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killie6(sfnet) killie6 Killie6 is a website plug-in to achieve nothing... DOWNLOAD
phenomshare(sfnet) PhenomShare PhenomShare is a windowed AJAX rendering framew... DOWNLOAD
competitiveplug(sfnet) Competitive Plugin A server plugin for the Counter-Strike: Source ... DOWNLOAD
jqueryautotab(sfnet) jQuery Autotab Plugin Autotab is a jQuery plugin that provides auto-t... DOWNLOAD
deco-framework(freshmeat) deco file extraction framework deco is a command-line program that, together w... DOWNLOAD
tstone(sfnet) TStone TStone is a p2p voip system.It can run on windo... DOWNLOAD
newapis(sfnet) qti library Is the new version of APIS project DOWNLOAD
news-blog(sfnet) News & Blog Article Display System Customisable and Dynamic News & Blog Script... DOWNLOAD
gtvg(sfnet) gtvg The gTVG TV Guide is a simple TV program schedu... DOWNLOAD
idate(sfnet) iDate iDate searches via Bluetooth if there are poten... DOWNLOAD
dnasim(sfnet) DNA Simulation Simulation of arbitrary interactions of DNA wit... DOWNLOAD
cdsh(sfnet) Shell project for a better shell on UNIX Shell project for a better shell on UNIX like s... DOWNLOAD
ublish(sfnet) UBLish UBLish is a tool to transform your Excel data m... DOWNLOAD
skjava2(sfnet) Java API for Dialogic SwitchKit (v2) Java version of Dialogic's SwitchKit API. This... DOWNLOAD
rinject(sfnet) RInject - Web/HTTP Test Tool RInject is a tool for automated testing of web ... DOWNLOAD
mariecms(sfnet) marie marie is a content management system which is d... DOWNLOAD
ecce(sfnet) Edinburgh Compatible Context Editor ECCE is a text editor designed by Hamish Dewar ... DOWNLOAD
vizi(sfnet) Vizi An image viewing platform which makes navigatin... DOWNLOAD
libopus(sfnet) libopus network and db library A library of handy functions, including a datab... DOWNLOAD
publicpim(sfnet) PublicPIM Website Database Application Has 3 Part Process instructions to automaticall... DOWNLOAD
jmxplorer(sfnet) JMXplorer JMXplorer is a plug-in for Eclipse which uses J... DOWNLOAD
simpl-archive(sfnet) The simpl Archive The Simpl Archive is a collection of scripts to... DOWNLOAD
referencegui(sfnet) ReferenceGui Small Java application to help with LaTeX refer... DOWNLOAD
sumdoku(sfnet) Sumdoku - Killer Sudoku This is a program that generates sudoku and sum... DOWNLOAD
pomer(sfnet) pomer flex & java Framework Organization Structur... DOWNLOAD
cvisca(sfnet) cVISCA Control and monitor the SONY BRC300 pan tilt zo... DOWNLOAD
libva(sfnet) LIBVA - Virtual Airline Library libva provides PHP classes to do all the intern... DOWNLOAD
htmleditor(sfnet) Html Editor.NET Html Editor.NET is a new software written in Vb... DOWNLOAD
wowbetsystem(sfnet) WoW Betsystem Betsystem for World of Warcraft private Mangos ... DOWNLOAD
asuma(sfnet) Asuma Asuma: Software untuk manipulasi angka. Fitur: ... DOWNLOAD
widget-thing(sfnet) Carl's Python Tk And Tix Widget Thing Carl's Python Tk And Tix Widget Thing is a widg... DOWNLOAD
ptclanserver(sfnet) PTClanServer Pristontale Open ClanServer. DOWNLOAD
makeapath(sfnet) make a path Make a Path lets users create pathways through ... DOWNLOAD
deco-archive(freshmeat) deco-archive deco-archive is a collection of extractor wrapp... DOWNLOAD
cclip(sfnet) cclip CLiP is a Command Line Parser written in C. Its... DOWNLOAD
gwtiger(sfnet) GWTiger GWTiger is a framework for Google Web Toolkit (... DOWNLOAD
minimanage(sfnet) Mini Gallery Manager This is desktop management tool for MiniShowcas... DOWNLOAD
garmon(sfnet) Garmon Garmon (Gnome/GTK+ Car Monitor) is a tool that ... DOWNLOAD
hoc(sfnet) HOC: A Haskell to Objective C Binding A Haskell to Objective-C binding. Allows access... DOWNLOAD
picturemanager(sfnet) miniPictureManager miniPictureManager is a program for batch proce... DOWNLOAD
sancp(sfnet) SA Network Connection Profiler Security Analyst Network Connection Profiler [s... DOWNLOAD
phptrackit(sfnet) Bugger! A php based bug tracking system using a sql dat... DOWNLOAD
eclibatis(sfnet) eclibatis Eclipse Plugin for iBATIS. Provides autocomplet... DOWNLOAD
lutz(sfnet) lutz lutz is a small but full-featured Portscanner f... DOWNLOAD
curl-3d-gallery(sfnet) Curl 3D Gallery Curl 3D Gallery creates virtual world parsing G... DOWNLOAD
fleaim(sfnet) FleaIM - MSN AJAX Driven Messenger Clone FleaIM is web-based MSN messenger clone. With i... DOWNLOAD
sagliknetadapto(sfnet) NHS of Turkey Adapter Project (a.k.a Saglik Net Adaptoru) is founded ... DOWNLOAD
page-watcher(sfnet) page-watcher A perl script that when used in conjunction wit... DOWNLOAD
pythonplus(sfnet) Python Plus Visual IDE Visual IDE Python+ is creating fast editor. I w... DOWNLOAD
