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jxltdk(sfnet) reporttdk Project allow create excel report from a templa... DOWNLOAD
xmsf(sfnet) xmsf Extensible Modeling and Simulation Framework (X... DOWNLOAD
intrepid2(sfnet) Intrepid 2 Java RMI replacement. *** Project moved to Bit... DOWNLOAD
anti-nat(sfnet) 6546 65654 DOWNLOAD
rwparam(sfnet) RunWithParameters RunWithParameters allows running any applicatio... DOWNLOAD
dbconnections(sfnet) adbConnections (SQLite) Data Browser DOWNLOAD
ibu-dd-map(sfnet) Istanbul Bilgi University Dolapdere Map Istanbul Bilgi University Dolapdere campus map ... DOWNLOAD
jmrtools(sfnet) JMrTools JMrTools, is inspired by the MrTools Perl Proje... DOWNLOAD
lc-ui(sfnet) The LCUI Project LCUI is GUI library that is designed to be smal... DOWNLOAD
computertimecon(sfnet) Computer Time Control This is a Windows program to enforce maximum am... DOWNLOAD
filemac(sfnet) fmac A tiny command line program to create a secure ... DOWNLOAD
boxes(freshmeat) boxes Boxes is a text filter that can draw any kind o... DOWNLOAD
cilib(sfnet) Computational Intelligence Library CILib is a framework for developing Computation... DOWNLOAD
supertelaexe(sfnet) supertelaexe * O Super Tela não se responsabiliza pelo conte... DOWNLOAD
cnbya(sfnet) CNB Your Account CNB Your Account - an advanced user management ... DOWNLOAD
worker(freshmeat) Worker Worker is a file manager for the X Window Syste... DOWNLOAD
workshiftmodule(sfnet) Workshift module Workshift modul is one of the independent modul... DOWNLOAD
smallgp(sfnet) SmallGP smallgp - Symbolic Regression DOWNLOAD
hosxp(sfnet) HOSxP HOSxP is client/server hospital information sys... DOWNLOAD
hydrosed2d(sfnet) HydroSed2D HydroSed2D is a two-dimensional numerical model... DOWNLOAD
wow-mod-tools(sfnet) WoW-Mod-Tools Some tools to modify parts of the World of Warc... DOWNLOAD
dotnetcolours(sfnet) dotNETcolours Program that displays colour swatches, RGB valu... DOWNLOAD
frustumculling(sfnet) Frustum Culling Demo The Frustum Culling technique in a 3D scene wor... DOWNLOAD
xodotnet(sfnet) XO XO is a simple graphical oscilloscope application. DOWNLOAD
neurocuda(sfnet) Neurocuda This project consists of neurodynamic simulatio... DOWNLOAD
pytag(sfnet) Pytag A Tag editor write in Python and GTK (2.4), ins... DOWNLOAD
sips-simpleps(sfnet) SiPS - Simple TCP Port Scanner SiPS is a simple cross-platform TCP Port Scanne... DOWNLOAD
n-a-w-s(sfnet) Not Another Web Server Not Another Web Server is an extensible Web Ser... DOWNLOAD
phposxom(sfnet) PHPosxom Simple, PHP-based blogging system inspired by t... DOWNLOAD
nemirep(sfnet) Nemirep Welcome to the world of Nemirep! In a little va... DOWNLOAD
xcleftpage(sfnet) xCleftPage XCleftPage is a js minute page script. It defin... DOWNLOAD
clonehdd(sfnet) Tool for clone HDD on FreeBSD Tool for copy partitions to another HDD. FreeBS... DOWNLOAD
netdist(sfnet) NetDist Configuration Management NetDist is a configuration management/distribut... DOWNLOAD
shtraf(sfnet) Bash-based traffic accounting system Traffic accounting system written in bash. Requ... DOWNLOAD
magnesia(sfnet) Magnesia Magnesia is a distributed (client-server) photo... DOWNLOAD
mail8layer(sfnet) mail8 Mail8 is a simple webmail application written i... DOWNLOAD
picknclick(sfnet) Pick and Click The Pick and Click Wizard and template. The Wiz... DOWNLOAD
nailgun(sfnet) NailGun NailGun is a client, protocol, and server for r... DOWNLOAD
parolierenet(sfnet) parolierenet An implementation of Paroliere game, you can pl... DOWNLOAD
quickscoregame(sfnet) QuickScore Gaming Scorekeeper QuickScore is designed to make scoring casual o... DOWNLOAD
adsp(sfnet) ADSP ADSP is an open source application for security... DOWNLOAD
wotka(sfnet) wotka Программа ведения истории принадлежности игроко... DOWNLOAD
cinputbox(sfnet) C/C++ InputBox win32 implementation C/C++ InputBox implementation that allows to ha... DOWNLOAD
autoplay(sfnet) AutoPlay AutoPlay is fullscreen software for your Window... DOWNLOAD
niceplayer(sfnet) NicePlayer Designed for playing movies nicely for the pers... DOWNLOAD
freerails2(sfnet) FreeRails2 The aim is to create an optimized version of th... DOWNLOAD
viros(sfnet) VirOS VirOS is software that generates LiveOS distrib... DOWNLOAD
concretevoice(sfnet) Concrete Voice Concrete Voice is a text to speech program. It ... DOWNLOAD
dbbinder(sfnet) DBBinder++ DBBinder++ is a data-binder/ORM tool for SQL Da... DOWNLOAD
desnp(sfnet) deSNP A good methods to develop SNPs from ESTs. DOWNLOAD
regexpcsharp(sfnet) Regular Expressions for C# Prosta klasa w c# zawierająca zestaw metod pozw... DOWNLOAD
