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trademgen(sfnet) Travel Demand Generator That project aims at providing a clean API, and... DOWNLOAD
krumo(sfnet) Krumo Krumo is a debugging tool (initially PHP4/PHP5,... DOWNLOAD
ard-toolkit-20(sfnet) Application Rapid Development Toolkit ARD Toolkit - class library for typical tasks: ... DOWNLOAD
flashdancecms(sfnet) flashDance CMS An Open Source Content Management System and Fr... DOWNLOAD
aronracsotest(sfnet) AronRacso's Testing Only a test--------------- DOWNLOAD
tkdchampmanager(sfnet) Tae Kwon Do Champ Manager Aplicação para administração de campeonatos de ... DOWNLOAD
xtest(sfnet) X Test X Test - An 802.1x Supplicant test tool for IP ... DOWNLOAD
dnsat(sfnet) DAT - DNS Analysis Tool A simple DNS analysis tool providing both IPv4 ... DOWNLOAD
quickfilemerge(sfnet) QuickFileMerge Small command line utility for Windows that mer... DOWNLOAD
runnertemplate(sfnet) Runner Runner is a PHP based template system designed ... DOWNLOAD
recoin(sfnet) RECOIN - Retrieval Component Integrator The Retrieval Component Integrator Project (REC... DOWNLOAD
opensims(sfnet) openSIMS OpenSIMS 2.0 is coming. It will provide a servi... DOWNLOAD
sniffy(sfnet) sniffy pseudo terminal sniffer/loger The sniffy proje... DOWNLOAD
alinotes(sfnet) AliNotes AliNotes is a software that allows (french) tea... DOWNLOAD
mysqlsshtools(sfnet) MySQL SSH Tools A pack of PHP script tools to do maintenance an... DOWNLOAD
freeranger(sfnet) FreeRanger FreeRanger is an Electronic Field Guide, implem... DOWNLOAD
wowarmoryreader(sfnet) WOW ArmoryReader 3 A simple Armory Viewer which gives you a quick ... DOWNLOAD
orya(sfnet) AT2F DOWNLOAD
megaupload(sfnet) Mega Upload Progress Bar A progress indicator for web based file uploads... DOWNLOAD
depinit(sfnet) depinit Depinit is an alternative init program that can... DOWNLOAD
mtlen(sfnet) Tlen Protocol Plugin for Miranda IM Tlen protocol plugin for Miranda IM DOWNLOAD
archivconvert(sfnet) dpaehl * This convertor can convert the following arch... DOWNLOAD
osccanvas(sfnet) Canvas Canvas is an Open Sound Control message sequenc... DOWNLOAD
libpac(sfnet) SBStudio PAC player libpac is a library to decode SBStudio PAC musi... DOWNLOAD
mixdem(sfnet) MixDEM MixDEM a web based ETL tools meant for Web inte... DOWNLOAD
wizytowka(sfnet) WizyTówka WizyTówka is very simple polish CMS. WizyTówka... DOWNLOAD
swarmdarknet(sfnet) BlackBelt WASTE A nullnet pre-configured WASTE client. Download... DOWNLOAD
explorertv(sfnet) explorerTV explorerTV is the first remote controls for Net... DOWNLOAD
freephpgameskit(sfnet) The Free PHP Games Framework A free and Open-Source framework to easily deve... DOWNLOAD
funtype(sfnet) FunType FunType is intended to motivate children who lo... DOWNLOAD
opensnc(sfnet) Open Sonic Open Sonic is a free open-source game based on ... DOWNLOAD
appswing(sfnet) Java Swing Apps Collection Some applications created with Swing (Java 6.0) DOWNLOAD
xmlresumeheader(sfnet) XML Resume headers Just a contrib of headers made via an XML to so... DOWNLOAD
xrecord(sfnet) XRecord An Introspecting Python ORM DOWNLOAD
mosscrypt(sfnet) Mosscrypt IRC client optimized for downloading mp3 music,... DOWNLOAD
anitmt(sfnet) AniTMT AniTMT is a flexible and powerful 3D animation ... DOWNLOAD
jagax(sfnet) JAGAX JAvascript GAme eXperience is a cross-browser a... DOWNLOAD
nevolution(sfnet) NEvolutionMetrics NEvolutionMetrics aims to make it easy to colle... DOWNLOAD
abethernet(sfnet) Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 Ethernet Driver Utilities for reading/writing data in a SLC 5/0... DOWNLOAD
pydi(sfnet) Python Data Integration (PyDI) A lightweight, browsing-based, 100% Python, fed... DOWNLOAD
landlord-game(sfnet) Easy Landlord Fight the Landlord (Dou Di Zhu) is a climbing c... DOWNLOAD
simpleor(sfnet) Simple ORM.NET Simple object relational mapper for .NET applic... DOWNLOAD
qtregister(sfnet) QT register Customisable on-line registration system. DOWNLOAD
ucsniff(sfnet) UC Sniffer A VoIP Sniffer and security tool with some new ... DOWNLOAD
pwrkap(sfnet) Power and Energy Analysis Tools pwrkap are a set of user tools that enable Linu... DOWNLOAD
freenorm(sfnet) FreeNorm FreeNorm is a cross-tabulation web application ... DOWNLOAD
cashduck(sfnet) Midas CashDuck Midas Cashduck is a complete bussiness and stor... DOWNLOAD
sybil(sfnet) sybil Sybil is a web-based software package for compa... DOWNLOAD
serbdict(sfnet) Serbian Dictionary 'Serbian Dictionary' is a bidirectional Serbian... DOWNLOAD
filcab(sfnet) File folder label organizer File folder label generator. Organize a list of... DOWNLOAD
