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jserweb(sfnet) JSerWeb JSerWeb is a flexible HTTP/1.1 compliant Java W... DOWNLOAD
colorsvn(sfnet) Color Subversion Color Subversion is a simple wrap on svn output... DOWNLOAD
j2me-mwt(sfnet) MWT Micro Window Toolkit (MWT), an Open Source fram... DOWNLOAD
altdesk(sfnet) Alt-Desktop Don't want to show your screen to colleagues or... DOWNLOAD
litepay(sfnet) LitePay integration samples opensource integration samples and ... DOWNLOAD
thdict(sfnet) Thai Dictionary English-Thai dictionary on PalmOS by Thai Palm ... DOWNLOAD
shadesdb(sfnet) shades Shades is a Java Object/Relational Mapping syst... DOWNLOAD
palmdosbox(sfnet) PalmDOSBox DosBox port for PalmOS 5.0 and higher DOWNLOAD
hvr1300-kernel(sfnet) HVR1300-Kernelsupport DVB-T HVR 1300 Kernel Support * BETA Version * ... DOWNLOAD
openomr(sfnet) OpenOMR OpenOMR is an open source optical music recogni... DOWNLOAD
php-dbmanage(sfnet) PHP DB Manager Library of automatic generation forms for filli... DOWNLOAD
yaml-net-parser(sfnet) Yaml .NET Parser A Yaml .NET parser implemented for a school pro... DOWNLOAD
jtmsctl(sfnet) JTMSCTL JTMSCTL - A Java API using Apache XML-RPC to co... DOWNLOAD
linm(sfnet) LinM ( Linux M ) LinM is a clone of Mdir, the popular file manag... DOWNLOAD
tw2editions(sfnet) tw2editions Tribal Wars II The game is currently under heav... DOWNLOAD
but(sfnet) BackUp Tool aka but BackUp Tool is a small Perl script that is peri... DOWNLOAD
virtualbelgium(sfnet) virtualbelgium The VirtualBelgium project aims at developing u... DOWNLOAD
virtualrobo(sfnet) Virtual Robo World It is a robotic simulator wrapped up with the f... DOWNLOAD
script-ltsp(sfnet) Script of Instalation of the LTSP Instalation script of Linux Terminal Server Pro... DOWNLOAD
dsacontrol(sfnet) dynamic server access control dynamic server access control provides: ip bloc... DOWNLOAD
bdi-chess(sfnet) BDI Chess A CECP (glChess-, xboard-, ...- compatible) che... DOWNLOAD
j2p(sfnet) j2p Java to PDF. For now, it only has a function to... DOWNLOAD
cocoaftpclient(sfnet) FTPClient - MacOS X Cocoa FTP Client FTPClient is a simple FREE FTP client written u... DOWNLOAD
puckbase(sfnet) PuckBase PuckBase is an "out of the box" PHP/M... DOWNLOAD
ezechiele-bot(sfnet) Ezechiele Ezechiele is the powerful verlihub BOT develope... DOWNLOAD
djpanel(sfnet) DjPanel These sets of scripts are for any one who strea... DOWNLOAD
cpurentools(sfnet) CPU Killer's Renegade Tools Custom scripts and other tools for C&C Rene... DOWNLOAD
iwt(sfnet) BZByte Ajax BZByte Ajax allows developing full scale Intera... DOWNLOAD
bluecorn(sfnet) Blue Corn DOWNLOAD
bluecube(sfnet) BlueCube BlueCube is a simple tetris clone written in C.... DOWNLOAD
qtrans-partage(sfnet) QtShare QtShare is a client-server (1-1) file transfer ... DOWNLOAD
tinygo(sfnet) Tiny Go Tiny Go is a MIDlet (cell phone application, MI... DOWNLOAD
jumpcut(sfnet) Jumpcut A minimalist application to provide clipboard b... DOWNLOAD
mybackuptcl(sfnet) MyBackupTcl MyBackupTcl is a software that allows users (or... DOWNLOAD
