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jexxe(sfnet) jexxe Java Xml / Excel bidirectionnal transformation too DOWNLOAD
imagegallery(sfnet) imagegallery An OS X Dashboard widget that lets you view ima... DOWNLOAD
netboot65(sfnet) netboot65 netboot65 allows 6502 based computers to boot v... DOWNLOAD
battleroomsxd(sfnet) Battlerooms XD A classic arcade game that resembles the click-... DOWNLOAD
voxx-javt(sfnet) VOXX VOXX is just another vocabulary trainer. If you... DOWNLOAD
worldstab(sfnet) Tabulation Software for Worlds Debating This software is now outdated. Klass Van Schelv... DOWNLOAD
bbtageditor(sfnet) [BB]Tag Editor Help you to create forum posts using BB tag (bu... DOWNLOAD
fikas(sfnet) FIKAS FIKAS a new financial system is designed for po... DOWNLOAD
mkpp(sfnet) MetalKid's Pokemon Program This is a program that displays all known infor... DOWNLOAD
klassmodeler(sfnet) KlassModeler The KlassModeler is a cross platform tool for v... DOWNLOAD
quillen(sfnet) Quillen S3 Backup Quillen backs up your important files to Amazon... DOWNLOAD
simutrans(sfnet) simutrans Simutrans is a transport simulation game. Plane... DOWNLOAD
pyexcel(sfnet) pyexcel A collection of python modules to produce MS Ex... DOWNLOAD
astrolabeos(sfnet) astrolabeOS astrolabeOS DOWNLOAD
dbwconnection(sfnet) dbwconnection DbwConnection permet aux developpeurs Java de s... DOWNLOAD
dunbar(sfnet) Dunbar Dunbar is a location-based chat tool for mobile... DOWNLOAD
l2jdertin(sfnet) L2jDertin L2jdertin, Stable L2J Cliente: Interlude. DOWNLOAD
phpgpx(sfnet) phpgpx PHP GPX is a PHP class that is based on the GPX... DOWNLOAD
faster-anagrams(sfnet) faster-anagrams Anagrams! È un gioco basato sugli anagrammi; Lo... DOWNLOAD
navboard(sfnet) Navboard Navboard is a php based web forum using text fi... DOWNLOAD
bgchanger(sfnet) BgChanger BgChanger is a simple set of python scripts add... DOWNLOAD
bofhman(sfnet) bofhman A compilation of useful scripts for the system ... DOWNLOAD
beatman(sfnet) Beatman Flash MP3 Player Linux Driver This proyect provides a GNU/Linux solution for ... DOWNLOAD
consonance(sfnet) A lightweight music manager A lightweight GTK+ music manager DOWNLOAD
bde-to-sql(sfnet) BdeToSQL 3 programs: Design (and executes) scripts for t... DOWNLOAD
expressnat(sfnet) Express Nat The main goal of expressnat is to provide a sol... DOWNLOAD
multixtermb(sfnet) multixtermB MultixtermB is an extension of the multixterm g... DOWNLOAD
hugekilla(sfnet) edifice 3d, multiplayer game, made using c++, OpenGL, W... DOWNLOAD
purple-bot(sfnet) Purple-Bot Purple bot which is an auto message robot with ... DOWNLOAD
beaverdbg(sfnet) beaverdbg Free cross-platform debugger for C/C++. It is f... DOWNLOAD
cardiac-mr(sfnet) Evaluation of Cardiac MR Segmentation An evaluation framework for assessing contours ... DOWNLOAD
docebo-lms-e-learning-platform(freshmeat) Docebo LMS E-Learning Platform Integration Docebo LMS E-Learning Platform Integration is a... DOWNLOAD
mappo(sfnet) Mappo - Map Your Life "Google Map"-based web application to... DOWNLOAD
prompter(sfnet) Prompter Prompter enables you to make an excellent prese... DOWNLOAD
itest(sfnet) iTest iTest is a Qt application consisting of a Serve... DOWNLOAD
mowsaik(sfnet) mowsaik MowSaik - Create mosaic pictures easily (requir... DOWNLOAD
savi-esgframewk(sfnet) Savi-ESGframewk 'DVB-H based ESGuide' Savi-ESGframework "Esg Framework based on ... DOWNLOAD
synkron(sfnet) Synkron Synkron is a simple Qt application that allows ... DOWNLOAD
iisrelayj(sfnet) IISRelayJ The IISRelayJ ISAPI Extension was created to pr... DOWNLOAD
plicitycms(sfnet) PLICITY CMS The PLICITY project is an open source content m... DOWNLOAD
oozinotshak(sfnet) oozinotshak Oozinotshak is no longer Open Source but is sti... DOWNLOAD
clayaseum(sfnet) Clay Soldiers TRB world DOWNLOAD
moko(sfnet) MoKo - Module Control Framework for PHP Moko is an extendable, rapid development framew... DOWNLOAD
sharelin(sfnet) Sharelin Terminal gnutella2 leaf-mode client for BSD GNU... DOWNLOAD
moneyback(sfnet) Money Back Money Back is a software that helps you and you... DOWNLOAD
minialarm(sfnet) MiniAlarm A small office productivity application for Win... DOWNLOAD
textkit4j(sfnet) textkit4j Provides a set of tools for processing text, su... DOWNLOAD
openconta(sfnet) openConta Aplicacion para el manejo de contabilidad de un... DOWNLOAD
eqtnminer(sfnet) eqtnminer eQTNMiner is a package of C routines to carry o... DOWNLOAD
iriverfile(sfnet) iriverfile A CLI tool to generate binary playlist/tuner co... DOWNLOAD
