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id3rating(sfnet) id3rating Retrieve and set ratings information in ID3 tag... DOWNLOAD
mathbomber(sfnet) MathBomber bomberman like playing games, run on Win32 use ... DOWNLOAD
falcao(sfnet) falcao minha nova api de testes. DOWNLOAD
sc-revolutions(sfnet) SC Revolutions A linux (may be ported to other operative syste... DOWNLOAD
dbuploader(sfnet) dbUPLoader dbUPLoader is a tool to import data from csv or... DOWNLOAD
zipline(sfnet) ZipLine FeedMail ZipLine FeedMail is an RSS web feed mail client... DOWNLOAD
mojonation(sfnet) Mojo Nation <p>Mojo Nation: "An internet distrib... DOWNLOAD
spiw(sfnet) SPIW SPIW is a MATLAB toolbox, for automated process... DOWNLOAD
movetarget(sfnet) mvt A move command like mv, except it automatically... DOWNLOAD
cellular(sfnet) CELLular Conway's "Game of Life" for mobile de... DOWNLOAD
expenses(sfnet) Expenses Track your expenses using an iCal calendar. DOWNLOAD
debiance(sfnet) DebianCE Open Certification Platform Debiance is an innovative platform to test ICT ... DOWNLOAD
ibft(sfnet) iSCSI Boot Firmware Table utilities iSCSI Boot Firmware Table utilities DOWNLOAD
pellettimies(sfnet) PellettiMies PellettiMies (PelletGuy in english) is a softwa... DOWNLOAD
jcftt(sfnet) SVEN SVEN (Simple V/File Exchange Networker) is the ... DOWNLOAD
elitecore(sfnet) ECP (EliteCore Project) EliteCore Project is a PHP5.1/Javascript/AJAX/X... DOWNLOAD
inventory2009(sfnet) Inventory This is an inventory project. DOWNLOAD
manux(sfnet) Manux Office Suite Manux intends to provide an office documents su... DOWNLOAD
nativespirit(sfnet) Native Spirit NATIVE SPIRIT is an adaptation of Duranik's Ata... DOWNLOAD
bmcsensors-26(sfnet) lm_sensors bmcsensors port to Linux 2.6 A port of the lm_sensors bmcsensors driver to L... DOWNLOAD
openpci-toolkit(sfnet) openpci-toolkit O OpenPCI Toolkit é uma customização do Ubuntu ... DOWNLOAD
driveplugger(sfnet) Driveplugger A removable storage manager that safely puts co... DOWNLOAD
scmforenvy(sfnet) GemStone Server Code Management for ENVY SCM (aka GemKit) provides source version contro... DOWNLOAD
ktvr(sfnet) K TV Recorder KTVR is a TV Recorder interface made with Komm... DOWNLOAD
tsql2mysql(sfnet) T-SQL to MySQL procedure converter Tool for translation of Microsoft SQL Server st... DOWNLOAD
tinker(sfnet) Tinker A Tiny Kernel for small embedded targets DOWNLOAD
aruco(sfnet) ArUco ArUco is a minimal library for Augmented Realit... DOWNLOAD
xmanager(sfnet) XManager xmanager is an opensource CMS which uses PHP5 (... DOWNLOAD
mhegplus(sfnet) Mhegplus MHEG+ is a language, compiler and debugger that... DOWNLOAD
elite-hunting-log(sfnet) Elite Hunting Log DOWNLOAD
dukes(sfnet) Dukes Community Builder Old Web portal software still used in a few com... DOWNLOAD
acechatserver(sfnet) ACE Chat Server A powerful web chat server suite built using OO... DOWNLOAD
boxsql(sfnet) BoxSQL ## This project was moved to DOWNLOAD
wfdcopy(sfnet) You lose You lose there's nothing there and there's neve... DOWNLOAD
distcctracker(sfnet) DistccTracker A Java based Distcc server tracker. Allow clien... DOWNLOAD
macsolitairex(sfnet) macsolitairex MacSolitaireX is a simple "klondike" ... DOWNLOAD
sghfs(sfnet) Filesystem for Samsung mobile phones Linux filesystem for Samsung X100, X600, E100, ... DOWNLOAD
vfight(sfnet) vFight This is a console based fighting game. You fig... DOWNLOAD
jqportal(sfnet) jqportal Another jQuery plugin used to easily create you... DOWNLOAD
aegis(sfnet) Aegis Aegis is a transaction-based software configura... DOWNLOAD
trunknet(sfnet) Trunk is a project to further enhance, update a... DOWNLOAD
thinspace(sfnet) ThinSpace ThinSpace is an open-source page viewer designe... DOWNLOAD
openxwa(sfnet) openxwa Open source .NET tool for viewing OPT files. DOWNLOAD
cobaltcms(sfnet) CobaltCMS CobaltCMS is a powerful, lightweight and easily... DOWNLOAD
gvcalendar(sfnet) gCalendar A Google calendar Visualization useful for inte... DOWNLOAD
misst(sfnet) MissT A Mobile phone game/base code or other games. T... DOWNLOAD
shnaton(sfnet) Shnaton HUJI Shnaton is a nice GUI utility to compose a week... DOWNLOAD
simple-logo(sfnet) Simple Logo Simple Logo is a small and very basic Logo inte... DOWNLOAD
jexecutor(sfnet) JExecutor A java application launcher to exec with front-... DOWNLOAD
freewebcu(sfnet) Freeweb Censorship circumvention application based on O... DOWNLOAD
x-share(sfnet) x-share xshare,技术共享,我们要做社区,要做站点,要做开源 DOWNLOAD