morpheus-fwk(sfnet) Morpheus Framework Morpheus Framework is a MVC based plataform. It... DOWNLOAD
wpcal(sfnet) EventCalendar for Wordpress Event Calendar plugin for Wordpress. Use Wordp... DOWNLOAD
no-ms-access(sfnet) No Access - No Problem No MS Access Licence - No problem, create/view ... DOWNLOAD
sudokusolution(sfnet) sudokusolution Sudoku Solution ! A perl script to solve the su... DOWNLOAD
teclasdivertida(sfnet) Teclas Divertidas Juego inspirado en "Kids on Keys" de ... DOWNLOAD
erdiagrammer(sfnet) Entity Relationship Diagram Generator Generate Entity Relationship Diagrams for a a d... DOWNLOAD
escl(sfnet) Electronic Structure Code Class Library The ESCL is a class library that can be used to... DOWNLOAD
tofumailer(sfnet) Tofu Mailer This tool will let you remote control your desk... DOWNLOAD
tads3mms(sfnet) Multiple Messages 3 MMS is a library for the TADS 3 interactive fic... DOWNLOAD
solon(sfnet) Solon - the Free election program Solon is a software project for organising elec... DOWNLOAD
pizziscms(sfnet) Pizzis CMS Il PizzisCMS è un Content management system rid... DOWNLOAD
k8000mct(sfnet) K8000 Modular Control Toolkit This is a toolkit for the creation of modular c... DOWNLOAD
nmaven(sfnet) NMaven NMaven provides Maven 2.x plugins to support bu... DOWNLOAD
e107arabic(sfnet) E107 ArabiC This project is for developing the e107 website... DOWNLOAD
siom(sfnet) siom - Simple Income Outcome Manager siom stands for Simple Income Outcome Manager a... DOWNLOAD
mtgscorekeep(sfnet) Handheld MTG Score keeper Magic: The Gathering (MTG, M:TG) scorekeeping u... DOWNLOAD
dnspentest(sfnet) DNSpenTest The DNSpenTest will be a suite of pentest about... DOWNLOAD
auralquiz(freshmeat) Auralquiz Auralquiz is a simple music quiz game that uses... DOWNLOAD
multiselect(sfnet) multiselect support multiselect or singleselect for object... DOWNLOAD
expertizacj(sfnet) Expertiza The Expertiza project is software to create reu... DOWNLOAD
vncnlm(sfnet) VNC Server NLM for Netware Provide a NLM to allow access from any VNC clie... DOWNLOAD
yawiki(sfnet) yawiki yawiki is yet another wiki system written in Ja... DOWNLOAD
sinv(sfnet) SINV Sinv is an scientific, documentary and social r... DOWNLOAD
yotnl(sfnet) YOTnL "Your Open Tools'n'Libraries" aim is ... DOWNLOAD
freecli(sfnet) FreeCLI FreeCLI is an attempt to produce a fully ECMA-3... DOWNLOAD
mcs-units(sfnet) mcs::units mcs::units is an ISO C++ compliant library for ... DOWNLOAD
puzzlewikivers(sfnet) puzzlewikivers Fifteen puzzle is a sliding puzzle that consist... DOWNLOAD
detailaddress(sfnet) Detail Address DetailAddress is a plugin for Azureus.It can sh... DOWNLOAD
qtstumbler(sfnet) qtStumbler Opensource platform independent clone of Netstu... DOWNLOAD
excavator(sfnet) eXcavator eXcavator is an XML query processing class for ... DOWNLOAD
microtiger(sfnet) MicroTiger A graphical microcode simulator with a reconfig... DOWNLOAD
ovsos(sfnet) Other Visual Simulation of an O.S. Otro Sistema Operativo Instructivo - Other Simu... DOWNLOAD
winbot-ani(sfnet) Winbot A.N.I A collection of scripts for use with the IRC bo... DOWNLOAD
