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browseftp(sfnet) Ftp 2 http browseftp is a utility which allows users to ac... DOWNLOAD
pimcpp(sfnet) PIMC++ PIMC++ is a code designed to perform fully-corr... DOWNLOAD
killtrojan(sfnet) Killtrojan Killtrojan Usb Antivirus es un rápido,sencillo ... DOWNLOAD
word-predictor(sfnet) word-predictor This project consists of two modules Word compl... DOWNLOAD
humdrum(sfnet) Humdrum Toolkit Humdrum Toolkit for music research DOWNLOAD
mysql-lime(sfnet) MySql-Lime MySql-Lime is a Frontend editor for MySql wrapp... DOWNLOAD
fckosc(sfnet) FCKosc FCKosc puts a WYSIWYG HTML editor into OsCommer... DOWNLOAD
diaphragma(sfnet) diaphragma Provide many excellent components and extension... DOWNLOAD
freebs(sfnet) Free B's Collection of packages and applications for Tcl/Tk DOWNLOAD
letk(sfnet) Lua Epoc toolkit Lua and toLua porting for Symbian OS DOWNLOAD
ugt(sfnet) UGT UGT uses a set of integrated UML diagrams to ge... DOWNLOAD
bitmapfont(sfnet) A Bitmap Font Creator A Java program that lets you create bitmap font... DOWNLOAD
feedbot(sfnet) FeedBot RSS to XMPP Bot. Want a real time /.? Feed /. i... DOWNLOAD
pyepoll(sfnet) python-epoll python-epoll is a drop-in replacement for the p... DOWNLOAD
mapaphoto(sfnet) map-a-photo JavaScript code for adding your vacation photos... DOWNLOAD
catgen4(sfnet) CatGen 4.0 Web Authoring Tool CatGen 4.0 is a professional, highly advanced b... DOWNLOAD
jplist(sfnet) JPList - Java library for ASCII PLists The JPList project provides a Java library for ... DOWNLOAD
jcscommon(sfnet) JCS common Library with classes common to both the client ... DOWNLOAD
javacodesearch(sfnet) Java source code search Java source code search is an open-source, GPL-... DOWNLOAD
mp3-2-ogg(sfnet) mp3 2 ogg converter mp32ogg is a PHP based mp3 to ogg batch (mass) ... DOWNLOAD
hadesao(sfnet) Hades Ao Adaptacion del servidor original de Argentum On... DOWNLOAD
jamritas(sfnet) Jamritas Jamritas is a HTML template library written in ... DOWNLOAD
freetoken(sfnet) FreeToken FreeToken is an attempt to develop a free of ch... DOWNLOAD
ejpcc(sfnet) Eclipse Java Project Creation Customizer This eclipse plugin and a "Project Creatio... DOWNLOAD
mydchub(sfnet) MyDCHub Linux Direct Connect DC Hub Software written in... DOWNLOAD
emailproxy(sfnet) EmailProxy Server EmailProxy is a proxy server made in Perl. It t... DOWNLOAD
gacxtool(sfnet) GTK ACX Tool The GTK ACX Tool displays the status of the Tex... DOWNLOAD
auvid(sfnet) Auvid Encoder Audio & video encoder. It uses lame to enco... DOWNLOAD
pycc(sfnet) Python Credit Card API Python Credit Card Transaction Validation API. ... DOWNLOAD
hostpinger(sfnet) HostPinger HostPinger is a Mac Os X application to test se... DOWNLOAD
imark-ivesi(sfnet) iMark The project is for an online assessment, iportf... DOWNLOAD
cplus-preter(sfnet) Educational Interpreter of C++ in JAVA Educational Interpreter of C++ in JAVA language DOWNLOAD
rd-dpf(sfnet) DPF (Delphi Plugin Framework) DPF(Delphi Plugin Framework) is a general-purpo... DOWNLOAD
jtransliterate(sfnet) JCyrLatTransliterator This is a program for transliteration between c... DOWNLOAD
sighorna(sfnet) Horna's Integrated System Management this project intends to help with the sales of ... DOWNLOAD
arbie(sfnet) arbie Arbie is a robot that needs instructions on how... DOWNLOAD
didac(sfnet) Didac DOWNLOAD
dw-boost-200(sfnet) DW-Boost-200 This project consists of improving the original... DOWNLOAD
semiann(sfnet) Semiann An ANN design/implementation focused to work wi... DOWNLOAD
template-engine(sfnet) VbTemplateEngine A generic template engine, written in VB.NET an... DOWNLOAD
chaos7(sfnet) Chaos7: Multi-Node Scheduler Chaos7 is a Linux based centralized scheduler f... DOWNLOAD
uxparser(sfnet) Java Micro XML Parser Java Micro XML Parser provides XML Writer and P... DOWNLOAD
hawthorn(sfnet) Hawthorn Hawthorn provides a caching and lookup mechanis... DOWNLOAD
mfw(sfnet) Data Messaging Framework Lightweight RPC-like library. Designed for cont... DOWNLOAD
nvportal(sfnet) Nodevision Portal Nodevision Portal is a JSR-168 compliant Java E... DOWNLOAD
arabictrainer(sfnet) aLearning This software is a language trainer from German... DOWNLOAD
biocsharp(sfnet) BioCSharp BioCSharp is an open-source project designed to... DOWNLOAD
viperinz(sfnet) Viperin-Z Graphical tool to manage, activate and deactiva... DOWNLOAD
magictouch(sfnet) Magic Touch RCT3 Enabled! brings to the "RollerCoaster... DOWNLOAD
