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videojak(sfnet) Video Jack "Video Jacking: Hijacking VoIP Video call... DOWNLOAD
activebpel502(sfnet) activebpel502 Version 5.0.2 of the ActiveBPEL engine. This wa... DOWNLOAD
autopigeon(sfnet) AutoPigeon Controlling software for automated touch-screen... DOWNLOAD
icat(sfnet) ICat Email Client & Server Email client & server with clustering suppo... DOWNLOAD
iese-sop(sfnet) SOP 2.0 SOP 2.0 is a Wiki-based implementation of the S... DOWNLOAD
qopenocci(sfnet) QOpenOCCI QOpenOCCI is a free and open sql database plugi... DOWNLOAD
jwiipie(sfnet) JWiiPIE A Java Multi-Platform Project for the Wiimote, ... DOWNLOAD
wins3fs(sfnet) wins3fs WinS3fs is a filesystem for Windows allowing ac... DOWNLOAD
phpdatepicker(sfnet) PHP date picker for websites Fast date picker for websites. Fill out the dat... DOWNLOAD
thumbnailicon(sfnet) Thumbnail Iconifier Thumbnail Iconifier is a small utility that all... DOWNLOAD
id3v2-py(sfnet) ID3v2 Tag creation library for python A pure python implementation of the id3v2 (id3v... DOWNLOAD
freeciv-forever(sfnet) is a Free and Open Source s... DOWNLOAD
swixmlxsdbuild(sfnet) swixmlxsdbuild Builds your custom XML schema which ease a crea... DOWNLOAD
haunter(sfnet) Haunter Haunter Project - A sequel to Office Poltergeis... DOWNLOAD
vtank(sfnet) VTank VTank is a network game simulating tank warfare... DOWNLOAD
renai(sfnet) Ren'ai/Dating Simulation Engine We are building an open source Ren'ai/Dating si... DOWNLOAD
maetys(sfnet) maetys Logiciels de gestion (gestion d'entreprise). La... DOWNLOAD
s3u(sfnet) USB Mass Storage Device Memory Test USB Flash Memory (and Card Reader) memory and p... DOWNLOAD
smsg(sfnet) SMSG - Simple Mencoder Shell Gui SMSG - Simple Mencoder Shell GUI. Primarily to ... DOWNLOAD
physxplugin(sfnet) PhysX plugin A plug-in used for defining and exporting physi... DOWNLOAD
ada-connect4(sfnet) Puissance4 avec Gtk Ada (YAO Connect4) An other connect4 written in Ada using GtkAda, ... DOWNLOAD
trinacriapdf(sfnet) TrinacriaPDF Read and print simple (4 now..) PDF documents i... DOWNLOAD
axgen(sfnet) Anything from XMI Generator AXgen is a code generator using XMI as input an... DOWNLOAD
unixpiger(sfnet) unixpiger Piger is a Launcher allowing you to run your ow... DOWNLOAD
pytseries(sfnet) scikits.timeseries The scikits.timeseries python module provides c... DOWNLOAD
gema(sfnet) gema gema is a general purpose text processing utili... DOWNLOAD
berenice(sfnet) berenice Berenice is 3D visualasion tool for electronic ... DOWNLOAD
wava(sfnet) wave repair and compare Checking and improving the quality of .wav file... DOWNLOAD
aceoperator(freshmeat) Ace Operator Ace Operator enables live click to chat service... DOWNLOAD
aexplorer(sfnet) Advanced Explorer Dual-Panel file and zip manager. Cross-platform... DOWNLOAD
xcslib(sfnet) The XCS Library (xcslib) The XCS library aims at providing an opensource... DOWNLOAD
cishell(sfnet) Cyberinfrastructure Shell (CIShell) Cyberinfrastructure Shell (CIShell) is an open ... DOWNLOAD
solidircd(sfnet) Solid IRCd Solid IRCd is an Internet Relay Chat Daemond ba... DOWNLOAD
