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juicplusplus(sfnet) JUiC++ JUiC++ is a library for developing programs tha... DOWNLOAD
phpthemes(sfnet) phpThemes Themes for php. DOWNLOAD
gnews(sfnet) GNOME News Applet A scrolling news ticker applet for the GNOME pa... DOWNLOAD
watch(sfnet) Watch Watch will monitor mouse and keyboard activity ... DOWNLOAD
jsresources(sfnet) Java Sound Resources resources for Java Sound API developers: exampl... DOWNLOAD
emirror(sfnet) ECLiPt Mirroring Tool EMirror is a full featured FTP-mirroring tool w... DOWNLOAD
rscc(sfnet) RSCC - Really Simple Comic Code RSCC - Really Simple Comic Code. from a single ... DOWNLOAD
syncotron(sfnet) Syncotron Bathysphere Sound Suite 1) the samplomatic: gathers sounds from environ... DOWNLOAD
ktexshell(sfnet) KTeXShell KTeXShell is a KDE shell around TeX and the rel... DOWNLOAD
celticlegend(sfnet) Celtic Legends A classic turn-based strategy game. DOWNLOAD
vmailadmin(sfnet) vmailadmin Vmailadmin is a web tool for managing a qmail+v... DOWNLOAD
davis(sfnet) DAVIS - Dj's and Volker's IRC-Script DAVIS is an easy and useful language for IRC bo... DOWNLOAD
therapysim(sfnet) TherapySim TherapySim is a Python software package to pred... DOWNLOAD
webrew(sfnet) Webrew - Web authoring in Hebrew Microsoft Word VBA macro to translate Hebrew do... DOWNLOAD
yoursql(sfnet) YourSQL yourSQL is a relational database server entierl... DOWNLOAD
creature(sfnet) Opensource Digital Dinosaur Project ODDSaur is a project that aims to create a livi... DOWNLOAD
dviv(sfnet) DVI viewer for GGI/freetype2 A DVI viewer that uses GGI for graphics and fre... DOWNLOAD
kpncalc(sfnet) KPNCalc KPNClac is a polish notation calculator intende... DOWNLOAD
ide-floppy(sfnet) Linux IDE-Floppy Driver This is for development of the ide-floppy drive... DOWNLOAD
theneutbanner(sfnet) theneutbanner A banner for a forum guild "The Neut". DOWNLOAD
timewarp(sfnet) Star Control: TimeWarp Star Control: TimeWarp is a fan created project... DOWNLOAD
terrarpg(sfnet) Terra RPG Engine This will be an RPG engine for single player RP... DOWNLOAD
rosetta(sfnet) ROSETTA The ROSETTA C++ library is a collection of C++ ... DOWNLOAD
gcontact(sfnet) Gcontact GContact is a Web based address book in Ajax/PH... DOWNLOAD
comjava(sfnet) comJava Library This is a jni-based, COM object which enables e... DOWNLOAD
linuxssn(sfnet) Linux Submarine Simulation OpenSource Undersea Combat Simulation. DOWNLOAD
xmarks(sfnet) X Marks The DOT Projects written in C# for Microsoft's .NET pla... DOWNLOAD
ratsandmazes(sfnet) Rats and Mazes The goal of the Rats and Mazes project is to bu... DOWNLOAD
tinycms(sfnet) tinyCMS tinyCMS is a small content management system fo... DOWNLOAD
jano(sfnet) Java Advanced NetwOrk api Java is a quite good language for developing ne... DOWNLOAD
chiachat(sfnet) ChiaChat A pure Java multithreaded text-based chat syste... DOWNLOAD
yaws(sfnet) Yet Another Web Server Webserver for win32 programmed in Visual Basic ... DOWNLOAD
eb-01linux(sfnet) Linux for EB-01 (ARM7TDMI) This is a clean port of the Linux Kernel to Atm... DOWNLOAD
skummee(sfnet) skummee skummee is a package created for monitoring hos... DOWNLOAD
unpaste(sfnet) Code duplication detector Attempts to detect duplicated code within and a... DOWNLOAD
mex(sfnet) MEX M/Mumps interpreter aiming to follow the ANSI-9... DOWNLOAD
mattfm(sfnet) Matt's FormMail Matt's FormMail is a customizable form to email... DOWNLOAD
openpipeline(sfnet) openpipeline openPipeline is a framework for animation produ... DOWNLOAD
hlbouncer(sfnet) HLBouncer This deamon is made to bounce the over LAN-brao... DOWNLOAD
scrapware(sfnet) cLabs Scrapware Collection of miscellany that one day hopes to ... DOWNLOAD
hotels(sfnet) Hotels Hotels is a multi-player, network based game si... DOWNLOAD
hilite(sfnet) hilite hilite is a tiny utility which executes the com... DOWNLOAD
ucos-lwip-c6x(sfnet) uCOS-II and lwIP on TI C6000 DSP Port lwIP and uC/OS-II on a TI C6000 DSP platfo... DOWNLOAD
zrcube(sfnet) zRcube zRcube aims to be a powerful renderer : we plan... DOWNLOAD
ansiprint(sfnet) ANSI Print Allows stdin or files specified on the command ... DOWNLOAD
frenchie(sfnet) frenchie Frenchie is a simple pop3 and imap mail fetch u... DOWNLOAD
killermud(sfnet) Killer Mud This is an online, multiuser, text-based RPG ga... DOWNLOAD
radeontweaker(sfnet) RadeonTweaker RadeonTweaker is an opensource initiative to cr... DOWNLOAD
savant(sfnet) Savant Web Server Savant is a full-featured open source web serve... DOWNLOAD
