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textcard(sfnet) textCard This program is a small text based java applica... DOWNLOAD
procicegui(sfnet) Procice GUI A fast and simple GUI for 'ps' and 'kill' writt... DOWNLOAD
antikrebs(sfnet) Antikrebsmaschine Entwicklung einer Maschine zur Erzeugung magnet... DOWNLOAD
clirex(sfnet) clirex clirex is a library of C functions to permit yo... DOWNLOAD
phpoi(sfnet) phpoi Php scripts to handle points of interest DOWNLOAD
ibm-slrp(sfnet) IBM Semantic Layered Research Platform Semantic-Web-standards enabled storage and midd... DOWNLOAD
collectl(sfnet) collectl Collectl is a light-weight performance monitori... DOWNLOAD
ightaria-g(sfnet) Ightaria-G Navigating Research Vessel through Ightaria, ob... DOWNLOAD
copycat(sfnet) CopyCat CopyCat is a simple backup program that allows ... DOWNLOAD
glestae(sfnet) Glest Advanced Engine Glest Advanced Engine is a community driven pro... DOWNLOAD
smarthomephone(sfnet) Smart home and telephony The system is used to control elements of a sma... DOWNLOAD
dbentry(sfnet) DbEntry.Net DbEntry.Net is a lightweight, high performance ... DOWNLOAD
jtp(sfnet) JavaTraits preprocessor JavaTraits preprocessor. This project is an imp... DOWNLOAD
iitk-osd-sim(sfnet) IITK OSD Simulator IITK OSD Simulator Project at Indian Institute ... DOWNLOAD
vsqlbuilder(sfnet) vsqlbuilder Visual SQL Builder is a graphical PostgreSQL cl... DOWNLOAD
ihaveit(sfnet) IHaveIT A file list database of a specific folder on my... DOWNLOAD
tw-fora(sfnet) TWFora This is a external forum for the MMORPG Tribalw... DOWNLOAD
netspacewar(sfnet) Network Space War Network based clone of Spacewar! DOWNLOAD
classmailmerge(sfnet) ClassMailMerge ClassMailMerge is a .NET Class for sending stri... DOWNLOAD
phpmygallery(sfnet) phpMyGallery This is a simple image gallery with right manag... DOWNLOAD
ant-neural-tool(sfnet) ANT Neural Tool ANT is a lightweight implementation in C of a k... DOWNLOAD
chessd(sfnet) chessd Chessd is a chess XMPP based server. It uses a ... DOWNLOAD
smoscan(sfnet) SMOscan The SMOscan is an important part of the product... DOWNLOAD
animatorek(sfnet) animatorek A simple tool for kids to create animated movie... DOWNLOAD
karsten(sfnet) Karsten SlideShow Karsten SlideShow is a playlist-based slide sho... DOWNLOAD
qpendu(sfnet) QPendu DOWNLOAD
cunninglinguist(sfnet) Cunning Linguist Translation Tool A plug-in based Translation tool for use by tra... DOWNLOAD
manpages-pl(sfnet) manpages-pl Projekt mający na celu zaktualizowanie polskich... DOWNLOAD
uploadscriptfor(sfnet) Upload Script for Images and Audio files This is a script to Upload images and audio fil... DOWNLOAD
itpgpm(sfnet) IT Project Guide- Project Management Web based Client and Team project management to... DOWNLOAD
agutur(sfnet) agutur AGUTUR - Automatic Generation of Unit Tests Usi... DOWNLOAD
luceneqe(sfnet) Query Expansion for Lucene State of the art query expansion module for Luc... DOWNLOAD
siptoolbox(sfnet) Scilab Image Processing Toolbox SIP is the image processing and computer vision... DOWNLOAD
ieproxy(sfnet) IEProxy (IE Proxy Manager) IEProxy is an .NET Proxy Manager for the Intern... DOWNLOAD
intelligeresrb(sfnet) Intelligere snippet repo browser A web application built in java to collect snip... DOWNLOAD
peepingtom(sfnet) Peeping Tom Peeping Tom is an open-source memory searching ... DOWNLOAD
rjstats(sfnet) Massive monitoring tool for linux RJStats assists in network and host monitoring ... DOWNLOAD
mpeg7audioenc(sfnet) MPEG-7 Audio Encoder The Java MPEG-7 Audio Encoder extracts some des... DOWNLOAD
vlcmm(sfnet) Visual Lambda Calculator with Mind Maps We introduce a completely visual representation... DOWNLOAD
pysyncml(sfnet) pysyncml The pysyncml library is a pure-python implement... DOWNLOAD
citybinder(sfnet) CityBinder CityBinder is used to create custom Bind Files ... DOWNLOAD
sjitter(sfnet) Sjitter Another network performance tool... Sjitter is ... DOWNLOAD
pixes(sfnet) PIXES, an SQL/ XML scripting language PIXES is a scripting language with a focus on S... DOWNLOAD
bioviewer-sharp(sfnet) Bioviewer-sharp Bvh parse and 3d animation I public this here f... DOWNLOAD
cardcount(sfnet) Card Counting Trainer A python script with a Tkinter GUI that will em... DOWNLOAD
qfileparted(sfnet) Qt File Parted This program allows to divide files of any type... DOWNLOAD
commitwarncheck(sfnet) Commit Warning Checker Commit Warning Checker is a small eclipse plugi... DOWNLOAD
opengpsx(sfnet) OpenGPSX Lazarus Component OpenGPSX Lazarus Component for GPS Interface pr... DOWNLOAD
vrssi(sfnet) vRSSI Pro vRSSI is a very simple yet powerful add-on for ... DOWNLOAD
