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shunpingcrm(sfnet) super crm super CRM is an easy to install CRM & ERP s... DOWNLOAD
gameincubator(sfnet) Game Incubator The Game Incubator provides all you need to sta... DOWNLOAD
edif2kicad(sfnet) Edif to KiCad translator An Electronic Definition Interchange Format (ED... DOWNLOAD
windowscp(sfnet) Windows Control Program Windows Control Program is a simple visual basi... DOWNLOAD
imageprocess(sfnet) Image Process A graphical interface to manipulate images. The... DOWNLOAD
antivirus-ht(sfnet) Antivirus for I-Worm Happy Time Source code of an antivirus programmed in Perl ... DOWNLOAD
libconfig(sfnet) libconfig libconfig is a portable and flexible C++ config... DOWNLOAD
dspgateway(sfnet) DSP Gateway DSP Gateway for OMAP 1510, 1610, 1710 and 2420. DOWNLOAD
hackworld(sfnet) Hackworld Hackworld is an online Hacking game. Hack into ... DOWNLOAD
jpgtopdf(sfnet) JPG_to_PDF Command line utility for combining all jpeg fil... DOWNLOAD
revaudiophile(sfnet) Rev Audiophile Sgs4 based rom open source anyone can modify an... DOWNLOAD
macsword(sfnet) Eloquent Eloquent is a powerful Bible study tool for Mac... DOWNLOAD
pocket-crf-1(sfnet) Pocket CRF Pocket CRF is a modified version of CRF++, it m... DOWNLOAD
chilledit(sfnet) ChillEdit A text editor, that will hopefully evolve into ... DOWNLOAD
winbits(sfnet) WinBITS WinBITS is a small download manager that uses t... DOWNLOAD
xml4pcb(sfnet) XML4PCB XML is one way to transfer a Printed Circuit Bo... DOWNLOAD
joy2chord(sfnet) joy2chord This is a userland driver using Linux uinput an... DOWNLOAD
cb-commander(sfnet) CB-Commander CB-Commander is a plugin based tool that tries ... DOWNLOAD
mlife(sfnet) MCagl Life An implementation of John Conway's Game of Life. DOWNLOAD
clearweb25(sfnet) ClearWeb An adult filter system, based on squid for the ... DOWNLOAD
xfardic(sfnet) xFarDic Multilingual Dictionary xFarDic is a comprehensive and feature rich dic... DOWNLOAD
mysql-je(sfnet) MySQL Embedded Library for Java MySQL Embedded Library for Java lets you integr... DOWNLOAD
pru-pra-prok(sfnet) Pru-pra-prok : a cartoon visioner. Make your own cartoons with Pru-Pra-Prok! This ... DOWNLOAD
pyxede(sfnet) pyxede Software for communicating with Xede engine com... DOWNLOAD
openasn1(sfnet) openASN.1 openASN.1 is an Open Source Java toolkit for th... DOWNLOAD
ngpodwc(sfnet) NGPOD Wallpaper Changer NGPOD Wallpaper Changer is a program that is fa... DOWNLOAD
papermark(sfnet) Papermark VLE Papermark is a Virtual Learning Environment for... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-harmony(sfnet) In Harmony with Eclipse This distribution demonstrates two great open s... DOWNLOAD
linuxmediaplay(sfnet) linuxmediaplay Linux media player is high quality music player... DOWNLOAD
sqlt-pp(sfnet) SQLTools++ for Oracle SQLTools++ is a spin-off of the original SQLToo... DOWNLOAD
j3dpathway(sfnet) J3dPathway We propose a metabolic pathway drawing algorith... DOWNLOAD
codeeditor(sfnet) CodeEditor Code editor for a lot of languages like mips, c... DOWNLOAD
koreantable(sfnet) Korean Table Korean Table is a memory trainer using ancient ... DOWNLOAD
flourishplayer(sfnet) Flourish Player Flourish Player aims to be a simple, fully cust... DOWNLOAD
stalkersmodglue(sfnet) Stalkers mod glue This program let you glue together various mods... DOWNLOAD
pspux(sfnet) pspux Linux port for the Sony Play Station Portable (... DOWNLOAD
fileset(sfnet) FileSet FileSet - view and set file attributes. Create ... DOWNLOAD
xiv(sfnet) xiv xiv is a very simple image viewer without UI an... DOWNLOAD
kml(sfnet) Knowledge Markup Language (KML) KML is a knowledge base with support of logical... DOWNLOAD
cpstools(sfnet) cpstools CPS Tools is a collection of many tools I've de... DOWNLOAD
labradmodules(sfnet) LabRAD Modules This project contains a number of LabRAD Module... DOWNLOAD
irrlichtnethack(sfnet) Irrlicht Nethack A Nethack clone built with the Irrlicht game en... DOWNLOAD
relatedcombos(sfnet) Related Combos (Dropdowns) This javascript library will help to relate unl... DOWNLOAD
jcreme(sfnet) JCreme JCreme is an automated interface to the CREME96... DOWNLOAD
moremotion(sfnet) moremotion MoreMotion AF is a Java and Javascript based ap... DOWNLOAD
joomcattreebldr(sfnet) Joomla Category Tree Builder Joomla Category Tree Builder provides UI of Bui... DOWNLOAD
cbshop(sfnet) cbshop The latest information on popular products online DOWNLOAD
cbrtopdf(sfnet) cbr To PDF converter Do you have a problem with a Ebook reader that ... DOWNLOAD
xiehui(sfnet) xiehui Website hosting of xiaogexiehui DOWNLOAD
