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mephisto(sfnet) Mephisto Mod This is the official branch of the eMule ScarAn... DOWNLOAD
sm16cf(sfnet) Simple M16C Flasher Simple M16C Flasher, serial line flasher for th... DOWNLOAD
calliope(sfnet) calliope Calliope is a GNOME-based music player. DOWNLOAD
pythonkurisuos(sfnet) Python para Kurisu OS Distribución oficial de Python para Kurisu OS 1... DOWNLOAD
pyjamas(sfnet) Pyjamas Web Widget Set Pyjamas is a python to Javascript compiler, Wid... DOWNLOAD
mocasengine(sfnet) MOCASEngine MOCASEngine is a java UML state machine engine ... DOWNLOAD
simplespread(sfnet) Simple Javascript Spreadsheet An OpenSource Javascript Spreadsheet project ba... DOWNLOAD
companion-pf(sfnet) Companion The Companion platform supports developing mobi... DOWNLOAD
chitraguptafs(sfnet) Chitragupta File System ChitraguptaFS is a simple file system based on ... DOWNLOAD
x4view(sfnet) X4View X4View is a modern framework for developing ric... DOWNLOAD
cdaccount(sfnet) cdaccount cdaccount is a program that keeps track of opti... DOWNLOAD
yapab(sfnet) YAPAB (Yet Another PHP Address Book) YAPAB is an address entry collection system bas... DOWNLOAD
yournewsletter(sfnet) YON, YOur Newsletter YON is a open source email campaign manager DOWNLOAD
delphiical(sfnet) Delphi iCal non-visual component class. a non-visual delphi component to read/write iCa... DOWNLOAD
rpmspecmanager(sfnet) MonoRpmSpecManager This tool provide help for write SPEC file to b... DOWNLOAD
mathballoonpop(sfnet) Math Balloon Pop A kids game that has addition, subtraction, mul... DOWNLOAD
c-3(sfnet) CardinalChaosCommittee The Cardinal Chaos Committee (C-3) is a group o... DOWNLOAD
routecalc(sfnet) RouteCalc Command Line Route calculator for Aviation. Inp... DOWNLOAD
winapisysinfo(sfnet) WinApiSysInfo Windows program built on GodeGear Delphi 2009, ... DOWNLOAD
opentemplate(sfnet) Open Template PHP templating engine Templating engine for PHP5+ DOWNLOAD
ccsfg(sfnet) Signup Form Generator (CCSFG) Constant Contact Signup Form Generator DOWNLOAD
rsat(sfnet) RSAT SAT solvers are being used more and more in par... DOWNLOAD
micepfl(sfnet) Mic the model µic is a modelling engine for simulations of mi... DOWNLOAD
unode(sfnet) µNode A project collecting free software modules whic... DOWNLOAD
c2xml(sfnet) c2xml c2xml is a tool that generates a XML representa... DOWNLOAD
iverpocket(sfnet) IVER_Pocket Aplicación de SIG Mobile para catastro de clien... DOWNLOAD
cbox(sfnet) Chat Box simple chat for your web site DOWNLOAD
qemu-boards(sfnet) qemu-boards Simplify build and use of software emulated boa... DOWNLOAD
tocolinux(sfnet) tocolinux Vanilla Kernel support only embedded flash and ... DOWNLOAD
sfunctioner(sfnet) sfunctioner sfunctioner is a GUI wizard written in PyQt for... DOWNLOAD
helixdi(sfnet) Helix DI Plug-ins for Kettle ETL. DOWNLOAD
catworkflow(sfnet) CAT Workflow Development and testing of a web based workflow... DOWNLOAD
ccgid(sfnet) ccgid This is a HTTP server, which intended to be a s... DOWNLOAD
cblackjack(sfnet) C# BlackJack A C# game of BlackJack. DOWNLOAD
sharpeart(sfnet) SharpE Art Icon Themes for SharpEnvironment DOWNLOAD
quickeasyphp(sfnet) EasyPHP EasyPHP : WAMP Server for PHP development and w... DOWNLOAD
lilidab(sfnet) LiLiDaB Lightweight Literature Database Lightweight Literature Database: a Qt/ODBC base... DOWNLOAD
jetpp(sfnet) Jet3d++ Jet3D is a robust 3D graphics engine built for ... DOWNLOAD
cm101jb421(sfnet) cm-10.1-jb4.2.1 Work In Progress... Boots but no display... DOWNLOAD
ch4kv6basico(sfnet) CH4KV6basico DOWNLOAD
h9labscmdlets(sfnet) H9Labs PowerShell Cmdlets Several useful cmdlets developed by H9Labs, suc... DOWNLOAD
vsyml(sfnet) VHDL Symbolic Simulator VSYML is an automated symbolic simulator for VH... DOWNLOAD
msrwd(sfnet) MySQL Split Read/Write for Drupal Under Drupal CMS, only one MySQL database is su... DOWNLOAD
virtcontrol(sfnet) Virtcontrol Virtcontrol is a python based commandline utili... DOWNLOAD
wmimonitor(sfnet) Monitor details WMI Provider WMI Provider to list Monitor Model and Serial N... DOWNLOAD
inda-project-09(sfnet) inda-project-09 A multiplayer tank game developed in Java as a ... DOWNLOAD
cridmanager(sfnet) CridManager This project is dormant. DOWNLOAD
blahzdns(sfnet) Blahz-DNS PHP/MySQL based DNS (BIND 9,tinydns) administra... DOWNLOAD
bearpark(sfnet) bearpark bearpark for a pig by a bear DOWNLOAD
zoneideas(sfnet) ZoneIdeas ZoneIdeas is a tool based on PHP5 intended to h... DOWNLOAD