bridgedealer(sfnet) BridgeDealer This application is designed to help create Con... DOWNLOAD
visualtkinter(sfnet) Visual Tkinter Python IDE Visual Tkinter IDE for Python. Visual Python Tk... DOWNLOAD
pyurlsnooper(sfnet) PyURLSnooper This is the official homepage of PyURLSnooper, ... DOWNLOAD
voetbalripper(sfnet) voetbalripper Homepage voor dit project DOWNLOAD
warsetup(sfnet) War Setup War Setup is an application to make .msi softwa... DOWNLOAD
pocketgames(sfnet) pocketgames PocketGames aims to provide an extended library... DOWNLOAD
bcnu(sfnet) bcnu - systems monitor bcnu is a Web-based system management tool. Cli... DOWNLOAD
bibforjava(sfnet) Bib for Java jBib is a Client/Server application that allows... DOWNLOAD
uburyo(sfnet) uburyo Integrating a Grants Manager and an Employment ... DOWNLOAD
stickmanbuilder(sfnet) Stickman Builder This is a parametric graphical stickman constru... DOWNLOAD
vtccmdgen(sfnet) VTFCmd - BatchScript Generator This is a BatchScript Generator, for VTFCmd. VT... DOWNLOAD
cb2bib(freshmeat) cb2Bib The cb2Bib is a tool for rapidly extracting bib... DOWNLOAD
jgpxtool(sfnet) JGPXtool A library written in Java to manipulate GPX fil... DOWNLOAD
stofkatengine(sfnet) Stofkat RPG Game The cross platform turn based RPG game inspired... DOWNLOAD
w40kbr(sfnet) Traduções de Jogos™ - 350 DOWNLOAD
xdhome(sfnet) XDHome XDHome is a video player which design for the H... DOWNLOAD
logtimes(sfnet) Logtimes Logtimes provides saving login events of your p... DOWNLOAD
pedgmdr(sfnet) PedGMDR PedGMDR is GMDR's twin project. DOWNLOAD
opsuperlib(sfnet) opsuperlib Oleg's Puchinin C++ library. DOWNLOAD
wikipediaontolo(sfnet) Wikipedia Ontology Extractor Perl project for extracting OWL ontologies from... DOWNLOAD
ims-server(sfnet) IMS.Server IMS.Server is an image repository application, ... DOWNLOAD
jlipsync(sfnet) JLipSync JLipSync is a Java program for creating lip syn... DOWNLOAD
libvterm(freshmeat) libvterm Based on ROTE, libvterm is a terminal emulator ... DOWNLOAD
pyper(sfnet) PyPer A configurable distributed file system performa... DOWNLOAD
meoblast-mediap(sfnet) Mystic Galaxies Aquamedia This is a free media player that is currently i... DOWNLOAD
visualcodegrepp(sfnet) VisualCodeGrepper VCG is an automated code security review tool f... DOWNLOAD
bgbuddy(sfnet) Background Buddy Wallpaper changer software for Windows and Linux. DOWNLOAD
runasadmintool(sfnet) Runas Administration tool A window batch file progam used by helpdesks to... DOWNLOAD
bridgedb(sfnet) BridgeDB-GIS The Access demo "bridge-management.mdb&quo... DOWNLOAD
itrust(sfnet) iTrust iTrust is a electronic medical records applicat... DOWNLOAD
vet(sfnet) Vet+ Vet+ Is currently being renewed. Downloading is... DOWNLOAD
sshce(sfnet) SSH Command Executor SSHCE brings list of hosts from LDAP server (ba... DOWNLOAD
beehiveatwork(sfnet) Bee Hive @ Work The implementation of Bee Hive @ Work algorithm... DOWNLOAD
bfhl(sfnet) Battlefield Heroes Launcher The Battlefield Heroes Launcher (also known as ... DOWNLOAD
vcontrold(sfnet) vcontrold vcontrold - Linux Daemon für Vito Kommunikation... DOWNLOAD
bfint(sfnet) panzis fast brainfuck interpreter A interpreter for the brainf*k programming lang... DOWNLOAD
bnirc(sfnet) bnirc a modular IRC framework and a good (IMHO) curse... DOWNLOAD
animsrenaming(sfnet) AnimsRenaming The AnimsRenaming is an application written in ... DOWNLOAD
irrlicht(sfnet) Irrlicht Engine The Irrlicht Engine is an open source high perf... DOWNLOAD
xmlprocfs(sfnet) xmlproc file system A new independent file system to report data re... DOWNLOAD
bella(sfnet) Bella Operating System The Bella Operating System aims to use currentl... DOWNLOAD
xmlvomiter(sfnet) XML Vomiter XML Vomiter is a simple library for objects-to-... DOWNLOAD
openldev(sfnet) OpenLDev Open Linux Developer is a development environme... DOWNLOAD
b-encoder(sfnet) bEncoder This is a simple program to encode normal, ASCI... DOWNLOAD
tapioca-voip(sfnet) tapioca-voip Tapioca is a framework for Voice over IP (VoIP)... DOWNLOAD
openelms(sfnet) openelms Open Elms is the first open source Learning Man... DOWNLOAD
lux4(sfnet) LUX4 LUX4 is a powerful and fast communication proto... DOWNLOAD
xevm(sfnet) xevm XML Processor. A Multi-threaded, Pub/Sub enviro... DOWNLOAD
perl-isbn(sfnet) Business::ISBN Perl module Perl module to handle ISBNs DOWNLOAD
x2xe(sfnet) xepl to a xepl engine A development and presentation framework for XE... DOWNLOAD

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