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nfiface2face(sfnet) NFI Face2Face This is meant for manual face comparison for fo... DOWNLOAD
bginfo4x(sfnet) BGINFO4X - BGINFO for X and for Windows! BGINFO for X, also called BGINFO4X, is a clone ... DOWNLOAD
vboxserial(sfnet) vbox_serial Script to allow usb-serial adaptors to be used ... DOWNLOAD
rescuetimetrans(sfnet) RescueTimeTransformer C# stand alone application used to transform Re... DOWNLOAD
portableappsorp(sfnet) PortableApps Orphan's Home Some apps from PortableApps.Com have been orpha... DOWNLOAD
eggzone(sfnet) EggZone TCL Channel Bot EggZone is a tcl bot script for 1.6.x eggdrop b... DOWNLOAD
clientechatsam(sfnet) Cliente de Chat - Universidad de Cádiz Este proyecto consiste en un conjunto de webs; ... DOWNLOAD
skeeper(sfnet) skeeper A program to keep or skip livestream songs whil... DOWNLOAD
lawk(sfnet) lawk lawk is gnu awk re targeted to use llvm as its ... DOWNLOAD
wmrx00(sfnet) Weather Station Data Logger Application for display, logging and upload of ... DOWNLOAD
hordestoolbar(sfnet) hordesToolBar Une barre d'outils pour le site, pour... DOWNLOAD
censub(sfnet) CENSUB CenSub (Centralizador de Subsistemas) es una pl... DOWNLOAD
pilota3d(sfnet) pilota3d A basque handball (esku pilota) sport game in 3... DOWNLOAD
rikworksvillage(sfnet) RikWorks Village Note: this project is still in the early stages... DOWNLOAD
treesap(sfnet) TreeSap - Qualitative Reasoning GIS TreeSap introduces simple yet powerful qualitat... DOWNLOAD
pikview(sfnet) PikView - image viewer PikView can read the following image types: png... DOWNLOAD
casemansoft(sfnet) Central Case Management System (CCMS) Central Case Management System (CCMS) is design... DOWNLOAD
ppip(sfnet) PIP Platform-Independent Primitives. Contain string... DOWNLOAD
x2engine(sfnet) CRM Open Source CRM: X2CRM is an Open Source PHP Cu... DOWNLOAD
funapi(sfnet) Fedora Commons unAPI HTTP Service A Java implementation of the unAPI HTTP Service. DOWNLOAD
kwikgui(sfnet) KwikGUI KwikGUI is a FreeBASIC library that makes it ea... DOWNLOAD
rpgtools-jqe(sfnet) RPGTools Suite of tools for RPG players and GMs. Include... DOWNLOAD
odp2008(sfnet) ODP 2008 (Open Database Programming) ODP 2008 is an open database programming langua... DOWNLOAD
listenport(sfnet) Listenport Listens on a selected TCP port and displays rem... DOWNLOAD
dcparseargs(sfnet) dcParseArgs Java library to simplify args[] handling DOWNLOAD
osso(sfnet) OSSO A Micro Kernel OS designed from scratch DOWNLOAD
rapidsharemass(sfnet) Rapidshare Mass Downloader What this program does is bringing out human in... DOWNLOAD
wishgl2(sfnet) wishgl2 - Tcl/tk + OpenGL Make an extension of Wish from Tcl/tk and inclu... DOWNLOAD
mrtgview(sfnet) MRTGView An easily configurable single php page for view... DOWNLOAD
chord(sfnet) CHORD This project assembles the implementations of i... DOWNLOAD
dwprj(sfnet) Dataweb Project - Java RAD Framework Dataweb Project is a RAD (Rapid Application Dev... DOWNLOAD
ol-commerce(sfnet) ol-commerce eCommerce-Software ol-commerce is an fork of o... DOWNLOAD
