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milliondollarsc(sfnet) the million dollar script Would you like to create your own Million Dolla... DOWNLOAD
sleutel(sfnet) Sleutel: An RCP based Password Manager Sleutel is the Dutch word for key. Sleutel is a... DOWNLOAD
myquerylogger(sfnet) myQueryLogger myQueryLogger enables realtime analisys of quer... DOWNLOAD
picoplwconvert(sfnet) Pico PLW to CSV converter Pico Technology Logging software creates a *.PL... DOWNLOAD
hwst(sfnet) Hierarchical WaterShed Tranformation HWST stands for "Hierarchical Watershed Tr... DOWNLOAD
pigletjot(sfnet) piglet A jotter like kjots but using gtk. Also you can... DOWNLOAD
lgck(sfnet) lgck LGCK Builder provides a unique development envi... DOWNLOAD
wintodo(sfnet) wintodo DOWNLOAD
micimgal(sfnet) MicImGal A very neat PHP image galery. Pictures are grou... DOWNLOAD
csflex(sfnet) C# Flex A port to C# of a lexical analyzer tool called ... DOWNLOAD
smbldap-tools(sfnet) IDX-smbldap-tools Set of scripts, part of the official Samba proj... DOWNLOAD
thew(sfnet) thew THEW is a curses-based game similar to an old v... DOWNLOAD
javawn(sfnet) Java WordNet Interface A Java interface to WordNet(www.cogsci.princeto... DOWNLOAD
hypas(sfnet) Hypas A minimalistic application framework for creati... DOWNLOAD
akoon(sfnet) Akanai Akoon Akanai Akoon is a Framework for Mozilla Thunder... DOWNLOAD
mysqllib(sfnet) Open MySQL Routines, UDF and Plugin A set of MySQL Stored Routines, User Defined Fu... DOWNLOAD
easy-pascal(sfnet) easy pascal The project includes an interpreter and covers ... DOWNLOAD
scaffold4php(sfnet) scaffold4php Scaffold4PHP allows PHP developers to create Cl... DOWNLOAD
wiki2tei(sfnet) Wiki2TEI Convert wiki pages to TEI. DOWNLOAD
pmhpc(sfnet) Poor Man's HPC Poor Man's HPC is a framework that allows distr... DOWNLOAD
mpgp(sfnet) mPGP This project develops an application to provide... DOWNLOAD
seremu(sfnet) SerEmu Serial Port Emulator The project is comprised of two VB 2005 applica... DOWNLOAD
sendmice(sfnet) SendMice SendMice is a commandline utility to send mouse... DOWNLOAD
peanut-cyto(sfnet) PEANuT PEANuT utilizes data from the following databas... DOWNLOAD
synchronizefolders(sfnet) Synchronize Folders This java application synchronize the folder an... DOWNLOAD
wavesplit(sfnet) waveSplit waveSplit will cut a single wave file in multip... DOWNLOAD
mizu-bu(sfnet) Mizu Bu; Rapid Development Architecture [WIP!] Mizu-Bu is a 'Rapid Development Architec... DOWNLOAD
kate-prj-mng(sfnet) Kate Projectmanager Plugin (KPMP) A project management plugin for the KDE editor ... DOWNLOAD
digiquest(sfnet) digiquest A system to create and fill out digital questio... DOWNLOAD
cmappcalendar(sfnet) cmappCalendar cmappCalendar is a very fast calendar (includin... DOWNLOAD
microewt(sfnet) microEWT microEWT is a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) user ... DOWNLOAD
pn-xuser(sfnet) Postnuke X-User Module Michel Habib was the original creator of this m... DOWNLOAD
jmedias(sfnet) JMediaS JMediaS is a Java based Media Streaming framewo... DOWNLOAD
gridder(sfnet) Gridder Gridder is a group of portlets that simplify th... DOWNLOAD
afpfontviewer(sfnet) IBM AFP Font Viewer This project is intended for viewing the ibm fo... DOWNLOAD
caledoniafedora(sfnet) Caledonia artwork for Fedora A litle collection of artwork based on Caledoni... DOWNLOAD
softwaredev(sfnet) Newton's Pendulum & Software Development System development requires a glimpse framework... DOWNLOAD
fractcalc(sfnet) fraction calculator Fraction calculator. For now only in text mode,... DOWNLOAD
grantrole(sfnet) grantrole Manage permissions/restritions on Firebird Data... DOWNLOAD
tinymceblue(sfnet) TinyMCE Blue Skins DOWNLOAD
gamewizzard(sfnet) GameWizzard Wh... DOWNLOAD
opsview(freshmeat) Opsview Opsview Core is a network monitoring software a... DOWNLOAD
fishell(sfnet) Fishell - a front end to your system she Fi-shell is a front-end to your system shell. I... DOWNLOAD
b612(sfnet) B612 - Parental Controls Desktop B 612 is a parental controls software. The purp... DOWNLOAD
wavewoo(sfnet) wavewoo wavewoo is a tool written in PHP intended to ma... DOWNLOAD
php-lh(sfnet) PHP Liturgia Horarum This project's purpose is to provide the offici... DOWNLOAD
contactsheetvid(sfnet) contactsheetfromvideo Contact sheet from video project : extract imag... DOWNLOAD
svggrapher(sfnet) SvgGrapher SvgGrapher is a php5 library to generate SVG gr... DOWNLOAD
pstbackup(sfnet) pstBackup A script to provide automatic and manual backup... DOWNLOAD
infinitylinuxos(sfnet) Infinity Linux OS Infinity Linux is a Linux Operating System crea... DOWNLOAD
