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mysteam(sfnet) mySteam mySteam is a free game releasing platform, that... DOWNLOAD
petrapostagger(sfnet) Petra Tag - Spanish POS Tagger Petra POS Tagger is a Spanish tagger written in... DOWNLOAD
searchsmb(sfnet) search smb searchsmb Project: Perl and PHP Version to do s... DOWNLOAD
massiv(sfnet) Massively multiplayer game middleware Massively multiplayer distributed persistent on... DOWNLOAD
kyum(sfnet) KYum KYum is a KDE user frontend (aka GUI) for the R... DOWNLOAD
quickserver(sfnet) QuickServer - TCP server framework QuickServer is an open source Java library/fram... DOWNLOAD
teambb(sfnet) TeamBlibbityBlabbity TeamBlibbityBlabbity is an attempt to document ... DOWNLOAD
phpdivinglog(sfnet) phpDivingLog phpDivingLog is a set of PHP programs used to g... DOWNLOAD
oglcomponent(sfnet) OGLComponent OGLComponent is an OpenGL canvas for .NET Appli... DOWNLOAD
cptreesh(sfnet) is a simple bash script to clone a di... DOWNLOAD
jui_alert(freshmeat) jui_alert jui_alert is a jQuery plugin that provides simp... DOWNLOAD
kauri(sfnet) kauri The Kauri project is a resource-oriented, Java-... DOWNLOAD
ip-updater(sfnet) IP-Updater IP-Updater is a Perl-Script to manage dynamic I... DOWNLOAD
ns2miraclewimax(sfnet) NS2MiracleWimax This projects goal is to develop a WiMAX module... DOWNLOAD
oreprovider(sfnet) oreprovider oreprovider is an add-on service to Fedora Comm... DOWNLOAD
lcmvc(sfnet) PHP Light and Clear MVC Framework Light and clear PHP 5 POO framework based on MV... DOWNLOAD
asammate(sfnet) aSAMMate This project has been moved to the new website:... DOWNLOAD
wincachegrind(sfnet) WinCacheGrind WinCacheGrind is a viewer for cachegrind.out fi... DOWNLOAD
appshare(sfnet) JavelinOrgChart JavelinOrgChart is a class library, written in ... DOWNLOAD
joarse(sfnet) Java Objects for the AR System JOARSE (Java Objects for the AR System) provide... DOWNLOAD
filecloset(sfnet) FileCloset FileCloset is an easy-to-use, fast, database-le... DOWNLOAD
teuthida(sfnet) Teuthida Teuthida is a Linux diagram software for simple... DOWNLOAD
netrisk(sfnet) netrisk Project Dead as of January 2010. NetRisk is a m... DOWNLOAD
g2ex(sfnet) Gunocide II EX Gunocide II EX is a fast paced 2D shoot\\\\\\\'... DOWNLOAD
oopdfimporter(sfnet) PDF Importer The aim of this project is to develop a Portabl... DOWNLOAD
wili-cms(sfnet) Wili-CMS Wili-CMS is planned to be a user friendly WYSIW... DOWNLOAD
glants(sfnet) glAnts-mech - An Ant game simulation glAnts-mech - This project is a combination mec... DOWNLOAD
orangelin(sfnet) OctaneOS Project OctaneOS(Orange Linux) is currently a x... DOWNLOAD
pas-generator(sfnet) PAS Generator The PAS Generator is used for documenting and m... DOWNLOAD
ptomato2(sfnet) p-tomato2 Project Description: This is a game called Prin... DOWNLOAD
bestbooks(sfnet) BestBooks Accounting Framework BestBooks, an Accounting Application Framework ... DOWNLOAD
skype-rec(sfnet) Skype-rec Skpye-rec is a library and wrapper script to al... DOWNLOAD
pgtools(sfnet) pgtools Schema loading and testing tools for PostgreSQL.. DOWNLOAD
jgtl(sfnet) JG Template Library A set of C++ containers, data structures, &... DOWNLOAD
ckipclient(sfnet) ckipclient The CKIP (Chinese Knowledge and Information Pro... DOWNLOAD
raidmaxx(sfnet) raidmaxx raidmaxx is a online Raidorganizer-Tool for Wor... DOWNLOAD
linkedmet(sfnet) Linked Metabolites A GUI-based search tool that allows the explora... DOWNLOAD
mia-chat(sfnet) mia-chat Mia is a web based Ajax chat application develo... DOWNLOAD
wview(sfnet) wview Weather System wview is a unix application for weather station... DOWNLOAD
dcmsee(sfnet) Dicom Explorer Dicom Explorer is a handy tool. It's a small pr... DOWNLOAD
osxrecognition(sfnet) Cocoa Barcode Recognition Cocoa Barcode Scanner Software. The software i... DOWNLOAD
isoworld(freshmeat) Isoworld Isoworld can render 3D isometric cubes from thr... DOWNLOAD
bastard(sfnet) The Bastard A disassembler for the linux platform. Currentl... DOWNLOAD
outgun(sfnet) outgun Outgun is a free, cross-platform 32-player capt... DOWNLOAD
autosftwrupdt(sfnet) autosoftwareupdate autosoftwareupdate allows the automation of App... DOWNLOAD
binge(sfnet) binge binge is an open-source java game engine. It is... DOWNLOAD
libcommon(sfnet) LibCommon !!! The project has been renamed to "liban... DOWNLOAD
genus(sfnet) Genus Document Management A simple document management system including c... DOWNLOAD
phpmlms(sfnet) PHPMyLittleMemberSystem PHPMLMS is a member management system written i... DOWNLOAD
rdvz(sfnet) RDVz RDVZ is a web application for meeting organizat... DOWNLOAD