imguploadr(sfnet) imguploadr Command line tool to upload pictures to Flickr DOWNLOAD
commanderstalin(sfnet) Commander Stalin Commander Stalin is a Soviet real time strategy... DOWNLOAD
jirarmi(sfnet) JiraRMI JiraRMI is a plug-in that exposes much of Jira’... DOWNLOAD
gdbutility(sfnet) GDBUtil The Generic Database Utility - GDBUtil - is a h... DOWNLOAD
pdfviewer(sfnet) NightLabs PDF Viewer The NightLabs PDF Viewer is an Eclipse plug-in ... DOWNLOAD
eidnative(sfnet) EIDNative Library EIDNative Library is a freeware SDK for Belgian... DOWNLOAD
firebirdconfig(sfnet) firebirdconfig FirebirdConfig provides you with a friendly use... DOWNLOAD
ephem(sfnet) ephem Joomla module for Ephemerids DOWNLOAD
instigate-guitk(sfnet) Instigate GUI Toolkit Instigate GUI Toolkit is an Abstraction for mul... DOWNLOAD
perlpodder(sfnet) perlpodder Perlpodder is a podcatcher script written in pe... DOWNLOAD
vstgl(sfnet) Visual STG Lab VSTGL is a graphical editor for Signal Transit... DOWNLOAD
amico(sfnet) AMICO AMICO (Adaptable Multi-Interface COmmunicator) ... DOWNLOAD
pytz(sfnet) PyTZ - Python Time Zone Library Cross platform time zone library for Python 2.3+ DOWNLOAD
iscroll2(sfnet) iScroll2 A modified version of Apple's trackpad device d... DOWNLOAD
yajac(sfnet) Yet An Other Jawbreaker's Clone Yajac is Yet An Other Jawbreaker's Clone. So ha... DOWNLOAD
clansystem(sfnet) ClanSystem - e107 Clan Management ClanSystem is a plugin for the e107 CMS. We loo... DOWNLOAD
ibsn(sfnet) ibsn A blog with extended social features for school... DOWNLOAD
insjoanamigo(sfnet) insjoanamigo DOWNLOAD
box2d-js(sfnet) Box2D JS JavaScript Port of Box2D( DOWNLOAD
jack-smf-utils(sfnet) Simple JACK MIDI player and recorder Jack-smf-utils is a set of two utilities - jack... DOWNLOAD
modulesforopenc(sfnet) JPA driver for OpenCms JPA driver and JPA module for OpenCms - profess... DOWNLOAD
wintransmission(sfnet) wintransmission Win32 and MinGW port of Transmission torrent cl... DOWNLOAD
yafm(sfnet) Yet Another web-based File Manager YaFM is a web-based file manager written in PHP... DOWNLOAD
tagar(freshmeat) tagAR tagAR is an augmented reality tagging applicati... DOWNLOAD
pvcsmymoney(sfnet) MyMoney Finance web based C# project DOWNLOAD
litedesign(sfnet) LiteDesign LiteDesign is designed to be an easy-to-use CAD... DOWNLOAD
m0n0wall(sfnet) m0n0wall m0n0wall is a powerfull Router Application Plat... DOWNLOAD
pfdtd(sfnet) Parallel FDTD The Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method... DOWNLOAD
ecut(sfnet) ECUT The ECUT (Eclipse C++ Unit Testing) project int... DOWNLOAD
openvpn-status(sfnet) OpenVPN-Status OpenVPN-Status is a web interface that manage w... DOWNLOAD
loggerjs(sfnet) loggerJS Java script lightweight logger utility that hel... DOWNLOAD
faxel(sfnet) faxel Faxel is a friendly front-end for the console d... DOWNLOAD
cnrun(sfnet) CNrun A neuronal network simulator using NeuroML (as ... DOWNLOAD
wxavldfrontend(sfnet) wxAVLDfrontend A frontend to the amazing AVLD V4L dummy video ... DOWNLOAD
