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jwc3banlist(sfnet) Bancraft: The Java Banlist A Java client for the Banlist community to use ... DOWNLOAD
hotaru(sfnet) Hotaru Hotaru is an XNA-based Game Engine that is inte... DOWNLOAD
strisyseafrwk(sfnet) Strisys EA Framework Line of business application framework for comm... DOWNLOAD
clinkos(sfnet) c-link os The free linux OS from theanthony345 DOWNLOAD
ldadmin(sfnet) LDAP Domain Administrator Web application for administration of "lda... DOWNLOAD
kuroo(sfnet) kuroo Kuroo is a graphical frontend to Portage that i... DOWNLOAD
cache-anno(sfnet) cache-annotations Spring friendly annotations for method caching ... DOWNLOAD
clipcycler(sfnet) ClipCycler Multiple copy/cut/paste with configurable hotke... DOWNLOAD
openlis(sfnet) OpenLiS OpenLiS STREAMS package for Linux. DOWNLOAD
fe1(sfnet) FE FE is a game engine that aims make game develop... DOWNLOAD
plotamber(sfnet) Plotamber Plotamber is a Perl script for an easy and auto... DOWNLOAD
nmap-sql(sfnet) nmap-sql A simple and poor, but very useful, interface t... DOWNLOAD
autonotessam(sfnet) autonotessam Program do wyliczania średniego spalania samoch... DOWNLOAD
autonotessamoch(sfnet) AutoNotes Samochodowy Program do wyliczania średniego spalania samoch... DOWNLOAD
pyjd(sfnet) Pyjamas-Desktop Widget Set Pyjamas-Desktop is the Desktop version of the P... DOWNLOAD
atomsphere(sfnet) Atomsphere A java library for creating and modifying Atom ... DOWNLOAD
libxml2f90(sfnet) LIBXML2F90 XML Parser for Fortran. Handles XML and similar... DOWNLOAD
losthero(sfnet) LostHero - Story of Gilgamesh Lost Hero - Story of Gilgames is an isometric R... DOWNLOAD
hiawatha(sfnet) Hiawatha Hiawatha is a secure webserver for Unix and has... DOWNLOAD
check_pycurl(freshmeat) check_pycurl check_pycurl is a Nagios/Icinga/Shinken plugin... DOWNLOAD
eclss(sfnet) Eclss Environment Control and Life Support System TCP... DOWNLOAD
eucom(sfnet) EuCOM Wrappers for using the Component Object Model (... DOWNLOAD
embeddedml(sfnet) Embedded ML This project provides a compiler that compiles ... DOWNLOAD
synthv1(sfnet) synthv1 synthv1 is an old-school 4-oscillator subtracti... DOWNLOAD
xds-viewer(sfnet) XDS-Viewer Program for viewing X-ray diffraction and contr... DOWNLOAD
robolin(sfnet) RoboLin (Robot under Linux) This project is a project to make a small robot... DOWNLOAD
scrummanager(sfnet) scrummanager A web application for manage Scrum teams. DOWNLOAD
tracemodel(sfnet) TraceModel Trace Model aims to allow users to make 3d mode... DOWNLOAD
jooitter(sfnet) Jooitter Simple plugin that automatically sends to Twitt... DOWNLOAD
hocb(sfnet) Heap-o-Crap Web browser Heap-o-crap is possibly one of the safest brows... DOWNLOAD
uvupdate(sfnet) uvupdate Script to automate downloading and installing n... DOWNLOAD
simplecms(sfnet) SimpleCMS SimpleCMS is a flexible modular-based content m... DOWNLOAD
table(sfnet) Table editor for Emacs This elisp package provides text based table cr... DOWNLOAD
oberon(sfnet) Oberon V4 Here you can find both an Oberon V4 system for ... DOWNLOAD
fckeditorexampl(sfnet) FCKeditor Example in ASP.NET This Example Aims at using FCKeditor in ASP.NET... DOWNLOAD
ftdgame(sfnet) FTD This is a Windows and a Python game based on th... DOWNLOAD
modpage(sfnet) An CMS for mods. ModPage is an Content Management System (CMS) d... DOWNLOAD
relacs(sfnet) Relacs RELACS (Relaxed ELectrophysiological data Acqui... DOWNLOAD
as3mock(sfnet) as3Mock An implementation for ActionScript3 of the famo... DOWNLOAD
samplv1(sfnet) samplv1 samplv1 is an old-school all-digital polyphonic... DOWNLOAD
politi-pong(sfnet) Politi-Pong A politically themed computer table-tennis game... DOWNLOAD
pystep(sfnet) pySTEP pySTEP or Python Strongly Typed gEnetic Program... DOWNLOAD
clh(sfnet) SKQ Math Solver This project has moved to DOWNLOAD
ultiorganizer(sfnet) Ultimate Organizer Ultiorganizer is a web application for online s... DOWNLOAD
bdr(sfnet) Beowulf Design Rules BDR (Beowulf Design Rules) is a vendor-neutral ... DOWNLOAD
ie6upgradebar(sfnet) IE6 upgrade notification bar If and only if visitor's web browser is IE 6 or... DOWNLOAD
checksumcontrol(sfnet) Checksum Control A program to verify and write checksumfiles. It... DOWNLOAD
enklikanketa(sfnet) EnKlik anketa EnKlik anketa je zmogljivo anketno orodje, teme... DOWNLOAD
memex(sfnet) Memex Easy content management-system in PHP that I cr... DOWNLOAD
fourbar(sfnet) fourBar fourBar is a minimal application launcher for P... DOWNLOAD
alexs-pythonmud(sfnet) MUD Python Alex This is a MUD. Written in python. It is pretty ... DOWNLOAD
