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glhack(sfnet) glHack glHack is a fullscreen SDL port of NetHack 3.4 ... DOWNLOAD
flibs(sfnet) flibs - a collection of Fortran modules The flibs project is a growing collection of (s... DOWNLOAD
antme(sfnet) AntME AntME is a set of Ant utilities designed to hel... DOWNLOAD
dmbbs(sfnet) DMBBS DMBBS is a telnet BBS systems designed from scr... DOWNLOAD
evac-game(sfnet) evac This is a text-based game where one has to adve... DOWNLOAD
yail(sfnet) Yail Yail is a semi-interpreted programming language... DOWNLOAD
wmii-gaimevents(sfnet) wmii-GaimEvents wmii-GaimEvnts is a Gaim-Plugin that will send ... DOWNLOAD
ascii-convert(sfnet) ASCII Converter This ASCII converter can convert plain text to ... DOWNLOAD
lejos-emulator(sfnet) GC lejos emulator It is a lejos emulator for the lego RCX. It can... DOWNLOAD
akphonebooksync(sfnet) akPhonebookSync Generates a XML file with phone numbers form di... DOWNLOAD
mysqlconsole(sfnet) PHPMyConsole Simple script - it is one file. This utility is... DOWNLOAD
wimp2(sfnet) WiMp: The Wireless Mapper WiMp is a web browser based utility that's goal... DOWNLOAD
el4net(sfnet) EL4NET, an extension library for .NET EL4NET, the extension library for the .NET fram... DOWNLOAD
palmpanel(sfnet) PalmPanel PalmPanel is an application framework which all... DOWNLOAD
conduitmanager(sfnet) Java Conduit Manager Provides a UI for installing and uninstalling j... DOWNLOAD
netsharegui(sfnet) netsharegui Netsharegui provides a userfriendly way to let ... DOWNLOAD
emulearchaicus(sfnet) eMule Archaicus A new MOD of eMule. DOWNLOAD
log2web(sfnet) log2web log2web is a software intended to expose on a s... DOWNLOAD
qgifer(sfnet) QGifer QGifer is a tool for extracting part of a video... DOWNLOAD
rtfdomparser(sfnet) rtfdomparser RTF DOM Parser( short name RDP ) is a open sour... DOWNLOAD
orbworldlegacy(sfnet) Orb World Legacy #cube #orb #gem #rpg #yolo #swag DOWNLOAD
bio-mview(sfnet) MView MView reformats the results of a sequence datab... DOWNLOAD
poamsa(sfnet) POA POA is Partial Order Alignment, a fast program ... DOWNLOAD
duro(sfnet) DuroDBMS A relational database management system, based ... DOWNLOAD
lf2sig(sfnet) LF2sig This is an script that out puts dynamic image t... DOWNLOAD
sudoku-perl(sfnet) Sudoku perl Sudoku player that offers a board, assistance a... DOWNLOAD
keyrun(sfnet) KeyRun Permite ver que programas se ejecutan al arranc... DOWNLOAD
j2easy(sfnet) J2easy. JBoss vmware appliance. A JBoss appliance FC5 based with web based inst... DOWNLOAD
rcrm(sfnet) Red Chili Recipe Manager Red Chili Recipe Manager DOWNLOAD
kittinzui(sfnet) Le Pacte Custom UI A custom UI for the MMORG Dark Age of Camelot f... DOWNLOAD
eskimo-run(sfnet) Eskimo-Run A fun, arcade-style game written in Python/Pyga... DOWNLOAD
subether(sfnet) Sub Ether Subether is a p2p network system that allows ap... DOWNLOAD
juniordawgs(sfnet) juniordawgs DOWNLOAD
wcuniverse(sfnet) Wing Commander Universe A Privateer style game with Wing Commander ship... DOWNLOAD
gtodo(sfnet) Gnome Todo List manager Gtodo is a small but powerfull gtk2 todo list m... DOWNLOAD
pyecm(sfnet) pyecm Pyecm factors large integers (up to 50 digits) ... DOWNLOAD
projetserhum(sfnet) projet SERHuM This projet is an old unfinished game project o... DOWNLOAD
soapfuse(sfnet) SOAPfuse SOAPfuse is an open source tool developed for g... DOWNLOAD
projectd4k(sfnet) projectd4k DOWNLOAD
criotabela(sfnet) CrioTabela CrioTabela is a framework based on MVC 2 to eas... DOWNLOAD
bpkit(sfnet) BPKIT Block Preconditioning Toolkit BPKIT is a toolkit of block preconditioners for... DOWNLOAD
ubiquity(sfnet) Ubiquity Ubiquity is a framework for device agents. It i... DOWNLOAD
finadmin(sfnet) Finadmin - Sua ferramenta de trabalho Finadmin a sua ferramenta para controle FINAnc... DOWNLOAD
emubrow(sfnet) EmuBrow This tiny java library enables you to send post... DOWNLOAD
bashshare(sfnet) Bash Share scripts Moved to github. Futher development will be the... DOWNLOAD
remindme(sfnet) RemindMe RemindMe is a software egg-timer. It allows use... DOWNLOAD
glpi1(sfnet) Linux LPIC Level 1 Test Linux Professional Institute test Level-1 (101 ... DOWNLOAD
sghsensorexplorer001(sfnet) SGHsensorexplorer001 The sensor explorer project includes software a... DOWNLOAD
b-link(sfnet) b-Link "b-Link" computer programme dedicated... DOWNLOAD
josetifsplit(sfnet) josetifsplit It is a little c sharp program that splits a ti... DOWNLOAD
