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once(sfnet) Once MMORPG This project was discontinued, please click in ... DOWNLOAD
dnagase(sfnet) testprojectdnagase test project for me and some member DOWNLOAD
ftp-leecher(sfnet) FTP-Leecher Script GUI for indexing of files in FTP servers... DOWNLOAD
phpbiz(sfnet) phpbiz a c2c e-businese web based platform. DOWNLOAD
hrmedit(sfnet) HRMEdit Application for viewing and especially editing ... DOWNLOAD
nxt-symbian(sfnet) NXT-Symbian NXT-Symbian is an mobile application developed ... DOWNLOAD
pluto(sfnet) cYcnus.Pluto cYcnus.Pluto is a registry editor that provides... DOWNLOAD
vpcalc(sfnet) Virtual Portable Calculator The ultimate goal of this project is to provide... DOWNLOAD
post-nuke(sfnet) PostNuke Content Management System PostNuke is a weblog/Content Management System ... DOWNLOAD
libsystools(sfnet) libsystools A C++ multiplatform system library to ease the ... DOWNLOAD
jsongateway(sfnet) JsonGateway JsonGateway is an ajax RPC service gateway for ... DOWNLOAD
javaxul(sfnet) javaxul The goal of javaXUL is to provide a simple to u... DOWNLOAD
qtwebbrowser(sfnet) qtwebbrowser A Web Browser developed in C++ using qtwebkit. ... DOWNLOAD
clwbclient(sfnet) Coherent Logic World Bank Client The World Bank Client is a Java-based internal ... DOWNLOAD
jactr(sfnet) jACT-R jACT-R is a open source java implementation of ... DOWNLOAD
enetman(sfnet) eNetman A network asset management written in PHP &... DOWNLOAD
spdoc(sfnet) SPdoc SPdoc is a simple stored procedure documentatio... DOWNLOAD
xxdosmenu(sfnet) xxdosmenu A previously closed-source menu system for MS-D... DOWNLOAD
awsil(sfnet) AW Exported Storage Item List This little helper utility is for use in the Af... DOWNLOAD
fakevirusmac(sfnet) Fake Virus Mac We have not seen any virus for Mac OS X yet but... DOWNLOAD
disconnected(sfnet) Disconnected Wordpress theme based on the original layout by... DOWNLOAD
openotppluginroundcube(sfnet) OpenOTP Authentication Plugin RoundCube This Plugin enables strong two factor authentic... DOWNLOAD
thirteen(sfnet) Thirteen A game written in VB where you have to program ... DOWNLOAD
jpydbg(sfnet) jpydbg An open plugin providing a full Python Debuggin... DOWNLOAD
cega(sfnet) cega CEGA is a highly extendable layout plugin for C... DOWNLOAD
xnote(sfnet) XNote Is a small application to show notes on desktop... DOWNLOAD
smtvn(sfnet) Statistical Machine Translation DOWNLOAD
winavr(sfnet) WinAVR WinAVR (tm) is a suite of executable, open sour... DOWNLOAD
hummbird(sfnet) Hummingbird Hummingbird is a MaxScript that allows 3D Studi... DOWNLOAD
htmlgenerator(sfnet) htmlgenerator HTML Generator is a simple code generator that ... DOWNLOAD
aggoo(sfnet) AggOO AggOO is a higher level, cross platform 2D grap... DOWNLOAD
lxcrypt(sfnet) Lx Encrypter Shuffles (encrypt) The text entered in edit box... DOWNLOAD
condor2nav(sfnet) Condor2Nav Translator of Condor (The Competition Soaring S... DOWNLOAD
zpp-village3(sfnet) vIllage Web-community portal based on portlets made in ... DOWNLOAD
sito(sfnet) Sito HTTP Filter for Microsoft ISA Server. It helps ... DOWNLOAD
guavasys(sfnet) Guava This is a Blogging System. The main goal of the... DOWNLOAD
archbot(sfnet) ArchBot A Computer Robot and Chatterbot building Framew... DOWNLOAD
ogltestanim(sfnet) ogltestanim Example of openGl animation DOWNLOAD
lochnes(sfnet) LochNES LochNES is a simple implementation of the NES h... DOWNLOAD
zeroballistics(sfnet) Zero Ballistics Zero Ballistics is a unique blend of first pers... DOWNLOAD
romaji2kana(sfnet) romaji2kana Romaji to Kana Translator is a small program th... DOWNLOAD
pacmoon(sfnet) pacmoon pacmoon is an Arch Linux utility for custom com... DOWNLOAD
webmeeting(sfnet) Web Conference Web Conferencing system allow you to conduct th... DOWNLOAD
ngboard(sfnet) ngboard Next generation chess application for GTK. With... DOWNLOAD
plato-os(sfnet) Plato OS Plato is an open-source operating system design... DOWNLOAD
tsplus(sfnet) tsplus C++ mutlithreaded and network library DOWNLOAD
kbbdb(sfnet) kbbdb kbbdb is BBDB for KMail DOWNLOAD
servicenowpump(sfnet) ServiceNow Data Mart Loader The ServiceNow Data Mart Loader (a.k.a. Service... DOWNLOAD
minorthird(sfnet) MinorThird MinorThird is an SDK/API for machine learning a... DOWNLOAD
tk-illuminati(sfnet) tk-illuminati First open source coordinated effort (by these ... DOWNLOAD
kfouleggs(sfnet) KFoulEggs KFoulEggs is an adaptation of the well-known ga... DOWNLOAD
