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streammp3(sfnet) streamMp3 Application d'enregistrement / diffusion de Web... DOWNLOAD
yaorb(sfnet) Yet Another Object Request Broker Yet Another Object Request Broker is an impleme... DOWNLOAD
mythtv-tools(sfnet) MythTV Tools Various tools and scripts to enhance MythTV fun... DOWNLOAD
ztk(sfnet) ZTK ZTK C Object-Oriented user interface library (G... DOWNLOAD
wapmsgr(sfnet) wapmsgr wapmsgr will allow users to send messages among... DOWNLOAD
racerproject(sfnet) RACER Project Collection of Projects and Tools to be used wit... DOWNLOAD
shasummer(sfnet) shasummer Shasummer is a SHA hashsum utility in Java. It ... DOWNLOAD
mltool(sfnet) ML-1210 tool for Windows x64 The Samsung ML-1210 printer works perfect under... DOWNLOAD
ismag(sfnet) ismag A screen magnifier for the Windows operating sy... DOWNLOAD
dlinkpedia(sfnet) Dlinkpedia firmware We are developing an advanced and totally GPL'e... DOWNLOAD
physasteroids(sfnet) PhysAsteroids PhysAsteroids is a stand-alone game loosely bas... DOWNLOAD
playsh(sfnet) playsh playsh is a narrative-driven "object navig... DOWNLOAD
javasteps(sfnet) JavaSteps JavaSteps is a simple and light-weight flow exe... DOWNLOAD
greedy(sfnet) Greedy Billing/Rating solution with universal rating e... DOWNLOAD
centericq-expl(sfnet) centericq-expl I made this script to extract some info from Ce... DOWNLOAD
mtwb(sfnet) Mobile Text Web Browser MTWB - Mobile Text Web Browser is web browser f... DOWNLOAD
woweapons(sfnet) WoWeapons This a database for Weapons withing the World o... DOWNLOAD
ajaxphpterm(sfnet) ajaxPHPterm ajaxPHPterm is an AJAX terminal/shell emulator ... DOWNLOAD
synergiser(sfnet) Synergiser Synergiser is a fully-functional and expandable... DOWNLOAD
gonzui(sfnet) gonzui gonzui - a source code search engine DOWNLOAD
truc(sfnet) TRUC - Tracking Requirements & Use Cases TRUC is a web-based tool for requirement and us... DOWNLOAD
senbotsu(sfnet) Senbotsu 3D Fighting game set in Medieval times with Rol... DOWNLOAD
infamousplugins(sfnet) Infamous Plugins A series of Audio Plugins for Linux. DOWNLOAD
clf2mls(sfnet) clf2mls Tool to convert Common Log Format files to a my... DOWNLOAD
wordsegment(sfnet) Chinese word segment Word segment utility for Chinese(simplified) la... DOWNLOAD
tunepiano(sfnet) Tunepiano It helps to tune piano, guitar or other instrum... DOWNLOAD
cmsfaethon(sfnet) CMS Faethon CMS Faethon is content management system for di... DOWNLOAD
spoink(sfnet) spoink Spoink is an output-plugin for snort that works... DOWNLOAD
verbum(sfnet) Verbum Verbum is a multilingual dictionary application... DOWNLOAD
typespeed(sfnet) typespeed Typespeed is a tool and game for testing your t... DOWNLOAD
stelladrp(sfnet) STELLA Data Reduction Pipeline The STELLA pipeline and all sources are now ava... DOWNLOAD
gmetrica(sfnet) GMetrica 2D-Jump&Run: play colourful challanges with... DOWNLOAD
gomf(sfnet) Gary's openMosix Floppy Gary's openMosix Floppy (GoMF) is a single flop... DOWNLOAD
spyimage(sfnet) SpyImage SpyImage is a php script that dynamically creat... DOWNLOAD
gridping(sfnet) MPI Grid Ping MPI Grid Ping is a tool for measuring the laten... DOWNLOAD
r2000asm(sfnet) r2000asm MIPS R2000 educational assembler DOWNLOAD
onscheme(sfnet) On Scheme Source This project provides source to accompany the O... DOWNLOAD
toshiba-fn(sfnet) toshiba-fn Program to manage fn special key on Toshiba lap... DOWNLOAD
arm(sfnet) Advanced RPG Maker Advanced RPG Maker is a console based rpg game ... DOWNLOAD
jsnet(sfnet) JSONet Secure Cross-Domain Data Exchange JSONet library is a javascript library allowing... DOWNLOAD
glacierworker(sfnet) GlacierWorker GlacierWorker is free and opensource client, wh... DOWNLOAD
garmin-gps(sfnet) Linux Kernel Driver for Garmin GPS/USB A linux (2.6-) kernel driver to connect garmin ... DOWNLOAD
notezilla(sfnet) NoteZilla/TaskZilla This is just a fun project. I program this beca... DOWNLOAD
xvibs(sfnet) xvibs A utility for animating molecular vibrations. N... DOWNLOAD
openbankwebapp(sfnet) openbankwebapp An object oriented php mysql web interface desi... DOWNLOAD
dvb2000(sfnet) DVB2000 Si tratta di un nuovo progetto legato al popola... DOWNLOAD
clariontemplate(sfnet) clariontemplate Clarion source code for interfacing to combit's... DOWNLOAD
griddler(sfnet) Geometry, Mesh and BCs for PDEs Geometric modeling, mesh generation and definit... DOWNLOAD
pas-interpreter(sfnet) pas-interpreter This project is a multiplatform language Pascal... DOWNLOAD
reversef(sfnet) ReverseFuck This is interpreter of the ReverseFuck programm... DOWNLOAD
