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openrulesengine(sfnet) OpenRules Engine OpenRules - a full-scale open source Business R... DOWNLOAD
eiffelsdl(sfnet) EiffelMedia Multimedia Library for Eiffel DOWNLOAD
wdbmgr(sfnet) WDBearManager WDBearManager is a program that enables the use... DOWNLOAD
epo-extensions(sfnet) EPO-Extensions EPO extension project, a language / platform in... DOWNLOAD
pftp(sfnet) Preferred For Transfers: PFTP PFTP is a portable FTP client, with many useful... DOWNLOAD
scanorama(sfnet) scanorama Scanorama is a system for network auditing. It ... DOWNLOAD
ge-kml(sfnet) Google Earth KML API for .NET This project contains Visual Studio .NET 2.0 Cl... DOWNLOAD
jgb(sfnet) Java Gui Builder Decouple your GUI building code from the rest o... DOWNLOAD
phpechocms(sfnet) PHPEcho CMS Content Managemant System which have own templa... DOWNLOAD
jdorg(sfnet) JDocumentOrganizer (jDORG) JDocumentOrganizer (jDORG) is, in fact, a way t... DOWNLOAD
paracomp(sfnet) Parallel Compositing Library The Parallel Compositing library enables develo... DOWNLOAD
mp3renamer13(sfnet) .MP3 Renamer This software allows for the filename managemen... DOWNLOAD
webtopology(sfnet) Web Topology A pure topology of networks for web browser,has... DOWNLOAD
dedict(sfnet) dedict one graphical interface of wordnet, with some i... DOWNLOAD
netmon1(sfnet) netmon netmon is meant to do TCP connection tests at r... DOWNLOAD
circuitless(sfnet) CircuitLess Interactive Keyboard The purpose of CLIK is to remove the circuitry ... DOWNLOAD
sutekh(freshmeat) Sutekh Sutekh is a card collection manager for the gam... DOWNLOAD
nnmware-cmf(freshmeat) Nnmware CMF Nnmware CMF is a Django-based Content Managemen... DOWNLOAD
aroad(freshmeat) Access Road Access Road is a universal simulator of access ... DOWNLOAD
lxbios(sfnet) lxbios lxbios is a utility for reading/writing LinuxBI... DOWNLOAD
xpremotetimer(sfnet) xpremotetimer This program allows the network administrator t... DOWNLOAD
mock4js(sfnet) Mock4JS This is a Javascript Mock library whose syntax ... DOWNLOAD
easypath(sfnet) Easy Path EasyPath is an application which can be used fo... DOWNLOAD
fullcontrolperm(sfnet) Full Control Windows permissions This program allows you to gain ownership and/o... DOWNLOAD
sdlspaceinvader(sfnet) SDL Space Invaders A clone of the classic space invaders game writ... DOWNLOAD
sm3600(sfnet) Microtek ScanMaker 3600 driver This project has created a driver for the Micro... DOWNLOAD
rkive(sfnet) rKive Media Library Media catalogue system with barcode input from ... DOWNLOAD
pmif(sfnet) Physical Mobile Interaction Framework The Physical Mobile Interaction Framework (PMIF... DOWNLOAD
rwhois(sfnet) A recursive whois module/client for python. It ... DOWNLOAD
time-stamper(sfnet) time-stamper An utility to compute timestamps from dates and... DOWNLOAD
apoloide(sfnet) Apolo IDE A simple and powerful Lua IDE. It still under d... DOWNLOAD
mingle(sfnet) Minimalist OpenGL Environment The Minimalist OpenGL Environment library provi... DOWNLOAD
font-sender(sfnet) Font Sender This is a simple program designed for users to ... DOWNLOAD
rubiksrace(sfnet) Rubik's Race Computer version of Rubik's Race, the board gam... DOWNLOAD
phpimagecloud(sfnet) phpImageCloud PHP classes for creating Image Tags Cloud. Stat... DOWNLOAD
shaniu(sfnet) shaniu DOWNLOAD
dekware(sfnet) Dekware Pure object based operating environment, script... DOWNLOAD
pp06(sfnet) PP06 Pic Programmer Production (3 level) Programmer for Microchip P... DOWNLOAD
aalib(sfnet) AALib - Asynchronous Action Library AALib/PyAALib - Asynchronous Action Library Pro... DOWNLOAD
docebo-joomla-lms-integration-(freshmeat) Docebo’s Joomla LMS Plugin Docebo’s Joomla LMS Plugin allows Joomla! users... DOWNLOAD
clogs(freshmeat) CLOGS CLOGS is a library for higher-level operations ... DOWNLOAD
scriptol(sfnet) Scriptol Compiler and interpreter for the Scriptol progr... DOWNLOAD
easybsd(sfnet) EasyBSD EasyBSD is a modular automation script designed... DOWNLOAD
webfix(sfnet) WebFix C# library and application to help maintain lar... DOWNLOAD
stitch(sfnet) Maven Stitch Plugin Stitch is a maven plugin that simplifies develo... DOWNLOAD
kloben(sfnet) Kloben Kloben Action RPG (2D). Truly random dungeons w... DOWNLOAD
phpbbms(sfnet) phpBBms phpBBms is a Malay translation/internationaliza... DOWNLOAD
dbm-koyte(sfnet) DBModel - Koytê Database Modeller Database Modeller and Constructor, using the co... DOWNLOAD
taris(sfnet) TARIS TARIS (Tree Analysis and Representation of Isop... DOWNLOAD
