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dbgmem(sfnet) dbgmem DBGMEM is a memory debugger designed for large ... DOWNLOAD
omegat-plugins(sfnet) omegat-plugins Third-party plugins for OmegaT (https://sourcef... DOWNLOAD
mythfs(sfnet) mythfs MythTV, the Unix way: everything is a file. Myt... DOWNLOAD
pnu-eai(sfnet) EAI-SMTPUTF8 SMTPUTF8 is email programs that can support int... DOWNLOAD
metamap-uima(sfnet) MetaMap UIMA Wrapper A wrapper that makes the UMLS MetaMap tool (htt... DOWNLOAD
virtualresource(sfnet) Virtual Resource Management System This project aims to develop a system that inte... DOWNLOAD
fototagger(sfnet) FotoTagger FotoTagger is a metadata editor for your photos... DOWNLOAD
populatedisplay(sfnet) Populate Display Java Object Populates default values for beans. Beans can c... DOWNLOAD
openalextensions(freshmeat) OpenAL extensions OpenAL Extensions is a library designed to inte... DOWNLOAD
mextoolset(sfnet) mextoolset MEX applies the international standards EAD, EA... DOWNLOAD
celiz(sfnet) Celiz Judge System Celiz is a open source Judge System. Judge Sys... DOWNLOAD
yanaframework(sfnet) Yana Framework for PHP The Yana Framework is a development platform fo... DOWNLOAD
jython(sfnet) Jython Jython is a Java implementation of the Python l... DOWNLOAD
geblog(sfnet) GeBlog *NOTE: There is currently a security vulnerabil... DOWNLOAD
dnaeditor(sfnet) Daum open editor Daum Open Editor is free semantic web editor. ... DOWNLOAD
knxnetipmux(sfnet) KNXNetIPMux KNXNetIPMux is a software addon to the KNX-Inst... DOWNLOAD
eeframework(sfnet) EEFramework this project completely written in PHP implemen... DOWNLOAD
e-plus-plus(sfnet) E++ editor E++ - freeware HTML editor, PHP editor, ... DOWNLOAD
myfilefinder(sfnet) MyFileFinder.Net MyFileFinder.Net is written in C# 2.0 for .Net ... DOWNLOAD
zendform(sfnet) Zend_Form Component Zend_Form is a Zend Framework component created... DOWNLOAD
rt-aa(sfnet) rt-aa Raytracer written in C++ with antialiasing and ... DOWNLOAD
hzlbeta2(sfnet) hzlbeta2 HZL Beta 2 is the updated version of a software... DOWNLOAD
mcbfx(sfnet) MunichCodeBrewery MunichCodeBrewery is a project for developing s... DOWNLOAD
sundialgadget(sfnet) Sundial Gadget Desktop gadget (Windows only). The simulation o... DOWNLOAD
srtplayer(sfnet) srtplayer This prog plays .srt (subtitle) files. It uses ... DOWNLOAD
libparagon(sfnet) libparagon Libparagon is a library for Linux that allows f... DOWNLOAD
esgiprojetblend(sfnet) ESGI Projet Blender Spatial Key Framing Projet réalisé dans le cadre de la 4ème année à... DOWNLOAD
altcaps(sfnet) Alternating Caps A 3d graphics engine that utilizes a very minim... DOWNLOAD
cccam(sfnet) cccam cccam server In My Host DOWNLOAD
hotline(sfnet) Hotline Connect Hotline Connect is a cross-platform, multi-purp... DOWNLOAD
psp-rss-feed(sfnet) PSP RSS Feed Generator PSP RSS Feed Generator is a commandline based P... DOWNLOAD
glei(sfnet) glei - GRUPO DE SOFTWARE LIVRE, Viseu Grupo vocacionado para o software livre, desenv... DOWNLOAD
gnf3d(sfnet) GNoFour3D gnf3d is a small 3D engine written in C(gtk+).I... DOWNLOAD
digsetstat(sfnet) dig Set Stat digSetStat helps tracks volleyball stats (servi... DOWNLOAD
fstrcmp(sfnet) fstrcmp The fstrcmp project provides a shared library f... DOWNLOAD
nagiosbirdseye(sfnet) Birdseye Birdseye is an interface for Nagios. It provide... DOWNLOAD
timesheetmecha(sfnet) timesheetmecha It's a simple project that permit to save singl... DOWNLOAD
sop-pat(sfnet) SOP-PAT SOP-PAT ("Scriptable Object Pascal to Perf... DOWNLOAD
yafc(sfnet) Yet Another FTP Client Yafc is an OpenSource console mode FTP client. ... DOWNLOAD
pace-check(sfnet) Pace Check Pace Check is a utility that searches through s... DOWNLOAD
polydown(sfnet) polydown polydown reads a list of URLs from a standard t... DOWNLOAD
prothink(sfnet) Protein Think A simple Folding@Home monitoring app for Linux.... DOWNLOAD
clutrfree(sfnet) clutrfree ClutrFree allows the visualization and interpre... DOWNLOAD
dynamictemplate(sfnet) Dynamic Template System The Dynamic Template System (DTS) was built to ... DOWNLOAD
zenformix(sfnet) Zenformix Zenformix is a management tool for the Informix... DOWNLOAD
eclipastie(sfnet) Eclipastie Eclipastie is an open source Eclipse (3.3+) plu... DOWNLOAD
no-xml(sfnet) NO XML HTML is enough for replacing XML. DOWNLOAD
serlogger(sfnet) serlogger a flexible serial logging tool, runs on GNU/Lin... DOWNLOAD
perfectear(sfnet) perfectear an ear training program for linux DOWNLOAD
netwico(sfnet) NetWiCo Network Weight Indicator Connector. Server/clie... DOWNLOAD
