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jmaps(sfnet) JMap A mapping application written in Java that disp... DOWNLOAD
gnuproload(sfnet) gnuProload gnuProload is a tool for programming the AT89S5... DOWNLOAD
foamcut(sfnet) Foam Cutter The goal of this project is to develop a hot wi... DOWNLOAD
mapcalibrator(sfnet) MapCalibrator.NET A simple tool (written in Mono/Qyoto) for calib... DOWNLOAD
xenagi(sfnet) XenAgi Xen-Agi is an open source java library that all... DOWNLOAD
freewerm(sfnet) FreeWERM FreeWERM is a web-based application that can ma... DOWNLOAD
war211(sfnet) war211 this program is a key changing program. DOWNLOAD
bashfind(sfnet) Bash Find Bash Find (bf) is a bash shell enhancement that... DOWNLOAD
vpntrustee(sfnet) vpnTrustee VpnTrustee is a multiplatform OpenVPN GUI which... DOWNLOAD
ckpingtestsms(sfnet) CkPingTestSms Skrypt, który poprzez ping sprawdza czy dany ho... DOWNLOAD
sq023(sfnet) 023SQ 023SQ DOWNLOAD
isocontroldocum(sfnet) ISO Control Documental ISO Control Documental is a drill down director... DOWNLOAD
mailchimpjoomla(sfnet) Mailchimp Joomla Module A Mailchimp Joomla Module. This module will pla... DOWNLOAD
uenginebpmn(sfnet) uEngine BPMN Modeler A BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) mod... DOWNLOAD
phpmyvhosts(sfnet) phpMyVHosts In PHP coded database driven Apache VirtualHost... DOWNLOAD
annabot(sfnet) Anna Anna is a set of AIML files designed to create ... DOWNLOAD
wtelements(sfnet) Watchtower WT is a PHP/SQL based web server application fr... DOWNLOAD
bigsolitaire(sfnet) Big Solitaire For people who like solitaire but don't want to... DOWNLOAD
simplecalc(sfnet) SimpleCalc A calculator written in C#.NET 3.5 that aims to... DOWNLOAD
newsroom(sfnet) Newsroom Application for Facebook An open source application for Facebook which c... DOWNLOAD
ebfcheckers(sfnet) EBFCheckers A Checkers game implementation in Java that is ... DOWNLOAD
airwolf(sfnet) Airwolf Web controller for Amarok music player. DOWNLOAD
nascontrol(sfnet) NasControl Switches a network-attached-storage (NAS) devic... DOWNLOAD
protectreversee(sfnet) Protect reverse engineering using linux Recently, security is becoming a social issue. ... DOWNLOAD
cleantp(sfnet) Clean Temporary Places In short: Deletes unused, temporary, sometimes ... DOWNLOAD
ammossg(sfnet) AMMOSSG (A Multiplayer Game) Asynchronous Massive Multiplayer Online Side Sc... DOWNLOAD
lemon-cms(sfnet) lemon-cms Lemon CMS is a simple to use web based content ... DOWNLOAD
wsswrapper(sfnet) WS-Security Wrapper WS-Security Wrapper is an adapter between XML a... DOWNLOAD
itsfv(sfnet) iTunes Store file validator iTunes Store file validator is an open source a... DOWNLOAD
mailgroup(sfnet) Mail Group Solution Mass mailer solution with opt-in/opt-out option... DOWNLOAD
jstockquote(sfnet) jStockQuote jStockQuote provides a Java API for retrieving ... DOWNLOAD
clonewars(sfnet) Clone wars Progressing ROM for Blaze 4g DOWNLOAD
openredalert(sfnet) OpenRedAlert Westwood red alert game engine. (original .mix ... DOWNLOAD
monitorroyale(sfnet) Monitor Royale Easy to use remote controllable monitoring syst... DOWNLOAD
acpitoolgui(sfnet) ACPI Tool GUI Graphical User Interface for acpitool client fo... DOWNLOAD
trotskytime(sfnet) TrotskyTime A simple java program for recording, viewing an... DOWNLOAD
rqgd3d(sfnet) 3D Quasi Gas Dynamics with Radiation CFD scientific software. Provides simulation of... DOWNLOAD
htmlextract(sfnet) HtmlExtract The PHP class HtmlExtract is meant to extract v... DOWNLOAD
odog(sfnet) ODog ODog DOWNLOAD
best(sfnet) Bookmark Entropy Search Technology Bookmark Entropy Search Technology (BEST) uses ... DOWNLOAD
coqua(sfnet) Coqua Coqua measures 5 distinct Java code quality met... DOWNLOAD
freeviux(sfnet) FreeViUX FreeViUX creates a plattform for video producti... DOWNLOAD
simplebutmighty(sfnet) Simple But Mighty Blog Simple but mighty blog - simple but mighty php-... DOWNLOAD
opensmile(sfnet) openSMILE SMILE = Speech & Music Interpretation by La... DOWNLOAD
stakingbuddy(sfnet) Staking Buddy This is for all the poker players out there who... DOWNLOAD
bisrulz(sfnet) bisrulz A metadata driven rules engine based on Java. T... DOWNLOAD
tkmonopoly(sfnet) Three Kingdoms Monopoly This is a monopoly like game features with famo... DOWNLOAD
mathtoweb(sfnet) mathtoweb MathToWeb is a Java-based authoring tool that c... DOWNLOAD
drupaloracle(sfnet) drupaloracle Oracle driver for drupal (no patch to the core ... DOWNLOAD
brlcad-es(sfnet) BRLCAD-ES Proyecto argentino de traduccion de docbooks de... DOWNLOAD
