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zimplitcms(sfnet) Zimplit CMS Zimplit is the easiest Content Management Syste... DOWNLOAD
momedit(sfnet) Master Of Magic Game Editor Save game editor for Master of Magic - the best... DOWNLOAD
vtigercrmgreek(sfnet) vTiger CRM Greek Translation This is the Greek translation of the Opensource... DOWNLOAD
usdl(sfnet) USDL A user space implementation of Datagram Congest... DOWNLOAD
framacontrib(sfnet) framacontrib Un ensemble de scripts utilises par Framasoft. ... DOWNLOAD
recursiveblast(sfnet) Recursive BLAST Example implementation of recursive BLAST metho... DOWNLOAD
ezinjector(sfnet) ezinjector EZinjector is a simple no-configuration depende... DOWNLOAD
marbles(sfnet) Marbles Linked Data Engine Marbles is a server-side application that forma... DOWNLOAD
decisax(sfnet) DeciSAX That's "Deci" as in one-tenth... Base... DOWNLOAD
phpchesslib(sfnet) PHPChessLIB PHPChessLIB is a set of object oriented librari... DOWNLOAD
jxmlconfig(sfnet) toni XML based description of a GUI and a descriptio... DOWNLOAD
k3d(sfnet) K-3D K-3D is the free (as in freedom) 3d modeling, a... DOWNLOAD
bouncingform(sfnet) BouncingForm The C# .NET BouncingForm is a Windows Form with... DOWNLOAD
blokish(sfnet) Blokish Open source clone of the four-player board game... DOWNLOAD
wmpc(sfnet) wmpc Simple Windows Mobile application for controlli... DOWNLOAD
ikonforums(sfnet) ikonforums ikonForums is a free Perl based message board. ... DOWNLOAD
neblipedia(sfnet) neblipedia Nace con la finalidad de llevar los contenidos ... DOWNLOAD
prtest(sfnet) wptest DOWNLOAD
glcdtools(sfnet) glcdtools With GLCD Tools you can convert windows bitmap ... DOWNLOAD
ultrashipdriver(sfnet) Ultraship U-2 Driver Middle level device drivers for the Ultraship U... DOWNLOAD
dotdirective(sfnet) Dolphin Dolphin is a very simple C++ API to parse 'dot'... DOWNLOAD
vondel(sfnet) Vondel Vondel is a program that will assist you in wri... DOWNLOAD
irc2dc(sfnet) IRC to DC++ gate irc2dc provides intercomunication between users... DOWNLOAD
phinobuilder(sfnet) PhinoBuilder PhinoBuilder is a GUI Tool to visually aid desi... DOWNLOAD
orth(sfnet) orth Orth is an improvement of the C++ language feat... DOWNLOAD
es9factur(sfnet) 9facturacion Programa de facturación creado enteramente con ... DOWNLOAD
vgps(sfnet) VoicePulse Global Provisioning System VGPS is a PHP/MySQL based provisioning system i... DOWNLOAD
freetab(sfnet) FreeTab Open source version of Minitab. GUI interface f... DOWNLOAD
esb-net(sfnet) ESB.NET Service bus framework for Microsoft.NET platfor... DOWNLOAD
pspffvid(sfnet) PSvid Simple and easy app to convert videos to PS3, P... DOWNLOAD
w32ports(sfnet) w32ports A collection of various win32 binary packages b... DOWNLOAD
whyteboard(sfnet) whyteboard Whyteboard is a painting whiteboard application... DOWNLOAD
pyzgoubi(sfnet) PyZgoubi PyZgoubi is an interface to the Zgoubi particle... DOWNLOAD
slax(sfnet) Slax Slax is a modern, portable, small and fast Linu... DOWNLOAD
darning(freshmeat) Darning Darning is a tool for managing a series or sequ... DOWNLOAD
tinhat(freshmeat) Tin Hat Tin Hat is a Linux distribution derived from ha... DOWNLOAD
galaxia-alfa(sfnet) Etiko software Manage different websites. Supports articles, p... DOWNLOAD
mailbotfooler(sfnet) Mail Bot Fooler This is just a PHP class that generates random ... DOWNLOAD
avrtv(sfnet) AVR TV Video Generation AVR based TV image Generation. Assembely langua... DOWNLOAD
tnsl(sfnet) Tensile Generic macroprocessor, primarily aimed at comp... DOWNLOAD
qtwebapp(freshmeat) QtWebApp QtWebApp allows you to write standalone Web ser... DOWNLOAD
libbash(sfnet) libbash libbash is a tool that enables bash dynamic-lik... DOWNLOAD
zzplayer(sfnet) ZZplayer ZZplayer is a MPEG player for the KDE environme... DOWNLOAD
proxyswitcher(sfnet) Proxy Control A simple program that can be used to switch a w... DOWNLOAD
kuviewer(sfnet) KuViewer KuViewer is a image viewer on Windows, which ha... DOWNLOAD
giraf(sfnet) giraf Giraf is a PHP based project for searching and ... DOWNLOAD
bsdbuild(sfnet) BSDBuild A self-contained and portable build system deri... DOWNLOAD
avrtetrisgame(sfnet) avr tetris game A led tetris game which run on an atmel atmega8. DOWNLOAD
mscore(freshmeat) MuseScore MuseScore lets you notate and compose music eas... DOWNLOAD
aivis(sfnet) AIVIS A.I. security app. Development ceased. DOWNLOAD
