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filesaver(sfnet) FileSaver .NET 7zip tool to easily create compressed arch... DOWNLOAD
tapestry-as(sfnet) TapestryAssistant TapestryAssistant is a Eclipse plugin for Tapes... DOWNLOAD
btreedemo(sfnet) Decision Tree Demo Demostration some algorithms for decision tree DOWNLOAD
qtada(sfnet) QtAda Examples This project contains various examples, ported ... DOWNLOAD
mtcwizard(sfnet) 'M' Wizard 'M' Wizard is an animated and themeable JavaScr... DOWNLOAD
syncplayer(sfnet) syncPlayer A small and very simple player to synchronize t... DOWNLOAD
panlex(sfnet) PanLex Panlingual lexicographic database. Web- and API... DOWNLOAD
cmslive(sfnet) CMS Live! CMS Live! is an site content management system ... DOWNLOAD
sdiff-java-web(sfnet) Structured java lanaguage diff web tool a prototype for a research project that takes j... DOWNLOAD
bscite(sfnet) bscite - brief for scintilla Basic Reconfigurable Interactive Editing Facili... DOWNLOAD
pythonmyadmin(sfnet) pythonmyadmin Frontend hecho en Python para Administrar Bases... DOWNLOAD
pmrek(sfnet) Pinball Machine Reverse Engineering Kit The Pinball Machine Reverse Engineering Kit (PM... DOWNLOAD
diskmanager(sfnet) Disk Manager disk manager is a CD/DVD archiving tool. It sto... DOWNLOAD
seismic-toolkit(sfnet) STK - Seismic ToolKit STK (Seismic Tool Kit) is a tool for seismic si... DOWNLOAD
cubicpublisher(sfnet) cubic publisher cubic publisher is a multilingual/multi publica... DOWNLOAD
statusreport(sfnet) statusreport - Tools to generate reports Tools to generate reports on the status of your... DOWNLOAD
zighinetto(sfnet) The Zighinetto Project Useful tools for .NET/Mono developers DOWNLOAD
pymailer(sfnet) pyMailer pyMailer is set of scripts written in python to... DOWNLOAD
dmachine(sfnet) Download machine Download Machine is pure Java daemon that watch... DOWNLOAD
nagiosnotifi(sfnet) Nagios notifications for manager Nagios nitification for managers in PHP DOWNLOAD
zigzag(sfnet) zigzag Surface development. DOWNLOAD
neembuu(sfnet) Neembuu Watch and download files from direct links and ... DOWNLOAD
cafe(sfnet) Café Café is an yagte (*) multipurpose, tabbed, scri... DOWNLOAD
scache(sfnet) Smart Cache Smart Cache is a fast pure Java HTTP proxy serv... DOWNLOAD
scloader(sfnet) Smart Cache Loader Smart Cache Loader is a very configurable pure ... DOWNLOAD
goearpichu(sfnet) Goear Pichulotote Goear Pichulotote is a software to search, prev... DOWNLOAD
pygrafo(sfnet) pyGraph pyGraph is tool that hopefully will help graph ... DOWNLOAD
qtxgame(sfnet) QtXGame QtXGame is an intuitive, extensible, modern cro... DOWNLOAD
jabber-net(sfnet) Jabber-Net A set of libraries to access the Jabber platfor... DOWNLOAD
sudowoodo(sfnet) Sudo Woodo Useless Program. Incorporates Pokemon into the... DOWNLOAD
tor(sfnet) tor "Tor katip" mean like as net secretary. DOWNLOAD
setgp(sfnet) SETGP Standard Educational Test, Grade, Plan, standar... DOWNLOAD
adonis-stats(sfnet) adonis-stats This is a monitoring program that fetches snmp ... DOWNLOAD
biona(sfnet) BIONA Project BIONA is a project framework for Bulgarian smal... DOWNLOAD
gds(freshmeat) Granite Data Services Granite Data Services (GraniteDS) is a comprehe... DOWNLOAD
analemmatic(sfnet) Sun Dial and Paper Craft Generator Generate pdf diagrams for analemmatic sundial c... DOWNLOAD
mrbp-tutorials(sfnet) Tutorials This is a place for tutorial files to be posted... DOWNLOAD
pycipher(sfnet) pycipher pycipher is a Python module that implements sev... DOWNLOAD
pycosmos(sfnet) PyCosmos Python script for sending SMS using a particula... DOWNLOAD
nel(sfnet) NeL NeL is a software platform for creating and run... DOWNLOAD
arkantos(sfnet) Project Arkantos Arkantos is a open source reporting tool writte... DOWNLOAD
sfmlcalculator(sfnet) SFML Calculator Calculator programmed with C++ plus SFML, perfo... DOWNLOAD
brainfckpp(sfnet) Brainfuck++ interpreter Should I say more? Yeah this is one is all abou... DOWNLOAD
glovebox(sfnet) Glovebox Server Management A Perl and ExtJS based server monitoring and tr... DOWNLOAD
freeestoque(sfnet) FreeEstoque O FreeEstoque é um controle de estoque e vendas... DOWNLOAD
disculcuacces(sfnet) Discul cu Acces Deschis This is a Joomla! integration on a portable web... DOWNLOAD
bamis(sfnet) BAMIS BAMIS supports small farmers through the daily ... DOWNLOAD
mybackups(sfnet) MyBackups Mainly a GUI for rsync, written in Mono using M... DOWNLOAD
ccbuild(sfnet) ccbuild A C++ source scanning build utility for code di... DOWNLOAD
pycv(sfnet) PyCV PyCV is a Python package of modules useful for ... DOWNLOAD
mulogexplorer(sfnet) MULogExplorer This program can be used to explore a directory... DOWNLOAD
