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distmake(sfnet) distmake distmake is a distributed, parallel, GNU make-c... DOWNLOAD
gsys(sfnet) Gsys Gsys (pronounced "Jesus") aims to be ... DOWNLOAD
stealthnetwebui(sfnet) StealthNet Web UI This is a Web-Interface for the anonymous file ... DOWNLOAD
webdoll(sfnet) webdoll, the free website builder! With webdoll, the new breezy revolutionary expe... DOWNLOAD
autotemplate(sfnet) autotemplate `Autotemplate' is a document's templates librar... DOWNLOAD
synthlab(sfnet) SynthLab Sound Synthesis SynthLab is a sound synthesis witch provide sev... DOWNLOAD
klanmanager(sfnet) KLanManager KLanmanager is a frontend for ifconfig, iwconfi... DOWNLOAD
ply(sfnet) ply PLY is a set of bash scripts that provides pars... DOWNLOAD
openpaste(sfnet) openpaste openpaste pastebin project with UTF-8 support, ... DOWNLOAD
irig106-d0x-lib(sfnet) d0x Irig 106 Library This library can be use to read .ch10 files (fr... DOWNLOAD
primecoin-hp(sfnet) Primecoin High Performance High performance version of the Primecoin client DOWNLOAD
squidandroundcubewithcas(sfnet) SquidAndRoundCubewithCAS this project helps you to integrate Squid proxy... DOWNLOAD
tkcodex(sfnet) TkCodex TkCodex is a GUI code viewer for linux which ma... DOWNLOAD
cconnect(sfnet) customerConnect customerConnect is a customer service software ... DOWNLOAD
rc4crypt(sfnet) RC4 Crypt RC4Crypt is a petite library that allows you to... DOWNLOAD
elysium-project(sfnet) Elysium Project Elysium Project is a suite of applications, lib... DOWNLOAD
xnapster(sfnet) XNapster - a Java Napster client. Java Napster client and MP3 player. We intend t... DOWNLOAD
zopeupdatertool(sfnet) Zope Updater Tool A zope product which provides an interface to k... DOWNLOAD
iverbs(sfnet) iVerbs Education tool which aim is to help student to ... DOWNLOAD
domsy(sfnet) DOMSY DOMSY is a DOcument Management SYstem written i... DOWNLOAD
csirc(sfnet) CsIrc CsIrc is a opensource irc client developped in c# DOWNLOAD
dpnews(sfnet) dotProject news aggregator A rss based news aggregator module for dotProje... DOWNLOAD
gameblindage(sfnet) gameblindage DOWNLOAD
distributedpowernode(sfnet) Distributed Power Node This project is to create a distributed power g... DOWNLOAD
ldap-re-replace(sfnet) ldap-preg_replace Replace, add and delete values of LDAP attribut... DOWNLOAD
tomatogallery(sfnet) Tomato Gallery Tomato Gallery is a image viewer that displays ... DOWNLOAD
cre(sfnet) Corewars Redcode Evolver (CRE) Corewars Redcode Evolver, or CRE, is a program ... DOWNLOAD
barcat(sfnet) barcat: 'cat' with ASCII progress bar barcat is just like "cat", but displa... DOWNLOAD
directkonnect(sfnet) directKonnect A Neo Modus Direct Connect compatible client fo... DOWNLOAD
soclab(sfnet) SocLab : the Sociology Laboratory This project proposes a virtual laboratory for ... DOWNLOAD
webreportbuilde(sfnet) WebReportBuilder for JasperReports Go to DOWNLOAD
smdp(sfnet) The Standard Mp3 Database Project The goal of the Standard MP3 Database Project (... DOWNLOAD
calanda(sfnet) Calanda A PHP script that uses a mySQL database and gen... DOWNLOAD
