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customtf(sfnet) customtf Custom-TF is a multiplayer Quake modification, ... DOWNLOAD
xorg-edit(sfnet) xorg-edit xorg-edit is a graphical interface for editing ... DOWNLOAD
cupsemailptr(sfnet) CUPS Email Printer Driver This is a simple printer driver and backend for... DOWNLOAD
copyq(sfnet) CopyQ CopyQ is advanced clipboard manager with search... DOWNLOAD
sdl2minimaltemplate(sfnet) SDL 2.0 minimal template codeblocks The simple ms-dos-like approach: a pixel table,... DOWNLOAD
worklogapp(sfnet) WorkLog Application WorkLog Application is used to track time for v... DOWNLOAD
sipcallerid(sfnet) SIP Caller ID A caller ID logger for SIP telephony. DOWNLOAD
webpostman(sfnet) webpostman System responsible for managment imap/POSTFIX S... DOWNLOAD
ltkdemos(sfnet) LTKdemos GP32 is a very nice game system, thanks to sdl ... DOWNLOAD
neoftf(sfnet) FTF FTF stands for 'File Transfer Framework', and i... DOWNLOAD
jsdesigner(sfnet) JS Designer JS_Designer is a lightweight IDE to create Clie... DOWNLOAD
xcollect(sfnet) xCollect xCollect is successor of DivX;-) Db, but it sup... DOWNLOAD
pinghealth(sfnet) PING PING is a distributed, web-based, personally co... DOWNLOAD
kdereader(sfnet) KDE Reader Desktop application allowing comfortable readin... DOWNLOAD
daqalyzer(sfnet) DAQalyzer Neopet's NeoDAQ Analyzer - daemon, offline gui ... DOWNLOAD
iuprisk(sfnet) Risk++ A C++ / WxWidgets version of the game RISK DOWNLOAD
swlink(sfnet) Swlink Swlink provides a declaratively model-view-cont... DOWNLOAD
terppaint(sfnet) TerpPaint -- Java paint program TerpPaint is a Paint program written using Java... DOWNLOAD
ajax-queue(sfnet) AJAX Queue Class A Robust and Simple AJAX Queue "Driver&quo... DOWNLOAD
jsinhalization(sfnet) Java Sinhalization Utilities This is a java implementation of SLS 1134 (Sri ... DOWNLOAD
compta(sfnet) Compta Compta manages payments and debts for a group o... DOWNLOAD
pcpowermanagement(sfnet) PC Power Management This programming solution provides you easy way... DOWNLOAD
checkdns(sfnet) CheckDNS This project is a domain name server analysis a... DOWNLOAD
xtract(sfnet) Xtract Xtract is a Java Servlet exposing parts of XML ... DOWNLOAD
ezcalendar(sfnet) eZ calendar The eZ calendar, eZ publish 2 module, provides ... DOWNLOAD
plansim(sfnet) Plansim Plansim is a C++ framework aimed to the develop... DOWNLOAD
pircstats(sfnet) Perl IRC Network Statistics IRC Statistics Bot written in Perl. It logs its... DOWNLOAD
yupi(sfnet) Yup A Win32 library for automatic remote software u... DOWNLOAD
jxrename(sfnet) JXRename A multi-platform tool to manipulate more file n... DOWNLOAD
talpmat(sfnet) talp(mat) This program converts calculator-style ASCII ma... DOWNLOAD
fu-cms(sfnet) Scribblefu Scribblefu is a web-based design-oriented freef... DOWNLOAD
mindanao(sfnet) mindanao Sample codes for Android ... DOWNLOAD
aqdweb(sfnet) AqDWeb A framework to help you build ASP.NET web appli... DOWNLOAD
soltools(sfnet) Solistic SysAdmin Tools A collection of system utilities for Windows NT... DOWNLOAD
helper(sfnet) Helper Helper is an integrated PIM and social networki... DOWNLOAD
jrecommender(sfnet) JRecommender Este projeto tem como objetivo desenvolver um f... DOWNLOAD
apinterpas(sfnet) APInterPas Pascal Interpreter DOWNLOAD
scanit(sfnet) Scanit Lunch Ticket System Scanit is a food services point of sale softwar... DOWNLOAD
dsystems-cmcb(sfnet) Configuration Management Code Block The Configuration Management Code Block (CMCB) ... DOWNLOAD
phpeduca(sfnet) PHPEduca Collection of PHP scripts for provide on-line t... DOWNLOAD
nostalgia(sfnet) Nostalgia Assembler and Emulator IBM-360 Ensamblador y Em... DOWNLOAD
openise(sfnet) OpenISE Tools for the indecisive student, including an ... DOWNLOAD
mfc-mute-net(sfnet) MFC MUTE MFC MUTE is a MS Windows *ONLY* client for the ... DOWNLOAD
plattenputzer(sfnet) Plattenputzer Secure delete of harddisk's or other block devices DOWNLOAD
tuxlearnnotes(sfnet) Tux Learn Notes Tux Learn Notes is the open source voice contro... DOWNLOAD
middlefuture(sfnet) Middle Future The RPG game, in future, when after ecocatastro... DOWNLOAD
utaga-hajimaru(sfnet) UtagaHajimaru 1. Choral vocal scores by Japanese lyrics and r... DOWNLOAD
ustcmemdfs(sfnet) ustcMemDFS This is a distributed file system based on memory. DOWNLOAD
smi(sfnet) SHOUTcast Management Interface SHOUTcast Management Interface (BETA) - Create ... DOWNLOAD
senda(sfnet) Senda Senda is software for schools; the main object ... DOWNLOAD