underling(freshmeat) underling The underling library provides simple, scalable... DOWNLOAD
gojirc(sfnet) GojIRC Javascript front end for JPilot\'s jIRC chat ap... DOWNLOAD
go-kai(sfnet) Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Vietsub DOWNLOAD
hercules-390(sfnet) hercules-390 Hercules is an open source software implementat... DOWNLOAD
openalgoviz(sfnet) openalgoviz An important tool for Algorithm Visualization (... DOWNLOAD
modcblastusers(sfnet) modcblastusers The joomla 1.5 native module shows a list of re... DOWNLOAD
jackalberry(sfnet) jackalberry Integrated 2D OpenGL graphics C++ library for g... DOWNLOAD
siscontre(sfnet) Siscontre Sistema de controle de treinamentos, Projeto de... DOWNLOAD
golcuda(sfnet) game of life CUDA simple game of life use gpu cuda DOWNLOAD
goldminers(sfnet) Goldminers Goldminers is a network group game. DOWNLOAD
dcmrelay(sfnet) dcmrelay The dcmrelay is a set of utilities to relay dic... DOWNLOAD
project-alumni(sfnet) Project Alumni Project Alumni is an open source project with t... DOWNLOAD
democrakey(sfnet) DemocraKey The DemocraKey is a portable privacy suite to e... DOWNLOAD
mylene(sfnet) Mylene Mylene is a command line audio MPEG player DOWNLOAD
zijavaframework(sfnet) ZI Java Framework General Purpose Library including Helper Classe... DOWNLOAD
chestnut(sfnet) Chestnut Package Manager Chestnut package manager is a utility to handle... DOWNLOAD
jpsychovis(sfnet) JPsychoVis Software tools for visual psychophysics researc... DOWNLOAD
natalie(sfnet) Personal Assistant Natalie Natalie is a free Personal Assistant who does y... DOWNLOAD
sciimage(sfnet) SciImage A powerful, extensible raster graphics program ... DOWNLOAD
fdn-dist-net(sfnet) FDN - FDN Distributed Network FDN - FDN Distributed Network ist a Peer2Peer N... DOWNLOAD
phpmimemaildecoder(freshmeat) PHP MIME Mail decoder class PHP MIME Mail decoder class is a PHP class to p... DOWNLOAD
pyswallowmail(sfnet) pySwallow Mail An Emailer Daemon that allows 3rd Party Softwar... DOWNLOAD
mogeo(sfnet) Mobile Geo-Social Networking Our project for our software engineering class ... DOWNLOAD
openvlab(sfnet) OpenVLAB OpenVLAB is an open source integrated framework... DOWNLOAD
goevilgame(sfnet) GoEvil Game Just an game project . . made in irrlicht 3d gr... DOWNLOAD
logicschemecomp(sfnet) Logic Scheme Compiler This is an aplication to learn programming. Log... DOWNLOAD
jeromedl(sfnet) JeromeDL - e-Library with Semantics JeromeDL [Semantic Digital Library] - e-Library... DOWNLOAD
refertopronto(sfnet) RefertoPronto (Ready Report) RefertoPronto web application allows out patien... DOWNLOAD
goliath(sfnet) Goliath Auto Screen Capture Goliath is a free tool for taking rapid-fire sc... DOWNLOAD
idsupplier(sfnet) IDsupplier This is actualy a modificated version of the we... DOWNLOAD
sodekovs(sfnet) SodekoVS SodekoVS is a cooperative research project that... DOWNLOAD
imageamp(sfnet) ImageAmp A Winamp plugin for displaying various image fo... DOWNLOAD
pdfmergetool(sfnet) PDF Merge Tool An easy, simple tool for merging PDF files. DOWNLOAD
everymac(sfnet) everymac This is a Simple tools's To change yor Networ I... DOWNLOAD
spoon(sfnet) SPARQL to Object Oriented eNgine SPARQL to Object Oriented eNgine allows users t... DOWNLOAD
phppgadmin(sfnet) phpPgAdmin phpPgAdmin is a fully functional web-based admi... DOWNLOAD
mambo(sfnet) Mambo CMS Mambo is a mature, award winning, feature rich ... DOWNLOAD
equalx(sfnet) EqualX EqualX makes you easily write equations in LaTe... DOWNLOAD
googlecalsugarc(sfnet) GoogleCalSugarCRM Add events from SugarCrm (Meetings,Calls,Tasks)... DOWNLOAD
btnotes(sfnet) BTNotes BTNotes is a Pure-Java notes-taking application... DOWNLOAD
tinycalc(sfnet) Tiny Calculator Tiny Calculator is a command line calculator fo... DOWNLOAD
selectiveanswer(sfnet) Selective Answering Script This is selective answering script for Asterisk... DOWNLOAD
ygma(sfnet) Yahoo Group Message Archiver Yahoo Group Message Archiver (YGMA) is a Java (... DOWNLOAD
tgt(sfnet) Tabula GUI Toolkit A GUI toolkit for PyS60 -enabled devices. DOWNLOAD
solarypsi(sfnet) Solar Ypsi Track utility meters to see how much electricit... DOWNLOAD
nzdis(sfnet) Distributed Information System (NZDIS) New Zealand Distributed Information Systems (NZ... DOWNLOAD
abbot(sfnet) Abbot Java GUI Testing Framework Abbot is a simple framework for unit and functi... DOWNLOAD
wgois(sfnet) Object Oriented Input System Object Oriented Input System (OIS) is meant to ... DOWNLOAD
arts(sfnet) Arts Arts is a collection of perl scripts that allow... DOWNLOAD

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