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paxgame(sfnet) Pax Pax is a grand strategy game around the topics ... DOWNLOAD
bbcatunerloghelper(sfnet) BBCA Tuner Log Helper Helping Tuner Administrators troubleshoot end p... DOWNLOAD
fastspy(sfnet) FastSpy Port Scanner Fastspy is a multithreaded network port scanner... DOWNLOAD
sunifdef(sfnet) Sunifdef A commandline tool for eliminating superfluous ... DOWNLOAD
indivo(sfnet) Indivo Indivo is a distributed, web-based, personally ... DOWNLOAD
grandomtheme(sfnet) GNOME Random Theme Change GNOME theme, borders, icons and cursors ... DOWNLOAD
php-nested-set(sfnet) phpNestedSet Thos project manages a php Scripts to deal with... DOWNLOAD
xspf-playlist(sfnet) PHP XSPF on-the-fly Playlist Generator Project was started because of need to have XSP... DOWNLOAD
wiebot(sfnet) WieBot.NET WieBot.NET is an IRC bot for the Windows platfo... DOWNLOAD
bloomingcqf(sfnet) Blooming CQF Blooming CQF is a tool to determine BT data fro... DOWNLOAD
winioex(sfnet) WinIoEx WinIoExI provides a vertical solution for progr... DOWNLOAD
imageconcat(sfnet) ImageConcat Originaly this tool was created to help people ... DOWNLOAD
juxtapose(sfnet) Juxtapose PyGTK based client for the XMMS2 music player DOWNLOAD
lkmonitor(sfnet) Linux Kernel Monitor Application for monitoring and tunning a linux ... DOWNLOAD
repeatfinder(sfnet) RepeatFinder RepeatFinder is a command line tool for generat... DOWNLOAD
isu-alumni(sfnet) ISU Alumni PHP+Mysql Web-based simple system for Alumni of... DOWNLOAD
validatoreses(sfnet) validatorEsEs Utilities to check different Spain/Spanish docu... DOWNLOAD
jworkosgi(sfnet) jworkosgi Package useful java implementation into OSGI bu... DOWNLOAD
detectorsdp(sfnet) AS Detectors Drivers The projects contains detectors drivers & p... DOWNLOAD
akey2keyboardjavascript(sfnet) akey2 keyboard javascript El teclado _akey2_ (Autor: Emilio Aguilar Guti... DOWNLOAD
jwykres(sfnet) JWykres Java visual aplication to show graphs. JWykres ... DOWNLOAD
jobmgr(sfnet) Job Control Library Ruby library for managing and monitoring jobs. ... DOWNLOAD
java-windows(sfnet) Java Windows Integration Java Windows Integration é um conjunto de scrip... DOWNLOAD
ti1337(sfnet) Ti apps A Collection of Software for the Ti84+ DOWNLOAD
jarjar(sfnet) Jar Jar Links Reduce Java dependency headaches by repackaging... DOWNLOAD
wikiwace(sfnet) WikiWaCE WikiWaCE [wikiweɪz] (Wiki works at ConquestExpl... DOWNLOAD
openvjj(sfnet) open-vjj An Open Source Java Software for Visual-Artists... DOWNLOAD
pointxml(sfnet) PointXML Very small and simple public domain xml parser ... DOWNLOAD
barduinome128(sfnet) barduinome 128 Implements monome 128 like device by using one ... DOWNLOAD
ticqlib(sfnet) TICQLib Delphi ICQ Library which include TICQClient and... DOWNLOAD
kpkgmanager(sfnet) KPkgManager An APT-based package manager for KDE For now, i... DOWNLOAD
mummergpu(sfnet) MUMmerGPU MUMmerGPU is a high-throughput DNA sequence ali... DOWNLOAD
batchsql(sfnet) Batch SQL This is a handy small tool to execute batch SQL... DOWNLOAD
viboard(sfnet) ViBoard - Virtual Javascript Keyboard ViBoard jest to wirtualna klawiatura, napisana ... DOWNLOAD
phpmylogon(sfnet) PhpMyLogon: A login system PhpMyLogon is a project for a PHP-based login s... DOWNLOAD
wx-net(sfnet) Weather.NET WeatherNET is a software projected devoted to t... DOWNLOAD
larbac(sfnet) larbac larbac allows for batch conversion of all files... DOWNLOAD
metisclient(sfnet) metisclient メティスは、kROのサーバーに、ほとんどのプライベ... DOWNLOAD
rtl8150lm(sfnet) RTL8150LMEthernet RTL8150L(M) kext for MacOSX/Darwin DOWNLOAD
php4mono(sfnet) PHP4Mono - The Mono PHP Compiler PHP4Mono is a compiler that enables Mono to run... DOWNLOAD
tichulog-ng(sfnet) tichulog-ng tichulog-ng is an application to replay a previ... DOWNLOAD
e4graph(sfnet) e4Graph e4Graph is a C++ library and a Tcl binding prov... DOWNLOAD
merd(sfnet) practical futuristic language ruby's expressivity together with static typing DOWNLOAD
cscrape(sfnet) CScrape CScrape is an RSS application for DOWNLOAD
guest-magic(sfnet) guest-magic A friendly tool for the rapid provisioning of X... DOWNLOAD
trace-utils(sfnet) Trace Utilities (OBSOLETE) trace_utils is a program for process... DOWNLOAD
visualmb(sfnet) Visual MB Visual MB is an easy programming language for b... DOWNLOAD
mathview(sfnet) Eclipse Plugin for mathematical content Eclipse plugin capable of displaying OpenMath, ... DOWNLOAD
pyphys(sfnet) PyPhys Class Library PyPhys is a set of physical quantity classes wr... DOWNLOAD
tinyfile(sfnet) Tiny File Tiny File is a small tool for compress and deco... DOWNLOAD
