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coumadinregimen(sfnet) Coumadin Regimen Calculator Allows you to determine a new coumadin or warfa... DOWNLOAD
phonet4n(sfnet) phonet4n phonet4n is an extensible phonetic string conve... DOWNLOAD
spoospf(sfnet) spoospf A library to forge OSPF packets written in C++. DOWNLOAD
afrang(sfnet) afrang static database dictionary based on kde4. DOWNLOAD
ipv6finder(sfnet) IPv6finder IPv6finder is a program that examines C source ... DOWNLOAD
sqr2xml(sfnet) sqr2xml Library of functions to create Excel documents ... DOWNLOAD
neurolyser(sfnet) Smart Stock Manager The software is called 'Smart Stock Manager', a... DOWNLOAD
studip(sfnet) Stud.IP Stud.IP ist ein Lern- und Informations-Manageme... DOWNLOAD
massimageproces(sfnet) MassImageProcessor Program perform graphical operations (like resi... DOWNLOAD
hsuclarkactor(sfnet) Actor Actor provides a web-enabled, self-service user... DOWNLOAD
tubekit(sfnet) TubeKit TubeKit is a toolkit for creating YouTube crawl... DOWNLOAD
mibb(sfnet) my Iptables Blacklist Builder mIBB - my Iptables Blacklist Builder - is a sma... DOWNLOAD
gfontcharacterv(sfnet) gFontCharacterViewer Displays all installed truetype fonts; Each fon... DOWNLOAD
aksprimality(sfnet) AKS primality test This project contains many implementation of AK... DOWNLOAD
cardriversim(sfnet) Car Driver Simulator The goal of this simulator is to provide a real... DOWNLOAD
uwc(sfnet) uwc Ultimate Webshots Converter is a Webshots pictu... DOWNLOAD
nimspro(sfnet) NIMSpro NIMSpro is a multiplayer simulator for emergenc... DOWNLOAD
sierra-os(sfnet) sierra-os :: PHP RIA Framework sierra-os is a PHP Rich Internet Application us... DOWNLOAD
mytasklist(sfnet) My Task List DOWNLOAD
jruntimedesigne(sfnet) JRuntimeDesigner Java Runtime Designer is a visual designer comp... DOWNLOAD
rtmcsharp(sfnet) rtmcsharp C# API for Remember the milk DOWNLOAD
freememorydocto(sfnet) Free Memory Doctor This code shows us how to do as a program in vb... DOWNLOAD
pspmetronome(sfnet) PSP metronome This is a metronome for the PSP DOWNLOAD
neco-sim(sfnet) neco-sim A high-performance extensible simulation framew... DOWNLOAD
virtualpets(sfnet) Virtual Pet Virtual pets je hra na motivy Tamagotchi, tedy ... DOWNLOAD
db-lucene(sfnet) dblucene db-lucene is a component that allows you to add... DOWNLOAD
wotw(sfnet) Way Of The Warrior: Sons of twilight Way Of The Warrior is a web boardgame of fantas... DOWNLOAD
mytourbook(sfnet) MyTourbook Analyze and visualize tours in many variations,... DOWNLOAD
photoroom(sfnet) Photo Room for .NET Photo Room for .NET is a ASP.NET web site for m... DOWNLOAD
mondket(sfnet) a s DOWNLOAD
sidentd(sfnet) Smart Ident Windows Service Smart Ident Daemon is a network service, provid... DOWNLOAD
qmmslog(sfnet) Qmmslog This is a port to Qt/C++ of the Jakarta project... DOWNLOAD
mlbench(sfnet) Wolfgang's Machine Learning Benchmarks A suite of machine learning benchmarks where ea... DOWNLOAD
pideploy(sfnet) Pi.Deploy Pi.Deploy is used to deploy assets to applicati... DOWNLOAD
sigmail(sfnet) SigMail Random signature generator wrotten in Perl like... DOWNLOAD
bbultimate(sfnet) bbUltimate bbUltimate is a new type of Online Forum (Bulle... DOWNLOAD
pipeline(sfnet) Pipeline Pipeline is an advanced data synchronization an... DOWNLOAD
aqualung(sfnet) Aqualung Advanced music player for GNU/Linux, also runni... DOWNLOAD
autopkg(sfnet) autopkg autopkg helps to automate Slackware package cre... DOWNLOAD
sync4jmozilla(sfnet) Funambol Mozilla Plugin Funambol Mozilla Plugin is a Mozilla plugin tha... DOWNLOAD
zoemath(sfnet) Zozo's Flying Math Zozo's Flying Math is a math flashcards program... DOWNLOAD
pagetest(sfnet) Pagetest Browser plug-in for Internet Explorer that visu... DOWNLOAD
optifleet(sfnet) Optifleet - ogame OPTImizer of FLEET Program performs multidimensional optimisation ... DOWNLOAD
androidhttp(sfnet) HttpManager for Android This framework allows you make request with ret... DOWNLOAD
rooksarchport(sfnet) Rooks Architecture Portfolio DOWNLOAD
sfeupla(sfnet) SfEUPLA This is a free browser made with Cocoa and Obje... DOWNLOAD
easysql(sfnet) Easy SQL Eclipse SQL plug-in. Contains SQL editor and e... DOWNLOAD
caliskan(sfnet) OVD bu proje ogrenci kaydı ,sonuç değerlendirme ve ... DOWNLOAD
mcqss1(sfnet) Medical MCQs S1 Test yourself with questions related to the bas... DOWNLOAD
dbfi(sfnet) dbfi dbfi (Debuggable Brainfuck interpreter) is a fa... DOWNLOAD
tclscreen(sfnet) TclScreen TclScreen is a tool to snap a screenshot and up... DOWNLOAD