simulacrum(sfnet) Simulacrum A Java RSS image aggregator and slide show. Wri... DOWNLOAD
codemate(sfnet) codemate codemate is a eclipse plugin. it can stat code ... DOWNLOAD
ubml(sfnet) Unified Business Modeling Language The aim of this project is to to provide a set ... DOWNLOAD
simorg(sfnet) Simorg: artificial organizations model Agent based model of organizations considering ... DOWNLOAD
autometer(sfnet) AutoMeter AutoMeter is a X11/Xt/Xaw application scanning ... DOWNLOAD
svn-pde-build(sfnet) Subversion pde-build plugin Provide a plugin for the Eclipse basebuilder to... DOWNLOAD
www2devnull(sfnet) www2/dev/null With www2devnull your users could direct their ... DOWNLOAD
easaier(sfnet) Easaier The EASAIER Project: Enabling Access to Sound A... DOWNLOAD
contelligent(sfnet) Contelligent Contelligent is a J2EE content management syste... DOWNLOAD
myphpdumptool(sfnet) MyPHPdumpTool (mpdt) MyPHPdumpTool is a fully customizable PHP (CLI)... DOWNLOAD
gkrellm-bluez(sfnet) Gkrellm BlueZ plugin GKrellm plugin monitoring Linux BlueZ adapters DOWNLOAD
chaidb(sfnet) ChaiDB ChaiDB is an embedded data storage developed at... DOWNLOAD
audiopen(sfnet) AudiOpen AudiOpen is a framework and GUI for audio synth... DOWNLOAD
gmatproject(sfnet) gmatproject GMAT Project is form for student test DOWNLOAD
urbackup(sfnet) urbackup Efficient Client-Server Backup system for Linux... DOWNLOAD
gaze(sfnet) Gaze at the landscape Gaze at the landscape is a wallpaper switcher t... DOWNLOAD
kerngen(sfnet) kerngen Kernel library is a complete set of interfaces ... DOWNLOAD
tempmonitor(sfnet) Temperature Monitor Program to monitor CPU and Motherboard Temperat... DOWNLOAD
tpox(sfnet) Transaction Processing over XML (TPoX) TPoX is an XML database benchmark based on a fi... DOWNLOAD
gnaw(sfnet) GNAW - Command-line Calculator GNAW is a command-line calculator. It is lightw... DOWNLOAD
xmltreenav(sfnet) xmlTreeNav - XML viewer and diff utility xmlTreeNav is a tool basically designed to prov... DOWNLOAD
openid(sfnet) OpenID OpenID is a decentralized authentication protoc... DOWNLOAD
comicpub(sfnet) Comic Pub Comic Pub is a program written in PHP to allow ... DOWNLOAD
gravitonrefsys(sfnet) gravitonrefsys Graviton is a framework which facilitates manag... DOWNLOAD
leafrss(sfnet) LeafRSS LeafRSS is designed to be a low-maintenance, le... DOWNLOAD
phpnn(sfnet) PHPNN PHPNN Is an open source, GPL licensed, PHP clas... DOWNLOAD
jwb(sfnet) Johnny's Web Browser jwb aka Johnny's Web Browser is a free and open... DOWNLOAD
peachvalidator(sfnet) The Peach Validator The Peach Validator is a small program used ver... DOWNLOAD
sdictapp(sfnet) Simple dictionary applications SDAs are simple programs allowing users to use ... DOWNLOAD
archtoolkit(sfnet) ArchToolKit The project is to build an Architect Tool Kit. ... DOWNLOAD
endlessduel(sfnet) phpBB Endless Duel phpBB Endless Duel - Sua nova opção de fóruns p... DOWNLOAD
imagelock(sfnet) ImageLock ImageLock ist ein Programm mit dem man Dateien ... DOWNLOAD
profiletool(sfnet) profiletool ProfileTool is a Windows 7 command line utility... DOWNLOAD
yap2lc(sfnet) Yet Another Passwd 2 LDIF Converter Yap2lc (Yet Another Passwd 2 LDIF Converter) is... DOWNLOAD
xmmp(sfnet) LinuX MultiMedia Project Modular, highly extendable multimedia system fo... DOWNLOAD
mushared(sfnet) Instalador Mu-Shared instalador do MuShared http://www.mushared.ddns... DOWNLOAD
plsql-xml-diff(sfnet) PL/SQL XML Compare Utility An Oracle PL/SQL based utility used to compare ... DOWNLOAD
lessonplan(sfnet) Lesson Plan Lesson Plan is a database program to edit daily... DOWNLOAD
ymail(sfnet) is a status item for Mac OS X to disp... DOWNLOAD
ganesa(sfnet) Ganesa Ganesa is knowledge management framework develo... DOWNLOAD
wordnetflash(sfnet) WordNet Flash WordnetFlash will be a Flash interface to the v... DOWNLOAD
she-is-color(sfnet) she-is-color For the sake of GB2312 encode, SourceForge can'... DOWNLOAD
engarde(sfnet) EnGarde Secure Linux EnGarde Secure Linux is a secure distribution o... DOWNLOAD
pdsyncker(sfnet) vcfghuytf DOWNLOAD
thinkpad(sfnet) thinkpad For IBM Thinkpads (tested on R52) Displays some... DOWNLOAD
morrowindonline(sfnet) Morrowind Online This is an online mod for the game Elderscrolls... DOWNLOAD
prospear(sfnet) Prosper Prosper is a web application development framew... DOWNLOAD
wurde(sfnet) WURDE WURDE is middleware for robotics application de... DOWNLOAD
computeip(sfnet) ComputeIP ComputeIP does IP scanning and IP Subnet calcul... DOWNLOAD

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