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palmxq(sfnet) Palm Xiang Qi PalmXQ is a human vs computer XiangQi (Chinese ... DOWNLOAD
pluginwordpress(sfnet) Plug-In wordpress DOWNLOAD
ferry(sfnet) Ferry Ferry is a customizable source code editing com... DOWNLOAD
jlinkgrammar(sfnet) JLinkGrammarParser JLinkGrammarParser is a Java port of the CMU li... DOWNLOAD
icolorfolder(sfnet) iColorFolder iColorFolder is a software allowing to change t... DOWNLOAD
dangerplotpy(sfnet) dangerplotpy Simple application for plotting/processing 1D N... DOWNLOAD
dmcltla(sfnet) Documentum DMCL Trace Log Analyzer dmclTLA will take a dmcl trace file (level=10) ... DOWNLOAD
localreport(sfnet) localreport(channelsoft)_perl 因为没有db访问权限,所以只能从后台导出数据后再... DOWNLOAD
tkkasse(sfnet) TkKasse Designed especially for restaurants. Focus on u... DOWNLOAD
pcapfix(sfnet) pcapfix this tool tries to repair your broken pcap and ... DOWNLOAD
smartcopy(sfnet) Smart Copy Smart Copy is a single-file Python app for batc... DOWNLOAD
dbchanges(sfnet) dbchanges Database changes management tool. Keeps develop... DOWNLOAD
osacbmmodular(sfnet) OSACBM Modular Implementation This project is a framework for implementations... DOWNLOAD
jacktrip(sfnet) JackTrip JackTrip: A System for High-Quality Audio Netwo... DOWNLOAD
phpulse(sfnet) phpulse PHPulse is the fastest MVC framework for PHP wi... DOWNLOAD
snopy(sfnet) SnoPy - SNOBOL Pattern Matching for Pyth SnoPy - A Python alternative to regular express... DOWNLOAD
fotoalbum(sfnet) FotoAlbum FotoAlbum is a GUI based digital photograph alb... DOWNLOAD
xbrlcore(sfnet) XBRL Core Set of Java classes to create, access, edit and... DOWNLOAD
ptopengui(sfnet) PTOpenGui PtOpenGui is a draft project. Check Hugin named... DOWNLOAD
dx1driver(sfnet) DX1 Pad Driver (Vista) A Vista driver for the DX1 pad written (nearly)... DOWNLOAD
nat-pt(sfnet) NAT-PT This project is an enhancement to the open sour... DOWNLOAD
newscloudsmt(sfnet) NewsCloud Social Media Toolkit The Social Media Toolkit (SMT), is an open sour... DOWNLOAD
simplesubcalc(sfnet) WebGnuru Simple Subnet Calculator This is a PHP driven web application which acce... DOWNLOAD
openfvm(sfnet) OpenFVM OpenFVM is a general open source three-dimensio... DOWNLOAD
gnome-ogd(sfnet) GNOME Online Game Directory Online (Flash) game directory for GNOME panels. DOWNLOAD
grbmake(sfnet) grbmake GTK frontend for the rbmake (html to rb file co... DOWNLOAD
cyclops-group(sfnet) Cyclops Group Our goal is making software not profound and po... DOWNLOAD
ideadebatabase(sfnet) IDEA Debatabase Desktop Edition IDEA Debatabase Desktop Edition [DE] is a stand... DOWNLOAD
classification(sfnet) Matlab Classification Toolbox Matlab Classification Toolbox contains implemen... DOWNLOAD
dieta(sfnet) dieta DIETA is a simple program that allows you to ma... DOWNLOAD
simplesteg(sfnet) Simple Stego Simple Stego is a steganography tool written in... DOWNLOAD
twlogging(sfnet) TW-logging This is a log management system for Twisted app... DOWNLOAD
mixedsnippets(sfnet) mixedsnippets Various snippets and tools, i.e. send2clip to c... DOWNLOAD
