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mantodea(sfnet) Mantodea, the EJB 3 alternative An alternative framework to EJB3. Utilize spri... DOWNLOAD
yomi(sfnet) Yomi This Tools is a File, Fileextension and ROM Ren... DOWNLOAD
gmailassistant(sfnet) gmailassistant Notifier for multiple Gmail and Google Apps ema... DOWNLOAD
vstboard(sfnet) VstBoard An experimental VST host and plugin. Modular an... DOWNLOAD
qwik(sfnet) Qwik The Qwik project is aimed to support the develo... DOWNLOAD
libavcap(sfnet) avcap The avcap-library is a cross-API, cross-platfor... DOWNLOAD
reachoutbt(sfnet) ReachOut A project to develop and implement a Bluetooth ... DOWNLOAD
outlinebeamer(sfnet) outlinebeamer This perl script helps users to create LaTeX Be... DOWNLOAD
vjasssdk(sfnet) wc3sdk Collection of tools for modifying the game Warc... DOWNLOAD
hexinject(sfnet) hexinject Hexadecimal and raw packet injector and sniffer... DOWNLOAD
swarm(sfnet) Swarm これは、 SourceForgeのサイトでは、現在、このプ... DOWNLOAD
luciddb(sfnet) LucidDB LucidDB is a DBMS optimized for business intell... DOWNLOAD
gtksql(sfnet) GtkSQL GtkSQL is a graphical front-end for PostgreSQL,... DOWNLOAD
b2evo-captcha(sfnet) b2evo captcha A PHP class and example implementation of an im... DOWNLOAD
lmf(sfnet) LMF - Log Monitoring Framework LMF is a flexible log monitoring framework that... DOWNLOAD
irrlichtelite(sfnet) irrlichtelite Simulation space in which the player will have ... DOWNLOAD
xp-aios(sfnet) XP All-In-One Styler XP All-In-One Styler allows users to deal with ... DOWNLOAD
clanfx(sfnet) The ClanFX Javascript Game Engine clanfx is a 2D, tile-based Javascript game eng... DOWNLOAD
siruna(sfnet) Siruna Content adaptation platform that adapts interne... DOWNLOAD
voip-billing(sfnet) Trabas VoIP Billing Trabas VoIP Billing browser-based Open Source S... DOWNLOAD
prenda(sfnet) Prenda Prenda is a web-based pawnshop management syste... DOWNLOAD
golem-idms(sfnet) GOLEM IDMS The GOLEM (Global Object Learning Enterprise Me... DOWNLOAD
clphpppt(sfnet) clPHPppt clPHPppt is a wrapper class for the according P... DOWNLOAD
monkeyd(sfnet) Monkey HTTP Daemon Monkey HTTP Daemon is a small and fast Web serv... DOWNLOAD
wsmmcode(sfnet) WSMM Codebase PHP Codebase with several documented classes. T... DOWNLOAD
veppiserveri(sfnet) veppiserveri Toy web server for fun. It even works. Sockets ... DOWNLOAD
vdr-lastfm(sfnet) vdr-lastfm vdr-lastfm is a plugin for Video Disk Recorder ... DOWNLOAD
proxytunnel(sfnet) proxytunnel Proxytunnel is a program that connects stdin an... DOWNLOAD
normalswitcher(sfnet) STLNormalSwitcher The STLNormalSwitcher is a small program that a... DOWNLOAD
liboscqs(sfnet) OSC Query System A library to provide a Query System and Service... DOWNLOAD
mgatdirector(sfnet) MGA GoTD A Go tournament directing package aimed at smal... DOWNLOAD
kdei18n-pl(sfnet) kde-i18n-pl The internal cvs and webpage of the KDE i18n-pl... DOWNLOAD
chain-reaction(sfnet) chain reaction Chain Reaction is a game played on a rectangula... DOWNLOAD
precastculv(sfnet) Design of concrete box culverts Customized microsoft excel book that enables th... DOWNLOAD
respond(sfnet) respond daemon respond automates response actions for events t... DOWNLOAD
casesort(sfnet) Case Sort A tool to help streamline legal research. It co... DOWNLOAD
fitnessedotnet(sfnet) fitnessedotnet *Inactive* See for t... DOWNLOAD
irm(sfnet) Information Resource Manager IRM is a Web-based asset tracking and trouble t... DOWNLOAD
jfilehelpers(sfnet) JFileHelpers Library This flexible library automates importing, expo... DOWNLOAD
avslib(sfnet) AVSLib AVSLib is an extension library to the Avisynth ... DOWNLOAD
emailsender(sfnet) EmailSender It is an email sender. This software can send y... DOWNLOAD
allrootproject(sfnet) ARP DOWNLOAD
gpokerwatch(sfnet) G Poker Watch Poker odds calculator assistant for playing onl... DOWNLOAD
eqsolverwin32(sfnet) Equationsolver Software for solving 1st & 2nd degree equat... DOWNLOAD
vmsa(sfnet) virtual mail system admin A simple mail administration-web-interface that... DOWNLOAD
omseek(sfnet) Omseek (now Xapian) Omseek has been renamed to Xapian. Xapian is a ... DOWNLOAD
utyp(sfnet) UTYP Picture Engine UTYP is a visual search service for pictures an... DOWNLOAD
ideaet(sfnet) IDEA Easy Tournament IDEA Easy Tournament is a speech tournament tab... DOWNLOAD
antillesxml(sfnet) antillesXML antillesXML is an extensive and in its form uni... DOWNLOAD
dvorcode(sfnet) Dvorcode Utility to translate "dvorcodes" (Dvo... DOWNLOAD
