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viproxy(sfnet) VIP VIP is a very simple framework for accessing pr... DOWNLOAD
sd-vsnetplugin(sfnet) SharpDevelop VS.Net Importer/Exporter This project provides a plug-in for the SharpDe... DOWNLOAD
xvs(sfnet) xvs XVS is powerful scalable grid software that har... DOWNLOAD
tanooshka(sfnet) Tanooshka Russian Language Learning Written in java by <a href=http://www.tanoos... DOWNLOAD
ctag(sfnet) cTag cTag is a templating engine that parses an xml/... DOWNLOAD
konqburn(sfnet) Konqueror CD/DVD Writer Sidebar CD/DVD burning tool for Konqueror sidebar DOWNLOAD
opencascadelib(sfnet) opencascadelib Simple Tarfile of Minimal OpenCascade-5.2.3 files. DOWNLOAD
cpstemplate(sfnet) CPS Template Generator Small application to generate standard template... DOWNLOAD
ploneskype(sfnet) PloneSkype PloneSkype takes communication on the plone pla... DOWNLOAD
hsc-ce(sfnet) HSC Change Extractor The HSC Change Extractor is an advanced differe... DOWNLOAD
speculoos(sfnet) Speculoos A tool for generating objects that allow easy m... DOWNLOAD
scrobblator(sfnet) scrobblator A powerful and flexible audio scrobbler for las... DOWNLOAD
secureterminal(sfnet) SecureTerminal The newest version of SecureTerminal has been d... DOWNLOAD
treexpr(sfnet) The treexpr library The treexpr library is a Free Software library ... DOWNLOAD
davcache(sfnet) DavCache DavCache is a WebDAV interface to JBossCache. I... DOWNLOAD
ddict(sfnet) Desktop Proxy for Online Dictionaries DDict is an extesible Desktop integrated proxy ... DOWNLOAD
jtick(sfnet) jtick A SWT metronome with a spline-based dynamic tem... DOWNLOAD
grahamalgorithm(sfnet) Spam Buster - Graham Algorithm An open source implementation of Paul Graham's ... DOWNLOAD
dqtjspaging(sfnet) DQT.JSPaging DQT.JSPaging is a advanced javascript paging sy... DOWNLOAD
multipad(sfnet) Multipad Multipad is a powerful, lightweight text editor... DOWNLOAD
q3cellshading(sfnet) Quake III Arena Cell Shading Quake III Arena modification that implements Ce... DOWNLOAD
tango2pcb(sfnet) tango2pcb tango2pcb is a console program that convert Tan... DOWNLOAD
s-engine(sfnet) S-Engine for Turing The S-Engine is an alternative skinnable GUI (G... DOWNLOAD
domainauditor(sfnet) Domain Auditor Domain Auditor was written to simplify the task... DOWNLOAD
googlelocator(sfnet) phpGoogleStoreLocator PHP Google Store Locator is a PHP/MySQL applica... DOWNLOAD
bsmapper(sfnet) bsmapper BSmapper - Sequence mapper for bisulfite sequen... DOWNLOAD
shcmd(sfnet) shcmd Shell Commander is a PHP script, that allows re... DOWNLOAD
nukecn(sfnet) PHPnukeCN PHPnukeCN is a project with boost the PHPnuke's... DOWNLOAD
f5kbd-os(sfnet) Scheduler for 68HC908 family µP Scheduler for MC68HC908 family µP. Modify 10/01... DOWNLOAD
xpsh(sfnet) XPath Shell (XPsh) XPath Shell (XPsh) is a shell extension for sel... DOWNLOAD
teachercp(sfnet) Teacher Control Panel Teacher Control Panel allows a teacher to monit... DOWNLOAD
sigsloteasy(sfnet) sigsloteasy The implementation of sigslot functionality in ... DOWNLOAD
ooo-iam(sfnet) ooo-iam ooo-iam is an utility to check for drug interac... DOWNLOAD
piper(sfnet) Pipe redirector Piper is a daemon used to redirect streams. Inp... DOWNLOAD
rat10(sfnet) Rogue Assault Traders RAT 0.01 - Rogue Assault Traders 0.01 is a fork... DOWNLOAD
jsudokux(sfnet) JSudokuX JSudokuX is a tool that helps you to solve the ... DOWNLOAD
playcaster(sfnet) Playcaster Playcaster is a quick way to make a podcast out... DOWNLOAD
java2excel(sfnet) Java2Excel Simple library written in Java to allow the cre... DOWNLOAD
bsponmpi(sfnet) BSPonMPI BSPonMPI is an implementation of the BSPlib sta... DOWNLOAD
bugbrother(sfnet) BugBrother Video monitoring tool for insect analysis DOWNLOAD
keapuxadmin(sfnet) Keapux this user friendly program is wrote for masquer... DOWNLOAD
autoupdate2(sfnet) autoupdate configuration file updater The autoupdate tool provides the facility to up... DOWNLOAD
screenkast(sfnet) ScreenKast Screen capturing program that records your scre... DOWNLOAD
terminate(sfnet) terminate Some useful utilities for basic actions on the ... DOWNLOAD
mycopy(sfnet) MyCopy.Net A simple console copy application that is simil... DOWNLOAD
streamkb(sfnet) StreamKB On-screen keyboard that highlights keys that ar... DOWNLOAD
sfnet(sfnet) sfnet ScaleFreeNet (sfnet) could generate stocastic o... DOWNLOAD
dotarena(sfnet) .Arena Este jogo é conhecido como "Pontos". ... DOWNLOAD
rapsearch2(sfnet) RAPSearch2 RAPSearch2 is a tool for fast protein similarit... DOWNLOAD
