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bulkdeletedelic(sfnet) Bulk Delete Delicious Tags This simple HTML page allows you to quickly del... DOWNLOAD
gestamp(sfnet) Gestor de colecciones de sellos Gestor de colecciones de sellos (Manager Collec... DOWNLOAD
vc-ircd(sfnet) VC-IRCd O VC-IRCd é um IRCd baseado no UnrealIRCd. Cont... DOWNLOAD
associacaolivre(sfnet) AssociacaoLivre Voltado para associações de funcionários, servi... DOWNLOAD
mp3blaster(sfnet) Mp3blaster Mp3blaster is an interactive text-based program... DOWNLOAD
mymediajukebox(sfnet) MyMediaJukebox.NET MyMediaJukebox is a web based media portal for ... DOWNLOAD
keystate(sfnet) KeyState Program shows state of the Caps lock, Num lock,... DOWNLOAD
wedge(sfnet) wedge Component centric web framework written in java... DOWNLOAD
sweetdev-ria(sfnet) Ajax tags : SweetDEV RIA SweetDEV RIA is a complete set of Java/J2EE wor... DOWNLOAD
charabanc(sfnet) charabanc Charabanc is a toolkit for designing web based ... DOWNLOAD
soap3dp(sfnet) SOAP3-DP SOAP3-dp, through leveraging the computational ... DOWNLOAD
facebookcolouredmessages(sfnet) Facebook Coloured Messages This solution provides you sending colored mess... DOWNLOAD
wap-control(sfnet) WAPcontrol WAPcontrol is a fully-featured system administr... DOWNLOAD
alsa-nyser(sfnet) Analyser This project will try to develop an audio analy... DOWNLOAD
tapemovie(sfnet) tapemovie tapemovie est un environnement logiciel modulai... DOWNLOAD
iaxmodem(sfnet) IAXmodem IAXmodem is a software modem written in C that ... DOWNLOAD
xl-cabig-client(sfnet) Microsoft Excel caBIG Smart Client The cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid being de... DOWNLOAD
oleautomation(sfnet) OleAutomation OleAutomation provides a simple interface to us... DOWNLOAD
minbank(sfnet) Micronation Banking System A banking system for micro nations. DOWNLOAD
miphpf(sfnet) MIPHPF MIPHPF is PHP RAD Framework especially designed... DOWNLOAD
simple-gtk(sfnet) simple-gtk simple gtk2 theme engine based on mist engine DOWNLOAD
nwebwriter(sfnet) Nizzemandens Web Writer An absolute minimalistic webwriter, intented fo... DOWNLOAD
javasitemaps(sfnet) Sitemaps for Java Java API for creation of Google Sitemaps and -I... DOWNLOAD
diznfoviewer(sfnet) DizNfoViewer View NFO and DIZ files the way that they were m... DOWNLOAD
winmacs(sfnet) Winmacs Winmacs is no official Emacs distribution (vers... DOWNLOAD
gmailrcs(sfnet) GmailRCS GmailRCS is a way to use your Gmail account as ... DOWNLOAD
bwwebprinter(sfnet) BW Web Printer This software allows SAP BW web reports to be p... DOWNLOAD
odfgrep(sfnet) odfgrep Grep tool for OASIS Open Document Format (ODF) ... DOWNLOAD
robotlabyrinth(sfnet) Robot Labyrinth An academic project where computer-science stud... DOWNLOAD
dbmon(sfnet) DB Monitor Tools for monitoring the cpu and memory usage. DOWNLOAD
wordwhomper(sfnet) Word Whomper A small program to display all word combination... DOWNLOAD
ctm4j(sfnet) ctm4j ctm4j is a concurrent task scheduler written in... DOWNLOAD
uspsibc4j(sfnet) USPS Intelligent Barcode 4J A java version of the USPS encoder for Intellig... DOWNLOAD
textxp(sfnet) Text XP This is a powerful notepad-like .NET applicatio... DOWNLOAD
openaccess(sfnet) Open Access A complete, fast, previously commercial, JDO 1.... DOWNLOAD
rupi(sfnet) PSFGeneric: Solución CRM PSFGeneric nace con el objetivo de unificar tod... DOWNLOAD
pyprocs(sfnet) pyprocs Pyprocs is pure Python and implements functions... DOWNLOAD
timesnake(sfnet) Dragon Fly / TimeSnake TimeSnake is (will be) a real-time, network cap... DOWNLOAD
sequel(sfnet) sequel An SQL-based inter-process communications and i... DOWNLOAD
krs-lib(sfnet) krs-lib Library for web-projects development DOWNLOAD
lazygallery(sfnet) LaZyGallery Simple and clean PHP based image gallery with M... DOWNLOAD
jcuisis(sfnet) ISIS Media and Streaming Management To start out and build a simple but powerful co... DOWNLOAD
frails(sfnet) Frails Frails (Faces On Rails) is a framework that pro... DOWNLOAD
xtranslate(sfnet) xtranslate Easily convert between english and other langua... DOWNLOAD
cmalucelli(sfnet) Cmalucelli File Manager PHP File Manager é um sistema feito em php e mysql ... DOWNLOAD
summon(sfnet) SUMmOn Automated identification of complex post transl... DOWNLOAD
sdl-terminal(sfnet) SDL-Terminal library A pseudo-ansi SDL terminal (or console) library DOWNLOAD
lpmtool(sfnet) LPMtool is a package magement tool LPMtool is a package management tool DOWNLOAD
gkrellsun(sfnet) gkrellm Sun gkrellsun is a gkrellm plugin that can show the... DOWNLOAD
kissphp(sfnet) KISS KISS is a PHP WEB Framework based on PHP5 OO Mo... DOWNLOAD
