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awstats-manager(sfnet) AWStats Enterprise Manager AWStats Enterprise Manager is a tool for managi... DOWNLOAD
devallocator(sfnet) Linux Device Allocation This project will implement a device allocation... DOWNLOAD
sirius-petri(sfnet) Petri Quickly encrypt and decrypt your files with Pet... DOWNLOAD
cosmicos(sfnet) CosmicOS CosmicOS is a framework for creating stand-alon... DOWNLOAD
exifmdreader(sfnet) ExifMDReader Full C# assembly to read EXIF metadata from JFI... DOWNLOAD
dtddoc(sfnet) DTDDoc DTDDoc allows to document a DTD like with Javad... DOWNLOAD
persistentcache(sfnet) TeraCache A .NET library with collection classes allowing... DOWNLOAD
mms-mdb(sfnet) mdb (media database) mdb (media database) organizes your ogg and mp3... DOWNLOAD
massspecint(sfnet) Proteomic Mass Spectrometer Interface A Mass Spectrometer B and Y ion labeling softwa... DOWNLOAD
asmplugin(sfnet) asmplugin A assembler plugin for Eclipse, to use differen... DOWNLOAD
i2c-z8-drv(sfnet) simple i2c driver software This project is meant to introduce free-source ... DOWNLOAD
camapi(sfnet) CAM API This Project provides an API to simplify the us... DOWNLOAD
authserv(sfnet) AuthServ AuthServ (Filer) is a FreeBSD derived OS for En... DOWNLOAD
whirlpoolfilech(sfnet) Whirlpool File Checker This file integrity checker uses Alternate Data... DOWNLOAD
aster-oid(sfnet) AsterOID Asteroid is a user interface for Asterisk and V... DOWNLOAD
bripper(sfnet) MediaEncodingCluster MediaEncodingCluster is an Enterprise Class, Vi... DOWNLOAD
gmd(sfnet) GMD A debugger for GNU Make Makefiles written using... DOWNLOAD
xmlphp(sfnet) PHP-XML PHP-XML is a class written in php to create, ed... DOWNLOAD
easyscan(sfnet) EasyScan Front-end web for SANE project, with external s... DOWNLOAD
phphtmltables(sfnet) PHP HTMLTables A set of PHP 5 classes used to generate properl... DOWNLOAD
emilnes(sfnet) EmilNES Emilnes is a multiplatform nintendo NES emulator. DOWNLOAD
phpbbxtra(sfnet) PhpbbXtra From XtraTeam PhpbbXtra Is an Open Source flat style modified... DOWNLOAD
pydespike(sfnet) PyDespike PyDespike is a cross platform (Windows, Mac, Li... DOWNLOAD
vm-ssm(sfnet) VM-SSM VM-SSM uses Structured State Machines (SSM's) t... DOWNLOAD
xemail-net(sfnet) xemail-net xemail-net is an Imap library, written in C#. DOWNLOAD
reliable(sfnet) Multi-System ToolWorks Tools, information, and practices for creating ... DOWNLOAD
majilib(sfnet) MajiLib A set of utility functions for use with macros ... DOWNLOAD
fictvocabulary(sfnet) FictionVocabulary FictionVocabulary is a tool for counting words ... DOWNLOAD
eventscheduler(sfnet) Event Scheduler Application for automatically allocating resour... DOWNLOAD
utapan-3d(sfnet) Utapan Utapan is a 3D OpenGL based RPG using GLScene f... DOWNLOAD
indiamarket(sfnet) IndiaMarket Firefox Plugin I made this Firefox plugin, to meet my need of ... DOWNLOAD
plusiaczek(sfnet) Plusiaczek Linux Plusiaczek is a Polish Linux liveCD distributio... DOWNLOAD
noclobbercopy(sfnet) No Clobber Copy No Clobber Copy is a safer copy program that wi... DOWNLOAD
quban(sfnet) quban News January 17th 2014 Quban version no... DOWNLOAD
dailysudoku(sfnet) Daily Sudoku As an input takes an image from http://www.dail... DOWNLOAD
e7telnet(sfnet) e7Telnet An advanced telnet client with "tabbed tel... DOWNLOAD
perfprof(sfnet) Performance Profiler Performance profiler is designed to profile sin... DOWNLOAD
farsisunbird(sfnet) FarsiSunbird Localization for Mozilla sunbird. This project ... DOWNLOAD
jergo(sfnet) JErgo Ergo is a controller software for the classic ... DOWNLOAD
timeout(sfnet) TimeOut A configurable shutdown-timer. Supports: shutdo... DOWNLOAD
phpchatnvid(sfnet) phpChatNvid phpChatNVid - based on phpOpenChat, uses the fr... DOWNLOAD
zaxaroula(sfnet) zaxaroula Target of the development team is to create a p... DOWNLOAD
vbstyler(sfnet) vbstyler the VB Styler is a suite of controls and tools ... DOWNLOAD
tinapoc(sfnet) tinapoc This package is a suite of tools meant to allow... DOWNLOAD
myw(sfnet) MyWorld Engine MyWorld is an open virtual reality and game en... DOWNLOAD
idioskopos(sfnet) idioskopos idioskopos (Greek: idio- inward, within, privat... DOWNLOAD
demonwire(sfnet) DemonWire Demonwire is a simple FTP Server application, w... DOWNLOAD
javabeans(sfnet) Valida java controles y librerias Controles y librerias de java para cualquier ID... DOWNLOAD
jcollapse(sfnet) JCollapse JCollapse is a 100% Java implementation of popu... DOWNLOAD
rtftemplate(sfnet) RTFTemplate RTFTemplate is RTF engine (RTF to RTF) which ge... DOWNLOAD
