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quiki(sfnet) Quiki Small/fast/convenient program to view/edit/add/... DOWNLOAD
samtools(sfnet) SAM tools SAM (Sequence Alignment/Map) is a flexible gene... DOWNLOAD
acar(sfnet) ACAR Replacement program for the crazy old java prog... DOWNLOAD
jdochelper(sfnet) JDocHelper JDocHelper is Java application that helps to ad... DOWNLOAD
bren(sfnet) Batch Renaming Utility Batch Renaming Utility - GUI and console tool f... DOWNLOAD
undead(sfnet) EvilEntity EvilEntity Linux is a i686 based multimedia-foc... DOWNLOAD
borges-dms(sfnet) Borges Documents Management System Borges is an open-source project aimed at XML-a... DOWNLOAD
i-resto(sfnet) H Plus Resto H plus Sofware is software for restaurant to ma... DOWNLOAD
dm-qcif-codc(sfnet) Small Fish Optimized H.264 baseline codec for PC and TI DS... DOWNLOAD
mfbox(sfnet) mfBox The mfBox is a Matlab toolbox for performing mo... DOWNLOAD
sa-vd(sfnet) Super-Alias Virtual Digital Super-Alias Virtual Digital: Simulation of arte... DOWNLOAD
elastica(sfnet) Elastica Elastica is a highly efficient and extensible, ... DOWNLOAD
html4java(sfnet) HTML4Java A Java library that makes accessing webpages an... DOWNLOAD
clean-bible(sfnet) Clean Bible (Hebrew&Greek) Hebrew Bible was written without vowels, Gospel... DOWNLOAD
magicmonitor(sfnet) MagicMonitor MagicMonitor is a little Cocoa Utility allows y... DOWNLOAD
westhawksnmp(sfnet) Westhawk's Java SNMP stack Westhawk's lightweight SNMP stack in Java with ... DOWNLOAD
wavinterleave(sfnet) wavinterleave wavinterleave: audio file matrix switcher which... DOWNLOAD
osep(sfnet) OSeP OSeP stands for Open Source ePortfolio. OSeP is... DOWNLOAD
ldict(sfnet) Ldict training program Ldict - trainig program which can help for lear... DOWNLOAD
psp2dtanks(sfnet) PSP 2D Tanks PSP 2D Tanks is a homebrew game developted in C... DOWNLOAD
worksheet(sfnet) Worksheet by Creo Studios Worksheet is a web application that helps you t... DOWNLOAD
shotgun(sfnet) Shotgun Shotgun is a Lotus Notes database, which allows... DOWNLOAD
lsharp(sfnet) L Sharp L Sharp .NET is a powerful lisp-based scripting... DOWNLOAD
freeciv4palmos(sfnet) FreeCiv for PalmOS An effort to bring freeciv to the Palm using th... DOWNLOAD
monkeyworld3d(sfnet) MonkeyWorld3D MonkeyWorld3D is a scene graph editor for the j... DOWNLOAD
updater-cd(sfnet) Updater-CD for Windows XP Downloads Updates to create an Windows XP Updat... DOWNLOAD
freetk(sfnet) f.r.e.e. The Flexible Registration and Evaluation Engine... DOWNLOAD
tcl-snmptools(sfnet) Tcl SNMP Tools A Tcl package that provides SNMP tools for mana... DOWNLOAD
tcl-syslog(sfnet) Tcl Syslog A Tcl interface to the *nix syslog service. It ... DOWNLOAD
tcl-pam(sfnet) Tcl PAM Authentication A Tcl interface to the PAM service of Linux. It... DOWNLOAD
tcl-mq(sfnet) Tcl POSIX Message Queues A Tcl interface to POSIX Message Queues. It pro... DOWNLOAD
protx(sfnet) ProTx ProTx™ is a plain-text editor that I developed ... DOWNLOAD
mcsudoku(sfnet) mcSudoku A java implementation of the Sudoku puzzle. Uni... DOWNLOAD
ph3tz(sfnet) ph3tz Open Tibia Ph3, best features! DOWNLOAD
mydreamdiary(sfnet) My Dream Diary My Dream Diary is a computer diary, that allows... DOWNLOAD
cityscape3d(sfnet) CityScape3D A game I created with C++ and DarkGDK. Why not ... DOWNLOAD
openfoam16wi32(sfnet) OpenFOAM 1.6 binary for win32 The OpenFOAM® (Open Field Operation and Manipu... DOWNLOAD
yaops(sfnet) Yet Another Online Publishing System YAOPS is designed to publish articles via the w... DOWNLOAD
side1(sfnet) SIDE SIDE 1.0 is a powerful IDE for development of a... DOWNLOAD
ict4bus-pvl(sfnet) Proveeduría Virtual y Logística PVL The Web Platform ICT4BUS-PVL allows the optimiz... DOWNLOAD
arohadictionary(sfnet) Aroha Japanese-English Dictionary Japanese-English dictionary, based on the Edict... DOWNLOAD
serio(sfnet) serio DOWNLOAD
beeper(sfnet) Beeper Beeper generuje losową muzykę, odtwarza ją w ha... DOWNLOAD
fflib-net(sfnet) FFlib.NET FFlib.NET is an FFMPEG based .NET c# library fo... DOWNLOAD
ck-sandbox(sfnet) ck-sandbox This is a sandbox to test out SourceForge featu... DOWNLOAD
openskipper(sfnet) OpenSkipper Open Source C# code for interpreting & disp... DOWNLOAD
aboul(sfnet) aboul dynamic dictionary/glossary aboul is an opensource software that can be us... DOWNLOAD
xmms-syncup(sfnet) xmms-syncup xmms-syncup allows instances of the XMMS media ... DOWNLOAD
wppd(sfnet) Worker Process Pool Dispatcher This is a command line tool for spawning a numb... DOWNLOAD