cstatisticslibr(sfnet) cstatisticslibr This is a statistics library written in C# for ... DOWNLOAD
addressbook-s(sfnet) Secure Online Addressbook Secure Addressbook is based on the JavaScript i... DOWNLOAD
scum(sfnet) SCUM SCUM is a set of SuperCollider3 classes for cre... DOWNLOAD
websynchronizer(sfnet) WebSynchronizer WebSynchronizer is a universal tool for manual ... DOWNLOAD
wpcv(sfnet) Web Page Changes Viewer Web Page Changes Viewer allows you to monitor w... DOWNLOAD
siminst(sfnet) SimInst - Simple Installer for .NET SimInst(Simple Installer) is a .NET software de... DOWNLOAD
wgphone(sfnet) WGphone WGphone is a program to automatically analyse e... DOWNLOAD
mapinsim(sfnet) MAPinSIM Herramienta para estimar la evolución de la com... DOWNLOAD
xmlswing(sfnet) Xml Swing XML Swing interprets XML to create Swing UI. A ... DOWNLOAD
p1451-1(sfnet) p1451-1 dissector plugin for Wireshark The p1451-1 project is a communication protocol... DOWNLOAD
joperties(sfnet) joperties Joperties is an extension to the Properties cla... DOWNLOAD
crk(sfnet) [defunct] Chemical Resource Kit [discontinued] A research tool for synthetic ch... DOWNLOAD
autogg(sfnet) Autogg - the Automatic Ogg Player Autogg is an ogg player for linux. It will auto... DOWNLOAD
express4j(sfnet) Express4J Express4J is an XML-based Java UI framework whi... DOWNLOAD
kika(sfnet) kika The project is intended to be a text preprocces... DOWNLOAD
jeasyopc(sfnet) JEasyOPC Java Easy OPC client. The client is based on Ja... DOWNLOAD
vsmon(sfnet) Virtual server monitor Virtual server monitor for the Linux-VServer vi... DOWNLOAD
instantcw(sfnet) InstantCW InstantCW is a little tool written in C# (depen... DOWNLOAD
easy-guestbook(sfnet) Easy GuestBook Got a web site? Want a guest book so your visit... DOWNLOAD
logsummary(sfnet) Log Summary Apache log file analyzer, simple and fast, give... DOWNLOAD
rupostagger(sfnet) RussianPOSTagger The program provides Java interface (to C++ Lem... DOWNLOAD
asterixide(sfnet) Asterix IDE Asterix IDE (Integrated Development Environment... DOWNLOAD
ebmpico(sfnet) EBMPICO Pour la médecine fondée sur les faits (Evidence... DOWNLOAD
workhub(sfnet) WorkHub Includes 7 project organization and management ... DOWNLOAD
ifdrfid(sfnet) ifdrfid This project provides a chip card interface dev... DOWNLOAD
tmedit(sfnet) Topic Map Editor This project aims to provide a web-based editor... DOWNLOAD
quala2010(sfnet) quala2010 The Quality of Service Language (QuaLa) is a do... DOWNLOAD
stlbookmarkmodu(sfnet) stl bookmark module for joomla 1.5 module link to bookmark ( facebook, google, yah... DOWNLOAD
actebac(sfnet) ActeBac Program pentru tiparirea certificatelor de comp... DOWNLOAD
s-curve-java(sfnet) Scientific Curves Package for Java Scientific Curves Package for Java DOWNLOAD
cs-prolog(sfnet) C#Prolog C#Prolog -- A Prolog interpreter written in C#.... DOWNLOAD
htmlpro(sfnet) htmlpro The new edition of mtech thml pro inclues a spl... DOWNLOAD
vecds(sfnet) vecds vecds - Visual Editor of Crystal Defects - A QT... DOWNLOAD
liulangyu(sfnet) liulangyu DOWNLOAD
fw-bypasser(sfnet) Firewall Bypasser Please Download Latest ver with fixed bugs. Fir... DOWNLOAD
phpwebhosting(sfnet) PHPWebHosting Stores users' files to be viewable through the ... DOWNLOAD
vmaschine(sfnet) TemplateMaschine "TemplateMaschine" is a tool which pr... DOWNLOAD
lisle(sfnet) Lisle C++ library A cross-platform C++ library for multi-threadin... DOWNLOAD
log-monitoring(sfnet) log monitoring - Check any UNIX log file Monitoring logs on UNIX systems. Monitor and Al... DOWNLOAD
kami(sfnet) Kami The Kami system is a web based content mangagem... DOWNLOAD
ituneslisn(sfnet) Lisn Lisn uses the JNI to interface with various med... DOWNLOAD
scstream(sfnet) Serial Communication Stream Buffer The purpose of this project is, providing a ser... DOWNLOAD
pnpalgorithm(sfnet) pnpalgorithm This algorithm written in Python solves at leas... DOWNLOAD
shippmentpal(sfnet) ShippmentPal The ShippmentPal application for Android is a t... DOWNLOAD
mlmechtrade(sfnet) mlmechtrade The collection of MATLAB compatible routines fo... DOWNLOAD
vbgore-port(sfnet) VbGORE-Port A porting of an MMO engine that was made in the... DOWNLOAD
j-share(sfnet) J-Share JShare is a simple local network (LAN) file sha... DOWNLOAD
cilkpp(freshmeat) Cilk++ Cilk++ is a parallel variant of the C++ program... DOWNLOAD
phpencfs(sfnet) PhpEncFS PHPEncFS is a simple web interface to EncFS, wi... DOWNLOAD

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