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xmlpullparser(sfnet) SAXP - Streaming API For XML Parsing Implementation of JSR 173 - Streaming API For X... DOWNLOAD
minirighi(sfnet) Minirighi Minirighi is a multi-threading open-source oper... DOWNLOAD
ocaml-magic(sfnet) OCaml Magic OCaml-Magic is an OCaml ( DOWNLOAD
django-live-profiler(freshmeat) Django-live-profiler Django-live-profiler is a low-overhead data acc... DOWNLOAD
hodwol(sfnet) HoD's Wake On Lan HodWol is a customizable wake-on-lan script wri... DOWNLOAD
ppking(sfnet) Web based OS A web based operating system. Webxos privides a... DOWNLOAD
arcaneworkshop(sfnet) Arcane Workshop An AddOn for the popular MMORPG World of Warcra... DOWNLOAD
capitalist(sfnet) capitalist Capitalist is a Monopoly(R)-like board game for... DOWNLOAD
cubiclevim(sfnet) Vim Add-In for Microsoft Outlook cubiclevim is a COM Add-In to allow editing Mic... DOWNLOAD
hmi-usercontrol(sfnet) HMI User Control (EN)The goal of the User Control project is to... DOWNLOAD
mtoolsfm(sfnet) MToolsFM MToolsFM is a GUI frontend for mtools and it ha... DOWNLOAD
herbstluftwm(sfnet) herbstluftwm herbstluftwm is a manual tiling window manager ... DOWNLOAD
nagiosplugincol(sfnet) Nagios Plugin Collection This is a collection of various check scripts f... DOWNLOAD
tinynotes(sfnet) Tiny Notes Tiny Notes is a note/code organizer. It is mean... DOWNLOAD
kpoptray(sfnet) kpoptray a lightweight pop3 mail notification system tra... DOWNLOAD
lcdg15(sfnet) lcdg15 small monitoring utility for G15 Logitech Keyboard DOWNLOAD
landplay(sfnet) Learn and Play XML-based framework for developing games in Act... DOWNLOAD
autoshut(sfnet) AutoShutdown A simple app which helps you to automatically s... DOWNLOAD
clamav-sharp(sfnet) ClamAv# ClamAv# is a Mono language binding for the Clam... DOWNLOAD
crackxl(sfnet) crackXL crackXL is a utility to recover passwords in Mi... DOWNLOAD
cgiscaler(sfnet) CGI C Image Scaler Fast, small, ImageMagick® based CGI image scale... DOWNLOAD
ptest(sfnet) pTest The pTest framework is an OO PHP 5 testing fram... DOWNLOAD
sdlpalmos(sfnet) SDL for PalmOS Port of SDL for PalmOS devices with ARM process... DOWNLOAD
kupkupoyunu(sfnet) kup kup oyunu 3d arcade puzzle game DOWNLOAD
cmdreged(sfnet) CMDREGED CMDREGED is a simple text-mode registry editor ... DOWNLOAD
saberpos(sfnet) Saber POS Latest release build 4.62 is intended to be use... DOWNLOAD
rhyno(sfnet) rhyno RHYNO simulates the High-order Harmonic Generat... DOWNLOAD
markdownj(sfnet) MarkdownJ MarkdownJ is the pure Java port of Markdown (a ... DOWNLOAD
javaobjectbase(sfnet) Java Object Base Java Object Base is an API providing persistenc... DOWNLOAD
osjms(sfnet) Open Source Jail Management System OSJMS is a Jail Management System that stores a... DOWNLOAD
polarscape(sfnet) PolarScape A tagged image explorer for browsing Google Pic... DOWNLOAD
artool(sfnet) Acoustic Research Tool (ART) ART is a flexible simulation framework for wind... DOWNLOAD
tree(sfnet) TREE Data Server The TREE Data Server captures real-time financi... DOWNLOAD
ptemplate(sfnet) PTemplate A different template system for PHP 4. It's lo... DOWNLOAD
es9gestion(sfnet) 9Gestion Moda 9Gestión Moda es una aplicación de gestión de a... DOWNLOAD
filetrim(sfnet) filetrim this tool helps you to trim all your developmen... DOWNLOAD
carnival(sfnet) Carnival - a GUI for Festival a GUI for the Festival speech synthesis program DOWNLOAD
icegroupware(sfnet) ICE Integrated Collaborative Environment ICE (Integrated Collaborative Environment) is d... DOWNLOAD
autoshim(sfnet) AutoShim Tools to build molecular-docking activity predi... DOWNLOAD
sdownloadcenter(sfnet) sDownloadCenter A download center for bulk downloading whole al... DOWNLOAD
networktrafficm(sfnet) NetworkTrafficMeter Open Source Network traffic monitoring software... DOWNLOAD
zfswatcher(freshmeat) Zfswatcher Zfswatcher is ZFS storage pool monitoring and n... DOWNLOAD
jtreemap(freshmeat) JTreeMap JTreeMap is a directory type data structure. It... DOWNLOAD
fadmin(sfnet) fAdmin It's an administration space for your web site,... DOWNLOAD
xsdmetrix(sfnet) xsdmetrix Simple tool to analyse metric-informations abou... DOWNLOAD
searchtobrowser(sfnet) File search A java program to search thru files for string(... DOWNLOAD
manix(sfnet) manix A free implementation of the MacOS 8/9 userinte... DOWNLOAD
jtri(sfnet) java.tri Java.tri project is an effort to build tools to... DOWNLOAD
batchserver(sfnet) Enterprise Batch Server Enterprise Batch Server will fulfill the needs ... DOWNLOAD
twl(sfnet) TWL This is a small lite scriping language named TW... DOWNLOAD
