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mentalunix(sfnet) Mentalinux GNU/Linux Mentalinux Debian GNU/Linux: a better Debian fo... DOWNLOAD
aacplugin(sfnet) AAC input plugin for XMMS AAC player for XMMS. DOWNLOAD
multimon(sfnet) Multimon Digital Data Protocol Decoder Multimon is a digital baseband audio protocol d... DOWNLOAD
scool(sfnet) SCOOL DOWNLOAD
datawidget(sfnet) Data Widget Library This C++ library provides full featured data aw... DOWNLOAD
guile-pg(sfnet) Guile PostgreSQL Module Guile-pg is a Guile module providing access and... DOWNLOAD
printer-on(sfnet) printer_on Printer_on is a small program which gives you a... DOWNLOAD
mozart(sfnet) Mozart Mozart is a contact, calendar and case/project ... DOWNLOAD
modauthsamba(sfnet) mod_auth_samba mod_auth_samba is Apache authentication module,... DOWNLOAD
linuxlive(sfnet) Linux Live We creating new Linux distribution with new pac... DOWNLOAD
javacore(sfnet) JavaCore DOWNLOAD
kimap(sfnet) IMAP-Client for KDE 1.X DOWNLOAD
naquadareports(sfnet) Naquada Reports Reactor Naquada Reports Reactor is a web based reports ... DOWNLOAD
pywx(sfnet) PyWX This is an add-on module for AOLserver that emb... DOWNLOAD
scalc(sfnet) An integer stream calculator An RPN calculator design to manage well with st... DOWNLOAD
codecs(sfnet) is a project to collect and assemble... DOWNLOAD
automike(sfnet) automike DOWNLOAD
thetalinux(sfnet) ThetaLinux Project DOWNLOAD
fate(sfnet) Fate - A Space Trading and Combat Game Massively Multiplayer Space Trading and Combat ... DOWNLOAD
root-portal(sfnet) Root-Portal Monitors files, processes etc and displays chan... DOWNLOAD
openbaseball(sfnet) OpenBaseball OpenBaseball will be a text-based baseball simu... DOWNLOAD
lsttool(sfnet) LSTTOOL Tool for working with file lists, imports/expor... DOWNLOAD
lavatop(sfnet) lavatop Lavatop extends lavaps to add process managemen... DOWNLOAD
usenetweb(sfnet) Usenet Web Gateway Perl software that allows users to read Usenet ... DOWNLOAD
glshaders(sfnet) Eclipse Shaders This Eclipse plugin help you to create, edit an... DOWNLOAD
ssl-decrypt(sfnet) ssl decryption for ethereal ethereal patch and external plugin to enable ss... DOWNLOAD
prepms(sfnet) PrepMS: TOF MS Data Preprocessing Tool PrepMS is a simple-to-use graphical application... DOWNLOAD
jcommerce-dist(sfnet) jcommerce cloud-enable, mobile-enable, jBPM-driven e-comm... DOWNLOAD
mtgr8-a3(sfnet) mtgr8-a3 This project is for developers using the Amazon... DOWNLOAD
cheapmatrix(sfnet) The Cheap Matrix Package This is a C++ Matrix class optimized for memory... DOWNLOAD
ftutorial(sfnet) Fortran Tutorial This tutorial is targeted towards beginning pro... DOWNLOAD
spu-toolbox(sfnet) SPU-Toolbox SPU-Toolbox is a C++ API for frame-rate sensor ... DOWNLOAD
gnome-raw-thumb(sfnet) gnome-raw-thumbnailer A RAW file thumbnailer for GNOME DOWNLOAD
phprpmbuilder(sfnet) phpRPMBuilder phpRPMBuilder is a web service that will server... DOWNLOAD
netswitch(sfnet) netswitch Netswitch 'remembers' several network configura... DOWNLOAD
charon(sfnet) Charon CHARON is generator to produce PowerTier .per f... DOWNLOAD
musicscript(sfnet) MusicScript MusicScript is an open-source music scripting l... DOWNLOAD
freereign(sfnet) Free Reign A city simulator based on OpenGL DOWNLOAD
projduck(sfnet) Project Duckie The goal of Project Duckie is to create a massi... DOWNLOAD
superscanner(sfnet) SuperScanner IP- and Portscanner whith a gtk interface. DOWNLOAD
worldpilot(sfnet) WorldPilot Internet based PIM DOWNLOAD
qfreecell(sfnet) QFreeCell FreeCell, the popular solitaire game. DOWNLOAD
whats(sfnet) Script that shows what a site is running. DOWNLOAD
ircsupport(sfnet) Irc support This tool is intended to help a support manager... DOWNLOAD
pdf417encode(sfnet) pdf417_encode This program takes an ascii input text file and... DOWNLOAD
cvssupport(sfnet) CVSSupport A suite of CVS goodies written in perl for the ... DOWNLOAD
betaftpd(sfnet) BetaFTPD BetaFTPD is a single-threaded FTP daemon, makin... DOWNLOAD
trioweb(sfnet) TRIO Web Management System TRIOWeb is a php class library, which relies on... DOWNLOAD
mtst(sfnet) mtst A new program that send a file over the net usi... DOWNLOAD
udanalyser(sfnet) Upload/Download Analyser Upload/Download Analyser est un petit accessoir... DOWNLOAD
willow(sfnet) Willow DOWNLOAD
surfraw(sfnet) Surfraw - Shell Revolutionary Front Surfraw - Shell Users' Revolutionary Front Rage... DOWNLOAD
