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holecards(sfnet) Hole Cards for Texas Hold 'em Provides in-depth fast-paced information on sta... DOWNLOAD
weblight(sfnet) weblight,the light for web. This is a lightweight browser,which is writte... DOWNLOAD
bluewar(sfnet) BlueWar BlueWar is a 3D Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy ... DOWNLOAD
beancipher(sfnet) Java Bean Cipher Security Layer A security abstraction placed beetwhen the data... DOWNLOAD
vgui(sfnet) The V C++ GUI Framework A very easy to use GUI C++ framework for Window... DOWNLOAD
horario-urbs(sfnet) Horario Ônibus de Curitiba for Chrome Veja o horário de ônibus de todas as linhas de ... DOWNLOAD
magnumopticus(sfnet) Magnum Opticus Optical design application geared to telescopes... DOWNLOAD
devicetester(sfnet) DeviceTester The software sends commands in bytes to devices... DOWNLOAD
uscwinapi(sfnet) USCWinAPI Class winapi for windows XP. DOWNLOAD
jsmartwebmedia(sfnet) JSmartWebMediaGallery Dynamic web site (Photo Gallery, Photo Album) t... DOWNLOAD
cpanspec(sfnet) cpanspec cpanspec generates spec files for Perl modules ... DOWNLOAD
gnocchi(sfnet) NPath analyser for C++ Calculates cyclomatic and the NPATH complexity ... DOWNLOAD
kbp(sfnet) Kamiware BashPodder (Podcast client) Kamiware BashPodder (KBP) is a Podcast client i... DOWNLOAD
movierentals(sfnet) TiVo Movie Rental Plugin A TiVo plugin to manage your online movie renta... DOWNLOAD
simit-arm(sfnet) SimIt-ARM SimIt-ARM: very fast functional and cycle-accur... DOWNLOAD
wifidog(sfnet) The WiFiDog captive portal suite The WiFi Guard Dog project is a complete and em... DOWNLOAD
tpx(sfnet) TpX: drawing tool for TeX TpX is a simple graphical editor for Windows fo... DOWNLOAD
logic-gates(sfnet) Logical Simulator This program simulates a logic circuit and gene... DOWNLOAD
bugwerk(sfnet) bugwerk An adaptable, platform-agnostic application inc... DOWNLOAD
cryptonator(sfnet) The Cryptonator This is a java based encryption program that ca... DOWNLOAD
thoughtdb(sfnet) ThoughtDB An application for storing, editing, and search... DOWNLOAD
winbird(sfnet) ModifyWin This is Windows tools Program! Glboal is to mod... DOWNLOAD
falcon-vision(sfnet) FALCON Object Recognition System This is the award-winning FALCON I object recog... DOWNLOAD
tilez(sfnet) Tilez! Tilez! is a scrabble - like game for up to four... DOWNLOAD
python-toolset(sfnet) Python Tool Set This project aims to collect some development t... DOWNLOAD
animseswrap(sfnet) Animator Session Wrapper Session wrapper is a tool which makes using ani... DOWNLOAD
reactiondiffusionsimulation(sfnet) Rejection-based Reaction-Diffusion Rejection-based Stochastic simulation of Reacti... DOWNLOAD
matroskaqt(sfnet) Matroska QuickTime Component NOTE: this project is abandoned in favor of muc... DOWNLOAD
tockit(sfnet) Tockit Tockit tries to build a framework for Conceptua... DOWNLOAD
libcb(sfnet) Library Course Builder- LibCB The Library Course Builder (LibCB) is a Cold Fu... DOWNLOAD
qminim(sfnet) QMinim Based on MinimPy ( DOWNLOAD
romutils(sfnet) MAME romset utilities MAME rom utility scripts. A set of Python scri... DOWNLOAD
gardenia(sfnet) Gardenia Gardenia is a simple to use and effective J2EE ... DOWNLOAD
cobalt-rom(sfnet) Cobalt ROM Cobalt ROM source code - x86 BIOS replacement f... DOWNLOAD
q-lang(sfnet) Q - Equational Programming Language The Q programming language, a modern functional... DOWNLOAD
dispdump(sfnet) Display Dumper gives remote control of a PC running MS-DOS (wh... DOWNLOAD
comosix(sfnet) coMosix Run an openMosix cluster under Windows and Linu... DOWNLOAD
gnomeshrink(sfnet) G-DVD GnomeShrink est un logiciel dédié à la copie et... DOWNLOAD
tk4jbpm(sfnet) toolkit for jbpm The toolkit for jbpm (tk4jbpm) supports you in ... DOWNLOAD
owlet(sfnet) Owlet (Open World and Landscape EdiTor) OWLET, Ogre-Open World and Landscape EdiTor aim... DOWNLOAD
nunting(sfnet) nunting Customizable web browser for 18star community, ... DOWNLOAD
testovac(sfnet) testovac Program for testing and revising your or your s... DOWNLOAD
rozk(sfnet) ROZK - Ruby on ZK building CRUD forms with jRuby and ZK with mini... DOWNLOAD
graphalg(sfnet) Software for Teaching Graph Theory Software for Teaching Graph Theory Algorithms DOWNLOAD
librapiddev(sfnet) libRapidDev A collection of helper classes and tools to spe... DOWNLOAD
jxpress(sfnet) jxpress This software is a set of eclipse plugins. Use... DOWNLOAD
remoteclam(sfnet) remoteClam remoteClam is a Windows-Service. It allows remo... DOWNLOAD
kinshipeditor(sfnet) Kinship Editor Kinship Editor is a java graphical editor for e... DOWNLOAD
astcentric(sfnet) ASTcentric Developing a Java framework for supporting the ... DOWNLOAD
juk(sfnet) Gallery Mage juk is a collection of Java applications. The f... DOWNLOAD