idilis(sfnet) iSCSI Diskless Linux Servers iSCSI Diskless Linux Server (idilis) is a colle... DOWNLOAD
sandempire(sfnet) The Sand Empire University project. A strategy game which takes... DOWNLOAD
h9-lab(sfnet) H9-LAB A centralized computer laboratory management so... DOWNLOAD
jdocfilter(sfnet) JDocFilter JDocFilter was created to help searching Javado... DOWNLOAD
ixprim(sfnet) Ixprim CMS Ixprim est un système de gestion de contenu écr... DOWNLOAD
desktoptoolbar(sfnet) Customizable Desktop Toolbar this implementation of a customizable desktop t... DOWNLOAD
chesstacular(sfnet) Chesstacular A stand alone 3D Battle Chess game featuring ch... DOWNLOAD
cdv(sfnet) Predicting cancer damaging variants DOWNLOAD
pixelcontroller(sfnet) PixelController PixelController – a matrix control project by M... DOWNLOAD
sememu(sfnet) Sememu Sememu provides a POSIX (IEEE 1003.1) compliant... DOWNLOAD
soap-portlet(sfnet) Dynamic SOAP Portlet This project consists in a java JRS-168 portlet... DOWNLOAD
zlooter(sfnet) Z-Looter Z-Looter is the World of WarCraft addon. DOWNLOAD
apex-autonomy(sfnet) Apex Autonomy Software Apex is a software architecture and development... DOWNLOAD
anubi(sfnet) Anubi IRC BOT Anubi was a programmable textmode IRC Bot. This... DOWNLOAD
d2gs(sfnet) Diablo II Game Server D2GS is a Diablo II Game Server, to play diablo... DOWNLOAD
jvaptools(sfnet) JVAPTools Library jvaptools provides a library and examples for r... DOWNLOAD
jaxx(sfnet) JAXX JAXX is a powerful XML user interface language ... DOWNLOAD
osyf(sfnet) Open Source Yahoo Fetch Open source Yahoo Group photo fetcher / archive... DOWNLOAD
cvsencoder(sfnet) cvsencoder Encoding tool used to format videos for the CVS... DOWNLOAD
jexplosion(sfnet) JExplosion - A Cool Java Minesweeper A java based 'Minesweeper' clone that uses nati... DOWNLOAD
phpnukeabook(sfnet) Address Book V2 for PHP-NUKE Address Book V2 for PHP-NUKE (tested on V7.6 an... DOWNLOAD
fortran-forge(sfnet) ForGE - Fortran GUI Environment ForGE - Fortran GUI Environment v0.4.0 Alpha S... DOWNLOAD
occam(sfnet) occam Occam's Net is a simple implementation of an Ar... DOWNLOAD
logworktime(sfnet) logWorkTime Dieses Tool ermöglicht es die tägliche Arbeitsz... DOWNLOAD
phpdirlist(sfnet) PHPDirList Simple, low-configuration PHP directory indexer... DOWNLOAD
xtrader(sfnet) XTrader XTrader is a technical analysis program for sec... DOWNLOAD
recimageviewer(sfnet) RecImageViewer Simple image viewer with capability to view ima... DOWNLOAD
malagazilla(sfnet) Malagasy Mozilla - MozMG Sahan'asa fandikana ny Firefox Mozilla amin'ny ... DOWNLOAD
opencms-oswf(sfnet) Osworkflow-OpenCMS module Build an OpenCMS module on integration of Oswor... DOWNLOAD
objectquery(sfnet) objectquery Query Object Framework, provides a set of Java ... DOWNLOAD
html-strip(sfnet) HTMLStrip Strip out useless tags and other junk from HTML... DOWNLOAD
p-s-e(sfnet) Project Site Engine PSE is free CMS for any, who need easy tool to ... DOWNLOAD
komar(sfnet) Komar This application is a C++ interpreter written i... DOWNLOAD
eclipsehelp(sfnet) Eclipse Help System Eclipse Help System and Tomcat_5.5.15 plugins DOWNLOAD
wiskee(sfnet) wiskee Wiskee is an interactive way for sharing ski to... DOWNLOAD
glogs(sfnet) Glogs - blogging engine Glogs is blogging engine written in PHP. DOWNLOAD
maddenamp(sfnet) Madden Amp Madden Amp - EA Sports Madden Franchise Editor DOWNLOAD
shp2mysql-php(sfnet) SHP to MySQL in PHP SHP file to MySQL table using PHP DOWNLOAD
openbluelab(sfnet) Open Blue Lab is a rapid application developmen... DOWNLOAD
zlp-race(sfnet) zlp-race Space ship racing game with physics engine and ... DOWNLOAD
kfsr(sfnet) Kurtosis Function for Signal Recognition An ANSI C library of routines for rapid signal ... DOWNLOAD
mjsobjects(sfnet) My JavaScript Objects My Javascript Objects are javascript based Obje... DOWNLOAD
keystoremng(sfnet) Key Store Plugin For Eclipse Key Store Manager plugin allows users to browse... DOWNLOAD
paperasse(sfnet) paperasse paperasse is a software for personal home mails... DOWNLOAD
geo-model(sfnet) Neptune ADET This project under the flagname Neptune aims at... DOWNLOAD
circlite(sfnet) Circlite This is a simple IRC multithread class, support... DOWNLOAD
lapnet(sfnet) LapNet automatic network detection LapNet is a nice Qt-Gui wich helps you to gener... DOWNLOAD
bnftool(sfnet) BNF processing tool BNF processing tool checks correctness of BNF g... DOWNLOAD
notions(sfnet) Notions Originally developed for use in preparing philo... DOWNLOAD
phpbbmonitor(sfnet) phpBB Monitor phpBB Monitor - the internet agent. It whatch t... DOWNLOAD

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