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tinygraphs(sfnet) TinyGraphs - Sparklines for Excel TinyGraphs is an open source Excel add-in that ... DOWNLOAD
softpad(sfnet) Softpad Softpad is a simple, tabbed Notepad like progra... DOWNLOAD
advancedpaint(sfnet) advancedpaint Made in 09 we are currently bringing this proje... DOWNLOAD
help-desk-tool(sfnet) Best Help Desk Tool If you are searching best help desk tool for yo... DOWNLOAD
itopmobile(sfnet) itopmobile Android client for iTop CMDB, displays your ope... DOWNLOAD
fmac(sfnet) fmac & WLAN-Tools & partutils fmac is a tool for Windows 2000/XP which is abl... DOWNLOAD
javadiff(sfnet) JDiff - HTML report of API differences JDiff is a Javadoc doclet which emits an HTML r... DOWNLOAD
sfidirector(sfnet) Node Director The Node Director is a tool for managing distri... DOWNLOAD
contra-paganos(sfnet) Contra paganos bot and ide for wikipedia edit check (like vand... DOWNLOAD
perfmonger(freshmeat) PerfMonger PerfMonger is an yet another performance monito... DOWNLOAD
wiso-project(sfnet) wiso-project Wiso is a Iso web framework written in HTML/Jav... DOWNLOAD
make-generator(sfnet) MakeGENerator - The Makefile GENerator MakeGENerator is a highly customizable standalo... DOWNLOAD
muop-ws(sfnet) MUOP_WS MUOP_WS is a service container like Lotus Notes... DOWNLOAD
bayimggrep(sfnet) bayimggrep A tool which allows you to download all erotic ... DOWNLOAD
php-fctcalltrac(sfnet) PHP_FunctionCallTracer Creates a function calls debug trace. Functions... DOWNLOAD
nwurfl(sfnet) Somms.NWURFL WURFL API for .NET (C#). This API design is foc... DOWNLOAD
crazychat(sfnet) crazy chat Crazy chat is writed in php DOWNLOAD
cm10u8800(sfnet) CM10-U8800 This is Android 4.1.2 JellyBean for Huawei Ideo... DOWNLOAD
txx(sfnet) txx cms Opensource CMS - free content management system... DOWNLOAD
ssha-attack(sfnet) SSHA Attack SSHA Attack is a small prog for pen testers and... DOWNLOAD
xdock(sfnet) xdock An dock server that emulates Window Maker dock ... DOWNLOAD
rangepicker(sfnet) Javascript date range picker This is a simple DHTML javascript date picker, ... DOWNLOAD
wimovo(sfnet) wimovo DOWNLOAD
netpackclean(sfnet) Network Packet Cleaner New: Network View... still bugged but I'm work... DOWNLOAD
aophp(sfnet) Aspect-Oriented PHP aoPHP is an extension to PHP that enables PHP p... DOWNLOAD
datso4m(sfnet) DatsoGallery is a Mambo picture gallery DatsoGallery is a Mambo picture gallery compone... DOWNLOAD
wheeler(sfnet) Wheeler Wheeler is a Java applet for calculating photon... DOWNLOAD
jabbercom(sfnet) JabberCOM A Win32 COM (Component Object Model) component ... DOWNLOAD
openikev2(sfnet) OpenIKEv2 OpenIKEv2 is an open source IKEv2 implementatio... DOWNLOAD
machttp(sfnet) MacHTTP MacHTTP is the original Web server created for ... DOWNLOAD
assimilator(sfnet) Assimilator Assimilator is a set of tools and services prov... DOWNLOAD
autotax(sfnet) Autotax pdf forms Autotax is a set of Adobe Acrobat US tax forms ... DOWNLOAD
urivalidator(sfnet) URI Validation Expressions Simple regular expression-based URI validation,... DOWNLOAD
daisuke-edit(sfnet) Daisuke-Edit Daisuke-Edit is a IDE for the Texas Instruments... DOWNLOAD
clusteripmgr(sfnet) clusterIpManager Cluster-Manager Daemon that uses Netfilter clus... DOWNLOAD
mypyspace(sfnet) MyPySpace Various tools for analysis of mySpace relations... DOWNLOAD
demonsfromspace(sfnet) Demons From Space This is a simple Space Invaders clone with more... DOWNLOAD
rot-circls-form(sfnet) Rotating Circles Form This is a demonstration of how Windows Regions ... DOWNLOAD
openbizmap(sfnet) OpenBizMap A complete map analytics platform with task man... DOWNLOAD
convhoras(sfnet) Time Converter This converts Hour and minutes fraction to hour... DOWNLOAD
multixoops(sfnet) MultiXoops - Multisite XOOPS - MultiX MultiXoops is a Multisite Hack for the Xoops CM... DOWNLOAD
cmpctmeshgen(sfnet) Compact Mesh Generator Compact Mesh Generator, written in ANSI-C. Par... DOWNLOAD
mini-ini(sfnet) MINI-ini MINI is a simple INI file API. MINI does not re... DOWNLOAD
helpdesktool(sfnet) Help Desk Tool For CMSs eAssistance pro help desk tool is easily incorp... DOWNLOAD
rdrpostagger(sfnet) RDRPOSTagger RDRPOSTagger is a robust, easy-to-use and langu... DOWNLOAD
stufforganizer(sfnet) Stuff Organizer Stuff Organizer is a catalog application. You c... DOWNLOAD
muclm(sfnet) MUCLM - My Uber Cool LDAP Manager An advanced web-based LDAP manager that has obj... DOWNLOAD
baseclasses(sfnet) DirectShow Base Classes Translation of DirectShow Base Classes from C++... DOWNLOAD
