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cnrun(sfnet) CNrun A neuronal network simulator using NeuroML (as ... DOWNLOAD
wxavldfrontend(sfnet) wxAVLDfrontend A frontend to the amazing AVLD V4L dummy video ... DOWNLOAD
diplomatia(sfnet) Diplomatia online game online brower game about countries DOWNLOAD
dcol(sfnet) dcol The data complexity library, DCoL, is a machine... DOWNLOAD
dpmxl(sfnet) Derivatives Portfolio Modeler XL Derivatives portfolio modeler XL is a powerful ... DOWNLOAD
handynotes(sfnet) HandyNotes HandyNotes is a Java application designed to ma... DOWNLOAD
muframework(sfnet) µ (mjoo) µ/mjoo is a new kind of live composition softwa... DOWNLOAD
phpmysport(sfnet) phpMySport Think for team sport clubs and leagues, phpMySp... DOWNLOAD
aldrin(sfnet) Aldrin Modular Sequencer Aldrin is an open source modular music sequence... DOWNLOAD
pextractor(sfnet) PExtractor PExtractor es un proyecto orientado a la inform... DOWNLOAD
fsm-wari(sfnet) Fsm-Wari The Fsm - Wari Wari is a game played on a boar... DOWNLOAD
wlwp(sfnet) 外链网盘 支持一切的链接 DOWNLOAD
psheft(sfnet) Postscript-booklet-generator A tool, that converts PS files, generated by La... DOWNLOAD
dcl5(sfnet) DCL5 Plotter business of appendices - DCL. The syste... DOWNLOAD
flam3animator(sfnet) Flam3 Animator Flam3 Animator will enable anyone to create fra... DOWNLOAD
wowwatcher(sfnet) WoW Watcher WoW Watcher provides an easy and efficient mean... DOWNLOAD
rccoding(sfnet) rccoding Alternative approach to minimum redundancy codi... DOWNLOAD
mirabilia(sfnet) mirabilia Mirabilia is an open source rpg to be developed... DOWNLOAD
moremonster(sfnet) MoreMonster Very simple game, where you have to hunt monste... DOWNLOAD
paella(sfnet) paella Paella is a installation/configuration manageme... DOWNLOAD
iowiki(sfnet) IoWiki IoWiki is a wiki engine written in IoLanguage, ... DOWNLOAD
ireport(sfnet) iReport-Designer for JasperReports NOTE: iReport/Jaspersoft Studio Support Announc... DOWNLOAD
afbo(sfnet) Angel Food Host Site Back Office (AFBO) Angel Food Host Site Back Office (AFBO) -- poin... DOWNLOAD
rastasbay(sfnet) rasta;sbay sick of getting messed over by ebay? this your ... DOWNLOAD
msedit(sfnet) Mateusz's Saucy Editor Mateusz's Saucy Editor (MSEDIT) is a simple edi... DOWNLOAD
colompo(sfnet) colompo COLOMPO is a data integrity monitoring and modi... DOWNLOAD
sunlightnet(sfnet) Sunlight.Net Sunlight.Net is a library of classes and wrappe... DOWNLOAD
tclral(sfnet) Tcl Relational Algebra Library TclRAL is an implementation of the Relational A... DOWNLOAD
scrollout(sfnet) Scrollout F1 email gateway • Designed for Linux and Windows email system a... DOWNLOAD
cctools(sfnet) Creative Commons Tools This is an ***old archive*** of tools developed... DOWNLOAD
netron-reloaded(sfnet) Netron Reloaded Generic diagramming, graph-drawing and graph-la... DOWNLOAD
jasperserver(sfnet) JasperReports Server JasperReports Server is a powerful, yet flexibl... DOWNLOAD
jecars(sfnet) JeCARS JeCARS (Java Extendable Contents And Rights Sys... DOWNLOAD
utcdb(sfnet) UTCDB Ultimate Trading Card Database is a PHP/ADODB d... DOWNLOAD
pwmfccd(sfnet) pwmfccd Package contains political world map with fixed... DOWNLOAD
wlm2emesene(sfnet) WLM2Emesene A tool to import emesene's custom emoticons fro... DOWNLOAD
dyngrasshmap(sfnet) DynamicGrass.Heightmap Realtime vegetation visualisation with dynamic ... DOWNLOAD
jk-linux(sfnet) JK-Linux JK-Linux is a linux distro based on ubuntu with... DOWNLOAD
osiv(sfnet) Open Source Image Velocimetry A suite of programs for performing particle ima... DOWNLOAD
wui(sfnet) WUI WUI (Web User Interface) is an MVC framework fo... DOWNLOAD
luak(sfnet) Lua in Kernel A linux kernel module that brings the lua inter... DOWNLOAD
brilliant-bingo(sfnet) Brilliant Bingo Brilliant Bingo is a Bingo Sheet generator deve... DOWNLOAD
rails-url-shortener(freshmeat) Rails URL Shortener Rails URL Shortener is a Ruby on Rails applica... DOWNLOAD
cp2pc(sfnet) CP2PC The aim of the CP2PC project is to develop a ... DOWNLOAD
astroweka(sfnet) AstroWeka AstroWeka is a set of extentions to Weka, a pop... DOWNLOAD
whiteoak(sfnet) Whiteoak The Whiteoak programming language, http://white... DOWNLOAD
idss(sfnet) IDSS IDSS is a statistical application for e-mail su... DOWNLOAD
schoolbell(sfnet) School bell V1.10 Get the easy way to manage the bell of Your sch... DOWNLOAD
rfcc(sfnet) RFC converter Convert plain text format RFC docs into open fo... DOWNLOAD
modlin(sfnet) ModLin A package of SystemML processes for simulating ... DOWNLOAD