alp(sfnet) Autonomous LAN Party Administer your LAN Party efficiently with Auto... DOWNLOAD
ebdl(sfnet) Extension Beans Data Library Extension Beans Data Library provides with a Gl... DOWNLOAD
typewriter(sfnet) typewriter Typewriter converts plain text files to PDF. It... DOWNLOAD
nosexunit(sfnet) NoseXUnit Nose plugin to create XUnit like XML test results DOWNLOAD
simply-rdf(sfnet) Simply RDF Simply RDF framework provides an easy way to ha... DOWNLOAD
easycm(sfnet) EasyCM EasyCM is to provide an easy way to install and... DOWNLOAD
sucd(sfnet) sucd, the YaST CD creator tool sucd it's a software for download all the conte... DOWNLOAD
siwt(sfnet) SIWT: Sudo Inventory Web Tool Sudo inventory web-tool (SIWT) is a web interfa... DOWNLOAD
kwmnet(sfnet) kwmnet KDE panel applet This is KDE fork of famous wmnet WindowMaker ap... DOWNLOAD
shdb(sfnet) Shelve Database Engine ShelveDB is a pure python SQL-like database eng... DOWNLOAD
sampada(sfnet) Asset Management System (Sampada) This application useful to manage personal asse... DOWNLOAD
vunet(sfnet) Vunet Publishing System Vunet is an interesting publishing system. It i... DOWNLOAD
qtsplus4calc(sfnet) Queueing Theory Software For Calc Collection of OpenOffice spreadsheets that solv... DOWNLOAD
ez-publish(freshmeat) eZ Publish eZ Publish is a content management system and d... DOWNLOAD
aulanarede(sfnet) AulaNaRede Aula Na Rede is a tool that creates a network ... DOWNLOAD
phpdeadlock(sfnet) Deadlock User Management System Deadlock is a powerful, fully featured user man... DOWNLOAD
confluencer(sfnet) Confluencer Confluencer is a FrontEnd of Atlassian Confluen... DOWNLOAD
phpblock(sfnet) PhpBlock Php block is a map engine where modules can be ... DOWNLOAD
alliancemanager(sfnet) Ogame Alliance Manager Alliance Manager is a tool to simplify alliance... DOWNLOAD
reco(sfnet) Reco Platform The Reco Platform is a Cross-platform forensic ... DOWNLOAD
svnutils(sfnet) SVN Utils Command-line utility for working with a Subvers... DOWNLOAD
generatator(sfnet) Generatator Generic source code generation utility working ... DOWNLOAD
wrathsound(sfnet) Wrath Sound Engine Wrath Sound Engine is a C++ sound engine for Ni... DOWNLOAD
rumine(sfnet) Rumine To save disk space, mp3 files are stored into .... DOWNLOAD
trillianotr(sfnet) Trillian OTR - Risen This project provides Off-the-Record messaging ... DOWNLOAD
curses-dungeon(sfnet) Curses Dungeon A rogue-like game that I work on in my free tim... DOWNLOAD
cupload(sfnet) Cupload System up loader for Chihiro, Naomi and Triforc... DOWNLOAD
mindless(sfnet) Mindless Automaton A virtual tabletop for playing trading card gam... DOWNLOAD
phpwishlist(sfnet) phpWishlist Web-based wishlist manager. Add/edit/claim wish... DOWNLOAD
leonardoserver(sfnet) Leonardo XC Server phpnuke module for gliding logbook full of stat... DOWNLOAD
openlearningms(sfnet) Open Learning Management System Open Learning Management System (Open LMS). An ... DOWNLOAD
falt4(sfnet) Falt4 CMS (content management system) Falt4 CMS is a business approved Content Manage... DOWNLOAD
javamip(sfnet) JavaMIP to Java Preprocessor This project is about a preprocessor that trans... DOWNLOAD
puff-uaf(sfnet) PuffUAF Puff is an atmospheric dispersion model using a... DOWNLOAD
matslets(sfnet) matsLETS matsLETS is an open source php/mysql applicatio... DOWNLOAD
zxemacs(sfnet) ZXEmacs A boudle of lisp extensions, largely original, ... DOWNLOAD
ajax-micro-mini(sfnet) AJAX Micro Mini Library AJAX Micro Mini Library is a simplest library [... DOWNLOAD
winapptools(sfnet) WinAppTools ATTENZIONE: Questo software e protetto da licen... DOWNLOAD
clonepad(sfnet) Clonepad Clonepad is a simple open source text editor, l... DOWNLOAD
cuda-z(sfnet) cuda-z Simple program that displays information about ... DOWNLOAD
vdistudio(sfnet) VDI Studio VDI Studio is a free editor for VirtualBox disk... DOWNLOAD
ametys(freshmeat) Ametys Ametys is a powerful Web CMS used by many insti... DOWNLOAD
k3studio(sfnet) K3Studio K3Studio is the universal workbench for 2d/3d m... DOWNLOAD
calccsharp(sfnet) Calculator Simple calculator made in C# DOWNLOAD
jminigolf(sfnet) JMiniGolf This project is a 2d minigolf simulation game w... DOWNLOAD
dldigui(sfnet) DLDI Linux GUI DLDI is a tool to dynamic link your Nintendo DS... DOWNLOAD
chopecrew(sfnet) ChopeCREW Air France planning importation, processing, an... DOWNLOAD
popeye-chess(sfnet) Popeye (chess) Popeye is a chess problem solving and testing s... DOWNLOAD
rand-file-split(sfnet) random Filesplitter a smal tool tat can split a file into to files ... DOWNLOAD
draconisatari(sfnet) Draconis Internet Package for ATARI/TOS Draconis is a suite with several Internet Progr... DOWNLOAD

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