cyberbb(sfnet) cyberBB cyberBB ist eine OpenSource Foren-Software. Es ... DOWNLOAD
opentestman(sfnet) opentestman The Open Test Manager (OpenTestMan) is a valida... DOWNLOAD
doname(sfnet) Doname Interface to domain name querying tools. Initi... DOWNLOAD
freeanalysis(sfnet) FreeAnalysis FreeAnalysis is a complete java (Eclipse RCP) a... DOWNLOAD
diurna(sfnet) Diurna Roman Date Diurna is a command-line program intended as a ... DOWNLOAD
imptalk(sfnet) Imptalk Voice chat and collaboration software. DOWNLOAD
blocnotestaha(sfnet) Code du bloc-notes de Taha DOWNLOAD
thinwireplugin(sfnet) Thinwire Plugin This will be an eclipse plugin to support the E... DOWNLOAD
peersite(sfnet) peersite Peersite is a suite of components (servlets, ta... DOWNLOAD
myradio(sfnet) myRadio A simple cross platform podcast catcher. DOWNLOAD
friedrice(sfnet) Fried Rice Automatically and correctly answers questions f... DOWNLOAD
conforza(sfnet) ConForza sheet music viewer/composer ConForza is a tool to view, listen, print, and ... DOWNLOAD
managedgl(sfnet) ManagedGL ManagedGL is a now discontinued cross platform ... DOWNLOAD
romfs(sfnet) Linux ROM filesystem romfs is a read-only, space-efficient linux fil... DOWNLOAD
heldenviewer(sfnet) HeldenViewer HeldenViewer makes it possible to search, downl... DOWNLOAD
springofeclipse(sfnet) Spring of Eclipse Spring of Eclipse is a (java, eclipse plug-in b... DOWNLOAD
gullywhumper(sfnet) Gullywhumper Gullywhumper uses XSLT to transform an XML defi... DOWNLOAD
hmmbasedchinese(sfnet) HMM Based Chinese Segmentor This is a project which implements the interfac... DOWNLOAD
jaxseedloader(sfnet) Jaxseed XCCDF Loader Jaxseed processes XCCDF documents used for SCAP... DOWNLOAD
ejectcddvd(sfnet) Eject CD/DVD It´s an application to open and close CDs and D... DOWNLOAD
strpg(sfnet) Super Thing RPG Role Playing Game created by the the staff of T... DOWNLOAD
tba-cpp(sfnet) Nito Programs' TBA library The TBA library collection, in C# and C++, main... DOWNLOAD
delphisvn(sfnet) Subversion plugin for CodeGear Delphi Subversion plugin for CodeGear Delphi DOWNLOAD
abdf1(sfnet) Allen Bradley (AB) PLC DF1 Protocol AB DF1 Protocol RS232 driver for Micrologix, SL... DOWNLOAD
adslshare(sfnet) AdslShare - The power of share This project is now dead... DOWNLOAD
newisearch(sfnet) Google hack: search explorer The Google hack: search explorer is a modificat... DOWNLOAD
eleanormmo(sfnet) EleanorMMO Gra MMORPG oparta na stendhalu DOWNLOAD
autopick(sfnet) autoPick Emulator clicks of the mouse. Leaving mouse &qu... DOWNLOAD
morsetrainer(sfnet) AD5RX Morse Trainer This is a Morse Code trainer for Macintosh OSX.... DOWNLOAD
kamaelia(sfnet) Kamaelia Kamaelia is designed as a testbed for network e... DOWNLOAD
tikc(sfnet) tikC compiler "tikC" is a C compiler driver for GNU... DOWNLOAD
checklistagent(sfnet) ChecklistAgent ChecklistAgent - Unit testing for your runtime ... DOWNLOAD
wmjump(sfnet) wmjump Keyboard navigation of the desktop. Use the key... DOWNLOAD
inp-nuke(sfnet) اصلاحیه Ù¾Ø±Ø اصلاحیه های پرتال ایران نیوک که توسط گروه توس... DOWNLOAD
