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talog(sfnet) Teaching Assistant (TA) Hours Logger A web application for higher education institut... DOWNLOAD
grinj(sfnet) The grinj The grinj is a complete suite with compiler, VM... DOWNLOAD
java-mp(sfnet) Java Multiplayer Network Game Creating Multiplayer Entertainment/Games (acros... DOWNLOAD
wishlista(sfnet) WishlistA is a web-based wishlist WishlistA is an Amazon-based software to help p... DOWNLOAD
isportal07(sfnet) Information Society Portal 2007 Information portal based on Java technology and... DOWNLOAD
cm2-plugins(sfnet) Coolmon2 Plugins General and Visual plugins for Coolmon 2. A Sys... DOWNLOAD
gsi-sshterm(sfnet) GSI-SSHTerm Application A Grid Security Interface (GSI) enabled SSH ter... DOWNLOAD
satranc(sfnet) saTRanc A Simple chess gui and a chess engine DOWNLOAD
kolsimulator(sfnet) The KoL Simulator KoL Simulator is a web-based tool for players o... DOWNLOAD
jguid(sfnet) Java Gui Designer (JGuiD) Java Gui Designer(JGuiD)is a graphical user int... DOWNLOAD
taggen(sfnet) taggen A GUI for creating and editing TAGxML files for... DOWNLOAD
adxen(sfnet) AdXen AdXen is a graphical tool for administration of... DOWNLOAD
wintar(sfnet) WinTar WinTar is a C# based program to handle TAR and ... DOWNLOAD
jstatemachine(sfnet) JStateMachine JStateMachine is designed to control user inter... DOWNLOAD
muesli(sfnet) µsli Register machine which uses Sexp program files,... DOWNLOAD
systin(sfnet) Systin Systin stands for System Testing in .Net. This ... DOWNLOAD
tuggo(sfnet) TUGGO TUGGO is a website management system allowing a... DOWNLOAD
xml-menu(sfnet) XML Based Tree Menu This project is about Editable XML based Tree M... DOWNLOAD
hello-osx(sfnet) hello Greek localization project for OSX HELlenic LOcalization project. Greek support fo... DOWNLOAD
hpdvmc(sfnet) HP DV1000 Media Control hpdvmc is short for HP dv1000 notebook media co... DOWNLOAD
iqk(sfnet) icequake "IceQuake", SQLite 3 Database Query B... DOWNLOAD
raidevents(sfnet) RaidEvents World of Warcraft raid attendence and events tr... DOWNLOAD
cdmount(sfnet) CdMount CdMount is a simple Gtk interface to the system... DOWNLOAD
warsowmidair(sfnet) warsowmidair A gametype script for the free FPS shooter Wars... DOWNLOAD
targetcms(sfnet) targetcms A Content Management System written in 100% Obj... DOWNLOAD
xmlwiki(sfnet) xmlWiki We are doing a Wiki implementation in Java usin... DOWNLOAD
arcitey(sfnet) arcitey This project tries to make a small browsergame ... DOWNLOAD
freemindpda(sfnet) FreeMindPDA FreeMindPDA is a PDA version of FreeMind, a pop... DOWNLOAD
areaandvolume(sfnet) Area and Volume Just a quick program I wrote in C++. It can com... DOWNLOAD
picture-frame(sfnet) PictureFrame PictureFrame makes it easy, and simple to displ... DOWNLOAD
lejosnxt(sfnet) lejosnxt A project from Artificial Intelligence Robotics... DOWNLOAD
acein-iphoto(sfnet) aPhoto Introduction: aPhoto is a full-featured and eas... DOWNLOAD
deconvdemo(sfnet) DeconvDemo DeconvDemo is a Qt & opencv based image dec... DOWNLOAD
pesecurite(sfnet) Portrait École - Volet sécurité Ce projet a été développé afin d'aider les orga... DOWNLOAD
spamfryer(sfnet) SpamFryer SpamFryer is a proof of concept Java applicatio... DOWNLOAD
thinksharp-ftp(sfnet) ThinkSharp FTP Client Component for .NET This assembly is a client component to communic... DOWNLOAD
hufc(sfnet) hufc - A Huffman file compressor hufc is a utility to compress or expand files u... DOWNLOAD
mp-chess(sfnet) mp-chess Database driven multiplayer chess that play lik... DOWNLOAD
jobo(sfnet) JoBo JoBo is a web site mirroring tool. It has a gra... DOWNLOAD
commons-vfs-ui(sfnet) VFSManager - A Commons VFS GUI A graphical user interface to the Apache Common... DOWNLOAD
fcbprinter(sfnet) fcbprinter Componente criado para visualizações de relatór... DOWNLOAD
lan-ms(sfnet) LAN Managment System LAN Managment System is a set of PHP and Perl a... DOWNLOAD
soulparsing(sfnet) Soul Parsing Framework Soul is a recursive descent parser generator to... DOWNLOAD
bluebox-hotspot(sfnet) Bluebox (Bluetooth Hotspot) This project integrates a project under develop... DOWNLOAD
jchecs(sfnet) jChecs jChecs is an open source Java chess program, de... DOWNLOAD
sctcara(sfnet) SCTCara Chat System SCTCara is a small and easy to use Client/Serve... DOWNLOAD
smallbusiness(sfnet) smallbusiness [/projects/freshmeat_linux/ Linux] 用のビジネス... DOWNLOAD
rfc5424syslogviewer(sfnet) RFC 5424 Syslog viewer A simple syslog viewer which uses the syslog fo... DOWNLOAD
bartsgame(sfnet) Bart's Game Bart is a puzzle-style game. In a maze, there i... DOWNLOAD