ctf(sfnet) CTF A multi-agent capture-the-flag package designed... DOWNLOAD
superrtsge(sfnet) Super RTS Gaming Engine This intends to be the combination of the best ... DOWNLOAD
indecision(sfnet) PicEdit Eclipse Plugin PicEdit is a plugin for Eclipse 2.0 (http://www... DOWNLOAD
factoryal-facto(sfnet) Factoryal - FACTOR 2010 Factoryal - FACTOR 2010 - Business information ... DOWNLOAD
openinformatics(sfnet) OpenInformatics DOWNLOAD
fhgep(sfnet) Final Hour Game Engine Project This is a project to make a high quality game e... DOWNLOAD
ndn(sfnet) Necromancer's Dos Navigator -------------------------------------- Necrom... DOWNLOAD
libbraille(sfnet) Braille library A portable library to access braille displays. DOWNLOAD
dropbit(sfnet) Infinate Storage A set of recursive compression algorithm, some ... DOWNLOAD
freeenergy(sfnet) FreeEnergy FreeEnergy is the PHP 5 framework for web appli... DOWNLOAD
jscalender(sfnet) Javascript Events Calender DOWNLOAD
jawmail(sfnet) Just Another Web Mail Webmail with support for MIME mail, address boo... DOWNLOAD
kexx2(sfnet) Kexx 2 A simple top scrolling shoot 'em up game. DOWNLOAD
ecookbook(sfnet) E-Cookbook E-Cookbook is an electronic cookbook or recipe ... DOWNLOAD
net-rep-printer(sfnet) Report Printing in Dot Net Printing Reports in .NET (originally by Mike Ma... DOWNLOAD
suprfractalthng(sfnet) SuperFractalThing SuperFractalThing uses perturbation theory and ... DOWNLOAD
mkfile(sfnet) Make File No longer Supported! Use touch! (I did not know... DOWNLOAD
evile(sfnet) Evile Evile is a image viewer using evas to render im... DOWNLOAD
jproxy(sfnet) jProxy A simple HTTP proxy server. DOWNLOAD
fprog(sfnet) fprog WebTimeSheet Project DOWNLOAD
phesis(sfnet) Phesis Phesis (!) is a code name for my work creating ... DOWNLOAD
met(sfnet) Matrix Expression Templates MET is a C++ matrix class library dealing with ... DOWNLOAD
imageserver(sfnet) ImageServer Generates JPEG images on the fly. The content i... DOWNLOAD
birch(sfnet) Birch Birch is a PHP4 project allowing users to creat... DOWNLOAD
natow(sfnet) Nasty Armoured Tanks of War A 3D (openGL) tank game based loosly on scorche... DOWNLOAD
xed(sfnet) XED Ed is the standard text editor. XED is an X-ena... DOWNLOAD
tixlibrary(sfnet) Tix Library for Tcl/Tk A widget library for Tcl/Tk. Has been ported to... DOWNLOAD
usb-quickcam-vc(sfnet) QuickCam VC linux device driver USB QuickCam VC project will develop the Video ... DOWNLOAD
spar(sfnet) spar Spar is a math-oriented scripting language. It ... DOWNLOAD
ocamlnet(sfnet) Ocamlnet A collection of modules for the Objective Caml ... DOWNLOAD
akdaemon(sfnet) Action Key Daemon Action Key Daemon (aka akdaemon) is a project t... DOWNLOAD
klassie(sfnet) KLassie KLassie is a Kicker Panel Applet to allow you t... DOWNLOAD
fpt(sfnet) filebase php tools A nice and configurable DirectoryIndex for the ... DOWNLOAD
codekitty(sfnet) CodeKitty A content-management system written in Perl. In... DOWNLOAD
pecls(sfnet) PECLS Operating System DOWNLOAD
ganso(sfnet) GNOME Animation Studio A powerful animation studio that lets you creat... DOWNLOAD
delphidom(sfnet) Delphi Document Object Model Support the DOM object model using delphi code,... DOWNLOAD
hdate(sfnet) hdate Generate Hijri (Islamic lunar) dates, calendars... DOWNLOAD
spheresuite(sfnet) Sphere Suite IDE Sphere Suite is an IDE for the RPG Creation Eng... DOWNLOAD
bsdsort(sfnet) sort - BSD sort(1) Faster and BSD licenced implementation of sort(... DOWNLOAD
asproxy(sfnet) ASProxy ASProxy is a free and open-source service which... DOWNLOAD
gettersettergen(sfnet) GetterSetterGen Eclipse Plugin This is an Eclipse plug-in that generates gette... DOWNLOAD
karmen(sfnet) Karmen Karmen is a window manager for X. It has no con... DOWNLOAD
freakylol(sfnet) FreakyLOL FreakyLOL is currently under development. It wi... DOWNLOAD
nol(sfnet) Nol Nol is a project to create a modular, multi-use... DOWNLOAD
python-jake(sfnet) python-jake Jake is a console based app written in python a... DOWNLOAD
simplemoney(sfnet) Simple Money DOWNLOAD
inf-beheer(sfnet) cursus informaticabeheer via open source De bedoeling van dit project is een cursus voor... DOWNLOAD
vnccam(sfnet) VNCCam VNCCAM is a frameserver for AXIS and other &quo... DOWNLOAD
eunjea(sfnet) KorWeblog KorWeblog is highly customizable PHP/SQL Weblog... DOWNLOAD
isdnpy(sfnet) ISDN Dialer in Python/PyGTK DOWNLOAD

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