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css490agrouppro(sfnet) CSS490a Group Project This is a short XNA game being developed by stu... DOWNLOAD
instigate-stl(sfnet) instigate-stl This library contains generic algorithms from S... DOWNLOAD
loghelper(sfnet) loghelper The LogHelper is designed to parse FIX messages... DOWNLOAD
stmanager(sfnet) STManager STManager (Serialport Test Manager) is a progra... DOWNLOAD
tvguidefetch(sfnet) TvGuideFetch XMLTV grabber to access the Australian Communit... DOWNLOAD
typohulk(sfnet) typohulk TypoHulk is a powerful typosquatter written in ... DOWNLOAD
lambdaparser(sfnet) LambdaExpressionParser C# string lambda to lambda expression(generic d... DOWNLOAD
ptssh(sfnet) PTssh Paul Thomas's Performance Tuned SSH, aka PTssh.... DOWNLOAD
jpnetworktest(sfnet) JPNetworkTest Pequeño programa creado en c# 2008, en el que s... DOWNLOAD
lustig-cms(sfnet) lustig.cms ---deleted--- DOWNLOAD
oi-simple(sfnet) oi_simple C interface for iRobot Create A simplified C language API / library for the i... DOWNLOAD
heroesofwesnoth(sfnet) Heroes of Wesnoth Heroes of Wesnoth is a free, turn-based strateg... DOWNLOAD
gnuplothelper(sfnet) GnuplotHelper A set of macros which achieve some integration ... DOWNLOAD
dhtmlwindowmngr(sfnet) DHTML-Window-Manager DHTML-Window-Manager is a free Window-Manager i... DOWNLOAD
mlib-library(sfnet) MLib - MGtk MLib è una libreria basata sulla GLib. MGtk a s... DOWNLOAD
smartiq(sfnet) Smart IQ Smart IQ Calculator is a tiny app. that connect... DOWNLOAD
poimodeller(sfnet) poimodeller Code generator over apache POI. Generates entit... DOWNLOAD
mobilestratego(sfnet) MobileStratego MobileStratego is the online version of Strateg... DOWNLOAD
unpackscript(sfnet) Unpack Script A simple script to extract packages based on th... DOWNLOAD
jtrackagent(sfnet) java track agent The java trackagent is a javaagent that can pri... DOWNLOAD
jpmtesis(sfnet) Proyecto de Tesis Generador MDA Proyecto de tesis para la carrera de Ingeniería... DOWNLOAD
eash(sfnet) no longer available no longer available DOWNLOAD
apebase(sfnet) Ape Base Compile System The Ape Base Compile System is a set of bash sc... DOWNLOAD
sslinks(sfnet) ssLinks ssLinks allows users to run a database driven c... DOWNLOAD
esqlanalyzer(sfnet) eSQLAnalyzer Simple monitoring utility to help optimizing a ... DOWNLOAD
ispirithalaya(sfnet) Ispirithalaya Hospital Management System Ispirithalaya system has e channeling, checking... DOWNLOAD
triaquae(sfnet) TriAquae TriAquae is an open source IT management softwa... DOWNLOAD
i-mortality(sfnet) I-Mortality An AI assistant for your computer. Is "awa... DOWNLOAD
eecounter(sfnet) EECounter The counter is a feature not only the count of ... DOWNLOAD
bueasy(sfnet) Backup Easy Backup Easy is a software for automatic backup ... DOWNLOAD
kanaquizzerapp(sfnet) Kana Quizzer Flash card style program for learning the Japan... DOWNLOAD
atgant(sfnet) ATG Ant A set of Ant tools to help build ATG Dynamo pro... DOWNLOAD
dicionrio(sfnet) Dicionário Programa que cria um dicionário próprio DOWNLOAD
orthoepikon(sfnet) Orthoepikon: a reading-aloud assistant The ORTHOEPIKON toolbox to build reading-aloud ... DOWNLOAD
uamiui4(sfnet) MIUI 4 Ukraininan DOWNLOAD
spanish(sfnet) Spanish Dice メキシコに住んでいるし、この言語での私のサービ... DOWNLOAD
elk(sfnet) Elk An all-electron full-potential linearised augme... DOWNLOAD
xemi(sfnet) XEMI XEMI(Eye Mouse Interface based on X Windows) is... DOWNLOAD
gpstracklite(sfnet) GPS Information Tracking Lite GPS information Tracker is free software, let's... DOWNLOAD
project-mary(sfnet) MARY Mary is a computerized therapist with english s... DOWNLOAD
openecmall(sfnet) ECMall ECMall is a community-based open-source web-bas... DOWNLOAD
movabletypethai(sfnet) Movable-Type-Thai-Edition Movable Type Blog :Thai Edition ,Thai Translate... DOWNLOAD
moscowregionden(sfnet) Moscow region dentist forms this project is related to a dentist visit data... DOWNLOAD
itext(sfnet) iText®, a JAVA PDF library iText is a PDF library that allows you to CREAT... DOWNLOAD
estimate(sfnet) Estimate "Estimate" is an Open Source web base... DOWNLOAD
io-footprint(sfnet) TCP/UDP footprint analysis Providing users the ability to with accuracy ma... DOWNLOAD
forta(sfnet) Forta Access and Identity Management Open Source Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity M... DOWNLOAD
thisisatest(sfnet) Testproject Er... 私はこれは何のテストだ.ので、はい。クリッ... DOWNLOAD
libnwn(sfnet) NWN Libraries An NWN1 and NWN2 open file-format handler. DOWNLOAD
