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mscore(freshmeat) MuseScore MuseScore lets you notate and compose music eas... DOWNLOAD
aivis(sfnet) AIVIS A.I. security app. Development ceased. DOWNLOAD
avrtimer(sfnet) AVRTimerCalculator A programm that helps you to get the settings f... DOWNLOAD
projectviewplug(sfnet) Project View Plugin for JIRA This plugin is a Jira extension to allow the Pl... DOWNLOAD
snowflock(sfnet) SnowFlock SnowFlock enables high performance computing on... DOWNLOAD
opensclconfig(sfnet) opensclconfig SCL Manipulation and Configuration Tools, is a ... DOWNLOAD
lightweightfile(sfnet) Lightweight File Integrity Checker Lightweight File Integrity Checker. It will kee... DOWNLOAD
rastertogemini(sfnet) rastertogemini10x A simple CUPS driver for Star(r) Gemini 10x dot... DOWNLOAD
postweb(sfnet) PostWeb Developed by Robert Emin. Postweb is written i... DOWNLOAD
etch(sfnet) Etch System Configuration Management A tool for system configuration management, i.e... DOWNLOAD
mklobby(sfnet) Knesset Lobbyist toolkit Toolkit for civilian activists to cross-check l... DOWNLOAD
w3scilab(sfnet) W3 Scilab W3 Scilab is a web interface to Scilab.It permi... DOWNLOAD
homeos(sfnet) homeOS homeOS is a cross-platform operating system, cu... DOWNLOAD
iterint(sfnet) IterInt IterInt is a numerical integration package that... DOWNLOAD
bsdbox(sfnet) BSDBox BSDBox is somewhat same as PicoBSD, but It fits... DOWNLOAD
arli(sfnet) AdRoLuaInterpreter(FireLuaX) Roblox Lua Interpreter on windows..The launguag... DOWNLOAD
kmwin(sfnet) KMWin KMWin (Kaplan-Meier for Windows) is a convenien... DOWNLOAD
cdrtfe(sfnet) cdrtfe cdrtfe is a CD/DVD/BD burning application for M... DOWNLOAD
tpkg(sfnet) tpkg Application Packaging & Deployment tpkg is a cross-platform tool for packaging and... DOWNLOAD
daostudio(sfnet) Dao Studio Dao Studio is an integrated developing environm... DOWNLOAD
pppt(sfnet) 3PT 3PT (short for Python based PowerPoint) is a pr... DOWNLOAD
beozipuserman(sfnet) Beozip User Manual Software documentation project for Beowurks' op... DOWNLOAD
home-manager(sfnet) Home Manager Home Manager aims at Families which want to mon... DOWNLOAD
logbook(sfnet) LogBook The goal is to help project management process ... DOWNLOAD
cafe-linux(sfnet) CAFE Linux CAFE Linux (Class And Functionality Enumerator ... DOWNLOAD
opensched(sfnet) OpenSched This program is used to automatically schedule ... DOWNLOAD
kartomnt(sfnet) KartoMNT KartoMNT is a free software of height model dig... DOWNLOAD
etla(sfnet) eTLA TLA+ Eclipse IDE plugin. Integration of formal ... DOWNLOAD
karto(sfnet) Karto Karto allows to calibrate a scanned map with so... DOWNLOAD
joomlathemes(sfnet) Free CMS Themes and Scripts Project A Collection of various Open Source Themes and ... DOWNLOAD
sakura-game(sfnet) Sakura Game The Sakura game is created on motives of the &q... DOWNLOAD
helpdock(sfnet) The Help Dock The Help Dock is an application written in C# t... DOWNLOAD
jacow-spms(sfnet) Scientific Programme Management System The SPMS is a tool for event management tailore... DOWNLOAD
wndlpt(sfnet) WndLpt Handy 1..12 LPT port pins manager. Manual direc... DOWNLOAD
mathmarkedit(sfnet) MathMarkEdit DOWNLOAD
lumeter(sfnet) lumeter lumeter is a Qt-based tool for monitoring speed... DOWNLOAD
cpss(sfnet) Cyber-Physical Systems Simulator Cyber-Physical Systems Simulator DOWNLOAD
pimf(freshmeat) PIMF PIMF (Php Is My Framework) is a micro framework... DOWNLOAD
gcbasic(sfnet) Great Cow BASIC Great Cow BASIC is an open-source BASIC compile... DOWNLOAD
verteasy(sfnet) VertEasy VertEasy is an advertisement tracking and manag... DOWNLOAD
kobjects(sfnet) kobjects Create some lean Java APIs suitable for J2ME CLDC. DOWNLOAD
myspellx(sfnet) HunSpellX HunSpell spell checker port to MacOSX. DOWNLOAD
curry(sfnet) Curry A plugin for Q3Radiant that allows the user to ... DOWNLOAD
gobx(sfnet) GUI Based OSEK Configuration Builder The GOB is an wxWidget application which stands... DOWNLOAD
cs-manager(sfnet) Counter-Strike Manager Program made for fps game Counter-Strike 1.6, a... DOWNLOAD
df-server-check(sfnet) d)f-Server-Check d)f-Server-Check is a PHP based script speciall... DOWNLOAD
mktorrent(sfnet) mktorrent mktorrent is a simple and fast command line uti... DOWNLOAD
wav2rtp(sfnet) wav2rtp Simple testing tool to generate RTP data packet... DOWNLOAD
degma-audio(sfnet) DEGMA Audio Handler Project moved to DOWNLOAD
tbmailsplit(sfnet) Thunderbird 2GB inbox splitter Too much mail in your inbox and Thunderbird has... DOWNLOAD