logpad(sfnet) LogPad LogPad is a Ham Radio logging program like LogE... DOWNLOAD
cosmopolita(sfnet) cosmopolita Mysql and sqlite interface , sqlite is the emb... DOWNLOAD
adaptablehr(sfnet) Adaptable HR Adaptable HR is an open source Human Resources ... DOWNLOAD
joist(sfnet) Joist The Java Object Instance Security Toolkit DOWNLOAD
aerosmithrate(sfnet) AerosmithRateTable Develop an appication to control, interperate, ... DOWNLOAD
tctl(sfnet) tctl Control your traffic usage. These scripts curre... DOWNLOAD
simplertsp(sfnet) simpleRTSP simpleRTSP is a compact,fast,lightweight RTSP ... DOWNLOAD
clickfont(sfnet) ClickFont Tired of the installation procedure of fonts on... DOWNLOAD
htmlrequestscan(sfnet) HtmlRequestScanner Scann one HTML Request. DOWNLOAD
excel2sql(sfnet) Excel2SQL This is a simple program for converting tab sep... DOWNLOAD
storemanager(sfnet) StoreManager StoreManager is a software that enables you to ... DOWNLOAD
classgeneratorf(sfnet) Class Generator for .Net This is a .net class generator written in C# th... DOWNLOAD
vallery(sfnet) VGallery A flash gallery application, intended for web d... DOWNLOAD
frodoz(sfnet) FrodoZ - The Zodiac C64 Emu FrodoZ is a C64 emulator for the Tapwave Zodiac... DOWNLOAD
vphotoalb(sfnet) Virtual Photo Album The Virtual Photo Album is a php based web site... DOWNLOAD
phlox-os(sfnet) Phlox Phlox OS and Phlox Microkernel DOWNLOAD
swe642-eclipse(sfnet) swe642-eclipse this is an eclipse Distro meant for SWE642 stud... DOWNLOAD
imgal(sfnet) imgal: Image Gallery and File Browser imgal is a simple image gallery and file browse... DOWNLOAD
sftpliteserver(sfnet) SFTP Lite Server SFTP Lite Server is a Java based SFTP server wi... DOWNLOAD
concretejungle(sfnet) Concrete Jungle Concrete Jungle is a game that simulates the da... DOWNLOAD
bashcronbackup(sfnet) Bash Cron Backup (BCB) BashCronBackup is a backup script written in ba... DOWNLOAD
conmailtool(sfnet) Console Mailtool A simple command line utility to perform variou... DOWNLOAD
project-frodo(sfnet) Frodo Frodo is a easy-to-use and simple file archiver... DOWNLOAD
wepcrack(sfnet) wepcrack WEPCrack is a tool that cracks 802.11 WEP encry... DOWNLOAD
opendocman(sfnet) OpenDocMan OpenDocMan is a web based document management s... DOWNLOAD
emos-framework(sfnet) EMOS Framework EMOS Framework is an advanced technique for dev... DOWNLOAD
alarmme(sfnet) AlarmME This is a clock alarm which wakes you up by ope... DOWNLOAD
jelectro(sfnet) JElectro Attemp to build a peer to peer remote procedure... DOWNLOAD
plcsimulator(sfnet) PLC simulator Based on WSH, OLE, and other MS Windows technol... DOWNLOAD
vchannel(sfnet) vchannel VChannel Player is the cross-palrformed media p... DOWNLOAD
vmpsd(sfnet) ICARUS VMPSd VLAN Management Policy Server daemon (VMPSd) th... DOWNLOAD
pocket-blueline(sfnet) Blueline for PocketPC PocketBlueline is an application for displaying... DOWNLOAD
pantoto(sfnet) Pantoto communities [pantoto-lite is in the works: DOWNLOAD
bashcp(sfnet) BasHCP BasHCP (Bas Hosting Control Panel) is a free op... DOWNLOAD
rnaspace(sfnet) rnaspace A collaborative platform for non-protein-coding... DOWNLOAD
ovulyashki(sfnet) ovulyashki Woman calendar is the Windows app. Easy to use ... DOWNLOAD
namerge(sfnet) NameMappingMerge Tool that allows to merge two namemapping's (Na... DOWNLOAD
boinc-stats-xsd(sfnet) BOINC Statistic XML Schemas XML - Schemas for the statistic data produced b... DOWNLOAD
vuser(sfnet) vuser *** This project has moved to DOWNLOAD
wxgpg(sfnet) wxgpg cross-plattform user interface for gnu-pg DOWNLOAD
freeway-ecom(sfnet) Freeway Freeway is the open source eCommerce platform f... DOWNLOAD
hlbill(sfnet) HomeLAN Bill HomeLAN Bill is a billing system for home netwo... DOWNLOAD
igluco(sfnet) iGluco Diabetes Management Software iGluco imports and displays readings from the L... DOWNLOAD
smartsieve(sfnet) SmartSieve SmartSieve is a web based graphical user interf... DOWNLOAD
wxflashget(sfnet) wxFlashGet wxFlashGet is an open source download manager a... DOWNLOAD
bibeln(sfnet) 4Bibeln 4Bibeln manages biblical texts in different lan... DOWNLOAD
msfbc(sfnet) Merge Soft Facebook Client DOWNLOAD
catmedia(sfnet) CatMedia This program can be used to catalog any media t... DOWNLOAD
ruralnet(sfnet) RuralNet RuralNet is a Captive Portal solution to connec... DOWNLOAD
intend(sfnet) Intend C - Embeddable Scripting Language Intend C is a light-weight scripting language f... DOWNLOAD

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