yascanw(sfnet) YASW YASW (Yet Another Scan Wizard) is an applicatio... DOWNLOAD
kitikat(sfnet) Kitikat Java Framework The Kitikat Java Framework is a powerful but si... DOWNLOAD
opensos(sfnet) OpenSOS "Desktop Environment" for DOS (x86) w... DOWNLOAD
dereditor(sfnet) DEREditor Fourth generation database designer and code-ge... DOWNLOAD
pyeasycms(sfnet) pyEasyCMS The Python Easy Content Management System, or p... DOWNLOAD
amarok(sfnet) Amarok Amarok - advanced audio player for KDE. DOWNLOAD
linguinewatch(sfnet) Linguine Watch This package is for real-time monitoring of Jav... DOWNLOAD
j-xml(sfnet) J-XML J-XML : a light-weight xml api DOWNLOAD
tracknplan(sfnet) TrackNPlan Project management tool gathering altogether ta... DOWNLOAD
flexiblesurvey(sfnet) Flexible Survey - online survey system Flexible Survey is open source, simple and exte... DOWNLOAD
iegridconv(sfnet) IEgridconv IEgridconv is a php class to handle conversions... DOWNLOAD
osc-util(sfnet) osc-util a set of utilities to transform and manage OSC ... DOWNLOAD
kanta(sfnet) kanta A kernel Upgrader/Compiler.This software will b... DOWNLOAD
uclmda(sfnet) UCL MDA Tools The UCL MDA Tools are lightweight Model Driven ... DOWNLOAD
jamie-mud(sfnet) JAMIE JAMIE (JAva Mud Implementing Engine) is a text-... DOWNLOAD
web-t-sys(sfnet) Web-T-syS :: CMS for smart people. Web-T-syS is a CMS based in php. Very fast. Bas... DOWNLOAD
mounz(sfnet) mounz - Net-FS mounter mounz - Net-FS Mounter DOWNLOAD
wowmapview(sfnet) WoWmapview 3D Map viewer for the popular World of Warcraft... DOWNLOAD
animekafwk(sfnet) Animeka framework Animeka Framework is a simple PHP 5 objects fra... DOWNLOAD
peartree(sfnet) PearTree PearTree is a QT-based frontend to the PearPC e... DOWNLOAD
nhybrid(sfnet) NewBG-hybrid NewBG IRCD is based on hybrid. The SVS cmds can... DOWNLOAD
cplab(sfnet) Cognition Perception Lab A collection of cognition and perception experi... DOWNLOAD
cs-sdl(sfnet) C# SDL SDL.NET is a set of object-oriented .NET bindin... DOWNLOAD
scopes(sfnet) Scopes Scopes is a new way to use Java EE web applicat... DOWNLOAD
phpannotations(sfnet) PHP Annotations phpAnnotations provides Annotations support sim... DOWNLOAD
viscon(sfnet) nepotistAnalyzer Visualization of german economic relations betw... DOWNLOAD
arabicwordcount(sfnet) Word Count of Modern Standard Arabic A word count of Modern Standard Arabic from a 1... DOWNLOAD
phoenixiii(sfnet) Phoenix III The only way to found out your limits is to cro... DOWNLOAD
izicontents(sfnet) iziContents iziContents is a Content Management System base... DOWNLOAD
jtagboard(sfnet) jtagboard A shout box (or tagboard) powered by php that i... DOWNLOAD
vimen(sfnet) VIMEN A mini cross-platform IDE to cooperate with GCC... DOWNLOAD
studycalc(sfnet) Studycalc Studycalc is an open source alternative to exis... DOWNLOAD
openfoamcfd(sfnet) See OpenFOAM - The Open Source CFD Toolbox has now ... DOWNLOAD
sgqi(sfnet) SGQI-Gerenciador de Quotas de Impressao SGQI - Sistema Gerenciador de Quotas de Impress... DOWNLOAD
antibabel(sfnet) AntiBabel Educational software for learning vocabulary an... DOWNLOAD
nwn-firmware(sfnet) nwn-firmware Nantes-Wireless Network firmware is an openwrt ... DOWNLOAD
bezcruvcreator(sfnet) Bezier Curves creator It will draw moving Bezier curves, it should do... DOWNLOAD
forcedunmount(sfnet) forced unmount the project aims at developing FU(Forced Unmoun... DOWNLOAD
grillow(sfnet) Grillow Grillow is a simple to use, fully customizable ... DOWNLOAD
flptk(sfnet) flptk Fast Light Plugin Toolkit (FLPTK) is a fork of ... DOWNLOAD
cgi-prototype(sfnet) CGI::Prototype Perl module family CGI::Prototype is a collection of Perl modules ... DOWNLOAD
autologon(sfnet) Secure Autologon Enable Windows Autologon without a cleartext pa... DOWNLOAD
macewanlmstools(sfnet) MacEwan LMS Tools LMS Tools is a set of tools and libraries for a... DOWNLOAD
easyscreencast(sfnet) EasyScreenCast EasyScreenCast is a simple extension of GNOME 3... DOWNLOAD
openphprpg(sfnet) Open PHP RPG system A PHP based web rpg system that uses user frien... DOWNLOAD
pssc(sfnet) PHP Sysadmin Script Collection PSSC stands for PHP Sysadmin Script Collection.... DOWNLOAD
asysite(sfnet) AsySite The convenient and powerful tool for creation o... DOWNLOAD
nsax(sfnet) .Net SAX Parser SAX on .Net - Full port of org.xml.sax Parser t... DOWNLOAD
aletheia(sfnet) Aletheia Bible Software Aletheia is wxWidgets-based Bible application. ... DOWNLOAD
splashdesk(sfnet) Splash Desk Get remote control access to your Windows PC an... DOWNLOAD

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