tarot(sfnet) tarot TAROT is a easy-to-use framework for Monte Carl... DOWNLOAD
wasabi-befint(sfnet) WASABI WASABI 's A Superbly Asinine Befunge Interprete... DOWNLOAD
fmstokenizer(sfnet) fms string tokenizer a tokenizer that is general purpose, and multil... DOWNLOAD
dudders(sfnet) dudders Dudders is a utility for updating DNS records. ... DOWNLOAD
gtk-cffi(sfnet) GTK-CFFI GTK2 binding for common lisp, based on CFFI and... DOWNLOAD
tailf(sfnet) tailf A GUI implementation of the Linux "tail -f... DOWNLOAD
matrix-header(sfnet) matrix.h This is a collection of some matrix algorithms ... DOWNLOAD
urlchecker(sfnet) URLChecker A library for identifying URLs in content and c... DOWNLOAD
virtual-desktop(sfnet) Virtual Desktop Virtual Desktop will create new desktops for yo... DOWNLOAD
chessrogue(sfnet) ChessRogue ChessRogue is a turn-based game requiring caref... DOWNLOAD
klibcpp(sfnet) klibcpp C++ Runtime Library for Windows Kernel Device D... DOWNLOAD
gtkmysql2php(sfnet) GtkMySQL2PHP MySQL2PHP is a graphical GTK program that brows... DOWNLOAD
csv2ldif2(sfnet) csv2ldif2 csv2ldif2 is a command line tool written in per... DOWNLOAD
spuzzle(sfnet) Puzzle games for Symbian UIQ Puzzle games for Symbian UIQ 2 DOWNLOAD
jaige(sfnet) Java AI Gaming Engine The Java AI Gaming Engine is a collection of ga... DOWNLOAD
otfeed(sfnet) otfeed client driver Client API to the OpenTick financial data feed ... DOWNLOAD
diastool(sfnet) Disc Indexing and Archive Searching Tool The DIAS Tool (Disc Indexing and Archive Search... DOWNLOAD
icon-edit(sfnet) Icon Viewer - Editor Simple yet effective Icon Viewer and editor, Al... DOWNLOAD
gtag(sfnet) GTag music tag editor GTag is music tag editor written for gtk+ 2.4, ... DOWNLOAD
samparka(sfnet) Samparka Samparka is a PHP class that combines features ... DOWNLOAD
spot-reg(sfnet) Spot (Regular Edition) Spot Videogame Winter '11 A game that examines... DOWNLOAD
vitalantivirus(sfnet) Vital Antivirus 2014 Prozek © Vital Antivirus 2014 is a smart and po... DOWNLOAD
fpalbum(sfnet) FPAlbum FPAlbum is a web-based album software which let... DOWNLOAD
omtoolbox(sfnet) OpenMayaToolbox The OpenMaya Toolbox is a collection of useful ... DOWNLOAD
xmlrpc(sfnet) Redstone XML-RPC Library A Java implementation of the XML-RPC Specificat... DOWNLOAD
jsreader(sfnet) JS Reader The JS Reader is a JavaScript-based Rapid Seria... DOWNLOAD
gyachi(sfnet) GYachE Improved Unofficial fork of the GyachE (www.phrozensmoke... DOWNLOAD
crate-project(sfnet) CRATE Project Web core system based on PEAR libraries DOWNLOAD
dbschools(sfnet) DBSchools MOVED: DOWNLOAD
gnujpdf(sfnet) gnujpdf gnujpdf is a Java package (gnu.jpdf.*) for gene... DOWNLOAD
sql602(sfnet) 602SQL Open Server 602SQL Open Server is a relational database man... DOWNLOAD
linpodcal(sfnet) LinPodCal Simple bash script to sync iCal calendars to an... DOWNLOAD
ezq(sfnet) EZ-qmail The EZ-qmail distribution is an EZ method for h... DOWNLOAD
clickthebrick(sfnet) ClickTheBrick .NET ClickTheBrick is a .NET-based clone of the popu... DOWNLOAD
neomousticdemo(sfnet) NoTitleYet This is a short horror demo, I haven't even fou... DOWNLOAD
