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cashbob(sfnet) CashBob CashBob is sales information system. DOWNLOAD
sim4all(sfnet) Sim4All++ Sim4All is a battle & racks offline simulat... DOWNLOAD
simplephpalbum(sfnet) Simple PHP Album This simple photo album (hence the name SimpleP... DOWNLOAD
waqs(sfnet) waqs WAQS sits in your tray and lets you control win... DOWNLOAD
clcalc(sfnet) Command Line Calculator System independent command line calculator writ... DOWNLOAD
ichatexporter(sfnet) iChatExporter iChatExporter extends functionality in iChat so... DOWNLOAD
kesmstackproces(sfnet) KESM Stack Processor This program is designed to create usable RAW 3... DOWNLOAD
jaframework(sfnet) Java Algorithm Framework JAF es un framework que posibilita a los progra... DOWNLOAD
myfwb(sfnet) MyFWB - Faisal Shah's édition MyFWB is a php / MySQL based web-builder , made... DOWNLOAD
thirstydeer(sfnet) ThirstyDeerCache A cache layer used in JEE projects.Very simple ... DOWNLOAD
antimalutils(sfnet) Antimalware Downloads Contains helpful files dealing with malware on ... DOWNLOAD
wrath(sfnet) wrath Re-live this classic story as an interactive 3D... DOWNLOAD
antim(sfnet) Antim This is an Open Source experimental OS with no ... DOWNLOAD
win-utils(sfnet) win-utils It will be a set of apps for windows: 1. Find W... DOWNLOAD
nyxsql(sfnet) NyxSql NyxSql is an opensource licensed database front... DOWNLOAD
icerssreader(sfnet) Ice Rss Reader This project plans to develop a rss reader writ... DOWNLOAD
simplesiteadmin(sfnet) SimpleSiteAdministration SimpleSiteAdministration was designed to be an ... DOWNLOAD
basheclipse(sfnet) BashEclipse Debugger for Bash version 3(Bourne again shell)... DOWNLOAD
lcdproc-ruby(sfnet) LCDProc-Ruby LCDProc-Ruby is an application programming inte... DOWNLOAD
openengage(sfnet) OpenEngage OpenEngage is a complete, integrated talent and... DOWNLOAD
mast0rmind(sfnet) mastermind Python implementation of the code-breaking game... DOWNLOAD
fomlauncher(sfnet) FoM Launcher FoML is the launcher users use to connect to th... DOWNLOAD
m2dc(sfnet) Manilla 2D Customizer Simple Windows Mobile 6.1 professional app to a... DOWNLOAD
pmtp(sfnet) Plugin Message Transport Protocol Plugin Message Transport Protocol is a Library,... DOWNLOAD
sevenzac(sfnet) SEVEN ZAC Seven Zac is a batch wich use gplware "7Z ... DOWNLOAD
nexsm(sfnet) Nagios EXtended Status Map NEXSM (Nagios EXtended Status Map) is a Java We... DOWNLOAD
maxview(sfnet) maxview document management Note this project has moved to github: https://... DOWNLOAD
airstrike(sfnet) Airstrike Airstrike is arcade game written in Java. The g... DOWNLOAD
aalyreth(sfnet) Aalyreth MUD Server An abandoned MUD server based on SocketMUD. Has... DOWNLOAD
dvdriptools(sfnet) DVDripTools Collection of bash scripts that operate DVD rip... DOWNLOAD
rylfuror(sfnet) RYLFuror 説明はありません。 DOWNLOAD
adsl-optimizer(sfnet) ADSL optimizer The ADSL optimizer is an accurate packet schedu... DOWNLOAD
phylomurka(sfnet) murka This software solves the Phylogeny problem usin... DOWNLOAD
realtimegraph(sfnet) Real-Time Graph Tool DOWNLOAD
xpathtools(sfnet) XPathTools A Firefox extension to provide a platform for a... DOWNLOAD
portablecrypt(sfnet) PortableCrypt platform independent solution to encrypt files ... DOWNLOAD
tportknockd(sfnet) tportknockd tportknockd is lightweight but complete and fas... DOWNLOAD
htphasma(sfnet) Phasma Phasma is a php/mysql tool designed to help Hat... DOWNLOAD
rob-art(sfnet) rob-art Art generating programs by Rob Myers. DOWNLOAD
joone(sfnet) an Object Oriented Neural Engine Joone is a neural net framework written in Java... DOWNLOAD
aksdbadbms(sfnet) AKS_DB (A DBMS) This is a database management system. It consis... DOWNLOAD
cadatabase(sfnet) CADatabase CADatabase is a console program which lets you ... DOWNLOAD
exerciseur(sfnet) Exerciseur Exerciseur permet de travailler les 4 opération... DOWNLOAD
kandelo(sfnet) Kandelo "Kandelo" manages the whole Urgent Ac... DOWNLOAD
wsrp4php(sfnet) WSRP for PHP (WSRP4PHP) Implementation of the WSRP 1.0 spec. for PHP5 e... DOWNLOAD
make-effect(sfnet) Make-Effect Make-Effect manages build-sessions of software ... DOWNLOAD
zero(sfnet) Zero Compiler The Zero Compiler is a hybrid of many computer ... DOWNLOAD
gbrrdgraphix(sfnet) gbRRDGraphix gbRRDGraphix is a full solution to collecte , m... DOWNLOAD
mda-vst(sfnet) mda VST plug-ins Source code for "mda" audio processin... DOWNLOAD
ggos(sfnet) Graphical Gravity Orbit Simulator GGOS is a Graphical Simulator of the gravity in... DOWNLOAD
