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xws-java(sfnet) eXtreme Web Services for Java eXtreme Web Services for Java is a code generat... DOWNLOAD
jsmud(sfnet) JavaScript MUD Kernel JavaScript MUD Kernel which allows developers t... DOWNLOAD
vvis(sfnet) vvis vvis is a volume rendering program providing se... DOWNLOAD
bigrcms(sfnet) BigRCMS BigRCMS is meant to be a very easy to use Conte... DOWNLOAD
kwalify(sfnet) Kwalify Kwalify is a tiny schema validator for YAML doc... DOWNLOAD
irc-pg(sfnet) IRC-pg IRC-pg stands for IRC-privacy-guard. It's a mIR... DOWNLOAD
icancalculate(sfnet) icancalculate Ein kleiner Grafischer Taschenrechner mit Irrli... DOWNLOAD
e107stdplugin(sfnet) E107 Standard Plugins We are coding a number of plugins for e107 CMS ... DOWNLOAD
jgps(sfnet) JGPS GPS (NMEA 0183) extensible communication librar... DOWNLOAD
hotyoung(sfnet) hotyoung library useful library for application or server in win... DOWNLOAD
open-cmd(sfnet) open-cmd A command-line file opening tool writen in C++ ... DOWNLOAD
tilegame-sample(sfnet) SSfuture Tile Game Engine / Example This software is an example how to write an til... DOWNLOAD
ryc-unit-test(sfnet) RyC Unit Testing RyC Unit Testing is a simple set of Ruby script... DOWNLOAD
plgsthresholdin(sfnet) PLGS Threshold Inspector Ever wanted to iterate through a range of Apex ... DOWNLOAD
jvframework(sfnet) JVFramework JVFramework is an application framework for Jav... DOWNLOAD
pipestone(sfnet) Pipestone We develop a PHP application server, web applic... DOWNLOAD
oriel-workbench(sfnet) ORIEL bioinformatics workbench framework The ORIEL workbench is a data browsing interfac... DOWNLOAD
stfl(sfnet) Six To Four Layer A simple daemon to allow IPv4 to IPv6 communica... DOWNLOAD
howlnet(sfnet) HowlNet A .Net wrapper of Porchdog Software Howl zero c... DOWNLOAD
easylogin(sfnet) EasyLogIn Easy Log In - a database based simple user auth... DOWNLOAD
shootbudget(sfnet) Shoot Budget A comprehensive commercial film budgeting sprea... DOWNLOAD
sasha(sfnet) SASHA The Student Assignment, Scheduling, and Homewor... DOWNLOAD
bswportal(sfnet) BSW Portal BAW Portal is a complete script based onPHP and... DOWNLOAD
tinbox(sfnet) tinbox TInbox (training in your inbox) A set of PHP-sc... DOWNLOAD
mpgcalculator(sfnet) MPGCalculator MGPCalculator calculate the gas consumption of ... DOWNLOAD
freesudoku(sfnet) Free Sudoku Free Sudoku Java Project. Generate and play Sud... DOWNLOAD
kflashcard(sfnet) kflashcard Kflashcard will be a flashcard widget for Konfa... DOWNLOAD
nulldice(sfnet) NullDice This VB6 project (That supports Windows 98 and ... DOWNLOAD
ham-aprs-parser(sfnet) Ham APRS Parser Perl module to parse APRS packets into a consis... DOWNLOAD
ldpc(sfnet) LDPC A collection of LDPC(Low-Density Parity-Codes) ... DOWNLOAD
vizglyph(sfnet) vizGlyph This is a generic library for graph processing ... DOWNLOAD
lom-j(sfnet) Learning Object Metadata (LOM) Java API This is a Java API binding of the IEEE LTSC LOM... DOWNLOAD
suninfo(sfnet) suninfo suninfo is a simple information collecting scri... DOWNLOAD
authsmtpproxd(sfnet) AuthSmtpProxD A SMTP-Proxy that allows authenticated SMTP ses... DOWNLOAD
searchpath(sfnet) Searchpath: Library Research Tutorial Searchpath is a Library Research tutorial desig... DOWNLOAD
chesslearning(sfnet) Chessfun for children. The project is to make a site with a program to... DOWNLOAD
bsmp3(sfnet) Brainstorm mp3 Catalog This program offers the best way to find a mp3 ... DOWNLOAD
srtool(sfnet) Status Report Tool The status report tool makes it easy to input a... DOWNLOAD
clearbox(sfnet) Clearbox Clearbox is a customizable theme for the Metaci... DOWNLOAD
jsax(sfnet) JSAX JavaScript Abstractions for X(HT)ML JSAX - JavaScript Abstractions for X(HT)ML This... DOWNLOAD
bacpypes(sfnet) BACpypes BACnet - A Data Communication Protocol for Buil... DOWNLOAD
daidedotnet(sfnet) DAIDE .Net Framework .Net framework for creation of bots for connect... DOWNLOAD
mobilemailcheck(sfnet) Mobile Mail Checker Mobile Mail Checker is a mail client for portab... DOWNLOAD
skalax(sfnet) Skalax Dear all UPDATE Skalax using ActivePerl 5.16.3 ... DOWNLOAD
greatlittleservicenotebook(sfnet) Great Little Service Note Book This application can be used to record your fie... DOWNLOAD
wagaef(sfnet) Wireless Animation Game Framework WAGćF provides low-level services required by t... DOWNLOAD
lisp-player(sfnet) LISPCL - Lisp Player Client LISPCL is a Lisp client for the Player project. DOWNLOAD
fow(sfnet) Fotos on web FOW is a simple to use photo-album generating t... DOWNLOAD
slip-p2p(sfnet) slip slip is a simple to use cross-plafform P2P prog... DOWNLOAD
