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streamdesk(sfnet) StreamDesk Open source desktop client that provides easy a... DOWNLOAD
xdesktopwaves(sfnet) xdesktopwaves Simulation of water waves on the X Windows desk... DOWNLOAD
xc2ical(sfnet) Xc2iCal System to make the Microsoft Exchange Calendar ... DOWNLOAD
nauticalflags(sfnet) Nautical Flag Alphabet This application translates text into nautical ... DOWNLOAD
svni(sfnet) svn interactive check-in svni is a wrapper for "svn ci". It fe... DOWNLOAD
snmptemplates(sfnet) make snmp templates A small suitte to manage text OID files and mak... DOWNLOAD
pyfastatogen(sfnet) pythonFastaToGenbank A simple Python program. Convert protein or DNA... DOWNLOAD
gtk-moo(sfnet) GtkMoo This a simple guess the number game-> Bulls... DOWNLOAD
open-imagine(sfnet) Imagine Picture Viewer *** Imagine Picture Viewer does not work with 6... DOWNLOAD
apophysis7x(sfnet) Apophysis 7X A version of the fractal flame editor Apophysis... DOWNLOAD
synergy2(sfnet) synergy Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse an... DOWNLOAD
hotelier(sfnet) Hotelier Hotelier is a unique Open Source Hotel software... DOWNLOAD
evt(sfnet) EVE Tools A tool for EVE-ONLINE players to use while gami... DOWNLOAD
wxeuphoria(sfnet) wxEuphoria Library for using wxWidgets as a dll/so for Eup... DOWNLOAD
empire-db(sfnet) Empire-db Empire-db is a relational data persistence comp... DOWNLOAD
iemit47(sfnet) IEM_IT_47 It consists of two parts...denial of service at... DOWNLOAD
gameposteffect(sfnet) Game Post Effect Adds a post-processing effect to DirectX 9 game... DOWNLOAD
outputinspector(sfnet) Output Inspector Output Inspector is a standalone Qt helper app ... DOWNLOAD
enklikasovnice(sfnet) EnKlik časovnice EnKlik časovnice so zmogljivo orodje za upravlj... DOWNLOAD
duplo(sfnet) Duplo Duplicated source code can harm maintainability... DOWNLOAD
perlbackupengin(sfnet) Perl Backup Engine Perl Backup Machine is a backup utility that cr... DOWNLOAD
slgrid(sfnet) slgrid slGrid is an easy to use grid component that ca... DOWNLOAD
vendorapi(sfnet) 2Checkout Vendor API Class This PHP class was developed to provide simple ... DOWNLOAD
ammap(sfnet) ammap If you want to present the routes of your journ... DOWNLOAD
ibm-acpi(sfnet) ibm-acpi This is a Linux driver for ThinkPad laptops, wr... DOWNLOAD
roxs(sfnet) ROXS Remote Object Access (ROXS) for C++. Alternativ... DOWNLOAD
gedigroundtruth(sfnet) GEDI: Groundtruthing Editor GEDI (Groundtruthing Environment for Document I... DOWNLOAD
sepy(sfnet) SE|PY ASEditor SE|PY is an ActionScript editor written in pyth... DOWNLOAD
mplayer-tru(sfnet) MPlayer-tru MPlayer-tru is the solution to provide Truran V... DOWNLOAD
xadv(sfnet) xADS xADS . Easy SYSTEM for banner administration :) DOWNLOAD
demogl(sfnet) DemoGL OpenGL Based, C++, Win32 execution platform for... DOWNLOAD
emacro(sfnet) EMacro The easy setup to give Emacs editors that out-o... DOWNLOAD
subber(sfnet) subber Subber is a simple tool to cut and synchronize ... DOWNLOAD
mod-npy(sfnet) mod_npy mod_npy is alternative way of running Python sc... DOWNLOAD
posterita(sfnet) Posterita POS (Point of Sale) Posterita POS is a full web POS for large distr... DOWNLOAD
naturalcli(sfnet) naturalcli Natural CLI is a library that provides Java and... DOWNLOAD
phpppframework(sfnet) PHP++ Framework Un ensemble de fonctions et de classes pour dév... DOWNLOAD
aghermann(sfnet) Aghermann Aghermann is a sleep-research experiment manage... DOWNLOAD
ibis-id(sfnet) IBIS-ID IBIS - Interactive Biodiversity Informatics Sof... DOWNLOAD
cptutils(freshmeat) cptutils The cptutils package contains a number of utili... DOWNLOAD
project-05(sfnet) Project 05 Project 05 is a Lazarus/Freepascal (Delphi)/SDL... DOWNLOAD
pydice(sfnet) PyDice PyDice has moved to DOWNLOAD
saq(sfnet) SAQuarantine SAQ is a Spam Quarantine plugin for Postfix/Spa... DOWNLOAD
jipcam(sfnet) jipCam jipCam provides a JMF-based datasource implemen... DOWNLOAD
o-paque(sfnet) Genetic monodimensional packing This project aims at providing a set of tools f... DOWNLOAD
yrif(sfnet) Young Researchers' Induction Foundation Collection of Statistical Language Processing T... DOWNLOAD
e-lab(sfnet) eLab eLab (formerly NewXperience) is a perfect envir... DOWNLOAD
soundgonverter(sfnet) soundgonverter Tool to convert music files into various formats. DOWNLOAD
xmtc(sfnet) xmtc A modest extension to C, XMTC allows representi... DOWNLOAD
lfcp(sfnet) LFCP ( Linux Firewall Control Program ) LFCP is easy Linux Firewall Control Program. ma... DOWNLOAD
free-mpower(sfnet) Free-MPOWER The Free-MPOWER project implements an open plat... DOWNLOAD
