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i-riss(sfnet) I-riss This is a Web Platform for Saas(Software as a s... DOWNLOAD
mailman-mod(sfnet) Mailman Module for Webmin This is project maintains the Mailman module fo... DOWNLOAD
argo2ecore(sfnet) argo2ecore Argo2Ecore converts UML models created with Arg... DOWNLOAD
opensearchserve(sfnet) OpenSearchServer search engine OpenSearchServer is a powerful, enterprise-clas... DOWNLOAD
eredia(sfnet) EREDIA Le projet Eredia a été développer par 3 étudian... DOWNLOAD
myneoreport(sfnet) MyNeoReport Designer MyNeoReport Designer is a GUI for designing rep... DOWNLOAD
ipm-hpc(sfnet) IPM Integrated Performance Monitoring DOWNLOAD
net-idn-encode(sfnet) Net-IDN-Encode (perl modules) The Net-IDN-Encode perl distribution provides m... DOWNLOAD
wtk(sfnet) Web Widget Toolkit Web Widget Toolkit (WTK): Server-side component... DOWNLOAD
raine(sfnet) Raine Arcade Emulator for M68000, M68020 and Z80 base... DOWNLOAD
esxoops(sfnet) XOOPS Spanish ES-XOOPS develops and manages some Xoops relate... DOWNLOAD
free-to-dream(sfnet) Free to Dream Fantasy RPG in which the player is subjected to... DOWNLOAD
zdic(sfnet) ZDic Zdic is the most popular dictionary manager for... DOWNLOAD
efrontlearning(sfnet) eFront - Refreshing eLearning eFront LMS is an easy to use, visually attracti... DOWNLOAD
rapleech(sfnet) rapleech Very simple script to download files from rapid... DOWNLOAD
maven-synapse(sfnet) maven-synapse-plugin Configure, start and stop Apache Synapse ESB fr... DOWNLOAD
mewit(sfnet) MEWIT MEWIT is an ad-hoc workflow management system. ... DOWNLOAD
csharpmarc(sfnet) CSharp MARC C# class structures for reading and manipulatin... DOWNLOAD
ivpp(sfnet) ivp++ simple initial value problem solver for c++ users DOWNLOAD
archbang(sfnet) Arch Bang ArchBang is a simple GNU/Linux distribution whi... DOWNLOAD
tomorse(sfnet) tomorse converts text to Morse code "tomorse" outputs CD-quality audio co... DOWNLOAD
gsdview(sfnet) gsdview Geo-Spatial Data Viewer (GSDView) is a lightwei... DOWNLOAD
brmabench(sfnet) BRMABench BRMABench is a system of benchmark per comparis... DOWNLOAD
autopoweroff(sfnet) Autopoweroff Autopoweroff is a daemon for the Linux operatin... DOWNLOAD
clamcour(sfnet) ClamCour ClamCour is a Courier-MTA multithread filter th... DOWNLOAD
vraid(sfnet) VirtualRAID VirtualRAID is a program that lets you make a R... DOWNLOAD
autopilot-r(sfnet) autopilot 'autopilot' automatically analyzes oligonucleot... DOWNLOAD
wateringhole(sfnet) WateringHole WateringHole is a software package designed to ... DOWNLOAD
webtopproject(sfnet) WebtopProject WebtopProject give you the ability to plan smal... DOWNLOAD
color-calc(sfnet) Color::Calc (perl module) The "Color::Calc" module implements s... DOWNLOAD
rawdoq(sfnet) RAWdoq Automated batch converting of RAW photos to JPE... DOWNLOAD
timecult(sfnet) TimeCult Time Tracking Application A simple yet powerful task management and time ... DOWNLOAD
phpdbo(sfnet) PHP Database Objects (phpDBO) A high level collection of classes for accessin... DOWNLOAD
clips(sfnet) clips Clips is a Java based music composing tool sepa... DOWNLOAD
waspap(sfnet) Web Application Security Papers Archive Aimed for web app security with hope of quick r... DOWNLOAD
idom(sfnet) Home Automation Software and hardware for home automation. Base... DOWNLOAD
cleanmagic(sfnet) CleanMagic This is a 2.1 rom for magic 32a devices based o... DOWNLOAD
wvcms(sfnet) Untitled TBA DOWNLOAD
utorrent-to-ita(sfnet) uTorrent To ITA IT: Questo software scarica e installa il pacch... DOWNLOAD
vietnam(sfnet) vietnam Vietnam is another name of Vietpack, a hoping p... DOWNLOAD
madavicodelibra(sfnet) Madavi Code Library (MCL) Madavi Code Library consists of a set of tested... DOWNLOAD
qcollaborate(sfnet) qCollaborate This project aims to provide a simple collabora... DOWNLOAD
jot-pad(sfnet) jot-pad Mini online web-based Personal Information Mana... DOWNLOAD
fusecaps(sfnet) FUSECaps Add "standard" capabilities to filesy... DOWNLOAD
citi(sfnet) Corporate IT Inventory The esoteric goal of this project is to provide... DOWNLOAD
wpsharethispost(sfnet) WP ShareThisPost WP ShareThisPost is a small custom wordpress pl... DOWNLOAD
rtic-lab(sfnet) Real Time Controls Laboratory RTiC-Lab is a semi-detached, open source softwa... DOWNLOAD
falf(sfnet) FALF Player FALF Player is brand-new, written from scratch ... DOWNLOAD
brltex(sfnet) BrlTex LaTex to braille translator for Maths, intended... DOWNLOAD
momo-tt(sfnet) Momo - Time Tracker Momo Time Tracker is a small program to track t... DOWNLOAD