favwrite(sfnet) favwrite - Homepage Maker Some websites have long names and some have sho... DOWNLOAD
value(sfnet) Value Value is a complete PHP/MySQL and J2EE middlewa... DOWNLOAD
ccdl(sfnet) Canas Corporation Downloader Project unmaintained since 2009. Code is a mess... DOWNLOAD
okvm(sfnet) okvm A low cost software and hardware KVM over IP an... DOWNLOAD
arrakis(sfnet) OpenRTS - real-time strategy game OpenRTS is an open source realtime strategy gam... DOWNLOAD
psfinger(sfnet) Protein Structural Fingerprinting Protein Structural Fingerprinting - implementin... DOWNLOAD
fourthdimension(sfnet) Fourth Dimension Fourth Dimension is an implementation of a time... DOWNLOAD
dataface(sfnet) Xataface Provides extensible and intuitive user interfac... DOWNLOAD
kmush(sfnet) KMush KMush is a simple MU* client intended for the K... DOWNLOAD
psichat(sfnet) Psichat Multiroom-PHP-chat- and community-script. Low r... DOWNLOAD
lftpfs(sfnet) lftpfs LftpFS is FUSE filesystem with caching for smar... DOWNLOAD
westerveld(sfnet) Westerveld Computer Tools Some more or less usefull computer tools. Curre... DOWNLOAD
squidge(sfnet) Squidge BR-6104KP Linux distribution Squidge is a Linux distribution based on OpenWr... DOWNLOAD
simp3d(sfnet) simp3d Phong, Gouraud, Flat shading program (wire-fram... DOWNLOAD
photobooth(sfnet) Photobooth Photobooth is a currently a windows based pytho... DOWNLOAD
dockableform(sfnet) DockableForm A C# .NET implementation of the window docking ... DOWNLOAD
clownproject(sfnet) Clown Clown is a "clustering" framework. It... DOWNLOAD
elleciel(sfnet) Elle Ciel Elle Ciel is a GPL-licensed roguelike set in Ea... DOWNLOAD
nppfiletemplate(sfnet) NPPFileTemplate Notepad++ plugins for file template DOWNLOAD
libjsxml(sfnet) JSXML JavaScript XML/XSLT library is used for client-... DOWNLOAD
elsy(sfnet) Elsy The Free Connectionist Q-learning Java Framewor... DOWNLOAD
gdremote(sfnet) gdremote Provides remote searching to Google Desktop Search DOWNLOAD
netjuggler(sfnet) Net Juggler Net Juggler goal is to provide the necessary s... DOWNLOAD
psicms(sfnet) PSI CMS PSI CMS stands for Personal Simple Intuitive co... DOWNLOAD
dstats(sfnet) dstats Command line descriptive statistics tools DOWNLOAD
gbrainy(sfnet) gbrainy gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to h... DOWNLOAD
tsf(sfnet) tsf tsf is a UNIX/Linux command tool. When invoked ... DOWNLOAD
kissportal(sfnet) Kiss Portal Engine A portal engine for phpBB3 based on Stargate/Ki... DOWNLOAD
showthevote(sfnet) Show the vote Buzzers and crosses simulating those on talent ... DOWNLOAD
chainlink(sfnet) ChainLink Qt4 GUI for scientific data analysis and visual... DOWNLOAD
clg(sfnet) Common Lisp bindings to GTK+ clg is an interface to the GTK+ graphical toolk... DOWNLOAD
voce(sfnet) Voce A speech synthesis and recognition library that... DOWNLOAD
wekagp(sfnet) Genetic Programming Classifier for Weka Genetic Programming (tree structure) predictor ... DOWNLOAD
quicktest(sfnet) QuickTest A simple C++ unit testing framework contained w... DOWNLOAD
psxtool(sfnet) psx psx is a very simple ps like tool that shows th... DOWNLOAD
postnaevidenca(sfnet) Postna evidenca NET Brezplačen (free) program za vodenje evidence o... DOWNLOAD
liberaliantrans(sfnet) liberalian translator A command line program that translates english ... DOWNLOAD
pharmacyautomat(sfnet) Pharmacy Automation System Pharmacy Automatoion System is simple basic sof... DOWNLOAD
projectfactory(sfnet) Factory As an open source project for project managemen... DOWNLOAD
wcfmpq(sfnet) WCF Multiplayer Quiz A Multiplayer Quiz Application for Windows. WCF... DOWNLOAD
caylus(sfnet) Caylus A set of Markov Decision Process algorithms tha... DOWNLOAD
embermud(sfnet) EmberMUD Text-based multi-user on-line RPG. Modelled af... DOWNLOAD
diogene87(sfnet) Diogene87 The diogene87's project is dead. DOWNLOAD
narcisse81(sfnet) Narcisse 81 This project is dead. DOWNLOAD
phatos(sfnet) PhatOS for PhatBox PhatOS is designed to be a full replacement of ... DOWNLOAD
cair(sfnet) cair CAIR is an e-learning project that allow users ... DOWNLOAD
easyvoxbox(sfnet) EasyVoxBox A full featured IP PBX phone system. EasyVoxBox... DOWNLOAD
xentalion(sfnet) Xentalion Various utilities and games created by Xentalio... DOWNLOAD
wiimix(sfnet) Wiimix Composing/Performance tool that uses your gestu... DOWNLOAD
velodyne-driver(sfnet) Velodyne Lidar Driver A C++ driver to provide an interface to the Vel... DOWNLOAD
kstamper(sfnet) KStamper KStamper is program which embed digital waterma... DOWNLOAD

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