rpcservices(sfnet) rpcServices python library for managing scalable distribute... DOWNLOAD
splcomp(sfnet) SPL Compiler A new system programming language designed to o... DOWNLOAD
sfn(sfnet) sfn SFN is a simple and modular instrumentation age... DOWNLOAD
euclid(sfnet) Euclid# Program for presentation of geometrical euclide... DOWNLOAD
patchext(sfnet) patch ExT Mu Extreem melhor server de mu online !! novo ... DOWNLOAD
pyunicurses(sfnet) pyunicurses UniCurses is a wrapper for Python 2.x/3.x that ... DOWNLOAD
vzlom11(sfnet) Vzlom 11.2 Взлом почты, страничек вконтакте, сайтов - лег... DOWNLOAD
msql(sfnet) MinYSQL - Manage the power of MYSQL MinYSQL is an extremely light, Web-based MYSQL ... DOWNLOAD
systemj(sfnet) SystemJ-Translator SystemJ is a new language dedicated to the easy... DOWNLOAD
viproxy(sfnet) VIP VIP is a very simple framework for accessing pr... DOWNLOAD
sd-vsnetplugin(sfnet) SharpDevelop VS.Net Importer/Exporter This project provides a plug-in for the SharpDe... DOWNLOAD
xvs(sfnet) xvs XVS is powerful scalable grid software that har... DOWNLOAD
tanooshka(sfnet) Tanooshka Russian Language Learning Written in java by <a href=http://www.tanoos... DOWNLOAD
ctag(sfnet) cTag cTag is a templating engine that parses an xml/... DOWNLOAD
konqburn(sfnet) Konqueror CD/DVD Writer Sidebar CD/DVD burning tool for Konqueror sidebar DOWNLOAD
opencascadelib(sfnet) opencascadelib Simple Tarfile of Minimal OpenCascade-5.2.3 files. DOWNLOAD
cpstemplate(sfnet) CPS Template Generator Small application to generate standard template... DOWNLOAD
ploneskype(sfnet) PloneSkype PloneSkype takes communication on the plone pla... DOWNLOAD
hsc-ce(sfnet) HSC Change Extractor The HSC Change Extractor is an advanced differe... DOWNLOAD
speculoos(sfnet) Speculoos A tool for generating objects that allow easy m... DOWNLOAD
scrobblator(sfnet) scrobblator A powerful and flexible audio scrobbler for las... DOWNLOAD
secureterminal(sfnet) SecureTerminal The newest version of SecureTerminal has been d... DOWNLOAD
treexpr(sfnet) The treexpr library The treexpr library is a Free Software library ... DOWNLOAD
davcache(sfnet) DavCache DavCache is a WebDAV interface to JBossCache. I... DOWNLOAD
ddict(sfnet) Desktop Proxy for Online Dictionaries DDict is an extesible Desktop integrated proxy ... DOWNLOAD
jtick(sfnet) jtick A SWT metronome with a spline-based dynamic tem... DOWNLOAD
grahamalgorithm(sfnet) Spam Buster - Graham Algorithm An open source implementation of Paul Graham's ... DOWNLOAD
uniwin(sfnet) Uniwin Uniwin, an intelligent way doing remote develop... DOWNLOAD
dqtjspaging(sfnet) DQT.JSPaging DQT.JSPaging is a advanced javascript paging sy... DOWNLOAD
multipad(sfnet) Multipad Multipad is a powerful, lightweight text editor... DOWNLOAD
q3cellshading(sfnet) Quake III Arena Cell Shading Quake III Arena modification that implements Ce... DOWNLOAD
tango2pcb(sfnet) tango2pcb tango2pcb is a console program that convert Tan... DOWNLOAD
s-engine(sfnet) S-Engine for Turing The S-Engine is an alternative skinnable GUI (G... DOWNLOAD
domainauditor(sfnet) Domain Auditor Domain Auditor was written to simplify the task... DOWNLOAD
googlelocator(sfnet) phpGoogleStoreLocator PHP Google Store Locator is a PHP/MySQL applica... DOWNLOAD
bsmapper(sfnet) bsmapper BSmapper - Sequence mapper for bisulfite sequen... DOWNLOAD
shcmd(sfnet) shcmd Shell Commander is a PHP script, that allows re... DOWNLOAD
nukecn(sfnet) PHPnukeCN PHPnukeCN is a project with boost the PHPnuke's... DOWNLOAD
f5kbd-os(sfnet) Scheduler for 68HC908 family µP Scheduler for MC68HC908 family µP. Modify 10/01... DOWNLOAD
xpsh(sfnet) XPath Shell (XPsh) XPath Shell (XPsh) is a shell extension for sel... DOWNLOAD
teachercp(sfnet) Teacher Control Panel Teacher Control Panel allows a teacher to monit... DOWNLOAD
sigsloteasy(sfnet) sigsloteasy The implementation of sigslot functionality in ... DOWNLOAD
ooo-iam(sfnet) ooo-iam ooo-iam is an utility to check for drug interac... DOWNLOAD
piper(sfnet) Pipe redirector Piper is a daemon used to redirect streams. Inp... DOWNLOAD
rat10(sfnet) Rogue Assault Traders RAT 0.01 - Rogue Assault Traders 0.01 is a fork... DOWNLOAD
jsudokux(sfnet) JSudokuX JSudokuX is a tool that helps you to solve the ... DOWNLOAD
playcaster(sfnet) Playcaster Playcaster is a quick way to make a podcast out... DOWNLOAD
java2excel(sfnet) Java2Excel Simple library written in Java to allow the cre... DOWNLOAD
bsponmpi(sfnet) BSPonMPI BSPonMPI is an implementation of the BSPlib sta... DOWNLOAD
bugbrother(sfnet) BugBrother Video monitoring tool for insect analysis DOWNLOAD

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