xenc(sfnet) XEnc X.264 Encoder GUI. Supports Batch video, audio... DOWNLOAD
popupwindow(sfnet) Popup Window Popup windows are browser windows opened from a... DOWNLOAD
esnosuma(sfnet) ESNOSUMA Tiene como objetivo el desarrollo de una obra c... DOWNLOAD
pimtoolbox(sfnet) Library of Congress - PiM Toolbox The Library of Congress and the Florida Center ... DOWNLOAD
easylib(sfnet) Bust A simply library for C++. DOWNLOAD
pace-ids(sfnet) Pace-IDS Pace-IDS is an Intrusion Detection system desig... DOWNLOAD
xdgmenumaker(freshmeat) Xdgmenumaker Xdgmenumaker is a command line tool that genera... DOWNLOAD
ttodo(sfnet) Terminal ToDo Tracker A text-mode hierarchical todo list manager. DOWNLOAD
pkl(sfnet) Portable Keyboard Layout Use your favorite keyboard layout everywhere! I... DOWNLOAD
zeittest(sfnet) Zeit Test Exploratory testing tool to help manual softwar... DOWNLOAD
bmptestsuite(sfnet) The Bitmap Test Suite A set of windows bitmap files that can be used ... DOWNLOAD
juml(sfnet) jUML jUML is a UML diagram application capable of re... DOWNLOAD
reclish(sfnet) ReCliSh A Java software to share your local system clip... DOWNLOAD
latexee(sfnet) LaTeXEE A LaTeX equation editor for Windows with OLE Se... DOWNLOAD
tsediteditor(sfnet) TSedit Editor TSedit is an Text Editor with based on the MDI ... DOWNLOAD
iupuimuri-ricat(sfnet) IUPUI MURI - Riccati Solver Ongoing development of a fast, accurate, and ev... DOWNLOAD
arcavias-typo3-extension(freshmeat) Arcavias TYPO3 extension The Arcavias TYPO3 extension enables shop owner... DOWNLOAD
jbillingphpapi(sfnet) jbilling-php-api This is a PHP 5 API wrapper for The Enterprise ... DOWNLOAD
alflac(sfnet) ALFLAC - FLAC for Allegro FLAC audio support for Allegro. Using the stre... DOWNLOAD
ezdm-ezdungeonmaster(freshmeat) EZDM (ezdungeonmaster) EZDM (ezdungeonmaster) is a simple set of tool... DOWNLOAD
netstress(sfnet) netstress netstress is a client/server utility designed t... DOWNLOAD
eqtype(sfnet) Math Editor To get the latest version of Math Editor please... DOWNLOAD
rspin(sfnet) RSpin DOWNLOAD
scomposer(sfnet) Sentence Composer Please click on "BROWSE ALL FILES" to... DOWNLOAD
hunter(sfnet) Hunter A single player 3D game based on Ogre3D. Theme ... DOWNLOAD
franklin(sfnet) franklin Franklin is a tool for recording data from vari... DOWNLOAD
logdigest(sfnet) logdigest Logdigest mails interesting lines from log file... DOWNLOAD
zenithgames(sfnet) PROJECT NO LONGER IN DEVELOPMENT ゼニスゲーム、現在はUnreal Engine 3を使ってIPア... DOWNLOAD
jphotoeditor(sfnet) JPhotoEditor Photo Editor for Windows platform, support BMP,... DOWNLOAD
gnutella2(sfnet) Gnutella2 Specifications for the Gnutella2 protocol DOWNLOAD
save-convs(sfnet) Pidgin Save Conversations Plugin Plugin for Pidgin messenger that saves your ope... DOWNLOAD
ggc(sfnet) GNU Gluco Control GNU Gluco Control (ggc) helps you to manage you... DOWNLOAD
pscan(sfnet) PScan PScan: A port scanner for PalmOS Devices. Thi... DOWNLOAD
tinywifi(sfnet) TinyWiFi Network Manager Based On Python Programming, De... DOWNLOAD
zephryl-menu(sfnet) Zephryl's Cascading Menu Simple, Compact, Cross-browser Cascading Javasc... DOWNLOAD
bobobot(sfnet) BoboBot BoboBot is a fast-action run-and-jump game base... DOWNLOAD
gem-pc(sfnet) gem-pc A toolkit to empower non-programmers to build m... DOWNLOAD
sitedocs(sfnet) Site Documentation Site Documentation is found her... DOWNLOAD
zentray(sfnet) ZenTray ZenTray is a Windows system tray icon program t... DOWNLOAD
zeorawdata(sfnet) r ゼオライトRawデータライブラリは、ZEOのユーザー... DOWNLOAD
socialsimulator(sfnet) M3 Social Simulator A simulation of picking up a female based on Pi... DOWNLOAD
taborca(sfnet) Taborca PDF GUI for page re-ordering, re-numbering, OCR... DOWNLOAD
zenossdeki(sfnet) Zenoss/MindTouch Mashup These are the scripts for putting together your... DOWNLOAD
linuxmulti-touc(sfnet) Linux Multi-Touch Driver A linux driver and script that runs in the user... DOWNLOAD
zenworlds(sfnet) Zen Worlds Zen Worlds is an object oriented C++ virtual wo... DOWNLOAD
keepassdbmerge(sfnet) Keepassx Database Merger This perl script merges two keepassx databases ... DOWNLOAD
fibcalc(sfnet) Fibcalc Command line fibonacci series calculation program. DOWNLOAD
iuriakgnez(sfnet) Maplestory Soundtracks A lot of maplestory soundtracks from the site t... DOWNLOAD
jimmygo(sfnet) JimmyGo JimmyGo is an SGF viewer (games of Go) for the ... DOWNLOAD
althea(sfnet) Althea An IMAP E-mail client for X-Windows written wit... DOWNLOAD

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