spdownloader(sfnet) spdownloader South Park Downloader which downloads episodes ... DOWNLOAD
spf-event-sink(sfnet) SPF event sink A SMTP transport event sink for checking SPF-re... DOWNLOAD
sputnikgateway(sfnet) Sputnik Gateway Sputnik Gateway Software turns any Intel-based ... DOWNLOAD
javacs(sfnet) Java-SC A Java Chat Server and Client. Very little edit... DOWNLOAD
gup(sfnet) GUP: GTP Usability Prototype The GTP Usability Prototype provides a webinter... DOWNLOAD
ooobook(sfnet) OOoBook Ebook Plugin OOoBook Ebook Plugin for DOWNLOAD
rkpicview(sfnet) PicView If you are searching for a good picture viewer,... DOWNLOAD
cliplogboard(sfnet) ClipLogBoard This program logs all text data you copy in you... DOWNLOAD
glabuke(sfnet) GlabUke GlabUke creates ukulele tabs and transposes it ... DOWNLOAD
linuxnews(sfnet) Linux News LinuxNews is a free software for Android 2.2 th... DOWNLOAD
projectevne(sfnet) Project Evne Based on the idea that the Open Source Initiati... DOWNLOAD
wapadmin(sfnet) wapadmin - adminstration via wap devices wapadmin is a collection of wml pages and php s... DOWNLOAD
sppoks(sfnet) sppoks Простая библиотека для создания меню в GLUT при... DOWNLOAD
jsysmon(sfnet) JSysmon JSysmon is a Java library providing access to s... DOWNLOAD
trotter-cvt(sfnet) trotter-conversion The set of facilities for conversion through se... DOWNLOAD
lancopier(sfnet) LAN Copier Utility for copying a resuming broken file down... DOWNLOAD
streammp3(sfnet) streamMp3 Application d'enregistrement / diffusion de Web... DOWNLOAD
yaorb(sfnet) Yet Another Object Request Broker Yet Another Object Request Broker is an impleme... DOWNLOAD
mythtv-tools(sfnet) MythTV Tools Various tools and scripts to enhance MythTV fun... DOWNLOAD
ztk(sfnet) ZTK ZTK C Object-Oriented user interface library (G... DOWNLOAD
wapmsgr(sfnet) wapmsgr wapmsgr will allow users to send messages among... DOWNLOAD
racerproject(sfnet) RACER Project Collection of Projects and Tools to be used wit... DOWNLOAD
shasummer(sfnet) shasummer Shasummer is a SHA hashsum utility in Java. It ... DOWNLOAD
mltool(sfnet) ML-1210 tool for Windows x64 The Samsung ML-1210 printer works perfect under... DOWNLOAD
ismag(sfnet) ismag A screen magnifier for the Windows operating sy... DOWNLOAD
dlinkpedia(sfnet) Dlinkpedia firmware We are developing an advanced and totally GPL'e... DOWNLOAD
physasteroids(sfnet) PhysAsteroids PhysAsteroids is a stand-alone game loosely bas... DOWNLOAD
playsh(sfnet) playsh playsh is a narrative-driven "object navig... DOWNLOAD
javasteps(sfnet) JavaSteps JavaSteps is a simple and light-weight flow exe... DOWNLOAD
greedy(sfnet) Greedy Billing/Rating solution with universal rating e... DOWNLOAD
centericq-expl(sfnet) centericq-expl I made this script to extract some info from Ce... DOWNLOAD
mtwb(sfnet) Mobile Text Web Browser MTWB - Mobile Text Web Browser is web browser f... DOWNLOAD
woweapons(sfnet) WoWeapons This a database for Weapons withing the World o... DOWNLOAD
ajaxphpterm(sfnet) ajaxPHPterm ajaxPHPterm is an AJAX terminal/shell emulator ... DOWNLOAD
synergiser(sfnet) Synergiser Synergiser is a fully-functional and expandable... DOWNLOAD
gonzui(sfnet) gonzui gonzui - a source code search engine DOWNLOAD
truc(sfnet) TRUC - Tracking Requirements & Use Cases TRUC is a web-based tool for requirement and us... DOWNLOAD
senbotsu(sfnet) Senbotsu 3D Fighting game set in Medieval times with Rol... DOWNLOAD
infamousplugins(sfnet) Infamous Plugins A series of Audio Plugins for Linux. DOWNLOAD
clf2mls(sfnet) clf2mls Tool to convert Common Log Format files to a my... DOWNLOAD
wordsegment(sfnet) Chinese word segment Word segment utility for Chinese(simplified) la... DOWNLOAD
tunepiano(sfnet) Tunepiano It helps to tune piano, guitar or other instrum... DOWNLOAD
cmsfaethon(sfnet) CMS Faethon CMS Faethon is content management system for di... DOWNLOAD
spoink(sfnet) spoink Spoink is an output-plugin for snort that works... DOWNLOAD
verbum(sfnet) Verbum Verbum is a multilingual dictionary application... DOWNLOAD
typespeed(sfnet) typespeed Typespeed is a tool and game for testing your t... DOWNLOAD
stelladrp(sfnet) STELLA Data Reduction Pipeline The STELLA pipeline and all sources are now ava... DOWNLOAD
gmetrica(sfnet) GMetrica 2D-Jump&Run: play colourful challanges with... DOWNLOAD
gomf(sfnet) Gary's openMosix Floppy Gary's openMosix Floppy (GoMF) is a single flop... DOWNLOAD
spyimage(sfnet) SpyImage SpyImage is a php script that dynamically creat... DOWNLOAD
gridping(sfnet) MPI Grid Ping MPI Grid Ping is a tool for measuring the laten... DOWNLOAD

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