phpida(sfnet) Ida - Intrusion Detection for Apache Ida, is a Apache log security analyzer written ... DOWNLOAD
kipina(sfnet) Kipinä Kipinä is a personal training log for linux. It... DOWNLOAD
scriptsforaix(sfnet) Scripts for AIX This project intends to gather various scripts ... DOWNLOAD
comments-extensions(sfnet) comments-extensions Very simple wordpress plugin that extend some c... DOWNLOAD
jdr3d(sfnet) Jeu de Role 3D JDR3D is a one player 3D role playing game, for... DOWNLOAD
bre-revised(sfnet) B.R.E. Revised B.R.E. Revised is bringing new life to the old ... DOWNLOAD
broxy(sfnet) BrOxy BrOxy is an open-source program used to analyse... DOWNLOAD
hex-editor(sfnet) hex-editor Hex Editing made easy. With a easy to use plain... DOWNLOAD
scorchland(sfnet) scorchland:the game an online collectible card game in the works. n... DOWNLOAD
gtpgt(sfnet) GNU Typing Trainer GNU Typing Trainer program. Multi platform. Pow... DOWNLOAD
tichronostimer(sfnet) TI Chronos EZ 430 Count Down Timer This is a small application for the TI Chronos ... DOWNLOAD
terracotta(sfnet) Terracotta - Web CMS Written in PHP it uses XML files to store META ... DOWNLOAD
hpconnect(sfnet) HP Connect Macintosh application for uploading and downloa... DOWNLOAD
mbsebbs(sfnet) MBSE BBS for Unix MBSE BBS is a full Fidonet capable ANSI bbs pac... DOWNLOAD
xherkin(sfnet) Xherkin Xherkin is a new PHP framework. It is not tryin... DOWNLOAD
dfmedit(sfnet) dfmedit edit Delphi Form files (DFM); Supporting Text a... DOWNLOAD
variicons(sfnet) VariIcons Icon Editor VariIconsRevolve is an Icon and Small graphics ... DOWNLOAD
pythonqt(sfnet) PythonQt PythonQt is a dynamic and lightweight script bi... DOWNLOAD
sabnzbd-winui(sfnet) SABnzbd-UI A convinent Windows desktop front-end for SABnz... DOWNLOAD
ecomod(sfnet) EcoMod EcoMod is an OpenGL application for 3D modellin... DOWNLOAD
olosgui(sfnet) OlosGUI OlosGUI aimed to provide a new desktop environm... DOWNLOAD
pagescavanger(sfnet) Page Scavenger Page Scavenger is a simple Windows Application ... DOWNLOAD
dwblackberry(sfnet) Dope Wars for the BlackBerry Dope Wars is here for the BlackBerry! This vers... DOWNLOAD
tt2xx(sfnet) Template Toolkit 2++ Template toolkit 2 for C++ bringing fast, flexi... DOWNLOAD
appsectrained(sfnet) Open Application Security Training Intended for Developers to highlight their secu... DOWNLOAD
codegenerator(sfnet) iCodeGenerator iCodeGenerator is a database centric template b... DOWNLOAD
trojanscan(sfnet) Trojan Scan Trojan Scan is a simple shell script that allow... DOWNLOAD
classloader-servlet(freshmeat) Classloader Servlet Classloader Servlet is a project that provides ... DOWNLOAD
tor-ramdisk(freshmeat) Tor-ramdisk Tor-ramdisk is a uClibc-based micro Linux distr... DOWNLOAD
pocket-tester(sfnet) Pocket Tester for Pocket PC A flash card testing program for pocket PC, int... DOWNLOAD
edit-exif(sfnet) edit-EXIF: To add/edit EXIF2.2 tags(PHP) It can be used to add or edit EXIF2.2 tags to e... DOWNLOAD
scattercom(sfnet) Scattercom (Scatternet Community) Scattercom aims at creating a dynamic community... DOWNLOAD

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