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pyfretcalc(sfnet) pyFretCalc DOWNLOAD
curphoo-kc(sfnet) Curphoo -kc Curphoo is a console Yahoo! chat client written... DOWNLOAD
sfmenu(sfnet) Simple Flash Menu Allows fast constructing nested menus for html ... DOWNLOAD
vish(sfnet) VIrtual SHaring VISH - VIrtual SHaring is( or supposed to be) a... DOWNLOAD
nhmon(sfnet) NHMON - Networked Host Monitor NHMON is a GUI tool geared towards visual monit... DOWNLOAD
molmaster(sfnet) MolMaster A Java based molecular modeling program. Has s... DOWNLOAD
fscvs(sfnet) fscvs The fscvs is a group of tools to generate fspat... DOWNLOAD
xss-proxy(sfnet) XSS-Proxy XSS-Proxy is a tool for leveraging Cross-Site-S... DOWNLOAD
pyxpa(sfnet) PyXPA PyXPA is a Python interface to the XPA library ... DOWNLOAD
hidsporb(sfnet) Hidsporb, the free WDM SpaceOrb driver Open-Source WDM driver for the SpaceTec SpaceOr... DOWNLOAD
bitforcebiome(sfnet) Bit-Force Map Editor The Bit-Force Map Editor is a free map editor t... DOWNLOAD
feeds2mysql(sfnet) feeds2mysql PHP scripts that fetches, parses, and inserts f... DOWNLOAD
multipipe(sfnet) Multipipe Multipipe pipe splitter. Simple command to spl... DOWNLOAD
xmlcpg(sfnet) xmlcpg XML C Parser Generator (xmlcpg) is a xml proces... DOWNLOAD
intimerefs(sfnet) InTIME References Reference and Document Management System that m... DOWNLOAD
superfrontier(sfnet) SuperFrontier Free 3D Mud Game Development. (can do indoor an... DOWNLOAD
kisdn(sfnet) kisdn kisdn: ISDN utility (monitoring, GUI, telephony) DOWNLOAD
eccles(sfnet) Eccles Programmable web client utilising HttpUnit with... DOWNLOAD
funsh(sfnet) funsh FunSH is an UNIX C Shell (command language inte... DOWNLOAD
cyoa-writer(sfnet) Choose Your Own Adventure Writer A simple and efficient tool for handling the co... DOWNLOAD
mcs4mirc6x(sfnet) mIRC Collapsable Switchbar mIRC Collapsable Switchbar (McS) is an addon fo... DOWNLOAD
phpbb2mod(sfnet) phpbb2mod phpbb2mod is a modificated phpbb2 Version that ... DOWNLOAD
sitetree(sfnet) Jade Sitetree The Jade Sitetree library provides a Sitetree m... DOWNLOAD
datamapper(sfnet) datamapper The user can online fill documents. There will ... DOWNLOAD
cg-phpdoc(sfnet) PHPDoc - API Doc Generator for PHP PHPDoc is a direct implementation of the javado... DOWNLOAD
zforth(sfnet) ZForth ZForth is a Forth interface for the Zope Web Ap... DOWNLOAD
software-radio(sfnet) Software Radio Software Radio layer 1-2. This is a framework t... DOWNLOAD
vwiki(sfnet) vWiki a fast wiki vWiki: a wiki very very easy to use based on ht... DOWNLOAD
win32-infobar(sfnet) InfoBar RDF/RSS Ticker The InfoBar is an RDF/RSS newsticker for the Wi... DOWNLOAD
cddbinasp(sfnet) cd database in asp DOWNLOAD
kmerlin(sfnet) KMerlin An Instand Messenger Client for the msn network... DOWNLOAD
opencatalog(sfnet) Open Catalog Open Catalog is a back-end catalog management s... DOWNLOAD
hlsc(sfnet) hlsc HLSC checks halflife server for a valid league ... DOWNLOAD
kudzu(sfnet) Kudzu-B This is a hardware autodetection & configur... DOWNLOAD
secure-trap(sfnet) TRAP - Transparent Proxy TRAP is a very innovative and advanced transpar... DOWNLOAD
pstream(sfnet) Portlet Streams Portlet Streams is intended to be a high-speed ... DOWNLOAD
sb-agssh(sfnet) Sliced Bread Not the greatest thing since Sliced Bread, it I... DOWNLOAD
fmdotnet(sfnet) fmDotNet fmDotNet is a .NET class to exchange data throu... DOWNLOAD
harezmi(sfnet) Harezmi Harezmi is a Multilanguage (English,Turkish) XM... DOWNLOAD
wepg(sfnet) PalmOS electronic program guide An electronic program guide for your PalmOS pda. DOWNLOAD
phpgall2l(sfnet) php Gallery 2l This is a little PHP-Programm for a Web-based P... DOWNLOAD
learnml(sfnet) LearnML LearnML is a XML based markup language to put l... DOWNLOAD
amm(sfnet) AMM AMM - Another Mp3 Manager - Manages Information... DOWNLOAD
wmbio(sfnet) wmbio Wmbio is a dockapp designed for windowmaker tha... DOWNLOAD
miscka(sfnet) misc.ka Originally set out to add some new features to ... DOWNLOAD
izzimg(sfnet) iZz IMG System Useing PHP(GD)+MYSQL,Manage your pics DOWNLOAD
vgdc(sfnet) Video Game Development Club @ UCI Video Game Projects DOWNLOAD
dictator(sfnet) Dictator Dictator is a program for reading text files by... DOWNLOAD
eeditor(sfnet) E-editor Text Editor v1.0.0 It is an 32-bit text editor, HTML editor for Wi... DOWNLOAD
mathniac(sfnet) Mathniac Mathniac is a computer algebra system and a sma... DOWNLOAD
jexperts(sfnet) JEDI Experts JEDI Experts is set of experts/wizards to be us... DOWNLOAD