cryptexproj(sfnet) Cryptex Cryptex is a fast and simple easy to use open s... DOWNLOAD
ealign(sfnet) eAlign (Full support available under superalign.source... DOWNLOAD
ogiga-hydrail(sfnet) ogiga | Hydrail ogiga | Hydrail is an Object-Relational-Mapping... DOWNLOAD
jbalancedsc(sfnet) JBalancedSC An Open Source Balanced Scorecard build in J2EE... DOWNLOAD
knmap(sfnet) Knmap Knmap is a KDE-based interface to the 'nmap' fa... DOWNLOAD
titan2d(sfnet) TITAN-2D Visit [] GMFG websit... DOWNLOAD
truesimplecrypt(sfnet) TrueSimpleCrypt TrueSimpleCrypt is a Linux GUI for TrueCrypt, a... DOWNLOAD
pm123(sfnet) PM123 Web based project management software (ASP and ... DOWNLOAD
cruceros(sfnet) Gestión Cruceros Programa para la gestion de reservas en crucero... DOWNLOAD
idg-inkubator07(sfnet) iDevGames Inkubator Project 2007 The iDevGames Inkubator project is a collaborat... DOWNLOAD
vimgadgets(sfnet) Vim Gadgets for Programmers. It's a collection of vim plugin for programmers... DOWNLOAD
timedataplotter(sfnet) Time Data Plotter Creates interactive plots of data lines over a ... DOWNLOAD
socketstp(sfnet) Sockets TrackPlayer This Mp3 player allows you to dynamically play ... DOWNLOAD
borneo(sfnet) Borneo Started as an experiment to learn about Qt, Bor... DOWNLOAD
jsynthlib(freshmeat) JSynthLib JSynthLib is a "universal" synthesize... DOWNLOAD
multi-ttt(sfnet) Multi Tic-Tac-Toe This project aims to give a demonstrative appli... DOWNLOAD
gitstat(sfnet) gitstat gitstat is a web-based statistics and monitorin... DOWNLOAD
yakwailog(sfnet) yakwailog yakwailog is a simple logger written in c++. it... DOWNLOAD
netstore(sfnet) netstore Netstore is a scalable high-performance network... DOWNLOAD
jot(sfnet) Jot Jot is a framework for building reusable compon... DOWNLOAD
evonc(sfnet) Detecting Selection in Noncoding Regions We present a maximum-likelihood method for exam... DOWNLOAD
connectere-mpd(sfnet) connectere-mpd Connectere MPD is a client for Music Player Dae... DOWNLOAD
socurious(sfnet) soCurious soCurious is a firefox extension for capturing ... DOWNLOAD
phisicresearchtools(sfnet) Physic Research Tools Como técnico en informática en un Instituto de ... DOWNLOAD
tiffonandroid(sfnet) tiffdroid TIFF codec library on android platform. Porting... DOWNLOAD
jevaluate(sfnet) JEvaluate A Java Library for parsing and evalutaing Mathe... DOWNLOAD
cajax(sfnet) Cajax A PHP class library for writing powerfull reloa... DOWNLOAD
httpmail(sfnet) HTTPMail The goals are to: 1. Document the HTTPMail prot... DOWNLOAD
adsld(sfnet) Another Delphi Structures Library Delphi library of standard containers for keepi... DOWNLOAD
paimbot(sfnet) paimbot paimbot is an automated AOL Instant Messenger b... DOWNLOAD
offl(sfnet) Online Fantasy Football League Fantasy Football (American Rules) web-based lea... DOWNLOAD
automataeditor(sfnet) Automata editor Automata editor is a vector editor for drawing ... DOWNLOAD
jbedit(sfnet) JBEdit JBEdit is an AJAX online video editor (based on... DOWNLOAD
safarimobile(sfnet) SafariMobile A very fast and tiny web browser for hand-hold ... DOWNLOAD
triap(sfnet) Triap Media Player Triap aims to give its user unparalleled power ... DOWNLOAD
i18nsanity(sfnet) i18nsanity i18nsanity-pt contains Java command-line utilit... DOWNLOAD
hedera(sfnet) Hedera Hedera is a file-sharing program directly based... DOWNLOAD
etoiles(sfnet) Etoiles Mods for phpbb. Addons and skins for b2evolutio... DOWNLOAD
snes9xromselect(sfnet) Snes9x Rom-Selector Snes9x RomSelector is a simple front-end to the... DOWNLOAD
mozillasnarls(sfnet) Tlhan Ghun Snarl extensions A nice system wide software to display notifica... DOWNLOAD
calamaryoo(sfnet) PHPOO Estudos Projeto de desenvolvimento de sites em php tand... DOWNLOAD
data-factory(sfnet) Data Factory Java API to generate random data--useful when d... DOWNLOAD
dopro(sfnet) DoPro Provide a simple way of creating models for mol... DOWNLOAD
clocksaver(sfnet) ClockSaver Screensaver module for Mac OS X Leopard that di... DOWNLOAD
pm2qif(sfnet) PocketMoney to QIF pm2qif is a small Perl script that will export ... DOWNLOAD
thatware(sfnet) Thatware Thatware is a Slash lookalike. It is a Web-base... DOWNLOAD
pmpc(sfnet) PHP Music Player Controller PHP frontend for music players on windows and l... DOWNLOAD
sicari(sfnet) SicAri Platform Java-based security platform which provides a m... DOWNLOAD
kittydcbot(sfnet) Kitty - Direct Connect Bot KittyDCBot is a Direct Connect (DC) Network rob... DOWNLOAD
mapsplitter(sfnet) MapSplitter A handy tool for splitting jpeg image files int... DOWNLOAD

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