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cexception(sfnet) CException Simple and Fast Exception Handling for C. DOWNLOAD
potbsproduction(sfnet) PotBS: Production Cost Analysis This project collects information about the eco... DOWNLOAD
jarcassonne(sfnet) jarcassonne Jarcassonne is a free Java implementation of th... DOWNLOAD
kdvmware(sfnet) VMWare Kernel Debugging booster The project is a Windows XP kernel driver allow... DOWNLOAD
castez(sfnet) CastEZ A simple podcast creation and editing tool. DOWNLOAD
cxx2cs(sfnet) C++ to C# Translator Direct C++ to C# translator, translates one of ... DOWNLOAD
escapefromlenov(sfnet) EscapeFromLenovo Troy University Computer Science Department, So... DOWNLOAD
teldomainproxy(sfnet) Private TEL Domain Proxy Private TEL Domain Proxy is first open source p... DOWNLOAD
eucalyptus(sfnet) Eucalyptus Advanced email suite. DOWNLOAD
proteinfolding(sfnet) Protein Folding The project implements Protein Folding on a CBE... DOWNLOAD
blitzmax-ide(sfnet) MaxIDE - BlitzMax IDE An Integrated Development Environment for the p... DOWNLOAD
mien(sfnet) MIEN The Model Interaction Environment for Neuroscie... DOWNLOAD
mw-editcount(sfnet) MediaWiki - EditCount This is an extension to MediaWiki. It creates a... DOWNLOAD
fressia(sfnet) Fressia Project Fressia Project is an effort to develop an Open... DOWNLOAD
dormaudio(sfnet) Dormaudio Snore Trainer, a small java program that listen... DOWNLOAD
tinlizard(sfnet) Tin Lizard Tin Lizard is a java web application to aggrega... DOWNLOAD
midimon(sfnet) MidiMon - Basic MIDI monitor, works w/ JACK or ALSA MID... DOWNLOAD
emeralddream(sfnet) The Emerald Dream This project is a project involving the creatio... DOWNLOAD
polyplanet(sfnet) PolyPlanet PolyPlanet is an evolutionary playground inspir... DOWNLOAD
control(sfnet) Control Control is a modular remote control software . ... DOWNLOAD
metrix(freshmeat) Metrix++ Metrix++ is a platform to collect and analyze c... DOWNLOAD
lwinstok(sfnet) lwinstok Sistema minimalista voltado a controle de venda... DOWNLOAD
libqrencode(freshmeat) libqrencode libqrencode is a library for encoding data in a... DOWNLOAD
mpsdk(sfnet) Intel® Mobile Platform SDK 1.3 Intel® Mobile Platform SDK 1.3 covered by BSD l... DOWNLOAD
schemas(sfnet) RDF Schema Creator and Metadata Registry A metadata schema registry server in Perl/C (ba... DOWNLOAD
freezepane(sfnet) Freeze Pane on HTML Smooth Freeze Panel by Javascript. The design o... DOWNLOAD
sqliteclientsyn(sfnet) SQLiteClientSyncProvider SQLite client synchronization provider for Micr... DOWNLOAD
andmusicplayer(sfnet) Android Music Player An android music player in the style of Amarok,... DOWNLOAD
oggvideotools(sfnet) Ogg Video Tools The Ogg Video Tools is a toolbox for manipulati... DOWNLOAD
daro(sfnet) daro A collection of Java client applications based ... DOWNLOAD
ifml(sfnet) Interactive Fiction Mark Up Language The purpose of this project is to develop an en... DOWNLOAD
neoclassics(sfnet) Lettres Lettres is an innovative game based on Tetris t... DOWNLOAD
homeautomatia(sfnet) Home Automation and Control System Home Automation and Control System is a softwar... DOWNLOAD
warehouseprogra(sfnet) Simple Warehouse Program Simple inventory management software in Bulgari... DOWNLOAD
gmfoto(sfnet) OpenFoto | open-source photo gallery OpenFoto is a lightweight, open-source photo ga... DOWNLOAD
itubelite(sfnet) iTube Lite YouTube Downloader A simple YouTube downloader. It is uses code fr... DOWNLOAD
lucmanedition(sfnet) Ubuntu LucMAN Edition Modificación de Ubuntu 9.10 con paquete de soft... DOWNLOAD
esi2(sfnet) Essential Software Installer This program is made to simplify the process of... DOWNLOAD
opensek(sfnet) opensek FreeOSEK is a scalable solution for embedded sy... DOWNLOAD
baiducnmap(sfnet) baidu_cn_map a map based on baidumap's contains all c... DOWNLOAD
osdab(sfnet) OSDaB The OSDaB Project is a collection of useful C++... DOWNLOAD
halfnetwork(sfnet) halfnetwork HalfNetwork is a crossplatform C++ network libr... DOWNLOAD
graphpite(sfnet) GraPHPite aka Image_Graph GraPHPite is a highly customizable utility writ... DOWNLOAD
learn-cnc-game(sfnet) LearnCNC Game A PC video game project developed using Quest3D... DOWNLOAD
ipsender(sfnet) ipSender A little script that send to an/some email/s th... DOWNLOAD
scadaframework(sfnet) Free SCADA And HMI Framworks Generic SCADA and HMI frameworks those can be ... DOWNLOAD
apecueknife(sfnet) APE+CUE Knife Slice packaged APE file to separate ones accord... DOWNLOAD
jyntax(sfnet) jyntax Jyntax is a simple, easy-to-use, light-weight s... DOWNLOAD
jsintegration(sfnet) JavaScript Integration JSI是一个简单、开放、无侵入的脚本库管框架,实现... DOWNLOAD