bscpackaddonsv4(sfnet) BSC PACK ADDONS BSC PACK ADDONS and Mods and Plugins package to... DOWNLOAD
cmstemp(sfnet) CMSimple Improved The aim of this project is to agglomerate toget... DOWNLOAD
diagonalsw(sfnet) diagonalsw An efficient implementation of the Smith-Waterm... DOWNLOAD
psview(sfnet) PS_View PS_View is a PostScript and PDF previewer. It i... DOWNLOAD
gnag(sfnet) GNag GNag is designed to remove pesky splash screens... DOWNLOAD
grsync-win(sfnet) Grsync for Windows A hack/port of Piero Orsoni's wonderful Grsync ... DOWNLOAD
impossiblengine(sfnet) ImpossibleEngine 2D Action-scroller game engine. DOWNLOAD
phpunicms(sfnet) UNICMS CMS system and framework based on MVC model. CM... DOWNLOAD
liveeditpro(sfnet) Live Edit Pro Live Edit Pro is a powerful web editing tool wi... DOWNLOAD
avr-sd(sfnet) AVR-SD Library for accessing filesystem on SD Cards us... DOWNLOAD
bionet(sfnet) Bionet Horoscopo Componente para Joomla! que muestra el horóscop... DOWNLOAD
gbookmx(sfnet) Gbook MX Gbook MX™ Powerful GuestBook multilanguage with... DOWNLOAD
zfwpager(sfnet) ZFW Pager A pagination class for use with the Zend Framew... DOWNLOAD
moltcl(sfnet) MolTCL procedures, scripts, visualisation tools for mo... DOWNLOAD
mpac(sfnet) MPAC Benchmarking Suite MPAC is an extensible, specification-based, and... DOWNLOAD
enr(sfnet) ENR ENR ("Entropy is Not Randomness") is ... DOWNLOAD
dbbsed(sfnet) Band Brothers Save Tool Python libraries and a wxPython GUI for importi... DOWNLOAD
irecipe(sfnet) iRecipe iRecipe is a cross-platform recipe manager. It ... DOWNLOAD
diskrescue(sfnet) diskrescue A tool to verify and/or recover as much data as... DOWNLOAD
starlight-skin(sfnet) Starlight Starlight skins are produced for use with some ... DOWNLOAD
simpletable(sfnet) SimpleTable SimpleTable is a part of the EMC Framework. Sim... DOWNLOAD
savehost(sfnet) Nintendo DS Save Host A Nintendo DS-based server that gives access to... DOWNLOAD
php-login(sfnet) php-login This simple script is used to make an easy logi... DOWNLOAD
ptk(sfnet) PASSI Toolkit The PTK tool is Rational Rose plug-in that offe... DOWNLOAD
cafecrafter(sfnet) CafeCrafter Cafe Crafter is a Wall Manager for Facebook. Fa... DOWNLOAD
opensipstack(sfnet) OpenSIPStack The OpenSIPStack Library is an implementation o... DOWNLOAD
designomatic(sfnet) Design O Matic This is a Perl script (and module set) that con... DOWNLOAD
cybera(sfnet) Cybera - Cyber cafe administration Cybera is an Internet cafe administration syste... DOWNLOAD
wotlk-fr(sfnet) WOTLK-FR WOTLK-FR est un projet francais de coeur et bas... DOWNLOAD
owlviz4u(sfnet) OWLViz4U OWLViz4U (OWLViz for Unicode) is an extension o... DOWNLOAD
openisee(sfnet) Open ISEE Open ISEE (IPTV Service Execution Environment) ... DOWNLOAD
pmoz(sfnet) PMoz PMoz is a simple photomosaic generation code wr... DOWNLOAD
libretunes(sfnet) LibreTunes LibreTunes is an open-source multi-scrobbler, s... DOWNLOAD
diemui(sfnet) DIEM UI DIEM UI project studies and demonstrates user i... DOWNLOAD
trogloedit(sfnet) TrogloEdit The TrogloEdit is a 2D Game Editor, especially ... DOWNLOAD
mexifer(sfnet) mExifer A small 100% java library for reading/editing/w... DOWNLOAD
zhaiyun(sfnet) zhaiyunblog A blog system, fast enough. DOWNLOAD
pam-smbmount(sfnet) pam_smbmount Pam_smbmount is software for mounting file syst... DOWNLOAD
ptisc(sfnet) Project Turn-base Isomatric SLG Core PTISC (Project Turn-base Isomatric SLG Core)is ... DOWNLOAD
lpan(sfnet) lpan My "LAMPP GUI" depends on: -kommander... DOWNLOAD
zgslqyw(sfnet) zgslqyw test and modify our open source software. DOWNLOAD
motaba(sfnet) Motaba: the modulare tactical back end Motaba, the friendly modular tactical back end,... DOWNLOAD
apeattack(sfnet) Ape Attack! The epic battle between ancient enemies... monk... DOWNLOAD
bensonoss(sfnet) Benson Open Source Software Here is some software that I develop on my own,... DOWNLOAD
ccbuntu(sfnet) CCbuntu I want to make a ubuntu os for China people,so ... DOWNLOAD
simplc(sfnet) simplc A multi-ISA "assembly debugger" with ... DOWNLOAD
exaudio(sfnet) Exaudio Exaudio is a linux kernel driver for Creative's... DOWNLOAD
libinklevel(sfnet) libinklevel Libinklevel is a library to check the ink level... DOWNLOAD
gmplayer(sfnet) GraphicMinimalistic Player (GMPlayer) GMPlayer is a Graphic Minimalistic Player devel... DOWNLOAD
zglw(sfnet) ZGLWmanager Ressourcen-Planer für den Zittauer Gebirgslauf ... DOWNLOAD
keeptoolkit(sfnet) KEEP Toolkit The KEEP Toolkit is a set of web-based tools th... DOWNLOAD

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