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pyglyph(sfnet) Glyph A module for python/pygame used for typesetting... DOWNLOAD
testxng(sfnet) TestXNG TestXNG is an XML testing framework, inspired b... DOWNLOAD
clickworld(sfnet) clickworld clickworld clickworld clickworld clickworld cli... DOWNLOAD
robotcub(sfnet) RobotCub iCub is an open platform for scientists interes... DOWNLOAD
pcre-ocaml(sfnet) PCRE-interface for OCaml This library interfaces the PCRE-library (Perl ... DOWNLOAD
yorick-mb(sfnet) Yorick Maintenon Branch Yorick - Maintenon Branch DOWNLOAD
biodom(sfnet) BioDOM BioDOM is a JAVA library for easy creation of X... DOWNLOAD
hyx-tools(sfnet) Hypertext Tools This is a colleciton of various tools for prepa... DOWNLOAD
x-mailer(sfnet) X-Mailer can send mails without a mail account. preview ... DOWNLOAD
battlephone(sfnet) battlephone First person shooter featuring single *and* mul... DOWNLOAD
spygetit(sfnet) spygetit Detects spyware on the network DOWNLOAD
templog(sfnet) templog The templog library provides a logging facility... DOWNLOAD
ezajax(sfnet) EasyAjax EasyAjax is a Ajax framework that is very simpl... DOWNLOAD
softai(sfnet) Neo A.I Framework The Neo A.I Framework is a group of technologie... DOWNLOAD
wtfmeter(sfnet) WTFmeter WTFmeter is an generic online meter for well, t... DOWNLOAD
qemulauncher(sfnet) Qemu Launcher A Portable Virtual Machine and Launcher compati... DOWNLOAD
xomp(sfnet) OpenMP 3.0 C translator w PThreads rt Xomp is a src-to-src translator for most of 3.0... DOWNLOAD
texel(sfnet) Texel Texel - Tagging like excel. An MP3 (and similar... DOWNLOAD
casinome(sfnet) CasinoME This is a J2ME mobile program that "help&q... DOWNLOAD
beepcore-tcl(sfnet) Tcl BEEP Core P2P application protocol framework (RFC3080, RF... DOWNLOAD
projectwebsite(sfnet) Savage Lands Savage Lands is a web based rpg game. It is mad... DOWNLOAD
vibtoolbox(sfnet) vibtoolbox Vibtoolbox is a set of command line utilities f... DOWNLOAD
syseventfw4j(sfnet) System Event Framework for Java During the execution of software there are even... DOWNLOAD
brewcalc(sfnet) brewCalc Homebrewing Software Brewing software written in QT-4 for homebrewer... DOWNLOAD
blogwrite(sfnet) BlogWrite BlogWrite is a suite of blogging scripts powere... DOWNLOAD
cmd5(sfnet) cMd5 it creates MD5 checksum. DOWNLOAD
cnv(sfnet) CNV Workshop CNV Workshop is a web-enabled platform for anal... DOWNLOAD
mnt-commons(sfnet) Manentia Commons Manentia Commons is a set of general purpose Ja... DOWNLOAD
openexi(sfnet) OpenEXI Open source .Net (C#) / Java implementation of ... DOWNLOAD
rubyipc(sfnet) RubyIPC Ruby System V IPC module DOWNLOAD
restaurante(sfnet) restaurante A multiplayer browser game about managing your ... DOWNLOAD
tutyfrutyslot(sfnet) Tuty-Fruty Slot Tuty-Fruty Slot is simple non gambling slot mac... DOWNLOAD
transmorph(sfnet) transmorph Java library to convert a Java object of one ty... DOWNLOAD
jtrunner(sfnet) JTR JTR (Java Test Runner) is a framework meant for... DOWNLOAD
xmlbench(sfnet) XML Benchmark C/C++/Java XML parsers benchmarking toolset. Su... DOWNLOAD
cbios(sfnet) C-BIOS C-BIOS is an open source BIOS for MSX computers... DOWNLOAD
web2ldap(freshmeat) web2ldap web2ldap is a full-featured Web-based LDAPv3 cl... DOWNLOAD
texd(sfnet) TeX daemon texd runs TeX as a daemon, and provides a calla... DOWNLOAD
qatex(sfnet) QaTeX - Python programming for TeX (La)TeX macro programming is hard. Python is a... DOWNLOAD
jaspa-dom(sfnet) JASPA.DOM The JASPA DOM API is a full abstraction layer f... DOWNLOAD
nbidi(sfnet) NBidi .Net Implementation of the BIDI algorithm, as d... DOWNLOAD
maq(sfnet) Mapping and Assembly with Qualities Maq is a set of programs that map and assemble ... DOWNLOAD
biolet(sfnet) Biolet Biolet is project aimed to analyze genomic DNA ... DOWNLOAD
impressive(sfnet) Impressive Impressive is a program that displays PDF prese... DOWNLOAD
osgg(sfnet) OldSkoolGravityGame OldSkool Gravity Game is lunar lander skillgame... DOWNLOAD
texout(sfnet) TexOut TexOut convert Latex document to Output documen... DOWNLOAD
cardiacsimu(sfnet) CardiacSimu A 3D cardiac model for electrophysical study. DOWNLOAD
cpuid-de(sfnet) CPU time CPUID DE is a program get CPUID information. It... DOWNLOAD
minorgems(sfnet) minorGems A collection of useful code fragments for commo... DOWNLOAD
matrixsolver(sfnet) poisson solver on cell processor implementation of an optimized poisson solver o... DOWNLOAD
