdecrypter is a server which acts as SMTP pro... DOWNLOAD
picasadownlder(sfnet) Picasa Tiny Downloader A minimal app to download a whole Picasa Web Al... DOWNLOAD
avrlib(sfnet) avr libraries for microcontroller Library for AVR microcontroller from Atmel (www... DOWNLOAD
ipfilter(sfnet) ipfilter Open source firewall project for Unix systems DOWNLOAD
accumulation(sfnet) Accumulation when you come to a new subject like a new cours... DOWNLOAD
avr-glcd-ks0107(sfnet) gLCD Driver KS0107 128x64 for AVR Driver for graphical LCD display unit (128x64) ... DOWNLOAD
mapsim(sfnet) MapSim MapSim is a simulation engine for System Dynami... DOWNLOAD
mopseclipse(sfnet) MOPS eclipse plug-in An eclipse plug-in for MOPS, a tool for MOdelch... DOWNLOAD
escadar(sfnet) e.SCADA.r e.SCADA.r is a web based historical reporting s... DOWNLOAD
musicclock(sfnet) Music Alarm Clock with Sleep Timer A software alarm clock designed for Windows Vis... DOWNLOAD
hades(sfnet) HaDeS (Hardware Deployment System) HaDeS is a deployment system for large scale in... DOWNLOAD
exceltodbf(sfnet) ExcelToDBF ExcelToDBF is an open source Add-in for Excel 2... DOWNLOAD
tstools(sfnet) Vijner 974 Encryption System Vijner 974 E-Sys (2048 bits and unlimited encry... DOWNLOAD
chess-problem(sfnet) Chess problem solver This is an opensource software at University of... DOWNLOAD
pdcalc(sfnet) pdcalc Simple pushdown calculator written in C++. DOWNLOAD
meetingmore(sfnet) MeMo A multiuser meeting organizer. DOWNLOAD
evalert(sfnet) EvAlert EvAlert monitors two pixel locations for change... DOWNLOAD
dvd95(sfnet) dvd95 dvd95 is a gnome application to convert dvd 9 t... DOWNLOAD
jmeld(sfnet) Visual diff and merge tool JMeld is a visual diff and merge tool. It is bu... DOWNLOAD
celeroplusplus(sfnet) Celero This project is now maintained at GitHub: https... DOWNLOAD
wardeployer(sfnet) WAR Deployer Deployer is a Java-based AJAX web application t... DOWNLOAD
j-atom(sfnet) jAtom jAtom its a mini-IDE text mode wrote in Java fo... DOWNLOAD
xmcm(sfnet) X11 Magnification Composite Manager This project is inactive. As of GNOME 2.18, gno... DOWNLOAD
dylanlibs(sfnet) Dylan Code Collection A collection of useful libraries written in the... DOWNLOAD
virtual800(sfnet) virtual800 virtual800 is a FUSE based filesystem. It provi... DOWNLOAD
yaced(sfnet) Yet Another Carbon Emacs Distribution This project provides individual Apple Installe... DOWNLOAD
woosh(sfnet) woosh A simplistic object oriented extension to the u... DOWNLOAD
zonetool(sfnet) zonetool zonetool manages signed DNS zones and DNSSEC ke... DOWNLOAD
youtubed-2x(sfnet) YouTubed-2x YouTubed-2x is a program that will download vid... DOWNLOAD
qlremap(sfnet) QLRemap This program is window-sensetive remapper for s... DOWNLOAD
xslrunner(sfnet) XslRunner A Java console application that uses it's own X... DOWNLOAD
radhot(sfnet) RadHOT A portal for managing basic radius accounts thr... DOWNLOAD
splasher(sfnet) Splasher - edit your ideas Splasher - edit your ideas is a Web Content ma... DOWNLOAD
zonkpcle(sfnet) ZonkPC LE ZonkPC Light Edition is a lightened version of ... DOWNLOAD
kryptonite(sfnet) kryptonite Kryptonite is an aMSN plugin which uses GnuPG t... DOWNLOAD
qtpersistence(sfnet) QtPersistence QtPersistence is a project to create an ORM lib... DOWNLOAD
coopy(sfnet) coopy Diffs, patches, and revision control for CSV fi... DOWNLOAD
cingb(sfnet) cingb cingb is an ATTEMPT to write a Gameboy-emulator... DOWNLOAD
plsqlutils(sfnet) plsqldoc PL/SQL related utilities including a JavaDoc li... DOWNLOAD
diakonos-editor(sfnet) Diakonos - Text Editor Diakonos is a customizable, usable console-base... DOWNLOAD
fusionpbxinstal(sfnet) FusionPBX Install Installation Script for FreeSWITCH and FusionPB... DOWNLOAD
eventme(sfnet) eventme gestion de eventos por popularidad. DOWNLOAD
teamandromeda(sfnet) TeamAndromeda Playing around with using SourceForge as an ad-... DOWNLOAD
laditantrmprjct(sfnet) Plant Cell Viewer ver 0.1 DOWNLOAD
jeva(sfnet) JEvA What it says on the box. This is experimental ... DOWNLOAD
repositoryconn(sfnet) Repository Connection The Repository Connection module is a Moodle bl... DOWNLOAD
corners(sfnet) Corners Corners is a logical board game as known as Hal... DOWNLOAD
j2cirip(sfnet) J2Cirip - Java client app for Java standalone client application for DOWNLOAD
songhayjavacore(sfnet) Songhay Java Core The core packages used for Songhay Java solutio... DOWNLOAD
exceltoxml(sfnet) ExcelToXml This console application generates an XML file ... DOWNLOAD