twittercheck(sfnet) TwitterCheck Read-only Twitter client with interactive tray ... DOWNLOAD
camaroes(sfnet) Camaroes Camaroes is a professional and modular Trouble ... DOWNLOAD
ge3ktv(sfnet) GE3K TV Free streaming TV software more than 90+ tested... DOWNLOAD
proxy-checker(sfnet) http-proxy-checker Http-proxy Checker.Checks wheteher a http-proxy... DOWNLOAD
vnpicidl(sfnet) VnpiCidl XML IDL preprocessor for generating C/C++ objec... DOWNLOAD
ideabox(sfnet) Idea Box The Idea Box is to help sort and sift ideas by ... DOWNLOAD
ivyplugins(sfnet) Ivy Plugins Plugins for integrating the dependency manager ... DOWNLOAD
pocket-unisync(sfnet) Pocket Universal Synchronizer Universal Synchronizer allows you to synchroniz... DOWNLOAD
glamlibrary(sfnet) GLam Library La bibliothèque GLam est une suite de classes C... DOWNLOAD
erdlauncher(freshmeat) ERDmax ERDmax includes a Web framework based on Erlang... DOWNLOAD
thintpl(sfnet) ThinTpl ThinTpl is a basic template engine written in P... DOWNLOAD
gtkwindowforms(sfnet) GtkWindowForms GtkWindowForms is lib for View-Layouting throug... DOWNLOAD
mjm-browserv21(sfnet) mjm-browserv21 Dutch : MJM-Browser v2.1 van MJM-Software and G... DOWNLOAD
accountlinksmod(sfnet) Account Links mod for phpBB3 This mod for phpBB3 is intended for RP forums, ... DOWNLOAD
unum(sfnet) Unum Unum stands for 'unit-numbers'. It is a Python ... DOWNLOAD
drehatlas-fonts(sfnet) drehatlas-fonts free open source decorative fonts DOWNLOAD
leg(sfnet) LEG - The Linux Encoder GUI LEG is the Linux Encoder Gui. It exist in order... DOWNLOAD
mfbyas(sfnet) MFbyAS - Monitoraggio Finanziario Italian web based financial monitoring system. ... DOWNLOAD
nibbler(sfnet) Nibbler - Simple Server Monitor Nibbler is a simple to use server monitoring sy... DOWNLOAD
php-portacc(sfnet) PHP SNMP port accounting tool A light and simple PHP/SNMP based port accounti... DOWNLOAD
gtklipsum(sfnet) rgtk interface rgtk interface provides a Gtk2 GUI f... DOWNLOAD
gwoops(sfnet) Gwoops A CMS written in python. It's goal is to provid... DOWNLOAD
docvfs(sfnet) docvfs High configurable auto-versioning content sensi... DOWNLOAD
sandamail(sfnet) SandaMail SandaMail is a free Bulk mail software written ... DOWNLOAD
codo(sfnet) CODO A unique persistence layer for Java. CODO (Cur... DOWNLOAD
numipad(sfnet) NUMIPAD The NUMIPAD library implements several methods/... DOWNLOAD
cleaver(sfnet) Cleaver Cleaver is a program for comparing restriction ... DOWNLOAD
fuzzengine(sfnet) Fuzz Fuzz is an SDL/Mono-based 2D game engine that l... DOWNLOAD
libxor(freshmeat) LibXOR LibXOR is an Objective C library for encrypting... DOWNLOAD
kalendar(sfnet) Kalendar PLEASE READ THE RC1 README FILE! There are sign... DOWNLOAD
resica(sfnet) ReSiCA-PHP ReSiCA-PHP is an implementation of a very simpl... DOWNLOAD
copiett(sfnet) CopieTT Copiett is a little application which can copy ... DOWNLOAD
closenetsend(sfnet) closenetsend closenetsend is a little application which clos... DOWNLOAD

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