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pyiptc(sfnet) Python IPTABLES interface Python module for iptables manipulation (gettin... DOWNLOAD
doceng-toolkit(sfnet) DocEng Toolkit A Windows installer for a set of open-source to... DOWNLOAD
pyphant(sfnet) Pyphant Pyphant is a framework for scientific data anal... DOWNLOAD
sdc-devel(sfnet) Stillinger's Dosage Calculator Stillinger's Dosage Calculator. A simple calcu... DOWNLOAD
osgames(sfnet) Open Source Games Project A collection of open source games and related p... DOWNLOAD
peersystem(sfnet) Peer System The Peer System is a sophisticated java peer-to... DOWNLOAD
esc-lamp-admin(sfnet) ESC-LAMP-Admin ESC LAMP Admin allows you to add webhosts with ... DOWNLOAD
xmmsvotelist(sfnet) XMMSVoteList A fancy plugin for XMMS. It gives you the optio... DOWNLOAD
sovt(sfnet) SOVT Simple Object Validation and Transformation jav... DOWNLOAD
simplydreaming(sfnet) Simply Dreaming A Simple HTML Editor, written in C#. DOWNLOAD
moutils(sfnet) Moutils This is a collection of small tools for the int... DOWNLOAD
lars-ms(sfnet) LARS LARS (Lightning Assessment of Risk for a Struct... DOWNLOAD
rhyme(sfnet) Rhyming Dictionary As the name suggests, this is a rhyming diction... DOWNLOAD
vprice(sfnet) VPrice VPrice is a cost price calculator for Linux. It... DOWNLOAD
apache2-mode(sfnet) apache2-mode for xemacs Major mode for XEmacs to aid in editing Apache ... DOWNLOAD
xmocx(sfnet) xmOCX An XM Radio Controller. It is an Active X OCX ... DOWNLOAD
rock-it(sfnet) RockIt RockIt is a complete music composition studio f... DOWNLOAD
qdif(sfnet) Qualitative Data Interchange Format This project is the home for a standard and lib... DOWNLOAD
objdump(sfnet) ObjDump objDump, a small Java framework that dumps any ... DOWNLOAD
lfsworldsdk(sfnet) LFSWorldSDK Live For Speed World SDK, easily find what you ... DOWNLOAD
peekr(sfnet) Peekr Users who can't stand the default Windows pictu... DOWNLOAD
opencmsshib(sfnet) opencmsshib Plugin for OpenCms application, that verifies i... DOWNLOAD
equiitg(sfnet) equ-iitg formal equivalence checker This is a formal equivalence checking tool deve... DOWNLOAD
ocud(sfnet) OCUD Software developed to manage information about ... DOWNLOAD
mydbaccess(sfnet) mydbaccess - MySQL Web-GUI in PHP/JS mydbaccess is a Web-GUI for MySQL databases fea... DOWNLOAD
jolf(sfnet) Jolf Jolf is the ultimate golf statistic tracker! Tr... DOWNLOAD
notetopicaxe(sfnet) notetopicaxe A small program to convert musical notes in a t... DOWNLOAD
flashywidgets(sfnet) Flashy Widgets A Flash-based desktop widget engine similar to ... DOWNLOAD
mediablog(sfnet) MediaBlog This project is an open source p2pTV, based on ... DOWNLOAD
mysql-qt(sfnet) mysql client with qt front-end This is small MySQL graphical client written in... DOWNLOAD
displet(sfnet) displet Simple GTK2+ application that displays various ... DOWNLOAD
geoqo(sfnet) GeoQO / GeoDB GeoDB is a set of tools and perl modules to sto... DOWNLOAD
woodfriend(sfnet) wood friend a portal for friendly closed community. is not ... DOWNLOAD
openfod(sfnet) OpenFOD OpenFOD is a desktop enviroment for Windows XP.... DOWNLOAD
xmasmoods(sfnet) xmasmoods XMasMoods converts your Window, Mac and Linux d... DOWNLOAD
multivil(sfnet) multivil MultiViL is a tool for multi-view learning. It ... DOWNLOAD
spamuron(sfnet) Spamuron Spamuron is an attempt to create a SPAM filteri... DOWNLOAD
tkpvm(sfnet) tkpvm Generic bridge between Tcl/Tk (7.6 or higher) a... DOWNLOAD
phppassmanager(sfnet) phpPasswordManager phpPasswordManager is a free online password ma... DOWNLOAD
sinaps(sfnet) Sinaps INAN (I Need A Name) is a lightweight portal sy... DOWNLOAD
winmma(sfnet) WinMMA WinMMA is a package for Windows users that incl... DOWNLOAD
javaplistreader(sfnet) Plist Reader and Writer library This library is developed to read and write Pro... DOWNLOAD
cvtest(sfnet) cvtest A test project to support AgileSCM DOWNLOAD
ticube(sfnet) ticube Information manager based on 3D cubes of knwole... DOWNLOAD
xoopsfrance(sfnet) Xoops France Publication du réseau francophone de Xoops (tra... DOWNLOAD
furcmochabot(sfnet) furcmochabot A Java framework for writing Furcadia bots. DOWNLOAD
adv-uploads(sfnet) Advanced Upload Script (PHP) an advanced php uploading script with MANY adva... DOWNLOAD
spamwizard(sfnet) SpamWizard SpamWizard is a statistical spamfilter working ... DOWNLOAD
outpostwars(sfnet) Outpost Wars Outpost Wars is a space simulation game inspire... DOWNLOAD
netmciwrappercl(sfnet) .Net MCI Wrapper Class .Net MCI Wrapper Class, to allow develpoers to ... DOWNLOAD
