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eyascc(sfnet) eyascc DOWNLOAD
spiroj(sfnet) SpiroJ SpiroJ is a simple generator of hypotrochoids a... DOWNLOAD
catalogue(sfnet) CD/DVD catalogue catalogue is simple application, able to scan c... DOWNLOAD
ip9100d(sfnet) IP9100d daemon of video observation Four-channel daemon of video observation for IP... DOWNLOAD
diffserv4ns(sfnet) DiffServ4NS This project provides DiffServ simulations impr... DOWNLOAD
celeragb(sfnet) Celera Genome Browser The Celera Genome Browser, developed at Celera ... DOWNLOAD
frame-mail(sfnet) Framemail Framemail is a program that lets you check sime... DOWNLOAD
chemb(sfnet) chemb A small utility to add or remove from the comma... DOWNLOAD
emergetk(sfnet) emerge toolkit The emerge toolkit is a state-preserved web dev... DOWNLOAD
jehep(sfnet) jeHep jeHEP is a full-featured programmer's text edit... DOWNLOAD
forgetmenot(sfnet) Forget-Me-Not 0.9 alpha "ForgetMeNot" is a platform-independe... DOWNLOAD
w3launch-32bit(sfnet) 32-bit W3launch Emulator A 32-bit W3Launch Reader. Designed to perform ... DOWNLOAD
bcs(sfnet) Business Communication System Business Communications Suite is a complete com... DOWNLOAD
xtoken(sfnet) XToken XToken is an application which helps users to c... DOWNLOAD
ralib(sfnet) RALIB RALIB provides a library of general-purpose num... DOWNLOAD
bulkablack(sfnet) BulkaBlack Aplicacion php para envio de correos anonimos. ... DOWNLOAD
sepman(sfnet) SEPMan - Sony Ericsson Phone Manager SEPMan - Sony Ericsson Phone Manager for Linux.... DOWNLOAD
xwifiscan(sfnet) xwifiscan xfifiscan scans all wireless access points avai... DOWNLOAD
passim(sfnet) PASSIM The Patient and Sample System for Information M... DOWNLOAD
fbauditor(sfnet) Firebird Interbase Auditor Generating system of code for audit of database... DOWNLOAD
nors-2(sfnet) NORS 2 NORS 2 is a complex redaction system (CMS). Fea... DOWNLOAD
configure-wifi(sfnet) Wireless Connection Configurator This project's aim is to make a stable and user... DOWNLOAD
dbrowserconnect(sfnet) Direct Browser Connect Direct Browser Contact is a javascript-php libr... DOWNLOAD
sptemplate(sfnet) SpTemplate SpTemplate is a full and extreme fast template ... DOWNLOAD
knfo(sfnet) knfo A KDE nfo file viewer DOWNLOAD
jscharcount(sfnet) JavaScript CharCount Dipslays a count-down style counter of how many... DOWNLOAD
strutste(sfnet) Struts Time Entry struts timeEntry is an application that develop... DOWNLOAD
bamcompile(sfnet) Bambalam PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder Bambalam PHP EXE Compiler/Embedder is a free co... DOWNLOAD
mark(sfnet) Mark C# Library for MonoDevelop Intermediate-level C# class library for MonoDev... DOWNLOAD
xajax(sfnet) xajax PHP and Javascript library xajax is an open source PHP and Javascript libr... DOWNLOAD
alsager-repair(sfnet) Alsager Sixth form Wireless Repair DOWNLOAD
cncsimulator(sfnet) CNC Simulator Online Version: An online version of this simul... DOWNLOAD
genovashard(sfnet) GeNova GeNova Project is based on SunUO and RunUO Ser... DOWNLOAD
aocpp(sfnet) Argentum Online ++ A c++ port of Argentum Online, a FREE 2D MMORPG... DOWNLOAD
saturn-os(sfnet) SaturnOS SaturnOS is an operating system designed to be ... DOWNLOAD
ajax-mvc(sfnet) AJAX MVC The AJAX MVC separates view management from dat... DOWNLOAD
cldb(sfnet) CLDB A flat file based Database that can be used lik... DOWNLOAD
bibletrivia(sfnet) BibleTrivia BibleTrivia is a program that displays Bible qu... DOWNLOAD
ptable(sfnet) PolymorphTables PTable is a smooth way to manage a complete web... DOWNLOAD
bite(sfnet) Bite SQL Reports BITE is SQL reporting software that can be plug... DOWNLOAD
csar(sfnet) CSAR CSAR, Corpus Server Architecture, a set of libr... DOWNLOAD
gf-3xplorer(sfnet) GF-3XPLORER The GF-3XPLORER is a PHP based filemanagement-s... DOWNLOAD
bsma(sfnet) BSM Analyzer BSM Analyzer deciphers Solaris BSM audit trails... DOWNLOAD
war3proxy(sfnet) WAR3Proxy WAR3Proxy is a Warcraft 3 (ROC+TFT) Proxy Serve... DOWNLOAD
flexportlet(sfnet) FlexPortlet Using FlexPortlet,you can transform a group of ... DOWNLOAD
nunbb(sfnet) NunBB Fork of punBB to incorporate NHS-specific chang... DOWNLOAD
nick(sfnet) nick: fast, simple nick changer Very fast, simple software for changing your nick. DOWNLOAD
easymessaging(sfnet) Easy Messaging Gateway (SMS/MMS/Mail) Easy to use SMS/MMS Messaging Gateway to develo... DOWNLOAD
easybmptoavi(sfnet) Easy BMP to AVI Movie Creator EasyBMPtoAVI is a cross-platform (Linux, Window... DOWNLOAD