collingwoodasco(sfnet) Collingwood AS Computing Collection of open-source projects for teaching... DOWNLOAD
ffck(sfnet) FCKEditor Faces Component FCKEditor Faces Component wraps the FCKeditor (... DOWNLOAD
syspro(sfnet) syspro increase your system productivity contains vari... DOWNLOAD
web-basedelecti(sfnet) Web-Based Election Software This is a php/mysql based election software ori... DOWNLOAD
soicmp(sfnet) Shell over ICMP Soicmp is a remote shell system, similar to tel... DOWNLOAD
pixship-proj(sfnet) PixShip This is a game inspired by Pixelships for the P... DOWNLOAD
matheval(sfnet) matheval Matheval is a library designed for evaluating m... DOWNLOAD
opml-creator(sfnet) OPML Creator OPML Creator is a forms based application writt... DOWNLOAD
stripit(sfnet) Strip-it StripIt is a SVG webcomic gallery manager. It p... DOWNLOAD
ieclose(sfnet) IeClose IeClose prevent Internet Explorer to start. Wit... DOWNLOAD
proper(sfnet) Proper Proper is a propositionalization framework writ... DOWNLOAD
civ4grandinq(sfnet) Orions Grand Inquisitions Mod This is a Beyond the Sword (BTS 3.19) project f... DOWNLOAD
leputty(sfnet) Le Putty "Le Putty" is a ssh suite for Windows... DOWNLOAD
cheesehunter2(sfnet) Cheesehunter2 Adventure and jump and run game about a cheese ... DOWNLOAD
jives(sfnet) JIVES Java Interactive Virtual Enviroment System - A ... DOWNLOAD
neticon(sfnet) neticon NetIcon is a utility that sits in the Windows t... DOWNLOAD
simplecm(sfnet) SimpleCM SimpleCM is a Simple Content Manager designed t... DOWNLOAD
refactorfit(sfnet) Refactor FIT Refactor FIT is a tool to allow the automated r... DOWNLOAD
eknearth(sfnet) EknEarth EknEarth Application which is read from .csv fi... DOWNLOAD
centris(sfnet) centris Centris IP-PBX, Asterisk, Centos OS freePBX. d... DOWNLOAD
jspackager(sfnet) JSPackager JSPackager全部迁移至JSIntegration。 http://www.... DOWNLOAD
xcpu(sfnet) xcpu XCPU is a suite of tools for cluster management... DOWNLOAD
oslib(sfnet) OSLib OSLib is a collection of low level functions ai... DOWNLOAD
creen(sfnet) Creen - C reengineering tool Creen is a reengineering and static analysis to... DOWNLOAD
frogblog(sfnet) FrogBlog FrogBlog is an easy to use, easy to install, fa... DOWNLOAD
tide(sfnet) The tIDE java IDE tIDE is a small but powerful and full featured ... DOWNLOAD
cl-btree(sfnet) cl-btree B-Tree implemented in Common Lisp. Stores key/v... DOWNLOAD
linux-hls(sfnet) Hierarchical Loadable Schedulers The Hierarchical Loadable Schedulers (HLS) fram... DOWNLOAD
eu-serenity(sfnet) SERENITY SERENITY is an integrated EU-funded project, wh... DOWNLOAD
jasperreports(sfnet) JasperReports Library JasperReports Library, the world's most popular... DOWNLOAD
mvp-xml(sfnet) MVP.XML Library XML library developed by Microsoft MVPs, to sup... DOWNLOAD
kapitalbot(freshmeat) kapitalbot kapitalbot is a semi-interactive Monopoly bot. ... DOWNLOAD
libcgic(sfnet) libcgic - yet another C CGI framework Yet another C CGI framework. Includes CGI libra... DOWNLOAD
doishi(sfnet) doishi doishi is a game based on the tile matching gam... DOWNLOAD
liveglossary(sfnet) Live Glossary Live Glossary is a web based glossary applicati... DOWNLOAD
xstreamc(sfnet) xSTreamC xSTreamC is a streaming language developed by S... DOWNLOAD
rawcart(sfnet) rawcart A basic stand-alone pure Javascript shopping ca... DOWNLOAD
ntfsreader(sfnet) NtfsReader .NET Library This project aims at providing an API in .NET t... DOWNLOAD
elementalblog(sfnet) Elemental Blog A lightweight blogging system. DOWNLOAD
xmms-fc(sfnet) xmms-fc An audio player library and plug-ins for Audaci... DOWNLOAD
openinv(sfnet) openinv OpenInvoice is a free GNU-licensed small invoic... DOWNLOAD
brikx(sfnet) Brikx A small puzzle game in which your goal is to re... DOWNLOAD
ckjm(sfnet) ckjm The program ckjm calculates Chidamber and Kemer... DOWNLOAD
cheesehunter(sfnet) Cheesehunter Adventure and jump and run game about a cheese ... DOWNLOAD
ielight(sfnet) Internet Explorer Light This program is a light weight web browser that... DOWNLOAD
clcontacts(sfnet) clContacts clContacts is a simple, small, and easy-to-use ... DOWNLOAD
pybact(sfnet) PyBact PyBact is an open source software written in Py... DOWNLOAD
sysvarseclipse(sfnet) System Variables Display Eclipse Plugin A Eclipse Plugin 3.0 that allows adding a view ... DOWNLOAD
naiocast(sfnet) Naiocast Naiocast is a free Web based streaming media se... DOWNLOAD
mathan-common(sfnet) mathan-common A collection of useful Java classes: object, st... DOWNLOAD

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