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xnaguilib(sfnet) XNAGuiLib XNAGuiLib is a XNA game component library which... DOWNLOAD
livemidirouter(sfnet) Live Midi Router Live Midi Router was designed to provide musici... DOWNLOAD
brikwars(sfnet) BrikWars Windows strategy game, based on the BrikWars wa... DOWNLOAD
vbfret(sfnet) vbFRET This is a Matlab software package for single mo... DOWNLOAD
personal-mng(sfnet) Personal Management System This project is being removed. DOWNLOAD
uofkscanalpha(sfnet) University of Kentucky 3D scanning alpha Project for the University of Kentucky 3D scann... DOWNLOAD
mastersto(sfnet) Open Source Spielwiese German Open Source Project for Learning Pascal/... DOWNLOAD
geekbumps(sfnet) GEEkBumps A website dedicated to geeks. Technology to be ... DOWNLOAD
jiffie(sfnet) Java InterFace For Internet Explorer JIFFIE: Java InterFace For Internet Explorer is... DOWNLOAD
mppbaselinecop(sfnet) Microsoft Project Baseline Copier A tool to copy baseline information from one Mi... DOWNLOAD
contascattiumts(sfnet) Contascatti UMTS/GPRS Configure your PC to access the Internet using ... DOWNLOAD
ginimonara(sfnet) GiniMonara Gini Monara is a multimedia content management ... DOWNLOAD
hdpvrassistant(sfnet) HDPVR Assistant Recorder This is a simple assistant written in Python la... DOWNLOAD
indickeyboard(sfnet) Indic Keyboard A simple, intuitive Javascript keyboard for Ind... DOWNLOAD
wup(sfnet) Web Urban Pacman wup is a web-based software that is used to pla... DOWNLOAD
registryalert(sfnet) Registry Alert Registry Alert is a freeware software. It help ... DOWNLOAD
dsk(sfnet) DSK Software and Components * DSKVNC is a free VNC implementation of the 3.... DOWNLOAD
casefaster(sfnet) CaseFaster CaseFaster is an PHP application accessing anot... DOWNLOAD
ievsfirefox(sfnet) Internet Explorer vs Firefox Jogo de tabuleiro baseado em "A raposa e o... DOWNLOAD
daloradius(sfnet) daloRADIUS daloRADIUS is an advanced RADIUS web management... DOWNLOAD
fractal(sfnet) fractal Webベースのフラクタル遊び場。 DOWNLOAD
tirius(sfnet) TIRIUS -Tomographic Image Reconstruction The Tomographic Image Reconstruction Interface ... DOWNLOAD
rrdplanner(sfnet) RRDPlanner RRDPlanner project consists in a set of tools t... DOWNLOAD
etlconverter(sfnet) ETL Converter ETL Converter is a migration tool that builds o... DOWNLOAD
etl-audit(sfnet) ETL Audit Etl Audit helps you in evaluating the migration... DOWNLOAD
picturesorter(sfnet) picturesorter Organize photos and videos into folders by make... DOWNLOAD
fastdup(sfnet) FastDup FastDup is a tool to find identical files withi... DOWNLOAD
lab3f(sfnet) 3f-lab Portable console-based environment for individu... DOWNLOAD
diligent(sfnet) Diligent A ToDo list manager. It's a Java Swing-based a... DOWNLOAD
sclmac(sfnet) Samond Classes Library scl is Objective C library for MacOS and iOS wi... DOWNLOAD
sqm-veilmod(sfnet) VeilMod of SquirrelMail VeilMod is a webmail type of software, it's mod... DOWNLOAD
snoopy(sfnet) Snoopy Snoopy is a PHP class that simulates a web brow... DOWNLOAD
opennms(sfnet) OpenNMS An Enterprise-Grade Network Management Applicat... DOWNLOAD
