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networks-tb(sfnet) networks.tb networks.tb is a suite designed for analyzing s... DOWNLOAD
springbots(sfnet) Springbots, Genetic Algorithm Springbots is a python application which takes ... DOWNLOAD
antlrv3ide(sfnet) ANTLR IDE An eclipse plugin for ANTLRv3 grammars. Support... DOWNLOAD
propertymapper(sfnet) Property Mapper (moved) Moved to DOWNLOAD
quizbot(sfnet) Quizbot It's a Quizbot like Quizbot on IRC... He gives ... DOWNLOAD
pythonbots(sfnet) PythonBots Pythonbots is a programming contest where progr... DOWNLOAD
simple404(sfnet) Simple404 Provides multi-language 404 error page and can ... DOWNLOAD
hshrex(sfnet) HShreX - Hybrid Shredding of XML HShreX addresses hybrid storage of XML, combini... DOWNLOAD
wutbeta(sfnet) Web Uploader Tool HTTP Web Uploader Tool - a tool designed as an ... DOWNLOAD
j1394cam(sfnet) J1394Cam Java API for FireWire-cameras (IEEE-1394 DC) on... DOWNLOAD
jgrass(sfnet) jgrass The jgrass project has been moved to http://www... DOWNLOAD
cadditives(sfnet) CADditives CADdatives aims to develop opensource additions... DOWNLOAD
hublist(sfnet) Best HUBList - DC++ HUB Management Best HUBList is a DC++ hubs management system t... DOWNLOAD
furbot(sfnet) Furbot A framework to facilitate the learning of compu... DOWNLOAD
novatk(sfnet) NovaTK NovaTK is an object-oriented, cross-platform GU... DOWNLOAD
hq-ms(sfnet) HQ Manager System included HQ FrameWork New Hight Quality FrameWork and Manager System ... DOWNLOAD
autopost(sfnet) Auto post Auto post to your wordpress blog, set the keywo... DOWNLOAD
intelispider(sfnet) InteliSpider Extendable and flexible e-Discovery tool design... DOWNLOAD
pylaunchy(sfnet) pylaunchy pylaunchy is an extension to Launchy's (www.lau... DOWNLOAD
sonylaptoptools(sfnet) Sony laptop tools Many tricks with Sony Vaio multimedia keys/brig... DOWNLOAD
montecarloprj(sfnet) Monte Carlo Analysis for MS Project Monte Carlo analysis is an enhancement to CPM a... DOWNLOAD
messiahtron(sfnet) Messiahtron An emulator and toolchain for an virtualised vi... DOWNLOAD
pearhtmldojo(sfnet) PEAR::HTML_Dojo The purpose of this project is to provide metho... DOWNLOAD
swcbe(sfnet) swcbe An implementation of the smith-waterman algorit... DOWNLOAD
trayplay(sfnet) systray player Systray player is a simple audio player for lin... DOWNLOAD
networkshutdown(sfnet) Network Shutdown script Creator This is a simple program which will connect to ... DOWNLOAD
simtechdiags(sfnet) Simtech Diagnostics SIMTECH Diagnostics is a tool used to easily an... DOWNLOAD
k7103(sfnet) K7103 PC DSO Console Console for the PC DSO kit K7103 from Velleman. DOWNLOAD
nc-framework(sfnet) Natural Computing Framework Natural Computing Framework developed in Object... DOWNLOAD
mathpro(sfnet) MathPro MathPro is a math program capable of performing... DOWNLOAD
judelib(sfnet) Jude JavaScript Library compact, extendable JavaScript library for IE5+... DOWNLOAD
foodsoft(sfnet) Foodsoft Web-based software to manage a non-profit food ... DOWNLOAD
lxsplit(sfnet) lxSplit lxSplit is a tool for splitting files and joini... DOWNLOAD
mtcca(sfnet) MTCCA Monitoring and Tracking Children’s Computer Act... DOWNLOAD
kudos(sfnet) Kudos An Employee is given points at the beginning of... DOWNLOAD
vlcwebplaylist(sfnet) VLC web playlist uploader A simple customization of Video Lan Client (VLC... DOWNLOAD
openblueprint(sfnet) openBlueprint Blueprint for developing applications based on ... DOWNLOAD
bashprogramming(sfnet) Bash Programming Environemnt The Bash Programming Environment (BPE) is a set... DOWNLOAD
nevenametronome(sfnet) Nevenas Metronome Nevenas metronome is a metronome program writte... DOWNLOAD
vcluster(sfnet) Virtual Cluster -- Corona Construct and management virtual clusters which... DOWNLOAD
addattachfilter(sfnet) addAttachFilter This is a filter for Postfix written in PERL wi... DOWNLOAD
wmudmount(sfnet) wmudmount A filesystem mounter that uses udisks to handle... DOWNLOAD
diskio(sfnet) DiskIO Low level disk read/write "physicaldiskX&q... DOWNLOAD
sharpshare(sfnet) Sharpshare Sharpshare, a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) client purely ... DOWNLOAD
ksabe(sfnet) OpenKsabe OpenKsabe (Okzabe): A project to create a libra... DOWNLOAD
circare(sfnet) Circare Search tool based on Tracker. Circare aims for ... DOWNLOAD
netconn(sfnet) Netconn (Network Connection) Una ventana de configuración del protocolo TCP/... DOWNLOAD
lottery(sfnet) Lottery It's a Lottery like Lotto :), It gives some cop... DOWNLOAD
drf-recurfiles(sfnet) DRF - Directory Recursive Files Java Library find all files in a root directory... DOWNLOAD
