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bexplore(sfnet) bExplore bExplore is a mobile file explore that lets a m... DOWNLOAD
tktz(sfnet) tktz Program will help you to guess the current time... DOWNLOAD
openperfmetr(sfnet) openperfmetr OPM is a portable benchmark tool with a uniform... DOWNLOAD
autopgsqlbackup(sfnet) AutoPostgreSQLBackup A postgresql port of the automysqlbackup script. DOWNLOAD
accesscontrol(sfnet) AccessControl Access Control is designed to make using and co... DOWNLOAD
ipa-tool(sfnet) Integrated Performance Anlaysis tool It's a integrated performance analysis tool wit... DOWNLOAD
rhomobile(sfnet) rhomobile This project contains the different sub-project... DOWNLOAD
ciitix-wifi(sfnet) CIITIX-WiFi CIITIX-WiFi is a turnkey solution to your WiFi ... DOWNLOAD
filefinder(sfnet) File finder FileFinder is an Ant task that searches for fil... DOWNLOAD
aase(sfnet) AA Search Engine AASE(Anarchy Advantage Search Engine) is a sear... DOWNLOAD
igniferroque(sfnet) Igni Ferroque Ferro is a GPL C++ library for manipulating Mar... DOWNLOAD
surface(sfnet) Surface Dynamic surface visualization DOWNLOAD
adot(sfnet) adot RBS AntiDOT is multiplatform library of contain... DOWNLOAD
pacman4000(sfnet) Pacman 4000 Hi!Have you ever thought of a super high tech p... DOWNLOAD
reversegeocode(sfnet) reverseGeocode Reverse geocode. Convert longitude and latitude... DOWNLOAD
openrasmol(sfnet) RasMol The SourceForge OpenRasMol project is an adjunc... DOWNLOAD
niktofe(sfnet) Nikto FrontEnd (Nikto GUI) Nikto FrontEnd (Nikto UI) is what we just wrap ... DOWNLOAD
htmltactics(sfnet) HTML Tactics A tactics RPG engine written in almost entirely... DOWNLOAD
adslmonitor(sfnet) Adslmonitor for IPCop This is an addon for IPCop v2 which records the... DOWNLOAD
interwiki(sfnet) InterWiki WikiGateway is a library which allows you to ac... DOWNLOAD
brit-thesaurus(sfnet) British English thesaurus - th_en_GB British English Thesaurus. This thesaurus (th_e... DOWNLOAD
ubcdcreator(sfnet) UBCD Creator UBCD Creator is a Java graphical interface for ... DOWNLOAD
commore(sfnet) Commore communication framework Simple communication framework for distributed ... DOWNLOAD
math-linux(sfnet) math-linux This project is for maintaining a linux system ... DOWNLOAD
fileverifier(sfnet) FileVerifier++ FileVerifier++ is a Windows utility for calcula... DOWNLOAD
panfmp(sfnet) panFMP panFMP is a generic framework suitable for harv... DOWNLOAD
bombic2(sfnet) Bombic2 Bombic the second is continuation of Bombic. It... DOWNLOAD
simplesprueches(sfnet) simple sprueche script Das Simple Sprüche Script ist ein Script, welch... DOWNLOAD
ajax-chat-mysql(sfnet) ajax-chat-mysql-module MySQL Module for AJAX Chat. AJAX Chat's Offici... DOWNLOAD
imks(sfnet) Intelligent Multi Kernel System This Kernel is nothing special. Later it should... DOWNLOAD
xnu-extras(sfnet) XNU Kernel Extras XNU Kernel Extras contains drivers designed to ... DOWNLOAD
ig-scripts(sfnet) IgnorantGuru's Scripts A collection of Linux scripts (download individ... DOWNLOAD
dblibrary(sfnet) DBL - Database Management Library DBL - Database Management Library is a RDBMS co... DOWNLOAD
lardy(sfnet) LARDY: Log Archiver LARDY [Log Archiver and Rotator on DailY basis]... DOWNLOAD
icam2(sfnet) iCam2 Video4Linux Webcam app -- Uses Imlib2 to libfam... DOWNLOAD
dotnetlib(sfnet) dotnetlib An advanced listview/treeview hybrid control fo... DOWNLOAD
simpleocr(sfnet) Simple OCR Recognize letters with noise.(selectable from 1... DOWNLOAD
sourcenav(sfnet) Source Navigator NG Source Navigator NG is a source code analysis t... DOWNLOAD
xletview(sfnet) xletview XleTView is an emulator for testing MHP Xlets o... DOWNLOAD
zeeparlehustle(sfnet) ZeeParleHustle DOWNLOAD
i-delc(sfnet) IDELCell IDELCell stands for Images Decoding/Encoding Li... DOWNLOAD
flextest(sfnet) FlexTest FlexTest - Flexible Test is a general test exec... DOWNLOAD
lvbarcode(sfnet) LVBarcode LVBarcode support all barcode format list below... DOWNLOAD
xcontract(sfnet) xContract xContract is suite of per-language libraries th... DOWNLOAD
torrus(sfnet) Torrus performance monitoring framework Torrus is a universal framework for data series... DOWNLOAD
fsassist(sfnet) FS Assistant FS Assistant is an interactive Flight Simulator... DOWNLOAD
sensorlock(sfnet) SensorLock SensorLock is a locking program designed for th... DOWNLOAD
peruse(sfnet) peruse A simple, efficient, cross-platform port scanne... DOWNLOAD
dc2irc(sfnet) dc2irc Relay A NMDC to IRC relay server. Exposes itself as a... DOWNLOAD
gcv2trans(sfnet) Gryphcode v2 Translator Java translator for Gryphcode v2. See http://ww... DOWNLOAD
