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wepkc(sfnet) WEP Key Changer Wep key changer (wepkc) is a client/server appl... DOWNLOAD
easygal(sfnet) EasyGal Easy to intergrate autogenerated PHP galleri. DOWNLOAD
sirnarules(sfnet) siRNA rules The program siRNArules 1.0 can predict active s... DOWNLOAD
uoshop(sfnet) UOShop UOShop is a one click Ultima Online 2D Gumps im... DOWNLOAD
openinvoicesnet(sfnet) Open Invoices Dot Net (C#) An invoice web application that allows you to e... DOWNLOAD
jbrofuzz(sfnet) JBroFuzz The OWASP JBroFuzz Project is a web application... DOWNLOAD
asitunel(sfnet) AsiTunel AsiTunel - something between tunel and proxy fo... DOWNLOAD
serconmon(sfnet) SerConMon Control and monitor, multiple Linux servers fro... DOWNLOAD
theater(sfnet) Cinema Business This is a game of business management. Operate... DOWNLOAD
punkpong(sfnet) PunkPong PunkPong is an open source "Pong" ali... DOWNLOAD
appdigest(sfnet) AppDigest Library to include in your (web-)application fo... DOWNLOAD
cardkeeper(sfnet) Card Keeper Card Keeper is a project to create a windows-ba... DOWNLOAD
networkactions(sfnet) networkactions Mac OS X Automator Actions for managing your ne... DOWNLOAD
odsdotnet(sfnet) ods-dotNet This project encapsulates all .NET projects rel... DOWNLOAD
narratortool(sfnet) Narrator - A graph-based modelling tool Narrator is a graphical modelling tool for the ... DOWNLOAD
fitt(sfnet) The Fast Image Tag Tool The fast image tag tool (fitt) is a tool design... DOWNLOAD
motiro(sfnet) Motiro We are trying to empower developers by building... DOWNLOAD
moleicious(sfnet) Moleicious Analysis and visualization of the c... DOWNLOAD
npp(sfnet) npp This project, npp (net plus plus, net++), is de... DOWNLOAD
epg(sfnet) Extended Password Generator EPG (Extended Password Generator) is the tool-a... DOWNLOAD
multiplyr(sfnet) Multiplyr Multiplyr is an Object oriented, MVC, modulariz... DOWNLOAD
ossudo(sfnet) Ossudo Sudoku OSSUDO is an open source game of Sudoku for Win... DOWNLOAD
dap(sfnet) DAP DAP (Database Access Platform) is a common BO s... DOWNLOAD
nmactivedesktop(sfnet) rssactivedektop Active Desktop item to your desktop, that gets ... DOWNLOAD
vtigerforums(sfnet) vtiger Forums There are numerous open source projects targeti... DOWNLOAD
chineseutils(sfnet) ChineseUtils Utility for Simp/Trad Chinese translation. DOWNLOAD
mrtgapache(sfnet) apachemrtg Apache MRTG bandwidth statistics DOWNLOAD
verizon-sucks(sfnet) Data Under Mobile Protocol Data Under Mobile Protocol - Send binary data t... DOWNLOAD
coverlord(sfnet) CoverLord CoverLord: simplifies the way of downloading CD... DOWNLOAD
sdy(sfnet) SdY sdy proyect of diablo ii lord of destruction DOWNLOAD
mcw(sfnet) MircoChip Wars MicroChip Wars - Program your own BOTs and let ... DOWNLOAD
backrpmconfs(sfnet) backup_rpm_configs Backs up all locally modified configuration fil... DOWNLOAD
hwrpt(sfnet) NIX Server Hardware Report A hardware configuration auditing utility, whic... DOWNLOAD
hexsolver(sfnet) hex_solver data DOWNLOAD
fzbfd(sfnet) FileZilla BFD FZBFD is Brute Force Detection for Filezilla ft... DOWNLOAD
phpserverfaces(sfnet) PHP Server Faces PHP Server Faces (phpFaces) is a simplified imp... DOWNLOAD
sgp(sfnet) SGP Sistema de PONTO para funcionários. Projeto de ... DOWNLOAD
xtra(sfnet) Xtra Framework Xtra is a php application framework DOWNLOAD
glm-jsd(sfnet) JavaScript Documentor GLM-JSD is a JavaScript Documentation utility v... DOWNLOAD
redmombin(sfnet) Red Mombin Red Mombin is a quick and easy to use web-based... DOWNLOAD
natacl(sfnet) NatACL NatACL is a firewall group policy controller fo... DOWNLOAD
varbconvert(sfnet) VarbConvert This is a java based tool which assists in the ... DOWNLOAD
twitchmodbot(sfnet) ModBot This is a chat bot, based on LoyaltyB... DOWNLOAD
kerozen(sfnet) KeroZen A small calculator for pilots who need to calcu... DOWNLOAD
dspacevb(sfnet) DSpace VirtualBox This is a Virtual Installation of DSpace, an Fr... DOWNLOAD
pharosengine(sfnet) The Pharos Engine The Pharos Engine is a compact 3D engine origin... DOWNLOAD
graphicopt(sfnet) graphic card optimizer this is a small program who can improve the gra... DOWNLOAD
bahrein(sfnet) Bahrein Bahrein is a Perl script that allows you to cha... DOWNLOAD
elts(sfnet) Elements: Application Components The x1seven Elements projekt provides small foc... DOWNLOAD
clavio(sfnet) Music Workshop A multi-track MIDI sequence editor as a single ... DOWNLOAD