avrtimer(sfnet) AVRTimerCalculator A programm that helps you to get the settings f... DOWNLOAD
projectviewplug(sfnet) Project View Plugin for JIRA This plugin is a Jira extension to allow the Pl... DOWNLOAD
snowflock(sfnet) SnowFlock SnowFlock enables high performance computing on... DOWNLOAD
opensclconfig(sfnet) opensclconfig SCL Manipulation and Configuration Tools, is a ... DOWNLOAD
lightweightfile(sfnet) Lightweight File Integrity Checker Lightweight File Integrity Checker. It will kee... DOWNLOAD
rastertogemini(sfnet) rastertogemini10x A simple CUPS driver for Star(r) Gemini 10x dot... DOWNLOAD
postweb(sfnet) PostWeb Developed by Robert Emin. Postweb is written i... DOWNLOAD
etch(sfnet) Etch System Configuration Management A tool for system configuration management, i.e... DOWNLOAD
mklobby(sfnet) Knesset Lobbyist toolkit Toolkit for civilian activists to cross-check l... DOWNLOAD
w3scilab(sfnet) W3 Scilab W3 Scilab is a web interface to Scilab.It permi... DOWNLOAD
homeos(sfnet) homeOS homeOS is a cross-platform operating system, cu... DOWNLOAD
iterint(sfnet) IterInt IterInt is a numerical integration package that... DOWNLOAD
bsdbox(sfnet) BSDBox BSDBox is somewhat same as PicoBSD, but It fits... DOWNLOAD
arli(sfnet) AdRoLuaInterpreter(FireLuaX) Roblox Lua Interpreter on windows..The launguag... DOWNLOAD
kmwin(sfnet) KMWin KMWin (Kaplan-Meier for Windows) is a convenien... DOWNLOAD
cdrtfe(sfnet) cdrtfe cdrtfe is a CD/DVD/BD burning application for M... DOWNLOAD
tpkg(sfnet) tpkg Application Packaging & Deployment tpkg is a cross-platform tool for packaging and... DOWNLOAD
daostudio(sfnet) Dao Studio Dao Studio is an integrated developing environm... DOWNLOAD
pppt(sfnet) 3PT 3PT (short for Python based PowerPoint) is a pr... DOWNLOAD
beozipuserman(sfnet) Beozip User Manual Software documentation project for Beowurks' op... DOWNLOAD
home-manager(sfnet) Home Manager Home Manager aims at Families which want to mon... DOWNLOAD
logbook(sfnet) LogBook The goal is to help project management process ... DOWNLOAD
cafe-linux(sfnet) CAFE Linux CAFE Linux (Class And Functionality Enumerator ... DOWNLOAD
opensched(sfnet) OpenSched This program is used to automatically schedule ... DOWNLOAD
kartomnt(sfnet) KartoMNT KartoMNT is a free software of height model dig... DOWNLOAD
etla(sfnet) eTLA TLA+ Eclipse IDE plugin. Integration of formal ... DOWNLOAD
karto(sfnet) Karto Karto allows to calibrate a scanned map with so... DOWNLOAD
joomlathemes(sfnet) Free CMS Themes and Scripts Project A Collection of various Open Source Themes and ... DOWNLOAD
sakura-game(sfnet) Sakura Game The Sakura game is created on motives of the &q... DOWNLOAD
helpdock(sfnet) The Help Dock The Help Dock is an application written in C# t... DOWNLOAD
jacow-spms(sfnet) Scientific Programme Management System The SPMS is a tool for event management tailore... DOWNLOAD
wndlpt(sfnet) WndLpt Handy 1..12 LPT port pins manager. Manual direc... DOWNLOAD
mathmarkedit(sfnet) MathMarkEdit DOWNLOAD
lumeter(sfnet) lumeter lumeter is a Qt-based tool for monitoring speed... DOWNLOAD
cpss(sfnet) Cyber-Physical Systems Simulator Cyber-Physical Systems Simulator DOWNLOAD
pimf(freshmeat) PIMF PIMF (Php Is My Framework) is a micro framework... DOWNLOAD
gcbasic(sfnet) Great Cow BASIC Great Cow BASIC is an open-source BASIC compile... DOWNLOAD
verteasy(sfnet) VertEasy VertEasy is an advertisement tracking and manag... DOWNLOAD
kobjects(sfnet) kobjects Create some lean Java APIs suitable for J2ME CLDC. DOWNLOAD
myspellx(sfnet) HunSpellX HunSpell spell checker port to MacOSX. DOWNLOAD
curry(sfnet) Curry A plugin for Q3Radiant that allows the user to ... DOWNLOAD
gobx(sfnet) GUI Based OSEK Configuration Builder The GOB is an wxWidget application which stands... DOWNLOAD
cs-manager(sfnet) Counter-Strike Manager Program made for fps game Counter-Strike 1.6, a... DOWNLOAD
df-server-check(sfnet) d)f-Server-Check d)f-Server-Check is a PHP based script speciall... DOWNLOAD
mktorrent(sfnet) mktorrent mktorrent is a simple and fast command line uti... DOWNLOAD
wav2rtp(sfnet) wav2rtp Simple testing tool to generate RTP data packet... DOWNLOAD
degma-audio(sfnet) DEGMA Audio Handler Project moved to DOWNLOAD
tbmailsplit(sfnet) Thunderbird 2GB inbox splitter Too much mail in your inbox and Thunderbird has... DOWNLOAD
metmask(sfnet) metmask Metmask is a tool written in python for managin... DOWNLOAD

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