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octave(freshmeat) Octave Octave is a high-level language, primarily inte... DOWNLOAD
snappea(sfnet) SnapPea Packaging code for SnapPea, a program for creat... DOWNLOAD
amelia(sfnet) AMELIA The ATLAS Multimedia Educational Lab for Intera... DOWNLOAD
photocubes(sfnet) 3D Photo Cubes Using something I've made? DOWNLOAD
vnmik(sfnet) VnMiK VnMiK, Vietnamese distribution of MiKTeX DOWNLOAD
osgfield(sfnet) osgField NodeKit osgField is a NodeKit library which provides un... DOWNLOAD
pretools(sfnet) preTools Suite for Windows A set of command line tools for generating on-t... DOWNLOAD
spaghettilearn(sfnet) DoceboLMS, e-learning platform and SCORM DodeboLMS is an e-learning platform for distanc... DOWNLOAD
evilboard(sfnet) EvilBoard EvilBoard is a Powerfull Forum Software for peo... DOWNLOAD
bahasacms(sfnet) Bahasa CMS Modul Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) un... DOWNLOAD
modulipse(sfnet) Modulipse Modula-2 IDE based on Eclipse. DOWNLOAD
mu-shock(sfnet) mu-shock Mu Shock Season 5 - DOWNLOAD
gnunetpress(sfnet) GNet Server GNet Server - Network compression client/server... DOWNLOAD
spuc(sfnet) Signal Processing using C++ The objective of SPUC is to provide the Digital... DOWNLOAD
tagmylibrary(sfnet) tagmylibrary This is a pygtk program intended to make easier... DOWNLOAD
azultesting(sfnet) Azul e-Testing An online test management system for teachers. ... DOWNLOAD
cwtrainer(sfnet) CW Trainer Easy to use CW Trainer for Linux. Adaptable for... DOWNLOAD
sharpdrop(sfnet) SharpDrop IRC Bot SharpDrop is a C# Windows IRC Bot meant to moni... DOWNLOAD
imageweb(sfnet) imageweb The ImageWeb just like the Google AJAX Search A... DOWNLOAD
inetserv(sfnet) Inetserv socket library Library for asynchronous client/server socket h... DOWNLOAD
rapc(sfnet) Road Advertisement Panel Control A web-based system to register the advertisemen... DOWNLOAD
dbpaq(sfnet) DBPAQ DBPAQ is a SQL database engine for large-scale ... DOWNLOAD
palmchmreader(sfnet) ChmReader for Palm A chm reader for palm device. DOWNLOAD
argmax(sfnet) argmax ARGMAX is an open source implementation of stru... DOWNLOAD
snakeiride(sfnet) Snake-iride DOWNLOAD
synapp2(sfnet) synapp2 SynApp2 builds feature-packed web applications ... DOWNLOAD
doogsnx(sfnet) Doogle'Snakes Doogle'Snakes is a snake game. You control a sn... DOWNLOAD
adgali(sfnet) Advanced Game Library Adgali is a library for game programmation. It ... DOWNLOAD
php-validator(sfnet) PHP server side validator PHP Server Side Validator for PHP4 and PHP5, is... DOWNLOAD
imgallery2(sfnet) IMGallery 2 IMGallery2 is a dynamic image gallery. It provi... DOWNLOAD
dhcpsnooper(sfnet) dhcpsnooper DHCP snooper works as DHCP relay, it manipulate... DOWNLOAD
libshiva(sfnet) libShiva Shiva is a C++ library for drawing and animatio... DOWNLOAD
hogit-wp-theme(sfnet) Hogit's Wordpress Warcraft Themes Wordpress themes from Hogit on Silvermoon. DOWNLOAD
scorpionsadv(sfnet) Scorpion's Adventure Scorpion's Adventure is a game in the Prince of... DOWNLOAD
cs-wiki(sfnet) CS-Wiki Wiki Add-in for CommunityServer DOWNLOAD
uno(sfnet) An adaptation of the Uno cards game An adaptation of the Uno card game. Written in ... DOWNLOAD
sudoku-solver99(sfnet) Sudoku Solver The sudoku solver program is a simple command l... DOWNLOAD
ccnetplugins(sfnet) CC.Net Tools A repository of CruiseControl.NET PlugIn's and ... DOWNLOAD
xreport(sfnet) XReport The library XReport is a report viwer based on ... DOWNLOAD
open-sfd(sfnet) Open Simple Flasher/Dumper (OpenSFD) OpenSFD (Open Simple Flasher/Dumper) is a futur... DOWNLOAD
myparo(sfnet) MyParo MP3 Organizer MyParo: My Playlist and Repository Organizer, E... DOWNLOAD
spaceexplore(sfnet) Space Explore The basics of a 3D space shooter. Hope to add ... DOWNLOAD
jp-cchess(sfnet) Jian-pu's Chinese Chess This program allows you to play Chinese chess o... DOWNLOAD
wuffs-moviedb(sfnet) Wuffs MovieDB Wuff's MovieDB is a MySQL-Database with a nice ... DOWNLOAD
oaplite(sfnet) OAP Lite OAP Lite is Optimized Algorithms Platform Lite,... DOWNLOAD
nettoplcsim(sfnet) NetToPLCSim TCP/IP-Network extension for the PLC simulation... DOWNLOAD
delirium-kit(sfnet) delirium-kit This framework is written in javascript languaj... DOWNLOAD
dyn2html(sfnet) dyn2html - Dynamic To Static Web Site This is a PHP script for automatic crawling and... DOWNLOAD
ige(sfnet) Illusion Graphics Engine IGE is a pre-visualization ("previs")... DOWNLOAD
xmms-oggcaster(sfnet) XMMS OggCaster An XMMS plugin that allows streaming of Ogg Vor... DOWNLOAD