cloudtoolkitnet(sfnet) Cloud Toolkit.Net Cloud Toolkit .Net provides many useful and goo... DOWNLOAD
aixgsc(sfnet) gsc Generic SCSI Bus Access for AIX DOWNLOAD
shrinkta(sfnet) DVD Backup Tool DVD backup tool for the GNOME desktop. Allows y... DOWNLOAD
swingxficgen(sfnet) The Swing Traffic Generator Swing is a closed-loop, network-responsive tr... DOWNLOAD
y-a-v(sfnet) Yet Another Validator - YAV Yet Another Validator is a lightweight Java val... DOWNLOAD
pesch(sfnet) Process execution scheduler Automatic process execution on Linux systems. M... DOWNLOAD
frsh-forb(sfnet) FRSH/FORB FRSH/FORB is a contract-based resource reservat... DOWNLOAD
aissp(sfnet) AIS_SP Thats somthing about cool programm for Ones DOWNLOAD
projectrpg(sfnet) Project RPG Project RPG was originaly a collision detection... DOWNLOAD
gpld(sfnet) GippleDee Link Directory GippleDee is the continuation of the PHP Link D... DOWNLOAD
hibernstrator(sfnet) HibernStrator Java generator for Spring / Hibernate / Struts ... DOWNLOAD
mvs380(sfnet) MVS/380 Modifications to IBM's MVS 3.8j operating syste... DOWNLOAD
meetingpoint(sfnet) MeetingPoint MeetingPoint is a modular cross-browser realtim... DOWNLOAD
wsdl2rest(sfnet) Jump from SOAP to REST with WSDL2REST A tool chain allowing quick migration from exis... DOWNLOAD
bashenh(sfnet) Bash Enhancer A Linux version of an old DOS program by Norton... DOWNLOAD
astutoben-pytho(sfnet) VideojugoAstutoBen-python Astuto Ben es un videojuego basado en Bobby Car... DOWNLOAD
xpad(sfnet) xpad xpad is a sticky pad, or "post-it" no... DOWNLOAD
grotag(sfnet) Grotag Grotag views Amigaguide documents or converts t... DOWNLOAD
cashbook(sfnet) CashBook cashbook is a general purpose php/mysql balanci... DOWNLOAD
bezier-loop(sfnet) Bezier Loop A python demo with connected bezier curves and ... DOWNLOAD
sepiola(sfnet) Sepiola - Online Backup Client Sepiola is a genus of bobtail squid comprising ... DOWNLOAD
fitagilifierplu(sfnet) Fit Agilifier Plugin for IntelliJ IntelliJ IDEA FIT Agilifier plugin provides sup... DOWNLOAD
gettogether(sfnet) GetTogether Social network application featuring geographic... DOWNLOAD
cgateinterface(sfnet) cgateinterface CGateInterface is a Java library for interfacin... DOWNLOAD
bessonovprog(sfnet) bessonovprog Test test test test test DOWNLOAD
rnews(sfnet) Rnews RSS/Atom web aggregator A server-side web-based AJAX-enabled RSS/Atom f... DOWNLOAD
pmml(sfnet) Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) provide... DOWNLOAD
inspecttutorial(sfnet) Inspect Simple tutorial for get windows descriptions un... DOWNLOAD
dontforgettodo(sfnet) Don't Forget Todo Don't Forget Todo is a WPF ToDo organizer which... DOWNLOAD
jasper(sfnet) Jasper Jasper in an open source, cross-platform web pr... DOWNLOAD
c-open-smpp-34(sfnet) C Open SMPP v3.4 This work is directed to C programmers with bas... DOWNLOAD
zipsnap(sfnet) ZipSnap Simple command-line directory incremental backu... DOWNLOAD
renamewand(sfnet) RenameWand Simple command-line directory & file rename... DOWNLOAD
smide(sfnet) SMall IDE (SmIDE) SMall IDE is a small modular integrated develop... DOWNLOAD
naptime(sfnet) Nap Simple command-line utility that pauses for a s... DOWNLOAD
syncdir(sfnet) Sync Simple command-line one-way directory synchroni... DOWNLOAD
ngrc(sfnet) ngRC - next generation Remote Control For Windows XPMCE and VistaMCE. Browse and Play... DOWNLOAD
fretsonfirep(sfnet) Frets On Fire Portable Frets On Fire Portable Edition is the Frets on ... DOWNLOAD
vxlgen(sfnet) vxlgen 3D model scanner software primarily for linux s... DOWNLOAD
gnulist(sfnet) GNUList A PHP Mailing List (Still) Under development. D... DOWNLOAD
ip2loc(sfnet) ip2loc Utilities and C/C++-library API for mapping bet... DOWNLOAD
nernet(sfnet) NER - network monitoring Network Exchanges Reporter - NER - is doing net... DOWNLOAD
vaccess(sfnet) vaccess Sistema de Control de Asistencias por medio de ... DOWNLOAD
wxmun(sfnet) wxMUN wxMUN is a tool for managing Model United Natio... DOWNLOAD
gtagger(sfnet) GTagger GTagger is a gtkmm ID3Tag editor which allows y... DOWNLOAD
terminaldll(sfnet) Terminal Dll I am trying to recreate the System.dll. I am ma... DOWNLOAD
sfzrpg(sfnet) StressFreeZone RPG A multiplatform RPG System (running under Linux... DOWNLOAD
wqy(sfnet) WenQuanYi (Spring of Letters) This project aims to develop the most complete,... DOWNLOAD
cookie-revolver(sfnet) Cookie Revolver Security Framework The Cookie-revolver framework provides J2EE web... DOWNLOAD
icarion(sfnet) Icarion Ic@rion permet de gérer les bulletins et les ab... DOWNLOAD

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