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odt-gen(sfnet) Orange DeathTag Generator for BF2 The Orange DeathTag Generator (odt-gen) helps t... DOWNLOAD
docbookblank(sfnet) DocBookBlank A prepared docbook project. Can create html, ht... DOWNLOAD
clinicafamiliar(sfnet) Clinica_Familiar Desarrollar un software que permita la automati... DOWNLOAD
i-games(sfnet) Interactive•Games Create complete easy little puzzles, mazes, rid... DOWNLOAD
remotevideo(sfnet) RemoteVideo A project which allows for a video player, with... DOWNLOAD
hax264(sfnet) Hax264 HAX264 is a Microsoft Windows DirectShow Video ... DOWNLOAD
pythonpkgmgr(sfnet) Python Package Manager Python Package Manager is a cross platform tool... DOWNLOAD
vamola-monitor(sfnet) VaMoLà - Monitor VaMoLa Monitor is a tool to monitorize sites ac... DOWNLOAD
vamola-validate(sfnet) VaMoLà - Validator VaMoLa Validator is a tool to validate accessib... DOWNLOAD
psyslogd(sfnet) A Private Linux Syslogd This is another Linux system logging daemon cal... DOWNLOAD
checksys(sfnet) check_sys Check_sys is set of scripts written in Perl whi... DOWNLOAD
xkms(sfnet) Open XKMS The project consist in an open source implement... DOWNLOAD
hyperestraier(sfnet) Hyper Estraier Hyper Estraier is a full-text search system. I... DOWNLOAD
softast(sfnet) Softastur Asturian localization proyect. DOWNLOAD
geben(sfnet) GEBEN This project has been moved to DOWNLOAD
hc08prog(sfnet) hc08prog Motorola HC08 (especially MC68HC908JB8) monitor... DOWNLOAD
iffi(sfnet) Interaction Framwork For Innovation The goal of this project is to allow for the cr... DOWNLOAD
mirctn(sfnet) MIR Central Test Node DICOM Software This is the MIR implementation of DICOM service... DOWNLOAD
semauth(sfnet) semauth The xslt2 script semAuth (semantic authoring) t... DOWNLOAD
eclipseprompt(sfnet) Eclipse Prompt Prompt plugin launches any Eclipse command from... DOWNLOAD
vt4(sfnet) VT4 Firmware for a VT-2xx Terminal Clone DOWNLOAD
npp-plugins(sfnet) Notepad++ Plugins Notepad++ plugins is a collection of tools whic... DOWNLOAD
spsi(sfnet) SPSinf proyecto dedicado al desarrollo de aplicacion D... DOWNLOAD
htmltemplatec(sfnet) htmltemplatec C++ template class modeled after Perl's HTML::T... DOWNLOAD
mfwb(sfnet) Mellott Family Web Browser A lightweight web browser for people who want t... DOWNLOAD
clusterprep(sfnet) clusterprep Unsophisticated scripts for configuring a set o... DOWNLOAD
scientific-calc(sfnet) Scientific Calculator .NET Scientific Calculator .NET was designed to be a... DOWNLOAD
silgraphite(sfnet) SILGraphite: rendering non-roman scripts Graphite is a project within SIL's scripts and ... DOWNLOAD
sake(sfnet) Sake Sake is a PHP implementation of Polynomial Leas... DOWNLOAD
phlite(sfnet) Phlite Update your photography portfolio website witho... DOWNLOAD
emu7800(sfnet) EMU7800 An Atari 2600/7800 emulator written in C#. DOWNLOAD
jmiditools(sfnet) JMidiTools This project provide some MIDI tools: JMidiEth ... DOWNLOAD
xdbtv(sfnet) xdbtv A personal video recorder, that is web based, s... DOWNLOAD
ubuwikioffline(sfnet) Ubuwiki Offline Ubuwiki Offline is a WoaS derivative containing... DOWNLOAD
