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nwfp(sfnet) Network Watchfolders for Picasa Automatically adds and removes selected folders... DOWNLOAD
whcms(sfnet) whCMS whCMS is an easy to use CMS which deals with mo... DOWNLOAD
sitce(sfnet) sitce This is a script for Photoshop to change hue, s... DOWNLOAD
mvboscript(sfnet) MVBOScript Uma ferramenta no estilo Template Engine que vi... DOWNLOAD
parsel(sfnet) ParseL ParseL is a 3D Lindenmayer system generator and... DOWNLOAD
bsml(sfnet) BSML A Perl object layer for representing BSML(Bioin... DOWNLOAD
sabnzbd(sfnet) SABnzbd A web-interface based binary newsgrabber writte... DOWNLOAD
dasty(sfnet) Dasty Dasty is a web client for visualizing protein s... DOWNLOAD
qmerge(sfnet) Queue-Merge QMerge is a frontend/addon to the gentoo portag... DOWNLOAD
sshm(sfnet) sshm sshm is a little command line tool, with that y... DOWNLOAD
dyngraphe(sfnet) dynGraph dynGraph est un module de FactoMineR qui permet... DOWNLOAD
xwam(sfnet) XWAM Web Application Framework XWAM is a client-side framework build on top of... DOWNLOAD
snpanalysis(sfnet) SNP/Indel Analysis This is a Perl module for doing snp analysis ba... DOWNLOAD
perfectday(sfnet) perfectday Perfectday is a turn strategy game. The player ... DOWNLOAD
proptranslator(sfnet) NickelsWebtranslator NickelsWebtranslator is a simple web-based appl... DOWNLOAD
bugtime(sfnet) bugtime BugTime is an open source bug tracking system w... DOWNLOAD
opentender(sfnet) OpenTender OpenTender is software which allows an organisa... DOWNLOAD
patmus(sfnet) Patmus Bibliographic References Manager Patmus is a bibliographic reference manager tha... DOWNLOAD
otter(freshmeat) Otter Otter is a layer of usability enhancements to t... DOWNLOAD
testopia(sfnet) Testopia Bugzilla Testopia is a web-based test case mana... DOWNLOAD
zdlsharp(sfnet) ZDLSharp ZDLSharp is a C# porting of the ZDL utility for... DOWNLOAD
grsshopper(sfnet) gRSShopper gRSShopper is an application that allows you to... DOWNLOAD
homerecipes(sfnet) HomeRecipes Application for sharing and storing recipes. Se... DOWNLOAD
libbfcp(sfnet) libBFCP An open source BFCP (Binary Floor Control Proto... DOWNLOAD
hdc(sfnet) hdc Home Digital Center (HDC) Project is an open so... DOWNLOAD
toolchain(sfnet) precompiled toolchains I compile toolchains for who doesn't have time ... DOWNLOAD
microfinitrogen(sfnet) Microfi Nitrogen Nitrogen is a full-featured MP3 player for Pock... DOWNLOAD
tymeacse(sfnet) TymeacSE TymeacSE is a full-feature, multi-threading, fo... DOWNLOAD
log4j-eclipse(sfnet) Eclipse log4j plug-in This project provides visual tool to help log4j... DOWNLOAD
calcuthon(sfnet) Calcuthon Calcuthon is an open source command line calcul... DOWNLOAD
pokerjournal(sfnet) PokerJournal for PalmOS A journal for poker wins and losses for the Pal... DOWNLOAD
gna-jorm(sfnet) java OR-Mapper Lightweight high performance Object Relational ... DOWNLOAD
xcover(sfnet) xCover xCover is a C/C++ library that uses low-impact ... DOWNLOAD
sudoku-puzzle(sfnet) Sudoku-Puzzle JavaScript Sudoku is a logical game. The user has to place... DOWNLOAD
regextester(sfnet) RegEx Tester With RegEx Tester you can fully develop and tes... DOWNLOAD
yaxoo(sfnet) YAXOO - Yet Another XOOps YAXOO (Yet Another XOOps) - Learn about XOOPS C... DOWNLOAD
tamilfirefox(sfnet) Tamil Firefox This project is created to translate Firefox to... DOWNLOAD
arrangemaillog(sfnet) Arrange Mail Log Another Postfix's log analysis tool. It read ma... DOWNLOAD
viewexe(sfnet) view.exe An open source replacement to the MS-DOS comman... DOWNLOAD
pynger(sfnet) Pynger Pynger is a simple remote monitoring tool for w... DOWNLOAD
openadam(sfnet) openADAM openADAM is a web-based database management sys... DOWNLOAD
ezbootstrapper(sfnet) ezBootstrapper perl command line tool for carrying out simple ... DOWNLOAD
leopardassist(sfnet) LeopardAssist LeopardAssist assists in the process of install... DOWNLOAD
mapaaudio(sfnet) mapaaudio A52a audio track mapper DOWNLOAD
freebirth(sfnet) Freebirth Freebirth consists of a 3 oscillators bass synt... DOWNLOAD
cmibluetooth(sfnet) CMi (with Bluetooth) An intuitive and easily expandable platform for... DOWNLOAD
gmarsclock(sfnet) gMarsClock gMarsClock is a clock applet for the GNOME pane... DOWNLOAD
erdictionary(sfnet) ER English to Bengali Dictionary ER Dictionary ( English to Bengali Dictionary )... DOWNLOAD
lgvrp(sfnet) lgvrp LGVRP is an open source GVRP/GARP implementatio... DOWNLOAD
sonicflow(sfnet) Sonic Flow Sonic Flow are C/C++ libraries for dataflow-ori... DOWNLOAD
pysolar(sfnet) Pysolar Pysolar is a Python library for calculating the... DOWNLOAD
