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This application is based on floating-point image processing. It can simulate atomic resolution holography such as Photoelectron Holography, Auger electron Holography, Inverse-mode photoelectron holography, x-ray fluorescence holography. It can also reconstruct the atomic image from the measured/simulated electron hologram. However, the knowledge for the atomic resolution holography is required.

Released at 2012-05-07 16:34
TmCoCa 2.1.44

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2012-05-07 16:40 14

Release Note

Add functions.
The drawing atomic images for map projection is added in the Printout image (Write numerals) dialog.
Add many functions to edit diana region dialog.

Printout image (Write Numeral) にて、TMSP Clusterのファイルから、原子位置を表示できるようにした。
Edit diana regionにて、大幅に機能を拡充した。


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