kkteckgm(sfnet) KKTechGameMaster KKTechGameMaster is a word editor and random na... DOWNLOAD
newscloud(sfnet) NewsCloud Media Platform NewsCloud is an open source media platform for ... DOWNLOAD
bfinterpreter(sfnet) Brainfuck interpreter bfinterpreter is a standard-compliant Brainfuck... DOWNLOAD
j-xchange(sfnet) j-XChange: MSExchange Unbounded ! Pure java implementation of the entire Collabor... DOWNLOAD
zeronet(sfnet) ZeroNet Accounting computers, devices and subnets in yo... DOWNLOAD
firewiretoolbox(sfnet) FireWire Image Acquisition Toolbox Image Acquisition Dynamic Link Library for Matl... DOWNLOAD
wtlskin(sfnet) WtlSkin A skin library base on WTL. DOWNLOAD
ramond(sfnet) ramond IPv6 Router-Advertisement MONitoring Daemon. Ra... DOWNLOAD
extsql(sfnet) ExtSQL - Extended SQL Statistics The Software Workshop is proud to develop, host... DOWNLOAD
versusrx(sfnet) VersusRX 2D game using the 3D engine Raydium. Is intente... DOWNLOAD
fbsync(sfnet) FbSync FbSync is an open source project for Firebird d... DOWNLOAD
pdfonejava(sfnet) PDFOne Java GPL Gnostice PDFOne Java GPL is a rich set of APIs ... DOWNLOAD
seemore(sfnet) Seemore A slimline PHP-based MVC2 framework DOWNLOAD
cvssnitch(sfnet) CVSSnitch CVSSnitch is an application that creates useful... DOWNLOAD
wsdl2xforms(sfnet) WSDL2XForms WSDL2XForms generates XForms for the operations... DOWNLOAD
vthreads(sfnet) XMOS XS-1 Context Switching (V-Threads) Implementation of virtual threads for the XS-1.... DOWNLOAD
vpzone(sfnet) vpzone A flexible multipurpose layer 3 VPN daemon DOWNLOAD
chroniclebackup(sfnet) Chronicle Backup Chronicle is a set of BASH shell scripts that u... DOWNLOAD
gcsf(sfnet) CSF The Community Scheduler Framework (CSF) is a se... DOWNLOAD
functionalj(sfnet) FunctionalJ FunctionalJ is a library which makes it easy to... DOWNLOAD
simd-cph(sfnet) Cross-platform SIMD C Headers A cross-platform, cross-compiler, cross-CPU C h... DOWNLOAD
fridajhu(sfnet) frida Frida is image analysis software. Frida was dev... DOWNLOAD
hostedapps(sfnet) Hosted Applications Hosted Applications source code... DOWNLOAD
tinyplussql(sfnet) TinyPlusSql Expansion TinySQL for use with Jackcess and imp... DOWNLOAD
adaptive-mining(sfnet) Adaptive Stream Mining ADWIN is an adaptive sliding window algorithm f... DOWNLOAD
simplebasic(sfnet) SimpleBasic SimpleBasic is a very simple programming langua... DOWNLOAD
snapraid(sfnet) SnapRAID SnapRAID is a backup program for disk arrays. I... DOWNLOAD
sendmail-sql(sfnet) Sendmail-SQL This project integrates various facilities of o... DOWNLOAD
gratuitysystems(sfnet) Gratuity Management Systems Organization Employees Gratuity Management, Pro... DOWNLOAD
genretagger(sfnet) Genre Tagger Genre Tagger is a Python application that utili... DOWNLOAD
shock(sfnet) SS Shock 3 Simulates a Student's Situation as She Survives... DOWNLOAD
speedshut(sfnet) SpeedShut This tool can optimize the windows shutdown. It... DOWNLOAD
purera(sfnet) PureRa PuraRa is a tool that removes files from your c... DOWNLOAD
videojak(sfnet) Video Jack "Video Jacking: Hijacking VoIP Video call... DOWNLOAD
activebpel502(sfnet) activebpel502 Version 5.0.2 of the ActiveBPEL engine. This wa... DOWNLOAD
autopigeon(sfnet) AutoPigeon Controlling software for automated touch-screen... DOWNLOAD
icat(sfnet) ICat Email Client & Server Email client & server with clustering suppo... DOWNLOAD
iese-sop(sfnet) SOP 2.0 SOP 2.0 is a Wiki-based implementation of the S... DOWNLOAD
qopenocci(sfnet) QOpenOCCI QOpenOCCI is a free and open sql database plugi... DOWNLOAD
jwiipie(sfnet) JWiiPIE A Java Multi-Platform Project for the Wiimote, ... DOWNLOAD
wins3fs(sfnet) wins3fs WinS3fs is a filesystem for Windows allowing ac... DOWNLOAD
phpdatepicker(sfnet) PHP date picker for websites Fast date picker for websites. Fill out the dat... DOWNLOAD
thumbnailicon(sfnet) Thumbnail Iconifier Thumbnail Iconifier is a small utility that all... DOWNLOAD
id3v2-py(sfnet) ID3v2 Tag creation library for python A pure python implementation of the id3v2 (id3v... DOWNLOAD
freeciv-forever(sfnet) is a Free and Open Source s... DOWNLOAD
swixmlxsdbuild(sfnet) swixmlxsdbuild Builds your custom XML schema which ease a crea... DOWNLOAD
haunter(sfnet) Haunter Haunter Project - A sequel to Office Poltergeis... DOWNLOAD
vtank(sfnet) VTank VTank is a network game simulating tank warfare... DOWNLOAD
renai(sfnet) Ren'ai/Dating Simulation Engine We are building an open source Ren'ai/Dating si... DOWNLOAD
maetys(sfnet) maetys Logiciels de gestion (gestion d'entreprise). La... DOWNLOAD

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