mvc2ajaxtool(sfnet) Rapid Dev of MVC2 plus Ajax Framework Project aims to 1) To provide a rapid applicati... DOWNLOAD
jaaguar(sfnet) Jaaguar Jaaguar is fast text editor. DOWNLOAD
gphpdriver(sfnet) GPHP driver GPHP is a modification of PHP witch makes Web P... DOWNLOAD
diamondsearch2d(sfnet) Diamond-Search-2D Diamond-Search-2D is a 2D-Graphic Networkgame f... DOWNLOAD
anna(sfnet) Anna^ IRC Bot Anna^ is a versatile IRC bot written in perl. A... DOWNLOAD
bariloche(sfnet) bariloche Tour Operador Bariloche, Agencia de viajes Bari... DOWNLOAD
lgwf1atschool(sfnet) LGWF1@School DOWNLOAD
bitdht(sfnet) BitDHT BitDHT is a LGPL'd general purpose C++ Distribu... DOWNLOAD
moviequotes(sfnet) moviequotes This is a smiler application to unix applicatio... DOWNLOAD
tinymusicplayer(sfnet) TinyMusicPlayer TinyMusicPlayer is simple music player based on... DOWNLOAD
phpbfs(sfnet) PHP (based) Brute Force Shell using PHP (and some ShellScript) to protect you... DOWNLOAD
oracle-sdo(sfnet) SDO Enrichment Project Code sharing site for Oracle PL/SQL and Java de... DOWNLOAD
winklipper(sfnet) WinKlipper "WinKlipper is a simple, easy to use progr... DOWNLOAD
compshop(sfnet) Webshop Components eCommerce components to be used in a Smarty env... DOWNLOAD
pocketmetronome(sfnet) Pocket Metronome This program tern and j2me device (only midp 2.... DOWNLOAD
jmp3splitter(sfnet) JMp3Splitter Java-based MP3 file splitter. Supports 2 modes:... DOWNLOAD
clickmaps(sfnet) clickmaps Complete system to create heat maps from users'... DOWNLOAD
juitar(sfnet) Juitar A robust java nio framework,which supports TCP ... DOWNLOAD
jmnews(sfnet) jmnews JMNews is a small program that reads .nzb files... DOWNLOAD
katgwidget(sfnet) KATG Widget Designed for the Yahoo Widget Engine 3.1. This ... DOWNLOAD
amandavcd(sfnet) AmandaVCD AmandaVCD splits large VCF files into smaller f... DOWNLOAD
yuiolait(sfnet) yuiolait Phpolait is great ! however because of a bug it... DOWNLOAD
nsr(sfnet) Notenschnittrechner Mit diesem Programm kannst du ganz bequem den N... DOWNLOAD
kernel-zg5(sfnet) linux kernel acer aspire one zg5 110 150 The aim of the project is to provide a fully-fu... DOWNLOAD
tipod(sfnet) TiPod - A delphi component A Delphi (object pascal) component for accessin... DOWNLOAD
sql2tinydns(sfnet) sql2tinydns Collection of PHP and Perl scripts that provide... DOWNLOAD
funsoftware(sfnet) fUNSoftWare An iconic language to program the RCX1 or the R... DOWNLOAD
mc-gcj(sfnet) mc-gcj MCJ is a Midnight Commander clone expressed in ... DOWNLOAD
educationbits(sfnet) Education Bits EducationBits is a 2D animation project for onl... DOWNLOAD
tgu(sfnet) Travian Game Utility TGU- Travian Game Utility - is a utility design... DOWNLOAD
phpcamaleo(sfnet) phpCAMALEO phpCAMALEO is a collection of ready-to-use cust... DOWNLOAD
onx(sfnet) OnX OnX is a "ouths and crosses" game, w... DOWNLOAD
fdlog(sfnet) Field Day Contest Log FDLog is an opensource project. This is assista... DOWNLOAD
registrycreator(sfnet) Registry Creator Registry Creator is an application to create an... DOWNLOAD
dotfeedlib(sfnet) dotFeedLib dotFeedLib is a free library for .NET/Mono appl... DOWNLOAD
w-h-a-t(sfnet) W.H.A.T.: Wikipedia Hybrid Analysis Tool W.H.A.T. is an analytic tool for Wikipedia with... DOWNLOAD
trafficsings(sfnet) traffic_sings DOWNLOAD
sensors(sfnet) sensors Is a program that shows the values of the senso... DOWNLOAD
seqfreed(sfnet) SeqFreed SeqFreed is a bioinformatics desktop. It provid... DOWNLOAD
phpmydump(sfnet) phpMyDump phpMyDump is a PHP application for fast and eas... DOWNLOAD
kdetmpltsrvmenu(sfnet) KDE Create New Template Service Menu A context menu item for KDE and Konqueror that ... DOWNLOAD
w00tclicking(sfnet) w00t clicking buttons Web-based game: click the correct button to win... DOWNLOAD
visualpseudo(sfnet) VisualPseudo Interpretador de pseudo-código baseado no Algol... DOWNLOAD
prodental(sfnet) Pro Dental A Doctor's office control suite. Schedule and c... DOWNLOAD
s2png(sfnet) s2png s2png - "something to png", converts ... DOWNLOAD
dss(sfnet) DataStorageSystem A software to store, (PUT) meteorological data ... DOWNLOAD
korpus(sfnet) korpus Some software for Corpus Linguistics, wh... DOWNLOAD
glv(sfnet) glv - OpenGL viewer command line tool A generic openGL viewer for the prompt. The goa... DOWNLOAD
watspackage(sfnet) WATSpackage WATS is an R package (>R2.15) whose main pur... DOWNLOAD
yadia2sql(sfnet) Yet Another dia2sql Yet another tool to generate SQL statements fro... DOWNLOAD

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