tryx(sfnet) Tryx Tryx is a simple board game, and is an evolutio... DOWNLOAD
richtext-editor(sfnet) Rich Text Editor user control for .Net This simple rich text editor is written for ASP... DOWNLOAD
oppl2(sfnet) OPPL2 OPPL 2 is the second version of OPPL (Ontology ... DOWNLOAD
bespin(sfnet) BESPIN Beta-Brite Electronic Sign Protocol Interface N... DOWNLOAD
ifoto(sfnet) iFoto, CSS-based GD2 photo gallery This is yet another Web-based PHP photo gallery... DOWNLOAD
jcinstallapps(sfnet) JCInstall Applications Projekthomepage von JCInstall. Hier kannst du H... DOWNLOAD
robomsn(sfnet) RoboMSN RoboMSN is designed to provide a simple Java ba... DOWNLOAD
point2point(sfnet) point2point Maya point2point deformer plugin, snaps a verte... DOWNLOAD
jdotnetservices(sfnet) jdotnetservices The jdotnetservices project showcases the ease ... DOWNLOAD
directedacyclic(sfnet) Directed Acyclic Knowledge A scientific enterprise to try to learn basic p... DOWNLOAD
dvbtoolswindows(sfnet) DVB Tools for Windows A set of Windows based tools, initially for the... DOWNLOAD
uuidgenerator(sfnet) UUID Generator A very simple Java SE project to create individ... DOWNLOAD
gwpfp(sfnet) Greasemonkey::WebPageFingerprint Useful for quick security assessment. [Now]Edit... DOWNLOAD
gmsd(sfnet) Greasemonkey::Malware Script Detector Similar to XSS warning addon. Look for URL stri... DOWNLOAD
aonow(sfnet) AONow AONow is a Winamp plugin. The plugin is used to... DOWNLOAD
meteorite(sfnet) Meteorite Meteorite is MKV / Matroska file repair engine.... DOWNLOAD
izumi(sfnet) Izumi Izumi is a simple web site content management s... DOWNLOAD
smiley(sfnet) PHP Smiley PHP Smiley is an easy support to process smiley... DOWNLOAD
cisk(sfnet) CISK (Java based RISK) Java based RISK game that can be played over th... DOWNLOAD
openspeculoos(sfnet) OpenSPECULOOS SPECULOOS (for SPECtral Unstructured eLements O... DOWNLOAD
stylecopcmd(sfnet) StyleCopCmd StyleCopCmd is a command-line driven interface ... DOWNLOAD
gametoolwebgame(sfnet) Gametools of Webgames create a new website which contains various too... DOWNLOAD
saleaelogicjj(sfnet) Saleae Logic Analyzer VC++ Wrapper VS2008 VC++ wrapper class for the Saleae Logic ... DOWNLOAD
hadoopinterface(sfnet) Hadoop Interface Driver for AnyFrame JDBC driver for connecting HBase to Anyframe DOWNLOAD
amlpp(sfnet) Another Matrix Library in C++ AML++ is a matrix library which mimics most Mat... DOWNLOAD
clicklog(sfnet) Click log or click track click log or click track is a php project to ke... DOWNLOAD
adslight(sfnet) AdsLight - Xoops Module Classifieds Ads AdsLight is a free classifieds module for Xoops... DOWNLOAD
adpassnotif(sfnet) ADPasswordNotificator Notifies users in the domain of an impending pa... DOWNLOAD
mansclasses(sfnet) MansLibrary MansLibrary is a open-source class library that... DOWNLOAD
gstta(sfnet) TTA on WindowsCE GSPlayer TTA plugin for WinCE 5.0 GSPlayer. DOWNLOAD
fastloginscript(sfnet) Fast Login Script A login script created using PHP and MySQLi. Ha... DOWNLOAD
analogalarm(sfnet) Analog Alarm via system tray, alarms, reminders and events a... DOWNLOAD