mobiledeparture(sfnet) Mobile Departure Boards Displays up-to-the-minute UK National Rail sche... DOWNLOAD
mpkgopensolaris(sfnet) Make OpenSource pkg for OpenSolaris The aim of this project is to make available op... DOWNLOAD
bipide(sfnet) Bipide Bipide - IDE para a Arquitetura dos Processador... DOWNLOAD
cl-grabber(sfnet) PHP Contact List Grabber Contact list grabber written in PHP used to imp... DOWNLOAD
open-activewrl(sfnet) Open ActiveWrl Open ActiveWrl is a software development toolki... DOWNLOAD
annuaire(sfnet) Annuaire (Directory) "Annuaire" (Directory) is a tool that... DOWNLOAD
pascal-webdev(sfnet) pascal-webdev Old downloads stored here. DOWNLOAD
tribler(sfnet) Tribler MIRROR ONLY, see Tribler -- an... DOWNLOAD
packetpeeper(sfnet) Packet Peeper Packet Peeper is a network protocol analyzer (o... DOWNLOAD
shf(sfnet) sharedhostffmpeg The shared host ffmpeg is a software fully writ... DOWNLOAD
autofeed(sfnet) autofeed AutoFeed is a java application designed to virt... DOWNLOAD
ciekawostki-php(sfnet) Zbiór ciekawostek [PHP] (losowo wyśw.) Przygotowałem zbiór losowo wyświetlanych na str... DOWNLOAD
quakespasm(sfnet) QuakeSpasm QuakeSpasm is a *Nix friendly Quake Engine base... DOWNLOAD
rndiff(sfnet) rndiff Calculates differences of executable files usin... DOWNLOAD
jsext(sfnet) jsext JSEXT is a framework for JavaScript for server ... DOWNLOAD
freelifecms(sfnet) FreeLifeCMS FreeLifeCMS is a gate in programmed php entirel... DOWNLOAD
dokdb(sfnet) DokDB Dokumentenverwaltung Es werden die Speicherorte... DOWNLOAD
csharpproject(sfnet) MyProject MyProject - simple desktop program for project ... DOWNLOAD
jsclang(sfnet) JSCLang for SuperCollider JSCLang for SuperCollider is as a wrapper for a... DOWNLOAD
libeep(sfnet) libeep The LIBEEP library deals with reading and writi... DOWNLOAD
myman(sfnet) MyMan MyMan is a video game for color and monochrome ... DOWNLOAD
hotpop3(sfnet) HotPOP3 - Free POP3 access to Hotmail WinNT HTTPMail->POP3 service. HotPOP3 is a W... DOWNLOAD
cataclysmos(sfnet) Cataclysmos Online Experimental MMORPG DOWNLOAD
cisco-mig(sfnet) cisco ios switch migration tool This is a collection of three Perl scripts used... DOWNLOAD
flying(sfnet) Flying Hack Tools Suite Now Flying Hack Tools Suite only combine a PE-f... DOWNLOAD
sianwap(sfnet) SianWAP A WAP based sistem, to show the value of the st... DOWNLOAD
adadoc(sfnet) AdaDoc AdaDoc is a tool for developers using the Ada p... DOWNLOAD
beanproxy(sfnet) beanproxy Easily use interfaces as Java Beans for holding... DOWNLOAD
citations(sfnet) Citations v0.0.1 Visualizing references accross papers and publi... DOWNLOAD
phpdetox(sfnet) Detox MVC Engine A simple MVC Engine built in the PHP programmin... DOWNLOAD
vendetta-tbm(sfnet) vendetta-tbm Vendetta is used to manage and visualize distri... DOWNLOAD
jcheck(sfnet) JCheck JCheck is a testing tool for Java similar to Qu... DOWNLOAD
spice2-rebuid(sfnet) Spice2-rebuid The original sources of spice2 from berkeley un... DOWNLOAD
ashkelon(sfnet) ashkelon An online reference tool for Java API documenta... DOWNLOAD
oncrpc-windows(sfnet) oncrpc-windows A windows port of ONC/RPC library. The ONC/RPC ... DOWNLOAD
superficial(sfnet) Superficial Superficial is a fresh approach to design and c... DOWNLOAD
jsptest(sfnet) JspTest JspTest is a JUnit extension for testing JavaSe... DOWNLOAD
aseco(sfnet) ASECO - Automatic Server Control Aseco is a tool written for the racing game Tra... DOWNLOAD
yawl2fsp(sfnet) yawl2fsp DOWNLOAD
gadubot(sfnet) GaduBot It's bot for Gadu-Gadu based on AIML and DotGad... DOWNLOAD
rook(sfnet) ROOK ROOK is multi-session based Intrusion Detection... DOWNLOAD
jret(sfnet) JRET JRET (Java Reverse-Engineering Tool) is a progr... DOWNLOAD
einstalkersgui(sfnet) Einstalker's Nero AAC GUI An easy to use GUI for Nero AAC Encoder and Dec... DOWNLOAD
neuro-fvif(sfnet) Leaky integrate-and-fire model This code performs the finite volume numerical ... DOWNLOAD
workbooktag(sfnet) Excel HTML Editor Tag You want to render an Excel file inside web bro... DOWNLOAD
pypdg(sfnet) pypdg Use Python to create PDF documents. DOWNLOAD
phpfreebridge(sfnet) phpfreebridge phpfreebridge is web based system allowing user... DOWNLOAD
newchrousty(sfnet) newchrousty Oficial newchrousty Coder Committee Service DOWNLOAD
thermalm16(sfnet) ThermalM16 DOWNLOAD
lightbar(sfnet) LightBar Программа предназначена для ускорения доступа к... DOWNLOAD
pyvsb(sfnet) pyvsb A very simple in configuring but powerful backu... DOWNLOAD

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