lazy8ledger(sfnet) Lazy8 Ledger Professional double-entry accounting ledger wit... DOWNLOAD
worms3d(sfnet) snake3d snake3d is a variant of the snake game. You are... DOWNLOAD
xbat(sfnet) XBat Simple scripting language for windows. Extends ... DOWNLOAD
x3dvmodule(sfnet) X3DV Module Suite The X3DV Module Suite is a free set of Netbeans... DOWNLOAD
spglib(sfnet) spglib Spglib is a C-library written for finding cryst... DOWNLOAD
wordpressthai(sfnet) Thai language for WordPress Thai language for Word Presss. this's project b... DOWNLOAD
ianus(sfnet) Ianus The kernel network stack may behave not as expe... DOWNLOAD
d2dmapeditor(sfnet) D2D Map Editor D2D Map Editor enables the rapid creation of ti... DOWNLOAD
lucille-mpc(freshmeat) Lucille MPC Lucille MPC is a graphical client application f... DOWNLOAD
jquadrobot(sfnet) JQuadRobot JQuadRobot, developed in Java and Java3d API, i... DOWNLOAD
pandore(sfnet) pandore Développement de MaNGOS en Français avec site i... DOWNLOAD
d2itemmanager(sfnet) D2 item Manager Easy-to-use item manager for Diablo 2, that hel... DOWNLOAD
must(sfnet) must must (MU-lticast ST-reaming) is a real time vid... DOWNLOAD
patty(sfnet) Java Performance Analysis Tool (Patty) This profiler (JRE 1.5.0 only) uses JVMTI and n... DOWNLOAD
ooeu(sfnet) Object Oriented Euphoria OOEU is an open source, enhanced implementation... DOWNLOAD
cliojava(sfnet) Clio Tecnologia Sistema de gerenciamento de arquivos digitais. DOWNLOAD
ezdicom(sfnet) ezDICOM ezDICOM is a medical viewer for MRI, CT and ult... DOWNLOAD
mtfcalculator(sfnet) MTF Calculator MTF Calculator calculates the Modulation Transf... DOWNLOAD
fetchexc(sfnet) fetchExc Transfers email from an exchange 2000/2003 acco... DOWNLOAD
edivad-suite(sfnet) edivad-suite Simply a set of script-fu scripts for gimp I us... DOWNLOAD
mathpack(sfnet) Math Pack A text/ command prompt Calculator. Does basic 4... DOWNLOAD
mailatt(sfnet) mailatt Mailatt is a portable Unix/Linux script for sen... DOWNLOAD
youtubdownload(sfnet) Youtube Video Searcher & Downloader Its a free Website for downloading Youtube Vide... DOWNLOAD
xbmcmediamove(sfnet) XBMC Media Move XBMC Media Move version 3.0 is a great real-tim... DOWNLOAD
hpbtc(sfnet) HPBTC A java library which provides full bittorrent f... DOWNLOAD
todolist-xp(sfnet) ToDoListXP This ToDoList follows the values, principles, a... DOWNLOAD
c-a-i-r(sfnet) Content Aware Image Resizer CAIR - Content Aware Image Resizer is a high pe... DOWNLOAD
spspdflibwrappr(sfnet) SpsPdfLibWrapper SpsPdfLibWrapper is a Smalltalk project that pr... DOWNLOAD
qexchange(sfnet) qexchange QExchange is a Qt4 currency exchange calculator... DOWNLOAD
asmutility(sfnet) ASMUTILITY Programs utility supported from blog manuals (w... DOWNLOAD
wirelesscitatio(sfnet) Wireless Citation Traffic citation prototype for WM with GPRS/WiF... DOWNLOAD
elchele(sfnet) IpCheck emule ipfilter tool. Allows you to download, cr... DOWNLOAD
bluejay-quest(sfnet) Bluejay's Quest Bluejay's Quest is a game about the mysterious ... DOWNLOAD
ideopass(sfnet) IdeoPass Provide a OSS component to manage the identity ... DOWNLOAD
flogimporter(sfnet) flogImporter flogImporter, is a fotolog importer library, wh... DOWNLOAD
alo(sfnet) Alo Alo is the easy way to write XML data from C pr... DOWNLOAD
jpexeso(sfnet) JPexeso Board game for memory training for two players.... DOWNLOAD
algol68(sfnet) Open source Algol 68 implementations This project offers open source implementations... DOWNLOAD
eve-phpbb(sfnet) EvE Online IGB - PHPBB Interface This project is designed to create an interface... DOWNLOAD
hiddenwiki(sfnet) hiddenwiki This MediaWiki-patch allows custom namespaces t... DOWNLOAD
gdialog-x(sfnet) GDialog Add-on for X "GDialog" is an add-on for "Proj... DOWNLOAD
xdpm(sfnet) XDPM The eXtensible Dynamic Presentation Manager (XD... DOWNLOAD
ggmud(sfnet) GGMud GGMud is an opensource multiplatform GRAPHICAL ... DOWNLOAD
m2mxml(sfnet) M2MXML M2MXML is an XML based protocol for Machine-To-... DOWNLOAD
plasma(sfnet) plasma server operator Plasma is a server operator for the Microsoft g... DOWNLOAD
genesisbl(sfnet) Genesis freeGUARD API A DNS blocklist of free and disposable email do... DOWNLOAD
kidjunior(sfnet) KID Junior KID Junior is a "talk to your pc" pro... DOWNLOAD
fblanguage(sfnet) fblanguage A small framework for Swing applications to cha... DOWNLOAD
d4g(sfnet) d4g - Dictionary for geeks This addon contains all the best functions of s... DOWNLOAD

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