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rspin(sfnet) RSpin DOWNLOAD
scomposer(sfnet) Sentence Composer Please click on "BROWSE ALL FILES" to... DOWNLOAD
hunter(sfnet) Hunter A single player 3D game based on Ogre3D. Theme ... DOWNLOAD
franklin(sfnet) franklin Franklin is a tool for recording data from vari... DOWNLOAD
logdigest(sfnet) logdigest Logdigest mails interesting lines from log file... DOWNLOAD
zenithgames(sfnet) PROJECT NO LONGER IN DEVELOPMENT ゼニスゲーム、現在はUnreal Engine 3を使ってIPア... DOWNLOAD
jphotoeditor(sfnet) JPhotoEditor Photo Editor for Windows platform, support BMP,... DOWNLOAD
gnutella2(sfnet) Gnutella2 Specifications for the Gnutella2 protocol DOWNLOAD
save-convs(sfnet) Pidgin Save Conversations Plugin Plugin for Pidgin messenger that saves your ope... DOWNLOAD
ggc(sfnet) GNU Gluco Control GNU Gluco Control (ggc) helps you to manage you... DOWNLOAD
pscan(sfnet) PScan PScan: A port scanner for PalmOS Devices. Thi... DOWNLOAD
tinywifi(sfnet) TinyWiFi Network Manager Based On Python Programming, De... DOWNLOAD
zephryl-menu(sfnet) Zephryl's Cascading Menu Simple, Compact, Cross-browser Cascading Javasc... DOWNLOAD
bobobot(sfnet) BoboBot BoboBot is a fast-action run-and-jump game base... DOWNLOAD
gem-pc(sfnet) gem-pc A toolkit to empower non-programmers to build m... DOWNLOAD
sitedocs(sfnet) Site Documentation Site Documentation is found her... DOWNLOAD
zentray(sfnet) ZenTray ZenTray is a Windows system tray icon program t... DOWNLOAD
zeorawdata(sfnet) r ゼオライトRawデータライブラリは、ZEOのユーザー... DOWNLOAD
socialsimulator(sfnet) M3 Social Simulator A simulation of picking up a female based on Pi... DOWNLOAD
taborca(sfnet) Taborca PDF GUI for page re-ordering, re-numbering, OCR... DOWNLOAD
zenossdeki(sfnet) Zenoss/MindTouch Mashup These are the scripts for putting together your... DOWNLOAD
linuxmulti-touc(sfnet) Linux Multi-Touch Driver A linux driver and script that runs in the user... DOWNLOAD
zenworlds(sfnet) Zen Worlds Zen Worlds is an object oriented C++ virtual wo... DOWNLOAD
keepassdbmerge(sfnet) Keepassx Database Merger This perl script merges two keepassx databases ... DOWNLOAD
fibcalc(sfnet) Fibcalc Command line fibonacci series calculation program. DOWNLOAD
iuriakgnez(sfnet) Maplestory Soundtracks A lot of maplestory soundtracks from the site t... DOWNLOAD
jimmygo(sfnet) JimmyGo JimmyGo is an SGF viewer (games of Go) for the ... DOWNLOAD
althea(sfnet) Althea An IMAP E-mail client for X-Windows written wit... DOWNLOAD
javacpc(sfnet) JavaCPC - Amstrad CPC emulator in JAVA Amstrad CPC-Emulator in JAVA, based on JEMU by ... DOWNLOAD
openswaf(sfnet) openswaf OpenSWAF is an open source Simple Web Applicati... DOWNLOAD
jdbm(sfnet) jdbm JDBM is a transactional persistence engine for ... DOWNLOAD
myhal(sfnet) MyHAL MyHAL is a Jabber bot running on your pc(s) tha... DOWNLOAD
xargonlib(sfnet) Xargon Library Project A class library providing useful tools for deve... DOWNLOAD
zeoblog(sfnet) ZeoBlog Un moteur de blog simple et élégant ! DOWNLOAD
ventamad(sfnet) VentaMAD Punto de venta de código abierto, enfocado en l... DOWNLOAD
spring-crypto-utils(freshmeat) Spring Crypto Utils Spring Crypto Utils aims to provide a wrapper a... DOWNLOAD
pychemqt(sfnet) pychemqt pychemqt is a software for simulate units opera... DOWNLOAD
dakar2010(sfnet) Dakar 2010 Game The Dakar 2010 is a 3D game for both Windows an... DOWNLOAD
geostd(sfnet) geostd geostd is an open-source set of restraints for ... DOWNLOAD
mrxt(sfnet) Multiple RX threads for Linux Multiple RX threads is a kernel module designed... DOWNLOAD
icare(sfnet) ICARE ICARE is used in a helpdesk of the french civil... DOWNLOAD
stancesresolved(sfnet) Stances Resolveds Correção do loot das stances para MaNGOS. DOWNLOAD
marketsaz(sfnet) MarketSaz Persian shop maker script. DOWNLOAD
junkmatcher(sfnet) JunkMatcher JunkMatcher: A Cocktail-styled Spam Filter for ... DOWNLOAD
zephyrtest(sfnet) Zephyr Automated Test Runner Zephyr is a cross-platform testing framework. DOWNLOAD
linuxdc(sfnet) LinuxDC: Linux for the Sega Dreamcast A port of the Linux 2.4.x kernel and assorted u... DOWNLOAD
reflektor(sfnet) reflek:tor reflek:tor is a replacement for Violet's mirwar... DOWNLOAD
modauthcertific(sfnet) modauthcertific mod_auth_certificate is an authentication modul... DOWNLOAD
echopm(sfnet) EchoPM A panel manager and navigation framework for th... DOWNLOAD
