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lf1(sfnet) lf(1) lf is a command-line tool to list files in a te... DOWNLOAD
halhud(sfnet) HALHUD A basic HUD to show statistics on players at yo... DOWNLOAD
p620(sfnet) jr239co620 jr239co620 DOWNLOAD
fdc(sfnet) FDC - Flôr De Cunho The FDC application allows coin collectors to k... DOWNLOAD
virtoolsrhino3d(sfnet) Virtools Rhino3D Automation Virtools BBs for automating the 3D modeling env... DOWNLOAD
dbagos(sfnet) DBagos Database API and User Interface to skip making ... DOWNLOAD
octave-swig(sfnet) octave-swig SWIG language module for Octave DOWNLOAD
dreamsviewer(sfnet) Dreams viewer Dreams viewer is a simple Java-swing image view... DOWNLOAD
slycat(sfnet) slycat This is Slycat - a web-based data science analy... DOWNLOAD
sculptaire(sfnet) Sculptaire Sculptaire is a simple program to help you prev... DOWNLOAD
mg-odl(sfnet) Mystic Galaxies Open Distance Logger Mystic Galaxies' Open Distance Logger is a prog... DOWNLOAD
projetyoda(sfnet) Projet Yoda The Yoda project in for objective to realize th... DOWNLOAD
compagno(sfnet) Compagno Compagno is an application that will perform th... DOWNLOAD
theopencrm(sfnet) OpenCRM OpenCRM is a CRM/ERP Application. It organizes ... DOWNLOAD
groux(sfnet) groux Another PHP MVC framework. Goals are: cakephp'... DOWNLOAD
yaha(sfnet) Yaha! Yaha! is a math game where players compete to c... DOWNLOAD
javamicroweb(sfnet) JavaMicroWeb Light weight java classes used to create HTML p... DOWNLOAD
projectmanhattan(sfnet) Project Manhattan DOWNLOAD
our(sfnet) Open Unified Recording Open Unified Recording (OUR) is a full featured... DOWNLOAD
enable-viacam(freshmeat) Enable Viacam Enable Viacam (eViacam) is a mouse replacement ... DOWNLOAD
wotlas(sfnet) Light And Shadow A Java Persistent Universe based on Robert Jord... DOWNLOAD
denzosoft(sfnet) DenzoSOFT Extended set of tools, libraries and applicatio... DOWNLOAD
pfsearch-rus(sfnet) PerlfectSearch in Russian Everybody knows the Perlfect Search distributed... DOWNLOAD
virtualmips(sfnet) VirtualMIPS VirtualMIPS is an emulator of MIPS based Soc. DOWNLOAD
eee-applet(sfnet) Eee Applet Eee Applet is a systray applet for monitoring E... DOWNLOAD
tume(sfnet) TuME The Turing Machine Emulator DOWNLOAD
cdclock(sfnet) cdclock I couldn't find free timer that will stay above... DOWNLOAD
javascriptable(sfnet) Javascriptable Javascriptable is a lightweight yet powerful ge... DOWNLOAD
otrload(sfnet) OTRload The Open Source OTR Download Manager. The code ... DOWNLOAD
mysmartbb(freshmeat) MySmartBB MySmartBB is a bulletin board system that aims ... DOWNLOAD
midess(sfnet) MIDAS Essentials Pack Open Source Delphi components for MIDAS DOWNLOAD
launch-admin(sfnet) LaunchAdmin Launch Admin for Windows XP allows users using ... DOWNLOAD
pretimer(sfnet) PreTimer PreTimer is an application built in Visual C++ ... DOWNLOAD
upd(sfnet) Graphical DynDns updater for Linux This program is a Graphical Dynamic DNS updater... DOWNLOAD
pywombat(sfnet) pyWombat pyWombat is a Python encapsulation layer for th... DOWNLOAD
icrypt(sfnet) iCrypt iCrypt is an easy to use gui program written in... DOWNLOAD
stripes-stuff(sfnet) Stripes Stuff A collection of plugins, extensions and integra... DOWNLOAD
pidgin-gpg(sfnet) PIDGIN-GPG A plugin written in C which allow GNUPG encrypt... DOWNLOAD
encryptthis(sfnet) encryptThis This application aims to be a simple, small and... DOWNLOAD
gamebrowser(sfnet) GameBrowser This tool has been created to easily start and ... DOWNLOAD
trayfreq(sfnet) Trayfreq Trayfreq is a GTK+ application released under ... DOWNLOAD
itjobtrack(sfnet) IT Support Jobtrack System Easy-to-use elegent IT Support Job Tracking Sys... DOWNLOAD
schibo(sfnet) 1964 1964 is a popular Nintendo64 Emulator for Windo... DOWNLOAD
cait(sfnet) Communicative A.I. Technology Communicative A.I. Technology, I just call her ... DOWNLOAD
otva(sfnet) OpenTvArchitecture Do you manage a single channel tv or web-tv and... DOWNLOAD
tymeacdse(sfnet) TymeacDSE TymeacDSE is a Fork-Join application server emp... DOWNLOAD
easystruts(sfnet) EasyStruts EasyStruts provide advanced support for develop... DOWNLOAD
lily4jedit(sfnet) LilyPondTool for JEdit LilyPond editor based on JEdit, implemented as ... DOWNLOAD
projeto-messias(sfnet) Projeto Messias - Ajudando o mundo Linux Projeto mantido por Júlio C. B. Monqueiro e Ala... DOWNLOAD
island(sfnet) Island Island is a Serverless LAN Based Instant Messag... DOWNLOAD