peeranha42(sfnet) Peeranha42 Peeranha42 is an all-in-one software solution f... DOWNLOAD
efiction(sfnet) eFiction eFiction is a software program that enables use... DOWNLOAD
pctoolsbydavisp(sfnet) PC Tools by Davis PC Mechanics PC Tools by Davis PC Mechanics is a tool used t... DOWNLOAD
jeph(sfnet) jEph jEph is another generic syntax highlighter writ... DOWNLOAD
jhdl(sfnet) Java Hybrid Distance Learning jHDL,is a total integrated e-learning framework... DOWNLOAD
dotshoppingcart(sfnet) DotShoppingCart DotShoppingCart is an ASP.NET and SQL server ba... DOWNLOAD
screenshotnet(sfnet) is a simple Screenshot Tool writ... DOWNLOAD
ivtvplayer(sfnet) IVTV Player This is a suite of programs for PVR TV cards ba... DOWNLOAD
petclinic(sfnet) PetClinic System to control your petshop. DOWNLOAD
knitter(sfnet) knitter Knitter produces a 3-dimensional model of a kni... DOWNLOAD
panicbutton(sfnet) Panic Button Panic Button provides an icon in the Windows sy... DOWNLOAD
codestats(sfnet) CodeStats CodeStats is a tool that counts the number of l... DOWNLOAD
santic(sfnet) Santic Turowy, przeglądarkowy, fantasy MMORPG napisany... DOWNLOAD
path4j(sfnet) Little Prince Robot Simulator - Path4J An easy to extend, highly graphical, easy to us... DOWNLOAD
sosi2other(sfnet) sosi2other Software to translate the geographical format S... DOWNLOAD
xyzse(sfnet) Xyzse Search Engine Xyzse has implemented the essential functions ... DOWNLOAD
emailarchiving(sfnet) Email Archiving Proxy This project consists of a proxy application th... DOWNLOAD
jrackattack(sfnet) JRackAttack Java Implementation of a remote GUI for Waldorf... DOWNLOAD
unilogviewer(sfnet) Universal Log Viewer Windows (.NET) Tool for performing log parsing.... DOWNLOAD
lios(sfnet) Linux-Intelligent-Ocr-Solution Lios is a free and open source software for con... DOWNLOAD
wbsairback(sfnet) WBSAirback Complete storage and backup system with web adm... DOWNLOAD
vesma(sfnet) VESMA VESMA is a Java package which provids classes u... DOWNLOAD
jvl(sfnet) Java List Viewer A Swing table extension which makes it easier t... DOWNLOAD
marcsudoku(sfnet) Marc's SuDoKu Marc's SuDoKu is a complete SuDoKu program with... DOWNLOAD
traffstats(sfnet) TraffStats TraffStats: network Traffic Statistic - is a mo... DOWNLOAD
jerd(sfnet) jerd jerd is an open source framework for server-sid... DOWNLOAD
ravencore(sfnet) RavenCore Control Panel A Free Hosting Control Panel for Linux intended... DOWNLOAD
sof(sfnet) sof SOF (Service Oriented Framework) helps software... DOWNLOAD
webcmd(sfnet) Terrasoft WebCmd WebCmd is an attempt to authentically reproduce... DOWNLOAD
oci(sfnet) odf-converter-integrator odf-converter-integrator is an easy way to open... DOWNLOAD
wbsagnitio(sfnet) WBSVision Is a directory system with many features like e... DOWNLOAD
projgalileo(sfnet) ProjectGalileo Project Galileo at aims to prov... DOWNLOAD
dbmjui(sfnet) dbmjui dbmjui is graphical user interface written in J... DOWNLOAD
roadchase(sfnet) Road Chase 1.0 This is a car racing simulation.A racer is give... DOWNLOAD
agr(sfnet) AGR AGR (Accelerometer Gesture Recogniser) is a lib... DOWNLOAD
polifigate(sfnet) PoliTools A set of useful tools for Politecnico di Milano... DOWNLOAD
communik8r(sfnet) communik8r communik8r is a new email application for phpGr... DOWNLOAD
jui_theme_switch(freshmeat) jui_theme_switch jui_theme_switch is a jQuery plugin that displa... DOWNLOAD
goog-ad-api-cli(sfnet) google-adwords-api-client NOTE: This project has moved to https://sourcef... DOWNLOAD
mod-samoylyk(sfnet) mod_samoylyk It's a fast, dynamic and limited virtual hostin... DOWNLOAD
nasa-exp(sfnet) NASA WorldWind NASA World Wind is a graphically rich 3D virtua... DOWNLOAD
song(sfnet) Sequence Ontology Make it SO. This aim of this project is to dev... DOWNLOAD
raidmaster(sfnet) RaidMaster - World of Warcraft addon A World of Warcraft addon intended to make raid... DOWNLOAD
saukhyamust(sfnet) SaukhyaMust Saukhya-Must is a Web-based basic nursing home ... DOWNLOAD
webret(sfnet) Website Remote Evaluation Tool A suite of tools to carry out remote evaluation... DOWNLOAD
palenque-ngs(sfnet) Palenque Needles in a GigaStack Palenque Needles in a GigaStack is an MPI C pro... DOWNLOAD
whimmp(sfnet) WHImMP WHImMP - Erstellung eines Stichwortverzeichniss... DOWNLOAD
parsegdsii(sfnet) parse_gdsii A tool written in Haskell to parse GDSII (Cal... DOWNLOAD
turfgrass(sfnet) turfgrass Turfgrass is a Systems Operations Display (SOD)... DOWNLOAD
enchantrix(sfnet) Enchantrix addon for World of Warcraft Enchantrix is an addon for World of Warcraft th... DOWNLOAD

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