jaman(sfnet) Job Application Manager The name of this project is Job Application Man... DOWNLOAD
thorids(sfnet) ThorIDS ThorIDS is a Intrusion Detection System with Ca... DOWNLOAD
juleds(sfnet) JuleDS JuleDS is a web-based programming language (but... DOWNLOAD
chemcpp(sfnet) ChemCpp software ChemCpp is a C++ toolbox for chemoinformatics f... DOWNLOAD
browserik-3d(sfnet) Browserík 3D 3D browser of filesystem whith vizualization of... DOWNLOAD
unifespshared(sfnet) UnifespShared Unifesp Shared software destinado a compartilha... DOWNLOAD
fistream(sfnet) fistream Win32 GUI program for watching stream on Facult... DOWNLOAD
gspeakers(sfnet) GnomeSpeakers GnomeSpeakers is a Gnome loudspeaker design pro... DOWNLOAD
dopal(sfnet) DOPAL (DO Python Azureus Library) DOPAL is a library to allow programs written in... DOWNLOAD
legacyfilm(sfnet) Legacy Film to DVD Project Legacy Film to DVD Project DOWNLOAD
chartapp(sfnet) Schafkopf App This program helps you to manage a Schafkopf se... DOWNLOAD
lunchtime(sfnet) LunchTime Take the guess work and debate out of which pla... DOWNLOAD
yabalogger(sfnet) yabaLogger DOWNLOAD
lmdb(sfnet) lmdb Java lightweight database abstraction layer,bui... DOWNLOAD
nekjs(sfnet) NEK's Java Syncronizer Java local filesystem syncronizer created to su... DOWNLOAD
cbl-updater(sfnet) CBL Partial Updater CBL Partial Updater is an AJAX library for PHP.... DOWNLOAD
igcache(sfnet) igCache igCache is a tool to aid paperless Geocaching b... DOWNLOAD
linuxfud(sfnet) LinuxFUD LinuxFUD is a module for the drupal CMS, a smal... DOWNLOAD
ftimer(sfnet) inactive Inselkampf Flotten-Timer: Dieses Programm dient... DOWNLOAD
jsqlview(sfnet) jSQLView jSQLView is a Java GUI/Swing application for us... DOWNLOAD
trosilva(sfnet) trosilva DOWNLOAD
csvfile(sfnet) CSVFile handles CSV files in Java A simple set of Java classes used to handle CSV... DOWNLOAD
xmldata(sfnet) XMLData XMLData reads and writes XML files to a python ... DOWNLOAD
aquascribus(sfnet) aquascribus GUI launcher for Scribus desktop publishing pro... DOWNLOAD
search-help(sfnet) Search Help Search Help is a very helpful and easy-to-use p... DOWNLOAD
sasm(sfnet) SASM Sasm is a small translator which translates a p... DOWNLOAD
fastica(sfnet) FastICA for JAVA This project provides a JAVA library and a grap... DOWNLOAD
eas(sfnet) Enterprise Application Solution An application which can help developer to conc... DOWNLOAD
cofale(sfnet) COFALE COFALE: A Web-based open-source adaptive e-Lear... DOWNLOAD
libband(sfnet) libBand LibBand is a simple library wrapper written in ... DOWNLOAD
glider-kernel(sfnet) Glider Operating System Kernel An operating system kernel being developed in F... DOWNLOAD
alsapas(sfnet) Linux audio for FPC (Alsapas) Pascal/Delphi/Kylix port of ALSA library "... DOWNLOAD
biml(sfnet) the boolean calculator project biml is a Boolean calculator Implemented in Man... DOWNLOAD
jastrology(sfnet) Jastrology Jastrology is an astrology program written in J... DOWNLOAD
seacannonchung(sfnet) seacannon_chung seacannon chung is a free 3D sea battle ship ca... DOWNLOAD
jaffer(sfnet) Jaffer Jaffer is a Java implementation of an Appletalk... DOWNLOAD
netinput(sfnet) NetInput NetInput is a collection of tools to practicall... DOWNLOAD
netsmtpmailer(sfnet) netsmtpmailer Simple multi-threaded replacement for System.we... DOWNLOAD
mauios(sfnet) Maui Maui is a desktop operating system built on the... DOWNLOAD
dmsp11(sfnet) Database for Modeling Signaling Pathways Currently there are 300 or more molecular datab... DOWNLOAD
rdefen(sfnet) Rebel Defender Game "Rebel Defender" is a Star-Wars-style... DOWNLOAD
dead-souls(sfnet) Dead Souls The Dead Souls MUD Library is a multi-user text... DOWNLOAD
statspacknet(sfnet) StatsPack.NET An Oracle StatsPack analysis tool that will dis... DOWNLOAD
mogcm(sfnet) Moment of Genius CM The Moment of Genius CM is a course manager for... DOWNLOAD
phpbeau(sfnet) PhpBeau An Eclipse Plugin in order to warm users about ... DOWNLOAD
getgnuwin32(sfnet) Automated gnuwin32 download tool Maintaining a package ... DOWNLOAD
splayer(sfnet) Simply Player (SPlayer) SPlayer (from Simply Player) is an Eclipse 3.x ... DOWNLOAD
genericprocess(sfnet) A generice executable process framework a framework library with a template method inte... DOWNLOAD
checksuite(sfnet) checksuite resource monitoring tools checksuite is a suite of perl scripts to assist... DOWNLOAD
lss(sfnet) Legend Slide Show Legend Slide Show is a program that allow you t... DOWNLOAD
kvdremote(sfnet) KVDRemote This is a KDE kicker applet to allow controllin... DOWNLOAD

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