unibatchconv(sfnet) Universal Batch Converter The Universal Batch Converter is a project to t... DOWNLOAD
dbxguitar(sfnet) DBX Guitar Complete guitar TRAINNER DOWNLOAD
ipdecap(freshmeat) ipdecap Ipdecap can decapsulate traffic encapsulated wi... DOWNLOAD
gbnbot(sfnet) G BNet Bot This project is to develop a good Battle.Net bo... DOWNLOAD
owl(sfnet) Owl Intranet Knowledgebase Owl is a multi user document repository (knowle... DOWNLOAD
editex(sfnet) EditEx So, programming text editor. It can highlight 5... DOWNLOAD
ztztz1(sfnet) zzzz DOWNLOAD
rainforest(sfnet) rainforest Rainforest is an effort to create a cross-platf... DOWNLOAD
dateconv-js(sfnet) DateConv DateConv is a javascript class which converts D... DOWNLOAD
freeclinic(sfnet) FreeClinic Software designed for the small clinics that th... DOWNLOAD
liteimgresizer(sfnet) LiteImgResizer LiteImgResizer allows you to resize common imag... DOWNLOAD
oao(sfnet) Open Alumni Online Alumni online using PHP programming language, M... DOWNLOAD
simplequiz(sfnet) Simple Quiz Elegant, Intuitive, and Highly Customizable Onl... DOWNLOAD
xbridgeng(sfnet) XMLBridge Next Generation XML Bridge Next Generation (XBridgeNG) is an it... DOWNLOAD
arch4j(sfnet) Arch4J Arch4J is a Java architecture framework that pr... DOWNLOAD
bisect(freshmeat) Bisect Bisect is a code coverage tool for the Objectiv... DOWNLOAD
boincwapstats(sfnet) boincwapstats This little PHP script allows you to dynamicall... DOWNLOAD
simple-qos(sfnet) Simple-QOS Simple Webbased QOS Management Software with Br... DOWNLOAD
hiperwindowskin(sfnet) Hiper WindowSkin Maker 2.0 Crie facilmente WindowSkin para seus jogos, par... DOWNLOAD
xsol-webhelp(sfnet) Webhelp Webhelp is a tool to generate online help or do... DOWNLOAD
androidreiz(sfnet) androidreiz DOWNLOAD
coastal(sfnet) Cc Asset, Software, and Tickets (CoAST) CoAST, The Concord Asset, Software, and Ticket ... DOWNLOAD
classnotesproj(sfnet) NotesBook Scott, Daniel and Robert are designing site for... DOWNLOAD
fungus-agent(sfnet) Fungus Agent Simulator Fungus is a framework for distributed simulatio... DOWNLOAD
sharpdesktop(sfnet) SharpDesktop SharpDesktop is a virtual desktop / workspace a... DOWNLOAD
sysmod(sfnet) System Modeller System Modeller is a tool to automate the proce... DOWNLOAD
javanetsim(sfnet) javaNetSim javaNetSim (Java Network Simulator) - it's a fo... DOWNLOAD
semmix(sfnet) SeMMiX SeMMiX is a GTK+ client for media servers (orig... DOWNLOAD
rtsdemo(sfnet) Real-Time Strategy Framework The goal of this project is to create a highly ... DOWNLOAD
slickslice(sfnet) SlickSlice SlickSlice is a bash script powered by ImageMag... DOWNLOAD
nuwos(sfnet) nuwos system This project is an SO with a bootloader, a kern... DOWNLOAD
ideastringmanip(sfnet) idea_stringmanip IntelliJ IDEA Plugin for text manipulation: -Un... DOWNLOAD
mpblackjack(sfnet) Mulitplayer Blackjack Warning: this games server is no longer functio... DOWNLOAD
klibary(sfnet) The K Library An extension of C++ standardized libraries to p... DOWNLOAD
jsens(sfnet) JSens JSens is a tool to model, analyse and simulate ... DOWNLOAD
cppcg(sfnet) CPPClassGenerator CPPClassGenerator is a tool to create C++ class... DOWNLOAD
webresearchcrun(sfnet) webresearchcrun Web Research Crunch is a personalized gtd sys w... DOWNLOAD
wive-ng(sfnet) wive-ng Alternative firmware and software with open sou... DOWNLOAD
economtex(sfnet) LaTeX for Economists LaTeX classes and BibTeX styles for Economists DOWNLOAD
svnexport(sfnet) svnexport.php A set of scripts named "svnexport" is... DOWNLOAD
eosync(sfnet) eosync EO Sync allows any internet application to sync... DOWNLOAD
lightshadow(sfnet) RPG RPG project LightShadow v0.5 fun project with k... DOWNLOAD
phpbbrating(sfnet) phpBB User Trading Ratings To create a trader ratings system for phpBB.Pre... DOWNLOAD
hrlatex(sfnet) hrlatex Croatian localization of LaTeX and everything r... DOWNLOAD
casestudy(sfnet) Linux International Case Study Project This is the home of development for the Linux I... DOWNLOAD
aaf-edit-pack(sfnet) AAFEditPack Delphi Components for video and audio non-linea... DOWNLOAD
picolarc(sfnet) picoLARC the Lambda Lisp on Smalltalk A Lisp multilanguage design implemented on Smal... DOWNLOAD
perfparse(sfnet) PerfParse PerfParse. Storage and analysis of binary perf... DOWNLOAD
boinctop(sfnet) boinctop "boinctop" gives a statistical overvi... DOWNLOAD
mantodea(sfnet) Mantodea, the EJB 3 alternative An alternative framework to EJB3. Utilize spri... DOWNLOAD

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