ldsadmin(sfnet) LDS Administrative Tools The LDS Administrative Tools Project provides t... DOWNLOAD
margo-pcc(sfnet) margo - page construction calculator A small program for calculating margins for giv... DOWNLOAD
cogenttools(sfnet) CogentTools A suite of tools aimed at the Wireless Sensor N... DOWNLOAD
boinclivestats(sfnet) Boinc Live Stats Web-based (php) BOINC client for viewing a stat... DOWNLOAD
jmailpush(sfnet) JMailPush Java Mail Forwarder. This application listen t... DOWNLOAD
wafd(sfnet) Web Application Firewall Detector Typical Web Firewalls use a mechanism to classi... DOWNLOAD
vbvoicechat(sfnet) VB Voice Chat Voice Chat Using Visual Basic 6, For LAN Only :D DOWNLOAD
smallcore(sfnet) SmallCore This is an application infrastructure that mana... DOWNLOAD
posterazor(sfnet) PosteRazor - Make your own poster! Want to print a poster? PosteRazor cuts an imag... DOWNLOAD
donoredge(sfnet) DonorEdge DonorEdge from GKCCF DOWNLOAD
echelon-applet(sfnet) Echelon A GNOME applet that allows you to view the curr... DOWNLOAD
webflavor(sfnet) Web Flavor Web Flavor is Web framework like JSP that can b... DOWNLOAD
osaf(sfnet) OpenSprout Application Framework OSAF is an Java application framework for devel... DOWNLOAD
clipperzlib(sfnet) Javascript Crypto Library ---- MOVED TO GITHUB! ---- An extensive and ef... DOWNLOAD
rira(sfnet) rira RiRa is the Free Persian Digital Library, provi... DOWNLOAD
anthillsmpp(sfnet) AntHill SMPP The AntHill SMPP is a library (C++, Ruby) that ... DOWNLOAD
dawgs(sfnet) DAWGs C++ implementation of the DAWG and trimmed DAWG... DOWNLOAD
ddvirtualtable(sfnet) ddvirtualtable A virtual network-ready game table for 4th edit... DOWNLOAD
wsst(sfnet) Web Firewall Stress Tester A tool to be used for newly created OSS web fir... DOWNLOAD
slidedeck(sfnet) SlideDeck SlideDeck is a new way to display content on we... DOWNLOAD
notemeister(sfnet) Notemeister A simple note jotter and organizer for the desk... DOWNLOAD
traymenu(sfnet) TrayMenu TrayMenu places an Icon in your Windows / KDE t... DOWNLOAD
pysed(sfnet) PySed Module is a python module to provide a easy way... DOWNLOAD
boinc-ircbot(sfnet) Boinc-IRCbot Boinc-IRCbot : control and monitor BOINC remote... DOWNLOAD
x12-mode(sfnet) Major Emacs editing mode for X12 Emacs editing mode for X12 files and messages. ... DOWNLOAD
biemes(sfnet) BieMeS - Blog Management System BieMeS, a blog management system based on PHP, ... DOWNLOAD
malzilla(sfnet) Malzilla Malzilla is an advanced malware-hunting tool sp... DOWNLOAD
freedownload(sfnet) Free Download Manager Using this free download manager and accelerato... DOWNLOAD
capcode(sfnet) CapCode-software suite for sailors CapCode is a navigation software for sailors fo... DOWNLOAD
muvi(sfnet) MuViChat MuViChat (Multiple Visualization Chat) is a Jab... DOWNLOAD
pdbroadcast(sfnet) PD Broadcast Broadcast Pure Data messages with UDP protocol. DOWNLOAD
hidrokillerkomb(sfnet) Hidro Killer Kombat Hidro killer Kombat is a Versus fighting videog... DOWNLOAD
hhenry(sfnet) Henry Henry is an interface for Taylor 1.4.3 package ... DOWNLOAD
cubs(sfnet) CUBS Chicago Utilities for Bioinformatic Science DOWNLOAD