indite-en-masse(sfnet) Lucidity - The en masse text editor Lucidity - A collaborative text editor. Allows ... DOWNLOAD
imp3tunes(sfnet) iMP3Tunes iMP3Tunes is an award winning program that allo... DOWNLOAD
gverse(sfnet) gVerse gVerse is a GTK+ program that displays a daily ... DOWNLOAD
netsuiteroot(sfnet) SuiteFlex This project is for collecting the opensource S... DOWNLOAD
brainparty(sfnet) Brain Party Brain Party is a 2D puzzle game for all the fam... DOWNLOAD
iiexe(sfnet) iiexe DOWNLOAD
welskydragontes(sfnet) Wel Skydragon Test DOWNLOAD
livelink(sfnet) LiveLink MPEG-4 AAC VoIP software for Win32. The program... DOWNLOAD
pyi2c(sfnet) pyI2C Pure Python I2C protocol interface over pySeria... DOWNLOAD
art-quizer(sfnet) Art Quizer Program that will quiz the user based on the fa... DOWNLOAD
timelog(sfnet) Tiny Timelog Tiny Timelog is a small command line applicatio... DOWNLOAD
mp-php(sfnet) mp-php Aceasta Platforma php este multipla datorita co... DOWNLOAD
iliasplugincron(sfnet) ILIASPluginCronsPatch This patch adds posibility to use plugins in cr... DOWNLOAD
altcant(sfnet) Alt Cant This is a Windows applet that will load a URL f... DOWNLOAD
spammable(sfnet) Spammable Written in PHP and using mySQL as its database ... DOWNLOAD
tuxscreen(sfnet) TuxScreen phone Software for the powerful TuxScreen embedded Li... DOWNLOAD
tivo2dvd(sfnet) Tivo2dvd Tivo2dvd creates and executes the series of com... DOWNLOAD
volcoord(sfnet) The Volunteer Coordination System Volunteer Coordination System - manages parents... DOWNLOAD
writeup(sfnet) writeup Programming language for converting source docu... DOWNLOAD
twatch(sfnet) TWatch twatch is a simple and flexible watcher torrent... DOWNLOAD
criminalsdebug(sfnet) Criminals debug Debug criminals we debug the criminals rpg game... DOWNLOAD
ovd(sfnet) Virtual Drive Online Virtual Drive is proxy to different sour... DOWNLOAD
flexsqladmin(sfnet) Flex SQLAdmin SQLAdmin is an online version of query analyzer... DOWNLOAD
bomba(sfnet) Net Send Bomber Net Send Bomber ist ein Programm zum schnellen ... DOWNLOAD
menupilot(sfnet) MenuPilot - Context Menu for ASP.NET 2.0 Fine DHTML context menu with layout of Action L... DOWNLOAD
active-ist(sfnet) ACTIVE-IST Open Source Tools The ACTIVE-IST project is a set of libraries (e... DOWNLOAD
classeval(sfnet) ClassEval ClassEval: Classification Evaluation Tool DOWNLOAD
cudaocl(sfnet) cuda_memory CUDAMemory is a memory management class for use... DOWNLOAD
ums-addin(sfnet) UMS The UMS project provides an Microsoft Excel Add... DOWNLOAD
slinger(sfnet) Slinger A library of helper classes for I/O streaming s... DOWNLOAD
obi-warp(sfnet) obi-warp Ordered Bijective Interpolated Warping (OBI-War... DOWNLOAD
talog(sfnet) Teaching Assistant (TA) Hours Logger A web application for higher education institut... DOWNLOAD
grinj(sfnet) The grinj The grinj is a complete suite with compiler, VM... DOWNLOAD
java-mp(sfnet) Java Multiplayer Network Game Creating Multiplayer Entertainment/Games (acros... DOWNLOAD
wishlista(sfnet) WishlistA is a web-based wishlist WishlistA is an Amazon-based software to help p... DOWNLOAD
isportal07(sfnet) Information Society Portal 2007 Information portal based on Java technology and... DOWNLOAD
cm2-plugins(sfnet) Coolmon2 Plugins General and Visual plugins for Coolmon 2. A Sys... DOWNLOAD
gsi-sshterm(sfnet) GSI-SSHTerm Application A Grid Security Interface (GSI) enabled SSH ter... DOWNLOAD
satranc(sfnet) saTRanc A Simple chess gui and a chess engine DOWNLOAD
kolsimulator(sfnet) The KoL Simulator KoL Simulator is a web-based tool for players o... DOWNLOAD
jguid(sfnet) Java Gui Designer (JGuiD) Java Gui Designer(JGuiD)is a graphical user int... DOWNLOAD
taggen(sfnet) taggen A GUI for creating and editing TAGxML files for... DOWNLOAD
adxen(sfnet) AdXen AdXen is a graphical tool for administration of... DOWNLOAD
wintar(sfnet) WinTar WinTar is a C# based program to handle TAR and ... DOWNLOAD
jstatemachine(sfnet) JStateMachine JStateMachine is designed to control user inter... DOWNLOAD
muesli(sfnet) µsli Register machine which uses Sexp program files,... DOWNLOAD
systin(sfnet) Systin Systin stands for System Testing in .Net. This ... DOWNLOAD
tuggo(sfnet) TUGGO TUGGO is a website management system allowing a... DOWNLOAD
xml-menu(sfnet) XML Based Tree Menu This project is about Editable XML based Tree M... DOWNLOAD
hello-osx(sfnet) hello Greek localization project for OSX HELlenic LOcalization project. Greek support fo... DOWNLOAD

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