easyactionphp(sfnet) EasyAction PHP Framework Yes! Yet another Struts-Like Framework using PH... DOWNLOAD
loose(sfnet) LOOSE Loose (Lightweight Object Oriented Scripting En... DOWNLOAD
graphite(sfnet) Graphite Graphite is a Python graphing package currently... DOWNLOAD
orbiscad(sfnet) orbisCAD orbisCAD is a precise cartography editor built ... DOWNLOAD
vtcalendar(sfnet) VTCalendar VTCalendar is a web-based event calendar that a... DOWNLOAD
gequel(sfnet) Gequel GEQUEL is a GTK/C based frontend for the MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
icmpshell(sfnet) ICMP Shell ICMP Shell (ISH) is a telnet-like protocol. It ... DOWNLOAD
snarlwmp(sfnet) Snarl extension Windows Media Player DOWNLOAD
autopgsqlbakup(sfnet) Arinet Automatic Postgresql BackupScript Automatic Postgresql backup script. Daily, week... DOWNLOAD
perlmyadmin(sfnet) PerlMyAdmin PerlMyAdmin is a web-based mysql administration... DOWNLOAD
libsharedmem(sfnet) libsharedmem libsharedmem is an easy to use C library for ha... DOWNLOAD
resumefair(sfnet) resumefair Resume or other documents share system with man... DOWNLOAD
auto-phlip-ml(sfnet) Auto PHLIP-ML Auto PHLIP-ML automatically removes extraneous ... DOWNLOAD
cellbuzz(sfnet) Georgia Tech Cell BE Software Cell Broadband Engine Processor optimized libra... DOWNLOAD
melodymanager(sfnet) Melody Manager The melody manager is a web application which i... DOWNLOAD
asagao(sfnet) Asagao : JTAG-SPI-FLASH programmer The target of Asagao is to provide a handy SPI-... DOWNLOAD
theswo(sfnet) The Software Ontology The Software Ontology (SWO) is a resource for d... DOWNLOAD
sknobs(sfnet) Sknobs A utility for processing command line arguments DOWNLOAD
leaklog(sfnet) Leaklog Leaklog is a leakage control system based on Re... DOWNLOAD
pymorserss(sfnet) PyMorseRSS PyMorseRSS is a project using Python to generat... DOWNLOAD
palvibes(sfnet) Pal Vibes Pal Vibes is an open source community web appli... DOWNLOAD
afghan(sfnet) AFGHAN A new dictionary for afghan people DOWNLOAD
oess(sfnet) Opportunistic E-Mail-Security-System Securing mails without involving user. Secures ... DOWNLOAD
aae(sfnet) Alpha Architecture Emulator Alpha Architecture Emulator (AAE) is an emulato... DOWNLOAD
pdstrip(sfnet) PDSTRIP PDSTRIP is a hydrodynamic strip code for seakee... DOWNLOAD
pingnet(sfnet) Ping.NET Ping.NET is a small application to ping a host ... DOWNLOAD
xerxes(sfnet) Xerxes email manager A web based email management system. Xerxes man... DOWNLOAD
pingomaster(sfnet) PINGO Master PINGO MASTER is a grafical front-end with enhan... DOWNLOAD
mamelauncher(sfnet) Random MAME Launcher Randomly loads a new random MAME ROM for a spec... DOWNLOAD
frogfm(sfnet) FROG FROG is revolutionary tool used to externalize ... DOWNLOAD
openmssig(sfnet) openmssig openMSsig is a PHP framework for dynamically ge... DOWNLOAD
zeonproject(sfnet) ZeonBots IRC BotService This is a botservice script written in TCL made... DOWNLOAD
schemeide(sfnet) SchemeIDE Eclipse Debugger Plugin This project hosts a Scheme Integrated Developm... DOWNLOAD
tesseract-fps(sfnet) Tesseract Futurist, arcade-oriented, single-player 3D FPS... DOWNLOAD
simk(sfnet) simk A parallel system simulator kernel that support... DOWNLOAD
cadastromus(sfnet) Cadastro de Musicas Sistema de Cadastro de Musicas DOWNLOAD
joltblog(sfnet) JoltBlog This is a blogging platform that is easy to use... DOWNLOAD
brixxsh(sfnet) brixxsh Just another clone of Tetris called BrixxSh. Li... DOWNLOAD
tunnelc(sfnet) tunnelc Tunnelc, abbreviation for 'tunnelclient', is a ... DOWNLOAD
hanyu(sfnet) HanYu Dictionary HanYu Dictionary is a small, simple and easy to... DOWNLOAD
magikfs(sfnet) magikfs-The steganographic filesystem Magikfs is a steganographic filesystem on linux... DOWNLOAD
swml(sfnet) swml This is a swing framework, base on xml files(in... DOWNLOAD
vmm(sfnet) vmm - a virtual mail manager vmm is the easy to use and configurable command... DOWNLOAD
simplegastebuch(sfnet) simplegästebuch Dies ist ein einfaches Gästebuch in PHP. Einfac... DOWNLOAD
email-extractor(sfnet) EMMR Free Email Extractor A tiny application that will help you build mai... DOWNLOAD
focicounter(sfnet) FociCounter FociCounter is a simple and user-friendly progr... DOWNLOAD
pymati(sfnet) PyMaTi PyMaTi is a simple and easy to use GUI for nume... DOWNLOAD
lrsexplorer(sfnet) LRS Explorer This little software can add or delete ressourc... DOWNLOAD
egogga(sfnet) eGogga This is an extendable bugtracking, timesheet ca... DOWNLOAD
xynaplayer(sfnet) XynA Player XynA Player is a video player based on gstreame... DOWNLOAD

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