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j2s(sfnet) j2s Java2Script(J2S) provides an Eclipse Java to Ja... DOWNLOAD
qtjava(sfnet) QtJava This project is to package the existing Java Qt... DOWNLOAD
emabox(sfnet) ExtraMessageBox ExtraMessageBox is an extension of the Windows ... DOWNLOAD
rephormer(sfnet) rephormer Phormer is a Light & Powerful Photo Gallery... DOWNLOAD
caitlin(sfnet) Caitlin - Objective-C Socket Library An interface to BSD sockets based on the NeXTSt... DOWNLOAD
phprofession(sfnet) phProfession Need employees? phProfession is a PHP script fo... DOWNLOAD
notifycd(sfnet) NotifyCD NotifyCD is a small system tray based CDDB supp... DOWNLOAD
conpar(sfnet) ContextParser Object oriented context-dependent parser (C++).... DOWNLOAD
newster(sfnet) Newster: The Java Binary News Assembler Newster is a binary news retrieval tool written... DOWNLOAD
p4w(sfnet) p4w - Powertools 4 Wisehackers <b><i>Powertools 4 Wisehackers</... DOWNLOAD
pywn(sfnet) PyWN("pin") Python Wordnet A Python interface to the WordNet database (www... DOWNLOAD
bdangerous(sfnet) BDANGEROUS Another open sourced crypto library. Unlike Cry... DOWNLOAD
libcapsinetwork(sfnet) libCapsiNetwork libCapsiNetwork is a C++ network library to all... DOWNLOAD
shuddhoshabdo(sfnet) shuddhoshabdo শুদ্ধশব্দ-A add-in for Bangla spell checking fo... DOWNLOAD
gtkboard(sfnet) Board games system Gtkboard is a generic board game engine into wh... DOWNLOAD
myphpschool(sfnet) MyPHPSchool MyPHPSchool, intends to provide, modular and ea... DOWNLOAD
lnotes(sfnet) Learning Music Notes This program is for learning music notation (ba... DOWNLOAD
magnet(sfnet) MagNet Fully packaged linux distribution to provide in... DOWNLOAD
kmmail(sfnet) kmMail kmMail is an attractive, easy-to-use and powerf... DOWNLOAD
cpedia(sfnet) Spring & hibernate Code Generator A code generator Tool to genrate high quality c... DOWNLOAD
gvrflash(sfnet) Gnome flash utility for the Agenda VR3 A graphical frontend using gnome/gtk for the st... DOWNLOAD
iguanawatch(sfnet) Network Services monitor Iguana Watch is designed to provide you with re... DOWNLOAD
coc-cards(sfnet) COC Cards College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, Califo... DOWNLOAD
gravcave(sfnet) GravCave This project is intended to be a PocketPC (and ... DOWNLOAD
ftpvcs(sfnet) FTPVCS xPlatform - FTP based VCS / Project Management ... DOWNLOAD
readbarc(sfnet) ReadBarC ReadBarC reads barcodes using a Symbian OS cell... DOWNLOAD
dconfig-url(sfnet) dconfig DConfig is portable program features config too... DOWNLOAD
sixpath(sfnet) Simple XPath Parser API XPath Parser is a library consisting of parser ... DOWNLOAD
ip-poster(sfnet) IP Poster Now consists of 4 parts: (a) IP Poster periodic... DOWNLOAD
onsight(sfnet) On Sight On Sight is a multiplayer, turn based board gam... DOWNLOAD
jswidgets(sfnet) Browser-Independent Javascript Widgets Browser-Independent Javascript Widgets: Tired o... DOWNLOAD
xmbnews(sfnet) XMB News This is an additional set of scripts for use wi... DOWNLOAD
ruby-fltk(sfnet) Ruby/FLTK Ruby/FLTK is a Ruby extension library for the F... DOWNLOAD
modulo(sfnet) Modulo Modulo is a simple tools that allow easy develo... DOWNLOAD
ezsite(sfnet) easySite easySite is an alternative to more complex webs... DOWNLOAD
tip(sfnet) Tools for Image Processing (TiP) C++ library that implements basic data structur... DOWNLOAD
dbprojecthft(sfnet) DBproject_hft This is a web-based Banking Application based o... DOWNLOAD
dmsearch(sfnet) nmbsearch A script written in Python, which resolves a li... DOWNLOAD
landialler(sfnet) LANdialler LANdialler allows workstations (Windows, Linux,... DOWNLOAD
benzo(sfnet) benzo Benzo is a pseudo-AI IRC bot written in Python.... DOWNLOAD
fontwidget(sfnet) FontSelectionPanel FontSelectionPanel is a swing-based java compon... DOWNLOAD
timetrack(sfnet) Time Track Personal Software Process tool to track time sp... DOWNLOAD
lf-os(sfnet) lf-os LF OS is a little operating system written comp... DOWNLOAD
nographer(sfnet) Nographer Usenet <-> Web Browser proxy Nographer acts as a bridge between your web bro... DOWNLOAD
dvdauthorwizard(sfnet) DVDAuthor Wizard This wizard will create a DVD with fully animat... DOWNLOAD
psc(sfnet) Perl Secure Conf Perl Secure Conf (PSC) is a suid C program whic... DOWNLOAD
parbat(sfnet) Parbat Parbat3D is a satellite imagery visualization a... DOWNLOAD
openfbo(sfnet) OpenFBO OpenFBO is a comprehesive web based, database d... DOWNLOAD
chello(sfnet) Chello This application is a minimal Cocoon 2 applicat... DOWNLOAD