sbfb(sfnet) SwingBeanFormBuilder Swing Bean Form Builder (SBFB) is a java SWING ... DOWNLOAD
xblock-report(sfnet) Xblock Reporter Xblock reporter is a set of PHP and shell scrip... DOWNLOAD
wackit(sfnet) Web Application Deployment gets done Wackit is a web application framework in Perl, ... DOWNLOAD
badevil(sfnet) BadEvil BadEvil is 3rd person, massive, multiplayer act... DOWNLOAD
easyipchange(sfnet) Easy IPChange Are you tired of manually changing your IP Addr... DOWNLOAD
samhardware(sfnet) Self Assessment Manikin Hardware Device Our work with implementing the Self Assessment ... DOWNLOAD
wapipbscript(sfnet) WAP IPB Script WAP IPB Script is a PHP powered add-on for IPB ... DOWNLOAD
kjbible(sfnet) KJBible The King James version of the Bible for Windows... DOWNLOAD
ad-gallery(sfnet) AD advanced picture gallery Validní obrázková galerie využívající PHP a myS... DOWNLOAD
nmbot(sfnet) NordicMafia Bot Rank-bot for NordicMafia. Koster 1 mrd spill pe... DOWNLOAD
pachibattlepc(sfnet) Pachi Battle System PC Pachi Battle System PC is a software utility th... DOWNLOAD
secure-data(sfnet) secureDATA secureDATA is a simple and easy to use encrypte... DOWNLOAD
maxdbprovider(sfnet) ADO.NET Provider for MaxDB RDBMS MaxDB ADO.NET Data Provider DOWNLOAD
spymonitor(sfnet) SpyMonitor SpyMonitor is a freeware on-access scanner for ... DOWNLOAD
snnsraster(sfnet) SNNSraster Manager SNNSraster is a utility for quick ANN analysis ... DOWNLOAD
krix(sfnet) krix A visual music browser for Mac OS X. DOWNLOAD
totito-tian(sfnet) Totito Tian Suite A FUN Tic Tac Toe Proyect, also includes a Smac... DOWNLOAD
urlinverter(sfnet) Url Inverter DOWNLOAD
spum(sfnet) Spum Messenger The Messenger is a messenger program with direc... DOWNLOAD
sprstr(sfnet) Super-Strings Tool Line command cleaner/converter files. DOWNLOAD
phpmytop(sfnet) phpMyTop Web Based Status Monitor for MySQL DOWNLOAD
stgc(sfnet) Star Trek: Galaxy Conquest STGC is a browser-based game set in the Star Tr... DOWNLOAD
expchecker(sfnet) Exp Checker Its a experience calculator to popular internet... DOWNLOAD
agentowl(sfnet) AgentOWL AgentOWL library support RDF/OWL ontology model... DOWNLOAD
lucenedesktop(sfnet) Lucene desktop index A desktop search application based on the lucen... DOWNLOAD
xoopslance(sfnet) Xoopslance The scope of the project is the creation of mod... DOWNLOAD
toutateam(sfnet) Toutateam Groupware Toutateam is a groupware application aimed for ... DOWNLOAD
gtrovatel(sfnet) GTrovatel Un'interfaccia grafica per trovatel di Mikispag... DOWNLOAD
cdx10(sfnet) CDX vs WGF This project semilar to CDX library the differe... DOWNLOAD
compoundcalc(sfnet) CompoundCalc A very simple and compact compounding calculato... DOWNLOAD
groove-dl(sfnet) groove-dl DOWNLOAD
javabloat(sfnet) Purdue BLOAT BLOAT is a Java bytecode optimizer and class re... DOWNLOAD
tudomais(sfnet) TudoMais Softphone SIP com voz, vídeo e Mensagem Instant... DOWNLOAD
librpgsql(sfnet) Replication library for postgresql librpgsql is a library for database replication... DOWNLOAD
filevision(sfnet) filevision Filevision posess some programs to work very ea... DOWNLOAD
zimalibqdxf(sfnet) ZIMA-libqdxf ZIMA-libqdxf enables you to view DXF files in y... DOWNLOAD
braillescore(sfnet) TouchingMelody 一套輔助盲人閱讀點字樂譜的軟體。 我們以MusicXML... DOWNLOAD
xzero(sfnet) XZero A simple board game. The winner of the game is... DOWNLOAD
pipo(sfnet) pipo A quick image scanner and parser to recursively... DOWNLOAD
b2evothumbnails(sfnet) autothumbnails for b2evolution A plugin for the multi-blog software b2evolutio... DOWNLOAD
xwrapelite(sfnet) XWRAP Elite A Wrapper Application Generator for Information... DOWNLOAD
hexamine(sfnet) Hexagonal Minesweeper A puzzle game, based on Minesweeper idea. It in... DOWNLOAD
sddforeclipse(sfnet) SDD: High performance code clone detect SDD: Duplicated code detection tool DOWNLOAD
chimera2d(sfnet) Chimera Games Engine "Chimera2D" is an 2D Games Engine For... DOWNLOAD
iliasmathml(sfnet) ILIASVisualMathEditor With this project ILIAS should be able to handl... DOWNLOAD
techne3dcam(sfnet) Techne (R) 3D CAM A 3D only CAD/CAM program for generating CNC co... DOWNLOAD
kumomado(sfnet) kumomado Kumomado是一套PHP圖形化使用者介面的... DOWNLOAD
mpo2jpg(sfnet) mpo2jpg A command-line utility to convert MPO stereo fi... DOWNLOAD
jgal(sfnet) Java Genetic Algorithms Library JGAL is a Java Genetic Algorithms Library. DOWNLOAD
atniemi(sfnet) pentominoes Pentas is a puzzle game, which lets you play an... DOWNLOAD
dsatoolbox(sfnet) DSA Toolbox DSAToolbox is a collection of tools for users a... DOWNLOAD

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