phprack(freshmeat) phpRack phpRack is a light framework for automation of ... DOWNLOAD
phspectrum(sfnet) phspectrum phspectrum | zx spectrum emulator | world's fir... DOWNLOAD
volcano(sfnet) Volcano Open source, universal database program. User c... DOWNLOAD
qantenna(sfnet) qantenna QAntenna is able to show antennas in a 3D plot,... DOWNLOAD
ibds(sfnet) Impulse-Based Dynamic Simulation IBDS is a library for dynamic simulation of mul... DOWNLOAD
adzapper(sfnet) squid_redirect advertisement zapper The adzapper squid redirection script uses a li... DOWNLOAD
mobilemoodle(sfnet) Mobile Moodle (MOMO) Mobile Moodle (MOMO) is an extension to the ope... DOWNLOAD
backitdown(sfnet) Backit Down This application will help you to synchronize f... DOWNLOAD
wordrecovery(sfnet) S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Word Microsoft officially recommends a number of met... DOWNLOAD
xtensionsuite(sfnet) XtensionSuite This is an attempt to write extension methods f... DOWNLOAD
hindiasr(sfnet) Hindi ASR Acoustic model developed using acoustic data re... DOWNLOAD
sparrow-control(sfnet) Sparrow Real-Time Control Library Sparrow is a C library for implementing real-ti... DOWNLOAD
quantitativefin(sfnet) Quantitative Finance Library Quantitative Finance C++ Library. DOWNLOAD
inlinespeedslal(sfnet) InlineSpeedSlalom JAVA, MIDP, Mobile Game, Sport, Inline speed sl... DOWNLOAD
subtitleplayer(sfnet) SRTPlayer SrtPlayer is a SRT subtitles player. It is an a... DOWNLOAD
ical2rss(sfnet) ical2rss - iCalendar to RSS convertor Parses a (possibly remote) iCalendar file and p... DOWNLOAD
opencflite(sfnet) OpenCFLite A cross platform toolkit for building applicati... DOWNLOAD
b-u(sfnet) BU - NFS/ssh BackUp and CDRW dump tool The Sourceforge project page is no longer maint... DOWNLOAD
channeleditor(sfnet) channeleditor Kanaleditor für den Linux basierten VDR (Video ... DOWNLOAD
jkeepass(sfnet) jKeePass - Passwort Verwaltung jKeePass ist ein Passwort Verwaltung Tool. Mit ... DOWNLOAD
listaller(sfnet) Listaller Listaller is a simple software installation sys... DOWNLOAD
readmaniac(sfnet) ReadManiac ReadManiac is bookreader for phones with JavaME... DOWNLOAD
aroraportable(sfnet) Arora Portable Arora is a lightweight QTWebkit rendering engin... DOWNLOAD
paucodereview(sfnet) Pau Code Review Pau Code Review is a light weight code review t... DOWNLOAD
cal3dviewer(sfnet) Cal3dViewer This project is about an open source applicatio... DOWNLOAD
iceicepenguin(sfnet) Ice Ice Penguin A pygame remake of the old SEGA Dreamcast game ... DOWNLOAD
dotg(sfnet) Damnation of the Gods Oldschool RPG - (Dungeon Master-clone) coded in... DOWNLOAD
simplegmailchec(sfnet) SimpleGmailChecker Simple gmail checker. It's a Python taskbar pro... DOWNLOAD
flyhigh(sfnet) FlyHigh Configuration of GPS flight devices, plan and a... DOWNLOAD
shunix(sfnet) Shell based Unix utilities This project is a library of shell functions em... DOWNLOAD
media-converter(sfnet) Media Converter Media Converter is a plugin based video and aud... DOWNLOAD
fakekeygen(sfnet) FAKE KEYGEN No description DOWNLOAD
javaencryptor(sfnet) JavaEncryptor An encryption/decryption engine which can encry... DOWNLOAD
short-termcourc(sfnet) Short-term courses management This is a web-based program that helps to manag... DOWNLOAD
nvtemp(sfnet) nvtemp nvtemp can display and log the temperatures of ... DOWNLOAD
ftptransfer(sfnet) ftptransfer Ftp file transfer using! This is a DOWNLOAD
asurekazani(sfnet) asurekazani Web DEvolopping information managament system DOWNLOAD
perfin(sfnet) Perfin Perforce Intellij Refactoring Integration Plugi... DOWNLOAD
esup-helpdesk(sfnet) ESUP-Portail Helpdesk esup-helpdesk is now hosted at http://www.esup-... DOWNLOAD
minor(sfnet) Minor Is Not an Object Repository Minor Is Not an Object Repository (MINOR) is an... DOWNLOAD
azsmrc(sfnet) AzSMRC A plugin/remote system for Azureus that provide... DOWNLOAD
jetpag(sfnet) JetPAG: Jet Parser Auto-Generator JetPAG is a recursive-descent parser and lexica... DOWNLOAD
iconprank(sfnet) Icon Prank No description DOWNLOAD
qoscompute(sfnet) QoS Compute computing model is: E1 <-NETWORK> E2 meth... DOWNLOAD
soft-sizo(sfnet) Soft Sizo Automatic estimation of development effort, bas... DOWNLOAD
haxetutorial(sfnet) Haxe Flash Tutorial Haxe Flash Tutorial is a tutorial on Haxe with ... DOWNLOAD
splyce(sfnet) Splyce Splyce is a side by side HTML editor so that yo... DOWNLOAD
aberquest(sfnet) AberQuest AberQuest is a tool for quest/zone writers of A... DOWNLOAD
lotteryquickpic(sfnet) LotteryQuickPickYourself This is a project to develop software for rando... DOWNLOAD

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