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fritzboxtraffic(sfnet) fritzboxtraffic Get and display the traffic counter of a Fritz!... DOWNLOAD
pvoim(sfnet) pvoim pvoim = Parilo Voim : voice over internet messa... DOWNLOAD
sortiescatrider(sfnet) Sorties CatRiders Software for clubs dealing with subscriptions t... DOWNLOAD
ladspa-lgv(sfnet) ladspa-lgv-plugins ladspa-lgv-plugins is a collection of LADSPA pl... DOWNLOAD
wtpl(sfnet) wtpl A text template C++ library (like TemplateITX f... DOWNLOAD
qfritztraffic(sfnet) qfritztraffic This project uses the Qt version 4 library do d... DOWNLOAD
xjig(sfnet) xjig-2.5 Jigsaw Puzzle Xjig-2.5 is an is an improved version of the ji... DOWNLOAD
wsinetd(sfnet) wsinetd wsinetd (Windows Simple inetd) is a Windows equ... DOWNLOAD
nmould(sfnet) nMould nMould is an simple, easy to use and fast textb... DOWNLOAD
kdbg(sfnet) KDbg A graphical user interface to gdb, the GNU debu... DOWNLOAD
bobtheblob(sfnet) BobTheBlob A platformer for a 3rd year project DOWNLOAD
chipmunk-lds(sfnet) Chipmunk - LDS Primary Management System A system for managing children, teachers, class... DOWNLOAD
curlorb(sfnet) Curl ORB for java Curl ORB is to comunicate between Curl and serv... DOWNLOAD
zorall(sfnet) The Zorall World This will be a Hex-war game. Like wesnoth. Its ... DOWNLOAD
retypingdante(sfnet) Retyping Dante Retyping Dante is a media art-piece on cultural... DOWNLOAD
boundalyzer(sfnet) Boundalyzer The Boundalyzer is a tool for building and anal... DOWNLOAD
weup(sfnet) weup This project is about creating A Web-based coll... DOWNLOAD
libralis(sfnet) Libralis Libralis - Autocalibrated Gravity Compensation ... DOWNLOAD
stfu(sfnet) STFU A C++ library for 'Simple Tree Format', a new f... DOWNLOAD
slut(sfnet) slut Slut is a programming framework for generative,... DOWNLOAD
pdbsam(sfnet) pdbsam Protein Data Bank transformed into an SQL datab... DOWNLOAD
bobswork(sfnet) work This is a test for my first project. DOWNLOAD
obeliskpbx(sfnet) Obelisk PBX Obelisk is a Buinsess Unified Communication Sys... DOWNLOAD
stance(sfnet) stance Stance is a perl script for generating random s... DOWNLOAD
spatialsound(sfnet) Spatialization of Sound Implement a HRTF for binaural spatialization of... DOWNLOAD
zigv(sfnet) ZigV Visualization of ZigbeeNET API Data Packet... DOWNLOAD
runansiwin32(sfnet) RunAnsi_Win32 Execute A Win32 process with Partial Ansi Seque... DOWNLOAD
hotlinkshield(sfnet) Hotlink Shield Hotlink Shield is a set of php scripts to be us... DOWNLOAD
joystickbt(sfnet) Joystick BT Client / server application used to use a cell ... DOWNLOAD
justjournal(sfnet) Just Journal Just Journal is a blog web application. You can... DOWNLOAD
phpvideopro(sfnet) phpVideoPro phpVideoPro is a webbased video management appl... DOWNLOAD
libpapyrus(sfnet) papyrus - C++ Cairo Canvas library Papyrus is a C++ scene graph (canvas) library t... DOWNLOAD
pcsc(sfnet) pcsc Programa de facturação de Sinistros a segurador... DOWNLOAD
conexus(sfnet) conexus conexus is an event-driven C++ I/O library that... DOWNLOAD
gpsmid(sfnet) GpsMid Java Midlet to use OpenStreetMap data on a J2ME... DOWNLOAD
pidgin-festival(sfnet) pidgin-festival A plugin for pidgin that interfaces with the po... DOWNLOAD
igrafu(sfnet) IGRAFU IGRAFU is an open source program to integrate s... DOWNLOAD
finalpage(sfnet) Final Page A document post production tool for the Gnome E... DOWNLOAD
dgml(sfnet) DGML Dos Graphics Migration Library is used to compi... DOWNLOAD
pacuman(sfnet) PacMaN Simply an Atari pacman clone. The target of the... DOWNLOAD
drbn175crono(sfnet) Crono Crono is a .net application for windows mobile ... DOWNLOAD
erpsod(sfnet) ERPSOD This purpose of this tool is to manage SOD conf... DOWNLOAD
libjpopupgate(sfnet) LibJPopupGate LibJPopupGate is a libjpopup based java library... DOWNLOAD
exportgge(sfnet) exportgge CartoWeb gis php5 plugin for Kml, geoRSS and ge... DOWNLOAD
lossim(sfnet) lossim (fr) CMS ultra léger et sans base de données. D... DOWNLOAD
sdbg(sfnet) sdbg sdbg is an open-source and extensible debugger.... DOWNLOAD
osdial(sfnet) OSDial An Open Source (predictive) Dialer. OSDial is a... DOWNLOAD
sjc(sfnet) Shell Jobs and Commands This application simplifies tracking and editin... DOWNLOAD
japprdb(sfnet) JApprDB JApprDB is a database engine able to store know... DOWNLOAD
pidgin-htwm(sfnet) pidgin-htwm PLEASE NOTE: We moved to! https:/... DOWNLOAD
versionscheck(sfnet) Versions Check Sie können nach einbau auf einem Server prüfen ... DOWNLOAD