mediabase(sfnet) MediaBase MediaBase is a PHP/MySQL database application t... DOWNLOAD
scrollserver(sfnet) ScrollServer ScrollServer is a Python based HTTP server that... DOWNLOAD
kfs(sfnet) K File Synchroniser A file synchronisation tool for KDE that allows... DOWNLOAD
javaboard(sfnet) Java Board Game Library A Java library for developing board games with ... DOWNLOAD
menuetos(sfnet) Menuet OS Menuet is a Real-Time, graphical OS, written in... DOWNLOAD
basils(sfnet) Basil Multi Server Java based multi server for IP protocols DOWNLOAD
jcq2k(sfnet) jcq2k ICQ v7 protocol Java library Serverside Java library. DOWNLOAD
gkube(sfnet) gkube gkube is a little GTK and OpenGL based program ... DOWNLOAD
mail-posgres(sfnet) mail + sql This is a set of programs that allows you to cr... DOWNLOAD
geskoctrl(sfnet) geskoctrl for Linux / Solaris / FreeBSD geskoctrl is a application for download/upload ... DOWNLOAD
yanoid(sfnet) Yet Another Arkanoid Yanoid is "Yet Another arkaNOID". It ... DOWNLOAD
uboj(sfnet) UBoj It's a GUI intended to be highly customizable, ... DOWNLOAD
ant-contrib(sfnet) ANT Contrib A home for additional useful tasks and types fo... DOWNLOAD
locrian(sfnet) Locrian Music Player Locrian Music Player is a Rhythmbox-inspired fr... DOWNLOAD
htmltok(sfnet) HtmlStreamTokenizer Free lightweight HTML/XML parser. DOWNLOAD
foreigndesk(sfnet) ForeignDesk ForeignDesk - Integrated Translation Environment DOWNLOAD
smartpop(sfnet) SMARTPOP DOWNLOAD
bsod(sfnet) Blue Screens of Death Screenshots of, and scripts/programs to generat... DOWNLOAD
inkblot(sfnet) Inkblot NetBIOS Share Managment Tool depriciated DOWNLOAD
libsmsil(sfnet) LibSMS Israel The LibSMS project is a TCL/PHP library you can... DOWNLOAD
statacaster(sfnet) StataCaster StataCaster is a series of PERL scripts used to... DOWNLOAD
net-whois-ripe(sfnet) Net::Whois::RIPE - perl module This is an object-orienated perl module that pr... DOWNLOAD
tkorrovi(sfnet) concalc Concalc is a console spreadsheet program for wi... DOWNLOAD
starmap2(sfnet) StarMap 2: Galactic Creation This project is to create an RPG-creation/GM to... DOWNLOAD
rct3patcher(sfnet) rct3patcher The RCT3 Patcher allows you to patch RCT3 data ... DOWNLOAD
ddtfoam(sfnet) ddtFoam This solver represents an addition to the open-... DOWNLOAD
lemick(sfnet) Lemick Basic Lemick is a project to make a programming langu... DOWNLOAD
someshellext(sfnet) ShellExtensions for Windows This project hosts a couple of Shell Extensions... DOWNLOAD
fesa(sfnet) FESA-Front End for Squid Administration FESA - Front End for Squid Administration - It`... DOWNLOAD
prolix(sfnet) Prolix - Binary Chat Bot for bnetd Prolix is a "binary bot" chat interfa... DOWNLOAD
opengate(sfnet) Open Jumpgate Opengate is a remake of the game Jumpgate using... DOWNLOAD
slam(sfnet) Simple LAN Monitor Simple LAN Monitor aims to develop software for... DOWNLOAD
myfon(sfnet) MyFon 3D Mesh generator for letters (characters strin... DOWNLOAD
libgostcrypt(sfnet) libgostcrypt This is C++ implementation of russian GOST 2814... DOWNLOAD
jvote(sfnet) jVote A fully customizable survey poll system entirel... DOWNLOAD
universesim(sfnet) Universe Simulator A Simulator of a complex, living universe. The... DOWNLOAD
yapboard(sfnet) YapBoard YapBoard is a messaging board system written in... DOWNLOAD
utcachemover(sfnet) Unreal Tournament Cache Mover The UT Cache Mover provides a simple perl scrip... DOWNLOAD
gpsconf(sfnet) GPS Configurator Simple GTK application to configure GPS sensors. DOWNLOAD
cdss(sfnet) CD Sharing Server The CD Sharing Server is a framework for the di... DOWNLOAD
middlearthuox(sfnet) Middle-Earth custom UOX a project for UOX to become more like Middle-Ea... DOWNLOAD
jdictclient(sfnet) JDictClient - JAVA dict server client Client for dict servers writen in JAVA (SWING) ... DOWNLOAD
ethereal-hbci(sfnet) HBCI for ethereal Dissection module for ethereal that can handle ... DOWNLOAD
raidbot(sfnet) Arkains RaidBot RaidBot is a TCL based script for an EggDrop wh... DOWNLOAD
jmr(sfnet) JMR - The J Multi-Requester The J Multi-Requester is currently a tool for P... DOWNLOAD
deskcam(sfnet) Desktop Cam DeskCam is a windows desktop cam : it will take... DOWNLOAD
happypuppy(sfnet) Happy Puppy 2D side scroller DOWNLOAD
cplab3(sfnet) C++ TCP/IP and UDP/IP library of classes _Very_simple_ C++ library of classes for TCP/IP... DOWNLOAD
ddskeywords(sfnet) DDSKeywords Data Description Specification Keywords (DDSKey... DOWNLOAD
tclwinpcap(sfnet) Tcl WinPcap library Tcl binding to the WinPCAP library. DOWNLOAD

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