gemshell(sfnet) GemShell The GemShell project contain interactive shell ... DOWNLOAD
syrupy(sfnet) Syrupy -- System Resource Usage Profiler Syrupy is a Python script that regularly takes ... DOWNLOAD
java2as(sfnet) java2actionscript Java to ActionScript3 for AMF3. DOWNLOAD
vedcnux(sfnet) VEDC Nux VEDC NUX was a distribution based on Ubuntu 9.0... DOWNLOAD
rescue(sfnet) Rescue! Max A 2D space real-time, action/strategy game. you... DOWNLOAD
scc-win(freshmeat) System Configuration Collector for Windows System Configuration Collector for Windows coll... DOWNLOAD
ngengine(sfnet) NG Engine NG Engine lets you write web applications in EA... DOWNLOAD
ng-ds(sfnet) NG-DS This is a custom network stack with a process-p... DOWNLOAD
firenetwebbrows(sfnet) FireNET web browser Unlike most browsers, our goal is to provide sa... DOWNLOAD
zilchinc(sfnet) Zilch in C++ The Zilch dice game, written in C++, initial re... DOWNLOAD
digitalimagemag(sfnet) Image Magnifier This application can be used for magnifying (en... DOWNLOAD
slasharts(sfnet) Slasha A small, simple 2D real time tactical game writ... DOWNLOAD
nucleuscmsde(sfnet) Nucleus CMS (Deutsche Version) Nucleus CMS erlaubt einen oder mehrere Weblogs ... DOWNLOAD
biowebauth(sfnet) BioWebAuth (BWA) BioWebAuth (Biometrics for Web Authentication) ... DOWNLOAD
vbphysxdx9(sfnet) VB .NET PHYSX (PHYSICS) DX9 - Engine Visual Basic .Net , Nvidia Physx (PHYSICS - ATI... DOWNLOAD
o-milo(sfnet) Omilo - a GUI for Festival / Flite Omilo is a simple GUI for the Festival and Flit... DOWNLOAD
nextmock(sfnet) NextMock NextMock generates Mock classes to test your ja... DOWNLOAD
teachersplanner(sfnet) teachersplanner Did you ever search a tool that helps you in sc... DOWNLOAD
debnas(sfnet) DebNAS A easy-to-install Debian GNU/Linux for the D-Li... DOWNLOAD
astrouter(sfnet) Asterisk ACD Distribution AstrouTer The software is an Event Handler System for Inb... DOWNLOAD
ancms(sfnet) anCMS - (a)nother (n)eat CMS (a)nother (n)eat CMS - anCMS, is yet another CM... DOWNLOAD
quilltex(sfnet) QuillTex QuillTex is a cross-platform native application... DOWNLOAD
v3xforum(sfnet) v3xforum v3xforum is a simple forum that can be used to ... DOWNLOAD
yetads(sfnet) Yet Another Documentation System YADS is a clone of the documentation system tha... DOWNLOAD
pycontour(sfnet) PyContour Python app using wxWidgets that does some simpl... DOWNLOAD
ymechanger(sfnet) Yahoo Messenger Emotions Changer Yahoo Messenger Emotions Changer allows Yahoo M... DOWNLOAD
gaplusplus(sfnet) GA++ GA++ is a Genetic Algorithm library written in ... DOWNLOAD
usbforce(sfnet) USBForce USBForce is a tool to protect Windows systems a... DOWNLOAD
winuxos(sfnet) Winux OS A new Linux based operating system that has bee... DOWNLOAD
angtoy(sfnet) angtoy angtoy project ver 1.0 DOWNLOAD
a-lms(sfnet) a-LMS Learning Management System Open Source Learning Management System implemen... DOWNLOAD
wizarddesktop(sfnet) Wizard Desktop The Wizard Desktop is a set of simple applicati... DOWNLOAD
netwhistler(sfnet) Mila NetWhistler NetWhistler is SNMP monitoring software that of... DOWNLOAD
gchart(sfnet) GChart GChart is a PHP library for Google Chart API. T... DOWNLOAD
galleryblock(sfnet) Gallery Block Gallery Block for your board3 Portal DOWNLOAD
mastermap2mysql(sfnet) OsMastermap Itn to Mysql The aim of this php script is to translate an O... DOWNLOAD
casparcg(sfnet) CasparCG: Pro Video & Graphics Play-Out Playback and record video, graphics and audio t... DOWNLOAD
livespaces(sfnet) Livespaces Livespaces is an operating environment to suppo... DOWNLOAD
humdiff(sfnet) Humidity Differential Use it to tell what your humidity percentage wo... DOWNLOAD
htmlheaderstree(sfnet) HTML Style By Header Mediawiki Extension HTML Header Tree is a Mediawiki extension which... DOWNLOAD
cecid(sfnet) CECID: CEnsorship CIrcumvention Device CECID is a PHP script designed to anonymize and... DOWNLOAD
tmapinet(sfnet) TMAPI.Net TMAPI.Net is a collection of programming interf... DOWNLOAD
makesusedvd(sfnet) make SUSE dvd Making a dvd iso from several SUSE cd iso's DOWNLOAD
orx(sfnet) Orx: Portable Game Engine Orx is a portable, lightweight, plugin-based, d... DOWNLOAD
v00d00-cd-key(sfnet) v00d00_CD_Key v00d00-CD-Key will display the MS Windows Licen... DOWNLOAD
mlabyrinth(sfnet) mLabyrinth This is a small game where you have to find you... DOWNLOAD
sipcmd(sfnet) sipcmd A command line SIP/H323 softphone capable of se... DOWNLOAD
naruto(sfnet) Naruto Warning: It has be 5 years since this project ... DOWNLOAD
microinstall(sfnet) Microinstall The Microinstall is a set of classes that makes... DOWNLOAD

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