kools(sfnet) Collection of Kondor+ tools. Kools is a collection of tools and applications... DOWNLOAD
jomm(sfnet) JOMM JOMM is a "Java Object Model Mapping"... DOWNLOAD
sanshi(sfnet) Sanshi Sanshi is HTTP requests generator. You can use ... DOWNLOAD
diago(sfnet) diago "diago" is the dialog-based system to... DOWNLOAD
snmponodrim(sfnet) snmponodrim Reader of base MBI from SNMP Agent DOWNLOAD
dvvfp3530t(sfnet) DVV_FP3530T OLE-сервер для фискального регистратора Datecs ... DOWNLOAD
toy-bricks(sfnet) toy-bricks Bricks is a 3D game framework that is written i... DOWNLOAD
daffpix(sfnet) daffpix Allows to browse pictures from, requi... DOWNLOAD
tm1-api(sfnet) .Net TM1 API This is the wrapper for the Applix TM1 for .Net... DOWNLOAD
edl2aaf(sfnet) EDL to AAF converter EDL to AAF allows CMX3600 EDLs to be converted ... DOWNLOAD
jpojotable(sfnet) JPojoTable Advanced JTable framework -new Swing component ... DOWNLOAD
gfsi(sfnet) gfsi gfsi is a installation program for Linux and ot... DOWNLOAD
picasauploader(sfnet) PicasaUploader Small application to upload multiple files to P... DOWNLOAD
packagesdeb(sfnet) Debian packages This project intends to promote the use of KDE ... DOWNLOAD
guiliner(sfnet) guiLiner guiLiner provides a representation of another p... DOWNLOAD
jcheckit(sfnet) jcheckit A simple software to manage to-do lists at cell... DOWNLOAD
segmentationgt(sfnet) CMMSD_GroundTruth Data for the CMMSD segmentation ground truth. T... DOWNLOAD
kaiuwe(sfnet) Kai-Uwe Clipsaver Downloadmanager for videos of online streaming ... DOWNLOAD
jdalias(sfnet) Jump to Aliased Directory An aliased-directory command-line navigation sy... DOWNLOAD
jsfsamples(sfnet) JSF DOWNLOAD
autoittraining(sfnet) Dasttann's Autoit Training Download these free PDF Files and Statr learnin... DOWNLOAD
honeeepi(sfnet) Honeeepi This project is about building honeypots with R... DOWNLOAD
sanetgameengine(sfnet) SaneT Game Engine SaGE (SaneT Game Engine) is a Game Engine, buil... DOWNLOAD
pongking(sfnet) PongKing PongKing is a simple "Pong"-game with... DOWNLOAD
geekradio(sfnet) GeekRadio GeekRadio, sponsored by Argia, is an Open Sourc... DOWNLOAD
gxhints(sfnet) gxhints - Graphics conversion hints Hints for conversion procedures from Fig and Gn... DOWNLOAD
tcotool(sfnet) TCO-Tool The TCO-Tool is an instrument to calculate the ... DOWNLOAD
javaemu(sfnet) Java Smarcard Emulator Java Smartcard Emulator DOWNLOAD
csharpoptparse(sfnet) C# Command-Line Option Parsing Library C# (.NET) class library to assist with parsing ... DOWNLOAD
icalc(sfnet) ICalc Easy, quick and useful calculator. Lighter enou... DOWNLOAD
gtuncontrol(sfnet) gTunControl gTunControl is a utility that lets you control ... DOWNLOAD
pygenalg(sfnet) PyGenAlg A flexible and easy-to-use toolkit for implemen... DOWNLOAD
canpie(sfnet) CANpie This project defines a Standard API for access ... DOWNLOAD
aedilis(sfnet) Aedilis Questa è una suite per l'edilizia. Il nostro ob... DOWNLOAD
gtk-myscan(sfnet) GTK MyScanner Gtk-myscan is a gtkfrontend for several opensou... DOWNLOAD
flightcombatchu(sfnet) flightcombat_chung Flightcombat chung is a 3D openGL space / air /... DOWNLOAD
routertesting(sfnet) Router Testing Test builds for various routers. Source is gene... DOWNLOAD
barbara(sfnet) BarBara Barcode Library Barcode recognition library (vb6, VB.NET & ... DOWNLOAD
gtml(sfnet) GTML GTML is an HTML pre-processor, well-suited for ... DOWNLOAD
xpweb(sfnet) XPWeb XPWeb is a project management tool (planning ga... DOWNLOAD
mydb(sfnet) MyDB MyDB is a collection of classes (MyDataLib) and... DOWNLOAD
kvsftpdmanager(sfnet) A KDE Control Center module for Vsftpd A KDE Control Center module for manager vsftpd ... DOWNLOAD
pagetool(sfnet) Pagetool Pagetool is a CMS (content management system) t... DOWNLOAD
evegius(sfnet) Evegius IRC Services DOWNLOAD
fidonet(sfnet) fidonet This is a small project attempting to convert v... DOWNLOAD
tkdesk(sfnet) TkDesk TkDesk is a graphical file manager for Unix and... DOWNLOAD
js-sdk(sfnet) JavaScript SDK Browser independent JavaScript SDK. ClassLoader... DOWNLOAD
taksi(sfnet) Taksi Taksi is a video capture/screen capture tool fo... DOWNLOAD
jcopist(sfnet) JCopist JCopist is a template-based document generation... DOWNLOAD
swftool(sfnet) SWF Link Tool The SWF Link Tool is a small utility for modify... DOWNLOAD
igisoro(sfnet) igisoro Igisoro is an african board game developped in ... DOWNLOAD
onlinebib(sfnet) Online Bibliography Online bibliography, based on BibTeX's capabili... DOWNLOAD

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