mathprogram(sfnet) Math program This program contains some common math function... DOWNLOAD
kvcms(sfnet) KvCMS Content Management System This project is a Controller-View CMS and an as... DOWNLOAD
episodus(sfnet) Episodus Episodus is an innovative Electronic Health Rec... DOWNLOAD
assp(sfnet) Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) Server project ... DOWNLOAD
bsdadminscripts(sfnet) BSD Administration Scripts A collection of scripts to handle administrativ... DOWNLOAD
antiwm(sfnet) AntiWM AntiWM is a small and simple window manager wit... DOWNLOAD
pyproxyswitch(sfnet) PyProxySwitch 一个跨平台代理切换程序,基于Python。把浏览器等... DOWNLOAD
rogue83(sfnet) Rogue '83 A roguelike for the TI-83+. DOWNLOAD
smpacportable(sfnet) Smart Pacman Portable A portable launcher for Smart Pacman. A.K.A Sma... DOWNLOAD
abveritas(sfnet) abveritas Chakra packages, extragear DOWNLOAD
rgamescript(sfnet) RGameScript Pro RGameScript is an advanced game site management... DOWNLOAD
mapadeo(sfnet) Mapadeo Java based whiteboard for group chat with latex... DOWNLOAD
ici(sfnet) ici ICI is a general purpose interpretive programmi... DOWNLOAD
dpp(sfnet) Saros - Distributed Party Programming Saros brings multi-writer synchronous distribut... DOWNLOAD
post-mania(sfnet) Post-Mania Post-Mania is a file upload and linking applica... DOWNLOAD
rct3cs(sfnet) RCT3 Custom Scenery All of TomboFry's RCT3 Custom Scenery Projects ... DOWNLOAD
elementalgame(sfnet) Elemental My very first game. v1.01 is the first stable r... DOWNLOAD
anydata(sfnet) Any-Data Anydata is an information browser which resembl... DOWNLOAD
alc900-cups(sfnet) AcuLaser C900 CUPS support on i386 Linux This project provides a LINUX CUPS package (inc... DOWNLOAD
pys60miniapps(sfnet) PyS60 Mini Apps Serie di Mini Applicazioni scritte in Python-S6... DOWNLOAD
osdbat(sfnet) Battery OSD Permette di tenere sotto controllo alcune infor... DOWNLOAD
ootts(sfnet) OO-TTS "OO-TTS" Macro per OpenOffice: E' un ... DOWNLOAD
j2meminiapps(sfnet) J2ME Mini Apps Serie di Mini Applicazioni scritte in J2ME per ... DOWNLOAD
igor(sfnet) Igor Igor is a tool standalone multi-funtional WikiP... DOWNLOAD
ananta(sfnet) Ananta Ananta is an Open Source CMS solution, which fu... DOWNLOAD
macosxminiapps(sfnet) MacOSX Mini Apps Serie di mini applicazioni per MacOSX. DOWNLOAD
svnfusion(sfnet) SVNfusion SVNfusion is a subversion merging is ab... DOWNLOAD
elajoom(sfnet) Elajoom Elajoom provides a front end to Elastix to end ... DOWNLOAD
gnucula(sfnet) Gnucula An open Gnutella network library based on GnucD... DOWNLOAD
java-hush(sfnet) The Hopefully Uncomprehensible Shell The Hopefully Uncomprehensible Shell, HUSH, is ... DOWNLOAD
antiads(sfnet) AntiADS AntiADS is a simple and easy to use ads remover... DOWNLOAD
amlfilter(sfnet) AMLFilter AML Filter is an enterprise class open source s... DOWNLOAD
arson(sfnet) arson2 A KDE frontend to CD burning, and CD ripping to... DOWNLOAD
javasynth(sfnet) Javasynth A Java audio synthesis system that allows users... DOWNLOAD
proidentity(sfnet) The Project Identity Project Identity aims to develop an Open source... DOWNLOAD
jmathtex(sfnet) JMathTeX JMathTeX - typesetting mathematics in Java. Pro... DOWNLOAD
copyaspath(sfnet) CopyAsPath Eclipse Plugin CopyAsPath is an Eclipse plugin that enables to... DOWNLOAD
basetorrente(sfnet) Utilidades Torrente Conjunto de utilidades para MS-DOS/FreeDOS, Win... DOWNLOAD
shelltuner(sfnet) Shell_Tuner for shoutcast is a quite simple shell script, ... DOWNLOAD
notion(sfnet) notion Notion is a tiling, tabbed window manager for t... DOWNLOAD
mgcd(sfnet) Machine Generated Class Diagram If machine can help us to extract abstractions ... DOWNLOAD
gameq(sfnet) GameQ - PHP Game Server Status Library A PHP 5 library for querying game servers. Curr... DOWNLOAD
quantity(sfnet) Quantities Quantities provides an interface to the use of ... DOWNLOAD
bugfinder(sfnet) StEAM StEAM, (State Exploring Assembly Model Checker)... DOWNLOAD
psposte(sfnet) PSPoste PSPoste is the first fully functional email app... DOWNLOAD
vmmanager(sfnet) VMmanager With VMmanager, you can create new virtual mach... DOWNLOAD
dstools(sfnet) DataScript Tools DataScript Tools for formal specification and a... DOWNLOAD
humax(sfnet) humax A framework for developing RIA Web 2.0 applicat... DOWNLOAD
kaccountant(sfnet) KAccountant This is an accounts package for multiple enterp... DOWNLOAD
cooleytukeyfft(sfnet) Cooley Tukey(FFT) algorithm on Cell BE Cooley Tukey Algorithm (FFT) implementation on ... DOWNLOAD
arteabstrata(sfnet) ArteAbstrata Projeto mágico de visão computacional! DOWNLOAD

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