avrspi7042(sfnet) AVR SPI programmer The Project represents the graphic interface of... DOWNLOAD
dukra(sfnet) Dukra Dukra is programing language for AVR Microcontr... DOWNLOAD
osdepinstaller(sfnet) SWT Web Installer SWT Web Installer is a Java library that helps ... DOWNLOAD
metron(sfnet) Metron This is a construction management software to m... DOWNLOAD
stroke(sfnet) stroke Dynamically changing modification, access, and ... DOWNLOAD
imap-upload(sfnet) IMAP Upload A tool for uploading a local mailbox to IMAP4 s... DOWNLOAD
grase(sfnet) GRASE - Hotspot/Radmin administration A complete Hotspot or Internet Cafe solution. P... DOWNLOAD
chatbouhssini(sfnet) Chat Bouhssini مشروع الشات هذا مكتوب بلغة سي بالاستعانة بمكتبة... DOWNLOAD
delayedproxy(sfnet) Delayed Proxy DEPRECATED! This program is replaced by Gamer's... DOWNLOAD
benthic(sfnet) The Benthic IRC Daemon Benthic IRCd's main features are web-based admi... DOWNLOAD
etlpy(sfnet) Simplistic Python ETL Simplistic and experimental python ETL package. DOWNLOAD
mapstitcher(sfnet) Map Stitcher Map Stitcher is an image editing utility design... DOWNLOAD
splog(sfnet) splog Splog is a simple PHP and MySQL blogging framew... DOWNLOAD
jconfigura(sfnet) jconfigura JConfigura is a library usable in java environm... DOWNLOAD
meshdenosing(sfnet) MeshDenosing This software is a java3d-based grid platform a... DOWNLOAD
qmasspics(sfnet) QMassPics A program for downloading pictures from web gal... DOWNLOAD
strip-tease(sfnet) strip-tease Download daily comic strips from various websites. DOWNLOAD
textovka(sfnet) Simple Python Engine for Adventure Games Very simple Python engine for text based advent... DOWNLOAD
gemibloo(sfnet) Gemibloo Gemibloo is a fully open and very extensible G... DOWNLOAD
ooextras(sfnet) Open Office Extras Extras is a place to accumulate ... DOWNLOAD
twobgalg(sfnet) 2bgalg Module d'extension de sécurisation et de gestio... DOWNLOAD
jstardict(sfnet) TeeDict TeeDict (formerly jStarDict) is a j2se/j2me dic... DOWNLOAD
inoclam(sfnet) inoclam inoclam monitors directories with inotify and v... DOWNLOAD
usbsoftware(sfnet) USB Software USB Software is a place to download all of the ... DOWNLOAD
kabook(sfnet) KaBook Audiobook mp3 bookmark text links kabook audiobook mp3 player, text to speech blo... DOWNLOAD
salomegeometry(sfnet) SALOME Geometry Module A complete OpenCascade - OCAF based CAD framewo... DOWNLOAD
tpac-dlp(sfnet) TPAC Digital Library Portal The TPAC Digital Library is a web-based applica... DOWNLOAD
hsqldbmanager(sfnet) HSQLDB Manager The HSQLDBManager is a tool to manage HSQL Data... DOWNLOAD
controlaula(sfnet) ControlAula ControlAula is an application written to assist... DOWNLOAD
smarthd(sfnet) SmartHD This project aims to read SMART values from har... DOWNLOAD
zenformat(sfnet) zenformat zenformat is a simple, zenity-based GUI for the... DOWNLOAD
wikibiff(sfnet) WikiBiff Alerts Wiki users when they have new messages. ... DOWNLOAD
renameapp(sfnet) ReName File Application Rename File Application is written by java with... DOWNLOAD
mob-app-studio(sfnet) Mobile Application Studio An open source project is initiated as "Mo... DOWNLOAD
gtune(sfnet) gtune a small application for linux desktops intended... DOWNLOAD
jubaproject(sfnet) Juba Project O Juba é um simples editor de texto, com alguma... DOWNLOAD
devil-linux(sfnet) Devil-Linux Devil-Linux is a special Linux distribution, wh... DOWNLOAD
zaxas(sfnet) Zaxas: Object Oriented Ajax Framework Zaxas is a promising Object Oriented Ajax Frame... DOWNLOAD
fire-j2me(sfnet) fire Fire is a fast, themable UI toolkit and xHTML/C... DOWNLOAD
gstpl(sfnet) Swing Timetable Platform (gstpl) ! Please visit DOWNLOAD
pam-sasl(sfnet) PAM SASL Module PAM module for SASL password authentication. DOWNLOAD
espenstimer(sfnet) Tea Timer Tea Timer is a simple timer application. It's j... DOWNLOAD
mesclar(sfnet) mesclar Tool for applying watermarks or banners to a bu... DOWNLOAD
nano-mvc(sfnet) Nano MVC Annotation based Java MVC framework. DOWNLOAD
jxll(sfnet) jxll JXLL provides a java library for interacting wi... DOWNLOAD
spacs(sfnet) SPACS SPACS is an extension for Macromedia / Adobe Fl... DOWNLOAD
physicsandmatha(sfnet) Physics and Math Applets A collection of applets used to demonstrate phy... DOWNLOAD
phppaginations(sfnet) PHP Pagination string content and Array A pagination PHP Class that can be used to pagi... DOWNLOAD
visualddk(sfnet) VisualDDK The VisualDDK is a plugin for Microsoft Visual ... DOWNLOAD
ihcc(sfnet) Internet HTML/PHP Chat Client IHCC is an HTML based chatroom (Similar to IRC)... DOWNLOAD
pimpbot(sfnet) PimpBot PimpBot is a graphical interface, which let's t... DOWNLOAD

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