airsgpt(sfnet) Airs GPT Environment The Airs GPT project experiments with Steady St... DOWNLOAD
apgdiff(sfnet) Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool Platform-independent PostgreSQL diff tool that ... DOWNLOAD
xmltestsuite(sfnet) Xml Test Suite XmlTestSuite helps with the testing of complex ... DOWNLOAD
tinybldlinux(sfnet) Unix Tiny PIC Bootloader Loader PC side of the Tiny PIC Bootloader. This is an ... DOWNLOAD
sjsubmit(sfnet) SJSubmit SJSubmit was a comprehensive and adaptable PHP-... DOWNLOAD
anubisgate(sfnet) Anubis Gate Anubis Gate is an abstract Content Management a... DOWNLOAD
springsip(sfnet) Spring SIP integration SpringSip is an add-on to Spring framework that... DOWNLOAD
pybookmark(sfnet) PyBookmark PyBookmark manipulates bookmark files. It can s... DOWNLOAD
pascalchess(sfnet) Pascal Chess The purpose of this project was to test my prog... DOWNLOAD
naio(sfnet) Network Asynchronous I/O for Linux Network Asynchronous I/O for Linux aims to prov... DOWNLOAD
wowlaunchersh(sfnet) wowlaunchersh Bash script to perform peripheral tasks before ... DOWNLOAD
robotks(sfnet) Stanford Robotics Toolkit The Stanford Robotics Toolkit. An extensive, pl... DOWNLOAD
corinisccm(sfnet) Corinis CCM Corinis CCM is a content and community manageme... DOWNLOAD
si-light(sfnet) SI-light Software, firmware, and circuit design for LED ... DOWNLOAD
jopas(sfnet) joPAS joPAS is a java to octave bridge. Octave is a M... DOWNLOAD
enterpriseetl(sfnet) enterpriseETL enterpriseETL is a powerful Python program for ... DOWNLOAD
easim(sfnet) eaSim eaSim is an easy to use event-based, time-discr... DOWNLOAD
powercheck(sfnet) Power Check Power Check provides audible and visual alerts ... DOWNLOAD
figment(sfnet) Figment JavaScript Framework A simple, yet powerful JavaScript framework tha... DOWNLOAD
sprytek(sfnet) Sprytek A steganography program written in FPC Pascal l... DOWNLOAD
beejnaagri(sfnet) बीजनागरी - Beejnaagri This is a proposal of a Unicode Transformation ... DOWNLOAD
lycay(sfnet) Let Your Code plAY The main idea of LYCAY is:to use a music during... DOWNLOAD
atjsmenu(sfnet) AT JsMenu DHTML PullDown/Popup Menu Widget for web page u... DOWNLOAD
java4cpp(sfnet) Java for C++ "Java for C++" is a tool to generate ... DOWNLOAD
thepoga(sfnet) POGA POGA - Parameter's Optimization by Genetic Algo... DOWNLOAD
darksurf(sfnet) DarkSurf DarkSurf the next generation Runescape™ browser... DOWNLOAD
ajaxforms(sfnet) AJAXForms AJAXForms is a tool that transforms XHTML/XForm... DOWNLOAD
flushphp(sfnet) FlushPHP FlushPHP is one quick develop php application f... DOWNLOAD
eurid(sfnet) EURID module to register .eu domains EURID is a perl module to register domains .eu ... DOWNLOAD
gfeeder(sfnet) gFeeder - Ticker for your Gmail inbox gFeeder is a small ticker app which allows you ... DOWNLOAD
mtpsharp(sfnet) MtpSharp mtpsharp is an api to handle the microsoft medi... DOWNLOAD
eeral(sfnet) eeral eeral is a credit portfolio model for academic ... DOWNLOAD
weathercli(sfnet) weather CLI Bash script for CLI to get the weather from wea... DOWNLOAD
hexcompare(sfnet) hexcompare - visual binary diff hexcompare is a curses-based utility to compare... DOWNLOAD
jcsconvertor(sfnet) JCsConvertоr This is convertоr between Java and C#. DOWNLOAD
hamexamhelper(sfnet) HamExamHelper Ham Exam Helper, the little helper to help you ... DOWNLOAD
waivme(sfnet) Web Archive for Image Volumes - waivme PHP-based image bank for the internet: thumbnai... DOWNLOAD
tftputil(sfnet) Windows TFTP Utility A Windows TFTP server and client written in the... DOWNLOAD
capon(sfnet) Capon Capon is a fault-tolerant Java scheduler. DOWNLOAD
webkit123(sfnet) 123WebKit The is local web developer W.A.M.... DOWNLOAD
clusterviz(sfnet) ClusterViz clusterviz allows to cluster three-dimensional ... DOWNLOAD
pagerbot(sfnet) pagerbot Pagerbot is an Email/SMS to IRC gateway that al... DOWNLOAD
nalax(sfnet) Nalax Nalax is a set of extension elements for the Ap... DOWNLOAD
blitzmaxgtk(sfnet) BlitzMax Gtk/Scintilla wrapper module BlitzMaxGtk is a module which adds Gtk+ and Sci... DOWNLOAD
xmlmidlet(sfnet) XulMidlet XulMidlet is a student open source project of a... DOWNLOAD
hdimage(sfnet) Hard disk image tool Hard disk backup imaging system for linux. Imag... DOWNLOAD
carballo(sfnet) Carballo Chess Engine Carballo is an Open Source Chess Engine develop... DOWNLOAD
soapuiloggingextension(sfnet) soapUI logging extension This is a fast and elegant solution to write th... DOWNLOAD
bulkdeletedelic(sfnet) Bulk Delete Delicious Tags This simple HTML page allows you to quickly del... DOWNLOAD

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