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mgtaxa(sfnet) MGTAXA Source code and development of this project was... DOWNLOAD
windowhider(sfnet) Window Hider Hides a specified window with the press of a ho... DOWNLOAD
en-ie-irl(sfnet) en-IE (Ireland) language for Joomla! 1.5 This is a Joomla 1.5x language pack localised f... DOWNLOAD
pointrel(sfnet) Pointrel Social Semantic Desktop The Pointrel System is an RDF-like triple store... DOWNLOAD
pwiki(sfnet) PHPediaWiki PHPediaWiki is a PHP framework for creating scr... DOWNLOAD
mp3webplayer(sfnet) MP3WebPlayer A simple, yet functional PHP audio player. It p... DOWNLOAD
descdatadiary(sfnet) Descriptive Data Diary This is a simple diary program for Windows. It ... DOWNLOAD
pspace(sfnet) PSpace PSpace is an attempt of making a new client for... DOWNLOAD
codedit(sfnet) Codedit A linux console-based text editor integrated wi... DOWNLOAD
spacemax(sfnet) SpaceMax Shoot them up Space max is a type of space invaders written i... DOWNLOAD
openfastdotnet(sfnet) OpenFAST.NET FAST is an acronym of Fix Adapted for Streaming... DOWNLOAD
passwordgeek(sfnet) Password Geek Password strength can be determined using the t... DOWNLOAD
tundradraw(sfnet) TundraDraw TundraDraw is a cross-platform ANSI drawing pro... DOWNLOAD
mdbsqlclient(sfnet) mdb SQL client A small .NET application that allows you to con... DOWNLOAD
streamcap(sfnet) StreamCap This project is a simple GUI wrapper for lsdvd ... DOWNLOAD
desktaprc(sfnet) DeskTapRC DeskTapRC is a simple program to control your d... DOWNLOAD
pa4rdf(sfnet) Persistence Annotations 4 RDF Persistence Annotation for RDF (PAR) is a set o... DOWNLOAD
scoretable(sfnet) ScoreTable Simple scoretable for sporting events. Простое ... DOWNLOAD
slingshot-game(sfnet) Slingshot Slingshot is a two dimensional strategy/simula... DOWNLOAD
lisatools(sfnet) LISA Tools A collection of tools, libraries, and documents... DOWNLOAD
ges(sfnet) GES GES tool is the result of integrating the Googl... DOWNLOAD
pytvshows(sfnet) PyTVShows pytvshows downloads torrents for TV shows from ... DOWNLOAD
ptcengine(sfnet) PTC Engine This project aim to be a great cross-plateform ... DOWNLOAD
emssframework(sfnet) emss iRobot Create Framework C++ framework designed to support iRobot Create... DOWNLOAD
flazr(sfnet) Flazr Flazr is a Java implementation of protocols suc... DOWNLOAD
combatally(sfnet) CombatAlly A relatively straightforward combat management ... DOWNLOAD
fensoft(sfnet) fensoft This is an opensource repository for everything... DOWNLOAD
configml(sfnet) Configuration markup language For object-oriented programs is useful to suppl... DOWNLOAD
getchaman(sfnet) Getchaman Getchaman is a simple file sharing program. DOWNLOAD
apex2ebs(sfnet) APEX2EBS SYMPLiK APEX2EBS is a framework to integrate Or... DOWNLOAD
jspresso(sfnet) Jspresso Jspresso is an innovative framework for buildin... DOWNLOAD
amportal(sfnet) FreePBX FreePBX is the most widely deployed Asterisk ba... DOWNLOAD
oprofile(sfnet) OProfile OProfile is a low-overhead, transparent profile... DOWNLOAD
thuthesis(sfnet) thuthesis ThuThesis is a LaTeX thesis template package fo... DOWNLOAD
netrek(sfnet) Netrek Netrek is a multiplayer battle simulation game ... DOWNLOAD
web-pa(sfnet) WEB-PA WEB-PA is a spider indexing a set of web sites ... DOWNLOAD
ilcalc(sfnet) ILCalc Small and lightweight .NET 2.0 library written ... DOWNLOAD
pcaphubd(sfnet) PCapHubD The pcaphubd acts like an Ethernet hub to make ... DOWNLOAD
masslogprocess(sfnet) JMassLogProcess(Log Process Cloud) JMassLogProcess is an next generation SIEM solu... DOWNLOAD
weblab-wrapper(sfnet) Cornell Web Lab Collaboration Server The Cornell Web Lab Collaboration Server is a s... DOWNLOAD
visionegg(sfnet) Vision Egg The Vision Egg produces 2D and 3D visual stimul... DOWNLOAD
winsha1sum(sfnet) winSHA1Sum A quick and easy to use SHA1 calculator for Win... DOWNLOAD
racetracksup(sfnet) Pinewood Derby Race Track 2 Race Track is a Pinewood Derby Race Management ... DOWNLOAD
gfrcalc(sfnet) GFR Calc For calculate GFR Value DOWNLOAD
networkupstools(freshmeat) Network UPS Tools Network UPS Tools (also known as NUT) is an ext... DOWNLOAD
sdclassdiagram(sfnet) SharpDevelop Class Diagram This project is a Class-Diagram plugin for Shar... DOWNLOAD
mohachat(sfnet) MOHA Chat - Chat any way you wish MOHA Chat is a free and open source chat soluti... DOWNLOAD
gevt(sfnet) Gevt - events calendar Gevt permet d'afficher automatiquement une list... DOWNLOAD
lan-sentry(sfnet) LAN-Sentry, a PHP-based gateway tool A collection of PHP scripts to manage a gateway... DOWNLOAD