rssview(sfnet) RSS Viewer RSS Viewer is a Java-based ticker application. ... DOWNLOAD
pkdoor(sfnet) Port Knocking Door A Port Knocking C-based server & client. St... DOWNLOAD
jhunlang(sfnet) jhunlang Tools for Hungarian linguistic analysis in java. DOWNLOAD
mltp(sfnet) MLTP project This is a MultiLingual Text Processing (MLTP) p... DOWNLOAD
pumz(sfnet) PUMz PUMz.News help you clipping web sites for mobil... DOWNLOAD
traconwindows(sfnet) TOW (TracOnWindows) This project is for providing One-stop installa... DOWNLOAD
recordtv(sfnet) Record TV Record TV is a set of scripts and interfaces th... DOWNLOAD
ngp(sfnet) NCHC Grid Portal (NGP) The goal of NGP is to provide a seamless access... DOWNLOAD
q-brick(sfnet) q-brick GoMoku3D is a tridimensional game in which you ... DOWNLOAD
retavortaro(sfnet) Voko-iloj de Reta Vortaro This is software to create web dictionaries, es... DOWNLOAD
sprintjbport(sfnet) Sprint Official JB Port DOWNLOAD
mireap(sfnet) MicroRNA Discovery By Deep Sequencing MIREAP is a tool which can be used to identify ... DOWNLOAD
rtype(sfnet) rtype.js A JavaScript Framework for Mozilla Rhino - the ... DOWNLOAD
htpwmanager(sfnet) HT Password Manager HT Password Manager is a web interface to manag... DOWNLOAD
joomlaschools(sfnet) Joomla Extension for Schools Joomla Extension to Support Parents Association... DOWNLOAD
jmusicmaker(sfnet) JMusicMaker JMusicMaker is an open-source, java based appli... DOWNLOAD
xdccklipper(sfnet) XDCC Klipper This is an addon for mIRC called XDCC Klipper. ... DOWNLOAD
vwo(sfnet) Vocabulary Webpage Overlay This project provides bookmarklet-based web pag... DOWNLOAD
pufs(sfnet) pufs PUFS - peer union FS - is a poor man's naïve di... DOWNLOAD
policeforces(sfnet) Police Forces - free Ego Shooter Police Forces is an open source first person sh... DOWNLOAD
tileproxy(sfnet) The TileProxy Project A realtime interface between Microsoft Flight S... DOWNLOAD
absolute-linux(sfnet) Absolute Linux Lightweight Slackware modification. Desktop-cen... DOWNLOAD
spopsuite(sfnet) sPOP Suite sPOP means Small Python Office Package.The sPOP... DOWNLOAD
wocrapture(sfnet) wocrapture Rapture is a mod for Civilization 4. DOWNLOAD
csvobjectmapper(sfnet) CSV Object Mapper Map CSV records to Java Objects and back again ... DOWNLOAD
xywinnet(sfnet) XyWin.Net XyWin.Net is a project to develop an extensible... DOWNLOAD
devicelinux(sfnet) device linux my work to re-arrange linux for XBOX, PSP, NDS etc DOWNLOAD
fcscommander(sfnet) FCSCommander Dissatisfied with the speed? Don't worry, an am... DOWNLOAD
multi-dimensional-data-structu(freshmeat) Multi-Dimensional Data Structure Multi-Dimensional Data Structure (mdds) is a C+... DOWNLOAD
astrosoft(sfnet) Astrosoft Astrosoft is a free indian astrology software p... DOWNLOAD
joomlapack(sfnet) JoomlaPack JoomlaPack is a backup component for the Joomla... DOWNLOAD
nagisk(sfnet) Nagisk Nagisk is a simple tool to monitor Asterisk fro... DOWNLOAD
notifymq(sfnet) notifyMQ An OnScreen notifier script for the IRC client ... DOWNLOAD
wogedit(sfnet) WOG editor The purpose of this project is to centralize kn... DOWNLOAD

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