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growlog(sfnet) GrowLog The web based system specially suited to manage... DOWNLOAD
openclsolarsyst(sfnet) OpenCL(tm) Solar System Simulation OpenCL is a trademark of Apple Inc., and is use... DOWNLOAD
comunity-nas(sfnet) cnas Distribuited NAS accross the intrenet, where ev... DOWNLOAD
dci(sfnet) dci dci is an RPN scientific calculator for console... DOWNLOAD
bsodtest(sfnet) bsodtest This program was written to test (and protect) ... DOWNLOAD
coucoustyle(sfnet) Coucou Style The Coucou Style project assistance with the de... DOWNLOAD
friendlytools(sfnet) FriendlyTools FriendlyTools is a software pack for System Adm... DOWNLOAD
ohpoopalarmcloc(sfnet) ohpoopalarmcloc An alarm clock program that I made to keep trac... DOWNLOAD
astralx(sfnet) AstralX A client-server based framework for building 3d... DOWNLOAD
finop(sfnet) FinOP FinOP is a multithreaded, highly modular, IRC r... DOWNLOAD
asuro(sfnet) Asuro Here you can find the following Tools and libs ... DOWNLOAD
mesh2hmap(sfnet) 3D Mesh-To-Heightmap Generator mesh2hmap is a simple command line tool for con... DOWNLOAD
vgspl(sfnet) VGSPL : your web site manager in perl VGSPL is a website manager in perl whitout data... DOWNLOAD
gimpuserfilter(sfnet) Gimp UserFilter Gimp User Filter is a plugin for The Gimp (http... DOWNLOAD
aeternagui(sfnet) AeternaGUI A powerful test editor for online te... DOWNLOAD
szondi(sfnet) SzondiTest Desktop app of the Szondi test. The user can se... DOWNLOAD
mestradotesteq(sfnet) MestradoTesteQ DOWNLOAD
stickwiki(sfnet) WoaS - Wiki on a Stick Personal wiki that lives in one self-modifying ... DOWNLOAD
rev-translit(sfnet) A (Reverse) Transliterator A transliterator and reverse transliterator for... DOWNLOAD
softnewproject(sfnet) Project Management Software SProject (SoftnewProject) è il software per la ... DOWNLOAD
jpdfcalendar(sfnet) jpdfcalendar jPdfCalendar is a tool which allows you to crea... DOWNLOAD
mathtoolkit(sfnet) math toolkit A lightweight C++ and Python library for financ... DOWNLOAD
larvalfishquirks(sfnet) larval fish Quirks Quirks simulates larval fish foraging behavior ... DOWNLOAD
flashcards-app(sfnet) Flashcards Flashcards allows users to create 2D flashcards... DOWNLOAD
xsysinfo(sfnet) xsysinfo: X11 resource monitor xsysinfo is an X Windows application that displ... DOWNLOAD
firewordeditor(sfnet) Nevrokode ToraOffice This an office suite for end-users and develope... DOWNLOAD
smalllinux(sfnet) Small Linux Project Kernel and utilities to run Linux on small mach... DOWNLOAD
maps2winbugs(sfnet) maps2winbugs A QGIS plugin to facilitate data processing for... DOWNLOAD
dicoperu(sfnet) dicoperu software implementado para una ferreteria DOWNLOAD
jshutdowntimer(sfnet) Shutdown Timer JShutdownTimer is a simple java based utility, ... DOWNLOAD
pjbs(sfnet) PJBS JDBC-PHP bridge PJBS is a JDBC-PHP bridge. It can be used to ac... DOWNLOAD
idea-php(sfnet) PHP support for IntelliJ IDEA A plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that will enable sup... DOWNLOAD
skicalculator(sfnet) Ski Ski is an S/Key (One-Time Pad or Password) calc... DOWNLOAD
fearstats(sfnet) FearStats Generate player stats from multiplayer game F.E... DOWNLOAD
hs-converter(sfnet) highscreen-converter Software for converting GEO-information from vi... DOWNLOAD
energicnet(sfnet) Energic Network Energic is not really that special, it's built ... DOWNLOAD
funambol-ew(sfnet) Funambol Earnware Connector A Funambol connector module for the Earnware Se... DOWNLOAD
xscms(sfnet) xscms an eXtreme Simple Content Management System. No... DOWNLOAD
fibclass(sfnet) FibClass FibClass is capable of calculating the Fibonacc... DOWNLOAD
kpopflash(sfnet) kpopflash KPopflash is a KDE based flashcard application,... DOWNLOAD
meanderinvent(sfnet) bekwaamheidsinventarisatie Dutch: maken van bekwaamheidsverklaringen en/of... DOWNLOAD
gimp-path-tools(sfnet) Ofnuts' Gimp path tools Various scripts to transform Gimp paths DOWNLOAD
chartsclass(sfnet) ChartsClass This class implements a line chart and a bar ch... DOWNLOAD
vscan(sfnet) VScan VScan is a small, text-based, platform independ... DOWNLOAD
barracuda3dbuil(sfnet) Barracuda3DBuilder Detailed Description: Barracuda3DBuilder - Ope... DOWNLOAD
linuxlx4pro(sfnet) Linux Lx4Pro LX4PRO est un système d'exploitation, de type G... DOWNLOAD
champollion(sfnet) Champollion Tool Kit Built around LDC's champollion sentence aligner... DOWNLOAD
xuldev(sfnet) Scriptol Xul Dev Xul Dev means for Xul development environment. ... DOWNLOAD