agts(sfnet) Andrew's Time Card Script A perl script to replace old time card systems ... DOWNLOAD
stemmer(sfnet) stemmer DOWNLOAD
mammagotchi(sfnet) Mammagotchi It's a j2me game very similar to Japanese Tamag... DOWNLOAD
simpledesktop(sfnet) Webventures Desktop Webventures Desktop is an online desktop for tr... DOWNLOAD
opendarkroom(sfnet) OpenDarkRoom OpenDarkRoom is an open source cross platform S... DOWNLOAD
xlightweb(sfnet) xLightweb xLightweb is an easy to use http network librar... DOWNLOAD
dsps-dukesurger(sfnet) DSPS- Duke Surgery Patient Safety This is a web based software designed for the a... DOWNLOAD
agileframework(sfnet) Agile Framework in PHP with PDO Creating in PHP friendly applications easily A... DOWNLOAD
eksourceweb(sfnet) ekSource_Web Trying how Sourceforge works DOWNLOAD
ammp(sfnet) Alceri Multimedia Player Alceri Multimedia Player (AMmP) is simple playe... DOWNLOAD
agnaldobrodis(sfnet) Agnaldo Brodis 3.0 Mario Brothers Clone. Developed in Delphi. DOWNLOAD
omnimeeting(sfnet) Omnimeeting Omnimeeting is a multiplatform C++ videoconfere... DOWNLOAD
ocs4linux(sfnet) OCS for LiNUX Ocs4Linux helps administrators Inventorying har... DOWNLOAD
plstdf(sfnet) plSTDF plSTDF is a set of functions to work with Terad... DOWNLOAD
hardwarie(sfnet) Hardwarie Hardwarie is a software library for using 2D Gr... DOWNLOAD
agfupx(sfnet) AGfUPX AGfUPX is a nice GUI for UPX with many advantag... DOWNLOAD
blitpixie(sfnet) BlitPixie BlitPixie is a collection of optimized software... DOWNLOAD
statdistlib(sfnet) Statistical Distribution Library Java library of statistical distribution functi... DOWNLOAD
stickynotenet(sfnet) Sticky Note .NET Sticky Notes .NET is an effort to create a PIM ... DOWNLOAD
xeo(sfnet) xeo xeo is a free (GPLv3) open project management f... DOWNLOAD
openarktur(sfnet) openarktur Distribution independent packages for building ... DOWNLOAD
richspeceditor(sfnet) System Composer System Composer is a utility for software devel... DOWNLOAD
otatopdvd(sfnet) otatop dvd library otatop dvd answers man's most difficult questio... DOWNLOAD
ebackup(sfnet) Easy Backup Easy Backup is a simple backup application writ... DOWNLOAD
pymag(sfnet) Magellan map interface for python This is a Python interface for reading and writ... DOWNLOAD
mobilehulk(sfnet) Mobile Hulk Single player Space Hulk board game for Java en... DOWNLOAD
bash-fnct-d-lib(sfnet) Bash Fnct.D It offer tiny command evaluation to enroll gene... DOWNLOAD
agateruletester(sfnet) Agate Rule Tester A self-contained rule development and testing e... DOWNLOAD
slamreq(sfnet) SLAM Software Lifecycle Artefact Manager Swing Java Application manages software require... DOWNLOAD
remp4ip(sfnet) remp4ip Dusting off mpeg4ip. Scraping away rust. Gettin... DOWNLOAD
gearjmf(sfnet) Gear Java Mobile Framework Gear is a framework aimed to provide a consiste... DOWNLOAD
jmaps(sfnet) JMap A mapping application written in Java that disp... DOWNLOAD
gnuproload(sfnet) gnuProload gnuProload is a tool for programming the AT89S5... DOWNLOAD

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