icprover(sfnet) Intercalation Calculus Prover An ML-based automated theorem prover for propos... DOWNLOAD
ssdboostmanager(sfnet) SSD Boost Manager Symbolic link manager for windows. With one cli... DOWNLOAD
comicschat(sfnet) Comics Chat Small web chat, where discussion is formatted i... DOWNLOAD
project37(sfnet) Project37 Project37 is a model-driven software applicatio... DOWNLOAD
lre(sfnet) LRE Regular expressions system with Lisp-styled syn... DOWNLOAD
asumlprototype(sfnet) AsUml Herramienta de modelado UML para programacion o... DOWNLOAD
soap-sql(sfnet) SOAP SQL SOAP-SQL generates a web service WSDL based on ... DOWNLOAD
clamavevolution(sfnet) ClamAV for Evolution ClamAV for Evolution is a Bash script that enab... DOWNLOAD
omb(sfnet) OpenMicroBlogger OpenMicroBlogger is the 2nd implementation of t... DOWNLOAD
uwm(sfnet) µwm - (uwm) µ Window Manager µwm is a lightweight stacking window manager fo... DOWNLOAD
wavm(sfnet) Merging (averaging) wav files Merges similar wav files by attempting to match... DOWNLOAD
triceps(sfnet) Triceps An innovative Open Source CEP (Complex Event Pr... DOWNLOAD
ripdvd(sfnet) ripdvd This software is a bash script which aims to al... DOWNLOAD
sjinn(sfnet) Sjinn serial communications program RS-232 data acquisition & control. Intuitiv... DOWNLOAD
playfilelist(sfnet) playfilelist PlayFileList is a derivative from playmp3list, ... DOWNLOAD
pywork(sfnet) PyWork Inactive project. It works in conjunction with ... DOWNLOAD
url-shortening(freshmeat) URL Shortening URL Shortening is an application to shorten you... DOWNLOAD
squarepbx(sfnet) SquarePBX A windows based SIP PBX coded in C#. DOWNLOAD
geclipse(sfnet) GEclipse the ebuild-editor for Eclipse GEclipse is a ebuild-editor for Eclipse. It's m... DOWNLOAD
utserverstatus(sfnet) UTServerStatus This is a simple java program designed to monit... DOWNLOAD
mobilebank(sfnet) mobilebank An application to track expenses in a traveling... DOWNLOAD
usingcell(sfnet) Using Cell to compute A new way to compute the differences between im... DOWNLOAD
pse2011spacewar(sfnet) PSE2011SpaceWar DOWNLOAD
accurevedu(sfnet) accurevedu Modificaciones de project edu DOWNLOAD
nquery(sfnet) NQuery Java Application for querying databases, accept... DOWNLOAD
qsslchat(sfnet) qSslChat qSslChat is a chat program written in C++ with ... DOWNLOAD
pecia(sfnet) Pecia An API for documents: think Doxia with compile ... DOWNLOAD
itf(sfnet) Integrated Testing Framework An integrated testing framework, covering test ... DOWNLOAD
flicklist(sfnet) FlickList FlickList is an organization tool that will tak... DOWNLOAD
storkos(sfnet) StorkOS Distribution based on Ubuntu with fluxbox. DOWNLOAD
meteorgl(sfnet) MeteorGL OpenGL framework for .Net (available only from ... DOWNLOAD
clapf(sfnet) clapf clapf is an open source email content filter ap... DOWNLOAD
cinc(sfnet) cinc The purpose of the cinc project is to develop a... DOWNLOAD
rebirth-cms(sfnet) Rebirth website system the rebirth website system is written in php 5,... DOWNLOAD
doobsexporter(sfnet) DoobsExporter Export any type of database to your pocket pc (... DOWNLOAD
sigproc(sfnet) SIGPROC SIGPROC - a collection of signal processing pro... DOWNLOAD
openalchemist(sfnet) OpenAlchemist OpenAlchemist is a new game project developped ... DOWNLOAD
ldap-plugin(sfnet) LDAP Maven Plugin An Apache Maven Plugin providing goals to: 1) L... DOWNLOAD
pyprism(sfnet) PyPrism PyPrism is an Open Source, multi-platform versi... DOWNLOAD
sezhoo(sfnet) SezHoo SezHoo is a MediaWiki extension that uses artic... DOWNLOAD
sigtranslator(sfnet) SigTranslator Siganture Translator is a Java application whic... DOWNLOAD
mynmap(sfnet) MyNmap MyNmap is a tool that uses Apache/PHP/MySQL/PE... DOWNLOAD
youtubevideodow(sfnet) Youtube video downloader Youtube video downloader is a small program for... DOWNLOAD
yaircc(sfnet) Java Bittorrent lib/client A lightweight Java Bittorrent library and client. DOWNLOAD
pixtd(sfnet) Pix TD A tower defense game developed in Java. Based o... DOWNLOAD
heretic(sfnet) heretic Activision and Raven are releasing this code fo... DOWNLOAD
simautomata(sfnet) SimAutomata This is a smilator for automata. Discrete Finit... DOWNLOAD
webunitproj(sfnet) Enterprise Web Test Enterprise Web Test allows Java programmers to ... DOWNLOAD
raptt(sfnet) Several Network Explore Tool SNET (Several Network Explore Tool) allows you ... DOWNLOAD
signature(sfnet) signature campaign This is a web application (php, html, css) for ... DOWNLOAD
interfaccia(sfnet) Interfaccia Application for embedded system. Widget and med... DOWNLOAD

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