blorple(sfnet) Blorple IF Browser Blorple is a Java-based browser program for wor... DOWNLOAD
papazulu(sfnet) Papazulu This is a program that creates one-time-pads, e... DOWNLOAD
automatedoraclechecks(sfnet) Automated Oracle Checks In the first phase the queries used for checkin... DOWNLOAD
leifgame(sfnet) Leif Game Leif Game is a collection of games/pictures/mov... DOWNLOAD
scache-2(freshmeat) Scache Scache is a different approach for PHP session ... DOWNLOAD
cmddist(sfnet) CmdDist CmdDist, which stands for "Command Distrib... DOWNLOAD
retratos(sfnet) ReTraTos ReTraTos is a toolbox to build linguistic resou... DOWNLOAD
jairstrike(sfnet) JAirStrike 2 players 2D aircraft dogfight java game using ... DOWNLOAD
jwakeup(sfnet) Java WakeUp Server Small Java webapp to wake up machines in a LAN. DOWNLOAD
utopiacms(sfnet) Utopia CMS Utopia is a PHP 5 CMS, intended to support the ... DOWNLOAD
uzi2d(sfnet) Uzi2d Uzi2d is an OpenGL-powered 2d game library. Fe... DOWNLOAD
pokertimezilla(sfnet) Pokertimezilla A platform independent poker timer. DOWNLOAD
libsudo(sfnet) libsudo The libsudo library lets your C/C++ application... DOWNLOAD
browsella(sfnet) Browsella Browsella is an open source web browser designe... DOWNLOAD
arranger(sfnet) Arranger An application written in visual basic.NET for ... DOWNLOAD
migrationsimulationgame(sfnet) Migration Simulation Game Migration is a simulation strategy game. The go... DOWNLOAD
hermian(sfnet) Hometalk ERa MESsager HERMES: A Home control platform, with an easy i... DOWNLOAD
fdrc(sfnet) FreeDOS Resident Calculator FreeDOS Reisdent Calculator -- programmer's TSR... DOWNLOAD
autologin(sfnet) Autologin AutoLogin is a Perl based broadband Auto dialer... DOWNLOAD
envymycar(sfnet) nvmc eNVyMyCar is a simple LAN multiplayer game inte... DOWNLOAD
photospace(sfnet) photospace Photospace is an open platform for searching, v... DOWNLOAD
febrl-gen(sfnet) febrl-gen febrl-gen is a Java-based frontend to Febrl, an... DOWNLOAD
mirrorzone(sfnet) Tecplot Journaled Mirroring Add-On This add-on introduces journaled mirroring of z... DOWNLOAD
finevayler(sfnet) Finevayler Finevayler is Java library aimed to overcome so... DOWNLOAD
phpbib(sfnet) phpBib phpBib is PHP-MySQL-only-based literature manag... DOWNLOAD
wafp(sfnet) Web Application Framework for php Once finished, wafp will be used to generate fl... DOWNLOAD
gnoegergnadern(sfnet) Gnoegergnadern Gnoedergnadern is a for the ps3 linux optimized... DOWNLOAD
pwatch(sfnet) PWatch This simple tool aims to provide a method to me... DOWNLOAD
pi-find(sfnet) PI-FIND PI-FIND est un intranet de référencement Permet... DOWNLOAD
x-phase(sfnet) Codename: X-Phase Codename: X-Phase is a simple online first pers... DOWNLOAD
steganography(sfnet) Steganography Hides any archive file inside any image, when o... DOWNLOAD
ghostzilla(sfnet) Ghostzilla Ghostzilla was an open source web browser for M... DOWNLOAD
rapiercpp(sfnet) Rapier C++ Application Framework Rapier C++ is a C++ based Application Framework... DOWNLOAD
chateau(sfnet) Chateau Chateau: Chateau is an Open Source Chat clie... DOWNLOAD
urlsshots(sfnet) URLsShots Software for capturing Web page. Images can be ... DOWNLOAD
scrabaid(sfnet) Scrabaid This project is aimed at developing an intellig... DOWNLOAD
lgame(sfnet) LGame LGame to tekstowa gra w konsoli typu RPG. Wersj... DOWNLOAD
robinsprograms(sfnet) Robin's Programs Programs that Robin made! ^.^ DOWNLOAD
caissystem(sfnet) CaIS System M Technology developer DOWNLOAD
hsxmlmakergui(sfnet) HSxmlMakerGUI Provides a user-friendly GUI wrapper to call th... DOWNLOAD
xel-naga(sfnet) Xel-naga Very top secret project :D DOWNLOAD
assemblyview(sfnet) AssemblyEditor The Editor for the Intermediate Language on Win... DOWNLOAD
lfsbuddy(sfnet) LFSB NA DOWNLOAD
virtuflash(sfnet) VirtuFlash: A Virtual Flash Card Program Virtu Flash: A virtual flash cards program, bas... DOWNLOAD
browsecvs(sfnet) phpBrowseCVS phpBrowseCVS is a set of php scripts allowing y... DOWNLOAD
proshield(sfnet) ProShield ProShield is a security program for Ubuntu/Debi... DOWNLOAD
higher(sfnet) Higher In higher you must build a tower as high as you... DOWNLOAD
cnk(sfnet) OpenSnake OpenSnake is an open source snake game (a clone... DOWNLOAD
genericcrawler(sfnet) Generic Web Crawler (GWC) A toolkit for crawling information from web pag... DOWNLOAD
freelancercal(sfnet) Freelancer calendar Calendar for freelancers. You keep customers , ... DOWNLOAD

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