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konvert2ogg(sfnet) Konvert2Ogg A full-featured KDE 4 sound conversion tool, de... DOWNLOAD
sudokumania(sfnet) Sudoku Mania! Sudoku Mania! A fully customizable sudoku game ... DOWNLOAD
infocast2tools(sfnet) infocast2tools Client & Server of infocast2 protocol - Cli... DOWNLOAD
xarchive(sfnet) XArchive XArchive is a GTK+ front-end for command line a... DOWNLOAD
dsprocessing(sfnet) DSProcessing DSProcessing is a group of Csharp libraries des... DOWNLOAD
gfisophia(sfnet) GFI Develoment Platform This project intends to provide a generic platf... DOWNLOAD
nullhap(sfnet) nullhap Application to estimate haplotypes and other ge... DOWNLOAD
geeklauncher(sfnet) Geek Launcher Quickly launch applications with a few keystrokes. DOWNLOAD
railsman(sfnet) RailsMan RailsMan allows users of Mac OS X Leopard (10.5... DOWNLOAD
osicon(sfnet) OSIcon This library can retrieve icons from extensions... DOWNLOAD
xenwebmanager(sfnet) XenWebManager Project to manage xenserver/xcp (xen cloud plat... DOWNLOAD
objectmapper(sfnet) AdFactum ObjectMapper .NET The AdFactum Object Mapper is a relational obje... DOWNLOAD
micro-jabber(sfnet) microJabber Jabber client libraries for light java devices ... DOWNLOAD
watinfixture(sfnet) WatiNFixture WatiNFixture is a FitNesse custom fixture that ... DOWNLOAD
bbwiki(sfnet) bbiwiki THIS PROJECT IS NOW CALLED bbiwiki THIS PAGE IS... DOWNLOAD
omov(sfnet) OurMovies yet another movie manager to organize all your ... DOWNLOAD
e3compr(sfnet) e3compr - ext3 compression e3compr (ext3 compression) provides transaprent... DOWNLOAD
xdthemes(sfnet) XDThemes Démonstration de thèmes XOOPS DOWNLOAD
ampcad(sfnet) ampCAD A computer aided dispatch (CAD) solution aimed ... DOWNLOAD
myrooftop(sfnet) RoofTop RoofTop is a network/systems monitoring (NSM) t... DOWNLOAD
scourge(sfnet) S.C.O.U.R.G.E.: Heroes of Lesser Renown S.C.O.U.R.G.E. is a roguelike game with a 3D us... DOWNLOAD
myrseextensions(sfnet) My RSE Extensions - Eclipse Plugin This Eclipse plugin adds some features to the R... DOWNLOAD
eekboek(sfnet) eekboek Accounting software for small and medium-size b... DOWNLOAD
jstreb0r(sfnet) JStreb0r JStreb0r an Application that helps you to teach... DOWNLOAD
centerflow(sfnet) CenterFlow centerFlow is a cool project management tool. I... DOWNLOAD
delicious-java(sfnet) Java API delicious-java is a Java API for interacting wi... DOWNLOAD
jopac2(sfnet) jopac2 JOPAC is a OPAC system developed in Java. The i... DOWNLOAD
freetextbox(sfnet) FreeTextBox FreeTextBox 1.x is an HTML editor control for A... DOWNLOAD
mysqlmaintenanc(sfnet) MySQL Maintenance Script for maintaining (optimizing and repairin... DOWNLOAD
jodeeclipse(sfnet) JodeEclipse JodeEclipse is a plugin for integrating the Jod... DOWNLOAD
easyorganizer(sfnet) Smola EasyOrganizer Simple task organizer with task-dependencies, a... DOWNLOAD
pelletquest(sfnet) Pellet Quest Pellet Quest is essentially a PacMan adventure ... DOWNLOAD
pixeltext(sfnet) PixelText PixelText is a translation technique where the ... DOWNLOAD