tuning(sfnet) BONESA BONESA is an open source, user-friendly interfa... DOWNLOAD
fresnel-editor(sfnet) Fresnel Editor Fresnel Editor allows the user to visualize RDF... DOWNLOAD
tkarc(sfnet) tkarc Front-end for p7zip, programming in tcl/tk DOWNLOAD
ccapturer(sfnet) Chameleon Capturer Chameleon Capturer is a ScreenShot Software for... DOWNLOAD
zongsoftcms(sfnet) Zongsoft.CMS CMS base ASP.NET MVC & ADO.NET Entity Frame... DOWNLOAD
xmlunit(sfnet) XML Unit XMLUnit extends JUnit and NUnit to enable unit ... DOWNLOAD
quicksynergy(sfnet) QuickSynergy QuickSynergy is a graphical user interface (GUI... DOWNLOAD
wxxs(sfnet) wxXmlSerializer wxXmlSerializer (wxXS) is a software library ba... DOWNLOAD
reosrealestate(sfnet) reosrealestate ReOS is a web based real estate listing managem... DOWNLOAD
netgate(sfnet) netgate the netgate is a network middle ware running as... DOWNLOAD
netbeanssvsplug(sfnet) NetBeans Source Viewer Service Plugin A NetBeans plugin exposing a simple TCP service... DOWNLOAD
tptpwebtest(sfnet) TPTP Web TEST Automatically test the content of HTML pages am... DOWNLOAD
spaceracing(sfnet) Space Racing Simple Open Inventor 2-player space-themed raci... DOWNLOAD
mst-comparison(sfnet) MST Implementation of minimum spanning tree (MST) a... DOWNLOAD
sansei(sfnet) Sansei Linux para aprender japones DOWNLOAD
eclipsvsplugin(sfnet) Eclipse Source Viewer Service Plugin An Eclipse plugin exposing a simple TCP service... DOWNLOAD
amavisd-milter(sfnet) amavisd-milter A sendmail milter for amavisd-new which use AM.... DOWNLOAD
gnuaccounting(freshmeat) GnuAccounting GnuAccounting is an accounting and bookkeeping ... DOWNLOAD
fs-fuchs(sfnet) Fachschafts-Fuchs A Firefox extension which is designed for membe... DOWNLOAD
venetianmask(sfnet) Venetian Mask An image-masking application which revolves aro... DOWNLOAD
jgnucashlib(sfnet) jGnucashLib SEEKING NEW MAINTAINER. Java-library for manip... DOWNLOAD
sphinxes(sfnet) Sphinx SD Tools The Sphinx project is dedicated to create commo... DOWNLOAD
amberanalysis(sfnet) AmberAnalysis A suite of command-line tools for analyzing che... DOWNLOAD
langkiss(sfnet) Language KISS Learn a language efficiently with cards using ... DOWNLOAD
intellijsvsplug(sfnet) IntelliJ Source Viewer Service Plugin The IntelliJ equivalent of the Eclipse and NetB... DOWNLOAD
httpd-garage(sfnet) httpd Garage The httpd Garage project provides a home for a ... DOWNLOAD
rubyeclipse(sfnet) Ruby Development Tool The Ruby Development Tool is a Ruby IDE, compos... DOWNLOAD
qtuneroid(sfnet) QTuneroid QTuneroid is an instrument tuner for linux, usi... DOWNLOAD
iformat(sfnet) r-Cyclo A Ruby, Multi-Platform Application for use with... DOWNLOAD
jopenrpg(sfnet) jOpenRPG The goal of the jOpenRPG project is to create a... DOWNLOAD
fdme(sfnet) Free Download Manager Extended (FDMe) FDMe is an Extension Pack with a full installat... DOWNLOAD
owls-discovery(sfnet) OWLS Discovery Tool that performs a dicovery on Semantic Web S... DOWNLOAD
zoom-webtext(sfnet) zoom-webtext This plug-in is written by means of JQuery. He ... DOWNLOAD
silva_cms(freshmeat) Silva CMS Silva is a CMS for organizations that manage mu... DOWNLOAD
sbak(sfnet) sbak Utilizes common unix utilities to provide a sim... DOWNLOAD
pligg(sfnet) pligg Pligg CMS is a content management platform that... DOWNLOAD
gnotify(sfnet) GNotify GNotify is a little daemon written in C using G... DOWNLOAD
bahamontes(sfnet) Bahamontes Ride performance analysis from GPS data collect... DOWNLOAD
bitset(sfnet) BitSet Eclipse Plugin BitSet is a plugin which extends the Eclipse ID... DOWNLOAD
sterm(sfnet) STerm Serial Terminal for Linux intended for embedded... DOWNLOAD
dawnofmankind(sfnet) Dawn Of Mankind Dawn Of Mankind is a turn-based single- and mul... DOWNLOAD
quadfactor(sfnet) QuadFactor This is a simple program that will factor a qua... DOWNLOAD
openerpplm(sfnet) OdooPLM OdooPLM is an Open Source module for Odoo that... DOWNLOAD
zoorbar2(sfnet) Zoorbar 2.0 Zoorbar 2.0 is the updated version of a softwar... DOWNLOAD
vinace(sfnet) Vinace Vinace is for VINtage Apple Computer Emulator. ... DOWNLOAD
mpui-ve(sfnet) mpui-ve MPUI-Ve is a graphical user interface for mplay... DOWNLOAD
qseq2fastq(sfnet) qseq2fastq A perl script that converts Illumina qseq files... DOWNLOAD
grsync(freshmeat) Grsync Grsync is a GUI for rsync, the command line fil... DOWNLOAD
wesnoth-olpc(sfnet) Wesnoth for OLPC A version of Battle for Wesnoth that has been p... DOWNLOAD

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