mt-sps(sfnet) MT-SPS New programming language for SPS devices like A... DOWNLOAD
rawquake(sfnet) rawquake Various Quake 3 clients for Windows with raw mo... DOWNLOAD
simplehtmldatag(sfnet) simpleHtmlDatagrid the simpleHtmlDatagrid can be help ajax program... DOWNLOAD
lhgmaker(sfnet) Gallery Maker For Lovehorsepower Easily create professional galleries for free! ... DOWNLOAD
flast(sfnet) Flast Fast and Flexible Framework for PHP version 5.3... DOWNLOAD
gtranslater(sfnet) GTranslater This program is completely open source (GPL), u... DOWNLOAD
smartm3-javakpi(sfnet) Smart-M3 Java KPI library This is a Java-KPI interface made by University... DOWNLOAD
nv-inf-modify(sfnet) nv DOWNLOAD
opencell(sfnet) OpenCell A Free Java C(ell)S(tream)V(alidator) library. ... DOWNLOAD
cyberduck(sfnet) Cyberduck Cyberduck is a SFTP/FTP/WebDAV/Mosso/S3 browser... DOWNLOAD
yoyoplayer(sfnet) YOYOPlayer YOYOPlayer has moved to google code,for more in... DOWNLOAD
stock-monster(sfnet) stock-monster Stock Monster ... One stop resource shop for yo... DOWNLOAD
longomatch(sfnet) LongoMatch:The Digital Coach We have moved to DOWNLOAD
destroy(sfnet) DESTROY DESTROY is a file wiper program, which offers s... DOWNLOAD
libwbus(sfnet) W-Bus library and applications This is a small library that allows comunicatin... DOWNLOAD
ggtalkbot(sfnet) ggtalkbot Googleトークとの間で人気のポーランド語コミュニ... DOWNLOAD
turtlegraphics(sfnet) TurtleGraphics This is an educational program geared for child... DOWNLOAD
gf-indexer(sfnet) GameFAQs indexer GameFAQs board and user indexer fetches pages f... DOWNLOAD
posmanager(sfnet) Eve POS manager This website is a tool to manage player owned s... DOWNLOAD
spywar(sfnet) spywar Online strategic game. DOWNLOAD
bonding(sfnet) Linux Channel Bonding Linux kernel driver for aggregating multiple ne... DOWNLOAD
bixchange(sfnet) Bixchange Web Development Framework BixChange is a framework for web-based developm... DOWNLOAD
jtlv(sfnet) JTLV - formal framework Currently, all existing formal tools are design... DOWNLOAD
grpm(sfnet) Genetic Risk Prediction DOWNLOAD
c2rmf-sterobil(sfnet) STEROBIL Sterobil is a project used to build a 3D model ... DOWNLOAD
javascal(sfnet) Javascal This is a free compiler that translate a subset... DOWNLOAD
softgun(sfnet) softgun Softgun is an embedded system simulator. It is ... DOWNLOAD
pw-rrt(sfnet) Regression Report Tool The Regression Result Tool (RRT) is a Perl base... DOWNLOAD
tlve(sfnet) tlve The tlve program is a command-line tool for par... DOWNLOAD
deferochat(sfnet) Defero Chat System Defero is a chat system that aims to be simple ... DOWNLOAD
cadauno(sfnet) CADauno CADauno is a 3D modeling tool based on the NURB... DOWNLOAD
yaspi(sfnet) Yosi\'s Anti-Spam POP3 fIlter bot yaspi is a POP3 mail-scanner that targets mailb... DOWNLOAD
khazad(sfnet) Khazad Khazad is a unique game engine intended to act ... DOWNLOAD
varplan(sfnet) VarPlan VarPlan is a web application to visualize and m... DOWNLOAD
ipchangerbolo(sfnet) ip changer small tool which helps in easy chaning of ip, m... DOWNLOAD
ccflasher(sfnet) cc_flasher - CC2430 Flasher/Debbuger CC2430 Flash programmer and simple debug interf... DOWNLOAD
eveminingtool(sfnet) eveminingtool This tool will help you maximize your profit as... DOWNLOAD
xapmap(sfnet) XapMap XapMap (Cross Application Mapping) is a Java fr... DOWNLOAD
eyespy(sfnet) EyeSpy EyeSpy is a is a PC/Windows based internet moni... DOWNLOAD
yougifc(sfnet) YougifC YougifC is a GIF editor that can create GIF fil... DOWNLOAD
gettingstartedw(sfnet) Getting Started With Unix An application developed to help new users acqu... DOWNLOAD
minimac(sfnet) minimac A simple minimalist general purpose text macro ... DOWNLOAD
jagathon(sfnet) Jagathon Jagathon is a game about the JAG TV series. It'... DOWNLOAD
ysearch(sfnet) ysearch Create new Your Own Search Engine using Yahoo B... DOWNLOAD
kasper(sfnet) kasper, the friendly ghost kasper began as an imaging program similar in f... DOWNLOAD
trp1(sfnet) TRUE Random Playlist (Winamp Plugin). Plugin (True Random Playlist) makes possible to... DOWNLOAD
ruler(sfnet) Ruler For measuring your screen in pixels (Requires .... DOWNLOAD
composestar(sfnet) Compose* Compose* is a project that aims at enhancing th... DOWNLOAD
openzipit(sfnet) OpenZipit The Zipit Z2 is a handheld Linux device. The ai... DOWNLOAD
synergyemacs(sfnet) Telelogic Synergy mode for Emacs This is a minor mode for Emacs for the CM Syner... DOWNLOAD
vnc-proxy(sfnet) vnc-proxy In just one clic (no setup) this Java Applet ba... DOWNLOAD

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