freepad(sfnet) Freepad Freepad is designed to be a free alternative to... DOWNLOAD
linuxforkids(sfnet) The LinuxForKids project aims to further the us... DOWNLOAD
shpread(sfnet) ShapeReader A Win32 Console App to Parse ESRI Shape Files -... DOWNLOAD
kssl(sfnet) kssl - Kerberized SSL Apache module and patches to OpenSSL & mods... DOWNLOAD
neudist(sfnet) NeuDist A Transaction Clearing Framework for developing... DOWNLOAD
swtgen(sfnet) SWT Generic Enhancements Custom implementations os SWT widgets to add sp... DOWNLOAD
mirchttpd(sfnet) mirc-http-server DOWNLOAD
dictport(sfnet) Dictionary Port to Java Project's main goal is to resemble Otto's Win32... DOWNLOAD
perlblaster(sfnet) Perl Defense Blaster Ascii graphics, arcade stylish game written in ... DOWNLOAD
gdigidoc(sfnet) GNU DigiDoc GDigiDoc is a GUI frontend built with GTKMM for... DOWNLOAD
cxml(sfnet) cXML DOWNLOAD
xcut(sfnet) xcut X11 cut and paste utility. DOWNLOAD
cgparted(sfnet) Console Grahical FrontEnd for GnuParted CGParted (Console-Based Graphical FrontEnd for ... DOWNLOAD
autoopencas(sfnet) Open CASCADE Auto Config GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool scripts and ... DOWNLOAD
kroulettesim(sfnet) KRouletteSim KRouletteSim is a numerical Roulette simulation... DOWNLOAD
langparser(sfnet) CUI Natural Language Parser This program will do analysis of natural langua... DOWNLOAD
tear(sfnet) TEAR A Front-End for many common MP3/OGG creation to... DOWNLOAD
phpabstract(sfnet) phpAbstract A database abstraction library for PHP. This al... DOWNLOAD
linuxcall(sfnet) LinuxCall - The Linux Dialer LinuxCall is a multidialer software, designed f... DOWNLOAD
apguard(sfnet) apGuard - access permissions guard apGuard is very easy to use program which allow... DOWNLOAD
pyepl(sfnet) PyEPL PyEPL (Python Experiment-Programming Library) i... DOWNLOAD
opencommerce(sfnet) OpenCommerce OpenCommerce is an Open Source e-commerce suite... DOWNLOAD
juicplusplus(sfnet) JUiC++ JUiC++ is a library for developing programs tha... DOWNLOAD
phpthemes(sfnet) phpThemes Themes for php. DOWNLOAD
gnews(sfnet) GNOME News Applet A scrolling news ticker applet for the GNOME pa... DOWNLOAD
watch(sfnet) Watch Watch will monitor mouse and keyboard activity ... DOWNLOAD
jsresources(sfnet) Java Sound Resources resources for Java Sound API developers: exampl... DOWNLOAD
emirror(sfnet) ECLiPt Mirroring Tool EMirror is a full featured FTP-mirroring tool w... DOWNLOAD
rscc(sfnet) RSCC - Really Simple Comic Code RSCC - Really Simple Comic Code. from a single ... DOWNLOAD
syncotron(sfnet) Syncotron Bathysphere Sound Suite 1) the samplomatic: gathers sounds from environ... DOWNLOAD
ktexshell(sfnet) KTeXShell KTeXShell is a KDE shell around TeX and the rel... DOWNLOAD
celticlegend(sfnet) Celtic Legends A classic turn-based strategy game. DOWNLOAD
vmailadmin(sfnet) vmailadmin Vmailadmin is a web tool for managing a qmail+v... DOWNLOAD
davis(sfnet) DAVIS - Dj's and Volker's IRC-Script DAVIS is an easy and useful language for IRC bo... DOWNLOAD
therapysim(sfnet) TherapySim TherapySim is a Python software package to pred... DOWNLOAD
webrew(sfnet) Webrew - Web authoring in Hebrew Microsoft Word VBA macro to translate Hebrew do... DOWNLOAD
yoursql(sfnet) YourSQL yourSQL is a relational database server entierl... DOWNLOAD
creature(sfnet) Opensource Digital Dinosaur Project ODDSaur is a project that aims to create a livi... DOWNLOAD
dviv(sfnet) DVI viewer for GGI/freetype2 A DVI viewer that uses GGI for graphics and fre... DOWNLOAD
kpncalc(sfnet) KPNCalc KPNClac is a polish notation calculator intende... DOWNLOAD
ide-floppy(sfnet) Linux IDE-Floppy Driver This is for development of the ide-floppy drive... DOWNLOAD
theneutbanner(sfnet) theneutbanner A banner for a forum guild "The Neut". DOWNLOAD
timewarp(sfnet) Star Control: TimeWarp Star Control: TimeWarp is a fan created project... DOWNLOAD
terrarpg(sfnet) Terra RPG Engine This will be an RPG engine for single player RP... DOWNLOAD
rosetta(sfnet) ROSETTA The ROSETTA C++ library is a collection of C++ ... DOWNLOAD
gcontact(sfnet) Gcontact GContact is a Web based address book in Ajax/PH... DOWNLOAD
comjava(sfnet) comJava Library This is a jni-based, COM object which enables e... DOWNLOAD
linuxssn(sfnet) Linux Submarine Simulation OpenSource Undersea Combat Simulation. DOWNLOAD

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