nudj(sfnet) NUDJ An agent that tries to learn your taste in musi... DOWNLOAD
lib45(sfnet) lib45 String Search Library The "Lib45" string search library pro... DOWNLOAD
grate(sfnet) Grate 1. java-based front end application for Ganglia... DOWNLOAD
genesis-ioc(sfnet) Genesis-IOC Genesis is an IOC framework written in Java. It... DOWNLOAD
ymplus(sfnet) Y!M Plus Add-on for Yahoo! Messenger (not official produ... DOWNLOAD
mrtgv(sfnet) MRTGViewer The MRTG Viewer is a front-end to the Multi-Rou... DOWNLOAD
cmsmelborp(sfnet) CMSmelborp CMSmelborp is a PHP content management system w... DOWNLOAD
tetrism(sfnet) Tetrism Tetris game clone with some nice special effect... DOWNLOAD
siwesy(sfnet) Simple Website System Simple Website System is intented for people th... DOWNLOAD
gtkbe(sfnet) GTK2 for BeOS Port of GTK2 and associated dependencies for Be... DOWNLOAD
phpobjgen(sfnet) Php Object Generator Php Object Generator is an open source PHP code... DOWNLOAD
uspui(sfnet) USPUI USPUI-Universal Serial Port User Interface WxWi... DOWNLOAD
asmlens(sfnet) AsmLens Fun, assembler made program to present differen... DOWNLOAD
ietest(sfnet) IETest IETest is a testing framework for testing web a... DOWNLOAD
servicemarx(sfnet) ServicemarX ServicemarX allows you to easily discover, book... DOWNLOAD
ootext(sfnet) OOText OOText is a C# library to convert OpenOffice.or... DOWNLOAD
xware(sfnet) xware GNOME build for slackware 12.0 Desktop. It's ba... DOWNLOAD
rigel(sfnet) Rigel Rigel is an RSS to IMAP gateway written in perl... DOWNLOAD
spieluhr(sfnet) Spieluhr.NET Spieluhr is an MP3 Jukebox. It allows you to ra... DOWNLOAD
vbmotegate(sfnet) VB.mote.gate Windows serial listener and logger for TinyOS M... DOWNLOAD
sonixwithv4l(sfnet) sonix with V4L SONIX SN9C101 based webcam driver for Linux wit... DOWNLOAD
notifier(sfnet) Notifier The Notifier project is initially built so that... DOWNLOAD
mywebgallery(sfnet) MyWebGallery MyWebGallery is a script written in PHP which a... DOWNLOAD
kc3d(sfnet) kc3d engine The kc3d engine is a realtime 3D engine. DOWNLOAD
extremda(sfnet) extremda extremda is a framework speeding up application... DOWNLOAD
eurl(sfnet) EUrl the Easy URL Generator EUrl (Easy URL) provides a complete handy objec... DOWNLOAD
jsams(sfnet) jsams JSAMS is a system that manages all the accounti... DOWNLOAD
decodebase64(sfnet) DecodeBase64 DecodeBase64 does exactly what the title says: ... DOWNLOAD
wick(sfnet) Web Input Completion Kit An evolving framework that leverages web stand... DOWNLOAD
esense(sfnet) ESense ESense - Erlang "IntelliSense" for Emacs DOWNLOAD
emdemo(sfnet) EM Demo EM Demonstration is a little tool for Physics t... DOWNLOAD
agentbak(sfnet) ABBS (Agent Based Backup System) Don't download this. It is very incomplete and ... DOWNLOAD
edb-odbc(sfnet) EDB-ODBC This is the EnterpriseDB branded ODBC driver. DOWNLOAD
jpegdeux(sfnet) JPEGDeux JPEGDeux is a slideshow program for Mac OS X in... DOWNLOAD
wwtk(sfnet) Web Wizard Toolkit Wizard-style web interface for structured infor... DOWNLOAD
ircontrol(sfnet) IRControl IrControl is a PHP class which you can build IR... DOWNLOAD
nxnet(sfnet) NxNet Project NxNet is an implementation of a BPN neural netw... DOWNLOAD
wordpress-zh(sfnet) WordPress Chinese 中文 WordPress 是目前最为流行的 PHP Blog 程序,目标... DOWNLOAD
qgit(sfnet) QGit viewer A graphical interface to git repositories DOWNLOAD
magicgalery(sfnet) Magic Galery This is a PHP album that can be install easily.... DOWNLOAD
pownews(sfnet) powNews A complete blogging system written in PHP, usin... DOWNLOAD
cranks(sfnet) CRANKS CRANKS is an Java application that uses the Swi... DOWNLOAD
xmlrules(sfnet) XML Rules Two rule-based systems (expert system shells) f... DOWNLOAD
avdms(sfnet) Advanced Document Management System avDMS is an advanced opensource DMS (Document M... DOWNLOAD
hsc-webparts(sfnet) HSC-Web Parts HSC-WebParts Includes the following web parts: ... DOWNLOAD
air5023(sfnet) Air 5023 Air 5023 is a space flight/simulation/FPS. The ... DOWNLOAD
firedrake(sfnet) FireDrake Firedrake is aimed to be an effective and easy ... DOWNLOAD
freemarker-ide(sfnet) FreeMarker IDE A FreeMarker IDE for Eclipse DOWNLOAD
topspintools(sfnet) Top Spin Toolkit Modding Tools for the Top Spin PC tennis game DOWNLOAD
mea-suljpa(sfnet) mea-suljpa CMS, directory indexer, gallery ... DOWNLOAD
fgmnom(sfnet) Forgetmenot-O-Matic This is an addition to the famous Biet-O-Matic ... DOWNLOAD

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