gnome-menu-cat(sfnet) gnome-menu-cat GNOME-MENU-CAT . gnome-menu-cat - the ... DOWNLOAD
finalcalc(sfnet) FinalCalc FinalCalc est une calculatrice puissante qui pe... DOWNLOAD
rhino-dahdi-lin(sfnet) Newest Linux Rhino Drivers DAHDI Linux Drivers for Rhino Telephony Cards DOWNLOAD
zoopframework(sfnet) Zoop Framework for PHP Zoop is a recursive acronym which stands for Zo... DOWNLOAD
adfchk(sfnet) adfchk Win32 command-line tool to check ADFs (Amiga Di... DOWNLOAD
fury2(sfnet) Fury² Game Creation System The Fury² Game Creation System is a game develo... DOWNLOAD
winlop(sfnet) WinLop - Lopster for Win32 WinLop is a port of the linux version of Lopste... DOWNLOAD
ajaxce(sfnet) ACE A javascript Chat based on AJAX which communica... DOWNLOAD
rhythmote(sfnet) Linux,Windows,Mac Rhythmote Music Player Rhythmote is a music player with android and we... DOWNLOAD
simplestat(sfnet) SimpleStat Page Hit Counter Very simple page hit counter. This tool needs n... DOWNLOAD
multitcp(sfnet) MultiTCP MultiTCP is a benchmark environment for testing... DOWNLOAD
cadabra(sfnet) Cadabra3D Cadabra is a 3D Rendering Engine that makes 3D ... DOWNLOAD
wa-nowplaying(sfnet) NowPlaying-Plugin for Winamp This is a Plugin for Winamp, which shows some i... DOWNLOAD
treegrid(sfnet) TreeGrid The TB.TreeGrid is a Asp.Net WebControl used to... DOWNLOAD
telnetservice(sfnet) telnetservice Java library that allows to integrate telnet to... DOWNLOAD
fischertagebuch(sfnet) Fischertagebuch With this fishing diary it's possible to docume... DOWNLOAD
qblock(sfnet) QBlock QBlock is a cross-platform rapid-prototyping ga... DOWNLOAD
eclipsecxsearch(sfnet) EclipseContextSearch Eclipse plugin that adds "Search..." ... DOWNLOAD
yaketystats(sfnet) YaketyStats YaketyStats is an easy to use and maintain RRDT... DOWNLOAD
my-wim(sfnet) My-WIM My-WIM is a new instant messenger service, whic... DOWNLOAD
oserl(sfnet) OSERL (Open SMPP Erlang Library) OSERL (Open SMPP Erlang Library) is an erlang ... DOWNLOAD
x-twitter(sfnet) X-Twitter A Twitter application designed to be both attra... DOWNLOAD
wrldtimesystray(sfnet) World Time System Tray A system tray widget which shows the current da... DOWNLOAD
fsacar-php(sfnet) FSAcars for PHP FSAcars-PHP is a php based web interface for th... DOWNLOAD
afms(sfnet) Artefact Management System AFMS is an Artefact Management System to manage... DOWNLOAD
clibrariesforsy(sfnet) c++ libraries for symbian(s60v3&v5) pipz c libraries contains c++ files in sis form... DOWNLOAD
clexw(sfnet) CLEXW CLEXW is a Cross-Language Extension for XWeaver... DOWNLOAD
tclrep(sfnet) Tclrep A repository for small, pure-Tcl packages. DOWNLOAD
lightbrick(sfnet) Lightroom to Brickshelf Export Plugin An export plugin for Adobe Lightroom that allow... DOWNLOAD
vnreader(sfnet) Virtual News Reader Virtual News Reader is a computer desktop appli... DOWNLOAD
etcwatch(sfnet) etcwatch A software that monitors files events (like acc... DOWNLOAD
wrfr(sfnet) White Rhino Feed Reader Online Feed Reader with the possibility to regi... DOWNLOAD
httpsocketutil(sfnet) socketClass - httpUtillities This is a modified version of the "C++ Soc... DOWNLOAD