rth(sfnet) RTH - Requirements and Testing Hub For further information regarding RTH visit our... DOWNLOAD
mppviewer(sfnet) Mpp Viewer MPP Viewer is a simple viewer for Microsoft Pro... DOWNLOAD
chemicalcovers(sfnet) ChemicalCovers Music album covers grabber, with an extensible ... DOWNLOAD
adpasswd(sfnet) adPasswd Tool This tool allows all users of a windows active ... DOWNLOAD
gammamail(sfnet) gammamail gammamail is a lightweight Gmail client. It is ... DOWNLOAD
clustersfe(sfnet) Clusters for Everyone CfE stands for “Clusters for Everyone” and is a... DOWNLOAD
jawc-wallpaperc(sfnet) Jawc-Wallpaper Jawc (Just Another Wallpaper Changer) is a Plug... DOWNLOAD
cdtraygadget(sfnet) cd tray gadget cdtraygadget is a tool to open/close your cd/dv... DOWNLOAD
userkid(sfnet) userkid Extendable IRC bot written in PHP DOWNLOAD
csgib(sfnet) ManDVD ManDVD is a tool for simply create DVD vidéo. I... DOWNLOAD
cdholder(sfnet) CD Holder This project is for those who want to store, se... DOWNLOAD
distance(sfnet) TeDi: test suite for distance transforms A test suite and benchmark for exact Euclidean ... DOWNLOAD
cdeedit(sfnet) CodeEdit A notepad type code editor that can edit: HTML,... DOWNLOAD
miniircd(freshmeat) miniircd miniircd is a small and limited IRC server writ... DOWNLOAD
eplealien-tp(sfnet) Eplemosen and AlienEd's collab-pack DOWNLOAD
phplogsys(sfnet) phplogsys Php-Loging-System is a front-end for viewing sy... DOWNLOAD
uniquetimestamp(sfnet) uniquetimestamp unique.timestamp provides a universally unique ... DOWNLOAD
pyunlocktool(sfnet) PyUnlockTool A graphical frontend to the fuser command line ... DOWNLOAD
xisl(sfnet) XISL XISL (XML based scripting of Implicit Surfaces)... DOWNLOAD
loculinux-linux(sfnet) LocuLinux - Linux en los Locutorios LocuLinux es una distribución de Linux basada e... DOWNLOAD
cdynamiclist(sfnet) CDataStruct An implementation of data structures in C, for ... DOWNLOAD
chatsidebarfix(sfnet) facebook chat sidebar fix Tired of the Facebook Chat Sidebar? This chrome... DOWNLOAD
shttpd(sfnet) Simple HTTPD ATTENTION: project moved to DOWNLOAD
vb-lite-unit(sfnet) VB Lite Unit A light-weight testing framework written in Vis... DOWNLOAD
water(sfnet) Water Water: a fast, secure, dynamic OO language and ... DOWNLOAD
qasl(sfnet) QASL QASL (Quality Assurance Scripting Language) is ... DOWNLOAD
leddisplayctrl(sfnet) Led Display Controller This project aims to provide a fully functional... DOWNLOAD
rcomm(sfnet) rcomm A light weight remote communications server all... DOWNLOAD
kdenlivecroatia(sfnet) kdenlive Croatian translation This project is Croatian translation for Kdenli... DOWNLOAD
armalyte(sfnet) Armalyte Commodore 64 emulator in Python. DOWNLOAD
tiny-explorer(sfnet) Tiny-Explorer A simple PHP file-manager/-browser (file-upload... DOWNLOAD
cdicsearch(sfnet) cdic-search-engine pure java unicode full text desktop search engi... DOWNLOAD
chaseplayer90(sfnet) Chase Player 9.0 Chase Player is a media player! DOWNLOAD
clearviewimg(sfnet) Clear View Clear View is a simple image viewer written in ... DOWNLOAD
chattingutility(sfnet) Chatting Utility On Core Java Core Java Application Use To Chat On the LAN DOWNLOAD
chatterboxv10(sfnet) ChatterBox v 1.0 A LAN messenger supporting one to many chats, i... DOWNLOAD
chat234(sfnet) Uuuzi.Com chat 234 is a chat project for 234. DOWNLOAD
cloudproject(sfnet) cloudproject This is a project of our gloup . To do a part ... DOWNLOAD
ieleak(sfnet) IE Leak Detector (Drip/IE Sieve) The Drip and IE Sieve leak detectors help web d... DOWNLOAD
poss(sfnet) PHP Open Source SMTP POSS is a suite of multi-platform PHP scripts a... DOWNLOAD
lopster(sfnet) Lopster Lopster is a peer-to-peer software supporting m... DOWNLOAD
gracelets(sfnet) Gracelets Groovy + Facelets = Gracelets. This combination... DOWNLOAD
eleccionesdhont(sfnet) Elecciones - reparto D'Hondt Programa "elecciones" para la divisió... DOWNLOAD
vbweka(sfnet) vbWeka vbWeka is a class library of a collection of ma... DOWNLOAD
ese(sfnet) ESE: Enterprise SmartEiffel ESE (reads "easy") stands for "E... DOWNLOAD
nzmath(sfnet) NZMATH NZMATH is a Python based number theory oriented... DOWNLOAD
totalw(sfnet) totalw TotalW is a two panel file manager written in P... DOWNLOAD
libgamepieces(sfnet) libgamepieces This project is started with the intent to crea... DOWNLOAD
virtualts-940s(sfnet) Virtual TS-940S Kenwood TS-940S CAT software. Complete user int... DOWNLOAD
libnary(sfnet) libnary N-ary tree library for strings. Supports addtio... DOWNLOAD

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