natcatalog(sfnet) NATCatalog A Catalog project for IBM "Yazılım Akademi... DOWNLOAD
mlibtorrent(sfnet) MLibTorrent A .NET port of the bittorrent library from rast... DOWNLOAD
joomlascouting(sfnet) Joomla Scouting The Joomla Scouting project provides resources ... DOWNLOAD
yvd(sfnet) Youtube video downloader Youtube video downloader DOWNLOAD
tcobrowser(sfnet) TCOBrowser A Cocoa browser for the TeX Catalogue Online, w... DOWNLOAD
phpfornppplugin(sfnet) notepad++ plugin php script engine Plugin for text editor Notepad + +(both. UNICOD... DOWNLOAD
fileslice(sfnet) Slice Simple command-line file splitter. Split a (bin... DOWNLOAD
openseaq(sfnet) OpenSEAQ A System for Evaluation of Audio Quality, SEAQ DOWNLOAD
sitexplorer(sfnet) siteXplorer siteXplorer is a very flexible and small PHP an... DOWNLOAD
ptestunit(sfnet) PTestUnit PTestUnt is a unit based framework for testing ... DOWNLOAD
nowiam(sfnet) Nowiam Nowiam's job is to ask you, every 15 minutes, w... DOWNLOAD
dva(sfnet) dvorakAnywhere dvorakAnywhere emulates a variant of the German... DOWNLOAD
s3cmd(freshmeat) S3cmd S3cmd is a command line client for storing data... DOWNLOAD
darwingimp(sfnet) Wilber loves Apple DarwinGimp is the SourceForge Project of the Wi... DOWNLOAD
unixmail-w32(sfnet) Unixmail for Windows Package of unix mail tools ported to MS Windows... DOWNLOAD
foundereffect(sfnet) Myriad 2D Engine A 2D Engine aimed to be a robust solution to ha... DOWNLOAD
gspdf(sfnet) GsPdf GsPdf is a open source Fronted to ghostscript t... DOWNLOAD
wamp-ppt-remote(sfnet) Winamp and Powerpoint Remote Control This is an interface to control Winamp and Powe... DOWNLOAD
fixturegallery(sfnet) Fixture Gallery Simple, straight-forward examples of FIT/FitNes... DOWNLOAD
simpleimage(sfnet) sif sif - Simple Image Folder. Put only one php-fil... DOWNLOAD
antro(sfnet) antro Ant profiler: a line-level profiler for Ant bui... DOWNLOAD
interis(sfnet) interis Interis is a hosting management system which pr... DOWNLOAD
gestiferias(sfnet) GestiFérias Aplicação para gestão e controle das férias. DOWNLOAD
amathaon(sfnet) Amathaon Amathaon is an IRC daemon based on Unreal32. Am... DOWNLOAD
antivirupdate(sfnet) antivirupdate Annoyed with the interactive update mechanism o... DOWNLOAD
xmlpullparser(sfnet) SAXP - Streaming API For XML Parsing Implementation of JSR 173 - Streaming API For X... DOWNLOAD
minirighi(sfnet) Minirighi Minirighi is a multi-threading open-source oper... DOWNLOAD
ocaml-magic(sfnet) OCaml Magic OCaml-Magic is an OCaml ( DOWNLOAD
django-live-profiler(freshmeat) Django-live-profiler Django-live-profiler is a low-overhead data acc... DOWNLOAD
hodwol(sfnet) HoD's Wake On Lan HodWol is a customizable wake-on-lan script wri... DOWNLOAD
ppking(sfnet) Web based OS A web based operating system. Webxos privides a... DOWNLOAD
arcaneworkshop(sfnet) Arcane Workshop An AddOn for the popular MMORPG World of Warcra... DOWNLOAD
capitalist(sfnet) capitalist Capitalist is a Monopoly(R)-like board game for... DOWNLOAD
cubiclevim(sfnet) Vim Add-In for Microsoft Outlook cubiclevim is a COM Add-In to allow editing Mic... DOWNLOAD