dip(sfnet) Delphi Information Processing framework The Delphi Information Processing framework is ... DOWNLOAD
jitcc(sfnet) jitcc jitcc is a Just-In-Time compilation tool for C/... DOWNLOAD
wapiti(sfnet) Wapiti Wapiti is a vulnerability scanner for web appli... DOWNLOAD
osirix(sfnet) OsiriX - moved to Github The project has moved to GitHub: https://github... DOWNLOAD
phpadvocat(sfnet) PHPAdvocat PHPAdvocat (Anwaltskanzlei-Suite) is a web base... DOWNLOAD
kaspersyturkish(sfnet) Kaspersy Turkish Lang Kaspersky Turkish Translation Project (Kaspersk... DOWNLOAD
lfsr-generator(sfnet) lfsr-generator lfsr-generator is a source code generator for L... DOWNLOAD
nextryf(sfnet) next-ryf Next Ryf Text Processing. New smooth font rende... DOWNLOAD
opendigger(sfnet) openDigger OpenDigger is a java based compiler for the xET... DOWNLOAD
mt-lite(sfnet) mt-lite mt-lite is an implementation of pseudo random n... DOWNLOAD
bezel(sfnet) Bezel Bezel is a C++ library, provides policy based c... DOWNLOAD
killprogram(sfnet) Brainiac Artificial Intelligence Brainiac, Is C/C++ Libraries, Programs, And Py... DOWNLOAD
videokueditdewe(sfnet) videokueditdewe videokueditdewe is new Create Project. DOWNLOAD
gwho(sfnet) Who? Graphical interface for the *NIX command "... DOWNLOAD
minimorse(sfnet) MiniMorse This small python script will generate mp3 and ... DOWNLOAD
piorun(sfnet) Piorun Image Mounter Piorun Image Mounter is a command-line frontend... DOWNLOAD
tkacal(sfnet) tkacal Command-line event calendar software suitable f... DOWNLOAD
kiax(sfnet) Kiax - an IAX Softphone Kiax is a softphone (soft phone, VoIP client) w... DOWNLOAD
daafm(sfnet) FlyBird Two-panel fully professional file manager suppo... DOWNLOAD
autopedia(sfnet) Autopedia!: Encyclopedia List-Creator Basic Java program. Takes input of words from u... DOWNLOAD
instantmd5check(sfnet) InstantMD5Checksum With InstantMD5Checksum Mac OS X users can chec... DOWNLOAD
nxtank(sfnet) nXtank nXtank will evoke the flexibility of design an... DOWNLOAD
chemistrycalc(sfnet) Chemistry Calculator Solve equations, view charts and graphs, make c... DOWNLOAD
youtube-leecher(sfnet) youtube-leecher This program extracts all YouTube videos contai... DOWNLOAD
kenosis(sfnet) kenosis a fully-distributed p2p RPC system built on top... DOWNLOAD
gxmap(sfnet) GXmap GXmap displays azimuthal equidistant projection... DOWNLOAD
karthas(sfnet) Karthas I am currently working on this project because ... DOWNLOAD
uwin(sfnet) UWin Java utility library for Windows A Java library to access the Windows Registry, ... DOWNLOAD
spring-netbeans(sfnet) Spring Netbeans Module The Spring Netbeans Module has been integrated ... DOWNLOAD
adslconnector(sfnet) Adsl Dialup Network Connector ADSL Dialup Network Dialler. ADSL Connector wil... DOWNLOAD
amm-ide(sfnet) @-- IDE The @-- IDE is an IDE for the @-- Programming l... DOWNLOAD
otrgraphics(sfnet) OTR Graphics A REALbasic class to print to screen, printer, ... DOWNLOAD
ienjinia(sfnet) simpleJ simpleJ emulates on your PC a simplified comput... DOWNLOAD
featherchat(sfnet) FeatherChat FEATHERCHAT'S PROJECT PAGE HAS MOVED: http://co... DOWNLOAD

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