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lanbahn(sfnet) Lanbahn Controlling Model Railroad via Networks "... DOWNLOAD
vol2im(sfnet) vol2im This program embeds volumetric data in various ... DOWNLOAD
phpappinstaller(sfnet) PHPAppInstaller Installation of a PHP-based application today i... DOWNLOAD
pydomoalert(sfnet) pyDomoAlert pyDomoAlert is a GTK aplication, made in phyton... DOWNLOAD
asapframework(sfnet) ASAP ActionScript Application Framework A Flash ActionScript 2.0 Rich Internet Applicat... DOWNLOAD
anaglyph4flickr(sfnet) Anaglyph Viewer for Flickr Anaglyph Viewer for Flickr(tm) allows to view &... DOWNLOAD
ggcslib(sfnet) GGCsLib - Gadu-Gadu C# Library GGCsLib - Small and easy to use library for Gad... DOWNLOAD
aofa(sfnet) Agents of Armagedon This project is a game of tanks, where two, or ... DOWNLOAD
gentoo-ems(sfnet) Gentoo Enterprise Management System Gentoo Enterprise Management System (GEMS) is f... DOWNLOAD
jaspars(sfnet) Jasper Reports data provider for Remedy jaspars provides a Jasper Reports custom data s... DOWNLOAD
btw(sfnet) BlueTooth at Work BTLib package is a J2ME Bluetooth library usefu... DOWNLOAD
ec-system(sfnet) EC-System A system for registration and administration of... DOWNLOAD
myprogrammingsamples(sfnet) my programming samples DOWNLOAD
thegcs(sfnet) The General Creature Simulator The General Creature Simulator will be a creatu... DOWNLOAD
moltpc(sfnet) MolTPC Besides all their conformational degrees of fre... DOWNLOAD
jooq(sfnet) jOOQ Thank you for your interest in jOOQ. jOOQ is no... DOWNLOAD
qchroot(sfnet) qchroot Simplified administration of chroots on a FreeB... DOWNLOAD
testedfdddd(sfnet) teste DOWNLOAD
fixsrtsub(sfnet) SRTools Sometimes after downloading a movie from a torr... DOWNLOAD
aloac(sfnet) aloac The Aciqra Library Of Astronomical Calculations... DOWNLOAD
junitpdfreport(sfnet) JUnit PDF Report Publish your junit test report in pdf format. P... DOWNLOAD
listmania(sfnet) Listmania Organize, manage and publish lists of almost an... DOWNLOAD
pttrack(sfnet) Paul's Train Tracker While learning the Zope application server, I w... DOWNLOAD
jnewton(sfnet) JNewton JNewton is a Java wrapper for the Newton Dynami... DOWNLOAD
configpatch(sfnet) ConfigPatch ConfigPatch is a "meta-config" utilit... DOWNLOAD
crosscheck(sfnet) Crosscheck Crosscheck is a JavaScript unit-testing framewo... DOWNLOAD
legendarioao(sfnet) Legendario AO Legendario AO is a project based on the origina... DOWNLOAD
ecademicus-webs(sfnet) ecademicus-webs A very simple CMS, where you can create a serie... DOWNLOAD
freelibp2p(sfnet) Freelib, A peer-to-peer digital library Freelib is a peer-to-peer digital library imple... DOWNLOAD
tivopod(sfnet) TivoPod - The TiVo Podcaster TivoPod is a transcoding and podcasting agent w... DOWNLOAD
critlua(sfnet) Various Gmod Lua Weapons weapons created for Garry's Mod. These aren't S... DOWNLOAD
rinjani(sfnet) rinjani A simple count-down timer that provides a stron... DOWNLOAD
ajgenesis(sfnet) ajgenesis ajgenesis is a project to build a code generato... DOWNLOAD
strfinder(sfnet) STRfinder STRfinder is a python based tool to detect and ... DOWNLOAD
biobin(sfnet) biobin DOWNLOAD
infinix(sfnet) MIM:InfiniX MIM:InfiniX Manuale Intermediale della Modernit... DOWNLOAD
uws(sfnet) Universal Windows Service UWS (Universal Windows Service) is a wrapper to... DOWNLOAD
ofed(freshmeat) OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution OFED is a transport-independent software stack ... DOWNLOAD
csuite(sfnet) cSuite cSuite is a large "suite" of modules ... DOWNLOAD
ospine(sfnet) OS Pine Pascal Operating System, That will translate Fr... DOWNLOAD
sp-connector(sfnet) SimaPro Connector Idea of the project is to create a tool, the Co... DOWNLOAD
collegetimetable(sfnet) College Time Table Most of of the time table softwares use complex... DOWNLOAD
htdesigner(sfnet) HTdesigner WYSIWYG HTML-редактор, ставящий перед собой цел... DOWNLOAD
herbar35e(sfnet) Herbar 3.5e Herbar 3.5e is the updated version of a softwar... DOWNLOAD
imview(sfnet) Image viewing and analysis Imview is an image display/image analysis packa... DOWNLOAD
diablomodamxx(sfnet) DiabloMod AMXX Mod to CS v1.6 for AMX MOD X. DOWNLOAD
stapgui(sfnet) SystemTap GUI An IDE and Data Collection/Analysis application... DOWNLOAD
comptechiescode(sfnet) CompTechies Code Code for Computer Techies Class of 2010 DOWNLOAD
clientrow(sfnet) Client ROW DOWNLOAD
clonalhetanalysistool(sfnet) Clonal Heterogeneity Analysis Tool DOWNLOAD