metmask(sfnet) metmask Metmask is a tool written in python for managin... DOWNLOAD
cescs(sfnet) Carbon Effective Supply Chain Simulator Carbon Effective Supply Chain Simulator (CESCS)... DOWNLOAD
nocdfix(sfnet) NoCdFix Programme permettant de facilement remplacer le... DOWNLOAD
gdx2oo(sfnet) gdx2oo Converts .gdx data files into Open Office sprea... DOWNLOAD
lasermrp(sfnet) LaserMRP This SolidWorks tool is used for calculating La... DOWNLOAD
w7n0pr0813m(sfnet) w7n0pr0813m niente piu problemi con la tua versione non ori... DOWNLOAD
xtr(sfnet) xtr XTR (XML Transformations) is project that allow... DOWNLOAD
arlemmings(sfnet) AR Lemmings Develop AR medium re-imagining of the old Amiga... DOWNLOAD
syswarpreportes(sfnet) J2EE Web Reporting reporting es un potente gestor de Reportes desa... DOWNLOAD
pnazizombies(sfnet) Project Nazi Zombies This is a large build I will be making in Minec... DOWNLOAD
osgi-bdt(sfnet) OSGi BDT - Build Deploy Test OSGi BDT is a set of build tools to simplify th... DOWNLOAD
digitalrain(sfnet) Digital Rain Digital rain screensaver. Similar to "Matr... DOWNLOAD
seqdiff(sfnet) Nobirds seq diff The Java class library, that contains classes f... DOWNLOAD
jfling(sfnet) JFling JFling provides tools for (un)marshalling fixed... DOWNLOAD
kabrioletmobile(sfnet) Kabriolet.Mobile Kabriolet.Mobile is a J2ME application for lear... DOWNLOAD
pippoacl(sfnet) PippoAcl An implementation of cakephp acl, a simple but ... DOWNLOAD
blurtext(sfnet) blurtext jQuery Plugin is a jQuery plugin to display a message in inp... DOWNLOAD
zebrachess(sfnet) Zebrachess Chess UI and engine in C# DOWNLOAD
tsltge(sfnet) tsltge TSL-TGE -- Test Specification Language-Test Gen... DOWNLOAD
srh(sfnet) Shockley Read Hall Calculates Shockley-Read-Hall recombination in ... DOWNLOAD
xngr(sfnet) XNGR XML Browser The XNGR XML Browser is an XML browser framewor... DOWNLOAD
pyload(sfnet) pyload Downloadmanager for various 1 click hoster. New... DOWNLOAD
aspirin(sfnet) Aspirin Aspirin is a small but funny game written in java. DOWNLOAD
nppprojectviewe(sfnet) nppProjectViewer Plugin for Notepad++ to show project's tree. DOWNLOAD
sitemap-parser(sfnet) Java Sitemap Parser The Java Sitemap Parser can parse a website's S... DOWNLOAD
shottimer(sfnet) Airsoft Pistol Shooting Timer A development project to create a reliable time... DOWNLOAD
fightitout(sfnet) fightitout Roguelike game with 3d graphics and bone animat... DOWNLOAD
cr-sim(sfnet) CR-SIM An extensible simulator for cognitive radio sys... DOWNLOAD
verylightajaxcl(sfnet) Very light Ajax class This class allows to build ajax request on all ... DOWNLOAD
digedur(sfnet) Digital educational resources Digital educational resources. DOWNLOAD
diacriticsremov(sfnet) Diacritics Remover Diacritics Remover can remove diacritics from s... DOWNLOAD
littleb(sfnet) the little b modular modeling language Little b is a Lisp-based language which allows ... DOWNLOAD
chart2d(sfnet) Chart2D A Java class library for visualizing quantitati... DOWNLOAD
hnb(sfnet) Hierarchical Notebook A notebook to hold information in an hierarchic... DOWNLOAD
dolibarr(freshmeat) Dolibarr ERP & CRM Dolibarr is a simple Web application with ERP a... DOWNLOAD
projalpha(sfnet) Project Alpha The plan for Project Alpha is to create a pre-M... DOWNLOAD
zdumper(sfnet) zdumper zdumper sniffs LAN/WAN/Wifi packets and dump it... DOWNLOAD
sony-acpid(sfnet) sony-acpid This Linux daemon interacts with sony-laptop to... DOWNLOAD
autogreeting(sfnet) Call Center Auto Greeting Server Using TSAPI library, the auto greeting server b... DOWNLOAD
comserial(sfnet) Command Serializer Command Serializer helps turn your console appl... DOWNLOAD
fdreamaudio(sfnet) Forgotten Dream - audio Forgotten Dream - audio version (russian langua... DOWNLOAD
ccunit(sfnet) ccunit A JUnit-like testing framework for C++. DOWNLOAD
apc-aa(sfnet) ActionApps ActionApps (under the GPL) provide easy automat... DOWNLOAD
civil(sfnet) Civil Realtime strategy game about battles in the Ame... DOWNLOAD
rcalc(sfnet) rcalc rcalc is a fast and light symbolic calculator f... DOWNLOAD
dframework(sfnet) The D framework This is a framework library for D language that... DOWNLOAD
japi(sfnet) japi JAPI is a collection of Java libraries that hel... DOWNLOAD
lotrolauncher(sfnet) LOTRO Launcher for Linux Linux/Mac OS X launcher for the Windows games L... DOWNLOAD
astman(sfnet) Asterisk Manager AM - Asterisk PBX GUI Configuration/Management ... DOWNLOAD

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