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bizplizit(sfnet) Bizplizit Meta System for Business Attempt to build framework for business systems... DOWNLOAD
dal(sfnet) Database Abstraction Layer for PHP DAL is a Database Abstraction Layer written ent... DOWNLOAD
q3c(sfnet) Q3C Q3C is the plugin for PostgreSQL, designed for ... DOWNLOAD
drupal(freshmeat) Drupal Drupal is a modular content management system, ... DOWNLOAD
vnc2me(sfnet) VNC2me - Secure Remote Desktop Sharing Creates a Secure Tunnel (via SSH) to Secure Des... DOWNLOAD
b-forms(sfnet) B-Forms A simple to learn object-oriented PHP library f... DOWNLOAD
buzhug(sfnet) Buzhug A fast, portable, pure-Python database engine, ... DOWNLOAD
msn-proxy(sfnet) msn-proxy msn-proxy is a lightweight transparent proxy us... DOWNLOAD
flightdeck-ui(sfnet) Flightdeck-UI Flightdeck-UI is a project that utilizes the id... DOWNLOAD
geneticoptimize(sfnet) Genetic Optimizer Genetic optimizing of functions with two variab... DOWNLOAD
scta1(sfnet) scta1 Was a stream cipher attempt, but has been orpha... DOWNLOAD
battlebots2(sfnet) Battle Bots A 2D game involving robots with many game types... DOWNLOAD
yuelo(sfnet) Yuelo :: Template engine Converts any templates into executable PHP code... DOWNLOAD
quiz-engine(sfnet) Q-Engine An interactive learning, testing and evaluation... DOWNLOAD
presage(sfnet) Presage Presage (formerly Soothsayer) is an intelligent... DOWNLOAD
refresher(sfnet) Refresher A Small, Portable Program that refreshes Firefo... DOWNLOAD
dpx4mac(sfnet) dpx4mac DPX4Mac provides support for DPX pictures all a... DOWNLOAD
bandsystem(sfnet) BandSystem Spectral Analysis System The 'BandSystem' spectral analysis system is a ... DOWNLOAD
dcp2icc(sfnet) DCP to ICC camera profile converter DNG camera profile (DCP) to ICC camera profile ... DOWNLOAD
phpdoctor(sfnet) phpdoctor JavaDoc style comment parser for PHP code, writ... DOWNLOAD
blastdocs(sfnet) Blast Documents Blast Documents is a handy little tool that add... DOWNLOAD
vwm(freshmeat) VWM VWM is an extensible window manager for the con... DOWNLOAD
eprayer(sfnet) EPrayer DOWNLOAD
openuo(sfnet) UO's OpenSource Community OpenUO is an Opensource community for the devel... DOWNLOAD
identityflow(sfnet) Identityflow Identityflow provides a framework for building ... DOWNLOAD
blackboxwm(sfnet) blackbox Blackbox is that fast, light window manager you... DOWNLOAD
mirai(sfnet) Mirai Math Graphical front-end for GNU Octave. Edit formul... DOWNLOAD
blueangel2007(sfnet) Blue Angel 2007 Remake of ancient logic game from Commodore 64.... DOWNLOAD
sysfarmpulse(sfnet) SysFarm Pulse SysFarm Pulse is a web application for implemen... DOWNLOAD
mtkbabel(sfnet) MTKBabel MTKBabel is a Perl program to operate the i-Blu... DOWNLOAD
p-selectables(sfnet) prototype selectables Selectables.js is based on Prototype JavaScript... DOWNLOAD
rslistdecoder(sfnet) RSListDecoder Reed-Solomon codes list decoder C++ implementation DOWNLOAD
bandstalker(sfnet) BandStalker BandStalker is a utility that monitors local we... DOWNLOAD
bintoo(sfnet) BinToo a full featured Binary Distro Based on Gentoo w... DOWNLOAD
blueslider(sfnet) WARS Wireless Administration of Remote System (WARS)... DOWNLOAD
bannermanager(sfnet) BannerManager BannerManager is a powerful Ads Management Syst... DOWNLOAD
bluemodem(sfnet) bluemodem Bluemodem will handle all aspects of configurin... DOWNLOAD
decodemailbox(sfnet) Decode mailbox A Perl script to decode bodies of all plaintext... DOWNLOAD
debipack(sfnet) DebiPack DebiPack is a package builder for Ubuntu / Debi... DOWNLOAD
ffpf(sfnet) Streamline Streamline is a pipelined I/O subsystem for bot... DOWNLOAD
craft-vikings(sfnet) Craft-ViciousVikings Lead your outcast vikings from starvation into ... DOWNLOAD
smackxmlbeans(sfnet) Smack XmlBeans Packet Extension Provides access to the Smack XMPP client librar... DOWNLOAD
sapxipihttpclie(sfnet) SAP XI/PI HTTP Client A open source HTTP-Client to send messages to a... DOWNLOAD
jmmconvert(sfnet) JavaMonks Media Converter A simple cross-platform media conversion utilit... DOWNLOAD
paint-ee(sfnet) paint-ee this is a highly advanced open source paint pro... DOWNLOAD
eefilesystem(sfnet) EEFile System This object extends the EEProm Driver written b... DOWNLOAD
blueskycms(sfnet) BlueSky A collaboration software that demonstrate MySql... DOWNLOAD
fez(sfnet) Fez Fez is an open source project to produce and ma... DOWNLOAD
wilos(sfnet) Wilos - Process orchestration software Wilos project ( is a proc... DOWNLOAD
voctrain(sfnet) VocTrain VocTrain is a Java 1.5, open-source, flashcard ... DOWNLOAD