susie(sfnet) Susie Susie (Scripting Using a Smalltalk Interpreter ... DOWNLOAD
gpsmap(sfnet) gpsmap GPSylon is a Java moving map application that i... DOWNLOAD
datafarm(sfnet) DataFarm DataFarming - A suite of software to support da... DOWNLOAD
sos(sfnet) Son of Service Son of Service (SOS) is a multiuser volunteer m... DOWNLOAD
netadm(sfnet) netadm netadm project provides monitoring tools for n... DOWNLOAD
birne(sfnet) Birne Birne is a CD burning program and acts as a fro... DOWNLOAD
nproxygen(sfnet) NPrOxygen NPrOxygen is a general purpose thin proxy gener... DOWNLOAD
interface(sfnet) InterFace InterFace is a social network chat and messenge... DOWNLOAD
libmsrp(sfnet) libMSRP (Confiance) An open source MSRP (Message Session Relay Prot... DOWNLOAD
pywebgraph(sfnet) Python Web Graph Generator A threaded Web graph (Power law random graph) g... DOWNLOAD
spark3d(sfnet) Spark3D Spark3D - A simple graphics engine, prov... DOWNLOAD
nfa2dfa(sfnet) nfa2dfa A simple component usable for converting a non-... DOWNLOAD
redphantom(sfnet) RedPhantom Servicios para servidores IRCu Hispano con sopo... DOWNLOAD
youtubeblog(sfnet) YouTube Blog A multi-user videolog plataform for posting You... DOWNLOAD
apng2gif(sfnet) APNG to GIF This program converts APNG animations into anim... DOWNLOAD
adrorpg(sfnet) AdroRPG A small, extensible, text-based RPG for use via... DOWNLOAD
aquariomate(sfnet) Aquariomate Aquariomate is a web site allowing monitoring a... DOWNLOAD
mysql-admin(sfnet) MySQL-Admin MySQL-Admin is a simple PHP based administratio... DOWNLOAD
codesounding(sfnet) codesounding CodeSounding is a sonification framework which ... DOWNLOAD
maris(sfnet) MARiS: Radiological OpenSource Project The project is based on the experience carried ... DOWNLOAD
dynalogin(freshmeat) dynalogin dynalogin is a distributed two-factor authentic... DOWNLOAD
w4-workgroups(sfnet) vieW4 (vienna World Wide Web Workgroups) vieW4 (vienna World Wide Web Workgroups) is a c... DOWNLOAD
bxmodeller(sfnet) bxModeller This web-application allows business users to d... DOWNLOAD
ecolinux(sfnet) The Ecolinux Project Ecolinux is a lightweight, up to date and comfo... DOWNLOAD
qupdater(sfnet) QUpdater Qt-Base Updater. Add update ability to your pro... DOWNLOAD
slpasswordsuite(sfnet) SLPasswordSuite SLPasswordSuite offers you multiple choices to ... DOWNLOAD
ncp(sfnet) Nagios Control Panel The nagios control panel is an interface to con... DOWNLOAD
javaini(sfnet) dTool's Java INI Package The aim of this project is to develop a straigh... DOWNLOAD
touchforwindows(sfnet) touch for windows touch for windows is an implementation of the t... DOWNLOAD
pstk(sfnet) PS/Tk Portable Scheme interface to the Tk graphical u... DOWNLOAD
parseperl(sfnet) Parse::Perl The Parse::Perl Project exists to create and ma... DOWNLOAD
unxshbox(sfnet) UnxShBox UnxShBox is a C++ library for Unix, Windows. It... DOWNLOAD
ima2(sfnet) IMA2 - Simple command-line editor. IMA2 Simple command-line editor of binary files... DOWNLOAD
swazoo(sfnet) Swazoo Swazoo (Smalltalk Web Application Zoo) is an op... DOWNLOAD
pywebmail(sfnet) pywebmail PyWebMail is a Python library and POP3 gateway ... DOWNLOAD
hydrate(sfnet) Hydrate = RDBMS «-» Object «-» XML By allowing you to simply and efficiently move ... DOWNLOAD
osmo(sfnet) Osmo Osmo is a plugin for Gaim (and hopefully other ... DOWNLOAD
web-console(sfnet) Web Console Web Console is a web-based application that all... DOWNLOAD
mapmyglobe(sfnet) mapmyglobe MapMyGlobe CMS is a map-based, geolocated, mobi... DOWNLOAD
tribujava(sfnet) Tribu Do you want to share photos, movies and more, w... DOWNLOAD
studentinfosys(sfnet) Student Information System This is a software written in CPP to be used as... DOWNLOAD
mangopublishing(sfnet) Mango Publishing houses need special software that su... DOWNLOAD
baccontigeditor(sfnet) BACContigEditor BACContigEditor is a simple sequence alignment ... DOWNLOAD
ootl(sfnet) The C++ Object Oriented Template Library The C++ Object Oriented Template Library (OOTL)... DOWNLOAD
pilib(sfnet) Platform Independent Library for Fortran Platform Independet Library for Fortran 90/95 -... DOWNLOAD
deity(sfnet) Deity (role-playing game support engine) Deity (pronounced "DEE-ity") is a Gam... DOWNLOAD
mytimekeeper(sfnet) MyTimeKeeper MyTimeKeeper tracks the amount of time the user... DOWNLOAD
dpgencoder(sfnet) DpgEncoder Converts videos that you can play in Windows Me... DOWNLOAD
psyplan(sfnet) PsyPlan - astrology horoscope publisher PsyPlan open-source astrology publisher. Popula... DOWNLOAD
onyct(sfnet) Onyct An .NET application framework that aims to prov... DOWNLOAD

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