hmi-usercontrol(sfnet) HMI User Control (EN)The goal of the User Control project is to... DOWNLOAD
mtoolsfm(sfnet) MToolsFM MToolsFM is a GUI frontend for mtools and it ha... DOWNLOAD
herbstluftwm(sfnet) herbstluftwm herbstluftwm is a manual tiling window manager ... DOWNLOAD
nagiosplugincol(sfnet) Nagios Plugin Collection This is a collection of various check scripts f... DOWNLOAD
tinynotes(sfnet) Tiny Notes Tiny Notes is a note/code organizer. It is mean... DOWNLOAD
kpoptray(sfnet) kpoptray a lightweight pop3 mail notification system tra... DOWNLOAD
lcdg15(sfnet) lcdg15 small monitoring utility for G15 Logitech Keyboard DOWNLOAD
landplay(sfnet) Learn and Play XML-based framework for developing games in Act... DOWNLOAD
autoshut(sfnet) AutoShutdown A simple app which helps you to automatically s... DOWNLOAD
clamav-sharp(sfnet) ClamAv# ClamAv# is a Mono language binding for the Clam... DOWNLOAD
crackxl(sfnet) crackXL crackXL is a utility to recover passwords in Mi... DOWNLOAD
cgiscaler(sfnet) CGI C Image Scaler Fast, small, ImageMagick® based CGI image scale... DOWNLOAD
ptest(sfnet) pTest The pTest framework is an OO PHP 5 testing fram... DOWNLOAD
sdlpalmos(sfnet) SDL for PalmOS Port of SDL for PalmOS devices with ARM process... DOWNLOAD
kupkupoyunu(sfnet) kup kup oyunu 3d arcade puzzle game DOWNLOAD
cmdreged(sfnet) CMDREGED CMDREGED is a simple text-mode registry editor ... DOWNLOAD
saberpos(sfnet) Saber POS Latest release build 4.62 is intended to be use... DOWNLOAD
rhyno(sfnet) rhyno RHYNO simulates the High-order Harmonic Generat... DOWNLOAD
markdownj(sfnet) MarkdownJ MarkdownJ is the pure Java port of Markdown (a ... DOWNLOAD
javaobjectbase(sfnet) Java Object Base Java Object Base is an API providing persistenc... DOWNLOAD
osjms(sfnet) Open Source Jail Management System OSJMS is a Jail Management System that stores a... DOWNLOAD
polarscape(sfnet) PolarScape A tagged image explorer for browsing Google Pic... DOWNLOAD
artool(sfnet) Acoustic Research Tool (ART) ART is a flexible simulation framework for wind... DOWNLOAD
tree(sfnet) TREE Data Server The TREE Data Server captures real-time financi... DOWNLOAD
ptemplate(sfnet) PTemplate A different template system for PHP 4. It's lo... DOWNLOAD
es9gestion(sfnet) 9Gestion Moda 9Gestión Moda es una aplicación de gestión de a... DOWNLOAD
filetrim(sfnet) filetrim this tool helps you to trim all your developmen... DOWNLOAD
carnival(sfnet) Carnival - a GUI for Festival a GUI for the Festival speech synthesis program DOWNLOAD
icegroupware(sfnet) ICE Integrated Collaborative Environment ICE (Integrated Collaborative Environment) is d... DOWNLOAD
autoshim(sfnet) AutoShim Tools to build molecular-docking activity predi... DOWNLOAD
sdownloadcenter(sfnet) sDownloadCenter A download center for bulk downloading whole al... DOWNLOAD
networktrafficm(sfnet) NetworkTrafficMeter Open Source Network traffic monitoring software... DOWNLOAD
zfswatcher(freshmeat) Zfswatcher Zfswatcher is ZFS storage pool monitoring and n... DOWNLOAD

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