champro(sfnet) ChampRO Patch e Atualizações para o Servidor ChampRO DOWNLOAD
irc-chat(sfnet) Advanced IRC Chat Program (VB + VB.Net) an IRC chatting application with many advanced ... DOWNLOAD
getmedone(sfnet) GetMeDone GetMeDone is a tcl/tk+PostgreSQL based task man... DOWNLOAD
spaghetticode(sfnet) z3d0's stuff Free MODs and other stuff for the phpBB Forum s... DOWNLOAD
jspgis(sfnet) JSP GIS A web-application version of Geotools, providin... DOWNLOAD
qt-autosql(sfnet) Qt-SQL forms/browse generator Intends to make an automatic interface generato... DOWNLOAD
filemanager-uol(sfnet) SE Case Study File Manager A case study regarding the entire software deve... DOWNLOAD
mylib(sfnet) mylib Software for an on-line digital library. Curren... DOWNLOAD
vanetmobisim(sfnet) vanetmobisim VanetMobiSim is an agent-based microscopic and ... DOWNLOAD
gestiolus(sfnet) gestiolus Gestiolus is a very simple webapplication syste... DOWNLOAD
csforgame(sfnet) cs-forgame Community - files, articles, pro... DOWNLOAD
microcompte2(sfnet) Microcompte2 Logiciel de gestion de compte bancaire pour la ... DOWNLOAD
smtemplates(sfnet) SMTemplates A php-class file used to create and manipulate ... DOWNLOAD
vandalismdetect(sfnet) Vandalism Detector for de.wikipedia This project is no longer active. But there wil... DOWNLOAD
shuteye(sfnet) Shuteye Projects Datacenter management projects for tracking ass... DOWNLOAD
uwisdk(sfnet) uwisdk Providing a working SDK for the Iphone and Ipod... DOWNLOAD
jlgui(sfnet) jlGui jlGui - 100% Java Music Player DOWNLOAD
wse(sfnet) Open WS-Eventing This is an implementation of a Publication / Su... DOWNLOAD
ringdet(sfnet) Ring Detector Program indicating incoming modem calls DOWNLOAD
rootstools(sfnet) RootsTools is a Management System for EDP teams... DOWNLOAD
fpdfgenerator(sfnet) FPDF Generator Little fPDF generator in JavaScript to generate... DOWNLOAD
frameworkphp(sfnet) Framework PHP Little PHP framework to create applications wit... DOWNLOAD
vovasync(sfnet) vovasync vovasync-a file synchronizer,works with multipl... DOWNLOAD
xmmslog(sfnet) xmmslog xmmslog is a plugin for the xmms media player, ... DOWNLOAD
genledger(sfnet) General Ledger Double entry bookkeeping - Features: (1)-Accoun... DOWNLOAD
sword(sfnet) The SWORD Project The SWORD Project is an open source, cross-plat... DOWNLOAD
sdengine(sfnet) Simple Direct Engine Simple Direct Engine (SDE) is a game engine tha... DOWNLOAD
jobsite(sfnet) phpJobSite PHP/MySQL Employment Site script. complete wit... DOWNLOAD
gorouter(sfnet) GORouter By integrating heterogeneous original data with... DOWNLOAD
yab(sfnet) Yab Yab (Yet Another Buildtool) is another replacem... DOWNLOAD
filelikelogger(sfnet) PyFileLikeLogger A wrapper for Python's standard logging module ... DOWNLOAD
scummx(sfnet) Scumm X ScummX is a simple mac os x frontend for ScummVM DOWNLOAD
utah-contentdm(sfnet) University of Utah CONTENTdm API The University of Utah CONTENTdm API Extension ... DOWNLOAD
ultimaterack(sfnet) UltimateRack UltimateRack is a easy to use program which all... DOWNLOAD
denvir(sfnet) Denvir Denvir is an environment diagnostic library. It... DOWNLOAD
bbwatcher(sfnet) Big Brother Watcher The Big Brother Watcher is a Perl/Python server... DOWNLOAD
impx(sfnet) X99 Messenger Instant Messenger with unicast and multicast in... DOWNLOAD
kmlshare(sfnet) KML share kmlshare is a google maps api based website sof... DOWNLOAD
htmlview-mcc(sfnet) MCC HTMLview A well-known and used MUI custom class which pr... DOWNLOAD
dfk(sfnet) DFK: Duplicate File Killer DFK: Duplicate File Killer will search a user s... DOWNLOAD
ma-mapdesign(sfnet) Game Map Editor This is a Game Map Editor, Screen Based. It's p... DOWNLOAD
iswemust(sfnet) iswemust The group "IS we MUST!", yet another ... DOWNLOAD
openprj(sfnet) openprj this is for test in vfp9 DOWNLOAD
jcruisemonitor(sfnet) JCruiseMonitor JCruiseMonitor monitors the state of builds on ... DOWNLOAD
konspire(sfnet) konspire "konspire2b" is a peer-to-peer filesh... DOWNLOAD
rsappframework(sfnet) Runsite Application Framework The framework, for Microsoft Sql Server, is des... DOWNLOAD
facebook-ruby(sfnet) Facebook Ruby A Ruby library for accessing Facebook's API. DOWNLOAD
g-logo(sfnet) g-logo G-logo is a 3D graphics software. It has interp... DOWNLOAD
tinila(sfnet) Tiny MiniLA Logic Analyzer Low cost version of MiniLA project. The only di... DOWNLOAD
bindinghub(sfnet) BindingHub for WPF and ViewModels Component to extend WPF binding functionality a... DOWNLOAD

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