whack-a-math(sfnet) Whack-A-Math This project is to create a game similar to Wha... DOWNLOAD
leaguesite(sfnet) LeagueSite - Sports Team/League CMS LeagueSite is a PHPWebSite ( 0.10.x ) module th... DOWNLOAD
mpeg-21(sfnet) mpeg-21 Basic tools for the MPEG-21 standard. The MPEG-... DOWNLOAD
mystix(sfnet) Mystix Mystix is a text editor with customizable synta... DOWNLOAD
blurimage(sfnet) Blur Image Blurring operation, used in image processing, i... DOWNLOAD
sqlitedataset(sfnet) SQLiteDataset C++ library for manipulations with SQLite Datab... DOWNLOAD
goom(sfnet) goom A cool visual effects program that runs on almo... DOWNLOAD
thacidlcd(sfnet) ThacidLCD An open source library which enables the user t... DOWNLOAD
bemused(sfnet) Bemused Bemused is a system which allows you to control... DOWNLOAD
beeblebrox(sfnet) Beeblebrox Partition Editor Beeblebrox is a GUI partition/disk editor for W... DOWNLOAD
b-improved(sfnet) B++ B++ will become a completely object orientated ... DOWNLOAD
taminoonrails(sfnet) Tamino on Rails TaminoOnRails provides a Ruby-based DBMS adapte... DOWNLOAD
pl-portableapps(sfnet) Polskie lokalizacje PortableApps Polskie lokalizacje najpopularniejszych program... DOWNLOAD
gaeth(sfnet) Gaeth Gaeth is written in Perl Jabber bot for general... DOWNLOAD
winfail2ban(sfnet) WinFail2Ban WinFail2ban scans log files/event viewer and ba... DOWNLOAD
l2-luncher(sfnet) L2-luncher This is a launcher for the game lineage2, you c... DOWNLOAD
php5meta-model(sfnet) Php5 Meta-Model The Php 5 Model. This project hosts the ecore P... DOWNLOAD
macrinus(sfnet) Macrinus Server Macrnius Server is a web-based image hosting pr... DOWNLOAD
blumuweb(sfnet) BluMuWeb BluMuWeb is a public website for MU. DOWNLOAD
k5nbookreader(sfnet) k5nBookReader k5nBookReader is a Java Swing application for f... DOWNLOAD
warsoftheelderr(sfnet) Wars of the Elder Races Wars of the Elder races is the most far-out MMO... DOWNLOAD
lfswebcontrol(sfnet) LFS WebControl LFS WebControl is a free web-based administrati... DOWNLOAD
blurayauthor(sfnet) Blu-ray video authoring tools A free open source suite of Blu-ray (BD-R and B... DOWNLOAD
jseki(sfnet) Jseki Jseki is a collection of utilities related to t... DOWNLOAD
totalatwilight(sfnet) Total Annihilation: Twilight Total Annihilation: Twilight is a massive exten... DOWNLOAD
bootsplash(sfnet) Linux Bootsplash The Linux Bootsplash adds nice graphics to the ... DOWNLOAD
adrisergio(sfnet) AS project Projecto realizado por Sergio Castilla Xandre y... DOWNLOAD
webxelleditor(sfnet) webXell Editor Web-based spreadsheet-like application written ... DOWNLOAD
java-ru(sfnet) Java Roster Utility Small tool to mange your Jabber roster like imp... DOWNLOAD
scriptella(freshmeat) Scriptella Scriptella is an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) a... DOWNLOAD
texmacsva(sfnet) texmacsva A virtual appliance providing a WYSIWYG environ... DOWNLOAD
javimojamucho(sfnet) Javi Mojamucho Este juego 2D basado en el personaje de un prog... DOWNLOAD
sharpf2(sfnet) SharpF2 Batch file renamer. Rename a collection of file... DOWNLOAD
streamradio(sfnet) Stream Radio tired of hearing the music through your browser... DOWNLOAD
bobus(sfnet) Bobus Bobus is a student project made in Smalltalk-80... DOWNLOAD
bluewatchdogj(sfnet) BlueWatchDogJ Java representation of the Secu4 BlueWatchDog. ... DOWNLOAD
bol4onokproject(sfnet) BoL4oNoK Projects My application for Windows PC DOWNLOAD
soundedrec(sfnet) Sound Recorder and Editor Simple GUIs to record and edit sound files, sim... DOWNLOAD
eydena(sfnet) Eydena font this is the font for the Hi Tenshi chronics boo... DOWNLOAD
netlinux(sfnet) .NET Linux Text based Linux Distribution for Servers/Works... DOWNLOAD
frame3dd(sfnet) Frame3DD FRAME3DD is a program for the static and dynami... DOWNLOAD
g-math(sfnet) GMath A user-friendly GTK+ GUI for SymPy DOWNLOAD
cranborg(sfnet) Blender Floretion Script: Cranborg This is a Python script for Blender which uses ... DOWNLOAD
colorcols(sfnet) ColorCols This a plataform game where the user must to ma... DOWNLOAD
bioera(sfnet) BioEra BioEra is DSP visual designer that can be used ... DOWNLOAD
tlalokes(sfnet) Tlalokes Tlalokes is a modern, object oriented, very wel... DOWNLOAD
quicksearch(sfnet) gambas.quicksearch Search for files and folder. DOWNLOAD
xsltrans(sfnet) XSLTrans Tranformateur XML/XSL en c# (.net framework 2.0... DOWNLOAD
intronmarkerpip(sfnet) intron marker pipeline IMP is an automated tool for intron-flanking pr... DOWNLOAD
shapesandmatrix(sfnet) Shapes and Matrix Transform Experiments Design any 2D shape and operate matrix transfor... DOWNLOAD

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