googlepanels(sfnet) Google Panels Google Panels designed for quick access to Goog... DOWNLOAD
ftanomic(sfnet) ftANOMIC A Fault-Tolerant freeware FTP Server in Java th... DOWNLOAD
kipesoft-askfmacb(sfnet) Ask.FM Account Creator Bot Ask.FM Account creator bot is a free software t... DOWNLOAD
p3i(sfnet) PowerPoint Picture Insert P3I (PowerPoint Picture Insert) is a GUI-based ... DOWNLOAD
virusremover(sfnet) Virus Remover DOWNLOAD
claim(sfnet) CLAIM CLAIM is an AIM chat client library for Common ... DOWNLOAD
openphp(sfnet) openPHP The openPHP project is aimed at providing quali... DOWNLOAD
jsmex(sfnet) JSmex JSmex is a JAVA based SmartCard Explorer with a... DOWNLOAD
favecon(sfnet) FaveCon AddressBook FaveCon AddressBook is a contact management sys... DOWNLOAD
whiz-dom(sfnet) Whiz-DOM WhizDOM is what you want for creating cross-pla... DOWNLOAD
cs-api(sfnet) cs CS(Compiled Script) 1.0.0 - BETA CS is a tiny ... DOWNLOAD
cawt(sfnet) CAWT CAWT is a utility package based on Twapi to scr... DOWNLOAD
vitalsigns(sfnet) VitalSigns VitalSigns allows you to quickly create a metri... DOWNLOAD
xplc(sfnet) XPLC XPLC (cross-platform lightweight components) is... DOWNLOAD
yaaal(sfnet) Yaaal Yet Another API Abstraction Layer (YAAAL) A PHP... DOWNLOAD
decompyle(sfnet) decompyle - Python Decompiler Decompyle is a python disassembler and decompil... DOWNLOAD
worm-filesystem(sfnet) worm-filesystem WORM (Write-Once Read-Many) file system which h... DOWNLOAD
unleasingsateamsprylithe(sfnet) unleasingsa_teamsprylithe Team SpryLithe Govhack 2014 submission DOWNLOAD
tclscripting(sfnet) JointX Script Tcl scripts developed for the general public. T... DOWNLOAD
grobocopy(sfnet) GRoboCOPY GRoboCOPY is a simple GUI frontend for Microsof... DOWNLOAD
gsftp(sfnet) GoToServers Simple FTP Client A very simple FTP java applet client build on A... DOWNLOAD
tgwidgets(sfnet) TurboGears Widget Plugins TurboGears widget plugins' source repository. I... DOWNLOAD
onegiantleapltd(sfnet) One Giant Leap Ltd No description DOWNLOAD
wackywheelsremake(sfnet) Wacky Wheels Remake [DEAD] Project is dead. I'm trying to remake Wacky Wh... DOWNLOAD
crimemap(sfnet) crimemap Map of neighborhood criminal activity. **NOTE**... DOWNLOAD
buttongenerator(sfnet) ButtonGenerator A utility app for mass generation of web button... DOWNLOAD
plutoemail(sfnet) plutoemail Pluto is an email and newsgroup reader for the ... DOWNLOAD
interactive-c(sfnet) Interactive C Interactive C is a stripped down version of the... DOWNLOAD
serialtofs(sfnet) SerialToFS Program handling file operations when interfaci... DOWNLOAD
rufascube(sfnet) rufascube Alert! This is NOT another Rubic's Cube. It's... DOWNLOAD
ggt-mytalk(sfnet) MyTalk Progetto di ingegneria del software, aa 2012/13... DOWNLOAD
ultichat(sfnet) UltiChat A powerful and secure Java Chat Server. DOWNLOAD
fsocket(sfnet) FSocket Fault-Tolerant Socket that is able to recover f... DOWNLOAD
playgnulinux(sfnet) play play is a linux distribution for gamers. It is... DOWNLOAD
fourchan-download(sfnet) 4chan-dl A tool to download images from 4chan. It is wri... DOWNLOAD
brainnt(sfnet) Brain Network Search Engine Brain Net. A Distributed Search Engine Network.... DOWNLOAD
dot-net-report(sfnet) Windows Form .NET Report Tool EmPy.Report is a C# .NET assembly to generate R... DOWNLOAD
worminator(sfnet) Worminator 3 Worminator is a sidescrolling action game. You ... DOWNLOAD
blueriver(sfnet) BlueRiver BlueRiver is a base library for OR Mapping Laye... DOWNLOAD
o-scape(sfnet) o-scape The O-scape extensions provide Inkscape with th... DOWNLOAD
bubblebreaker(sfnet) Bubble Breaker - a simple J2ME game I am addicted to this simple game, BubbleBreake... DOWNLOAD
clic-dms(sfnet) CDMS CDMS is a web-based Document Management System ... DOWNLOAD
specvmm(sfnet) SpecVMM SPECVMM is intended to be an open source standa... DOWNLOAD
mavendepgui(sfnet) Maven Dependency GUI Maven Dependency GUI makes it easy to manage pr... DOWNLOAD
susbix(sfnet) sUSBix. stick to it ! sUSBix ("sus-bix") = suspend2+USB+*ni... DOWNLOAD
mds-utils(sfnet) mds-utils This library is intended to become a collection... DOWNLOAD
belisarius(sfnet) Belisarius Belisarius is a Qt-based application to track v... DOWNLOAD
rspencdll(sfnet) rspencdll Win32 and Win64 DLL to encrypt strings or files... DOWNLOAD
enano(sfnet) Enano CMS Enano is a relatively lightweight "hybrid&... DOWNLOAD
pushloc(sfnet) pushloc A wireless push-network simulator that consider... DOWNLOAD

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