ansi2utf8(sfnet) ANSI 2 UTF8 ANSI 2 UTF8 is a conversion tool specifically d... DOWNLOAD
weeje(sfnet) WeeJE - wee Java Enhancements WeeJE stands for "wee Java enhancements&qu... DOWNLOAD
gedit-rightpane(sfnet) Gedit Right Pane Gedit plugin: Allows to display a right side pa... DOWNLOAD
dbiwrapper(sfnet) DBIWrapper The DBIWrapper is a Perl Module that provides f... DOWNLOAD
tamjb(sfnet) TAM Jukebox TamJB is a cross-platform mp3 jukebox with a we... DOWNLOAD
katmus(sfnet) Katmus Katmus is an application for manual music trans... DOWNLOAD
pipe2(sfnet) Platform Independent Petri Net Editor IMPORTANT NOTICE: This project has moved to Git... DOWNLOAD
kageki(sfnet) Kageki Software Kageki Software includes the best in modern tec... DOWNLOAD
cli-blackjack(sfnet) cli-blackjack Basic blackjack game that supports most feature... DOWNLOAD
afros-update(sfnet) AFROS-update AFROS-Update cover two aspects. 1. Installable ... DOWNLOAD
jwebmail(sfnet) JWebMail / Java Webmail WebMail is a Java Servlet application that give... DOWNLOAD
smgp(sfnet) smgp smgp 3.0 java api,with this api you can connect... DOWNLOAD
gd-sharp(sfnet) GD-Sharp GD-Sharp is a .NET wrapper for the GD Library, ... DOWNLOAD
dillo(sfnet) The Dillo web browser Dillo is a graphical web browser that's complet... DOWNLOAD
annotatex(sfnet) AnnotaTeX Contains a LaTeX style file and an associated G... DOWNLOAD
jrtg(sfnet) JRTG SNMP Poller JRTG is an ultra-high-performance SNMP poller. ... DOWNLOAD
hbat(sfnet) Hydrogen Bond Analysis Tool HBAT(Hydrogen Bond Analysis Tool) is a tool to ... DOWNLOAD
eve-l(sfnet) EvE-L One more Eve-Online project to provide eve play... DOWNLOAD
bluedecode(sfnet) BlueDecode The BlueDecode frame work is an Open Source Thi... DOWNLOAD
jimapcopy(sfnet) jimapcopy a simple program to save messages from an imap ... DOWNLOAD
httpdonwloadlim(sfnet) HTTP::DownloadLimit HTTP::DownloadLimit - module to set restriction... DOWNLOAD
pstl-fw4ex(sfnet) PSTL-FW4EX This project aims to develop software around FW... DOWNLOAD
albalawitest(sfnet) AlbalawiTest This is my first programm i want to know how i ... DOWNLOAD
vae-soli(sfnet) VaeSoli VaeSoli is a simple PHP-based portal and conten... DOWNLOAD
amazonecs-net(sfnet) AmazonECS.Net AmazonECS.Net is a .Net library for the Amazon ... DOWNLOAD
ispell-uk(sfnet) Hunspell/Aspell for Ukrainian Dictionary and affix files for the aspell, mysp... DOWNLOAD
ifs-tools(sfnet) IFS Tools IFS Tools is a set of Java applets for the inte... DOWNLOAD
processgrpkill(sfnet) Process Group Killer This tool is a good replacement of MS Task mana... DOWNLOAD
ngonngu(sfnet) Linguistics, Vietnamese and more... Linguistics, Vietnamese language, OSS L10n,... DOWNLOAD
cpuschedule(sfnet) CPU schedule CPU schedule is an educational program for simu... DOWNLOAD
jdbc-tools(sfnet) JDBC Tools JDBC Tools is a proxy driver framework for moni... DOWNLOAD
iaida(sfnet) iAIDA iAIDA is an implementation in C++ of the AIDA A... DOWNLOAD
phpscheduleem(sfnet) phpScheduleEm phpSchedule'Em is a highly customizable php/mys... DOWNLOAD

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