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flashcardsphp(sfnet) Flash Cards PHP Flash card software, written in PHP. The softwa... DOWNLOAD
skypeserver(sfnet) SkypeServer SkypeServer is a software that could be used: 1... DOWNLOAD
catomprofiler(sfnet) cAtomProfiler small profiler tool for fpc/lazarus application... DOWNLOAD
openillusionist(sfnet) OpenIllusionist Libraries for rapid development of Augmented En... DOWNLOAD
catpad(sfnet) CatPad CatPad provides soft buttons which, if pressed,... DOWNLOAD
oship(sfnet) Open Source Health Information Platform The Open Source Health Information Platform is ... DOWNLOAD
wsmt(sfnet) The Web Service Modeling Toolkit (WSMT) The Web Service Modeling Toolkit (WSMT) is a In... DOWNLOAD
cdxscorebot(sfnet) Network Security Scorebot Scorebot is a scoring framework which monitors ... DOWNLOAD
nokia9000vcard(sfnet) Nokia 9000 Contacts Converter Convert your Nokia 9000 Communicator contacts r... DOWNLOAD
omxil(sfnet) Bellagio OpenMAX Integration Layer Bellagio is an opensource implementation of the... DOWNLOAD
xanlib(sfnet) xanlib XanLib is a Linux library which provides data s... DOWNLOAD
worldsproject(sfnet) Worlds Project Worlds Project is a Java based English to 3D To... DOWNLOAD
enoceanlib(sfnet) EnOcean Library This library is enables communication with the ... DOWNLOAD
c3editor(sfnet) C Code Completer C Code Completer enhance writing C code with au... DOWNLOAD
nppconsole(sfnet) Notepad++ console plugin NppConsole is a workaround for windows console.... DOWNLOAD
opentvf(sfnet) OpenTVF The Tensor Voting Framework is a powerful techn... DOWNLOAD
dxfreader(sfnet) DXFReader A Mac OS X framework implemented in Objective-C... DOWNLOAD
xwinforms(sfnet) xWinForms Open source GUI (graphical user interface) libr... DOWNLOAD
seetxt(sfnet) seetxt A POSIX GUI file viewer capable of displaying m... DOWNLOAD
cboard(freshmeat) CBoard CBoard is an NCurses PGN browser, editor, and f... DOWNLOAD
pandorasshoqbox(sfnet) Pandora's shoqBox A free stand-alone application for managing the... DOWNLOAD
freedce(sfnet) Free DCE and DCOM A free implementation of DCE RPC, with developm... DOWNLOAD
xosl2(sfnet) XOSL2 XOSL2 is a free, full-featured boot manager wit... DOWNLOAD
php-mix(sfnet) PHP-Mix PHP-Mix: A Caching System for Dynamic Web Pages... DOWNLOAD
allchars(sfnet) AllChars AllChars provides a quick, easy-to-remember way... DOWNLOAD
ppygui(sfnet) PocketPyGui PocketPyGui is an easy GUI toolkit for PythonCE... DOWNLOAD
catinvaders(sfnet) Cat Invaders Space Invaders a notre sauce DOWNLOAD
ccdchawaii808(sfnet) ccdchawaii here are more tools that can be used for admin DOWNLOAD
javapi(freshmeat) JavApi JavApi provides a collection of .NET classes in... DOWNLOAD
component(sfnet) component component is a cross-platform C++ library for b... DOWNLOAD
wmbind(sfnet) Web Management for BIND This is a fork of the popular SMBIND project. W... DOWNLOAD
infra-red(sfnet) Infra-Red Infra-Red is a package of scripts designed to s... DOWNLOAD
spiked(sfnet) spiked Python web development framework built on a top... DOWNLOAD
spdddmnsuox(sfnet) spdddmns uox my mods to uox3 post january release 98-4, 2009 DOWNLOAD
bodb(sfnet) bodb: Simple SQL Database Engine Bodb is a boost based software library that imp... DOWNLOAD
c3ds(sfnet) 3ds file reading with inheritable class A set of c++ flexible and inheritable classes t... DOWNLOAD
ml7213(sfnet) ML7213/ML7223/ML7831/EG20T PCH This page is for LAPIS Semiconductor's IOH and ... DOWNLOAD
koogra(sfnet) Koogra Excel BIFF/XLSX Reader Library .Net implementation of an Excel file reader for... DOWNLOAD
rg-pro-hockey(sfnet) RG Pro Hockey 3D pro-hockey simulation DOWNLOAD
videoio(sfnet) videoIO Toolbox for Matlab A library providing easy, flexible, and efficie... DOWNLOAD
mograso(sfnet) MoGraSo MoGraSo is a programme for modelling long-perio... DOWNLOAD
cbir-ngvmv(sfnet) Content Based Image Retrieval Content-based Image Retrieval (CBIR) consists o... DOWNLOAD
ccnautnfrre(sfnet) CCNA UTN FRRE Web para compartir archivos de ccna de la UTN FRRe DOWNLOAD
sutprojects(sfnet) SUTPROJECTS Currently developing on this project. DOWNLOAD
gesmon(sfnet) gesmon The institutions that work for persons with dis... DOWNLOAD
vmstato(sfnet) VMstato VMstato is a small and lean java application to... DOWNLOAD
luvalley(sfnet) luvalley Luvalley is a lightweight type-1 Virtual Machin... DOWNLOAD
iseriesftpassis(sfnet) iSeries FTP Assistant One Solution to all your iSeries/AS400/System i... DOWNLOAD
libmysqlxa(sfnet) libmysqlxa This is a X-Open XA API wrapper for the MySQL c... DOWNLOAD