mycat(sfnet) MySQL Administration Tools The MyCAT project is an open-source toolset for... DOWNLOAD
funambol-gmail(sfnet) Funambol Gmail Plug-in and Connector THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED TO THE NEW FUNAMBOL FORG... DOWNLOAD
umigrate(sfnet) uMigrate uMigrate-a universal migration tool DOWNLOAD
il-2msntweeker(sfnet) IL-2 Mission Tweeker IL-2 1946 WWII Flight simulator mission tweekin... DOWNLOAD
libsdl(sfnet) Simple DirectMedia Layer This project is an unoffcial and partial mirror... DOWNLOAD
alud(sfnet) Alud Alud (Ashtray Linux Userspace Driver) is a user... DOWNLOAD
conductorsbeat(sfnet) Conductor's Beat An extremely simple graphical click track gener... DOWNLOAD
yati(sfnet) Yet Another Tetris Implementation This is yet another cross platform(written in j... DOWNLOAD
labminder(sfnet) Lab Minder LabMinder is an encapsulation of the VMware Lab... DOWNLOAD
gfsm(sfnet) gFSM An open source implementation of FSM (Finite St... DOWNLOAD
ardos(sfnet) ARDOS ARDOS é u projeto com a finalidade de criar um ... DOWNLOAD
web2notify(sfnet) Web2Notify Web2Notify is designed to bridge the gap betwee... DOWNLOAD
dskeletallib(sfnet) 2D Skeletal Lib This 2D sceletal animation libary supports Open... DOWNLOAD
gtkcf(sfnet) GtkCodiceFiscale Un comodo tool scritto in python con l'utilizzo... DOWNLOAD
openseamap(sfnet) OpenSeaMap OpenSeaMap's goal is to add nautical and touris... DOWNLOAD
openpace(sfnet) OpenPACE This project aims at an open implementation of ... DOWNLOAD
radsqlprofiler(sfnet) RAD SQL Profiler An SQL profiler and eclipse plug-in for Rationa... DOWNLOAD
aax(sfnet) AAX Desktop AAX Desktop is a suite of desktop applications,... DOWNLOAD
oma(sfnet) Open Meta Archive The Open Meta Archive, OMA, is a multi medial c... DOWNLOAD
pypyme(sfnet) pyPYME Un proyecto 'paraguas' donde organizar, estanda... DOWNLOAD
bash-gchistory(sfnet) Global Command History for BASH This project is an implementation of global com... DOWNLOAD
autoqt(sfnet) autoqt autoqt consists of autoconf m4 macros, Makefile... DOWNLOAD
fquake(sfnet) fQuake fQuake is a comprehensive online QuakeWorld ins... DOWNLOAD
sh-testrunner(sfnet) Stagehand_TestRunner Automated test runners for PHPUnit, SimpleTest,... DOWNLOAD
xebra(sfnet) Xebra Xebra is an open source, cross-platform, thin c... DOWNLOAD
uscis(sfnet) uscis This project design the universal smart card (I... DOWNLOAD
nukak3d(sfnet) Nukak3D 3D medical image platform for visualization and... DOWNLOAD
scriptlang(sfnet) the Script, scripting language Script is a tiny scripting language, build as a... DOWNLOAD
wavc(sfnet) Interactive audiology(hearing) test A basic (uncalibrated) hearing test program. DOWNLOAD
sideprojects(sfnet) Side Projects This is a collection of open source projects th... DOWNLOAD
office2fo(sfnet) Office2fO The Office2FO project is a set of XSLT files wh... DOWNLOAD
cashdown(sfnet) CashDown Share the money. If you with your friends often... DOWNLOAD
cotta(sfnet) Cotta: A better file system A light weight file IO library to ease the use ... DOWNLOAD
citylan(sfnet) CityLAN Allo stato attuale Internet non sara totalmente... DOWNLOAD
myphone(sfnet) MyPhone - Voice and Video Chat client MyPhone is Voice&Video IP Telephony Chat cl... DOWNLOAD
love(sfnet) LOVE LOVE is a free 2D game engine which enables eas... DOWNLOAD
ktimetrace(sfnet) KTimeTrace KTimeTrace is a graphical front end for analog ... DOWNLOAD
libx(sfnet) LibX This Library is an implementation of the Micros... DOWNLOAD
ficheiro(sfnet) ficheiro Ficheiro is a standalone employee management da... DOWNLOAD
mailqui(sfnet) mailqui Mailqui is a PHP software for mail queue manage... DOWNLOAD
listgeek(sfnet) Listgeek Listgeek is a unique thought-capture tool. Coll... DOWNLOAD
hidrosig(sfnet) HidroSIG HidroSIG is a GIS that supports raster and vect... DOWNLOAD
imagemagickapp(sfnet) ImageMagick Application Wrapper This is a .net application written in c# that u... DOWNLOAD
cgcontacts(sfnet) cg-contacts PHP and HTML very quick to install and very sta... DOWNLOAD
abyle(sfnet) abyle firewall-script abyle former pyfwscript - a simple iptables scr... DOWNLOAD
ssmtp(sfnet) Secure SMTP Library SSMTP,nameed after Secure SMTP,is a library to ... DOWNLOAD
gbsa(sfnet) Galaxy-based Search Algorithm In this Project, it is attempted to implement t... DOWNLOAD
loggedfs(sfnet) LoggedFS LoggedFS is a fuse-filesystem which can log eve... DOWNLOAD
mailmin(sfnet) Mailmin Mailmin - a system for remote access and admini... DOWNLOAD
wpedit(sfnet) WPEdit WPEdit is a tool to create or edit WordPress Wo... DOWNLOAD

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