catbot-p2p(sfnet) CatBot CatBot is a proposed open source system for eas... DOWNLOAD
feigbot(sfnet) FeigBot FeigBot is an IRC bot written in C providing: a... DOWNLOAD
nagiosla(sfnet) NagioSLA Nagios is one of the most popular open source m... DOWNLOAD
j3dpsv(sfnet) J3DPSV J3dPSV 1.0 is a graphical application package f... DOWNLOAD
helm4apppacks(sfnet) Helm 4 Application Packs Here you can find all the Helm 4 Application Pa... DOWNLOAD
thezombieengine(sfnet) The Zombie Engine The Zombie engine is an open source game engine... DOWNLOAD
bisc(sfnet) bisc bisc is the tool for validating and searching b... DOWNLOAD
goim(sfnet) Gamers Own Instant Messenger GOIM is a Jabber client with special features t... DOWNLOAD
timebreach(sfnet) Time Breach Time Breach is a Massively Multiplayer Online R... DOWNLOAD
gridauth(sfnet) GridAuth GridAuth is a user credential management system... DOWNLOAD
plastk(sfnet) PLASTK A Python class library of tools for learning ag... DOWNLOAD
taicommander(sfnet) TAI Commander The 3D file manager, (replacement of Windows Ex... DOWNLOAD
dut(sfnet) Dave's Unit Test Dave's Unit Test (DUT) is a simple infrastructu... DOWNLOAD
ipccwallboard(sfnet) IPCC Wallboard IPCC Wallboard gathers realtime information fro... DOWNLOAD
mzz19ticker(sfnet) mzz19ticker a mysql php text ticker script. when created t... DOWNLOAD
sgrm(sfnet) semantic-based Grid resource management System developed by Autonomous Semantic Grid re... DOWNLOAD
trindikit(sfnet) trindikit TRINDIKIT is a toolkit for building and experim... DOWNLOAD
ttinterfaces(sfnet) Test Tool Interfaces Test Tool Interfaces is an initiative to standa... DOWNLOAD
myaccounting(sfnet) My Accounting This is a free Accounting software using DOWNLOAD
sqlfileexec(sfnet) SQL File Executor A simple application that will accept a file of... DOWNLOAD
drogue(sfnet) drogue drogue (dercz rogue) - occult roguelike game wr... DOWNLOAD
pootzmod(sfnet) DreaMule It´s a ed2k file sharing client, done for easy ... DOWNLOAD
freebsdmangos(sfnet) Mangos Server FreeBSD Binarys This is just my collection of the fantastic MAN... DOWNLOAD
dtd2php(sfnet) dtd2php Convert xml dtd's to object orientated php code... DOWNLOAD
webtestfixtures(sfnet) Webtest Fixtures WebTest Fixtures library is a bridge between tw... DOWNLOAD
whowatch(sfnet) Whowatch Whowatch is an interactive, ncurses-based, proc... DOWNLOAD
mosugarinsert(sfnet) mosugarinsert This SugarCrm (made for sugarcrm 5.2) Quick Cas... DOWNLOAD
mathlib3d(sfnet) MathLib3D - 3D Math Library MATHLIB3D: MATHLIB3D is a Vector/Matrix/Quatern... DOWNLOAD
scubadivingtool(sfnet) Scuba Diving Tools The goal of this project is to create a series ... DOWNLOAD
hostilesecurity(sfnet) Hostile Security This is an automated, easy to use linux based t... DOWNLOAD
osal(sfnet) OS Abstraction Layer The OS Abstraction Layer (OSAL) project is a sm... DOWNLOAD
zinc-if(sfnet) Zinc Interactive Fiction Interpreter Zinc allows you to play text adventure games ei... DOWNLOAD
traviantool(sfnet) Tool For Travian Make the Travian Player's life easier. DOWNLOAD
j4php(sfnet) J4PHP J4PHP is an application framework for PHP5 insp... DOWNLOAD
ffmpeginstall(sfnet) ffmpeginstall ffmpeginstall is a full ffmpeg-php configurati... DOWNLOAD
hiruhiplayer(sfnet) Hiruhi Media Player Hiruhi Media Player. It now supports remote con... DOWNLOAD
musicscales(sfnet) Musical Scale builder This program allows you to choose a root note (... DOWNLOAD
mfeproject(sfnet) Moving Finite Elements The Moving Finite Elements project hosts a coll... DOWNLOAD
provision(sfnet) Provision Provision application is done for managing comp... DOWNLOAD
micrologger(sfnet) MicroLogger Micro Logger is an application for radio-amateu... DOWNLOAD
festaph(sfnet) The Festa Philosophy The Festa Philosophy is a combination of a JEE5... DOWNLOAD
autositephp(sfnet) AutositePHP Content Management System AutositePHP is a content management system (CMS... DOWNLOAD
micrognu(sfnet) MicroGNU MicroGNU is a newly developed site dedicated to... DOWNLOAD
sfuploader(sfnet) SFUploader Java based automated FRS file uploader. DOWNLOAD
epass(sfnet) College Techfest Management System ePass is a software that helps the process of k... DOWNLOAD
tixean-chat(sfnet) Tixean chat A lightweight but powerful web chat based on AJAX DOWNLOAD
antlraux(sfnet) antlraux antlraux is a java package thought to be used i... DOWNLOAD
mtproject(sfnet) Mt's Project-moded TBDEV.NET This is my edition(moded) of TBDEV.NET's Tracker. DOWNLOAD
antlets(sfnet) Antlets Scripting for Ant projects DOWNLOAD

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