escapek(sfnet) Escape-K Escape-K is an open-source IT management platfo... DOWNLOAD
gnutodo(sfnet) GNU Todo A Todo list written only in BASH relying on the... DOWNLOAD
pushoksema(sfnet) PushOk SEMA PushOk SEMA - PHP based group/project managemen... DOWNLOAD
aamirplayer(sfnet) Aamir Media Player Aamir Media player plays 30 formats of audio/vi... DOWNLOAD
lm-algorithm(sfnet) lm-algorithm Lm-Algorithm: Algorithm for solving the OZ and ... DOWNLOAD
soomp(sfnet) Soomp Singleton object-oriented MVC PHP Framework. So... DOWNLOAD
lithops(sfnet) Lithops Lithops (the flowering stones) is a program tha... DOWNLOAD
ssisdocumenter(sfnet) SSIS Documenter DOWNLOAD
jrssserver(sfnet) JRSSServer A Java-based in-memory RSS server. It can be us... DOWNLOAD
mupi(sfnet) mupi Small JAVA-program for managing a ping-request ... DOWNLOAD
irisengine(sfnet) IrisEngine An open source adventure game engine. DOWNLOAD
rename-volumes(sfnet) RenameVolumes A graphical tool to view and modify the volume ... DOWNLOAD
oreauthor(sfnet) OreAuthor A Java library and Mozilla extension for buildi... DOWNLOAD
citationcontrol(sfnet) CitationControl Aids article search from Scopus, ISI web of sci... DOWNLOAD
sifbuilder(sfnet) sifbuilder sifbuilder is an installer of PHP programs conc... DOWNLOAD
c-logic(sfnet) C-logic This is a C source code scanner based on symbol... DOWNLOAD
wowfe(sfnet) World Of Warcraft Front End Play WOW online for FREE! World Of Warcraft Fro... DOWNLOAD
simpleaugmented(sfnet) SimpleAugmentedReality Fusion of ARToolkit and Ogre3D, SimpleAugmented... DOWNLOAD
cytoprophet(sfnet) Cytoprophet Cytoprophet is a Cytoscape plugin that helps re... DOWNLOAD
joindesk(sfnet) Joindesk Joindesk is a J2EE Web application framework us... DOWNLOAD
newdataplotting(sfnet) Powerful Easy plot Draw 2D: function chart, data points chart, sta... DOWNLOAD
oranfs(sfnet) oranfs NFS v2 server implementation written in java ba... DOWNLOAD
windrose(sfnet) windrose A windrose, also know as polar rose plot, is a ... DOWNLOAD
elins(sfnet) Elins for pleasure for free DOWNLOAD
advwmg(sfnet) Advanced Web Media Gallery Advanced Web Media Gallery is a PHP based galle... DOWNLOAD
win32builds(sfnet) win32builds DOWNLOAD
flisys(sfnet) Flisys - The Flisol Open Source System FliSys is a web-based open source system that a... DOWNLOAD
zf-bindadmin(sfnet) ZF - bindAdmin bindAdmin is a simple AdminInterface for a Bind... DOWNLOAD
ihs(sfnet) Incredible hosting system Incredible hosting system DOWNLOAD
encompass(sfnet) Encompass Encompass is a web browser for the GNOME Deskto... DOWNLOAD
beef(sfnet) Beef Beef is an RSS news aggregation tool for the GN... DOWNLOAD
quintetnet(sfnet) is an interactive networked multime... DOWNLOAD
tcl-gaul(sfnet) Tcl Genetic Algorithms A Tcl extension for genetic/evolutionary algori... DOWNLOAD
kokpit-db(sfnet) kokpit-db Kokpit-db is an integrated monitoring, comparis... DOWNLOAD
jscreole(sfnet) JavaScript Creole Wiki Markup Parser A JavaScript library for parsing Creole 1.0 wik... DOWNLOAD
ejdc(sfnet) EJDC EJDC is a java class file decompiler written by... DOWNLOAD
satellite(sfnet) satellite Satellite is cross platform game written on J... DOWNLOAD
zarafa-utils(sfnet) zarafa-utils Available plugins: -Spam filter integration (fo... DOWNLOAD
exshorcut(sfnet) Extended Shorcut (ExShortcut) Simple application develop in Delphi 7 to creat... DOWNLOAD
id3rm(sfnet) id3rm Command line application (and eventually GUI) f... DOWNLOAD
db-stresser(sfnet) Database Stress and Monitor DB Stress and Monitor is a tool for running tra... DOWNLOAD
utilujah(sfnet) Utilujah Utility library for Java, including Boyer-Moore... DOWNLOAD
silverlightui(sfnet) Silverlight UI Framework This project provides a framework upon which a ... DOWNLOAD
mailboxmonitor(sfnet) PHPmailboxmonitor A simple PHP script which will monitor your mai... DOWNLOAD
comdivjstest(sfnet) Comdiv .JS Test Tiny framework for JS browser-based unit testing. DOWNLOAD
phpvistaprgbar(sfnet) PHP Vista Progressbar Generates a high-quality and animated left-to-r... DOWNLOAD
eisstream(sfnet) EisStream Purly standard SNMP-Based network structuring a... DOWNLOAD
fretcalc(sfnet) FretCalc fretcalc is a text-based application used to ca... DOWNLOAD
lansearch(sfnet) lansearch Search engine for windows networks ------------... DOWNLOAD
ardreil(sfnet) ArdReil: Anacreon Reconstruction Project ArdReil is a multiplayer, multiplatform, networ... DOWNLOAD
accushot(sfnet) accuShot, archer's Data Management Score and shot data management program in eVB (... DOWNLOAD

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