zmodem32(sfnet) ZModem Win32 Port This project is a port of the well known ZModem... DOWNLOAD
cheetahtemplate(sfnet) Cheetah: Python-Powered Template Engine Cheetah is a template engine and code generatio... DOWNLOAD
globalbase(sfnet) GLOBALBASE PROJECT Autonomous Distributed GIS :: GLOBALBASE / brow... DOWNLOAD
cc-checker(sfnet) Card credit checker Card credit checker, allows you to check credit... DOWNLOAD
skaringa(sfnet) skaringa Skaringa is an API for Java, JSON and XML langu... DOWNLOAD
hammockmocks(sfnet) hammock_mocks Hammock is a Java ME mock object library for te... DOWNLOAD
winampdroid(sfnet) Winamp Remote Android Server Winamp Remote Android Server is an Android appl... DOWNLOAD
usb-twi(sfnet) USB-TWI Interface This project shows how to make a device that, t... DOWNLOAD
emamp(sfnet) Easy Mac Apache PHP MySQL EMAMP allows you to install Apache PHP MySQL on... DOWNLOAD
frutisnake(sfnet) FrutiSnake Frutisnake !! Un jeu de snake, que du fun ! INF... DOWNLOAD
gmona(sfnet) GmonA GmonA is a server monitoring php script using g... DOWNLOAD
jsky(sfnet) JSky The JSky package contains java classes for disp... DOWNLOAD
sweetdreams(sfnet) SweetDreams SweetDreams is a free, open-source iPhone appli... DOWNLOAD
eedt(sfnet) Eclipse Eiffel Development Tools (EDT) The Eclipe Eiffel Development Tools (EDT) are a... DOWNLOAD
logsh(sfnet) logsh A terminal logger (also sometimes incorrectly c... DOWNLOAD
itassistant(sfnet) ITAssistant Tool used by IT personal to help with everyday ... DOWNLOAD
umineko(sfnet) umineko PHP-based Japanese verb stemmer using dictionar... DOWNLOAD
repeatgin(sfnet) repeatgin Repeatgin, repeat messages plugin for Pidgin in... DOWNLOAD
multifs-gents(sfnet) Multi Feature Selection with ensemble Java GUI to analyze one (or more, in batch mode... DOWNLOAD
pliman(sfnet) Personal Library Manager using PERL This is a set of tiny PERL scripts for maintain... DOWNLOAD
zbutterfly(sfnet) zButterfly zButterfly is a BitTorrent client with a powerf... DOWNLOAD
travtrack(sfnet) travtrack Travlib is a library providing a data model for... DOWNLOAD
zbxe(sfnet) zeroboardXE Zeroboard is a homepage building framework base... DOWNLOAD
projmalicious(sfnet) Project Malicious P_M, or Project Malicious, is an open-source co... DOWNLOAD
mgis(sfnet) monoGIS monoGIS will be a complete GIS suite for the Mo... DOWNLOAD
flexguard(sfnet) FlexGuard FlexGuard is server software which uses a point... DOWNLOAD
tubecaster(sfnet) Tubecaster Use Tubecaster to download videos from YouTube ... DOWNLOAD
datejobj2me(sfnet) Date function J2ME This J2ME app helps to add days to a date, or ... DOWNLOAD
phpfileuploadto(sfnet) PHP File Upload to SQL database PHP script for uploading files to a SQL databas... DOWNLOAD
jinku(sfnet) Jinku Web Dumper Jinku is an opensource web dumper written in Ja... DOWNLOAD
onboard-ng(sfnet) OnBoard-NG OnBoard-NG is a fork of the OnBoardC IDE which ... DOWNLOAD
wtlhelper9(sfnet) wtlhelper9 Maintenance to famous project WTL Helper. It's ... DOWNLOAD
jalbum2picasa(sfnet) JAlbum 2 Picasa A command line tool for uploading JAlbum galler... DOWNLOAD
consh(sfnet) consh Consh, short for "concurrent shell," ... DOWNLOAD
simplephpbase(sfnet) simplephpbase Pequeña aplicación php que consta de una admini... DOWNLOAD
itag(sfnet) iTag: a personalized tagger This is our implementation of a tagger that was... DOWNLOAD
scramblewords(sfnet) Scramble Want to beat your friends score in scramble. Us... DOWNLOAD
andorascape(sfnet) Andorascape The AndoraScape ultimate server DOWNLOAD
ephoto(sfnet) Ephoto - Extensive Image Viewing. Ephoto is an advanced image viewer and slidesho... DOWNLOAD
itgturtlepuzzle(sfnet) itg_Turtle_Puzzle a prgram written in C which finds the possible ... DOWNLOAD
osace(sfnet) Unicornscan Unicornscan is an asynchronous TCP and UDP port... DOWNLOAD
hinge3d(sfnet) Hinge3D Hinge3D is an component based message system de... DOWNLOAD
xiaowoniu(sfnet) xiaowoniu xiaowoniu Write relevant development documents DOWNLOAD
amigift(sfnet) amigift AMIGIFT is a FileSharing Application for AmigaO... DOWNLOAD
mono2011(sfnet) mono-2011 DOWNLOAD
mmxcf(sfnet) MegaMan X Crossfire An open souce MegaMan X fan game, using the arc... DOWNLOAD
moneygoesaway(sfnet) MoneyGoesAway A personal finance manager that facilitates the... DOWNLOAD
projecteva(sfnet) Project E.V.A. A big-sized project for Software Engineering at... DOWNLOAD
minigpsmanager(sfnet) minigpsmanager W800iMiniGPSManager is a manager for the MiniGP... DOWNLOAD

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