openglm(sfnet) OpenGLM OpenGLM (Open Graphical Learning Modeler) is a ... DOWNLOAD
elbeem(sfnet) El'Beem Fluid Simulation Library El'Beem is a free surface fluid simulation libr... DOWNLOAD
new-cms(sfnet) NEW - New Easy Webpaging NEW is a modular web application framework, pro... DOWNLOAD
jexigo(sfnet) jExigo - Java Fixed Decimal Arithmetic Java Fixed Decimal Arithmetic with a different ... DOWNLOAD
vitsord(sfnet) Vitsord Vitsord is a simple grade calculator. You ente... DOWNLOAD
wowcpapi4j(sfnet) WoW Community Platform API for Java World of Warcraft Community Platform API for Ja... DOWNLOAD
civic-cms(sfnet) civic-cms An extensible website content management system... DOWNLOAD
kidskey-babyabc(sfnet) Kids Key - Alphabet Training for Toddler A simple "game" for small children (1... DOWNLOAD
fparser(sfnet) fparser This compact function parser module written in ... DOWNLOAD
lotruo(sfnet) LOTRUO LOTR Rpg Sunucusu.. Bağlantı Dosyası DOWNLOAD
twoddelphigraph(sfnet) 2D Delphi Grahics Library A simple 2D graphics library, written in Delphi... DOWNLOAD
trademgen(sfnet) Travel Demand Generator That project aims at providing a clean API, and... DOWNLOAD
krumo(sfnet) Krumo Krumo is a debugging tool (initially PHP4/PHP5,... DOWNLOAD
ard-toolkit-20(sfnet) Application Rapid Development Toolkit ARD Toolkit - class library for typical tasks: ... DOWNLOAD
flashdancecms(sfnet) flashDance CMS An Open Source Content Management System and Fr... DOWNLOAD
aronracsotest(sfnet) AronRacso's Testing Only a test--------------- DOWNLOAD
tkdchampmanager(sfnet) Tae Kwon Do Champ Manager Aplicação para administração de campeonatos de ... DOWNLOAD
xtest(sfnet) X Test X Test - An 802.1x Supplicant test tool for IP ... DOWNLOAD
dnsat(sfnet) DAT - DNS Analysis Tool A simple DNS analysis tool providing both IPv4 ... DOWNLOAD
quickfilemerge(sfnet) QuickFileMerge Small command line utility for Windows that mer... DOWNLOAD
runnertemplate(sfnet) Runner Runner is a PHP based template system designed ... DOWNLOAD
recoin(sfnet) RECOIN - Retrieval Component Integrator The Retrieval Component Integrator Project (REC... DOWNLOAD
opensims(sfnet) openSIMS OpenSIMS 2.0 is coming. It will provide a servi... DOWNLOAD
sniffy(sfnet) sniffy pseudo terminal sniffer/loger The sniffy proje... DOWNLOAD
alinotes(sfnet) AliNotes AliNotes is a software that allows (french) tea... DOWNLOAD
mysqlsshtools(sfnet) MySQL SSH Tools A pack of PHP script tools to do maintenance an... DOWNLOAD
freeranger(sfnet) FreeRanger FreeRanger is an Electronic Field Guide, implem... DOWNLOAD
wowarmoryreader(sfnet) WOW ArmoryReader 3 A simple Armory Viewer which gives you a quick ... DOWNLOAD
orya(sfnet) AT2F DOWNLOAD
megaupload(sfnet) Mega Upload Progress Bar A progress indicator for web based file uploads... DOWNLOAD
depinit(sfnet) depinit Depinit is an alternative init program that can... DOWNLOAD
mtlen(sfnet) Tlen Protocol Plugin for Miranda IM Tlen protocol plugin for Miranda IM DOWNLOAD
archivconvert(sfnet) dpaehl * This convertor can convert the following arch... DOWNLOAD
osccanvas(sfnet) Canvas Canvas is an Open Sound Control message sequenc... DOWNLOAD
libpac(sfnet) SBStudio PAC player libpac is a library to decode SBStudio PAC musi... DOWNLOAD
mixdem(sfnet) MixDEM MixDEM a web based ETL tools meant for Web inte... DOWNLOAD
wizytowka(sfnet) WizyTówka WizyTówka is very simple polish CMS. WizyTówka... DOWNLOAD
swarmdarknet(sfnet) BlackBelt WASTE A nullnet pre-configured WASTE client. Download... DOWNLOAD
explorertv(sfnet) explorerTV explorerTV is the first remote controls for Net... DOWNLOAD
freephpgameskit(sfnet) The Free PHP Games Framework A free and Open-Source framework to easily deve... DOWNLOAD
funtype(sfnet) FunType FunType is intended to motivate children who lo... DOWNLOAD
opensnc(sfnet) Open Sonic Open Sonic is a free open-source game based on ... DOWNLOAD
appswing(sfnet) Java Swing Apps Collection Some applications created with Swing (Java 6.0) DOWNLOAD
xmlresumeheader(sfnet) XML Resume headers Just a contrib of headers made via an XML to so... DOWNLOAD
xrecord(sfnet) XRecord An Introspecting Python ORM DOWNLOAD
mosscrypt(sfnet) Mosscrypt IRC client optimized for downloading mp3 music,... DOWNLOAD
anitmt(sfnet) AniTMT AniTMT is a flexible and powerful 3D animation ... DOWNLOAD
jagax(sfnet) JAGAX JAvascript GAme eXperience is a cross-browser a... DOWNLOAD
nevolution(sfnet) NEvolutionMetrics NEvolutionMetrics aims to make it easy to colle... DOWNLOAD

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