realtimeboardga(sfnet) Real Time Board Games: A Galaxy Divided RTB-Games: A Galaxy Divided: Open-Source strate... DOWNLOAD
boblog(sfnet) Bo-Blog A powerful, widely used, single-user blog engin... DOWNLOAD
hprink(sfnet) HP_rink HP_rink DOWNLOAD
freeagent(sfnet) Free Agents DIDS Free Agents DIDS is a distributed intrusion det... DOWNLOAD
fckeditorphp(sfnet) FCKeditor Editor(include-Installer Guide HTML text editor that brings to the web much of... DOWNLOAD
socialtoolkit(sfnet) Social ToolKit Tenha acesso as suas redes sociais favoritas di... DOWNLOAD
globalsight(sfnet) GlobalSight GlobalSight is an open-source Translation Manag... DOWNLOAD
pace-framework(sfnet) PACE Framework The PACE framework is a leading-edge platform f... DOWNLOAD
wcgui(sfnet) GUI++ This is ruby software to improve the GUI-Progra... DOWNLOAD
temporaltwist(sfnet) temporaltwist Application to adjust the tempo of audio files.... DOWNLOAD
slclust(sfnet) slclust slclust: a utility that performs single-linkag... DOWNLOAD
intervalski(sfnet) intervalski Small tool to remind the user of any task in cu... DOWNLOAD
webmotix(sfnet) Webmotix Content Management System (JCR+ExtJS) DOWNLOAD
utxr(sfnet) UT Responder UT Responder is a free text based audience resp... DOWNLOAD
adopta-un-amigo(sfnet) Script php Adopcion de Mascotas script creado para facilitar la busqueda y adop... DOWNLOAD
ctorrent-ipv6(sfnet) CTorrent_ipv6 CTorrent_ipv6 is a BitTorrent Client program wr... DOWNLOAD
axiom(sfnet) Axiom Computer Algebra System Axiom is a computer algebra system. It consists... DOWNLOAD
prpc(sfnet) Poser Remote Procedure Call Allows communications between Poser (www.e-fron... DOWNLOAD
cherokeeengine(sfnet) Cherokee Cherokee is a fully extensible and scriptable a... DOWNLOAD
chinsonsdicomvi(sfnet) Chinson's DICOMViewer This is a personal DICOM files Viewer for MS Wi... DOWNLOAD
j3d-pe(sfnet) 3d Proving Ground Loose intention is to develop a particle engine... DOWNLOAD
bionlp-corpora(sfnet) BioNLP-Corpora BioNLP-Corpora is a repository of biomedically ... DOWNLOAD
bsd42(sfnet) 4BSD for the Digital VAX Providing an easy to use platform for running A... DOWNLOAD
abcdp(sfnet) Aurelius Bruzas CD Player A CD Player for Linux console. DOWNLOAD
tincoreadb(sfnet) TincoreADB Multi-platform computer and console emulator fr... DOWNLOAD
notifyme(sfnet) public APIs and code DOWNLOAD
jwsmtpcomwrappe(sfnet) jwsmtp COM wrapper OLE Automation COM wrapper for jwsmtp library (... DOWNLOAD
tacci(sfnet) TACCI A project to extend TagLib's C bindings and cre... DOWNLOAD
megamijs(sfnet) Megamijs A Javascript framework designed for Web Applica... DOWNLOAD
eshtery(sfnet) "" shopping/catalog/e-comm... DOWNLOAD
berg(sfnet) unused DOWNLOAD
xlndsearch(sfnet) xlndsearch XLN Desktop Search is search engine for files a... DOWNLOAD
pace-icmp(sfnet) Pace-ICMP Pace-ICMP is a utility that can allow X amount ... DOWNLOAD
breem(sfnet) Breem An advanced and customizable emulator for Burge... DOWNLOAD
jvpnc(sfnet) jvpnc jvpnc is a JAVA based GUI for vpnc. We recommen... DOWNLOAD
winnux(sfnet) Winnux Winnux is a project to add a slight level of co... DOWNLOAD
mini-container(sfnet) Mini-Container The project is a IoC and AOP java Container.<... DOWNLOAD
kmext(sfnet) kmext extensions, tools, utilities and plugins for th... DOWNLOAD
libwx11(sfnet) libwx11 library to manage xlib DOWNLOAD
pluginthedpool(sfnet) Plugin ThreadPool C++ The command pattern and chain of responsibility... DOWNLOAD
iverbs2(sfnet) iVerbsME Fiszki na komórkę. J2ME+jsr-75 oraz przykładowy... DOWNLOAD
meteortl(sfnet) Common Template Language Common Template is kind of Template Language. I... DOWNLOAD
nolybab(sfnet) Nolybab Nolybab allows the user to change the Windows l... DOWNLOAD
lsync(sfnet) lsync Linux time synchronization program Lsync is a time synchronization program for Lin... DOWNLOAD
chome(sfnet) ydergyiff sdfew fefwf fwfghdsshy yujjfj DOWNLOAD
cproto(sfnet) cproto Cproto is a program that generates C function p... DOWNLOAD
snacs(sfnet) SNACS The Satellite Navigation Radio Channel Simulator DOWNLOAD
fluid-framework(sfnet) fluid-framework Fluid is an adaptative framework for model-driv... DOWNLOAD
power-manager(sfnet) powerManager A utility for managing user and computers. Writ... DOWNLOAD
quickconvert(sfnet) Quick Convert An extremely small utility It converts one unit... DOWNLOAD
simecg(sfnet) simECG simECG is an ECG signal simulator aimed for bas... DOWNLOAD

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