cdinterface(sfnet) CDInterface Studio CDInterface is a tool to create autorun cd menu... DOWNLOAD
libresms(sfnet) LibreSMS An application in python and wxWindows to send ... DOWNLOAD
wargasm3cvs(sfnet) WaRGasM3 This project is now known as PvPGN. DOWNLOAD
downloady(sfnet) PHP download manager Apache/PHP-based download manager. Wherever you... DOWNLOAD
westermania(sfnet) Westermania A Scene-Graph-API based on Aura (see http://aur... DOWNLOAD
liboss(sfnet) Apple OS X libOSS A sound API to provide OSS support in Apple OS ... DOWNLOAD
jbomberman(sfnet) Java Bomberman Yes, this will be yet another Bomberman-Clone. ... DOWNLOAD
gdvrecv(sfnet) gdvrecv gdvrecv is a set of tools for FreeBSD 5 to rece... DOWNLOAD
niftynerds(sfnet) Nifty Nerds Web Authentication Nifty Nerds Web Authentication - Authenticatio... DOWNLOAD
stickfigure(sfnet) StickFigure Matlab based GUI tool for plotting and animatin... DOWNLOAD
freeics(sfnet) Free Internet Chess Server FreeICS is a server which allows multiple users... DOWNLOAD
berolinux(sfnet) BeroLinux A special Linux distribution for total newbies,... DOWNLOAD
shp-tank(sfnet) Science Honors Program - Tanks A simple client-server tank game where the user... DOWNLOAD
dirksoft(sfnet) DirkSoft A set of simple programs and utilities built us... DOWNLOAD
ikono(sfnet) IkonoGraphic IkonoGraphic is a project to allow complete com... DOWNLOAD
ivi(sfnet) IVI IVI is a graphical, interactive user-interface ... DOWNLOAD
robowars(sfnet) Robo Wars An implementation of the popular "robo ral... DOWNLOAD
wwwforum(sfnet) WWW Forum WWW Forum was actively developed between the ye... DOWNLOAD
ipcplus(sfnet) Sys V IPC wrapper in C++ This is a set of C++ wrapper classes for the In... DOWNLOAD
middle-man(sfnet) Middleman filtering proxy server Middleman is an advanced HTTP/1.1 proxy server ... DOWNLOAD
yasfcave(sfnet) Yet Another SFCave This is a clone of the SFCave game as seen on P... DOWNLOAD
docmenta(sfnet) Docmenta Docmenta is a Java web-application for single s... DOWNLOAD
medicalwords(sfnet) Medical Words Providing word support for medical systems. DOWNLOAD
gmailbox(sfnet) GMailbox Defunct. Not changed since 2002 and not used in... DOWNLOAD
partydatabase(sfnet) Party Database (a Java Web Application) This is a web based database for party registra... DOWNLOAD
atoms(sfnet) atomsnet The AtomsNet application is a peer-to-peer meta... DOWNLOAD
flyingweather(sfnet) Paragliding weather check Simple script which attempts to summarize what ... DOWNLOAD
shnewsmaker(sfnet) shNewsMaker A small multi-user News System in written in PH... DOWNLOAD
otis(sfnet) Open Transnote Ink Suite Open Transnote Ink Suite (OTIS) is a set of too... DOWNLOAD
phpuptomyftp(sfnet) PHP Upload To My FTP PHP Upload To My FTP is an upload form script w... DOWNLOAD
tputils(sfnet) TerraPage Utilities TerraPage Utils is a collection of utilities fo... DOWNLOAD
dosa(sfnet) Del's Old Script Archive This will be the repository of all of my no-lon... DOWNLOAD
gnuitar(sfnet) GNUitar GNUitar is guitar effects software that allows ... DOWNLOAD
xeis(sfnet) Elastic Interaction Simulation XEIS is a graphical simulation of elastic inter... DOWNLOAD
extremecomp(sfnet) eXtremeComponents The eXtremeComponents are a series of open sour... DOWNLOAD
dicshunary(sfnet) Dicshunary The Dicshunary is a php / mysql web-based, coll... DOWNLOAD
ricklib(sfnet) RickLib Yet another generic collection class library, w... DOWNLOAD
wavsplit(sfnet) WavSplit WavSplit splits large WAV files at given time p... DOWNLOAD
rpbs(sfnet) Ruby POP before SMTP rpbs provides 'POP before SMTP' which is writte... DOWNLOAD
jbu(sfnet) Java Backup Utility The Java Backup Utility (jbu) is a fully-thread... DOWNLOAD
swingosc(sfnet) SwingOSC SwingOSC is an OpenSoundControl (OSC) server in... DOWNLOAD
becvsgui(sfnet) BeCVSGUI CVS is the Concurrent Versions System, the domi... DOWNLOAD
gnome-password(sfnet) Gnome Password Generator Gnome Password Generator is a GUI based secure ... DOWNLOAD
volumebrowser(sfnet) Volume Browser The Volume Browser is a graphical tool to navig... DOWNLOAD
jydbconsole(sfnet) jython database console jydbconsole is a database console inspired by p... DOWNLOAD
burn-osx(sfnet) Burn Create data discs with advanced data settings. ... DOWNLOAD
phpdc(sfnet) PHP Direct Connect WEB-Frontend provides a fully featured Server-Side WEB Front... DOWNLOAD
procviewer(sfnet) Proc Viewer Proc Viewer provides a easy to read interface f... DOWNLOAD
wolfserver(sfnet) Wolf-Server HTTP 1.1 webserver with servlet-style modules. DOWNLOAD

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