owlpanel(sfnet) OWL Panel PHPx Complete Studio Web Management system, created ... DOWNLOAD
tutikremix(sfnet) tutikremix Ubuntu Tutik Remix is a customized version of U... DOWNLOAD
douziapp(sfnet) douziapp DOWNLOAD
docostor(sfnet) docostor Docostor is to be a multiuser document manageme... DOWNLOAD
kindergarten42(sfnet) KinderGarten game(by Fourty-two aka 42.) BME (, 2005/2006. semester4, szglab4 DOWNLOAD
jirsa(sfnet) JIRSA jirsa (Java Interactive Roleplaying System Appl... DOWNLOAD
soundwav(sfnet) Soundwave A visualization of the fourier transform applie... DOWNLOAD
opendhcp(sfnet) Opendhcp Opensource DHCP server designed to work with an... DOWNLOAD
yougrabber(sfnet) YouGrabber YouGrabber is a lightweight, command line YouTu... DOWNLOAD
krio500(sfnet) Krio500 KRio is a KIO slave for KDE 3.x that allows kon... DOWNLOAD
breadbakersnotebook(sfnet) Bread Baker's Notebook A calculator and notebook to handle and documen... DOWNLOAD
inwikisv(sfnet) interwiki_sv Bot that following the connections interwikis o... DOWNLOAD
windowsstoreforwindowsdesktop(sfnet) Windows Store For Windows Desktop DOWNLOAD
ihatekanji(sfnet) Hating Kanji This software is yet another tool for Japanese ... DOWNLOAD
dbcommander(sfnet) Database Commander Database commander is a database manager with u... DOWNLOAD
jgen-database(sfnet) JGen Joomla Genealogy Database JGen is a genealogy database component for the ... DOWNLOAD
relgrep(sfnet) relgrep A interpreter based on semantic web. A sequence... DOWNLOAD
gumyzwergtest(sfnet) test I Did this because i need a SVN online server t... DOWNLOAD
defcon(sfnet) Defence Condition Open source clone of Defender arcade game DOWNLOAD
school-data-nav(sfnet) School Data Navigator The School Data Navigator allows schools a pass... DOWNLOAD
masterprez(sfnet) masterprez Script générateur de présentation d'upload prat... DOWNLOAD
gpmb(sfnet) gpmb Chuong trinh ho tro quan ly giai phong mat bang DOWNLOAD
xowa(sfnet) xowa XOWA is a desktop application for reading and e... DOWNLOAD
phptarsier(sfnet) phptarsier phptarsier is an MVC Framework implemented usin... DOWNLOAD
clip-snipe(sfnet) Clip Snipe A basic MPEG-2 video editor for Windows that ca... DOWNLOAD
chroot(sfnet) webchroot Webchroot is package of scripts to create chroo... DOWNLOAD
mcalculator(sfnet) MCalculator multifunctional portable scientific calculator ... DOWNLOAD
angellinux(sfnet) Angel Linux Angel Linux 2.14 now available DOWNLOAD
parfe(sfnet) parfe parFE is fully-parallel high-performance finite... DOWNLOAD
blitz-templates(sfnet) Blitz - PHP templates engine Blitz templates is a fast template engine writt... DOWNLOAD
virtualpath(sfnet) Virtual Path VirtualPath is a small script that make the pat... DOWNLOAD
dukebox(sfnet) Dukebox The Dukebox audio library manager brings you a ... DOWNLOAD
quakemapapi(sfnet) QuakeMap API and Samples QuakeMap GPS mapping program - see DOWNLOAD
pdftools(sfnet) pdftools Tools for manipulating pdf files. DOWNLOAD
button-php(sfnet) button.php button.php is a PHP script to have unlimited bu... DOWNLOAD
pidps(sfnet) piDPS PiDPS is a damage-per-Second-simulator for Worl... DOWNLOAD
pygfs(sfnet) PyGFS PyGFS is a reliable and secure distributed file... DOWNLOAD
crcsum(sfnet) Copy and Move with verify (crc) crccp and crcmv are based on coreutils 8.22 and... DOWNLOAD
scoopzilla(sfnet) Scoopzilla Scoopzilla is a Bugzilla RSS Feed generator wri... DOWNLOAD
gstation-edit(sfnet) gstation-edit GTK replacement for Johnson J-Station J-Edit. DOWNLOAD
packer(sfnet) packer Packer automatically generates quality RPM, Deb... DOWNLOAD
j-kiltro(sfnet) Java Multiple Audio Format Converter This is a Java multiple audio format converter,... DOWNLOAD
ast12(sfnet) AST - confronto metodi di ordinamento Una panoramica con prove su liste di più elemen... DOWNLOAD
krig(sfnet) KRIG, web publishing simplified Easy to manage yet powerful CMS system. Geared ... DOWNLOAD
formscanner(sfnet) FormScanner FormScanner is an OMR (Optical Mark Recognition... DOWNLOAD
hailboards(sfnet) Hailboards Hailboards doesn't exist anymore. DOWNLOAD
libspopc(sfnet) libspopc pop3 client library libspopc is a simple and really thin pop3 clien... DOWNLOAD
rendera(sfnet) rendera Rendera is an open-source painting package. It ... DOWNLOAD
vencrypt(sfnet) VeNCrypt VeNCrypt adds TLS/X509 encryption and authentic... DOWNLOAD
mifas(sfnet) mifas MIFAS is abbreviate from Medical Image File Arc... DOWNLOAD

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