xstoneage(sfnet) Stone Age for Linux It's a remake of an old Commodore board game, S... DOWNLOAD
sat-assembler(sfnet) SAT-Assembler SAT-Assembler can perform targeted gene assembl... DOWNLOAD
fuzz(sfnet) fuzz Fuzz is a tool for testing other software. It d... DOWNLOAD
hitchhiker(sfnet) Hitchhiker 2000 DOWNLOAD
realtimebattle(sfnet) RealTimeBattle RealTimeBattle is a programming game, in which ... DOWNLOAD
dyncompiler4j(sfnet) DynamicCompiler4J This project provides a simple facade for inter... DOWNLOAD
mygb(sfnet) MyGuestbook - Guestbook for PHP & MySQL DOWNLOAD
mbdynsimsuite(sfnet) MBDyn_sim_suite MBDyn_sim_suite is a collection of free pre&... DOWNLOAD
crazypoker(sfnet) CrazyPoker A network poker game which let users play Hold'... DOWNLOAD
pythag(sfnet) pythag - Primitive Pythagorean Triples pythag is an algorithm and script for computing... DOWNLOAD
quickee(sfnet) QuickEE QuickEE - An clientside interface for experts t... DOWNLOAD
spm2batch(sfnet) SPM 2 Batch System A batch processing system for Statistical Param... DOWNLOAD
skunk-sources(sfnet) skunk-sources An experimental kernel patchset against the 2.6... DOWNLOAD
mentalunix(sfnet) Mentalinux GNU/Linux Mentalinux Debian GNU/Linux: a better Debian fo... DOWNLOAD
aacplugin(sfnet) AAC input plugin for XMMS AAC player for XMMS. DOWNLOAD
multimon(sfnet) Multimon Digital Data Protocol Decoder Multimon is a digital baseband audio protocol d... DOWNLOAD
scool(sfnet) SCOOL DOWNLOAD
datawidget(sfnet) Data Widget Library This C++ library provides full featured data aw... DOWNLOAD
guile-pg(sfnet) Guile PostgreSQL Module Guile-pg is a Guile module providing access and... DOWNLOAD
printer-on(sfnet) printer_on Printer_on is a small program which gives you a... DOWNLOAD
mozart(sfnet) Mozart Mozart is a contact, calendar and case/project ... DOWNLOAD
modauthsamba(sfnet) mod_auth_samba mod_auth_samba is Apache authentication module,... DOWNLOAD
linuxlive(sfnet) Linux Live We creating new Linux distribution with new pac... DOWNLOAD
javacore(sfnet) JavaCore DOWNLOAD
kimap(sfnet) IMAP-Client for KDE 1.X DOWNLOAD
naquadareports(sfnet) Naquada Reports Reactor Naquada Reports Reactor is a web based reports ... DOWNLOAD
pywx(sfnet) PyWX This is an add-on module for AOLserver that emb... DOWNLOAD
scalc(sfnet) An integer stream calculator An RPN calculator design to manage well with st... DOWNLOAD
codecs(sfnet) is a project to collect and assemble... DOWNLOAD
automike(sfnet) automike DOWNLOAD
thetalinux(sfnet) ThetaLinux Project DOWNLOAD
fate(sfnet) Fate - A Space Trading and Combat Game Massively Multiplayer Space Trading and Combat ... DOWNLOAD
root-portal(sfnet) Root-Portal Monitors files, processes etc and displays chan... DOWNLOAD
openbaseball(sfnet) OpenBaseball OpenBaseball will be a text-based baseball simu... DOWNLOAD
lsttool(sfnet) LSTTOOL Tool for working with file lists, imports/expor... DOWNLOAD
lavatop(sfnet) lavatop Lavatop extends lavaps to add process managemen... DOWNLOAD
usenetweb(sfnet) Usenet Web Gateway Perl software that allows users to read Usenet ... DOWNLOAD
glshaders(sfnet) Eclipse Shaders This Eclipse plugin help you to create, edit an... DOWNLOAD
ssl-decrypt(sfnet) ssl decryption for ethereal ethereal patch and external plugin to enable ss... DOWNLOAD
prepms(sfnet) PrepMS: TOF MS Data Preprocessing Tool PrepMS is a simple-to-use graphical application... DOWNLOAD
jcommerce-dist(sfnet) jcommerce cloud-enable, mobile-enable, jBPM-driven e-comm... DOWNLOAD
mtgr8-a3(sfnet) mtgr8-a3 This project is for developers using the Amazon... DOWNLOAD
cheapmatrix(sfnet) The Cheap Matrix Package This is a C++ Matrix class optimized for memory... DOWNLOAD
ftutorial(sfnet) Fortran Tutorial This tutorial is targeted towards beginning pro... DOWNLOAD
spu-toolbox(sfnet) SPU-Toolbox SPU-Toolbox is a C++ API for frame-rate sensor ... DOWNLOAD
gnome-raw-thumb(sfnet) gnome-raw-thumbnailer A RAW file thumbnailer for GNOME DOWNLOAD
phprpmbuilder(sfnet) phpRPMBuilder phpRPMBuilder is a web service that will server... DOWNLOAD
netswitch(sfnet) netswitch Netswitch 'remembers' several network configura... DOWNLOAD
charon(sfnet) Charon CHARON is generator to produce PowerTier .per f... DOWNLOAD
musicscript(sfnet) MusicScript MusicScript is an open-source music scripting l... DOWNLOAD
freereign(sfnet) Free Reign A city simulator based on OpenGL DOWNLOAD
projduck(sfnet) Project Duckie The goal of Project Duckie is to create a massi... DOWNLOAD

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