diplomatia(sfnet) Diplomatia online game online brower game about countries DOWNLOAD
dcol(sfnet) dcol The data complexity library, DCoL, is a machine... DOWNLOAD
dpmxl(sfnet) Derivatives Portfolio Modeler XL Derivatives portfolio modeler XL is a powerful ... DOWNLOAD
handynotes(sfnet) HandyNotes HandyNotes is a Java application designed to ma... DOWNLOAD
muframework(sfnet) µ (mjoo) µ/mjoo is a new kind of live composition softwa... DOWNLOAD
phpmysport(sfnet) phpMySport Think for team sport clubs and leagues, phpMySp... DOWNLOAD
aldrin(sfnet) Aldrin Modular Sequencer Aldrin is an open source modular music sequence... DOWNLOAD
pextractor(sfnet) PExtractor PExtractor es un proyecto orientado a la inform... DOWNLOAD
fsm-wari(sfnet) Fsm-Wari The Fsm - Wari Wari is a game played on a boar... DOWNLOAD
wlwp(sfnet) 外链网盘 支持一切的链接 DOWNLOAD
psheft(sfnet) Postscript-booklet-generator A tool, that converts PS files, generated by La... DOWNLOAD
dcl5(sfnet) DCL5 Plotter business of appendices - DCL. The syste... DOWNLOAD
flam3animator(sfnet) Flam3 Animator Flam3 Animator will enable anyone to create fra... DOWNLOAD
wowwatcher(sfnet) WoW Watcher WoW Watcher provides an easy and efficient mean... DOWNLOAD
rccoding(sfnet) rccoding Alternative approach to minimum redundancy codi... DOWNLOAD
mirabilia(sfnet) mirabilia Mirabilia is an open source rpg to be developed... DOWNLOAD
moremonster(sfnet) MoreMonster Very simple game, where you have to hunt monste... DOWNLOAD
paella(sfnet) paella Paella is a installation/configuration manageme... DOWNLOAD
iowiki(sfnet) IoWiki IoWiki is a wiki engine written in IoLanguage, ... DOWNLOAD
ireport(sfnet) iReport-Designer for JasperReports NOTE: iReport/Jaspersoft Studio Support Announc... DOWNLOAD
afbo(sfnet) Angel Food Host Site Back Office (AFBO) Angel Food Host Site Back Office (AFBO) -- poin... DOWNLOAD
rastasbay(sfnet) rasta;sbay sick of getting messed over by ebay? this your ... DOWNLOAD
msedit(sfnet) Mateusz's Saucy Editor Mateusz's Saucy Editor (MSEDIT) is a simple edi... DOWNLOAD
colompo(sfnet) colompo COLOMPO is a data integrity monitoring and modi... DOWNLOAD
sunlightnet(sfnet) Sunlight.Net Sunlight.Net is a library of classes and wrappe... DOWNLOAD
tclral(sfnet) Tcl Relational Algebra Library TclRAL is an implementation of the Relational A... DOWNLOAD
scrollout(sfnet) Scrollout F1 email gateway • Designed for Linux and Windows email system a... DOWNLOAD
cctools(sfnet) Creative Commons Tools This is an ***old archive*** of tools developed... DOWNLOAD
netron-reloaded(sfnet) Netron Reloaded Generic diagramming, graph-drawing and graph-la... DOWNLOAD
jasperserver(sfnet) JasperReports Server JasperReports Server is a powerful, yet flexibl... DOWNLOAD
jecars(sfnet) JeCARS JeCARS (Java Extendable Contents And Rights Sys... DOWNLOAD
utcdb(sfnet) UTCDB Ultimate Trading Card Database is a PHP/ADODB d... DOWNLOAD
pwmfccd(sfnet) pwmfccd Package contains political world map with fixed... DOWNLOAD
wlm2emesene(sfnet) WLM2Emesene A tool to import emesene's custom emoticons fro... DOWNLOAD

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