metatest(sfnet) Metatest - a Python test framework Metatest - a simple and elegant Python framewor... DOWNLOAD
yourik(sfnet) Yourik the Intergalactic Rabbit The arcade game about the Yourik the Intergalac... DOWNLOAD
yoshiindexer(sfnet) Yoshi Indexer An automatic FTP indexer written in PHP. Uses M... DOWNLOAD
gcblue(sfnet) gcblue Global Conflict Blue is a real time 3D naval an... DOWNLOAD
sunianterp(sfnet) Suniant ERP Suniant offers a framework solution for small-m... DOWNLOAD
bmmmm(sfnet) bmmmm This is a simulation engine. but not completed ... DOWNLOAD
immortalsockets(sfnet) Immortal Sockets Do you have an application (such as scp or unis... DOWNLOAD
theguessinggame(sfnet) The Guessing Game A short number guessing game DOWNLOAD
javamapper(sfnet) iBatis Java Mapper An extension for iBatis and Spring which enable... DOWNLOAD
adrs(sfnet) ADRS Enable your academic documents on your hard-dri... DOWNLOAD
bio7(sfnet) Bio7 An integrated development environment for ecolo... DOWNLOAD
binocle(sfnet) Binocle Library The goal of this project is to develop a librar... DOWNLOAD
unidencommander(sfnet) unidencommander With UnidenCommander (UC) you can remote contro... DOWNLOAD
rskandroid(sfnet) rsk android DOWNLOAD
testhello(sfnet) testhello enter later DOWNLOAD
stpig(sfnet) Simple Templated PHP Image Gallery STPIG A simple image gallery: A single PHP page that ... DOWNLOAD
workcity(sfnet) WorkCity - Fatturazione elettronica E' un'applicazione web 2.0 (Adobe Flex + J2EE) ... DOWNLOAD
nsc(sfnet) Network Service Check Network Service Check is and client application... DOWNLOAD
xbmclm(sfnet) XBMC Library Manager XBMC Library Manager - Limited right now as it ... DOWNLOAD
corncart(sfnet) Corncart Corncart is an open source software which provi... DOWNLOAD
vde2omtun(sfnet) VDE2 OpenMoko Tunnel VDE2 OpenMoko Tunnel is a Python/GTK visual int... DOWNLOAD
yawc(sfnet) yawc Yet Another Warrnet Client DOWNLOAD
vsdocumentation(sfnet) VSDocumentationGenerator This program parses out the summary XML comment... DOWNLOAD
vssnipper(sfnet) Snipper Snipper : The free Visual Studio Code Snippet M... DOWNLOAD
bitbashers(sfnet) BitBashers Libraries The BitBashers software represents a collection... DOWNLOAD
b2bbypractice(sfnet) B2B by Practice "B2B by Practice" provides Integratio... DOWNLOAD
barbarella(sfnet) Barbarella Barbarella is a user-configurable buttonbar for... DOWNLOAD
metaf2xml(freshmeat) metaf2xml metaf2xml can download, parse, and decode aviat... DOWNLOAD
pupsp3(sfnet) P3: The Portable Unix Programming System PUPS/P3 facilitates development of multi-proces... DOWNLOAD
pergamino(sfnet) Pergamino Pergamino is an open-source, Java-based applica... DOWNLOAD
adrotatorx(sfnet) adrotatorX adrotatorX is an PHP+MySQL ad rotating script. ... DOWNLOAD
virmid(sfnet) Virmid NEWS: 11-07-2013 A new version Virmid 1.1.0 has... DOWNLOAD
jsysmonitor(sfnet) System monitor for Java System monitor is a Java library for monitoring... DOWNLOAD
mp-poedit(sfnet) Massively Parallel PO Editor Simple text editor for editing multiple languag... DOWNLOAD
multiomics(sfnet) multiomics Multiomics Information Management and Annotatio... DOWNLOAD
twitterresearch(sfnet) Twitter Research Student research project, how Twitter makes mon... DOWNLOAD
b2bphone(sfnet) B2B Phone Experimental open source project, which aims to... DOWNLOAD
twittershell(sfnet) twitterShell twitterShell is a terminal application for mana... DOWNLOAD
fuzzygks(sfnet) FuzzyGKS Project FuzzyGKS is a Java-based fuzzy logic co... DOWNLOAD
cacanms(sfnet) CACANMS CACANMS is an acronym for Computer Aided Campus... DOWNLOAD
beanfactory(sfnet) BeanFactory BeanFactory is a JavaBean component framework t... DOWNLOAD
lcdspicer(sfnet) LCDSpicer LCDSpicer is a screen manager, for little LCD s... DOWNLOAD
nuiton-i18n(freshmeat) Nuiton-i18n Nuiton-I18n is a Java internationalization libr... DOWNLOAD
batavia-xbrl(sfnet) Batavia XBRL Java Library The Batavia XBRL™ Java Library exposes an API t... DOWNLOAD
draupnegui(sfnet) Draupne EPP Client DraupneGUI is a graphical EPP client, written i... DOWNLOAD
berusky2(sfnet) Berusky2 3D open source sequel of Berusky1 game, aimed t... DOWNLOAD
dataspace(sfnet) DataSpace DataSpace is open, standards based implementati... DOWNLOAD
ipweather(sfnet) IPWeather 现在很多手机设备都能连通国际互联网,特别是Andro... DOWNLOAD
extreme0999(sfnet) extreme DOWNLOAD
tomos(sfnet) tomos TomOS is a simple 16 bit operating system for x... DOWNLOAD

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