schoolmanagmentporta(sfnet) school Managment portal It’s a user friendly software with navigational... DOWNLOAD
daffodilcrm(sfnet) Daffodil CRM Daffodil CRM is a software that enables seamles... DOWNLOAD
devio(sfnet) devio - block device read and write devio: correctly read (or write) a region of a ... DOWNLOAD
nbmentawai(sfnet) NetBeans Plugin for Mentawai Framework NBMentawai is a NetBeans plugin help the develo... DOWNLOAD
odtunnel(sfnet) On-demand ssh tunnel On-demand ssh tunnel. For more information, loo... DOWNLOAD
mono-fm(sfnet) Mono-FM Mono-FM is a cross platform filemanager written... DOWNLOAD
jazzyhands(sfnet) Jazz Hands Jazz Hands COMP 126 BLAH DOWNLOAD
kr1pt0s(sfnet) Kr1pt0s Kr1pt0s è un software crittografico e matematic... DOWNLOAD
nat64module(sfnet) nat64 Linux kernel module Mutarjem is a linux kernel loadable module can ... DOWNLOAD
bloogizer(sfnet) Bloogizer Bloogizer est un blog écrit en PHP orienté obje... DOWNLOAD
xoink(sfnet) xoink Xoink is a lightweight 2D ui interface animatio... DOWNLOAD
combustion(sfnet) The Combustion Flame Engine A collection of fractal flame software. DOWNLOAD
mp3toogg(sfnet) mp3 to ogg mp3 to ogg format converter. This is a suite of... DOWNLOAD
vdr-remote-app(sfnet) vdr-remote-app vdr_remote is a graphical cross-platform Deskto... DOWNLOAD
shcompanion(sfnet) SlaveHack Companion SlaveHack Companion is a small utility for help... DOWNLOAD
otlkcon(sfnet) Open Connector Groupware An Open source Microsoft Outlook ( MAPI ) Conne... DOWNLOAD
dhbrowser(sfnet) dhbrowser it's a simply small creative thinking browser,b... DOWNLOAD
tsdp(sfnet) Trade System Development Platform TSDP is a framework for designing and researchi... DOWNLOAD
notifflashlight(sfnet) NotifFlashlight App is available on the Google Play Store: http... DOWNLOAD
esericiziuniroma2(sfnet) esericiziuniroma2 DOWNLOAD
cabel(sfnet) Cabel Cabel is a graphical user interface for buildin... DOWNLOAD
libbsb(sfnet) libbsb - read/write/convert BSB images A C library for reading and writing BSB format ... DOWNLOAD
oglft(sfnet) OpenGL/FreeType Text Rendering Library OGLFT is an interface library between OpenGL an... DOWNLOAD
egwbackup(sfnet) EGroupware Backup EGW Backup is a backup software with EGroupWare... DOWNLOAD
deface-no-tnx(sfnet) deface-no-tnx deface-no-tnx is an anti-defacement system that... DOWNLOAD
ezadmin(sfnet) EZAdmin - PHP Content Management EZAdmin -- A best-of-breed PHP content manageme... DOWNLOAD
leaguetools(sfnet) LeagueTools A Java application enabling users to create, ed... DOWNLOAD
jbattle(sfnet) JBattle A simple but addictive multi-player real-time n... DOWNLOAD
wintriangle(sfnet) WinTriangle WinTriangle is a specialized RTF word processor... DOWNLOAD
apputils(sfnet) apputils in Mac OS X, programs are self contained, makin... DOWNLOAD
siteyard(sfnet) SiteYard SiteYard is a CMS aimed to make building your s... DOWNLOAD
graffitiwall(sfnet) Graffiti Wall Graffiti Wall is a free and open source, light ... DOWNLOAD
jreform(sfnet) jReform jReform is a library for processing HTML forms ... DOWNLOAD
sisuso(sfnet) (very) Simple Sudoku Solver SImple SUdoku SOlver wants to be just that: a v... DOWNLOAD
poundteampbx(sfnet) Pound Team PBX Combination Telephony Engine (presently Asteris... DOWNLOAD
rtkerandatmega1(sfnet) RTKER and ATMEGA128 Operating system Media Lab Asia collaborated with IIT Delhi for ... DOWNLOAD
aamap(sfnet) resources Well this is to host maps that haven been creat... DOWNLOAD
mksl64multilib(sfnet) mk-slack64-multilib mk-slack64-multilib is a simple script to creat... DOWNLOAD
jitendriya(sfnet) Jitendriya <Purpose> 1. Make user aware of his own a... DOWNLOAD
modelolatexparadissertacao(sfnet) Modelo Latex para Dissertacao DOWNLOAD
tksplit(sfnet) TkSplit A simple file splitter/joiner written in Tcl/Tk... DOWNLOAD
dlib(sfnet) dlib This library can only compile your needed modul... DOWNLOAD
lrc(sfnet) Linux for Router Configuration Linux for Router Configuration (LRC) is a small... DOWNLOAD
monodiary(sfnet) monodiary, organize your log Monodiary is an Open-Source Program to provide ... DOWNLOAD
simplelinuxbkup(sfnet) Simple Linux Backup The Simple Linux Backup software simplifies the... DOWNLOAD
tiddlywin(sfnet) TiddlyWin Lets many users edit the same TiddlyWiki file a... DOWNLOAD
opencet(sfnet) OpenCET Open Source Customizable Evaluation Tool is an ... DOWNLOAD
graphopt(sfnet) graphopt graph layout optimizer A graph layout optimizer based on the iterative... DOWNLOAD
uigame(sfnet) Universal Invasion Universal is an Online PBBG, that I am opening ... DOWNLOAD
dolphinnet(sfnet) DolphinNet An OOP Distributed Server DolphinNet is an easy to use server and distrib... DOWNLOAD

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