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montypacker(sfnet) Monty Packer Monty Packer is a very small and usefull tool w... DOWNLOAD
ttf2ttc(sfnet) ttf2ttc ttf2ttc is a collection of the scripts to split... DOWNLOAD
bire(sfnet) Basic Image Resizing and Editing With a camera in hand, I am a maniac and take a... DOWNLOAD
lightweight-ide(sfnet) Lightweight IDE Lightweight IDE (LWP) is a minimalistic, easy t... DOWNLOAD
pfsizeheader(sfnet) Postfix Message Size Header Utility This is a filter that is called from Postfix, a... DOWNLOAD
jchart2d(sfnet) JChart2D JChart2D is a easy to use component for display... DOWNLOAD
tiro(sfnet) Boardnukers VKP Aka TIS TIS TIRO Information System aka PHPNuke Boardnu... DOWNLOAD
applaunch(sfnet) AppLaunch AppLaunch is a MacOS X tool written in Objectiv... DOWNLOAD
isvalidator(sfnet) ISValidator: Java validator routines ISValidator is a flexible routines to validate ... DOWNLOAD
tbookdtd(sfnet) tbookdtd This project hast moved to <https://launchpa... DOWNLOAD
motuasteroids(sfnet) motu-asteroids A Asteroids like game for Linux. Please give me... DOWNLOAD
geckofx(sfnet) GeckoFX GeckoFX is the open-source component for embedd... DOWNLOAD
ughburner(sfnet) ughburner An attempt to create full-functional portable C... DOWNLOAD
otagr(sfnet) Management System OTA This project tries to fulfill the financial man... DOWNLOAD
lightbound(sfnet) LightBound A Java web framework, which provides an easy an... DOWNLOAD
pswem(sfnet) PSWeM - PHP SNMP Web Management PSWeM is a SLM (Service Level Management) soft... DOWNLOAD
sdocument(sfnet) SDocument - free document management SDocument (SoftnewDocument) una soluzione per i... DOWNLOAD
gsmmanager(sfnet) Bluetooth GSM Phone Manager GSM Phone manager with a friendly graphical use... DOWNLOAD
bliss(sfnet) Bliss (Zen and Java) Bliss is a project to provide open source infra... DOWNLOAD
pyobfuscate(freshmeat) pyobfuscate pyobfuscate is a source code obfuscator. It mak... DOWNLOAD
openspreadsheet(sfnet) OpenSpreadsheets Open Office Spreadsheets for Structural Enginee... DOWNLOAD
capi20proxy(sfnet) CAPI 2.0 Proxy (Remote CAPI port) This project is meant to provide ISDN CAPI 2.0 ... DOWNLOAD
cdtech(sfnet) CDTech CDTech is a CD/DVD file name archiver (indexing... DOWNLOAD
wavetree(sfnet) Immutable Sparse Wave Trees 64 bit floating point index & values design... DOWNLOAD
ontocompo(sfnet) OntoCompo This project has started the design of a module... DOWNLOAD
pys60ticker(sfnet) Python S60 Ticker This project includes python symbian modules fo... DOWNLOAD
ppdrag(sfnet) ppDrag ppDrag is an extremely fast Drag&Drop plugi... DOWNLOAD
define(sfnet) define A small and lightweight command line client tha... DOWNLOAD
vexaminator(sfnet) Visual Examinator Bytecode Examinator - This is a gui application... DOWNLOAD
jdicom-buddy(sfnet) jdicom-buddy This is a small application in Java helping to ... DOWNLOAD
niamara(sfnet) Niamara Niamara records the time you spend working on d... DOWNLOAD
moodtrack(sfnet) Moodtrack music-emotion tools Moodtrack contains Python classes for music-emo... DOWNLOAD
ffff(sfnet) FFFF - Fast Floating Fractal Fun FFFF is the fastest Win32/OSX/Linux/IRIX Mandel... DOWNLOAD
hmjavasdk(sfnet) Health Manager Java SDK The Health Manager Java SDK is an interface def... DOWNLOAD
sansalinux(sfnet) SansaLinux Linux for the Sandisk MP3player series Sansa e2... DOWNLOAD
esabeam(sfnet) BEAM - Remote sensing tools The BEAM project has moved away from SourceForg... DOWNLOAD
msvimporter(sfnet) Massive Importer for Maya A Maya plug-in for importing Massive simulations. DOWNLOAD
jmhing(sfnet) JMhing JMhing is a java implementation of the card gam... DOWNLOAD
perwp(sfnet) perwp my personal space ! Show my life ! Like Photos,... DOWNLOAD
twitterly2(sfnet) Twitterly 2.0 The NEXT GENERATION of Twitterly! Currently loc... DOWNLOAD
eflite(sfnet) EFlite Eflite is a speech server for Emacspeak and oth... DOWNLOAD
rrevolution(sfnet) ReveladeRevolution Revelade Revolution is an open-source First Per... DOWNLOAD
antispyd(sfnet) antispyd Antispyd is an HTTP/HTTPS threats filtering pro... DOWNLOAD
pc-ir-remote-vb(sfnet) Simple PC-IR Remote Control (vb) Infrared remote control to stereo systems using... DOWNLOAD
yapa-accounting(sfnet) yapa-accounting - Accounting made simple yapa-accounting, yet another pointless acronym,... DOWNLOAD
jamper(sfnet) Jamper Cross-platform visual XSLT generator DOWNLOAD
jpictools(sfnet) JPicTools The JPicTools project provides Java-based devel... DOWNLOAD
photodatabase(sfnet) PhotoBase This project has moved to DOWNLOAD
wow-pa(sfnet) Panza - WoW Addon Panza: A World of Warcraft UI mod which used to... DOWNLOAD