pb-common(sfnet) PurpleBox-Common This is a common base-library that powers (WPF-... DOWNLOAD
redchi(sfnet) redchi Calculates the reduced chi value for crystallog... DOWNLOAD
comfi(sfnet) COMFI This project hosts a Cytoscape 2.8 plugin for d... DOWNLOAD
wlan-gateway(sfnet) SAB Gateway SAB Gateway is a versatile WLAN access controll... DOWNLOAD
jw-jlib(sfnet) JabberWookie Jabber Library for Java Yet another Jabber library, written in Java (to... DOWNLOAD
milliondollarsc(sfnet) the million dollar script Would you like to create your own Million Dolla... DOWNLOAD
sleutel(sfnet) Sleutel: An RCP based Password Manager Sleutel is the Dutch word for key. Sleutel is a... DOWNLOAD
myquerylogger(sfnet) myQueryLogger myQueryLogger enables realtime analisys of quer... DOWNLOAD
picoplwconvert(sfnet) Pico PLW to CSV converter Pico Technology Logging software creates a *.PL... DOWNLOAD
hwst(sfnet) Hierarchical WaterShed Tranformation HWST stands for "Hierarchical Watershed Tr... DOWNLOAD
pigletjot(sfnet) piglet A jotter like kjots but using gtk. Also you can... DOWNLOAD
lgck(sfnet) lgck LGCK Builder provides a unique development envi... DOWNLOAD
wintodo(sfnet) wintodo DOWNLOAD
micimgal(sfnet) MicImGal A very neat PHP image galery. Pictures are grou... DOWNLOAD
csflex(sfnet) C# Flex A port to C# of a lexical analyzer tool called ... DOWNLOAD
smbldap-tools(sfnet) IDX-smbldap-tools Set of scripts, part of the official Samba proj... DOWNLOAD
thew(sfnet) thew THEW is a curses-based game similar to an old v... DOWNLOAD
javawn(sfnet) Java WordNet Interface A Java interface to WordNet(www.cogsci.princeto... DOWNLOAD
hypas(sfnet) Hypas A minimalistic application framework for creati... DOWNLOAD
akoon(sfnet) Akanai Akoon Akanai Akoon is a Framework for Mozilla Thunder... DOWNLOAD
mysqllib(sfnet) Open MySQL Routines, UDF and Plugin A set of MySQL Stored Routines, User Defined Fu... DOWNLOAD
easy-pascal(sfnet) easy pascal The project includes an interpreter and covers ... DOWNLOAD
scaffold4php(sfnet) scaffold4php Scaffold4PHP allows PHP developers to create Cl... DOWNLOAD
wiki2tei(sfnet) Wiki2TEI Convert wiki pages to TEI. DOWNLOAD
pmhpc(sfnet) Poor Man's HPC Poor Man's HPC is a framework that allows distr... DOWNLOAD
mpgp(sfnet) mPGP This project develops an application to provide... DOWNLOAD
seremu(sfnet) SerEmu Serial Port Emulator The project is comprised of two VB 2005 applica... DOWNLOAD
sendmice(sfnet) SendMice SendMice is a commandline utility to send mouse... DOWNLOAD
peanut-cyto(sfnet) PEANuT PEANuT utilizes data from the following databas... DOWNLOAD
synchronizefolders(sfnet) Synchronize Folders This java application synchronize the folder an... DOWNLOAD
wavesplit(sfnet) waveSplit waveSplit will cut a single wave file in multip... DOWNLOAD
mizu-bu(sfnet) Mizu Bu; Rapid Development Architecture [WIP!] Mizu-Bu is a 'Rapid Development Architec... DOWNLOAD
kate-prj-mng(sfnet) Kate Projectmanager Plugin (KPMP) A project management plugin for the KDE editor ... DOWNLOAD
digiquest(sfnet) digiquest A system to create and fill out digital questio... DOWNLOAD
cmappcalendar(sfnet) cmappCalendar cmappCalendar is a very fast calendar (includin... DOWNLOAD
microewt(sfnet) microEWT microEWT is a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) user ... DOWNLOAD
pn-xuser(sfnet) Postnuke X-User Module Michel Habib was the original creator of this m... DOWNLOAD
jmedias(sfnet) JMediaS JMediaS is a Java based Media Streaming framewo... DOWNLOAD
gridder(sfnet) Gridder Gridder is a group of portlets that simplify th... DOWNLOAD
afpfontviewer(sfnet) IBM AFP Font Viewer This project is intended for viewing the ibm fo... DOWNLOAD
caledoniafedora(sfnet) Caledonia artwork for Fedora A litle collection of artwork based on Caledoni... DOWNLOAD
softwaredev(sfnet) Newton's Pendulum & Software Development System development requires a glimpse framework... DOWNLOAD
fractcalc(sfnet) fraction calculator Fraction calculator. For now only in text mode,... DOWNLOAD
grantrole(sfnet) grantrole Manage permissions/restritions on Firebird Data... DOWNLOAD
tinymceblue(sfnet) TinyMCE Blue Skins DOWNLOAD
gamewizzard(sfnet) GameWizzard Wh... DOWNLOAD
opsview(freshmeat) Opsview Opsview Core is a network monitoring software a... DOWNLOAD
fishell(sfnet) Fishell - a front end to your system she Fi-shell is a front-end to your system shell. I... DOWNLOAD
b612(sfnet) B612 - Parental Controls Desktop B 612 is a parental controls software. The purp... DOWNLOAD
wavewoo(sfnet) wavewoo wavewoo is a tool written in PHP intended to ma... DOWNLOAD

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