love2regex(sfnet) A regular expression editor This is a editor for regular expressions. DOWNLOAD
sharpssh(sfnet) SharpSSH SharpSSH is a pure .NET implementation of the S... DOWNLOAD
peachoutreach(sfnet) Peach Outreach Directory Peach Outreach Directory is a CMS/directory for... DOWNLOAD
crosslexic(sfnet) crosslexic Crosslexic is a tool for solving those elusive ... DOWNLOAD
fat-controller(sfnet) The Fat Controller The Fat Controller is used to repeatedly run ot... DOWNLOAD
tempprojects(sfnet) tempProjects tempProjects is my private git rep.... bla DOWNLOAD
howmanyblocks(sfnet) How Many Blocks? "How Many Blocks?" is a puzzle game w... DOWNLOAD
tilificator(sfnet) Tilificator Tilificator is a sprite optimizing tool for old... DOWNLOAD
jding(sfnet) JDing A simple Java based and platform independent of... DOWNLOAD
persianmobidict(sfnet) Persian Mobile Dictionary An English-Persian and French-Persian word dict... DOWNLOAD
linktel(sfnet) linktel This is a platform which can develop most CTI a... DOWNLOAD
libservices(sfnet) libservices This project is now hosted at DOWNLOAD
mvn-inc-plugin(sfnet) mvn-inc-plugin Maven2 increment/decrement plugin. All files, d... DOWNLOAD
avionics(sfnet) Avionics for Experimental Aircraft This project is developing avionics for use in ... DOWNLOAD
mc-humanbreed(sfnet) MC-HumanBreed DOWNLOAD
japa(sfnet) JAPA PHP5 Framework Japa is a modular designed php5 framework based... DOWNLOAD
glau(sfnet) Gentoo/Linux Auto Updater GLAU (Gentoo Linux Auto Updater) keeps your sys... DOWNLOAD
tagdust(sfnet) TagDust Raw sequences produced by next generation seque... DOWNLOAD
altbinrepair(sfnet) Checks and repairs par2-files downloaded from b... DOWNLOAD
arcmaprastereditor(sfnet) ArcMap Raster Editor This add-in aims at extending the raster editin... DOWNLOAD
fifowithfiles(sfnet) fifowithfiles Whenever a stream source is faster than your en... DOWNLOAD
teqhtml(sfnet) TeX Equations to HTML Converts TeX equations from a file using simple... DOWNLOAD
weather-mrtg(sfnet) MRTG graphing of local weather stats weather-mrtg is a short perl script for trackin... DOWNLOAD
camscope(sfnet) Camscope Camscope is a multi-threaded program for acquir... DOWNLOAD
sonicbirth(sfnet) SonicBirth SonicBirth is a modular audio and music develop... DOWNLOAD
xogastan(sfnet) Xml Orientend Gcc AST ANalyzer XOgastan is an API that allow to write programs... DOWNLOAD
banksystemby3g(sfnet) banksystemby3g bank system ..................................... DOWNLOAD
ibsimu(sfnet) ibsimu Library for ion optics, plasma extraction and s... DOWNLOAD
phpenter(sfnet) phpEnter An online news publishing system that features ... DOWNLOAD
typingtutor(sfnet) Typing Tutor NOTE: This project is no longer being maintaine... DOWNLOAD
feden(sfnet) Eden Eden is a java program designed to do filetrans... DOWNLOAD
openearthtools(sfnet) openearthtools Engineering, analysis and computing tools for m... DOWNLOAD
openbbs(sfnet) Open Blackboard System OpenBBS is an open and extensible blackboard sy... DOWNLOAD
hhblog(sfnet) hhblog A PHP based Blog where any user can comment and... DOWNLOAD
ip-identify(sfnet) ip-identify Use various methods to identify the type of dev... DOWNLOAD
mldaap(sfnet) DAAP for Winamp A Media Library plugin for winamp to allow acce... DOWNLOAD
aucas(sfnet) AUCAS File Clerk The AUCAS File Clerk is a simple, networked doc... DOWNLOAD
xml-2-pdf(sfnet) Xml2Pdf Convert XML file to PDF document. DOWNLOAD
flightsim(sfnet) flightsim This half way finsihed project is a rigid body ... DOWNLOAD
qtuilip(sfnet) qtuilip Harjoitusprojekti Sourceforgen testaamiseen. Qt... DOWNLOAD
passwdmanager(sfnet) PasswordManager Gestionnaire de mot de passe en réseau, écrit e... DOWNLOAD
retruserdata(sfnet) RetrieveUserData RetrieveUserData is a plugin for the webmailer ... DOWNLOAD
xaraya-br(sfnet) Xaraya Brasil Provide an accurate, high-quality and complete ... DOWNLOAD
gradle-felix-launcher-plugin(freshmeat) Gradle Felix Launcher Plugin Gradle Felix Launcher Plugin is a Felix Launch... DOWNLOAD
foocore(sfnet) FooCore FooCore is a highly modified MOO core database ... DOWNLOAD
zima-ps2pdf(sfnet) ZIMA-PS2PDF Designed for easy converting *.ps and *.plt (Po... DOWNLOAD
fortranblog(sfnet) fBlog fBlog is a minimalist weblog engine designed to... DOWNLOAD
fizyk-irclib(sfnet) IRClib An IRC protocol library written in C++ for thos... DOWNLOAD
audiom(sfnet) AudioM - Audio Mover/Mobile AudioM takes audio playlist formats (M3U,PLS,PL... DOWNLOAD
qiqdatamining(sfnet) qiqdatamining A lightweight datamining engine implement JSR73... DOWNLOAD

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