especially(sfnet) ESpecially Class library written in C++ using OpenGL to di... DOWNLOAD
chemeb(sfnet) Chemical Equation Balancer A small tool helps you to balance the chemical ... DOWNLOAD
ambereh(sfnet) ambereh A drawing application with online, cooperative ... DOWNLOAD
galaxyfighters(sfnet) GalaxyFighters A PHP4, mysql and ajax ScFI-Borwesergame DOWNLOAD
tpps(sfnet) TPPS TPPS is a toolkit to make parallelized paramete... DOWNLOAD
cube42sysframe(sfnet) Cube42 System Framework The Cube42 System Framework is a library of cla... DOWNLOAD
genmdixml(sfnet) TinySemantics - Theme for TinyMCE TinySemantics is a theme/skin for TinyMCE. Its ... DOWNLOAD
timehero(sfnet) TimeHero A project for using multi-agent approach in a R... DOWNLOAD
secms(sfnet) SecMS SecMS is a new messaging system. It will be av... DOWNLOAD
bonaha(sfnet) BonAHA BonAHA allows devices in a local network to dis... DOWNLOAD
bulkimageconver(sfnet) Bulk Image Converter A simple, easy-to-use program for converting mu... DOWNLOAD
systemenergymon(sfnet) System Energy Monitor A utility to measure the energy states of a sys... DOWNLOAD
rando(sfnet) Rando Primarily applied in experimental psychology, w... DOWNLOAD
filesecurity(sfnet) File Security To create a application which is used for file... DOWNLOAD
environ430(sfnet) Environ430 An IDE for msp430 microcontroller.Uses the mspg... DOWNLOAD
lcdatafolder(sfnet) LC Data DOWNLOAD
betatools(sfnet) BetaTools A collection of perl/cgi scripts that makes add... DOWNLOAD
libcisco(sfnet) libcisco A Tcl/Expect package providing an API for acces... DOWNLOAD
aristoteles3d(sfnet) AristotelesViewer - GML3D The AristotelesViewer, a Java3D based 3D-Viewer... DOWNLOAD
jabba(sfnet) Jabba IM Jabba is a Jabber client wrote in java/ DOWNLOAD
libpccc(sfnet) Allen Bradley PCCC(DF1) protocol library This is a library implementing Allen Bradley's ... DOWNLOAD
cdeject(sfnet) CD Ejecter A Program for opening and closing your CD Drive... DOWNLOAD
juca(sfnet) juca JUCA stands for "JUnit Coverage Analyzer&q... DOWNLOAD
ndsromrenamer(sfnet) NDSRomrenamer A simple but effective romrenamer written in Ja... DOWNLOAD
comicbookedit(sfnet) Comic book editor Comic book editor is easy to use software to cr... DOWNLOAD
linuxgym(sfnet) Linuxgym Linuxgym is an online teaching system, develope... DOWNLOAD
libsflow(sfnet) Libsflow LibsFlow is an open source library for parsing ... DOWNLOAD
sphear(sfnet) SPHear SPHear is a coupled smoothed particle hydrodyna... DOWNLOAD
matlababffilere(sfnet) Matlab ABF file Reader Load data from an axoscope abf file in matlab. DOWNLOAD
xmlcomparator(sfnet) XMLComparator Simple tool to compare 2 xml documents. The pro... DOWNLOAD
korglib(sfnet) Korg controllers library for processing Java based library for processing framework to ... DOWNLOAD
verysimplephpup(sfnet) Very Simple Php File Upload It will show of the files that you have uploade... DOWNLOAD
countmydata(sfnet) CountMyData A PHP/Javascript utility to count & analyse... DOWNLOAD
panomatic(sfnet) panomatic A tool to automate the generation of keypoint m... DOWNLOAD
skiwikidi(sfnet) Skiwikidi Wiki-based HTML-Generator Skiwikidi is supposed... DOWNLOAD
jmicromvc(sfnet) JmicroMVC JmicroMVC is a very lightweight Model-View-Cont... DOWNLOAD
corefs(sfnet) CoreFS The goal of CoreFS is to give file system devel... DOWNLOAD
stkwebtrack(sfnet) StkWebTrack Day-to-Day a software developer must handle dif... DOWNLOAD
leinenzwang(sfnet) Leinenzwang GPL-Module für das xt:commerce-Shopsystem zum f... DOWNLOAD
fu2project(sfnet) FU2 Project This is just simple remaster Ubuntu without Off... DOWNLOAD
brotzeit(sfnet) Brotzeit A diet tracker for non-medical purposes. Backen... DOWNLOAD
backgen(sfnet) Back(Ache) Generator Active Server Pages "program" to crea... DOWNLOAD
twinklephone(sfnet) twinklephone To upgrade twinkle phone. http://www.twinklepho... DOWNLOAD
highlightsource(sfnet) Highlightsource.class Highlightsource.class is a PHP class that emula... DOWNLOAD
jsbsimcommander(sfnet) JSBSim Commander JSBSim Commander is a GUI front-end for the dev... DOWNLOAD
d3vscan(sfnet) d3vscan d3vscan is a simple yet powerful network and Bl... DOWNLOAD
tuxbomber(sfnet) Tuxbomber Tuxbomber is a Bomberman-Clone with the famous ... DOWNLOAD
jaoso(sfnet) Jaoso Jaoso is a very simple but powerful content man... DOWNLOAD
officecomlogger(sfnet) officecomlogger Office Communicator Logger is a standalone Wind... DOWNLOAD
zero-g(sfnet) Zero-G A racing game inspired by F-Zero and Gran Turis... DOWNLOAD
upnptest(sfnet) upnptest A windows c++ program to test various libraries... DOWNLOAD

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