coyotelinux(sfnet) Coyote Linux Coyote Linux is a security centric distribution... DOWNLOAD
jigsaw-ide(sfnet) Jigsaw A Java IDE designed for beginners, with an emph... DOWNLOAD
mfire(sfnet) mfire Missile Launcher is designed provide a more eff... DOWNLOAD
tkbacktracer(sfnet) tkbacktracer tkBacktracer is a cross-platform interactive vi... DOWNLOAD
quizmaster(sfnet) QuizMaster and QuizClient QuizMaster is a multiple choice quiz authoring ... DOWNLOAD
ctapi-mkt(sfnet) ctapi-mkt Library and program to read the german health i... DOWNLOAD
interfacewm(sfnet) Interface WM Interface WM is a highly-extensible window mana... DOWNLOAD
genhostname(sfnet) genhostname genhostname is a linux perl script running at r... DOWNLOAD
mednafenfe(sfnet) mednafen front end A simple, GTK+ frontend / launcher for mednafen... DOWNLOAD
libaws(sfnet) An Amazon Web Services C++ Library libaws is a C++ library that allows to communic... DOWNLOAD
infosystem(sfnet) InfoSystem Informations containing personal data to identi... DOWNLOAD
tt-organizer(sfnet) TT-Organizer TT-Organizer calculates balance sheet values of... DOWNLOAD
ipernitynet(sfnet) IpernityNET IpernityNET is a framework wrapping the Ipernit... DOWNLOAD
bsa(sfnet) Brutal space action Brutal space action is 2D game and engine writt... DOWNLOAD
wittydms(sfnet) WittyDMS A Dokument Management System, created with Witt... DOWNLOAD
worldpay(sfnet) worldpay Php classes to handle worldpay direct payment (... DOWNLOAD
complib(sfnet) Composition Library To create a comprehensive and definitive online... DOWNLOAD
sierra-php(sfnet) sierra-php :: PHP Application Framework sierra-php is yet another PHP framework. It is ... DOWNLOAD
c3drmengine(sfnet) C3DRMEngine C3DRMEngine is a high-level and easy-to-use API... DOWNLOAD
compolang(sfnet) CompoGrammar CompoGrammar is a tool for composing antlr gram... DOWNLOAD
memorizer(sfnet) chandutexter An educational software to memorize texts. DOWNLOAD
whatsnewfm(sfnet) whatsnewfm whatsnewfm is a filter for the daily freshmeat ... DOWNLOAD
pyswitch(sfnet) PySWITCH Twisted Protocols for communication with FreeSW... DOWNLOAD
cceaspm(sfnet) CCEA Software Project Management This is a project aiming at exploring the metho... DOWNLOAD
ccmdline(sfnet) C-Cmd Its Command prompt that runs trought C programm... DOWNLOAD
masterofmana(sfnet) Master of Mana Master of Mana is a fantasy Modification (Mod) ... DOWNLOAD
cain21(sfnet) cain21 There are a wide variety of multimedia formats ... DOWNLOAD
wiiguard(sfnet) WiiGuard We always need a guardian when we leave home. N... DOWNLOAD
opentrends-ocms(sfnet) opentrends-ocms Siblings automatic creation module (easing mult... DOWNLOAD
pwrsp(sfnet) PWRSP "Personal Web Radio Streaming Player"... DOWNLOAD
cbsdetector(sfnet) Code Bad Smell Detector This project is a Java based detector, which ca... DOWNLOAD
contrack(sfnet) Contrack Order Management Contrack is a web-enabled order-centric managem... DOWNLOAD
pufframework(sfnet) pufframework DOWNLOAD
cartography3d(sfnet) Praetorians map editor A map editor for the PC game Praetorians. Progr... DOWNLOAD
webextract(sfnet) WebExtractor360 WebExtractor360 is a free and open source web d... DOWNLOAD
sbitproject(sfnet) sbitproject sbit project management DOWNLOAD
uberunit(sfnet) UberUnit UberUnit has been abandoned. Many projects requ... DOWNLOAD
ivmuk-os(sfnet) IvmukOS Ivmuk-OS is small RTOS for microcontrollers wit... DOWNLOAD
xikawa(sfnet) Xikawa Cause and Effect Grapher Ishikawa fishbones from your xml data for use i... DOWNLOAD
vmatrixlib(sfnet) VMatrixLib VMatrixLib is a little, handy, Java matrix libr... DOWNLOAD
xab(sfnet) Cross Site Scripting Anonymous Browser Cross Site Scripting Anonymous Browser (XAB) le... DOWNLOAD
evemacsuite(sfnet) EVE Mac Suite An EVE Online game tool for Mac OS X. DOWNLOAD
valkeyrie(sfnet) Valkeyrie Valkyrie is a low foot print web server. It ser... DOWNLOAD
graceplot(sfnet) xmgrace python interface This is a python module providing a nearly comp... DOWNLOAD
tiobench(sfnet) Threaded I/O tester Portable, fully-threaded I/O benchmark program DOWNLOAD
hypnoquit(sfnet) hypnoquit Please download from DOWNLOAD
pspsolver(sfnet) PSPSolver PSPSolver (Project Scheduling Problem Solver) i... DOWNLOAD
ocaml-gnuplot(sfnet) ocaml-gnuplot This library provides an easy interface to Gnup... DOWNLOAD
ccaswebsite(sfnet) CCAS Website This Sourceforge project is used to host the un... DOWNLOAD
mpvshaderplugin(sfnet) mpvShaderManagerPlugin This project has created a plugin for the Multi... DOWNLOAD
apvfs(sfnet) APR Virtual File System APR based virtual file system library and modul... DOWNLOAD

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